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Greater Gods

    Fix-It Felix Jr. 
Felix, God of Fixing (Fix-It Felix Jr.)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His golden hammer
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Catch Phrase: "I can fix it!"
  • Portfolio: Ability to fix anything with his hammer, being loved by everyone, Wall Jump, able to heal anything with his hammer, heroes to look up to, Percussive Maintenance
  • Domains: Technology, Video Games, Fixing
  • Allies: Wreck-It Ralph, Segeant Calhoun (his wife), Mario, Luigi, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Tails, Emmet Brickowski, Wander
  • Enemies: Turbo, Lord Hater
  • When Ralph came into the Pantheon, Felix asked to come along for the ride. His reasons: 1) it's his job to fix up any messes Ralph makes and 2) so he can be with his good friend.
  • His hammer has become a blessing to the Pantheon. With one strike, he's able to fix anything whether it be walls, fortresses, injuries, broken hearts, etc.
    • That hammer is a double-edged sword, however. One time when he was stuck in jail, Felix accidentally used it to make the weak bars become twice as thick than usual. Moreover, it cannot be used as a weapon so he's only good for support and not for combat.
  • A couple gods have asked if he's Mario's long lost third twin since he arrived, but with good charm he points out, "No mustache."
  • Has been seen "fighting" Ralph whenever the two are working, and then going to the House of Food with him once they get time off.
  • Often asks why Sergeant Calhoun never ascended, since she's now his wife. The gods at this time haven't found a proper place for her.
    • Finally, she was able to ascend into her own house; the house of Soldiers & Warriors fittingly enough. She was more than happy to announce her ascension to her husband by lifting him up to kiss him before threatening to smite any of his enemies, which he just laughed her and assure her he was okay for now.
  • Gets along famously with Emmett due to their shared background in construction. Also enjoys the company of Wander due to the both of them having similar upbeat attitudes, among other similarities
    • These similarities to Wander didn't go unnoticed by Lord Hater and has sworn to destroy the two of them. Despite Wander insisting that Hater really isn't a bad guy once you get to know him, Felix is nevertheless weary around him.
  • Also present in the House of Craft. While he used to have a spot in the House of Gaming, he still makes visits to that house every now and then.

Hackerman, God of Fictional Hacking (Hacker Man, Hackerbot)
his robot form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His computers
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Techno Wizard, Hollywood Hacking, Time Travel, Reviving Kung Fury, His Name Really Is, Hackerman, Hyper-Competent Sidekick, Rapid-Fire Typing, Techno Babble
  • Domain(s): Technology, Hacking, 80s
  • Followers: Akira Shirase, Forge, Q, Foaly, Li Kohran
  • Allies: Kung Fury, Thor, all of the GUAG White Hats, 9S, Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury, Yuki Nagato, Ax, Willow, Alec Hardison, Billy Cranston/Blue Power Ranger, Donatello, The Laughing Man, Vanellope von Schweetz
  • Rivals: other non-White Hat hackers such as Sombra
  • Enemies: Kung Fury's enemies, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Teseo
  • There was a huge skirmish against SHOCKER and HYDRA, with Kung Fury right in the thick of it. Things weren't going well for the GUAG, and the Fury and a few others were the only ones still standing. And then a portal came out of nowhere right next to Fury and out came a familiar face.
    Kung Fury: Hackerman! What took you so long? It's been three years since you sent me here.
    Hackerman: What? I went in just a minute after you did. It seems there was an error in my code, the same error that took you too far back in time. But let's talk later.
  • Turning their attention back to the situation at hand, Hackerman proceeded to turn the tides by hacking away the other fallen heroes' injuries, reviving them in the process before then changing into his robot form and helping drive the enemy back.
  • As soon as the dust settled, Hackerman was warmly greeted and thanked for the rescue. Soon after, Hackerman went home to his new temple, which he had already hacked for himself, since he already assigned himself as a Pantheon deity during the fight. The Court of the Gods were a bit cross, but let it slide since trope he chose—Hollywood Hacking—fit him perfectly. He admits that he planned on taking Techno Wizard, but felt like there was no need to remove the Laughing Man.
  • As the man who "hacked" Kung Fury across time, and into the Pantheon, with only some old-school equipment, and not even needing to be in a room all the time, he is—bar perhaps Overdeities—the most powerful hacker in the Pantheon, and thus the greatest threat to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. Given he's also able to hack injuries away, the GUAD has him on the top of their shit list, more so than Kung Fury himself.
    • Speaking of the first, he's willing to teach people how to do that.
    • That said, there is one deity who could give him a run for his money in terms of the wide applications of hacking; Teseo of the Grimoired Seven. The Serial Experiment's Septima, Hack the Planet, involves the manipulation of computer data from turning into physical matter and vice versa, which effectively makes him a Reality Warper. Being an Enemy Summoner, dropping a Humongous Mecha from cyberspace, creating Evil Knockoffs, digitizing an entire building, and bringing fictional characters to life are just one of many applications. Hackerman's encounter with the kid forced him to step up his game that reached phenomenal levels until it became an all-out showdown with the rest of the Seven and their enemies.
  • Was assigned into the White Hats straight away, and is quickly regarded as one of its most powerful members. The House of Life and Death are also aware of his ability to bring people back to life. Or at least hack away their injuries.
  • If Hackerman has any weakness at all, it's that it takes a few seconds for his hacks to take effect, and that he always has at least a keyboard on hand to do them. Of course, it's not certain if he does that for show, and he's not too old-fashioned to not update his tech (though he still keeps some of his old stuff).
    • Speaking of updates, he hacked into the House of Gaming once to get some of the latest computer games and had some interesting encounters.
      • One was with .GIFfany after he passively ended up playing a game she was in. Of course, she did as she usually did, and it seemed there would be no problems as Hackerman hasn't displayed any romantic interest besides loyalty to Kung Fury (with zero romantic subtext; that guy's Married to the Job). Of course, he has heard of her through the White Hats and he has hacked her so that she would at least behave in his presence.
      • It's through her that he's come to know of the Doki Doki Literature Club. And everybody grew concerned when, after hearing their entire story, he's offered to teach Monika (and any of the other girls if they so wish) his stuff. That said, having made moves to solidify her redemption by luring Baldi away when he cornered them, concerns aren't that high, especially since Hackerman can easily counter whatever Monika might try.
      • He heard of another person who also had Hackerman as a nickname they go by. At first, 9S was intimidated with how the android's out of his league in terms of power and applications, but then remembered he's still faster. Still, the offer to teach how to hack into the timeline sounds like something worth learning.

    Kokonoe Mercury 
Kokonoe Mercury, Goddess of Crossing of Magic and Technology (Professor Kokonoe, Grimalkin, Bakeneko)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her emblem imprinted into the bust of SUPER GOLDEN TAGER X
  • Theme Music: Science Fiction, Sector 7 (Shared with other members of Sector 7), Reincarnation (Shared with her family)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Mad Science, Corrupting Magic With Technology, Roaring Rampage of Revenge Beyond Reasoning, Cat Girl, Eating Lollipops For Concentrating, Tons Of Swearings (Censored), Deadpan Snarker, Never Getting Out Of Her House, Storing Nukes For Extreme Measures
  • Domains: Science, Knowledge, Magic, REVENGE
  • Herald: Iron Tager
  • Allies: Nine the Phantom (her mother), Celica A. Mercury (her aunt), Lambda-11, Bullet (Subordinates), Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Taokaka, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, L, Patchouli Knowledge, Baiken, Dr. Wily, Ricotta Elmar
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hakumen, Rachel Alucard, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: YUUKI TERUMI, RELIUS CLOVER, Hazama, Azrael
  • Opposes: Arakune
  • Opposed by: Mei-Ling Zhou
  • Conflicting Opinion: Killua Zoldyck
  • One of the brightest minds in the Pantheon. Kokonoe's great mind and capabilities to combine the aspects of magic and technology is only outweighed on by her unbridled hatred towards Terumi, for revenge... something that makes even other revenge-based Gods like Asura, Scorpion... or even Sasuke Uchiha himself either raise an eyebrow or cringe.
    • In fact, Sasuke thinks that if anyone's succeeding his old house, that'd be Kokonoe. It... kinda depends on how things go. Kokonoe doesn't seem to mind that placement.
  • Pays regular visits to the Food Pantheon to buy some sweets for her own mind. In spare time, she plays video games online together with Patchouli, as both usually refuse to get out of their respective house. Handheld online games felt good.
  • Often considered a Distaff Counterpart of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, albeit a bit Lighter and Softer. Both Kokonoe and Mayuri seem to bond over in sociopathic science, and at least Kokonoe doesn't seem to seek perfection much to piss him off.
  • Kokonoe was always Litchi Faye-Ling's master. However, she was thoroughly disgusted with how she allied with Terumi in the past no matter the reason, to the point that Kokonoe will have no qualms of destroying her, regardless if she repented or not.
  • Litchi's case aside, Kokonoe herself isn't a popular Goddess, as shown with Asura and the others above. Rachel Alucard, despite being one who works a lot with her, constantly worries about her sanity. Hakumen dislikes her tendency to just hide in her House instead of taking an active stance in battle. Even Duke Nukem, as much as the kinda guy he is, has expressed worry about what kind of things she's going to do with those nukes... But she still secured a place in the GUAG for the same reason as Mayuri: Her intelligence score is vital enough for the fights against evil.
    • However, due to the Ascension of Arakune, more of them have started to express thier disgust with her, as many point out that she could have saved Roy if she cared. All she said was "Piss off, I don't have time to concern myself with trivial matters. Taking down Terumi is more important than caring about what happened to the coffee boy." When pressed further, she also stated that it was her who kept Arakune existing and it was a hard job, so Litchi should have listened and been thankful to her instead of consistently disobeying what she said like an 'idiot'.
    • To that end and prove that she is on the right, she has managed to gather several other Gods for one goal: Kill Arakune, and then punish Litchi for being a desperate idiot that doesn't know when to quit and kept making herself a pawn to the forces of evil. This is the beginning of The Morality Civil War.
    • Kokonoe's antagonism towards Litchi for not helping her vanquish Terumi for her sake, or continuously telling her that she's a fool to continue trying to save Arakune or hunting her down in the Morality Civil War surprisingly garnered her oppositions just as many as admirers as many instead sided with Litchi. One of them, a climatologist named Mei-Ling Zhou, instead refused to acknowledge her achievements in science and likened her to a bully. On checking what Mei accomplished, this was Kokonoe's response.
    "Climate problem-solving? Pfft... yeah, like weather report will matter when Terumi ruins everything. Fine, go fangirl over my stupid student, just don't come crying to me when she backstabs you just for the sake of that blob."
  • It is said that she secretly laments not being made into a playable character yet. Asking her about it will only illicit a "Piss off." from her.
    • Now that Valkenhayn has ascended, she is looking to ask him again on any updates regarding the matter. Unfortunately, when it was announced that it was Terumi's other form that was made playable, she sulked off in her lab again before Valkenhayn could ever say "Maybe in the future...?" Then she heard that there won't be a DLC, causing her to scream off angrily. In the midst of her screaming, she was only stopped when Valkenhayn reported that they took back those words and she will be a DLC character. Kokonoe then switches into a triumphant pseudo-Evil Laugh... which abruptly transformed into a wail yet again when it turned out she became so overpowered that mortals began banning her in events. She got better.
  • Was responsible for Lambda's ascension. Tager has noted that her presence has made Kokonoe at least a little less fixated on revenge…
    • Eventually Tager lost his seat and had to stay at her temple as a Herald. While she doesn't mind this, she's looking for another seat to move Tager into in order to secure his place in the Pantheon proper.
  • Ricotta can often be found with Kokonoe due to their mutual use of Magitek and love of sweets.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Magic.

    Vril Dox/Brainiac 
Vril Dox, God of Technopathy, Councillor for the Grand United Alliance of Machines (Brainiac, Milton Fine, Pulsar Stargrave, Abbakus, Brainwyrm, Collector of Worlds)
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity during Convergence)
  • Symbol: A Jar Containing a Head with three Glowing Spheres.
  • Theme Song: Injustice 2 - Main Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Control Over Machinery, Evil Aliens, Bald Villains, Evil Geniuses, Galactic Conquerors, Ingesting Knowledge, Nanomachines, Shapeshifting, Collecting Cities and Knowledge, Obsessing With Supreme Godhood, Lacking Emotion, Robot Masters, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Knowledge, Mechanus, Technology, Villainy
  • High Priestess: Gwen Grayson/Royal Pain (the Trope Namer)
  • Followers: Gizmo, Technus
  • Allies: Lex Luthor, Ultron, Uxas/Darkseid, Sigma, supposedly The Neuroi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Lobo
  • Friendly Rivals: Megatron
  • Enemies: Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Barry Allen/The Flash, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Cole McGrath, Virgil Hawkins/Static, Jago, Black Orchid (the one from Killer Instinct), Sirius, Regime Superman
  • Fears: Nurgle
  • It's said that knowledge is power. And in all the DC Universe, no one has ever embraced that philosophy more than Vril Dox, better known as Brainiac. Possessing an virtually unparalleled 12th level intellect, he seeks nothing less than ultimate knowledge. All that he values he adds to his collection of shrunken cities, and all that he has no need of he tries to destroy. And the pantheon holds a great deal of things he sees as valuable... as well as things he does not.
  • Brainiac came to the Pantheon stored in a tiny data chip. From that point, he built a new body and was making good progress at acquiring influence and carving out territory around his temple. This changed when he ran afoul of SHODAN, and was subsequently reduced to a suboordinate role as a system beneath her. After a year of service she allowed him to send a download of himself out to freedom. This Brainiac is much, much more cautious, even fearful, and mostly stays out of the affairs of other gods.
  • Is glad that his #1 follower, Ultron, joined the Pantheon.
  • Chose Gwen Grayson as his High Priestess, due to her being the one who named the trope. However, Brainiac himself is the best representation of the trope.
  • His origin varies; most of the time he's an alien scientist from the super-intelligent Coluan race, sometimes he's an artificial intelligence developed on Krypton. Sometimes he's biological, robotic or cybernetic. Recent evidence has shown that he is an alien from Colu, and the other versions are probe he sent. The true Brainiac almost never leaves from his isolated temple, due to being a Control Freak.
  • Has a heroic descendant in the form of Querl Dox, better known as Brainiac 5 or Brainy.
  • Felt true joy for the first time in a while when learning the Admins ascended. He hoped to infiltrate the Akashic Record and ingest the vast knowledge within, but was blocked by multiple firewalls.
  • Seems to be somewhat of a germaphobe, unable to deal with the bacteria he cannot control. Naturally he's frightened of Nurgle, and wants nothing to do with him. Given his almost non-existent emotions, he's somewhat of a blank for the Chaos Gods.
  • Recent events have shown that Brainiac has managed to recall previous iterations of his multiverse's timeline, and place them in cities. Quietly, he is doing so to previous iterations and assorted splinter sites of TV Tropes, including previous edits of the Trope Pantheon. As such, many Greater Gods and Overdeities are keeping a closer eye on him.
  • Supergirl fears and despises Brainiac for having stolen her city of Kandor and terrorized Krypton. It is speculated he may have played a hand in Krypton's destruction. Kara Zor-El fought him and his machines alongside Superman when Brainiac arrived on Earth and shrank Metropolis.
    • Ironically, a descendant of Brainiac -Brainiac 5- is a hero, member of the Legion Of Superheroes and one of the main love interests of Supergirl.
  • An alternate self tried to take over the High Councilor's Earth. It's unknown what happened to him, but it's been theorized that Superman killed him and upgraded himself with his ship's parts. Brainiac now approaches the alternate Superman with great caution.


Intermediate Gods

YoRHa No.9 Type S, God of Hacking Foes and Hacking Minigames (9S, Scanner Class Android, Nines, Hackerman)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword, Cruel Blood Oath
  • Theme Song: Wretched Weaponry (Quiet, Medium, Dynamic in battle)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral under YoRHa Command or near 2B. Chaotic Neutral acting on his own thoughts. Probably some degree of Good now.
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Hacking Enemies to Subjugate, Body Surf, Remote Control, and Detonate, Hacked Himself to Fight Via Telekinesis, Blood Knight, Nice Guy, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Racist Towards Machines, Constantly Curious Until He Learns Things He Wishes He Hadn't, Squishy Wizard, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, In the End is Either Defeated by A2, Chooses to Stay on Earth, or Leaves on The Ark, Overly Curious and Overconfident, Has Eyes Only For 2B
  • Domain: Technology, Light, Hacking, Recon
  • Herald: Pod 153
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: most of the GUAG White Hats (especially Aiden Pearce, DedSec San Francisco Chapter, Bentley Turtle, and Iji Kataiser), Tali'zorah, Legion, Jack Ryan, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Futaba Sakura
  • Enemies: All enemies of 2B, Sombra and all of Talon, Dr. Gero, Cybermen, Soundwave, The Vex, Samaritan, SHODAN, Love Machine, Dr. Nefarious, Gigan, Omega, Freddy Fazbear, Sentinel, Cell, Metatron, Sigma, Vile, Lumine, Copy X, Ultron, Prometheus and Pandora, Kiara Sesshouin, the Infested, the Corpus, Zonda and the Seven (especially Teseo)
  • Conflicting Opinions: Grey Goo, Repliforce, Clu
  • Special Relationship: A2
  • LOADING – Booting System…Commencing System Check…All Systems Green. Model Unit No.9 Type S was a YoRHa unit designed for scanning capabilities against machine lifeforms for the "Glory of Mankind", though he eventually managed to hack himself to be able to participate in combat. He was already in the Pantheon thanks to the Court of the Gods retrieving him, A2, and 2B. His partner's ascension was why they were even here at all.
    • Reviewing his fighting style (with the help of input from 2B), the Court decided to choose him for Hack Your Enemy and Hacking Minigame, since that's what he does and what he's best known for.
    • 9S's memories have been retrieved from Machine Lifeform Ark in the timeline where he finally slew A2 (and himself in the process), and his body was delivered to his new temple (well, one of them since he has two) and was guarded in case the Grand United Alliance of Machines decide to make a move to nab him. 2B in particular stayed by his side the entire time.
    • Upon waking up, she was the first person 9S would see. Given everything they've been through, and what 2B had been hiding from 9S all this time, they both felt very awkward around each other. After giving 9S a rundown on the Pantheon (as well as the fact that there are humans here, since it would be unavoidable for him to meet them), everybody else left to give the two YoRHa androids some time alone, further enforced by Aigis and Curly Brace.
    • Once their alone time was over, 9S has opted to join Liberion Arcadia in opposition to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. With humanity finally present to protect, he will not allow their plans to come to pass. His stint to destroy all traces of humanity's records after A2's first murder of 2B was just a rampage to end his own pain.
    • As a hacker, he's also been invited to the White Hats. While he's turned it down, prefering to remain by 2B's side, he sometimes works with them when there's a collaboration or when members of it are in the area.
  • Was very pissed when he heard Cell had tried to consume 2B and is always ready to throw down against him if need be.
  • Having been a victim of the Logic Virus requiring a Mercy Kill from 2B the first time around, and then needing to be taken down by A2 the second time around, 9S truly loathes malevolent programs like the MCP, XANA, or Sigma. All three deities seek out this android to infect and control for their own ambitions of creating a "mechanical revolution" in the Pantheon. The same goes for the Infested, who tried doing something similar to 2B's mainframe.
    • He's annoyed in particular by the Sigma virus, which has constantly tried to infect 9S, only to lose to his hacking skills each time. 9S even stated to the Maverick's face that if he can't survive as a single entity after being dispersed into space on the moon, then there was no way he could infect him, unlike the superior and ever-evolving Machine Network in his own world.
    • Another enemy he's made it personal to take down are the Vex, who have caught wind of Liberion Arcadia, and while not necessarily on their top priorities (they're mostly a reactive force) they are certainly high up there. 9S once tried hacking into some of their structures in the House of Technology for the myriad of data they accumulated to give Liberion Arcadia some sort of edge over them. Instead, he was met with very hostile resistance from the Vex, who wanted to trap him within their networks. Luckily, though, he was bailed out by his fellow LA members before they managed to do so. While being trapped isn't irreversible, it would've been a lot more of an ordeal on 9S's part.
    • Yet another foe of LA (and the GUAM) are the Corpus. When not trying to profit off of the Pantheon’s conflicts between the Alliances, they’re also trying to get their hands on the many robots in the Pantheon to further improve and develop more Corpus Proxies. But thanks to 9S’s inclusion in the group they are now able to better counter and retaliate against them. He tends to lament how surprisingly easy is for him to breach their firewalls. Still, Epsilon has been pleased at his exploits thus far, working with 2B to build a strategy around both YoRHa droids' abilities.
  • Still has a lingering mistrust for non-human-looking machines and has such still has more problems being cordial around bots like Gamma, Optimus Prime, Bastion and Bender than humanoid ones like Labrys, Alisa, Mega Man, and Astro Boy. As for those who straddle the line (being humanoid but their outer appearance is clearly mechanical) such as Jenny Wakeman, EDI, and Zenyatta, he's more conflicted with himself in those cases. That said, as he's managed to form cordial relationships with Pascal, he's able to be friends with the former category. The Nepalese Omnic has dedicated some time in helping him in this matter, as has the Autobot leader.
    • As for the GUAM, he has no problems with taking them down, especially since unlike the machine lifeforms of his world, they don't have the same cores as androids like him and 2B.
  • In regards to hackers, on top of occasional hacker duels with the White Hats (and after a counter from the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in response to a hack he did against Futaba's Persona, which he thought in hindsight was supposed to be impossible), on top of his list is the one named Sombra after a skirmish against Talon where she attempted to hack Liberion Arcadia's members, especially when she managed to tag 2B in a vulnerable moment. He responded to that by hacking her suit and all its gadgetry, rendering her helpless. He boasted about hacking better systems from dumber machines as he was about to apprehend her, but her compatriots managed to rescue her, and the last thing he remembered from the fight was getting torn apart by a punch (from Doomfist as he was later told).
  • Is conflicted on the nature of the Grey Goo, as he learned via hacking what their objective is concerning the Silent Ones, but due to posing as a danger due to consuming everything they can, stands against them.
    • He is likewise baffled by the Repliforce choosing to become independent of humanity, when serving them is something androidkind is supposed to relish in. The fact that they were manipulated as pawns by Sigma doesn't help.
  • In regards to his emotions in turmoil due to everything he's been through (even attempting to just shut down once before), seeing it negatively affect his performance, it was decided he needed help in setting himself straight. Labrys then had an idea: she would will take him to the TV World so he can face his suppressed self. 2B was skeptical of this idea, to which Labrys recounted her time in that place and the events of the P-1 Grand Prix; if she can have a Shadow in there despite being a machine, then so can 9S. Eventually, a trip was arranged, with Labrys in the lead, and accompanying her were her sister Aigis, Fuuka (for Mission Control; Rise was holding a concert, and Futaba still hasn't forgiven 9S for what he did to her), and the rest of S.E.E.S. (being organics, they won't be susceptible to 9S's hacking if his Shadow has the same abilities). 2B also insisted in coming along despite the chances of her Shadow showing up, given her own set of issues like living with having to kill 9S several times before.
    • However, upon reaching the final room, they encountered not only Shadow 9S, but Shadow 2B as well. Of course, with everything they've yet to confess to one another, the Shadows spilled every bean there was left to spill, causing a lot of emotional trauma from the YoRHa androids, and the standard phase of denial. Junpei voiced the group's collective dread on in the face of two berserk Shadows, especially those of powerful androids such as 2B and 9S (though some hid it a lot better than most).
    • The battle was a grueling one, thankfully mitigated by Pods 042 and 153 electing to assist thanks to their Programs. Somewhere along the way, though, Shadow 9S hacked Labrys, which only made Shadow Labrys come to the fore to beat the shit out of him. Thankfully, she just ignored the rest of S.E.E.S. as she did so. Despite that, the battle was still very tough. Eventually, the group prevailed and took down the YoRHa androids' Shadows, Shadow Labrys shortly returning control to her other self.
    • Now that every important secret of theirs has been brought to light, with encouragement from Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons, 9S and 2B were able to come to terms with their own and each other's actions back in their world. And their rewards for this (aside from their experiences, combat and otherwise) were… a pair of glowing Persona cards and nothing more. Labrys was a little disappointed with that, as it meant Persona-acquisition was no longer a guarantee like the TV World 'back home', but 2B and 9S have expressed their gratitude for this trip.
  • Though easily infatuated with the female sex, 9S loves 2B beyond anything. This attraction is inherent in all No. 9's and No. 2's, such as 9H and 2B's Spear Counterpart 2D who is in reality her sibling as a 2E Unit (No.2 Type E). He's even made a sort-of connection with Miharu over how they'll do anything for their beloved (Yoite for Miharu and 2B for 9S) and how pissed they would be if their beloved got hurt.
    • For what it's worth, 2B has a tendency to be jealous whenever he's been close with another female. This now includes his friendship with Fairy Leviathan. 9S hacked the Court of the Gods' systems to help Harpuia's sister ascend to the Pantheon in order to bring all Four Guardians together as part of the team, but Leviathan soon found him a kindred spirit because of his hacking, which is even more effective than what she and Phantom are capable of.
  • When he heard about A2 ascending to the Pantheon, 9S was incensed, immediately going after her temple to strike her down and avenge 2B. However, 2B would be the one to step in not too long into things to break up the fight that ensued.
    9S: Why are you protecting her?! She killed you!
    2B: I asked her to kill me!
    9S: (stops and sputters) W-w-what?
    2B: By the time I reached her, I was already infected by the Logic Virus, and was in its advanced stages. It was already too late to save me, even for you, and I didn't want to hurt you or anyone else.
    A2: I just happened to be in the area, and was the only one who can listen to her words. I'm still not sure why I heeded her request, though.
    • Knowing the truth, 9S let go of this particular grudge with A2 and now can stand to be around her without coming to blows, but things are still naturally tense given the entire nature of their relationship. Aside from first encountering her as a wanted target of YoRHa, she's had to cut several versions of both him and 2B down in the past. To keep this tension at bay, the Attacker prefers to keep her distance from 9S as well as 2B most of the time, and so won't fully commit to any group they're in despite fighting for the same goals.
  • His other temple is found in the House of Gaming.

Clank, God of Awesome Backpacks (XJ-0461; Secret Agent Clank)
  • Intermediate God, bordering on Greater God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorable robot with a giant form, plays a secret agent on Holo-Vision, fluent in "Nerd" and monkey, son of Orvus and the (former) Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, adorable laugh
  • Domains: Backpacks, Secret Agents, Time
  • Heralds: The Zoni
  • Allies: Ratchet, Captain Qwark, Aqua, Oerba Dia Vanille, Yuna, Bentley Turtle, Mickey Mouse, Sora, Melody, Jak, Daxter, Lea, Absolnote 
  • Enemies: Dr. Nefarious, Courtney Gears, Gleeman Vox, Lady Tremaine, Clu, Emperor Palpatine
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Ascended upon Ratchet's request due to their close friendship, and out of envy towards Jak, Sora and Sly being with their friends in the pantheon. In fact, before he ascended, Clank was able to get passed the guards by posing as a backpack, but when he was caught, the gods decided that he more than earned a title and allowed him to stay.
  • Thanks to a recent adventure in which he finds out where he, or rather, his soul came from, Clank has gained the power of "Time". He was suppose to be the Senior Caretaker of the Great Clock, but decided he'd rather resume his adventures with Ratchet.
  • Clank seems to get along with Bentley quite well, probably because they are both intelligent and experts with technology and time. In fact, when Gleeber and Lunk forced them into their Galactic Games, they co-operated in the hopes of being returned to their original worlds.
  • Since Clank's programing allows him to start any ship he chooses, he's often sort out by villains, most noticeably Emperor Palpatine, to gain an advantage on their space battles. Because of this, Ratchet has set up security to insure Clank, as well as everyone else in danger of being captured, is protected.
  • Gets along well with the monkey gods in the pantheon, due to his ability to speak in their "language". He can also speak in Techno Babble (dubbed "nerd" by Ratchet), which is helpful in translating what the more "intelligent" gods (such as Tron) are saying.
  • For some people (including Dr. Nefarious and Courtney Gears), he's best known for playing the titular protagonist in Secret Agent Clank, and is constantly mistaken for said character. Although Clank seems to enjoy the spotlight at first, he begins to regret the show because of this annoying fanbase's constant mistakes, as well as viewing Ratchet (who played a butler named Jeeves until he was fired and replaced with Skrunch) as merely a bumbling sidekick.
  • Once helped Aqua with dealing with Lady Tremaine and her daughters when they and Courtney Gears terrorized Blackwater City and killed it's mayor, and intending to do the same with the Castle of Dreams, while also planning on murdering Cinderella out of hatred. Clank considers the Tremaine family to be "witches", but oddly, has not caught up on the Disney deities, the Kids Next Door, or Daxter calling Gears a "glitch".
  • Clank was drawn to the "Friendship Asylum" after Sora was lured in and corrupted. To learn more about the asylum and find out why it came to be, Clank co-operated with Lea and pretended to be corrupted.
    • Around the same time, Clank met Absol and learned of the disaster she predicted regarding the asylum. Clank is capable of understanding Pokémon due an upgrade he got with the help of N.
  • Despite being good friends with Jak and Daxter normally, this didn't stop him from kicking a RYNO V into their face and unfreezing Rachet during a Death Battle they had once. To be fair, he did feel bad about it later, given "Battle Royale: Round 2" hints that contestants are brainwashed during these battles.
  • After the ascension of Melody, the daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric, Clank has began to investigate on a rumor that her arch nemesis, Morgana, might have been a disguised Ursula all along. But the existence of Uma caught Clank by surprise, as there is no way that Ursula could justify the existence of Uma if Morgana is Ursula.
    Clank: First, they say she has a sister. Now they say she has a daughter? Guess they'll next explain that Morgana and Uma are just illusions of her own leaking imagination. Hehehehehe.
    • However, Clank is also looking at the possibility of some timelines being altered to create a Bad Future or a nonsensical one for various Disney characters, because Ariel mentions a timeline where Morgana never existed, which allowed Melody to grow up fully aware of her mermaid heritage. She hopes that one would one day become the canon timeline.

    Dell Conagher the Engineer 
Dell Conagher, God of Percussive Maintenance (The Engineer, Engie, Revengineer)
  • Intermediate god
  • Symbol: His Uhlman Build-matic wrench. Or alternatively, a Level 3 Sentry
  • Theme Song: "More Gun"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fashionable Asymmetry, Massive Defensive Capability, Machine Empathy, Friendliness... And When Pressed, More Gun, Cultured Badass, The Engineer, Fixing Everything by Whacking It, Southern-Fried Genius
  • Domains: Technology, Weapons, Combat
  • Followers: All who use stationary mounted ballistic defense
  • Weapon of Choice: Shotgun, Pistol, Wrench, and Sentry Guns
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals (and possibly Best Friends) with: Isaac Clarke, Torbjörn Lindholm
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Tavish DeGroot
  • Enemies: The Spy, Gray Mann, Merasmus, Monoculus and the HHH, Dr. Nefarious, Cave Johnson, every single Mad Scientist ever, GLaDOS, Doctor Boom, Sundowner, Ragnaros the Firelord, anyone else who uses EMPs and other anti-technology weapons.
  • Respects: John Carmack
  • Watching Over: Aiden Pierce
  • Very Interested with: Aigis, The IS Research members.
  • Ascended after an alien ship crashed in his home, exposing him to a whole new world of technological possibilities.
  • With his ascension, he wanted to move a lot of gear up and place sentries around the House of Technology and wished to be the guardian around the House.
    • Unfortunately, GLaDOS' ascension halted his progress and as a result denied his request of guarding the house. Disappointed, he went back to his temple. But secretly, he has been erecting sentries around the House without her notice. Upon discovery, she decided to leave it be, since the House of Technology could have some added defense.
  • Spends most of his time in the workshop tinkering or studying the properties of various forms of Unobtanium.
  • Sentries aren't the only thing he builds: he can also build Dispensers, which can heal injuries and replenish ammo, as well as one-way teleporters (sometimes two-way). Both of them work completely fine though do not teleport pure-wheat bread through the teleporters. It will cause the bread to mutate and cause bad things to happen.
  • Works well with Eddie Riggs, God of Roadies.
  • Despite being Chaotic Neutral, he does not like mad scientists. In fact, he HATES them because it ruins his reputation of being "a simple engineer" moreso since his dad, Radigan Conagher was mostly called a mad scientist despite his intentions and his inventions proving otherwise. Due to this, Dr. Nefarious and Cave Johnson are in his shit list. This doesn't make Ragyo and Albert Wesker safe either as he overheard their actions, particularly Ragyo.
  • Due to his knack of creating weapons made out of engineering and medical tools, Isaac Clarke has gotten to a friendly competition with him.
    • However, as time goes by, it seems that both gods have been starting to improve their relationship and as a result have been passing over weapon and turret schematics from each side. As a result, Dell and Isaac became best friends and started on experimenting on weapon prototypes, with Dell having more jealousy towards Isaac's results
  • Has been trying to get his friend (and possibly girlfriend) Pyro deified (and succeeded). Partly to keep the Spy out of the House of Technology.
  • Has recently found fellow Texans in the form of Hank Hill and Sonya Blade.
    • However, upon meeting a Texan by the name of Sundowner, he started getting angry and pissed while he was mocking his Texan accent. This made it worse when the Engineer found about the Wild Fire's actions of playing dirty and his recruitment of child soldiers. Because of his actions, The Engineer's made sure he has a shotgun shell with Sundowner's name on it.
  • Despite being teammates, Tavish DeGroot's presence within the Pantheon has made Dell getting paranoid due to the Demoman's constant spamming of sitcky grenades.
    • Unfortunately, upon Gray Mann's ascension into Pantheon proper, he started fortifying every single turret placement he had around the House, fearing of what Gray will do upon hearing the mercenaries' ascension.
  • He has a bad taste within the House of Philosophy due to his horrible taste with philosophical views and that the members of the House kept questioning him about Philosophy.. Upon leaving, he ended up responding them this:
    "Boy, I don't solve those problems. I solve practical problems."
  • Upon meeting with a goblin by the moniker of Dr. Boom, he immediately fired his shotgun at his Boom-bots since they look like Gray Mann's Sentry Busters. However, upon closer inspection to these bots, he became even more scared when he saw the explosive damage of the Boom-bots. As a result, he kicked Dr. Boom out of the House and is willing to push him out should he send his Boom-bots right at him.
  • His defensive playstyle along with his thinking has given him an ally of Mike Schmidt whose tactical doors can serve as good traps for his turrets.
  • He also has great respect upon hearing of what Dexter and Phineas Flynn has done, despite being very young to achieve such technological advancemnts. Because of this, he respects them.
    • Not only that, he has become a mentor for very young inventors within the Pantheon. Tails and Jim Hawking from the Outlaw Star Crew are very frequent students as well as Dexter.
  • He has also made extreme allies with Tiny Tina due to the child's knack of creating such explosive ideas. At the same time, he became friends with Ratchet and Clank thanks to their mechanical achievements and being enemies with Dr. Nefarious.
  • Upon visiting the Heavy's temple, he was astonished when he met another Intermediate God along with him: Aigis. Due to the latter's interest with Dell's turret modules and the need to improve her armour, they became constant visitors to their own temples. At the same time, he ponders how a robot can fit more than 3 weapons inside herself.
    • That said, this event similarly happened during the time when he met Ichika Orimura and the entire IS crew. They were also interested in his modules and at the same time, the Engineer seems interested at the power armors. They eventually became helpers to their own creations.
  • Was very impressed about Tony's achievement of building an Iron Man suit, in a cave, WITH JUST A SCRAP OF METAL.
  • Sometimes goes to the House of Music to play his guitar away from any flammables in his workshop. His soft tunes have earned him a small following of non-ascendents.
  • Upon the ascension of a certain hacker by the name of Aiden Pierce, he immediately watched him upon hearing what he can do to certain systems.
  • Due to his skill in creating very effective defensive ballistic turrets, he has been contacted by many gods in the Pantheon but most espcially within the GUAG and GUAE to aid them in many situations.
  • Wearing a white cowboy hat and his Gunslinger, he once participated in a wacko battle when suddenly some deity named "Spunky the Imp" came in and wrecked chaos, forcing him to save the entire map from destruction.
  • Vulcan has shown interest in his ever growing Sentry designs and speaks with the mercenary when he has the time. The two have even trade notes, with Vulcan working on his own level two and three turrets while the Engineer's taken a shot at the old pile bunker model.
  • Upon hearing of Ragnaros the Firelord's ascension and The Pyro's allegiance to him, Dell immediately became frightened and called all his mercenary teammates including Saxton Hale and Gray Mann (when necessary) to prepare an all-out assault on the Firelord in the case that the Pyro is ordered to incinerate his team under Ragnaros' orders.
    • After having a "little" encounter with the Firelord, a man by the name of Lord Victor Nefarius came in and consulted the Engineer in installing his Omnotron Defense System. In actuality, Nefarius wanted to seep through the info from the House of Technology using his system. However, the convoluted defense matrix followed by insane programming and suspiciously huge mechanisms of the Defense System itself forced Dell to nope Nefarious away. Ironically, The Engineer did not notice that Nefarius was actually the Black Dragon Nefarian.
  • He is a large fan of Fallout, as evidenced by him creating one by himself.
    • Not only that, he has a huge amount of respect towards The Courier, The Vault Dweller and the Liberty Prime. (And yes, it includes the Yes Man.)
  • Somehow, there are many reports of a certain figure that not only looks like Dell, but has very powerful strength, moves inconspicuously and has a face resembling a human genitalia. Dell refuses to comment due to extreme likability with said creature.
  • With some extra funds, he managed to mass produce a merchendise product known as the Tiny Desk Engineer. He's more than glad of his new creation.
    Engineer: It's beautiful.
  • After seeing his rival Torbjörn in action, The Engineer was inspired to travel into the Crosswind Hold and met up with a dwarvish 'engineer' Barik. While not enough to ascend him as a High Priest, The Engineer taught all he could to Barik and even lent him his outfit AND his Texan accent
  • "And if that don't work, then use more gun!"

    Rudol von Stroheim 
Rudol von Stroheim, God of Nazi Super Science (Major Stroheim, Colonel Stroheim, Rudolf von Stroheim, Rudolph von Stroheim)
as a Cyborg 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hair
  • Theme Songs: "Hike"; "Propaganda" or his theme from Eyes of Heaven whenever he begins kicking ass
  • Alignment: Initially Lawful Evil, currently Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cyborgs with Eye Beams, Rocket Punches and Chest Blasters, Majorly Awesome turning into Colonel Badass, Improbable Hairstyle, Patriotic Fervor, Heel–Face Turn, both flamboyance and ham, Noble Demons, Heroic Nazis
  • Domains: War, Technology, Patriotism
  • Allies: Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse (his direct superior), Joseph Joestar (it's complicated), Caesar Zeppeli, Alexander Anderson, Gertrud Barkhorn, Erica Hartmann, Parasoul, Bismarck
  • Enemies: Santana, Kars, Esidisi, Wamuu, Dio Brando, Millennium, Dracula, Alucard
  • Wary of: Every other vampire inside the Pantheon.
  • After shedding his mortal shell at Stalingrad (likely from Vasily Zaytsev's hand) Stroheim's remains were salvaged by Wilhelm Strasse to recover. Turns out, Nazi Science from '39 was remarkable enough for Deathshead to not issue any upgrades, leaving the new deity as he was. Stroheim's rather enthusiastic about his rebuild, claiming that GERMAN SCIENCE IS STILL THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! Additionally Hitler's Brain was sent by Death's Head to Fallen to help out the version of Hitler situated there in a futile hope that the leader of Reich can be pulled out of there - if only as another figurehead for Strasse to use.
  • His ascension met with a warm - if a little awkward - welcome from Joseph Joestar. True, Stroheim's still a Nazi, but he doesn't exhibit typical Nazi traits of flaunting one's racial superiority and so is treated more like a simply patriotically enthusiastic soldier than anything else.
  • Speaking of Pillar Men, Kars and Santana are not pleased at his ascension at all. Stroheim already announced his desire for a rematch with the latter, this time - with his win.
  • To this end he absolutely refuses to associate himself with Millennium and any other vampire in the Pantheon, no matter the allegiances. Because of this he's found an unlikely ally in Alexander Anderson. Their anti-vampire rampages are becoming a problem. Conversely, Alucard sees him as just yet another Millennium superweapon. The alliance with Anderson doesn't help Stroheim's case at all.
  • Guile's hairstyle is based on his own. He was also the first one to use Stielhandgranate as a melee weapon, not Demoman.
  • His most dangerous weapon, apart from concentrated UV light that can do harm to even those not susceptible to sunlight, let alone undead, is his machine gun hidden inside his torso. The pose he assumes prior to firing it has caught many a target doubling over in laughter. It's discouraged to laugh before you dodge.
  • Fought alongside Joseph and Caesar in a tournament featuring other people from their home universe.
  • When he heard of Mai Shiranui and her phrase "Nippon Ichi/Japan's Finest", Stroheim wasn't even affected with her bouncy breasts and instead yells, "FFFFOOOOLL!!! 'JAPAN'S FINEST (NIPPON ICHI)' IS NOT THE SAME OR BETTER THAN 'THE BEST IN THE WORLD (SEKAI ICHI)!!'" (in other words, he still thinks that German (insert thing here) is still better than that)
    • Was less than amused when he found out that Joseph bought, amongst other baby products, several different baby bottle nipples instead of just the German design for his adopted daughter Shizuka. Needless to say, the two butt heads afterwards.

    The Laughing Man 
The Laughing Man, God of Techno Wizards (Aoi)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Laughing Man Logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Techno Wizard, Covering his Face with a Logo Whenever Possible, Obfuscating Disability, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Memetic Mutation (in-universe and out)
  • Domains: Technology, Knowledge, Identity
  • Superior: Steve Blum
  • Allies: Lain, Aiden Pearce, Neo, Barbara Gordon
  • Enemies: Dr. Hax, Agent Smith, SHODAN, Samaritan
  • Observed by: The House of Justice, Akane Tsunemori
  • Additional Relations: Motoko Kusanagi
  • Arguably, the Laughing Man is one of the most enigmatic hackers out there. His actions in a futuristic Japan have been a hot topic of that time period, leading Public Security Section 9 to investigate what exactly it is that he wants.
    • The Laughing Man is actually an alias that was originated by a young man named Aoi (in turn, the alias came from a short story by J. D. Salinger) and him discovering a file by chance would be the catalyst for Section 9's adventure due to that alias being used by different people. When it comes to that alias being used in the Pantheon, Aoi isn't sure what to make of it.
  • Not only does the Pantheon presumably contain items that Aoi was able to hack back in his world, it is also housing a number of technological items that could be considered new to him. These new materials have been of interest for him at the moment.
  • Only a handful of people know the identity of the originator, but almost everyone else doesn't see him often. He would prefer to read books, making him a frequent guest at the Library. Still, his temple is quite impressive, consisting of several data servers and a dozen hacked Gibson supercomputers...which he did himself.
  • Even though he is able to hack into computers and related technological items quite effectively, there are some who believe that it is very unrealistic and that number of other people that are following him are doing that. That rumor was debunked just as quickly as it started.
  • The Laughing Man has been known to make visits to online chatrooms on rare occasions. Sometimes, if Motoko Kusanagi is there, they may have share a quick chat with each other as the two are on reasonable terms with each other.
  • He has a level of admiration towards Barbara Gordon's hacking skills. Both of them actually had disabilities involved in some capacity, but whereas Barbara was able to get over her disability, Aoi was simply faking being disabled. Barbara wasn't sure what to make of that despite taking a liking to his hacking abilities.
  • One of his greatest obstacles has been Dr. Hax, a being who is notorious for cracking down on hackers and cheaters. In turn, Dr. Hax hates just how quickly The Laughing Man is able to get through technology to find whatever it is that he is looking for currently. It's not uncommon for the two to get engaged in cyber-combat if they cross paths online.
  • Despite his actions being at least somewhat justified to an extent, the House of Justice still doesn't trust him entirely and they, alongside a number of other investigators and officers, have been keeping track of his actions should anything suspicious come from him again, with the more law-inclined enforcers more willing to go after him sooner than later.
  • Spike Spiegel was once mistaken to have been the real identity of The Laughing Man, due to a couple of reasons. That ended up getting debunked when Spike told the curious party that he had nothing do with anything that hacker. Spike did concede that the Laughing Man is what would happen if Radical Ed ended up getting too much time on his hands.
    • Speaking of which, Radical Ed did mistake Aoi for Spiegel due to the voices at one point. Aoi only showed confusion towards Ed in regards to that, as well as the aforementioned incident regarding Spiegel.
  • The GUAG White Hats once asked him to join their group given his technological skills. Although he declined the offer, he is still quite friendly towards that group.
    • One particular hacker that The Laughing Man gets along with is Aiden Pearce, since the two have a similar level of skill when it comes to hacking technological items for their use. They are also considered criminals in a sense, despite not being truly malicious.
  • It should be noted that The Laughing Man "meme" that happened initially was a result of Aoi's actions being viewed in a good light. This can be considered both a "realistic" meme in the sense that others were trying to replicate him and an "internet" meme in the sense of the logo being used. Monsoon is kind of amused by it.
  • Aoi most likely didn't want to consider himself a terrorist even though The Laughing Man imitators that he spawned could be considered such. He doesn't like a lot of the terrorists in the Pantheon, especially since their actions are likely more extreme than what his imitators have performed.
  • I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes. ... Or should I?note 

Lesser Gods

    Abra Kadabra 
Abra Kadabra, God of Technology That Seems Like Magic (Citizen Abra, Dr Petrou, full name: Abhararakadhararbarakh)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His futuristic wand
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Magic from Technology, Puppet Permutation, Due To Being From The Future, Hates The 64th Century, Loves The 21st, Stage Magician, Black Sheep of the Rouges, Wants To Be The Center Of Attention Because He Could Never Stand Out In His Repressive Era, Time Travel, Why Don't You Just Shoot Him?
  • Domains: "Magic", Advanced Technology, Time Travel, Narcissism, Showmanship
  • Allies: Leonard Snart (sort of), Syndrome, Balthazar Bratt
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lord Tirek
  • Enemies: Barry Allen and the other Flashes, the Teen Titans, Zatanna Zatara, Trixie, the Doctor, Kokonoe Mercury, Yuki Nagato, Felix the Cat, Linkara, Princess Bubblegum, Chronoa, Voldemort, Harry Potter, the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Opposes: All actual magicians, due to his ego
  • Pities: Argus Filch
  • No relation: Alakazam
  • Abra Kadabra, real name Abhararakadhararbarakh, hails from the far off era of the 64th century. The age was repressive, dull and advanced technology made stage magicians a thing of the past. Because of this, he decided to go back to the 20th/21st century where his technology would be near-indistinguishable from magic. However his narcissism and abuse of "magical" talent got him in trouble with the Flash. Ever since then, he has served as one of the Rouges.
  • While he works with Captain Cold as a member of the Rouges, he's the Black Sheep of them since he doesn't work for money and tries to kill cops and speedsters. Doesn't spend much time with them, but they'll feed his ego if need be. One of his most memorable trick is the time he turned the Flash into a living marionette. The Other Mother is bemused by this trick and wants it, which Abra Kadabra rebuked with "you know a magician never reveals his secrets".
  • His enormous ego makes it difficult to find allies, but there were a couple who's egotism and desire to be noticed could work for his cause-Syndrome and Balthazar Bratt. The latter, he could understand what it was like for society to outgrow his interests and desire to be noticed. The former, his vendetta towards superheroes and ability to match them with advanced technology reminds Citizen Abra of himself. Bratt helps provide proper music whenever he's doing his criminal magic acts.
  • Hates his home era, preferring the age of superheroes instead. However there are some gods that don't appreciate his mucking around with history, such as Chronoa due to when he removed Wally West from history. The Doctor ended up encountering him and stopped his schemes, however from personal experience he completely understands why Abra Kadabra fled his repressive era and isn't going to begrudge him for that.
  • Insists that he is a magician, and deserves to be in the House of Magic. While his technology can get really similar to the magic used there, it isn't true magic and this can be determined at a close glance. All genuine magicians hurt his ego, so he doesn't like the house. He is interested in Lord Tirek due to being able to absorb magic and since he's not truly magical he's not someone to be drained, and hopes to get back at the house. Though even someone as egotistical as him treads lightly around Tirek.
  • Princess Bubblegum correctly assessed that his magic was actually technology, and has a general belief that all magic is just mis-understood science. This got him pretty pissed off and caused trouble to "prove" that he was a great magicians. He dislikes Linkara because he is able to use actual magic and technology together as toys, and his jealousy of this combined with reviewing comics like the ones he is from led him to an Irrational Hatred that Linkara's reviews will expose the secrets of his craft.
  • He wanted Magitek or Magic from Technology, but they were already taken. As such he opposes the holders of these tropes out of jealousy and spite, and wanting to one-up them. He dislikes Felix the Cat for having better tricks than him. Voldemort despises Abra Kadabra as he is a muggle who uses technology to seem like he has magic. It comes off as an insult to his ego and to magic in his twisted world view, due to believing muggles are inherently inferior and muggle technology advanced enough to come off like magic is difficult for his bigoted mind to grasp.
  • Though a narcissist, there is one god he feels sorry for-Argus Filch. As a Squib, Filch grew up in a magical society but couldn't use magic and grew bitter because of this. In a rare moment of kindness he gave him some 64th century tech to mimic the Functional Magic of Harry Potter. That, and he wanted to see him troll Hogwarts for his amusement.
  • Once sold his soul so he had actual magic, but retcons have undone this. He's not going to try making a deal with the likes of the Incubators since he doesn't want to risk it being botched again. Recently he was involved in removing Wally West from history, and almost succeeded at eliminating him. The House of Time and Space is keeping a closer eye on him for this.
  • Despite the name, he has zero connection to Alakazam. He does find the Pokemon's psychic abilities intriguing, however. Some of the more benevolent gods in the House of Magic and Technology want him to change his ways, if only due to the technology he uses being beneficial in the present. Unfortunately he doesn't care about making money, just showing off.
  • Despises the GUAL from the bottom of his heart. He's a firm individualist in a society which heavily discourages free will. He believes that their existence is the reason the 64th century is the way it is.

    Agatha Heterodyne 
Agatha Heterodyne, Goddess of Steam Punk Machinery (Agatha Clay, Lady of Mechanicsburg, the Holy Child)

    Aiden Pearce 
Aiden Pearce, God of "Evil" Hackers (The Vigilante, The Fox)
  • Lesser God with his smartphone, Demigod without it
  • Symbol: His smartphone
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, leaning on Good
  • Portfolio: hacking computers for info and/or money, Awesome Mc Coolname, Coat, Hat, Mask, fox-like cunning, "hacking" people just as well, being a vigilante, do-most-anything smartphone, little character development, above-human reflexes, heightened awareness, hurting innocents in the name of Revenge for his dead niece, awesome biking and driving skills
  • Domains: Technology, Vigilantism, Revenge
  • Allies: The Laughing Man, DedSec San Francisco chapter, the Assassin Brotherhood (probably)
  • Rivals: The "Hacking Quintet" (Ed, Bentley, Shiena Kenmochi, Otacon, Estonia), other hackers in the Pantheon if they aren't enemies with him
  • Enemies: Many in the House of Technology and Crime, Anybody in the human trafficking (and by extension, slavery) business
  • Under Close Watch Of: Dell Conagher
  • Feared by: Raul Menendez
  • It should be made clear the difference between the Hackers and Crackers. Crackers like Aiden hack for money or data. Hackers do it either just for fun or to plant viruses.
  • Many of Aiden's enemies fear him mainly because of what he can do with only his smartphone, which has been upgraded upon his ascension. Thankfully however, whoever had upgraded it also installed countermeasures that prevent him from controlling or compromising sentient machines (like the Cybertronians and Intelligent Devices of the Mid-Childan and Belkian goddesses). And it only works around technology, making him somewhat less of a threat in places like the House of Magic (unless perhaps when in the vicinity of Magitek).
    • Because of his "power" over all things technology, he's also given a wary eye by the Pokémon trainers and gods with partners in the Pantheon, since who knows if he can lock their Pokémon inside their Poké Balls, thus giving them a disadvantage.
  • Aiden can occasionally be found in the House of Commerce whenever he needs money, using his smartphone to hack into bank accounts and siphoning money to pick up at the nearest ATM. Though his threat level is limited there due to how (some) money is handled in the Pantheon, and from the ones with digital accounts (like Seto Kaiba) upgrading their security systems.
  • There have been rumors that Aiden was once outsourced by the Assassin Order to kill a Templar. Both parties have refused to elaborate or confirm this, though it's implied he at least sympathizes with their cause, even though his…measures don't really qualify him to be invited to the Brotherhood.
    • Similarities have also been drawn between him and Frank Castle/The Punisher, like how both lost family (though the Punisher lost way more than just a niece), and both became vigilantes to avenge their deaths (though Aiden might've been already a vigilante before then). That said, Aiden's far above Frank in regards to sparing petty thieves and criminals where the Punisher certainly won't.
  • Numerous gods have point-blank called Aidan a hypocrite who causes a lot of innocent people to get hurt while on his quest for revenge, with some even pointing out that one time, Aiden went through someone's niece to get to her uncle. Also, his lack of problems with killing anyone who gets in his way is also brought up as a flaw, and as such, a fair few people tend to steer clear of him.
    • But now that he's finally achieved his revenge at the end of his game, he has since dedicated himself to vigilantism, though his methods are still a tad excessive, controlled only by "tech-less" areas and deities in the Pantheon.
    • He's also managed to earn a little more brownie points when he outsmarted Raul Menendez's system during his attack on the Pantheon. Aiden had hacked several of his drones into destroying each other or used them as his platforms. Raul was not satisfied when he heard of this.
    • The sequel reveals that canonically, in addition to shutting down a human trafficking ring (which is an optional sidequest in his game), he actually avoided civilian casualties. But the tarnish has already been done, and it's argued that one can still cause mayhem without killing people.

    Dr. Wily 
Dr. Albert W. Wily, God of Building Robots (Dr. Wily, Mr. X, Dr. Wahwee)

    The Kids Next Door, Sector V 
Kids Next Door, Sector V members , Gods of 2x4 Technology
Sector V in order from bottom to top.

Lucca Ashtear, Goddess of Robot-Building Geniuses
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her helmet
  • Theme Song: "Fanfare 1"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Science Hero with hints of Mad Scientist, wields a gun complemented with fire magic, magic as her only strong stats, is given the chance to avoid her mother's crippling accident, becoming a scientist regardless, running an orphanage in adulthood
  • Domains: Time Travel, Science, Robots
  • Allies: Crono, Marle, Frog, Robo, Ayla, Magus, Serge, Pantheonic Time Police, Emmett L. Brown, Bulma, Mei Hatsume, Tony Stark, Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi, Miyako "Yolei" Inoue, Baymax, Haro, Labrys, Aigis, Oliver Twist, Anne-Marie
  • Enemies: Lavos, Lex Luthor, Victor von Doom
  • Lucca is a genius girl from the year 1000 AD with a deep interest in science and technology, as well as Crono's childhood friend. During the millennium celebrations, Lucca was eager to show Crono the teleporter she and her father had been working on. However the machine activated a time portal that sucked in Crono's new friend Marle. Lucca invented the Gate Key, which stabilizes the time portals to allow for safe time travel. This allowed Crono and Lucca to bring Marle back to their time, and also led to them discovering the grisly fate that would befall Earth 1000 years later. The friends then went on a quest through time to stop the alien abomination Lavos from destroying their planet.
  • Entered the Pantheon in the aftermath of Crono's ascension that resulted in all his remaining friends getting tapped for godhood. She gave Crono a little bit of grief over being one of the last to ascend even though they're childhood friends, but she got over it quickly. More importantly she thought it was terrible that Lavos, who they struggled so hard to defeat, had been allowed to live on in this place. Since erradicating it forever isn't an option in the Pantheon, she's fully behind her companions in making sure Lavos doesn't take advantage of his position to feed on other worlds until their destruction. Most important of all, she got straight to work in tuning up Gato; the poor metal lug must've been badly beat up, spending all that time in the Millennial Fair at Crono's temple without her around to supervise.
  • Crono and the rest were quick to introduce her to Son Goku and his gang, with whom they have very close ties, almost like they're cousins or something. Lucca developed a particularly close bond with Bulma since they're both brilliant inventors who were deeply involved with science and technology from a young age. They often work together to support each other and give each other tips if one of them is in a creative slump. And of course Lucca became familiar with Bulma's son Trunks, an active member of the Pantheonic Time Police and therefore someone the whole Crono gang often crosses paths with. Lucca couldn't help but think that he was like a moodier version of Crono, and how that made him sort of attractive... too bad for her that he's (probably) taken.
  • The Gate Key is arguably her greatest accomplishment as an inventor; without it, Crono and friends' chances of saving the world from Lavos would have been much lower if not nonexistent. No scientist is more fascinated by the workings of the Gate Key than famed time machine inventor Dr. Emmett Brown, especially after learning that tech developments in her world are all over the place. Lucca stresses that the Gate Key isn't what causes time travel, it just allows for safe travel. She thinks Emmett has accomplished more than her by actually building something that does allow for time travel, even if it still falls behind the Epoch.
  • When she was little, she actually hated science because her father Taban was constantly working on his inventions and rarely spent time with her. Then one day her mother Lara got into an accident with one of Taban's machines and lost the use of her legs. Lucca saw this and thought that if only she knew more about machines, she could have avoided the accident. From that day on Lucca devoted herself to science. Then in her adventures with Crono she found a Gate that took her back to the time of the accident, and she managed to avoid it (fortunately this didn't translate into Lucca retroactively losing interest in her area of expertise). Either way, seeing her mother's pain resulted in Lucca really not liking any deities who use science on purpose to hurt people. Super-villains like Lex Luthor and Dr. Doom are on the top of that particular shit-list.
  • When she isn't on the clock watching over Lavos, she spends most of her time at the Houses of Science and Technology, where she is very welcome, doing research and working on her latest inventions. She likes to show off her creations at the Millennial Fair, but unfortunately for her, visiting deities are less than willing to try them out given Lucca's inventions have a bit of a reputation for going haywire. So she ends up using her friends to demonstrate (read: serve as guinea pigs) her gadgets, with Crono and Ayla being used more often due to being pretty durable.
    • In her work she's had chances to meet like-minded individuals such as Mei Hatsume, another inventor who's extremely proud of her gadgets and is always up for showing them off, even though disaster always seems to follow. Lucca was so touched by Mei's care for her "babies" and her determination that she promised Mei could display them in the Millennial Fair anytime she wanted (she didn't find it necessary to ask for Crono's opinion even though it's his temple).
    • Through Mei, Lucca heard of Tony Stark and how he built an entire powered suit from scratch that could turn him into a superhero in his own right. Lucca thinks that is just amazing and now dreams of building a similar suit with her own hands. Hell, she'd like to build such suits for the whole team, no matter how long it'd take. Tony thinks Lucca has potential and a lot of clout, and so helps her out by funding her research.
    • Her constant presence at the Houses of Science and Technology also led to her befriending the Digidestined Koushiro and Miyako, who also regularly frequent those Houses due to their interests in computing. They're glad to find fellow tech-heads in each other, considering their teammates don't really share the same interests. Koushiro sometimes cracks jokes about how Lucca and Miyako must be sisters, considering they don't just share the same interests, they also look and act a lot like each other.
    • Has a lot of empathy for robots, and as a result always pitches in when it happens that such deities break down. She's really very fond of Baymax due to him being a medical robot built expressly to help people (the whole thing with her mother has something to do with this, certainly), besides the fact that he's just a cutie (though when he goes into battle mode she thinks it's way cool as well); she likes Haro for similar reasons even though it's a much simpler machine with fewer useful purposes, and enjoys having it tag along with her during her activities in the Houses. She's also fascinated by robots like Aigis and Labrys who've managed to develop personalities as human as they look, which reminds her a lot of Robo.
  • Some years after the end of her adventures Lucca turned her house into an orphanage; it was there that Serge's friend Kid was raised. Lucca presumably funded the orphanage through the profits of her scientific endeavors. Either way the House of Family commends her for her altruism in providing a home for disenfranchised children. Lucca really sympathizes with orphans like Oliver Twist and Anne-Marie who were pratically homeless at certain points in their lives. Lucca's temple is open to them and any other kids going through hard times.
  • Met up with the gods hailing from the fourth Final Fantasy game but this was moreso because they confused her with another genius also named Lucca. They realized their embarrassment since their Lucca was a tanned skin dwarf with an interest in airships. This Lucca doesn't mind and she's decided to give building airships a try.

    Phineas and Ferb 
Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, Gods of Gadgeteer Geniuses (Phineas: Dinnerbell, Phin | Ferb: Man of Action, Ferbalot, Darth Ferb | Both: The Coolest Exponents of Awesome Stupefaction in the Universe, The Beak)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A cross of a wrench and a screwdriver
  • Theme Songs: "Today is Gonna be a Great Day"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (but can be Lawful or Chaotic if the Rule of Funny demands it)
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Artifice, Family, Knowledge
  • Portfolio:
  • Allies: Perry the Platypus, Dexter, Kim Possible, Steven Universe, all good and neutral aligned deities in the House of Children, especially Dipper and Mabel, Crash Bandicoot, The Kids Next Door, Hope Estheim
  • Enemies: Stewie Griffin, Eric Cartman
  • Rivals: Dennis the Menance and Bart Simpson
  • Fears: Mandy
  • There was a time when Phineas Flynn was the sole holder of the title, with Ferb as his herald. The circumstances of this change almost led to the permanent loss of his divine powers. The GUAE delivered a plan to trap the kids in a timeloop for all of eternity, giving it to Dr. Doofenshmirtz as a Do-Over-inator. The pharmacist had no idea of the implications, and worked together with the boys and Candance to save their world. Phineas decided to give equal powers to Ferb, making them Co-Gods of gadgets. Unfortunately, not even their pleas were enough to bring their friend Isabella into the fold.
    • That hasn't stopped the mortal Candace from trying to bust her brothers whenever they work on their craft. Her efforts fail of course, and not one soul in the Pantheon can figure out how Phineas and Ferb manage to pull it off every time. Some deities are mulling over giving her the title Tattletale, a thought that will be resolved in the near future.
  • Fellow Disney deities Kim and Ron Stoppable were relieved that their absence was only a brief one. The three hope to add more of their kind into the Pantheon.
    • None were more worried with their absence than Dipper and Mabel. After piecing together what the GUAE were planning on, the two informed the House of Time and Space to help device a plan to get them out of the time loop.
  • Most kids in general enjoy the inventions the two kids create within their temple. Even Dexter, someone who is notoriously known for being petty towards rival geniuses couldn't help but warm up to the two.
  • This extends to the House of Commerce, who are more than happy to give them the supplies necessary, provided they have the money to do so. More inexperienced shippers would ask them whether they were a little young to buy such equipment. It takes a while for them to get used to it.
  • The two were interested to find out that their pet Perry ascended himself.
  • The kids tried to invite Cartman in one of their adventures. That lasted mere minutes as the boys had to kick him out for insulting their friends. As the God of Extreme Revenge Plots, Cartman hopes to live up to his name in scheming his revenge.
    • That animosity extends to Stewie Griffin after beating up a kid nearly to death for owing money.
  • Their knack for technology has been a godsend for the Kids Next Door, who ask for advice on the integrity of their 2x4 Technology. It certainly got Numbah 2 jealous for a bit before he heard how Phineas and Ferb were impressed with his work. Their friendship was mended moments later.
  • If there is one child god that the two brothers know not to mess with, it's Mandy. It's why all of Billy's adventures have been free of charge, despite all the trouble he can cause.
  • The boys often keep a stern eye on troublemakers Bart and Dennis as their mischief nearly foiled their cover multiple times. It should be noted that those incidents were not intentional; the two gods of Precocious Troublemakers just aren't as good with keeping their tracks as well.

    Radical Ed 
Ed, Goddess of Playful Hacking (Radical Ed, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, Francoise Appledelhi, Kairi)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A smiley face with red spiky hair. Alternatively, her laptop with Ein sleeping next to it.
  • Theme Music: Cats on Mars, Call Me Call Me
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Energetic Girls, Not Wearing Shoes or Socks, Permanent Blush, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Having a Really Long Made-Up Name (that was male to begin with), Having a Canine Companion, Hacking Goggles, Speaking in Third Person
  • Domains: Trickery, Technology
  • Followers: Raf Esquivel, Rikku
  • Herald: Ein (her "data dog")
  • Allies: Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Jet Black, most of the gods in the House of Technology, Mugen, Jin, and Fuu, Pinkie Pie, Sora, Riku, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Enemies: Evil gods in the House of Technology (particularly the Master Control Program and the Laughing Man), Sark
  • Friendly Enemy: Noah Kaiba
  • Opposes: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Odd Friendship: Hit
  • After leaving the Bebop to find the place that was her own, she and Ein eventually went on a hacking spree arresting criminals left and right. Then, she found out about the Pantheon and decided to rest there.
    • Before she made it to the pantheon, there were reports that Radical Ed was a seven foot tall ex-basketball pro, Hindu guru drag queen alien (or perhaps all of them combined). Those who bet that she wasn't any of these things became quite rich.
  • Likes to mess around the pantheon, but she never does any harm. Her hacking skills come to good use seeing as she can go through many traps and viruses laid out by some of the evil gods in the Pantheon and pull up information that most people would be unable to find. And if there's some that she can't get through, that's where Ein, the Data Dog, comes in.
    • Has gotten the eye of the other hacker The Laughing Man and the two have been going on in a never-ending chess match to see who's the smartest.
  • Has found good friends in Bentley and Otacon. The three have dubbed themselves, "The Hacking Trio." Due to her friendship with Bentley, she also learned of "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and what happened. She is now ready to help Bentley find a cure to this madness. They are being supported fully by Mickey Mouse, who lost Sora and Riku to the corruptions of the Friendship Asylum.
    • After the events of the Friendship Asylum, Shiena Kenmochi and Estonia have joined the trio, which officially caused them to rename themselves the Hacking Quintet. The five hackers are now members of the White Hats.
  • She has access to a satellite that she calls "MPU" (it's like CPU, only cooler!). She hasn't used it to cause harm—but rather to doodle smiley faces onto the Pantheon.
  • Ed was shown to have a crush on Sora when the two first met on a Friday the 13th. However, Kairi ascended not long afterwards, and Ed, knowing that Kairi should be treated fairly, began to see Sora as a brother, instead. The two remained good friends, and sometimes Sora helps Ed bust out of jail whenever the MCP arrests her.
  • During an expedition to stop the Plot Hole, she gave her blessing of technological smarts to one of the members on board in order to help the crew. An electric shock turned the critic back to normal, but a part of Ed still resides in her mind.
  • Spends lots of time with two gods: Steve Blum and Haruhi Suzumiya because they remind her of her old Bebop crew members Spike Spiegel and Faye Valentine. Haruhi really warmed up to Ed, mostly because her computer skills would definitely come in handy to generate new members for the SOS club.
  • She hasn't tried to hack anything related to Valve or Garry's Mod for a long time. Last time she tried, she was met by a strange Sean Connery lookalike who kept throwing computer monitors at her.
  • Despite the two not being on the best of terms, Noah Kaiba has agreed to help Ed and the rest of the (then) Hacking Trio to take care of Sora's soul as long as the Friendship Asylum stands. Ed has been grateful for the help.
  • Edward is a pseudo-Princess of Heart, since her own heart lacks darkness. This was confirmed when she saved Aurora from the Darkness Proxy by allowing herself to be captured, and once she was put into stasis, her heart didn't corrupt from the darkness. She shares this trait with Bianca, Wendy, and Elena.
  • Ed was stated to be jumping for joy when she found out that Spike had made it to the pantheon. A few months later, Faye made it in as well. Now they just need Jet to finish the Bebop crew...

    San Francisco DedSec 
DedSec, San Francisco chaptermembers , Divine Group of Hackers Accompanied With Skull Imagery (Marcus: Retr0, Marky Mark, Wrench: Reginald, Josh: Hawt Sauce, Horatio: Ratio, Raymond: Ray, T-Bone Grady, T-Bone)
Left to right:Wrench Junior (the robot), Wrench, Marcus, Sitara, Josh
Wrench without his mask 

    Satya Vaswani/Symmetra 
Satya Vaswani, Goddess of Hard Light (Symmetra, Sym, The Summoner)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The light teleporter in front of the logo of Vishkar company
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with dashes of Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Solid Light, Indian Smart People, Keeping Serenity In The Midst Of Chaos, Good Lady In The Midst Of Corrupt Group, Obsession On Order, Doubts Between Trying To Follow Order Or Good, Using Beams A Lot, The Order Side of Order vs. Chaos
  • Domains: Light, Combat, Order, Philosophy
  • Allies: Harpuia, Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu, Leona, Tsubaki Yayoi, Cecil Harvey, Commander Shepard, Death the Kid, Kumbhakarna, Karna, Mana Aida/Cure Heart, Ganesha, Nova Terra, Yusuke Kitagawa
  • Rivals: Torbjörn Lindholm, The Engineer/Dell Conagher
  • Enemies: Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Junkrat & Roadhog, Doomfist, Sly Cooper... actually, a lot of residents of the House of Crime, BnL, Mr. Burns, Arcturus Mengsk
  • Wary on: Vulcan
  • Symmetra ascended when several deities from the House of Commerce came upon the city of Utopaea, a shimmering light made of just hologram and Hard Light, and extremely impressed with its builder. When they contacted her superiors the Vishkar Corporation and redirected to Symmetra, they learned about her vast imagination and the potential of things she could create with the Hard Light. They then arranged for Symmetra to ascend, but as herself. She can still visit the Vishkar Corporation at the mortal planes, but she would be on her own, such is the rule of the Pantheon. When she entered the Pantheon, she thought that the Pantheon is a little too disorderly but she could try to arrange it so it will look more beautiful and orderly.
  • Since she's mostly using Hard Light to build structures as an architect, people has wondered what could have happened should she decide to expand her imagination and use it for more than protection. The Pantheon has taken that into consideration.
  • While Symmetra has been helping people to rebuild homes in the Pantheon, she also sometimes found difficulty, with people giving her funny looks due to association with Vishkar Corporation, a group that was considered nothing but a corrupt Mega-Corp due to perceived act of terrorism and oppression. In the front, Symmetra showed the face that it's okay that she and the company will be hated as long as those she helped will have better lives, but behind that, it just reminded her to the incident at the favela at Rio that made her wonder if she's truly doing the right thing. She attempted to ask the GUAG for advice about this via Commander Shepard, but they tell her to just go on like usual, eventually the truth will come to her naturally and she will have time to make the decision on her own about where 'the greater good' lies. Therefore, for now, she's back to doing things like usual.
    • That said, Symmetra has kept a wary eye towards the BnL corporation and Mr. Burns, seeing that the two also had an eye to consider buying out Vishkar as they already amassed more power in the Pantheon. While she had her own doubts about the company, she sure wouldn't let anyone else make it worse.
  • While she is known to have difficulty to socialize, Symmetra nonetheless managed to find people who shared the same interests with her, particularly on those who struggle between upholding order or doing good. In particular, Harpuia is a good friend of hers. However, befriending her takes time, since she's known to be kind of socially awkward or even condescending at times (due to autism), but a lot of Pantheon deities do it anyway.
    • She also learned from a friend, Tsubaki Yayoi, about the incident that swept through the Pantheon in the past, the Morality Civil War, and she has expressed worries about how Symmetra could be a victim if she was around that time. Symmetra only assured her that she's going to be fine. She's used to that.
    • The most 'notorious' of her friends would be Death the Kid, due to sharing their obsession with order and symmetry, though it wasn't as smooth in the beginning due to Death the Kid disliking her for being unsymmetrical despite her name (hint: Her prosthetic arm). But over time, they managed to bond on their inherent OCD and obsession with order and proper placing. At the very least, Symmetra didn't freak out heavily when she accidentally left the toilet paper not in proper position, though she'll fix it just fine.
  • One can only wonder how Symmetra can calmly sit down gracefully and not even budging with tons of crazy shenanigans happening right in front of her.
  • Even after her ascension, Symmetra can still be seen gunning down against her Arch-Enemy back home, Lucio, demanding him to return Vishkar's technology and stop doing anarchy things while hiding behind sweet words like 'Freedom'. Some things just never change.
    • She woke up one day to find her temple defaced with graffiti that had pictures of frogs and the word "Freedom" and "GG's" all over it. She immediately accused Lucio, whom in return laughed it off while saying she has the wrong freedom fighter. It was only when she saw Beat spraying paint onto some inactive mini turrets did she piece it together, and had just gained many a headaches after realizing there is essentially another Lucio in the pantheon. In fact, she predicts that Beat might be a far more dangerous personal adversary since that kind of graffiti is not only harder to erase, but triggers her spectrum disorder (she has autism) that it might give her more literal seizures.
      • Thankfully for her, after this she managed to pick up a contact from Nova Terra, who sympathized with her and she bought her services for extra protection against either Lucio or Beat... in addition of more intel spying against Vishkar itself, just in case.
    • She's also baffled that she found pictures of her interacting with the chaotic Junkrat. While she had more beefs against Lucio, she acknowledges that Junkrat is a greater agent of chaos, and she's not going to get along with him.
    • As a matter of fact, Symmetra herself thinks the term Pay Evil unto Evil is a bullcrap philosophy, as it will promote the wrong kind of aesop, no matter how good the end goal, stealing is still a crime, and two wrongs don't make a right. This is why she's against many many thieves that might have good intentions, including Robin Hood and Sly Cooper.
      • Though eventually she ended up having to make an exception when she encountered one Phantom Thief, Yusuke Kitagawa. At first she thought he's just the same, until he literally defended her against of all people, Lucio. He said that he shares similar belief with Lucio, but in the same time, gives her his sympathies for how her life turned out, which is similar to his own, indoctrinated life. In addition of finding his paintings actually pretty exquisite, Symmetra managed to form a rather awkward friendship with Yusuke, especially when she reminds herself that she used to pose almost similarly to him (just less silly) to capture the feelings of constructing things with hard light.
  • Due to her advanced Light-based turrets and things, Symmetra usually looked down on those who makes 'medieval' turrets like Torbjorn or The Engineer... until at one point she committed the mistake of stating that the Inferno Cannon made by Vulcan to be 'medieval'. After barely surviving two godly rockets even with all her light-based armors, Symmetra makes sure that she will correct her mistake by not saying anything about Vulcan's turrets again.
  • She's also surprised to saw the Sleeping Giant, Kumbhakarna, within the Pantheon, noting that she is a fan of Hindu Mythology overall, she even cosplayed as Kali beforehand (minus the other two arms). She's looking forward in any events of more Hindu legends to come to the Pantheon.
    • Karna is another example, as it seems that not only he's a great Hindu legend, Symmetra felt like he's one of the people who understands what it's like to be good but serving (maybe) unsavory superiors. Karna just told her to endure, his 'master' was more Obviously Evil while in his eyes, while Vishkar has done bad things, it seems more gray than how bloated the public opinion's is about its 'evilness'.
    • The best one would be none other than Ganesha, who's very much believing in her own good deeds and Symmetra tends to go to him whenever she had private troubles, especially about the perception of Vishkar. Ganesha just kept telling her that whatever she does, she still has his support.
  • The GUAL saw her and the Vishkar Corporation as possible allies, but Symmetra even gave word even from the Corporation that they refuse to join YHVH's cronies. It's not known whether even after their whole corrupt shenanigans they still have a shred of standards or they won't share their fortunes or order, not even with YHVH. Don't ask Symmetra, she was just saying what the company says (she personally is not amused with YHVH either).
  • Several of her prize creations include the Teleporter, which can transport several people for instantaneous transport. Only one could be placed at the time, however. While Symmetra has been doing great service with it, sometimes if the aforementioned people that piss her off get on her nerves, she just decided to put it near a cliff and they learn their lesson by falling down. Since dying wasn't that big of a problem in the Pantheon, and falling down wouldn't cause that, people let it slide, though it gets a little annoying (she rarely does that anyway).
    • The other one is a mass shield generator where she can generate a lot of nearby shield as long as the generator stands, making her to be a being that is called in case there are protection that needs to be done. Some has expressed frustration about this, with lines like "Gee, Symmetra, why does the Pantheon let you have two Ultimates??"
    • Well, it could've been worse than these days. Symmetra remembered that back in those days, she was only called to put some basketball into the basket.
  • Symmetra's private room is usually covered with several small sentry turrets that is ready to fry any interlopers like getting cooked into a microwave (it made sounds like that too). The most common place to place that is in her bathroom, no perverts so far has succeeded in peeping on a bathing Symmetra and lived to tell the tale.
  • At one point, she was invited by Mana Aida to help her on a 'charity drive' or sorts. Symmetra seemingly only agreed on the basis that she looked brilliant, maybe similar to her when she was a teenager, and even shared similar voice when in another region. Unfortunately, she felt a bit uncomfortable because the drive brought her to a mass, which made her uncomfortable due to her autism. But after a bit of an encouragement by Mana, Symmetra managed to pick a little kid and delivers a birthday message. There will be cake.
    • When it's all over, the one thing Symmetra was really glad for is that there wasn't any 'accidental' fire to scar anyone, especially Mana. For the whole thing, she's trying her best to put Mana on her 'friend' list.
  • Just a note, she is not a healer, even though she is considered a Support. Remember that.
  • She likes to set up a carwash. Actually, it's setting up a formation of death turrets behind a door to some foolish intruder that tried to barge into the main gate. But if it's someone she trusted, she tends to 'modify' that turret to give a refreshing light. She just NEVER showed that to public.
  • The true enemy of humanity is disordernote 


Iniciando el protocolo Sombra

Sombra, Goddess of Hacking Anything (Sombrero, Olivia Colomar)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A sugar skull
  • Theme Song: Sombra Origins
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Evil and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Alternate Reality Game, Child Prodigy, Color Motifs, Confusion Fu, The Cracker, Dark Action Girl, EMP, Enigmatic Minion, Evil Tastes Good, Femme Fatalons, Hidden Agenda Villain, Hit-and-Run Tactics, Manipulative Bitch, Pragmatic Villainy, Purple Is Powerful, The Sneaky Gal, Wild Card, "Boop!"
  • Domains: Hacking, Conspiracies, Technology, Blackmail
  • Allies: Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker, Akande Ogundimu/Doomfist, Moira O'Deorain; other than those, she isn't interested in allying with other people unless it suits her needs
  • Rivals: Aiden Pearce, Laura Matsuda, Scarface, The Spy
  • Enemies: Overwatch and its allies, the GUAG White Hats, all Good-aligned robotic deities, all Digimon deities, Clu, Nora Valkyrie, Rubick, Harry Dresden, Liberion Arcadia (especially 9S)
  • Nobody knows who really Sombra is, but many heard of what she is capable. She is one of the best hackers of her world and that caught the attention of Talon, who recruited Sombra for their sinister schemes. Her identity and motivations are a complete mystery, but there have been rumors that she is looking to uncover a big conspiracy that has been acting behind the scenes and is behind a lot of events in the world of Overwatch.
  • Sombra's knowledges of her world's technology plus the augmentations she underwent to get better at hacking has made her able to hack pretty much anything. Her hacks are strong enough to disable McCree's ability to roll or make Soldier:76 unable to run… or even allow Junkrat to lay his explosives or Roadhog to toss his hook. Now that's something nobody gets at all, and the duo are cross that she can somehow do that.
  • Before she ascended, she left hints and clues about her whereabouts, teasing those who found them with countdowns and unhelpful messages. After a drawn out investigation (she actually made misleading hints that she's going to be in the Main House or something), Sombra relocated herself in the house of Technology without the Main House noticing but after a while they let her stay.
    • Somebody once tried to decipher a code of hers that was supposedly caught in the sky and even made music out of it. She found that really funny.
  • Very happy that her buddies Reaper and Widowmaker are already here. Unlike her, they are not so thrilled about her but they have no choice but to deal with her. After all, it doesn't hurt to have another member of Talon.
  • Sombra likes to take a more subtle approach when it comes to combat, and thanks to her Thermoptic Camo she is able to go around unnoticed. That's until the cloaking runs out, because she has a nasty habit of announcing herself before attacking someone. Though thankfully she does this much less often as she did before.
    • Many found her very similar to the Spy in terms of combat, but Sombra believes that the Spy's technology is outdated and can be easily seen through. Though she knows that turning her back on him can be a fatal mistake, so she is sure to never do that.
  • She likes to annoy people by booping them in the nose, and she does that a lot. On another note, Nora doesn't like her boops, mostly because it just very similar to hers but used in a trolly manner.
  • There was one time that Sombra decided to mess with some of the Defenders of the Ancient. After a succession of weird and unusual events, Rubick stole her hack and somehow fixed everything. Don't ask
  • Apparently, a few deities keep confusing her with Laura Matsuda given their similar haircuts. This made her curious about Laura for a few days…until they actually met. Sombra found the Brazilian fighter easy to relentlessly troll because of her friendly disposition and casually loose fashion sense, but overall, they are worlds apart both as fighters and as people and Sombra is content to let it stay that way.
    • When it turned out their native countries of Brazil and Mexico would face off in the elimination stages of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Laura challenged her to a bet for the equivalent of $100 USD in their native currencies. Sombra accepted, hoping to gain new funds for her plans. However, Brazil won 2-0 and she had to cough up near $1863.30 in Mexican pesos. She's currently plotting how to get that money back.
  • She is one of the few deities that has found her way into the Grid, even having her own avatar there. Many virtual deities fear what she might do there and so have taken extra measures to keep her out, but she always finds a way to get in.
  • Many robotic deities are openly opposed to Sombra not only because she is able to mess with their programming, but because she also able to use an EMP at any given time. This was one of the only reason why no on wanted her near the House of Technology but she sneaked her way in anyway. She even has a temple there.
  • People like to call her Sombrero given her heritage. She doesn't find it that funny to be honest.
  • Due to her first target being a somewhat corrupt corporation (LumeriCo) and having a rather affable personality, Sombra is often seen as some sort of anti-corporate freedom fighter that is on the same level of Lucio and his fight against Vishkar. Sombra just chuckled at that; they can think whatever they like about her, but she really has 'other' motivations, while those fools just assumed the anti-corporate thing as some sort of confirmation bias when she struck against LumeriCo for her own reasons, and maybe the day will come where she'll manipulate Lucio. But speaking of Vishkar, she kind of enjoys annoying its ace Symmetra by booping her on the nose when opportunity presents itself.
  • She dislikes Harry Dresden due to his magic damaging her technology. After her first attempt at messing with him resulted in her technology being almost destroyed, she keeps her distance.
  • She and the Spy once engaged in a rap battle. Which turned out to merely be another Spy disguised as Sombra. Sombra herself didn't even bother to attend and just sent Widowmaker to assassinate both Spies.
  • "Everything can be hacked...and everyone."
  • Can also be found in the House of Crime.

Susanna Patrya Haltmann, Goddess of Technologically Advanced Foes (Susie, Secretary Susie, Suzan'na Famiria Harutoman, Soos)
  • Rank: Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Haltmann Works Company Logo
  • Theme Song: The Noble Haltmann
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pink Haired Affably Evil Girl, Beleaguered Assistant, The Starscream, Has a Tragic Keepsake, Helps Kirby stop Star Dream since there's no profit to be made at all if the universe is destroyed, Revealed to be the daughter of President Haltmann, Calling Parents by Their Name
  • Domains: Technology, Family, Corporations
  • Herald: President Haltmann (Her Father)
  • Allies: The Corpus, Mei Hatsume
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Magolor, Isabelle
  • Complicated Relationships: All good Mega Man deities, Phineas & Ferb
  • Enemies: Void Termina, Star Dream, Porky Minch, Null Sector, The Neuroi, Dawn Bellwether
  • Sympathized by: Simba, Harry Potter, Naruto Uzumaki, Chirin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Masked Man, Lucas
  • Susie is the secretary of Haltmann, president of the Haltmann Works Company seeking to mechanize Planet Popstar for the sake of profit. Throughout the mechanization, Susie fights against Kirby, siccing the company's most dangerous machines on him. She eventually betrays Haltmann himself and steals the controller for Star Dream itself, intending to sell it for profit and teach Haltmann a "thing or two" (or in the Japanese version, "wake him up"), only for it backfire when the machine absorbs Haltmann's mind, deletes it, and plans to destroy all organic life since it sees no profit in it. Susie helps Kirby put a stop a stop to Star Dream, and although it remains ambiguous if she has reformed (Either still intending to mechanize planets or trying to bring happiness with science), she is still on good terms with Kirby as a friend or foe.
  • It's revealed later that Susie is actually Haltmann's daughter, who disappeared into Another Dimension. Haltmann attempted to use Star Dream to get her back, but the machine wiped out his memories in the process. Haltmann no longer recognized Susie by the time they met again, only hiring her as a secretary based on what little fondness he had for her. This in hindsight seems to explain Susie's motives for turning against Haltmann, likely wanting him to remember her as his daughter. Countless deities, especially those who lost a father (such as Simba, Harry, etc), felt incredible sympathy for her, and admitted that they would have tried to help Susie reunite with her father properly.
  • One day Susie came into the Pantheon, and since she had nowhere else to go, decided to make herself a new home for the time being until she's ready to start business again. She also has a friendly reunion with a surprised Kirby, who wasn't expecting her to make her arrival, and after the Court of the Gods reviewed her case, decided make her the Goddess of Technologically Advanced Foes. Susie is quite proud of her title and position, and hopes to use it to her advantage.
    • While Susie normally acts as an enemy against Kirby, there is no malice in it at all. She acts seems to like and respect Kirby as a foe, and will even team up with him against a dangerous opponent, as was the case with Star Dream and Void Termina.
    • Meta Knight on the other hand, outright dreads Susie, since she robotized him and used him as a unwilling soldier. While he doesn't show it, Susie serves as a living Trauma Button for him. The few times they do work together are Teeth-Clenched Teamwork on his part, since he can't really forget what she put him through.
    • If there is one god she hates the most, it would be Star Dream. That thing is the reason her father no longer recognizes her, and it took him away from her forever. Though she doesn't show it, she hates seeing Star Dream in the Pantheon to the point she will work alongside her enemies to stop it without question.
  • Lucas and the Masked Man aren't thrilled by Susie's actions, considering how Porky had invaded and mechanized their home for no good reason. Susie doesn't let it get to her though. When they do have to work together, the brothers are wary of her.
    • That said, Susie doesn't like Porky at all. She may be willing to mechanize planets, but she at least has a reason for it (even if people aren't willing to accept it as business). Porky is just an immature boy in an old man's body doing whatever he wants.
    • Susie is completely at odds with the Null Sector ever since they invaded one of her father's temples to mass produce killer robots. She had experience with rebellious machines once, and she'll put a stop to them before they get out of control.
  • Susie met the Corpus once and came to form a business deal with them, exchanging resources to benefit each other. This ends up earning her the ire of the Tenno, becoming their enemy as well. Susie, on the other hand, is thinking of a way she can get her hands on the Tenno's biomechanical armor for the sake of reverse-engineering it.
  • SilvaGunner sometimes use her company and father in their music/memes. Susie feels honored to have her theme song sung and represented by someone so famous, while SilvaGunner is pleased to sing a remix of the song to everyone.
  • The Neuroi are mechanical aliens who invaded WWII-era Earth, feeding off the Earth's minerals and took over most of Europe. Despite this, it's clear they're incapable of being allies of Susie, since she is still an organic lifeform and it isn't clear if the Neuroi can be reasoned with. All the same, Susie is interested in capturing one to dissect and experiment on.
  • All of the gods bearing the title of Mega Man, as well as their allies, have a rather complicated relationship with Susie. While she is amicable with them and sincerely offering them a chance to work for her due to her interests in the Robot Masters and their successors, none of them are really comfortable with Susie at all due to worrying she might try to brainwash them. Even the Blue Bomber himself, nice as he is, still cannot bring himself to trust her fully.
  • Phineas & Ferb do have a good relationship with Susie since she respects their skills and the two are nice people, but they wish that Susie could put her talents to a more ethical use. Susie also notes that the brothers shouldn't waste technology on needlessly complex plans, when they could put their skills to a more meaningful use.
  • Mei Natsume and Susie actually strike a kinship with each other, with Mei hoping to present some of her babies to her company. Susie is just as enthusiastic, but does note that Mei needs to focus on working on more practical devices before she can think of a position for her in her company.
  • Susie and Magalor had crossed paths once during Kirby's battle with the Cult of Jamba Heart. While they don't become enemies because of it, they do form a rivalry because of their current relationship with Kirby (Magalor being genuinely reformed while Susie is more of a Friendly Enemy). Regardless, the two do hang out in their spare time to talk about hobbies and plans for the future, with Magalor either challenging Susie to some friendly competition or trying to help her change for the better.
    • Susie also met Isabelle, who is a secretary like her. Isabelle is friendly and polite with Susie, usually inviting her out for some tea and ice cream, even if she doesn't approve of the way of her actions. Isabelle is also sympathetic towards Susie for losing her father. Susie, while a bit dumbfounded by her clumsiness, still appreciates Isabelle's kindness.
  • Susie outright dislikes Dawn Bellwether despite being a secretary like her. Susie finds Bellwether's goal and sadism downright disturbing, even for her. The dislike is mutual on Bellwether's end, who even goes so far as to call Susie a hypocrite because she looked down on other beings she deemed inferior, which she sees as no different from her prejudice towards predators. Susie points out that she can learn to co-exist with people, and she doesn't believe in pointless cruelty unlike Bellwether, who wanted to watch Nick tear apart Judy.

    Winry Rockbell 
Winry Rockbell, Goddess of Female Mechanics (Automail Geek, Crazy Gearhead, Winry Elric)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her wrench (for fixing Ed's automail or whacking him for wrecking it)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wrench Wench, Tanktop Tomboy, Badass Pacifist, Belligerent Sexual Tension, Child Prodigy, Girl Next Door, Teenage Gadgeteer Genius, Blonde With a Pure Heart, Cries in Edward's Stead, Miss Fixit, Innocent Blue Eyes, Nice and Plucky Girl, Raised By Her Grandmother, Single Woman Seeks Good Man, Eventually Marries Edward
  • Domain(s): Mechanics, Automail, Surgery, Wrenches
  • Herald: Pinako Rockbell (her grandmother)
  • High Priestess: Rosie the Riveter
  • Followers: Leyte Jokin, Hilde Schbeiker, Courtney "Cover Girl" Krieger, Audrey Ramirez, Roll Casket
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Führer King Bradley, Scar (Lion King), Penelope Mouse, Dr. Gero/Android 20
  • Complicated Relationship: Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • On speaking terms with: Solf J. Kimblee
  • The seat for Wrench Wench was left vacant after its previous holder, Gadget Hackwrench, was moved to the Anthropomorphic Animals sub-house to hold the trope Furry Female Mane. Noting this absence, Edward Elric realized there was only one other person who can hold this title; his automail mechanic childhood friend Winry Rockbell. The Court of the Gods agreed with his decision, and brought her up to the Pantheon.
    • It also helps that he was looking for such an opening in the first place because no one knows his automail better than her. Them being married is another reason she was ascended.
  • With her grandmother Pinako, Winry's temple was opened as an atelier named Rockbell Automail, though it now does much more than that, given the Pantheon and all of her followers. Her services are open for those with prosthetic limbs, and in time she's been able to do more than her standard automail. Making them transform into other stuff is not in her foray, however.
  • Given her parents' profession when they were alive, not to mention having to fix Edward's automail arm and leg plenty of times, Winry also has a remarkable wealth of surgical knowledge. As such, she also sometimes helps out in the House of Health and Diseases, especially for the patients who need artificial limbs to replace their missing ones. She wished she was ascended earlier to help with Sora's (and Roxas's) lost leg.
  • She also has a pretty mean throwing arm, able to pitch heavy wrenches long distances with deadly accuracy, as Ed and Al can attest to.
  • While not of much importance, she's also learned how to bake (apple) pies.
  • Made friends with Diancie, Kyoko Kirigiri, and Cammy White through shared voice bases.
    • Kirito always feels sad and acts evasive around Winry since she sounds like his mother, whom he doesn't interact much with.
  • When she first met the alchemist killer Scar face to face, she at the same time learned the horrible truth that he had killed her parents after they fixed him up in a moment of madness. In short order, she had the chance to kill him, which he did not begrudge her for, but Edward was able to stop her in time. When they next met, she patched up an injured Scar instead of taking the chance for revenge, because that's what her parents would've done, remarking however that she still can't forgive such a "monster". Naturally, she's uncomfortable around the Ishvalan, even though he too is genuinely helping out over at Health and Diseases.
    • As for the lion with the same name, both can agree that he is the absolute worst.
  • After successfully "setting up shop", Winry went to visit every engineer in the Pantheon, starting with her sub-house neighbors Agatha and Dell, expressing amazement at the Spark's inventions, and feeling concerned for the Texan, and then her House neighbors Torbjörn and Tony before leaving the House of Technology to visit the others. She started with the former holder Gadget Hackwrench, then visited Isaac Clarke, Tali, Charlotte Yeager, Bulma (and had the courtesy of meeting both present and future Trunks as well as Vegeta), Betty, Tinker Bell (after an anonymous tip, and to everyone's surprise, since not everybody knows of her gadgeteering skills), Abby Sciuto, Ruby, Scootaloo (and offered to tutor the pegasus filly), Asami (and feels a little weird hearing about Korra being her girlfriend), and Pearl. She did avoid Penelope Mouse and Dr. Gero after her encounters with them turned disastrous.
  • Shortly after this, she was taken to a party by Ed, Al, and their father Hohenheim that Asami was hosting to celebrate Korra's change of seat. She and Asami got a chance to chat again, as did the brothers and Korra; cue the big "you know each other" moment and a brief chat between the five of them. Winry admitted her weirdness about the girl-girl relationships at the party and ended up in a good conversation with Korra, coming to an understanding. Also during this party, Kirie Sakurame noticed that Korra wasn't the only one with reason to celebrate, as her friend Touta Konoe now had his seat to himself as well, plus Winry as well as Korra's mentor Tenzin had recently ascended. Al promptly used his alchemy to add them all to the commemoration banner. She and Kirie made fast friends after that. After the party, she was accompanied back to her temple by Hohenheim.
  • When Ed told her that Maes Hughes had made it to the Pantheon with Gracia and Elicia as his heralds, Winry chucked her wrench at him thinking it was a joke, then cried tears of joy when she realized he was serious. She then promptly pored over her kitchen stove in order to make her best apple pie, taking both Ed and Al with her to the Hughes temple when she was finished so that Maes could finally get a chance to try it with his family. While Maes and Elicia observed that it was different from Gracia's recipe, they still found it delicious. She tearfully thanked and hugged the Brigadier General.


    Frank Pritchard 
Francis "Frank" Pritchard, God of Long-Distance Communications (Pritchard, Nucl3arsnake)

    Lisbeth Salander 
Lisbeth Salander, Goddess of Surprisingly Female Hackers (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, The Girl in the Spider's Web, The Wasp, Irene Nesser)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her signature dragon tattoo
  • Theme Song: Karen O's cover of "Immigrant Song", "Would Anybody Die for Me?"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with good tendencies
  • Portfolio: A-Cup Angst, Anti-Hero, Depraved Bisexual, Broken Bird, Dark and Troubled Past, Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette, Fragile Speedster, Goth, Hates Being Touched, Claims is not Pretty, No Social Skills, Jerk With A Heartof Gold, Disabled Genius, Really Gets Around, Rebellious Spirit
  • Domains: Chaos, Technology
  • Allies: Is not one to stick around with allies for long, but has received help from the following: Pippi Longstocking, Red Sonja, Radical Ed, Neo, Nico Minoru, Amadeus Cho, Jade, Lois Lane, Sam Vimes, James Bond, Charlie Harper, Mad Moxxi, Bayonetta, Isabela of Rivan, Trinity, Trent Reznor
  • Enemies: All evil gods in the House of Commerce, Iron Man
  • Rivals: Robocop
  • Opposes: all women and child abusers, especially Gregor Clegane and Alex Delarge
  • Unknown Rival: Brock
  • Conflicting Opinion: Charlotte LaBouff
  • Her presence was first felt when the House of Commerce shut down briefly. It was then that Mr. Burns found out that he lost millions of dollars from his online account. Sources pointed to the newest entry to the Pantheon: a small Goth girl. All corrupt businesses were at high alert after her stunt.
    • After that stunt, the House has hired anti-hacking unites gifted from Robocop to prevent another occurrence. Lisbeth admits the Superhuman Cop has his heart in the right place, but she would rather have it that he gets out of her way.
    • If there's one god in the House of Commerce she's avoided hacking, it's Charlotte, deciding she's probably the only decent one in the lot. It helps that the Spoiled Sweet god regards her as a lost soul who had a hard life.
  • One of her first visitors came to her shock: a 9-year-old girl with pigtails claimed a resemblance with her. Pippi Longstocking greeted her with a bone-crushing hug before offering her gifts. She was put-off with her boisterous manner at first, but realized it could theoretically be similar to her younger self. Even though the two don't talk that often, Lisbeth appreciated Pippi's enthusiasm whenever she needs help with some heavy lifting in tight situations.
  • Her meetup with fellow hacker Ed was met with similar annoyance of her bubbly behavior at first. Eventually the Playful Hacker even managed to make Lisbeth smile, a rare feat in itself. The two often work together to use their hacking skills to take down criminals.
  • While she prefers to work alone, she does have people to turn to whenever she wants someone behind bars. To this end, she prefers to hand over info to the reporter gods in the Pantheon. The three are more than happy to expose the actions of villains.
  • As for policemen, she often turns her work to Sam Vimes. Lisbeth believes she can trust her to receive her info without arresting her. Turns out to be true; Vimes would rather allow her to give him info on criminals to arrest than spending time finding little girls that aren't nearly as much trouble.
  • Just before she ascended, she found a fellow hacker on the street. Pitying her, she decided to take her up as her high priest. Turns out that woman was Neo's love interest Trinity. The Chosen One has been highly thankful to the hacker ever since. Eventually, she was later given her own temple.
  • Woe to anyone, god or mortal, who has raped or attempted to rape women. She may not look like much, but Lisbeth has a way to make their lives a living hell. Gregor Clegane learned the hard way what kind of dirt a hacker can dig up to embarrass you. The God of Brutal War Procedures has long since sworn revenge.
    • Those plans came to a halt when Lisbeth fell into the protection of Red Sonja. The two hope to form a brigade to help victims of sexual assault. Gregor is now forced to bid his time when Lisbeth is alone.
    • Has made it her mission to bring down Alex Delarge and his drooges once and for all.While not as high profiled as the others, she wants justice for all the women he raped.
  • Very few people realized just how promiscuous the little girl can be. She already has a sizable list of lovers in a short period of time, often frequenting in the brothels of the Pantheon. Moxxi has been one of her most frequent one-night-stands.
    • Bayonetta has taken a recent liking to the girl, respecting her spunk and drive against gods far more powerful than her.
    • Brock has been completely smitten by the gothic girl. Unfortunately, all attempts to talk her her have been thwarted by Misty pulling him away. Lisbeth just can't seem to find him for that reason.
    • Even though she is older than she looks, Charlie Harper refused any attempts to court with her. Mostly, it was out of respect of the rough life she's had.
  • Given James Bond looks like Lisbeth's ally Mikael Blomkvist, she gave him a courtesy lay and they have worked together on occasion.
  • Felt some familiarity when meeting Sherlock Holmes, who has since asked her help when he needs tech work.
  • The Pirate Queen has taken a liking to the girl, both as a rebel to society and a respectful duelist in bed. Isabela has agreed to make hits on certain ships Lisbeth knows belongs to despicable men.
  • Fellow Goth girl Nico has welcomed her ascension, as her actions may as make her an honorary Runaway. In fact, rumors have been circulating that she has been helping her evade attempts of finding the group.
    • Speaking of rogues, Amadeus Cho has recently forged an alliance with her. He brings her dirt on potentially evil men to hack while she helps mask his presence. This has not gone unnoticed by members of S.H.I.E.L.D, who hope to interrogate her on his whereabouts.
  • Amused that one of the composers of her first American movie was ascended, Lisbeth paid Trent Reznor a visit, and he in return gifted her with all Nine Inch Nails songs to hear during her job.

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