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    The Entity 
The Entity, Divine Force of Asymmetric Multiplayer (Nea, Neantity)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Hooks and the Symbol depicted above
  • Theme Song: Dead by Daylight's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: The force behind the events of the game, Animalistic Abomination, Has the killers it recruits as champions in order to kill survivors, Emotion Eater, Traps survivors and killer into a constant loop, God of Evil, Reality Warper, Time Abyss
  • Domains: Horror, Killing, Sacrifice, Death, Hope
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Shadow Monster, The Incubators
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: Candyman, IT/Pennywise the Clown, Jason Vorhees, Chucky, Sadako Yamamura
  • The Entity is a force of an unknown origin, its true goals unknown but what can truly be said about it is that it feeds on the Emotions of people, particularly Fear and Hope. In order to do this, he captures survivors from around the world it's terrorizing during a period where they might be as their most vulnerable and pits them against a chosen champion of the Entity, who happens to be another individual who abandoned all hope and became an unrepentant killer that will kill the survivors in order to sacrifice them for the Entity. This constant cat and mouse game between the survivors and the killer is a constant one, by design of the Entity they will be subjected to this until the survivors can no longer be drained of hope. This is why the Entity eventually made its way to the Pantheon...
  • A dark fog engulfed a sizeable chunk of the House of Gaming, many stating that it eventually turned into a portal belonging to the Entity's realm, known as the "Killing Grounds". Those who enter there will not have a pleasant time and Pantheonic Authorities have tried their best to prevent people falling under the Entity's clutches, not helped by the fact that many of the killers and survivors that have been in said realm have been drawn or even forced to visit said realm. Outside of the Entity's domain, it still poses a threat considering how it can compel and corrupt people into potentially dangerous situation but given the pedigree of the Pantheon's top deities, it hasn't been as successful as it expected.
  • The Pantheon has offered the Entity a new way to feast on the unsuspecting deities that reside it, as the mortality rules in the Pantheon are very similar to that of the own entity's realm, with the main difference being that it can't feed off the emotions of the casualties unless it is directly involved with said deity's demise. Many of the killers that have worked for it also roam the pantheon halls although depending on their allegiance, they might not always hunt on behalf of the Entity unless they are directly summoned by it.
  • One of the many things that the Entity consumes is hope, which instantly made it the number one enemy of all the Hope Bringers in the Pantheon as it poses a huge threat for the well-being and hope of many vulnerable deities at large. They have also have tried to take measures to free all the survivors that are damned to roam the Entity's realm until they are nothing but a souless husk.
  • As the ultimate figure against hope, Junko Enoshima instantly took a liking to the Entity for being another potential way to induce despair upon the world but even she knows the dangers of willingly working for the entity, as one day it might just twist you into another mindless drone that only kills to feed its neverending hunger. Junko and Monokuma have somewhat succesfully "reasoned" with the entity to snatch any of the potential victims that unfortunately perish in their killing games, which has the unfortunately side-effect of also including them should they die but they are willing to risk it anyway.
  • Many of the killers, as well as a handful of survivors, come from a different universe that the entity forcefully captured them from. With a handful of exceptions, most of the killers arrived unwillingly but will gladly work for the Entity if it means killing and sacrificing survivors to appease it. Some of the killers, however, behave different to the point that even the Entity struggles to control them.
    • Michael Myers is infamous for being pure evil and the Shape is probably the only one that came to the realm willingly, mostly because Laurie Strode was dragged into the realm by the Entity. With the right tools, Michael can even ignore the hooking process and just straight kill the survivors which the Entity is not really keen off but even then knows that the Shape is an effective killer so rarely bothers to correct course with Myers.
    • By far the biggest thorn in the Entity's side is Pyramid Head. The Executioner is actually working against the Entity's system and has set Cages of Atonement which act like the hooks except it denies the entity it's feasting on the sacrificed survivors. And even then, Pyramid Head can execute them without utilizing a Mori, suggesting that the Executioner wasn't drawn into the Entity's dimension to be another pawn to it but to instead torment the Entity.
  • Many similar being like the Entity have taken an interest in its dimension, as it could be a potential festering ground for more evil to grow an actually benefit both the Entity and the other parties. Yapool adores that it creates a cycle of death and despair which would prove handy in fueling the Minus Energy but the potential hurdle being that the Entity tends to be very picky with what kind of power Yapool can get its hands on given how instrumental it can be to the cycles. Similarly, Molag Bal is mildly interested in the constant death and murder that the Entity is responsible for and in many ways, its actions reflect that of the Daedric Prince (especially considering he is responsible for the first rape of the priestess, which in many ways mirrors what the entity does with the killers that it employs). But Molag Bal might actually be one of the few who can actually match the entity in power but unfortunately for the Pantheon at large, he is actually in agreement with what the Entity does to whatever realm it invades.
  • In a weird turn of events, the Entity not only find opposition from the Hawkins Party (friends of Nancy and Steve) but also the lord of the Upside Down, the Shadow Monster. Mostly because the Mindflayer got threatened by the Entity invading its territory and even daring to capture a Demogorgon to use as one of the Entity's personal attack dogs. The Shadow Monster is powerful enough to snare the Demogorgon trapped in the Entity's realm away from its grasp but that could easily backfire as the Entity's essence seems to spread accross the Upside Down. Many wonder if a war between the Entity and the Upside Down could happen but no one is sure if that even is gonna end up going well for anyone at all.
  • Another unexpected enemy for the entity turned out to be the Incubators. In many ways, both sides are involved with the concepts of hope and despair but because the Incubators try to harvest those emotions to prevent an even bigger disaster, even if at the cost of others, is much more of a noble cause that whatever the Entity does. Besides, it's counterproductive if the Entity keeps eating all the hope and potentially all the despair from everyone until they are left with nothing but Kyubey and Co. haven't found ways to permanently deal with the Entity as they haven't been able to discern it's true form and entering its territory is a risky endeavor.
  • Since its dimensions defies the concept of death and constantly loops to feed into that illusion of hope, many grim reapers despise the Entity, even the most evil ones. One of it's fiercest opponents came in the form of Death from Final Destination, the reason being how the Entity interferes with the natural cycle of death and this version of Death has been unable to course correct unlike in previous attempts because of the different rules present in the Entity's realm. And even killing those that cheat death is pointless as it only furthers the Entity's own cycle of feeding on the deceased's emotions.
  • Arriving to the Pantheon only made the Entity aware of potential new recruits that one day could join the ranks of its killers. Many from the likes of Candyman and Chucky seem like likely being the Entity would snatch in a heartbeat and has been biding its time before it actually happens. Others, like Pennywise, are similar creatures like the Entity and IT would benefit greatly from terrorising people in the Entity's killing grounds, although it's unlikely it would follow orders willingly.
    • Mother Miranda and her lords were eager to visit the Entity's realm after hearing of several of their own universe being trapped there and potentially as revenge against Ethan Winters, they are willing to align with the Entity just to get another chance of getting back at Ethan.
  • Recently, they have caught interest in Sadako Yamamura and how her curse works. As of right now, attempts to capture Sadako and make her one of its Killers has failed, but it believes that it only needs a few months to do so.
  • Despite many rumours, no, the Entity has no humanoid avatar. And no, Nea Karlsson is not the Entity either despite what others would say.

Greater Gods

Sackboy, God of Level Creation (Sack Thing, Sackperson)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Pop-It
  • Leitmotif: "Get it Together!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with traces of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: being in various degrees of punk, having a giant zipper, creating worlds of all sorts, doing what he does for smiles, not able to speak at all, able to fight others despite being tiny, always smiling
  • Domains: Happiness, Creation, Imagination, Sharing
  • High Priest: Tag
  • Allies: Steve?, Ratchet, PaRappa, the House of Craft, Maxwell
  • Enemies: all evil gods in the House of Hatred and Rancor and all members in the GUAE, Vex
  • Rivals: Subject Delta
  • Flew all the way to the Pantheon on his base, The Pod, and immediately assembled his temple with little time to waste. His temple and power continue to grow as they are based on the creation and imagination of people around the world.
  • Sackboy has been called to help create new temples/fix areas of the Pantheon whenever a giant battle happens. His biggest achievement has been creating the new House of Friendship.
  • Visitors are allowed to enter and have their own fun in exploring, creating and manipulating the world around them. They also get the friendly help of the Narrator that guides them throughout the land. Many of the Gods have requested in Sackboy's help in additions to their own Temple, which Sackboy immediately complies.
  • Despite his friendly appearance, Sackboy found himself fighting other combatants from different worlds. Rather than go for power, money or glory, he went to these combatants so he could heal them and their worlds with the power of his creation. After his adventure, he came back, his prize being the smiles of people who create and share with others.
    • He unwittingly started a rivalry with Subject Delta due to having fought a Big Daddy in the Battle Royale, as well as how Sackboy was able to win the affections of his Little Sister through games.
    • There's also the fact that Sackboy, who is at best 8-inches tall, is capable of bringing Kratos to his knees (with a little help from Cole MacGrath and Nathan Drake. In fact, many are wondering why Sackboy isn't considered a full-blown Overdeity, considering that his power grows with all of the levels pouring into the world of LittleBigPlanet. The Narrator explains that it's Sackboy's mission to create to live, and that his imagination is to brighten people's worlds, not destroy them. Thus, Sackboy is fine with being a Greater God as long as people continue to use their creativity to their own liking.
  • Is adored by many of the female goddesses and conjures up many types of toys and games for them to play with. This also includes some of the more...unstable Gods like Alice.
  • For some odd reason, he can sometimes seen as a Sackboy version of Cole MacGrath, Nathan Drake, or PaRappa. Other times he can be seen as a Sackboy version of Solid Snake and even Revolver Ocelot.
  • Gets along well with Maxwell as they are known for creating all sorts of things to their liking. A prophecy states that when the end of the world comes, the two will use their powers to fill the new world with wondrous things the likes that no one has ever seen before. Until then, the House of Commerce has been making bets to see who can one-up each other to see what type of crazy things they can create.
  • The Runaway Guys have traveled through Sakcboy's temple once in their avatars: The Mustachioed Shark (Chugga), Mexican Penguin (ProtonJon) and Victorian Lady Gaga (NintendoCapriSun). Anyone who encountered them could only stare in amazement at how loud they were.


Intermediate Gods

YoRHa No.9 Type S, God of Hacking Foes and Hacking Minigames (9S, Scanner Class Android, Nines, Hackerman, Isolated Scanner)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword, Cruel Blood Oath
  • Theme Song(s): Wretched Weaponry (Quiet, Medium, Dynamic in battle)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral under YoRHa Command or near 2B; Chaotic Neutral acting on his own thoughts; probably some degree of Good now
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Hacking Enemies to Subjugate, Body Surf, Remote Control, and Detonate, Hacked Himself to Fight Via Telekinesis, Blood Knight, Nice Guy, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Racist Towards Machines, Constantly Curious Until He Learns Things He Wishes He Hadn't, Squishy Wizard, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, In the End is Either Defeated by A2, Chooses to Stay on Earth, or Leaves on The Ark, Overly Curious and Overconfident, Has Eyes Only For 2B
  • Domain: Technology, Light, Hacking, Recon
  • Herald: Pod 153
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: most of the GUAG White Hats (especially Aiden Pearce, DedSec San Francisco Chapter, Bentley Turtle, and Iji Kataiser), Tali'zorah, Legion, Jack Ryan, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Futaba Sakura
  • Enemies: All enemies of 2B, Sombra and all of Talon, Dr. Gero, Cybermen, Soundwave, The Vex, Samaritan, SHODAN, Love Machine, Dr. Nefarious, Gigan, Omega, Freddy Fazbear, Sentinel, Cell, Metatron, Sigma, Vile, Lumine, Copy X, Ultron, Prometheus and Pandora, Kiara Sesshouin, the Infested, the Corpus, Cell, Zonda and the Seven (especially Teseo)
  • Conflicting Opinions: Grey Goo, Repliforce, Clu
  • Special Relationship: A2
  • LOADING – Booting System…Commencing System Check…All Systems Green. Model Unit No.9 Type S was a YoRHa unit designed for scanning capabilities against machine lifeforms for the "Glory of Mankind", though he eventually managed to hack himself to be able to participate in combat. He was already in the Pantheon thanks to the Court of the Gods retrieving him, A2, and 2B. His partner's ascension was why they were even here at all.
    • Reviewing his fighting style (with the help of input from 2B), the Court decided to choose him for Hack Your Enemy and Hacking Minigame, since that's what he does and what he's best known for.
    • 9S's memories have been retrieved from Machine Lifeform Ark in the timeline where he finally slew A2 (and himself in the process), and his body was delivered to his new temple (well, one of them since he has two) and was guarded in case the Grand United Alliance of Machines decide to make a move to nab him. 2B in particular stayed by his side the entire time.
    • Upon waking up, she was the first person 9S would see. Given everything they've been through, and what 2B had been hiding from 9S all this time, they both felt very awkward around each other. After giving 9S a rundown on the Pantheon (as well as the fact that there are humans here, since it would be unavoidable for him to meet them), everybody else left to give the two YoRHa androids some time alone, further enforced by Aigis and Curly Brace.
    • Once their alone time was over, 9S has opted to join Liberion Arcadia in opposition to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. With humanity finally present to protect, he will not allow their plans to come to pass. His stint to destroy all traces of humanity's records after A2's first murder of 2B was just a rampage to end his own pain.
    • As a hacker, he's also been invited to the White Hats. While he's turned it down, prefering to remain by 2B's side, he sometimes works with them when there's a collaboration or when members of it are in the area.
  • Was very pissed when he heard Cell had tried to consume 2B and is always ready to throw down against him if need be.
  • Seemed rather pleased with the news about the resistance models Devola and Popola having finally ascended into the Pantheon since without their help and sacrifice 9S wouldn't have made it deep into the tower in order to stop the machine lifeforms from destroying the moon server.
  • Having been a victim of the Logic Virus requiring a Mercy Kill from 2B the first time around, and then needing to be taken down by A2 the second time around, 9S truly loathes malevolent programs like the MCP, XANA, or Sigma. All three deities seek out this android to infect and control for their own ambitions of creating a "mechanical revolution" in the Pantheon. The same goes for the Infested, who tried doing something similar to 2B's mainframe.
    • That said, there are those who wonder why Pod 042 didn't notify Pod 153 of 2B's predicament, who in turn would inform 9S to avoid all the drama that followed in the first place.
    • He's annoyed in particular by the Sigma Virus, which has constantly tried to infect 9S, only to lose to his hacking skills each time. 9S even stated to the Maverick's face that if he can't survive as a single entity after being dispersed into space on the moon, then there was no way he could infect him, unlike the superior and ever-evolving Machine Network in his own world.
    • Another enemy he's made it personal to take down are the Vex, who have caught wind of Liberion Arcadia, and while not necessarily on their top priorities (they're mostly a reactive force) they are certainly high up there. 9S once tried hacking into some of their structures in the House of Technology for the myriad of data they accumulated to give Liberion Arcadia some sort of edge over them. Instead, he was met with very hostile resistance from the Vex, who wanted to trap him within their networks. Luckily, though, he was bailed out by his fellow LA members before they managed to do so. While being trapped isn't irreversible, it would've been a lot more of an ordeal on 9S's part.
    • Yet another foe of LA (and the GUAM) are the Corpus. When not trying to profit off of the Pantheon’s conflicts between the Alliances, they’re also trying to get their hands on the many robots in the Pantheon to further improve and develop more Corpus Proxies. But thanks to 9S’s inclusion in the group they are now able to better counter and retaliate against them. He tends to lament how surprisingly easy is for him to breach their firewalls. Still, Epsilon has been pleased at his exploits thus far, working with 2B to build a strategy around both YoRHa droids' abilities.
  • Still has a lingering mistrust for non-human-looking machines and has such still has more problems being cordial around bots like Gamma, Optimus Prime, Bastion and Bender than humanoid ones like Labrys, Alisa, Mega Man, and Astro Boy. As for those who straddle the line (being humanoid but their outer appearance is clearly mechanical) such as Jenny Wakeman, EDI, and Zenyatta, he's more conflicted with himself in those cases. That said, as he's managed to form cordial relationships with Pascal, he's able to be friends with the former category. The Nepalese Omnic has dedicated some time in helping him in this matter, as has the Autobot leader.
    • As for the GUAM, he has no problems with taking them down, especially since unlike the machine lifeforms of his world, they don't have the same cores as androids like him and 2B.
  • In regards to hackers, on top of occasional hacker duels with the White Hats (and after a counter from the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in response to a hack he did against Futaba's Persona, which he thought in hindsight was supposed to be impossible), on top of his list is the one named Sombra after a skirmish against Talon where she attempted to hack Liberion Arcadia's members, especially when she managed to tag 2B in a vulnerable moment. He responded to that by hacking her suit and all its gadgetry, rendering her helpless. He boasted about hacking better systems from dumber machines as he was about to apprehend her, but her compatriots managed to rescue her, and the last thing he remembered from the fight was getting torn apart by a punch (from Doomfist as he was later told).
  • Is conflicted on the nature of the Grey Goo, as he learned via hacking what their objective is concerning the Silent Ones, but due to posing as a danger due to consuming everything they can, stands against them.
    • He is likewise baffled by the Repliforce choosing to become independent of humanity, when serving them is something androidkind is supposed to relish in. The fact that they were manipulated as pawns by Sigma doesn't help.
  • In regards to his emotions in turmoil due to everything he's been through (even attempting to just shut down once before), seeing it negatively affect his performance, it was decided he needed help in setting himself straight. Labrys then had an idea: she would will take him to the TV World so he can face his suppressed self. 2B was skeptical of this idea, to which Labrys recounted her time in that place and the events of the P-1 Grand Prix; if she can have a Shadow in there despite being a machine, then so can 9S. Eventually, a trip was arranged, with Labrys in the lead, and accompanying her were her sister Aigis, Fuuka (for Mission Control; Rise was holding a concert, and Futaba still hasn't forgiven 9S for what he did to her), and the rest of S.E.E.S. (being organics, they won't be susceptible to 9S's hacking if his Shadow has the same abilities). 2B also insisted in coming along despite the chances of her Shadow showing up, given her own set of issues like living with having to kill 9S several times before.
    • However, upon reaching the final room, they encountered not only Shadow 9S, but Shadow 2B as well. Of course, with everything they've yet to confess to one another, the Shadows spilled every bean there was left to spill, causing a lot of emotional trauma from the YoRHa androids, and the standard phase of denial. Junpei voiced the group's collective dread on in the face of two berserk Shadows, especially those of powerful androids such as 2B and 9S (though some hid it a lot better than most).
    • The battle was a grueling one, thankfully mitigated by Pods 042 and 153 electing to assist thanks to their Programs. Somewhere along the way, though, Shadow 9S hacked Labrys, which only made Shadow Labrys come to the fore to beat the shit out of him. Thankfully, she just ignored the rest of S.E.E.S. as she did so. Despite that, the battle was still very tough. Eventually, the group prevailed and took down the YoRHa androids' Shadows, Shadow Labrys shortly returning control to her other self.
    • Now that every important secret of theirs has been brought to light, with encouragement from Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons, 9S and 2B were able to come to terms with their own and each other's actions back in their world. And their rewards for this (aside from their experiences, combat and otherwise) were… a pair of glowing Persona cards and nothing more. Labrys was a little disappointed with that, as it meant Persona-acquisition was no longer a guarantee like the TV World 'back home', but 2B and 9S have expressed their gratitude for this trip.
  • Though easily infatuated with the female sex, 9S loves 2B beyond anything. This attraction is inherent in all No. 9's and No. 2's, such as 9H and 2B's Spear Counterpart 2D who is in reality her sibling as a 2E Unit (No.2 Type E). He's even made a sort-of connection with Miharu over how they'll do anything for their beloved (Yoite for Miharu and 2B for 9S) and how pissed they would be if their beloved got hurt.
    • For what it's worth, 2B has a tendency to be jealous whenever he's been close with another female. This now includes his friendship with Fairy Leviathan. 9S hacked the Court of the Gods' systems to help Harpuia's sister ascend to the Pantheon in order to bring all Four Guardians together as part of the team, but Leviathan soon found him a kindred spirit because of his hacking, which is even more effective than what she and Phantom are capable of.
  • When he heard about A2 ascending to the Pantheon, 9S was incensed, immediately going after her temple to strike her down and avenge 2B. However, 2B would be the one to step in not too long into things to break up the fight that ensued.
    9S: Why are you protecting her?! She killed you!
    2B: I asked her to kill me!
    9S: (stops and sputters) W-w-what?
    2B: By the time I reached her, I was already infected by the Logic Virus, and was in its advanced stages. It was already too late to save me, even for you, and I didn't want to hurt you or anyone else.
    A2: I just happened to be in the area, and was the only one who can listen to her words. I'm still not sure why I heeded her request, though.
    • Knowing the truth, 9S let go of this particular grudge with A2 and now can stand to be around her without coming to blows, but things are still naturally tense given the entire nature of their relationship. Aside from first encountering her as a wanted target of YoRHa, she's had to cut several versions of both him and 2B down in the past. To keep this tension at bay, the Attacker prefers to keep her distance from 9S as well as 2B most of the time, and so won't fully commit to any group they're in despite fighting for the same goals.
  • His other temple is found in the House of Technology.

    Crono’s Party 
Crono’s PartyMembers , Divine Team of the New Game+
From left to right: Magus, Frog, Marle/Princess Nadia, Crono, Lucca Ashtear, Robo and Ayla
Art by 栢山 on Pixiv
  • Intermediate Deities together (who can take down Greater Gods); individually, Lesser Deities — except for Magus, who is an Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall, though Magus is True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Badass Crew, True Companions
  • Domains: Heroes, Opposition, Time
  • Allies: The Heroes of the World of Balance, The Chosen Four, Future Trunks, The Epic Battle Fantasy Team, Akame, Night Raid, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Sailor Guardians, Tuxedo Mask, The Z-Fighters, Silver the Hedgehog, The Doctor
  • Enemies: LAVOS
  • Crono, Lucca Ashtear, Marle/Princess Nadia, Frog, Magus, Ayla and Robo. This Ragtag Band of Misfits went on an adventure through time to change a Bad Future caused by Lavos in order to stop The End of the World as We Know It.
  • Each member of the party had been ascended for quite some time now under different tropes. However, to lessen the chance of them being split apart, Lucca decided that they could share a trope with each other in hopes of better combatting Lavos. The trope happened to be New Game+ and the Court of the Gods approved of her idea.
  • Are among the deities asked by the GUAG to help combat Queen Nehelenia and her forces. Frog in particular dislikes her for her Curses, which has a variation that can turn people into animals much like Magus did to him. However, they are smart enough to plan ahead in advance as they know she can use a type of Curse that can kill them with ease, and they heard of how she used them to great effectiveness against the GUAL while condemned to a Fate Worse than Death by YHVH himself, so they have plenty of reason to be careful regarding the Queen of the Dead Moon and her forces. The Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask have been informing them of what she and the forces of the Dead Moon Circus are capable of, especially since on one occasion where Zirconia had successfully found another way to get Nehelenia out of her prison in a mirror universe, Crono’s Party fought her, but she cursed Ayla so that she couldn’t attack, coldly killed Robo with dark magic (He got better), threw him into a mirror and reflected everyone else’s magic back at them until they were completely defeated. That being said, the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask have asked for their help in freeing the Sailor Quartet from her control and all of them except for Magus are willing to help in that regard.
  • They tend to stick around other RPG Protagonists like The Chosen Four, Lucas, The Epic Battle Fantasy Team and The Heroes of the World of Balance, among others. It is from the latter that they learned of Kefka Palazzo and his madness which irreparably damaged their world and they have been begun opposing him. They also learned of Porky Minch, The Pigmasks, The Chimeras, The Starmen and Giygas from Lucas and The Chosen Four. Unsurprisingly, all of them but Magus were appalled by the actions of Porky and his Pigmasks and Chimeras, but see Giygas’ Starmen as the bigger threat at the moment due to their sheer numbers as well as heralds. Unfortunately, they have been working on creating Magic Shields similar to PSI Shields that prevent and reflect magical attacks sent their way, much to the Party’s Chagrin, though Ayla didn’t care due to being a Magically Inept Fighter. However, they are all in agreement that they should try to avoid The Ultimate Chimera.
  • Zamasu was furious upon learning of yet more mortal time travellers and has sworn to kill them. None of them are fond of the Fallen Kai themselves, with each of the party members being quite understandably pissed that he not only caused a Bad Future, but also succeeded in bringing about the destruction of that entire timeline. Their opinions on Dr. Gero aren’t any better considering what the alternate versions of Androids 17 and 18 did, as well as Cell who killed a version of Trunks and stole his time machine in order to come to the past and cause chaos.
  • Applies to Crono:
    • In the year 1000 AD, Crono woke up to a regular, sunny morning with no other ambition than to enjoy his town's Millennial Fair. However, that changed when his childhood friend Lucca's telepod malfunctioned and caused the disappearance of Marle, a mysterious girl Crono had just met at the fair. Crono was determined to bring her back and followed, and from there Crono and his friends learned of a plot to summon an alien parasite called Lavos that would destroy their world, leading to a time travelling adventure spanning millions of years in order to stop Lavos and change the future.
    • It should go without saying that due to the major role time travel played in his epic journey, Crono has more than a few friends deeply associated with that way of travel. He is much praised by the Doctor for using time travel to save the world and generally do good.
      • Crono has formed close ties to the Pantheonic Time Police, not just to keep Lavos in check, but to stop anyone from trying to commit evil using time travel and hopefully avoid a bad future in the process. He's particularly close to Trunks as he fought to avoid not one, but two Bad Futures and the two often train their swordplay together. Trunks' Pokemon Dialga has also expressed interest in Crono, so Trunks has allowed it to sometimes accompany Crono on adventures.
      • From his time spent hanging out with Trunks, Crono met his Alternate Self. The younger Trunks became immediately attached to Crono since he reminds him of his Cool Big Bro Tapion, both for his story of time travel and looks. Crono is happy to serve as a role model for the young Trunks. By the way, despite an uncanny similarity, Crono is not related to Trunks, or Goku or any of their friends, nor is he a Saiyan at all, even though his hair color makes him look like he's a Super Saiyan God.
      • Other heroic time travellers Crono made friends with include Silver the Hedgehog, Lucina and Link, who all relate to Crono's quest to avoid a Bad Future.
    • Conversely, Crono has made plenty of enemies who wish to manipulate time for their evil purposes, or who chastise him for daring to change his world's fate at all.
      • For the former case, there is Reverse Flash, whose machinations to ruin the Flash's life out of pettiness are abhorrent to Crono. Randall Ross is just unbelievable, wanting to destroy all of time (and therefore the world) through the Timenado just because he lost a volleyball game. To say nothing of Master Xehanort pulling various incarnations of himself from the timestream. At least Crono has an elemental advantage over that last one due to his magical element being light, which makes him good fighting partners with Sora, incidentally.
      • An example of the latter case is the Dahaka, who's furious with what Crono has done and wants to undo it, even if it involves the destruction of Crono's world. Of course, Crono isn't about to let the Dahaka steal his and his friends' futures away from them after they went through so much to secure them. Good thing the Dahaka is weak to water; Crono and Frog just spam Sword Stream whenever they face it, which fends it off for a while.
      • Crono's less sure what to think of Homura and Nox, recognizing that they have relatable and sympathetic motivations to do what they did. He can't forgive Homura for not being content with the kinder world that Madoka created and trying to undo it, or Nox for generally doing awful things. But he thinks they might be redeemable.
  • Applies to Lucca Ashtear:
    • Lucca is a genius girl from the year 1000 AD with a deep interest in science and technology, as well as Crono's childhood friend. During the millennium celebrations, Lucca was eager to show Crono the teleporter she and her father had been working on. However the machine activated a time portal that sucked in Crono's new friend Marle. Lucca invented the Gate Key, which stabilizes the time portals to allow for safe time travel. This allowed Crono and Lucca to bring Marle back to their time, and also led to them discovering the grisly fate that would befall Earth 1000 years later. The friends then went on a quest through time to stop the alien abomination Lavos from destroying their planet.
    • Opposes a good portion of Mad Scientists such as Dr. Wily, Dr. Weil, Professor Hojo and Souichi Tomoe of the Death Busters. Of the worst, she finds the latter three far more despicable than Wily. So much so to the point where she will pull an Enemy Mine with him against them.
  • Applies to Marle/Princess Nadia:
    • Marle was a mysterious girl Crono ran into at the Millennial Fair. Although reticent about revealing her identity, she had fun with Crono as he showed her the fair. When they were trying out Lucca's newest invention, Marle's pendant reacted strangely and caused her to disappear. She was transported 400 years into the past, where she was confused for the young Queen Leene. For Marle is actually Nadia, the princess of Guardia, and a descendant of Leene. Marle nearly caused her own disappearance by taking the place of her ancestor, but Crono, Lucca and Frog saved her (and the real Queen Leene). Some time later, she'd travel into the far future with Crono, and saw a destroyed world that she became determined to avert.
    • After nearly making herself disappear by causing her ancestor Queen Leene to be killed by fiends (unintentionally and undone by the end), she found someone who could relate to such a strange doom in Marty McFly, who also nearly wiped himself from existence by causing his mom in the past to fall for him instead of his father.
    • She relates very much to Ariel and Merida's stories, as they were all rebellious princesses who butted heads against their parents regarding what they wanted to do with their lives. In particular, Marle and Ariel both have dead mothers, which caused their fathers to become a bit overprotective, and they dreamed of seeing the world outside their respective confines, but said fathers wouldn't let them. Regarding Merida, Marle thinks it's cool how she's a skilled archer, and they sometimes have friendly archery competitions as Marle wields a crossbow.
    • Also made friends with Jasmine due to her also having problems with being an overly sheltered princess, although her father was less strict. Marle thinks her history with Aladdin is incredibly romantic, and hearing of all the sights he showed her as he was courting her, Marle was reminded of how Crono was with her all the time in the Millennial Fair, showing her the sights. She's also glad that Jasmine managed to get married to Aladdin even though he's not royalty, much like her marriage to Crono (who was much better off than Aladdin but still a commoner).
    • Along with the rest of her teammates, she works closely with the Pantheonic Time Police to stop Lavos and other evil entities that threaten to change the future for the worse. She got particularly close to Trunks given how he also attempted to fix the future by going into the past, and some other reasons. Trunks has noted that she resembles his mother Bulma in her younger days, both in appearance and in how they're both on the stubborn, hotheaded side, and Bulma once even wore a similar outfit to Marle's. On the other hand, Bulma's intelligence and handiness with gadgetry is kind of lost on Marle, though she's sure she'll love Lucca.
  • Applies to Frog:
    • Frog was once a warrior who was named Glenn. However, his life would soon take a turn for the worse when his friend Cyrus was struck down by Magus, who also cursed Glenn into becoming a Frog. With a hatred for Magus, Frog dedicated himself to finding and killing Magus to avenge his fallen friend. In one ending he doesn’t kill him, however.
    • He does like Sayaka Miki and prefers to work with her against the common foe above other Puella Magi. He really doesn’t like it when villains curse others to transform into animals, and pities those who have lost loved ones to foes. He gets along with Ryuko Matoi because of this, and despises Ragyo Kiryuin and Nui Harime just like her. To his surprise, Magus also shares his hatred for them.
  • Applies to Magus:
    • Magus...has had a terrible life to say the least. Once the child prince known as Janus, his life fell apart when Lavos appeared in the Kingdom of Zeal where he lived, causing the disappearance of his sister Schala and the destruction of his home, denying him of experiencing the rest of any possible childhood he could have had, with all of this topped off with his mother having absolutely lost it before this happened and these problems having partially been her fault. Pissed off, he vowed to eventually finish Lavos off one day. Unfortunately, he uses very immoral means to pull this off and ends up either joining Crono’s party or being killed. In the latter scenario, he is responsible for telling the team about a way for Crono to be revived just before his death. In the end, they succeed at finally defeating Lavos, though it comes back as the Time Devourer.
    • He was annoyed to find that Lavos is alive in the Pantheon, and has plans to kill him. Magus has met another version of himself from another timeline, who witnessed Schala assimilate with Lavos to become the Time Devourer, and thinks that killing Lavos may be the answer.
    • With his single-minded determination to stop Lavos, Magus has paid no attention to the fact that his old foe, Frog, has ascended (though Frog was the one who hated Magus, Magus himself never cared). Magus is similarly apathetic regarding the other people who took part in the fight against Lavos, but is willing to join them when it regards keeping that beast in check. Serge, who also fought Lavos, instantly got his support. Helps one of Serge's companions, the wizard Guile, might have been Magus.
    • Aang was actually impressed by Magus's ability to wield multiple elements at once much in the same way he can, though lightning and fire are the same in his world, and darkness isn't one of the elements. Magus has little interest in Aang's duties, but tells him that eliminating Lavos will help bring balance, and will be ready to help him should the two come to blows.
  • Applies to Ayla:
    • A cavewoman from the far past of 65,000,000 B.C. As a leader of the early humans, she was a key figure in the struggle for supremacy against the Reptites. She was the one who gave Lavos its name and upon meeting some of Crono’s Party, decided to join their time traveling journey to aid in destroying the Planetary Parasite.
    • As she fought against the Reptiles, she is naturally opposed to any evil ones in the Pantheon. She has made it a point to try to help keep Toffee from corrupting the magic most of her friends hold, and will do anything in her power to help the Kongs defeat King K. Rool here in the Pantheon.
  • Applies to Robo:
    • Robo is a robot built hundreds of years after Crono, Lucca and Marle's time. Originally called R-66Y or Prometheus, his purpose was to help the humans living at the Proto Dome. When Lavos ravaged the world in 1999, R-66Y went dormant and was only re-activated in 2300 when Crono, Marle and Lucca ran into him and fixed him. Lucca made sure to program him to be friendly and he was renamed Robo. During Robo's inactivity, his brethren had been re-programmed by the central computer Mother Brain to kill humans on sight, Since Robo did not accept this, he was shunned by them, so he joined Crono's team in their journey to stop Lavos.
    • Robo belongs to a series of robots designed to help humanity in various tasks. After Lavos ravaged the planet, Mother Brain reprogrammed all the robots into human killers, however Robo escaped this fate and stuck to his original programming, eventually developing true empathy for humans and self-identity in the course of his adventures with Crono and his Party.
    • Being a robot, he is highly criticized by the GUAM as caring more about a bunch of meatbags who'd happily exploit him until he rusted than his machine brethren. Robo's confidence in his True Companions and respect for the rest of humanity are unshakable, however, and he cares nothing for what the GUAM thinks and wants no part in their plans to overtake humanity, which he believes would lead to a barren and depressing future like when he originally came from. Of the GUAM members, Robo's most personal beef is by far with SKYNET and AM because of just how similar they are to Mother Brain, being computers who, despite being built by humans to help them, turned against them and waged war on them with their extinction in mind. Robo is aghast at the computers' complete lack of regard for the life of those who created them, and horrified by AM's sadistic treatment of the five survivors, something Mother Brain, for all her faults, can't be accused of. Among many deities, Robo is one of those with the strongest desire to release the five survivors from their torment.
    • His deed of planting a whole, lush forest in what was originally a desert, for which he had to toil for 400 years straight, makes him very well-liked by many deities in the House of Plants. Robo rather took a liking to the activity and sometimes heads to the House to help maintain the greenery in it or spread more across areas of the Pantheon that could use some. He counts on the help of his followers, the Steam Gardeners, to provide additional support in this regard. In this way he's become quite good friends with Mary Lennox, especially upon hearing that Mary also had a hand in restoring a garden that brought hope to her family, much like how the forest Robo planted became a symbol of hope for a better future.
    • The Pantheon has given Robo the chance to meet many other robots who have similar mindsets to his (sadly a scarce thing in his world, at least in the original timeline). Due to loving to hang out at natural environments, it wasn't long before he met other robots fond of nature like Bastion, WALL-E and EVE. Robo related to WALL-E in particular since the little trash-collecting bot also comes from a desolate and ruined future, but managed to make a difference by discovering a plant and working together with humans. Robo's first meeting with Bastion didn't go over too well as Bastion went berserk on him for a bit, but Robo managed to defend himself long enough for Ganymede to calm him down, at which Robo reacted with fascination and compared the little bird to Lucca. Other than that, Bastion isn't the most talkative of robots, but he doesn't mind when Robo tags along once in a while, and Robo couldn't help but think of the other robots in his series controlled by Mother Brain after hearing of Bastion's backstory; it could be said Robo has a kind of brotherly concern for him.
      • In due time Robo also met Bastion's allies Zenyatta and Orisa. Zenyatta concerns himself greatly with the establishment of good relationships between Omnics and humans and thinks Robo's conduct is exemplary in this regard. Robo in turn has taken to discussing his contemplations on the possible existence of an Entity in his world guiding him and his friends with Zenyatta. As for Orisa, Robo sees her as a kindred spirit since she's programmed to help people out and has a young lady programmer/engineer to whom she owes much of her current existence.
      • Robo also struck up a friendship with Baymax over their mutual desire to help people. Robo was interested upon hearing that Baymax had once refused to allow Hiro to reprogram him to remove his healthcare protocols (something Hiro had done rashly in anger, and soon after apologized for). Remembering what Mother Brain had done to Atropos and the other R-series robots, Robo inquired if Baymax and Hiro could assist Lucca in modifying himself to prevent him from ever being reprogrammed against his will. For his part, Baymax is fascinated by Robo's "Cure Beam" ability, a laser that can heal injuries instantly. Baymax believes this would revolutionize healthcare and has requested Robo's permission for Hiro to study the technology to see if it can be replicated.

    The Ultimis Team (Nazi Zombies
The Ultimis Team members , Guardians of Neverending Games (Dempsey: Corporal Tank Dempsey; Nikolai: Nikki, Nick, The Red Menace, Stalin's Son; Takeo: Tak; Richtofen: Eddie, The Butcher, The Doc, Assistant, The German)
In the Primis timeline 
  • Intermediate Gods as a group. Lesser Gods on their own (Richtofen is a Greater God as the Demonic Announcer)
  • Symbol: The number 115
  • Theme Songs: Beauty of Annihilation, Damned (All of them), Carrion (Richtofen)
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Zombies, Weapons, Survival, Endless Games, Ironic Death
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Medic, Deadpool, Zhaitan (Richtofen)
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Samantha Maxis (Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai), Most russian women (Nikolai)
  • Commonality Connection: Ice King (Richtofen)
  • Pitied by: The House of Family and Relatives and Love and Affection (Nikolai)
  • Odd Friendship: Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord (Richtofen)
  • There were stories of a fabled group of four soldiers who were involved in a series of events that caused a Zombie Apocalypse. Their adventures around the world while trying to fend off the endless horde of zombies that came after them managed to capture the attention of the pantheon. Eventually one day, a loud sound was heard, something akin to a teleporter, and then they arrived. Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki and Edward Richtofen had arrived in the pantheon.
    • For once, they were glad that they didn't have to turn the power on, and apparently they weren't the only Humans around this time. Eventually they settled to rest after a long day fighting undead.
  • Unfortunately, not long after their ascension, a horde of zombies appeared to attack them and everyone in the Pantheon. Instead of being worried about the sudden arrival of 115 infected, they just were annoyed that they had to fight off those same creatures again.
    • They later discovered that Samantha was indeed behind the attack, devastating a great part of the Pantheon. While they managed to stop her, Samantha being ascended as a result has not been good news for the Crew (Especially for Richtofen
  • At the begining, many people were perplexed that they seemed to have trouble doing a veriety of things that normal people can, like being unable to open doors or not being able to get out of their temple. The reason was that they still were "binded" by their world's rules, and they didn't have points to spend opening the doors. Thankfully the Court of Gods stepped in and fixed their situation so they are now free to roam free as they please.
  • They are known as one of the most Dysfuctional groups of the entire pantheon and nobody seems to know why. Dempsey and Richtofen hates each other and both Nikolai and Takeo don't get along rather well either. However, when it comes to teamwork, they are always working together to survive, even though they will be bickering all the way until they either die or go somewhere else.
    • Altough, there is one thing that Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai agree, is that they don't like being around Richtofen and usually try to not be associated with him. There is a far more complicated reason as why they still stick together and that's because they are all captured soldiers who Richtofen brainwashed and used to escape the initial outbreak back in Der Riese.
    • To complicate things further, there is actually an alternate timeline when a much younger versions of themeselves met during World War I in a secret camp located in France. This group is much more saner than their other selves and they have been travelling in time to stop the original plan of Richtofen. Of course, the other Richtofen does remember everything that happened but has been quiet for the moment.
  • The nature of the world they come from means that every time they "die" they have to start all over again or until they are teleported to another location. That's the reason they seem to get along with people like Kyon or Phil Connors.
    • Only Richtofen seems to remember all of the adventures they had together given his experience with the aether. There are a lot of things the German knows but refrains from telling anybody.
  • The crew seemingly gets along with fellow deities who also participated in WW2. Dempsey got himself friends like Rick Blaine and Charlotte A. Yeager while Takeo also allied himself with most of the Japanese shipgirls. Richtofen wasn't as lucky, as almost everyone remotely decent from Germany hates his guts for his horrible actions. Nikolai really doesn't care about anyone and most Russians, particularly women, don't like him either.
  • Ironically, the crew gets along rather well with the South Park kids, particularly because they also once run into Nazi Zombies. Hilariously enough, they also have a friend/teammate that they don't really like that much but they keep them around anyway. Cartman and Richtofen for their part get along swimmingly well and The Doctor is considering on making Cartman his Right hand.
  • Even though their relationship can get a little complicated at times, they did once got together to sing a couple very special christmas songs which take a lot of people by surprise
  • Exclusive to Dempsey:
    • Having fought in the pacific side of World War II, Dempsey knows how hellish war can be. He was captured for 2 weeks by the japanese and seemingly escaped by armed only with a Bobby pin and his Medal of Honor which he keepeed secreted in...various body cavities that he doesn't want to talk about. He later was sent to germany to rescue an spy that infiltrated Group 935 facilities, only to be set up and being swarmed by infected soldiers. He was the only survivor of his platoon of the incident known as "Verrückt". It's no surprise that he doesn't like Insane Asylums but he doesn't quite remember why
    • He has an immense respect for Steve Rogers thanks for being an important figure during WW2. Steve on his part is glad to finally find someone from his time and they both closer after learning that Dempsey is also a super soldier experiment just like him
    • Another soldier he managed to befriend was Captain Martin Walker, but at the beggining he had his doubts about him. Understandably, having heard of what Walker did back on Dubai didn't sit well on him; and the fact that he sounded just like Richtofen didn't help at all. However, he did warm up to Walker after a while.
    • He seems to get along with Wolverine for being a fellow WW2 veteran like him. He even is weirded out that he sometimes sounds so similar to him.
    • He is noted as being one of the soldiers with the most years in service for the U.S. military ever since WW1. He also gets along with fellow americans like Guile and Liberty Prime. Though he is wary of the latter since he hasn't had a pretty experience with Giant Robots.
  • Exclusive to Nikolai:
    • Nikolai was a distinguished soldier during WW2. He was feared among his peers for his ruthlessness and even Stalin himself was wary of him. He was eventually captured by group 935, where he became one of three secret test subjects for experimentation with element 115. This experience made him addicted to Vodka and he is always looking to satiate his thirst for alcohol.
    • He has an history of marrying many woman and eventually murdering them. This made him the entire houses of Family and Love and Affection to oppose him for such brutal treatment of his family. Nikolai himself doesn't care and keeps searching for a good place to drink a very good bottle of Vodka.
    • He befriended Soda Popinski for being comrade who enjoys drinking just like him. At first he didn't quite understand why he was drinking that stupid soda pop instead of some good vodka but he eventually tried it out and was as addicted as the boxer is.
    Nikolai: "Guh, I feel muscle-ly all over. Almost as good as vodka!"
    • Really hates monkeys and every time he spot one he open fires without hesitation. Granted, he hasn't had a good experience with Monkeys either and he keep complaining that those damn primates keep stealing his Vodka.
    • As revealed by Chromie, bringing up his first and only wife, even if it's to comfort him, will have him drop all pretense of being drunk, shoot that he turned to drinking especially to try to forget her, and try to kill you. As such, despite it's members pitying him and wanting to help him, he stays as far away from the House of Love as he can.
  • Exclusive to Takeo:
    • Takeo Masaki was born into wealth; his family dynasty dates back several centuries, and throughout that time they have been highly decorated Samurai and Bushido. He was an important captain during WW2 who was also a fierce fighter but honorable at the same time. Like other two before him, he was also captured by group 935 for testing element 115 but unlike the other two, he has fully recovered his brainwashment and is trying to get back at richtofen. For now, takeo decided to keep a straight face before striking his plan.
    • He came to respect master Yoda, as their Jedi culture and especially their honor, has caught his attention. He is particularly curious that Yoda also sounds suspiciously like him.
    • Takeo has always believed that honor is the most important aspect of life, that's why he despises Shiro Tagachi for murdering his version of the emperor. It doesn't help that Cantha, the region where Shiro hails from, greatly resembles japanese sociaety and the stunt that the assassin pulled is not that far of what Richtofen has done to him.
    • He can be often found visiting the sun goddess Ammaterasu and he greatly respects her given that he comes from a dynasty close to the imperial family. However, the sun goddess was extremely unnerved about Takeo's fanatism, particularly because he once off-handedly mention that he slaughtered his family for his insolence.
    • He had been extremly pensive as of late. Investigations made by Chromie revealed that in an alternate timeline, he had been betrayed by his Emperor and given to Division 9 to perform horrible experiments on. Needless to say, this has calmed his fanaticisim somewhat. He also willing commited sepuku, letting his alternate self claim his soul to purge the worlds from evil.
  • Exclusive to Richtofen:
    • Dr. Edward Richtofen was a nazi scientist that was heavily involved in the studies of element 115 and was a long time collaborator with fellow scientist and mentor Dr. Ludvig Maxis. While testing the capacities of the newly created teleporters, Richtofen decided to use himself as a test subject. What followed was the german doctor being transported to a secret facility in the moon where he made contact with a mysterius pyramid device, only to go insane after touching it. Safe to say, the doctor hasn't been himself after that wonderful experience.
      • That's why he has some Sympathy for the Ice King, since he also went insane after making contact with his Crown. This is one of the few times where Richtofen was merciful to someone. (And don't expect that kindness too often)
    • Every single survivor of a Zombie Apocalypse fiercely despises Richtofen for not only being one of the original causes of the outbreak in the first place, but because his general overview of life makes it really difficult for others to even have a simple talk. It doesn't help that Richtofen himself is a murderous Psychopath that enjoys mutilating his foes in a really sadistic way.
    • Meeting Albert Wesker was a really delightful experience for the doctor as he is one of the few people that shares similar views like him. Wesker is really interested on how to use the Element 115 to further his goals and also is a little jealous that Richtofen also managed to achieve control of the Zombies at one point. This didn't go unnoticed by anyone, and the GUAG has kept an eye on both Wesker and the Doctor in case they decide to work together on god knows what.
      • He also gets along with another well-known maniac, Flowey. The Flower was curious about how Richtofen was able to fool his comrades and succeed in becoming a god yet was defeated anyway. Many dread what would happen if the German decides to mess around with Flowey's power to further his agenda
    • Doctor Richtofen has a collection of stuffed animals with particular strange expressions. It was later revealed that these animals were alvie before Richtofen brutally murdered them and they remained with that pained expression ever since their death. This in turn made Richtofen enemies with the entire House of Beast
    • He mysteriously gets along with Jah'rakal the Troll Warlord, who is known to be one of the most unpleasant individuals in the entire pantheon. What makes this friendship so scarily worrying, is that they seem to sound really similar which hasn't gone unnoticed by anyone.
      • Deadpool has also occasionally mocked the Doctor by mimicking his voice. Richtofen really doesn't care and instead become very interested in Wilson's...Body.
    • There has been comparisons between The Medic and Richtofen, but the latter insist that he at least cares for his comrades unlike Richtofen. The Two have developed a fierce rivalry ever since.
    • After Samantha's ascension, Richtofen plans to take control of the Aether once more by usurping Samantha. However, he is under heavy watch by most gods, since he can trigger a disaster of giant proportions if he succeeds. This won't discourage the doctor for trying, but he is biding his time for now.
    • Was extremely pissed that his younger self killed him in another timeline and especially by the fact that he was genuinely heppy to be able to talk to himself. Also, he hates having died so suddenly.


Lesser Gods

    Ada Wong 
Ada Wong, Goddess of Side Scenarios (Real Name Unknown, The Woman in Red, The Bitch in the Red Dress - by Jack Krauser)
Ada in Resident Evil 2 (2019).
Ada in Resident Evil 2 (1998). 
Ada in Resident Evil 4
Ada in Resident Evil 6

    Big the Cat 
Big the Cat, God of Fishing Minigames
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His fishing rod
  • Theme Music: Lazy Days (Livin' in Paradise); And...Fish Hits when he gets serious; Follow Me as part of Team Rose (thus, shared with Amy and Cream)
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good leanings
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Recurring Extra, Kindhearted Simpleton, Beware the Nice Ones, Gentle Giant, Stout Strength, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Furry Ear Dissonance
  • Domains: Cats, Fishing, Relaxation
  • Herald: Froggy
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivals: Villager, Link
  • Enemies: Metal Sonic, Bruce the Shark, Leviathan the Tidehunter, Monstro
  • Odd Friendship: Murky
  • Opposes: Dr. Eggman, Plesioth
  • Unwitting Source of Annoyance for: Duke Nukem
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Cirno
  • Big the Cat is exactly what his name would suggest: a cat that is bigger than an ordinary cat. Notably, unlike Sonic and his speedy entourage, Big is a bit more mellow in the things that he does. Living with his pet Froggy, Big often spends his time fishing, though the cat will spring into serious action should the frog get involved with any sort of danger.
  • No one is certain if the cat has fished for any catfish yet. That said, he is quite interested in different varieties of fish, both ones he has fished and hasn't fished yet. There is a possibility that the cat fished for catfish before and is doing so now, but the only way it will be true is if others see the cat fish a catfish out of the water.
  • Given how much he cares about Froggy, Big was surprised when he met a number of other frogs such as Greninja and Slippy Toad. Naturally, he got along with these frogs and that also allowed him to make friends with fellow frog-lovers Asuka and Suwaka Moriya.
    • He was rather dismayed to learn that there were a few deities that have a significant dislike of frogs. Big would sometimes encounter the frog-eating Plesioth every so often during his fishing endeavors and would get into conflict with it should the creature attempt to devour Froggy. Cirno didn't take the news that someone who likes frogs and has one well and has tried to figure out a way to get Froggy out of the sight of both her and Big, much to the cat's consternation.
  • As one can probably guess given his interest in fishing, fish happens to be Big's favorite food. There's a good chance that he'll be in the House of Food eating Murky's pufferfish tacos. Big does find it odd that Murky swings a fish around in combat, but in any case Big and the Murloc do get along reasonably well. Big was a bit surprised when he heard that Murky came from what is essentially a race of frog people.
  • Big decided to go see if there were any other fishermen within the Pantheon. The most that he could find were Villager and Link. Although the two don't fish as often as Big does, they're willing to engage in a bit of friendly competition with the cat in their free time.
    • There was a point in time where Big asked Yu Narukami to take part in fishing with him. Yu declined the offer, citing that not only was it not that much of a major thing he did, but that he had a number of other commitments to take care of. Nevertheless, Yu does have a bit of respect for Big due to the latter willing to help his friends if they're in danger.
  • The cat once decided to take part in a race, riding a bike that was much smaller than himself. During this race, a larger version of Froggy would occasionally appear to help Big if the need arose. Big didn't participate in the follow-up race, instead opting to go back to fishing.
  • He decided to go and see if there were any other cats that were like him, just out of curiosity. To his disappointment, he wasn't able to find other cats who shared his interest in fishing. Despite that, he does get along with Uni-Kitty and Tigger since they are carefree like him (though they're also far more energetic than Big is).
  • Even though Big's fishing has been relaxing most of the time, there have been a few instances where that wasn't the case. Some of the more aggressive aquatic animals such as Bruce the Shark and Monstro have chased Big out of their respective areas a few times.
  • Inexplicably, Big decided to try and make a fishing game with Froggy's help. Progress (if it actually can be used as a word in this instance) has been incredibly slow and most are willing to assume that Big could use more help in that project. Amusingly enough, the House of Gaming has no issue with delaying that game multiple times as soon as the multiple "deadlines" are near.
  • A common joke about Big is that if he sounded less dopey, he would sound like Duke Nukem. Duke doesn't find it funny to say the least and is very much annoyed at the cat's presence. Big seems unaware of this issue.
    • This would later lead to some trouble for Big when he was fishing one time and got attacked by Tidehunter because the latter thought he heard Kunkka nearby. Even after he was told that Big wanted nothing to do with him, it didn't stop Tidehunter from being hostile towards Big.
    • An alternate version of the aforementioned joke would be to replace the words "Duke Nukem" with something like "Kamina" or "Ryu". Neither Kamina nor Ryu actually understand the joke that much. Of course, it flew over Big's head like the previous joke.
  • His fishing pole has not only been used for fishing, but it's also been used as a combat weapon a few times. Big has even used it to hit machinery to somehow make the machine in question work. No one really understands that last part at all.
  • For some odd reason, even if he isn't the most important character in Sonic's adventures, Big is often seen in the background fishing or looking for a spot to do such a thing. The cat's probably even less important around the Pantheon, but still shows up in the background, usually fishing or searching for a spot to fish; sometimes searching in spots where it wouldn't even make sense to fish.

    The Blood Team 
The Blood TeamMembers , Divine Team of Embedded Precursor Games (Jack: Nightmare Jack || Alice: Nightmare Alice || Red Riding Hood: Sister Red || Snow White: Snow || Sleeping Beauty: Sleepy || Little Mermaid: Princess)
The Blood Maidens, from left to right:
Hamelin, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Alice, Sleeping Beauty, Thumbelina, Snow White, Gretel, and Kaguya
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Little Mermaid
  • Lesser Gods, Intermediate Gods in Massacre or Blood Skelter mode or in Jack's case, as a Nightmare, Nightmare Alice and Nightmare Love are Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The individual Blood Weapons for each Blood Maiden and the Mary Gun for Jack; alternatively, the symbol of the Dawn Liberation Force
  • Theme Music: Our Last Ballad
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall
  • Portfolio: Based on and named after Fairy Tale characters, Having a Blood Libido, an obsession drawn on the fairy tale they're based on, Blood Magic, Family of Choice, Conveniently an Orphan due to their pregnant mothers being turned into Marchens, carrying the child longer than normal to the point they rupture and leave behind a mostly normal human child, Tyke Bomb, becoming literal and spiritual Blood Knights when splashed with Marchen Blood, going into the white-haired Massacre Mode when in control (which fuses their weapons onto their bodies) and Blood Skelter Mode when they lose control
  • Domains: Fairy Tales, Blood, Love (Storge for the Blood Maidens; Eros for both the Alice/Jack and Little Mermaid/Otsuu pairings); Climbing (Jack); Logic, Tea Parties (Alice); Hoodies, Guilt (Red Riding Hood); Height, Age, Enclosed Spaces (Thumbelina); Appearance (Snow White); Drowsiness (Sleeping Beauty); Mad Science, Curiosity, Sweets (Gretel); Hair, Children (Rapunzel); Clothing, Cleaning, Age (Cinderella); Laziness (Kaguya); Manga, Promises, Chuunibyou, Familiars(Hamelin); Singing, Death (Little Mermaid); Favors, Tragedy, Time (Otsuu)
  • Allies: Blake Belladonna, Jaune Arc, Pyrhha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, Lie Ren, Elsa, Belle and the Beast, Aladdin, Flynn Rider, Princess Jasmine, Fa Mulan, Tiana and Naveen, Anna, The CPUs, Histoire, IF & Compa, Nepgear, Uni, Rom & Ram, Pinnochio, Jiminy Cricket, The Hunter (Bloodborne), The Chosen Renevants, Sorin Markov

  • Enemies: Arfoire, Monstro, The Coachman, Gaston, Jafar, Shan-Yu, Dr. Facilier, Prince Hans Westergaard, Zonda and the Seven, Prince Charmles, Skarlet, Elizabeth Bathory
  • Complicated Relationship: Zero (Drakengard 3), Wander (Especially in Jack's case), Kohtal Kahn
  • Opposes: Tsubame Kamoi (Thumbelina)
  • Sympathetic to: Homura Akemi
  • Avoids: The House of Vampires (All), Dark Pit (Snow White)
  • The Blood Team are a group of 12 Blood Maidens and a Blood Youth, children or adolescents based on fairy tale characters and possessing strange powers revolving around their blood. All of them were among the people trapped inside a living tower prison called the Jail, with Jack and Alice even being kept among the prisoners tortured by the Marchen (monstrous creatures formed from plants and animals mutated by the Jail) for the Jail's amusement and growth. Being approached and recruited by the Dawn Liberation Force (an organization founded to help humanity escape the Jail), the Blood Team slowly became a team throughout their adventure to help humanity escape the Jail, all the while investigating the mysteries behind the Dawn, the Jail, the Marchens, and the Nightmares (stronger monsters that serve as wardens of the Jail).
    • The Blood Team's story is split between two timelines, with Mary Skelter 2 taking place in an alternate timeline while also having the first game and allowing the player to continue the alternate story through there.
      • In Timeline A (the first game's story), the young Red Riding Hood is forced to kill Little Mermaid when the latter becomes the first Blood Maiden to undergo Blood Skelter. This leads to the chain of events where the group end up recruiting Jack and Alice, with the former's blood discovered to be able to help a Blood Maiden exit Blood Skelter. Throughout their journey, the Blood Team find hints of a conspiracy within the Jail, especially after discovering the Nightmares are sapient beings. After gathering enough memos and forcing the Jail to grow to help them reach the surface, the team discover that Professor Tohjima, the founder of the Dawn and Red Riding Hood's foster father, is actually Snark, an alien who not only masterminded the Jail's growth, but also killed and replaced the real Tohjima and manipulated every side so he can use the Jail to become a godlike figure. Snark would fuse with the Jail to become a powerful Nightmare, but the team are rescued by the Angelic reincarnation of a girl that served as Jack and Alice's fellow inmate. Upon defeating the Nightmare, the Blood Team along with the Dawn escape to the surface world.
      • In Timeline B (the story of Mary Skelter 2), Little Mermaid never undergoes Blood Skelter, allowing Red Riding Hood to recruit her and Little Mermaid's childhood friend Otsuu. Unfortunately, this left them unprepared when Cinderella and Alice underwent Blood Skelter, causing a entirely different chain of events that lead to a tragic disaster, as well as the changing the circumstances that led to the team's founding. Blood Skelter Cinderella never aged as a result, with everyone else becoming older than her, and the Jail takes advantage of her running away to create a mimic of her to kill Chiaki and the members of the Order of the Sun, causing Thumbelina and her sisters to leave the Dawn and making the former paranoid. Meanwhile, Red Riding Hood, Little Mermaid, and Otsuu are completely taken off guard during the rescue mission to save Alice and Jack, with the former fatally wounding the latter in her Blood Skelter state, scattering the party and causing Jack to transform into a Nightmare that Otsuu can communicate with. A mysterious new Nightmare also ends up attacking the Dawn and killing the Blood Team's allies, causing even further strife. After slowly managing to come back together, even apparently reuniting with Alice, the team finally confront the mysterious Nightmare. Otsuu however finally deduces the truth: the Nightmare in front of them is actually Alice herself. When Alice attacked Jack in Blood Skelter, she mistakenly assumed that she killed him when she came to her senses, and unable to erase what she's done, transformed into a Nightmare in her grief, taking it out on everyone around her. The Nightmare never attacked Jack, still having enough self-awareness to recognize him and fear hurting him again. The Alice who has traveling with the Blood Team is actually a mimic with her memories, completely left in the dark about her true nature. Jack, conflicted about his desire to reunite with the Alice he grew up with and his vow to protect the team, touches the nearby core which grants his wish by fusing him with Alice while leaving a mimic of his original human self to protect the mimic Alice and the Blood Team. The Blood Team is forced to fight and euthanize the newly formed Nightmare Love, but just when things are about to calm down, the team are attacked and picked off one at a time by another Nightmare while they're at their weakest starting with the Mimic Jack and Alice, leaving only Otsuu and Little Mermaid left. Otsuu regains her memories and reveals to Little Mermaid that she's actually a Nightmare who was shown kindness by the younger Little Mermaid, falling in love with her. However, when she learned about Little Mermaid's death, she wished upon a core to undo this, creating the alternate timeline. Otsuu, however grew to care about the team, but while she can bring them back from the dead, the same cannot be said for the others. Little Mermaid, knowing that her death in the original timeline has to happen, makes a wish to undo Otsuu's, but not before the two share one last kiss and affirm their love for each other.
      • Back in Timeline A, Jack gains the memories of his alternate self after seeing Nightmare Otsuu with Little Mermaid's microphone, and helps Otsuu regain hers. The Blood Team, upon realizing they can bring Little Mermaid back from the dead, reach another Jail holding a core that grant the wish without resorting to altering the past. Otsuu offers herself up to core to provide it the means to grant the wish, which not restores Little Mermaid to life, but also gives her body and memories of her alternate self while changing Otsuu into a human being, allowing the couple and the Blood Team to Earn Your Happy Ending.
  • One day, the Blood Team were given an invitation to the Pantheon, who were impressed that their universe was able to take advantage of the Embedded Precursor Game to continue their story and earn a happy ending for Little Mermaid and Otsuu. The team accepted, and were placed in the House of Game Design.
  • Most of the members of the team were quite surprised and thrilled to meet some of their namesakesnote . Many of them became friends with their namesakes.
    • Alice is shown to have tea parties with her namesake, even if Alice's imagination goes against her logical mind. Alice opposes the Queen of Hearts for her tyranny and childishness.
    • While not exactly her namesake, Red Riding Hood is shown to like Ruby Rose very much, with the two sparring with each other now and then. Red doesn't like B. B. Hood however, since she kills monsters out of hatred for them, and never once thinking they could actually be good people.
    • Snow White and Cinderella both hold a sisterly bond with their namesakes. Snow White is also shown to see Fables! Snow White as a role model. Snow White and Cinderella dislike Lady Tremaine and the Evil Queen for being horrible step-mothers towards them and vow to stand against them. Snow White in Particular hates the Magic Mirror, given her fear of mirrors, his creepy mask-like face just spooking her out further.
      • Snow White has met and become close friends with Weiss Schnee, with the latter hoping she can Snow White fully overcome her pessimism about her looks.
      • She also became friends with Koyuki Himekawa, and sympathized with her plight of seeing countless magical girls die and even killing some herself and becoming more jaded from those experiences.
      • Cinderella grows to detest Cinder Fall for her actions, calling her a disgrace to anyone being based on the Cinderella fairy tale. Cinder, on the other hand, couldn't even care less.
    • Sleeping Beauty is shown to like Princess Aurora very much. Sleepy is willing to protect her from Maleficent and prevent from making any attempts on Aurora's life. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather quickly take on a motherly role for Sleepy just like they did for Aurora.
    • Rapunzel sees her namesake as a Cool Big Sis, even if the latter tends to be disturbed by her Troubling Unchildlike Behavior. Rapunzel promises to protect her from Mother Gothel if the latter tries to take her for her hair again.
    • Little Mermaid likes to meet with Ariel and hold singing duets with her, while talking about how they got to meet with the love of their lives. She dislikes Ursula for manipulating Ariel and conning her voice out of her.
    • Gretel and her namesake both love their brothers very much, however the Gretel from the original fairy tale finds her Blood Maiden counterpart disturbing. That said, she does find her less disturbing than the Vampire Twin. Gretel actually agrees with her, since despite being a Mad Scientist, she doesn't have an incestuous relationship with her brother nor does she kill without reason.
    • While Kaguya's namesake hasn't arrived in the Pantheon, she does get an enemy in Kaguya Otsutsuki, seeing her as a disgrace for a princess for misusing her power and being obsessed with keeping it. Kaguya did meet and befriend Kaguya Houraisan, who does share an origin with their namesake.
    • Thumbelina met her namesake and grew to sympathize with her for being a source of unwanted attention. Blood Maiden!Thumbelina makes it clear if any of those consorts went after her or her sisters, she would show them no mercy.
  • The team become sworn enemies with Zonda and the Seven, who also take motifs from fairy tales but have a Kill All Humans agenda. All of them have a particular connection with Gibril (especially with Red Riding Hood due to coming from the same fairy tale), who's affinity with blood stems from her ability to manipulate many different metals and is fittingly as blood-thirsty as they come.
  • Since Alice and Little Mermaid have already chosen their "prince" in Jack and Otsuu respectively, all of the other Blood Maidens hope they can meet their prince someday. However, none of the girls can stand Prince Charmles or Gaston, since they act nothing like a prince, and even agree they're not even charming in the slightest.
  • The Blood Team met and befriended the CPUs, whom had come to greet and congratulate them for ascending into the Pantheon as fellow gods from Compile Heart. Some of the CPUs shared a lot of things in common (Thumbelina and Blanc have A-Cup Angst and do their best to act as a big sister, Red Riding Hood and Neptune for being a big sister, etc). The CPUs also ship the couples among the Blood Team, Jack/Alice and Otsuu/Little Mermaid.
  • The Blood Maidens' have a special power that is unleashed by getting covered in enough Marchen blood. If the blood is cleared, they go into their Massacre Mode. But if the blood is muddied by the Corruption due to the Blood Maiden taking heavy damage or watching a comrade fall, they turn into their berserked Blood Skelter State. Jack's blood is the only thing that can purify The Corruption or return a Blood Maiden to normal from their Blood Skelter state, but since Jack only has a finite amount of blood, he can risk passing out if gives up too much. Since there are no Marchens in the Pantheon, the team doesn't have to worry about any of the risks they have to take, though they still go to the House of Health and Diseases for a checkup every now and then.
    • The team crossed paths with Zero, who actually has a similar power of going into Intoner Mode when exposed to blood, but unlike them, the blood can come from anybody. They are all utterly disturbed by her ruthlessness.
    • The team also met the Hunter, who can also gain power from covered in enemy blood. The team are willing to ally themselves with the Hunter against their common enemies.
    • If there is one House the team stays away from, it's the House of Vampires, since their blood's special properties have caught the interest of vampires everywhere. While there are some Vegetarian Vampires the Team get along with, they overall avoid and fear blood-sucking vampires.

  • Exclusive to Jack:
    • Jack once crossed paths with Vincent, who like Jack, also had to climb to survive once. But while Jack has already chosen his love interest and remains committed to her, Vincent had cheated on Katherine while they were dating and either had to choose one love interest, or none at all. Regardless, Vincent does respect Jack for his commitment and is rooting for him.
      • Jack is unsure what to think about Wander. On one hand, Wander trying to reunite with his loved one is something he can sympathize with. But on the other hand, Wander had climbed onto and remorselessly slayed Colossi that seemed more like wild animals wanting to live in peace, and this reminds Jack of his experience with Hansel, where his team regretfully ended up putting him down.
    • Jack gets along the most with Shido Itsuka, who also got a harem of girls who want his attention. They are also both Nice Guys got into Accidental Pervert moments with those girls. All the same, they still value the girls as their friends, and Shido is all too happy to help Jack with his relationship with Alice.

  • Exclusive to Alice
    • Alice has shown great contempt and dislike towards Angus Bumby and Jervis Tetch. The former for turning children into prostitutes and ruining Alice Lidell's life, and the former for mocking the fairy tale she was based on. Bumby seems interested in turning her into another prostitute, while the Tetch is obssessed with making her his 'Alice'.
    • Alice is shown to get along very well with Iroh, who also likes tea. She always enjoys having a tea party with him and his spirit companions, sharing stories between each other about their personal journeys.

  • Exclusive to Red Riding Hood:
    • Red has befriended Ryuko Matoi, who used giant scissors in combat. Red also sympathizes with her about her family life, since Ryuko had a genuinely loving father who was murdered by, all intents and purposes, her half-sister. Her mother was a horrid excuse for a parent and human being. Red was raised by someone who killed and replaced the man she thought of as her father, and it caused her some emotional strife.
      • Speaking of which, Red personally hates the Other Mother the most out of any deity due to pretending to act like a doting mother to children only so she can feed on them. Her behavior is so similar to her adopted father that Red has made her Arch-Enemy number 1.
    • Red downright loathes Fenrir Greyback, a werewolf that targets children, symbolizing the Big Bad Wolf from the fairy tale she's based on. The fact that Fenrir shows interest in her flesh certainly doesn't help

  • Exclusive to Thumbelina:
    • Being someone with a Pervert Revenge Mode and Height Angst mindset, Thumbelina tends to be hostile towards perverted people trying to hit on her, as well anyone mistaking her for being the little sister. Because of this, she shows great dislike towards resident lolicon, Tsubame Kamoi, especially when she mistook for the younger sister.
    • Thumbelina gained the memories of her alternate self, and is downright horrified at seeing the Control Freak she became towards her younger sisters, as well as becoming blinded by revenge. She vows she will never go down that path, and frowns upon those who engaged in that type of behavior.
    • Thumbelina became fast friends with Kotori Itsuka, both of them having a lot in common due to their Tsundere attitude despite the fact the former is the older sibling to her sisters while the latter is the younger sister to her brother Shido.

  • Exclusive to Snow White:
    • Snow White is pessimistic about her looks, which is one of the reasons she fears mirrors. Bloody Mary, being a Mirror Monster, is pretty much a living embodiment of her fear. Snow White dreads having to face Bloody Mary, especially when the latter makes copies of herself. She's also rather uncomfortable around Dark Pit, given that he was born out of a mirror, and avoids him whenever she can. Dark Pit doesn't understand her deal, but doesn't really care about her much.

  • Exclusive to Sleeping Beauty:
    • People tend to call Snorlax Sleeping Beauty's 'spirit Pokémon', and for good reason given how the two tend to sleep alot. Sleeping Beauty is hoping she can learn to simultaneously sleep and defend herself like Snorlax can with the move, Sleep Talk.
    • Sleepy, due to her Blood Libido, tends to find herself in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares. There, she becomes a quick friend of NiGHTS and Haruto, helping them to stop nightmare-inducing villains such as Freddy Krueger.

  • Exclusive to Gretel:
    • Gretel has a lot in common with Kokonoe, being a Mad Scientist with a Sweet Tooth. The two spend their time talking with one another, sharing ideas, eating sweets, and planning experiments every now and then.
      • Of course, this earns her an enemy in Relius Clover, who has experimented on family members, something that has earned the enmity of Gretel since she had a brother.
    • Gretel is shown to get along with Stocking Anarchy, Lemres, and L, all of whom have a Sweet Tooth as well. She also likes to hang out with them to share some sweets.

  • Exclusive to Rapunzel:
    • If there is one person Rapunzel doesn't like the most, it's Freaky Fred. Rapunzel values her hair very much and refuses to let anyone cut it. The man enjoys cutting hair so much, that Rapunzel sees him as her Arch-Enemy.
    • Rapunzel has found her kindred spirit in Yang, who also doesn't like anyone messing with her hair. They'll go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge together if anyone tears out a lock.

  • Exclusive to Cinderella:
    • Cinderella finds a kindred spirit in Rarity, both of them enjoying clothing and accessories. She goes to visit Rarity every now and then to try on new outfits, with the latter happy to be her tailor.
      • Cinderella has also met Rarity's human counterpart, with that Rarity showing interest Cinderella's fashion sense. The two also meet to discuss clothes, assecories, and beauty tips.
    • Cinderella also met and befriended fashion models and designers all over the Pantheon. Some of which include:
      • Shiki Misaki, a seamstress who's more than happy to create new clothes for Cinderella, and has a philosophy about clothes that the latter agrees with (that clothes tell us a lot about people).
      • Tomoyo Daidouji, who enjoys making complicated costumes for Sakura Kinomoto and is excited to show Cinderella her designs.
      • Marinette and Adrien, a fasion designer and model respectively, are all too willing to help Cinderella when it comes to modeling and photo shoots. Cinderella quickly learned of their secret identies as superheroes and their complicated love life, causing her to consider telling them. However, she decides to respect their secret and let them figure it out on their own when they're ready.
    • Cinderella detests Tsumigi Shriogane, telling her to her face that she has no right to talk about clothes after all she has done. Tsumigi on the other hand couldn't care less.

  • Exclusive to Kaguya:
    • Kaguya has met Mordecai and Rigby, who like her are also slackers. Though they tend to be put off by her stuck-up attitude. Still, they do appreciate how they were all able to grow as people thanks to their friends.
    • Kaguya is shown to be sympathetic towards the Ice King, given how they both suffer from Backstory Horrornote . Even though Simon Petrikov finally regains his sanity and identity, he still loses the love of his life. Kaguya has promised to support him ever since.

  • Exclusive to Hamelin:
    • Hamelin gets along with fellow Chuunibyous Phonon, Jurai Andou, Rintaro Okabe, Ranko Kanzaki, and Megumin. Hamelin tends to treat them all arrogantly, but does care for them as her friends, having gained memories of her alternate self in the other timeline.
    • Twitch and Ratigan downright loathe her, since she is based off the Pied Piper of Hamelin, someone who can control rats. Hamelin on the other hand, just sees them as villains that need to be destroyed.
    • Hamelin is obsessed with keeping promises, so she forms a kinship with Valvatorez. She hopes she can help Valvatorez fulfill his promise with Artina.
    • Hamelin is outright disgusted by Aurum, calling him a disgrace for someone who holds the title of hero. She may gotten her information of heroes from manga, but she knows very well heroes don't cause trouble just to get a more exciting fight.

  • Exclusive to Little Mermaid:
    • Since her blood libido is singing, Little Mermaid tends to visit the House of Music to practice singing and to meet fellow singers. She's gotten to befriend fellow singers within the Pantheon, and has even introduced to several musical groups.
    • Little Mermaid comes to detest musical villains, seeing their use of music as mockery and abuse of what makes it so special.
    • Little Mermaid finds the most personal connection in Madoka. Both of them were the source of affection for someone they showed kindness to and rescued. Their deaths motivated those people to change the past to prevent their deaths, but it only made things in the long run. But whereas Homura's obsession with Madoka had consumed her to the point of taking away her powers and trapping her in a Lotus-Eater Machine, Otsuu is convinced by Little Mermaid to return things to the way they were. While Homura's actions possibly destroyed her relationship with Madoka, Otsuu and Little Mermaid are able to reunite in the original timeline thanks to the help of Jack and the Blood Maidens. Little Mermaid gives her condolences with Madoka for what Homura has become, but admits she's not sure if she can get through to her at all.

  • Exclusive to Otsuu:
    • Otsuu sympathizes with Homura Akemi, seeing a lot of herself in the Magical Girl. They made a wish to prevent the death of the one they loved most (Otsuu for Little Mermaid, and Homura for Madoka) and changed the past in doing so. However, while Homura does care somewhat about the other Magical Girls but always prioritizes Madoka's well-being above all else, Otsuu grows to care for all of the members of the Blood Team. While Homura steals Madoka's power and traps the latter and her friends in an ideal world, Otsuu is forced to let the world go back to the way it was at Little Mermaid's request. While Homura's relationship is damaged as a result of her actions, Otsuu's bond with Jack allows her to regain her memories and start her friendship with the Blood Maidens anew, while also being to resurrect Little Mermaid and earn a happy ending with her.
    • Otsuu is shown to have sympathy for Danny, Gwen, and Omi, all of whom tried to change the past for the better only to get a terrible future as a result. She's done the same thing with the exact same consequences. She feels a bit of envy for Future Trunks having a different set of rules for changing the past, but even then, she still sympathizes with him for losing his time and universe to Zamasu. Finn's wish to get rid of the Lich didn't work out as he hope it did, but Otsuu is glad at the very least that both his own and Farmworld Finn's timeline were saved.
      • Otsuu has gained enemies in the Lich and Dark Danny, the former due to being the result of a Butterfly of Doom through his Farmworld incarnation, and the latter for being the result of a horrible mistake that led to a bad future. Otsuu has vowed to stop these Omnicidal Maniacs from causing any harm to any world.

    Isomer Black 
Isomer Black, Goddess of the Unexpected Shmup Level (Failed Isomer, Nimogen, Nyto Gold)
Failed Isomer 
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  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A field of Epiphyllum outside of Tallinn, Estonia. Alternatively, a cloud of "mist" or mass data connections interpreted as erroneous information.
  • Leitmotif: Connexion
  • Alignment: Firmly Neutral Evil when acting under the interests of her "father". Closer to True Neutral otherwise.
  • Portfolio: Artificial Human, Host of the Isomer's Hive Mind, EW capabilities, Bullet Hell boss, Power Floats, Flunky Boss, Doppelgänger Attack, Flower Motifs, Abandoned in a Ghost City, Tragic Villain, Unable to die from the Epiphylla, "Well Done, Daughter!" Girl, Plead to be freed from rotting at Tallinn and her resentment towards her "father", Formerly Nimogen before being merged into the Isomer, Getting taken over by Dandelion upon her defeat
  • Domains: Clones, Experiments, Assimilation, Abandonment, Approval, Sorrow, Hatred
  • Allies: Bastion, Proto Man
  • On Good terms with: Dr. Light, Roll, Mega Man
  • Rivals: Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame
  • Intrigues: Nitori Kawashiro
  • Enemies: Arthur Maxson, The Gold-Toothed Doctor, Father Elijah, Dr. Wily, Null Sector, The Magician
  • Opposes: Abusive parents
  • Complicated Relationship: The ascended Griffin and Kryuger Tactical Dolls
  • Pities: The Boss, Liquid Snake, The Grineer
  • Avoided by: Estonia
  • Heralds: The rest of the Isomer
  • Welcome to Tallinn, the capital of the now long-gone country of Estonia. The city is seemingly abandoned, yet roaming from within its walls are not only the still active autonomous defenses and ELID infectees but a mysterious group of young girls. To understand their story, however, one must look to the organization they were once apart of: Paradeus, specifically the Nytos leading them. And to understand them, one must look to their creator: "William". He was apart of an underground research group called 90wish and had a morbid and vested interest in investigating Collapse Technology sites. Such technology is extraordinarily dangerous, however: The current state of the world was attributed to such sites releasing its radiation into the atmosphere. Top at the list of answers to this problem was the prospect of people who had an "affinity" to Collapse radiation. Simulated experiments made it out to be fruitless. William wasn't satisfied, however, and sought to do the live experiments on his own.
    • It can be assumed that the first of his attempts started with artificial humans, cloned from a girl named Lunasiyanote , and were also outfitted with cybernetics and genetically manipulated to ideally house and develop an OGAS. The batches, the precursors to his "Nytos", proved unsuccessful and disappointing to him and were dumped away to Tallinn along with Epiphylla flowersnote . These "Isomers" formed a giant network with one another and await the day a perfect version of them comes where they can assimilate with them and finally leave Tallinn. Some, however, couldn't bear to wait and committed suicide via Epiphylla. Yet one Isomer always remained as host to watch over the rest.
    • Upon serving her purpose with the attack on Belgrade the Nyto known as Nimogen was sent off to Tallinn. The Isomers caught wind of her arrival and noted that while she held desirable qualities but she, too, was thrown away. Thus, the network went in to assimilate her. Not long after that did the G&K Commander make their stop at the Estonian capital due to being blocked off and ordered their forces to investigate the mysterious connections and disruptions. Those were the result of the Isomer's search for their "chosen one" and they soon found the doll M4A1 to suit their needs and attempted to form a connection with her but were unsuccessful. Distraught, Isomer Black tipped off her "father" of G&K's presence and stole away M4A1's OGAS to try and appease her "father" but found that he never replied and that she lured M4 in the Epiphylla field outside. Isomer Black then urged M4 to fight her and finally end her life when the Epiphylla couldn't to get what she wanted. After having peered into the Isomer's many memories she decided against a Mercy Kill, preferring to grant her release differently.
    • In the end, M4's fight with Isomer Black wore her down for her OGAS to take over as host of the connections, allowing access to the permissions needed to finally leave Tallinn as KCCO closed in on their position to erase Tallinn and them. Now taking up the name of Dandelion her OGAS formed a symbiotic relationship with the Isomer to fulfill their wish: To never be left behind and never be forgotten ever again as they departed from Tallinn. It was there did M4 and the rest of G&K left the city to resume their journey to the Paldiski Submarine Base.
  • Careful review done on her tragic story by the Court of Gods was what brought Isomer Black back onto the limelight. It was determined that she take up the mantle for Unexpected Shmup Level as she put up one hell of a fight in the end with Nimogen's combat systems; her duel with M4 was that of a Bullet Hell Shoot 'em Up, a far cry from the game's more tactical oriented gameplay, even when accounting for other bosses which deviate from it somewhat. While the choice to bring her up to the Trope was met with unanimous support by the Court there was still the issue of suddenly breaking her off from Dandelion though by the time she opened her eyes once more did their fears prove unfounded. While it is unfortunate that Dandelion was unable to join her Isomer Black made it very clear their entire goal was to leave the city of death and coming to the Pantheon still fulfilled said goal so she takes little issue with this turn of events. In addition, by the end of the operation in Paldiski did M4A1 ended up accepting the merger anyways, it's just that this time it was of her own volition to save both M16A1 and Elisa from drowning deep within the base.
    • The ascended Griffin and Kryuger Tactical Dolls do, however, take an issue with her ascension considering their experiences with Paradeus and her body is that of a Nyto. Their teamwork with Dandelion is a tenuous one already, so imagine how bad theirs is with Isomer Black. Even as she no longer wishes to tangle with them after getting what she wanted they are still wary of her capabilities.
  • Truth be told, Isomer Black was at a loss on what to do next in the Pantheon. Isomer Black's mixed feelings for her "father" mattered little with his lack of a presence in a world as strange as this. Dandelion gave her the strength to continue on and mend one's pain but without their help she didn't know how to really go about that and was initially consigned to roam aimlessly with the Isomers as their goals of "going home" isn't much of an option anymore. It started to change when she encountered Bastion, a Robot Soldier in the Omnic War lost to time in the Eichenwalde's forest until being reactivated, proved to be surprisingly understanding of her plight. Bastion isn't evil or even antagonistic like she was, though, even as a walking reminder to a catastrophic war, and for that he pities her. It has not gone unappreciated as at times various Isomers can be seen alongside the old Omnic appreciating nature and taking in the sights.
  • While referred to as Isomer Black she technically isn't referred to as such in story much like the Nyto bosses introduced in Continuum Turbulence. In this case, the name "Isomer Black" is only present as an initial Line-of-Sight Name by the community (files refer to her specifically as Failed Isomer). The Isomers themselves are nameless due to William never actually giving them one and the term "isomer" itself was only coined by M4A1's OGAS. Nimogen would be the runner-up considering she did end up becoming the Isomer's host for the hive mind and that the hive mind did choose to refer herself as such but even then that's not quite right either. In the Pantheon the names are often used interchangeably though there is an inclination towards the latter.
    • On the topic of isomers, in the world of chemistry an isomer refers to compounds with the same composition but with different arrangements in structure thus leading to different properties. Thus, the name of "isomer" but is representative of not only the Isomers as a whole but really anyone who digi-minds derived from Lunasia's brain scan as a template all of them are ultimately different entities. This is in spite of the fact that those like the Isomers are literal clones of said girl.
  • Though a fellow boss well-aquianted with bullet hell, Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame are wary of Isomer Black should she ever deciede to tread on their domains, Gensokyo in particular. Meanwhile, their Wrench Wench acquaintance, Nitori Kawashiro, is interested in tinkering out Isomer Black's existing cybernetic parts. Reimu and Marisa think she's poking a hornet's nest in messing with such dangerous tech, even for her. Anything that seems to deal with Collapse radiation seems like bad news.
  • Operations involving the Isomers and Nytos conducted by their "father" seem to be mainly centered in the country of Estonia and around other parts of Eastern Europe. This has naturally not endeared her to the personification of the nation Estonia, even if she doesn't really mean any harm to him. The fact that the consciousnesses of Isomer are reified like that of digital space in machinery is also quite disturbing, speaking as a person who knows their way around computers.
  • Even as she doesn't want to get involved in the Pantheon's conflicts it still finds a way to her. Arthur Maxson, Elder of the East Coast's Brotherhood of Steel, regards her and the rest of the Isomers detestable crimes against humanity. He was already on pretty hostile terms with the T-Dolls due to reminding him of the Synths the Institute creates but he finds that the Isomers are much closer to them. Meanwhile Father Elijah, former Elder to the Brotherhood of Steel in the West Coast, finds her to be most interesting. While regarded as a failure and disposed of as such he finds there to still be potential use for her yet and would try taking her and the rest of the Isomers for himself... or at least he would of if not for the Gold-Toothed Doctor beating him to the punch by luring her under the promise of meeting her "father" neglecting that he was referring to his superior, Father. He didn't get to do anything to her, however, as Valentine tipped off Isomer Black of the doctor's intentions. Realizing she was made a fool of, Isomer Black immobilized him in Tide of Apocalyptic before piercing the doctor's chest with her combat tentacles. Hearing of his untimely demise, Father Elijah understands he would need to take extra precautions now that she's on edge thanks to the doctor's blunder.
    Father Elijah: Stick to your precious "alchemy", you ignorant beast. Someone like yourself would never fully realize it's potential.
  • Upon Isomer Black's ascension to the Pantheon many of the Epiphylla seemed to have followed suit into the House of Plants. You can even find entire seas of them growing in and all around the House and back home there's enough of them to fill an entire valley. Beautiful as they may be they still carry a very disturbing history with them. Not just as an experiment of William's but also the cause of as many refugees were tricked by Paradeus into seeking asylum in Tallinn only fall to specialized radiation poisoning due to still wanting to scout for CF immune individuals. To say nothing of the Isomers who couldn't take it anymore and chose to "baptize" themselves in the Epiphylla's blossoming. Many tend to avoid her while more unsavory individuals want to exploit the flowers for their own use. However, with the Pantheon's lack of Collapse Technology radiation there is little applicable use for them. In short, as it stands they are no different to any ordinary flower.
    • As her climatic battle with M4A1 took place in such a field of flowers it has naturally earned comparisons towards an individual known as the Boss. While not based on her (that honor belongs to another person, complete with comparisons her protege Big Boss) Isomer Black does still have some similarities to take note of besides the set piece. For one, there's the fact they're both very loyal to their respective sides despite being screwed over by them. There's also their attempted Suicide by Cop to get what they want which in the Boss' case is to fulfill her mission set by the United States even if it meant her name being run into a ground as a traitor. Then there's the fact their final wish's set in the fight being fulfilled differently by others though at least with M4A1 it turned out alright. The Boss' with her protege Big Boss and many others? Not so much. For that, Isomer Black can't help but pity how her dream of a unified world was constantly twisted into something terrible.
  • While on the topic of pity, Isomer Black has reserved such sentiments to her fellow artificial humans. For example, the head Isomer finds Liquid Snake's perceived genetic inferiority as a clone towards Solid Snake when in reality the opposite is true. She even reserves these feelings towards the Grineer, a rarity considering who they are and what they've done, as they're rapidly degenerating clones of other clones genetically loyal to their masters. Doesn't not necessarily mean she condones either of the two's actions, though, or actually voice them out loud. The former would probably tell her to stuff it with those sentiments while the latter would be agitated that their superiority is questioned. Thus, she keeps a distance between them though makes a bit of an exception to the latter's Steel Meridian. She appreciates the fact that she was made welcome by them.
  • Makes a point not to dirty or further damage her own tattered dress. It wasn't originally that way and such a condition was only sustained following the operation in Belgrade, Serbia. For that Nyto, it was the first and last gift her "father" gave to her and she genuinely cherished it even after everything that has happened. On a more comical note Isomer doesn't appear to like gates and asking her about it warrants a thousand-yard stare. We can only guess as to why she reacts this way.
  • Having experienced all sorts of pain throughout her existence she could hardly understand the feeling of family beyond the connections she made with her fellow Isomers. To hear that Dr. Light has created a family of his own brought about some skepticism. But upon managing to meet the man in person alongside the likes of Mega Man and Roll was she then convinced. At first, she was envious but it soon broke down into lament in how she and many of her sisters got a terrible draw when it came to creators. Since then the Isomer has kept in touch and promised to assist the family however possible, though being weary of conflict had lead her to roles helping out Dr. Light and Roll than Mega Man, who's often quite in the thick of it.
    • Sometime after her meeting with Dr. Light and his family his former colleague Dr. Wily arranged a meeting with her. He tried passing himself off as someone who still was partners with him and made an offer to join him. Isomer Black was unconvinced by his tone and further cementing this was Proto Man who ended up arriving to tell him off anyways. Irate, Dr. Wily was forced to retreat in his capsule. With him out of the way, Isomer Black inquired if he was connected to Light and the like and found out he was another creation of his until he willingly became a runaway, something that differs from her own fate. His core was damaged and was secretly dying and didn't want to risk his character being rewritten to save his life, another stark contrast with her situation of being unable to die herself and wanting to gain favor from her creator. There's some disagreement regarding what Proto Man could of done though ultimately both sides agree it's just a matter of perspective. They've departed on friendly terms, and Isomer Black is open to conversation.
  • It's no secret that she really doesn't like William and anyone who exhibits similarities to his behavior. But on a more general scale Isomer Black doesn't necessarily hold a grudge against all of mankind for that. At worst, she considers many of them "non-believers". Null Sector thought they'd at least see equal ground though Isomer Black refuted she had zero interest in fighting their war, finding it meaningless. Naturally, they didn't like this and sent soldiers after her but the ones deployed suddenly found themselves surrounded in some odd mist. When some members of Liberion Arcadia caught up with this detachment of Null Sector they found that all of them suffered a burnout in their AI, reducing their bodies to mere statues. At the center of it all stood a lone Isomer who quickly explained to the group that they basically weaponized their forced connections into disabling Isomer Black's assailants.
    • Though not necessarily one to make enemies, there is some heavy vitriol stirred between her and the Magician, mainly stemming from the contrast. While Isomer Black was subservient from the get-go, and still somewhat is even after her abandonment (it's a mixed feeling), the Magician immediately turned on his creator, Dr. Curien, and attacked anyone who stood in his way. The Magician finds her and the entirety of the Isomers pathetic, being so spineless as to bend over backwards to their Father and cosign themselves to Tallinn. Neither her nor her compatriots appreciated hearing his opinions though they also understand he's also quite the dangerous customer. If it comes down to it, she will partner with G&K to defeat him if given the chance.
  • Considering how much they revered M4A1 it is thought that she and the Isomers as a whole are practically her (unwanted) fanclub. Initially, when it was brought up to them they didn't understand what people were talking about until it was explained to and they then wholeheartedly admitted as such, not understanding the full implications other than the reverence to M4. Not helping things is that some of the Isomer can be seen with memorabilia of the Anti-Rain leader such as stuffed dolls and hoodies with the words: "I ♥ M4" written in bold font.
  • "I’m so tired... so cold... But I’m happy. This is the first time I’ve felt this way... I’ve never once complained about my fate. This is the first time... But it’s different now... I want... to change something... There's a pounding in my chest... is that a heartbeat?"


    Mona (Shovel Knight
Mona, Goddess of Short Side Games
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A flask that is in the middle of spinning. Alternatively, the slogan "The bigger the explosion, the better the alchemist!"
  • Theme Songs: Spin Ye Bottle during her minigame, otherwise it's The Alchemists Haven, and when she's alone, it's Waltz For One Shares The Final Note and Alchemy with Plague Knight.
  • Alignment: Acts Lawful Neutral, but is actually Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, Ascended Extra, Green skin, Hot Witch, Plague Knight's Dragon, whom is his partner in crime with a fondness for dancing rather adorably, Twice Shy with Plague Knight before becoming an Official Couple with him, alongside being bigger than him, Deciding to blow up the Tower of Fate to be viewed as heroes with Plague Knight
  • Domains: Snark, Alchemists, Minigames, Explosions, Shy Lovers
  • High Priest: The Fisherman in all of his incarnations
  • Allies: Plague Knight (Her boyfriend), SCP-049, Crow, Junkrat, The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon, Shield Knight
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation
  • Conflicting Opinion: Shovel Knight, Specter Knight, SCP-049, Yoshikage Kira,
  • Just about every game has a side game to go along with the main quest, often with those hosting said game not having much backstory to them. Meet Mona, a Deadpan Snarker version of the mini game host, where contestants have to hit flasks she conquers up back at targets to rack up points. Hit the 200 point mark and she'll be almost impressed... Or so she claims.
    • What about Mona's story makes her different from the other mini game hosts? Well, as it turns out her minigame was actually just a hoax for what she was really doing. She was actually aiding Plague Knight on his quest to create the ultimate potion, because, as she puts it, "The bigger the explosion, the better the alchemist!" It was for this added fact that she became much more than a simple Mini-Game host that she won her spot within the Pantheon.
  • Unbeknown to everyone, Plague Knight was actually trying to ascend Mona by himself, seeing how she is his girlfriend, and he wants that honor of ascending her. Meanwhile, Shovel Knight overheard how some deities were bored, and decided to petition for Mona's ascension to help out, saying she runs a fine minigame. Despite being miffed that he couldn't do it himself, he couldn't help but chuckle at the idea that the karma circle opened from Plague Knight unknowingly setting up Chester to give Shovel Knight powerful relics has come closed.
  • Upon hearing about the House of Explosives, she, along with Plague Knight whom didn't even notice the house, got excited and decided to pay the place a visit. Unfortunately, instead of the alchemists that loved explosives they were expecting, these deities seem to take the lazy way of using explosives, simply buying them instead of creating explosions themselves. As such, they decided to open up a tutoring center in the house to help teach deities how to form their own kinds of bombs and explosions just like alchemists do. While this class does have some people interested, most of them still stick to the bombs they already have.
    • That said, explosive lovers that craft their own bombs still get their respect, even if it's not from alchemy. For that matter, Plague Knight and Mona still has respect for Junkrat, who not only loves his explosions, but also crafts his own. They are most impressed with his Rip-Tire, and are interested in seeing if they could replicate such a bomb via potions.
    • She was impressed with Yoshikage Kira's powers and how his stand allows for so many explosions of different kinds, and while Kira is flattered by such comments, he still insists that they leave him alone and don't bother him, threatening murder should she persist. While Plague is okay with him for the time being, he is willing to fight off Kira should he try to go through on his word.
      • Unironically enjoys Michael Bay's movies alongside with Plague Knight. One guess as to why they like them. When he told them of "The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon" group, they wasted no time in signing up to the group themselves, quickly becoming allies with the other members of the group.
  • Seemingly enjoys Crow's presence as well as his fondness for explosions, not even minding that he's a villain. She always puts time aside to watch him and Plague Knight duke it out in a sparring match, or if Plague Knight is called upon to act as the hero and stop Crow, not that either of them mind the arrangement.
  • She is comfortable enough with SCP-049, as upon hearing how she is a close acquaintance of Plague Knight, he assumed she was also working on a cure for the plague. She just went along with it, although whenever she so much coughs, the doctor insists on giving her his "touch". Thankfully, Plague Knight can easily just touch her himself to "cure" her and bring her back to his temple to "rest", satisfying the doctor.
    • Despite sometime calling them up to bring back the SCP should he get too creepy for her liking, Mona is still annoyed at how often they keep attacking Plague Knight, mistaking him for the actual Plague Doctor, when he breaches containment.
  • Just like with Plague Knight, sometimes, slow dancing music can be heard coming her temple from time to time, and a couple keen eyes are sometimes able to report Plague Knight entering her temple before it started. The two have yet to announce what happens that prompts this music. Mona however, seems to be getting offers from several members of the house of Music to receive dance lessons, but they are too fast paced for her liking.
  • She is not to be confused with Morgana, even if they do have the same name, with Mona being Morgana's nickname. Also, no relation to the Mona that works for Wario.
  • Of course, given her title, people still go to her temple to either play her original Mini-Game or a version which you have to keep a flask up in the air for the longest time. Specter Knight is a common player of the second version of her game, and while she does enjoy seeing him frustrated by failing constantly, she wasn't too happy with him once she saw him beating up Plague Knight out of nowhere, apparently because he unknowingly stole a Tragic Keepsake from him without knowing its true value. She was able to call him out and convince him to leave, but it doesn't stop her from beaming Specter Knight with a flask or two during his attempts at her game, saying it's a "added challenge".
    • Because of Plague Knight's relations with the other Knights from the same game, Mona often finds herself as mediator between him and Shovel/Specter Knight.