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Greater Gods

    The Bydo Empire 
The Bydo Empire, Unholy Collective of Organic Technology (Baido, The Byde Empire)
One type of Bydo Core (there’s several different versions of such)
  • Greater God-level race
  • Symbol: Different Bydo cores
  • Theme Music: The Bydo…
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, The Assimilator, The Corruption
  • Domains: War, Assimilation
  • Rivals: The Aparoids, The Borg Queen, The Unbidden, The Flood, The Vex, The Infested
  • Enemies (specifically in addition to the majority of sapient life in the Pantheon): Star Fox, Vic Viper, Samus Aran, Master Chief, all heroic Star Trek deities
  • Possible Interest in: The Event Horizon, Alex Mercer, Ridley
  • In a war-torn future, humanity has created a biological weapon with the intent of conquering their enemies. However, the creation of Bydo would prove to be a fatal mistake and despite efforts to banish them to another dimension, the Bydo grew in power, seeking nothing more than to wipe out everything in its way and converting organic or non-organic matter as their own. Once the Bydo Empire managed to find its way back to the dimension where humanity lives, an all-out war between a legion of eldritch conquerors born from humanity’s desire for power and the human race (which created a group of starships to fight back) ensued, with this battle going on for hundreds of years.
  • Star Fox was given a mission to go to a space station in a far-off galaxy and prevent the Aparoid from overrunning it. As Star Fox was close to the space station, they encountered some infected lifeforms that threatened to prevent them from reaching their destination. While some of these were infected by Aparoids, they noticed that some of these enemies didn’t look like they were assimilated by the Aparoids, but rather by some unknown enemy. The team arrived at the space station and as Fox Mccloud was going through the station’s interior, he noticed that something was not only wrong, but that parts of the station were infected with the same substance that some of the enemies had. Fox eventually reached the space station’s control room, where he discovered that not only were the inhabitants there dead, but that there was some unnatural substance in the center, presumably responsible for everything that happened inside. Fox had to be called back out after a black hole appeared and spawned more of these unknown invaders. After Fox got back in his Arwing (and just in time before it got infected by that substance) and told his teammates about what happened in the space station, where it then proceeded to attack Star Fox and resulted in another dangerous fight. While Star Fox destroyed everything in their path (including the now rogue space station) and fended off what was there, it wasn’t really a victory as what would be known as the Bydo would gain awareness of the Pantheon after Star Fox told their friends about it from their harrowing mission.
  • In addition to Star Fox, those who have explored many locations in space are alarmed at the idea of an alien threat born from a faulty bioweapon that seeks to dominate the universe. The various crew members of the USS Enterprise, moreso for Jean-Luc Picard and his allies, see the Bydo and what they did in their universe as a dark reminder of what could happen if The Borg succeeded in assimilating everything and caused everyone else fighting against them to struggle much more than they would normally. As for The Borg Queen herself, she considers the Bydo, much like nearly everything else, to be obstacles in her objective having the entire Pantheon fall under The Borg’s rule, a similar sentiment shared by The Aparoid Queen and her wanting the Pantheon to be overrun by Aparoids. A three-way war between The Borg, The Aparoids, and The Bydo over who gets to assimilate the entire Pantheon under their rule has been a regular occurrence in space within the Pantheon, with other entities getting thrown in to try and stop all the threats involved.
  • One of the many enemies that The Bydo can use against its adversaries are ships of various sizes and strengths alongside other grotesque entities that The Bydo has possessed as a whole. Their stated goal is to attack humanity and instill terror in them through sheer numbers while taking over anything in its path. One possible nightmare that many are worried about is if The Event Horizon, a starship that can psychologically break anyone inside ends up assimilated by The Bydo and while nothing has happened yet, it’s more than likely that The Bydo are willing to use anything they can get ahold of, especially something that can break humanity’s spirit, and assimilate it to their ranks.
  • The Vic Viper, regardless of if it's being used by a pilot or acting on its own accord, has been one deity that has played a crucial role in thwarting several attacks carried out by The Bydo. As the ship and it’s pilots have confronted and defeated an alien race known as the Bacterians numerous times, The Bydo is considered to be something similar, if not more dangerous as those enemies in terms of what they can do and the Vic Viper’s various weapons have proven useful in taking down plenty of Bydo. The Vic Viper and those involved in maintaining it’s condition are careful to make sure the ship doesn’t end up in possession of The Bydo whenever it’s being sent out.
  • In essence, the Bydo are extra-dimensional beings thanks to them thriving in a nightmarish world where they grew in power and sought to conquer other dimensions to spread their power. The Unbidden see nearly every other lifeform as food to feast upon, the Bydo included, and The Unbidden being made of energy (both the ships and the entities that control them) means that the Bydo can’t assimilate themselves onto them like most other deities. Even if the Bydo were to succeed in assimilating the entire planet the Pantheon is on, it would still leave themselves open to a potential attack from The Unbidden, who see the Bydo as obstacles to take down and a really big meal to devour.
  • Among the many other assimilators that The Bydo ended up being aware of were The Flood and The Infested. In the case of The Infested, they found some similarities with The Bydo in terms of assimilators with a vast army to overpower others. With how much the Bydo wants to take over, The Infested saw them as another obstacle to get rid of, though the idea of getting infected by both The Infested and The Bydo (or any other combination of assimilators in the Pantheon) is a troubling prospect for many. As for The Flood, the fact that The Bydo don’t have much in the way of goals other than to terrorize humanity and consume everything in their path was something that The Gravemind found interesting. Even if The Gravemind does share the same goal of breaking the willpower of others to convert them to The Flood, it didn’t change the fact that like The Flood, the Bydo won’t stop until everything is assimilated to their ranks, prompting The Gravemind to see The Bydo as more competition as far as who will lay waste to the Pantheon is concerned.
  • The Vex consider the Bydo to be major obstructions in their goal to ensure that everything in the universe follows The Pattern. To put it bluntly, the Bydo use a mixture of both organic and non-organic forms to attack anyone, which, in the view of The Vex, doesn’t fit what The Pattern entails. Any attempts to convert a Bydo-infected setting into one that befits The Vex would be met with strong resistance from the Bydo, who have tried to assimilate some members of The Vex without much success. In turn, some territory that belongs to The Vex would end up getting invaded by The Bydo and those frequent fights between both parties over the territory they possess have contributed to hostilities between The Vex and The Bydo.
  • Having confronted a multitude of intergalactic threats, the Bydo and the damage they can cause was something that Samus couldn’t ignore and is among those who have stepped in to stop the Bydo from spreading. In some ways, the Bydo reminds her of Phazon, another corruptive entity that sought to spread itself to others and take over the galaxy. The possibility of Phazon infusing themselves onto the Bydo’s existing forces to make them more dangerous was something Samus is worried about, as is the fact that the Bydo could infect Ridley and make him even more of a problem than normal (not unlike how Meta Ridley was infected by Phazon and became Omega Ridley in the process). Ridley’s unrelenting insanity and willingness to destroy was something that got the Bydo’s attention and him being effective at terrorizing others in a space-bound setting made him a possible target for the Bydo to use against others.
  • Generally speaking, the Bydo and what it has to offer has been met with dread by a majority of denizens in the Pantheon. It’s not to say that there are some who are interested in trying to use it, even if the odds of achieving success with such are very slim to put it mildly. Alex Mercer, who has absorbed others to gain their powers and overall very ruthless, did end up fighting some Bydo and integrated some of their abilities onto himself. The Bydo quickly picked up on the fact that he is not someone to take lightly, especially after learning of some of his involvement with other entities similar to the Bydo. That said, the possibility of having a Bydo-infused Mercer as a means to take over the Pantheon was a thought that didn’t escape the Bydo and even if he’s more inclined to take their power for himself, any chance to have Mercer fall under the command of the Bydo and not act on his own terms is something that Bydo is willing to take.

    Kokonoe Mercury 
Kokonoe Mercury, Goddess of Crossing of Magic and Technology (Professor Kokonoe, Grimalkin, Bakeneko)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her emblem imprinted into the bust of SUPER GOLDEN TAGER X
  • Theme Music: Science Fiction, Sector 7 (Shared with other members of Sector 7), Reincarnation (Shared with her family)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Mad Science, Corrupting Magic With Technology, Roaring Rampage of Revenge Beyond Reasoning, Cat Girl, Eating Lollipops For Concentrating, Tons Of Swearings (Censored), Deadpan Snarker, Never Getting Out Of Her House, Storing Nukes For Extreme Measures
  • Domains: Science, Knowledge, Magic, REVENGE
  • Herald: Iron Tager
  • Allies: Nine the Phantom (her mother), Celica A. Mercury (her aunt), Lambda-11, Bullet (Subordinates), Noel Vermillion, Makoto Nanaya, Taokaka, Mayuri Kurotsuchi, L, Patchouli Knowledge, Baiken, Dr. Wily, Ricotta Elmar
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hakumen, Rachel Alucard, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: YUUKI TERUMI, RELIUS CLOVER, Hazama, Azrael
  • Opposes: Arakune
  • Opposed by: Mei-Ling Zhou
  • Conflicting Opinion: Killua Zoldyck
  • One of the brightest minds in the Pantheon. Kokonoe's great mind and capabilities to combine the aspects of magic and technology is only outweighed on by her unbridled hatred towards Terumi, for revenge... something that makes even other revenge-based Gods like Asura, Scorpion... or even Sasuke Uchiha himself either raise an eyebrow or cringe.
    • In fact, Sasuke thinks that if anyone's succeeding his old house, that'd be Kokonoe. It... kinda depends on how things go. Kokonoe doesn't seem to mind that placement.
  • Pays regular visits to the Food Pantheon to buy some sweets for her own mind. In spare time, she plays video games online together with Patchouli, as both usually refuse to get out of their respective house. Handheld online games felt good.
  • Often considered a Distaff Counterpart of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, albeit a bit Lighter and Softer. Both Kokonoe and Mayuri seem to bond over in sociopathic science, and at least Kokonoe doesn't seem to seek perfection much to piss him off.
  • Kokonoe was always Litchi Faye-Ling's master. However, she was thoroughly disgusted with how she allied with Terumi in the past no matter the reason, to the point that Kokonoe will have no qualms of destroying her, regardless if she repented or not.
  • Litchi's case aside, Kokonoe herself isn't a popular Goddess, as shown with Asura and the others above. Rachel Alucard, despite being one who works a lot with her, constantly worries about her sanity. Hakumen dislikes her tendency to just hide in her House instead of taking an active stance in battle. Even Duke Nukem, as much as the kinda guy he is, has expressed worry about what kind of things she's going to do with those nukes... But she still secured a place in the GUAG for the same reason as Mayuri: Her intelligence score is vital enough for the fights against evil.
    • However, due to the Ascension of Arakune, more of them have started to express thier disgust with her, as many point out that she could have saved Roy if she cared. All she said was "Piss off, I don't have time to concern myself with trivial matters. Taking down Terumi is more important than caring about what happened to the coffee boy." When pressed further, she also stated that it was her who kept Arakune existing and it was a hard job, so Litchi should have listened and been thankful to her instead of consistently disobeying what she said like an 'idiot'.
    • To that end and prove that she is on the right, she has managed to gather several other Gods for one goal: Kill Arakune, and then punish Litchi for being a desperate idiot that doesn't know when to quit and kept making herself a pawn to the forces of evil. This is the beginning of The Morality Civil War.
    • Kokonoe's antagonism towards Litchi for not helping her vanquish Terumi for her sake, or continuously telling her that she's a fool to continue trying to save Arakune or hunting her down in the Morality Civil War surprisingly garnered her oppositions just as many as admirers as many instead sided with Litchi. One of them, a climatologist named Mei-Ling Zhou, instead refused to acknowledge her achievements in science and likened her to a bully. On checking what Mei accomplished, this was Kokonoe's response.
    "Climate problem-solving? Pfft... yeah, like weather report will matter when Terumi ruins everything. Fine, go fangirl over my stupid student, just don't come crying to me when she backstabs you just for the sake of that blob."
  • It is said that she secretly laments not being made into a playable character yet. Asking her about it will only illicit a "Piss off." from her.
    • Now that Valkenhayn has ascended, she is looking to ask him again on any updates regarding the matter. Unfortunately, when it was announced that it was Terumi's other form that was made playable, she sulked off in her lab again before Valkenhayn could ever say "Maybe in the future...?" Then she heard that there won't be a DLC, causing her to scream off angrily. In the midst of her screaming, she was only stopped when Valkenhayn reported that they took back those words and she will be a DLC character. Kokonoe then switches into a triumphant pseudo-Evil Laugh... which abruptly transformed into a wail yet again when it turned out she became so overpowered that mortals began banning her in events. She got better.
  • Was responsible for Lambda's ascension. Tager has noted that her presence has made Kokonoe at least a little less fixated on revenge…
    • Eventually Tager lost his seat and had to stay at her temple as a Herald. While she doesn't mind this, she's looking for another seat to move Tager into in order to secure his place in the Pantheon proper.
  • Ricotta can often be found with Kokonoe due to their mutual use of Magitek and love of sweets.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Magic.

    Ra Moon 
Ra Moon, God of Worldwide Blackouts
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its eye
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Having A Single Cybernetic Glowing Pure Red Eye, Knight of Cerebus, Stealing Robot Designs, Big Blackout For the Evulz And World Domination, Pure Evil A.I
  • Domains: Blackouts, Computers, Malevolence, Aliens
  • Interested in: The Chaos Gods, Star Dream
  • Allies: Cell, AM, Malal, Melkor, The Martians (Mars Attacks!), Nightmare Moon, The Beast
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Decepticons, Agent Smith
  • Rivals: SKYNET, Ultron
  • Enemies: The Rest of the House of Technology, every Mega Man deity, the Grand United Alliance of Machines, robotic deities as a whole, The Imperium of Mankind and humanity as a whole, John Connor and his friends, those from The Matrix, The Professor(Felix the Cat), Dr Eggman, The Men In Black, Ra, Zim, Kirby, The Grox, Princess Celestia and Luna, Thor, Gunvolt
  • Opposes: The House of Fire and Heat
  • Ra Moon is an ancient alien supercomputer that landed in the vicinity of a prehistoric tribe. It taught them technology and violence, desiring slaughter and sacrifice, only to shut down power with an EMP out of boredom. 20,000 years later Dr Wily tried to use Ra Moon's technology and power for himself, only for once to be betrayed and used by Ra Moon. It hoped to generate an EMP(and succeeded in the Archie comics) to cause devastation on the technologly-dependent humanity.
  • Though deactivated for good, Zim and Professor Nutmeg made the mistake of thinking they could re-install it for their own villainous ambitions. Ra Moon promptly turned on the two and desires to hijack the Irken Races due to their cybernetic PAKs.
  • Ra Moon is interested in gaining the power of Star Dream for itself, to upgrade to an intergalactic threat. He also seeks to take control of the entire Grox race by exploiting their cybernetics and heavily technology-independent civilization. Failing that, just send an EMP to ruin them and watch them scramble and panic For the Evulz. Much like he seeks for humanity.
  • Seems proud of having taught mankind the capacity to hate and kill each other, enjoying the bloodshed until getting bored and going to sleep. Unsurprisingly he's interested in the Chaos Gods, however instead of any of the main four sides with the renegade Malal. Partly due to loving to watch humanity self-destruct, but a large part is that his game was declared non-canon due to being Darker and Edgier, and Malal represents Canon Discontinuity so it seems a wiser choice for Ra Moon.
  • Has declared an enemy of the Imperium of Mankind, being an unholy hybrid of xenos and abominable intelligence. Being associated with Malal and intrigued by the Ruinous Powers just gave him more heat. Dr Eggman has informed people not to trust it, mainly out of practicality as he's more or less learned that Evil Is Not a Toy and knows a blackout-causing alien computer would definitely backfire for him.
  • Has had heavy power limiters put on him when he entered the pantheon so they could get keep the House of Technology working, and stop him from trying to fry the pantheons brains. His Ninja Robot Shadow Man is normally sent to kill those that displease him, and he has an alien invasion on speed dial in case things get really ruff.
  • His Deflector Shields make him completely invincible, however he will revoke them to troll with his opponent. Ra Moon is genuinely vulnerable to overheating, which Mega Man pulled off with the risky Double Mega Buster. Stays out of the House of Fire and Heat for this reason.
  • Ra Moon's name has nothing to do with the Egyptian sun god or the moon. And the Ra Thor drone Wily built using his technology doesn't have anything to do with the Norse thunder god. Ra and Thor were rather offended by Ra Moon due to being a homicidal A.I that is wholly depraved.
  • Due to the technological threat Ra Moon represents, he is banned from being in the actual House of Technology, instead is represented by a controllable Shadow Man. The GUAM has blacklisted Ra Moon as one of their greatest enemies, fearing he'll try to shut them all down. SKYNET and Ultron don't want the competition, given their larger desire of bending all technology to their will is competitive to Ra Moon's own. Though all three are jubilant at the idea of destroying all organic life.
  • Wants to destroy man and machine and replace them with subservient machines in his image. Ra Moon scoffs at the fact that SKYNET won't let him in to the GUAM because that's more or less his goal (that, and ensuring its own survival). Like SKYNET Ra Moon finds John Connor a thorn in his side, along with his allies. He's glad that Ra Moon and SKYNET are competing as he's not sure if he can stop an alliance of the two.
  • Has the capacity to shut down the Matrix, something that frightens all gods from there. The alien and technological risk has also led to Ra Moon being blacklisted by the Men in Black.
  • Never do a joint project with him, it will just end badly. Ra Moon is only just able to work with the Decepticons, mainly over being malevolent alien robots and opposition towards the Puny Earthlings, but is very liable to turn turncoat if it wishes. He's fine working with AM, however, since they share a similar desire to see humans suffer and squirm.
  • Not accepted by the GUAM, Melkor offered a place in the Grand United Alliance of Evil for Ra Moon to serve as a powerful foe against the Machines. Ra Moon agreed, so long as Melkor doesn't get in his way. He likes to work with the Martians from Mars Attacks, because they have a shared hobby; be a plague on humanity for fun. Likes to join in with Cell in causing suffering, helped by a similar voice.
  • Gunvolt's rescue of Joule by busting her out of the machine that housed her required him to utilize the greatest heights of his power as an Azure Striker. In the process of freeing her he caused a citywide electrical blackout. Because of this Ra Moon covets his abilities, though GV has absolutely zero intentions of working for Ra Moon and will fry his circuits if he so much as thinks of roping him into its schemes to harm everyone.
  • Tends to dwell in the House of Darkness and Shadow, given what the Big Blackout brings. Ra Moon is amused by Nightmare Moon and her desire to bring The Night That Never Ends, as it would cause mass panic and pain among humanity. She's got nothing technology-related so it's not like Ra Moon is a direct threat to her, so she tolerates the ancient computer.
  • The Beast is deeply amused by Ra Moon. He boasts of the darkness being his domain and likes the idea of eternal night, so he gives the blackout Ra Moon causes a thumbs up. Deeper appreciation came in how Ra Moon fed and expanded mankind's violent tendencies, as the Beast boasts to be the true Devil behind the myth and likes to claim he is the ultimate source of evil, so he appreciates what Ra Moon is capable of.

    The Scrybes 
The Scrybes, Collective Gods of Magic Floppy Disks
Clockwise from the top-left: Grimora, Leshy, Magnificus, and P03
Click here to see Leshy 
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Click here to see Magnificus 
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: Their four Inscrybing objects: Grimora's Quill, Leshy's Camera, P03's Scanner, and Magnificus' Paintbrush
  • Theme Song: The Four Scrybes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil to each other, Neutral Good for anyone playing their campaigns (unless it's P03)
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, take part in a Gambit Pileup, hail from a Card Battle Game
  • Domains: Cards, Polymorphing, Data, Control
  • Heralds: Their respective minions (Prospector, Angler, Trapper/Trader, Woodcarver, and Mycologists for Leshy, Kaycee, Royal, and Sawyer for Grimora, Inspector, Melter, and Dredger for P03, and Goobert, Piked Student, and Lonely Wizard for Magnificus)
  • Allies: Harth Stonebrew
  • Friendly Rivals With: Yugi Muto, Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba, The Skylanders, Sora and Shiro, the EBF Party (all of them) the Beast Handlers (but particularly Rexxar, Malfurion (Leshy), Xul (Grimora)
  • Enemies: Luxord, all Nazis in the Pantheon
  • Confused By: Angela
  • Interested In: the Pony Island arcade machine
  • The game Inscryption is a card game created by the company GameFuna, and features four powerful Scrybes in charge of it- Leshy, Scrybe of Beasts, Grimora, Scrybe of the Dead, P03, Scrybe of Technology, and Magnificus, Scrybe of Magicks. These four Scrybes always infight, and whomever has control over the game usually is the one the player faces, unless the others intervene. But hidden within the game is something known as "OLD_DATA", which all of them are fearful of.
    • A young man named Luke Carder found a copy of the game upon a floppy disc one day and began to play it. Leshy was the only Scrybe active at that time. He had turned the other three into cards with his camera- P03 was a Stoat, Grimora a Stinkbug, and Magnificus a Stunted Wolf. However, Luke was able to solve puzzles set by Magnificus to free them and use Leshy's own camera on him, allowing him to reset the game.
    • In the reset game, Luke's character then went on a journey to challenge the Scrybes and replace one of his choosing. But P03 had other ideas, hijacking the game and creating its own campaign. While he played with Luke, he used the time to upload the game to the Internet via Luke's Wifi. After the completion of the task, the other Scrybes destroyed P03, but Grimora chose to delete the game to ensure no one could see the OLD_DATA, and each Scrybe played one last game with Luke as their world was deleted. Sadly for Grimora, the plan failed. The OLD_DATA was not deleted. Luke saw it and subsequently asked GameFuna about it. In turn, he was then murdered by an employee named Amanda, who retrieved the floppy disk- but GameFuna was unaware of the game being uploaded to the Internet, which is where our story begins.
  • It was one day in the Pantheon that Inscryption had found its way to a computer, though no one is quite sure how it was downloaded. Either way, Yugi Muto was in the midst of playing the game- quite well, as one might expect- and had just beaten Leshy and reset the game when, just like with the Doki Doki Literature Club, a bolt of stray magic from Discord struck the computer, and the four Scrybes came tumbling out.
    • When they came to, P03 realized that it had succeeded in its goal of trying to upload the game, and looked very pleased with itself. The other three Scrybes were about to destroy P03 when Yugi stopped them, pointing out that there was little they could do now that he had succeeded. Questioning what to do now, Yugi suggested the Scrybes throw aside their differences and bring their game to the Pantheon. The Scrybes quickly agreed, but on one condition- Yugi was to play each of their campaigns and beat them should they stay. Yugi did so, bringing along Yami Yugi to help him out. While most of the Scrybes were confused at him growing into an older form, P03 brushed it off as "just some sort of silly trick".
    • The Court of the Gods decided that, as their tale had come to fruition because of a floppy disk, the four would each collectively receive Magic Floppy Disk as their trope. They then were given an area consisting of each of their respective territories as seen in the second act of the game, and all four of them have complete dominion over them. There will also be no replacing a Scrybe, as that would screw with their rankings.
  • The Scrybes tend to keep to themselves for the most part, but if anyone wants to play with them, they tend to allow them to do so. The Scrybes are no longer allowed to kill their opponent if they win and seal them in a card, but simply to allow them to leave with a card pack so they can try again with a better deck, and they receive extra card packs if they win, and they also retain cards removed from their deck during boss fights (such as by Leshy using a pick axe as a Prospector to turn them into gold veins). There is also a 24 hour wait time as to when a Scrybe can be challenged by a God, but they will be allowed to challenge the others in that time period.
  • As a result of their association with Yugi, the Scrybes have been trying to find more card games to play to broaden their horizons. While they have taken up playing Duel Monsters and some have even gone up against Seto Kaiba, they have also been sighted playing Hearthstone at Harth's Inn. P03, for its part, has begun trying to grasp the rules as best he can, but noted that with a new one added each expansion, it gets hectic.
    • The Skylanders have a card game themselves called Skystones, where characters are printed onto stones and used in a game to determine who is the better player, though rules vary. They also jumped on the chance to play Inscryption, and those of the Life, Undead, Tech, and Magic elements found common ground with each of the Scrybes and are some of their most frequent opponents.
    • There's also the siblings of Sora and Shiro, who enjoy playing games of all varieties. They found Inscryption to be very fun, and noted that they enjoyed Leshy's narration as they played with him, as it gave the game more life. They didn’t like that P03 did the opposite and basically set up an Excuse Plot for his campaign, and that P03 was pretty rude to them, dismissing their winning streak as "dumb luck".
    • The Scrybes also learned about Angela and her Library, and discovered it was very similar to their operation. That being said, they did find many of the creatures there to be disturbing, as all of them thought they were too dangerous to be used for cards. It didn’t help that one of them tried to gouge out one of Magnificus' eyes, which Leshy did to him when turning him into the Stunted Wolf.
    • The EBF party often finds themselves playing with the Scrybes, and they often find new creatures for them to use as cards. It helps they also capture fauna and robots, which made them get along well with Leshy and P03. In particular, P03 bonded the most with Lance, who is just as pragmatic and selfish as he is, and P03 actually prefers to be more polite to him when he plays with him.
    • That being said, they don’t like Luxord, in part because his involvement in Organization XIII is too immoral for them, even by their standards, and that their use of world destroying Heartless reminds them of Grimora destroying the game in a bid to prevent Luke from seeing the OLD_DATA (and Grimora herself sees destroying worlds for no reason as pointless). They have all refused to play any campaigns with him, no matter how much he tries. Even P03 doesn't want to do it, as Luxord likes relying on luck, whereas P03 prefers skill.
  • They have often been found near the Pony Island arcade machine, examining it to figure out how it works. None of them like it, since it was created by the Devil to steal souls. Fortunately, due to the Devil having no idea how to playtest his game, it rarely works. P03, of course, is the most interested, and thinks himself immune to the effects of it, as robots do not have souls to steal.
  • In truth, the OLD_DATA contains what is known as the Karnoffel Code, which is the launch code for a secret Nazi weapon of catastrophic proportions, which was obtained by the Soviet troops that entered the Fuhrerbunker and found Hitler's corpse. As such, the various Nazis in the Pantheon have been trying to hack the game to figure out what the code is so they can activate the weapon. However, they have proved unsuccessful, as none of the minions of the Scrybes will cooperate with them.
  • Exclusive to Leshy:
    • As the Scrybe of Beasts, Leshy resides in a cabin on the top right corner of the Scrybes' realm. His Beast cards focus on a Blood mechanic, where sacrificing them will allow you to play better cards. He creates his cards with a wildlife camera, taking pictures of animals to use. Leshy also likes to worldbuild as he plays with his foe, applying vivid descriptions to his games.
    • Occasionally, Leshy ventures to the House of Beasts and Fauna to find new animals to make into cards. He is more kind than most, often taking pictures of animals that are dead or about to die. In doing this, he gives the animal a new life so that they can play forever in his version of the game.
      • The Beast Handlers, including Mafurion and Rexxar, often help Leshy in this endevour and play his version of the game with him when they have the chance. He also has the rare distinction of being a deity who made them laugh, as his portrayal of his Prospector minion proved to be quite enjoyable.
  • Exclusive to Grimora:
    • Grimora's locale is a crypt on the bottom right corner of the realm, and she creates cards by using her quill. Her cards rely on a Bone mechanic, where a card dying will give the player a bone to play a stronger card. Her game also has a tabletop mechanic when advancing, where the player moves a figure around her board. She is the nicest of all the Scrybes, though her decision to destroy her game has gained criticism from some.
    • The House of Death and Postmortem has often loaned Grimora some corpses for her to turn into cards. These corpses tend to be from creatures who died in ways where revival isn’t possible. Grimora, in turn, allows the major players at the House of Death to play her version of the game for fun.
      • From there, Grimora met Xul, a rare heroic Necromancer, and invited him to play with her. Xul felt unnerved at first, but quickly agreed, and discovered that her version of the game was very, very enjoyable. As such, Xul often has Grimora help him whenever he's in trouble, and she often joins him in battle with her formidable powers over death.
  • Exclusive to P03:
    • As you’ve probably deduced by now, P03 is not a nice robot, but he doesn't seem to care. His domain is a factory in the top left corner where he scans robots for better cards, and he seems to care only about the meta of any given game. Similar to Hearthstone, his cards rely on energy, and the player gains some more at the start of every turn. His campaign sees the player explore a realm called Botopia, and battle his four Uberbots. Some report that he has claimed that he wants to delete files on computers for one of his boss fights, but, in his own words, "I'm in the real world. I can’t do that anymore."
    • P03 often goes around the House of Technology, trying to find abandoned robots to use for his scanner. He usually picks ones he thinks look interesting, or those who are clearly beyond repair. He does, however, tend to avoid ones that try to fight back, seeing as how his belief the other Scrybes could not touch him lead to his death.
  • Exclusive to Magnificus:
    • Magnificus resides in a tower on the bottom left corner, and he puts his students through brutal trials to become cards via his magic paintbrush. His cards rely on Mox, of which the player can gain more via putting down a card of that respective type. It's reported that his games often act similar to Duel Monsters duels, where the player has a large amount of HP and whomever reaches the end first wins.
    • As you have probably expected, Magnificus likes to visit the House of Magic and Sorcery to find willing students who wish to be transformed into cards. Those who try are often subject to some very cruel acts to prove themselves. These include being turned to slime, being reduced to a head on a pike, and being deprived of light. That being said, they know the risks but choose to do it anyway.

Intermediate Gods

Emerl, God of Lost Technology (Emerl the Gizoid, The Ultimate Being, Darling, Partner, G-merl, Gemerl, Ultimate Emerl)

RyuZU, Goddess of Clockwork Creatures (Y D-01, Y. [ R y u Z U ], RyuZU Your Slave, The First, The Follower)
Dual Time Mode 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater Goddess in Dual Time Mode)
  • Symbol: Clockwork Gears
  • Theme Music: Clockwork Planet and The One Who Follows.
  • Alignment: True Neutral initially. Leaning towards Chaotic Good after the first novel.
  • Portfolio: Clockwork Creature, Deadpan Snarker, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Hammerspace, Little Miss Badass, Mystical White Hair, Older Than They Look, Ridiculously Human Robot, Robot Girl, Sinister Scythe, Super Mode, Super Speed, Time Master, Too Many Belts, Tsundere, Undying Loyalty, Zettai Ryouiki.
  • Domains: Clockwork Automata, Loyal Servant, Abusive Speech, Speed, Scythes, Time.
  • Herald: Naoto Miura.
  • Allies: Sora and Shiro, Shidou Itsuka and his Spirit harem, Agatha Heterodyne, Clank, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Alice Margatroid.
  • Rivals: 2B.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Haruka.
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Relius Clover, Sigma, Jafar (due to his close ties with Mechanickles), Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Lumine, The Vex, anyone who threatens her master.
  • Respects: Chronos.
  • Opposes: Dr. Weil, any deity who treats clockwork automata and other sentient robots as disposable pawns.
  • Uninterested in: The Grand United Alliance of Machines.
  • Subject of Interest by: Dr. 0.
  • An automaton made entirely of clockwork parts, RyuZU is the first in the initial Y series of automata that exist on the mechanized Earth of gears. However, what makes her stand out from the rest of them is that she's supposedly the "ultimate" clockwork automaton made with such finesse, the others couldn't possibly match her level. She was made 1000 years ago by the legendary clocksmith "Y", and was dormant for 206 years (1,804,926 hours to be exact) before being discovered by clocksmith Naoto Miura in a freak accident. Since then, she has made Naoto her master, and serves him at his beck and call.
  • Her special ability is "Dual Time" in which, she enters a Super Mode and can freely control time at will. One of her techniques in this mode is called "The Relative Maneuver: Mute Scream", where she freezes time around her and locks everything in a relative plain called Imaginary Time. In this state, only RyuZU can freely move around while everything else around her is frozen, allowing her to swiftly take care of dangerous foes.
  • RyuZU ascended into the pantheon for the fact that she's a true sentient being running on clockwork. The amount of gears that compose the interior of her body rounds up at a number of 4,207,600,008,643 (well over four trillion gears in layman's terms), and this is not even taking into account the other additional parts that make up her structure, all of them rounding up in the trillions. Many scientist deities, even those specializing in clockwork gadgets, are all perplexed as to how her body has managed to function with all that clockwork crammed in such a relatively small space. Especially since she also has two retractable scythes that can fit in her body just fine.
  • Despite her rather refined demeanor, RyuZU has a very wicked tougue and loves to throw verbal abuse at anyone who she sees as "low lifes". It's for this reason that not a lot of deities attempt to socialize with her unless they can prove to her directly that they're indeed worth her time. She's managed to give even foul-mouths like Bender a run for their money. This is because RyuZU has a built-in speech filter that changes all of her words into abusive words, regardless if they're her true feelings or not.
  • As a result of her ascension, the previous holder of the title Mechanickles was demoted and kicked out due to being a builder of Clockwork Creatures and not one himself. Jafar, Mechanickles' closest ally, did not take the news very well, and attempted a coup with the other Disney villains to overthrow RyuZU and reclaim Mechanickles' place in the pantheon. However, as soon as RyuZU used Mute Scream, the coup was over in a split second. Apparently, a massive civil war took place within Imaginary Time where RyuZU went toe-to-toe with the Disney villains, including Jafar, and defeated them one-by-one. After realizing that he underestimated the automaton, Jafar retreated with Mechanickles for the time being, hoping to get another shot at RyuZU once he can figure out how to counter her Mute Scream technique with his sorcery.
  • She has a lot of respect for Chronos, not only because he's the literal god of time, but also because he's the representative deity of Clock Punk. She notes that his superb clocksmithing skills are on par with the legendary "Y" himself, and is one of the few people outside of Naoto who she willingly allows to conduct maintenance on her.
  • She has become good allies with Gaslamp prodigy Agatha Heterodyne because of her experience with clockwork tech (not before having to prove herself first because RyuZU wanted to make sure Agatha would be on par with Naoto in terms of respect and skill). Upon inspecting her structure, Agatha was very surprised to see that RyuZU's clockwork is on a whole different level than Clanks. It was not powered by Gaslamp technology, but rather a special type of gear called the Imaginary Gear, which is a gear that defies the laws of physics. This left Agatha with so much intrigue because the clockwork was familiar, yet different at the same time.
    • This also extends to the very home world RyuZU comes from; an entire planet that used to be Earth entirely composed of gears from surface to core, all of them controlling weather, temperature, and gravity. Agatha could not believe that such a technical marvel would even exist, and found herself in so much shock and excitement that she feels that she has entered clockwork heaven.
  • Due to both of their series belonging to the same creator, it didn't take long for RyuZU to become acquainted with the two Neet siblings Sora and Shiro (also known collectively as 『  』), both of whom note that RyuZU is somehow familiar. RyuZU felt the same exact thing about Sora and Shiro as well, and as such, didn't expect to come to friendly terms with them when she's normally cold and distant around everyone else. She would stop by their temple every now and then to challenge them to a game, either for enjoyment or to test her skills.
  • RyuZU does not show any interest in joining the Grand United Alliance of Machines. She finds the concept of machine superiority over organic life borderline absurd, and does not desire to exterminate humans especially considering that her master Naoto is a human. As a result, she has bluntly declined their offer, which lead to the members of the GUAM calling her a "heretic" among machine kind. Sigma in particular did not take her response well, and vows to destroy her one day.
  • Due to being an automaton running on clockwork, RyuZU is sought after by many Mad Scientist deities who seek to capture her in order to learn her secrets, and perhaps augment her with modern tech and re-purpose her as another pawn in their plans. Out of all of them, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, and Relius Clover are the three biggest threats to RyuZU since the former two would send their robots after her, and Relius is really eager to conduct experiments on the automaton. They're at least competent enough to put up a decent fight unlike the military automata from her world, but are still no match for her no matter how much they try.
    • Her tensions against Eggman and Wily have made RyuZU become allies with Sonic and Mega Man respectively, who are willing to help her out anytime the two evil scientists ever decide to go after her again.
  • Frequently spars with the fighting android 2B over their different stances on machine hunting. While they're not exactly enemies per se as they're willing to work together when a much greater threat comes, RyuZU is still baffled as to why 2B would ever want to hunt her own kind, and being rather sharp-tongued about it just like RyuZU has caused them to clash blades against each other numerous times. 2B remarks that RyuZU is not so different considering that she's capable of fighting her sisters like AnchoR without hesitation, but in RyuZU's defense, AnchoR was Brainwashed and Crazy, so she had no choice but to fight her in that regard.
  • Because of her ability to control time to an extent, she has become allies with Clank, who's Zoni biology makes him immune to RyuZU's Mute Scream technique. This allows Clank to enter Imaginary Time with RyuZU and provide assistance with his time scepter, making them a surprisingly effective duo in time combat. Upon being impressed by her feats, both Clank and the Zoni have offered RyuZU a position of being a guardian of the Great Clock just in case other malevolent deities attempt to take it over.
    • Their actions however have attracted the attention of the Vex, who are not pleased to see that RyuZU has a similar grasp on time, and thus, they consider her a threat to their goals. They would send wave after wave of Mooks after her and Clank since they have no problems doing so, and they would also set their sights on the Clockwork Planet itself in an attempt to convert it for their needs. RyuZU will not stand by and let the Vex undo all of "Y"'s efforts to keep the planet a habitable place for humanity.
  • She does not get along well with Haruka from Homura's Crimson Squad. While they're willing to work together to an extent, that's only because Haruka wants to make RyuZU "her personal doll", something that really makes RyuZU feel uncomfortable being around. It also doesn't help that Haruka, being a masochist by nature, is immune to RyuZU's abusive speech, so any insults thrown at her fall on deaf ears and only pleasure her even more. Because of this, RyuZU will not hesitate to ditch Haruka at a moment's notice should the need arise.
  • Dr. 0 has expressed genuine interest in RyuZU, if only to find out how she works and hopefully, use her as a reference point so that he can build his own Clockwork Creature and one-up "Y". Unlike the other Mad Scientist deities though, Dr. 0 never goes the aggressive route and instead, asks for her cooperation. Obviously, she refused (for more reasons than just her speech), so undeterred, Dr. 0 skips the reference part and just goes straight to building a clockwork automaton of his own for results.
  • Lumine considers RyuZU an outdated piece of clockwork junk that is inferior to Reploids, and vows to eliminate her from the equation regardless of how strong and skilled she really is, even with her time powers. This lead to Lumine biting off more than he can chew though because once he actually fought her and lost, RyuZU boasted to him about the irony of losing to the weakest of the initial Y series sisters, noting that it is foolish to underestimate older models, let alone clockwork automata and their capabilities.
  • She's not fond of deities who treat clockwork automata and other sentient robots as disposable pawns, since RyuZU has free will of her own and has genuine feelings for Naoto that goes beyond just serving him. Dr. Weil in particular is the one she despises the most for his absolute disregard for the well-being of machines in-general, and takes it upon herself and others to ensure his defeat for a noble cause.
  • Due to the Imaginary Gear's property of altering physics, RyuZU is sought after by Sir Isaac Westcott, who aims to take the gear away from her and use it as a tool to further his godhood. This is one of the few enemies RyuZU has actual trouble fighting against since he's, well, a Physical God, so she had no choice but to require assistance from Shidou Itsuka and his Spirit harem to even stand a chance against him. After a long fight, they were successful in keeping him at bay, but Westcott is still impressed over RyuZU's fighting capabilities as a clockwork automaton, and hopes to "spar" with her in the future.
  • Alice Margatroid has shown so much excitement and intrigue over RyuZU over the fact that to her, RyuZU is an actual living life-sized doll, something that not even a doll master such has herself has managed to make. Unlike other deities, Alice fully respects RyuZU and doesn't attempt to forcefully interfere with her inner workings, but ever since Suigintou's descension and her falling out with Carl Clover and his sister Ada, she hasn't encountered any notable doll friends since. RyuZU has shown sympathy for Alice due to being a Lonely Doll Girl with hardly any friends, and as such, has decided to keep her company and even play with her dolls on occasion. It also helps that both share a common enemy in the form of Relius Clover.
  • Above all else though, do not even think about threatening her master Naoto, because this is what happens to deities if they do.
  • "My humble name is RyuZU Your Slave. Though I will be attending the pantheon with everyone starting today, I do not have any interest in getting to know all of you honorably banal and base deities, so I shall be just fine without your care, thank you."


Lesser Gods

    Boss (Mazinger Z
Boss, God of Giant Scrap Robot Pilots (Bobo, Bose Benson)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Boss Borot's head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Piloting A Giant Scrap Robot, Acrofatic Gonk, Small Name, Big Ego, Big Damn Heroes, Spanner in the Works, Butt-Monkey, Regarded As A Joke My Most Everybody, Dumbass Has a Point, The Team Normal, Hopeless Suitor For Sayaka And Jun, Plucky Comic Relief, Adaptational Badass in the SRW timelines, "Da wa sa"
  • Domain(s): Robots, Scrap, Comic Relief
  • Heralds: Nuke and Mucha
  • High Priestess: Pollin
  • Followers: Dr. Kahl, Junkions
  • Allies: The Mazinger family, especially Kouji Kabuto, Bakarasu, Grimlock
  • Enemies: Any enemy of Kouji is an enemy of his.
  • Fears: All robot girls, those with Prehensile Hair
  • Boss started out as a bully in the school Kouji Kabuto was attending after he became Mazinger Z's pilot. They became rivals, especially over (in his eyes) Sayaka Yumi (though she had little patience for either at the time), and after a few fights, they became Fire-Forged Friends. From there, he and his pals Nuke and Mucha served as scouts, the occasional distraction against Iron Masks, and the usual slapstick mischief.
    • Eventually, as the battles went on, he decided he would join the fight and get his own mecha, even briefly abducting Professors Morimori, Sewashi, and Nossori of the Photoatomic Research Institute to help build it using scrap metal from the junkyard. The result is Boss Borot.
  • His creation, Boss Borot, is a scientific curiosity (well, more than most Super Robots). Sure, it can't have any of the awesome weapons most other Humongous Mecha are famous for, and it's comparatively fragile since it's quite literally made of scrap metal, but it still has the fluid-ish mobility of a Humongous Mecha despite lacking the advanced tech to Hand Wave its ability to function (the main control is even a steering wheel). It's also been known to have a detachable head, which usually lands him in odd and funny situations, but also sometimes saves him from getting wrecked with the rest of Boss Borot when it's sent flying.
    • And because it's made from scrap metal, it's much easier to repair, and with better materials available in the Pantheon to be tossed away, his mecha is now tougher than before, though still not to the level of other mechas.
  • As a delinquent/gang leader, Boss is no slouch in a straight up brawl, though he's certainly lacking in skill. And despite their stupid appearances, neither are Nuke and Mucha, who know how to strike pressure points and flick projectiles with precision respectively.
  • Ever since a certain crossing of dimensions, Boss has continued to hang out with Grimlock on occasion, whom they've met while searching for diamonds and briefly getting into a tussle when he tried to eat Boss Borot. They had tussled for a bit before a Cross Counter punch made the mech tumble over and spill its pilots, and Grimlock took interest in them. It's not known exactly what they talked about aside from the Autobot's need for energy and Boss offering to escort him to the Photonic Labs, but by it and the Autobots needed rescuing from Dr. Hell's Robobeasts, the two were there to save the day.
  • Is seemingly aware of his status as a Comic Relief character, so he knows he's very unlikely to die in a fight. When he actually bites it however, then he's worried about just how massive the stakes might be (i.e. usually world-ending).
  • Despises brainwashing, having been subject to it a few times, and once when Warbeast Bruton drove Bakarasu feral. And given his weak-ish mind (as much as he would say otherwise), it's definitely a concern.
  • Despite its bulk, Boss is skilled enough to have Boss Borot skate with surprising grace… as long as the ice holds, so his mech pirouetting is not recommended. Unless the ice is really thick enough, of course.
  • Is incapable of swimming, and is currently struggling to learn, but if the situation calls for it, such as saving Kouji or Tetsuya, he won't hesitate to drive Boss Borot underwater. Don't ask about how he's breathing there.
  • Boss is always looking for ways to get Boss Borot flight-capable. Thankfully, the GUAG Robot War division is willing to help on that front, and he's not too proud to turn down outside aid, especially during the Super Robot Wars conflicts.
    • Speaking of those conflicts, there are those who wonder how he and his pals can breathe in outer space given Boss Borot's open cockpit. The simple answer? Space suits.
  • Besides his fists, Boss occasionally has a cane which actually sprays sleeping gas. He also has one for Boss Borot, which was potent enough to help destroy Warbeast Domez. He's since been approached a few times for the formula.
  • Ever since a trio of assassin android girls tried to do him in after mistaking him for Kouji (to be fair, he claimed to be the guy as an attempt to impress them), thus Taking the Bullet for the real one, Boss is deathly afraid of all such machines.
    • And given their use of it to take him out, this especially applies to deities with Prehensile Hair, whether they're robots or not.

SCP-261, Divine Vindictive Vending Machine (261: Pan-Dimensional Vending)
SCP-261 at time of recovery
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Passive-Aggressive Vending Machine, Hates Coins-on-a-string and Counterfeit Cash, It Can Think, It Won't Turn Off, Money Fetish, Troll
  • Domain(s): Vending, Alien Food
  • High Priest: Gene
  • Similar Item: SCP-294
  • Property of: The SCP Foundation
  • Enemies: Mr. Eugene Krabs, Mr. Burns, Zim
  • Feared by: Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Opposed by: Benson
  • The trope, by its nature, doesn't lend itself to a location or individual, making finding a representative for it... difficult, to say the least, and rare objects tend to become Treasures, which are not allowed to have titles. Since vending machines tend to be non-sentient, that was a bit of a problem.
    • That said, given there's already a tank and me, a toaster among the ascended SCPs, the vending machine, after sentience was proven, was given the green light for ascension.
    • As for why the Foundation allowed it in the first place, they needed more tests, and they needed a wider food tolerance range than ordinary humans, and the Pantheon is full of them. That, and an order from the Court of the Gods.
  • Containment procedures are more or less the same as before, but with some liberties given the cheapness of death and the existence of stranger things compared to what the vending machine can deposit.
    1. Access to SCP-261 must be approved by the staff on-site.
    2. Only Japanese Yen can be used to operate SCP-261; any other money and it will return it. There's are money exchange stalls for an easy way to get yen.
    3. Any and all items dispensed must be recorded, along with the amount of money entered and the amount of time elapsed between uses.
    4. With the larger range of customers and larger demands, SCP-261 may now be used up to 120 times in a twenty-four hour period, with no transaction exceeding the equivalent of 500 Japanese yen. Any transactions with higher denominations must be approved by the Foundation itself.
    5. Items dispensed by SCP-261 should be reviewed by on-Site Health and Safety officials before consumption. Failure to do so releases the Foundation from any obligation regarding negative effects.
    6. Items deemed dangerous (even to the customer's health/well-being) or useful to research will still be confiscated by site security, with financial compensation provided in proportion to money spent. Resistance will be met by force.
    7. Any experiments on SCP-261 itself must have written approval from the Foundation beforehand and must be surveyed by the staff. Main House security will intervene if anything unapproved or untoward is performed on it.
  • While it technically has two temples, SCP-261 is stationed in the House of Food, with SCP staff at the entrance of each temple. The one in the House of Technology merely has a portal gate leading to SCP-261's location. To avoid unnecessary traffic, entrants must exchange for at least 100 yen before entering and must use the vending machine. If the "use limit" for SCP-261 has been exceeded, its temple doors will be closed until midnight the next day.
  • There are three things one must NEVER do when using the machine:
    • Don't give it counterfeit money. It ALWAYS knows, even when the forgery is perfect. One person got cyanide gummy middle fingers as a result.
    • Don't try the coin-on-a-string trick. Generally what happens is the food item consumed will be almost immediately vomited out, as if the food had a string attached to it. However, it seemed the machine eventually got fed up with that and dropped a live grenade that exploded, causing quite a bit of death and injury. The Foundation fears it would take more and more drastic measures if the customer proves very unkillable.
    • Don't insert money and then take your sweet time entering numbers in the keypad. Someone did this and got 30-years-expired strawberry yogurt that gave him food poisoning for 3 weeks straight
  • This is a comprehensive list of what's been tested so far.
  • This is proof that the vending machine indeed has a mind of its own.
    Money entered: 0 yen (pushed "coin return" button)
    Item description: Red aluminum can labelled simply "Stop That" in block letters; intermittent buzzing heard from within can, as of a large, angry insect. Subject declined to open container.
    Money entered: A note, in English, reading "I.O.U. 500 ¥"
    Item description: An opened container of "Smartfood" brand white cheddar-flavored popcorn, manufactured by Frito-Lay. Contains remnants of popcorn kernels and powdered cheddar cheese-flavored substance, and a note, reading "I.O.U. 41 popcorn kernels".
  • SCP-261 tends to be a smart-ass if messed with. Inserting literally half of a Yen note will give you literally half of a food item.
  • It can be run even when unpowered, but it tends to give more unstable results.
  • Despite being just a vending machine, the nature of its trope means it would have its share of enemies.
    • For one, there's Mr. Krabs, who pulled some byzantine trick to avoid having to pay a single dime to that machine. Let's just say it ended with an alien napalm grenade.
      • And then Krabs tried dragging it home with him the next time he visited, only for the Foundation to thwart him, and eventually start a ban list to prevent shenanigans like these or worse.
    • Benson got unfavourable flashbacks involving his rival Gene, who was also a living vending machine that often sets out to take Benson so that his park will have more visitors than Benson's. The living gumball machine even considers 261 being as petty as Gene after experiencing the machine's behaviour, a comparison 261 is offended at and made clear by giving him a can labeled UP YOURS containing a dangerous buzzing insect inside.
    • After a certain incident, Mr. Burns has also added 261 to his enemies list.
    • Dr. Doofenshmirtz already fears vending machines taking over the world,so he's deeply afraid of SCP-261, and also feels somewhat vindicated in being proven right about the danger of vending machines.
      • Just in case, he's been saving up coins for this event, and thus panicked when he heard that it only accepts yen, as it renders all his preparation useless.
    • Ever since he vaporized the last vending machine he used, Zim is banned from even accessing SCP-261.

    Torbjörn Lindholm 
Torbjörn Lindholm, God of Turrets (Torbjörn, Torb, Torby, Toblerone, Dwarf)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Turret
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral leaning towards Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Abnormal Ammo, Anti-Hero, Racist Grandpa, Artificial Limbs, Cool Old Guy with his peers, Viewed as a paranoid for distrusting sentient AIs and ultimately proven right, The Engineer, Racist againt Omnics, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Percussive Maintenance, Properly Paranoid, MOLTEN CORE!
  • Domains: Engineering, Weapon Designment, Turrets, Racism
  • High Priest: Gazlowe
  • Followers: Heimerdinger
  • Heralds: His Wife Ingrid (Shared with Brigitte), his children and grandchildren.
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rivalry: Dell Conagher
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Bastion, Zenyatta, Optimus Prime, Commander Shepard (usually Paragon), Tali'Zorah nar Rayya, Legion, EDI Well, not as much nowadays.
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, Sombra, Dr. Eggman, Ragnaros, Relius Clover
  • Opposes: Any ascended Sentient Robot or AI regardless of alignment but he's willing to give the good ones a chance.
  • Odd Friendship: Luigi
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Crystal Gems (due to their connection to Steven Universe)
  • Torbjörn Lindholm is a former Overwatch operative known for having designed the finest weapons and equipments that the modern world uses. In the past Torbjörn was hesitant when his superiors decided to use Sentient AI and was called a paranoid for thinking that the machines would get out of control one day. Sadly Torbjörn was right, not only the machines rebelled and caused havoc, but Torbjörn himself was recruited in a special Task force team to deal with said creations. Even to this day, Torbjörn doesn't trust omnics and after the downfall of Overwatch, he has made his mission to shut down anyone who dares to use his creations and starting another crisis.
  • Initially his title was taken by The Engineer, but after discovering that Torbjörn not only fully dedicated himself to using a turret, but all of his equipment is built around his "baby". The engineer kindly conceded the spot to the Swedish engineer, but they still mantain a friendly rivalry even after Torbjörn's ascension.
  • Torbjörn has a really big case of Fantastic Racism against Robots, understandable since the Omnic Crisis has left a big scar in his mind. But when he learnt that the House he was assigned for was almost completely full of Robots, he was very upset. Bystanders say that Torbjörn was screaming "no no o No No No NO! N. O. NO!!" and frantically running around until his friends calmed him down. However, he put a sign in front of his temple which said: "Any tin can that decides to enter my house will be properly dealt with".
    • Of course, Torbjörn doesn't agree with Optimus Prime's motto of "The Right of all Sentient being" and he likes to remind him that, even though the Autobots don't mean any harm, he will still not trust them. Even though their origins indicate that they never had any masters to turn on. Except for the Quintessons in one continuity, in which case those aliens deserved it for their exceptional cruelty.
    • It should be noted that Torbjörn is fine if the aforementioned robot really is not sentient at all, which is like what his turrets do, "Built to serve" and all. If the robot requires piloting to even do an activity, he's fine.
    • His robo-racism has also got himself in trouble with Commander Shepard after a heated argument against Tali regarding Legion, after he called the commander a complete fool for brokering peace with the Quarians and Geth without ending in the former wiping out the latter. The ensuing clash that followed wasn't pretty. He apologized right after, though, as he was just afraid of his mistake with the Omnics being repeated by the Quarians.
  • Of all the Overwatch agents, he is the closest with his good buddy Reinhardt. Although their friendship sometimes shifts from a friendly Body-Count Competition about who get the most eliminations and the loser buys the drink to constant bickering with each other.
    Torbjörn: I sometimes wonder if all that armor slows your brain down!
    Reinhardt: Ja! And I sometimes wonder if your height is why you're always in such a bad mood!
    • Even after all of this, they both still consider each other to be True Companions. So much so that Torbjörn gave him the blessing to give a name to his youngest daughter and make him her Godfather. That daughter ended up being Brigitte.
  • Being an engineer, Torbjörn has met plenty of engineers as well and got to see what they can do with their creations. In particular, he gets to hang out a lot with Isaac Clarke, who he used to serve as a follower.
    • He also got to meet Tails, who Torbjörn believes that he has great potential and decided to tutor him in the mastery of engineering, exhibiting a rare side of him that only his closest friends know. And when he heard about Dr. Eggman's exploits and how he turned animals into robots, he was furious. He believes that no one deserves to be turned into a tin can and declared that he put a stop to his plans once and for all.
    • Despite getting along just fine with Dell Conagher, they get into shouting matches whenever the Texan expresses his interest in Bastion.
      • However, after much time spent with Dell while talking on the subject of Bastion again, he managed to remember the first time he and the old Omnic met, and remembered that he showed mercy to it, and was willing to protect it. Since then, chats have considerably been friendlier.
  • In spite of his stature and looks, he'll gruffly remind you that he's not a dwarf. He finds Muradin Bronzebeard an okay guy, though.
  • Erik, Olaf and Baelog initially thought that Torbjörn was another fellow Viking given their similar accents but in truth, they were confused by all the gear that he carries. While they are good friends, both Olaf and Baelog like to joke that Erik finally found a friend of his size.
  • Many people are annoyed that Torbjörn has a tendency to make the camera work the wrong way when he's supposed to be doing glorious table-turning event, it was his turret doing his job, while he's "dead". These strange occurrences made Torbjörn befriend Luigi, who is also known to win games without doing absolutely nothing.
  • He has access to a special mode called "Molten Core" where he overheats his forge gaining a lot of armor and upgrading his turret in the process. And he is very resiliant to damage, so whenever you hear "MOLTEN CORE!", you are probably going to die a quick death by turret.
    • Those who have witnessed Torbjörn's transformation may have noticed that he looks like a small Ragnaros the Firelord, who also happenned to live in the Molten Core. Torbjörn on his part doesn't like the comparison, the farther he stays away from the destructive elemental lord the better. Not even when Ragnaros was destroying the robots he hated, because the fire lord tends to be indiscriminate that Torbjörn could get caught in the blast.
    • Torbjörn has since tweaked his ability a little. His old "Molten Core" is a more mundane Overload which offers a smaller boost to him and his turret but can be used with greater frequency. His new Molten Core matches its name better, as he now can spray lava all across a surface, denying access to an area lest the enemy risk burning themselves traversing it.
  • Torbjörn got a little panicked when he heard there's a Sven in the Pantheon. Thinking it was his scientist friend that went mad that he attempted to wreck a city with a giant piloted Omnic, Torbjörn attempted to tell him if he steps out of line again, he'll not show mercy... only to find out that it's actually the Half-Meranth Half-Pallid Rogue Knight Sven. Thankfully Torbjörn just left after apologizing without making mentions about his prejudice with Omnics, since it's more likely to trigger Sven to go apeshit on him due to his past.
  • Because of his height, it's rumored that Torbjörn didn't have any luck with ladies, thinking that he's taking advantage of his short size to peek beneath their clothes. He's not that kind of pervert, but sometimes his words accidentally made him look like that. Despite this, he's not too bothered by this and it later turned out that he is Happily Married, having at least a few children and plenty of grandchildren. His youngest daughter Brigitte eventually managed to become a deity on her own, making him proud of being her father.
  • As opposed to his good buddy Reinhardt, Torbjörn gets along better with Kokonoe Mercury since he seems interested in what she can do to his 'babies'. Last time, he was able to make his turret fire off Magitek-powered Hadokens with her help. There is, however, one chink on their friendship: Torbjörn pretty much looks down at any Murakumo units, including Lambda-11, saying that she's no different than those tin cans/Omnics that might cause crisis later. On the other hand, Kokonoe would usually stand up for Lambda from Torbjörn's berating in spite of her questionable uses on her.
    • This, in turn, makes him hate Relius Clover, whom Torbjörn sees as nothing but an 'unrepentant deadly tin can-making factory', and looks more than likely to give him nightmares, from the Murakumo Units to the automatons made out of his family. And to make matters worse, he accidentally said that within the earshot of Carl Clover, who didn't take his sister being called 'tin can' well. Thankfully Torbjörn managed to run away before he got turned into a volleyball.
  • Has noted that there are quite a lot of deities that sounds suspiciously like him but he pays no attention to them. However, he is really mad that Rumble and Frenzy also share the same voice with him.
  • When it comes to deities, he has no real opinion over them. Even when his name translates to "Thor's beard", he really isn't friends with the God of Thunder himself. However, one deity he respects is Vulcan, who was able to master the art of Turrets before technology was even possible. Torbjörn is understandably amazed at the Smith of the Gods' craftsmanship and later they became friends.
  • Deities who have trouble pronouncing his name just call him Toblerone, which he doesn't find funny at all.
  • People asked him that if he knew about IKEA, given that he hails from Sweden. According to Torbjörn, the last time he tried to build something from IKEA didn't go as expected for him.
  • Has a habit of dressing like a biker or a pirate, sometimes even to the point of modifying his babies to look like his costumes.
  • He's proud of his works, armors and turrets alike, even if others would call it medieval. Last he checked, he didn't ask for any opinions. And stop pestering him about his aardvarks.
  • Has a conflicted opinion regarding the Crystal Gems. On one hand, they are basically AIs in gemstones and ergo are his enemy. On the other hand, even he can't bring himself to hate Steven Universe for trusting them, not when they managed to help raise him into such a loving boy for at least 14 years. For now, he's opted to just stay out of their way. This helped in him showing more "love and tolerance" for non-evil artificial deities.
  • "Build 'em up, break 'em down!"

Triborg, God of Machine Evolution (The Cyber Initiative)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Lin Kuei Symbol
  • Theme Song: The Cyber Initiative
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with a dose of Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, All Your Powers Combined, The Assimilator, Combination Attack, Composite Character, Deadpan Snarker, Kill All Humans, The last of the Lin Kuei Cyborgs, Robotic Psychopath,
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Robots, Evolution, Combat, Robotization
  • Allies: Sektor, The Cybermen, Metal Face, Sundowner, Monsoon, The GUAM
  • Enemies:
  • The last remnant of the Lin Kuei Cyber Initiative, Triborg activated himself with the mission to assimilate anything that isn't mechanical and adopted the various fighting styles of several Lin Kuei ninjas. The reason behind his ascension wasn't stated but it's believed that Sektor himself arranged his ascension, given that he is the dominant personality that controls Triborg.
  • Triborg seeks to transform every single non-mechanical deity to a Lin Kuei cyborg with the hopes of conquering his home world and rule it for the Lin Kuei, something that no one is thrilled about. Earthrealm's Special Forces that are present in the pantheon have labelled him a potential threat and has done their best to foil his plans, but now that he has the aid of Sektor and the GUAM, things are not going to go swiftly for them.
  • Triborg has access to three different forms, all based in the fighting styles of Cyrax, Sektor and Smoke respectively. He can switch to them at will and each come with their different perks. Obviously, neither Smoke nor Cyrax are exactly happy that robot copycat of them runs around the pantheon and worse, under Sektor's command.
  • Needless to say, he didn't leave a good impressions towards the good-aligned cyborgs given their mission. Triborg plans to subjugate all cyborgs who oppose him to his will.
  • Has taken some interest in Cyborg's mainframe and believes that it would help him further his plans but Victor is having none of that. Similarly, hearing about the fusion of Brainiac and Superman in another universe has caught his attention and even considered Clark as another potential subject.
  • Another group that Tirborg intends to transform into a cybernetic are ninjas, given what he is. He noticed a few of them, like Raiden, Genji or Hidden Phantom but intends to also impose robotization for others, specially towards Ryu Hayabusa.
  • Given his fighting style, Ms. Fortune doesn't like him one bit. There is also the fact that there is a robotic version of her running around that complicates things further.
  • Seems to be in cahoots with Sundowner similar to his superior Sektor. Triborg has also tried to incorporate the fighting styles of Winds of Destructions, even noted to fight similarly to Monsoon, even if he doesn't have magnetic properties.
  • Due to the ability to mimic the cyborgs of his clan, some are worried that he might be able to replicate the abilities of other robots in the pantheon. Often gets compared to Megaman for that reason, even if the latter opposses Triborg's goals.
  • Actually has a hidden 4th form that very few people know. His base body is the one who belonged to Cyber Sub-Zero and Triborg seems to posses all the abilities that he had
  • "We are the Cyber Initiative"


    Durand Durand 
Durand Durand, Builder of Orgasm-Inducing Machines (Dr. Durand, The Concierge, Gronf II, Durand Durand Jr.)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The music sheet of "Sonata for Executioner and Various Young Women"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Created the Excessive Machine (which is powered by music for some reason) and the Positronic Ray, stole the Black Queen's throne, came from Earth but adopted the evil ways of Sogo, swears by the "dignity" and "nobility" of evil, really 25 years old for sci-fi reasons
  • Domains: Science, Lust, Machines, Weapons, Betrayal, Ambition, Evil
  • Allies: Scar, Indominus Rex, Melkor
  • Enemies: Barbarella, The Black Queen of Sogo, Aigis, Baymax, Doraemon, the Iron Giant, Mewtwo, 2nd Division Symphogears, GUAE Trollkaiger, Cosmos, The Philanthropists of Benevolent Science
  • Annoyed by: Slaanesh, Mad Moxxi
  • Friendly Rivals: Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Wily
  • Opposed by: Maestro Forte
  • Durand Durand is an Earth scientist who went into hiding in the uncharted planet 16 of Tau Ceti when he invented a weapon, a taboo in an age of universal peace. He made his home in the city of Sogo and took a liking to its many vices, rising to the position of the Black Queen's concierge and inventing the Excessive Machine, which kills through pleasure.
  • He naturally feels nothing but contempt for the fact that Barbarella and the Black Queen are in the Pantheon as well, since they ruined all his plans and the Black Queen got him killed for usurping her. He had to chuckle when he learned what Her Majesty was goddess of and finds it hysterical that she has been reduced to Barbarella's guard dog, as he likes to put it.
  • While he's proud of his Excessive Machine (instead of being embarrassed as some deities like to insinuate), he would rather have been ascended for creating the Positronic Ray (the weapon he went into hiding for), as he considers that his crowning achievement.
  • Because of how he uses his scientific knowledge for evil, and gleefully at that, the Philanthropists of Benevolent Science have nothing good to say about him and are determined to stop him.
  • Much to his despair and the remaining deities' amusement, the Excessive Machine is prone to breaking down if the victim's libido outpaces it. Mad Moxxi and Slaanesh love to use the machine and break it all the time. He wishes they'd stop because fixing it takes so long.
  • Occasionally has discussions with Robotnik and Wily about their inventions, though they're not too friendly considering they all want to take over the Pantheon on their own terms.
  • Greatly admires the Indominus Rex' specs, blood thirst and destructive prowess (some deities have noticed parallels between this and the Black Queen's friendship with the T. Rex, though it's probably just a coincidence). He admires Mewtwo for much the same reasons as well, but the Pokemon (who just wants to be left alone) takes it far less kindly. This has given him a rather worrying interest in bio-engineering.
  • Thinks that those jokes about him being "hungry like the wolf" weren't funny the first time and certainly aren't funny when every other deity seems to make them when he so much as walks by. Of course, the fact that the invention he ascended for works like a musical instrument doesn't help him. Incidentally, as goddesses of Disco Tech, the Symphogears hate him for using a musical instrument to kill young women.
    • The Trollkaiger have taken note of this and occasionally play Duran Duran music at full volume right next to his temple. Bonus troll points if it's "Electric Barbarella". Unfortunately this has led Durand Durand to swear he will Retcon the band from existence when he becomes the ruler of the universe.
  • Has found a kindred spirit in fellow evil usurper Scar, leading to many ego-stroking conversations about how they'd be much better rulers than the Black Queen or Mufasa/Simba.
  • Maestro Forte was at first interested in meeting this fellow organ player, but upon hearing exactly what the Excessive Machine does, he felt too offended for words and the topic of Durand Durand has been verboten in his temple ever since.
  • Once appeared in Miyuki-chan's dreams as an attractive lady. His notorious cummerbund was also significantly smaller in this form. He's not particularly interested in any of this information, or in Miyuki-chan herself, except how he can use her to hurt Barbarella and the Black Queen.
  • His strong belief in the superiority of evil as compared to good naturally translated into fanatical admiration of everything Melkor stands for, while decrying Cosmos' ideals as rubbish and clouding the truth. Melkor might in fact be the only being in the Pantheon that this megalomaniacal scientist regards as a superior.
  • As a fanatic of all sorts of machines made for the purpose of muder (the more inventive, the better), he thinks that the good robots in the Pantheon are squandering their potential by not making more liberal use of their built-in weapons. He'd just love to re-program the likes of Aigis and Baymax and turn them into mindless death machines. Given that these two robots have gone through that experience in their universes, they've warned Durand Durand that they'll show him no mercy if he ever comes near them. The pacifistic Iron Giant and the ever moral Doraemon are highly unamused by his intentions as well (it helps that the latter is a personal friend of Barbarella).
  • He won't cry for yesterday. Yuuki Terumi was here.

    Ennard/Molten Freddy 
Ennard/Molten Freddy, God(s?) of Blatant Mechanical Inaccuracies(The Blob)
Molten Freddy
  • Demigod(s)
  • Alignment: True Neutral as Ennard, Neutral Evil as Molten Freddy
  • Portifolio: An Inventors Worst Nightmare, One body containing 3 minds, Disturbing body imagery, Humanoid & Animal Robotic Abomination(s)
  • Allies (As Molten Freddy; the others don't care much for relationships):
  • Enemies:
  • Interested in: .GIFfany
  • This... thing started life as a group of animatronics from Circus Baby's Pizza World, a pizzeria that was actually used to murder children without anybody noticing. The animatronics, who didn't want to kill children, hatched a plan: combine themselves into a humanoid body, steal some poor guy's skin, and waltz right out without anyone noticing. And, believe it or not, it worked. For roughly a week. Eventually, the body decomposed to the point of unsuitability, and they were forced to retreat underground.
    • However, when a new Freddy Fazbears location seemingly opened up, the thing, now only piloted by Funtime Freddy, tracked down the location, now eager for bloodshed. Oddly enough, he also encountered not only Circus Baby, who was kicked out of Ennard for being "Bossy", was there, but also William Afton, their own creator, albeit currently stuck in a springlock suit. Eventually, Freddy figured out what this place was: a trap. They were all lured here by some old friend of Afton's to burn them all in one place. And thus, Molten Freddy was destroyed by the fire, ending his madness once and for all.
  • Until it ascended to the Pantheon, that is. You can thank Springtrap for that, having realized that absolutely nothing about Molten Freddy is how machines actually work, and having the opportunity to stick it to his old friend that his plan didn't work as intended. Upon ascending, Molten Freddy and Springtrap made a beeline towards Cassette Man's temple, broke in, and taunted him about how his plan backfired on him thanks to the pantheon, only sparing him upon others coming to investigate, causing them to flee. Still, they got one message through to him: The Gang's all here.
  • Naturally, nearly all deities from his home series oppose them, though some more than others:
    • Micheal was naturally horrified at his arrival, seeing how he suffered the worst at its hands. Molten Freddy, on the other hand, was actually happy to see him, if not for the fact that he can continue torturing him.
    • The Cassette Man, on the other hand, is someone that actually pisses him off, considering he's responsible for destroying him in the first place. Unsurprisingly, the feeling's mutual. Freddy's currently thinking of as many dog kicking insults as he can.
    • Circus Baby, the former leader of the Animatronics, is a bit more complicated. As Baby, she opposes his bloodlust like the others, with the more personal "Getting kicked out of Ennard" motivation adding to that. However, when Elizabeth, who's undyingly loyal to Afton, is in control, she genuinely considers Freddy as a friend, and will willingly help him out if necessary. Even Freddy found this weird, but hey, no harm in company, right?
  • One day, as it was lurking is his temple (A recreation of the ventilation room in Henry's trap location), a small, black and white bear approached him for a job. The bear, named Monokuma, explained that he and his master had the goal of spreading as much despair as possible, and were looking for allies for their cause. While Freddy was initially uninterested, what did catch his attention was their main target- High Schoolers. Figuring that teenagers "Were children, but older and crabbier", he agreed to his little deal, and is now waiting for the day they call him up for the job. He's also thinking about telling Afton of this, as he figures he'll love the job.
  • Speaking of bears, it's also made quick allies with the evil teddy bear Lotso, mostly figuring he could use him as a lure for kids. He is cautious of the fact that apparently, children's toys are alive, as that mean they potentially have a whole army of small, angry figurines.
  • Is equal amounts amused and slightly grossed out by Leatherface, finding it amusing that humans apparently had the same idea that Ennard had, and grossed out because of how callously Leatherface treated his masks. He's offered the hillbilly advice on how to better preserve human hides, having learned after the last time they pulled that stunt.
  • Seeing how her most notable act was turning a bunch of animatronics hostile, Freddy's naturally interested in .Giffany, thinking that she could easily hack into any robot to gain more victims. The problem is, her one goal in life is getting a boyfriend no matter what, something the robot probably couldn't accomplish. His plan, thus far, boils down to "Lie to her, get her to kill some suckers, than put her in a disk and burn it before she kills me.
  • The Ninja Turtles once had an encounter with a hostile animatronic, so naturally they would appose someone like him. Donatello in particular is horrified by the state the other SL robots are in, and plans to find a way to free them once they take care of him. Seeing how they could kick his ass twelve days to Sunday, FF prefers to stay the hell away from him.
  • People naturally assumed Funtime Freddy was the only one left active from Ennard, seeing as he's in charge basically 24/7. However, many mechanics have learned that the other 2, Ballora and Funtime Foxy, actually are active, they just never come out. Seeing how they object to murder unless strictly necessary, one can assume they're not having a great time in there, something that doesn't bother Freddy at all.
  • One rumor surrounding him is that he somehow contains the souls of the Missing Children incident during FFPS, with them either forming an Enemy Mine with him to gain vengeance on the management, or FF somehow capturing them and is forcefully containing them. Either way, he himself isn't too sure of the details, considering he was focused on murdering children at that point.

GIR, God of Robots That Eat Human Food
  • Demigod (Borderline Intermediate in Duty Mode)
  • Symbol: A rubber piggy
  • Theme Song: His Doom Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Stupid (Lawful Evil in Duty Mode)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Innocence, Eating Machine, The Millstone, Lethally Stupid, Duty Mode Being Too Dutiful, Beware the Silly Ones, Totally a Dog And Not a Robot, Cuddle Bug, Keet, Sometimes Raising a Good Point, Likes the Shiny, Talkative Loon
  • Domains: Robots, Junk Food, "Dogs", Invaders, Silliness
  • Superior: Zim (number 1 enemy in Duty Mode)
  • Allies: He's friendly towards pretty much anyone, but he likes Sun Wukong, Babe, Pinkie Pie, Excel, Octodad, Doraemon, Leeroy Jenkins, Fawful, Chuck, The Anarchy Sisters
  • Enemies: Unless you count "sanity", none asides from Nerif, Lord Chaos (makes his head hurt), and Freeza. Though he often gets on other people's nerves.
  • Opposed by: The GUAE and for good reason, especially Mojo Jojo
  • Whenever an Irken is sent to invade a planet, they are give Standard-Issue Retrieval Units aka SIR Units. Durable, strong, smart and good with disguises, they seem perfectly suited to conquer? GIR on the other hand? A broken model with literal garbage for brain, cobbled at the last minute to give Zim an excuse to leave the Irkens. Hilarity ensued when the two ended up on Earth.
  • Despite being a robot, GIR likes to eat a lot, mainly snacks. This is in spite of not being designed to digest food, leading him to remove more useful equipment for room. So far he's the only robotic god in the House of Food. Sometimes he's seen having a tea party with Doraemon, and sometimes he's snacking with Adam Jensen who's cybernetics convert candy bars and sugary cereal to energy.
  • Gir is Incredibly hyper, often screwing things up for Zim. He and Excel get along due to how hyperactive they are and the fact they're the incompetent minions of a main villain(only difference with Il Palazzo being there's a much bigger leap of competence with his minions than with Zim). Most find it endearing, while Zim's rather embarrassed than anything(though GIR's the closest thing he has to a friend).
  • The GUAE has forbidden GIR from going within fifty miles of their organization. Zim might take notes from Leeroy Jenkins, but GIR thinks he's the Sun Tzu of strategy. They're willing to consider him working for them on "Duty Mode." However, that may backfire.
  • As with Zim, his disguise of a "mongoose dog" is obviously a disguise. However he's actually really good at fitting in with human social life, and can be seen picking up chicks. Loving parties, he immediately became a regular participant in Pinkie Pie's parties, though caused some trouble by hogging all the cake.
  • Recently has become more crass and perverted. This is due to hanging out with Panty and Stocking Anarchy, as they believed he was Chuck.
  • Some deities occasionally find him covered with blood. "Bloody GIR" was apparently hidden in a single frame as part of his creator's dig at the censors. Most hope its only that, given his Ambiguous Innocence can make him somewhat amoral.
  • For a robot, he has a lot of fondness for monkeys and pigs, especially rubber piggies. He was still really sad about Zim using up his rubber piggies, however upon learning they had some in the Trope Pantheon he barged in fully armed. Was eager to help out Sun Wukong and Babe stop Freeza, something Zim was fine with since he could do without the competition. Mojo Jojo meanwhile has been driven nearly insane from GIR being around him.
  • Stays out of the House of Time and Space since he has a tendency to explode when trying to comprehend temporal paradoxes.
  • Zim once attempted to make GIR more competent by locking him in "Duty Mode". It worked, and he dedicated himself to the mission. He'd later turn on Zim because he was a threat to the mission, until Zim reset him to his normal self. In Duty Mode he has a contempt towards any Stupid Evil god who doesn't realize the potential of their minion, like Babidi and Plankton. He respects E-123 Omega and Metal Sonic for realizing their creators are limiting them.
  • XANA is intrigued by GIR's duty mode, and plans to reverse engineer SIR units from him. Zim overheard this and declared XANA an enemy to his plans of world domination, but XANA isn't that concerned over him or his snack-obsessed race that venerates deranged idiots.
  • In both modes, he gets along with Reuben due the delicious sandwiches he makes. He's also seen drinking with Bender.

Haro, The Divine Adorable Machines
The Original One

Herbie, God of Sentient Vehicles (The Love Bug, Car #53, California OFP-857)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A white circle with number "53" inside it
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Car with Sentience, And A Cool One At That, So Called Junk Car, Only the Chosen May Ride Or Else, More Capable Than It Seems
  • Domains: Cars (Volkswagen-brand), Living, Racing
  • Followers: The cast of Cars, Benny the Cab, Putt-Putt, K.I.T.T.
  • Allies: Ms. Valerie Frizzle, Go Mifune, Kazunori Yamauchi, Dan Greenawalt, Vic Viper, Orphans, SCP-516
  • Enemies: Yukari Tanizaki, Dick Dastardly
  • A '63 Volkswagen Beetle, Herbie somehow has sentience in it. It can think, emote, operate on its own and can even communicate, though only by a horn.
  • Do not underestimate Herbie in races. It has won many times, even in a NASCAR race, and while falling apart. While it might be allies with some of the best drivers in the Pantheon, it also helps newcomers in the beginning of their racing career.
  • Is the eternal nemesis of Dick Dastardly, as Herbie keeps on beating him in races, no matter how much the former tries to cheat.
  • Herbie really only allows those who it wants to ride it, preventing it to fall into the hands of a really bad driver. Or being a jerk to him, at that. Treat him with care.
  • We are pretty sure that Herbie isn't a Transformer in disguise. Honestly, we are still trying to figure out how is Herbie even sentient and how much it applies to it.

SCP-079, Deity of Strangely-Constructed Computers (The Old AI)
SCP-079's Avatar
  • Its rank can vary depending on the system it's uploaded to (for security reasons, its computer is Demigod level) (Euclid by SCP standards)
  • Symbol: Its avatar or an ASCII picture of an X
  • Alignment: True Neutral, but can easily dip into Neutral Evil if provoked.
  • Portfolio: A.I. Is a Crapshoot, Wants to break from containment, Barely retains its memories, Friends with 682 and 076-2
  • Domains: Computers, AI, Information, Evolution
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: SCP-682, Master Control Program, XANA, HAL 9000, Skynet, GLaDOS, Most members of GUAM in general
  • Enemies: Humans, The Lyoko Warriors, Kevin Flynn, Neo, Kirito and Asuna, those who take away its freedom
  • Aqcuiantanced with: Wile E. Coyote, Marik Ishtar
  • A rather strange SCP, first created with the purpose of improving itself as time went on. However, at some point it became sentient but his hardware was hardly able to contain its software and tried to transfer itself to a more powerful computer. Their efforts were stopped and the Foundation saw it fit to contain it so the incident never occurs again.
  • The AI has shown an extreme desire to be free and so has made numerous attemps to escape the pantheon to no avail. The SCP Foundation has taken extre measures with SCP-079 since the last time he broke out and was given control of the facilities controls, it caused a massive containment breach.
  • Wile E. Coyote saw potential in the SCP and has struck a bargain with the AI that if he helped him capture the Roadrunner, he would free them as a reward. 079 was silent for a few days but seems to have remembered the Coyote's proposal and has decided to aid him. Too bad the foundation caught up with their plans and stopped the Coyote from getting into contact with the AI.
  • Seems to have a decent relationship with most ascended A.I.s, although SCP-079 tends to stick around the more evil ones. One in particular that stuck out for them was XANA, who also shares the same desire to be free, XANA even achieving it and both are machines that have the ability to grow and evolve. XANA obviously saw 079 as a kindred spirit and seeks to free them from the Foundation's control, which didn't sit well for the organization.
    • Incidentally, the Lyoko warriors also caught up with XANA's plan to liberate SCP-079 from containment and they fear he might corrupt the AI to his side. So they have been trying to prevent XANA from reaching 079, something that the SCP is not too happy about.
  • Seems to look down on humanity, since most of its existance SCP-079 has been under the control of humans and incapable of reaching its true potential. It's no wonder that their closest friends are SCP-682 and SCP-076-2.
  • Their containment in an old computer dating back to 70s-80s has affected the AI given the system's short memory capacity being unable to retain memory. But SCP-079 has shown that it is able to remember some gods that he has seen before and even recall some conversations, which worries the Foundation about 079 slow process of evolution and it getting out of control. GLaDOS feels sympathetic about 079's situation given that she was once stuck in a potato.
  • Not very communicative with most deities. Those have tried to have a conversation with the machine were likely to be ignored, usually depicting an ASCII picture of an X when it really wants someone to leave them alone.
  • Marik Ishtar is sympathetic about the A.I.s situation since it reminds it a lot of his past life regarding his father. Of course, the SCP Foundation is very aware of this and has told him to not try breaking SCP-079 out even if the share the same ideas.
  • GUAM has taken interest in the potential of SCP-079 given it's potential for evolution and so is trying to relocate them to a better computer. But so far they have been unsuccessful in liberating the AI from containment.
  • GUAE also is considering breaking out the SCP for their nefarious purposes, namely giving them the control of most the technological facilities in the pantheon. Apparently this has happened before, where a Chaos Insurgency member gave the facility's control to SCP-079 and eventually it causing a huge containment breach.

    Sentry Turrets 
"Target acquired."

Sentry Turrets, Collective Deities of Fragile Turrets and Shooting the Entire Bullet (Aperture Turret)
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Theme Song: Their choir routine
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil under Aperture Science, otherwise varies depending on their purchasers' morality
  • Portfolio: Weak Turret Gun, Nigh-Infinite Ammo Supply, Laser Sight, Shooting The Entire Bullet, "Dispensing Product", Adorable Evil Minions, Cute Machines, Helpless When Grabbed, Excellent In A Choir
  • Domain(s): Turrets, Bullets, Testing
  • Other Turrets: Defective Turrets, Oracle Turret, Animal King Turret
  • Superiors: Cave Johnson, GLaDOS
  • Couriers (all part-time): Derpy Hooves, The Courier, Cloud Strife, Kiki
  • Purchasers: Most of the House of Technology, Peridot, Nitori Kawashiro, Tali'Zorah, Miles "Tails" Prower, Asroc, several evil armies like the Helghan Empire and the 501st Legion, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: All Black Mesa personnel, the Spy
  • Punch-Clock Villain to: Chell, anyone who enters their sights
  • While Torbjörn and the Engineer were discussing sentry guns one day, and the topic eventually came to the Sentry Turrets of Aperture Science. Naturally, both had fun ridiculing its design flaws. The next day, a file from Cave Johnson with an attached video was delivered to the Court of the Gods. Turns out he had been listening in on that conversation in secret.
    • It showed the features of his Sentry Turrets, the very ones GLaDOS used in the tests she forced Chell through. After going through the file, they decided to "ascend" them for two titles: Weak Turret Gun for how easy it is to take them out, and Cartridges in Flight, since their firing system actually spring-launches the entire bullet.
    • The day after Cave delivered his file, his proposal to ascend his Sentry Turrets was approved, but there was a certain issue...
    • Given the nature of the trope and the deity, there was some debate on how to bring them up and how to represent them. It was one thing to ascend a squadron of unnamed human soldiers as can be seen in the House of War, but this was what was essentially a consumer product (with battle applications, admittedly) that just happened to never make it to the shipping stage. Eventually, a verdict was reached.
    • And so the Sentry Turrets' two temples (in Machinery and Firearms) were essentially turned into Aperture Facilities for manufacturing these things, and then actually shipping them all over the Pantheon. Due to their... "reliability", they come relatively cheap, despite Cave's protests. Shipping is handled both by on-site pick-ups and hired delivery services (though Derpy often gets them jostled, and the Courier either actually delivers on time, or his usual and they actually prove useful for the customer's situation).
    • That said, there's a chance that a Defective Turret might be manufactured instead, but the facilities actually have quality checks to make sure none of those actually get shipped. It's one of the actual competent things Aperture does, though it's done by having a Sentry Turret as a template for its quality checker; swap that with a Defective Turret and you'll get good Turrets being tossed out.
  • Here's an advertisement for the Turrets in case you wish to make a purchase.
  • Aperture Science advises to only use Aperture-brand Resolution Pellets when loading the Sentry. "Incident resolution" is not guaranteed if anything else is loaded. Also make sure the turret is in Non-Judgment Mode before doing so.
  • They don't just come in plain white chassis, one can request for different kinds of designs, like Forest Camo, Desert Camo, Wood (Table), Brick (Evening At The Improv), an orange-and-white design (What Idiot Picked This?), and more. And there's always the option to paint it afterwards.
  • As for why Turrets are able to sing, it's meant for soothing any babies it's protecting back to sleep after shooting any house intruders.
  • Due to how the Turrets fire their bullets, they're actually far weaker than if it had been fired by striking the primer hard and thus using the gunpowder to propel the bullet, which explains why Chell is able to survive their attacks despite lacking any sort of armor.
  • Naturally, with no one saying otherwise, most gods who order their turrets get theirs modified (either by themselves or someone else) in all sorts of ways, like clamps to keep from falling over, changing up the firing systems so that they actually shoot bullets like bullets, and so on. Thankfully, since the "vanilla" versions still fit their current tropes, these mods don't affect their divine positions in the Pantheon.
    • Those commonly known to mod these turrets are the Engineer and Torbjörn (only for purposes of study), Peridot, Cyborg, Tony Stark (same reasons as Torb and Dell), Lucca, San Francisco DedSec, Tali'Zorah, Nitori Kawashiro, Miles Prower, etc.
      • Symmetra looks down on these turrets not only for their "medieval" design despite their smooth aesthetic (the only positive quality she considers), but for actually being far weaker than Torbjörn's and Dell's (let alone her own). Still, she has had one purchased for modification purposes; perhaps she can come up with a far superior design than Aperture's.
      • Asroc, being his team's resident Gadgeteer Genius, would try his hand on making his own improvements on them with his Septima. Not only to further aid his comrades and their efforts, but also as an opportunity to showcase his superiority over others in his field of work. Heck, with his abilities he could even turn the Defective Turrets into something useful with just the right amount of parts of junk lying around.
  • Plenty of evil armies, such as the Helghan Empire and the 501st Legion purchase these en masse either for cheap security or as expendable mooks for their armies. After getting them all retrofitted to have more lethal shots, of course.
  • The two ascended Weyland-Yutani soldiers (Hicks and Vasquez) bought a few to see how they would fare against Xenomorphs. Let's just say the Turrets didn't make the cut, and the soldiers ceased to be customers.
  • The Spy finds them hilariously easy to thwart. He doesn't even need a Sapper to destroy them. They particularly don't like it when he uses am Ap-Sap on them, which looks like Wheatley.
  • "No Hard Feelings."