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The House of Darkness and Shadow is covered in constant darkness, choking out any source of light that tries to enter it. The plants are withered from lack of sunlight. Creatures of the night make their home here during the day, waiting patiently for the sun to go away so that they may go out hunting once more. However, the dark side is not always evil. The endless darkness, frightening it can be, can also be comfortable and gentle and is a sanctuary for those who desire to sleep. Not to mention that even some dark creatures can be docile.


The moon is always up and full, providing moonlight to all. As the sun never rises here, lunar eclipses are impossible. Strangely shadows are present even without a light source. It's a haven for vampires and the undead, and some in the House of Demons. The perpetual full moon strengthens werewolves visiting at the cost of locking them in that form until they leave.

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Greater Gods

Chernabog, Evil God of Darkness
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Bald Mountain itself
  • Theme: Night on Bald Mountain
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (possibly Chaotic Evil if he were more proactive)
  • Portfolio: Satanic Archetype, Eldritch Abomination, being sealed in his mountain by day, Evil Overlord, Reality Warper, Creepy Awesome, Weakened by the Light
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Demons, Fire, Night
  • Allies: Xehanort (conjecture), Hades (is a fan of Chernabog), Yami, Gul'dan
  • Opposed by: Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Riku, Amaterasu, Frollo
  • Followers: His many legions of demons and ghosts
  • Chernabog usurped this position from King Sombra. When asked how he did it, he said that he was… pathetic, to say the least.
  • There is no temple for Chernabog in the Pantheon, but rather Bald Mountain itself is in the Pantheon. By day, there is nothing to fear. But at night, Chernabog awakens and begins commanding his ghosts and demons to do whatever he pleases, or he just smothers them in lava. Many times, he does both.
  • Despite the magnitude of his sheer presence, and the power he wields, Chernabog does not have as much clout in the Pantheon as one would expect, because he mainly keeps to himself. He will have his nightly "session" with all of his underlings, but will not do much else. The GUAE is interested in him, but messengers have a tendency to get killed, and sometimes brought back as ghostly minions for Chernabog.
    • As Sora (and later Riku) can attest, he will attack anyone who comes near his mountain while he is awake, so the GUAE's plan may not be going anywhere for now.
  • His one weakness (other than a Keyblade to the face) is the light of day, preferably with church bell accompaniment. When people are a little too nervous of Chernabog, Amaterasu (or her son) is called in to Cue the Sun and put Chernabog back in his mountain.
    • Amaterasu has sensed power emanating from Chernabog that is quite similar to that of Yami, the source of all darkness in her home world. Since Chernabog is considered to be the devil himself, some wonder if they're somehow connected.
  • In spite of being quite monstrous himself, Frollo holds nothing but the most venomous contempt for Chernabog, for being such a Satanic Archetype.
  • Though he's named after a non-evil Slavic god, Chernabog acts and certainly seems to be based off of Satan. Satan himself had made no comment on the relation between himself and Chernabog, but has noted the beast is a sorry excuse for a demon: more interested in having those "juvenile raves" rather than using his power "productively".
    • Lucifer has seconded the notion. While he's actually never met Chernabog, he's fairly sure the actual deity is a lesser demon of winter, death and decay.
  • Has a rather embarrassing secret.
  • Along with his role in the Pantheon, he also holds a position of power in the alliance of Disney villains known as the Friends from the Other Side.
  • Ended up being part of "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil" with Nyarlathotep, Griffith, The Bittercold and Diablo. For whatever reason, Nyarlathotep made him the Team Pet.
  • For safety reasons, DO NOT claim to be smarter than Chernabog, especially if your name is Homer Simpson.

Intermediate Gods

    Jackie Estacado/Darkness 
Jackie Estacado, God of Darkness (The Darkness)
Jackie With the Darkness Armor 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Darkness Symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Darkness, Hitman, Shadows, Assassination
  • Allies: Lara Croft, Batman, Dante Sparda, Agent 47, Ghost Rider, The Guy, Spawn
  • Enemies: YHVH, Metatron, Alexander Anderson, Dormammu
  • As its name imply, The Darkness power comes from darkness itself. Jackie can use it to increased his strength, speed, and agility. He can also create dark tentacles of various shape and size to attack his enemies. He also has command over creatures call Darklings, little imp like creatures. Though, the Darkness does have weakness which is light itself which can weakens it and limits its ability. These qualities made the Court of the Gods decide to ascend Jackie to replace Baldez as the God of Shadows.
  • The Darkness is Primordial Chaos itself, being around since the beginning of time. It was in constant war with its light counterpart, The Angelus, until the two called a truce which they consummated, birthing the Witchblade. Of course, such truce don't last long and the Darkness has been trying to tip the world into Chaos
  • The Darkness has always bonded itself to a male host that goes from father to son, going into the offspring at conception and taking the life of the father at the same time. It will then wait until the son's twenty first birthday to resurface. The current host is former mob Hitman Jackie Estacado.
  • Jackie was one of many heroes who exemplify the Nineties Anti Heroes. But after growing as a person he moved away from that look. In fact, he barely goes into his Darkness Armor and use the Darkness in more creative ways.
  • Surprisingly, Jackie has already met many other deities before his ascension, including Lara Croft, Ghost Rider, Stephen Strange, and Batman. In fact, it was his meeting with Batman that help him quit the mob and go good.
  • Stays away from the House of Music because every time he comes near it, someone will always blast I Believe In A Thing Called Love. It gets very irritating.
  • Became GUAL number one target after learning about who the Darkness was. YHVH and Metatron do not want another emissary of chaos in the pantheon.
    • The first to take on Jackie/Darkness was Alexander Anderson himself. The fight became personal when the Darkness proclaim that a person like Anderson who dedicated his life to God shouldn't attack him since he, the Darkness, is God himself. This only infuriated the priest as he attacked more carelessly before being impaired by dark spike and defeated. Anderson now vows to end the Darkness miserable life.
  • Was once rescued by both Johnny Blaze and Dante when Jackie was trapped in the depths of hell. Ever since, the three have been allies.
  • If not in the House of Nature, Jackie is often seen in House of Mentalism since its entirely dark in there and he is able to unleash his full potential.
  • Once met the wife of one of his mark back in the mortal realm before his ascension and actually felt remorse for his actions as a Hitman.
  • Has something of a rough relationship with some of the good aligned mothers. The reason for it are a bit fuzzy, but they have to do with Sara Pezzini and their daughter Hope.

    Nightmare Moon 
Nightmare Moon, Goddess of The Night… That Lasts… FOREVER! (The Mare in the Moon)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: a moon littered with craters forming a unicorn head
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Eternal Night, Twisted Goddess, Sealed Villain, Shapeshifter, Possesses People Jealousy, Used to be good, Darker side of Luna, Really hammy (though less so than her good side)
  • Domains: Darkness, Night, Moon, Space, Evil, Jealousy, Death
  • Allies: Balanar her former High Priest, Yami, David Zappa, The Grand Duke of Owls
  • Enemies: Volcarona, Princesses Celestia and Luna, Utsuho Reiuji, Amaterasu, Helios and Selene...really, all the Protectors of Night and Day.
  • Hardly had Celestia and Luna ascended to the Pantheon than an unknown god or goddess somehow reawakened Nightmare Moon, Luna's resentful Superpowered Evil Side previously thought destroyed by the Elements of Harmony. There are three current culprit theories going about; Parsee, Bernkastel, and Terumi, though nothing has been proven yet. Laughing wickedly, the dark mare promised to bring upon the Pantheon an era of eternal night before being subdued by the promptly summoned Elements of Harmony. Unfortunately, they failed to function to their full effect and thus Luna is now in the same situation as Sayaka Miki/Oktavia von Seckendorff, her normal self still acting as co-Goddess of Winged Unicorns while her Nightmare Moon personality fills the role of Goddess of Eternal Night.
    • Months later, an unknown god or goddess (it's not known if it's the same one) managed to remove Nightmare Moon from Princess Luna completely…only for it to be plunged into Rarity, turning her into Nightmare's second coming. A fierce skirmish between Nightmare and her allies against Luna, Celestia, the remainder of the Mane Six, Spike, and all of their friends (including some gods whose followers were Equestrians), which eventually became a skirmish between forces in the Grand United Alliances of Good and Evil. Eventually, the Nightmare was purged, and Rarity was saved. Unfortunately, Nightmare Moon was revived by unknown means and provided a new body so she can continue her "crusade" against the Day.
  • Nightmare and Maleficent deny any and all connections to each other. The Pantheon is not fooled, though.
  • Nightmare Moon expresses interest in Utsuho Reiuji. Due to the singular nature of Equestria, she desires her help in comprehending the complexity of stars in other worlds. Utsuho herself, for her part, says she really likes Nightmare Moon's mane.
    • However, once she joined the Sun Quartet, the two of them became enemies. Utsuho still likes her mane, but she gets distracted by Volcarona when she tries to stare into it too long.
    • And then when the Titans of the Sun and Moon ascended during a skirmish between their groups, she's come to despise them as well (especially when they joined the Sun Quartet...and reform it into the Protectors of Night and Day), Helios for his dominion over the Sun, and Selene for being able to wrest the Moon from her control.
  • The Grand Duke of Owls became a fast ally of hers, as they both shared a desire for eternal night.

    Shikamaru Nara 
Shikamaru Nara, God of Shadows

Zeratul, God of The Void (Dark Prelate, The Prelate, Raszagal's Blade)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Dark Templar clan symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Darkness-users, Laser Blades, Ninja, One Man Armies, Teleportation, Religious Aliens
  • Domains: Assassination, Darkness, Wisdom
  • Followers: Kassadin
  • Allies: Tassadar, Artanis, Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Exdeath
  • Many who are unaware of his methods believe Zeratul never leaves his seat. He does, he just makes sure he's not seen doing it, which is often bad news for any evil gods about.
  • Claims to have lived many centuries and to have travelled to many worlds unravelling the mysteries of the cosmos. His council is highly valued and is not given out lightly.
  • Regularly faces challenges from Exdeath, himself a powerful practitioner of Void energies. So far he has proven himself a Worthy Opponent, and though acknowledging of this, Zeratul remains victorious thus far. He would remind visitors that the Void is just another source of power and is not evil itself, but he's patient with them for misconceptions to the contrary, since he got used to that sort of attitude when he worked alongside Aldaris.
  • Occasionally, his followers uses the greeting phrase, "En Taro Zeratul". Zeratul himself is rather stunned hearing such phrase, he usually heard those for those he truly honored, like Tassadar or Adun. Usage of it has increased after Zeratul's mortal form perished freeing his friend Artanis from Amon's mind control, with many believing now Zeratul is up there, bro-fisting with Tassadar.
  • Zeratul has recently taken rise again, tagging along with others like Thrall and even Sarah Kerrigan, in order to battle greater evils such as Diablo and The Lich King. In addition, on Thrall's request, Zeratul has used his knowledge of the void to bring forth Jaina Proudmoore into said battlefield, taking her before she descended into madness. At first, his plan was to use the experience to fight against Amon, but had a change in mind due to Artanis' situation. He has no regrets of the experience.
    • He's also glad that he gets to fight alongside his honored friend, the aforementioned Tassadar.
    • He's especially happy to learn that Tassadar has ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Surprisingly, he has a differing low opinion on Arcturus Mengsk. While he understands that both Raynor and Kerrigan are mightily pissed at him, he's seen and fought abominations far worse than him, like The Overmind and Amon, so Mengsk and his tyranny looked like small-time problems compared to a galactic threat. So, he preferred to wash his hands of the arrogant Terran, leave him to Raynor & Kerrigan, and focus on bigger things. Unless Mengsk starts kidnapping and experimenting on his Protoss brethren.
  • No, while Terran holidays are a foreign concept to him, do NOT think of him as a Scrooge.

Lesser Gods

    Dark Link 
Dark Link, God of Living Shadows
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A black version of the Master Sword
  • Theme Music: Dark Link
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Those Made of Evil, Evil Twins, Shadow Archetypes, Enemies Without, Living Shadows, Mirror Bosses, Puzzle Bosses
  • Domains: Combat, Darkness, Emotion
  • Followers: Darkside (previous dethroned holder of this trope), Peter Pan's Shadow
  • Allies: Cia, Bernkastel, Vanitas, Dark Samus, The Psycho Rangers
  • Enemies: Link, The Investigation Team, Rika Furude, Naruto Uzumaki, Yuma Tsukumo, Jeanne, Rayman, any and all hammer users like Vita, Aurora
  • Opposed by: Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Is one of Link's most formidable foes in direct combat — though he mostly lacks the higher brain functionality to be a true villain, whenever he spawns from within Link he proves exceptionally difficult to take down, able to match Link in swordsmanship move for move. Unfortunately for him, he has yet to figure out how to copy Link's wide array of other weapons, though he is trying. He's never gone forever though and will usually be reborn a few generations of Link down the line. Is particularly weak against hammers and being stabbed in the knee.
    • The Investigation Team sympathize with Link in this regard, as they all know what an encounter with one's own Shadow Archetype is like.
  • Oddly, he and Link's Arch-Enemy Ganondorf have never been direct allies, Dark Link usually acting of his own accord and Ganondorf only indirectly being involved with his creation once. Ganondorf has reportedly tried to contact Dark Link to hire him as a minion, but his messages haven't been returned.
    • There are theories that he is an aspect of Demise.
  • During the events of Super Smash Bros. Brawl he teamed up with Dark Samus, who was mistakenly referred to as Samus' dark side. She's not but Dark Link was content with whatever help he could get.
  • Vanitas's ascension made Dark Link rather nervous. Not only did Vanitas have the higher brain functionality that Dark Link was somewhat lacking, but he is technically the enemy without of TWO separate people. Vanitas has made it clear he isn't after Dark Link's position, and the two now share a mutual understanding and respect for one another.
    • However, after Vanitas was stripped out of most of his tropes, leaving him with just Enemy Without, Dark Link vanished for a bit... and then reappeared after he had brutally killed a Darkside for this position.
  • Enjoys the greater power allowed by his new master, Cia. She regularly summons him to her side, sometimes with several copies of himself. Though some gods are creeped out by the implications of Cia summoning multiple clones of Link...
  • Besides what some may think, "Shadow Link" is not really related to Dark Link. First, there can exist multiple Shadow Links at a time. Second, Shadow Link is quite capable of using Link's weapons. Third, Shadow Link spawns himself out of the Dark Mirror thanks to the help of Ganondorf. And then there was one time when Shadow Link helped the other Links to defeat Vaati, even if he had to sacrifice himself for that.
  • Dark Link recently took control of Link, and attacked Donald Duck and Goofy for an unknown reason. This got Sora's attention, which led to him clashing with Dark Link. Sora won the battle, saved Link, and the four teamed up to fight some Heartless. Right now, they are trying to find out if Master Xehanort is allied with Dark Link.
    • Now that the two are in the same sub-house, Dark Link continues to use the Heartless to antagonize Sora. However, the Keyblade wielder has managed to assign a High Priestess, which he hasn't done until after the Friendship Asylum incident, which has made his task more difficult, not that he despairs from that.
    • And because she's often gotten in her way, since her ascension, Dark Link has also dispatched heartless to attack Aurora, and even on occasion going after her himself.

Midna, Goddess of Non-Evil Dark Characters (Twilight Princess)
Midna's true form 

Richard B. Riddick, God of Dark Vision
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His eyes in the darkness
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, Cool Goggles, Genius Bruiser, Knives as Weapon of Choice, Last of the Furyans, Noble Demon
  • Domains: Vision, Survival, Crime
  • Allies: Dominic Toretto, Guts
  • Enemies: Judge Dredd and the House of Justice, Boba Fett, Graboids
  • Opposes: Jack the Ripper, Dexter Morgan
  • Odd Friendship: Groot and the Iron Giant
  • Riddick may have made a temple for himself later than most, but he insists that he has been around for much longer. With his natural night vision, he has been hiding in the darkness away from various monsters, police officers and bounty hunters after him. It was only when the Guardians of Figure decided to make a case for him that he went out in the open. It was decided that he would stay under their observation for the time being.
  • The Eyeshine gives Riddick's eyes night vision quality, allowing him to see and detect objects and people even in pitch darkness. As a drawback though, his eyes are highly sensitive when it comes to light. As a result, he requires goggles to operate in bright locations. As a result, he forbids any light inside his temple. His followers don't mind of course, but onlookers would have to find other means to see.
  • Though an unrepentant murderer, Riddick does not kill for the sake of killing but to survive. He's not going to kill those who isn't a threat to him or those he cares about. Regardless, Jack the Ripper has tried to get Riddick to join his side with little success.
    • Another odd encounter was with Dexter Morgan. While he is wary of the man's body count, he came by with a proposition. He would let Riddick go to do his business as long as he focuses on killing other criminals instead. Riddick stated he could not guarantee that and turned down the offer. Besides, he doesn't like the idea of killing to keep sane. Dexter replied that this would be the only time he will visit peacefully; next time that they meet, he won't hesitate to put him down.
  • Regardless, he has a huge list of people who are after him. Boba Fett and his followers have been after him for quite a while. Not that they are against his practices, but the price of Riddick's head is too high to simply ignore. Even with the truce, Fett hopes to claim the ransom.
  • He is also wanted among the various officers in the House of Justice, headed by Judge Dredd himself. Dredd has made sure that Riddick won't have it easy in the Pantheon, waiting for an opportunity to send him in the Cube.
  • Was deeply shocked to see that there is a god who looks just like him including the bald head, making him wonder if he had a twin brother he never knew about. After the initial shock, Riddick seems to get along with Dominic.
    • While they don't look the same, he does share the same voice actor as the likes of Groot and the Iron Giant. Groot doesn't mind his presence. He already deals with anti-heroes among the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Iron Giant on the other hand is interested that Riddick doesn't fit the mold of superheroes that he has read. Riddick for his part has made sure that the Iron Giant doesn't imitate his lifestyle. Still, the Iron Giant has had a tendency to protect the criminal if in danger.
  • After his previous encounter with underground creatures, it's safe to say he's not a fan of such creatures. The closest thing to them in the Pantheon are the Graboids and he can be found having to fend himself from them.
  • It's no surprise that the place where Riddick is most welcome in is the place where people are nearly truly good or evil. Guts took a particular liking to the man and welcomed him in with open arms. To Riddick, it was nice to have one mercenary that isn't obsessive with taking his bounty.

Zed, God of Shadow Teleportation (The Master of Shadows)


    Koichi Kimura 
Koichi Kimura, God of The Sacred Darkness (Duskmon, Velgemon, Lowemon, Jagerlowemon/Kaiserleomon, Rhihimon)

    Vashta Nerada 
The Vashta Nerada, Divine Swarm of Deadly Darkness (Piranhas of the Air, "The Shadows that melt the flesh")
The Vashta Nerada, "wearing" a corpse
  • Quasideities individually(can affect Lesser Deities)
  • Symbol: A second shadow
  • Theme Song: Forests of the Vashta Nerada
  • Alignment: True Neutral (just don't piss them off)
  • Portfolio: Darkness = Death, Stripped to the Bone, Swarms, It Can Think, Shadows, Fear Of The Dark, The Worm That Walks, Paranoia Fuel
  • Domains: Predation, Darkness, Paranoia, Fear
  • Followers: the Grue
  • Allies: Trevenant, the Lorax, Captain Planet, Balanar, Pitch Black, Jackie Estacado, Freddy Fazbear
  • On good terms with: The House of Plants
  • Rivals with: The Tyranids, The Wig-Wigs, Gluttony
  • On speaking terms with: The Doctor
  • Enemies: Anyone who harms their forest, particularly Mr Burns, Looten Plunder, Ragnaros the Firelord and Hexxus. Also Bright Man
  • Almost every species in the universe has an irrational fear of the dark. But it's not irrational-it's Vashta Nerada. These alien predators are microscopic, mistaken for the dust in sunlight. But in swarms, they are deadly. Feeding in the shadows, they can strip you to the bone in seconds. Unexplained disappearances of animals and even people can be explained by them. Reports of them were found in the Trope Pantheon, and in order to control them they were put under the rules that all gods have to follow. That, and they've earned their title.
  • There was a minor infestation of Vashta Nerada in the House of Knowledge, which caused some trouble. They've stopped causing issues now that they have their own temple and position as gods. But if you end up getting lost in their temple, run. For God's sake, run.
  • They are a truly terrifying organism, however they aren't malicious. Normally they're like any predator, and aren't going to just chow down on people. However if they're rightly angered, they'll strip you to the bone. This was the case on The Library, a planet-sized library where they'd eat anyone in the darkness. Their forests were sifted and pulped into the many books there, however the Doctor managed to find peace and they were left alone. The Library now functions as their temple, however unless they permit it don't enter.
  • Given what they are, they find it near-impossible to communicate with other members of the pantheon. To fix this, a corpse donated for science was given to them in a suit. They are capable of piloting it and use the donation as a means of speaking with other gods. As you can imagine, this just adds to their creep factor. Whenever they're "piloting" a body or about to eat someone, there will be a second shadow.
  • The one house that has absolutely nothing to fear from the Vashta Nerada is the House of Plants. They dwell in forests, and they're meat eaters so it's comforting there. Trevenant has been especially kind in serving as a host to them, so long as they promise not to touch anything with flesh in his temple. The House of Plants usually employs swarms of them to fend off those who might try to destroy or pollute the forests, such as Mr Burns and Hexxus.
  • They like the Lorax and Captain Planet. Having their forests taken down for massive library(when they could have just used futuristic computer libraries), they benefit from a good Green Aesop. That being said the Lorax and Captain Planet are creeped out by them and think they go too far, so the swarm has to behave around them.
  • So long as it's meat, a swarm of the Vashta Nerada can eat just about anything. Its hungering way makes it a rival to the Tyranids and Wig-Wigs for who's better at devouring life like an armada of locusts. Sometimes they compete with Gluttony over meat, which often ends with hordes of them being swallowed by Gluttony while he gets eaten alive over and over, regenerating from his Philosopher's Stone. Pride is interested in having them work in tandem with his shadows, but they don't seem interested.
  • Balanar likes them a lot, as do Pitch Black; they make the dark and night a thing to fear. To help out their causes they shelter the Vashta Nerada, and give them some delicious food.
  • They live in darkness, and as such the more light the weaker they are. Most gods make sure to have powerful lights in the presence of the Vashta Nerada. For this reason they dislike Bright Man. As Freddy Fazbear attacks in the dark, the Vashta Nerada sometimes help him out. Hey, he gets rid of "evil adults" and they don't chow on machines, while they get a free meal and some pizza.


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