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One of the most surreal places to be where anything can and will happen. The House of Dreams is a particular realm unlike any other place in the Pantheon where many deities come to relax or escape their harsh realities. Most deities who reside this House are already used to the nonsensical laws and events that tend to happen, but there are a select few who mostly try to trick other visiting deities into visiting the dark corners where fear and nightmares lurk, which the Pantheon authorities have labelled as "The Dark Nightmare". Some of those nightmarish places also connect this house with the House of Dread and Valor, so beware.

Certain deities possess an alternate avatar when they enter this house, which helps them accommodate easily to the bizarre environment.

Mario and Luigi enter this house from time to time, usually by Mario entering his brother's dream using special pillows. Sora and Riku occasionally drop by the Hall, finding it similar to the Sleeping Worlds they traveled during the Mark of Mastery exam. Being a Dream Walker, Princess Luna frequents the Hall to interact with its denizens and to pass by as she travels to other dreams. Due to his state of perpetual sleep thanks to his unfortunate condition, Bedman is effectively a permanent resident of the dream realms, so he can occasionally be seen in the Hall when he's not preoccupied with something else. As Madotsuki spends all of her time asleep in her temple, she's practically a mainstay of the House, wandering around and sometimes stabbing those who get too close.

Since most of this sub-house exists in a perpetual kind of limbo state between dream and reality (and the rest of that is literally nothing but dreams and nightmares), it’s quite similar to the Sleeping Worlds, which means that The Heartless, The Nobodies and The Unversed can’t enter this sub-house, since they cannot exist in dreams. This makes this sub-house one of the few places (alongside the house of Light and Brightness) in the pantheon that the Heartless, The Nobodies and the Unversed can’t enter, essentially making this whole sub-house a safe haven for those who are seeking refuge from any of these aforementionned monsters. However, as Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar and Saix demonstrated, there ARE a few exceptions to that rule...

However, while The Heartless, Nobodies and Unversed are unable to enter this house, visitors should still look out for another type of creature from the Kingdom Hearts franchise that exists almost only in dreams: The Dream Eaters. Long story short, they’re the form darkness takes in dreams. They’re divided in two kinds: the bright-colored Spirits and the dark-colored, red-eyed Nightmares. The friendly Spirits will befriend and help out visitors, but the Nightmares will attack them viciously on sight. They’re seen a lot in this house, alongside other dream-based entities from other franchises like the Nightopians and Nightmarens, Munnas and Musharnas, Dream Of The Endless (obviously), etc...

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    Dream of the Endless 
Dream of the Endless, Divine Architect Of All Dreams (The First Dream, Morpheus, The Dream-King, Lord Shaper, Oneiros, Dream Weaver, The Sandman, Daniel Hall, Prince of Stories, countless others)
Morpheus, the First Dream
"Daniel", the Second Dream
  • Overdeity (The Anthropomorphic Personification of Dreams and Fiction, to be precise)
  • Symbol: His tools (A Bag of Sand, a Helm and a Ruby/Emerald Necklace)
  • Theme Music: Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (although he can go Chaotic Neutral in one of his more... somber moods)
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Entity, The Sandman, Domain Holder, Anti-Hero, Character Development Even Literally, Dream Weaver, Friend to All Children, Good Is Not Nice, The Stoic, Sacred Hospitality, Broken Haughty, The Comically Serious, Fatal Attractor, Jedi Mind Trick on uncooperative mortals, Lonely at the Top, Pride, Driven to Suicide
  • Domains: Creation, Dream, Law, Illusion, Mentalism, Trickery, Opening
  • Herald: Matthew (his companion), Lucien (his Librarian), Mervyn Pumpkinhead (his Plucky Comic Relief), Nuala (his housekeeper)
  • Followers: Anyone who in any way deals with dreams or calls themselves "the Sandman" in reference to Dream, Lukoje, Ro'kenhronteys
  • Allies: William Shakespeare (as he's was involved in his career), Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, all deities in his House (except those under Enemies), Princess Luna, Sandy, Cthulhu, Butters Stotch
  • Associates: Azathoth
  • Enemies: Freddy Krueger, Ruvik, Pitch Black, Melkor, the Anti-Monitor, Zamasu, Lord English, Nekron, Lord Fuse, Barbatos
  • Special Relationship: All of his siblings (Death, Destiny, Destruction, Desire, Delirium, Despair), The Presence
  • The one to whom, ultimately, even gods belong. It is rumored that, in the same way that a coin is never one-sided, He also holds domain over physical reality as well. Makes sense, since pretty much anything created in the real world must have sprung from an idea, and, well, he's pretty much the personification of ideas. He is also the younger brother of Death and arguably defers to her in situations.
  • It is because of Dream that the Pantheon exists at all; He or some aspect or precursor of Him formed it at the beginning of imagination. Unlike the others in the Main House, Dream very rarely makes a production of getting involved or physically exercising His power. This has lead to many would-be usurpers underestimating Him.
    • However, with the new regulations, Dream had to move to a new house. Additionally, during this move, it's been revealed that Morpheus, the Dream ascended here, had "died" during the events of his story and already has a replacement. For purposes of convenience, that Dream, also known as Daniel (though he would deny that being his name), serves as his herald in the event the "first" Dream Morpheus is needed elsewhere.
    • It is rather confusing, though, as both Dreams have the memories of the other given who they are, so don't be surprised if the First Dream does things that are unlikely for him but not for the Second.
  • Is a very proficient chessmaster; right from the start of the story, Morpheus had sown the seeds of his own destruction by giving away ammunition that could be turned against him at a critical juncture and preparing Daniel to be the vessel for his replacement. By the time the Furies come knocking, every single Chekhov's Gun he's prepared fired off one by one.
  • Very nearly every deity has spoken to Dream within hours of ascension into the ranks of godhood. It is believed that He assigns initial positions to new gods, sometimes through a sort of interview, sometimes just through a chat, though as of late a lot more methods have become available, such as the Court of the Gods, although Dream is always involved at some level.
  • Dream is a powerful being with near-limitless power, but he has three critical weaknesses (as Morpheus, at least): his relationships will never end well, a certain Summoning Ritual can capture him during moments of intense weakness, and he can be killed outright by spoilers. "Daniel" doesn't have the first weakness, though.
  • Despite his Progenitor status, due to matters far beyond mortal comprehension, Dream still owes his position to Gygax and Arneson, as it is they who created the concept of godhood here. Don't think about this too much.
    • It is arguable that Gygax and Arneson created the human concept of godhood, and that Dream predates this.
  • He's become acquainted with other deities who reign over dreams. Mainly, he's become enemies with nightmare-related deities such as Freddy Krueger and Ruvik (though the last is more of a crafter of Mental Worlds) and allies with the rest, notably Haruto Tsukishiro, NiGHTS, Ysera, SCP-990, and Sandy.
    • Dream accepts Darkrai as who he is thus earning his friendship as well as his partner Princess Luna, although she has some trust issues with Dream.
    • He sympathizes with Soldier #25954, Douglas Quaid and the Wind Fish for their unfortunate situations, in which luckily they do not blame Dream for their problems.
    • He has conflicting opinions on Miyuki-chan and Madotsuki.
      • He thinks Miyuki should accept her dreams as representations of her innermost desires and is disappointed that she is actively denying them. He's interested in the fact that the Investigation Team has a low-priority mission in nudging her to get help on this, though they don't do interventions against a person's will, but they think that it's only a matter of time given how she teleports around.
      • As for Madotsuki, she refuses to wake up from her dreams, ones which even puts Dream off due to their horrifying nature.
    • Haruto once asked Dream his relationship with Eve, perhaps on the suspicion that Dream is the god she wanted to take revenge on. Dream so far is keeping quiet.
  • Eneru once tried to usurp Dream of his position because he was peeved that he was not a top God in the Pantheon, which ended as well as you'd expect from an Intermediate God. That said, he's since began to bide his time by rounding up other deities to help him.
  • Despite being friendly with his brother Destruction, destroyers are not his best friends. And there are a lot who wish to end Dream forever.
    • The Anti-Monitor thinks killing him is one step to killing the entire Pantheon, and Zamasu also agrees with him for once, thinking that without Dream, humans will cease to lose dreams and sleep, thus dying for his purposes. Lord English's reasons are the same as the previous two. Nekron wants destruction to all and thinks killing Dream is the first step. This earned Dream's ire greatly.
    • Lord Fuse also fears Dream as much as he fears Gygax and Arneson, as ideas are born from the imagination, which is Fuse's weakness.
    • Melkor has sworn to be rid of Dream as soon as he's done with Eru.
  • He warned the Pantheon of Barbatos, earning him a spot on the dark god's hate list.

We meet again, Troper, for we have met before, whether you know it or not. When you mutter in your sleep, you speak to me. When you waken wet with sweat, you've just left my house. I dwell in your dreams; I savor your nightmares.

Vaermina, Daedric Prince of Dream Thievery (Vaernina, Varmiina, Vaermina the Gifter, Weaver of the Panoply, the Dreamweaver, Queen of Nightmares, Mistress of Nightmares, Prince of Dreams and Nightmares, the Lost Daughter, Dark Lady)
Vaermina by Radishez
  • Overdeity
  • Symbols: Her emblem, her realm Quagmire, the Skull of Corruption, the Orb of Vaermina, and her many shrines and statues
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Causes and is the Anthropomorphic Personification of nightmares, Arc Villain of the Stormhaven Questline, Loved her champion, Glathis the Night Terror, Psychological Torture through Mind Rape, Consistently "demonic" Daedra, Depicted with snakes, Sometimes has an oddly sweet and child-like voice, Still ultimately Above Good and Evil
  • Domains: Dreams, Nightmares, Memories, Fear, Torment, Bad Omens
  • Heralds: The Priests of Vaermina, the Supernal Dreamers, Watchers (Omens), all those who rest and sleep to slip away into the slumbering void
  • Allies: Freddy Krueger, Nightmare (Kirby), Pitch Black, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, N'Zoth, the Great Ones
  • On speaking terms with: Hircine, Molag Bal, Sheogorath
  • Rivals: Dream of the Endless (one-sided on her part), The Radiance (One-sided on the Radiance's part)
  • Enemies: Hermaeus Mora, NiGHTS, The Inception Crew, Ysera, Darkrai, Kirby, The Stardust Crusaders (especially Noriaki Kakyoin), YHVH, the Grand United Alliance of Law, The Hunter, Heather Mason, Harry Mason, Jack Frost, Nicholas Saint North, Sandy, Toothiana, E. Aster Bunnymond, Dipper and Mable Pines, The Hollow Knight, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Absolutely no relation to: Glenn Quagmire (insist otherwise and face the consequences)
  • Source of Interest: Madotsuki
  • Respects: The Bogeyman
  • Fears: Azathoth
  • A quiet night fell onto the Pantheon, and a peaceful at that (or as peaceful as it could be) for few sounds could be heard but the crickets chirping, the distant barking of hounds, and the soft rhythm of the body’s resting beats. But of course all was not quite well for nightmares are plaguing the many sleepers on these dark hours. One, a teenage automaton is back in a enclosed space, once more battered and tired as synthetic skin wraps around her. Then, a scruffy haired boy relives his custody and torment, battered and delirious, and a chamber to his forehead as the room fills with black-red fluids. Still another, a maiden centered to conflicts both cosmic and demonic is encased in a cage of black spines as the air is frigid while the skies is in fumes, her body chained not unlike property as a figure approaches ready to raise a mace above and brings it down. They all soon pull back into the safe and waking world drenched cold sweat if they could, though such a night would inevitably be sleepless.
    • As dawn broke, many gods clamored to know what was going on in the House of Dreams for far too many of the Pantheon's youth have been subjected to nightmares in just a single night. Freddy Krueger and Nightmare (Kirby) were immediately pressed and questioned, though investigators were left at a dead end. When the more golden hearted members of the House were involved, it didn't take them long to find their culprit for they approached them: An old woman in long robes holding a staff, snakes resting on her shoulders. In one moment she only but remarked on the many more visitors she'll get and be acquainted with. In another, she was already done evicting them from her very presence after allowing them. They were only given a name, and that name was enough: Vaermina.
  • Marking her arrival, Vaermina is the fifth Daedric Prince to make her mark on the Pantheon. Before her was Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, Sheogorath, and Molag Bal. While not much can actually be said in regards to her relationship with the Daedric Prince of the Hunt, she proved to be a lot more sociable with her fellow Princes as follows.
    • Though Molag Bal is the Father of Vampires, for whatever reason Vaermina holds a cure for the condition and he must consult with her to apprehend such a thing to whomever needs it. Presumably, this may be connected to Vaermina's previous spheres of influence early on. What exactly is the cure for it is unknown bu its not the only cure for the Champion of Cyrodiil and Last Dragonborn have found other ways to free themselves, though the former found their method to be very tedious.
    • It is actually said that Vaermina and Hermaeus Mora are enemies to one another. This is theorized to do in regards to memories as in the process of Vaermina stealing someones' dreams to leave behind unpleasant terrors she also steals their memories. As Hermaeus Mora's sphere of influence extends out to memories this naturally offends him thus resulting in the clash between the two Princes. Of course, such information was documented early on and has yet to be demonstrated and shown as opposed to Molag Bal's vehement rivalries with Boethiah and opposition towards Meridia.
    • In times long ago while observing her follower Darius Shano both Vaermina and Sheogorath observed his dreams with much intrigue. While discussing making him gain renown, the Mad God proposed that a hated reputation would be a pedestal to greatness and thus the two made a bet to see who could make everyone hate Darius. The Mistress of Nightmares went first and spoke to remove the curtains shielding his dreams to make way for her modus operandi. Crimes against mankind, unfathomable monsters, and first hand atrocities; What was once worlds inspiring art was instead replaced with the grotesque and people hated and loved him for it. When it was Sheogorath's turn, Darius became hateful and misanthropic and spoke of scorn towards everyone. There was no love for Darius' offense, and it came to a point where it got him executed one day. What did Sheogorath speak to Darius that made him reviled by everyone thus securing his victory? Simple: Nothing.
  • The House of Dreams rattled to its very core when this Daedric Prince came to the scene for a being second only to Dream of the Endless' power had made herself known. To the benevolent gods whom had seen Vaermina before she made herself known, she is universally disliked. NiGHTS and Haruto Tsukishiro are not at all fond of the fact Vaermina has all the leeway in the world to torment people through the dreams, SCP-990 sees the Prince as a detriment to his role in foreshadowing events, Ysera dreads the sheer influence the Weaver of the Panoply has, and the Inception crew actively go out of there way to avoid Vaermina when she's involved. Inversely, beings such as Freddy Krueger and Nightmare welcomed her. Now this isn't to say all of them are ignorant of her morality or the fact she can grant pleasant dreams to her favored followers (and woe to you if you mess with her favored) but since her "demonic" reputation precedes her the relationships remain as thus.
    • As far as Vaermina's relationship with Dream of the Endless goes, the Daedric Prince appears to view Dream as a rival, having been impressed with his role in envisioning creation itself while still retaining power. Something that could not be said for the et'Ada turned Aedra. Dream, however, finds Vaermina just plain off and wants little to do with the Mistress of Nightmares. No one really bothers Dream when it comes to a conclusion like that.
    • If there was anyone in the House of Dreams who really piques Vaermina's interest it would be the mysterious little girl known only as Madotsuki. As she prefers the sleeping world, the Prince has many an opportunity to observe the young little dreamer and her worlds. Tranquil or horrific, they are all very interesting to the Prince by sheer peculiarity. This, naturally, alarmed Madotsuki for she is not at all ignorant of the Mistress of Nightmares' reputation and power over her domain.
  • When people dream and fall victim to nightmares it is assumed they have unknowingly wandered into Vaermina's realm of Quagmire also known as the Dreamstride. Quagmire is one would call an ever shifting nightmare, no defined form to it, it's just from one terror to the next with every lightning strike. Whatever horrific scenario you could think of could very well be your imminent future in Quagmire. Though its primarily accessed through dreaming, forcing ones way in through magic or wandering into areas where it and the waking world have merged in due to close proximity with her artifacts are other options. Its a realm that can be potentially be more horrific than Molag Bal's Coldharbour, and that really says a lot. Think about it: A place that's a worse than the Lord of Violation's very own home plane.
    • No, the realm is not in any related to that Quagmire, as Vaermina is painfully aware of. Bring it up- no, just even think it up at your own peril for you'll be kept in the Dreamweaver's realm for centuries. Some reports even say she'll then throw you into Molag Bal's hands after that is over.
  • She has fallen into many a deity's radars when it comes to the topic of dreams. As a result of being enemies with Ysera, an alliance was formed between her and N'Zoth (drawing ire from his fellow Old Gods, but what else is new?) and later down the line another was formed with the Great Ones due to what happened to Yharnam, though this is in spite of their more reproductive motivations. Inevitably, not all of the relationships were friendly pacts. The Hunter didn't take kindly to the Daedric Prince getting friendly with the Great Onces after everything they went through and the Radiance views Vaermina as someone who will draw away her subjects to inevitably forget about her, while her nemesis the Hollow Knight regards Vaermina and her forces with the same amount of prejudice. Dipper and Mabel Pines see some similarities to her and Bill Cipher, referring to their first encounter with him when he invaded Grunkle Stan's mindscape. Kakyoin doesn't like her either as during the Stardust Crusader's trip to Egypt one the assassins they encountered was a baby with Stand pertaining to dreams. The rest of the Crusaders share the sentiment, but do to the rules regarding the Stand's abilities they don't remember the encounter at all.
    • Some of these people would soon be unknowingly roped into one of her schemes involving the House of Travel, courtesy of her cultists. During the events around the time of the attempted Planemeld, a cult of Vaermina known as the Supernal Dreamers were terrorizing the region of Stormhaven. Thanks to the efforts of the Daedric Prince Azura, her followers, and the Soulless One, they were able to stop them and the latter even got to slay Vaermina's champion Galthis. Now a similar plot has been started with the intent of sending its denizens to a deep, dark sleep. Kakyoin, the Hunter, and the Hollow Knight were coincidentally around this occurred and were able to combat her forces. Though the true ace-in-the-hole to stopping Vaermina would be yet another being of coincidence: Kirby.
      • Like with many before her, Vaermina payed no mind to the pink round puffball and brushed him off as inconsequential in the long run. In the long run, he ended up a big help in not only fighting back, but he went the step beyond and outright went to Quagmire to take the fight to the Daedra. Try as she might, but the eight-inch tall pink marshmallow proved to be too much for them and Vaermina was soon forced to drive Kirby out of her own realm. News of her failed plot spread like wildfire, and Vaermina's fellow Princes soon joining a laugh or two at her expense. This would not be something the Daedric Prince would forget.
      Sheogorath: "Come now, Vaermina, at least crack a grin. It was at least a little funny. Or rather, I thought it was. Haha!"
    • As Azathoth's awakening will stir the end of all creation as we know it, Vaermina prefers not to tangle with the Blind Idiot God no matter what. Self-preservation is not a lost concept to her for she quite likes how things the way they are. Some may disagree, but that's their opinion.
  • There are two known objects associated with her. There is the more widely known Skull of Corruption, a staff that shares its master's ability to steal the sleeper's dreams. It also has the ability to create duplicates on whoever it is cast upon to combat them. The Orb of Vaermina saw its use in scrying as well as spying on enemies. Both have less than desirable effects on the areas around them. The Skull plagued the people of Dawnstar with nightmares while it was in the Nightcaller's Temple. The Last Dragonborn put a stop to it either through letting it be destroyed or taking it for themselves. As for the Orb it was stolen from the dreams of Vaermina's followers and the tower it was kept at started to overlap with Quagmire leading to pleasing sites and destinations such as groups of hanged corpses dangling in the dark expanse.
  • As a being associated with nightmares would imply, Vaermina is also associated with psychological torture. And its bad enough to have her be on par with the likes of Molag Bal and Mehrunes Dagon in terms of being "demonic". For this very reason her ties are especially strong with the House of Fear and anyone who is no stranger to torture of such kind, either as the one inflicting it or vice versa. Pitch Black and Scarecrow were quite glad to hear of her coming, Scarecrow especially given how ecstatic he is with these sorts of things. It gave way to tipping off their respective adversaries, though it was only a matter of time.
    • It didn't take all that long for Vaermina to catch wind of the legendary Bogeyman, and she holds him in high regard. After all, there is no one quite like the monster that lurks under beds, hide behind closets, and the enigmatic embrace of the dark. Perhaps also aiding the positive relationship is both of their ethics that is too ambiguous and can't be simply labeled as good or evil. That, and his vagueness peeves Hermaeus Mora. As far as what he thinks? Not a soul knows, and not a soul desires to know.
  • Like all Daedric Princes, for their association with chaos and insistence on messing with the lives of mortals and the Aedra's ordered plane, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law made their intentions of being enemies not all hidden. She, too, has reciprocated such hostilities by plaguing some of their members with never ending terrors: Visions of unlawful revolution succeeding, whatever authority in mind collapsing left and right, while they were lined up and had their heads repeatedly cut guillotine never to fully die while watch their worlds do so instead. A generous spit to their faces as Vaermina's cultists go on their own to wreck havoc on their operations in the waking world.
  • In some of her appearances people note that Vaermina sounds like a youthful woman, something more on the lines of adorable instead of something more old and unnerving. Or at the very least something befitting a methodical torturer like herself. Of course, making fun of that may not be the best ideas. Granted, she may not be as petty to consider lowly insults from some random beings, but still food for thought in a world as dangerous as the Pantheon.
  • Through plucking the dreams of Harry Mason, James Sunderland and Heather Mason, Vaermina was able to learn of the existence of Silent Hill. And interested she was after glossing over the various horrors born and created by the victim's subconscious. Some might even as gone as far to say its comparable to an artist and something that lit the fire of inspiration for their next collection of artworks. Exaggerated? Perhaps, but it has no less unnerved the three.
  • Yes, Vaermina its still correct to refer to Vaermina as a Daedric Prince for Daedra as a whole are Otherworldly and Sexually Ambiguous. Yes, Vaermina still prominently takes the form of a woman. It is how it is.
You mortals. Always such high aspirations. You dream of interfering with my plans, but it is a fantasy.

Greater Gods

    Nightmare (Kirby
Nightmare, Divine Living Dream (Power Orb, Nightmare Wizard, eNeMeE, Emperor of Darkness, Lord Nightmare)
Nightmare in his Orb Form
Nightmare in the Anime
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His crown and shades
  • Theme Song: Nightmare Battle (GBA Version), Holy Nightmare Co.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sealed Evil in a Can Until Kirby Accidentally Releases Him, Sentient Nightmare, Obviously Evil Evil Sorceror, Knight of Cerebus, Sequential Boss, Always Wearing His Shades, Abusing Teleportation, High-Altitude Battle
  • Domains: Nightmares, Darkness, Sorcery, Monsters, Power, Dreams, Conquest
  • High Priest: Ghadius
  • Heralds: Customer Service, Holy Nightmare Co./Nightmare Enterprises, all of their Demon Beasts/Monsters and Destroyas, Parallel Nightmare.
  • Interested in: SCP-990
  • Allies: Yapool, Alien Empera, Black Cross King, Emperor Palpatine, Pitch Black, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare Moon, Vaermina, Wizeman, Antasma, Yzma, Ganondorf, Bowser, Grima, Prime Minister Honest, Vex
  • Business Partners: SHOCKER, Aku, Dr. Fetus, The Dead Moon Circus, Conal Cochran, Calypso, Professor Ludwig, Junko Enoshima
  • On good terms with: The House of Darkness and Shadow
  • Rivals: Frieza and his family
  • Enemies: Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Silica, Galacta Knight, The SCP Foundation, Galeem and Dharkon, Prismo, Ysera, Hypno, NiGHTS, Rosalina, Aurelion Sol, Bete Noire, The Doki Doki Literature Club, Mina Loveberry, Klonoa, The Sailor Guardians, All Heroic Kamen Riders, The Ultras, All Pretty Cure, Princess Luna, Akame, Night Raid, The Autobots, The Rebel Alliance, Lelouch vi Britannia, Baby Bonnie Hood, The Dark Army, The Bone Cousins, The Heroic Fire Emblem deities, Lucas, Team Dai-Gurren
  • Feared by: Ned Needlemeyer
  • Begrudging respect: Dream of the Endless
  • Nightmare was the Final Boss of Kirby's Adventure. A living dream, Nightmare lived to spread his nightmares onto Dream Land, until King Dedede sealed him away by breaking apart the Star Rod. Kirby accidentally freed him by restoring the Star Rod, however managed to stop Nightmare with it. He started a tradition of Kirby final bosses being sinister and scary. However, he managed to be so much worse in the Anime. He and Holy Nightmare Co. had successfully wiped out nearly all of the resistance movements against him and conquered almost the whole universe, with Kirby and Meta Knight being the sole survivors, along with a few like Sirica scattered around. In Dreamland, King Dedede and Escargoon would order monsters from his company to try to take down Kirby. His Status as a Living Dream goes further there. As long as there is fear in the heart of at least one person, he will someday return after being killed, and can only be harmed in a dream as he is a living nightmare.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon as an amalgamation of all of his counterparts thanks to Freddy Krueger of all people, who decided that he’d need some help ever since Kirby started effortlessly ruining some of his schemes. To let the young Star Warrior know of his arrival, he had a Destroya attack the House of Food For the Evulz, and decided to personally oversee the attack. Recognizing his foe, Kirby used the Star Rod to defeat both his Power Orb and True Form. Nightmare, however, managed to escape by drawing Kirby’s attention to the Destroya, which had not been defeated yet and was endangering civilians. Faced with a tough decision, Kirby went back to stop it, which allowed Nightmare to escape as he laughed.
  • A Living Dream of the worst kind, Nightmare has but three goals. He wants to take over the universe, terrorize the inhabitants and give absolutely everyone horrific nightmares. He has no motivation for this either. He just wants to commit these crimes because he feels like it. He runs an intergalactic business that sells Demon Beasts and other horrific products, and he leaves one of his minions, the Affably Evil Customer Service, to get others to buy from him. They aren’t afraid to sponsor things either, and have done so for some of Calypso’s Pantheonic Twisted Metal Games and Junko Enoshima’s Killing Games.
  • Works closely with the Inducers of Nightmares, who also seek to give everyone nightmares. He works closest with Freddy Krueger and Wizeman, and has found himself being opposed by NiGHTS as a result. He also has an alliance going with Nightmare Moon, and Princess Luna was not happy. While enemies, Nightmare actually has a form of respect for Dream of the Endless for making what he’s doing possible. Also, after repeated battles with Klonoa, Nightmare has decided to take in Ghadius as his High Priest and try to find a way to ascend Joka to spite him. All of this being said, Nightmare is one of the most influential of the Inducers due to his business beneath only Vaermina and N’Zoth and acts as a benefactor towards them.
  • His business and its anomalous Demon Beasts and other Products have attracted the attention of the SCP Foundation, and they were not happy. Nightmare scoffed at this, and finds some of the SCPs to be quite intriguing and wants to break the anomalies out and replicate some of them for his business, especially 096 and 035. 096 wants nothing to do with the living nightmare and would rather nobody look at him. He is even more unnerved by the fact that Nightmare cannot be harmed by him outside of a Dream. 035 loves the idea of more of his kind being created simply due to the mayhem and death it would cause, and is all too happy about the idea of working with Nightmare. There have been rumors that the reason SCP 1548 was evicted from the Pantheon was because Nightmare tried to speed up its descent towards the Pantheon, prompting a few Overdeities to step in. Nobody knows for sure though.
  • Proved himself to be an absolute force to be reckoned with even by reputation alone when the Pantheon started learning about the fact that he had wiped out almost all of the people opposing him successfully and brainwashed one of them in a way that was all too reminiscent of what Porky Minch had done to Claus. The Alien Empera, Black Cross King and Palpatine all respect him for these accomplishments, and Nightmare likes the fact that the Empera very nearly wiped out those opposing him as well. Nightmare and his company often work with Empera and Yapool to make monsters known as “Demon Choju”, which are basically a Demon Beast and Choju rolled into one creature. The fact that Nightmare will never truly stay dead also earned Yapool’s respect.
  • To the absolute horror of children living everywhere in the Pantheon, Nightmare has begun working with Conal Cochran. Nightmare likes the cut of his jib and Conal Cochran finds what the Living Dream has done in all of his incarnations to be absolutely hilarious. Nightmare genuinely likes what Cochran did regarding murdering children with deadly masks. Cochran also likes the additional resources Nightmare’s company has agreed to continue giving him as long as he can pay the right price for it. Cochran has no interest in buying Demon Beasts, only resources and products for his schemes.
  • One day, an upgraded version of one of his Demon Beasts, a Killer Robot named Masher, attacked a small village at his behest and Kamen Rider Amazon, Kamen Rider Kuuga and Kamen Rider Blade came to the rescue. The attack happened when one of Shocker’s scientists was nearby, and they assumed him to be behind that attack. To their shock, however, they soon found that he wasn’t after defeating him. Even worse, the Great Leader of Shocker took to speaking with Nightmare about the attack, conversing about how Masher was durable enough to put up a decent fight against three Kamen Riders at once and damn near win. Nightmare smirked and replied that Masher is one of the Demon Beasts That will continue to get new models and upgrades due to the possibilities of the Killer Robot. Nightmare was amused to learn that they thought Masher was a creation of Shocker, but decided that the Kamen Riders could be problematic threats to him. He and the Great Leader of Shocker have joined forces, and will sometimes collaborate together on schemes.
  • Upon hearing of a few deities who want to kill all monsters, good, bad or otherwise, yet happen to be more vile than many, Nightmare decided to test them by sending Wolfwrath after them. These women were Baby Bonnie Hood, Mina Loveberry and Bete Noire. Horrifically, Wolfwrath nearly got the better of them at first, and it took B.B Hood using an explosive, Betty stabbing it with her scythe and Mina frying it alive with blue flames in order to kill it. Needless to say, the three were pissed at Nightmare for this, and want to end his corporation. B.B Hood, however, is preparing due to the idea of slaying Nightmare.
  • Once decided to torture a few deities to instill fear into their hearts in order to increase his immortality. The Doki Doki Literature Club were all subjected to these, and NiGHTS, Klonoa, Kirby and Meta Knight all worked to save them and did so successfully, and you can probably guess what each of them dreamt about. Surprisingly, none of them were afraid of Nightmare after this incident...rather, they were pissed. Despite knowing that they don’t hold a candle to him in power, they absolutely loathe Nightmare. The same couldn’t be said of Ned Needlemeyer, who tries his best to avoid the Living Dream as much as possible out of fear ever since he viciously gave him a nightmare which was so intense that he claims it bordered on Mind Rape, and Ysera had to break him out of it and confirmed his words.
  • As a tyrannical figure who ruled the known universe, it was only natural that he found himself opposed by many resistances. He isn’t worried. The most notable of these resistances are Night Raid, Lelouch, The Rebel Alliance and The Autobots. All four of them have been working on knocking him down, especially Night Raid and the Rebel Alliance. To spite the former, he had Customer Service extend an olive branch to Prime Minister Honest, who has been ordering Demon Beasts from his company. That being said, he doesn’t feel he needs to send a Destroya at them. The Autobots and the Rebel Alliance have found themselves up against Destroyas before, and Lelouch deduced that his Geass wouldn’t work on Nightmare due to his immunity to most forms of damage outside of Dreams.
  • In terms of galactic conquest, he has found himself competing with Frieza in that field. Frieza genuinely respects the fact that he wiped nearly all of the resistances opposing him out, and likes that there is at least something from Kirby's world that isn’t adorable. Nightmare respects Frieza for his impressive and vile deeds, but gets along with King Cold and Cooler far better due to how much more pragmatic the two are then Frieza, and he is genuinely cordial with the two.
  • Vex, another being who comes back as long as there are Nightmares, met with him. Nightmare has been working with him and know that what he did to get what he needed from Sackboy was impressive. However, Nightmare’s cruelty is immense, though Vex will sometimes work on products for Nightmare’s business. This hasn’t stopped him from slapping his V-Shaped Unibrow on them from time to time, not that Nightmare really cares. Nightmare is also impressed that Vex, much like him, very nearly succeeded. He has found himself opposed by Sackboy as a result of this partnership.
  • The Dead Moon Circus’ Queen was a major point of interest for the Living Dream, who met with her in her dreams and had a cordial conversation. Nightmare had seen some of her crimes as respectable and has offered to assist her in wiping out her enemies and spreading Nightmares across the Pantheon. Nehelenia agreed so long as she gets to kill Sailor Moon herself. That being said, Nehelenia’s Mouth of Sauron, Zirconia, is the person from the Dead Moon who Nightmare most often finds himself working with. To say that the Sailor Guardians were not happy with this alliance would be a massive Understatement. Nightmare actually sees the Silver Crystal as a threat to him and wants to smash it to pieces when he has the chance, as he knows its power surpasses that of even the Star Rod.
  • Aku and Ganondorf frequently work with him, the former ordering Demon Beasts to try to kill Samurai Jack and the latter sometimes outright working with Nightmare on schemes. Dr. Fetus also orders from Holy Nightmare Co. regarding Demon Beasts, Machines and all sorts of products and Antasma has also been working with him as well in order to better spread Nightmares and conquer the Pantheon. The Bone Cousins absolutely loathe him for being an entity that wants to give everyone Nightmares, and while he will sometimes team up with Bowser, he has learned from Antasma of what the Koopa King did and plans on cutting ties with him when their alliance takes a turn for the unsalvageable.
  • "True to my name, I am but a dream that lives in your heart. Therefore, I am immortal. For as long as there is fear in your heart, I will someday return."

"You look afraid. Don't be afraid. This is a dream, the last dream you may ever have, for nightmares are coming."

SCP-990, God of Prophetic Dreams (The Dream Man, Tony, Richard or any name will do)
An artistic depiction of SCP-990, witnessing a nuclear explosion.
A closer look at SCP-990
  • Rank: Around Greater God level given how unpredictable he is (Object Class: Keter)
  • Symbol: His Suit.
  • Alignment: Unknown. Could be either True Neutral, Neutral Evil or even Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Dark Is Not Evil, Dream People, Dream Weaver, The Men in Black, Noble Demon, Screw Destiny
  • Domains: Dreams, Warnings, Suits, Mystery, Prophecy
  • High Priest: The Cosmic Owl
  • Allies: Ysera, The Inception Crew, Haruto Tsukishiro, NiGHTS, Princess Luna, Agent K and Agent J, The G-Man
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (Many of their schemes have been foiled by his interference), Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, Vaermina
  • Opposed by: Anakin Skywalker, Akagi, Jacket
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: Darkrai
  • Known as the Dream Man, this mysterious individual has been mostly seen in dreams where he tends to warn people about catastrophic events and how to avoid them. The nature of SCP-990 is strange and bizarre, but his intentions have always been well-meaning, which is a surprise for many to know that he is a Keter Class specimen. Although the designation just happened because the Foundation is unable to contain him in any physical way.
  • The true story is that SCP-990 have been active even prior his official ascension. A rather select few knew that he was around, as he appeared in their dreams to warn about impending threats that could seriously cripple the pantheon (It's theorized that many of Madoka's visions were caused by him). The latest of those events involved the Mind Flayer, with the creature having one of most devastating impacts on the pantheon the Dream Man decided to pull some strings that eventually resulted in the ascension of the Miser Brothers, who have seriously crippled most plans that the GUAD had planned for the Shadow Monster.
    • For some context, SCP-990 appeared in the Miser Brothers dreams, tricking the two into having a battle with each other by telling them that something bad would happen to them and that their respective brother would try to prank him, which ended up in the confrontation in the House of Military and Warfare and subsequent ascension. The Dream man himself later entered the scene a few days later following the inauguration of the House of Dreams and personally went to clarify to the brothers of the necessity of their role in combatting the dangerous threat of the Shadow Monster. Needless to say, many consider this one of those plans that miraculously worked perfectly.
  • Most of the time he resides in his temple located in the House of Dreams, but with his ascension he seemed to be able to have a physical body outside of the realm of dreams. However, his unpredictability and ominous nature still remains, as he seems to be able to be anywhere he wants without much difficulty.
  • Initially he didn't leave a good impression on Ysera, at the time the top goddess regarding Dreams, but his role in preventing disasters and general politeness ended up making them close allies, if by necessity, since he's still very cryptic in his remarks and she doesn't want to risk the possibility of the Dream Man going rogue. This is the same sentiment of the Foundation, who have trusted Ysera in keeping an eye on SCP-990 since her powers are similar to his'.
  • Haruto Tsukishiro is one of the deities that have caught the strange man's attention, if only because he is a competent Dream Walker. Haruto believes that SCP-990 may be connected to Eve in some way, with the possibility that he might be the god that she wants to exact revenge on. The Dream Man hasn't confirmed nor denied any of Haruto's suspicions, but he seems to know a lot about the Eve that Haruto knows about.
  • NiGHTS believes that the Dream Man may be related to his Arch-Nemesis Wizeman, but thankfully that wasn't the case so they are on good terms. However, unlike many other deities, NiGHTS has the suspicion that the Dream Man is up to no good and there is some chance he may be behind one or two of the disasters he usually warns about.
  • Ever since the little stunt he pulled with the Miser Brothers, SCP-990 has become a target for the GUAD. Nekron is very angry that the Dream Man may possibly be behind a few of his schemes being foiled, so he is taking extra measures to consider his involvement in the future and this time there will be no warning.
  • Strangely enough, the Dream Man seems to be in a good standing with the Men in Black, unusual given how a similar organization in the form of the SCP Foundation have instead tried to do something else and contain him. On the other hand, the G-Man and SCP-990 have also been seen together, which has prompted a few people to theorize that they could be part of the same alien species.
  • Certain deities who have dreamed about their future usually don't have a strong opinion on SCP-990, mostly because of the misfortune they have gone through. Anakin believes he is a manifestation of the Dark side, which reminds him of the dreams that ultimately led to the death of his loved ones while Jacket is reminded a lot of Richard when he met the Dream Man.
  • Apparently SCP-990 has showed an interest in Darkrai. It's not clear wheter he wants to use the Pokemon for evil purposes or something else, but there are rumors that he wants to use it to lure Cresselia into the Pantheon (Who apparently is the one SCP-990 is after).
  • While he is not strange to nightmares, even causes a few of those to certain Foundation personnel, he doesn't seem to get along with other nightmarish deities. He stated that they make his job harder and leave a bad impression on him, and he is not the bad guy mind you.
  • Also present in the House of Harbingers.

"I wouldn't want to wake up, but unfortunately, you must."

Wizeman the Wicked, Unholy Nightmare Weaver
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: One of his hands
  • Theme Music: D'Force Master
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Evil, All-Encompassing Mantle, Card-Carrying Villain, A God Am I
  • Domains: Nightmares, Conquest
  • Heralds: Various Nightmaren under his control
  • Allies: Reala, Vaermina, Nightmare (Kirby), Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, N’Zoth, The Klowns
  • Enemies: NiGHTS, Dream of the Endless, SCP-990, Ysera, Darkrai, The Wind Fish, The Inception Crew, Sandy, Kirby, Klonoa, Peter Pan
  • On good terms with: Dharkon
  • Wizeman is responsible for the creation of the aptly-named Nightmare, a world where darkness rules above all else, alongside his Nightmaren minions. One of those Nightmaren, NiGHTS, rebelled against their creator, prompting Wizeman to take action against them. He is very open about his goals about taking over the Dream Dimension (through corrupting Dreamtopia) and will stop at nothing to accomplish that, up to and including trapping visitors and putting them into an unending nightmare that they can’t wake up from.
  • As with many nights that have hit the Pantheon, some deities have had good dreams while others had to deal with something much less pleasant in their sleep. One patron who was wandering around the Pantheonic dreamscape found themselves in a dark location, with many strange creatures big and small threatening to scare whoever it was that dared trespass on their territory. A much larger and more imposing figure was getting closer to seeminging trapping the victim into a permanent nightmare until a flying jester came in and proceeded to thwart Wizeman once more. After rescuing whoever it was that wandered into that nightmarish zone, it became clear that NiGHTS had a lot more work in protecting the dreams of others ahead of them. Wizeman wasn’t going to take the news of dealing with his arch-enemy once more lying down and has stepped up his efforts in spreading nightmares after learning of how expansive the Pantheon was.
  • Nightmare is where Wizeman resides in and a place where bad dreams manifest. He wants nothing more than to expand his domain beyond where he currently stands and corrupt other serene places of the Pantheonic dreamscape to be similar to that of Nightmare. It came as a bit of a surprise for him to learn of another deity who has their own nightmare-themed dominion and decided to seek them out. He ended up in Quagmire, a place that managed to surpass Nightmare in terms of the sheer horror it can bring out, and later found the overseer of the Quagmire, Vaermina. Wizeman learned about her powers and was impressed to see someone be an equal, if not greater, to him in terms of power and nightmares. Vaermina has taken a liking to Wizeman’s determination and is rather interested in seeing what would happen if two separate dominions dedicated to nightmares existed within one dreamscape and completely overtook everything else inside.
  • For all the capabilities and kind of realm that Vaermina has at hand, Wizeman learned of another deity with ties to nightmares and corruption that was of interest to him. What he discovered was a dimension that was just as nightmarish as that of Quagmire known as the Emerald Nightmare. It was there that he discovered N’Zoth, an abomination that was responsible for corrupting part of the Emerald Dream. There was a lot about N’Zoth that Wizeman liked, including the aforementioned part of corrupting segments of a dreamscape as well as playing a role in corrupting someone into a destructive monster. N’Zoth found it interesting that there was someone who had performed similar actions in a dreamscape and was willing to take up Wizeman’s offer in corrupting dreamscapes into a twisted nightmare that can’t be escaped from. Wizeman is very much hoping to make a Nightmaren with power comparable to that of Deathwing and easily spread nightmares overall, though it will take a lot of time for such a thing to come to fruition.
  • As far as the other nightmare-bringers in the Pantheon are concerned, Wizeman views them as soldiers that interfere with enemies while the higher-ups are hard at work spreading their influence. When the likes of Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, and Nightmare revealed themselves to Wizeman, he opted to join their cause in spreading nightmares across the Pantheon. From what he has seen of their efforts, he finds them effective in terrorizing dreams when his Nightmaren aren’t enough to do the job. He was even willing to let those particular deities live in Nightmare as a base of operations to plan out any future attacks across the Pantheonic dreamscape.
  • With how often NiGHTS has thwarted his plans, Wizeman grew frustrated after learning that there were other entities, both those with power over dreams and those who simply explored them, that opposed the spread of nightmares. With how often those kinds of deities have thwarted nightmares across the Pantheon, Wizeman has opted to increase the power of himself and his nightmare-spreading allies to make it more likely that these heroes succumb to nightmares. This increased greatly after hearing about Kirby who, despite appearances, ended up humiliating Vaermina while inside Quagmire and has a very good track record against fighting nightmarish abominations such as the aptly-named Nightmare. With that information in mind, Wizeman decided that he’ll need all the help he can get in taking over the Pantheonic dreamscape.
  • Kirby wasn’t the only deity in terms of power that has given Wizeman some trouble as there were plenty of others who know their way around dreams that can be a major thorn for Wizeman to deal with. He sees Ysera as a significant obstacle to be rid of and she very much feels the same way about Wizeman, especially after hearing how N’Zoth managed to find another potent nightmare inducer for an ally. SCP-990 has been someone that has frustrated Wizeman to no end as what the former has dreamed of will become reality and many of Wizeman’s plans (among them included one that involved trying to corrupt Darkrai and having a Nightmaren based on it running around the dreamscape alongside that corrupted Darkrai, another plan that involved corrupting The Wind Fish’s dream, and one that involved trapping The Inception Crew in a layered nightmare world with each layer being darker than the preceding one) have been thwarted because of that SCP. NiGHTS already being on good terms with SCP-990, even if they’re uncertain about his true motives, certainly didn’t help in that regard.
  • What angered Wizeman more than the fact that there were very powerful dream-based deities in the Pantheon was the number of deities that can traverse dreams. Klonoa, having explored different dreams, ended up in Nightmare at one point, and ended up having to ward off numerous Nightmaren. According to Klonoa, the Nightmaren was like having to fight off a bunch of different versions of Joka and he considers Wizeman to be just as bad as, if not worse than, Ghadius in terms of nightmare creatures. Sandy has also taken to opposing Wizeman with the help of the other Guardians as he’s aware of how dangerous it is for another entity dedicated to nightmares to be running around with Pitch Black’s help.
  • The Nightmaren serve as Wizeman’s minions and many of them resemble a clown or jester in appearance. Some members of The Klowns ended up in Nightmare at one point, with these particular Klowns noticing how freaky many of these Nightmaren are. When Wizeman saw those Klowns in Nightmare, the idea of making more Nightmaren came to him and it was during that time he saw the leader of The Klowns, Jojo, appear in front of him. A deal was arranged between both parties: Jojo would allow some of his Klowns to roam around the dreamscape as versions of Nightmaren with Wizeman’s help and in turn, Wizeman would let those particular hybrids run around in the real-world as controlled by Jojo as part of a bid to further extend Wizeman’s conquest beyond the dream world. While Wizeman is one that doesn’t tolerate failure, he’s willing to accept The Klowns’ help if it means getting more access to resources that will enable a potential victory for him.
  • For Wizeman, it doesn’t really matter what kinds of visitors end up trapped in his realm so long as he ensnare them in his nightmares. That said, he harbors a strong hatred of children given how a few of them played a role in helping NiGHTS defeat him. He has a noticeable hatred towards Peter Pan as well, especially since the latter being able to fly and hang out with children reminds Wizeman a bit too much about NiGHTS. From what Peter Pan learned about Wizeman from NiGHTS, he is understandably concerned about what Wizeman can do and really doesn’t want Neverland to turn into a nightmarish version of itself.
  • Although it’s not officially classified as a world of nightmares, Dharkon’s Dark Realm was something that Wizeman has taken a liking towards. Seeing a world covered entirely by darkness was something that Wizeman has sought for a long time and he became much more interested in the abomination after learning what it can do to others consumed by its darkness, with Wizeman thinking that it can lead to more visitors being trapped in Nightmare with no way out. While Dharkon does want to destroy everyone that opposes it, Wizeman being an entity of darkness that ruled over a realm like that was something Dharkon was fine with and if Wizeman’s actions equal a greater spread of darkness all around, then it’s all for the better.

Ysera, Goddess of Dream Weavers (The Dreamer, She of the Dreaming, The Green, Mistress of Dreams, Lady of Dreams, Queen of Dreams, The Awakened, Dragon Aspect of Nature, Queen of the Emerald Dream, Lady of the Green Dragonflight)
Click here to see her humanoid form 
  • Greater Goddess (Overdeity in any Dream Land)
  • Symbol: A Green Dragon head with a blunted snout
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dream Weaver, Dream Land, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Eyes Always Shut, Mind Rape, Reality Warper (in Dream Land), Physical God
  • Domains: Good, Dreams
  • Allies: Alexstraza (her sister), Nozdormu (Her brother), Malfurion Stormrage, Thrall, Spyro, Bahamut, Spike, Princess Luna, Paalthurix, Madoka Kaname, Kirby, Meta Knight, Whispy Woods, Osaka, Riku, Caro and Sicilia, Luigi, Darkrai, NiGHTS, Guthix, SCP-990, Chrom
  • Enemies: Freddy Krueger, Deathwing, Satan, YVHV, Nightmare Moon, Yuuki Terumi, Ornstein, Acnologia, Xehanort's Incarnations, Antasma, Ragnaros The Firelord, Nefarian, Gul'dan
  • Opposed by: Madotsuki
  • Good Counterpart to: Mordremoth
  • It was revealed that in the aftermath of the Pantheonic Rebellion, it was Ysera that was chosen to be the mediator for Marie Belmont to heal the dream based traumas visited upon Madoka. She was picked by the God of the Lords of Shadows verse upon the recomendation of her sister Alexstrasza. Needless to say, Madoka was thrilled to finally meet the new protector of her dreams in person.
  • Anyone who uses dreams for evil is on the top of Ysera's enemy list. Those who do so don't receive very pretty fates.
    • The first among Ysera's targets were those who used dreams to torment Madoka during the war, and those who ordered it. The Regime's command structure have had "visitations" of all their greatest fears.... humans actually being happy and living joyous lives via their rightly deserved free will.
    • Ysera had something...special...planned for Satan as part of the above retribution. She and her sister ambushed and wolf packed him. After they were done mauling, slicing, and crushing him, Ysera used her Breath Weapon to put him to sleep. Once Satan was alseep, she went into his dreams and gave him a nightmarish Mind Rape that he would never forget. One in which he experienced everything that Gabriel Belmont has ever wanted to do to him. As a special parting gift, every wound inflicted in the nightmare happened for real since his own mind made it real.
  • Greatly respects Princess Luna for how she protects children in their dreams and helps them overcome their fears.
  • There was once an incident in which her herald, a Faerie Dragon with a ditzy childish personality by the name of Bright Wing had a run in with some people prone to Cuteness Overload. Sapphire Rhodonite grabbed the creature and gave it Marshmallow Hell and Rena Ryuguu tried to "take it home" with her. After blinking away, both of them ended up briefly polymorhphed into squirrels. Ysera couldn't help but chuckle for hours at such an amusing turn of events.
  • Is one of the few who can truly comprehend some of the more "spaced out" things Osaka has to say since she herself is slightly odd in the head.
  • With Ysera's blessings, Caro and Sicilia gained two new dragon types to their arsenal of summons. The Green Dragon Flight and its power of corrosive breath and dream manipulation, and the Faerie Dragons with their impressive anti-caster powers.
  • Alexstrasza and Ysera, were not happy to hear that their insane brother, Deathwing has ascended. They have begun planning possible countermeasures to prevent Deathwing's destructive tendencies from wreaking total havoc on the Pantheon. However, seeing as what he did to Azeroth just by flying, they have their work cut out for them.
  • She personally welcomed her brother Nozdormu into the pantheon, alongside her sister Alexstrasza. Unfortunately for them, He barely even greeted them and went to his temple so nobody would disturb him.
  • After seeing NiGHTS in action, she became allies with the jester.
  • "I dream and the world trembles!"

Intermediate Gods

    Doctor Destiny 
John Dee, God of Being Unable To Dream (Doctor Destiny)
Doctor Destiny in The Sandman 
  • Intermediate God (Quasideity when derived of his dream powers, Greater God when he had Dream's ruby or within the dream world)
  • Symbol: A skull shrouded in a blue cloak
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Unable to Dream Even When His Ability To Sleep Was Returned To Him and Became Far More Insane As A Result, Nightmares, Destroying and Controlling Minds, Skull for a Head, “Because I Can”, Mad Scientist, Influencing People Through Their Dreams
  • Domains: Insanity, Dreams, Nightmares, Evil, Minds, Preparation, Power
  • Interests: Sheev Palpatine
  • Allies: Freddy Krueger, Nightmare, Vaermina, Wizeman, Nightmare Moon, Dead Moon Circus, Johan Liebert, Molag Bal, Antasma, The Plutonian, The Batman That Laughs, Junko Enoshima, Bill Cipher, SCP-993, Kefka Palazzo
  • Headbutting Villains with: Infinite
  • Rivals: Zebediah Kilgrave
  • Enemies: The Justice League (Batman Especially), Dream of the Endless, Madame Xanadu, the Inception Crew, Princess Luna, NiGHTS, Kirby, King Dedede, The Sailor Guardians, Klonoa, The EVA Pilots (Especially Asuka), Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, SCP-990, the Crew of the Nebuchadnezzar, Razputin Aquato, Stephen Strange, The Bone Cousins
  • Feared by: Destiny of the Endless
  • John Dee was once a Mad Scientist with a variety of ambitions, ranging from gaining wealth to world domination. Eventually, he became so powerful that the Justice League had his ability to sleep and dream removed in order to stop him, driving him more insane and powerful. Eventually, after a bloody night once he escaped Arkham Asylum, Dream of the Endless personally stepped in and stopped him, sending Dee back to Arkham after he broke his Ruby and restoring his ability to sleep, though he is still unable to dream. He would continue to come back to menace the Justice League and other Superheroes after these events. Also, while Dream’s Ruby was destroyed, Destiny managed to keep some residual power and kept making more. When one got broken, he ended up imprisoned in the ruby, and when it was repaired, he emerged from it with all of his power returned.
  • The ascended members of the Justice League weren’t happy to see John Dee enter the Pantheon, and have made it clear that they will work to the best of their ability in order to put a stop to any plans he creates. Also, Destiny of the Endless wasn’t happy about his ascension either, as he was afraid to turn the page in his book to find out the result of the battle between John Dee and Dream. Doctor Destiny, at the moment, is one of the only deities who has made him feel this way. Considering Destiny of the Endless’ immense power, that’s quite a feat. His skills as a Nightmare Weaver quickly attracted the attention of Dream's greatest rival. Doctor Destiny was giddy at a dream deity that appreciated him and his powers. The notorious Molag Bal applauded this choice as he admires and respects both Dee's depravity, and how he brought it out in people all in one bloody night.
    • Unlike more A and B-list DC supervillains Doctor Destiny hasn't had any notable scuffle with a Marvel superhero. This has changed somewhat due to Stephen Strange choosing to keep an eye on him. John Dee never got an answer why but those who know Doctor Strange's history know Destiny has some similarities with one of Strange's major rogues; Nightmare, a sort of dream deity that embodies and spreads nightmares.
    • Before you ask, yes his costume does resemble Skeletor. It's a coincidence though, and Dee doesn't take kindly to people who say he's plagiarizing the guy since he came first.
  • One of his tricks when dealing with the Justice League was trapping them in dreams within dreams to make it all the harder to get out; basically he was pulling an Inception before the Inception Crew was a thing. Given his powers and twisted mind they consider him a serious threat, but Dee doesn't seem to reciprocate; he jokes that they copied him. Doctor Destiny is also a technical genius; he has made an anti-gravity device and a will-deadener ray to fight Green Lantern, but his main skill is dream manipulation. A lesser known fact is that his mother Post-Crisis was the mistress of Roderick "sort of but not Aleister Crowley" Burgress, and Post-Flashpoint Madame Xanadu. And before you ask, they don't get along.
  • Just what was that "bloody night"? The short and not so sweet of it was that he brought the world to madness for 24 hours, because he could and because he would dance on the ashes. Manipulating people into acts of murder, mutilation and moral degradation, causing fear, madness and panic, it was a Weirdmageddon before Bill Cipher made and codified Weirdmageddon. Horrifyingly, the triangle gave the whole thing two thumbs up. SCP-993 was deeply amused by the amount of depravity Doctor Destiny inspired and embodied, such as controlling a kids host to convince the kids to cut their wrists. Doctor Destiny was glad to learn there's a surplus of utterly deranged deities in the Trope Pantheon that he can call on for aid and help against the Justice League.
  • Though not her favorite flavor of breaking people, Junko Enoshima still thinks what Doctor Destiny did was awesome and wants to be involved. John Dee likes her spirit and is fondly reminded of the Joker. He has also stated he appreciates Johan Liebert's powers of Mind Rape, as he is capable of breaking people's spirits just with the right word at the right time. In both cases, their alliance is that of a casual friendship rather than anything serious. As for the serious allies, like-minded individuals that could rival members of the Justice League. One of the first people he looked for was the infamous evil Superman the Plutonian, who out of neurosis instead of Dee's self-enjoyed psychosis wants to tear apart the world as well. The Batman Who Laughs, a being born out of Bruce Wayne's worst nightmares, decided he was too amusing to not keep around and proposed he should have Kefka join his little team of nightmares. To tell a long story short, Doctor Destiny went from a loner in the villain community to one in a pool of likeminded villains.
  • A horrifying ability of his is that of controlling people through their dreams, though it isn’t really controlling as much as it is influencing them. As mentioned previous, this means he can subconsciously manipulate anyone into committing horrific acts. Worse still, there’s a chance nobody could know who he’s influenced until it’s too late if he plays his cards right, something that he is more than capable of doing. He is a source of pure dread by the EVA pilots for his Mind Rape abilities, especially Asuka due to personally experiencing Mind Rape by Arael. Their already volatile personalities to Doctor Destiny easy pickings he'd love to have fun with.
  • Doctor Destiny's power over dreams makes him a valuable asset to the Black Moon Circus and Wizeman. Doctor Destiny isn't as devoted to the idea of a universe of nothingness, but he is fond of the idea of dancing on its ashes. Plus, his growing madness has led him to grow bored of his old bog-standard supervillain ways again. Their ability to inflict nightmares and Mind Rape was everything John Dee could want in an alliance, and with both the Justice League and Dream in the Trope Pantheon Doctor Destiny decided he needed a more constant roster of allies. His giddiness in all this attracted Nightmare Moon who saw him as a worthy ally in the fight against Princess Luna. Luna may like her scares and spooks, but John Dee is a true nightmare.
  • Anakin suffered premonitions of his mother and wife dying in his dreams, and it's said his dreams of the latter were so constant he became sleep-deprived to avoid it. Needless to say, this contributed his poor decisions. Even as Vader he is disgusted by the suffering Doctor Destiny causes people in their dreams and in general he's disturbed by his Nightmare Weaver powers. Despite not getting along with SCP-990, they're at least in agreement that John Dee must be stopped as the latter finds his powers a threat to his role in life. Palpatine overhead all of this, and finds Doctor Destiny both amusing and a powerful individual. However, Destiny is too manic to serve the Empire.
  • Being a Nightmare Weaver, it was only a matter of time before he came into contact with others. The first one he met was Freddy Krueger, who mistakenly believed him to be his DCAU Counterpart at first, but given how psychotic Destiny is, they get along just fine. Antasma’s another one he got along with, and the two have joined forces, though some of Destiny’s actions, especially forcing the people in a diner to kill each other in gruesome ways, are too much even for him. As Doctor Destiny is ironically incapable of dreams, Freddy Krueger's alliance was seen as pragmatic too since he's forced to confront the supervillain on his terms.
  • He was confused to learn of Nightmare, who lives up to his name by invading people’s minds when they sleep and causing bad dreams. That isn’t what confused him though. What confused him is the fact that Nightmare also owns hordes upon hordes of monsters to do his bidding, though he did come to the conclusion that this just makes him more dangerous. He and Nightmare now have a partnership going, with the latter even warning him about Kirby’s capabilities and the Star Rod. In a good mood, Destiny tried to strike up an alliance with the Purple Man...however he still prefers to work alone and thinks himself superior due to his Compelling Voice being easier to use. Dee simply mumbled "I hope you aren't a heavy sleeper" and walked away.
  • Tried to find Dream's Ruby again, as he had heard rumors there was a magical ruby still active. This ruby was in fact the Phantom Ruby prototype embedded in Infinite's chest. Infinite's immense ego led him to be apprehensive and he still hasn't dropped treating Doctor Destiny as an inferior being, but he wasn't immediately hostile as he learned John Dee also likes causing immense suffering and playing with people. Doctor Destiny deduced illusionary powers of the Phantom Ruby had great potential for Mind Rape akin to his own manipulation of the dream world, and the two concluded they could create a lot of chaos by working together...though they still don't get along.
  • Fondly remembers getting people to bring up their worst acts during a rampage, such as getting a woman to admit she once drunkenly had sex with a corpse in a morgue. He tried pulling this stint on Quagmire by influencing his dreams, only to recoil at the sheer breadth of his sexual exploits and fetishes. Glenn doesn't think he has room to be disgusted given everything he's done. John Dee also likes to take credit for releasing The Lord of Locusts on the world. The Bone Cousins were quite disturbed by Doctor Destiny because of his obvious similarities to that nightmare-inducing abomination that threatened the world, though they have called BS on his claims. Predictably that last part was the only thing he annoyed.

    The Inhabitants of the Sleeping World 
The Inhabitants of the Sleeping World, Feuding Deities of Battles Between Dreams And Nightmares
Top row: The Dream Maker, Rufus, Amberley
Middle row: Pildit, the Planet Dreamstone, Wildit
Bottom row: Spildit, Mr. Blossom, Albert
Left column: Zarag, Urpgor, Sgt. Blob
Middle column: Corp. Nug, Corp. Frizz, Capt. Crigg
Right: Zordrak
  • Most of them are Demigods, but Zordrak, the Dream Maker, and the Planet Dreamstone are Greater Gods
  • Symbol: The Dreamstone and the Nightmare Stone
  • Theme Song: Better Than A Dream for the inhabitants of the Land of Dreams, The War Song Of The Urpneys for the inhabitants of Viltheed
  • Alignment: Lawful Good for the inhabitants of the Land of Dreams, Chaotic Evil for the inhabitants of Viltheed
  • Portfolio: Are the cast of a Roadrunner Vs Coyote show
  • Domains: Dreams, Slapstick, Stones, Battles
  • Followers: The other Noops, Wuts, Urpneys, and the Argorribles
  • Allies: Dream Of The Endless, Ysera, NiGHTS, Haruto Tsukishiro, Princess Luna, The Big Friendly Giant, The Sandman, Bedman, Brightwing, Klonoa, The Bone Cousins, Sumireko Usami, (Land of Dreams), Vaermina, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare, Pitch Black, Nightmare Moon, Wizeman, Queen Neheleina, N'Zoth, The Radiance (Viltheed)
  • Enemies: Each other's respective allies, The Nothing, Fecto Forgo, Bowser (Land of Dreams), Kirby (Viltheed)
  • Conflicting opinions on: Madotsuki, Mary
  • Within the realm known as the Sleeping World, there are two realms: The Land of Dreams, and the Land of Nightmares, or Viltheed. In the Land of Dreams, the kind and powerful Dream Maker uses the power of the Dreamstone to send good dreams to the Noops and Wutts of the world. But within Viltheed, the terrible Zordrak, Lord of Nightmares, seeks to steal the Dreamstone and spread nightmares instead. To this end, he sends his minions, the Uprneys, to try and steal it. Fortunately, the Urpneys are not only very bad at their jobs (and timid cowards besides), but are always stopped by Rufus and Amberly, two Noops who serve as the Dream Maker's aides.
  • The tale of how these two sides came to the Pantheon is an bizarre one. Reportedly, the Urpneys, on one of their attempts to steal the Dreamstone, wound up flying through a portal and directly into the Treasury, where they came across another Dreamstone- the one from the dream world accessible by Pi'illo Island. Deciding that this would be enough to please Zordrak, they stole it and headed back to Viltheed. Zordrak was initially furious, as he was not fooled by the deception, but decided that the Pi'illo Dreamstone was enough to work in his favor. That night, nightmares were spread across the Sleeping World, but Rufus and Amberley, when checking on the Dreamstone, found it to be safe and secure, baffling them.
    • This trick worked for several weeks, but back in the Pantheon, Ysera and the Protectors of Dreams were also detecting loads of nightmares, too much for them to handle. Eventually, they uncovered the theft of the Pi'illo Dreamstone and discovered the Urpneys had foolishly left behind part of the Whirlyped they had used to get to the Pantheon. After examining it and determining its origins, Ysera opened up a portal to Viltheed and the Protectors stormed the Black Mountain. To say Zordrak was shocked was an understatement, as he knew nothing on who they were or how to fight any of them off. Nether the less, the Protectors recovered the Pi'illo Dreamstone, but Zordrak left a trace of magic on the stone and the day after it was returned, he launched a full out assault on the Pantheon- a "Megattack", as the Uprneys called it.
    • When the Protectors saw this, they made a second visit to the Sleeping World, where they met the Noops and Wutts and decided to take them into the Pantheon to fight off the invaders. The result was that the Megattack failed, but N'Zoth and his Invokers of Nightmares had managed to take over the Court of Gods in the confusion and ascended Zordrak and his minions in that time- which also had the side effect of reviving all the Urpneys Zordrak had killed before the events of his series began. The Court of Gods, once restored, quickly ascended the Dream Maker and his allies as well.
    • As a result of the mandate, the areas of the Sleeping World would be placed of the far parts of the House of Dreams, so the Protectors could see if the Uprneys were up to something. The mandate also ordered that Zordrak could only try to steal the Dreamstone of the Sleeping World, and no other artifacts. As the revived Urpneys included Captain Crigg, who had been one of the victims of Zordrak's killings, Crigg was given a position under Blob and his squad as a fourth member. It wasn’t all bad, though, as the Dream Maker and his allies joined the protectors- though Zordrak and his minions quickly joined the Invokers in response.
  • In their roles as part of the two factions who protect dreams, the Land of Dreams folk tend to help them spread good dreams across the entire Pantheon in exchange for having some of the Protectors guard the Dreamstone. This has caused no amount of problems for the Urpneys- they’re already horrible at stealing the thing, so how can they do it when someone stronger and more dangerous than the Noops is guarding it? Zordrak has also employed others from the Invokers to try to take the stone. Most of them are more successful- Freddy Krueger, for one, is more than willing to kill anyone who gets in his way, to Zordrak's delight. But often if the stone is taken, the Noops will ask one of the other Protectors to take it back, with predictable results.
    • Some of the Protectors question why Zordrak is willing to put up with the Urpneys if they keep failing. He responded that he did kill some at first, but there’s only so many casualties you can cause before you run out. Not to mention, with the Pantheon having ways to revive them, that tactic isn’t useful anymore.
  • Despite their feuds, there is one deity who they will always team up with and fight against if they see it: The Nothing. The Nothing destroys imagination, and that includes both dreams and nightmares, and neither party wants that gone. As such, if the Nothing is encroaching on the House of Dreams and Nightmares, they will team up to fight it and Gmork off.
  • Kirby was none too pleased to learn of a being who wanted to corrupt dreams, and often joins the Noops when trying to retrieve the Stone. Knowing that the pink Star Warrior has defeated many enemies, some of them more powerful than even Zordrak, the Urpneys are utterly terrified of him (even more than usual). Zordrak views him as a great challenge and seeks to find a way to defeat him for good, often asking Nightmare for help.
  • One time after a successful theft of the Dreamstone, Zordrak used his powers to corrupt the dreams of Madotsuki and Mary. But, as their dreams were already creepy enough, they were totally unaffected by his attempts to do so with his Argorribles. The Lord of Nightmares was utterly baffled as to why they weren’t terrified, and, once the Noops took the stone back, Zordrak decided to leave them alone, noting that anyone he couldn’t terrify was useless to him.
  • When the inhabitants of the Land of Dreams met the Bone Cousins after they traveled there, they learned of their victory over the evil Lord of Locusts, who also sought to plunge his world into one of eternal nightmares. The Bones often tend to visit when the day has come, supplying blank sandwiches to the people of the Land of Dreams.
  • When Zordrak learned that Sumireko Usami had once undergone a three week long nightmare, he sent an Argorrible to try to replicate that event or worse. The Argorrible succeeded in doing this, and actively made the nightmare longer and harder for her. Sumireko eventually managed to wake herself up and quickly made sure to inform the inhabitants of the Land of Dreams to ensure it never happened again.
  • Exclusive to the inhabitants of the Land of Dreams:
    • The Dream Maker serves as the higest power in the Land of Dreams, and it is he who helps send good dreams to the world. This power has since been spread to the majority of the Pantheon, with the Protectors often aiding him whenever possible. He is frequently pacifistic, but will fight when push comes to shove. He is often accompanied by his pet dog-fish, Albert.
    • Rufus was known for his daydreaming tendencies, which got him in trouble as they caused him to lose focus and be unemployed. But when he joined the Dream Maker, he found a suitable job of creating good dreams. As a result, he is often tasked with guarding the Dreamstone come nightfall.
    • Amberley is Rufus' best friend and was also employed at the job he was working at prior to gaining work under the Dream Maker. Whatever faults Rufus might have, Amberley is there to correct them. She, too, guards the Dreamstone when night comes.
    • Pildit is the leader of the army of a group of forest dwelling creatures called the Wuts, who are there to help the Noops in the rare event the Urpneys manage to get the better of them. He is usually mellow, but has a hard time keeping a sense of humor.
    • Wildit is Pildit's grandmother, and often aids him on patrols. She’s very fearless, despite her age, and enjoys a good adventure. That being said, she is very kind to the younger members of the team.
    • Spildit is Wildit's niece, and is naturally a very curious child. She sometimes, however, has trouble figuring out which side is which. This has lead to the Urpneys tricking her on a few occasions, but it usually doesn’t work out for them.
    • Mr. Blossom is more or less a bystander in the feud, simply preferring to work on the Dream Maker's garden. Sadly, this often gets damaged when the Urpneys invade. As a result, he becomes very grumpy and ill tempered.
    • The Planet Dreamstone is a magical talking planet, and it is there where the Dreamstone was created and where Dream Makers go to restore their powers. As a general rule, she only gets involved if the situation has gotten completely out of hand. She does occasionally require being repaired if she is hit by a meteor.
      • The Planet Dreamstone has gone under greater protection, as many villains seek to use her for their own purposes. In particular, Fecto Forgo wishes to corrupt her for her own powers- or failing that, crash her into the Pantheon and cause immeasurable damage. Meanwhile, Bowser thinks he can use her to become as or even more powerful as he was when he faced the Mario Brothers while using the Pi'illo Island Dream Stone.
  • Exclusive to the inhabitants of Viltheed:
    • Zordrak himself was once a member of the Council of Dreams, which the Dream Maker is a part of. However, he began to abuse his power and turn dreams into nightmares. The Council had no choice but to banish him. But soon, he vowed revenge and created Viltheed and mustered an Urpney army. He keeps them in check with fear and power, abusing them whenever they fail. As they can no longer stay dead, he is more prone to killing them now- but he has promised to spare Blob and his squadron.
    • Zordrak's right hand man is Uprgor, a mad scientist who creates all manner of machines for the Uprneys to use. He rarely ever takes up the task himself, but occasionally does so to upstage Blob. He is highly egotistical and prideful of his many inventions.
    • The commanding officer of the Urpneys is Sgt. Blob, a rotund and gung-ho being. Blob personally leads the Uprneys in every attempt they can make to try to steal the Dreamstone, which typically fail. But that doesn’t dampen his spirits one bit.
    • Corps. Frizz and Nug are Blob's two henchmen, and they feel are the cowardly of the Urpneys. Often they don’t want to go on missions, but tag along because they are forced to. They often try to flee Viltheed and hide somewhere in the Pantheon, but it is not long before they are found.
    • The original leader of the Urpneys, Capt. Crigg was known for making many mistakes when dealing with Zordrak, culminating in Zordrak losing his patience after two in one day and hurling him into the Pit of No Return. However, as mentioned, he was brought back after the full ascension revived all the dead Urpneys and was swiftly demoted to serve as a fourth member of Blob's squad. He naturally fears anything that can consume him, as his original death was caused by the Frazznats in the Pit.
    • Zarag, Zordrak's sister, was once sealed in a bottle before Nug foolishly allowed her to escape after toppling it. Zarag does not usually take part in the schemes to steal the stone, as she feels it is not worth her time. She is very vain and simple, at one point she stole the stone just to use as a decoration for her hair.

Ruvik, Crafter of Mental Worlds (Reuben Victoriano, Amalgam, "Leslie Withers")
Click here for younger Ruvik 
  • Intermediate God, Greater God in his Mental World
  • Symbol: A Large Brain wrapped in Barbwire and Nails
  • Theme Song: Crude Contraption
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Amalgam Monster Form, Ax-Crazy, Emotion Eater, What he used to be, Reality Warper, Has a fear of fire
  • Domains: Brains, Physic Power, Experimentation, Warping Reality, Mind Corruption, Mind Control, Possession
  • Allies: Albert Wesker, Relius Clover, Orochimaru, Sadako Yamamura, Freddy Krueger, Dr. Angus Bumby, Pyramid Head
  • Enemies: Dream of the Endless, Bedman, Justy Ueki Tylor, Professor Kukui, The Knight (Hollow Knight), Madotsuki, Walter Kovacs/Rorschach, Haruka Kotoura, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Sora, Riku, Jill Valentine
  • Interested in: The Radiance
  • Feared by: Hal
  • Has discovered a method to allow others to enter into his Mental World through the use of STEM Research, this allows him to force others into dark worlds that he can control. Doing all of this to create beings know as The Haunted and to find another Vessel in order to allow him to return to earth with even more power.
  • To those susceptible to his mental power allows him erode away there mental faculities until they become "Haunted" by his presence allowing him to control them for his bidding.
    • Thus other physics are often warned to stay away from Ruvik for fear that he may do the same to them.
    • Though he mocks them claiming "Who do you think you are? I know who you are. I know what you crave, what you fear... Will you be able to live with yourself knowing what I'm gonna make you do?"
  • Has discovered a way to use his Temple as a gateway to his Dark Mental Worlds, others fear if he tries to spread his influence on other parts outside the Main House.
  • Has Sympathy for Long Hair Ghost Girls like Sadako and Samara due to the fact they often remind him of his sister Laura, more often then not they are usually under his protection.
  • Has ties to both Rorschach and Freddy Krueger due to something that makes them sound similar.
  • Also frightens Vash The Stampede as Ruvik seems to remind him of Legato Bluesummers somehow.
  • He was once a brain in a jar inside his STEM Machine, this was changed due to finding a new body, though now he searches for stronger vessels to increase his power using his dark worlds to find the perfect one.
  • Still continues his research as he means to progress his work in order to prefect STEM in an attempt to be able to erode the wills of others quicker and find more then one vessel. This often means that he is willing to work with other Scientists in order to do so but warns them that in the instance of betrayal he will kill them.
  • Other members of The Pantheon have issued a warning about Ruvik, if ever encountered in his mental world RUN as he is able to instantly kill those that come across him that are lower power level then him.
  • His only known Weakness is fire, thus the only house Ruvik avoids is Nature with its many fire-users there.

    The Wind Fish 
The Wind Fish, God of Dream World-Ending Awakenings
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Wind Fish's Egg
  • Theme Song: Ballad of the Wind Fish
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: His awakening means the end of the dream world, Space Whale, The Omniscient, Fisher King, Giant Flyer, Sleep inside an egg, THE WIND FISH IN NAME ONLY, FOR IT IS NEITHER
  • Domains: Dreams, Ending, Awakening
  • Allies: Link, Tidus, Wailord, Princess Luna, Ysera, NiGHTS, Madotsuki
  • Enemies: N'Zoth, Freddy Krueger, Vaermina, Pitch Black, Monstro
  • The Wind Fish created the Koholint Island and its habitants during its slumber. However, should he awaken by the Eight Instruments of the Sirens, the island and its people will vanish. The Nightmares that live in his dream tried to prevent his awakening but knew that he'll have to wake up someday so he required Link's help to awaken.
  • Tidus sympathize with the Wind Fish being trapped in his dream and having to destroy it upon awakening since he is a fragment of a dream world himself.
  • Apparently, within the Wind Fish's dream are many enemies from Mario's world like Goombas, Pirahna Plants, and Cheep-Cheeps as well as a Yoshi doll and a picture of Princess Peach. There is even an evil version of Kirby in Koholint. It is theoretical that the Wind Fish could dream of beings from alternate worlds.
  • It is thought that he is related to two other similar beings: The Ocean King and Levias since they are legendary whale-like beings.
  • Though his awakening caused the people of Koholint to vanish, it is said that one of the inhabitants left the dream world along with him and Link. A girl named Marin who wished to see the world outside of Koholint and received her wish as a form of a seagull.
    • It is said that she took human form again and fought with the Sea Lily Bell, one of the Instruments of the Sirens, in hand, even being able to summon the Wind Fish himself.
  • He despises creatures of nightmare because they tried to take over his mind to prevent him from awakening and cause them to vanish.
  • Despite the name, he's not a fish or a bird; He's the Wind Fish in name only. However, he is a flying whale which aren't birds or fishes. The Wind Fish first thought that Monstro or Wailord are flying whales like him when they show to be in the air without any aquatic body. He's not the most appreciative of Monstro though.
  • The Dream Weaver Ysera pities the Wind Fish when he was unable to awaken from his slumbers because of the Nightmares that lived in his world.
    • Likewise, NiGHTS pities him as he suffers from the Nightmares. He has considered the Wind Fish an important client since he was a guardian deity of Koholint.
    • Princess Luna too pities him of suffering from the Nightmares that plagued his dream world. She would soothed him in his dream world when it slumbers once more.

Lesser Gods

    Freddy Krueger 
"Welcome To Prime Time, Bitch!”

Frederick Charles "Freddy" Krueger, Avatar of Nightmares (The Bastard Son of 100 Maniacs, The Springwood Slasher, The Man of Your Dreams, The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of, Super Freddy, Rap Master Freddy, The Nightmare)
Click here to see him when he was human 
  • Lesser God Generally, his Powers can Flux Depending on the amount of Fear he Inspires, which is to say he can Potentially be an Intermediate God to an Overdeity in the Dream World
  • Symbol: A glove with very sharp fingernails
  • Theme Music: A Nightmare on Elm Street, One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Sadistic Child Serial Killer and (possible) Rapist who Enjoys Every Second of his Actions, Plants Nightmares onto Others, Allowing Him to Kill Them in their Sleep and in Reality, Utter Depravity, Absolutely Despicable yet is a Celebrated Horror Villain Icon, Clear-Cut Psychopathy, Laughably Evil, My Death Is Just the Beginning, Extremely Deranged, Became a Demonic Entity via a Deal with the Devil, Is a Product of Rape, Backstories whose Tragedies and Sympathies are Rendered Moot, Weilds a Glove Embedded with Huge Clawed Fingerblades, Is a Complete Asshole who Loves to Abuse and Mock his Victims and Killing Them as Gruesomely and Creatively as Possible, Pungeon Master, Eventually Seeks to Depopulate the World whilst Treating Each Part as it's own "Springwood"
  • Domains: Evil, Murder, Dream, Death, Undeath, Horror, Depravity
  • Followers: The Nightmare King, Mannish Boy
  • Allies: Pennywise, Springtrap, Dr. Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow, SCP-953, Vaermina, Antasma, Evan McMillan, Charles Lee Ray/Chucky, Ramsay Bolton, SCP-106, Ryuunosuke Uryuu
  • Tense Working Relationship: The Entity
  • Rivals: Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, The Ghostface Killers
  • Enemies: Ash Williams, Alice Liddell, Laurie Strode, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Sidney Prescott, The Sector 2814 Green Lanterns, Tree Gelbman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, NiGHTS, Mary, Kirby, Princess Luna, Shao Kahn, Dream, SCP-990, Madotsuki, Haruto Tsukishiro, Linkara, Sora, Riku, Bedman, Mario, Luigi, Ressha Sentai ToQger
  • Feared By: Heavy Sleepers, such as Mako Reizei, Tanaka-kun
  • Respected By: Molag Bal
  • Interested In: Thaal Sinestronote 
  • Opposed By: House of Childhood and Adolescence, House of Family and Relatives
  • Frederick Charles Kruger initially seemed to be a worker in an old power plant in Springwood, Ohionote . However, beneath his unassuming display and/or his affection towards children belied a darker secret; Freddy was actually a child predator who reveled in dominating and tormenting them for his own sake, be it mutilating and murdering them, or sexually molesting them and breaking their mental psyche. Eventually, one too many times this happened, and the parents of the victims became alerted to Freddy's monstrous actions. However, it was when he was arrested and released due to a technicality that became the last straw; enraged, the victims' parents chased and were able to corner Freddy into his working place in the power plant and set him on fire, intending to kill him off and stop his killings and torments once and for all. And they succeeded... after Freddy made a pact with three Dream Demons to be given dream-manipulating powers at the cost of becoming a demonic entity himself so that he could carry on with what his depraved mind desires. Effectively gaining immortality, Freddy engaged in another killing spree, using his dreams to target pre-adults and killing them in their dreams, which also meant that they would die in real life as well. And with each kill he commits, Freddy absorbs his victims' souls, granting him more power.
    • Of course, Freddy would face opposition against many teenagers during his reign of terror in Springwood. One of his most frequent was a girl named Nancy Thompson, who had to witness her friends and boyfriend die by Freddy's hands and was forced to fend for herself whenever she would fall asleep. And while Freddy did succeed in killing Nancy, she had already inspired others to also take a stand against the Springwood Slasher, prompting Freddy to have more enemies. He attempted to invade and take over the body of Jesse Walsh and then had to contend against Kristen Parker and Alice Johnson, two girls who also had dream-manipulating powers. While Freddy killed Kristen after being beaten by her once, he wasn't so lucky against Alice, who proved herself to be Freddy's most dangerous and hated enemy and defeating him twice, even when he attempted to bodyjack Alice's then-unborn son, Jacob to re-enter the living. Freddy would meet one final enemy in Maggie Burroughs, who turned out to be his daughter, Katherine Krueger, who was taken away into foster care after Freddy killed his wife for becoming too suspicious of his criminal actions and threatened Katherine about telling it publicly. When the two finally met again, Katherine wanted nothing to do with her father and openly rebelled against him, even managing to kill Freddy and finish off his planned goal of turning the world into "Springwood" one-by-one".
  • The exact circumstances of Freddy's ascension into the Pantheon remain unconfirmed, though most speculations tend to state that it must have had something to do with Freddy using his dream powers to learn about the Pantheon via an unlucky victim or when his (im)mortal coil had been shed once. Freddy himself has not announced his entry, he simply states that he found the Pantheon and got interested in wanting to promote and extend his action and influences beyond just his own world. And that, he did, to the absolute horror and fear of everyone who came to learn about the Springwood Slasher, either before, during, and after his arrival. Freddy ended up enjoying his first few days in the Pantheon seeing as he was amused to discover just how many knew and were scared of him, though later on, he started to get himself into a series of new problems, which sullied his mind for a while. But regardless of the setback, the Pantheon seemed to be a promising prospect for Freddy's terror and he is more than ready to prepare and initiate it.
  • Already a notorious figure in Springwood, Freddy has become one of the most despicable and hated figures in the Pantheon precisely because of the terrors that he spreads towards his victims and feeling shameless and proud about the miseries and suffering that he had done. Being in a massive realm of supposedly endless possibilities did not deter Freddy, but rather further enthralled him into expanding his scope and nightmares towards not just human beings, but to any other sentient being capable of dreaming whenever they are asleep. To celebrate the occasion, Freddy created another bladed glove, took some time learning about the Pantheon and what to expect regarding different beings, and planned on just what to do to different deities and Houses. Those who are aware of Freddy get a very tense feeling as they clearly don't want to be killed in their sleep, a fact that Freddy revels in. That said, he was surprised to see the heavy resistance aimed against him, including ways to counteract his dream-weaving powers towards others. This has led, in a rare moment, for Freddy to seriously consider making partnerships and alliances to further his own ends.
    • There was one notable deity who admired Freddy for what he did, and that the Daedric Prince, Molag Bal. As someone who himself seeks to instill, commit and inspire all sorts of depravity, Freddy was someone who checklisted all of the criteria that Bal would be looking into and was the first deity in the Pantheon to welcome him into the new realm in which he was going to be taking residence in. Though he was unfazed by the vitriol and scorn that was thrown at him, Freddy felt obliged and pleased to see that for once, he was being praised and complimented for his actions and was open to visiting Coldharbour to get a few new ideas of how to brighten up his imagination in case he decided to go on another killing spree. Molag Bal has also stated that Freddy has great potential in spreading evil and encourages him to go through with it, a prospect that the Springwood Slasher wasn't going to toss aside.
  • The Pantheon wasn't the first time Freddy found himself crossing into unfamiliar worlds and figures. He very clearly remembers the time he bargained, worked with, and fought against Jason Voorhees and it was something that he wasn't going to forget. At another, he not only encountered Jason but also came into blows against Ash Williams to battle over the Necronomicon, with Freddy seeking to use it as a means to extend his reality-warping powers to the real world and further wreak havoc by gaining control of the Deaditesnote . Needless to say, Freddy and Jason were eventually defeated. Evidently, both Jason and Ash don't like Freddy, and the feeling is mutual, with Ash knowing full well just how insane and demented Freddy and his goals are and deems him a threat just as bad as the Deadites he's committed himself to fight against. He's also one of the very few Jason has a personal relationship with, and not for good reasons, as Jason posed himself as his mother, Pamela, in a dream, an act which pissed Jason like no one ever did. That, and the two were supposed to have a hunting competition and Freddy didn't like that Jason was supposedly stealing his own kills. While Jason generally wants little to do with anything beyond patrolling Crystal Lake, one exception he will make is to make Freddy suffer for trying to torment him by trying to appear as his mother. Even if there's no altruistic reasoning to Jason's enmity, everyone agrees that they'd side with Jason in case he and Freddy ever fought again. Freddy, on the other hand, wants to get back at Jason by winning their former game, no matter how much time it's going to take.
    • Interestingly, he ended up stumbling across Outworld and learning of the Mortal Kombat Tournaments that are held there. He would have been a valuable ally worth having for Shao Kahn... had Freddy decided that it would be better if he won the tournament and chose to usurp Kahn's throne so that he could absorb the souls that Shao accumulated and attain god-like power with which he can terrorize and instill fear across whatever realm he chooses. His actions and attempts did not go unnoticed for Show, who deems him an obstacle that needs to be dealt with. For once, the warriors of Earthrealm are in agreement with Shao Kahn that Freddy is a threat that needs to be stopped at all costs, though, of course, they'll still be fighting one another. Freddy's response to the whole thing? Bring out a second glove, kill a hundred more people to power himself up and tell the kombatants that he's more than ready to put up a fight, regardless of whether he's in a dream, or in real life.
  • At one point, Freddy was found by an enigmatic entity, who killed him in a ritual where was to hunt a group of survivors with the intent of delivering them to The Entity as sacrifices. Freddy was initially excited by the prospect, thinking that he could relish him his sadistic habits and mockery towards his upcoming victims, but to his dismay, the whole "sacrifice" thing came with heavy setbacks; Freddy couldn't kill his victims and his powers were limited, hence his ability to manipulate dreams were hampered significantly, something which The Entity enforced onto the Springwood Slasher as it wanted to make sure that Freddy didn't go too far off indulging in his own evil games and straying away from what The Entity desired. That ended up annoying Freddy considerably as much of his own fun came with killing others and being denied of such a thing was to render the whole deal boring. However, Freddy only works with The Entity as a means to find new victims and to further learn about the Pantheon for to The Entity's own tethering to other worlds and realms, otherwise, he couldn't care less about having to participate in the sacrifices, even if he was on killing duty.
  • A serial killer even before his transformation into a nightmarish demon, Freddy is noted to take utter enjoyment out of the pain and suffering he causes whenever he gets his hands on someone he likes to kill. For someone so barbaric and bloodhungry, he displayed a very vivid amount of imagination, all of which he intended to use in the worst way imaginable, though he's expressed annoyance in that he could only do this whenever he is in the dream world. In real life, he has to resort to using his quick wits, resources, and whatever alliances he has to keep himself active in his hobbies. And considering his infamy, this has proven to be a difficult task, especially given that the Pantheon not only knew too much about Freddy but there were also other magical beings who had control over dreams and nightmares that were willing to put a stop to Freddy.
    • That said, he was able to find a few figures whom he could keep in contact with and work with, provided they didn't interrupt and interfere with each others' sprees all too much. Freddy found Ryuunosuke Uryuu to be quite fun to hang out with and the latter found the corner's dream powers to be, in his own words, really cool, wishing that he, too, could have those abilities. Freddy appreciated Uryuu's enthusiasm and the two sometimes work together in hunting children, though Freddy is just as interested in teenagers as well. Though he doesn't mind killing adults in case they begin to intrude with his activities. He's been giving Uryuu some advice on what methods to use when killing others, which he appreciated.
    • Freddy, being a massive icon for unstoppable killers, would naturally come to find some sort of association with Michael Myers. Freddy expresses respect over Michael's implacable and unstoppable nature, in addition to how creativenote  he can get when it comes to brutally maiming, torturing, and killing whatever he can get his hands on. However, Michael couldn't give a damn about Freddy and his interests, all he cares about is waiting until Halloween for the next killing spree he can commit. Freddy also sees the Ghostface Killers as commendable in how they execute their mind games in an attempt to be meta about slashers, but the fact that most of the Ghostface identities are teenagers proves to be an obstacle in them forming an alliance. While the Ghostface killers look up to Freddy as an inspiration, the fact that they are within his preferred age regarding his victims means they can't hang out for long and Freddy has admitted that he does have a compulsion in trying to reach out to them, especially Jill Roberts.
  • On top of being a vile murderer, there are many claims of Freddy having a sexual attraction towards those under the age of 18. This has not gone unnoticed for the Springwood Slasher himself who has gleefully admitted that he sexually molested children and even got away with it, though this behavior is only applicable in one iteration of Freddy. Nevertheless, most of the Pantheon has admitted that this makes Freddy even worse than how he was already established. Of course, the House of Childhood and Adolescence has taken extreme measures to make sure he doesn't find a way to enter there and a lot of dream-manipulating deities have taken up to work with the House in preventing Freddy from ever getting to that particular House. Not that he's fazed by it, stating that once his powers grow exponentially, the House and its children and teens will be powerless and even its defenders won't stand a chance.
  • Freddy's history is… not a pleasant one, to say the least. His mother was a psychiatric nun named Amanda who found herself in an unfortunate circumstance where she was raped by numerous insane inmates and this is how Freddy was conceived. Later on, he was adopted by an abusive father and was bullied in school for being weird and odd compared to everyone else. Freddy would eventually lash out and kill his father, but nothing about his past can absolve Freddy for the numerous depravities and sadism that he went on to inflict later on. Most of the House of Family and Relatives don't care about Freddy's past and simply wish he'd stay as far away from the place as possible. Not helping matters was how he murdered his wife and traumatized his daughter only because the former found out about Freddy's habit of killingnote  children. Freddy seeks to find a way to get through the House of Family and Relatives and has come to terms with the fact that his daughter is never going to accept him. The Child Abuse Supporters are (somewhat) open to working with Freddy, though Lady Tremaine, in a surprising turn of events, feels incredibly uneasy as her own daughters, Drizella and Anastasia, are within Freddy's age preference when it comes to his favored victims, and is the most concerned about Freddy. Ultraman Belial seems to be the most open but shows some concern over Freddy wanting to use his dream powers against him and has thought about readying himself for such an occasion when it happens.
    • If there was one person he could have an association with regarding their literal bastardry and abusive upbringing, there was Ramsay Bolton, who did not appreciate living under the shadow of his much-accomplished, yet abrasive father, Roose and resorted to going around with his own hobbies which were to hunt and kill people, capture anyone unlucky enough to stumble across him and inflict as much physical and psychological pain as possible and, his most favorite, ripping off his captives' skins entirely and letting them die of bleeding and shock. Freddy was impressed by Ramsay's barbaric savagery and his psychotic glee at hurting others, whereas Ramsay was interested in Freddy's powers and sought to learn how dream weaving powers work, feeling as if he was entitled to having those powers himself. Freddy also commends Ramsay for killing Roose when the opportunity came, and the feeling was reciprocated when Ramsay learned about what Freddy did to his father. Their relationship is a positive one, with Ramsay seeing Freddy as a teacher-of-sorts regarding how to make his torturing techniques and skills more creative, psychological, and gruesome, and the Springwood Slasher is open to giving him some ideas, though rarely do the two of them go out killing together as Ramsay is, according to Freddy, a bit unambitious on the grand scale of things.
  • Freddy's affinity to the concept of fear made him a mascot in the House of Dread and Valor, representing the Avatars of Terror alongside the Demon Lord Diablo and Ungoliant, the Spider of Night, and the Springwood Slasher used this as an opportunity to take an ego boost and proclaim himself as one of the most important and terrifying killers in the Pantheon. Considering that he takes utter enjoyment in his profession, Freddy was keen in that this would further inspire fear, which in turn would further amplify his power and influence towards others. That said, the Earth 2814 Green Lanterns weren't exactly impressed by his boasts and have vowed to stop him at any cost. Freddy was amused to see that they, too, relied on imagination as he does, though them being powered by Willpower and the drive to overcome fear is a point of contention, with Freddy admitting that the Lanterns and the rings which empower them can pose a serious threat to him.
    • Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow was a demented psychologist with a pathological addition to fear, to the extent where his supervillain career was basically built on him wanting to spread fear and mayhem partly for the sake of research and partly because he reveled in causing disharmony among others. Freddy was intrigued by Crane's passions and wanted to display to him the true extent of how imagination and fear can intermingle with one another. In spite of him having a scientific profession, Crane saw a lot of potential in Freddy's magic and seeks to one day gain a portion of its power for himself to use as a new selection of Fear Toxins. Freddy and Crane have also noticed that they sound quite similar, a fact that Freddy has taken as a way to deceive others into thinking of him as Scarecrow to gain fatally unpredictable results.
    • Freddy also found a strong interest in Thaal Sinestro and his own Lantern Corps, which used rings that were empowered by the fear of others. Freddy was delighted to learn of a Yellow Lantern Ring's contents and from what his actions and reputation have displayed, he was a potential candidate. However, Sinestro, in an act of lucidity, denied offering a ring to the Springwood Slasher. True, Freddy inspired great fear, but with how the Pantheon's circumstances have impacted Sinestro's way of handling his corps, having to maintain a tense working relationship with the other Lanterns, and his extremely chaotic nature being very destructive if let loose, Freddy's induction would automatically result in bad PR, much to the Springwood Slasher's annoyance. Since then, Freddy has sworn that he will obtain a Yellow Lantern Ring someday and, if necessary, he'll be willing to overthrow Sinestro and his corps so that he can build what he thinks would be a better and more vicious one.
  • Freddy's dream manipulations and control may have made him feared and reviled, but, to the dismay of those detractors, he's found himself an audience who were praiseworthy of the terrible actions and theatrics Freddy has committed with the creative use of his powers. One of those figures was Pennywise, a Child Eating Monster Clown who found their shared quirk of having pre-adults as their personal favorite victims and choosing to torment and kill them by feeding onto their fears in a creative fashion. Freddy appreciated Pennywise's antics but has told him that he needs to get a lot more ambitious than just aiming for Derry, a statement which Pennywise accepted after seeing just how many evil beings in the Pantheon had their scope going as far up as worlds and universes when it came to spreading misery and discord, and the new realm in which he was a part of gave him a new hunting ground far more interesting and exciting than Derry ever was. The two have since made a fearsome duo with Freddy and Pennywise often playing bets on who can get the most kills. It's not been a pleasant experience for many ever since...
    • He also found some form of camaraderie with a being only known as SCP-953, who has a knack for using her psionic powers to hijack others through their mind and force them to commit grotesque actions and murders for the sake of fulfilling her twisted desires of harming people. Freddy quite liked her way of doing horrific acts, though he had to make sure not to be using the "furry" terminology around her as SCP-953 prefers to be referred to as a Kumiho. She saw Freddy as quite the vicious being who never stops in his attempts to be as sadistic as possible and finds his creative ways to do his acts interesting. Freddy, in response, thinks SCP-953's psionic abilities are interesting to a degree and seeks to learn more from them. They've since maintained good contact with one another in the Pantheon.
    • He's also made enemies with figures like Mario, Luigi, Mary, Madotsuki, and Princess Luna. It's obvious enough that all of them have had to deal with vicious dreams and/or nightmare-manipulating deities before, but the depths of depravity and malice Freddy has displayed means that they couldn't ignore him and would have to deal with him in some way or another. Mary and Madotsuki would rather keep their distance, but do possess high latent power with their dreams and Freddy is aware of this, so he's resorting to finding loopholes in which he could win over them. Freddy has made several attempts on trying to instill horrible nightmares on many Ponies from Equestria, which is how Luna came into blows against the Springwood Slasher, and Mario and Luigi learned about Freddy through his alliance with Antasma, a nightmare-controlling bat that they've fought before. Freddy seeks to exploit Luigi's cowardice, though he's increasingly becoming aware that Mario's younger brother is a lot more capable than he seems and is preparing for the occasion to fight the brothers at some point. He's also faced altercations against Sora and Riku, given that the boys have experienced an adventure regarding dreams, and Sora faced a ploy where Xehanort tried to convert the boy into another incarnation of him via invading his dreams. The fact that Riku was Sora's Dream Eater was interesting for Freddy but states that this is still nothing compared to what he is capable of, plus he thinks Sora's dream manifestations aren't going to be of too much help against someone who has mastered the way of weaponizing nightmares. Per usual, Sora and Riku oppose Freddy for very obvious reasons.
  • It should be noted that thanks to his deal, Freddy is technically a demon and he has an open invitation for the Hall of Demons. Turns out, Freddy's own reputation has not been exclusive to Springwood or his own world as many of the demons are all too familiar with his actions. Some, like The Godhand and Malebolgia, are in awe of what he has accomplished whereas others, while not good by any means admit that Freddy is more of a demon than them, though they would take this as a sign to make themselves more capable and feared than they already are. Of course, there are a few demons who are repulsed by Freddy's acts and wish to see him condemned. The whole buzz generated by the Hall of Demons has made Freddy rather proud of himself and is eager to further the ante in a bid to impress the demons there a lot more.
  • Given that his powers mainly revolve around someone falling asleep, many tend to be terrified by the idea that Freddy could be stalking them and he would suddenly lunge at their dreams the moment they fall asleep. It certainly doesn't help that there are a lot of heavy sleepers like Mako Reizei and Tanaka-kun, as their nature of dozing off too often would mean they are easy prey for Freddy. Fortunately, he's more concerned and focused on feeding on the fear of others and striking at them, and so far, Mako and Tanaka-kun haven't really caught his attention as they're too preoccupied with their own Pantheonic endeavors. There's also the fact that Freddy finds himself being hunted by many in the Pantheon and he's gotten quite annoyed with the situation since.
  • Also present in the House of Dread and Valor.
"My Reign Of Terror Was Legendary."

    Haruto Tsukishiro 
Haruto Tsukishiro, God of Dream Walkers (Adam)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God inside the dreamscape)
  • Symbol: His red headphones
  • Theme Song: "Enter the Red Doors"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Exploring Dreams, Blue Is Heroic, Pragmatic Hero, Nice Guy, Unfazed Everyman, Chick Magnet, Not Showing Mercy to Villains, Affecting the Real World using Dreams, Dying And Going to Heaven
  • Domain: Dreams, Kindness, Heroism, Coma
  • Herald: Lily/Eve.
  • Allies: Shido Itsuka, Ysera, Inception Crew, Soldier #25954, Kirby, Sheryl Nome, Meteora Osterreich, Honoka Kousaka, Princess Luna, Corrin, Souji Mitsuka, SCP-990
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Inception crew
  • Enemies: Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, the Joker, Vaermina, murderers in general
  • Haruto was just a boy who explored the dreamscape after he was left in a coma. Through his journeys, he encountered 11 eleven girls capable of shaping the dreamscape to their whims called Witches. These Witches suffered from "Sleeping Beauty Syndrome", a condition that puts them to sleep and they cannot wake up unless they get help from someone inside the dream. By helping them solve problems inside the dreamscape, Haruto helped them wake up and earned their loyalty and love.
  • Haruto's story in the mortal plane came to an end when he and the Witches convinced Eve, the first woman and creator of the dreamscape, not to destroy the world just to get back at God. Instead, Eve decided to return to Heaven and see God again, asking Haruto to come with him. Even though going to Heaven would mean his death in the mortal plane, he agreed. This led to Haruto's ascension.
  • In the waking world (or at least what is normally perceived as the waking world), Haruto is no more impressive than a regular teenager. Within the dreamscape, he can create Humongous Mecha to fight in space, engage in swordfights, survive underwater with no aid, and even transform his penis into a genie to escape a hostage situation. No, really, that actually happened.
    Haruto: *laughs* "Yep, that was a fun Friday."
  • Thanks to his experience with dreams, he has become friends with other dream explorers in the Pantheon, like Ysera, the Inception crew and Soldier #25954. Ysera has nothing but good things to say about Haruto, praising him for his kindness towards the Witches and has tasked him with protect deities in the dreamscape. In turn, Haruto has earned a mentor in Ysera, seeing much of Lily in her.
    • His alliance with the Inception crew is a bit more complicated. Although he recognizes they are not inherently evil, he knows that they are capable of doing evil for the right price. They only work together if circumstances force them to.
    • Befriended Soldier #25954, as they reminded him of Kayo Sugisaki, albeit their circumstances were harsher and crueler than hers. He told them about what happened to Kayo and they praised him for giving her love and peace in her final moments.
    • Upon hearing Yuko Sakurabe's voice, he believed she had ascended as well and went to the House of Music to find her. Instead, he came across Sheryl Nome, whose exuberant personality was similar to Yuko's, at least when she was the Witch of Thunder. After he told her what happened to Yuko, they became friends. His visit to the House of Music also earned him the friendship of Honoka Kousaka, whose voice was similar to Misaki's. He is glad that Honoka, much like Misaki, reaffirmed her passion for music and hopes she continues her path to success.
    • Enjoys going to lunch with Kirby. He is surprised by how much food the little guy can pack, remembering his time with Airi Kojima.
    • Went to Meteora Osterreich's temple after initially confusing her voice with Nene Higashiyama's. He even told Meteora that Nene's dream took the form of a fairytale, something Meteora found not too different from her own origin as an NPC from a videogame. Either way, Meteora agreed to help Haruto in his journey across the dreamscape.
  • His story is an interesting exploration of using dreams as a form of escape one's problem. At first, he wakes several people up by telling them the dreamscape doesn't compare to confronting your problems head-on in reality, like with Airi Kojima using the world to binge or Mirei Saegusa living the college life she never got to have. Despite this, he's perfectly fine with others using it to escape, as he learned to see Jane Doe's lucid dreaming as just another lifestyle, helped Mana Hayashida kill off her parents' murderers in her dream, and gave Kayo Sugisaki the last week she always wanted. In the end, the Witches, having learned from Haruto's experiences, convince Eve not to destroy the world because she can live the life she always wanted in the dreamscape. Just goes to show that dreams can motivate people to better themselves in the real world, even if they sometimes need to get away from it all.
  • Became friends with Shido Itsuka, Corrin and Souji Mitsuka thanks to having the same voice, moreso with Shido, as their stories are surprisingly similar.
  • The GUAG Relationship Enchancers aren't sure whether Haruto can qualify as a harem protagonist. While some of the Witches do develop feelings for him, his series focuses more on fantasy than romance. Either way, Haruto promises to help them in any way he can.
  • Anyone who uses dreams to terrorize people will be put on his hitlist; such as Freddy Krueger and Pitch Black. He's not fond of the Joker either for being an unrepentant murderer. Remembering Mana Hayashida's traumatic ordeal, he has resolved not to let such tragedy happen again. He has been working with Princess Luna to save any deities from nightmares.
  • Also present in Specialized Narratives.

    The Inception Crew 
The Inception Crewmembers , Deities of Dreams within Dreams and Opinion Changing Dreams
From left to right: Eames, Cobb, Ariadne, Yusuf, Arthur
  • Lesser God(ddes)s
  • Symbol: Cobb's top
  • Theme Song: Time
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolios: Badass Crew, Caper Crew, Grey-and-Gray Morality
  • Domains: Memory, Trickery, Construct, Nightmare
  • Herald: Saito (their financial benefactor)
  • Allies: Ebenezer Scrooge, Pluto, Lucy Ricardo, Michael Scott, Carmen Sandiego, The PAYDAY crew and the GTAV crew, Len, SCP-990
  • Enemies: Immortan Joe, Bane
  • Opposes: Calvin J. Candie, the House of Law and Justice
  • Annoyed by: Imperator Furiosa, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Complicated Relationship: Dream of the Endless, Ysera, the House of Commerce
  • Fears: Nightmare deities
  • Pities: Jack Dawson, Romeo Montague, Jay Gatsby
  • Their daring journey into a person's mind not one, but four times earned the crew entry into the Pantheon. While they have initially went their separate ways, they converge in the Pantheon whenever someone wants to hire them to perform a similar operation.
    • One of the biggest obstacles towards their ascension was the fate of Cobb. It is implied that he got out of limbo though a few deities still believe he is stuck there to this day. With the creators remaining mum over the scene, the ending will likely be debated for years to come.
  • It is now believed that they are responsible for every dream sequence that has multiple dream sequences. Other creators have started to use them as part of them repertoire. The crew feel that they constantly have to go deeper just to maintain their reputation.
  • The only participant that didn't achieve godhood outright, Saito was considered a tourist at best. Indeed, he didn't have a good performance in the first dream level. Nevertheless, the others decided to grant him herald status as thanks.
  • Virtually everyone in the Pantheon wanted to know just how Dream of the Endless would react to potential rivals. When asked, his opinion felt... mixed. Sure, he is not pleased with the fact that ascended humans have now achieved the power to not only enter but also change dreams at will. Ultimately, the prospect intrigues him. It's this reason that he as allowed them to enter the Pantheon... for now. The crew strive not to piss him off as he is infamous to hold grudges for millennia.
  • As it turns out, Cobb has many other beings in the Pantheon who share an avatar. His reaction to them varies:
    • He sympathizes with the likes of Gatsby and Jack Dawson: the both of which for their untimely demises. He is only grateful that he did not have the same fate. The same goes to Romeo, although he doesn't always share the same avatar.
    • However, he feels nothing but contempt for Calvin for obvious reasons. Yusuf especially finds him abhorrent.
  • Eames had much worse luck regarding the characters that look like him (and that's not counting how his actor is in the Pantheon). He was once targeted by Immortan Joe because he looks like the Road Warrior (which also leads to Furiosa sometimes calling him "fool"; Eames has nothing against Max himself, even if he's too quiet), and has been put in Batman's radar due to similarities to Bane. Not wanting to deal with such a dangerous superhero, they cut all ties with the villain. Batman does have a soft spot with Arthur, who reminds him of John Blake.
  • Ariadne is lucky that her avatar at most led some confused X-Men to mistake her for Kitty Pryde. Or at times, that people thought she was Ellie.
  • Is widely seen as responsible for changing Scrooge's alignment to Lawful Good. Cobb admitted it wasn't their true goal; it was suggested by the Christmas Gods for them to do so. Still, Scrooge thanks them for give him a change of heart.
  • Pluto has also thanked them for realizing how cruelly he's treated feline followers.
  • Are under constant observation from Ysera, God of Dream Weavers. Although the dragon recognizes they are not inherently evil, she knew that they were capable of doing to for the right price. The group made a deal with her not to deal with her affairs while striving not to deal with more sinister deities.
  • Len takes a more laid-back approach. She may appear before them during one of their heists, but is more likely to observe them work. Sometimes, she even helps them out for her own amusement. Of course there's not much they can do when she enters their dreams. She's grown fond of Cobb's mind in particular, hoping to meet the subconscious of his dead wife.
  • Rumor has it that Lucy's avatar would not have converted her radio show to the television screen if not for a dream that convinced her otherwise. Everyone has agreed it was the right thing to do, given that her creation now sits in the Pantheon over seeing all other sitcoms in the Pantheon.
  • The crew denies any involvement regarding Michael's Scott's memory of them film. The office employer still insists that he watched the movie... at least that's what he thought.
  • Carmen Sandiego expressed interest in working with the crew. She may not need help when it comes to stealing items, but anyone who can steal and alter memories without the victim ever knowing could be a huge asset for her. The crew have found her a delight to work with, though they are wary about doing the same to them.
  • They are also supported by deities dedicated to The Caper. Their exploits may not be as complicated, but they helped the Inception crew plan out their capers in exchange for information on certain companies.
  • Their crimes have the House of Law and Justice worried. The crew usually have their info before their victims even knew they were robbed. Judge Dredd promised to increase surveillance in order to track them.
  • Their main targets have been the House of Commerce, either extracting information from their heads or altering their subconscious. This puts them in an awkward position with the deities there; they may fear what they are capable of, but are all too happy to employ them to ruin their rivals. Cobb has made sure not to have favorites among the house.
  • An interesting discussion propped up among the gods; what would happen if Cobb's crew tried to enter Riley's mind with the Emotions? Neither side wanted to test it out, but a mortal did do a mash-up trailer of the two. Many thought it meshed surprisingly well.
  • If it looks like one of their victims are suffering from a nightmare, they stay out of the way. Chances are it's the doing of someone such as Pitch Black or Freddy Krueger. Either one could wreck their efforts if not make themselves go mad.

Miyuki-chan, Goddess of Homoerotic Dreaming
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A fetishized chess piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Homoerotic Dream, often gets her clothes ruined, Cosplay, Chick Magnet, Naïve Everygirl, Naughty by Night, raped for black comedy, Deconstructed Proper Lady, Transparent Closet
  • Domains: Lust, Dreams (maybe), Temptation
  • Allies:
  • Avoids: All dominatrix Goddesses (and those who look like such)
  • Upon seeing her stranded in numerous Groundhog Day Loops, someone in the Court of the Gods looked for a trope she could ascend to, found Homoerotic Dream, and brought her up and set her up in the House of Love and Affection.
  • Never stays in one house for very long and has a tendency to inexplicably end up disappearing and then reappearing wherever there are large groups of attractive women. She's not even aware of her position in the pantheon, and nobody has been able to get her to stay in one place long enough to explain, or get her to become more open about her homosexuality, because she ends up disappearing whenever they do. Of course, this isn't much of an obstacle for more powerful deities in the Pantheon (if they think Miyuki-chan is worth spending their time on), and for those who can access her via the dreamscape.
    • In the case of dreams, because of their homoerotic nature, 'intruders' like Freddy Krueger and Princess Luna end up turning into sexy human women in erotic outfits while in her dreamscape. Both killer spirit and alicorn often spend a few seconds feeling confused, flustered (only this for Luna after the first few times; as a dream guardian in the Pantheon, this is no longer new to her), and furious (only this for Freddy after the first few times), and as always when the two are in the area, they duke it out, making for a very lethal Cat Fight.
    • As for teleporters, those who can track her location and get there can reach Miyuki-chan easily wherever she goes, though it can get tedious.
  • Has also been involved in the universe of Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-.
  • As for actual Wonderland denizens, for some reason, they always turn into attractive human women around Miyuki. The Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat always show particular interest when this happens, the Queen of Hearts always gets confused and flustered for some reason, while Alice…doesn't change at all. As for Wonderland itself, unless Alice is in a dark mood, it will look like its cartoonish appearance, except with all of its deizens as attractive human women.
  • She had once wanted to watch Barbarella but missed it. Of course, she managed to watch it again much later during her time in the Pantheon, and she got excited and flustered upon meeting the woman herself in the flesh, but any memories she made with her she only remembers as dreams, much to Barbarella's mild disappointment.
  • Miyuki-chan once accidentaly dropped into the temple of the Black Queen of Sogo through a "rabbit hole" and was scared out of her mind at running into one of the people who once harrassed her in her dreams. She's avoided the temple ever since and prays that a rabbit hole won't transport her there again. The Queen doesn't really get it, but is happy to see that someone respects her as a villain. She does insist she never used whips in her life though.
  • She has a Shadow in the TV World that represents a secret she doesn't know of, yet is plain to see to everybody who's met her: she's a closeted lesbian with several kinky fetishes. But as long as she can't figure out what her dreams are trying to tell her (or admit it to herself), she'll never think of facing it. And the Investigation Team does not do interventions (though Yosuke keeps pushing for an exception in this particular case). There's still the possibility she might 'fall' her way there, though.
    • Having been pulled into screens/mirrors/books several times before, some think it's only a matter of time, and the Team has been given a notice of that.
  • Because she sounds like The Dominatrix Queen of Hearts she keeps seeing in her dreams, Miyuki-chan has mixed feelings around Belldandy, Princess Celestia, Scheherazade (in her Caster form), Lust, Nurse Joy, and Hibiki Kuze's (female) Tico.
  • In occasion, when playing video games, Miyuki-chan gets inexplicably pulled into it, and the game turns into a Hotter and Sexier variant (if it isn't so already). This often forces other people to try and keep her alive while trying to get her out, even though Death is Cheap and she has died last time only to be back for her next adventure.
  • Because of all the teleportations and shenanigans Miyuki-chan keeps getting into (especially with so many other women), Kyu Sugardust got a tad infuriated and wants to find a way to get the incredibly dense girl to give in to her desires and act on them to get this over with. She even asked Princess Cadance, as much as the alicorn hates the love fairy, for assistance in this regard. Seeing Miyuki-chan's situation, Cadance accepted, under the condition that should Miyuki-chan find a person she can love romantically, Kyu is not to introduce her to other potential love interests. Kyu decided those were acceptable terms.
  • Also present in the House of Love: Other.


    Douglas Quaid 
Douglas "Doug" Quaid, God of Ambiguous End of Dreams (Hauser)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Rekall machine
  • Theme Song: The Dream
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Plugged in Rekall, Wear a wrist hologram device, Left video messages to him by Hauser, Previously identified as Hauser
  • Domains: Dream, Ambiguity
  • Avatar: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Allies: The Inception Crew, Ysera, Charles Xavier, Remy Etienne LeBeau/Gambit, Leela, Wolverine, Scott Summers/Cyclops, Anna Marie/The Rogue, Jean Grey-Summers, Mary, Master Chief
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Lex Luthor
  • Douglas Quaid was just an average worker who wanted more in his life. He took part of a simulation by Rekall to give him some excitement in his life. But something went wrong with the process and he found himself in a misadventure that took him to Mars. Or so they say...
  • Nobody knows for sure whether this Quaid is part of a dream that was fabricated by Rekall or if this is what he is in reality. Not even he knows for sure as he ponder the question after bringing air in Mars and when he has to get his ass to the Pantheon.
    • As of now, the Inception Crew are investigating whether this man is real or not. However, one of their member, Cobb, too holds the fate of being anonymous of whether he is still in a dream or not so it's not helping matters.
    • The Nostalgia Critic, in his review of the movie, thinks that his adventures was real and showed some evidence of the former. However, his collaborator, That SciFi Guy, thinks that everything seen in the film is only a dream. The Critic hijacked Dr. Wiki to support his view and insulted him, then later muted him when he had enough of the debate. He admits that he wanted to dick around with him regarding the argument.
  • He was once Jason Bourne's high priest before his ascension. Like Bourne, he apparently has his memories erased when he was previously was known by the identity "Hauser." He didn't enjoy the revelation of the fact he was a secret agent working for Cohaagen who erased his memories to infiltrate a mutant rebellion.
  • It has been stated that prolonged stays in Rekall can risk lobotomization and was told that he must leave or be lobotomized. Again, it is unknown if this Quaid is really him or just a fabrication from Rekall.
  • He sympathizes with mutants due to them being oppressed by Vilos Cohaagen and the rebels who seek to overthrow him.
    • He respects Charles Xavier in leading a group of heroic mutants in fighting for equality of both human and mutants. His abilities remind him a lot of Kuato, the leader of the mutant resistance opposing Cohaagen.
  • He has some respect toward prostitutes since he been to the Venusville bar filled with mutant prostitutes and his partner, Melina, works there while she wasn't working with the rebels.
    • He is surprised to see Mary again, since the Pantheon seem to call upon the three-breasted prostitute because of her "infamous" service.
  • He doesn't like corrupt executives like Mr. Burns and Lex Luthor as they are alike to Vilos Cohaagen. He compared Mr. Burns to him especially when he heard that he tried to block the sun so that he could force the people to buy power from him.
  • Quaid obtained a hologram device which he use to trick his foes. Sometimes, he would feign being a hologram, making him unpredictable in fights. Thus he got along with Master Chief, who has similarly used holograms in battle.
  • As Quaid's mental condition is already weirded out enough, Schwarzenegger prefers to avoid him, and has told the Terminator to follow suit.


You have one new message.


"Hi, this is 'Jacob' from Pantheon Pest Extermination. There's an infestation of wasps in the House of Cultures. I know we already called you a couple days ago but the damn things seemed to have come back... Please hurry, time is of the essence."


Jacket, God of Comatose Adventures (The Hitman, The Masked Maniac, The Sociopath, Richard(?))
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Richard Mask with his varsity Jacket
  • Theme Song: Deep Cover - Sun Araw, Simon Viklund - Breath of Death, Evil Eye
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, borders on Chaotic Evil when with the PAYDAY Crew
  • Portfolio: Adventures in Comaland, Badass Normal, Famed In-Story, The Quiet One/Silent Protagonist, Anti-Hero, One-Man Army, Saved a hooker from her abusive boss, Slaughtered countless Russian mobsters to pay back a good friend in the war who died, Spared Richter despite everything he did, Had a photo of him and his good friend, Died from the nukes being dropped, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Butchered anyone that got in the way of his vendetta, Sanity Slippage, wears a varsity jacket, Masks of Power, Unwitting Pawn, Decoy Protagonist, Pinball Protagonist, Expy of The Driver
  • Domains: Killing Sprees, Masks, Revenge, Enigmatic Motives, Silent Protagonists
  • Allies: The PAYDAY Crew, Hoxton, John Wick, Niko Bellic, Marv
  • Enemies: The Son, 50 Blessings, Lionel Starkweather, Piggsy, Nikita Dragovich, Vladimir Makarov, Kevin, Gregor Clegane, Any Russian Mobster, or Soviets
  • Opposed by: Any Deity of Russian descent, any member of law enforcement, those who don't kill
  • Sympathizes with: Suffering war veterans, Bloody Marie, anyone who got in trouble with the mafia
  • Ascended after the events that transpired in Miami, and for someone with a reputation like his, it was surprisingly discreet: He went through the entrance for his ascension and went straight to his temple, Richard Mask in hand. While some deities went about their business, others stayed the hell away after hearing some of his gruesome exploits. The Masked Maniac, nicknamed Jacket has come to the Pantheon.
  • Regarding what exactly happened to Jacket in the heat of 1989 Miami... well, it's a long story. A long, weird story. To start, Jacket was an agent of 50 Blessings, a nationalist group dedicated to destroying the Russian Mafiya and undermining the Russo-American Coalition. Jacket was one of their top hitmen, a cold-blooded killer who would not stop 'till a job was done. His life started to go off the rails when a fellow agent, known only as the Biker due to his choice in headwear, started trying to get out of the business, and Jacket was sent to take care of him. To hear Jacket tell it, the Biker massacred every employee at the PhoneHom phone company, then attacked Jacket, forcing him to kill the Biker in self-defense. But that's not what happened. The Biker gave Jacket a chance to leave, then when Jacket wouldn't back down, beat him to within an inch of his life. 50 Blessings was not happy when they heard of Jacket's failure, and sent a rat-masked assassin named Richter to kill him. Jacket came home to find his girlfriend's corpse in the living room and Richter waiting for him with a silenced Uzi. Fortunately for him, Jacket survived the shooting, and hallucinated the events of the last couple of months while in a coma, hallucinating his victory at the phone company and seeing his old friend at various stores. When he woke up, he immediately headed out to the police station to get some information on just what the hell had happened to him. Jacket traced the mysterious calls, as well as Richter's hit, to a Russian mob boss named Ivan Lebedev. Obviously, Lebedev didn't live long. Jacket went peacefully to prison for killing Lebedev and his son, thinking everything was solved...
    • Unfortunately, he was wrong. Turns out 50 Blessings had been playing him the whole time. They had sent him on a wild goose chase against the Russians, getting rid of a dangerous wild card and crippling the Mafiya in one fell swoop. Jacket was simply a scapegoat, and when the Russians nuked Miami, he died without ever knowing otherwise.
  • His temple is his old apartment back from before he was hospitalized. It's not in the best condition, although he didn't have much to work with given the state he found it in. It's said that the apartment was a lot nicer at some point, back when Jacket saved a prostitute from a sickening film producer and brought her home to live with him, but it would be in your best interest to not touch upon the subject.
  • Naturally, he's quite infamous among any Russians within the Pantheon and is automatically enemies with any Russian mobster within the Pantheon due to crippling their influence after waking from his coma. He's also automatically enemies with any Soviets due to being a veteran in the war against them. He harbors a very negative view of Vladimir Makarov and Nikita Dragovich as a result, who only serve to justify his negative view on Russians in general.
    • Made enemies with Lionel Starkweather since he reminds Jacket of the aforementioned filmmaker, whose eyes he gouged out, and has no qualms doing it again to Lionel. It happened once with Cash and it can happen again and again thanks to the Pantheon's rules on death. Jacket was pleased when he heard about that. Lionel, on his part, feigned confidence, but he hasn't gone near Jacket's temple since the killer made enemies with him...
  • The PAYDAY Crew are pleased with his ascension due to his assistance with their schemes. Some deities question whether or not the Jacket that aids them is the real deal given his attitude change after the killing sprees in Miami and that he's quite young looking for someone in their 40s to 50s. There's speculation going around says that Jacket is actually a Loony Fan taking up his visage, which isn't too crazy of a theory after what happened in 1991. Regardless, it would be heavily advised to never cross him as he's much more insane and is considerably more competent in killing. Just look what happened to this poor cloaker. Luckily, it's easy to notice the change in attitude as he communicates through a tape recorder with an absurd amount of fitting sound bytes. One wonders how he answers the pager without sounding the least bit suspicious.
    • Outside his work with them and his conflicts with general scumbags and Russian Mobsters, Jacket lives his life like anyone else would. He's seen in the House of Food or Theater after a long day to get some food, take a drink, or rent some videos. Since he no longer hallucinates the people he meets as Beard, he has little reason to stick around for long, often going straight home. Then again, he wasn't a talkative guy to begin with.
  • Respects Marv for avenging Goldie's death and for taking down Kevin and Cardinal Roark. It's not surprising to find the two hunting down the lowlifes that dwell in the Pantheon. When Jacket told him about his experiences in Miami, the latter promised to take down the Miami Mafiya for what they did should they come around to the Pantheon. Shame they've both got the wrong guys.
  • Understandably is opposed by many deities affiliated with law enforcement in the Pantheon for his slaughter of police officers after awaking from his coma, especially if he's with the PAYDAY Crew. On his regular days, he doesn't openly go after them unless they tick him off to the point of acting. Naturally, he also isn't liked that much by the House of Justice or any heroic figure who are opposed to killing.
  • Sympathizes with Niko Bellic due to his background as a war veteran and troubles with the Mafiya, something that mirrors his own experiences back in Hawaii and Miami. Jacket actually respects that he had long abandoned his criminal career since he himself doesn't actually enjoy violence that much despite being surrounded by it. This sympathy extends to others who suffered similar experiences.
    • His relationship with Marie, however, is shaky. Although she is ruthless in her hunt for mafia, she does not involve anyone outside of that and is quite iffy on his brutality on some of his victims, mainly the aforementioned sadistic producer, which mirrors her best friend's mutilation. Jacket did convey to her that his slaughter of police officers was because he REALLY needed to hunt down Richter for killing the girl he rescued despite sparing him in the end. It's uneasy, but Jacket does admire her reasons for becoming the Skullgirl, since it's no different for his conviction to pay back and avenge the soldier from the war.
  • Can also be found in Storytelling.
  • "So this is what the end looks like... beautiful."

NiGHTS, Divine Protector of Dream Worlds
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: A jester's cap and a trail of stardust
  • Theme Music: Dreams Dreams
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Flight, Jumping Through Hoops, No Biological Sex, Positive Shadow Archetype, Trickster Archetype, Shapeshifting, The Fool, Sharing a Body, Peter Pan Parody
  • Domains: Dreams, Flight
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Segata Sanshiro, Kirby, Princess Luna, Osmosis Jones, Ysera, SCP-990 (though a bit wary), The Wind Fish, Dream of the Endless, Sandy, Peter Pan
  • Enemies: Wizeman, Reala, Pitch Black, Freddy Krueger, Nightmare (Kirby), Vaermina, The Radiance
  • A dream world exists where two separate regions known as Nightopia and Nightmare reside. Nightopia is a place where dreamers' personalities are represented via luminous spheres known as ideya. Wizeman the Wicked rules over the aptly named Nightmare and has been draining Nightopia of ideya so that he can conquer not just that place, but the real world as well. NiGHTS is one of Wizeman's creations and attempted to rebel against him, but was imprisoned for trying to do such. From there, a couple of young children discover Nightopia, encounter NiGHTS, and it's up to this gender-less flying entity to not just help these kids out, but to prevent Wizeman from taking over Nightopia and the real world.
  • Night has fallen once more in the Pantheon and myriad set of denizens are asleep, though some have had troubles getting themselves into such a state. A few people have reported to have found themselves in an idyllic landscape during their dreams and while looking around, they found what was described as an Ideya Palace. After getting near it, a purple jester emerged and started flying around the scenery, intending to help out whoever it was that came across that palace. After everything was finished (though not without a few obstacles trying to get in the way), the people in question woke up and was reportedly feeling better than what they were originally. It was there that the purple jester, known as NiGHTS was found in the Pantheonic dreamscape and has played a role in keeping it safe from those that threaten it.
  • Dealing with Wizeman and his army was already enough of a challenge for NiGHTS, but the Pantheon houses a handful of other deities that specialize in spreading nightmares, with some being far more dangerous than Wizeman. Vaermina in particular, proved far more troubling for NiGHTS to go up against after the jester somehow finding its way to Dreamstride when a poor soul got stuck in a nightmare inside that place. Navigating that place to help that person escape Dreamstride was very difficult and although NiGHTS and that poor soul were able to escape, the jester abhors Vaermina for her willingness to psychologically break people inside her horrifying realm. On her end, Vaermina sees NiGHTS as every bit of a problem as the other deities that utilize dreams for anything that doesn't involve harm.
    • Traversing through Dreamstride was enough of a problem for NiGHTS to get through, but another dangerous foe would be waiting for NiGHTS when the latter was going through a dream that looked infected and unnerved NiGHTS throughout. What NiGHTS found in this infected dream was The Radiance, an entity that is capable of corrupting others and had already aligned herself with other nightmare-based deities. She's a foe that NiGHTS is bound to have trouble dealing with and surviving a dreamscape corrupted by The Radiance will be just as bad as going through Dreamstride.
    • While Vaermina and The Radiance are significant threats as far as nightmare-dwellers are concerned, Freddy Krueger is another deity that NiGHTS considers to be worse than Wizeman. It's one thing to go around spreading nightmares that beings such as Pitch Black do as their M.O. It's another thing entirely to go inside dreams and kill people in said dreams. Krueger considers NiGHTS to be a major nuisance (alongside other similar beings that prevent nightmares) and has made several unsuccessful attempts to kill the jester in the dream world.
  • Given that their initial story originated from the Sega Saturn, it didn't come as any surprise that Segata Sanshiro holds NiGHTS in high regard for that reason (with the other Sega deity that Segata respects being Sonic himself). There has been a few instances of NiGHTS going through the dreams of Segata Sanshiro, which have been noted to be very over-the-top, but NiGHTS has admitted that Segata can fend for himself even in those dreams.
  • Some deities have claimed to notice more than a handful of similarities between NiGHTS and Peter Pan. Both utilize flying as their primary method of getting around (especially with the freedom that it entails), they have had encounters with children and went on adventures with them, having a mischievous disposition, and have had their adventures set within the backdrop of London (or in the case of NiGHTS, something very similar to it). While NiGHTS at least is more proactive in making sure harm doesn't come to the children they're with, NiGHTS isn't above having a bit of fun with Peter Pan in their downtime.
  • The Wind Fish became a deity that got the attention of NiGHTS, mainly due to the circumstances that the former had to endure regarding dreams. Koholint Island was a place created as a result of The Wind Fish being in slumber, with several Nightmare creatures roaming around the island preventing The Wind Fish from waking up. NiGHTS sympathizes with The Wind Fish's ordeal and has made a number of trips throughout the dreams of said creature to protect it from harm.
  • Rumors of a entity who had many prophetic dreams come true reached NiGHTS, who wanted to know if this being could end up causing trouble. It eventually encountered a well-dressed man wearing a hat, known to others as SCP-990, who claimed to NiGHTS that he meant no harm and is only warning others of what's to come. While NiGHTS is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and gets along fine with him, NiGHTS is still uncertain about his true motives and that he may have had something to do with some of the adventures NiGHTS has gone through in the Pantheon.
  • NiGHTS heard about some deities that were originally meant to serve as primary enforcers for a villain that later turned against them. The Crystal Gems (mainly Pearl, Garnet, Amethyst, and Peridot) were a specific set of those deities that managed to get the attention of NiGHTS. Much like how NiGHTS devoted its life to protecting the dream world against their former superiors that threatened them, the Crystal Gems went against what the Homeworld wanted them to do in favor wanting to live out the lives they wanted. The Crystal Gems and NiGHTS getting along with each other led the latter to learn about Steven Universe, whom the Crystal Gems hang out with. Steven's perpetually optimistic attitude, alongside his capacity to bring out the positive side of those he meets, earned him the approval of NiGHTS, even if NiGHTS isn't really able to make others turn over a new leaf like what Steven has done.
  • Although preventing nightmares from spreading across worlds is their primary job, NiGHTS has enough time to get themselves involved in races held by Sonic and his associates. Most of the time, NiGHTS is willing to be a transforming vehicle in order to participate, though they're fine with being the flag-bearer if others aren't up for it. Their participation with Sonic and others also extends to having friendly tennis matches with some of the same participants from the Sega-centric racing contests.
  • Christmas season is noted to be a time that NiGHTS is fond of, partially due to an instance of it travelling through Nightopia to help out Claris and Elliot find a Christmas star. While traversing through the dreams of the Pantheonic denizens during that time period, NiGHTS is more than likely to find itself in a winter wonderland, though it's still willing to help those that are in trouble during the season.


    Ned Needlemeyer 
Ned Needlemeyer, God of Anxiety Dreams
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A spiraling vortex with a silhouette of Ned's head in the center
  • Theme Song: Nightmare Ned Main Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Suffers bad dreams due to anxiousness, Attacks foes with a yoyo, God who has to confront his fears, Kid Hero, Possesses an incredible imagination, Nerd Glasses, Nerdy Nasalness, Nervous Wreck, Charlie Brown Baldness
  • Domains: Children, Nightmares, Anxiety, Imagination
  • High Priest: Thomas
  • Allies: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dream of the Endless, Princess Luna, Ysera, NiGHTS, Razputin Aquato, Mickey Mouse, Jimmy Neutron, Bridget, Wirt and Greg, Koichi Kimura
  • Enemies/Fears: Freddy Krueger, Wizeman, Pitch Black, Nightmare (Kirby), Vaermina, Bill Cipher, Dark Link, House of Undead and Phasmata, the Beast
  • Ned Needlemeyer is an average 10-year old boy with a hyperactive imagination. Unfortunately, this imagination is more of a curse than a blessing for the boy as he's also incredibly high-strung, which combines with the massive imagination to result in chronic lucid nightmares that always end on a bad note. And though they can leave a negative impact on Ned, they can also have a positive impact on him. Most noteworthy of all being when Ned was subjected to five separate yet connected nightmares at once by the "Shadow Creatures" and not only braved through each nightmare but overcame the fears those nightmares represented, waking up more courageous than ever.
  • Ned ascended to the Pantheon when the Court of the Gods took notice of his constant nightmares and, noticing that his bad dreams were the result of severe anxiety, deemed Ned Needlemeyer to be the perfect candidate for Anxiety Dreams.
    • He was freaked out to say the least to find himself summoned to a plane of existence wherein all fictional beings are real, and many of them could reduce him to dust at the blink of an eye. But Ned was soon comforted upon learning that most members of the Pantheon are good and became flattered at having been accepted into the Pantheon alongside many heroes and admirable figures. Although he wishes that he hadn't been chosen for his anxiety-induced nightmares, especially as his given trope means that he'll be suffering horrid dreams all the more.
  • Ned's temple has two sides to it; the front side is that of his family's house: specifically when his family is absent, allowing the boy and any invited deities to snack on junk food and play video games. But the backside of the temple is that of the Quilt, a gigantic bed that acts as the crossroads to all of Ned's past nightmares, especially the ones conjured by the Shadow Creatures. Thanks to this, visiting deities are able to experience Ned's nightmares for themselves and the most daring of them have even made a game of braving those nightmares the fastest. Ned doesn't understand why anyone would willingly enter his nightmares but doesn't object to these visitations. After all, those courageous deities might provide some much-needed inspiration for him.
  • Became fast friends with Courage the Cowardly Dog, since they're both nervous wrecks who endure intense frights on an almost constant basis and are the butts of every joke in their respective worlds. They both also like to play yo-yo, and the two can often be seen exchanging yo-yo tricks.
  • Upon learning of the Pantheon's official Goddess of Weaponized Yo-Yos, Bridget, Ned immediately sought her out to improve his "yo-yo combat" with which to more easily overcome his nightmares. Bridget happily took the yoyo-slinging boy up in this regard, and does her best to help him fight his nightmares outside of improving his yo-yo weaponry.
  • He gained the interest of Razputin Aquato when the psychic found out about Ned's chronic nightmares. As per the Psychonaut's agenda, Raz sought out to cure the boy of his horrifying dreams, which Ned couldn't be more welcoming of. Raz expected his curing of Ned's nightmares to be a cinch since he had cured longtime mental issues of many individuals in a single night. However, the young Psychonaut found Ned's anxiety dreams to be more difficult to heal than anticipated and would take a whole lot longer. But Raz isn't one to give up and vowed to keep on trying to save Ned from his nightmares no matter how long it takes, which Ned is forever grateful for.
    • Ned was also befriended by Jimmy Neutron for the same reason; the boy genius having been intrigued by Ned's constant anxiety-born dreams and, being the kind hero he can be, wanting to vanquish the many causes of those nightmares. Ned also reminds Jimmy a lot of his best friend, Carl Wheezer, both being neurotic nerds with massive round glasses, and Jimmy had even previously cured Carl of his own recurring nightmare. Although Ned is a great deal more intelligent than Carl and a lot less sickly.
  • Ned also gets along great with Wirt, being a fellow cowardly nerd whose anxiety resulted in him entering a surreal and often spooky world which may or may not have been a Dying Dream, even. The two were also antagonized by shadowy figures in the form of the "Shadow Creatures" and "The Beast", the latter of whom Ned is glad is not in the Pantheon (but now worries he may have jinxed everyone in saying so). Whenever Ned and Wirt hang out, they spend their times sharing tales of the nightmares and the Unknown respectively. For Ned, the Unknown reminds him quite a bit of his "Attic, Basement, and Beyond" nightmare, which even had its own "creepy woods" section.
    • In befriending Wirt, Ned almost automatically became a friend of Wirt's younger brother, Greg. Despite seemingly not sharing similar interests, Ned enjoys Greg's company all the same due to the boy's sheer friendliness and optimism, as well as being closer to his own age compared to the teenage Wirt.
    • As luck would have it, the Beast of the Unknown had since ascended into the Pantheon, and Ned had been severely regretting ever mentioning the possibility of his arrival. Not at all helped by the Beast implying that his ascension was Ned's fault in an attempt to get the boy to fall into despair. And indeed, Ned had become a favored target of the monster due to his anxieties. It's only thanks to the efforts of his friends keeping his hopes up that Ned hasn't become an Edelwood Tree.
  • Naturally preyed upon by nightmare-based deities and those who thrive off of fear, especially that of children. Freddy Krueger in particular came to favor Ned as a victim, given their respective positions, and unfortunately for Ned his yo-yo isn't effective enough a weapon to ward off the Avatar of Nightmares. Fortunately, though, Ned had received the protection of good dream deities and other protectors of children and has yet to receive any fatalities from Krueger or other nightmare deities. Although Ned hopes that, should he get attacked by any of them, the resulting harm is bloodless and recoverable, like in most of his own nightmares.
  • Even though he overcame the Shadow Creatures who turned out to be the frightening manifestations of friendly people (and an item) in his life, Ned is still wary of Living Shadows. On account of being the God of Living Shadows and a truly hostile entity, Ned stays far away from Dark Link.
    • Likewise, though Ned had conquered his fear of death or rather his grandfather dying, the House of Undeath reminds him of the horrors of the Graveyard Nightmare, with some of its residents exceeding the graveyard's Ghoul in freaky appearance, and steers clear of the place.
    • In response to Ned's wariness and fear of shadows and darkness, the boy was approached by Koichi Kimura, who embodied The Sacred Darkness and sought to show Ned that darkness and shadows weren't inherently evil, nor things to be avoided and feared. Being the Nervous Wreck that he is, Ned has yet to be enlightened. Nonetheless, he does find Koichi's words enlightening and considers him an ally.
  • When he first met Mickey Mouse in the Pantheon, Ned recalled shaking hands with a larger version of the mouse in his "Attic, Basement, and Beyond" nightmare and told him of this. Mickey was amused by this revelation of Ned's and gave the boy a real shake from the mouse. Upon shaking hands, though, Mickey suddenly felt he that he actually knew of Ned long before and somehow forgot...