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    Dark Schneider 
Schneider, The God Sealed in a Child (Darsh, D.S.)
  • Overdeity (Quasideity as Luche Len-Len)
  • Symbol: His white hair
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Anti Anti Christ, Anti-Hero, Clothing Damage, Cute Little Fangs, Destructive Saviour, The Fighting Narcissist, Gorn, Handsome Lech, Lecherous Licking, Nigh-Invulnerable, One-Man Army, Rated M for Manly, Really 700 Years Old
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Magic, Lust
  • Followers: Etrigan, Mia
  • Allies: Slaanesh, Panty Anarchy, Mad Moxxi, Alucard
  • Rivals: Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan
  • Enemies: Vega, Satan (Shin Megami Tensei), Voldemort, Corset
  • Opposed by: YHVH
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Guts
  • Admires: Lucifer
  • Pitied by: Naruto Uzumaki
  • Fears: Embryo
  • Many deities were on high alert on the arrival of this deity. Luche Len-Len may not look like much of a threat, but the spirit that is sealed within him may well be one of the most powerful beings yet. The boy hoped that the Pantheon can keep him at check for the time being, a task that will be difficult to pull off.
    • How powerful is he? His primary means of defense seems to be a shield spell called "Dispel Bound", which produces a number of shields to block any attack aimed at him. Each shield can take up to the force of a nuclear blast before breaking. And they can only be targeted one at a time. And they auto-regenerate. And he can repair them manually at positively absurd speeds. And in the unlikely event that you manage to get through that, you have to deal with his durability which allows him to take attacks that can destroy galaxies. And should you somehow manage to pierce these defenses, he possesses obscenely powerful healing abilities (of the sort that makes Wolverine look like a girl scout) and finally, he still can't be killed unless you destroy his body, spirit and soul in three different dimensions at the same time.
  • The only faction that truly has to worry about him is Melkor and his forces. Luche Len-Len convinced him that he can at least test his might on the roster, to the Supreme Dark Lord's horror. Any attempt to join the GUAG has been denied by Schneider. Even the other heroes see him as off putting.
  • Instead, Schneider has taken a liking to the GUAC. He even got to meet their leader Lucifer, someone who shares the same name as the Devil in his world. Lucifer for his part hopes to recruit D.S. into the fold against Luche Len-Len's wishes. Give the kid some credit, he managed to convince Dark Schneider not to take up the deal... for now.
    • The same can be said of a Satan of a different world. He found it insulting to see the angel on the side of a lawful stick-in-the-mud like YHWH, especially with a name like Satan. The Sexually Ambiguous Angel has already proven to be a worthy opponent for him.
  • While he doesn't bother the group that much, YHVH sees him as one of the organization's biggest threats, one that will further increase if he joins Lucifer's side.
  • Guts may respect him as one of the premier Anti Heros, but is is still wary of his company. He cat at least convince D.S. to fight demons if only to prove he is more powerful than them.
  • Hopes to one day take Dr. Manhattan's title of Superpower Lottery. Dr. Manhattan quickly pointed out that Schneider still has opponents that can theoretically take him on in a fight, just disqualifying him from the running. Even then, Schneider eagerly awaits a fight between the two to prove who is the most powerful.
  • Is one of the few gods that not only enjoys Slaanesh's company, but actively seeks out her company. The Chaos God is happy to find someone who shares an equal lust (albeit for women). Out of those in the House of Lust, only Panty Anarchy and Mad Moxxi are willing to share a bed with him.
  • It was from Panty that he learned about Corset. Finding his vision of Heaven (and the Pantheon in that matter) despicable, Dark Schneider agreed to help Panty and Stocking in any way he can. Having an Overdeity in their back pocket has unnerved the devil greatly.
  • It's no surprise that he gets along well with Alucard. The God of Regeneration is actually a good buffer against Schneider's more crazed tendencies. But if Alucard goes into one of his "moments" when together... it's best that everyone stays out of their destructive paths.
  • Has tried his best to avoid the company of Naruto. It is well known for him to reach out and talk people out of their evil ways. It's tone of the few things Dark Schneider doesn't want to fight. Of course Luche Len-Len hangs out with him all the time, hoping to learn how to redeem the wizard.
  • Vega finds the wizard abhorrent. Even worse, Dark Schneider has proven to be every bit of a narcissist as he has been, only more powerful and claiming to be on the side of good. Thankfully, Darsh hasn't decided on taking the title from him, as Vega stands no chance against him.
  • There is one person in the Pantheon he truly fears: Embryo. At first, he thought he could be the exception to magic users under his thrall. But a quick visit there proved that Embryo was capable of controlling him all the same. Amused with his arrogance, Embryo released him, promising him he won't be as forgiving the next time. Dark Schneider makes sure to avoid him at all costs. At the same time, one could almost see a grin on YHWH's face. The other factions nearly fear the day Embryo decides to take the wizard as his own.
  • Voldemort remains convinced that the Malum Magia can push the deity to their side, reminding him off all of his accomplishments in the past. Despite this Dark Schneider remains committed to remaining within the boy, if only to see how things go.

Prismo, God of Cheated Angles
  • Overdeity (Quasideity if awake)
  • Symbol: A jar of pickles in a Menger Sponge.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wishmasters, Cheated Angle, Benevolent Genie Who's wishes are ultimately a monkey's paw, Nice Guy, The Dream of an Old Man, Dream Apocalypse, Back from the Dead
  • Domains: Wishes, Pickles, Space-Time, the Multiverse
  • Allies: Jake (best friend), Finn, The Genie, Hoopa, Shenron, Dream of the Endless, Eternity, The Living Tribunal
  • Enemies: The Lich, Freddy Krueger, Barbatos, Hajun, Lord English
  • Avoids: Any deity associated with nightmares
  • The multiverse is a vast place. At the very center is a dimension known as the Time Room, and there lives the Wishmaster Prismo. An immensely powerful being, Prismo can grant practically any wish. Unfortunately, the wish always has some sort of twist to it, backfiring in some way. Fortunately, Prismo is a nice guy, and advises them on how to avoid backlash. Also, you only get one wish, so don't screw it up.
  • Supposedly a two-dimensional being, however can somehow bend his neck and move in ways a 2-d being should not. Usually being in profile seems to be more out of choice than anything. As a Living Dream, Dream of the Endless holds authority over him, and he holds reverence for the Endless. Some believe he is Prismo's boss, but Prismo denies this.
  • Originally rather lonely, Prismo struck a powerful friendship with Jake, and later Finn. He sometimes employs them for some major incidents, like dealing with an alternate Finn who became the Ice King. Barbatos knows that whole timelines can be created and go wrong with a large enough wish to Prismo, so he wants to hijack the Wishmaster to bring the Dark Multiverse's dominance onto the regular multiverse.
  • Because of the Time Room's central position, it is a Place Beyond Time. Even if a cataclysm should affect the multiverse as a whole, the Time Room should be unaffected. Of course Hajun's Law if completed and Lord English' persistent rampages are powerful enough to even destroy the Time Room, much to Prismo's dread.
  • The Cosmic Owl, Grob Gob Glob Grod and Death have been seen hanging out in the Time Room. Because of its cosmic significance the Time Room serves as a respite for those in the House of Time and Space, so long as they aren't hoping to destroy everything and are willing to behave and co-operate. Besides the Enchiridion, Rick Sanchez has managed to find the Time Room with his portal gun, however is smart enough not to make any wish since he knows about the monkey's paw. He feels free at insulting people who make wishes that are dumb and proving science can do Prismo's job instead, of course.
  • In spite of his power, there are a few things too great for him to wish. Known examples are resurrect Margles and recreate Princess Bubblegum's "perfect sandwich". Prismo also doesn't grant wishes to affect Overdeities stronger than him. It remains seen how he compares to the Super Dragon Balls, or to Shenron himself. The two seem to get along anyway, being benevolent wishmasters, however Shenron has advised Prismo to be a bit tougher.
  • In order to destroy all life, the Lich stole the Enchiridion and went to Prismo for a wish. When that failed thanks to Jake, he simply bided his time to kill him, in order to get sent to the Crystal Citadel and control its inmates. To prevent a further incident, every method of entering the Time Room has been blocked except for the Pickle Jar he gave to Finn and Jake. Hoopa has been hired as a bouncer for Prismo. Anyone who somehow manages to sneak into the Time Room's dimension will immediately be sent to another through use of Hoopa's portals.
  • Death was already cheap in the Pantheon, but nobody can truly die in the Time Room so long as Prismo is there to stop. The SCP Foundation has requested two wishes; either make it so SCP-682 cannot leave the Time Room, or is neutralized. Prismo had to deny this, stating 682 will eventually learn to find and kill his true form to escape(monkey's paw), and that even he isn't strong enough to terminate SCP-682. The Foundation isn't going to risk the monkey's paw in an option available to them.
  • While death is even cheaper in the Time Room, do not think you can get away with causing a Temporal Paradox in the Time Room. Finn meeting his younger self caused that Finn to become the Finn Sword. You're no more safe from Funny Valentine's affect there than elsewhere. Lars Fillmore fears that he'll straight up explode if he enters. Time loops are fair game, though; it's how Prismo resurrected himself.
  • Dhuum wasn't fond of this, but as the Time Room goes by different space-time rules he'll at least try to tolerate it. Mainly because he wants to make chit-chat with the other reapers that visit. Unfortunately for Dhuum, one of the wishes Prismo isn't powerful enough to grant is "make death a permanent thing throughout the multiverse", as the collective deities behind the Death Is Cheap nature of the pantheon outstrip Prismo's authority. Also, Prismo doesn't want his boss to be pissed off at a wish that far-reaching.
  • Despite his incredible power, he has a major weakness: his real body. Prismo is the dream of an old man, and will die if he wakes up. Such a crime would be worthy of the Crystal Citadel, but since the Lich bungled that up, they'll instead be sent for trial by the Court of the Gods. At least until a new, sturdier Citadel is made. He can be revived if someone sleeps on his bed, as a time-duplicate Jake proved. As a dream entity, Freddy Krueger is absolutely FORBIDDEN from being a hundred or less parsecs from Prismo. If he violates this rule, he will immediately be stripped of his rank and become Persona Non Grata to the Pantheon. The consequences of him suffering night terrors is unthinkable.
  • Is really friendly, and often invites other gods to his house for shindigs. He's is skilled at making sandwiches, but especially pickles. He'd made a side business of importing them into the House of Food. In spite of being pleasant, Prismo gets annoyed whenever someone wishes for something trivial, like a sandwich. Also, don't wish for pickles to not exist, he won't grant it no matter who you are.
  • Mentioning him has become a Berserk Button to the Lich; he really doesn't want to be reminded of his wish being changed. Still, the Lich knows that he can't mess with him again, as it got him trapped in a giant baby. Prismo still has nightmares of the Lich's breath turning him to ash. Fortunately he exploited the timeless nature of the Time Room.


Greater Gods

    Magnus the Red 
Magnus the Red, God of Odd Skin Colors (Primarch of The Thousand Sons, Daemon Primarch of Tzeench, The Crimson King, The Red Cyclops, The Nerdy Fucking Bookworm)
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Thousand Sons logo
  • Theme Song: The Crimson King
  • Alignment: Lawful or Chaotic Evil Might be becoming Chaotic Good as of recently.
  • Portfolio: Being the second strongest Psycher In The Imperium, Driven to Villainy, Destroying entire planets all by himself, Telling truths that nobody would believe, Being feared by billions, Being a smart asskicker, Leading through magic, Getting Shit Done, Possessing Red Skin, The Un-Favourite
  • Followers: The Thousand Sons, thousands of heretical psychers, daemons of chaos and practitioners of forbidden magic.
  • Domains: Intellect, Chaos, Daemons, Psychic Powers, Revenge
  • Allies: His superior Tzeentch, (Though that might be changing as of recently), Perturabo (although the latter is unaware of Magnus' return to the Imperium)
  • Enemies: Leman Russ, The Emperor of Mankind and all members of The Imperium Of Man (though that might be changing as of recently), Lucy/Nyu, Hansel and Gretel
  • High Priest: Ahzek Ahriman
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Konrad Curze, Angron, Alpharius (the former two are likely full-blown enemies now that he has returned to the Imperium)
  • When news reached the Pantheon that Magnus had ascended, there were not many smiles to be found within the side of good, knowing that one of the most dangerous forces from Chaos had found a way into the divine plains. But you can bet that Tzeench was smiling widely that day. Just as Planned.
  • Don't mention the Sacking Of Prospero anywhere near him. Don't even think about it since he can read minds from miles away. And most of all: don't think anything positive about Leman Russ or The Space Wolves. Magnus still feels a sting in his spine from their last fight where he was broken in half by The Great Wolf. And if you are insane enough to do so, then...well...
  • His strange title of God of Odd Skincolors does not bother him too much, mostly because he had foreseen this possibility. His master works in strange ways after all even if he preferred a spot in the House of Magic.
  • He once tried to recruit Lucy to join the Thousand Sons as a psycher, seeing great potential in her abilities. She refused to join his cause, fighting back to the best of her abilities to defeat the Daemon Primarch. Despite putting up a brutal battle of pure psychic power that completely destroyed an entire planet, she found herself flayed alive, blinded, partially gutted and delimbed by Magnus, being left on the verge of death until the more benevolent gods could safely heal her horrible wounds. And to rub further salt into the wound, Magnus then made sure that hundreds if not thousands of Diclonius began to fall to Chaos in order to rebel against Lucy and her followers, basically starting a civil war amongst her own people. She has sworn revenge ever since.
    • It's currently unknown how Johann Liebert or Hansel and Gretel are taking the treatment of their "wife" and "mother" figure, or what further effects this event may cause, but Magnus doesn't give a damn while Tzeentch is just smiling to himself for reasons known only to him for now.
  • Whenever he's not plotting his revenge against Leman Russ and The Emperor or when he leads the Thousand Sons on their campaigns, he usually reads the many tomes in the House of Knowledge while writing a couple of his own. Sadly, the ones that he writes can be lethal if read by human eyes.
    • On his free days, he's willing to teach classes meant to educate anyone willing to learn about the true meaning of the Warp and psykers, rather than the simple "propaganda" the Imperium keeps spouting off and will even provide helpful tips on how to avoid a painful, messy end while utilizing it. Of course, his protection only extends as far as the classroom; whatever happens to his students (with few exceptions) outside doesn't concern him, be their problems the Warp or the Inquisition.
      "After all, if you're willing to risk your body, mind and soul to understand the Warp, then you should at least have the decency to show a little discretion, please?"
  • In the millennia following the Horus Heresy, Magnus orchestrated a multitude of plots to destroy the Space Wolves in revenge for the utter destruction of Prospero. He captured the Spear of Russ by instigating a Cult of Tzeentch on Fenris itself and attempted to use it to (a) manifest himself in the Materium to directly attack the Space Wolves and (b) mutate all of the Space Wolves into Wulfen so that the Inquisition would be forced to exterminate them. Although both of his plans failed, Magnus still managed to inflict some significant losses on his hated enemy. His greatest triumph was his latest invasion of Fenris, in which he manipulated the Inquisition to sacrifice Midgardia and use that sacrifice as part of a ritual to bring the Planet of the Sorcerers into the Materium, where Prospero used to be. Magnus was about to celebrate his success, but bringing the Planet of the Sorcerers into the Materium had unintended consequences, as it gave the Ultramarines an opening to invade the Planet of the Sorcerers, capture him, and bring him before the Emperor.
  • Is under assault from Marneus Calgar and the Ultramarine Chapter, who seek to bring him before the Golden Throne for the Emperor's judgement.
    • Translation of a binary code from the Captain General of the Adeptus Custodes has revealed that Marneus Calgar may have actually somehow succeeded in capturing Magnus and is bringing him before the Emperor.
      • Against all odds, the Ultramarines have succeeded in capturing Magnus and brought him before the Emperor. However, the Emperor's response to this development is not what anyone expected...
  • He recently got his soul back thanks to the Emperor and is now under strict watching under the Emperor's eyes. But hey, he finally got his first bike!
  • He has also begun writing a tome chronicling humanity's history from before the Age of Strife as per the Emperor's orders.
  • Has recently been found speaking with the Captain General of The Adeptus Custodes over various subjects, including the very origins of the Emperor himself. A lot of people have started to notice that they almost act like a pair of actual brothers at times...
  • Has further proved his worth to the Emperor by banishing Lord Inquisitor Fyodor Karamazov and most of his corrupt Inquisition to the Warp. At long last, the Imperium can begin its true restoration.
  • Recently, Magnus' behavior has been somewhat troubling to the Good-aligned gods of the Pantheon, as he has been seen acting independently of the Emperor's orders with the Captain-General, who is normally seen by the Emperor's side at all times. Although their motivations and topics of discussion remain mysterious, things came to an explosive development when the Captain-General, under Magnus' orders,suddenly assassinated all of the High Lords of Terra, except for the Ecclesiarch Decius XXIII, who raised an outcry at their sudden attack.

Intermediate Gods

Andromeda, Goddess of Bodies Made Out of Stars
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The starry sky
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Body Made Out of Stars, Blue Flaming Hair, Amnesiac Hero, Space Master, Gravity Master, Echoing Monotone
  • Domains: Personal Appearance, Stars, Space, Memories
  • Followers: Cosmic Guide, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, Algalon the Observer, The Starborn
  • Allies: The Eternity, Geo Stelar and Omega-Xiz, Palkia, Rosalina, Kat
  • Rivals: Champions of Runeterra, The Defenders of the Ancients
  • Enemies: SCP-1548
  • Andromeda is a star-born celestial entity who for some reason ended up in Newerth. With no memories of her origins or her kind, she decided to fight against the Hellbourne to protect Newerth purely out of instinct.
  • As the first warrior from Newerth to ascend, she had a bit of a cold welcome from the Defenders of the Ancients, and to slight degree from the Champions of Runeterra. Mainly as no one really thought that anyone from that realm would manage to ascend. Still, they are not overly bitter about it, and don't necessarily mind more of them to come if it comes to it.
    • The Defenders of the Ancients have noted that her fighting style is disturbingly similar to that of Shendelzare, but she herself is quite different.
  • No one is really sure what she is, in reality. As in, what kind of species she belongs to, as the only one around. Well, if you don't count this one red, muscular being with a Celestial Body what is sometimes seen on Newerth. It might be Andromeda trying a different form. She seems to be trying to get Rosalina's help to possibly travel in space in search of her origins.
    • Speaking of the muscular being, some gods have said that it sort of looks like Maijin Buu in a sense.
    • Some Champions of Runeterra speculate that she might be related to Aurelion Sol, but no one is absolutely sure on that.
  • At first, Geo Stelar and Omega-Xiz were scared of her arrival, due to her sharing a name with a Planet Eater creature they once took down. Fortunately, they were able to sort out the confusion.
    • She should also not be confused with Andromeda Shun. Greek deities also briefly mistook her to the princess who was almost fed to a sea monster for said to been more beautiful than Nereids until Perseus saved her. Perseus himself was disappointed that his wife wasn't in the Pantheon.
  • She gets along with Kat, as both of them are heroes who have lost their identities, but are more concern helping others than simply seeking their true origins.
  • Sympathizes with Ben Tennyson due to his rather uncontrollable Alien X form.
  • Can also be found in Planetary and Celestial.

    Qui-Gon Jinn 
Qui-Gon Jinn, God of Messianic Look-Alikes
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Green Lightsaber
  • Theme Song: Letting Go/Sith Attack and Qui-Gon's Noble End
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Sixty and still going strong, Mentor Figures and the Dangers Involved, Maverick Jedi, Heroic Unfettered, Messianic Appearances Yet Unwittingly Instigate Doom, Force Spirits, The Chooser of The One
  • Domains: Mentoring, Philosophy, Mavericks, The Force
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Allies: All ascended Jedi and Rebel Members, The 501st, Abin Sur and the other Green Lanterns, The Bat-Family, Eddie Brock/Venom, Flash Thompson/Agent Venom, The Venom Symbiote
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: General Grievous
  • Enemies: The Sith (especially Sheev Palpatine and Darth Maul), Ra's Al Ghul, Barbatos and his Dark Knights, The Chaos Gods, Cletus Kasady/Carnage, The Grineer
  • Special Relationships: Count Dooku (former master), Obi-Wan Kenobi (former apprentice), the entire Skywalker family
  • Respects: Any and all who can Balance the Light and Dark within themselves
  • Born on Coruscant, Qui-Gon Jinn was the apprentice of Count Dooku, the master of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and the one who found Anakin Skywalker. Qui-Gon Jinn is a master of Form IV: Ataru, a Jedi who follows The Force above all else, and someone who many believe to be the true master of Anakin. For some reason there's a rumor going around that he has the ability to Summon Bigger Fish whenever he calls it. He isn't very sure what to think about it.
    • Qui-Gon is one of the only Jedi of his time to understand what true balance in The Force actually is. Understanding that it isn't what most Sith or Jedi believe it to be. This belief not only makes him a bit of a maverick in the Order, but labels him to what others would call a "Grey Jedi". Ironically his belief to follow the Force above the Republic makes him one of the only true Jedi of his time. Something both Darth Sidious and Darth Plagueis are very much aware of.
  • Among the Jedi, Qui-Gon is a very well respected member of the order, to the point where he was even offered the chance to join the Jedi Council. To which he obviously refused, believing that if he joined he would miss something important.
    • He was also happy to see his former apprentice Obi-Wan in Pantheon. The two saw each other when their home galaxy when Qui-Gon (and eventually Obi-Wan too) was a Force-Ghost. The two are glad to be able to see one another in the flesh now. He's also happy to see his former master Dooku leave the side of the Sith. While he has yet to fully redeem himself, Qui-Gon believes that it will happen in due time. He wasn't however very thrilled to see Grievous, the notorious Jedi killer of the Clone Wars.
  • It should go without saying, but Qui-Gon has a strong connection to the Skywalker Family. Anakik views Qui-Gon as the father he never had, and the Skywalker sibling view his a grandfather of sorts. Padmé was genuinely happy to see him again, but was greatly annoyed when he realized that he saw through her disguise as a handmaid and essentially trolled her throughout their journey together. Luke himself considers him a member of the Skywalker family.
  • Like most Jedi, Qui-Gon hates Palpatine, as in really hates Palpatine. It was Palpatine that corrupted both his master (Count Dooku) and apprentice (Anakin Skywalker). It was Palpatine who destroyed the Jedi and brought imbalance to the Force. It was Palpatine who instructed Maul to insure that Qui-Gon died on Naboo. Obviously Qui-Gon's hatred for Palpatine is on a personal level.
    • There's an actual reason why Palpatine made sure Maul killed him on Naboo. That reason being that had Qui-Gon lived, everything that happened in that galaxy after his death would have never come to past. Neither Anakin or Dooku would have fallen to The Dark Side and betrayed the Jedi Order. The Clone Wars may never have happened and with it Order 66. Palpatine actually feared that Qui-Gon could have potentially learned of his true identity as Darth Sidious. Qui-Gon was the greatest, and in some ways the only, obstacle in Palpatine's plan for galactic dominance.
    • As he was the one who killed him, he has a strong sense of animosity towards Maul, but at the same time he greatly pities him. Knowing that Maul had a very difficult life filled tragedy, pain and hate. Maul, to the surprise of many, was actually glad to see Qui-Gon again. The first thing Maul did was to actually thank him for what Qui-Gon had done for him. To elaborate, Maul had initially believed his skills to be [[so Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy great]] that he could have taken on the entire Jedi Council by himself. Actually fighting a Jedi Master that, to his own admission, nearly defeated him greatly toned down his ego. Maul isn't blind on how Qui-Gon was in at a disadvantage during their fight. Not only had age weakened and slowed him down, but his main fighting style specialized the use of wide open spaces and ending the battle as fast as possible. With Maul not only prolonging the fight and being in a confined space, Qui-Gon lost is advantage and in turn, was placed at a disadvantage. One that would cost him his life.
  • Qui-Gon greatly appreciates Venom/Eddie Brock for finally convincing his former master in leaving Palpatine's side. Because of his actions, he's greatly supportive of Eddie and approves of his attempts of being a better man. He also treats both Flash Thompson and the Venom Symbiote itself with great respect. But he admittedly worried about the existence of Knull and the true origins of the Klyntars. He hopes that both Eddie and the current Jedi Order have the strength to stop him, should he ascend into Pantheon.
    • He has nothing but contempt for Cletus Kasady and the Carnage symbiote. Both Cletus and the Carnage Symbiote chose to be the monsters that they are.
  • Like other Jedi members, Qui-Gon would form a partnership/friendship with a member of the Lantern Corps, specifically with one named Abin Sur. The two took an immediate liking to one another and have gone on a number of missions to protect the galaxy. The two would sometimes talk about their lives and involvement in the prophecies concerning both their orders, the Ancient Jedi Prophecy, and the Prophecy of the Blackest Night. The two also bonded on how someone close to them turned evil, Dooku for Qui-Gon and Sinestro for Abin Sur.
  • He's one of the few Force users aware of the secrets of becoming a Force-Ghost. The art of maintaining ones consciousness after becoming one with the Force. Although Qui-Gon never managed to complete his training in the physical world, so it's difficult for him to form a visible form without being in an area with strong ties to the Force. It was Qui-Gon himself, as a spirit, who trained Yoda who would later then train Obi-Wan and then finally Luke in this art. He is currently teaching other Jedi members the same, because while Death Is Cheap in Pantheon it isn't a slap on the wrist. So it takes time for them to come back, time that can still be used to help their friends and allies.
  • For some reason Qui-Gon was once attacked by members of the Bat-Family. It wasn't until Qui-Gon drew his lightsaber and Force Lifted Damian (much to his annoyance) did they realize they made a mistake. After a bit of explaining/apologizing, Qui-Gon learned of Ra's al Ghul, The Demon's Head, and Damian's grandfather. The incident made Qui-Gon and Ra's al Ghul bitter enemies, as well as making him (and by extension the Jedi) allies to the Bat-Family.
    • It was from Batman when Qui-Gon learned of Barbatos and his Dark Knights. Qui-Gon had made it his (and the Jedi Order's) mission to destroy them.
  • Qui-Gon is nothing short of disgusted with the existence of the Chaos Gods. He sees them as massive aberrations in the Force, and has made efforts into learning how to eliminate them for good. While they don't see him as much of a threat, they are annoyed on how he's managed to interfere with a number of their attempts to corrupt others. To combat the threat of Chaos, Qui-Gon had decided to fight alongside the Emperor of Mankind and his Imperium. But just like Mace Windu, he feels that the Imperium is far too brutal.
  • Baring a nasty encounter with the Grineer, Qui-Gon doesn't really have much of a negative opinion on clones. This is mostly because he died long before he could actually meet any of them, or later be betrayed by them. Unlike other Jedi members, Qui-Gon actually has a good relationship with The 501st. In all fairness it might have something to do with their master being Darth Vader, Anakik Skywalker.
  • As one who strives to find "Balance in the Force", Qui-Gon has the highest of respect for those who found said "Balance". Some like Cecil Harvey, Riku and most recently the Silver Surfer Norrin Radd.
  • Can also be found in the House of Male Appearances.
  • "Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don't think. Trust your instincts."

    Sloth (Fullmetal Alchemist
Sloth the Indolent, The Deceptively Fast God (The Fastest Homunculus)

Lesser Gods

    Homura (Senran Kagura
Homura, Goddess of Tanned Beauties (The Revered-But-Reviled Violent-But-Regal Revolutionary, Homurrabi, HomuraHomuraHomura)
Crimson Homura 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as Crimson Homura)
  • Symbol: A Japanese Rat Snake skewered by six katanas, or stabbed through with her nodachi Engetsuka
  • Theme Music: The Crimson Warrior!, To the Top!, Crimson Heart, Break Out Of Your Shell, The Strongest Shinobi's Way of Life, Open Up! Way to the Title! (Nitro+ Blasterz Mix). Destiny (Shinobi Law) and Eat This! The Ultimate Engetsuka!! As Crimson Homura.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Used to be Neutral Evil. Based on the timeline, she might be Chaotic Good if she becomes a renegade Kagura or Neutral Evil(?) if she goes back to Hebijo)
  • Portfolio: Hot-Blooded Blood Knights, Tomboyish Ponytail, Hextuple Katanas, Lightning Bruiser, Tan Lines, Jerkass Woobie, Crime of Self-Defense, Shinobi
  • Domains: Tanning, Katanas, Shinobi, Rivalry, Fire
  • Allies:
  • Rivals With: ASUKA (Her one true rival), Miyabi, Yumi, Date Marasume, Arturia Pendragon
  • Enemies: OROCHI, and the other Orochi in extend, traitors (especially those who would play with some one's heart, like Raynare), those who would harm her friends, any one who would defeat Asuka, Belarus, Saya
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Homura Akemi
  • "Humble" Counterpart to: Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin
  • Former Enemies: Students of Hanzou, Hebijo and Gessen Academies
  • Unfinished Business With: Heart Aino
  • Odd Friendship: Setsuna F. Seiei
  • At first, Homura was insulted by what position she got, calling the judges perverts. However, when she heard what position Asuka got ascended into first, she let out a heartfelt laugh. If people want to see her as an object of beauty, so be it.
  • Not to be confused by Homura Akemi. For one, their motivation started differently (Magical Girl Homura was motivated by her love for Madoka. Shinobi Homura was led to the path of evil when she almost killed a man she trusted and loved out of self-defence when he tried to kill her, locking her from the path of good shinobi, causing her to shun friendship for pure power). Then is the way their path ended (Magical Girl Homura went into the wrong direction because of Madoka. Shinobi Homura eventually realised the Power of Friendship, and established the friendship with Asuka).
    • Because of this, it is generally for the best to refer shinobi Homura as "Homura of the Crimson Squad" to avoid any confusion due of how influential magical girl Homura is.
    • There is also the thing about her and Sayaka sounding the same. However, Homura feels sorry for what happened to her, and wants to be friends with her, and maybe spar with her if she needs to.
  • Frequently clashes her blades with Date Masamune due of the same way they wield their katanas. Still, Masamune critiques her for relying on all of them at once. Even when she wields Engetsuka, as it is the key of her Crimson Homura mode and how she still uses her six katanas.
  • Has a sort of friendship with Artina. Not only do they sound the same, but both of their lives went downhill after a event what was either justified normally or a kind act.
  • If given the chance, she would do everything on her power to make sure Orochi dies for good after the hell of having her friends be sacrificed to bring the beast alive.
    • As you can imagine, she was furious when she heard that they placed it into Dominions. She is ready to skewer the person behind it as soon as they reveal themselves.
  • She seems to really dislike Belarus. Maybe its her voice reminding of herself or her obsession makes her think that if her not pursuing love would have made things different. Whatever the case is, she just hates her.
    • Though on brighter side, she seems to consider Houki Shinonono a good competition, even with similar-sounding voices.
  • If you somehow defeat Asuka, you can bet that Homura will be after you, since only she can defeat her. She refuses to say that its because she cares for her or anything like that. Ask Raynare, who not only did just that but is also the type of person Homura hates most of all.
    • That somehow changed after her eventful meeting with Norman Osborn a.k.a The Green Goblin. Many gods (even her) thought they could somehow have a Commonality Connection. Except that Homura herself is appalled at him for being too sadistic and more evil than her or her squad. Either way, she'll target him first.
  • Sort of became friends with Chie Satonaka. The reason for it being that when she did ascend, she practically rushed to her temple and beg her to give her meat. She has been starving to get a taste of meat ever since she became a renegade.
  • When not training, she tries to sneak into House of Theater in order to improve her comedy routine. Though most of her acts involve her suddenly trying to imitate some kind of animal (usually a type of crab), which most people are just dumbfounded at.
  • She was pulled into a strange fighting event between Nitro+ characters for whatever reason she doesn't know why. Even so, she did find a new training buddy with Arturia, a new enemy from Saya, who she considers being a creature par with yoma and is still trying to challenge Aino to a rematch.
  • For some strange reason, she gets along well with Setsuna F. Seiei because one, they're both members of covert organizations, and two, because Homura wields seven swords and turns red to power up. Their first meeting even had Setsuna saying "Is that young woman also a Gundam?!"
    • Homura herself was tickled pink when Setsuna gave her directions to Iori Sei's temple to play a round of Gunpla battle. Obviously, she chose to pilot a 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G, painted with her own transformation colors and the Homura Crimson Squad decal on the shoulder.

    Lisesharte Atismata 
Lisesharte Atismata, Goddess of Intimate Marks (Lisha, Scarlet War Princess)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater Goddess using Tiamat)
  • Symbol: Her Sword Device (Tiamat in standby mode), or the Arcadia symbol near her groin
  • Theme: "Unbalance Gravity"
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Warrior Princess, The Arcadia Symbol Branded Near Her Groin, Legion, Neglected and Abandoned by Her Father, Red Eyes, Take Warning, Traumatized in her Early Years, Wrench Wench, Socially-Awkward Heroine
  • Portfolio: Royalty, Military, Permanent Body Marks, Science
  • Allies: Lux Arcadia, Krulcifer Einfolk, Celestia Ralgris, Yoruka Kirihime, Princess Zelda, Aragorn, Azura, Fuuka Akitsuki, Raphael of the Seven Heavenly Virtues, Mei-Ling Zhou, Dexter, the Tenno
  • Enemies: Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine, Sauron, Arcturus Mengsk,Gregor Clegane, Apollyon, the Grineer, the Corpus, Sir Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, Megatron
  • Friendly Rivalry: Houki Shinonono
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Night Raid
  • Wary Around: the Think Tank
  • Lisesharte Atismata is known for two things: being the heir apparent to the throne of the Atismata Kingdom (the regime that succeeded the Arcadia Empire) and the Arcadia symbol branded near her groin. Since all the good royalty tropes were taken, the Pantheon's higher-ups could only ascend her due to that second trait. Lisha wasn't happy that her ascension was only because of such an embarrassing detail about herself but nonetheless was happy to see Lux again.
  • First and foremost, Lisha wants to be a proper and excellent queen to her people, which is why she spends most of her time in the House of Royalty, where she, alongside Krulcifer, has become a student under such legendary figures like Princess Zelda of Hyrule and King Aragorn of Gondor. Lux is glad both girls are surrounded by mentors that actually care for them the way their own families weren't able.
    • Of course, her noble motivations in royalty have put her in the sights of tyrants and despots like Darth Sidious, Megatron and Arcturus Mengsk; all of whom want to acquire the Tiamat's technology to further their conquests. Lisha isn't particularly fond of the Grineer, whose unethical experiments were all to similar to those performed by the Arcadia Empire. She hates Isaac Westcott for looking too much like Fugil, Lux's evil brother. The fact that Westcott chose Fugil as his High Priest brings Lisha no end of worry. Similarly, she despises Sauron for trying to impose order and tyranny across the world, just like the old Arcadia Empire tried to do. She has worked together with the Tenno in a few missions to foil their plans. On a sourer note, she occasionally works with Night Raid, albeit those circumstances are rare and for the most part, both kept their distance from each other.
  • Given their similar voices, she is good friends with Azura, Fuuka Akitsuki, Raphael and Mei-Ling Zhou. Lisha enjoys singing talking about their relationships alongside Fuuka, Azura and Raphael and working on new technologies with Mei, saying Krulcifer would benefit greatly from Mei's expertise in cryogenic technology.
  • Like the rest of Lux's haremettes, Lisha was glad to hear he defeated Ichika Orimura, proud of both his skill as a Drag-Knight and her own skill as a technician. Such comments, however, brought unwanted attention from Houki Shinonono, who fervently defended Ichika and challenged Lisha to a fight, to which Lisha boldly accepted. The fight lasted for several hours, leaving both pilots with severe injuries and their machines badly damaged. The Pantheon's medical teams were quick to provide assistance and, with some help from Batman and Spider-Man, Lux arranged for both girls to be on the same room in the House of Health and Diseases, hoping they would settle their differences like civilized people. Their conversation went like this.
    Houki: "You remember when we started fighting, when I said that I hated you and you said you hated me?"
    Lisha: "Vividly."
    Houki: "I just want you to know... that I meant every of it"
    Lisha: "So did I."
    Both: (slowly laugh)
    • Many gods noticed some similarities between the two pilots. Perhaps they could bring an end to the IS/Bahamut rivalry once and for all. Also, something about Houki reminded Lisha of her headmistress, Relie Aingram.
  • Her quest to defend her kingdom has earned her the enmity of brutal warmongers like Gregor Clegane and Apollyon, who bring her bad memories of Hayes. She isn't entirely fond of the Corpus either, knowing they would attack Atismata for the right price. Fortunately, Dexter has agreed to supply her with technological resources to improve her defenses.
    • Her interactions with the Think Tank fall in a greyer area: while she disagrees with their unethical experiments, she understands they follow more benevolent procedures in the Pantheon (not to mention it was because of Mobius they didn't reduce their own world to less than rubble), so she has decided to keep her distance from them. Still, she burst in laughter after witnessing Dr. 0's attempt to construct his own Drag-Ride.

Waldstein, God of Gratuitous German and Impressive Chest Hair (Hecatoncheir, The Strong-Armed Ancient, Monster of Strength and Eternity)


    Akira Takizawa and Saki Morimi 
Akira Takizawa and Saki Morimi, Co-Gods of Naked First Impressions (Akira: King of Japan, Air King)
Left: Akira Takizawa. Right: Saki Morimi.
  • Demigod (Akira), Quasideity (Saki)
  • Symbol: A Cell Phone with the words, Seleção on the screen
  • Theme Song: Falling Down by Oasis and Michael ka Belial by Saori Hayami
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Akira), Neutral Good (Saki)
  • Portfolio: First Met with One of them being Completely Naked, Often Undecided regarding being with Each Other or Not
  • Domains: Impressions, Conspiracy, Love, Mystery, Amnesia
  • Heralds: The Eden of the East Club (Satoshi Ōsugi, Kazuomi Hirasawa, Mikuru "Micchon" Katsuhara, Haruo Kasuga, "Sis", Yutaka "Panties" Itazu), Juiz, Saizō Atō
  • Allies: Kayla Day, Touya Mochizuki, Yukiteru Amano, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Jason Bourne, Rhyme, Hal, James Bond, Ethan Hunt, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Kaban, The Courier
  • Enemies: The Patriots, Lex Luthor, Frank Underwood, 50 Blessings
  • Commonality Connection: Anjra Mainyu (Fate Hollow/ataraxia) (Akira)
  • Wary Of: Yuno Gasai
  • Picture this; you're on a trip abroad to New York City and Washington D.C. for your last year in University and you're observing some of the historical landmarks in the cities. All seems well... until you see a naked boy right beside the White House. And that's how Saki Morimi met a mysterious boy, who has no recollection of himself. And furthering this, the boy happens to possess an unusual phone, where he's in contact with an enigmatic figure named Juiz and also takes a fake passport to give himself the identity of Akira Takizawa. Returning to Japan with Saki, Takizawa discovers that he has ¥8.2 billion in digital money and that he, alongside 11 other people, is part of a group called the Seleção, and that they're in a game where the goal of the player is to use the ¥10 billion that they've been loaned by to "save" Japan. Joined along by Saki, Takizawa plays the game, competing against the others whilst also making sure she doesn't completely use up his money or use them for self-benefit, lest be eliminated by death by a "Supporter". They also search for clues regarding Mr Outside, who is later revealed to be Saizō Atō, an elderly businessman who aided in providing financial and infrastructural support for post-WWII Japan and the hidden twelfth Seleção.
    • As the games become more intense and their opponents, including a police officer and a Serial Killer of Rapists, Takizawa and Saki begin to develop feelings for one another and receive further aid from the Eden of the East Club, who join along after realizing the stakes of the game they were in. Additionally, Takizawa also realizes that he was part of "Careless Monday", an apparent terrorist attack where 10 missiles struck Japan with no casualties and no one taking responsibility, when in reality, Takizawa actually transported 20,000 Neet's to Dubai, who actually managed to evacuate the missile targets just before contact. This was where Takizawa had his memory erased prior in an effort to save the NEET's from being branded as terrorists. When 60 more missiles are launched by another pair of Seleção, Daiju Mononobe and Ryō Yūki, alongside the fact that Juiz is actually a supercomputer, Takizawa hatches a scheme with Saki and Eden to lead them to the rooftop of a shopping mall where he took residence, just as the NEET's come back from a cargo ship from Dubai. He then calls Juiz to call upon the Japan Self-Defense Forces to interrupt the incoming missiles. Takizawa then declares himself the "King of Japan" and vanishes, though not before slipping his cell phone onto Saki's pocket.
    • Takizawa and Saki would reunite six months later through circumstances bought upon by Mononobe, though by that point, Takizawa was unable to recognize Saki due to having his memory erased. He does accept his former identity soon after and learns that he is speculated to be the illegitimate son of former Japanese Prime Minister Seijiro Iinuma. Alongside dueling against Mononobe for who gets to win between the Seleção players, Takizawa travels to Japan to confirm whether he is related to Iinuma, whilst along the way, the Eden of the East Club is shut down, despite a period of successful business, due to getting hacked by Mononobe. Finally meeting one another at Iinuma's home which was now occupied by his wife, Chisuga, Takizawa and Monnobe discuss how they would win the game, with the latter telling the former to "retire" in an attempt for Mononobe to seize control of the Japanese government, though Takizawa proposes his idea of using an app known as "Airship" where he roleplays as a terrorist but encouraging others to change society for the better and handing out a yen to a participant. This act impressed Atō who decided to declare all of the surviving Seleção as winners and having their memories erased, except Takizawa's who is now immune to the effects, and later discovering that he was not related to Iinuma. He once again departs from Saki, though not before leaving her a kiss and the latter muses about how the Eden of the East Club to provide for the NEET's whereas Takizawa and Atō talk about plans for what's to come up for the future...
  • It had been a while since Takizawa and Saki's story was finished, as far as anyone knew. So one would ask the question of what became of the future plans that Takizawa and Atō were talking about. One particular day, the Eden of the East Club got a digital message that was referring to Saki. When she took hold of it, the message stated that she and Akira were to together represent something known as the Trope Pantheons. On one hand, this may mean a possible reunion between her and Takizawa, which happened a few days later. On Takizawa's side, he stated that the Pantheon was something that Atō ad bought up at some point during their conversation and that an award for his victory in the challenge between the Seleção was to take part in a new world full of unexpected opportunities and experiences. And when Takizawa and Saki got a first glimpse of the Pantheon, they were unsure of what to do, now that they're looking at non-existent technology, bizarre creatures, extraterrestrials and sorcery and magic being abundant in a new realm that they're to be taking part of. To their fortune, the Eden of the East Club decided to join along as their heralds. Surely, they want to ensure Takizawa and Saki aren't alone, even if they themselves aren't proper representatives.
  • Their time in the Pantheon was rather ordinary, to say the least. For one, there isn't anybody who is going to force Takizawa into getting back to playing a game of saving a country or drag Saki and her friends into another mess. Though there is one problem, at least for Saki; their representing Trope. Takizawa personally doesn't take it offensively, though Saki finds it rather embarrassing, given that she first met Takizawa when he was naked. Though it was there where their story had really begun, which symbolizes the importance of the trope, and Saki does acknowledge it, in spite of the awkward feeling she gets out of it. Plus, her experience after that wasn't all positive either, her blossoming relationship with Takizawa notwithstanding.
  • Takizawa's personal experience of being a Seleção caught the attention of Batman, who took his time to research and analyze the methodology and playthrough of the game and the mobile phones he and the other players used to spend their cash in order to save Japan. He commended Takizawa for his ability to outwit Mononobe and ensure that no one else got killed, Takizawa was more interested in thinking how cool the Dark Knight was and tried to emulate his fighting skill and being able to appear and exit randomly and instantly, but to Batman's chagrin. Though that said, Takizawa's excitable demeanour did remind Batman of his protégé, Robin, or at least back when they were starting out crimefighting or they had a free day to spend as ordinary kids. His detective work did interest Saki and Eden to an extent if mainly to see if Batman was open to giving them stronger hardware and technical support to ensure their work is more "hack-proof". He's willing to help, much to their relief, but the Dark Knight did tell Takizawa, Saki and Eden to be careful, now that they're members of the Pantheon. And since then, they've been trying.
  • Their representing Trope is a hot topic for the House of Love and Affection, something which both don't really talk about all that much and tends to be an awkward topic for Saki anyway. That said, the Eden of the East site does have a branch in matchmaking and dating, so it does have a good shred of popularity there and some measures have been taken to improve upon the overall quality and appeal of the matchmaking aspect of the site, especially when smartphones have become a major trend in the upcoming years. Takizawa has personally used some of his money to provide for Eden's website functionality and getting a bit of help from some new allies in the Pantheon has helped.
  • Kayla Day learned of Takizawa and Saki's experience in passing, though the involvement of phones caught her interest. She initially considered how being able to hold a billion yen under a device was something of a rich man's dream, though learning of the actual circumstances of the money's use did intimidate her. Fortunately, Saki did remind her that the dangers of being a Seleção no longer applies to Takizawa, though he only uses his phone sparingly and if necessary. While Takizawa personally couldn't buy something for Kayla with his phone, he was open enough to give her an invitation to his domain and watch a movie theatre, to her delight. Plus Takizawa himself finds some interest in Kayla's smartphone and wonders how a Seleção would have handled the game had they been of use instead of a flip phone.
  • Takizawa and Saki discovered, to their surprise, that they weren't the only ones who were involved in an extreme survival situation where phone usage was involved when they met Yukiteru Amano. Like Takizawa, Amano was involved in an event called the "Survival Game" where participants were given a supernatural phone, which enabled them to look into the future and players were to outsmart one another until they were the last one standing, whereupon the winner would be declared "God". Despite the stakes involved, Amano never gave into resentment, simply forgiving the other participants for the wrongs they bought onto him. Takizawa was endeared by Amano's story, though he and Saki paid their condolences for the hardships Amano went through. Regardless, they quickly became friends as all three of them don't have any interest in pursuing a life-or-death situation, though Takizawa doesn't mind having an adventure.
    • Yuno Gasai was a different story. Like Amano, she was also a participant in the Survival Game, but also had a insanely obsessive infatuation with him to the point where she would become hostile and vicious if things didn't go her way or her feelings weren't properly being reciprocated. While not evil, Saki prefers to keep her distance from Yuno as she fears that her friendship with Amano may run Yuno the wrong way by some extent. Takizawa, on the other hand, is open to hanging out with her but does acknowledge the fact that he's treading a thin line whenever he's with her. Yuno is rather ambivalent and is yet to express her psychotic tendencies towards Takizawa and Saki, just not thinking about them too much. Amano seeks to properly get the three acquainted, but progress has been rather slow.
  • Given his experience with amnesia, Takizawa is well-acquainted with those who went through similar ordeals, like Rhyme and Hal. He makes sure that he'll try to look after the former in case her older brother, Beat is absent and as for the latter, Takizawa and Saki seek to try hanging out with her and giving her some good memories to remember after learning that her difficulty in speaking led her an isolated life with hardly any friends. That, and their experience with amnesia wasn't exactly pretty either and were bought upon by out-of-control circumstances. Still, Takizawa and Saki were relieved to hear how Beat and Hal were able to persevere in their situation. There was also Kaban, whose story begun with her not remembering anything and travelling with a beast-like humanoid named Serval to discover more about herself, eventually revealing that she was the friend of a human named Mirai and that her exact origins were from her hat containing a single hairstrand came into contact with Sandstar. The fact that there are hardly any humans left from where Kaban came from was a major reason for her to take some interest in Takizawa and Saki, the former who also suffered from amnesia. With the threat of the Ceruleans yet to arrive in the Pantheon, Kaban was able to settle down for a while and befriend her newest company, though like Takizawa, she does appreciate an adventure and will tag along with him and Saki at some points.
    • Jason Bourne was another figure whose amnesia led him into a shadowy conspiracy and, this, was thrust into a life-or-death situation. He and Takizawa acknowledge that they've been through a lot, though Bourne had to deal with personal tragedies constantly, which earned Takizawa, Saki and Eden's sympathies while Takizawa himself had to sacrifice his new memories and any time he could spend with his new friends in order to save Japan and ensure no further bloodshed. The fact that both had forgotten about a shady aspect of themselves, namely Jason being a ruthless operative and killer who was part of a program known as Treadstone and Takizawa (presumably) playing a hand in Careless Monday. While the two remain friends, Takizawa admits that he sometimes imitates a lot of Jason's actions, if mainly because he likes to incorporate famous action scenes in films into his point-of-view whenever he's in the middle of an intense situation. Jason wants to make sure he and Saki don't get into much trouble, but is willing to help them out, either in their everyday lives or against a common foe.
  • Their first meeting just in front of the White House was hilarious for nearly everyone when they first heard about it. Frank Underwood was not one of them, if anything, he found it irksome to see a pair of fools have his (former) residence as the main backdrop of a comedy. Frank does acknowledge Takizawa's grit and tenacity to play through as a Seleção participant, but otherwise just sees him as a pest. Then again, whoever learns of Frank's true nature would abhor him for his depravity and Takizawa and Saki are no exception, as his Pretext for War tendencies and his deliberate use of Sarin Gas on a population of innocents can attest. Frank, however, has warned that should Takizawa and Saki dare to meddle with his goals, he's certain about killing them and their friends and family.
    • On the other hand, Lex Luthor found the idea of being a Seleção rather interesting and muses how, if the game was instead set in just Metropolis or the world in general, he would be sure to win and prove himself as the "Man of Tomorrow". Of course, some would decipher that Lex wants to assert himself as the pinnacle of humankind and that he's better than "the alien". Takizawa thinks Lex is crazy (and he's not wrong about it either), whereas Saki and Eden don't have a good opinion about him anyway due to Lex's further actions of being willing to endanger innocents, commit murder and bribe others to misery, just so he can feel justified about boosting his ego. And saving the world is just that. Lex does respect Takizawa for having some smarts but states that just because he's the winner of the Seleção players doesn't mean his feats, resourcefulness and support matches his own. That, and he thinks Saki and Eden's attempts at combating his tech are pointless.
  • They're not ones to exactly talking about their experience regarding conspiracies and shadowy political works, provided that Takizawa and Saki haven't fully gotten over them. That said, they did receive some comfort and support from those who have dealt with these sorts of situations before like James Bond and Ethan Hunt, with the game the Seleção participants were forced into being a potential gambit that a lot of ambiguous government agencies are willing to play along with, though Bond and Ethan also had to deal with threats there were more willing to destroy a large part (or the entirety) of the world. Ethan does admit that he would like to take a break from his duties as an IMF agent like Takizawa, though personally admits that he's too caught up with events to properly back out. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, while not possessing any political ties did bring it upon themselves in saving Japan from a collective of corrupt politicians led by Masayoshi Shido, whose intentions of saving Japan were only but a ruse and only wanted power and dominance over the country as Prime Minister, and as a result, Takizawa and Saki earned their approval and friendship, with the latter having a good relationship with Futaba due to the latter being a skilled hacker and the fact that she can provide some aid and assistance for Eden on some occasions.
  • An Odd Friendship came in the form of The Courier, who had delivered a seemingly normal package that resulted in detonation of the once dormant missiles underneath the town of Hopeville, the end result being Earth being turned into a ruined wasteland known only as "The Divide", spurring an enigmatic man only known as Ulysses to take revenge. Him and Takizawa were intrigued by each other, given the fact that both were forced into a situation that was not in their control and had to survive in dire and competitive situations, alongside the fact that they wanted to avert destruction. While the events happened by terrible chance and luck, Ulysses still came to resent the Courier for being responsible for what had happened. As a result, they came to a good understanding for one another, though they don't really interact much, given that The Courier spends most of his time travelling whereas Takizawa is more content in planning a future for himself and keeping in contact with Saki.
    • There was also the ultranationalist terrorist group, 50 Blessings, whose response to the destruction of San Francisco and the Russo-American Coalition via nuke was to commit a series of masked killings in 1989 Miami out of feeling betrayed by growing tensions and resentment towards the Russo-American War and the spike in Anti-Russian sentiments. Their actions culminated in them assassinating the presidents of the United States and Russia and kickstarting a nuclear war between the two countries. Seeing as this was something that they tried to prevent, which extended to saving Japan, Takizawa and Saki came to immediately oppose 50 Blessings. Not helping is how there's still the same resentment between America and Russia in the Pantheon and how they're willing to further escalate this. As for the organization, they merely see Takizawa and Saki as obstacles to deal with in case they ever get involved in interfering with their goals. And to their troubles, Takizawa and Saki have help from Eden and some new friends and are more than willing to put a stop to 50 Blessings.
"Most people are irresponsible, changing their opinions easily based on unconfirmed information or convenient rumors."
Saki Morimi

"I think a society where people prefer earning to spending is a healthier one."
Akira Takizawa

    Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny 
Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, Goddesses of Inexplicably Identical Individuals (Jenny: Junsar)
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: A nurse's cap and a police hat
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: People With Many Identical Strangers, Recurring Anime-Exclusive Characters, Tomboy and Girly Girl (Jenny and Joy respectively)
  • Domains: City, Good
  • Heralds: Chansey, Wigglytuff, and Comfey (Nurse Joy); Growlithe, Herdier, Manectric, and Gumshoos (Officer Jenny) Family
  • Allies: House of Law and Justice, Aqua (Officer Jenny), Iwashiro Tesshou, Audino (Nurse Joy)
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Lysandre
  • Neither Nurse Joy nor Officer Jenny is the given name and titles of a single individual. Rather, there are two distinct families, named Joy and Jenny/Junsar respectively, each of whose women all seem to have the same occupation and look almost identical to one another. This fact is usually cleared up very quickly whenever a newly ascended deity takes notice that Joy and Jenny seem to be found everywhere in the Pantheon.
  • The Jennys can often be found working security at the Court of the Gods and re-enacting COPS every night at the Family and Relatives house, while Joys are frequently seen as medics for the Defense Force and vets in the Bestiary. Nobody's quite sure exactly how many there are.
  • Brock has the unique gift of telling one Jenny or Joy apart from another. He's not really picky on which he hits on anyway.
    • Some gods have tried to figure out why, and upon comparing each individual, they seem to have slight variations on symbols on their hats and some have varying personalities. It is still hard to figure out who is who, though.
  • The Joys are usually friendly and dedicated to those they take care of, while the Jennys are typically brave and determined even if they tend to be out of their league with certain criminals. While mysterious, it's usually agreed at least among good and neutral deities that the two are welcome sights in the Pantheon.
  • It's been revealed that there are also two families of men in the Pokémon world who are very similar to the female Jenny and Joy clans: Don George, the owners of the Unova region's Pokémon Battle Clubs, and Porter/Parker, the travel guides on the Decolore Island cruise ships. Most are unsure what to think about the chances of the Don George and Porter families ascending as well, or what other identical-job bloodlines are waiting to be discovered.


Mumble, God of Possessing a Distinct Appearance (Happy Feet)
Mumble as a chick 
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The shape of his feet.
  • Theme Song: I Wish and Boogie Wonderland
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Has fluffy down and blue eyes unlike the other penguins, Adorkable, Outcast for being unable to sing, In love with Gloria since childhood, Momma's Boy, Nice Guy, "Well Done, Dad!" Guy, Happily married to Gloria, Risks his life to protect his son
  • Domains: Dancing, Penguins, Feathers, Love, Happiness
  • Heralds: Gloria (His mate), Memphis and Norma Jean (His Parents), Erik (His son), Lovelace and the Adelie Amigos
  • Allies: The Madagascar Penguins, Hubie and Rocko, Sgt. Byrd, Penta Penguin, Chuu, Misato Katsuragi, The Nature Preservers, Steve Irwin, David Attenborough, Rodin
  • Amazed by: Yuna, Azura, Shantae, Ophelia
  • Enemies: Monstro, Captain Ahab, Napoleon, Koba, Bruce, Liopleurodon
  • Conflicting Opinion: Erik, Moby Dick, The Orca. Kyogre, Archie
  • Mumble is an emperor penguin note  who was ostracized by most of his peers due to his inability to sing, due in part to his father accidentally dropping him as an egg in the harsh Antarctic winter. But he more than made up for it, as Mumble became an exceptionally gifted dancer. This though was frowned upon by the other penguins, leading to the elders of his colony to banish him. Mumble then embarked on a quest to find out why the fish were disappearing and he ended up being discovered by humans and brought to a zoo before being returned to his home land. With the humans witnessing Mumble and his kin dancing and singing, leading to them banning fishing in the South Pole, he was accepted back into the colony and managed to settle down with the love of his life, Gloria.
  • His ascension happened after Mumble went to the ocean to go search for fish, washing up in a place similar to the time he was taken by the "aliens" (AKA the Humans). This time, he was in front of the Court of Gods who could understand his speech and also chose him because of his distinctive appearance from the other emperor penguins of his home, as he hasn't quite shed the fluffy down feathers around his head and upper body yet.
  • First thing Mumble did after ascending was try to meet other penguins that resided in the Pantheon but he wasn't prepared for the quirky folks he would meet on the way. He first came across Hubie and Rocko, confusing the latter for Lovelace given that both are rockhopper penguins but Rocko angrily corrected him while Hubie was glad to meet another penguin friend and was amused at Mumble's dancing skills. Rocko then showed him his ability to fly and Mumble was completely amazed by Rocko's flying skills, reminding him a little of the Puffin.
    • Then Hubie introduced him to the Madagascar Penguins, a group of penguins that often partake in dangerous missions and their leader, Skipper, was interested in drafting Mumble to their little circle. Sgt. Byrd on the other hand was another penguin who could inexplicably fly and commended Mumble for his dancing skills.
    • Far away from the other penguins there was another penguin. Penta Penguin just greeted Mumble and then chatted a little about the pantheon. Although Mumble found him a bit weird given his tendency to make evil smirks.
  • While human beings are a bit alien to Mumble and the rest of his colony, he is open to forming a bond with humans like he did back in his home universe and other human deities find him adorable, especially considering he hasn't shed his chick-feathers yet and is considered to be an overgrown chick. This has made him butt heads with other animal deities that despise humans, most notably Napoleon and Koba who think Mumble is too naive to think humans are worth anything.
  • Even if Mumble is in constant contact with other human beings, they can't actually understand his speech as they only hear him. Other animals can talk to him just fine but when it comes to humans, he has to rely on translator or people that Speaks Fluent Animal to get his message across.
  • When it comes to dancing, Mumble is amazed that there are people that can use that skill as a power. Most notably, one day when he was strolling around he witnessed Yuna, Shantae, Ophelia, and Azura use their powers and Mumble was left in awe at what he witnessed. The former two find him adorable, even if they can hardly understand what he is trying to say when he approaches them to talk.
  • Mumble's dancing quickly caught the attention of several humans who just so happen to adore penguins. In particular, the NERV Tactical Commander, Misato Katsuragi, and Chuu, member of the K-Pop girl group LOOΠΔ. At first, Mumble wasn't too sure what to interact with the pair, considering he can't understand human and they were almost overwhelming when they first met. Later on, he discovered the reasoning for their behaviour; for Chuu, the penguin is her token animal, while Misato has her own penguin named Pen-Pen. They cleared things up and Mumble sometimes stops by Misato's temple to hang out with Pen-Pen, sharing a few fish between them and enjoying each other's company. That said, he's been hesitant to try the beer Pen-Pen keeps drinking.
    • As for Chuu, she quickly took note of Mumble's happy feet and brought him to her temple to test his skills out, being a dancer herself. The other LOOΠΔ members were confused at first, but after a few practices, they all began to warm up to the flightless bird. He's now on their speed dial in case they need backup for their productions.
  • Life for a penguin can be difficult, what with all the predators lurking in the fathoms below. Leopard seals are a constant threat but in the Pantheon, the real danger comes from orca. Killer whales. Mumble had a close shave with orcas in the past but now he has to contend with two particular individuals. One, a rather large and aggressive bull, he generally keeps away from but on occasion they strike up short conversations. Turns out their opinions on humans do form an interesting contrast. The Orca hates them and wants nothing to do with them at best, while Mumble wants to peacefully communicate to them that they're harming the environment. The other orca, the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre, is one Mumble stays clear of at all costs, not because it eats penguins - it doesn't - it's more because of the power it can unleash upon the world should it enter its Primal form. As a result, Mumble isn't a big fan of Team Aqua's leader Archie, for awakening Kyogre in his attempts to protect the environment.
    • Other predators in the Pantheon Mumble avoids includes the giant shark Bruce, the marine reptile Liopleurodon, and the much larger sperm whales, Monstro and Moby-Dick. The last of these though Mumble is conflicted about, as Moby-Dick is only ever aggressive because of humans hunting his kind to near extinction. As such, he actually opposes Captain Ahab, and secretly hopes the whaler meets a fitting end in the white whale's jaws.
  • When Mumble first met with conservationist Steve Irwin, the penguin had a brief moment of deja-vu. Turns out while searching for the aliens, Mumble met an Albatross who shared the Crocodile Hunter's distinctive voice and warned him about going across the Antarctic Convergence in his quest. The pair are on good terms, and Irwin introduced the penguin to Sir David Attenborough, another vocal advocate for wildlife conservation and admirer of penguins.
  • Mumble was confused when he heard about a certain human named Erik who had a beautiful singing voice. He went to visit said human but was startled when he saw that he was quite the sinister individual and ran away in fear. Considering the fact that he shares the same name with his son and it made Mumble be concerned for his son if he ever went a similar path like this Erik.
  • Rodin practically doted on Mumble the first time they met because of his love for penguins. Mumble initially found him intimidating, but quickly warmed up to him after a trip to his bar.
  • There was actually a version of Mumble that eventually shed his fluffy feathers but that version never came to be and Mumble kept his appearance way into adulthood.


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