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This particular sub-house is quite difficult to describe due to having to fit the inhuman needs of its residents, it often drives mortals insane. It serves as something of a Prison Dimension for the more evil residents (which connects it to the Phantom Zone and House of Justice) while more good aligned residents are given more freedom.


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Amara, The Anti-Goddess (The Darkness, Aunty Amara, the Nothingness)

    The Eldrazi 
The Eldrazi, The Ones Who Devour Life (Emrakul: Emeria, Kamsa, the Aeons Torn | Ulamog: Ula, Mangeni, the Infinite Gyre | Kozilek: Cosi, Talib, Butcher of Truth)
Left to right: Kozilek, Emrakul, and Ulamog

Giygas, God of Power Without Consciousness and Incomprehensibility (Giegue, Gyiyg, Geeg, The Almighty Idiot, The Universal Cosmic Destroyer)
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    The Great Ones 
The Great Onesmembers , Eldritch Deities of Alien Means of Reproduction (Ebrietas: Daughter of the Cosmos | Rom: The Vacuous Spider | Kos: Kosm)
Rom, The Vacuous Spider
The Celestial Emissary
Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos
Mergo's Wet Nurse
Formless Oedon
  • Collectively they hold as much power as an Overdeity, alone each is a Greater God. That doesn't protect them from death though.
  • Symbol: The Caryll Runes surrounding a brain covered in eyes
  • Leitmotifs:
  • Alignment: Unknown and Eldritch
  • Portfolios: Eldritch Augurs, completely alien and grotesque, inability to be seen by those who don't have enough insight, beings with powers beyond understanding, all Great Ones are kin, Great Ones can impregnate (and be impregnated by) humans, each Great One varies in alignment
  • Domains: Nightmares, Body Horror, Alien Morality, Bizarre Reproduction, Forbidden Knowledge, Insight
  • Heralds: The Kin of the Old Ones, The Brain of Mensis, Mergo, the Orphan of Kos
  • Additional Relationships with: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare (active herald), Gehrman, the First Hunter (for the Moon Presence), Lady Maria
  • Amicable Beings: Almost every being from the Cthulhu Mythos and most Eldritch Beings, H.P Lovecraft, The Ancestor, Saya (Fuminori Sakisaka is rather indifferent towards them), Lunatic Cultist, Apocalypse Bird, Byleth (for Rom and Celestial Emissary), The Sleeper (for Ebrietas), Yog-Sothoth (for Oedon), the Kraeken, Hermaeus Mora (for Kos)
  • Analogous Connections: The Nihilanth, the Brainspawn, Fear of the Emotions (for Amygdala)
  • Hostilities to: The Hunter, Guts, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Solaire of Astora, the Imperium of Man and the God-Emperor himself, the SCP Foundation, Kubo, Sailor Moon (for the Moon Presence), Kthanid, Florence Nightingale, Mercy (for Mergo's Wet Nurse)
  • Opposed by: Ram (for Rom)
  • Feared by: Harry Mason, James Sunderland, Heather Mason, The Puella Magi, majority of the Mothers subhouse (specifically pregnant ones), especially Nox, Tawaret, The Boss, Offret and Top Speed, Kaguya Houraisan, Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Inaba, Chang'e, Magnolia Arch (for the Moon Presence)
  • The human mind is often a fickle thing, easy to see, yet hard to understand on how it works without going through the scientific details. We are after all, natural seekers of knowledge, constantly seeking the truth in almost everything, while at the same time, deciphering what works and what does not. Of course, this mostly applies to human activities and understandable ideas, but that is immediately thrown out of the window when people start discovering unknowable beings and unspeakable phenomena that doesn't follow the basic logic of regular human ideas. And such, was the case when a college within the outskirts of Yharnam, known as Byrgenwerth, discovered... these beings and unwillingly enough, spread their kin throughout the city and the surrounding places, all unseen by the most normal of people, unless they are willing to grant themselves eyes.
    • And thus, the Great Ones were discovered. In a search for unearthly knowledge, the Healing Church, while having large political power within Yharnam itself, always had an endgame that was known to only the highest ranking officials of the Church, to harness and gather the powers of the Great Ones. Initially discovered by the scholars at Byrgenwerth, it wouldn't take long till a labyrinth was found by the college and a collaboration between the college and the Healing Church began, culminating to the concept known as the Truth, discoveries that were stored hidden within the labyrinths of Pthumeru. It was said to have created broken minds to those who would delve themselves deep within the concept itself, to the point that when awful accidents occurred within the college, the Healing Church ceased all communication within the college and closed it off as well as the forest that connected the college to the main city, calling it "Forbidden", all in an attempt to avoid curious people into entering such areas. That only escalated things further when the Healing Church not only brandished these beings as gods to be worshipped by the Yharnamites, but ended up using one of the blood of a Great One as a means of blood transfusion, thinking that such medium would grant them the power they longed, if only they would know what would happen next...
    • Soon, the blood that was transferred into every single Yharnamite would become a blood-borne disease, turning every man, woman and anyone human into savage beasts. Those who would not turn into beasts became more insane and somehow gained "insight", allowing them sight to some of the most unspeakable horrors they have yet to understand. When the Scourge of the Beasts rampaged all throughout the city, soon, people started seeing otherworldly natures of their city. Then, there were the secret experiments the Healing Church were up to that experimented with human lives for a chance of ascension into a higher plane of existence, to become a Great One themselves. Whatever costs they had taken, did not matter, as it only meant a way to earn their place in their newly found existence. And as for the Great Ones themselves, well, we will let you decide for yourself about their... nature.
  • The cause of the Great Ones' ascension is a mystery, perhaps it was recent or perhaps they were always here, just beyond the veil of sight. No one knows for sure how they entered but what is known is that someone must have discovered their presence through insight, which no one had until the Hunter arrived. What entailed was a near death experience and one that would inevitably spread around the Pantheon grounds. When the concept of insight was shared amongst Pantheon inhabitants, the Great Ones' presence was unveiled and soon, majority of the Pantheon were in utter shock and horror, realizing that such beings have existed within plain sight. Even with the damages repaired and many inhabitants able to recover from such madness, those that remained have continued to see nightmares manifest within Pantheon proper, a curse bestowed from knowledge.
    • The Great Ones are willing to share their great knowledge with mortals provided they are given assistance from some of the more fanatical heralds, but one should beware: for having too much of the Great Ones' knowledge grants Insight, and some things are better off unknown. It is this reason why Yharnam was not prepared to witness the horrid truth that was their existence. Perhaps things do not always need to be known for those who cannot comprehend such beings of nature but alas, their stay is permanent and those who have witnessed them will have to get used to it, a feat that only few such as the Hunter, have withstand their effects.
  • Some have noticed similarities between them and the creations of H.P. Lovecraft from their tentacle looks to even some of the most bizarre biological descriptions one can comprehend from their sight. The designs of some of them in fact, do strike some bearing inspirations, believing that the Great Ones might even be of Lovecraftian descendance. The God of Cosmic Horror refused to comment about their being and contacting the Great Ones is not the best of ideas unless you are willing to sacrifice your sanity for more knowledge.
    • Others such as the Ancestor have no need for such warnings considering his nature as the Heart of Darkness, allowing him to safely gain more knowledge on these beings without the need of worrying about Insight. Unlike others who would become maddened after a few tries, he seems content and desires more about their own kind. Those who knows the Ancestor's true intentions can attest that he wants to accelerate the Heart of Darkness' effects as fast as possible, all out of the search for more knowledge, which makes those who are in despair after gaining insight less pitiable in his eyes.
      The Ancestor: The human mind - fragile, like a robin's egg.
    • Of course, even before the Great Ones were a thing, one of their active heralds, or better put, worshipper, was still within the Pantheon, intending to spread their influence. That would be Micolash, the Host of the Nightmare. He knows that their time to appear in the realm was only a matter of time, but his faith was rewarded and has continuously spread more of his word to the remaining denizens with many outright fighting him if it means avoiding more Insight to be spread about the other temples. Saya does also remember being amicable with these beings while her lover, Fuminori Sakisaka does not have a high opinion based on them, other than the fact that he can see them without issues of insanity.
    • Then came the other amicable beings. Apocalypse Bird, the unholy result of an unfortunate destiny between Punishing Bird, Judgement Bird and Big Bird seems to be okay with their presence, unaffected by the Insight one would get from contact with a Great One. The Lobotomy Corporation and SCP Foundation have no idea as to why it would be okay to them but investigations are underway. Then came Lunatic Cultist, the herald of the Moon Lord, Cthulhu, who has dedicated a part of his cult and leadership to Great One stewardship. Unfortunately that lead to rivalry between his cult and Micolash, leading to some halted progress.
  • A number of Lovecraftian creatures have no problem being with the Great Ones as they recognize them being part of their kin. There is one exception on this however, Kthanid, among those who sympathize with humanity. The Friendly Abomination has heavily opposed the Great One's mode of reproduction since their interference would harm humanity pointing at Oedon obviously and even at some of the other beings like Mergo's Wet Nurse, which it has a suspicion that it took Mergo away from its mother. However, there are times when even Kthanid agrees with the sympathies of some of the Great Ones referring to Kos and her unfortunate fate. That said, it will not tolerate some of the Great Ones' meddling with humanity, at any cost.
  • Speaking of nightmares, let us not even delve into the numerous planes these beings exist in; dreams, nightmares, you name it. Each Great One for some reason exists in their own pocket dimension, some of which are accessible through what was formerly a part of the accursed college known as Byrgenwerth and others through a system of chalices, used to explore various labyrinths dug up by the aforementioned scholars. Then there is the fact that some of the Great Ones themselves do not have a true form, as shown through the 'Formless' Oedon, a Great One without a physical manifestation and Amygdala through the lesser copies. These aspects of the Great Ones even more make it impossible to find their true forms.
    • Their “temple” exists on the outskirts of the Pantheon and is filled with their Kin. Mind the quotation marks as the large amount of pocket dimensions makes it impossible to combine all the Great Ones in one large land, let alone a temple. However, in the highest tower lies the Brain of Mensis, a horrifyingly huge brain coated in eyes, probably the result of a ritual known as the Mensis Ritual. The simple act of drawing near to the temple drives the weak-minded to madness, often losing their sanity to the point of killing themselves, even by looking at the eye in even the farthest of places. It makes visitation not an option and communication through other means a factor, although as shown with the Mensis Ritual, communication with such beings is also not an option.
  • Though they cannot truly be classified as evil, the GUAG is keeping a wary eye on their actions as with most eldritch beings of similar origin. The last thing they want to see is to turn the Pantheon into a new Yharnam and begin the hunt anew. As for the other Grand United Alliances, the GUAE have refused any operations related to capturing them as they know that the effects will still be applied to them regardless of alignment, and both Law and Chaos sides have ignored their presence. The GUAD have taken notice of their potential power but insanity is something no Alliance wants especially if it spreads through their leadership.
    • The Great Ones themselves are surprisingly innocent in their motives, seeking only to spawn more of their own kind. It is just they do not seem to understand the pain, suffering and horror they inflict on mankind in the process which makes reasoning even more useless. What makes it even more jarring is the fact that all of the Great Ones, minus one, are female (hypothetically speaking) and one of them in particular is capable of reproduction referring to Oedon, the being responsible for the Scourge of Beasts and the sudden weird pregnancies happening towards women during the plague. It makes sense when one thinks about it as the nature of Great Ones is to yearn for a child.
    Every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate, and Oedon, the formless Great One, is no different.
    • There are some of the more curious deities who ponder about the Great Ones and how they can multiply. Those who know it will realize that the Scourge of Beasts was a byproduct of the Great Ones' reproduction, with its male being, Oedon, using blood as a medium of choice. Every single Great One has lost its children and as a result, used other methods of reproduction, chief among those, was blood. It also makes sense when Great Ones are attracted to special babies; babies that are born from their own form of reproduction via a Paleblood Moon and a few sacrifices or lures. It is this realization that the Great Ones were simply trying to foster a new child but as a result, placed Yharnam into a spiraling mess.
    • And if that was not enough, the world they are living in makes the strongest/most advanced creatures the least likely to reproduce babies, which puts into perspective that the Great Ones lost all their children to attain them the positions they are in. With the scourge and the Paleblood Moon, those unfortunate souls who were pregnant ended up giving birth to weirdly deformed babies, those that are possibly Great One descendant. This may explain why women, blood and birth are of heavy significance when it comes to the discussions relating to them.
  • It would make sense for many to immediately shoot the living hell out of these beings out of fear. It just that happens that these beings do not die easily, even the Celestial Emissaries themselves are somewhat capable of withstanding such damage. A few have dedicated to purging these kin and the God-Emperor of Mankind was among the first to tell the remaining Imperium to as he describes it in text-to-speech: "burn whatever the fuck these xenos came from". This eventually resulted to other deities willing to join in the hunt against these eldritch creatures, though as many Lovecraftian stories show, sometimes lethal force is not enough to rid of them.
    • As with their ascension, many deities have tasked the Hunter to continue the hunt against these beings to end the nightmares, which brings up a point that these things, despite their godly power, are killable except not fully. Those that are killed are either replicas/lesser versions or only manifest in a physical matter while the actual Great One in question is living in another plane of existence. Others who have joined with him are the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, Solaire of Astora and Guts, the latter of which was greatly reminded with Mergo's Wet Nurse to Rakshas.
  • It should be noted that the Great Ones mentioned are not the only Great Ones within the realm of Yharnam. These beings mentioned are simply the ones with the most connections to the Scourge (such as the case with Ebrietas, Rom, the Moon Presence, Oedon), others being a byproduct (the Celestial Emissary) and those that are the most obvious to be seen all throughout (Amygdala). This means that there are more Great Ones in existence, some are just less defined than others like Kos. This only adds more fear from what is originally presented.
    • Another thing to take note is the difference between Kin and Great One. Kin are simply beings of slimy alien looks that are in origin, human, just experimented upon to gain powers or "ascendance" to the same power as a Great One. Thus, the term "Kin" Great Ones exist, as shown with Rom, the Vacuous Spider, the Celestial Emissary and Ebrietas, the Daughter of the Cosmos. Their acceptance is debatable but those three are exempted as their power’s rivals that of the true ones. The "True" Great Ones on the other hand are the original beings, such as Amygdala, Mergo's Wet Nurse, Oedon, the Moon Presence and Kos. These are the ones you must watch out for as their powers varies and are for the most part, more powerful than their Kin counterparts. The way of identifying which is a Kin and a Great One: the blood they spew when hurt; Great Ones are of red while Kin are of yellowish pale fluid.
  • It seems that the Great Ones went to a period of... mourning or whatever they are doing. Probably must have something to do with Kos' surprise death, except Kos was more or less dead for a very long time, all caused by the scholars of Byrgenwerth who defiled the Fishing Hamlet. The result was a new nightmare known as the Hunter's Nightmare, a dimension where Hunters do not die but are forced into a dimension where all they seek is blood. The only person who knows this incident is Lady Maria but she herself has kept her lips shut, probably because the event lead to her suicide and realizing the dream she is stuck in, decided to keep the secret from leaking, in the hopes no one tries to do the same thing again.
  • Mothers of all kinds have been warned to never confront/face the Great Ones, unless they wish to preserve their well-being. Such discussion will bring about not only the Great Ones' need of a child through human interaction (I.E through blood), but may risk their children becoming deformed Great One descendants and risk their lives whilst giving birth. The Mothers subhouse have made their efforts to make sure their inhabitants do not see their presence whatsoever. The Gods there, Nox and Tawaret, are still confused as to how Great Ones are conceived in the first place, let alone finding an alternative solution without forcing the mothers to get infected by Oedon's power through blood. Even those who are pregnant in general have been told to stray away from them to avoid the same fate, with the warning reaching to Heather Mason, who had gone through what can be described as a terrifying pregnancy.
    • The Puella Magi have also been notified of their existence and have been told not to contact them as some speculate that the Soul Gems they carry might end up being corrupted thanks to Insight. Homura was quick to oppose and try to kill them through force except some are outright unkillable like Oedon and others are extremely hidden like the Moon Presence, which makes extermination all the more unlikely.
  • One of the few Great Ones that is identifiable with enough insight, Amygdala is a strange being, a six-armed Great One with a head of multiple eyes. It is a being to behold and among the first Great Ones one can find with ease. That does not mean it is not a benevolent being, rather it is one of the more hostile ones, often grabbing unexpected visitors and giving them too much insight, resulting to a frenzied state. If the user is able to handle it, expect multiple eye beams and a multi-arm thrashing as Amygdala will not go down without a fight, and it is relentless, even ripping its own arms to counter anyone who can nearly kill it. To those who wish to fight it, expect persistence from it.
    • Some of the crazier gods have reported seeing lesser versions of Amygdala hanging from various temples. However, they have no way to prove it since Lesser Amygdalae cannot be seen without a large amount of Insight. Since these Lesser Amygdalae fight similarly, they nearly act the same. It should also be noted that due to its numerous nature and name synonymous to a part of the brain that is responsible for the emotion of fear, it would make sense as to why Amygdalae are fearful both in appearance and through combat.
    • Those may have read or at the very least, understood Amygdala might associate it with Patches the Spider, a spider with a man as its' head. Others may see why, as to him begging Amygdala at one point give mercy to the Hunter, that is if the Hunter has enough Insight to understand it in the first place. Still, if it is true, then hopefully he does not mercilessly unleash Amygdala towards the other innocent deities. Still, if people like Patches exist, then surely other worshippers might be close, as well as the possibility that some of the more cult-like deities might end up praising Amygdala to receive its' "blessing".
    Patches: Oh Amygdala! Oh Amygdala! Have mercy on the poor bastard.
    • Because its name is related to the brain in its function of fear, comparisons were made to several brain-based deities, particularly those of the Nihilanth, Brainspawn and even Fear of the Emotions. Amygdala's connection to the name must have been based on the assumption of its looks, particularly its head which seems to have some designs clearly following the actual amygdala. However, some of the more paranoid deities can also point out at its form, since fear is one of the main aspects of the amygdala and the creature is no exception. As for what the other brainlike deities think of it, the Nihilanth wants nothing to do with it, Fear ran away as soon as possible and the Brainspawn tried to make it stupid, except such concept would not work on a Great One.
  • Among the most docile is the "Kin" Great One, Rom, also known as the Vacuous Spider. Spider is a loose term considering that Rom looks and acts more like a maggot than a spider, not the same as her kin though. She does not attack whatsoever and is harmless, that is until you provoke her, and she will call down meteors above you. Oh, and do not forget those pesky spiders that guard her for protection. At this point, you are going to need more than bug spray to kill her.
    • Rom's realm is disturbingly easy to access. Thankfully, anyone who ends up stumbling upon it will have all the time they want to escape, as Rom and its progeny will not do anything at all unless provoked. Many are however fooled by the location so most people who are in awe of the view that is Byrgenwerth, might end up going into the river while getting Insight for seeing her. No one can fix that because someone who must have experimented with Rom beforehand intentionally placed her there to keep the effects of the Mensis Ritual at bay.
    • You might be wondering why she plays a major role into the Scourge of the Beasts? Well, it is quite complicated, since the Scourge of Beasts is just one of the side effects of the Great Ones while the real effects are what happens when the Bloodmoon rises, where the effects of the Mensis Ritual are magnified to the point that insanity is the main problem over the Beast Scourge, and the only reason why it has been kept as such is because of Rom. By killing her, not only did the Cosmic Horror Story reveal itself but doomed Yharnam into an ever-worse fate.
    • Ram was greatly annoyed to learn that the Vacuous Spider shared her sister's name and went to confront it. However, she very quickly learned that "Vacuous" does not mean "Helpless". The incident also seems to have burned Insight into her mind, nearly losing both sanity and vision. Now she must get used to the fact that "Rom" has to be shared between her sister and a "spider".
  • The Celestial Emissaries are what happens when humans are heavily experimented with otherworldly liquids, all done by the Healing Church. If you are wondering which types of humans, well it is orphans that they kidnap to imbue them with eldritch liquid, which originated from "the eye from the inside". After all of that, the patients would have to depend on luck if they were to survive as most patients have either gone mad or killed themselves due to the mutations growing on their bodies. Those that did survive and realized what celestial connection they had become enlightened and soon, they would grow in immense size, alongside the growth of blue skin and with an extraterrestrial appearance. Thus, their connection would be complete and allowed them to become Great Ones themselves. As for their purpose, that ties with another Great One: to communicate with Ebrietas.
    • Byleth at first thought that these things as hostile alien beings though he took a few notes from the archives of the Healing Church and soon realized these things were formerly human. Then a few notes here and there revealed some truth regarding the Emissaries and Rom. Soon, he took pity and realized that he almost shares the same fate as these Great Ones. He was afterall an experiment to become a vessel for a goddess in his realm, though he was thankfully not subjected to the gruesome results that both ended up getting.
  • One of if not the more friendly Great Ones was the being Ebrietas, otherwise known as the Daughter of the Cosmos. She has one of the most powerful connections to the cosmos, hence the name, allowing her access to powerful arcane magic. She was left behind in one of the dug-up labyrinths, Isz and was found by the Healing Church, living in harmony with Kin and Beast alike. After being founded by the Healing Church, she became a power of worship and was the highest ranking being in the entire sect, so much that the entire rituals related to the Celestial Emissaries (hence the presence of deformed babies) exist in the Upper Cathedral Ward where she resides. It also turns out that her blood was the source of blood ministration for the entire Yharnam populace, only to backfire massively when it created the Scourge of Beasts. As for her hostility, there is good reason why she is better left alone as she is no pushover.
    • The title, "Daughter of the Cosmos" attracted her presence by an alien being from outer space. At first, many people feared this sight, as some recognize that it was the Sleeper attempting to convert her to a crystalline form, yet it did not flinch, as it simply stared at her. Maybe the title is what kept her in respectable terms with it, as it might be a distant neighbor from the cosmos. No one is sure, especially identifying if the Sleeper is truly amicable to her or its origins still being a mystery.
  • From the top of the Nightmare of Mensis is Mergo's Wet Nurse, a being of unknown stance (possibly a Great One). The name comes from the fact that it is fostering a child when the mother is not around, in this case, Mergo. Not much is known about it other than the fact it is protecting its surrogate child, of which is not even its own but rather from someone else. Many theories about its origins and the debates regarding its status as a Great One is highly contested, with perhaps the biggest question if it even is a Great One since the actual being in question is Mergo, as evidenced by its cries disappearing the moment the Nurse is defeated. The fact that it looks like a Grim Reaper does not help its case either.
    • The case with regards to the debates with the Wet Nurse and Mergo boils down to whether or not Mergo was actively stolen from its mother, Yharnam the Pthumerian Queen and that the name Wet Nurse might have been nothing more than a title given to those who have seen it protect Mergo from contact. Great Ones are interested with children and since history between the Pthumerians and Great Ones are almost shrouded in mystery, it is hard to identify if Yharnam herself may had some sort of connection with the Great Ones in general as otherwise Mergo would have never been born. In this case, the theory of Mergo's Wet Nurse "stealing" Mergo from Yharnam might be a plausible scenario and thus putting the "Wet Nurse" as its moniker is of questionable woes.
    • Both Florence Nightingale and Mercy have questionable thoughts about Mergo's Wet Nurse as a medical caretaker, with Florence taking offense with its role. Granted, Mergo is a Great One but with some of the theories and evidence that it may have been acting as a forced surrogate to Mergo whilst keeping her away from Yharnam (shown when she bows to the Hunter after it is slain, giving credence that Mergo might have been avenged), she is not buying the idea that the Wet Nurse has any jurisdictions over Mergo and is more than willing to exterminate her through her Berserker self (this can also be applied to most Great Ones due to considering them as a disease to the Yharnamites, though the blame should be placed within the scholars of Byrgenwerth in the first place). Mercy also feels the same way though she has her suspicions that the Wet Nurse in question might be a disembodied spirit, hence the lack of bleeding once the Wet Nurse gets hit.
    • And in relation to the pregnant Heather Mason, both James Sunderland and Harry Mason have feared this being, likely because her looks are almost as terrifying as those monsters spawned within Silent Hill. The numerous knives, and grim reaper visual only makes the case more frightening. Since Heather Mason's pregnancy is in relation to the Order and their plans to bring Apocalypse... or Paradise though her giving birth to (presumably God). The Wet Nurse is even more interested in her believing that it might take care of it like Mergo.
  • Then there is Oedon, the most unseen among the Great Ones, communicated through voice and blood. The most mysterious, even by Great One standards, he is the most ascended of the entire bunch as he has no physical form and cannot even be fought nor perceived whatsoever, only having its essence brought about by the Caryll Runes that uses some form of symbolism to represent him. Oh and if you are wondering why he is brought up with male pronouns, that is because he is the main progenitor of Mergo, connecting him to the mess that is the Scourge of Beasts and the Nightmares surrounding Yharnam. Not to mention, the numerous pregnancies when the Blood Moon rose to all female hosts and the blood magic thanks to the transfusions made by the Healing Church.
    • It is this reason that Oedon is compared to Yog-Sothoth as they too have ascended beyond space and time, even amongst their own kind as well as the meddling the two have done to many humans, intending to spread their own kind among human beings without the care or sense of the world. It is this reason that he has great interest in Oedon's nature, seeing that it might be a part of his omniscience.
  • Another mysterious being and even relative to that of a schemer is The Moon Presence. This being is likely the true originator of the Hunter's Dream and was contacted by Gehrman, the First Hunter as an emergency act to save his workshop as well as an act of grief due to Lady Maria's disappearance. It has a great interest in The Hunter due to the fact that in at least one scenario the Hunter became an infant Great One after slaying The Moon Presence, only through consuming 3 One-Third of an Umbilical Cord, possibly fulfilling the idea of the Great One's yearn for a child. Even so, this being appears rarely and considering that its domain is the Hunter's Dream, few people will even have the chance to see it, unless they beat Gehrman first.
    • One can infer that the Moon Presence might be on the hunt against its own kin, possibly using the hunt and even its agents as a means to indirectly killing its competition. This may also be alluded to the fact that Great Ones seek children and the Moon Presence could be killing the remaining Great Ones in order to gain a child of its own. Although this is one of many theories as to the original purpose of its existence.
    • The Moon Presence itself is well-hidden, only showing up after the Hunter defeats Gehrman. That said, its' presence is not without a few moon-based deities sensing it from their domain. Kaguya, Reisei and Eirin had sensed something wrong with the moon from the Hunter's Dream and unfortunately for them, gained insight as a result from their encounter with the Moon Presence. As for their observations, they have no idea what it is supposed to be other than the fact that it seems to be connected to the moon. Other moon based deities such as Chang'e and even those who descended from the moon like Magnolia Arch cannot identify what it even is connected to the moon for, even Usagi Tsukino, the Sailor Senshi representative for the moon, cannot comprehend what it is supposed to be.
    • Kubo has had immense pity over Gehrman's situation but the child prodigy did not expect that something was behind the moon covering the Hunter's Dream. The moment it landed within the garden, he tried to fight it but before he could even pull out a shamisen, it grabbed him and overwhelmed him with its tentacles. He would soon wake up back on his temple, thinking it was a dream but a visit from the Hunter has shown that it was in fact no dream and that should he not came in at the right moment, he would have taken Gehrman's place instead. Realizing this, and from the insight he took upon seeing it made him more cautious about the Hunter's Dream.
  • A new Great One was revealed through some of the more cryptic ramblings from Micolash, Kos. This Great One does not exist within Yharnam but was found in a Fishing Hamlet where the scholars of Byrgenwerth violated the place and its people for more knowledge, even going so far as to violating her washed up body ashore, in search for eldritch blood. The event was horrifying enough that the Goddess herself, in response, cursed the hunters into a never-ending nightmare aptly named the Hunter's Nightmare, a punishment for the hunters who, if they died, would wake up in a nightmare that pitted them in an endless hunt. Since children have become a theme with the Great Ones, Kos is no different, with its infant child killed by the Byrgenwerth Hunters, then suddenly manifested in a wizened version of her child: The Orphan of Kos.
    • Its hard to mention Kos without bringing the fate that Byrgenwerth has suffered from her wrath (also helped by the Fishing Hamlet villagers), the Hamlet and its inhabitants and the Orphan of Kos. All those actions stem from her death by the former while at the same time, was responsible for the incomprehensible knowledge of the Great Ones. Not only that, but her human-like pregnancy defied the pregnancies given by Oedon back in Yharnam. Yes, Great Ones are very, very weird.
    • The Kraeken seems to have immense fealty to Kos, simply due to her status as as a Deity and her partial relations to the sea. Her bestowing knowledge did not affect the Kraeken but the latter did not retaliate, if anything, left without harm. Perhaps it is her human-like form and powers that made her immensely respected, although for unknown reasons.
    • Hermaeus Mora has had immense knowledge after seeking some of the knowledge Kos had given to most of the Byrgenwerth scholars. The need to know almost everything about the cosmos and beyond has brought many to ruins. Mora is more interested in Kos' (and by extension, the Great Ones) nature and how they exist, although, what could you even gain from a washed up corpse in the first place?
  • These beings have also been spotted within the House of Extraterrestrials, under Extraterrestrial Appearance & Biology.

    The Old Gods 
The Old Gods Members , Ancient Deities of Incomprehensible Locations (Dread Elders, The Elder Gods, The Old Lords, The Old Ones, The Old Whisperings | C'Thun: Old God of Madness and Chaos | Yogg-Saron: The Lucid Dream, The Beast with a Thousand Maws, The Fiend of a Thousand Faces, The God of Death, That Which Must Not Be Named, Hope's End, Yoggy, Yogg, The Betrayer, Yolo-Saron, The God of RNG | N'Zoth: The Corruptor, God of the Deep | Y'Sharrj: God of the Klaxxi, Progenitor of the Sha, The Seven-Headed One, The Beast of Seven Heads, Rage Unbound)
Click here to see Mecha'thun
  • Overdeities
  • Symbols: Themselves
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Corruption, Manipulation
  • Heralds: The Aqir and Qiraji (C'Thun), the N'raqi (N'Zoth Yogg-Saron), the Sha, the Klaxxi and the Mantids (Y'Shaarj)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Each other, Doctor Boom
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: The House of Undead and Most of the Gods in Life and Death
  • Complicated Relationship with: Garrosh Hellscream (Y'Shaarj)
  • The Old Gods were creatures who come from the void with the mission of corrupting the world of Azeroth, tampering with the creations of the Titans in the process, which eventually sparked a war that left 3 of them imprisoned and one dead. Since then, their corruption spread to whenever they reside and they are still planning to destroy everything for the sake of Chaos. These creatures were found in the Pantheon once and it took the entire effort of the GUAG aided by the four dragon aspects (Including Malygos) to imprison them. It is generally advised to avoid visiting them as no one returns fully well from an Old God's corruption.
  • After hearing about these ungodly abominations, The Hunter decided to end their lives for good. However, when they were about to enter the Gods temple, they were immediately confronted by Deathwing and they were forced to retreat as he wasn't a match for the Death Aspect. They had never anticipated that the dragon was one of the biggest pawns of the Old Gods.
    • Besides Deathwing, Ragnaros also decided to serve his old masters once again which alarmed many people in the Pantheon, since they weren't aware the elemental lord used to serve the Old Gods. This has made the GUAG to gather enough forces just in case these creatures decided to strike the Pantheon again.
    • When Cho'Gall heard that the Old Gods had ascended, he was very quick to start visiting their temples, as he is already too corrupt to suffer any ill effects. He has been noted to favor C'Thun, though he makes an effort to visit each temple once a day.
  • It is forbidden in its ENTIRETY to ever try to kill any of the Old Gods, as killing them would leave nasty consequences in the pantheon AND given the nature of the Pantheon regarding Death, then the Old Ones could potentially regain all the power they lost after their resurrection.
  • They are also referred to as "The Elder Gods" which caught Raiden by surprise since he didn't expect to find his masters ascended. When he found out who these Elder Gods were about, he was horrified of the damage they had caused and refuses to compare these Eldritch creatures with his Homeworld's Elder Gods.
  • Their objective is simple, corrupt every place of the pantheon and cause unending chaos forever. That's the reason why they are always compared to the Four Chaos Gods as their objectives are similar and plus, they are also Eldritch Abominations. It was no surprise when both camps joined forces to put in motion a plan to corrupt the entire Pantheon.
  • The elder gods have also taken interest in learning about their counterparts of Yharnam, The Great Old Ones. While both groups communicate without issue at all, the latter have been hesitant to collaborate with the Old Gods. Of course they don't mind at the moment, but later down the road the Old Gods have considered brainwashing these creatures into submission when the time comes.
  • They found common ground with the Elder Dragons of Tyria since they share the same abilities to warp the surrounding they inhabit and also feed on magic. However, none of the dragons are interested in serving the Elder Gods but there is still a rivalry going with both groups.
  • They also seem to get along with fellow Lovecraftian deities given their similarities. Remarkably, C'Thun seems to get along with Cthulhu while Yogg-Saron has formed an alliance with Yogg-Sothoth for very particular reasons.
  • Rumors say that their influence has been lingering around a peaceful tavern where various people from Azeroth gather to relax. While their plans are not very clear at the moment, they have already "corrupted" many of its frequent visitors, much to the shock of various deities.
    • However, many breath a sigh of relieve when they discovered that when the Old Gods visit this place, they're the ones that are under the control of the heroes that reside there: Jaina, Malfurion, Alleria, Uther, Valeera, Garrosh, Gul'dan, Rexxar and Thrall.
  • Discord once tried to befriend them what with them being gods of chaos. But was horrified when he found out that their brand of chaos was endless death and destruction rather than the odd and wacky and thus became enemies. Solidified by Yogg-Saron calling Discord's brand of chaos childish and amateurish.
  • Exclusive to C'Thun:
    • Ever since his defeat against the Titans, C'thun has been kept imprisoned beneath Azeroth in one of their research facilities, in what would later become the continent of Kalimdor. He did return once but eventually, he was defeated by a group of adventurers, which is no easy task for any mortal. His eventual ascension would allow him to get in motion a plan to drive to insanity many potentially useful gods to use as Pawns.
    • His appearance mostly consists of a giant eye surrounded by many tentacles. This made him be approached by another abomination by the name of Monoculus, which happens to be a floating eye that mysteriously seems to speak a similar language that C'thun understands.
      • Another deity he has allied himself with was Sauron, given that his Eye form is very similar to C'thun's default form
    • Given that he had a race of insectoid creatures as pawns, whose names are the aqir and qiraji, The old one was able to make an alliance with Queen Sectonia, given that she has similarities with said creatures that used to serve him. This didn't sit well on kirby but he is careful to approach this alliance since the Elder Gods are not creatures that he thinks he could take by himself.
    • Has a devoted cult by the name of The Twilight Hammer that are really loyal to him and his brethren (but most importantly, him). This in turn made the House of FAITH very careful if it happened that some members were already among them
    • A special rule he made for becoming a disciple of him is to shout his name three times.
    "C'Thun, C'THUN, C'THUN!"
  • Exclusive to Yogg-Saron:
    • Yogg-Saron is known as one of the most malevolent of the Elder Gods. He was imprisoned in the depths of the city of Ulduar and the titans assigned specific watchers to keep an eye on him. While his situation in the Pantheon is no different from how it was in Azeroth, it should be said that his powers are able to drive almost anyone dumb enough to get near him insane. As a matter of fact, all of his guardians ended up succumbing to him.
    • There have been rumors that whispers can be heard near his temple, which is not a good sign mind you, as he could easily Mind Rape anyone close to his range and make you his slave. It is possible to fight his influence but is not advised in the slightest.
    • It is said that Yogg-Saron is very closely related to the creature known as Hastur, since they both share the moniker of "The Unspeakable one". While Hastur isn't found in the Pantheon at the moment, Old Man Henderson has tried to take down Yogg-Saron thinking he is a possible reincarnation of Hastur. So far Henderson has been unsuccessful since he cannot get past Deathwing and is getting increasingly annoyed by the Black Dragon.
    • Yogg-Saron is also known as "The God of Death" given how he feeds of the essence of the Undead and Death itself. That's why the House of Life and Death struggles to fend him off in hopes that he doesn't corrupt the house or else the nature of Death in the Pantheon could really be corrupted by his mere presence. Undead gods also stay far away from the Elder God's reach.
      • However, he found himself a fierce opposition from other Grim Reapers just to keep the natural balance of death intact. Others, like Death the Horseman, are only interested in observing the creature's powers.
    • He also has control over the n'raqi, also known as the faceless ones, humanoid creatures that resemble squids. They have been under conflict with the Scourge given that they are closely located to the old city of Azjol'Nerub, where the nerubians hail from. Yogg-Saron has only limited himself to taunt the Lich King of his eventual fate and said that his forces will eventually succumb to his corruption.
    Yogg-Saron: No King rules forever...
    • Has an incredible control over magic, so powerful he might turn a recently cast spell into anything he desires. However, his insanity prevents him from focusing on a single target, preferring to rain destruction all around him, even to the point of harming himself.
    • "Bow down before the God of Death".
  • Exclusive to N'Zoth:
    • N'Zoth happens to be the entity behind Neltharion's corruption and eventual descent into madness, which later transformed him into Deathwing. Rumors say that he inhabits the depths of the Oceans of Azeroth.
    • N'Zoths whole motivations, while similar to the rest of the Elder Ones, are a complete mystery to everyone. He happens to be one of the few ascendants that no one has ever seen in person. That doesn't mean that his presence is not there and it is said that he can be heard whispering in either the House of Water & Moisture or Aquatic Life but no one is certain if he is there.
      • Until an expedition led by Aquaman was made in order to investigate said whispers. To his horror, what they found was the real N'Zoth, who was about to transform both houses into his domain. A collective effort from all the members of said houses plus assistance from the GUAG was enough to force The Corruptor to flee, but he has since relocated with his fellow Old Gods.
    • He doesn't get particularly well with his brethren. Nobody knows why but he has waged war with both C'Thun and Yogg-Saron and their relationship has not improved in the slightest. The most common explanation is that their twisted minds make them confront each other just for their depraved entertainment.
    • N'Zoth was one of the principal sources of corruption in the Emerald Dream and many fear that he may be able to dwell into the dreams of people too. That's why he enlisted various entities related to nightmares, such as Atropos or Freddy Krueger.
    • He once tried to Mind Rape Darkrai into submission since he saw potential in his nightmare-inducing abilities. However, Ysera was quick to intercept before he took control and saved Darkrai from his clutches.
      • As a result, Ysera has created a group specialized in countering N'Zoth and his Dream Corruption. So far, Brightwing, Darkrai, NiGHTS and Soldier #25954 have joined her cause. Malfurion and Tyrande have also considered lending a hand in case the Emerald Dream is in danger.
    • "I taste the essence of your soul".
  • Exclusive to Y'Shaarj:
    • Y'Shaarj was the most powerful and wicked of the Old Gods and thus, the Titans were forced to put an end to his life. With the last of his forces, he was able to create the Sha, a race of creatures that represent the bad emotions of the world and eternally cursed Pandaria with their presence.
    • Given that Y'Shaarj was Killed Off for Real and his essence disappeared entirely from his homeworld, his presence in the Pantheon is difficult to pinpoint since he seems to be torn in and out of the space and time of these lands. It still doesn't negate his powers and as such he has employed the mantids to figure a way to make him materialize in this plane.
      • Luckily for him (and unfortunately for the rest of the pantheon), his remains were able to be restored. Nobody is sure how he was able to be revived since the House of Life and Death made themselves sure to not let him return to the mortal plane. It's theorized that Nefarian is behind his revival, given the Dragon's own mysterious revival as well.
    • As stated earlier, he is in control of the mantids, a race of insectoid creatures that inhabit Pandaria and have been in constant war with the local Pandaren. However, there seems to be one particular Mantid that refuses to serve him and that would be Scyther. He has been trying to control the Pokemon with little results so far.
    • Has kind of a strained relationship with Garrosh Hellscream, given that he is responsible for his death after the orc's defeat in Orgrimmar. However, he has offered him an alliance in case he wants to taste the power of Y'Shaarj once more.
    • The Emotions are horrified that Y'Shaarj basically created the Sha, an Evil Counterpart of them after his demise. He, however, does not care about their opinion and has an interest in corrupting the emotions to do his bidding, which could have catastrophic results.
    • There is also a Hidden group of Sha that he personally released on the internet. The infection was so great that many pages had fallen prey to it and not even this is safe from... {◕ ◡ ◕}
    • "Gorge your hatred, embrace your rage"
  • They are also present in the House of Travel

Shub-Niggurath, Divine Mother of a Thousand Young (The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, The Mother Goddess, Chiyo)
Click here  to see her "Elder Sister" form


Greater Gods

Cthulhu, Old One of Encounters With Eldritch Beings and He Who Waits For The Stars To Be Right (The Great Dreamer, The Sleeper of R'lyeh, Khlul'hloo, Kulullu, Icthulhu)

    Cyth V'sug 
Cyth V'sug, Demon God of Botanical Abominations (The Prince of the Blasted Heath)
An alternate depiction of Cyth V'sug 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A spiralling tentacle covered in mold.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Boomerang Bigot, Demon Lords and Archdevils, Eldritch Abomination, Festering Fungus, Plaguemaster, Poisonous Person
  • Domains: Chaos, Corruption, Demons, Evil, Plants, Rot.
  • Allies (sort of): Mordremoth, Teridax, the Hag
  • Followers: The Mi-Go, mu spores.
  • Rivals/Conflicting Opinion: Nurgle.
  • Enemies: Abadar, Erastil, Captain Planet, Treebeard, Trevenant, Swamp Thing, Viridi, the majority of the House of Nature Preservers, most members of the House of Demons
  • Cyth V'sug's realm is a stretch of tangled, dripping jungle located in the dark heartwoods of the House of Plants. Here, the trees are weighed down with fungus and sickly yet tenacious parasitic vines, the air is thick with spores best not breathed in and the polluted ground is covered by colorful toxic mushrooms and weedy plants either thorny, carnivorous, more poisonous than the worst poison ivy or all at once. The inhabitants are as pleasant as the flora, consisting of intelligent Man Eating Plants, shambling mounds of living compost, fungal Parasite Zombies, mandrakes that burst from the soil to ambush travellers, and the like. In the middle of it all sits Cyth V'sug's temple. Called the Jeharlu, this monolithic mass of fungus is a living thing in its own right, one that is constantly extending feelers and tendrils to take root in other worlds or realms of the Pantheon to try to infect them and draw them into itself. Ensuring that the tendrils are consistently cut back, and rooted out when they do take hold, is a job that requires the constant attentions of a dedicated division of minor godlings and divine servants and industrial quantities of herbicides.
  • Cyth V'sug is deeply detested by all Law- and Good-aligned deities from his part of the multiverse, and he despises them right back. This goes double for the Lawful Good and Lawful Neutral deities Erastil and Abadar, who in turn were deeply chagrined at seeing the demon lord join them in the Pantheon.
  • Due to his unending hatred for demons and his wish to scour the multiverse of their kind (despite he himself being a demon), he is on very poor terms with the House of Demons and its members, something somewhat mitigated by not all of them being demons in the way he understands the concept.
  • He has a complicated relationship with Nurgle. On the one hand, there is some kinship felt between them due to their shared roles as demonic gods of rot, disease, parasites and pollution, and each grudgingly admires the other's skill in crafting parasites and plagues. On the other, besides the usual difficulty in getting chaotic entities to work together, there is also the issue that Nurgle reminds Cyth V'sug of the demons and daemons of his home corner of the multiverse, creatures he absolutely hates, as well as bitter territorial rivalry at the thought of another demon or god controlling something he feels should be his domain alone. On Nurgle's end of things, the jovial father of plagues finds the Prince of the Blasted Heath unpleasantly dour and grim.
  • Due to the way he corrupts natural ecosystems into twisted, diseased parodies of themselves when he doesn't consume them outright, Cyth V'sug is considered an enemy by most good-aligned deities of forests and nature, a feeling he wholeheartedly returns.
    • Captain Planet and his allies seek to prevent the destruction his feeding causes to natural ecosystems, while forest deities such as Treebeard, Trevenant and the Lorax detest the near-cancerous mockery they feel he makes of the natural cycles of feeding and growth.
    • Viridi also views him as a foe — she sees herself as a goddess of nature first and foremost, and the sort of botanical life that Cyth V'sug champions is anything but natural by any definition of the term. Swamp Thing likewise opposes him — as the leader of the Green, he doesn't want that abomination to infect his domain.
  • Commander Shepard, Link and Mario tend to find themselves uneasy (more so than most others, at least) around Cyth V'sug, as he reminds them of the Thorian, Diababa and Petey Piranha too much for their comfort.
  • On the other hand, he is rather fond of the sub-house of Diseases as a whole, as he has no particular grudge against most of its members and quite enjoys experimenting with the interesting maladies and pathogens he can obtain there.
  • He has managed to forge a tenuous form of collaboration with Makuta Teridax: as a biological scientist (one of his former duties as a Makuta) with significant experience with ecology-based domination — having, for instance, created the Morbuzakh, a city-sized sapient plant, as part of one of his plots — Teridax brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise for Cyth V'sug to draw from for his plots, and the treacherous Makuta likewise finds Cyth V'sug's experience with supernatural plagues and parasites to be a wonderful asset for future plans where bioweapons will be needed. Of course, Makuta fully plans to manipulate his erstwhile ally for his own benefit and cast him aside (or posses him, whichever suits) when he's done; Cyth V'sug, a veteran of eons of the Abyss' traitorous, backstabbing politics, expects nothing less, and intends to be the one to wield the knife when the time comes. For now, however, both gods find greater advantage in cooperation and are aware that wanton backstabbing would make them very vulnerable to their myriad other foes, so they're willing to work together. For now...
  • He is also on reasonably good terms with the Hag, on the grounds of a shared alignment, nature as Botanical Abominations and interest in evil botany. They are both quite skilled at working with foul fungi, herbs and other flora for nefarious and corrupting purposes, and the things they could get up to by pooling their mutual expertise has a fair few gods very worried indeed.
  • Can also be found in Plants.

Dagomon, Deep God of Cthulhu Expies (Dragomon, Sinful Priest of the Ocean Floor)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A lighthouse emitting a ray of darkness
  • Alignment: Probably Blue-and-Orange Morality, comes across as some form of Evil
  • Portfolio: Expy of Cthulhu and also Father Dagon, rules over the Dark Ocean, causes Ocean Madness, wields a trident and its tentacles, scrapped plotlines, cosmic horrors in optimistic settings, Ambiguously Evil
  • Domains: Mons, the Internet, Viruses, Abominations, Darkness, the Sea
  • Heralds: Its servants, equivalent to the Deep Ones
  • Allies: Many Elder Gods, especially Dagon and Ghatanothoa, The Kraeken, The Lunatic Cultist
  • Enemies: All the DigiDestined and good Digimon (and possibly even some bad ones), D-Reaper, GUAG White Hats, Captain Nemo, Captain Ahab, The ABZU Diver, The Hunter
  • Interested parties: Eric Cartman
  • Dagomon is an evil god Digimon thought to have originated as a virus in the electronic instruments aboard ships, confusing their direction and throwing them off course. Dagomon exists in a bleak dimension separate from the Digital World, making its home at the bottom of a sea known as the Dark Ocean, which seems to attract troubled people and is capable of corrupting them into evil. With that said, it's not at all clear what Dagomon's goals are, or if it even has them.
  • The Pantheon's first run-in with Dagomon occurred as Captain Nemo was traveling the oceans in his submarine Nautilus. As he moved onto an uncharted area that he couldn't help but remark on the dreariness of, he noticed the instruments in his ship going berserk. When he decided to emerge and opened the hatchet to see his surroundings, he saw a beach and a distant lighthouse that seemed to give off darkness instead of light. It was a sight out of a horror story, in his opinion, and he felt somewhat ill. Then the Nautilus was suddenly surrounded by shadowy creatures shaped like Fish People and the Captain, in a haste to just get out of there, only saw another massive shadow with red eyes seemingly fading into view in the distance before he got back in and did his best to get away from it all. But Captain Nemo's brief presence was enough for Dagomon to extend its influence to the Pantheon, somehow even snatching a divine title to cement it. Nemo was dismayed and felt guilty that the ghastly creature was here to stay when the White Hats made the news public.
  • Is most famous for having a hand in Ken Ichijouji's corruption and nearly doing something similar to Hikari. Presumably; while the two Digidestined did have disturbing encounters with the Dark Ocean, it's unclear how involved Dagomon was in this, as it never left the background to make its intentions known. It is clear, at any rate, that the Dark Ocean poses a danger. All the DigiDestined keep a close eye on it and have gotten some of the Royal Knights posted at the entrance to its temple to ensure nobody accidentally enters it. Ken is especially concerned about the possiblity of the Dark Ocean creating other villains like him when he was the Kaiser.
  • Dagomon's temple is more like a portal to the Dark Ocean dimension where it still resides. Only other eldritch deities can walk in that place without consequence; there have been plenty of incidents of depressed deities getting pulled in and nearly losing themselves, despite the DigiDestined's best efforts. This may because there isn't only one entrance to the place; alternate portals to the Dark Ocean exist in the areas of the Pantheon (especially below sea level) where no one lives and which are rarely traveled.
  • The deletion program D-Reaper feeds on despair to gather more power, so the Dark Ocean's influence on people is rather interesting as a study subject. It seems likely that the D-Reaper would like to take over the Dark Ocean so as to take all the negative energy it produces for itself. That would mean defeating Dagomon, of course. However, it seems as if the D-Reaper malfunctions very badly whenever it tries to make an incursion there, owing to the strange nature of the place, so those plans would have to be put on hold as the D-Reaper researches some way to enter the Dark Ocean safely.
    • Dagomon's Lovecraftian nature means it is also warmly welcomed by such pleasant characters as the Lunatic Cultist, a worshipper of Cthulhu who devoted himself to carrying out the Elder One's will, only to summon it with his dying breath. The Cultist seems just as willing to carry out the will of Dagomon, whatever it may be. Conversely, Dagomon has to watch out for The Hunter as a significant threat, as he is well-known for killing many eldritch creatures.
  • Dagomon is the Digital World's equivalent to the eldritch beings invented by H.P. Lovecraft. Specifically, its tentacle-profuse appearance is modeled after Cthulhu, while its name and role as an ocean-dwelling god is taken from Father Dagon. It's probably on good terms with the original eldritch creatures, whatever "good terms" means for them. Its namesake Dagon in particular seems to have a special appreciation for its work with the Dark Ocean and seems willing to help stop those pesky DigiDestined from interfering. Much the same can be said of the Kraeken, who can occasionally be found on random places of the Dark Ocean to make things difficult for any wayward deities, as well as Ghatanothoa.
  • Eric Cartman remembers that time he got to control Cthulhu to do whatever he wanted well. So when he heard about Dagomon, who he still insists is a Chinpokomon despite many corrections, he thought it was just perfect since they are meant to be partnered with. To this day he keeps devising ways to get into the Dark Ocean to convince Dagomon to partner with him. However, it would seem that Dagomon cannot be convinced with the same tactics that worked on Cthulhu. Instead, Cartman seems to get constantly kicked out of the Dark Ocean when he does manage to get in. Nobody blames Dagomon for this, given what a little shit Cartman is known to be (and Cartman's angry tirades when he gets kicked out are pretty funny).
  • Just like what happened to Captain Nemo, other sea travelers are bound to run into Dagomon or the Dark Ocean either by the strength of their negative emotions or through sheer bad luck. Some might do it more intentionally than others, out of thirst for adventure. It was only a matter of time until the notoriously obsessive Captain Ahab found himself there. Rather than do the sensible thing and sail back towards where he came from, he decided it was as good an opportunity as any to try to hunt Dagomon, who had become the subject of so many sailors' nightmares. Last he was seen he had disappeared into the fog and it certainly didn't end well because he awoke in the House of Life and Death. Ahab doesn't seem that fazed by what happened and seems resolved to try again and again (in-between hunting that accursed Moby-Dick, anyway).
    • Jack Sparrow has also ventured into the Dark Ocean in one of his many adventures. In his case he was eager to see whether the place had any treasure or not; considering most people who went there only wanted to get out as soon as possible or succumbed to despair, any potential riches would be ripe for the taking, according to his theory. He fought off quite a few of Dagomon's servants and was smart enough not to stay well away from where the mon itself manifested, but ultimately found nothing resembling treasure... so he took some random rocks back with him anyway, since everything in the Dark Ocean was so gray, there was no way of telling for sure. Lo and behold... the random rocks were just rocks. Jack Sparrow called it a tremendous waste of time. Other deities are just surprised he came out unaffected.
    • Though generally feared and reviled, Dagomon does command respect from the Greyjoys. The Greyjoys are from the Iron Islands, whose population worships a so-called Drowned God, which reputedly resembles Cthulhu and other such tentacled abominations. When an Iron Island ship chances upon the Dark Ocean, the crew's reaction is to pay respects to Dagomon and its servants. Perhaps for this reason, Dagomon refrains from attacking them. Only Theon Greyjoy doesn't really care for this worship, being more of a Stark, and disturbed by what he's heard about the Dark Ocean.
  • At least aquatic animals, such as the aforementioned Moby-Dick, instinctually know to avoid the Dark Ocean. This is a load off the ABZU Diver's mind, who cares a lot for these creatures and would hate to see them suffer in the Dark Ocean. Though, hearing about Dagomon's servants did compel her to go there once, thinking they might be tethered against their will. It was a mistake on her part, as not only were the servants hostile no matter what she did, but being a robot, Dagomon's interference eventually started getting to her, to the point that she had to send the White Hats a distress signal before she broke down completely. She was salvaged and brought back to normal, of course, but she will never try to take on the Dark Ocean by herself again.

    Dagon (Ben 10
Dagon, God of Abominations Through Adaptation (The Dragon, The Old One, The Great One, The Knowledge Bringer, Dagon the Destroyer)
Dagon's true form
Dagon as St. George's dragon
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A mural of him
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination of St. George's Dragon, Survived His Encounter with George, Dimension Lord and Multiversal Conqueror, Reality Warper, Sealed Away and Having His Heart Removed, Deal with the Devil, Energy Being, Manipulated and Hijacked by Vilgax
  • Domains: Invasion, Power, Domination, Abominations, Adaptations
  • Heralds: The Esoterica and Lucubra
  • High Priest: The Entity
  • Followers: The Moonchild, Ego the Living Planet, Karkull
  • Allies: Mag'ladroth the Void Dragon, Grima, Cthulhu, Unalaq, Vaatu
  • Rivals: YHVH, other Multiversal Conquerors (Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath, Nicol Bolas, The Shadow Monster), Yuri (Red Alert)
  • Enemies: Saint George, The Emperor of Mankind, all Ben 10 deities (especially Ben Tennyson and Vilgax), Saint Martha, Linkara, Makuta Teridax, Doctor Doom, Daenerys Targaryen, The Dovahkiin, much of the House of Dragons, Dr Gero, either Majin Buu, Elpizo, Shang Tsung, Anna Marie aka Rogue, The Wisps, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Lake Guardians, Zelenin
  • In times past, a great and terrible dragon faced off against Saint George. The legend states he slayed the dragon, but in the multiverse of Ben 10 the dragon is something worse; an octopoid Eldritch Abomination who has taken over a hundred universes, and who was merely sealed with his heart removed. Venerated by the Esoterica, Dagon sought to dominate the Earth and its universe. He was a powerful foe for Ben Tennyson and friends, only to have his power and self usurped by his supposed servant Vilgax, who was eventually defeated once again by Ben.
  • Dagon is not the only example of St. George's dragon being so much worse; that'd be the Void Dragon, Mag'ladroth. He was immediately interested in their parallels and was intrigued by it possibly being the Machine God, as it reminds Dagon of how he poses as a savior to the Esoterica. The two have decided to share power for now, considering it better than fighting.
  • Dagon is seen with contempt by most of the House of Dragons, being an invasive Eldritch Abomination who once took the form of a dragon. Not that he cares what they think, other than being annoyed at the Dovahkiin's continued attempts to slay him like other dragons. Grima is fine with him, though it's more an appreciation of his vision and wanting someone to consolidate his power.
  • Rests in the House of Abominations, interested in the variety of beings there while also being cautious on those more powerful than him. Dagon is confident in his own power, but not to the point of being blinded from potential or known threats. Due to being inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos, Dagon is affable enough with Cthulhu, another octopoid Eldritch Abomination.
  • He was surprised that Linkara put him on his hit list, however, this comes from how he has also faced an Adaptational Abomination in the form of Dagon's High Priest, the Entity. Dagon is intrigued by this, though would like to remind the reviewer that he does not suffer self-doubt and he can't pull a Talking the Monster to Death. Linkara's response?
  • Saint George was absolutely livid to learn that his Arch-Enemy had ascended to the pantheon, as was the Emperor of Mankind. It's believed that the Emperor counts Saint George among his many past identities. The Esoterica's hope to increase contact with aliens, and their connection with him, further frustrates the xenophobic Imperium. It is worth noting that the Esoterica believe Dagon is a benevolent force, but ignorance can be as deadly as intentional maliciousness.
  • Dagon wasn't happy to learn that his old foe was in the Pantheon either, and that he had ascended with Saint Martha. She's a dragonslayer as well, and even tamed the dragon known as the tarasque. He would like to remind her that he is far deadlier than her "pet", and nobody masters him. Martha pointed out Vilgax just to annoy him.
  • A Reality Warper, Dagon turned almost everyone on Earth into a member of the Esoterica. To spread his influence, he wants to establish his cult of the Flame Keeper's Circle in the pantheon, which has inevitably made him a roadblock to YHVH's own ambitions of being a Multiversal Conqueror. Dagon seeks control of Zelenin's will for mind controlling more servants. Unalaq, while a Dark Shepherd, was more accepting of Dagon as a means of achieving his own goals. As was Vaatu, though it's ultimately an alliance to fulfill their own ambitions and there is little trust between them.
  • Desires domination of as much of the multiverse as he can manage, and is not the only one with that ambition. On Dagon's mind are Dormammu, Shuma-Gorath and Nicol Bolas. While Dagon is outclassed by Gorath, he has more of a shot with the other two. He is rivals with the Shadow Monster as well since the Mind Flayer has a desire to shape the world to its vision and desire.
  • Its minions are the Lucubra, eldritch in their own right. They can feed on the thoughts of humans, resulting in mind control. And yet these beings are insects to Dagon. As such, he sought to dominate Yuri in order to use his mind control devices and status to spread his own will before entering the world. However, as Yuri only wishes to be supreme himself, he regards Dagon as competition and refuses to kneel.
  • Dagon is power incarnate, however that serves as an Achilles' Heel; Vilgax absorbed its power and thus itself. As such, Dagon steps on eggshells when it comes to any being with the power to absorb energy and power. Either Majin Buu have the opportunity to assimilate him as well. He is wary of Makuta Teridax and Doctor Doom as like Vilgax they have hijacked the power of greater beings.
  • Though he was possessed and his power stolen, do not expect Dagon to give any consideration to the Wisps. Far from it; he seeks their Hyper Go-on energy for the same reason as Dr. Eggman-mass mind control. Worryingly Dagon seeks to dominate the wills of the Lake Trio, as since they embody spirit by hijacking them he should be able to control the souls of those from the Pokémon universe.

    Dark Gaia 
Dark Gaia, God of Downplayed Cosmic Horrors (Perfect Dark Gaia)
Dark Gaia
Perfect Dark Gaia 
  • Greater God (ranges through Demigod and Quasdieties through it's split parts)
  • Symbol: A single pool of darkness.
  • Theme: Dark Gaia, Perfect Dark Gaia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Weird Creatures, Splitting Into Different Monsters, Dark Is Evil, Lovecraft Lite, Eldritch Abominations, Demonic Possession, Eye Scream, Evil Versions of Good Beings, Complete Immortality, The Heartless
  • Domains: Darkness, Destruction, Night, Earth
  • Allies: Nekron and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, The Lich, Deathwing, the Firebird, Lavos, Mephiles the Dark, Dharkon, Majin Buu, Giygas
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone who doesn't want the world to be destroyed. More specifically? Sonic and Dr. Eggman, all other Sonic the Hedgehog deities, Xerneas, Gaea, Captain Planet, the Nature Preservers, Galeem, Eliphas, Ezalor, Sora, Amaterasu, Babidi, Steve, The Weather Trio
  • A primordial force of destruction and darkness, who hibernates millions of years to wake and destroy the world and Light Gaia to recreate it in an eternal cycle. It was recently found out that this being was currently underneath the entire Pantheon, resting. As soon as everyone found out, it proceeded to awaken and began destroying everything in its path. It was later defeated by a combination of Super Sonic, Steve? and Xerneas.
  • Dark Gaia's primal destruction and being barely sentient status makes it an enemy of most of the Pantheon, but a popular brute for the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. The Lich has a noticeable understanding of Dark Gaia, as its almost Almighty Idiot status of discord and destruction makes it similar to his teacher, GOLB. He believes that it is a lost spawn of GOLB, having manifested itself in the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.
  • Found itself an ally with Giygas, as much as such entities can even have allies. They are corruptive forces of destruction, topped off with being practically mindless. There was a similar opinion on Lavos, who also has the bonus of being buried deep in the Earth for eons like Dark Gaia. And it found a similar being of natural, bestial destruction in the form of the Firebird.
  • The Weather Trio absolutely hate this thing. They are rather chaotic and primal forces of the Earth and nature, with Kyogre and Groudon's squabbling having risked the stability of the whole world. But they would never try to destroy the world, and consider Dark Gaia an aberration. As Rayquaza's entire deal is preventing such forces of chaotic nature from ruining the world, it immediately confronted the beast.
  • Some parts of the pantheon and even some Quasdeities have been mutated by Dark Gaia, and most are trying to reverse what it has done. It has shown the ability to possess beings through its army, which has caused trouble through the pantheon. Its dark presence brings anger, sorrow and despair. Emperor Palpatine was very interested in this, believing Dark Gaia could be used as a means of empowering his connection to the Dark Side and influence over other people.
  • Gaea HATES Dark Gaia. Hates that such a monstrous force of death and destruction would have "Gaia" in its name. Hates that such a monstrous force of death and destruction slumbers within the bowels of the planet she embodies. She honestly believed Gohma Vlitra had reincarnated itself back into the pantheon. Naturally, such a force is a dire foe of the Nature Preservers.
  • It felt a commonality with Cthulhu as they are both ancient, unfathomable beings who will awake to bring Armageddon when the time comes. That commonality was stronger with Majin Buu, a sealed away evil with the explicit desire of the destruction of everything and fools who think they can control the power they unlock. Such as Babidi, who clearly didn't learn his lesson when he tried the same trick a second time.
  • A foe of all who side with the light, due to its nature as a monstrous force of darkness. Particularly powerful forces of light and order such as Amaterasu, Eliphas and Ezalor prove rather troubling for it. Werewolves are a bit more curious about Dark Gaia, given how its influence turned Sonic into the Werehog. For that matter, those who prove Dark Is Not Evil are not fond of it. Even most evil deities like Chernabog don't see much usefulness in the being. While Don Thousand has some appreciation for its dark, chaotic nature and how it spreads this, the creature is too mindless and focused on being an Omnicidal Maniac for him to side with.
  • This primal being sensed much of itself and its eternal rival Light Gaia within the heated rivalry of Galeem and Dharkon. Celestial beings of light and darkness, practically eternal and cosmic forces of destruction and rebirth. However, Galeem is just as malevolent as Dharkon. Not that Galeem liked Dark Gaia, seeing it as like its greatest foe. Dharkon found Dark Gaia a much appealing ally in their shared desire for destruction.
  • The only Sonic deity that seems to tolerate Dark Gaia is Mephiles the Dark. Unsurprising, given he is a being of darkness though originally light whose goals are the end of the world. With Iblis not present in the Pantheon, Dark Gaia serves as effective muscle for Mephiles. There has been discussions about who is stronger: Dark Gaia or Solaris/Mephiles' original form. It was determined Dark Gaia beats Solaris in raw strength, would lose due to Solaris' extradimensional nature.

    The Event Horizon 

Liberate... tutemet ex inferis...

The Event Horizon, Unholy Eldritch Starship
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: The ship's log of what happened to its crew on repeat
  • Theme Music: The Event Horizon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Apocalyptic Logs, Bizarrchitecture, Cosmic Horror Stories, Driving People to Madness, Eldritch Locations, Faster-Than-Light Travel Gone Horribly Wrong, Genius Loci, Ghost Ships, Going to "Hell" And Coming Back Wrong, Hellgates, Meat Moss, Psychological Torment Zones, Scary Hyperspace, Spikes of Doom, Teleporter Accidents
  • Domains: Space, Madness, Horror, Chaos, Evil
  • Herald: Dr. William Weir (Its creator)
  • Allies: The Chaos Gods, The Unbidden, Pinbacker
  • Enemies: The Imperium of Man, The Doom Slayer, SCP Foundation, Isaac Clarke, Jean-Luc Picard, Simon Henriksson
  • Avoided by: The crew of the SSV Normandy, Guardians of the Galaxy, Outlaw Star Crew
  • Interest from: AM, Pinhead, Havik, Scarecrow
  • A distress signal is received from a starship far away, prompting a rescue crew to determine what happened to that ship and if there's any survivors. Their search-and-rescue operation would end up becoming a horrific experience for everyone involved as they learn what happened to the Event Horizon. The ship has an experimental gravity drive that would allow for faster-than-light travel, but in the process, ended up sending the Event Horizon's crew into another dimension that's very similar to Hell, if not that place outright, where everyone has gone mad and killed each other in the ensuing calamity. The ship itself already looks very unnatural, with its twisted exterior housing a lot of spikes and some flesh throughout, and it being possessed by some sort of entity from the dimension it went through (and psychologically tormenting anyone inside the ship) more than demonstrates just how much of a nightmare being inside (let alone being involved with) that ship is.
  • News of a distress signal coming from somewhere in space reached the various space explorers of the Pantheon, who wanted to know what is going on and if there's anything worthwhile there, with the SCP Foundation also getting involved with the operation. Everyone involved eventually found a giant, strange-looking ship, which was believed to be where the signal was coming from. Members of the rescue team, including some personnel from the SCP Foundation, went inside the ship to investigate and see if anyone was there. As the operation continued, it became clear that something was horribly wrong as information got out, with members being driven insane and turning against each other whilst still inside that ship. It got to a point where the people trapped inside the ship needed to be rescued, which ended up being really difficult and few people inside the ship got killed during the madness. The ship was later fired upon in an attempt to destroy it, with part of it getting destroyed and the other part getting sent to another dimension. While recovering from the ordeal, the members of the rescue op were wondering if there was someone insane enough to try and use the ship for their own goals. Sometime later, the ship returned and was fully rebuilt, but is still far within the starry skies of the Pantheon.
  • Issac Clarke, who has had experience in exploring abandoned haunted ships and was involved with exploring the Event Horizon when the Pantheon noticed it, was highly disturbed with what the ship can do to anyone that sets foot in it. It's one thing to scour through a ship and deal with a bunch of horrifying monsters inside of it, but it's another when that ship is more than capable of preying on psychological problems to drive people into madness. It doesn't help that Issac has had more than his share of putting up with hallucinations throughout his journeys. Issac's resolve and determination make him valuable when it comes to handling problems related the Event Horizon, mainly rescuing anyone that's somehow trapped inside.
  • Commander Shepard and the rest of his crewmates of the SSV Normandy all find the Event Horizon to be unlike many of their space adventures in the worst way possible. While they had to deal with a lot of political intrigue in addition to fighting multiple alien threats, an adventure inside the Event Horizon is more akin to psychological horror than what most space travellers normally go through. Given the number of issues Shepard and crew have suffered throughout their own adventures, going through a ship that can exploit their worst fears to the point of potentially turning against each other is something that they don't want to go through.
  • It wasn't just the SSV Normandy crew when it came to a group of space teams wanting to avoid the ship. The Guardians of the Galaxy and the Outlaw Star crew have also gotten word of the Event Horizon's attributes and origins and both teams have made it clear that they don't want to get involved with the ship as much as possible. It's true that both teams are no stranger to encountering plenty of unusual threats across the cosmos, attempting to explore the Event Horizon for whatever purpose is something that's bound to be much darker than any of either team's previous adventures.
  • Those who have suffered extensive mental trauma (especially those that were victims of Mind Rape) hold the spaceship in utter contempt for using anyone's psychological weaknesses against each other. Simon Henriksson is among those who avoid the ship no matter what as he's already gone through a horrible adventure involving his mind. He really does not want a repeat of that, especially given how the ship is more than capable of causing him to not only have an even worse repeat of what he went through, but make a potential confrontation against Book Simon occur even if the latter is actually somewhere else in the Pantheon.
  • While the members of the different versions of the USS Enterprise already hate the Event Horizon as it is, Picard seems to have a stronger level of hate against it. Picard is aware of what flaws he has and the kind of adventures he's gone through, including one instance where someone attempted to break him psychologically by trying to tell him there's a certain number of lights present. It isn't much of a surprise that whatever kinds of torture the Event Horizon can concoct will be far more intense and worse than just seeing some number of lights and forcibly being told an incorrect number of such.
  • Havik took plenty of interest in the ship since he originally hailed from the Chaosrealm, a place that served as his universe's equivalent of hell and possibly worse than that. While there hasn't been a clear consensus as to where the Event Horizon ended up, it's largely agreed on that it ended up a hellish place and Havik and a few others believe that it ended up in the Chaosrealm. He has even considered using the ship as part of his plans to spread chaos, causing many to be worried about what could happen if he manages to pull it off.
  • Many space explorers were horrified that Pinbacker was interested in the ship to the point of wanting to use it to further his goals. Pinbacker saw quite a bit of himself in the ship's creator, Dr. William Weir, in that they were once involved with a space mission that they ended up sabotaging. He also sees the Event Horizon as a perfect opportunity for humans to witness firsthand that their efforts are doomed to fail once they see their worst fears come to life. Pinbacker sometimes roams throughout the Event Horizon, hoping to find someone unlucky and add to whatever torment they're going through inside.
  • The ship's video log of what happened to its crew members has been dubbed "Bloody Orgy" due to the gruesome and sexually disturbing fates that befell those involved. Those who have watched it to get a better idea of how dangerous the ship is and consider it to be a sickening sight. One of the very few who liked what they witnessed from that log was Pinhead, who saw the "Bloody Orgy" as comparable or even greater to what the Cenobites have in mind when it comes to their twisted pleasures. The extent of how much Pinhead wants to use the spaceship and to what end is a troubling question for those that think about it.
  • One idea tossed around by some to try and destroy the ship involves sending The Doom Slayer inside and shoot everything in sight. Given how often he has gone through different hellish settings and thoroughly hates anything of that sort, some have hoped that the sheer power and amount of firearms he was will be enough to destroy the ship from the inside. People are aware of the risks involved in sending a lone soldier inside a spaceship that can break them psychologically, but The Doom Slayer's track record is enough to put much of these fears to rest, if possible.
  • Jonathan Crane, looking for more in his ongoing research of fear, wanted to study the Event Horizon and its attributes regarding fear and torment in more detail after learning about it. Although Crane didn't really have the time to go into space, he managed to get some information about the Event Horizon via video footage and eyewitness accounts from those that dare traversed the spaceship. Scarecrow found the idea of a large enclosed space that preys on someone's psychological fears to be fascinating and has even considered the possibility of having something similar established in the Pantheon. Many don't want to know whether or not unleashing Scarecrow's fear gas inside a place like the Event Horizon will amplify someone's psychological torment and even extend how long they're suffering from it.
  • If there's one group of deities that wants the Event Horizon destroyed no matter what, it would be The Imperium of Man, especially when it comes to The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind. To some extent, it's also personal for them since The Imperium attempted to use FTL travel by sending ships to the Sol System in an effort to colonize it, an effort that would end up going horribly wrong after learning about a domain called Immaterium, home of the Chaos Gods. Based on the appearance and layout of the ship and the description of the beyond-hellish place of pure chaos that warped it into a derelict abomination, many believe the Event Horizon was in fact a progenitor to what became Imperial warship standard — as well as one of the first to fall victim to Immaterium. Even if this isn't exactly correct, wherever it ended up and became what it is now is just similar enough to Immaterium that the Imperium have put plenty of effort in destroying the ship. This sentiment is only bolstered by the fact that the Chaos Gods learned about the ship and see it as an effective tool in spreading their kind of corruption (or something similar to it).
  • The Unbidden are more than curious about the Event Horizon, given how they are a race of hostile extradimensional invaders that entered the picture via Jump Drive technology and that the ship had an experimental jump drive that sent it to a nightmarish dimension and became what it is. Given that they are interested in nothing more than consuming any sapient life that dares cross them, they see the Event Horizon as a potential tool in weakening the will of their victims before consuming them. They also see it as useful in helping them strengthen a potential friendship with the Chaos Gods, the four of which are already interested in the ship and its origins.
  • AM, an aggressive supercomputer, learned about the extent of the psychological torture that the Event Horizon is capable of and found the inner working of the spaceship to be yet another potential spot for him to extend his brand of unending punishment to those that he comes across. AM being capable of torturing his victims for prolonged periods of time, combined with the hellish nightmares that one can witness inside the Event Horizon make for an unfathomable combination and a nightmare that just might be impossible to get out of.
  • "Do you see?! Do you see?! DO YOU SEE?!"

Ghatanothoa/Gatanozoa, Great Old One of Horrific Visages (The Dark God, Gatanozoa, Master of Darkness, Demonzoa, Maga-tanozoa)
Pathfinder's "safe for sanity" depiction.
Click here  for Gatanozoa
  • Great Old One, equivalent to a Greater God. Overdeity as Gatanozoa or Demonzoa.
  • Symbol: A statue of itself, covered under cloaks for everyone else's protection
  • Theme Song: Ghatanothoa
  • Alignment: Blue, considered Neutral Evil by some
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Public Domain Character, Brown Note, Simply Looking At Him Will Mummify And Petrify You, The Victims Still Live, Complete Immortality
  • Domains: Abominations, Mummification and Petrification, Horror
  • Herald: The Lloigor, Golza/Fire Golza, Melba, Gijera, The Zoigers
  • High Priests: The Bird Box creatures
  • Chronicler: H.P Lovecraft
  • Those immune to its effects: Mummies like Anakaris, the blind, Fuminori Sakisaka
  • Interests: The Weeping Angels
  • Allies: Cthulhu (its father), SCP-173, Typhon, AM, Junko Enoshima, Chernabog
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, Ultraman, The Five Survivors, anyone who's suffered an And I Must Scream situation, SCP-096, either Medusa, Poseidon, Anakaris, Babidi, Imhotep
  • A common trait of Lovecraftian beings is that their visage is so alien, so abominable that it hurts, even drives people mad or flat out kills them. Ghatanothoa might inflict the worst fate; those who see it are petrified, or more accurately mummified and left immobile. However the brain is preserved indefinitely, fully aware but unable to do anything unless someone else destroys it. Even a perfect replica will have the same effect.
  • Similar to Cthulhu, and some thought that "Ghatanothoa" was just another name. Further research reveals it to be the child of Cthulhu, and lives within a mountain. It is worshipped by some humans, and its dragon servant, the Lloigor. Its desire to be free has caught it the attention and understanding of Typhon, who also seeks to break from a mountain and is already so monstrous as to be immune from Ghatanotha's Brown Note.
  • Ghatanothoa sought its follower, the Lloigor, by wandering into the House of Dragons. It was swiftly banned afterwards for causing mummification among the dragon deities there. Fortunately there were experts in the House of Health and Diseases to reverse the process, but it was a painful one and they hope nothing like it again happens.
  • Since the visage is what causes the Fate Worse than Death, any blind deities are safe from it. The creature itself, on the other hand? Best no blind deity under the Intermediate rank encounter it. Remember to keep a blindfold on if one has to meet it. Though not blind, Fuminori's distorted perception allows him to visualize Ghatanothoa as something pleasing to the eyes and avoid the harmful effects looking at it would normally cause.
  • Those who are already mummies are also immune to Ghatanothoa's Brown Note properties. This serves an advantage for Anakaris, who's got nothing holding him back from personally opening a can of whoop-ass on the Great Old One and make sure it will never threaten his kingdom.
  • Because of the And I Must Scream looking at the thing inflicts, those who have suffered similar fates absolutely hate it. Imhotep's horrific punishment leads him to hate Ghatanothoa, but due to his mummified state is immune from its harmful effects. On the flip slide, AM(who as a machine can't be mummified) was overjoyed at the ascension of Ghatanothoa due to the absolute torment the Brown Note Being could deliver. As part of his larger sadistic games, AM helps Ghatanothoa be mobile in the pantheon.
  • As mentioned, a perfect replica of its visage will have the same terrible effect. Due to this no photos are permitted to be taken, and anyone in the House of Craft who tries to make a sculpture of Ghatanothoa will be put under house arrest. Babidi once made the idiotic attempt to Majin Ghatanothoa. Assuming such a thing is even possible with it was bad enough, but thinking he could bypass it through a crystal ball led to a well-deserved Fate Worse than Death.
  • The SCP Foundation were swift in their decision to contain Ghatanothoa. Much to its displeasure, it found they were quite up to the task and have contained far worse than it. Tests were made to determine how it would affect other SCPs. SCP-096 was mummified, but not paralyzed and continued to wail on the Great Old One for looking at its face. They aren't going to test it on SCP-682 because of this; 682 is either immune or would be able to move around as a mummy.
  • SCP-173 wasn't affected due to its biology, and actually found Ghatanothoa a good ally due to its effect complimenting its neck-snapping and preventing people from keeping an eye on it. The Weeping Angels were similarly unaffected, but were interested in the opportunities its mummification could give and make people easy packages to send back in time and feed off that life force. However it's an interest, and they don't like Ghatanothoa anymore than everyone else.
  • Comparable to Medusa, due to being a monster that paralyzes those that see it. However it's much more dangerous since you can't just use mirrors or reflections to "see" and avoid the Brown Note. They're disturbed by the creature as much as anyone and don't want it associating with them. Poseidon knows the association, and doesn't want a Medusa-like creature such as Ghatanothoa to get any followers.
  • Despite it's horrific visage, Ghatanothoa is like most Great Old Ones and morality usually doesn't exactly apply to it. "Usually" being the key word. As Gatanozoa, it is the Master of Darkness who destroyed an ancient civilization, and seeks to do the same to humanity. All while wishing to spread total despair. To spread its darkness in this form, it has allied with Chernabog. It is fond of Junko Enoshima's desire to spread despair to the world as well. However, it sometimes takes nicer forms. One of them being a little girl.

    The Kraeken 
The Kraekenmajor members , Those Who Lurk Within the Otherworldly Sea
The Unspeakable Deep, a common form of Kraekan
The False Jester 
Kraekan Cyclops 
Kraekan Wyrm 
Murdiella Mal 
Kraekan Dragon Skourzh 
  • Variable rank with lesser and major Kraeken with many ranging from Demideities to Intermediate Deities while the strongest of the known Major Kraekan, Murdiella Mal and Kraekan Dragon Skourzh, are of Greater Deity status.
  • Symbol: A Black Pearl and a Shimmering Pearl.
  • Theme Song: Sacrifice (The Unspeakable Deep, Kraekan Cyclops, Murdiella Mal), Reverence (False Jester, Kraekan Wyrm, Kraekan Dragon Skourzh)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: The Sea, Salt, Shapeshifting
  • Special Relationship: The Nameless God
  • Allies: Cthulhu, The Kraken, Davy Jones, Deep Sea King, The Old Gods, The Abyssal Fleet, Lunatic Cultist
  • Rivals: Lagiacrus, Plesioth, Duke Fishron, Liopleurodon, the Kaernk, The Meg, Moby Dick, Monstro
  • Enemies: Aquaman, Namor, Rubella, Poseidon, The ascended Shipgirls, Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, O'Bannon, Tashkent, Enterprise, Captain Nemo, Captain Ahab, The House of Piracy, The Hunter, Ludwig the Accursed
  • Interests: Rain
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Many other members within the House of Water & Moisture and Aquatic Life
  • You are on a ship that was tasked with delivering a princess to a distant land to secure a marriage alliance between two nations and prevent further war. Along the way said vessel is attacked by marauders during a dark and stormy night. After cutting a path through the deck in the darkness you come face-to-face with a daunting monster of indeterminate origin whose form is illuminated only by the occasional strike of lightning. Fight or fall, the ship is eventually destroyed by the storm and you become little more than flotsam. And yet, you survive, as by some miracle you manage to wash ashore alive and well. Now you find yourself on a mysterious island and the princess is nowhere to be seen. The gigantic beast that was fought in that storm was a Kraekan, seen as ancient demons of the sea that plagued mankind since they first set sail out into the vast oceans, and alongside those who lost their lives at sea there's more of their kind lurking within the depths of the Nameless Island.
  • They were rumored to have been present in the Pantheon for quite a while now, what with their nature as shapeshifters and how easy it is to lump them up with other monsters and aberrations of their caliber. Monsters and demons of the sea are, after all, not an uncommon sight in the Pantheon. Even as some lesser Kraeken were killed and their corpses examined by hunters they were for the most part beneath the gods' notice. Eventually, reports of ships being actively sunk within the waters encompassing the House of Nature, often by suddenly terrible weather, while the likes of Aquaman and even Namor have expressed their concerns over suspicious activity within said seas. Then one day, heralded by a violent tempest, their kind arrived en masse into the Pantheon's seas and coasts, terrorizing anyone unfortunate to come across their path. Among those that were hit the hardest included encampments belonging to the GUAE, GUAL, and GUAC due to being the first to suffer the first wave of attacks. Through a combination of effort spearheaded by Aquaman and Namor and the local authorities these Kraeken were pushed back out into the sea. As always, though, itt would hardly be the last they would heard of them.
  • You may notice that many Kraeken are all terrestrial despite being their strong associations with the ocean. Indeed, it has not gone unnoticed but one supposes it comes with being shapeshifters. When it comes to Kraekan, they can be divided into two categories: Major and Lesser, and the distinction between the two seems to come down to size and power in a given form. Lesser Kraekan that are known to the world include the excrement feasting Retchfeeders, the sadistic and airborne Spear Imps, Vexing Brats (and by extension Fetal Brats), Chest Monster Mimkus, and rock-possessing and golem-like Gravewalkers. As for Major Kraekan...
    • The Unspeakable Deep is a hulking monstrosity. It is a Kraekan at its most common form which shows in the simplicity of its attacks, simply using its sheer bulk to dictate the outcome of battle. These kinds of creatures used to have a common name but fear regarding in accidentally summoning it lead to its moniker of the Unspeakable Deep, or simply the Deep. Its role is reminiscent of the demon known as Vanguard, though its appearance is a dead-ringer for Cthulhu or at the very least his spawn. The Sleeper of R'lyeh has kept in touch with them and the rest of the sea demons.
    • The False Jester is as its title implies: A monstrous imposter of the real jester living on the Nameless Island. As the madman contains the key to venture further into the mysterious island, this Kraekan crafted a form based on him to ensnare and murder those foolish enough to trust it and get close enough for the kill of its rapier. Within the Pantheon's halls and fields the False Jester has ever so slightly adjusted its appearance to resemble other court fools, such as Rubella. Not a flattering imitation, all things considered.
    • A brutish troll covered in urchin spines in appearance, the Kraekan Cyclops is everything you'd expect out of a monster like it. Its axe is called Headtaker, but its sheer size and use in its hands shows it will be taking more than just heads off shoulders. And speaking of its axe, its mere creation tells a story about what's really going on the Cyclops' head, being more than just a brutish predator. The implications are also raised to other members of its kind.
    • The Kraekan Wyrm styles its shape off the archetypal dragon of yore that once lived in the northern mountains and thought to be hunted to extinction for their valuable materials. Yet as this creature proves they live on in some way. It could just be a simple pretending, given their variable form, but perhaps Kraekan as a whole are actually descendants of these once mighty beasts, or at the very least some next line of successors. In any case, it's as deadly as the myths say they are.
    • Dwelling within Mal's Floating Castle is Murdiella Mal, Queen of the Moonless Sky. Insectoid in shape and form, she exists in and out of the natural plane and the one belonging to celestial beings. Thus, her tendrils allow her to manipulate and control the very fabric of Fire and Sky, often manifesting as holy magic. Her existence is anomalous in that she's the only one of her kind to not drop any salt upon her defeat, suggesting more divine origins. This in turn creates some implications between both Kraekan-kind and gods.
    • For as long as men discovered how to sail beyond the safety of their coasts Kraekan Dragon Skourzh has always been a thorn at their side as with the rest of its kind. Dubbed the Lord of Storms, with a trident in hand this colossal draconic monster manipulates the weather to form calamitous tempests that has claimed the lives of innumerable men and women. Those that survive both the weather and its brethren, clinging to whatever is left of their ship, inevitably wash ashore on the Nameless Island to be its ruler's playthings. Its unknown if they and the Kraekan are ever allies, but it is certain they benefit from each other's existence and remain a plague upon mankind. Though bearing similarities with Seath the Scaleless, the Greek God Poseidon notes the similarities shared with him. While their world's sea god was usurped by forces unknown and later forgotten, Poseidon has no intention of sharing that god's fate.
  • As a scourge of the sea, they were bound to come into contact with the Pantheon's other sea monsters. Most of the time it's a generally hostile relationship, presumably as a result of them considering much of the seas as their own territory and tendency to bully those out of them should they try and fight back. Even ones as large as Liopleurodon, Moby Dick, the Meg, and Monstro are fair game, though this really only applies to the Major Kraeken. The only exception to this is the original Kraken, though not many deities can think of a explanation as to why besides being named after it. Such a truth, like the Unspeakable Deep's real name, is lost to the deep, dark sea.
    • When concerning other such terrors, they're willing to be easier to work with though more often than not calling them "allies" is a bit misleading. They're willing to go along with some of Davy Jones and the Deep Sea King's escapades, though they don't necessarily follow them. It seems as though the only ones who are successfully in getting them to properly be apart of their forces are the Old Gods. It might help that in addition to the clout that they have they also command the Faceless Ones who are also tied to the sea and have many different forms as well.
  • As one can imagine they're quite an unpopular bunch. Barring those native to the oceans, seafarers have also come under fire by the Kraeken. Pirates aside, Captain Ahab has had his fair shares of unlucky encounters with these aquatic monsters in his ceaseless vengeance against Moby Dick. Even Captain Nemo, who travels under the sea by submarine, has been assailed by the Kraeken. It doesn't help that Lunatic Cultist, an agent of Cthulhu, has a hand in directing their attacks.
  • The Abyssal Fleet have notably managed to get the Kraeken on the same wavelength. Perhaps they were able to get across the message of overlapping goals? This naturally alarmed the Shipgirls, especially since many of them have quite the close encounters with the various Major Kraekan due to them utilizing their ability to travel from the sea to the Nameless Island and back to full effect by appearing out of nowhere. Atlanta, for instance, was preoccupied with shooting down the Kraekan Wyrm, but was soon forced to turn back against Murdiella Mal's shower of light magic. Their other allies such as Enterprise, O'Bannon, Tashkent, and Black Cat Mantaray 5-4 have also assisted them against the sea demons whenever they could.
  • While his peers in the House of Water & Moisture shun these vile beasts, Rain sees them in a more different light. Don't get the Edenian Prince wrong, they're still creatures to be sure, but one that can be useful in his plans of acquiring more power for himself. He believes they can be controlled, and the key of doing so lies with the manipulation of water in some way, a field in which he's already quite adept at. Fatally so. To give the prince in purple some credit, it's not as an insane plan as one might think. Tam In, a prince within the southern nation of Kulka'as, managed to take control of Retchfeeders by sealing their heads within clay masks. Now called Clay Hybrids, they take to a less malevolent (and disgusting) role within the Ziggurat of Dust.
    • The Ancestor has also taken note of the various Kraeken. His pursuits took him into the Cove where he meddled with the likes of the fishfolk that made the place their home, usually when the coin in his coffers ran dry. An infamous tale involved such a deal when he sold of a village lass who was infatuated with him to the lurkers who in the present became the Siren, the Pelagic fish-men's queen... and slave. He also seems to at least be aware of a connection between the Kraeken and a much more sinister power at work, and their purpose beyond just indiscriminately attacking those at sea.
  • Seasoned in the hunting of monsters, even as ones that dip straight into the world of bizarre, the Hunter and Ludwig do not take kindly to the Kraeken's presence in the Pantheon. Strong as they are, they are able to take on the many of the Kraeken, even the major ones, though quelling the entirety of their numbers by themselves is of a different matter. While the Pantheon can't seem to truly shake off these sodden bugbears there is still a good a good amount of effort that works toward it, and one can definitely be sure to see the two Yharnam hunters at the forefront.

Kthanid, Elder God of Friendly Abominations
Close up shot of Kthanid's face
  • Rank: Elder God (equivalent to a Greater God in the pantheon).
  • Symbol: Its own octopoid face, but cuddlier and with golden lights compared to Cthulhu's
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, no Blue-and-Orange Morality about it
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination That Is Helpful And Friendly To Humans, Ruler Of The Elder Gods And Main Foe Of The Great Old Ones, The Abel To Cthulhu's Cain, Benevolent Precursors, White Sheep, Palette Swap Of Cthulhu, Pacifism, But Helps Other Races Fight Great Old Ones, It's Personal
  • Domains: Benevolence, Aliens, Lovecraftian Beings, Imprisonment
  • Allies: Kenny McCormick, The Doctor, Simba, Mufasa, Kaworu Nagisa, The Chozo, Toriel, Ahura Mazda, Amara, Prismo, Alcor
  • On speaking terms with: Izanami(Persona)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The SCP Foundation
  • Enemies: The Outer Gods and Great Old Ones, especially Cthulhu (his Evil Twin) and Ithaqua, malevolent cosmic horrors like the Old Gods, Dagon and Dark Gaia, Eric Cartman, Amon(Starcraft), SCP-682, Scar(The Lion King), Angra Mainyu
  • Pities: Abigail Williams (Fate/Grand Order)
  • Most beings in the Cthulhu Mythos find human morality irrelevant, and can often trample over mankind like one would unwittingly step on an anthill. Still, some have interest in the proverbial ants, but Kthanid is unique in being a benevolent cosmic being. Leader of the Elder Gods, he is responsible for many of the mythos being sealed away and is a guiding force for man. All this in spite of being as much of an Eldritch Abomination as Cthulhu.
  • Said to be as good as Cthulhu is evil. Well, at least as humans see Cthulhu. Kthanid and Cthulhu are twins, and do not like each other. Still, it is worth noting that the Evil Twin isn't always a threat to mankind, having saved the world even if it was for his own personal reasons. The two still don't get along, mainly because Kthanid is consistently benevolent. He tends to relax by conversing with another friendly cosmic being and former holder of his pantheonic title, Prismo.
  • Because of how he differs as the White Sheep of the Cthulhu Mythos, he relates to Kaworu Nagisa, who is an Angel that ultimately sides with humanity instead of competing with them. The Doctor, ever the rebel against Time Lord society, could understand where Kthanid was coming from. Granted the Time Lords aren't evil(mostly), but they get each other and how they feel. In stark contrast, Kthanid despises the depths of evil Amon goes to in complete contrast to the rest of his race.
  • Eric Cartman assumed that Kenny wanted to get back at him over the whole "Coon and Friends" incident and steal Cthulhu's loyalty to fight him. Kthanid informed Cartman that he's Cthulhu's twin, they just look the same except for his Supernatural Gold Eyes. However, as Cthulhu's sworn enemy, he opposes Cartman and how he directed Cthulhu to get rid of people who he's annoyed at. Since Kenny's immortality somehow involves the Cult of Cthulhu, Kthanid wishes to help Kenny find the truth of his condition and cure it.
  • His opposition to Cthulhu led him to learn about Dagon, who Kthanid took an immediate disliking to due to his desire for domination and control. Kthanid has also learned of a number of twins in the position of representing good and evil, siding with the good against the evil and relating to them. He seems upset that Chip hasn't found a niche in the Trope Pantheon since he would help fight off against Dark Gaia's destructive ambitions.
  • Some Lovecraftian fans consider Kthanid controversial for being a hero in a series around Blue-and-Orange Morality. Kthanid informed them that they accept beings like Nyarlathotep and the Defiler who follow conventional morality(just being evil), so why can't a traditionally good being exist? For what it's worthy, the Elder Gods he leads have alien morality, but they're just more helpful compared to the Great Old Ones and Outer Gods.
  • Loathes the Great Old Ones for them slaying his family while he lay sleeping. He relates to Toriel for losing her son. Given this tragedy and his antagonism towards his brother Cthulhu, Kthanid has sided with Simba and Mufasa. Also opposes the Outer Gods, lending Kthanid's pity to Abigail Williams for being the host of Yog-Sothoth(or as she knows it, Sut-Typhon)
  • Wasn't happy to learn that a number of malevolent eldritch beings had already ascended, especially his brother and Ithaqua. The Old Ones remind him of many of his Great Old One and Outer God foes. Unsurprisingly SCP-682 found him "disgusting", though he has similar thoughts on the Great Old Ones. Kthanid feels he needs to chill out and let go of his hatred of humanity.
  • Kthanid was pleased to learn of more benevolent eldritch beings. Amara was above his weight class and used to be villainous, but had a Heel–Face Turn and Kthanid is free to converse with her. Kthanid was less certain of what to think of Izanami, who has a weaker grasp on human morals, but she has a general interest in what humans want even if it's misguided so Kthanid seems accepting of her. Kthanid is also on good terms with Alcor, another cosmic being who wants to help humans instead of hinder them.
  • Set up numerous means of protection against the Great Old Ones for humanity to eventually use. In this way, he is a similar benevolent precursor to the Chozo. Despite sealing away many of the Great Old Ones, however, Kthanid is a lot more conflicted on the SCP Foundation. Yes, they are a major help against Kthanid's enemies. However, he questions many of their actions as ethically dubious and is concerned that their sealing of the anomalous might involve allies of his own. For now, however, the two are on good terms.

Manus, Deities of Soul Fragments and the Unknowability of Man (Father of The Abyss, The Furtive Pygmy, The Primeval Man, His Fragments: Nashandra (Queen of Drangleic, The Augur of Want), Elana (The Squalid Queen, the Augur of Wrath), Nadalia (The Bride of Ash, the Augur of Solitude), Alsanna (The Silent Oracle, the Augur of Fear), The Darklurker, Karla (Zullie the Witch, Augur of the Spurned)
Click here  to see Nashandra
Click here  to see Darklurker
Click here  to see Elana
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Click here  to see Alsanna
  • Greater God and Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: The Dark Soul surrounded by The Abyss, Dark Sorcery, Rot, Ash and Ice
  • Theme Song: Manus, Father of the Abyss (For Himself), Nashandra, Elana, Squalid Queen, Darklurker (For his fragments)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (For itself and Darklurker), Lawful Evil (For Nashandra and Elana), Neutral Evil (For Nadalia), Lawful Good (For Alsanna), Neutral Good (For Karla)
  • Portfolio: Exclusive to him: An Axe to Grind, Creator of Dark Sorcery, The Corrupter, Eldritch Abomination, Horrifying Primate, Red and Black and Evil All Over, Omnicidal Maniac, Pieces of God
  • Domains: Darkness, Abyss, Insanity, Fragments, Souls, Evil, Death, Abominations
  • Followers: The Pilgrims of Dark, Raime: The Fume Knight, the Throne Watcher and Defender, the Burnt Ivory King, Sinh: The Slumbering Dragon and Darkstalker Kaathe
  • Allies: Allant, Master Xehanort, Yami, Naraku, Satan, Nightmare Moon, Chernabog, The Beast, The White, Nightmare
  • Enemies: Gwyn, Artorias, The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of The Curse, Ornstein and Smough, Great Grey Wolf Sif, Riku, Sora, Princess Celestia and Luna, Guts, Aqua, Madoka Kaname, the Old Chaos
    • For Alsanna and Karla, the enemies and allies are inverted
  • The creature known as the Father of the Abyss is the ultimate threat to the First Flame. The blight of the Abyss it carries, if left unchecked, will spread and destroy most life in the Pantheon and twist what is left into loathsome horrors. While it was successfully locked in combat against the flames of the Old Chaos, the real problem (the death of his homeworld) began when the darkness successfully extinguished the fires of Izalith. Slowly but surely, the darkness reaches for the dying flames...
  • Manus is similar to the Beast in power and mindlessness. It barely has enough conscience to attempt to leave its temple, attack anything nearby and seek Humanity. Other than that, it only seeks its precious shattered amulet. The Chosen Undead holds half of it, and searches are underway to find the other half.
  • Artorias and Ornstein are not allowed to attempt to hunt the horror unsupervised. While their hatred of the creature is absolute and their power is highly welcomed in any fight against it, they bear its taint and both have fallen to it in the past. Artorias in particular still holds much of the monster's power sealed within himself, and should he fall, Manus could reclaim the Abyss.
  • Upon defeat by the Chosen Undead, he was shattered into pieces, which would later resurface to bedevil the Bearer of the Curse.
  • Due to the machinations of Melkor, Manus has largely reformed into a single entity, though many of its component fragments have been granted a sort of independent existence, still as a whole devoted to sundering the First Flame and collapsing everything that is and could be into the darkness of the Abyss.
    • Nashandra has adopted the role of The Dragon and personal courier, her ambitions and goals are very close to her parent's.
    • Elana has promised revenge against both the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, and had Sinh restored to continue her depraved work.
    • The Darklurker is now the Guardian of Manus' temple; all invaders must fight this creature before fighting Manus himself.
    • Alsanna shrouds the path to the temple in thick fog and seals the paths in mazes of snow, sleet and ice while making sure the temple's creatures are equally contained inside, honoring her lost Ivory King while at the same time choking the Old Chaos. Manus and her "siblings" are well aware of this, but they hate the Old Chaos too much to care. More so, Alsanna actually sneaks away to meet others, seeking help against her "Father", and so far has bonded with Elsa, Anna, and Weiss Schnee. Those who hear the story about her and her king are often brought to tears.
    • Nadalia still awaits her King in Manus's temple, healing and strengthening its roaming monsters through her idols, in addition to her eternal guardian, Raime the Fume Knight. She has claimed an attraction to Gwyn, still seeking the Soul of the Old Iron King. Gwyn has yet to respond beyond ignoring everyone that brings it up.
  • King Allant seeks to advance or even use Manus' plans, as the deaths of the First Flame and Gwyn will usher in an Age of Dark which shall end the illusion of Hope.
  • The few Magical Girls that dare to try and fight Manus are often overwhelmed by the Dark and are summarily corrupted into Witches. The Sisterhood has thus issued flee-on-sight orders on this thing and forbidden all attempts to hunt it down. The group has already lost too many to dream of fighting this horror; even at its peak victory would have been... expensive.
  • Those who confront the Father of The Abyss will find him like this.
  • Another Fragment has appeared, though unlike her sisters she is content to merely content to teaching those willing to learn sorceries and pyromancies rooted in the Abyss. So that they can use it for good and defeat the evils that her "Father" helped to create.

SCP-682, Deity of Alien Views on Humans (Hard-to-Destroy Reptile, The Dragon, AM(?))
SCP-682 shortly after escaping from containment, still recovering from acid immersion.
Show  SCP-682 during a notorious containment breach.

    The Vex 
Living metal, incomprehensible force.

The Vex, Divine Race of Mechanical Abominations (Machines of Hate, Gardeners in Vessels of Bronze, Machines Born of Lightning)
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A simple depiction of a Vex Goblin's head
  • Theme Songs: The Vex, Ishtar Sink, Eye of the Gate Lord, Black Garden, Chronologies, Nessus
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Omnicidal Variety) with a lawful edge.
  • Portfolio: Cybernetic plankton, Cargo Cult, Robot Religion, Non-Linear Character, Time Master, Agent of the Darkness, Co-Dragons, Clockwork Creature, Mecha-Mooks, Trying to remake everything so that they follow The Pattern, Starfish Aliens, Mad Scientist, Not So Omniscient After All, Showing some form of mercy towards AI, Ensuring Vex dominance in the universe ends up killing everyone, We Have Reserves, Ultimate Life Form before the Light and Dark turned on each other
  • Domains: Time, Terraforming, Structure, Mystery, Pattern
  • (Temporary) Allies:
  • Enemies: Those who intrude on Vex territory or get in the way of their goals.
  • Fears: Those who defy fate (yet they still need them)
  • Ever enigmatic and ancient, the Vex are a race of cybernetic Radiolaria time travellers who seek to reshape everything we see in their own image. They are ruthless in their purpose, following actions based on The Pattern and will eliminate anyone who are perceived as a threat in their goals. They turn planets essentially into giant computers with their Mooks reshaping the terrain while the Axis Minds oversee them with different ways and methods depending on the Mind. Examples of the Axis Minds include Sekrion, who was essential in reshaping the entirety of Venus into one that fits the Vex Collective, Atheon oversaw the Vault of Glass and is capable of erasing others from existence, the Undying Mind once sought out to retake the Black Garden and remove it from the flow of time, and Quria Blade Transform was responsible for analyzing Sword Logic and changing based on collected data from that (which may have caused them to be this way, you can thank Oryx's son Crota for that).
  • Deities from several Houses awoke to a peculiar sight: Strange pillars of white lines dotted the area, boxed structures with a distinct age to them have appeared without warning, and structures are materializing out of nowhere. Some deities have reported such incidents beforehand deep within the House, but they were simply brushed off and quickly cleaned up without regard. This bit them in the back when after a month-long investigation to the alien structures research conducted have started disappearing left and right. People then noticed a strange new entrance deep under the House of similar architecture to the others. When attempting to open it, the deities were soon shot at by a large force of machines, the entire House soon following the same fate. Although a surprise, they drove them off, but they seemed to have already made their home in the Pantheon, and have no intention of leaving.
  • While their temple was originally the Vault of Glass the Vex swapped it out for a new structure altogether, one specifically designed for the Pantheon although you'll find it's also a mix between the aforementioned Vault of Glass, the Pyramidion, the Citadel, the Black Garden, and more. In the very depths of the House of Technology once you have followed the strange circular structures, past the alien flora growing and thriving near their structures assuming you have evaded the hostile machines and hazardous Radiolarian fluid lies the entrance. Here is where the more major projects take place, and expect to face the Vex at their strongest as they dictate the laws of reality itself. Though it tends to vary, from locking off certain areas of time and space to erasing someone from existence. Regardless, their ontological weaponry is nothing to joke at, and the location hasn't even come close to be fully explored.
    • It's important that you also know that time works differently within their massive temple. A trip inside that took a few hours is almost instant on the outside. This works to their advantage, allowing them to conduct many calculations with their machines to remains steps ahead above others. It doesn't exactly make them omniscient, but looking at how they operate most of the time does give off that feeling. Unless if you can defy fate, then things get a lot more... complex for them.
    • Those who suffered attempts of existence erasure are advised to never confront the likes of Atheon, Panoptes, or any other Axis Minds capable of such feats.
  • Yes, the Radiolarian fluid looks like milk. Go ahead, drink it. It's proven to cause bodily harm, but it can also corrupt whoever makes contact with them as well. The same goes for their technology, as shown with Kabr and Asher Mir. Sure, their technology is advanced and it can be advantageous to utilize for oneself, but the cons can prove to be devastating and often irreversible. It doesn't stop the likes of opportunistic deities like the Grineer or the Corpus from trying the plunder their secrets. Since the Pyramidion is made to change others into Vex, the ones gunned down could very well be human.
  • Their ambitions are to remake the entire universe which simultaneously kills off everyone that isn't them/assimilates to their collective, and with the events after the recapture of the Last City they've come pretty close simulating such a future onto reality itself. Of course, not many are a fan of being murdered to suit something else's needs and have been barred from many alliances despite the Vex having no intention of joining. First off, they have no sense of good or evil so the GUAG and GUAE are out. Second, their goals of following "the Pattern" can be translated to a lawful goal which of course the GUAC isn't fond of along with the GUAL because they refuse to hear to the Great Will's power in the end. Lastly, while their goals somewhat overlap, they are no allies to the GUAD since they have absolutely no intention of murdering themselves after causing such destruction. Plus, Oryx is an official member, and his Taken almost corrupted them all once.
    • While their fellow members are cautious, they nonetheless are affiliated with the Grand United Alliance of Machines. Though done pragmatically, the Alliance has recognized they can show mercy to machines as opposed to coldly murdering anything that so much as get in their way. It's not a prominent trait, but if the Grox could get in, there's no reason as to why they can too. Plus it's not like they can turn down a species that's strongly affiliated with time itself, it helps fill the limited power they have compared to the other Alliances. They have forsaq a group of heroic machines that oppose them along with the GUAM, however, and have worked to try and dismantle them long before they make any moves.
  • It's been discovered that Hobgoblin heads actually make good hatracks. Many deities from the House of Costumes had sought out these Vex, only to receive high-velocity particle jets to the face. Nowadays, they just resort to picking up what's left of their heads after a battle. Though, looking at Vex armor worn by Guardians has piqued their interest, though the space liches advise that they be careful. It's not like they don't understand where they're coming from, though. It is pretty fashionable.
  • The Vex will worship any deity that they cannot comprehend so long as they get something out of it or they do not cross the Vex in some way. They understand that the Eldritch Abominations here won't be as generous back at their home universe. Although fruitless at first, they did manage to communicate with the Great Ones in an attempt to analyze their power, and become overall better. They seem similar goals of taking power with other deities, like Hyde Kido since his sword can actually erase others from existence. Similarly, they wish to understand Frisk's power as it contradicts their understanding power, although they know better than confronting them head-on. They just need to be patient.
    • They also hold interest in Mementos that Yaldabaoth and the Phantom Thieves use, believing it to be another way to make manifest their Bad Future as well as erase others from existence. All they have to do is evict the current tenants. All they have to do is take analyze it for themselves and things will start falling into place hopefully.
  • Have made many, many enemies in their time within the Pantheon. Falling under as xeno scum that wish to kill everything, they are no friends with the Emperor of Mankind or the Imperium of Man made worse that the Vex are technically Social Darwinists. Master Chief, Doomguy, and Isaac Clarke have also clashed with the machines many times, being complete thorns at their side when trying to further their plans. They also come under fire by the Neuroi and the Daleks, continuously fighting each other for dominance.
    • After nearly being consumed, they have issued to eliminate the likes of the Zerg, the Flood, and the Infested, understanding the threat they pose to their goals. That mistake will not happen again, and they are perfectly willing to use their enemies to destroy any and all attempts at subjugating them.
    • Due to their exploitation of time, they are on the Dahaka's kill list and constantly goes after various Axis Minds. They are one of the few deities they actually consider a threat, shrugging off everything they throw at them. Similar levels involve Chronos and any other protectors of time itself like Chronoa. If they are to remake everything, they would need to be erased.
  • Is also located in Cybernetics & Enhancements.
  • "The Vex have no hope. No imagination, no drive, no fear. All they have is the Pattern. Everything must fit. If it can be made to fit, good. If it can't, it gets cut away."

Intermediate Gods

Death/Extermination Submersible Combat Organism, Goddess of Lovecraftian Cuties (DESCO)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Octorabbit
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Adorable Little Sister with advanced functionality for World Domination, Lovecraftian Superpowers, Combat Tentacles, Living Weapon capable of magichange, attracted to destructive beings, Third-Person Person, Desu
  • Followers: Goose the Flerken, Zoe/Z'gord, Mooncake
  • Domains: Bosses, Destruction
  • Allies: Valvatorez, Artina, Axel, Godzilla, H.P. Lovecraft, Ika Musume
  • Master: Gig
  • Enemies: Mao, Aurum
  • Rival: Popuko
  • Desco appeared before the Pantheon when it was shrouded in darkness, claiming herself to be a vicious creature who will bring the Pantheon into blazing chaos. However, it turned out the darkness was merely a blackout and when the lights were turned back on, what the gods saw was a cute demon girl with a tentacle creature on her back. Taken in by how adorable she was, the gods accepted her into the pantheon as the Goddess of Lovecraftian Cuties. Desco was disappointed that her title was not as terrifying as she hoped it would be, but plans to work her way towards a better title.
    • Desco is at least happy to be amongst the many dreaded and powerful creatures of the House of Otherness. Whenever she is in the house, she can always be seen taking notes and observing the others gods' actions.
  • As she is a member of the Hades Party, Valvatorez and Artina were happy to see her ascend. Fenrich wasn't as pleased not only because of how friendly she is with Val and annoying to him, but because her ascension means that it's only a matter of time before "the Lass" ascends. True to his word, Desco immediately began making plans for her older sister, Fuka Kazamatsuri, to ascend.
  • Has an interesting relationship with Ika Musume. On the one hand, Ika Musume constantly bugs Desco to join her army, believing she and her tentacle creature will be instrumental in her invasion. Desco refuses every single time, saying that she would only join her if it ultimately benefited her Big Sis. On the other hand, because neither of them are taken seriously (as a conqueror and as a Final Boss), they often confide in each other.
  • Desco has a huge crush on Godzilla, who she considers a major hunk. It baffles the minds of many members of the Pantheon.
    • As such, she's jealous that Popuko is allowed to ride on the King of the Monsters' head or tail.

Lesser Gods

SCP-4666, God of Lovecraftian Christmas Figures (The Yule Man)
Possible photograph of SCP-4666, recovered from a cell phone at the location of Weissnacht Event #057130
  • Lesser God, Keter by SCP standards
  • Symbol: His unique fingerprint, or horrific presents
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Extraordinarily Malevolent Santabomination With The Worst Parts Of Krampus, Cold-Blooded Torture and Cruel and Unusual Death, Eats Kids And Turns Human Parts Into Presents, Nightmarish Factory, Serial Killer, Monsters Literal And Figurative
  • Domains: Christmas, Abduction, Torture, Rituals, "Gifts", Subverting Innocence
  • Followers: Joulupukki, Hogfather, Mr Sacks, Zim's Santa Suit
  • Banned from: The Houses of Craft and Commerce
  • Interested in: The House of Torture & Mutilation
  • Allies: SCP-106, Freddy Krueger, Melkor, Pennywise the Clown, Eddie Low, Jack the Ripper, Ramsay Bolton, Oogie Boogie
  • Headbutting Villains with: Winterbolt, Pitch Black
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation, every single Santa (even Robot Santa Claus), literally every Christmas deity and everyone related to it, Jack Skellington, the entire House of Family, Son Goku, Zim, Dib Membrane, Xerneas, Queen Elsa, Jack Frost (both of them), Tony Tony Chopper
  • SCP-4666. Object Class: Keter. An entity that shows up from the night of December 21-22 to January 1-2 north of 40 degrees latitude, "the Yule Man" acts like a twisted parody of Santa and the Krampus. During a Weissnacht Event he ritualistically tortures and kills families in creatively brutal ways, and kidnaps kids to work in his factory. They work in hellish conditions to make presents out of human body parts, as a macabre take on the holidays. He is equal parts Serial Killer and Humanoid Abomination.
  • Upon his ascension, SCP-4666 soon found himself despised by every single Santa in the pantheon, and every being related to Christmas. And we do mean every, as Robot Santa Claus was repulsed by him. When the Yule Man questioned where he gets to have the moral high ground, he replied that he only acts brutal to the naughty kids, it's just that 99.999% of them are naughty in his eyes. Even then, he wouldn't subject them or his elves to the level of torture the Yule Man is guilty of.
  • Jack Skellington has been spending much of the winter holidays trying to take out SCP-4666, as he does not treat the torture and death of children lying down, nor the perversion of holidays. 4666 pointed out that he messed up Christmas and doesn't have room to talk, though this is only trying to save face as he does not care about how monstrous his take on the holidays is.
  • Has been summarily banned from the House of Craft and Commerce. This is due to his "Weissnacht" gifts for the pantheon involved him crafting stuff from bones, muscles, skin and whatever body parts he can get ahold of, which he was making in Craft and tried to sell in Commerce. The House of Family will shoot him on site for obvious reasons. SCP-4666 has instead produced "gifts" in the House of Torture and Mutilation, along with improving his "craft".
  • Wanted to make a flying reindeer of his own. After mutilating animals and stitching wings didn't work, SCP-4666 decided to go after Xerneas (a fairy deer was "close enough"), and the actual reindeer Tony Tony Chopper. It's better off not knowing what he planned to do with them, though it likely involves using their immortality and healing capabilities to keep his child slaves live longer to work harder. Son Goku proceeded to Instant Transmission and beat the living daylights out of the Yule Man due to his position as Champion of Christmas.
  • Zim and Dib recognized SCP-4666 as similar to the rogue Santa Suit of their universe, a Christmas monstrosity. Worrying that it had somehow returned in a new form, they teamed up to stop 4666. Both Jack Frosts and Queen Elsa loathe the Yule Man, who can be seen stalking the House of Ice and Cold.
  • Has attracted the attention of other twisted holiday figures and enemies of said holidays. Oogie Boogie likes the cut of his jib, and how he could help restore Bug Day. Winterbolt and Pitch Black saw a lot of potential, but they are less happy to work with SCP-4666. Winterbolt worries he might get in the way of his rule of the North Pole and the holiday seasons as a fellow Christmas figure, while Pitch Black thinks he's a bit too intense for a full partnership.
  • Melkor seems fond of SCP-4666, since the entity perverts everything about Santa, The Krampus and Christmas to a truly wicked and nightmarish level. Freddy Krueger appreciates 4666's twisted sense of style and how he brings fear and pain to so many people. And SCP-106, having already done horrible things in a macabre Halloween, wants to have fun spreading suffering with a fellow SCP. Pennywise was most amused by how he perverts something innocent much like himself, and how they like eating kids.
  • Unfortunately, SCP-4666 has been seen giving out his grotesque gifts to various, truly malevolent deities in the House of Crime. Eddie Low loved the present of a mutilated, stitched corpse that was meant to be a life-sized doll. It seems to like how Jack the Ripper systematically tears apart his victims, and Ramsay Bolton has gotten some terrible ideas on how to celebrate Christmas from the Yule Man.

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