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Hallucinations are always emerging in the hallways, so one should be mentally prepared to face them. The voices you might hear inside your head are also part of the environment, so pay them no mind.

Many of the deities here like to play riddles with visitors, probably due to The Riddler's influence.

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Greater Gods

Arael, God of Mind Rape (The Fifteenth Angel, The Angel of Birds)
  • Theme song: A Hallelujah chorus
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Hallelujah chorus playing while someone clutches their head in a fetal position
  • Alignment: True Neutral but considered Chaotic Neutral by many for obvious reasons.
  • Portfolio: Non-Malicious Eldritch Abomination, Mind Rape, Soundtrack Dissonance, Light Is Not Good, Our Angels Are Different, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Intrigued by Humanity
  • Domains: Angels, Mind Rape, Dark Light
  • Allies: Izanami, Lucifer, Nyarko, Izaya Orihara, Nicol Bolas
  • Enemies: Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley Soryu, Yui Ikari, Koishi and Satori Komeiji, Haruka Kotoura, Makoto Nanaya, Rayquaza, Yuriko Mifune, Any deity with a Dark and Troubled Past, the GUAG Psych Warfare, the GUAG Robot War Division AND the GUAE Corruption Agents, Any deity with Psychic Block Defense, Yuuki Terumi, Melkor, River Tam
  • Interested in: Asuka Langley Soryu, Haruka Kotoura, Satori Komeiji, Makoto Nanaya, Yuriko Mifune, Any deity with a Dark and Troubled Past
  • Under The Constant Watch Of: Kenzo Tenma, Alucard, Vatista, and Kaworu Nagisa
  • Opposes (or as close as this being can get to oppose something): YHVH
  • Opposed by: Johan Liebert, any Persona User in the Pantheon.
  • God of Mind Rape used to be held by Johan Liebert however it was decided that God of Mind Rape should be given to the being that invented Mind Rape and Johan was given another trope in its place; More Than Mind Control because Johan can manipulate people without any powers, just his words.
    • Not that Johan is bitter about it because he's rather impressed by the torture he was able to inflict upon Asuka and his love of bringing back painful memories on his victims. So much so that he was made a Corruption Agent for the GUAE.
    • ...Or so he thought. Kaworu Nagisa told to Herr Doktor Tenma that Arael was not a malicious being, only being driven by its interest in understanding human psychology. They were about to do something to bail Arael out of the GUAE Corruption Agents but it wasn't necessary since the angel itself found Johan "interesting" and used its Mind Rape beam on him and then left him without making a comment about it. Johan had the same reaction as that time he read a children's book (Don't ask).
      • Shortly after recovering from Arael's attack, Johan tried to take over his original position again but the damage was already done and Arael is not leaving the Pantheon.
  • It's under the constant watch of Herr Doktor Tenma. Arael might be non-malicious but its beams are still very dangerous to the psyche of many gods, so Tenma needs to heal any of the victims.
    • Tenma has attempted to bring someone who might "tame" it down a little: Nyarko. While she was very much against the idea at first, she has decided to give Arael a chance upon finding out that they were Not So Different (Both of them are Eldritch Abominations-slash-aliens interested in humans). Though she does have the GUAG Robot War Division on speed dial in case of an emergency. Her mission is to "help" Arael to finally understand it could find another way to understand humans without using the beam.
  • Arael is one of the few deities who doesn't have a temple because IT'S TOO FUCKING BIG, Arael instead prefers to stay in the atmosphere because it's much more comfortable and it has a better shot at the Pantheon with its Mind Rape beam. But Arael sure does piss off Rayquaza by doing this.
  • Arael was both pissed and ecstatic upon ascension to find out all the other EVA pilots had already ascended but was also glad that Asuka had ascended because Arael apparently loved taunting and reminding her of the first time they met and by proxy, this greatly angers Shinji and Rei.
    • Or so it seemed. Finding out that Arael just wanted to understand humans has done nothing to dissuade Shinji and Rei from opposing it should it try to do that to Asuka again.
    • Shinji and Rei are also mad because they can't kill Arael because they can't attack something in space with a Deflector Shield wihout the Lance of Longinus. Oddly enough, they have a Plan B: Alucardnote . If they can't get him then their last resort will be Vatista.
  • Arael is a very valuable member of Corruption agents because of his skills at demoralising Cosmos' troops which is why he is just as much as a threat to the Psychology Warfare division of the GUAG because he does the exact opposite of them.
    • Not anymore, as it left them due to it feeling they were limiting its number of interesting subjects. Goes without saying that they are very bitter about this. The only thing that hasn't changed is that the GUAG Psychology Warfare still opposes it.
  • In spite of finally learning a little more about its true nature, most gods are still freaking terrified of Arael. No, not because of its Mind Rape (Many members of the GUAE do that anyway) but rather because of its utterly alien nature that makes it unable to understand that it's wrong to use a Mind Rape beam to further this goal. And the members of the GUAE don't bother trying to have it on their side anymore. Watching it mind rape Johan Liebert of all people does that, not to mention its aversion to being used.
  • Has started to develop something of a "connection" with Izanami due to their mutual interest with humanity. Although it cannot be called a clear-cut alliance due to the angel's perpetual aversion to real bonds, they don't seem to care that much as long as they get to observe humans.
  • Even if Terumi opposes Arael after its betrayal against the GUAE, the angel and Izaya have become kind of close because of their mutual interest in human psychology. It helps Arael never said it loved them. Well, that and Izaya finds it hilarious to see Terumi squirm because of their interactions (Not that he would tell him that to his face, he doesn't want to leave the Trollkaigers).
  • While whatever Arael feels can hardly be called human, it does have fleeting feelings of something that could be said to be similar to distaste against YHVH, mostly because of the fact that the Great Will is prone to try to wipe out humanity for very petty reasons and that leaves him without any humans to understand (plus doing that is kind of its job anyway).
    • For this reason, Lucifer has been trying to have it join the GUAC due to their shared interest in humanity. And while Arael is not interested in the entire Order Versus Chaos deal, they have made each other "friends".
  • All of the Persona Users in the Pantheon have started to oppose Arael ever since its goal was revealed due to being very similar to their other enemies. In particular, The Investigation Team are afraid that it might try to do something similar to what Izanami did (And their new "connection" doesn't help).
  • Arael was once seen looking like this. Whether this means that Nyarko is actually succeeding in making Arael more "human" or if Lucifer's Louisa Ferre persona has inspired the angel to look like this remains to be seen.

Intermediate Gods

Faust, Patron God of Those Who Dealt With The Devil (John Sabellicus, George Sabellicus, Doctor Faustus)
  • Intermediate God with Mephistopheles's help (and some versions where he rebels); Quasideity otherwise
  • Symbol: A metaphorically (or sometimes literally) contract with Mephistopheles
  • Alignment: True Neutral; can slips into Neutral Good or Neutral Evil
  • Domain: Dealing, Philosophy
  • Portfolio: Deal with the Devil led to having command of Mephistopheles and meets famous figures at the cost of his soul, Be Careful What You Wish For, has reasons changes with different versions, different fates according to how noble or selfish he is
  • Allies: The ascended deities from Puella Magi Madoka Magica who made a deal with Kyubey, Lord Byron, Alexander the Great
  • Enemies: The House of Demons (especially Satan), THE INCUBATORS, URSULA
  • Opposes: Ariel, Peter Parker / Spider-Man
  • Opposed by: Steve Rogers / Captain America
  • Conflicting Opinion: Faust Baldhead
  • Pities: Spawn, Mary Jane Watson
  • Admires: Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider
  • Ascended as his influence on the fictional world is so powerful that it transcended his deal with Mephistopheles and led to his ascension to the Pantheon.
    • Faust at first confused about whether he is in hell or heaven. After being explained the purpose of the Pantheon, he happily took on the duty as he thinks any places is better than the places some of his versions ended up due to their deal of Mephistopheles.
  • His ascension caused an intense debate within the Pantheon as each deity draw up different interpretation of him. Some think he was driven to the bargain from love for suffering mankind, some think it was a cheap and easy way to rule over others. Faust doesn't comment or dispel these notions and states that the bargain is his and his story alone.
  • Is one of the few people who get along of Lord Byron due to one version of Faust is Byron's follower.
  • Avoids the House of Demons like a plague as he worries that Mephistopheles might ascend and/or the high priest of one of the temple there, which means the demon servant can come and collect his soul.
    • However he does make an exception to sometime poke around the South Park edition of Satan's temple and mocks him. When asked, Faust just laughs and answers that Mephistopheles would see how pathetic that edition of Satan is and would rather release his soul rather than stepping 10 feet radius near that temple and admit to being the servant of that version. He earned Satan's ire for this remark.
  • Holds nothing but hatred for Kyubey despite (or more accurately because of) sharing the same temple with the Incubators as Kyubey is holding the position similar to Mephistopheles and then applies it to LITTLE GIRLS at their most vulnerable moments and don't aware the full cost of their deal of becoming a Magical Girl (including becoming a Soul Jar, to never have normal life and ultimately ended up becoming the witches they fought against and hurts more people before being killed by other Magical Girls). Even he has standards. Because of this, he makes an alliance with the magical girls who made a deal with Kyubey by appearing in one of his nicer versions.
  • Both Faust and Alexander the Great are very excited to hear that the others have ascended into the Pantheon as they have encountered each other before.
  • Criticizes Ariel heavily as he thinks she is an idiot to give up her luxurious life in the sea with her loving family (not to mention the powers that a mermaid possesses in that universe) to go after and become a species that kill her own friends and mother and signed the contract with Ursula before reading it.
    • However, his relationship with Ursula is much tenser. While he admits that Ursula's plan for revenge against Triton is pretty smart, he points out that she actively sabotages Ariel and thus lost all claim to the trident and a legitimate victory.
    • Having said that, he has nothing but utmost pity for Spawn as he only made a deal with the force of hell to see his family one last time.
  • He also hates Spider-Man for the One More Day incident where he convinced his loving, supporting wife Mary Jane into making a deal with Mephisto just to avoid handling the death of his dying aunt while kept sprouting his "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" motto. He even feels sorrier more Mary Jane as he hates how much she was derailed into being the one that made the deal with Mephisto just to make Peter looks better.
  • Has mixed feeling about Baldhead. While Faust sympathizes his intention to atone himself, he thinks the doctor is too annoying to spend time with. Plus it got tired of having to clarify and redirect Japanese deities into his temple due to Name's the Same.
  • Captain America was first wary of him due to the fact that he shares the same title Doctor Faustus, one of his mortal enemy. After being clarified, Steve still dislikes him as the Captain believes there is no justifiable reason to made a deal with a Force of Hell like Mephistopheles.
  • Admires Johnny Blaze for his ability to made multiple deals with Mephisto and managed to get permanent amazing power and got away with most of them. Faust is even more impressed that Johnny mostly made those deal out of selfless reason. Johnny is just disturbed that someone would admire him for deals that he made to punish those who deserve it.
  • The Council of Cloudcuckooland once theorized that Lauren Faust is his descendant and achieved her level of success with the show by following his footstep but making a contract with the Incubators this time around. Faust thinks this story is stupid and doesn't even bother to clarify it, only pointing out the obvious reason that he is a fictional character while Lauren isn't.
  • Was incredibly smug when he heard that he is the owner and creator of Mephistopheles in one alternative universe.

    Kirei Kotomine 
Kirei Kotomine, God of False Reassurance (Yorokobe, Rasputin, Alter Ego)

    Pride (Fullmetal Alchemist
Pride the Arrogant, God of Unexpected Revelations (Selim Bradley)
Pride's "container" 

    The Sphinx 
The Sphinx, Goddess of Riddling Sphinxes

Lesser Gods

    Edward Nigma/The Riddler 
Edward Nigma, God of Riddles (Edward Nygma/Nashton, The Riddler, The Prince of Puzzlers, The Count of Conundrums, The King of Crime, Riddle-Man, Ed)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Question Mark
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Chronic Villainy, Gentleman Thieves, The Trickster, Idiosyncrazy, Criminal Mind Games, Constant Self-Defeat, Insufferable Genius.
  • Domains: Evil, Crime, Puzzles.
  • Allies: The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman, Two-Face
  • Enemies: Batman
  • Opposed by: Professor Layton
  • Worthy Opponent: Near
  • "Riddle me this: What goes on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs in the evening?" Most of the gods just rolled their eyes at his reusing the Riddle of the Sphinx upon his ascension, but most of them cringed at his answer he gave: "A baby that you cut the legs off of and then give a cane to go around on."
  • Edward Nigma (who may have been born Edward Nashton before he changed it) is obsessed with puzzles, so it's only natural that he would be the greatest puzzle of all. Incredibly intelligent, Edward skated through school with apparent ease, a feat his father, endlessly jealous of Edward's cleverness, refused to recognize, claiming cheating was involved. It's possible that he was right. Regardless, the constant beatings to stop him from lying gave him both a constant compulsion to tell the truth to prove his innocence and a criminal inclination. Reconciling the two lead to his signature obsession with riddles.
    • The Riddler is constantly trying to prove himself smarter than Batman, the former God of Planning. As a result, he continuously petitions to join the command division of the GUAE in order that his intellect might be better used. Melkor mostly rolls his eyes at this, saying that riddler is too obsessed with riddles to create plans of no escape.
  • Despite being less powerful than his more crazy pal Joker, The Riddler does hold one small bit of satisfaction over him: He still got to be more famous in that Adam West show.
  • Riddler loves to lord his intelligence over the House of Mentalism, despite being only a Lesser God. Most of the Greater Gods just roll their eyes at him and often call on Batman to shut him up if he ever gets too talkative. It's this reason he was demoted to Lesser God, merely out of annoyance.
  • Riddler's outfit is always changing. Sometime's he's in a skin-tight unitard with question marks on it. Sometimes he's in a green suit. Sometimes he's got long hair and a more fluid costume and sometimes he has a combination of these things.
  • Despite being a man not usually cut out for fighting hand to hand, the fact that he does have a great intellect makes dealing with him a bit trickier. Since one has to solve a puzzle to even find him, that can range from easy to a near impossible treasure hunt. As such, while the GUAE finds him annoying, they do sometimes call him in to double check their other plans.
  • Doesn't particularly like it when others bring up the brief time he went straight as a private detective trying to solve crimes before Batman. Mostly because he never got the true satisfaction of beating Batman that way.
  • Also, doesn't really have a thing for love interests. His work is too all-consuming for him to take that seriously.
  • When he stumbled upon The Mask once, his antics seemed kind of familiar.
  • One day, while observing Near, upon hearing how he also thinks that giving a real would ruin any fun in a game, he decided to experiment how smart Near was by sending him a riddle in a form of a pure-white puzzle with 200 pieces. The actual clue was written in invisible ink. To his surprise, Near solved it and appeared before him at 2 AM in front of Scrooge McDuck's money vault, phoning in Batman with the Batman search signal. The deities refuse to let him live down the fact he was outsmarted by someone who could possibly not be able to walk.
    • Despite this failure, he is determined to try and outsmart Near as well as Batman.

Envy the Jealous, God of Transformation-induced Guilt (Cobbled-together Envy, The Great Serpent, Homicidal Palm Tree)
Click here  to see his true form.
Click here  to see his most basic form.
  • Theme: Mortal Sin
  • Lesser God (referred to as male, Quasideity in his true form)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, bordering on Stupid Evil
  • Symbol: An ouroboros with a Sickly Green Glow. Alternatively, his true form
  • Portfolio: Homunculi, Extreme Androngyny, Using his Shapeshifting to Torture His Opponents, Ax-Crazy, The Brute, Sadism, Boisterous Weakling, Eldritch Abomination, Psychopathic Manchild, Hybrid Monster, Clipped-Wing Angel forms, Making Dog-Kicking and -raping a Hobby, Faux Affably Evil, The Sociopath, Dirty Coward, Loves to Gloat About His Actions, Starting the Ishvalan Civil War by Killing a Child, Extremely Jealous of Humans Because of a Desire to Be Like Them, Took His Own Life to Not be Pitied by Humans
  • Domains: Madness, Hatred, Shape, Envy
  • Superiors: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Esdeath, Team Rocket, Zaheer, Raven Darkholme/Mystique
  • Enemies:
  • Fears: Any fire-wielding gods
  • Envy the Jealous was the fourth homunculus created by Father, serving as his chief spy and instigator. It was by Envy's hand that the Ishvalan Civil War started, along with being the one who murdered Maes Hughes. Much like Pride, Envy laid low before showing his true form to the Pantheon during the Team Rainbow Rocket crisis. Many have become paranoid if the people they were talking to were the real thing or Envy in disguise.
  • Even in the Pantheon, nobody knows what Envy's true gender is. The only known hint is an alternate universe version of him that turned out to be the Elrics' eldest brother, but he himself doesn't acknowledge this version of himself (partially out of jealousy). For simplicity's sake, he's referred to as a male.
  • Upon appearing in his true form, Envy went to the House of War to taunt Roy Mustang about his arrival in the Pantheon. Mustang replied accordingly, and Envy hightailed it out of there.
  • Both Edward and Alphonse Elric were shocked by Envy's ascension, and have taken the time to alert their allies about it. Among the first to be informed were the deities of the Avatar universe. Avatar Aang was horrified to learn how Envy murdered a child to launch a bloody civil war, going so far as to compare him with Fire Lord Ozai in terms of sheer cruelty. His views are echoed by his friends, Katara and Sokka especially since they know what war can do to the innocent, and Zuko intends on sending the homunculus back as a fried corpse.
    • As for Korra and her friends, they are wary of the shapeshifter, especially since Greed gave the low down to Lin and Tenzin. They were on the lookout for Envy, only to discover him one day lying on the ground, his body twitching uncontrollably. Later on, it was discovered that Envy had encountered Asami Sato and after initially mistaking her for Lust, decided to attack…with disastrous results (she had her gloves on the entire time). That said, the attack has made Republic City a much more dangerous place to traverse at night, but Korra's just glad Asami wasn't injured.
    • When Envy found Zaheer, he praised the Airbender for assassinating the Earth Queen, and causing the Earth Kingdom to dissolve into chaos. But it all went downhill from there. Zaheer has nothing but contempt toward the homunculi, considering them just as bad as the other forms of government.
    Zaheer: "When the rest of the Pantheon has fallen, The Red Lotus will be coming for you and your Father."
  • Upon actually finding Lust and Gluttony, Envy was more than happy to reunite with them. The trio have since resumed their old method of operations, with Lust taking the lead and Envy and Gluttony providing support via espionage and brute force. On occasion, they team up with Jessie, James and Meowth to provide them with tips and tricks on how to be better criminals. Though Envy despises the Team Rocket trio, he does find it amusing when they go blasting off into the sky.
    • The same cannot be said for Greed. Both homunculi have been seen trading insults to one another, but almost always, Greed wins the verbal war. It may be helped by the fact that Greed knows where Envy's "sweet buttons" are.
  • His relationship with Dante is…complicated. In the universe Dante originally came from, Envy was the homunculus of her deceased son with Hohenheim of Light. To put it simply, Envy was disgusted by the fact he was once human, and while he's willing to take orders from her, he's made it clear that FATHER is the one in charge, not her. To that, all Dante did was smile.
    Dante: "Be careful of what you say, Envy. You may not have the weaknesses of my world, but one word is all it can take to put you out of your pathetic existence."
  • Both Terumi and Nui are fond of the guy, mostly because of his absolute sadism, but also because of his use of disguises to fuck others over, which they've also used themselves. They eventually made him an honorary member of Trollkaiger as a result.
  • Upon his ascension, Envy declared his allegiance to Millennium. This greatly pleases the Major, as both of them are war-mongering deities who are in it For the Evulz. Envy has ventured to the Hellsing manor to defeat its main trio but each time ended with disastrous results.
    • Alucard: The fellow shape-shifter educates Envy on how a real shapeshifter does battle. Needless to say, Envy ran off screaming and crying before being consumed by the Baskerville hellhound.
    • Seras Victoria: Gets his head scraped along the wall like a cheese-grater by an enraged Seras after shapeshifting into Pip Bernadotte to taunt her.
    • Integra Hellsing: Gets pelted with bullets until he can no longer regenerate from his wounds.
  • In the rare occasion that Envy wants to fight seriously, he transforms into a monstrous green creature, much bigger than he normally is. In reality, it's a much easier target to hit, and Envy mostly relies on throwing his weight around to do damage, so he tries to keep that a secret.
  • Upon the discovery that he was the one who instigated the Ishval War, Envy has been banned from the House of Children, and his shapeshifting powers are put under heavy watch if he ever goes near it. That being said, the homunculus gets along with other ruthless war mongers such as Sundowner, Millennium and Gregor Clegane.
  • He has approved of Griffith's actions in his home universe, and in doing so gained a dangerous enemy in the form of Guts. Their encounter was truly a sight to behold, not even his alternate form could save Envy from being killed by the Black Swordsman. Multiple times. Nowadays, he keeps his distance.
    • Also has formed a Villainous Friendship of sorts with Wyald, especially as the two are both psychopathic manchildren who constantly have a need for stimulation and kick and rape puppies whenever and wherever they can.
    • Similarly, while Envy's position in the High Command has made Night Raid wary of him, what truly put him on their shitlist was when he approved of the Wild Hunt's actions, even going as far as to consider them role models.
  • At one point, he decided to pick on Scorpion by shapeshifting as his family to taunt him. The revenant ninja was livid and unleashed his Toasty on him in retaliation. Envy has since stayed far away from Scorpion.
  • He mistook Stitches for some failed prototype homunculus after hearing that he was made out of several corpses, but after things got cleared up, the two got along well with each other. It helps that they have the same personality.
  • Many superheroes have come to be Envy's enemies, Spider-Man, in particular, due to how humble he is. Both the Flash and Wolverine are hostile towards the homunculus, considering their history with Reverse-Flash and Mystique respectively, and Batman has compared him to the Joker. The last comment Envy takes as a bit of a compliment.
    • Even though they've been seen working together, and both possessing similar shapeshifting capabilities, Mystique hates Envy due to being a mother herself, and hearing about the events of Ishval doesn't help much. Both the Joker and Reverse-Flash though think the homunculus is a great manipulator and psychological torturer, seeing a bit of themselves in there.
  • Has become mildly fascinated by Shang Tsung's ability to not only shapeshift, but also perfectly replicate his opponents fighting styles. The only thing stopping Envy from approaching the sorcerer is the fireballs he generates.
  • He struck it off well with Ramsay Bolton, due to their shared sadistic nature and interests in psychological torture. Envy has even joined in on occasion on some of Ramsay's hunts, usually disguising himself as one of the victims to confuse or torment his "companions".
  • Envy's sadism had caught the attention of Esdeath, and while she found it admirable, she got livid upon hearing of his shape-shifting powers, as a shapeshifter had killed her teammate Bols. After a one-sided battle, Esdeath found Envy to be a waste of her time. Envy has sworn to get back at her, but the Jaeger pays no mind to him. It does not help that Esdeath is a member of King Bradley's High Command, irking Envy even further.
  • He and Axl don't like each other. Partially because of their similar powers, and partially because they sound like one another. Envy has also found an enemy in the form of Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO. When they first encountered one another, Eiji was reminded a lot of Uva, the Insect Greeed, both in terms of personality and for being a homunculus. To be compared to an insect sent Envy into a fit of rage. At the end of the day, both rider and homunculus ended in a draw, with Envy vowing revenge in their next battle. Eiji's looking forward to settling the score.
  • Was furious to learn of a universe where he and his fellow homunculi (minus Wrath) were resurrected as humans by Selim Bradley. Doubly so because Edward Elric grew in the six years following the Promise Day, making Envy the pipsqueak.
  • Really hates fire. It brings back some nasty memories.
  • With Envy's ascension, the only homunculus remaining is Sloth. Father has taken this into consideration, eventually making Sloth his herald as Dante had been previously... And now he is a god.
  • Also present in Shapeshifters.

    Mion and Shion Sonozaki 
Mion and Shion Sonozaki Twin Goddesses of Gadflies (Club Leader - for Mion)
  • Lesser Goddesses individually. Intermediate combined.
  • Symbol: An Airsoft Gun with a "Troll Face" on the holster.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Mion), Chaotic Good (Shion normal state), Chaotic Evil (Shion when in her "infected state"). They do have Lawful Evil and Neutral Evil followers
  • Portfolio (Both): Good Natured "Trolling", Mafia Princesses, Twin Switch, Attraction To Good Natured Men, Red Oni, Blue Oni (Shion is red, Mion is blue).
  • Domains (Both): Good, Family, Community, Trickery.
    • Mion: Strength.
    • Shion: Protection.
  • Allies: Rika Furude, Oyashiro-Sama, Rena Ryuguu, Pinkie Pie, Satoko Houjou, Bugs Bunny, Keiichi Maebara (especially for Mion), Mr. Miyagi, Cheshire Cat, Princess Celestia, Beatrice The Golden Witch, Candice White
    • Mion: Itsuki Myoudouin
    • Shion: Etna, Hungary, Valvatorez, Artina
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Bernkastel, Tzeentch, The Joker, Izaya Orihara, Handsome Jack, Basco
  • Odd Friendship: Yoruichi Shihouin
  • As the heroic counterparts of the dual Gods of Trolling, it comes to no surprise that the two are Terumi and Bernkastel's arch enemies.
    • Twin Switch is one of their favorite ways to screw with people's heads. The twins revel in the confusion it sows before dropping the hammer. It's also a way they gather intelligence.
  • Not to be underestimated as they are surprisingly skilled both at hand to hand combat and as a strategist due to the game club. Shion packs an assault rifle.
  • Mion created the GUAG "Troll" Off as a way to mock and otherwise troll Terumi. With her portfolio, it came as no surprise that she was the winner of said contest.
  • Is alarmed by the formation of Trollkaiger and have formed a group called Lol Ranger to counter them. It got personal when Trollkaiger (mainly Bernkastel) trolled Shion with the very thing responsible for her original state in Purgatory.
    • Mion's designation is the "Yellow Ranger". Shion is the "Green Ranger".
  • Shion is not allowed in the Treasury because of a certain "Old Friend" that is under Class S Lock Down.
  • Etna and Shion would normally be enemies, but Shion managed to win her over with her mischevious nature combined with a Marshmallow Hell prank (in her Angel Mort outfit to boot) she pulled on Laharl. Etna couldn't stop laughing for days after that. She laughed for several days more when a picture of the act (which Mion took from behind the shadows) was sent to her.
  • Mion and Shion's tactics for gaining lulz vary slightly. Mion focuses on more direct button pushes and openly perverted jokes. Shion's approach is more subtle and stewing, and occasionally uses sexual inneuendo.
  • Don't mention Sins of Our Fathers type actions in either sister's presence.
  • Mion was ecstatic over the arrival of her favorite target and post series boyfriend Keiichi. Shion had a tearful reunion with Satoko during her arrival.
  • When they found out about how Rika's allies were targeted in "The Great Upheaval", the Sonozaki twins gathered Lol Ranger and planned their first major operation. Let's just say that they have something "special" planned for Lucifer.
  • Shion was rather heavily involved in the events of Vienna Burning, due to her mentoring of the SLS's second division. Actually, she was with Hungary in the hospital the whole time. Before the SLS's final day of training, she and Mion had switched places in an attempt to troll the SLS, but were forced to stay as each other. However, this proved to be a good thing, as the Yandere Quartet had planned to infect the SLS with Hinamizawa Syndrome and let Shion kill them, but this plan failed because of Mion.

    Moist von Lipwig 
Moist von Lipwig, The God Who Takes Refuge in Audacity (Albert Spangler, Ethel Snake, Mr Robinson, Alfred Spangler, Mundo Smith, Edwin Streep, Mr Trespass Hatchcock, Jeff the Drover)
His appearance in Making Money
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Ankh-Morpork Post Office emblem, and later the Ankh-Morpork Mint emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Loveable Rogue, Boxed Crook, Genre Savvy, thrives on danger Indy Ploys, Manipulative Bastard, The Nondescript, impressive cringe-worthy schemes, cynic somehow serving idealism, The Social Expert, Technical Pacifist
  • Domain(s): Cons, Postal, Banks, Money Minting, Audacity
  • Herald: Adora Belle Dearheart (his wife)
  • Followers: The Kisugi sisters, Diabolik, Frank Abagnale
  • Allies: Samuel Vimes, Kellam, Deadpool, Monkey D. Luffy, good deities in the House of Crime (and Captain Jack Sparrow), "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, CM Punk, AJ Lee
  • Rivals: Arsene Lupin, Lelouch vi Brittania
  • Enemies: evil deities in the Houses of Crime (especially Walter White) and Justice, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Respects: Carrot Ironfoundersson, Naruto Uzumaki, Donald Duck, Mary Poppins, Peter Quill, Harry Dresden, Ciaphas Cain, the Fellowship of the Ring (especially Aragorn, The Doctor, Captain Kirk, River Song, Barney Stinson, Duke Nukem
  • Pities: Tyrion Lannister, Corvo Attano
  • Special Relationship: Lord Havelock Vetinari
  • How did Moist ascend to the Pantheon? Well, his plan was so audacious that the Court of the Gods were so baffled by it and somehow impressed enough to get him in. Oh, and Lord Vetinari had a hand in this, too, having saved his life and set him straight after all.
    • Was a little nervous when he realized Vetinari was in the Pantheon, who had saved him from the hangman's noose, but made him a Boxed Crook in the process. Vetinari has also used Moist (and Vimes) to his own ends.
    • Moist also swears that Tywin Lannister looks a lot like Vetinari sometimes.
  • When Moist is bored, he can get into very ridiculous things to do, like breaking into his own temple and "Extreme Sneezing", among other things. Thankfully, the Pantheon is full of exciting things to do, so he'll never get bored. As long as he gets to go out enough times to enjoy them, that is; he still has responsibilities in his temple.
  • Moist is of a nondescript appearance, leading people who see him to look through him without noticing anything prominent or memorable about him. So much so that his mother used to bring the wrong kid home. In fact, the only way to nullify this is for him to wear his big shiny golden suit. Otherwise, he changes into a shabby old grey suit, which enables him to hide effectively, although it's a bit harder now since the entire Pantheon knows (in general) of his adventures.
  • Moist under any circumstances never carries a weapon. Is not strictly because he's a pacifist, though (and has been told that his frauds have potentially been worse than if he simply mugged). He dislikes carrying a weapon because doing so sends the following message: "If I have to, I WILL fight you." He would prefer to never raise the stakes that high in the first place because to him, carrying a weapon means he is prepared to use it, which in turn invites others to use weapons against him. Probably bigger and sharper ones, too. And the one time he did kill (a banshee), even if it was in self-defense, he promptly vomited.
  • Moist doesn't actually do much work in his temple, but he makes up for it by being incredibly charming, and making an effort to remember each of his followers' names and the names of their families, as well as many other things, and this in itself helps keep his influence.
  • One can realize that Moist and Vimes are foils to each other: Moist is lazy and a champion delegator and Vimes is a workaholic control freak; Vimes is straight as an arrow and Moist is completely bent; Vimes hates titles and honours and Vetinari showers him with them, while Moist would quite like to be rewarded but only ever receives a continued stay of execution.
    • Vimes himself respects Moist, conceding that probably really has put his criminal lifestyle behind him, and commends him for his vigilantism in the events of Raising Steam instead of giving him the standard "you should have let the police handle it" routine. Moist in particular remmebers the Crushing Handshake Vimes can do, having experienced it firsthand, as well as heard that he once disarmed a Powder Keg Crowd by sitting down, drinking cocoa, and smoking a cigar in front of all of them, thus showing he had no weapons on him.
  • While roaming the Pantheon, he's heard of a lot of audacious plans that worked, like Lelouch's various gambits, Naruto pulling a Reverse Harem No Jutsu on what amounts to the God of his world, Luffy's ridiculous acts, how Paperinik manages to keep his secret identity, how Indiana Jones managed to get Hitler's autograph, how Star-Lord stalls a bad guy about to destroy a planet by dancing in front of him, how Trunchbull got away with abusing children by going over-the-top, how Tyrion's attempt at this later backfired on him, the Fellowship's plan to destroy the One Ring, River Song's ridiculous shenanigans in Nazi Germany, how Barney Stinson got Ted Mosby to join a Relationship Matchmaking agency to hook up with desperate women by mentioning his sinking boat, how Walter White kept his cover using this method, how Shepard can bring Legion (a geth platform) to places that distrust his kind without raising too much alarms, and how Corvo can brazenly enter the party of his assasination target by warning her of an assassin coming for her (who for the record is him), among other things.

    Psycho Mantis 



Psycho Mantis, God of Illusory Failure (Tretij Rebenok, Third Child)
  • Theme Song: Mantis's Hymn
  • Lesser God, was an Intermediate God as a child
  • Symbol: His gas mask
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Asexuality, Interface Screw, breaking the fourth wall, going mad from hearing unsavory thoughts, Psychic Static, wearing a gas mask
  • Domains: Fighting, Destruction, Hatred, Psychic
  • Allies: Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot(?), Solidus Snake, Steven Armstrong, Ermac.
  • Former Allies: Skull Face
  • Enemies: Humanity in general, the RED Team, Teddie,
  • Opposed by: Crash Bandicoot
  • Followers: The AI Colonel, Screaming Mantis (possibly unwilllingly), Homonculus, Mr. Resetti
  • Many thought they'd seen the last of Psycho Mantis after the Sorrow purged his ghost from the mortal realm, but thanks to Liquid Snake's influence (and surely one of Ocelot's plans), Psycho Mantis found himself in the Pantheon shortly after Liquid's own ascension. Tempted by the chance to kill people once more (and mess with their heads), Mantis accepted his position and is now known to work under Liquid on occasion.
  • Mantis tends to approve of Senator Armstrong's plans, not out of agreement with Armstrong's ideals, but because they would give him the chance to, in the psychic's own words, kill as many people as he can.
  • It's unknown if he was aware of Liquid Ocelot's true identity when his ghost was controlling Screaming Mantis.
  • Mantis has built something of a reputation for himself amongst the gamers in the Pantheon, who are wary of his trickery. He's been known to mess with their games whenever the mood strikes him. Upon discovering that most modern consoles couldn't be messed with like in the days of old, Mantis flew into a psychic rampage that required a few Atlus bosses to be sent in order to take care of him.
  • Feels oddly nostalgic about his childhood when he sees Haruka Kotoura and Satori Komeiji due to having a similar problem, but is otherwise neutral toward them. Haruka prefers to stay far away from him because of his homicidal use of his powers. Satori on the other hand doesn't mind his company.
  • Thanks to his mind reading, he's deduced that most people are constantly thinking about sex. Out of disgust, he tends to avoid the House of Love for this reason, as well as certain parts of the House of Emotion.
    • He's especially sickened by Teddie. As a creature borne from humanity's emotions, and a lascivious one at that, Mantis views Teddie as a perfect example of one of his many reasons to hate humanity.
  • RED Team gods in the Pantheon briefly mistook him for an enemy Pyro when they saw Mantis creating hallucinatory flames, and nearly blew him to bits. He now holds a special hatred for them.
  • In spite of having been killed by him, Mantis is indifferent to Solid Snake's presence in the Pantheon.
  • He is baffled by Revolver Ocelot's manipulative abilities, and has expressed astonishment that Ocelot can string so many people along at once without having an aneurysm.
  • Does not care for the Crash Bandicoot series.
  • Is rumored to have encountered Big Boss as a child. Mantis has yet to comment on this.
  • Can also be found in Gameplay.


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