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Greater Gods


The top of a primordial ecosystem, a god for all intents and purposes.

Godzilla, The Kaiju God of Being the Main Attraction (Gojira, Godziller, King of the Monsters, The Big G, Gigantis the Fire Monster, The Doom Inevitable, Godzillasaurus, Alpha Predator, Nautilus, Species 5146_Adam, Titanus Gojira, Godzillo, Snow Godzilla, Gojigdrasil [Godzilla Earth], O.Diolucertola [GMK], One of Two Things that Hostile Aliens don't know about Earth note )
Some of Godzilla's many incarnations. From left to right: Top row: Showa Godzilla, Heisei Godzilla and Millenium Godzilla. Middle row: Kiryu Saga Godzilla, Final Wars Godzilla, Monsterverse Godzilla. Bottom row: Hannah-Barbera Godzilla, Godzilla-Kun, Marvel Comics Godzilla.
The Original Godzilla
GMK Godzilla 
Shin Godzilla 
Earth Godzilla 
Burning Godzilla (from left to right: Heisei and Monsterverse versions) 
Super Godzilla 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity (as Burning Godzilla, Godzilla Earth or Godzilla Ultima), Overdeity (as Super Godzilla or when empowered by Kaiser energy), was a Lesser God as Godzillasaurus. Intermediate God (as Godzilla Aquatilis, Amphibia and Terrestris)
  • Symbol: The Godzilla Franchise logo. The Toho Logo or a silhouette of himself
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: All over the place, depends mostly on the incarnation. Overall Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: THE Kaiju, Just Here for Godzilla, Godzilla Threshold, The Hero, Dragons (Dinosaurs?), Unstoppable Force, Radiation and its Evil, Badass Old Dinosaur, The Dreaded, Mighty Glacier, Nigh-Invulnerable, Anti-Hero Sometimes, Seen as a God, Tragic Monster, Representing the Horrors of Nuclear Warfare, Atomic Breath, Covered in Scars, Destructive Savior Sometimes, Determinator, Appearance Changes Depending on Adaptation, Giant Equals Invincible, Mostly a Non-Malicious Monster, Superpower Lottery, Wild Card, Villain Protagonist, Bootstrapped Leitmotif, Has Plenty of Imitators, Sir Swears-a-Lot (According to the Shobijin)
  • Domains: Destruction, Fire, Radiation, Sequels, Dragons, Dinosaurs, Japan
  • High Priest: The Frost Giant
  • Followers: All Unascended Kaiju in General (mainly The Giant Claw, Yongary, Death Kappa and The Giant Behemoth), Nuclear Weapons Devil
  • Heralds: Gorosaurus, Manda, Varan, Kumonga, Minilla, Godzooky, Godzilla Jr., Miki Saegusa, Gojirin, The Servum, Godzilla Fillius, The Titans.
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Everything else (As GMK Godzilla or Godzilla Earth).
  • Rivals: King Kong, Gamera, Zilla (one-sided on Zilla's part), The Original Zetton, Gomora (Rei's herald), The Tailed Beasts, Bowser
  • Odd Friendship: The Doom Slayer, Walter White
  • Annoyed With: Fluttershy, Dovakhiin, The Monster Hunters, Desco
  • Avatar of: Haruo Nakajima (the original Godzilla)
  • Opposed by: The evil-aligned deities in the House of Demons and the House of Angels. The Greek Gods.
  • Opposes: The Lich
  • Pities: Eva Unit-01, Tetsuo Shima
  • Admired by: The Angry Video Game Nerd, Guillermo del Toro, Ray Harryhausen, Steven Spielberg
  • Evil Counterpart to: Kiryu (GMK incarnation)
  • In 1954, the Castle Bravo tests were performed at the seas of Japan where powerful nukes were tested in the open waters, unfortunately a lot of innocents were caught in its destructive power, including one particular animal, which survived but was mutated by the blast into the unstoppable Godzilla. Burnt and scarred, the angry monster went to Japan, furious at mankind's destruction of his home and his mutation, and promptly began to destroy everything in sight. His rampage left many citizens dead and thus forced the JDF to fight him, to no avail as Godzilla proved immune to all weapons that man used against him. As all hope seemed lost, a scientist named Daisuke Serizawa presented a powerful bio-weapon he developed, the Oxygen Destroyer, which he hoped could defeat Godzilla... But unknown to everyone, Serizawa burnt all the trails of his work as he had come to realize that the Destroyer would simply become the new atom bomb and thus doom humanity to repeat its mistakes. When the government finally deployed the Destroyer, Serizawa manually activated it, which ended up killing not only Godzilla, but himself and all aquatic lifeforms in the sea around. But this was only the beginning, as Serizawa's friend, Kyohei Yamane, correctly predicted that Godzilla was only the first of many other monsters to come...
  • Godzilla's ascension took little time to be decided. As a world-wide icon of Kaiju, he was given the title of the God King of them. With any lesser Kaiju that aren't obeying the orders of his rivals or enemy Kaiju becoming subservient to Godzilla. That said, while Godzilla in the Pantheon is mostly a composite of his various incarnations. There are a few who are not the usual kind of creature that Godzilla is and are considered too dangerous/evil to be allowed to roam free, these were the undead and malevolent "GMK/Zombie Godzilla", "Shin Godzilla" and "Earth Godzilla". Another separate Godzilla is the original one from 1954, who may change in appearance from time to time but is a separate entity from the rest of the Godzillas, unlike the other "evil" Godzillas, he is not considered as wide of a threat and is usually not prevented from leaving the Pantheon, as it is not genuinely malicious or uncontrollably destructive.
  • It's relationship with the Kaiju and Tokusatsu deities varies wildly depending on alignment and his mood, generally speaking they range from allies to hated foes:
    • As the de facto leader of the Kaiju of his world, he usually leads the rest of his fellow Godzilla Deities. Most notably, Mothra who's recently been referred to as the Queen to Godzilla's King due to her history and authority over Kaiju and her recently discovered symbiotic relationship with Godzilla (which some rumor might be more), occasionally they become enemies, usually when Godzilla is in his GMK, Earth or Shin version or when he's feeling in a destructive mood, though even when he is not, conflict may arise from their differing approaches to protecting lifeforms on Earth; that said their relationship is much more positive nowadays and Mothra has stated that she will no doubt give her life to save Godzilla if he comes close to death having done so already in the mortal realm.
    • It has a long-standing feud with King Kong ever since 1962, were he and the great ape fought and though it seemed Godzilla would win, Kong ended ultimately victorious and left Godzilla in the dust. Godzilla desires a rematch so as to prove that he is the real King of the Monsters, though for the sake of the Pantheon's stability, both parties have called for a temporary truce, however some rumor that the Court of Gods is organizing a proper and safe rematch as a future spectacle for the Pantheon residents to see without being in danger. Eventually such an event came to pass and after much trail and fighting in their home universe, Godzilla came out the victor thus regaining his right to keep title of King of the Monsters in full force, Kong himself doesn't really cares much but has given flak to Godzilla for attacking him and being unapologetic about it at first, though at least Godzilla has let the King of Hollow Earth be and has even given some tokens of apology to make full peace with his once-rival.
    • With his ascension, so came a reignition of his eternal enmity against beings such as Megaguirus, Hedorah, SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, Orga, and Destoroyah. All of them for their own reasons, in the case of Space G, Megaguirus and Orga is for them being genetic clones or copiers of Godzilla's DNA who tried to kill him; and, in Space G's case kidnapped his son. Gigan's sadism and repeated transgressions against Godzilla also earned his ire (though sonee rumor Gigan once became friends with the Big G). And finally there's Destoroyah for being the embodiment of the weapon that killed the original Godzilla and killing Junior, his son in his first known appearance. And then there's Biollante, as the plant clone of Godzilla is mostly an enemy to Big G, but will ocassionally team up with her "brother" to combat a mutual threat, which can happen repeatedly due to Biollante's connection to nature. With his status as an enemy of nature, Hedorah remains firmly an enemy of Godzilla to this day.
    • Gamera is another rival of Godzila, having fought him in the past, but unlike Kong, Godzilla won their battle. That said, Gamera is not interested in a rematch, as his duties of combatting the threat of the Gyaos, who ascended too into the Pantheon, takes priority over everything and anything else; curiously enough Godzilla himself is an ally to Gamera in these duties, having had experience with dealing with Kaiju capable of reproducing quickly such as the MUTO and as such has no problem working with Gamera to take down the swarms of Gyaos should they go out of control.
    • Has become allies with the good-aligned Ultra Series deities, following a brief rivalry with the original Ultraman. Particularly he gets along with Rei, who controls Kaiju to fight, in part due to Rei's Gomora being a Worthy Opponent to Big G who nonetheless respects him. He is also well-respected by the New Generation Heroes, Orb and Geed; as well as Ultraman Zero, who finds Godzilla a great ally against the Ultras' worst foes such as The Zettons, Yapool, Ultraman Belial and Gatanozoa. Godzilla particularly has it out for Zetton and Belial as both of them have come close to defeating and killing him in attacks, likewise that Yapool employs evil Kaiju that he creates for his attacks is also somethign that does not sit well with Godzilla.
    • Similarly other Toku Heroes, but mainly the commanders of the GUAG Toku Division, respect Godzilla due to him being the progenitor of what would become the genre as well as his authority over Kaiju and monsters around the Multiverse. Godzilla himself appreciates their help in fighting his enemies, most notably The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Tommy Oliver due to them employing a Zord that resembles Godzilla in appearance. Likewise, Mako Mori and Raleigh Beckett appreciate the help Godzilla brings against evil Kaiju and alien invaders and that he can serve as a deterrent towards neutral Kaiju acting violent and unruly in the Pantheon, and therefore keep a close distance with him, it does help that their superior, Guillermo del Toro, is a big fan of Godzilla himself.
    • He once had to confront the combined threat of Gigan, Shocker, Alien Pitt, Alien Bado and the original Alien Baltan with the help of Ultraman, the Carrangers and Kamen Rider J, Thus the aforementioned Shocker and Alien Baltan are among his top enemies in the Pantheon. He also developed a hatred for their allies and the eviler Baltans such as Psycho, that said, he's willing to forgive and be allies with friendlier Baltans such as Tiny Baltan.
    • As the King of the Monsters, Godzilla carries an authoritarian role over most of the Pantheon's Kaiju, using his power and influence to ensure they don't stir up trouble, most notably he's taken Cloverfield under his tutelage, hoping to discipline the young, rowdy monster into a more peaceful individual as well as making it less irritable than it is right now. Dinosaurs of the Pantheon also respect his authority with those such as The Raptor Squad, Rexie. That said it detests legitimately evil Kaiju such as the Them! Giant Ants, Evil Dragons such as Smaug, Duke Fishron and The Kraken among others, Godzilla has declared his intention to make sure these threats are all taken down, helped by their various attempts to usurp his position as King of the Monsters.
    • On the flipside of his alliances lie his enemies, the primary examples are the evil Kaiju of his world chief among them being King Ghidorah, and the aforementioned Gigan, Destoroyah, Hedorah, and MechaGodzilla. Among them Ghidorah is his sworn eternal enemy, with Godzilla serving as one of the few things standing between Ghidorah and the destruction of Earth or more. Ghidorah himself loathes Godzilla for his repeated interferences in his many attempts to destroy Earth and just how many times he's lost to Godzilla. Ghidorah is currently plotting to have his Heralds fully summon his "Planet Eater" self so he can one up and kill Godzilla once and for all. Meanwhile Godzilla's allies plan to help him obtain his "Super Godzilla" form in case Ghidorah's true form is summoned.
  • He once had a clash against the Avengers, Fantastic Four, SHIELD, Hercules and the Marvel Earth military. Though he ultimately proved near invincible and even attempts to shrink him failed to deter him for long and ultimately was stopped by being driven away. Nowadays, Godzilla is nowhere near as aggressive as before beyond his GMK, Shin and Earth incarnations and since his Pantheon self is mostly a composite, he has become allies with his former enemies, even gaining a rival in The Hulk who's been eager to spar with the Big G from time to time as means of settling down who's the strongest nuclear energy being. Though beyond that, the two get along, especially due to them being often misunderstood by humans rather than legitimately evil.
  • Has earned his fair share of admirers and fans or deities who became his allies due to their admiration for Kaiju or other fantastic beasts:
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd is a huge fan of Godzilla. Godzilla himself is neutral on the Nerd but admires his passion towards Kaiju in general, including him, he was a little bothered due to the Nerd placing other monsters above him (particularly The Giant Claw), but is willing to not make much of a fuss about it. Similarly Guillermo del Toro is also a big fan of Godzilla, citing the King of the Monsters as one of his many childhood inspirations and "heroes", he was pretty thrilled to meet the Big G in person, Godzilla returns the sentiment without issue himself.
    • Other fans of him include Harry and his dinosaurs with Harry nearly fainting upon meeting Godzilla in person, Steven Spielberg, who has said that Godzilla influenced a lot of his films and has nothing but respect for the Kaiju as a result, likewise his underlings are all allies with Godzilla either reluctantly or willingly, particularly Rexie and even Blue and the Raptor Pack, who have earned Godzilla's respect for their action in the mortal world with Rexie herself respect his authority and are willing to follow his command when need to.
    • The heroic My Hero Academia Deities know of a hero named Godzillo, who's quirk allows him to transform into a Godzilla-like monster, as he is a big fan of Godzillo Izuku Midoriya also became a good ally of Godzilla and something of a fan of him, mostly assuming Godzilla is in a good mood and isn't causing needless destruction or rampaging around. The other deities followed suit, though won't doubt about taking down Godzilla should they confront his "eviler" sides.
  • While Asgore Dreemurr shares the title of "King of the Monsters", Godzilla doesn't really minds that, mainly because Godzilla isn't interested in starting fights over petty arguments and that Asgore himself is a pacifist and Nice Guy for the most part means that no real problems come out of this, Godzilla even feels some major empathy with Asgore due to knowing what its like to lose your children. Godzilla lets him be, but tries to make sure to remind Agore to not let that title give him funny ideas.
    • That said, he generally gets along with the rest of the Undertale Deities, Frisk has even come to befriend Godzilla, viewing it as a rather kindhearted monster once you get to know him deep down (provided he's not dealing with GMK or Godzilla Earth). Generally, Godzilla will take his "Godzilla-Kun" form to speak more comfortably with the monsters of the Underground. Godzilla likes that they advocate for peace between their kind and humanity, though is not quite happy to hear they once planned an all-out genocide on mankind, as while Godzilla may occasionally let humanity know his rage when they go too far, he isn't one to seek their extermination, just to remind them of their place in nature.
  • He loathes all Evil Knockoffs and Evil Doppelgangers in the Pantheon, due to his own experiences with evil copies of him constantly appearing to fight him. Stand-outs are Metal Sonic as it reminds him too much of MechaGodzilla who is an Evil Doppelgänger of him that was created to kill him and nearly succeeded. Similarly the omnicidal Metallix won his disdain for his extreme cruelty and malice, in addition to being an upgraded form of Metal Sonic already.
  • He was sorely disappointed to find out that Eren changed for the worst after a Time Skip, going from a benevolent and optimistic hero to a jaded and careless monster who wants to commit genocide on all living beings for the sake of the Eldians, while Godzilla might usually go on destructive rampages from time to time he still has limits and isn't seeking to kill everything, thus the extremes of Eren's attitude displease him and has made it clear to his allies that when given the chance he will mercilessly kill Eren for his crimes, uncaring about his Freudian Excuse as Godzilla has not sunk to genocide just because mankind has rarely not seen Kaiju as enemies to kill regardless of actions. While neither of his "eviler" or more aggressive sides are fond of the world takeover he's planning as they view themselves as the rulers of Earth each and are amused that Eren sees them as threats to the people he protects.
  • He has met the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Deities in an Alternate Universe, while he met them he didn't have much of a strong opinion of them besides one time that Spike in his greedy form gave him a good fight and was even able to push him back for a while. He has become enemies with the evil-aligned deities such as Tirek, King Sombra, Chrysalis and Grogar for their attempted world takeovers and the fact that they were quick to view him as one of the higher threats of the Pantheon.
    • He's been endlessly annoyed by Fluttershy's attempts to keep him under control in the past, though she's tried multiple times to calm him down and "tame" him, Godzilla responded all times by roaring at her or firing warning shots of his atomic breath, the pegasus feels a little bad about making Godzilla mad in the past and lets him be, hoping to ease the tensions. He has made it clear that until he genuinely sees that Fluttershy gives him the appropriate respect he deserves as a King, he will be friends with her.
  • Is annoyed by Desco's infatuation with him, as the monster girl won't stop following him everywhere. He once tolerated her presence, but eventually grew tired when she declared him her boyfriend and began hissing and attacking anything she saw as a threat. Ever since, Godzilla will take the first chance to ditch her and go elsewhere so she can lose track of him.
  • Heavily dislikes hunters in the Pantheon, particularly those who go after mythical or powerful creatures, it can tolerate the Monster Hunters as they only do their job, but will undoubtedly put them in their place if they dare to mess with him, or if they go after his Kaiju and monster allies without much reason beyond wanting a thrilling hunt.
    • Was once seen as a target by Hircine, but the Hunting God came to see Godzilla as more than just "Worthy Prey" as he found out that Godzilla's potential meant that he could legitimately do more than just destroy his avatars, and thus has switched to viewing the Big G as a mortal enemy, especially after learning of Godzilla's many adventures which included destroying Hell itself and annihilating an entire Pantheon worth of Greek Gods. Hircine won't admit to it, but he fears the power of Godzilla.
    • Hunter J was once willing to target Godzilla, but upon meeting him face to face, she was quite outmatched and Godzilla soon made the usually fearless hunter run away in pure fear, once her alliance with the Grand United Alliance of Evil came to be she is deadset on supporting to kill Godzilla, though won't dare to come close to him anymore.
  • He once came across Walter White wandering in the Pantheon, though the meeting was short lived, Walter's respect of Godzilla allowed the human to come out relatively unscathed. Later on, Walter would keep meeting Godzilla in other situations and eventually a friendship grew between them out of said respect. Similarly, he became friends with Princess Ariel, as the mermaid is nothing but courteous and kind to Godzilla when the latter isn't feeling in a destructive mood and given that Godzilla inhabits the seas, he respects her authority, for similar reasons he enjoys the company of Tim Curry/Aquaman the most out of any superhero in the Pantheon.
  • Having inspired thousands of imitators, Godzilla does not take kindly to those who try to imitate him too much. He can tolerate the likes of Tyranitar, as the Pokemon isn't trying to challenge his position as King of the Monsters and is generally docile when not fighting for some reason. On the other hand it isn't too fond of Lizzie (or its fellow Rampage Kaiju) for being a fully destructive and sadistic imitator, Godzilla constantly has to put Lizzie in its place whenever it gets funny ideas of fighting the Big G.
  • One time Godzilla went to Hell following a Mutual Kill with SpaceGodzilla that destroyed Earth (apparently, even Godzilla himself has not much of an idea of it). But instead of staying there for eternity as punishment, he escaped, thrashed the place and annihilated most of its inhabitants before willing himself back into life and somehow bringing Earth back (assuming Earth itself was destroyed in the first place). Ever since, the various evil demons of the Pantheon, even Overdeities, are terrified of the thought of Godzilla being sent back to Hell, as he perfectly capable of thrashing the place all over again and may be able to take down all of them if they get in his way. This has made him popular with the Doom Slayer, who sees Godzilla as a strange kindred soul in their hatred of demons and ability to make Hell itself kowtow to them and even start worshipping him, just like demons did with the Doom Slayer during his near-eternal rampage in Hell. Another deity who allied with Godzilla for similar reasons was Dante, another demon hunter in the Pantheon.
    • That he destroyed Heaven in the process too has alarmed the House of Angels, who fear Godzilla might similarly inflict a complete annihilation on them like he did before. As such, they too are making up plans and ways to defeat or incapacitate Godzilla should the need for it ever arise.
  • Having once worked with the EVA children against King Ghidorah in his Shin incarnation, Godzilla found himself allied with them in the Pantheon very quickly, he also grew disdain for Gendo Ikari, viewing the man as a monster for his actions and mental and psychological abuse of his son as well as his role in the Impacts. The EVA children themselves will oppose Godzilla when he's in his GMK or Earth mode, particularly the latter for being a planet terraformer who seeks to exterminate all competition for the rule of Earth
    • Similarly that he showed the will to override the minds of various demon swarms that attempted to assimilate him has made him feared by Hive Mind Deities in the Pantheon such Oryx, The Vex and Horde Prime as he has the potential to resist any attempted control and may just end up destroying them for their troubles if they try anything funny on him.
  • Similarly to the incident with Hell and Heaven, Godzilla once fought the entire Greek Pantheon and annihilated them all. This gained him Kratos' respect, as he saw that the Greek Gods of the Universe that Godzilla fought them in were just like the ones he fought, except without any external corruption, as they had stopped helping mortals and thus the faith that gave them power vanished, allowing Godzilla to kill them all. The Gods in the Pantheon have made sure to have their worshippers retain their faith and are arming themselves in the scenario that Godzilla decides to repeat his little stunt, hoping to prevent a repeat of the incident in the Pantheon, especially after learning that if they were to confront "GMK" Godzilla, their souls could end up absorbed by Godzilla and used to empower him further.
  • Having been born and embodying the power of the atomic bomb has made Godzilla hated by those who've suffered from the effects of nuclear poisoning or the atom bomb, particularly Japanese Deities; as well as making him oppose The Lich, as the malevolent omnicidal demon is everything that Godzilla is trying not to be, and his desire to extinguish all life includes Godzilla himself. The Lich has made a few offers to Godzilla about joining his side, claiming that Godzilla could be more than just a giant monster and truly become a God if they joined forces, but Godzilla has rejected him each and every time.

Intermediate Gods

Bumblebee, God of Appealing to Kids (Bee, Beeper, Goldbug, Goldfire, Goldwheels, Beeside, Bumblebee of Iacon, Bumble, Goldback, N.B.E.-02, ZB-7, B-127)
G1 Bumblebee
Movie Bumblebee 
Animated Bumblebee 
Prime Bumblebee 
Cyberverse Bumblebee 
Reboot Movies Bumblebee 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia (Either the original, or Generation Two model.) Alternatively, an actual bumblebee
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Very excellent at befriending kids, Deadpan Snarker, Combat Parkour, Kid Hero, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Super polite and charismatic, Courage level of 10, Fragile Speedster, Stronger and more capable in other continuities
  • Domain: Technology, Family, Quirks, Heroism, Popularity
  • Heralds: His human friends Spike Witwicky, Sam Witwicky, Raf Esquivel and Charlie Watson, Hound, Cheetor
  • Allies:
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work with: The Dinobots, Scrappy-Doo, Deadpool
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: The Fazbear Gang
  • Opposes: The S.O.S. Brigade
  • Wary of: John Cena (...yes, seriously)
  • When you think of Transformers, what is the other Autobot you would think of other than Optimus Prime? That's right, it's the ever-beloved Bumblebee! Often considered the youngest of the Autobots, Bumblebee is assigned as their primary spy tasked with sabotaging and reconnaissance but most notably, he has often been paired with the young Earthlings, finding a sort of connection and understanding with them. As he looks up to them, he also wanted to prove himself to the Autobots that he is capable of holding on his own but in some incarnations, unbeknownst to him he already has some of them look up to him for his courage and determination that proves he will be a great leader.
    • When it comes to his first contact with Earth, he is commonly depicted with coming to Earth alone as a seemingly broken down car until a human companion re-activates him and he protects them since. Other times, he arrives to Earth along with fellow Autobots instead. Either way, Bumblebee is one of the Autobots most likely to be friendly to humans and is the quickest to befriend, provided that you didn't use him for a selfish scheme.
  • Bumblebee was already around during the Pantheons' early days, once again fighting alongside Optimus Prime and Grimlock against Megatron and his Decepticons, with the title of God of Kid Appeal Characters for his aforementioned reasons of relatability to children. As his allies' and enemies' temples have renovated and new ones had ascended, Bumblebee felt the need to shape up his own too. After renewing his title to the Court of the Gods, Bumblebee invites both his Autobot and human companions in renovating his temple and now, the bright, yellow robo-warrior is ready to roll out.
  • As per the nature of the Pantheons, Bumblebee can morph into other incarnations in his home multiverse. Besides his most well-known Volkswagen Beetle form, he can also turn into incarnations of a Chevrolet Camaro or any of the futuristic-looking cars. His more recent incarnations often have him speak with his radio transmitter in order to have him be more relatable to the audience, though his voice box does get fixed later on with how long said fix sticks depends on the incarnation. Whether he's either a Beetle or a Camaro, he still really hates being called obsolete and would lose his temper if you call his car models "so last season".
    • When Bumblebee gets really damaged, he would sometimes come back with a golden paint job and a mouth guard. In this form, he usually goes by the name Goldbug or some other variation. Should he perish as Goldbug, he would still come back as Bumblebee once again; he wants to switch to Goldbug more easily but he'll have to make due with what he has instead.
  • Like before, Bumblebee has very good relationships with the Autobots as he is not only a surprisingly good role model, he's also one of the superior officers because of his experience and expertise. Optimus Prime has high hopes for him and encourages him from time to time, Hot Rod relates to him in being budding leaders who are good with children, Bulkhead being initially baffled on why Bee has forms that muted his speech and spoke through the radio as a compensation even when Bee said it hasn't fazed him ever, among others. Primus obviously earns his respect for being his home and a benevolent force overall and Primus likewise praises his endless courage and determined leadership.
    • Grimlock and by extension the other Dinobots, are still iffy on Bee since their conception; he does recognize Bee's potential but hadn't become too fond of him like he did with Hot Rod. Bumblebee is a lot more cordial with Dinobot instead who is reminded of Cheetor and his own growth into a leader; sure enough, Cheetor is currently one of Bee's Heralds and even he can agree that Bumblebee is a very good leader when the time comes.
    • Of course, facing the Decepticons again in the Pantheons is pretty much inevitable and Bumblebee is more than ready to face them once more. Megatron finds him a pipsqueak and is angry that in one universe, Bee ultimately stops him from finishing off Optimus which deprives him from his ultimate victory against him. Starscream really hates Bumblebee and it might stemmed from him interrupting his speech that one time. Soundwave and Shockwave prepared countermeasures and counter-intelligence should Bumblebee's espionage skills hinder their plans and Sixshot and Tidal Wave would be more than willing to kill him and defend Megatron against him respectively. Lockdown gets more ire from Bumblebee for his tendency to keep mementos from his killings and his relentless sadism while Lockdown himself sees him as another potential prey to kill.
    • The bigger threat than the Decepticons is Unicron whose planet-wide threat and destructive power is nothing to take lightly, considering that he nearly destroyed Cybertron (and by extension, Primus) before this. Unicron mostly doesn't care for Bumblebee, finding him to be another future casualty to his upcoming planetary rampage.
  • Bumblebee is more than happy with joining the GUAG and its Robot War Division in order to keep fighting his enemies and rivals with backup resources in hand and for his exemplary skills in leadership and espionage. Regarding the leader Cosmos, he can be very vocal on how naive she is at times about how the enemy has some kind of inherent goodness but she welcomes his criticism as the mark of a discerning leader. Bumblebee has a deep sense of loyalty and some Hero Worship towards his leader Optimus Prime and is starting to feel the same for Cosmos.
  • As expected of Bumblebee, he's a natural friend towards children and most of them want to be as strong and brave as he is, which flatters Bee and he hopes that they will become strong enough to face their future life and their hardships. Those who stand out include the Pines twins, whose fantastical adventures often baffle Bee to no end but nevertheless are worth commending going through especially that they and their close friends managed to defeat the ever-crazy Bill Cipher; the Cutie Mark Crusaders as well despite that time they thought they could get their Cybertronian Fixer-Uppers Cutie Marks by operating on Bumblebee but he was nevertheless proud to find that the trio ultimately obtained their own Cutie Marks on helping others find their purpose and is willing to become a getaway vehicle for the Crusaders if things get sour, given the seal of approval from the Crusaders' friends and elders. Scrappy-Doo is a lot more contentious and hard to work with Scrappy due to the puppy's eagerness to fight threatens his safety a lot, not to mention being like him but only more bratty and loud.
    • Some of the Inklings have befriended him, and they can be seen driving Bee in his vehicle mode as they do some drive-by inking which he calls a change of pace from the Forever War. Sora also befriended Bee, as they both had gone through adventures for their friends and managed to prove themselves when they gained more strength and Beast Boy did as well who also proved his capability of leadership; Beast Boy hadn't managed to shapeshift into a Cybertronian but Bumblebee assures him that it's not that necessary since he is limited to only animals.
    • It was surprising for Bumblebee to discover that a kaiju like Gamera managed to be friendly to children, and once he assures the other Autobots that he doesn't pose much harm to innocents, he openly welcomes his help against city-block large threats. Bee also managed to befriend Yu Narukami and Ichigo Kurosaki and not only do they share a voice and are very protective of the younger deities, they even find him to be a giant yet hopeful little brother-like figure and are all happy to team up with each other. Through them, he also earned praise from the Heroic Protectors Of Family for being there for the youngsters and being a stellar example to them.
    • Curiously had became an ally of Freddy Fazbear and by extension the rest of the Fazbear Gang. Most posited that it is due to their shared love of children and mechanical life-form status as well as being inhabited by souls of dead children themselves but when Bumblebee was confronted about this, he hadn't commented further and said that there's more to them than meets the eye.
  • Bumblebee had allied himself with most the shipgirls of the Imperial Japanese Navy lately and true to his nature, he hangs out with the Destroyers often since they are the precocious-looking among them. Notable ones include Hibiki, Inazuma and Ikazuchi; Hibiki putting Russian in her speech is endearing and is carefully explaining to her gradually what marriage actually is while with Ikazuchi and Inazuma, not only he finds them to be like little sisters but he also appreciates their willingness to help (especially Ikazuchi) and tells Inazuma that it's not wrong to save lives even if you still wanted to avoid conflict.
  • Has found a fan in Spider-Man who likes him for his bravery to overcome various enemies and obstacles and proving himself to be a great leader, not unlike Peter gradually becoming a more experienced hero even after various hardships coming between him and his close friends. It seems that the Web Head was very upset about Marvel's handling of the TF property and that he screamed out Bee's name in frustration; now that they reunited in the Pantheons, Bumblebee assures him that company decisions will never get in their way of their alliance. Bee in turn became a big friend of Spider-Gwen, who he decided to meet after her voice reminded him of his old friend Charlie Watson, who is currently serving as one of his Heralds. Both have since spent a lot of time together, as Gwen knows that a giant robot who also serves as a car is an invaluable ally.
  • It's expected for Bumblebee to bond with those who tinker with machinery, as shown with Charlie Watson; it's how he got to meet Hana Song AKA D.Va and Hazel. Bee is amazed that she got pilot an amazing suit and admires her combat skill and dedication to her role as protector and she likewise appreciates his friendliness, uplifting words and relatability to keep up expectations to do better. Hazel meanwhile, find him and the other Autobots pretty cool and Bee himself is fascinated by her expertise on machinery, especially turrets. Chihiro Fujisaki is more of a programmer than a mechanic, but he looks up to Bumblebee a lot and hopes to be like him and Bee himself agrees as he can see Chihiro's endless potential, but he's saddened that his life was cut short before its realized and even though he gets to help after death through his creations, Bee is finding opportunities for the young programmer to help.
  • As he is a friendly robot who means very well to humans, Bumblebee was approached by the grim-looking Epsilon who he instinctively prepares himself against until Epsilon proved that he's not here to fight, making Bumblebee ready to listen. As Epsilon explains his situation and expresses that he sees Bee as an example of fighting for robot rights, Bee felt humbled as he isn't really fighting for robot rights, he's fighting so that he can defend others and plus, robot rights are too low priority when the Cybertronian War is still waging. Nevertheless, Epsilon welcomes him to the company of Liberion Arcadia, who do advocate for robot freedom unlike the GUAM; there, he gets along better with the more younger-by-comparison Quote and Curly Brace who finds him a fun friend and Dr. Ciel who has high hopes for him as a capable leader.
    • In Charlie's world where he gets hunted down by Sector 7 agent Jack Burns who had stopped at nothing to do his job, Bumblebee relates to the Iron Giant since the Giant himself went through a similar situation; it helps that Bee knows how to be gentle with him as he hangs out with him over time. Since he's very wary of Agent Burns, Bumblebee irrationally avoids his portrayer John Cena due to bad memories of being hunted down by him; the other gods are surprised since both figures are loved by children. Cena can understand Bee's lingering fear, but he's bummed that he missed out on a true alliance with him.
  • Bumblebee is cautious of the Lanius, a race of Disaster Scavengers that consume scrap metal, as well as the Infested whose affliction warps things on the molecular level allowing them to infect both flesh and metal; the fact that they also scared the Decepticons as well says a lot about their threat level. Through the Destroyers who are already allied with the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Bumblebee also joins in the fight against the Neuroi, who have an as-of-yet-unknown agenda for their Earth.
  • There was one time where the members of the S.O.S. Brigade once tried to kidnap him, until he found an opening to get himself free. Bumblebee is still reeling from that incident as he finds it weird how seemingly normal Japanese high school students can be that out there, which gives more meaning to "more than meets the eye". Also, Deadpool once found out about how he shares one of Bee's voices and tried to paint him red and black so that the two could match. Not only that colour palette would make him look like Cliffjumper in a way, Bumblebee finds Wade to be like Spidey but only more chaotic and audacious.
  • "The least likely can be the most dangerous."

Lesser Gods

    AMS Agents 
AMS Agents Thomas Rogan, G, James Taylor, and Gary Stewart, Gods of Narm Charm (Rogan: Eager Eagle, Rowgun, Logan | G: "Agent Gwendolyn", 'Genocide', Silver Fang)
Agents G and Rogan during the 1998 Curien Case
Agent Rogan during the 2019 EFI Research Facility investigation 
Agent G during the 2019 EFI Research Facility investigation 
Agent G during the 2003 investigation 
Agent G during the 1991 Bayou City investigation
Agent James during the 2000 Goldman Case
Agent James 3 years later
Agent Gary during the 2000 Goldman Case
  • Agent G was the first of them to ascend, under the title One-Letter Name, and Isaac was there to greet him with an "About time, motherfucker!" G is just as happy to have his old friend in the Pantheon.
  • Applies to all or some of them:
    • As some of the most famous zombie hunters who ever lived, they naturally don't get along very well with members of the pantheon who have returned from the grave. This can range from mere distrust to outright contempt in the case of Dracula. The House of Vampires and, ironically, the House of Undead have strictly prohibited them from entry out of fear that they'll go on a rampage should they enter.
      • They also hold contempt for those whose experiments make mutants out of the undead, so they especially oppose Albert Wesker, his sister Alex, and their allies.
      • Speaking of the Weskers, the AMS agents occasionally assist Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and their friends against those scientists and their Umbrella cronies, providing both access to the AMS database as well as their own skills as an undead creature killer. Once, on a desperate occasion, G even helped Simon Belmont in his fight against Dracula.
      • Dracula's resemblance to G and Rogan's arch enemy, Type-0 "The Magician", has not helped their icy relationship with the vampire. James' run in with the dantean monstrosity Type-β "The World" has also made him suspicious of whether Elsa had any hand in its creation because of its ice powers. They eventually cleared things up with the Arrendellian queen, but cryokinetics are still people they watch out for, especially for James.
    • Technically speaking, save for the events in 1991, Curien's/Goldman's/Thornheart's forces aren't actually comprised of traditional zombies and are likely creations, thus creatures or mutants. For one, they straight up kill people rather than infect them (though some victims do reanimate later). For another, they come in all shapes and sizes, wield weapons and elemental powers, and can even drive cars.
    • Badass Normals par excellence, between the four, they've killed enormous genetic abominations that can shoot fire, teleport, spawn endless electricity, fly, have multiple heads, swim, shoot webs, wield massive weapons, or manipulate ice. All while using only a six shot 9mm pistol, shotgun, or SMG (with Bottomless Magazines). Their colleagues have killed invulnerable giants, shapeshifters, and immortal evolving doomsday weapons while similarly armed.
      • As such, BOWs and the Special Infected are nothing special to them. Not even the Tank is that much of a problem, though Boomer bile might be a mite concerning to deal with.
    • While the specifics regarding the AMS is not known, what is known that it's American-based and is probably outside of other US Government organizations and/or jurisdiction. Still, they're on amicable terms with government agents in the Pantheon such as Shuichi Akai, Tooru Amuro and Rena Mizunashi (FBI, NPA (Japanese National Police Agency) and CIA agents respectively), and will assist them in cases against the Black Organization.
    • Sometimes, during zombie-killing operations, instead of toting guns, James and Gary wear SEGA Dreamcast backpacks and keyboards and attack by typing words. Sometimes, it's a white PlayStation 2 instead of a Dreamcast, or a Mega Drive hooked to a tablet of all things, or even just an iPhone (and no backpack).
      • As for why the hell they even have such things, it's because they're Friendly Fireproof since they don't target non-enemy units. That said, without headshots, it means typing speed is the most important thing here.
    • Because they were used as both the code names and major inspiration for the primary undead strains they've fought, the agents were inherently mistrustful of Tarot cards and such motifs, and are uneasy around Nimue Inwudu and Sartorius as a result. And the Persona casts, who all bear various arcanas. Notably, as of the events of Scarlet Dawn, the Devil is the only tarot card that hasn't been used as the name of any boss they or their heralds have encountered.
      • However, the Magician's ascension and their own repulse in the face of the mutant has changed G's opinion and they decided that cooperation was the better option. They still distrust the Duelist, though, given his tenure under the Light of Ruin.
    • Unlike Rogan, G never settled down and had kids, and thus regards his partner and his wife Sophie as the closest thing he has to a family. During the 1998 Curien Case, Sophie had been gravely injured by the bardiche of Type-27 "The Chariot" and was almost considered dead; as a result, G and Rogan have grown to admire people who stay strong in spite of their disabilities.
    • While not fighting the same foes as V.S.S.E. or the Virtua Cops, the AMS Agents do spend some time collaborating with them given that they're pretty good shots. That said, it also drew the enmity of Wild Dog, and while he won't be working together with most of the AMS Agents' enemies, he can still interfere in their operations as a Wild Card.
  • Exclusive to Rogan:
    • All that's known of Rogan is that he was born on February 9, 1966, eventually joined AMS, and became recognized as its top agent. Although known for being a "hothead", he was distinguished for his courage and keen decision-making. He participated in what would come to be known as the 1998 Curien Case, because his then-girlfriend Sophie was a researcher in the Curien Mansion. Together with G, he put a stop to Curien's schemes and put down his creation the Magician (or so they first thought). Between that case and his next appearance 21 years later in the third game, he had married Sophie (who managed to survive the Curien Mansion incident), and they had a daughter named Lisa, although his relation with her was strained due to focusing too much on work.
      • Eventually, after the collapse of AMS, he determined the source of the apocalypse posthumously organized by Goldman to the EFI Research Facility, and with a secret division of military commandos that he had formed, he staged a raid on the facility. All of his men died, and he almost did too were it not for Dr. Curien's son Daniel. He would be reunited with his daughter and G two weeks later, and while Lisa and Daniel dealt with the Wheel of Fate, G stayed with Rogan to tend to his injuries. At the end of the whole conflict, as the four of them left the facility, when G asked whether this mission would change anything, Rogan — while unsure — optimistically claimed that they had "done [their] part", and that the future was left to people like Lisa and Daniel.
    • As for what Rogan does in the Pantheon, without an AMS to direct them, he leads his fellow members as its most senior agent.
    • As a workaholic who barely had time for his own daughter, Rogan's gotten to know others who've had similar dynamics with their kids. They may or may not have formed an Anonymous Support group.
      • First is Sonya Blade, who had a strained relationship with her daughter Cassie by devoting herself to her job as a Major General and treating Cassie as another soldier and rarely her own daughter. She's trying to move on from this since her husband Johnny Cage became too concerned of this attitude.
      • Second is Ryotaro Dojima, whose relation with Nanako was strained by his fears ever since his wife's death by a runaway car collision, and he frequently took to work to avoid her. Thankfully, Yu Narukami's arrival eventually got these issues fixed up.
      • Third is Bright Noa, whose status as an EFSF naval officer strained his relationship and unintentionally antagonized his son Hathaway, who later became an insurgent in the organization Mufti and got captured. Bright signed the execution order without knowing it was his son he was sending to the firing squad. When he found out, he was so shattered that he resigned his commission.
  • Exclusive to G:
    • Most of G's personal information is unknown, including his nationality, birthdate, and real name. Age-wise, he was approximately 35 to 40 years old in 1998[3] (making him around 50 in 2019, and at least his late 20s to early 30s when he was a rookie in 1991).
      • Speaking of 1991, after his graduation from the AMS academy, Special Agent G was assigned to investigate a missing persons case in Bayou City, Louisiana linked to crime lord Papa Caesar. That was where he met Detective Isaac Washington. They would work together in stopping Papa Caesar, as well as the real mastermind behind the outbreak Clement Darling.
      • His next (or first, rather) known case was with Rogan in the 1998 Curien Case, and then two years later he partook in the 2000 Goldman Case, but ended up grievously injured, forcing him to leave the rest to fellow agents James and Gary, who were supposed to meet up with him.
      • Three years later, he would eventually meet up with Kate Green, who had been James's partner before he sacrificed himself to destroy Type-β "The World", and they would take the fight to the source; a yet-again-resurrected Magician. They would stop him once more.
      • In 2019 in his world, he would partner with Rogan's daughter Lisa as they investigate his old partner's disappearance. Details of that incident can be found in Rogan's section.
    • Ever since his first mission in Louisiana, he's had a taste for sazeracs, and he'll quickly start acting more like his younger, cockier, edgier self after having a few. He also has a taste for country music.
    • An old wound he received from Kuarl of Type-28 "Judgement" acts up from time to time. Luckily, he's always been stoic in the face of pain, and only lets it affect him when he's not on the job.
    • He will never tell anyone what the G stands for… but if you were to guess 'Gangsta', he wouldn't try to deny it.
    • Hates being mixed up with William Birkin, who also goes by 'G' (and is allied with Wesker), But he's on pleasant terms with both Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin.
    • There've been rumors about G having "metallic"-tasting blood and behaving "mechanically". But he assures folks who ask that he's a 100% organic human being.
    • Among the stuff in his part of the temple is Varla Guns's brain. It's true that the Pantheon has means to get her back to her old body, but it's best that a trope be found for her first (whether she's to be a Pantheon deity or just a herald or high priestess).
  • Exclusive to James:
    • Prior to the 2000 Goldman Case, all that's known of James is that he was born around 1965, and that as an AMS special agent, he was known for having a calm composure and a "computer-like" mind.
      • During the 2000 Goldman Case, alongside rookie agent Gary, James was supposed to meet up with G, but due to G's sustained injuries during the battle, they had to take over for him, and worked alongside fellow agents Harry and Amy. After a match with the Magician, and destroying Type-α "The Emperor", they eventually stopped Goldman once and for all. Or so they thought...
      • Three years later, together with rookie agent Kate Green, while gathering intelligence at the agency's European branch office, an earthquake trapped them inside, and creatures began to run rampant once more. Fighting their way back to the Goldman building, after stopping one of his posthumous plans to nuke the world, they then had to confront Type-β "The World". When it eventually proved too tough for SMG bullets to penetrate, James decided to end it with a self-destruct sequence activated by his PDA, taking his own life in the process.
    • Just like with G, James has an old wound (on top of the one he received from Type-0001 "The Star") that acts up from time to time. Luckily, he's able to power through it, and only lets it affect him when he's not on the job.
    • Has been berated for pulling a Stupid Sacrifice when the used his PDA-time bomb to destroy Type-β "The World" when he could've easily thrown it. Even if the Star had injured him and he wouldn't have lived for long, there were better ways to go in front of his partner Kate. They also wondered how the explosion was strong enough to destroy The World yet leave Kate unharmed while she was relatively close by.
    • As an advocate for not giving up hope, he's appalled by the fact that there are folks who explicitly desire to destroy it and sink people into despair. As such, Junko Enoshima is a prime enemy he won't hesitate to shoot on sight.
    • Was once asked if he has miraculous powers from beyond the grave to help his brother Ryan in the mortal realm given that in the battle against Thornheart's mutant The Moon, after Ryan picked up a rebar and jumped from a multiple-stories building to stab the monster without a second thought, lightning came soon after to finish the beast.
  • Exclusive to Gary:
    • All that's known of Gary is that he joined the AMS in 1999, and that despite his inexperience, he put full effort into his job; though his actions were sometimes reckless and concerned fellow agent James Taylor. His first case would be in 2000 alongside James. Nothing else about him since then is known.
    • As someone introduced to the conflicts they're fighting while they were just newcomers to the agency they are working for, out of all the Resident Evil heroes, Gary gets along best with Leon Kennedy.

    DJ Pon-3/Vinyl Scratch 
DJ Pon-3, Goddess of Unexpectedly Popular Characters (Vinyl Scratch, DJ P0n-3)
human form 

    Draco Malfoy 
Draco Lucius Malfoy, God of Unreasonably Liked Villains

    Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way 
Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, Goddess of Being Fascinatingly Bad (Enoby, Ebnoy and every conceivable mispelling, Tara Way, Nut Mary Sue OK)
Ebony according to the My Immortal comic

    Matt Hardy 
Brother Troper, I knew you'd come!

Matthew Moore "Matt" Hardy, God of Unexpected Successes Derided Before Release (Sensei of Mattitude, Matt Hardy Version 1, Big Money Matt, BROKEN/WOKEN Matt Hardy, Brother Moore [called that by Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero], Zenith, Damascus)
  • Theme Songs:
  • Lesser God normally, verging on Intermediate God when BROKEN/WOKEN
  • Symbol:
    • When Normal: The Hardy Boyz necklace over the stylizied initials MH in red.
    • When "BROKEN/WOKEN" it's his drone, Vanguard-1/NEO-1 superimposed with a speech bubble stating "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" or the word WOKEN on a shattered black screen.
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Wrestling, Death (Ashamed and Defied), Atonement, Jealousy, Insanity, Resurrection (Career).
  • Allies: Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero (his brother), John Cena, Shawn Michaels (The Kid Who Breaks Hearts), Daniel Bryan, The Undertaker, Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, AJ Styles
  • Rivals:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Brother Nero Punk, Brother Nero Takatora/Kamen Rider Zangetsu
  • Enemies: Vince MEEKMAHAN (his former boss), Brother Nero Mitsuzane/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Brother Nero Mikami
  • Distrusted by: Every single good-aligned Equestrian God (thanks to the Through Darkness and Mirrors incident, see below)
  • Avid listener of: Ludwig van Beethoveen
  • Herald: Reby Sky/Queen Rebecca (his wife) and Vanguard-1/NEO-1 (his loyal drone)
  • Once upon a time, Matt and Jeff Hardy were a prominent tag team known as The Hardy Boyz, sometimes nicknamed Team Xtreme. They fought with each other, fought against each other and things were all right in the world. Until one day, when Matt Hardy became BROKEN, both in mind and appearance, blessed by a group of beings that he calls "The Seven Deities". This culminated into a match simply known as "The Final Deletion" that had the brothers fight for the Hardy name and contained hologram-projecting drones, Roman candles, a lake of reincarnation, a dilapidated boat, Matt's Mexican gardener and Matt running over his brother's lawn work with a lawn mower and then defeating his Obsolete Mule of a brother by lighting a huge cross on fire. No one could tell what to make of it, and various gods thought that It Will Never Catch On. Oh, how wrong they were...
    • Over time, Matt somehow became ever so popular with his gimmick. Not only was it creative, but it was also due to Matt being able to become his broken character no matter what the situation. Soon enough, "DELETE!" chants could be heard everywhere, matches were being fought in the Hardy Compound, Jeff Hardy decided to go along with the broken madness, Matt won tag team gold everywhere he went and gods who once derided him became part of his "Broken Bandwagon". For this, gods decided that he could go to the House of Popularity for succeeding where many gods thought he would fail. He just laughed madly in response.
  • When normal, he likes to eat green grapes for some odd reason and likes to eat these as he's a frequent visitor in the House of Food. When BROKEN, he loves green beans.
  • As the leader of the Broken Bandwagon, Matt's goal is to lead a platoon of BROKEN/WOKEN Warriors in the battle against the darkness. He proclaims himself as of the light, and to those who are "DELETED", that means that they have lost everything from within their soul that makes them special, deleting them from all of space and time.
  • When he originally ascended, he was really not happy to find Gangrel of all people in the Pantheon. After getting unsuccessful answers from both Edge and Jeff as to their history, Matt also had to decline actually being part of a stable with him ( it turns out that, just like with E & C before, there's really no history). Gangrel just laughs at how hilarious this all is. It also didn't help that Christian finally made it to the Pantheon who then preceded to scream in sheer terror at the realization.
  • After years of bad blood with one another, he and Edge have buried the hatchet. This doesn't stop Edge from using the spear on him when they step into the ring, but at least they aren't threatening to kill each other.
    • Edge and Christian are Matt's biggest supporters of the BROKEN/WOKEN persona. Gangrel? Whoosh. Short version: After the incident with Limbo during Christmas, he has placed a warning that BROKEN Matt is going to get more than a blood bath for what he did to the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Long version: During the Christmas holiday, BROKEN Matt Hardy created what is now known as the Darkness and Mirrors incident, forcing The Cutie Mark Crusaders into Limbo and having them go through the hellish world once more. Needless to say every good-aligned Equestrian God hate him with a passion now. Never mind that it wasn't his idea per se; he had a powerful "premo-NEE-tion" to stop a darker threat from letting loose and that he actually was trying to warn everyone of what was to come and the Crusaders eventually escaped Limbo and stopped the more powerful threat. Gangrel and Luna Vachon, who have become so close to the fillies, will NEVER forgive him for such treachery. BROKEN Matt doesn't mind though, as he plans to "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" the two when the time comes.
    • André the Giant also agrees with the vampires (he's the godfather of Luna Vachon, fyi) and just facepalmed when he learned that Matt became the winner of the André the Giant Memorial at Wrestlemania 34. He honestly doesn't want to know where Matt got the idea to speaking with his trophy likeness as if it was really André himself.
  • Whenever he and Jeff team up, the Hardy Boyz can usually be seen having epic tag team matches against any and all challengers. Paul London and Brian Kendrick are considered a Worthy Opponent for the two (despite the fact that neither wrestler can contemplate Matt's mentality now. Paul's not one to make judgments due to his White Rabbit worshiping)
  • Has made good friends with Yu Narukami. Matt's is teaching him some wrestling moves, while Yu is looking to see if he can help Matt...trim down, so to speak. Yu has been wary after what Matt did to his own brother (and promised to beat Matt within an inch of his life if he should go after Nanako), but Matt allying with Jeff after Jeff's Taking the Bullet during the "Delete or Decay" incident against a trio of demons has calmed things down...for the most part. Yu still doesn't want Nanako to go anywhere near him (and after what Matt did to her close friends, Nanako has threatened to cut his head off with her new wind-and-fire wheels).
  • Alongside his Brother Nero, he runs a stable known as "House Hardy" consisting of him, his wife Queen Rebecca, his sons King Maxel and Lord Wolfgang, his caretaker and gardener Senor Benjamin, his trusty drone Vanguard-1, and Skaasgard, the golden, sentient dilapidated boat. No one really knows what to say to this. But to those who wish to challenge Matt in his home, be careful. He has no qualms on shooting people with Roman Candle assault rifles, his Mexican gardener is armed with a taser, he will bury his opponents in the Land of Obsolete Men and there's always his Lake of Reincarnation that he can use to subdue an enemy before they even had a chance to know what hit them. Oh, and there was that event Tag Team Apocalypto where he had a volcano in his backyard which would take half of the House of Popularity with it if Matt and Jeff didn't retain their Tag Team Championships. Oh and it could somehow predict the gender of Matt's second child.
    • As to the extent of his powers, the "Seven Deities" have blessed him with the power to grant him very powerful "premo-NEE-tions", his Lake of Reincarnation will dunk any wrestler to a previous form for a short amount of time (Something that Kane absolutely looks at in fear), he has access to his various past lives and somehow rebooted his beloved Vanguard-1 using his brother's life essence. (Yes, seriously.) He's also capable of transferring his powers to another person who will be afflicted with the same inflection like BROKEN Matt has.
  • Likes to row his dilapidated boat, Skaasgard across the lakes and rivers of the House of Nature. May or may not be sentinent. And after a trip to Egypt where he obtained the abilities of his first vessel, Annunaki, it is now known as "The Golden Ark" that feeds on the tag team championships that BROKEN Matt and Brother Nero obtain during their expedition of gold.
  • Goes to the House of Beasts in order to commune with the animals—or rather the souls of famous people that are (apparently) reincarnated as animals. Fluttershy has had to ban him from her temple after she saw him try to box with a kangaroo that had the soul of Smokin' Joe Frazer in it.
  • Made a triumphant return to the WWE Universe at WrestleMania 33 with Brother Nero to become Tag Team Champions. He's now looking forward to deleting Roman Reigns all while laughing maniacally and stating how "DELIGHTFUL!" it is to be back in the WWE. While normal at that point, after a feud with Cesaro, his brother out on shoulder injury and being harassed by Bray Wyatt, Matt could only scream "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" and became something known as...WOKEN!!!. This culminated in a feud with Bray in what was to be known as "The Ultimate Deletion" which involved similar wackiness to "The Final Deletion" but included a game of hide-and-seek in the Land of Obsolete Men, a trip to the Dilapidated City (where Bray had a breakdown as it reminded him too well of when Randy Orton burned down Sister Abigail's remains) and the Dome of Deletion (in which WOKEN Matt tried to run Bray down with a "mower of lawns"), before it ended with Matt submerging his opponent in the Lake of Reincarnation.
    • When Bray returned following this event, he did so aiding Matt, as the two became a tag-team known as the "Deleters of Worlds". Gods could only imagine just what was in store, especially after Matt ultimately revealed that their history long predates their current existences. Zenith, the possessing essence behind Matt's WOKEN state, had been a comrade of the Archangel Samael for eons prior to Sister Abigail corrupting a certain incarnation of Samael. The Lake of Reincarnation, rather than reverting Bray's vessel to a pre-Samael state, freed the incarnation of Samael from the influence of Abigail, allowing them to restore their lost allegiance.
  • Gods learned the hard way to never have him with either Teru Mikami or the Cybermen in the same room after the trio started screaming "DELETE! DELETE! DELETE!" at one another.
  • Loves listening to the classics, and had Beethoveen's Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement as his entrance theme when he started the gimmick. Sometimes, Matt's wife, Queen Rebecca, will play this piece when her husband enters the ring.
  • To explain how absolutely crazy Matt is when BROKEN, his brother is the Cloudcuckoolander's Minder (in other words the sane one) when it comes to interacting with one another. Many gods are otherwise shocked that the Hardy who dyes his hair, risks his body for insane stunts and even makes a mummy out of aluminum foil is somehow the Only Sane Man out of the Hardys nowadays.
  • Due to multiple injuries, Matt has had to temporarily retire from in-ring wrestling. However, he's used this time to prepare his temple for more and more craziness, like the House Hardy Halloween party he held.
    • It is there that he revealed that the nucleus of his power was Excalibur, making him one of the gods who can wield him without being annoyed. Gods are fearing the chaos BROKEN Matt can unleash with Excalibur in hand.
  • Since he falls under the trope of works being derided before they became popular, he has ties with numerous gods who were seen with revulsion for their time from Tintin to the Muppets and My Little Pony gods, various Marvel superheroes whose films caused many doubters to eat crow after believing that they wouldn't sell (The Guardians of the Galaxy being the biggest example) and many many more works. And the more connections he gains, the more power he will use to spread and create his WOKEN Army. Other gods have learned to be very wary of him now, considering his charisma and his sheer will to project this BROKEN persona in and out of the ring.
  • Matt has resurfaced in All Elite Wrestling, his white stripe now dyed red. He states that he is now possessed by a being known as Damascus and everyone is wondering what type of chaos that's going to bring. His loyal drone has also been upgraded to NEO-1 too.
    • When asked what happened with Bray, Matt — possessed by Zenith — surmised that while dumping Bray into the Lake of Reincarnation purified Samael of Sister Abigail, it also might've unleashed the powers that are The Fiend. What doesn't help is that every wrestler The Fiend has fought has been warped beyond repair (Fergal Devitt fully embraced his Bullet Club ruthlessness and claimed he has no heart, Seth Rollins fell into madness and created the Architects of Pain cult, Daniel Bryan returned to his beareded underdog persona, and the one who was called "The Miz" became his egotistical hot-shot self). Either way, a lot of wrestlers are glaring at Matt for what he caused. Although Goldberg was able to neutralize The Fiend simply by refusing to indulge his tricks and charging him head-on, not everyone is a 53-year-old powerhouse whose ideal fighting style is the answer to The Fiend. And things have gotten even worse ever since Wyatt challenged John Cena to their "Firefly Funhouse Match" and no one has seen Cena since...
  • "Pantheon, you leave me no choice. I sentence you to...deletion!"
    • " COMING!"

    Sam, Clover, and Alex 
Samantha "Sam" Simpson, Clover Francise Ewing, and Alexandra "Alex" Casoy, the Godly Trio of Media Best Remembered For Their Fanservice (Sam: Sammy | Clover: Manson | Alex: Al, Vasquez, WOOHP's Ultimate Superspy)
Left to right: Alex, Sam, and Clover

    Tangle and Whisper 
Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf, Dual Goddesses of Obtaining Fanart at First Sight (Whisper: Guardian Angel)
Top to bottom:Whisper and Tangle

  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Tangle’s Prehensile Tail and Whisper’s Mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Tangle is Chaotic Evil as a Zombot
  • Portfolio: Fanart at First Sight, True Companions, Action Girl
  • Domains: Heroism, Friendship, Joy, Sorrow, Determination
  • Heralds: Jewel the Beetle, Belle the Tinkerer, Whisper’s Wisps
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Silver the Hedgehog and their friends, The Sailor Guardians, The Heroes of the World Of Balance (Especially Terra and Cyan), Kirby, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Mega Man, Proto Man, Dr. Light, X, Zero, Sash Lilac, Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Clark Kent/Superman, Monkey D. Luffy, Night Raid, Akame, The Fresh Pretty Cures, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Squirrel Girl, Samurai Jack, Ashi, Kyoko Sakura, Guts, The Toa Nuva, Motoko Kusanagi
  • Friendly Enemy: Bowser, Harley Quinn (Sometimes allies with them)
  • Conflicted Opinion: Sniper Wolf, Psycho Mantis, Revolver Ocelot
  • Enemies: DR. EGGMAN, Metal Sonic, Metallix, Infinite (Evil Counterpart to Whisper), Solaris, Dark Gaia, Black Doom, Erazor Djinn, Mammoth Mogul, Albert Wesker, Alex Mercer, Nurgle, Thrax, Brainiac, Wild Hunt, Dr. Wily, Sigma, Dr. Weil, Ra Moon, The Cybermen, Lord Moebius, Sheev Palpatine, Electro, Eneru, The Borg Collective, Queen Chrysalis, Shang Tsung, The Radiance, Ursula, Lord Brevon
  • Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf are two lifeforms that have aided Sonic in some of his adventures. From Tangle, the Nice Girl Genki Girl Lemur with a Prehensile Tail who you don’t want to anger, to Whisper, a Wolf with Improbable Aiming Skills and happens to be The Stoic Sole Survivor of a former group called the Diamond Cutters that was massacred thanks to Dr. Eggman and her ally-turned foe Mimic. The two have allied themselves with Sonic, and are very good friends with each other. This friendship is something that extends to Sonic the Hedgehog and all of his friends and allies. All of them are working together to defeat the evil Dr. Eggman.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon during a rampage from Infinite, who was caught off guard by Whisper knocking him far backwards with a wispon. Before Tangle defeated a Phantom Copy of Zavok that the Jackal created. Sonic, at first, was surprised to see them there, but Silver clarified that he retrieved them because he particularly had a very bad feeling and decided to get some back-up just in case. The real reason is when the fight started, Silver was checking the House of Time and Temporality and saw that they would’ve lost this battle without back-up. Together, they worked together to send the deranged Jackal packing, with Tangle and Whisper getting the trope Fanart at First Sight after the battle was said and done.
  • Applies to Both:
    • Tangle and Whisper are True Companions who really care for each other, and the act of bringing harm on either is enough to severely piss the other off. Whisper was outright prepared to shoot Eggman in the head after Tangle was infected with the Metal Virus before Cream talked her down. While normally a Nice Girl, Tangle is capable of despising someone, as shown in her encounter with Mimic. Not many people blame her for this whatsoever. While not officially a part of the Restoration, they help out Sonic and friends whenever they can. Ironically enough, they seem to be spending more time with them in the Pantheon than they are on their own world at the moment, mainly because Mimic isn’t present. Should he arrive, Tangle knows that Whisper WILL try to end him for what he and Eggman did to The Diamond Cutters.
    • They were not happy to find Dr. Eggman in the Pantheon, let alone a plethora of his multiple incarnations at that, not to mention Metal Sonic’s presence as well. However, they’ve also come to blows with some of Sonic’s other foes ever since ascending. Infinite is a major one, as the two were the biggest reasons that his rampage came to a premature end. He did try to create a Phantom Copy of Mimic, but this ended with Tangle getting uncharacteristically angry and trying to pull a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him, to the point where she almost shattered his mask, though the only reason she even got that far was because she caught him off guard. He has vowed revenge, and she snidely added that he was lucky Whisper wasn’t there, though she did hear the news and was FAR from pleased. As for the others, though...
      • Erazor Djinn disgusts them. What he did to the world of the Arabian Knights, and the Cruel and Unusual Death he attempted and almost succeeded in inflicting on Sonic is nothing short of vile. The malevolent genie’s desire you conquer all stories, therefore granting him control over all worlds, is something they couldn’t ignore. Erazor scoffed and said that it is better than wanting to DESTROY all worlds and stories, like the Anti-Monitor plans on doing. A sad thing is that he’s right to an extent given the Anti-Monitor. Despite this, and knowing they stand no chance in a straight fight against Erazor, they still vehemently oppose him with everything they have. Doesn’t help that he’s a massive dick.
      • It is through the Pantheon that they learned of a terrible event that occurred regarding a God of Time that was erased from history. That being’s name was Solaris, The Dreaded God of the Sun and Time who is well known throughout Soleanna and most of the Pantheon, the former due to legend and the latter for trying to destroy all of time and space. They were thankful to learn that Solaris was split into its two components, Mephiles the Dark and Iblis, in the Pantheon as of now. Shadow of all people recommended Whisper stay away from the Former, as Mephiles can and WILL Break Them by Talking if he feels the need. While he was able to fight through Mephiles’ efforts, he and Tangle aren’t so sure Whisper would be able to without damage to her mental state. Neither Tangle or Whisper have come to blows against Iblis as of yet.
      • Black Doom is another person who they vehemently oppose. The leader of a race of ravenous aliens, the two find his actions utterly sickening, especially regarding his goals and his treatment of Shadow. Black Doom doesn’t particularly care what they think, but Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf have both started to become a recurring issue for his troops. Whisper in particular wants to ensure he never gets Shadow on his side, as the idea brings back bad memories of what happened to the Diamond Cutters courtesy of Mimic, Doctor Eggman and a bunch of Shadow Androids. Black Doom has plans to ascend Mimic and eventually Surge into the Pantheon just to spite the two.
      • There was a day where they were hanging out in their temple when a horde of blue, pink and yellow creatures materialized in there with the intent to harm. The two took them out with some difficulty, but consulting with Sonic and Tails led them to figure out that these creatures were minions of Dark Gaia, who is present in the Pantheon and VERY dangerous. It’s awakening was enough to split the Planet apart into seven pieces, and it cannot truly die. However, the recent ascension of Chip has quelled some of Dark Gaia’s attacks more easily, but the two are especially nervous about the power it wields and how it could definitely grow dangerous enough to destroy a good chunk of the Pantheon if left unchecked.
      • Mammoth Mogul doesn’t actively antagonize them, seeing it fit to run his operations without creating more opposition to himself. He finds that they aren’t nearly as big of a threat to him as they are to Sonic, where he plans to abuse his immortality and wait until The Blue Blur is either dead or too old to oppose him. However, they are both wary of his Mind Control abilities, having heard of the Fearsome Foursome Incidents and how he is capable of driving people to Psychic-Assisted Suicide. They haven’t had an encounter with Mogul as of yet, but both parties are well aware that the other exists.
    • There exists a universe where Metal Sonic went absolutely bonkers and heartlessly murdered nearly everyone the two care about, with only Sonic and Shadow managing to survive his slaughter. This version of Metal Sonic is named Metallix and is present in the Pantheon, and he is very spiteful towards Sonic and Shadow, as well as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Bowser for being a massive thorn in his side, and the two have added themselves to his growing list of enemies. They were surprised to find Eggman and Metal Sonic themselves aiding them against Metallix, the two claiming him to be far too much even for them.
    • Whisper and Tangle nearly had a Freak Out upon learning that the Pantheon housed some Technopaths and Diseases, as well as Disease-Based Gods. The two were relieved to find that the Deadly Six were not among them, as they have bad memories of the Metal Virus pandemic, which claimed Tangle and nearly Whisper as well. Sally Acorn did let them know that Zavok used to be in the Pantheon, and that it’d be best to prepare themselves in case he manages to return, especially if he succeeds in bringing the rest of the Six with him. As dangerous as they are, Whisper and Tangle know that the Deadly Six are nothing compared to Brainiac, who is more than capable of controlling far more electronics and robots than the Six combined would be able to do.
      • Speaking of the Metal Virus, the two fear that Albert Wesker, Thrax and Nurgle plan to remake it, which they don’t, and have expressed their concerns to the Good-Aligned Deities (And SCP-049) in the Houses of Health and Diseases and Machinery and Technology, who admitted that they fear the possibility as well, but pointed out the existence of one being more likely to try it...Alex Mercer. While the Metal Virus does turn people into Zombie-Like Robots that were dubbed Zombots, they believe Alex Mercer has plans to try absorbing a bunch of it to gain some of its power, and nobody likes the idea of either potential outcome, and the two have been working with the Two Houses to keep this horrible fantasy from becoming a reality.
    • Given their disdain for Mimic, it was only a matter of time before they came to blows with other evil shapeshifters and Octopi. Ursula’s capacity for Faustian Bargains and has the ability to shapeshift. While not as deplorable as Mimic, the two oppose her nonetheless. They wonder if, should Mimic ascend, they could have the Hall of Shapeshifters subject him to a Shapeshifter Mode Lock to make him less of a threat. Also, Tangle the Lemur and Whisper the Wolf decidedly made their opinions on Shang Tsung very, very clear after learning of the many atrocities he had committed.
    Tangle:YOU. ARE. HORRIBLE!
  • Applies to Tangle:
    • Tangle prefers to spend her spare time finding new and fun things to do, and hanging out and having a good time with others. That being said, she is not someone to anger and is more than capable of handling herself in a fight. She cares deeply about her friends and has fun finding stuff to do with her Prehensile Tail, especially if she discovers new things about it. She likes hanging out in the various Houses where her friends reside, and has taken one of her closest ones, Jewel the Beetle, in as a herald. She also likes to mess around with contraptions and stuff that she thinks are cool and wants to try, but is not a tinkerer herself. She especially loves hanging out with Blaze due to having a good bit of Hero Worship for the Sol Dimension Native.
  • Applies to Whisper:
    • Likewise, Whisper likes spending time with her friends, but will leave them if she thinks her being near them will cause them to become endangered, by an enemy or otherwise. She likes hanging out with Tangle, and is often seen in the Hall of Firearms trying to improve her aim using her Wispon, which she uses to harness the power of any willing Wisp. She has a whole horde of friendly Wisps serving as her heralds, and she gets along with the ascended ones as well. Silver has some Hero Worship for her, often referring to her as the Guardian Angel, and taking her mask is a good way to either piss her off or cause a Freak Out. Recently, however, things haven’t looked so good for the poor wolf. Surge the Tenrec managed to deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to her and abduct her Wisps for her own ends, and broke her Wispon. Whisper was left deeply scarred by this, and another of Tangle’s heralds, Belle the Tinkerer, has been working on fixing the Wispon. Time will tell if she succeeds, but Sonic is currently preparing for his showdown with Surge...


    Green Biker Dude 
The Green Biker Dude, The One-Scene Wonder (GBD, The Green Biker Reploid, Boy)
  • Theme Song: Opening Stage (Reploid Factory), or the We Are ROCK-MEN! remix
  • Demigod
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, often mistaken for Chaotic Stupid
  • Symbol: A 16-bit sprite of him popping a wheelie on a Ride Chaser.
  • Portfolio: Memorable characters who appear for all of five seconds, Memetic Badass Bikers, being killed off while popping a wheelie
  • Domains: War, Death, Popularity.
  • High Priest: Hank Scorpio
  • Followers: Michigan J. Frog, Greedo, Pilot Boi
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Sigma, Lumine, Copy X, Omega, the Corpus, Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon, Sombra, the Infested
  • Opposes: Derpy Hooves
  • Fears: Amélie Lacroix/Widowmaker
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Vinyl Scratch
  • Vinyl Scratch (or Lyra, or Bon Bon…we forget) was supposed to take this title. However, it's been stated that, for all the badassery he's been given, GBD literally never appeared more than once in official lore. This allowed him to usurp the position.
    • In an ironic twist, Vinyl Scratch later ascended properly, taking Matt's former title, much to the consternation of GBD. Matt being Vinyl Scratch's High Priest wasn't enough to make GBD calm and the biker has been antagonizing the pony every now and then.
  • Captain Falcon, a fellow Memetic Badass, has taken a liking to him, and teaches him how to become an F-Zero pilot. Sometimes, the Blue Falcon can be seen popping a wheelie.
  • Has gained the interest of Leeroy Jenkins, who thinks that he is a fellow Chaotic Stupid god. GBD just rolls along with it, knowing that his Dying Moment of Awesome brought about his reputation.
  • For some odd reason, his voice sounds very similar to Zero.
  • He utterly despises Derpy, as she was able to continue her story, while his life was only touched upon again to the public through urban legends. Speaking of which…
  • The truth about this guy is that he is actually a Maverick Hunter constructed specifically to master the use of Ride Chasers, a project that it was hoped would produce the ideal soldier for fast rescues and attacks. As it so happened, he wound up being far and away the most skilled rider amongst all the trainees in his class, and potentially the best in the entire organization; mastering both the particle cannon attacked to his Ride Chaser Cheval as well as its wheelie controls (enabling him to slow down, jump, etc.) to the point even X and Zero would be impressed. His final test (and first real mission) came shortly after Sigma's defection and first defeat, as he was asked to go into some of the areas X scoured through and take out enemy stragglers. His mission was a complete success, at which point he was graduated to the front lines and became a full-fledged Maverick Hunter, even deployed on the same team as X during the next outbreak. Unfortunately, when he went to pop a wheelie to dodge an oncoming laser shortly after deployment, the jump function didn't work and he was obliterated — the only part of all this to be seen in Mega Man X2, creating the infamous moment that made him a meme.
  • He was rebuilt within the Pantheon by a technology magician who didn't want him to come back as a ghost and a robotics genius who was also a huge fan: those being Skuld and Dexter. The former ended up even adding her trademark Skuld Bombs into his Ride Chaser's arsenal, adding to his attack potential with the vehicle. And yes, Green Biker Dude is his actual name.
  • Was delighted to hear how Johnny of Brain Scratch Commentaries did an entire playthrough of Mega Man X2 dedicated to him.
  • Commander Epsilon and Sage Harpuia recruited him for their "maximize the potential of Reploids" cause. Harpuia convinced GBD by appealing to their common loyalty to X. He was also met by Alia and Axl, who both joined the Hunters some time after his death. All of them were impressed by his Ride Chaser skills, and Axl thinks he's cool in general, though Alia finds it impractical that a Reploid would be created for that purpose.
  • Before very long, GBD and his new partners, now including Dr. Ciel, realized they would have to expand their focus into a true robot resistance. This was only hastened in response to a new threat of surging Maverick activity in the Pantheon. They took advantage of Ultron and Sigma's occupation with commandeering a merger of the Marvel and Capcom worlds as well as engineering a mechanical outbreak in the Pantheon to restructure the organization in the background, while the Maverick Hunters stood among the many heroes out to stop the two.
    • While this took place, they were also joined by Harpuia's brothers Hidden Phantom and Fighting Fefnir, as well as Labrys and the battle cyborg Lambda-11, who joined on recommendation of Aigis to gain antibodies for the Sigma Virus. Though Aigis herself had to decline due to being too busy with her Shadow Operatives group, GBD befriended her during this visit as two good-natured robots built for both general and specific purposes found each other interesting. Following Ultron and Sigma's defeat on both fronts, GBD stood by his partners as they made the group public in the House of Justice, now known as Liberion Arcadia. Officially the Hunters have labeled GBD's LA membership as an extended mission, with him occasionally serving as a liaison between the two units.
    • Afterwards, they invited robot deities including Repliforce, Grimlock, Proto Man, and Bass to join their new cause, but none of them accepted. Instead, following up was the YoRHa anti-machine android 2B, who had ascended after the invites were already sent out and was contemplating forming a group just like theirs until she discovered one already existed. Newer members after this include Quote and Curly Brace, invited by Epsilon; ICEY, taken to the group by Labrys; and 9S, 2B's precious partner.
  • Unfortunately, being a uniquely-specialized Reploid does have its drawbacks; GBD is a frequent target of both Desperado Enforcement and The Corpus, two evil corporations specializing in war technology. Fortunately he's got his teammates to help him out with that, though some of them are also targets of these groups.
  • When an attempt by Sombra to hack the systems of Liberion Arcadia's members resulted in Sombra hacking 2B and 9S hacking her weapons in retaliation, Sombra's Talon organization ended up coming to bail her out. During the ensuing skirmish, Widowmaker hit a shot that damaged the Cheval just right so that when GBD tried to fire off a Skuld Bomb, it blew up within the Cheval and blew him away, almost killing him (again). Since then he's been pretty scared of the Cold Sniper, which is gonna be harder to fix than his Ride Chaser's pieces which he took back to Dexter to be repaired.
  • Groans at the Guardians' sister Leviathan calling him the "wheelie guy" ever since she ascended and joined the team.

    Leon (Dead or Alive
Leon, The God Who Got Saved by the Fans (The Strongest Man in the World)

    Margaret "Peggy" Carter 
Margaret Elizabeth "Peggy" Carter, Goddess of Popular Only Females (Agent Carter, English, Agent 13, Miss Union Jack, Ruth Barton, Captain America, Captain Carter)
  • Demigoddess, Intermediate Goddess as Captain Carter
  • Symbol: A blue dress with a red Stetson Stratoliner hat and red lipstick
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Theme Song: "Credits Suite"
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, played a larger role in the movie universe, very popular, Steve's First Love, Heartbroken Badass, Combat Pragmatist, Passed in Their Sleep, founder of MCU S.H.I.E.L.D., has to fight sexism to be recognized
  • Domains: Courage, Protection, World War II, Spies
  • Herald: Her niece Sharon Carter
  • High Priestess: Penelope Pitstop
  • Allies: Steve Rogers / Captain America, Nick Fury, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow, Fa Mulan, Richard Winters and Ronald Spiers, Rick Blaine, Iowa, Seras Victoria
  • Enemies: Hydra, Johann Schmidt / Red Skull, EVERY NAZI IN THE PANTHEON, including Gihren Zabi, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Fritz Von Meyer / Swarm, Millenium, Adenoid Hynkel
  • Opposed by: Hank Pym
  • Pities: Cinderella
  • A highly-respected veteran from World War II, founder of the MCU version of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America's tragic First Love, the alternative universe version of Peggy Carter was unanimously agree to be ascended to her temple and had her youth restored by the House of Time and Space when she headlines her own show, making her the first female lead in the MCU.
  • When seeing each other after nearly 70 years after her ascension and death, Peggy and Steve shared an emotional reunion and hug. However, both of them are on uneasy term with each other and agree to not continue their romance because both have moved on to other people, not to mention Peggy is still feeling awkward because Steve is dating her niece Sharon. However, their relationship worked out with the revelation that Steve traveled back in time to build a life with her and retire as a naturally age old man.
    • While this event had a happy ending for them, the House of Time and Space as well as Characterization had a full on brawl about the huge amount of Alternative Character Interpretation for her and Steve as well as how that event fit into the established tine travel logic of the MCU.
  • After learning that a Black Widow ascended into the Pantheon, Peggy went in gun in tow cautiously approach Natasha Romanoff's temple to take her down. After learning from Steve and Natasha that not only she had defected from KGB but also Black Widow has been an important ally for S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers for many years, Peggy apologize for her action and came to feels sorry for what Nat has been through. The two of them can be seen training with each other and exchange stories of their adventures.
  • Because Peggy is the founder of the MCU version of the spy agency of SSR and eventually S.H.I.E.L.D., she is highly respected by every spies in the Pantheon, especially Nick Fury for being essentially the female version of him in the movie universe. Although this cost her to become unpopular with Hank Pym because his movie version's distrust for S.H.I.E.L.D. for their attempt to weaponize his Pym Particle.
  • Learning that one of the soldiers have fight him in WW II has ascended did not bode well for Red Skull. Especially one that is the founder of the movie version Hydra's primary enemy S.H.I.E.L.D. For her part, Peggy immediately launched various undercover mission to take down Red Skull when heard that he is still alive and ascended to the Pantheon, as well as every single Nazi in the Pantheon.
    • To get an upper hand on Peggy and destroy her emotionally, Red Skull sent one of his agents to drop a bombshell that Hydra has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. ever since its creation. Peggy's reaction is a mix of shock, break down and immense anger to the point that she swore to dedicate her time hunts down and destroys every single Hydra agents in the Pantheon. When the Red Skull once again mocked her effort as useless because cutting of a head of Hydra two more will take its place, Peggy angrily retorts that then she will keep cutting them off and unleash her entire barrel of bullets on him, causing him to barely escape with his life.
    • Her hunt for Nazi let her to discover a bunch of them still active in the Pantheon. This caused her to overcome with despair with the fact that this kind of ideal still growing. However, this led her to stumble across Richard Winters and Ronald Spiers on their own mission to get rid of the Nazi in the Pantheon. The three formed a friendship for their shared experience fighting WW II. Also has a strong friendship with Iowa for their share hatred of Nazi and the fact that Peggy admire the ship that she symbolize.
    • Despite of her hatred for Nazism, she sometimes chuckles in private due to how incompetent Adenoid Hynkel was. Anyone beside Steve dares to comment on this will have a Death Glare aim at them and a hefty workout if telling anyone else.
  • Tony Stark got attached to her after learning that she is a good friend with the movie version of his father Howard. Peggy felt very sorry for Tony's loss and lonely past, especially after learning from Steve that the person who is responsible for Howard's death is one of her old friend Bucky Barnes.
  • Cinderella almost broke into tears when saw her deceased mother in the Pantheon and rushes to give a hug. She was severely disappointed when it was just Peggy because the two of them share similar look in live-action. Regardless, Peggy pities her for the abuse Cinderella went through and the two formed a friendship.
  • Form an unexpected friendship and mutual admiration for Mulan because she also had to fight against sexism in her society in order to get recognize and find happiness with her own life.
  • Sometimes can be seen attending Rick Blaine's bar reminiscing about the life Steve and her could have had together over a drink and a talk with Blaine, who can sympathize with her situation.
  • Because of Peggy's Adaptational Nationality, she picks up some unexpected friends along the way. Seras Victoria got along with her well for their nationality and love for welding gun (although Peggy prefer a handgun for stealth reason) while Integra Hellsing and Peggy shares their admiration for each other for being the Badass Normal woman in their universe but still can handle themselves just fine.
  • In another timeline, Steve Rogers was assassinated before he could become Captain America, Peggy Carter joined the Super Soldier Program in his place. This "Captain Carter" would eventually join the Exiles - and appears to have more in her future.
    Mr. Rogers 

"Hello, neighbor."

Fred Rogers, God of Completely Respected Figures Who Cannot be Mocked (Mister Rogers)
  • Demigod, though his reputation has him treated as an Overdeity
  • Symbol: His red sweater
  • Theme Songs: It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood; alternatively, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, which showcases his ascension at the end
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Neighbors, Edutainment Shows, Speaking Directly to Children, Make Believe, Music, Memetic Badassery, Badass Pacifist, nice people who you NEVER EVER PISS OFF, People who can NEVER be made fun of EVER.
  • Domain: Charm, Good, Community, Dream, Illusion, Awesome
  • Heralds: All of his Neighbors
  • Respected by: Every single deity in the Pantheon, regardless of Alignment or Rank
  • Good Counterpart of: The Anti-Monitor
  • Opposed by: Nyarlathotep
  • Ascended after being the last man standing in the Lemon Demon song Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. Unfortunately, he committed harakiri at the end of the animation, presumably from guilt over being the last man remaining alive.
    • Also, despite being the last real-world person mentioned in the song alive when it was written, he was the first to pass away.
  • Without question, Fred Rogers is the most respected and beloved figure in the pantheon. Very nearly everyone loves him, and even the scant few who don't respect his conviction and works. Even Melkor is friendly towards him.
    • Mr Rogers is so beloved, he became one of the very few (as in, can probably be counted on one hand) to have gained the respect of Anonymous. Badmouthing Mr. Rogers in front of Anonymous will likely result in Anonymous themselves dealing with the perpetrator.
    • You do not make fun of Fred Rogers. Anyone who did ran far away from the pantheon to avoid its wrath. Or worse, Mr Rogers himself.
  • It is said he can defeat anyone at all. Anyone. Not necessarily because of how powerful he is, but because his sheer kindness saps away their desire to fight him.
  • Is vegetarian, a daily swimmer, has never been observed drinking alcohol. In nearly all situations is friendly, calm, personable, astonishingly gentle... it is easier to pull one over on Tzeentch than to get him angry, but if you do...
  • Probably not related to Captain Steve Rogers...We think.
  • That town in the photo? That's no model.
  • He mostly spends his time in the Main House, but he tends to appear here as well in order to bring a few smiles.
  • Has chosen to take a non-interference clause with the pantheon's conflicts, not wanting to ruin their fun by stepping in. All the evil-aligned characters are glad, and hope the Godzilla Threshold to bring him in never happens
  • Greatly disapproving of the recent actions of the two newcomers to the Main House, YHVH, and Lucifer, he gave both of them a good, long lecture about respecting the thoughts and feelings of others. YHVH blew him off almost entirely, convinced the letter of Law is indeed the only thing Humanity shall need, and that true stability can only be achieved by making everyone obey. He did, begrudgingly, praise Rogers' will to help others, though. Lucifer was a bit more receptive, showing a degree of respect for Mr. Rogers' viewpoint (if only because the old man is so powerful, thus giving his viewpoint meaning), but he too was unwilling to budge: change can hurt people, but it's NEEDED, and he's not about to hold the world still for anybody so as to spare their feelings, nor will he let anyone else do so. The conversation came to an abrupt end when Rogers referred to Lucifer as "Helel". The Chaos Lord was silent for a moment, then calmly told Rogers NEVER to call him that again and walked away. Rogers is disappointed by this turn of events but plans to have more talks with them at later dates. He is optimistic that someday, just maybe, they'll finally come to an understanding. They got along well before, after all.
  • Fun Fact: In Real Life, Mr. Rogers was a Presbyterian Protestant minister, which meant he believed in one God (as opposed to the many in, say, this pantheon).
  • In spite of his power, even he has an equal: the Anti-Monitor. As the embodiment of crisis crossovers, Monty functions as the Evil Counterpart to him. As an equal/opposite reaction, any attempt to take the other out tends to cancel each other out, and in the rare occasion they land hits it distorts reality in the process. It is said they will one day do battle at the height of their power, for the fate of all existence. The result will be the destruction and recreation of the pantheon into a new form. It is said that this has happened over and over.
  • Is one of the hosts of the Pantheonic Tournament, wanting people to enjoy the show. No-one dares to cheat when Mr Rogers is watching over.
  • Emmet Brickowski loves this guy as Mr. Rogers helps invoke the belief that everyone is special. It's not uncommon for Emmet to help make some of the sets and props for his show. The other members of the Master Builders Five — Steve?, Maxwell, Sackboy and Fix-it Felix — also help prepare props for his shows.
    • Many gods wondered if Uncle Howee would get angry at Mr. Roger's puppet shows, but Uncle Howee himself loves Mr. Rogers' work and would like to put on a show together in the future. Gods hope that Uncle Howee doesn't decide to gift Mr. Rogers with newly made "friends"...
  • Stewie Griffin once blew up his neighborhood and shot him. Then he came back disguised as Lois and said, "But now it's time for you to meet Mr. Death!" Even though it was all just a dream, Stewie is very wary of him, although Mr. Rogers himself knows he would never do that...but he does warn him not to mess with him.
  • Is glad to find fellow PBS gods in Arthur Read and his sister, D.W., having made a visit to their neighborhood once.
  • Thieving gods know to never steal anything from Mr. Rogers. In fact, when one god realized they had stolen Mr. Roger's car, they returned it to its spot with an apology note stuck to the windshield. The House of Crime has made a personal vow to attack anyone who would rob Mr. Rogers of anything. Even Carmen Sandiego will refuse any offer to steal his kindness.
  • Every now and then, gods will serenade him whenever he travels to the various houses across the Pantheon.
  • Is worthy of wielding Mjolnir, but would mostly use it to help rebuild temples in the Pantheon then fight. Many gods would not want to see Mr. Rogers smiting them with Thor's signature weapon.
  • J. Jonah Jepson will write articles about everyone and everyone, but not even he could find anything wrong to critique. Many of the trolls and malicious gods can't slander him and even LOLRanger's attempts to see him crack have failed as Mr. Rogers just rolls with the pranks they dish out.
  • One of the very few beings to earn Fred Roger's outright hatred is SCP-993. As Mr Rogers is in charge of a children's show to help them out while SCP-993 wants to turn kids into psychopaths, It's Personal for him. Given his reputation, the clown would rather not get close to him.
  • "You make each day a special day. You know how; by just your being you. There's only one person in this whole world like you. And people can like you exactly as you are."
    Rebecca Hopkins 
Rebecca Hopkins, Goddess of Formerly Fan-Disliked Characters (Rebecca Hawkins)
Click here for her Season 1 appearance 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: "The Ties of Friendship" card Yugi gave her; Alternatively, her Diamond Head Dragon card
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Was once disliked by the fandom prior to Character Development
  • Domains: Former Unpopularity, Duelists, Love
  • Heralds: Her grandfather, Arthur Hopkins, and her Expy, Rei Saotome
  • High Priest: Chris Thorndyke
  • Followers: Donna Noble, Bat-Mite, Yo-Yo
  • Allies: All ascended good Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, but especially Yugi Muto, Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, Jackie Chan, The Duck Hunt Team, Ash Ketchum, Serena, SCP-2295, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang (especially Pooh Bear)
  • Complicated Relationships: Yami Yugi, Vector, Sora Shuin'in, Yubel, Naughty Bear
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Seto Kaiba
  • Pities: Scrappy Doo
  • Enemies: Yami Bakura and Yami Marik, Dartz, Number 96: Black Mist, Keith Howard, Nobuyuki Sugou, SCP-1048, B.B. Hood
  • Tense Relationship with: Fairy tale characters in general, but especially Cinderella, Bigby Wolf, Ruby Rose
  • Rebecca Hopkins is the granddaughter of famous Egyptologist and friend of Solomon Muto, Dr. Arthur Hopkins. She first appears to Yugi and Solomon accusing the latter of stealing the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card from her grandfather, challenging him to a duel to get it back. Since he was recently discharged from the hospital, Yugi dueled her in his place. Their duel proceeded the exact same way as Solomon's duel with Arthur, up to when Yugi surrenders despite actually having the means to winnote , in this case, to teach Rebecca to respect her cards and opponents. When she gets further angry upon seeing the teared up card (unaware it was actually Seto Kaiba who did it), Arthur arrives and clears up the misunderstanding, showing her what would have happened had Yugi not surrendered. Rebecca apologizes for her behavior and not giving them the chance to explain their side of the story, befriending Yugi and receiving the "Ties of Friendship" card as a reminder of this lesson. Some time later, Rebecca would eventually make a surprise return, having changed her appearance, behavior, and dueling style, becoming one of Yugi's closest friends.
  • Rebecca eventually found her way into the Pantheon, surprising Yugi and his friends just like their second meeting (namely running into and giving Yugi a hug, much to Anzu's chagrin). Nevertheless, everyone's happy and excited to see her again and the feeling is mutual on Rebecca's end.
  • Rebecca learned of how people disliked her for her bratty attitude when she first appeared, only to become more likable when she changed for the better upon her return. Rebecca admits she's not proud of what she did back then, stating that Yugi helped her see the Card Game in a new light, so she owes her growth as a person to him. She even kept the Ties of Friendship with her all this time.
    • Rebecca came across the the Duck Hunt Team, her predecessor for the title. When she learned that the dog would laugh at the player whenever they failed, she would show chagrin at such poor sportsmanship. It actually makes her wonder if that's how people viewed her back then. All the same, she did admire their companionship in another world.
  • Rebecca tends to call herself Yugi's girlfriend every now and then, much to Anzu's chagrin and Yugi's embarrassment. Rebecca does receive some support from people in the Pantheon, though.
    • Rebecca has a Vitriolic Best Buds and little sister relationship with Anzu, tending to hang out with her every now and then to discuss both Yugi's.
      • Speaking of which, Rebecca's relationship with Yami is complicated, since she still holds him responsible for the loss of Yugi's soul during the Orichalcos incident. She does tolerate him since Yugi still considers him a friend, though she makes it clear that she's not going to forget that incident anytime soon.
  • Rebecca has met many deities from her universe in future timelines. She has different relationships with many of them.
    • Rebecca is shown to be respectful to the students of Duel Academy, being their senior when it comes to dueling. Though she does frown on how Sho Took a Level in Jerkass towards Judai, and has no problems teasing Jun. She also tends to be cautious around Yubel, but she does trust Judai's word that they won't cause anymore trouble.
    • Rebecca is amazed by the new Synchro summoning method introduced in New Domino City, and tends to act like a Cool Big Sis for Lua and Luca. She also ships Aki and Carly with Yusei and Jack. She is sympathetic towards Bruno for being an innocent amnesiac who became friends with Yusei and his companions, only to become their enemy when he regains his memories.
    • Rebecca is interested in the Xyz summoning method, and generally gets along with the duelists from the ZEXAL timeline. That said, she is rather cautious around Vector for what he's done, even after he has a change of heart.
    • Rebecca is shown to get along well with the Dimensional Counterparts, with the exception of Yuri. But she is especially with Yuya and Yuzu, even shipping the two of them together. She is wary of Sora however for his background, even when he has changed.
  • Three of Rebecca's most disliked people in the Pantheon so far turn out to be Kaiba (for tearing up the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card her grandfather gave to Solomon), Keith (for telling her that Solomon stole said card in the first place), and Dartz (for being the mastermind behind the Orichalcos incident), and Yami Bakura (since he's also both Yugi's Arch-Enemy, though she's sympathetic towards Ryou Bakura).
    • So far, Rebecca is willing to work alongside Kaiba against their common enemies, though she's not above giving a jab every now and then.
      • The feeling is mutual for Keith, albeit for a different reason: Rebecca has taken his title as American Champion/Intercontinental Champion, and at such a young age.
  • Rebecca is shown to be a big fan of Indiana Jones, Nathan Drake, and Jackie Chan (the animated version), due to all of them being Adventurer Archaeologists just like her grandfather.
  • Rebecca quickly befriended Ash and Serena, the former because he once challenged Yugi to a Duel and comes to respect his skills. She also secretly ships the two after learning about their childhood meeting, as well as Serena's kiss to Ash (though she doesn't know if it's on the lips or not).
  • People have asked Rebecca what she did with her teddy bear, considering she's not holding onto it anymore. Rebecca states she's long since outgrown Teddy. That said, she does adore and respect SCP-2295 for being a teddy bear physician.
    • Rebecca however fears SCP-1048, seeing his ability to create teddy bears from anything (including human flesh) downright repulsive.
    • Rebecca is isn't sure what to think about Naughty Bear. While his attacks on the other bears aren't unprovoked, she feels disturbed by how excessive his revenge is, noting that it would really be unpleasant if they were human beings.
    • Rebecca has learned about the Hundred Acre Wood gang, including Winnie the Pooh, and has paid visits to the gang with Yugi. She enjoys playing with the gang and hanging out with Pooh Bear.
  • Rebecca has a rather tense relationship with fairy tale characters, considering how she was beaten in a duel by Leon, a boy who uses fairy tale-based monsters. This is especially the case with Cinderella, Bigby Wolf, and anyone based on Red Riding Hood (such as Ruby Rose). However, B.B. Hood is probably the one fairy tale-based character she outright dislikes, seeing her as too Ax-Crazy for her own good.