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Intermediate Gods

YoRHa No.9 Type S, God of Hacking Foes and Hacking Minigames (9S, Scanner Class Android, Nines, Hackerman)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Song: Wretched Weaponry, Weight of the World (shared with 2B)
  • Symbol: His sword, Cruel Blood Oath
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral under YoRHa Command or near 2B. Chaotic Neutral acting on his own thoughts. Probably some degree of Good now.
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Hacking Enemies to Subjugate, Body Surf, Remote Control, and Detonate, Hacked Himself to Fight Via Telekinesis, Blood Knight, Nice Guy, A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Racist Towards Machines, Constantly Curious Until He Learns Things He Wishes He Hadn't, Squishy Wizard, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, In the End is Either Defeated by A2, Chooses to Stay on Earth, or Leaves on The Ark, Overly Curios and Overconfident, Has Eyes Only For 2B
  • Domain: Technology, Light, Hacking, Recon
  • Herald: Pod 153
  • Followers:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: most of the GUAG White Hats (especially Aiden Pearce, DedSec San Francisco Chapter, Bentley Turtle, and Iji Kataiser), Tali'zorah, Legion, Jack Ryan, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Futaba Sakura
  • Enemies: All enemies of 2B, Sombra and all of Talon, Dr. Gero, Cybermen, Soundwave, The Vex, Samaritan, SHODAN, Love Machine, Dr. Nefarious, Gigan, Omega, Freddy Fazbear, Sentinel, Cell, Metatron, Sigma, Vile, Lumine, Copy X, Ultron, Prometheus and Pandora, Kiara Sesshouin, the Infested, the Corpus, Cell, Zonda and the Seven (especially Teseo)
  • Conflicting Opinions: Grey Goo, Repliforce, Clu
  • Special Relationship: A2
  • LOADING – Booting System…Commencing System Check…All Systems Green. Model Unit No.9 Type S was a YoRHa unit designed for scanning capabilities against machine lifeforms for the "Glory of Mankind", though he eventually managed to hack himself to be able to participate in combat. He was already in the Pantheon thanks to the Court of the Gods retrieving him, A2, and 2B. His partner's ascension was why they were even here at all.
    • Reviewing his fighting style (with the help of input from 2B), the Court decided to choose him for Hack Your Enemy and Hacking Minigame, since that's what he does and what he's best known for.
    • 9S's memories have been retrieved from Machine Lifeform Ark in the timeline where he finally slew A2 (and himself in the process), and his body was delivered to his new temple (well, one of them since he has two) and was guarded in case the Grand United Alliance of Machines decide to make a move to nab him. 2B in particular stayed by his side the entire time.
    • Upon waking up, she was the first person 9S would see. Given everything they've been through, and what 2B had been hiding from 9S all this time, they both felt very awkward around each other. After giving 9S a rundown on the Pantheon (as well as the fact that there are humans here, since it would be unavoidable for him to meet them), everybody else left to give the two YoRHa androids some time alone, further enforced by Aigis and Curly Brace.
    • Once their alone time was over, 9S has opted to join Liberion Arcadia in opposition to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. With humanity finally present to protect, he will not allow their plans to come to pass. His stint to destroy all traces of humanity's records after A2's first murder of 2B was just a rampage to end his own pain.
    • As a hacker, he's also been invited to the White Hats. While he's turned it down, prefering to remain by 2B's side, he sometimes works with them when there's a collaboration or when members of it are in the area.
  • Was very pissed when he heard Cell had tried to consume 2B and is always ready to throw down against him if need be.
  • Having been a victim of the Logic Virus requiring a Mercy Kill from 2B the first time around, and then needing to be taken down by A2 the second time around, 9S truly loathes malevolent programs like the MCP, XANA, or Sigma. All three deities seek out this android to infect and control for their own ambitions of creating a "mechanical revolution" in the Pantheon. The same goes for the Infested, who tried doing something similar to 2B's mainframe.
    • That said, there are those who wonder why Pod 042 didn't notify Pod 153 of 2B's predicament, who in turn would inform 9S to avoid all the drama that followed in the first place.
    • He's annoyed in particular by the Sigma Virus, which has constantly tried to infect 9S, only to lose to his hacking skills each time. 9S even stated to the Maverick's face that if he can't survive as a single entity after being dispersed into space on the moon, then there was no way he could infect him, unlike the superior and ever-evolving Machine Network in his own world.
    • Another enemy he's made it personal to take down are the Vex, who have caught wind of Liberion Arcadia, and while not necessarily on their top priorities (they're mostly a reactive force) they are certainly high up there. 9S once tried hacking into some of their structures in the House of Technology for the myriad of data they accumulated to give Liberion Arcadia some sort of edge over them. Instead, he was met with very hostile resistance from the Vex, who wanted to trap him within their networks. Luckily, though, he was bailed out by his fellow LA members before they managed to do so. While being trapped isn't irreversible, it would've been a lot more of an ordeal on 9S's part.
    • Yet another foe of LA (and the GUAM) are the Corpus. When not trying to profit off of the Pantheon’s conflicts between the Alliances, they’re also trying to get their hands on the many robots in the Pantheon to further improve and develop more Corpus Proxies. But thanks to 9S’s inclusion in the group they are now able to better counter and retaliate against them. He tends to lament how surprisingly easy is for him to breach their firewalls.
  • Still has a lingering mistrust for non-human-looking machines and has such still has more problems being cordial around bots like Gamma, Optimus Prime, Bastion and Bender than humanoid ones like Labrys, Alisa, Mega Man, and Astro Boy. As for those who straddle the line (being humanoid but their outer appearance is clearly mechanical) such as Jenny Wakeman, EDI, and Zenyatta, he's more conflicted with himself in those cases. That said, as he's managed to form cordial relationships with Pascal, he's able to be friends with the former category. The Nepalese Omnic has dedicated some time in helping him in this matter, as has the Autobot leader.
    • As for the GUAM, he has no problems with taking them down, especially since unlike machine lifeforms, they don't have the same cores as androids like him and 2B.
  • In regards to hackers, on top of occasional hacker duels with the White Hats (and after a counter from the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in response to a hack he did against Futaba's Persona, which he thought in hindsight was supposed to be impossible), on top of his list is the one named Sombra after a skirmish against Talon where she attempted to hack Liberion Arcadia's members, especially when she managed to tag 2B in a vulnerable moment. He responded to that by hacking her suit and all its gadgetry, rendering her helpless. He boasted about hacking better systems from dumber machines as he was about to apprehend her, but her compatriots managed to rescue her, and the last thing he remembered from the fight was getting torn apart by a punch (from Doomfist as he was later told).
  • Is conflicted on the nature of the Grey Goo, as he learned via hacking what their objective is concerning the Silent Ones, but due to posing as a danger due to consuming everything they can, stands against them.
    • He is likewise baffled by the Repliforce choosing to become independent of humanity, when serving them is something androidkind is supposed to relish in. The fact that they were manipulated as pawns by Sigma doesn't help.
  • In regards to his emotions in turmoil due to everything he's been through (even attempting to just shut down once before), seeing it negatively affect his performance, it was decided he needed help in setting himself straight. Labrys then had an idea: she would will take him to the TV World so he can face his suppressed self. 2B was skeptical of this idea, to which Labrys recounted her time in that place and the events of the P-1 Grand Prix; if she can have a Shadow in there despite being a machine, then so can 9S. Eventually, a trip was arranged, with Labrys in the lead, and accompanying her were her sister Aigis, Fuuka (for Mission Control; Rise was holding a concert, and Futaba still hasn't forgiven 9S for what he did to her), and the rest of S.E.E.S. (being organics, they won't be susceptible to 9S's hacking if his Shadow has the same abilities). 2B also insisted in coming along despite the chances of her Shadow showing up, given her own set of issues like living with having to kill 9S several times before.
    • However, upon reaching the final room, they encountered not only Shadow 9S, but Shadow 2B as well. Of course, with everything they've yet to confess to one another, the Shadows spilled every bean there was left to spill, causing a lot of emotional trauma from the YoRHa androids, and the standard phase of denial. Junpei voiced the group's collective dread on in the face of two berserk Shadows, especially those of powerful androids such as 2B and 9S (though some hid it a lot better than most).
    • The battle was a grueling one, thankfully mitigated by Pods 042 and 153 electing to assist thanks to their Programs. Somewhere along the way, though, Shadow 9S hacked Labrys, which only made Shadow Labrys come to the fore to beat the shit out of him. Thankfully, she just ignored the rest of S.E.E.S. as she did so. Despite that, the battle was still very tough. Eventually, the group prevailed and took down the YoRHa androids' Shadows, Shadow Labrys shortly returning control to her other self.
    • Now that every important secret of theirs has been brought to light, with encouragement from Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapons, 9S and 2B were able to come to terms with their own and each other's actions back in their world. And their rewards for this (aside from their experiences, combat and otherwise) were… a pair of glowing Persona cards and nothing more. Labrys was a little disappointed with that, as it meant Persona-acquisition was no longer a guarantee like the TV World 'back home', but 2B and 9S have expressed their gratitude for this trip.
  • Though easily infatuated with the female sex, 9S loves 2B beyond anything. This attraction is inherent in all No. 9's and No. 2's, such as 9H and 2B's Spear Counterpart 2D who is in reality her sibling as a 2E Unit (No.2 Type E). He's even made a sort-of connection with Miharu over how they'll do anything for their beloved (Yoite for Miharu and 2B for 9S) and how pissed they would be if their beloved got hurt.
    • For what it's worth, 2B has a tendency to be jealous whenever he's been close with another female. This now includes his friendship with Fairy Leviathan. 9S hacked the Court of the Gods' systems to help Harpuia's sister ascend to the Pantheon in order to bring all Four Guardians together as part of the team, but Leviathan soon found him a kindred spirit because of his hacking, which is even more effective than what she and Phantom are capable of.
  • When he heard about A2 ascending to the Pantheon, 9S was incensed, immediately going after her temple to strike her down and avenge 2B. However, 2B would be the one to step in not too long into things to break up the fight that ensued.
    9S: Why are you protecting her?! She killed you!
    2B: I asked her to kill me!
    9S: (stops and sputters) W-w-what?
    2B: By the time I reached her, I was already infected by the Logic Virus, and was in its advanced stages. It was already too late to save me, even for you, and I didn't want to hurt you or anyone else.
    A2: I just happened to be in the area, and was the only one who can listen to her words. I'm still not sure why I heeded her request, though.
    • Knowing the truth, 9S let go of this particular grudge with A2 and now can stand to be around her without coming to blows, but things are still naturally tense given the entire nature of their relationship. Aside from first encountering her as a wanted target of YoRHa, she's had to cut several versions of both him and 2B down in the past. To keep this tension at bay, the Attacker prefers to keep her distance from 9S as well as 2B most of the time, and so won't fully commit to any group they're in despite fighting for the same goals.
  • His other temple is found in the House of Technology.

    Banjo and Kazooie 
Banjo and Kazooie, Deities of Collection
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: A Jiggy
  • Theme: Their first theme, their second theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Banjo), Chaotic Neutral (Kazooie)
  • Portfolio: Vitriolic Best Buds, Adventure Duo, Platonic Life-Partners
  • Domains: Collection, Platforming, Duos
  • High Priests: Yooka and Laylee
  • Heralds: Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman, Bottles the Short-Sighted Mole, Humba Wumba
  • Allies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Conker the Squirrel (leaning a bit towards Vitriolic Best Buds), Maxwell, JonTron, Wander, Sylvia
  • Friendly Rivalry: Gomez
  • Enemies: Lord Hater & Commander Peepers, Wicked Witch of the West, King K. Rool
  • Unsure of: Naughty Bear
  • The easygoing Banjo the Bear and his feisty feathered friend Kazooie live in scenic Spiral Mountain...which just so happens to be close to the lair of their arch-enemy, Gruntilda Winkybunion. They have come into conflict a number of times; the first involved Banjo's sister getting kidnapped and needing to be rescued by Banjo. Afterwards, Grunty set out for revenge against Banjo-Kazooie, no matter what it took. Banjo and Kazooie's journey was more than just getting to that witch and beating her; it involved collecting a ton of stuff along the way, be it puzzle pieces, musical notes, or cute creatures in an conundrum. More often than not, it was necessary for the bear and the bird to collect these things to make progress.
  • One day at Spiral Mountain, Banjo was relaxing when he got a letter from an unknown subject, telling him and Kazooie to collect a bunch of items in order to access an enticing destination. Banjo and Kazooie went along with what the letter said, collecting items until they reach what appeared to be an incomplete picture. After the picture was filled in courtesy of the puzzle pieces they collected, a once-inaccessible location was opened up to them and Banjo and Kazooie entered it.
    • Upon entering, they found themselves in a very unfamiliar place and were greeted by an eccentric figure who told them that they were in the Pantheon. Banjo and Kazooie were told that since much of their adventures revolved around collecting a bunch of stuff, they were viable for a Pantheon spot, with them allowing to have Spiral Mountain (with Banjo's home and all) as their temple. Banjo and Kazooie accepted it even though they didn't quite understand what was happening (Banjo moreso).
  • For the most part, the two are often together, though there have been a few instances where they voluntarily separated themselves from each other in order to accomplish an objective with abilities that are unique to each other. That said, they prefer being with each other in their adventures.
  • While they are usually seen traveling on foot, they have used vehicles before. Banjo participated in a racing adventure with Diddy Kong and some others and the bear even set up a piloting competition once (he and Kazooie got separate planes). Thanks to a mysterious higher power, the duo had an adventure involving vehicle construction that was quite different from their normal adventures. While some such as Jontron did not like it to say the least, it didn't stop Banjo and Kazooie from bringing one of their vehicles to a racing contest held by Sonic and his associates.
  • Both didn't expect to see Conker again given how they (or rather, just Banjo and Conker) originally met during Diddy's racing adventure and went their separate ways after that. Banjo was very surprised upon finding out what Conker had become after Diddy's racing quest, though Conker just told him that he's better off not asking about the period between the racing and his bad fur day (all Conker could say after repeated asking was that one birthday was nowhere near as hellish as what would come later). Regardless, both keep in touch every now and then, especially through the occasional races that Diddy holds in his free time. Banjo wishes that Conker didn't crash so often during these races as a result of bad habits, but Kazooie has called out Conker a lot on that, much to the squirrel's irritation.
    • After witnessing one too many crashes caused by a drunk Conker, Banjo felt that maybe they should do something a bit different. The squirrel found his way too a garage where the duo was at, wondering exactly why he was even there to begin with. Upon opening the door, Conker witnessed bear and bird completing work on a couple of vehicles to be used for something that didn't involve racing. He remarked that he didn't expect the two to be skilled vehicle makers the same way Banjo and Kazooie didn't expect Conker to become a greedy drunkard. Banjo took the vehicles outside and he and Kazooie went in one of them while Conker stepped into the other. It took a bit of time for him to get used to it, but Conker didn't mind Banjo's side gig that much, though crashes of his own doing still tend to happen. Bear and bird still prefer that Conker doesn't act wasted before going behind the wheel of anything.
  • The duo has formed a friendship with Maxwell, since collecting items is a crucial part of their adventures. Maxwell sometimes gives Banjo and Kazooie what they need, and they sometimes find Starites for him. Other times if not much is happening, they like to play around with the things that Maxwell summons or the vehicles that Banjo and Kazooie designed.
  • Under the right circumstances, it is possible for Kazooie to transform into a dragon. It might sound strange at first, but keep in mind that there also exists magic that allows Banjo to turn into a truck. It isn't possible for Banjo to transform into any of the vehicles he designed though.
  • Lord Hater reminds them a WHOLE lot of Gruntilda (and in turn, Lord Hater finds to duo to be very reminiscent of Wander & Sylvia, another easygoing male and free-spirited female duo), and as such, they keep a sharp eye out for them and make sure they have a Jinjonator on standby should things go awry.
    • Wander and Sylvia did meet Banjo and Kazooie when Hater summoned an army of his Watchdog mooks to try and stop the former duo. Unfortunately for Hater and Peepers, the latter duo just happened to be nearby when the mooks attacked. With Banjo and Kazooie's help, the Watchdogs got beaten and Wander and Sylvia decided to get to know bear and bird better. Both pairs were intrigued by the other and what they can do and have offered to help each other whenever such a chance comes around.
  • Time travel ended up being involved in one of the duo's conflicts with Grunty as the latter attempted such a thing in order to defeat bear and bird. Banjo and Kazooie aren't ones who would actively travel through time, but they are wary of evil time travelers because of what happened. Those kinds of evildoers don't really care about or acknowledge the duo to a serious degree, but the heroic time travelers are willing to lend Banjo and Kazooie some help if the duo ends up getting affected by the villains' messing with time.
  • Banjo and Kazooie are not fond of the Wicked Witch of the West, especially in regards to her being an ugly evil green-skinned witch like Grunty (though Grunty did become other things such as a skeleton at certain points). That and both witches made threats against someone their enemies cared about more than once (with Grunty being far less subtle about it).
  • Naughty Bear, while looking for a couple of troublemakers that mocked him, ended up encountering them by chance when the duo was completing a task for someone else. While Banjo and Kazooie are aware that Naughty Bear is not really antagonistic by any measure, his extreme methods (well, extreme as far as teddy bears go) for dealing with trouble has left Banjo disturbed and Kazooie just slightly agitated. Revenge was actually something that Banjo and Kazooie are aware of thanks to Grunty "killing" their friend Bottles; it's just that they don't want this to take over their lives in contrast to Naughty Bear who ended up more than caught up in it.
  • At one point, they decided to try and participate in a racing competition with a few other deities that are reasonably fast (but not too fast). The two joined via Kazooie wearing her Turbo Trainers and Banjo looking behind. They had a bit of trouble against some of the better racers during that time. If anything, they consider the competition to be a bit easier than racing Canary Mary.
  • Quizzes are something that Banjo and Kazooie are familiar with thanks to having to go through such a thing twice in order to reach Grunty. Mettaton heard about it and decided to set up a quiz-related competition in the House of Theater, with the duo and a couple of other deities as the contestants for the first episode of such. Like Bear & Bird's quizzes, it involved a board and getting the wrong answers while trying to reach the exit would lead to trouble. Banjo and Kazooie, along with one of the other competitors, were able to reach the exit, if only because the questions for that particular run aren't as difficult compared to later ones.
  • It took some time and effort, but Banjo and Kazooie were able to meet up with Donkey Kong and Diddy and ask about some of the adventures the two went on. When asked about collectible items, DK mentioned that there were plenty throughout their quests, though it took a while for DK and Diddy (and their friends) to get everything during one of their fights against K. Rool. DK also told Banjo and Kazooie that the two are more than welcome to help the him, Diddy, and their friends whenever possible, including potentially providing assistance in their fight against K. Rool (whom Kazooie noted had multiple schemes that simply amounted to "defeat the Kongs by any means necessary"; kind of like how Gruntilda had a similar M.O.; only Grunty targets bear and bird instead of apes).
  • Many of their followers have been clamoring for the pair to appear in one of the Smash tournaments for years, which plentiful saw as difficult to happen after their series became property of Microsoft. However, to the joy of many, the pair was invited to participate on the fifth tournament, and the first thing the pair did was to go to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's temple (with King K. Rool happening to be there during a temporary truce) to see their once fellow Rareware friends once more, and the Kongs proceeded to instantly celebrate their inclusion. Even K. Rool joined the celebration, having gone through similar difficulties as his Rareware brethren.

    The D'Arby Brothers 
Daniel and Telence D'arby, Co-Gods of Gambling With Human Lives (Daniel J D'arby and Telence/Terrence T D'Arby)
Top-Daniel, Bottom-Telence

    Hat Kid 
Hat Kid, Goddess of Getting Rewarded In Clothing (Some girl, Darling, Cute-As-Heck)
Hey, that's me! Don't I look cute?
  • Rank: Well, people are calling me an Intermediate Goddess thanks to my powerful hats, I guess that? However, they are also saying I can reach Greater Goddess status by my special instant health restoring power I had while fighting Mustache Girl, though I would need help from my friends to make all those Pons. Urgh, this whole ranking system is so confusing...
  • Symbol: Why, my trusty purple top hat of course!
  • Theme Song: Well, it IS called "Main Theme" after all... OOH! Here's my spaceship's theme here as well!
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • My list of tropes (I think that's what they call them...): Hecking cute and bratty if I want to be (so what about that?!?), winning lots of clothing that give me powers, Only willing to help out those that would help me, wearing a cool hat and cape, Using an umbrella to fight, Keeping track of my progress in a diary, Being a snarky yet tough girl!
  • Things I have power over (I wonder just how much power that means...): Space travel, cuteness and collecting pieces.
  • Friends: Mario is certainly nice and friendly enough, and so are Cuphead And Mugman and Banjo and Kazooie. Even Yahtzee likes me apparently. Some Saiyans are also impressed with me, as well as those mercenaries wearing the weird and funny hats. Link is willing to help me find my timepieces if they are lost, so that's also cool. Mettaton reminds me a bit of DJ Grooves, so he's fine by me. And hey, Mustache Girl is back, and she seems to have some respect for me now, so that's nice! The Conductor and DJ Grooves seem happy to see me, too! And cool; my contractually obliged BFF, The Snatcher is back! And looks like with The Mafia Of Cooks finally coming here, all my friends are here!
  • Under watch by: The house of Time and Space (They better not be reading this!)
  • Enemies: The Devil and King Dice seem rather annoyed with me to say the least, I am NOT trusting Queen Elsa or any other ice deity here; I already had my experience with ice from Queen Vanessa, thank you very much! Oh great, and speaking of Queen Vanessa...
  • Day 1...: Well, it happened again. My journey back home has been cut short. Apparently, giving Mustache Girl my last timepiece actually meant I am still stuck without a true way home... Thankfully, I managed to find some HUGE weird planet of some kind down below my airship and decided to drop in, literally...Everyone around me was shocked and scared as I dropped in without a single scratch on me.
    • Quickly, they whisked me away to some courtroom where they somehow managed to gain and looked at my personal life story. Am I being spied on? Well, they were impressed with my clothing and hat for some reason, and decided to let me stay there till I was ready to move on, so yay; a place where I can stay and eat for free! They even gave me this profile as some kind of...souvineer, I guess? Feels more like some nerdy way of categorizing stuff to me. Well, anyway; might as well attach it here and keep it updated, just in case.
  • Day 2...: Adventuring into the house of Gaming, I actually came across an odd red mustached man, who is apparently called Mario. He seemed to be rather happy to see, as he says, "another fellow platforming collector." He introduced me to this bear and bird called Banjo and Kazooie, who were glad to see and hear of a new collectathon adventure. While it certainly is AWESOME to be praised, I did have to at least tell them to keep it quiet; I don't want anyone to know of the time-rewinding powers my timepieces possess. Thankfully, they are willing to keep it on the down low, but no word as to the others that heard it, considering that they were silent for a bit before rushing off. It's gonna be a long visit here, huh?
  • Day 3...: Great, some time-traveling people caught wind of my timepieces and decided to try and confiscate them! Thankfully, they only stopped because it was my only source of power for my airship. The bad news is, I'm not allowed to leave in case some evil deities with space traveling abilities decided to chase me, and they are now keeping my ship under constant watch. Apparently, I'm only allowed to leave once I get a flawless plan to return to my home planet. They better not be watching me sleep, or I may sue! Oh well, at least they were willing to say that if my timepieces do get stolen, some guy called Link would help me retrieve them. It's his specialty, they say.
  • Day 4...: So, some white guy called Yahtzee just decided to give me a 2nd place trophy out of nowhere! Apparently, my adventure managed to surpass his expectations and was much more fun to him than Mario's own adventure! Mario really didn't seem to mind the comments, even congratulating me. Well, hey; a trophy I won without even realizing it is still a trophy!
  • Day 5...: I can't believe it! I got banned from using any kind of cooking utensils from the House Of Food! Apparently, trying to punish Mystery Food X by microwaving it is frowned upon, as it caused the microwave to malfunction and explode. Well, at least they are still willing to take my orders there...
  • Day 6...: Today, I ran into a pair of sentient cups called Cuphead and Mugman. Somehow, the tale of my meeting with the Snatcher had reached their ears (wait, do they even have ears?). They wanted to praise me for managing to defeat him, even if he did steal my hat. They also warned me of their Devil who stole souls of those that lose in a dice game against King Dice, his right-hand man. Well, here's to never meeting the Devil!
  • Day 7...: I met the Devil. Apparently, he decided to confront me about getting my soul back from the Snatcher. Seeing just how small I was, he decided to try and fight me for my own soul. He soon saw first hand just how I managed to fight against the Snatcher. I also got the privilege of seeing him cry and beg for mercy; so I can't say today was a total wash!
  • Day 8...: Apparently, this guy called "Goku" actually saw me one day and was so amazed by my Projectile Badge he invited me over to show it off with some of his friends. I was a bit conflicted at first, but he said there would be free food, and I was sold! It's certainly nice to be rewarded for being awesome!
  • Day 9...: Just when I thought the house of Time And Space was already annoying...Apparently, they are now claiming that they saw me all grown up one day within the house of Knowledge, walking out of a bookstore. I have no idea what they are talking least, I think I don't. Bah, I just hope they don't pull me in for questioning...
  • Day 10...: Why is everyone shaming me for doing something called a dab? I don't even know what that is! I THINK it was what this green dude did before being faced with anger and laughter, but nobody wants to tell me the truth. Whatever is it, it seems like Mario is trying to hide his laughter from me as I keep asking everyone.
  • Day 11...: So I heard there was this cool new place to buy hats in the Pantheon, so I decided to check it out today! However, I ended up holding up the line for a long time and got called out by a group of some older men. Surprisingly, after I decided to look through my entire collection of hats, they must have noticed my hats and decided to drop their hostility towards me. I spent almost the entire day turning down their offers for trading my hats for pieces of metal, buying an "stu-shake-o" for two refined, and so on...They at least grew to respect my care for my hats at least, so I guess I can't complain. They remind me a bit of the mafia of cooks a bit, especially that big bulky guy...
  • Day 12...: So, apparently, I found out that the Pantheon had an ice section for those that use ice powers...and furthermore, I heard of evil queens living there too. God, I hope Queen Vanessa isn't there. In fact, I rather avoid the house altogether...
  • Day 13...: This weird robot called Mettaton heard of me starring in movies and decided to offer me a spot on his show as a special guest star. Oh, the idea of being a diva again is sooooooo tempting...but I think I would rather wait until I'm certain he won't betray me.
  • Day 14...: Hey; I just found out that Mustache Girl is back! At first, I thought that she would try and fight me to try and steal my timepieces again, but looks like she learned her lesson; at least with stealing my timepieces. She actually was confused as to why I was here of all places, so I told her that I donated one of my timepieces to someone who needed them more than I did, even though I may not make it back home. She quickly realized I gave it to her and thought I wanted it back. I declined the offer, even though I really wanted to get my spaceship up and running, but oh well, she needed it more than I did. Hey, at least she was grateful enough for it that she decided to become my friend again, even if I won't help her be a time travelling crime fighter. Hey, I can't really argue with that...Glad to be friends with you again, Mustache Girl.
  • Day 15...: I ran into two more familiar faces today: the Conductor and DJ Grooves! They sure seemed happy to see me... I just hope neither of them tries to double-cross me again. I can't remember which one of them did; I knew I should've written that part into my diary that night...
  • Day 16...: Looks like there are more people coming here that I know! Are they following me? Well, either way, even if he did try to steal my soul, I'm happy to see the Snatcher back! Helps that he gave me a much better contract this time. Something about me keeping my soul and just acting like a negotiator on his behalf, and he'll protect me in return. Still, it's cool to see him again! I just hope that this doesn't mean Queen Vanessa is coming soon...
  • Day 17...: I just had to open my mouth; didn't I? Looks like Queen Vanessa is here as well. At least I don't have to go to her temple anytime soon...unless some jerks decide to steal one of my timepieces and hide it there! Ugh; I'm just getting cold thinking about it...
  • Day 18...: Looks like the last of my friends ascended with the Mafia Of Cooks coming up! Kind of fitting that the first group I encountered was the last group of my friends to ascend. Of course, I had to come clean about what I gave Mustache Girl in the end. Of course, not a lot of people were thrilled about that, but some actually understood why I did it and realized that I still see her as a friend, even if they think she's a bad influence for me. In the end, they still seem to like me, and they sometimes even call me their second boss and act as bodyguards for me! Oh yeah, that reminds me; I should probably apologize to the Mafia Boss for the fact that he ended up in a jar...
  • Day 19...: I have no idea how to even describe what happened today. I'll probably just leave this diary entry blank and fill it out later, sorry future me! Maybe I know what happened in my diary at the House of Clothing Style?

    The Kid 
The Kid, Divine Survivor of Platform Hell (The New Guy)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His hat
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Death Is Cheap, Kid Hero, One H Itpoint Wonder, Perpetual Smiler, To Be a Master,
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Luck, Toil, Glory
  • Followers: The Boy, Boshy
  • Herald: The Lad
  • Allies: Mario, Samus, House of Children, Arthur, Ratchet
  • Rivals: Zangief, Sans
  • Enemies: Bowser, Dr. Eggman, Dracula, Mother Brain, Andrew Hussie
  • Opposes: Relius Clover, Leona, Tyrande Whisperwind
  • Respected by: Little Mac
  • It was the day the Kid had dreamed of. The Kid always dreamed of standing side-by-side with his inspiration. He had beaten all sorts of dangerous enemies to get to this point. When he finally made it to the Guy's temple, he hoped it would be enough to put him in the Pantheon. Turns out there was more to it than meets the eye. The Guy wasn't even the man the Kid aspired to be. He referred to be called the Father; he's only called the Guy because he killed the previous owner. The Kid attacked the imposter with immense rage. Thus, a battle of epic proportions commenced. After several hours of battling, the Kid had slain The Guy, banishing him from the Pantheon. When faced with his followers, he declared that he would build a new temple to wash away the memory of this battle. He also refused to take up the freed-up title, instead calling himself the Divine Survivor of Platform Hell. Who he will give the old title to will be revealed in due time.
    • He also had to sidestep a bit to avoid a tasty delicious fruit to smash him to death while delivering his declaration.
  • The amount of bosses he had to defeat to get this far is an impressive list. To date he had defeated gods such as Bowser, Dracula, Dr. Eggman and Mother Brain as well as an assortment of other non-ascended enemies. They were all paid by the Guy to prevent this day from happening. They all have a bone to pick with the Kid, hoping to avenge their losses.
    • The one exception seems to be Zangief. Although he wasn't one of the bosses the Kid defeated, he did lose a valuable follower that day. Still, this only drove the Russian to demand a match against the Kid to prove his strength.
  • Among those who aided him in his quest to defeat the Guy was Mario. The God of Mascots has searched vigorously to find a replacement, seeing the Guy as unfit for the role. Mario himself has been subject to similar abuse in various games. He serves as a mentor role for the Kid in the Pantheon.
    • The same can be said for Samus. The bounty hunter may well be the second biggest platform victim in Nintendo.
    • Another character familiar with difficult games, Arthur was intrigued to discover that the Kid also had to fight zombies in a level similar to his own. Even more impressive as the Kid always had one hit-point to work with.
  • Little Mac greeted the Kid after his ascension. Anyone who manages to beat Mike Tyson in a match would earn the Boxing Battler's respect.
  • There is a tale of a being called The Lad who is currently on his own quest to find the Kid. Although he has no knowledge of the Pantheon, the Lad has the blessings of the Kid to complete his mission. Whether he can find a way to enter the Pantheon remains to be seen.
  • The House of Children has taken a liking to The Kid. Even the most unlikable children in the house admit that his body count is impressive.
  • It's no surprise that he shares a hatred with Rellius, given the man was one of the Guy's biggest benefactors. The Puppeteer couldn't care less, barely even spending much time fighting in their encounters.
  • At first, the Kid wasn't that impressed with Sans's boss fight, depicting it as too easy. That is until he found out what the skeleton did to the Fallen Child. The Kid has been bugging him to challenge him ever since, with Sans nonchalantly teasing him with boss fights… but none that were that tough. In fact, he barely exerts any effort into it. If such a thing were to happen…expect a battle that could destroy the Pantheon itself.
  • NEVER MENTION FRUITS TO THE KID. Just… don't. Especially cherries. The House of Food has been careful not to show him any fruit.
  • Vehemently blames Leona and Tyrande for all the times the moon dropped on his head. Indeed, it has be the greatest source of all of his deaths. And it's still out to kill him, even after he had successfully ascended.
  • He holds the giant gun the Guy previously held as his main weapon as a reminder of all the toil he had to endure to earn it. Ratchet paid a visit to examine the weapon. He found it rather impressive someone if his size being capable of holding such a huge weapon. That's coming from a god who is well known for carrying such guns.
  • Much to his surprise, his creator Kayin has a sponsor in the name of Andrew Hussie. Together, they relished in pitting the Kid in increasingly absurd levels and traps. They even give tips to his other enemies on how to further troll the Kid.
  • While he was roaming through the House of Power, he received a kick from behind, courtesy of Might Guy. The God of Dynamic Entries didn't know that any hit can kill him. Once the Kid respawned, he challenged Guy to a duel at a later date.

Sark, God of Death Games

Lesser Gods

    Escavalier and Accelgor 
Escavalier and Accelgor, Dueling Gods of the Socialization Bonus (Escavalier: The Cavalry Pokémon | Accelgor: The Shell Out Pokémon)

    Karl Fairburne 
Lt. Karl Fairburne, God of the Sniping Mission (Red Fox, The Desert Ghost, The Shadow, The Sniper)
Fairburne during the Berlin Offensive in 1945
During the North African campaign in 1942 
During the Italian campaign in 1943 

    Mononobe no Futo 
Mononobe no Futo, Goddess of Beneficial Vandalism (Plate-Breaking Shikaisen)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A decorative plate
  • Theme Music: Legend of the Great Gods
  • Alignment: Lawfully Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Breaking Plates for Benefit, Faking Death to Become Shikaisen, Elemental Powers (Wind, Ground, Water and Fire), Stuck in the Past, Flowery Elizabethan English, Hidden Bad Side, Little Arsonist
  • Domains: Vandalism, Shikaisen, Taoism, "Feng Shui", Arson
  • Followers: "The Poltergeist King"
  • Allies: Toyosatomimi no Miko, Sadako Yamamura, Link, The Pyro, The Belmonts and their allies
  • Rivals: Shou Toramaru, Byakuren Hijiri
  • Enemies: The gods of House of Life and Death, Garfield Lynns, those who would oppose the Crown Prince
  • One of devoted servants of Crown Prince, Futo has an unusual fighting style in close-range, involving throwing out multiple plates which she can destroy to help out with her attacks. Not only that, but she gets stronger for every plate she breaks. For someone who used a plate as a Soul Jar, she sure doesn't like them.
    • Needless to say, she was bit insulted by this turn of events, but she accepted her position eventually.
    Futo: Oh, how have I been cursed with such disgraceful title. However, if thy Greater Gods have bestow such title, I shall gladly carry it out with vigour!
  • Even though Futo seems like a good woman, and for the most part, she is, she has her secrets. Like how she accidentally-on-purpose botched her ally's resurrection ritual due of family grudge note , her unneeded hatred forwards non-humans note  and her love to burn stuff, were she afraid or full of emotions note .
    • However, she does not get along with Firefly at all.
  • Even though she says she can manipulate feng shui, this is just a fancy name to a mix of Shinto and Taoist magic.
  • She avoids House of Life and Death due of her being destined to face against death deities to keep her immortality.
  • She somehow befriended Sadako. She claims that her connection to an another onryo helped with that. Though she seems to be still looking for that blasted tenth plate.
  • She seems to be in favour of such heroes like Link and the Belmonts. She doesn't know what to think about it.
  • Is visiting House of Travel quite a bit to learn how to use more efficiently her wooden boat. Good thing she can ride on it on air to avoid any confrontations with the Abyssal Fleet.

Priam, God of Super-Late Characters and Bragging Rights Rewards (Paris, Radiant Hero, Battle Hobo, the Hobo)

    Quote and Curly Brace 
Quote and Curly Brace, Conquerors of the Bonus Level From Hell (Quote: Mister Traveler, Soldier From the Surface | Curly: Mimiga Ally, Ally of the Mimigas)
Curly (left), Quote (right)


AiAi, God of Difficult Marble Puzzles
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A banana bunch or himself inside a ball
  • Theme Music: A few, but this is most commonly associated with him
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Everything's Better with Monkeys, Sphere Factor, Schizophrenic Difficulty, Nintendo Hard, nonsense language, likes bananas
  • Domains: Monkeys, Mazes, Bananas
  • Heralds: MeeMee & YanYan, Baby, GonGon, Doctor, Jam, Jet
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Goku, Sun Wukong, King Kong, Amigo
  • Enemies: Frieza, Mojo Jojo, evil scientists
  • Odd Friendship: Juri Han
  • This monkey really likes bananas and more often than not, travels inside a sphere to collect them and get to the goal. The layouts are often extremely difficult, complex, and very likely to cause one to fall off, but AiAi is brave enough to navigate.
  • Before he could ascend, the Houses of Gaming and Travel, along with the Court of the Gods, challenged AiAi to navigate a series of difficult tracks to reach the goal without falling off. It took a bit of time, but he succeeded.
  • Occasionally, AiAi is seem alongside other deities helping them understand the art of navigating a complex maze inside a ball. The process has been slow, given that bouts of acrophobia and motion sickness amongst selected deities have been reported during these instances. One has to wonder how AiAi (and his heralds by extension) doesn't suffer from these problems.
  • While the ball is his preferred method of traveling, AiAi has been occasionally seen outside of it. There were a couple of instances where he was driving a car and one time, he managed to get his hands on a hoverboard.
  • On an infrequent basis, deities are sometimes asked to come up with new courses for AiAi to go through. It's not uncommon for the more trollish deities to come up with designs that appear to be near-impossible to navigate.
  • Many have caught on that whenever they play the game he's from, they're controlling the field itself, not the ball AiAi is in. Within the Pantheon, the monkey moves on his own and many are thankful for it. Considering if the entire Pantheon was titled to accomodate the monkey's movements, it'd be a nightmare for everyone, including AiAi.
  • Given that he has tangled with Dr. Bad-Boon in the past, AiAi has a particular disdain towards all of the evil scientists in the Pantheon.
  • AiAi believes that every banana he eats is a delicious banana. That said, it's not likely he'll eat a rotten banana.
    • The House of Food surmised that if AiAi likes bananas, then chances are he'll like banana muffins, banana shakes, and the like.
  • He has been friendly with most of the monkeys in the Pantheon, including King Kong surprisingly enough. Many are still wondering if AiAi can convince him to roll around inside a giant sphere.
    • The same courtesy does not extend to Mojo Jojo since AiAi feels that this monkey is a worse version of Dr. Bad-Boon in terms of evil.
  • At one point discovered an entire city inside a whale. He somehow thinks that Moby Dick has a city inside of him, though many have dismissed the possibility as ridiculous.
  • The House of Sports was surprised with the monkey's interpretations of commonplace sports such as baseball and golf. They're still trying to get used to the fact that such interpretations are likely to involve the actual player being a ball (though it makes sense considering that they're inside a sphere the entire time for such a style).
    • While AiAi's interpretation of bowling is slowly becoming popular, there's a few who can't help but wonder why the lanes need to have something unusual happen.
    • The House of Gaming also managed to set up large billiards tables to be used whenever AiAi's interpretation of billiards is going to be played. Getting the required players involved (at least ten) is a bit difficult.
  • He once helped two monkeys from feuding kingdoms get together. Despite the apparent goodness in that deed, he hasn't been talking a whole lot about it.
  • He was quite overjoyed to see not only a fellow primate ascend, but with it also being a fellow Sega deity themselves. AiAi was quick to greet Amigo and celebrate with some of his music, rolling around in some of the marble mazes and feasting on banana bread.
  • For some strange reason, Juri Han has been seldom seen relaxing at his temple.

    Mona (Shovel Knight
Mona, Goddess of Short Side Games
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A flask that is in the middle of spinning. Alternatively, the slogan "The bigger the explosion, the better the alchemist!"
  • Theme Song: Spin Ye Bottle during her minigame, otherwise it's The Alchemists Haven and alone it's Waltz For One. Shares The Final Note and Alchemy with Plague Knight.
  • Alignment: Acts Lawful Neutral, but is actually Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Deadpan Snarker, Ascended Extra, Green skin, Hot Witch, Plague Knight's Dragon, whom is his partner in crime with a fondness for dancing rather adorably, Twice Shy with Plague Knight before becoming an Official Couple with him, alongside being bigger than him, Deciding to blow up the Tower Of Fate to be viewed as heroes with Plague Knight.
  • Domains: Snark, Alchemists, Minigames, Explosions, Shy lovers
  • High Priest: The Fisherman in all of his incarnations
  • Allies: Plague Knight (Her boyfriend), The Plague Doctor, Crow, Junkrat, The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon, Shield Knight
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation
  • Conflicting Opinion: Shovel Knight, Specter Knight, SCP-049, Yoshikage Kira,
  • Just about every game has a side game to go along with the main quest, often with those hosting said game not having much backstory to them. Meet Mona, a Deadpan Snarker version of the mini game host, where contestants have to hit flasks she conquers up back at targets to rack up points. Hit the 200 point mark and she'll be almost impressed...Or so she claims.
    • What about Mona's story makes her different from the other mini game hosts? Well, as it turns out her minigame was actually just a hoax for what she was really doing. She was actually aiding Plague Knight on his quest to create the ultimate potion, because, as she puts it, "The bigger the explosion, the better the alchemist!" It was for this added fact that she became much more than a simple Mini-Game host that she won her spot within the Pantheon.
  • Unbeknown to everyone, Plague Knight was actually trying to ascend Mona by himself ,seeing how she is his girlfriend, and he wants that honor of ascending her. Meanwhile, Shovel Knight overheard how some deities were bored, and decided to petition for Mona's ascension to help out, saying she runs a fine minigame. Despite being miffed that he couldn't do it himself, he couldn't help but chuckle at the idea that the karma circle opened from Plague Knight unknowingly setting up Chester to give Shovel Knight powerful relics has come closed.
  • Upon hearing about the house of Explosives, she, along with Plague Knight whom didn't even notice the house, got excited and decided to pay the place a visit. Unfortunately, instead of the alchemists that loved explosives they were expecting, these deities seem to take the lazy way of using explosives, simply buying them instead of creating explosions themselves. As such, they decided to open up a tutoring center in the house to help teach deities how to form their own kinds of bombs and explosions just like alchemists do. While this class does have some people interested, most of them still stick to the bombs they already have.
    • That said, explosive lovers that craft their own bombs still get their respect, even if it's not from alchemy. For that matter, Plague Knight and Mona still has respect for Junkrat, who not only loves his explosions, but also crafts his own. They are most impressed with his Rip-Tire, and are interested in seeing if they could replicate such a bomb via potions.
    • She was impressed with Yoshikage Kira's powers and how his stand allows for so many explosions of different kinds, and while Kira is flattered by such comments, he still insists that they leave him alone and don't bother him, threatening murder should she persist. While Plague is okay with him for the time being, he is willing to fight off Kira should he try to go through on his word.
      • Unironically enjoys Michael Bay's movies alongside with Plague Knight. One guess as to why they like them. When he told them of "The Explosive Extremists of the Pantheon" group, they wasted no time in signing up to the group themselves, quickly becoming allies with the other members of the group.
  • Seemingly enjoys Crow's presence as well as his fondness for explosions, not even minding that he's a villain. She always puts time aside to watch him and Plague Knight duke it out in a sparring match, or if Plague Knight is called upon to act as the hero and stop Crow, not that either of them mind the arrangement.
  • She is comfortable enough with SCP-049, as upon hearing how she is a close acquaintance of Plague Knight, he assumed she was also working on a cure for the plague. She just went along with it, although whenever she so much coughs, the doctor insists on giving her his "touch". Thankfully, Plague Knight can easily just touch her himself to "cure" her and bring her back to his temple to "rest", satisfying the doctor.
    • Despite sometime calling them up to bring back the SCP should he get too creepy for her liking, Mona is still annoyed at how often they keep attacking Plague Knight, mistaking him for the actual Plague Doctor when he breaches containment.
  • Just like with Plague Knight, sometimes, slow dancing music can be heard coming her temple from time to time, and a couple keen eyes are sometimes able to report Plague Knight entering her temple before it started. The two have yet to announce what happens that prompts this music. Mona however, seems to be getting offers from several members of the house of Music to receive dance lessons, but they are too fast paced for her liking.
  • She is not to be confused with Morgana, even if they do have the same name, with Mona being Morgana's nickname. Also, no relation to the Mona that works for Wario.
  • Of course, given her title, people still go to her temple to either play her original Mini-Game or a version which you have to keep a flask up in the air for the longest time. Specter Knight is a common player of the second version of her game, and while she does enjoy seeing him frustrated by failing constantly, she wasn't too happy with him once she saw him beating up Plague Knight out of nowhere, apparently because he unknowingly stole a Tragic Keepsake from him without knowing its true value. She was able to call him out and convince him to leave, but it doesn't stop her from beaming Specter Knight with a flask or two during his attempts at her game, saying it's a "added challenge".
    • Because of Plague Knight's relations with the other Knights from the same game, Mona often finds herself as mediator between him and Shovel/Specter Knight.

    Wander (Shadow of the Colossus
Wander, God of Gigantic Creature Climbing


    Mike Schmidt 
Mike Schmidt, God of Tactical Door Use (Michael Afton(?))
  • Quasideity (Demigod or even Lesser God if the rumor of him being Michael Afton is true)
  • Symbol: A googly-eyed cupcake
  • Theme song: Stay calm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Extensive, creative usage of doors to deal with enemies that vastly outclass him, careful management of resources, lacking combat skills but being scarily good at surviving major threats, relying on his wits, never being seen and having a completely unknown past, working an unbelievably horrible job at a children's pizza place with animatronic characters, getting fired after working for a week, and possibly being an adrenaline junkie
  • Domains: Doors, Survival, Bravery, Playing Dead, Sucky Jobs, Suckier Equipment
  • High Priest: Mappy
  • Followers: The Hitman, Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith despite the fact they were night guards of Freddy's before him and didn't have the luxury of door use, the Fazbear's Fright night guard (even though he did not have the luxury of door use either, though vents are close enough), the child victim of The Bite of '87?, The Technician, Mary Schmidt (his relative?)
  • Allies: Larry Daley, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Robin, Chell, Robin
  • Enemies: Freddy Fazbear, Balloon Boy, Springtrap, GLaDOS, Flumpty Bumpty, SCP-173
  • Former Enemy: The Marionette
  • Respects: Ashi
  • Grandmaster, Robin, along with several strategy expert representatives of the houses of Knowledge and War, began emphatically arguing in favor of Mike Schmidt's ascension after witnessing him accomplish the utterly insane feat of surviving for six hours with limited power inside of a dilapidated building with four (some witnesses claimed five) killer animatronics that he had intentionally set to be absurdly aggressive. Nobody is quite sure why he would possibly do that, and Mike himself refused to elaborate on the point, but the group was in unanimous agreement that such a cunning display of strategic brilliance earned him a spot in the pantheon. Mike, for his part, welcomed the invitation, mostly because it was a great honor, but also partly because he was at that point out of a job.
  • Upon ascending, Mike was reunited with his "old friend" Freddy Fazbear, ringleader of the Animatronics that stalked and attacked him at his old job. However, due to a time paradox resulting from sequels actually being prequels, Mike Schmidt didn't ascend until after Freddy had ascended and it became readily apparent how utterly dangerous he was. Thankfully nobody was hurt, however, and Mike was greatly relieved to learn that the Bite of '87 was not reenacted among the pantheon. The unfortunate souls designated for "Freddy Watch Duty" soon began clamoring at Mike for advice and help, which he was happy to offer, and he began training people for the job. He is well aware that these people are being punished, but 1: he doesn't feel anyone deserves to be killed by Freddy and his gang, and 2: he knows it is vitally important that Freddy never escapes, and as such, he does what he can to help people out.
    • With the actual ascension of The Marionette, his job has only gotten harder, as that thing was never around during his stay at Freddy Fazbear's. It's gotten so bad that at times he's had to step in to guard the place himself again.
    • However, the ascension of Springtrap has lead to an event no one would have suspected, being the fact that Freddy, the Marionette and he will happily put aside their differences to make sure he never leaves his temple. The fact that he's directly responsible for everything bad that's happened in their world definitely helps.
  • While the spirit of the trope that Mike embodies means that he is fundamentally a god of strategy, he argued to be in the House of Technology because there is no House of Strategy, and that he is also a god of doors, which are a form of technology. Of course, everyone knew his real motivation was so he could keep a closer watch on Freddy and his crew, but not only was he technically correct, nobody really objected to his motivations.
  • Mike's backstory is a notorious mystery, and he has done very little to alleviate this. He's not fond of talking about his past or his reasons for taking what is quite possibly one of the worst jobs ever conceived, and if you ask him why on earth he set all those animatronics to level 20 in the first place, he'll cough rather pointedly and change the subject.
    • Some people wonder if he came to Freddy Fazbear's due to the SCP Foundation, either as an agent or a D-class.
  • Courage is a huge admirer of Mike's, as he sees the two's methods of dealing with monstrous threats as being extremely similar. Mike in turn is a huge fan of Courage's, and has called him "by far the bravest coward I've ever met".
  • Mike has also struck up a friendship with kindred spirit Larry Daley, who also happens to be a security guard at an establishment that gets extremely weird at night. They regularly exchange stories, and are united allies against the threat of Freddy Fazbear.
  • For a while, before being successfully banned from entering the Pantheon, a time-and-space-travelling egg named Flumpty Bumpty had been on a kidnapping spree for "participants" for his "Hide and Seek Survival Game", taking followers of various gods, including Mike's. Because of his unremarkableness, Flumpty eventually nabbed the security guard quasideity. Thanks to his experience at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he was able to survive, and was brought back to the Pantheon in secret.
    • Eventually, Mike got kidnapped for another game of Flumpty's. Just as he managed to survive this one (and found a certain something), upon being returned to the Pantheon again, Flumpty was caught by Freddy Fazbear—whose head had been stolen by the egg for his game—and the ensuing fracas managed to alert the rest of the Gods. The Court eventually evicted Flumpty from the Pantheon, although the kidnappings haven't stopped; he's just avoided Mike and Freddy.
  • Mike became greatly surprised the day he met Ashi in that she was willing to watch Springtrap for a night. It seemed the decaying rabbit's crimes had hit a nerve. Mike had to turn her down, however, as she had newly ascended and didn't want to risk someone so new. He did gain a certain respect for her for the attempt.
    • Later on, Ashi did return with the idea of using Jack's sword to defeat it. Mike countered her by saying he didn't want to risk whatever was inside that monster getting out.
  • Was incredibly happy to discover that Springtrap's presence in the mortal world was finally destroyed once and for all, and impressed that the Marionette played a likely significant role in his destruction. However, considering the monster that Springtrap is and the fact that he still has a presence in the Pantheon, Mike and the Marionette have dropped their enmity and increased cooperation in keeping Springtrap sealed away. Neither of them intend to let the murderer inside Springtrap take his anger at being defeated out on the child gods on their watch.
  • May, or may not, be Michael Afton under an alias (and, by extension, may, or may not, be the son of William "Springtrap" Afton). If this is the case, then he has been working to undo his father's evil for MUCH longer than originally anticipated, even beyond his own death. This might make him due for a rank increase to Demigod or even Lesser God.

    Vincent Brooks 
Vincent Brooks, The God Who Climbs to Survive (Man Drinking Alone, The Man of Legends)
  • Quasideity (Demigod in his Nightmares, Greater God in the True Cheater Ending)
  • Symbol: Pillow and pink polka-dot boxer
  • Theme Song: Also Sprach Brooks
  • Alignment: True Neutral (remains so or shifts to Neutral Good in the Neutral/Freedom Ending, shifts to Lawful Good at the Commitment Ending, and shifts to Chaotic Neutral at the Cheater Ending)
  • Portfolio: The Everyman, Wears Underwear in His Nightmare, Jaw Drops Much of His Life, Determined to Survive in his Nightmare, Choice of Commitment or Freedom, Terrible Liar, Nice Guy, Grew a Spine, Large Ham, Helping Others With The Same Struggle As He, Happily Married (potentially)
  • Domains: Climbing, Survival, Relationship
  • Allies: Ampharos, Homer Simpson, Moe, Harth Stonebrew, Ysera, NiGHTS
  • Enemies: Bane
  • Cautious Around: All succubi in general, Darkrai, Lucifer
  • Vincent Brooks is a thirty-two year old in a relationship with his girlfriend, Katherine McBride, but was too indecisive in regards to marriage. When the enigmatic beauty named Catherine appeared in his life, everything is dragged into a nightmare. Literally, he is trapped in a nightmare where he must climb to the top in order to survive or else he will die in the real world.
  • Due to the nature of Multiple Endings, this Vincent is one of nine potential versions of his future, selected by an unidentified deity. In four of them, he doesn't get either the succubus Catherine or his old girlfriend Katherine McBride, two where it's by his own choice, two in where the girl he chose turns him down but he is now free to get his life back on track. In two, he lives in the Netherworld with Catherine, and in one of those, he took it over from her bumbling father. In two others, he makes it up to Katherine and they marry. The Vincent that came is the one where he doesn't pick either girl and pursues his dreams of space tourism, after which he was invited to the Pantheon.
  • Having confronted his Shadow back in his nightmares before, Vincent decided doing so again in the TV World wouldn't be a bad idea. Getting a Persona out of the deal seems to be pretty sweet.
    • He recognized Makoto Yuki as that kid he met in Club Escapade at Paulownia Mall. When they first met, he told him that his story will probably have nothing to do with Makoto's problems. Now, he thinks that he's the only one of the two who has problems at night.
  • Even though she sees potential in him, Kyu decided to respectfully back off from taking him in as a client. With what he's been through, he's probably not ready. It doesn't help that in some of his endings, he's already happily married, and it's in her rules not to go after such people.
  • Due to his experience with Catherine, who is revealed to be a succubus, he doesn't like to be near others like Morrigan and Lilith Aensland.
  • Princess Cadance pities him for the hell he had to endure, and plans to tear Thomas Mutton a new one for putting him and many others through such trying ordeal, even if it's to continue population growth by weeding out cheaters.
  • Because he endured in The Great Trials in his Nightmares for a week, he doesn't like those who bring nightmares which could force him back in if they had the power. He seeks the help of some dream deities that could help him sleep well just in case these Nightmares could be recreated in the Pantheon.
    • He doesn't enjoy being in company with Darkrai who can cause bad dreams. This guy needs a supply of Lunar Wings. Though, Bane enjoyed making an illusion of his Nightmares when he is put to sleep by him.
    • Though Luna would help with his dreams, if she saw that he is going to start another relationship problem, she might restore the Nightmare again just to teach him a lesson.
  • He is usually seen in the House of Foods drinking. He befriended Homer as his drinking buddy, and thinks Moe is alright considering how his old bartender, The Boss, essentially started his Nightmares and was his final obstacle.
  • He once played an arcade game based on Rapunzel in which is similar to his Nightmares. He told both Rapunzel and Flynn Rider that he hoped that their marriage last forever.
  • He meets with those experienced with tarot cards who tells him about how his trials were similar to the story of the Lovers Arcana. He was put on a crossroad where he choose either a young romantic woman who represents Catherine or an older wise woman who represents Katherine. Of course, he could take another path if he wanted to and he took it.
  • He doesn't usually speak to high school students but he feel very uncomfortable when speaking with Yukari Takeba and Rise Kujikawa since the two sound too much like K/Catherine, it's both confusing and disturbing. Ironically, both of these girls represents the Lovers Arcana.
  • Despite K/Catherine being a common name, whenever ladies with that name ascend he's never sure if it's either McBride or the succubus. With the women named Catherine Kyoubashi and Katherine Anne Pryde, he realized that he was gladly mistaken.
  • Despite his complicated situation, he openly respects those that got married since they made a choice on commitment. Though he is in no position to oppose cheating, since he either was trapped in it or embraced it, he hoped that they don't suffer through the Nightmare he faced, depending on how bad they are.
    • He doesn't appreciate Makoto Itou for actively cheating on people, in fact he was very nervous and even frightened of the love triangle the kid got himself into. Though he isn't old enough, he hoped that he doesn't have to suffer through the same thing he faced in his nightmares.
    • He doesn't know how he feels about the love goddess Aphrodite who is known to have multiple lovers.
    • Ironically, he doesn't know how he feels about harems since it's not technically cheating when there are multiple partners holding interest in one person. Though Issei Hyodo is shown to have the most stable harem as in the future, all the girls have a child with him and are in a happy family.
      • It is worth noting that Lucifer "respects" him for that one timeline where he became the new Lord of the Underworld and got himself a harem of demonesses, spending million of maccas (currency) for his honeymoon with said demon harem to compensate for what his friend Ishtar (or rather her human guise Trisha) put him through. Vincent isn't sure what to say about this.
    • He pitied both Korra and Asami when they dated Mako as he cheated on both with each other, although he's surprised that they became a couple with each other instead.
  • Since he was seen as a sheep in his Nightmares, he ended up respecting Ampharos, a sheep(?) Pokémon, as he felt like he saw many sheep that didn't survive the Trials like the lamb for the slaughter.


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