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Greater Gods

    Akihiko Kayaba/Heathcliff 
Akihiko Kayaba, The Game Master God (Heathcliff, Commander, The Strongest Man, The Living Legend, The Paladin, The Crimson Knight, The Game Master of Death, SAO's Char Aznable, Master of the Cyberverse)
As the Game Master 
  • Greater God, borderline Overdeity in the Cyberverse, Quasideity in real life
  • Symbol: The Knights of the Blood Oath Emblem
  • Alignment: True Neutral, formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Created a Death Game Based on his Dream Of Creating A Floating Castle, Anti-Villain, Leader of the Knights of the Blood Guild, Main Antagonist of the Aincrad Arc, Big Good, Gives Players A Fighting Chance to Survive, Game Master, Seemingly Indifferent About The Deaths in SAO, More Ethical Than The Other SAO Villains, Has Unparalleled Swordsmanship as Heathcliff With A Title To Match, Uploaded His Consciousness To The Internet At the Expense of His Physical Body, Has A Grudging Respect for Kirito and Asuna
  • Domains: Death Games, Gaming, Technology, Science
  • Herald: Rinko Koujiro (his Love Interest and partner)
  • High Priest: Suguru Itakura
  • Allies: Kuroto Dan, Lain Iwakura, Shiro Kanzaki, Noah Kaiba, The Machine, Cortana, Hackerman, The Laughing Man, Char Aznable, The Celestial Toymaker
  • Odd Friendship: Two-Face, George Lucas, Jigsawnote 
  • Worthy Opponent: Kazuto Kirigaya/Kirito
  • Rivalsnote  (on their end):
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Masamune Dan, the GUAG White Hats, the Lyoko Warriors, Takatora Kureshima, Krim Steinbelt, and good-aligned Kamen Riders, most if not all superheroes in the Pantheon, possibly The Master of Chaldea, Shuichi Akai
  • Enemies:
  • Friendly Enemy: Archaon the Everchosen
  • Respects: Artix von Krieger, Link and the GUAG Sacred Knights
  • Respected by: The Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Opposes: Death Gun, The Godmodder, The Sibyl System, GIf.fany, Director Krennic, every demon in the Pantheon
  • Opposed by: Emu Hojo and the other unambiguously good Ex-Aid Riders, Shinji Kido, Elliot, Optimus Prime, Katniss Everdeen, Akihiko Sanada, Zamasu, Kei Shirogane, Shizuka Hanekura, Conan Edogawa, Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman
  • Despised by: The Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Pities: All deities in the Pantheon that were unlawfully experimented on and deities who sacrificed everything in pursuit of their goals. Yes, even Griffith
  • Conflicting Opinion (on their end): The entire SAO cast, especially Asuna Yuuki and Yui (yes, that includes Abridged Kirito and Asuna)
  • The Game Master of Death. That's what haters in the Pantheon call Akihiko Kayaba. The insult rings hollow, for he is one of the few video game developers to truly embrace his craft. But as his moniker suggests, he embraced it a little too much.
  • Akihiko Kayaba pioneered the rise of the VRMMORPG genre, creating its first game, Sword Art Online, accessed via the NerveGear device. The game's setting of Aincrad was based on Kayaba's childhood vision of a floating castle, and he worked long and hard to make this vision a reality. But of course he had to go and mess it up. When Sword Art Online's official gaming service launched, he trapped about 10 000 players in the game and issued an ultimatum: beat the Final Boss on the 100th floor, and everyone will be allowed to log out. Until this was done, whenever a player's HP reached zero, his or her NerveGear would send a fatal pulse of microwave radiation into their brain, killing them. In the midst of the turmoil and confusion, he logged into the game under the username 'Heathcliff', becoming the leader of a high-level clearing guild called the Knights of the Blood, and a key figure in helping the players clear the floors of Aincrad. However, previous encounters clued Kirito in as to his true identity and he was exposed on the 75th floor soon after its boss was defeated. Heathcliff then challenged Kirito to a duel, promising to free all the players if he lost. Kirito won (after a fashion), causing Sword Art Online and its Deadly Game to be ended prematurely before ever reaching the final floor.
  • As for why he did all of that? Aside from creating the 'floating castle' from his childhood dreams, he seems to have forgotten.
    • Abridged Kirito and Asuna have a theory, though whether it applies to this Kayaba is up for debate: the whole thing was Christmas Rushed, he was sleep deprived as he tried to finish it before the deadline, and that the whole dying-in-the-game-means-dying-for-real is actually a glitch that he, in his sleep-deprived mind decides it would be best to to cover up as intentional. Kayaba himself admits that's an interesting if hilarious theory, but sadly that wasn't the case.
    • A more plausible explanation that Kayaba has admitted to be closer to the truth is that he felt frustrated and limited by the arbitrary rules that govern the current reality and wished to exceed them by supplanting it with his own. Thus he created Sword Art Online to be as sensory and seemingly realistic as possible to support this.
  • Having planned to do so long before he enacted his death game, he used a remodeled FullDive machine to upload his consciousness into the virtual world permanently to escape justice. In the process, his brain cells were fried, killing his physical body. His Virtual Ghost resurfaced during Kirito's duel with Oberon, giving Kirito his administrator ID and account. This allowed Kirito to utterly wreck Sugou as Kayaba's admin privileges outranked his.
    • During the events of Project Alicization, he transferred his virtual consciousness into a robot body in an attempt to save those on the Ocean Turtle when its reactor underwent meltdown. Unfortunately, that resulted in his permanent death as it meant obliterating his virtual consciousness in the process.
  • Reports from the House of Technology and the GUAG White Hats indicated that Kayaba could have programmed a backdoor to duplicate and re-upload his consciousness onto a random server in the event of his death, but this was never proven and cynics proclaimed the findings to be a hoax. That is, until Kuroto Dan noticed an anomaly in one of his father's prototype Kamen Rider Chronicle beta servers, a digital intelligence similar to that of Yui. When the data was extracted from the server and analyzed, it was revealed to be the fragmented data of Kayaba. Kuroto enlisted the help of his ally Krim Steinbelt and advice from Tony Stark to consolidate Kayaba back into human form, after which he was brought before the Court of the Gods. Kirito and his friends chose to remain neutral in the session as they were torn whether to completely forgive Kayaba for whatever atrocities he's committed. Ultimately, he was allowed to ascend to the Pantheon under the trope of Game Master, though under probation.
    • It is a little known fact that the SCP Foundation discovered Kayaba first, though his data was too fragmented at the time to discern that it was him. Mobile Task Force Mu-4 operatives were tasked with bagging and tagging him, but automatic protocols switched him to another network in the Pantheon before any further events could ensue. The most Kayaba remembers of the incident is a anti-malware probe with the SCP logo on it reaching for him (yes, that's a thing).
  • For his first months in the Pantheon, he was barred from accessing any and all forms of modern technology and sent for therapy sessions in the House of Health and Diseases in an effort to ensure that his future endeavours are more ethical and less self-indulgent. He was also stripped of access to his in-game persona of Heathcliff. In the meantime, he was allowed to consult with the many game designers and researchers in the Pantheon to figure out what to do with his new lease of life. This probationary period has since ended, and Kayaba can access his in-game persona of Heathcliff in the Pantheon just like the rest of the SAO cast.
    • He doesn't like partaking in the Pantheon's many conflicts though, so he rarely uses his avatar in full-on combat unless the immediate need arises. This is usually done in the Cyberverse, where he has near-Overdeity levels of power thanks to his trope and admin status in the SAO world servers, though without some checks by the higher-ups.
  • The SAO deities in the Pantheon, especially Kirito and Asuna, are divided on him. They fault him for trapping them in the game, but most of their negative sentiments regarding him have more or less subsided. Asuna attributes that to the fact that the years she spent in SAO with Kirito were the best years of her life. They maintain that Kayaba's actions were still immoral and that his probation was well-deserved. Helping the players clear the game may have been to him a good deed, but that wouldn't need to happen if he hadn't started the incident in the first place. Lack of Empathy indeed.
    • Not to mention that he brought the VRMMO genre into the mainstream, attracting its own new wave of criminals and unsavoury individuals that would antagonize Kirito and company in the wake of the SAO incident. Laughing Coffin, the most infamous PK guild in SAO reveled in countless killing sprees knowing full well that Kayaba would be blamed for it all. They also turned out many cyber-criminals using VR games as their modus operandi, including Death Gun (L.C. members XaXa and Johnny Black as well as XaXa's brother Kyouji) and leader PoH (Vassago Casals). Both would meet grisly fates at Kirito's hands, though Death Gun less so. Now that the trio have ascended with the rest of the guild as heralds, there's no telling what Kayaba will do next.
    • Naturally, that means he is the target for the many complaints regarding Sword Art Online's more trivial logistical problems. There've been a few fellows who've had quite a bit to say about Kayaba's ability in designing Sword Art Online (the game). And that's without taking into account that he turned it into a Deadly Game.
    • The other good-aligned SAO deities never experienced the horrors of his death game but had to deal with its resultant fallout, so they aren't exactly thanking him for that. LLENN stands out as her friend Pitohui entered severe depression over not logging in to SAO on the day the players were trapped in the game and missing out on the fun. Anyone else who's suffered in a Deadly Game also doesn't like him, like Katniss Everdeen, though the nature of her game was arguably far more arbitrary than Kayaba's SAO.
  • Kayaba has had a hand in the origins of nearly every person that has menaced Kirito and his friends due to creating the means of their crimes in the first place, and he has made it a personal goal of his to make them see the light of virtual reality and that it was created with the good of the populace in mind, not for evil purposes such as mind control and warfare.
    • Nobuyuki Sugou has long been Kayaba's bitter rival since their university days, and was extremely critical of his detached nature. He also courted his girlfriend a few times to disturbing effect. Kayaba is incredulous at how Sugou has failed to learn from his past mistakes and continued to use mind-control technology for his own ends. And for a terrorist organization no less! Kayaba has nursed thoughts of talking to him after the incident below but has shelved the idea after seeing the many atrocities he has committed in the name of SHOCKER alongside other depraved individuals. He had quite a few words to say about this:
    Kayaba: Sugou always believed that I was being too close-minded with my vision. He kept telling me FullDive technology had far more potential than I thought it had. While I shrugged it off because I was too focused on my dream, perhaps he was right. If only I knew then that I was talking to a Complete Monster with no regard for the sanctity of free will. And now that monster is working for people worse than I can imagine...
    Sugou: Dammit ALL! First you spite me by spawning that stupid virtual world of yours. Then you mock me in death by giving 'that boy' your admin account. And now, when I finally thought I'd gotten rid of you, you come back and assert your superiority as the God of Game Masters? CURSE YOU KAYABA!! CURSE YOU!!!
    • He never got to meet her personally in his homeworld, but with the knowledge that Quinella was spawned from the whims of a JSDF agent, he isn't at all surprised at how twisted she turned out. Nevertheless, he created the floating castle of Aincrad (aside from the fact that it was a death game) as a world for players to roam freely and enjoy themselves, hence he views Quinella's tightly-controlled world built to worship her and her alone as the utter perversion of what a virtual world ought to be. Quinella would thank Kayaba for being the inspiration for her creation and that of her fellow bottom-up AIs, just as long he swears fealty to her as a new Integrity Knight. Needless to say, that's not happening.
  • This hardened Kayaba's resolve to return to his roots and further his study of the virtual world. His temple is a giant gaming laboratory of sorts, though his real place of residence in the Pantheon is in a more remote location far from the vicinity. When not working on what he does best, he can be seen contemplating and reflecting with his girlfriend, herald, and unintentional partner-in-crime Rinko, who attends to his every need. She admits that her partner is detached somewhat, but does have a soul. They never go to the House of Love for dates or anything, nor engage in public displays of affection. Most of their devotion to each other is expressed in their mutual passion in furthering the growth of the VRMMO genre and for them, that's enough.
  • Due to his flawed sense of morality, he has no qualms about rubbing shoulders with more morally dubious deities. One is Two-Face, whose more evil side served as his assigned lawyer during the court case. Once programmed a trip down memory lane for Harvey in a personalized Soul Translator, in hopes that seeing the many bad choices he made and all the alternative paths he could have chosen could bring him a peace of mind and re-unify his split halves. Kayaba was very hopeful that this would allow Harvey to attempt living on his own terms again instead of by pure chance. Surprisingly, the experience proved therapeutic for him, and when asked whether it helped, Harvey said 'I'll think about it'.
    • Also has undisclosed relationships with Jigsaw, since they both have a Blue-and-Orange Morality and hold Deadly Games, and George Lucas, most likely due to them being totally immersed and enamoured with their respective crafts and disliking outside influence such as Executive Meddling.
    • One of the few denizens of the House of Gaming who dares visit the Celestial Toymaker, mainly because the Toymaker had no intention of putting him in a game, as he respects his handiwork with SAO and his Game Master roles. Akihiko is wary around the Toymaker, though it's difficult to say he has a moral high ground and the Toymaker will play ball around him because of the aforementioned respect.
  • Whether grudgingly or sincerely, every member of the House of Technology and Gaming looks up to him for his tireless efforts to improve VR technology and devices, whereas he looks down hard on people who would use it for evil. Any large scale evil organization who would use his technology for evil or otherwise hostile purposes like warfare, be it SHOCKER (because Sugou's a member), the Black Organization (because Masamune Dan, a fellow Game Master is a member), HYDRA, or SEELE is on his watchlist.
  • Speaking of the Black Organization, successful hackings of his facility servers and subsequent data leeching, likely because of their agent Tequila, convinced Kayaba to recruit a deceased BO dissident as his high priest. Suguru Itakura, a gifted game engineer and graphic designer, was taken for the job, a rare gesture of personal pity from Kayaba. Itakura was forced by Vermouth to complete a program he had long since abandoned and died of a heart disease while meeting with an old acquaintance a few years after. Not much is known about him Pantheon-wise, since Kayaba shields him from the public eye to ensure his safety even if Death Is Cheap here.
  • If Kayaba does step out of his temple, it's to meet Kirito (who can speak to him quite civilly, they're still not friends no matter what you think) and company or to battle fellow swordsmen. Particularly Jaime Lannister, whose tough journey of finding independence from Cersei and shaking off his arrogance and reputation as a kingslayer is admirable. Kayaba can almost afford to be more private with him regarding his inner thoughts, though it's likely no one will understand them.
  • Has a lot of rivals as Heathcliff, but tends to pay them no mind and hasn't considered any feuds with them, hence they are only rivals in name.
  • Tense relations with the Ex-Aid riders were par for the course, after all he reminds them of a more subdued Kuroto Dan. The Ryuki riders brushing him off wasn't a complete surprise either, but it did convince him to seek an audience with the orchestrator of the Rider Fight, Shiro Kanzaki. They met for lunch (if you can imagine that) in Kayaba's temple to discuss whether the death games they orchestrated had any true moral bedrock. Kayaba has told him that morality-wise, Kanzaki is leaps and bounds more honourable than him since he started the Rider Fight to revive his sister while Kayaba created SAO and turned it into a death game just to fulfill a comparatively useless childhood dream. Kanzaki acknowledges this and accepts Kayaba for who he is, one of the few to do so sincerely. In return, Kayaba has given Kanzaki his own laboratory in his temple to find a way of fully restoring his physical form for the sake of protecting those he had indirectly killed in the Rider Fight and research the Mirror World further.
  • Isn't too keen on working with those involved in deadly Pantheon events. Takatora has been doing his best to reach out to Kayaba since SHOCKER is likely planning a major offensive by giving its employed members Lockseeds. In a gesture of deference, he has given Kayaba a prototype Crimson Arms Lockseed (an advanced version of the Ringo Lockseed).
In every world, once you die, you're gone.

    The Shadow Queen 

Muh huh huh huh huh...Witness my rebirth...”

The Shadow Queen, Unholy Demon of Game Overs by Choice (Queen Of Shadows, Supergod)
Shadow Queen’s spirit form
The Shadow Queen possessing Princess Peach
  • Greater Goddess, but is a full-blown Overdeity against those who have no way to get through her True Form's invulnerability.
  • Symbol: The entrance to the Thousand-Year Door
  • Theme Songs: The Sky Falls Into Shadows, Shadow Peach, Shadow Queen’s True Form, The Final Battle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Demonic Possession, Physical Goddess, Armor-Piercing Attack, Greater-Scope Villain, Big Bad, Your Soul is Mine!, Non Standard Game Over, Cognizant Limbs, The Dreaded, Has a powerful Charged Attack, Evil Is Not a Toy, God Save Us from the Queen!, Good Weakens Evil
  • Domains: Evil, Possession, Shadows, Cruelty, Darkness, Power, Magic
  • Heralds: Hooktail, Gloomtail and Bonetail (The Shadow Queen’s Pet Dragons)
  • Allies: The Dark Star, Melkor, Ra Moon, Cell, Dark Gaia, Aku, Vaatu, Ansem, Seeker Of Darkness, The Heartless
  • Rivals: The Dark Matter Horde, King Sombra, Sauron, Queen Nehelenia
  • Enemies: All Good-Aligned Mario deities (Especially Mario and Princess Peach), Bowser, Son Goku, victims of Demonic Possession, especially Hotaru Tomoe, Robin, Leah and Abigail Williams, the Heroic Keyblade Wielders, especially Riku, Lucifer, YHVH, The House of Happiness, Samurai Jack, Korra, Raava
  • Opposes: Pops Maellard
  • The Shadow Queen is a powerful demon who once terrorized the city of Rogueport before four heroes came to stop her, using her own Crystal Stars against her to seal her away. However, she cursed them with a Fate Worse than Death. As soon as they didn’t have the Crystal Stars on their person, they were transformed into demons trapped in black chests. She was also behind the calamity that affected the city where Rogueport now stands, its remains lying underground in the sewers. She would soon be unleashed upon the world once more by Grodus, who was manipulated by Beldam into believing that she would be bound to serve the one who released her. She possessed Peach, destroyed Grodus’ body when he tried to command her, leaving him as nothing but a head and offered to let Mario become her servant. If you accept, you get a Non Standard Game Over. If you refuse, you have to fight the Queen. Mario and his partners soon put an end to the Shadow Queen for good, expelling the demon from Peach’s body.
  • It was a nice day in the Pantheon. Nothing chaotic was going on, with most of the villains either planning or having Go-Karting with Bowser and Villains Out Shopping moments. This all changed when the sky turned a pitch black and a mad laugh filled the air. A woman appeared, wearing a purple dress.
    Shadow Queen: ”At long last...the Pantheon shall know true darkness...”
  • She revealed herself to be the Shadow Queen, who happened to be possessing an artificial copy of Princess Peach’s body, its creation engineered by Melkor himself. Two of the heroes present, Mario and Princess Peach, were not happy to see her return. Mario and Princess Peach, with the aid of some other deities, took on the Queen. A long battle occurred, but ultimately she was defeated once more, the sky returning to normal afterwards. The Shadow Queen later woke up in the House of Life and Death, before going to her temple to plan things out...
    • One of the deities in question who led to her defeat? Goku. When she went One-Winged Angel, nobody could hurt her anymore because the Crystal Stars were not present to gather positivity from the Pantheon’s citizens. As a result, Goku was forced to perform a Spirit Bomb, which hit her dead on and shattered her invulnerability.
  • Really does not like Pops Maellard, as due to her weakness being a mass amount of positive energy, he’s like walking kryptonite to her. She hasn’t taken action against him yet due to the amount of powerful deities he has befriended, knowing that an attack on Pops right now would only result in her death.
  • Her darkness attracts The Heartless, so she has decided to begin controlling them, knowing that should they turn against her, the rebellion would be cut short due to her insane power as well as her true form’s invulnerability which cannot be bypassed by them. It is for these reasons that The Dark Matter Horde doesn’t try to attack her, as the Shadow Queen’s invulnerability and power would make the fight One-Sided in her favor.
  • Those who are victims of Demonic Possession hate her. Chief among them are Robin, Leah, Hotaru Tomoe and Abigail Williams, all four of them knowing what it is like to have a demon controlling them. This is something the Shadow Queen scoffed at, declaring that they would soon know her as their Queen. Hotaru in particular hates her the most, the evil demon reminding her far too much of Mistress Nine, a creature that once took over her body.
  • Light Is Good deities are usually called to dispel the darkness in the sky that appears wherever she goes. It is big enough to cover entire worlds, something which attracted the attention of the heroic Keyblade wielders, though Riku hates her the most due to her similarities to Ansem, both of them hijacking the body of someone close to the hero and them being forced to fight against them. The fact that she uses The Heartless makes things worse. Kairi also opposes her as she reminds her of Xehanort, who had put her and her friends through Hell. On the other hand, she and Ansem get along very well and will work together to accomplish their goals.
  • Her invulnerability is completely ridiculous. It goes so far to the point where ridiculously powerful attacks like Supernova and Earth Tremor can’t even harm her, and stopping time won’t affect her. Even without her invulnerability, stopping time will still have no affect on her at all. Needless to say, whenever she attacks, it usually takes multiple deities to take her down.
  • YHVH views her as an abomination that needs to be destroyed, as such a world she desires would be, in his eyes, too chaotic. He seeks to make her face a Fate Worse than Death, but unfortunately for him, she not only has Melkor's protection, but her invulnerability has allowed her to utterly Curb Stomp anyone he has sent after her thus far. YHVH is frustrated by this while The Shadow Queen is simply amused.
    • Lucifer doesn't have a much better opinion of her, as he views her as a deranged maniac who seeks to terrorize others because it amuses her as well as cast the world into darkness. He is perfectly willing to fight her himself if things get too bad in order to preserve his plans and destroy her.
  • Thanks to Melkor restoring her to life, she feels she owes him a great debt and will help him and his alliance out in any way she can, though she is refraining from joining due to the membership of one Bowser, who loathes her with every fiber of his being. The Shadow Queen laughed when she learned of this, finding him to be, in her words, amusing for a pathetic worm.
  • She did find similarly minded beings in the form of Ra Moon and Cell, both of them absolutely relishing in evil, destruction and fear. The Shadow Queen welcomes them both as allies and she feels that this alliance could only benefit the trio, much to the displeasure of most of the Pantheon.
  • Absolutely considering kickstarting a project to give Dark Gaia a form of intelligence, something which most of the Pantheon is heavily opposed to and she has been opposed at every turn, much to her eternal frustration. Fortunately for her, Melkor has decided to aid her in this endeavor, which displeased many other deities.
  • Mario was very confused when attacks on the level of Supernova weren't able to harm her while she was invulnerable even when they could have done so before. She responded by saying that she dealt with that issue. Her attacks also cut through any type of additional defense, so even Overdeities have trouble taking her on. It’s even worse if she is still invulnerable.
  • Became rivals with a few other Dark Is Evil rulers. King Sombra is on good terms with her when it comes to their rivalry yet his ego leads him to believe that he is superior to her in every aspect, though finds her to be a worthy rival. Sauron wants her dead for how chaotic she is when he wants to bring law. However, the fiercest rival she has is the leader of the Dead Moon Circus, Queen Nehelenia. They both want to shroud the world in darkness and will bring chaos if it means accomplishing it. They have been competing against each other, much to the relief of their enemies, as they aren’t sure if they can stop the two if they worked together.
  • Is interested in the Dark Star, noting that she should be fine around the item as it would only be copying the body she is inhabiting, and even then her true form wouldn’t budge even an inch to the creature. She also gets along with Aku, though the Shogun Of Sorrow thinks she should relax a bit. She is enemies with Samurai Jack, as he has proven to be able to cut through her invulnerability with his sword, which is something the Shadow Queen was NOT amused by.
  • The Shadow Queen wants to destroy the entire House of Happiness as well as slaughter all who reside there. This is because a massive amount of positive energy being weaponized against her will shatter her invulnerability.
  • Has quite the relationship with Korra. She proved capable of sealing her away without use of the Crystal Stars, though admittedly she had to do it before she transformed. After being freed from her seal by Melkor, the Shadow Queen has sworn to transform and slaughter her immediately the next time she sees her. She also doesn't like Raava for it being a Big Good, the two sometimes clashing against each other. Vaatu, however, has a much better relationship with her than those two as they both seek to plunge the world into darkness, that being the end goal for both it and the Shadow Queen. It has decided to help her out from time to time, much to the displeasure of many other deities.
  • Then, you wretched will learn the error of your ways!


Intermediate Gods

    Big Band 
Big Band, God of Musical Gameplay (Band Camp, Ben Birdland, Detective Sax)

    The D'Arby Brothers 
Daniel and Telence D'arby, Co-Gods of Gambling With Human Lives (Daniel J. D'arby and Telence/Terence T. D'Arby)
Top-Daniel, Bottom-Telence

    Hat Kid 
Hat Kid, Goddess of Getting Rewarded In Clothing (Some girl, Darling, Cute-As-Heck)
Hey, that's me! Don't I look cute?
  • Rank: Well, people are calling me an Intermediate Goddess thanks to my powerful hats, I guess that? However, they are also saying I can reach Greater Goddess status by my special instant health restoring power I had while fighting Mustache Girl, though I would need help from my friends to make all those Pons. Urgh, this whole ranking system is so confusing...
  • Symbol: Why, my trusty purple top hat of course!
  • Theme Songs: Well, it IS called "Main Theme" after all... OOH! Here's my spaceship's theme here as well!
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • My list of tropes (I think that's what they call them...): Hecking cute and bratty if I want to be (so what about that?!?), winning lots of clothing that give me powers, Only willing to help out those that would help me, wearing a cool hat and cape, Using an umbrella to fight, Keeping track of my progress in a diary, Being a snarky yet tough girl!
  • Things I have power over (I wonder just how much power that means...): Space travel, cuteness and collecting pieces.
  • Herald: Since they couldn't, um... — what'd they say? — "find a trope to ascend Bow Kid for", I was allowed to bring her on as a herald instead. She seemed pretty happy about it!
  • Friends: Mario is certainly nice and friendly enough, and so are Cuphead And Mugman and Banjo and Kazooie. Even Yahtzee likes me apparently. Some Saiyans are also impressed with me, as well as those mercenaries wearing the weird and funny hats. Link is willing to help me find my timepieces if they are lost, so that's also cool. Mettaton reminds me a bit of DJ Grooves, so he's fine by me. And hey, Mustache Girl is back, and she seems to have some respect for me now, so that's nice! The Conductor and DJ Grooves seem happy to see me, too! And cool; my contractually obliged BFF, The Snatcher is back! And looks like with The Mafia Of Cooks and crew of the S.S. LITERALLY Can't Sink finally coming here, all my friends are here!
  • Under watch by: The house of Time and Space (They better not be reading this!)
  • Enemies: The Devil and King Dice seem rather annoyed with me to say the least, I am NOT trusting Queen Elsa or any other ice deity here; I already had my experience with ice from Queen Vanessa, thank you very much! Oh great, and speaking of Queen Vanessa...and of course, The Empress just had to return as well
  • Day 1...: Well, it happened again. My journey back home has been cut short. Apparently, giving Mustache Girl my last timepiece actually meant I am still stuck without a true way home... Thankfully, I managed to find some HUGE weird planet of some kind down below my spaceship and decided to drop in, literally...Everyone around me was shocked and scared as I dropped in without a single scratch on me. Quickly, they whisked me away to some courtroom where they somehow managed to gain and looked at my personal life story. Wait; they know everything about me? Am I being spied on?!? Well, they were impressed with my clothing and hat for some reason, and decided to let me stay there till I was ready to move on, so yay; a place where I can stay and eat for free! They even gave me this profile as some kind of...souvenir, I guess? Feels more like some nerdy way of categorizing stuff to me. Well, anyway; might as well attach it here and keep it updated, just in case.
  • Day 2...: Adventuring into the house of Gaming, I actually came across an odd red mustached man, who is apparently called Mario. He seemed to be rather happy to see, as he says, "another fellow platforming collector." He introduced me to this bear and bird called Banjo and Kazooie, who were glad to see and hear of a new collectathon adventure. While it certainly is AWESOME to be praised, I did have to at least tell them to keep it quiet; I don't want anyone to know of the time-rewinding powers my timepieces possess. Thankfully, they are willing to keep it on the down low, but no word as to the others that heard it, considering that they were silent for a bit before rushing off. It's gonna be a long visit here, huh?
  • Day 3...: Great, some time-travelling people caught wind of my Time Pieces and decided to try and confiscate them! Thankfully, they only stopped because it was my only source of power for my spaceship. The bad news is, I'm not allowed to leave in case some evil deities with space travelling abilities decided to chase me, and they are now keeping my ship under constant watch. Apparently, I'm only allowed to leave once I get a flawless plan to return to my home planet. They better not be watching me sleep, or I may sue! Oh well, at least they were willing to say that if my timepieces do get stolen, some guy called Link would help me retrieve them. It's his specialty, they say.
  • Day 4...: So, some white guy called Yahtzee just decided to give me a 2nd place trophy out of nowhere! Apparently, my adventure managed to surpass his expectations and was much more fun to him than Mario's own adventure! Mario really didn't seem to mind the comments, even congratulating me. Well, hey; a trophy I won without even realizing it is still a trophy!
  • Day 5...: I can't believe it! I got banned from using any kind of cooking utensils from the House Of Food! Apparently, trying to punish Mystery Food X by microwaving it is frowned upon, as it caused the microwave to malfunction and explode. Well, at least they are still willing to take my orders there...
  • Day 6...: Today, I ran into a pair of sentient cups called Cuphead and Mugman. Somehow, the tale of my meeting with the Snatcher had reached their ears (wait, do they even have ears?). They wanted to praise me for managing to defeat him, even if he did steal my hat. They also warned me of their Devil who stole souls of those that lose in a dice game against King Dice, his right-hand man. Well, here's to never meeting the Devil!
  • Day 7...: I met the Devil. Apparently, he decided to confront me about getting my soul back from the Snatcher. Seeing just how small I was, he decided to try and fight me for my own soul. He soon saw first hand just how I managed to fight against the Snatcher. I also got the privilege of seeing him cry and beg for mercy; so I can't say today was a total wash!
  • Day 8...: Apparently, this guy called "Goku" actually saw me one day and was so amazed by my Projectile Badge he invited me over to show it off with some of his friends. I was a bit conflicted at first, but he said there would be free food, and I was sold! It's certainly nice to be rewarded for being awesome!
  • Day 9...: Just when I thought the house of Time And Space was already annoying...Apparently, they are now claiming that they saw me all grown up one day within the house of Knowledge, walking out of a bookstore. I have no idea what they are talking least, I think I don't. Bah, I just hope they don't pull me in for questioning...
  • Day 10...: Why is everyone shaming me for doing something called a dab? I don't even know what that is! I THINK it was what this green dude did before being faced with anger and laughter, but nobody wants to tell me the truth. Whatever is it, it seems like Mario is trying to hide his laughter from me as I keep asking everyone.
  • Day 11...: So I heard there was this cool new place to buy hats in the Pantheon, so I decided to check it out today! However, I ended up holding up the line for a long time and got called out by a group of some older men. Surprisingly, after I decided to look through my entire collection of hats, they must have noticed my hats and decided to drop their hostility towards me. I spent almost the entire day turning down their offers for trading my hats for pieces of metal, buying an "stoat-shack-o" for two refined, and so on...They at least grew to respect my care for my hats at least, so I guess I can't complain. They remind me a bit of the mafia of cooks a bit, especially that big bulky guy...
  • Day 12...: So, apparently, I found out that the Pantheon had an ice section for those that use ice powers...and furthermore, I heard of evil queens living there too. God, I hope Queen Vanessa isn't there. In fact, I rather avoid the house altogether...
  • Day 13...: This weird robot called Mettaton heard of me starring in movies and decided to offer me a spot on his show as a special guest star. Oh, the idea of being a diva again is sooooooo tempting...but I think I would rather wait until I'm certain he won't betray me.
  • Day 14...: Hey; I just found out that Mustache Girl is back! At first, I thought that she would try and fight me to try and steal my timepieces again, but looks like she learned her lesson; at least with stealing my timepieces. She actually was confused as to why I was here of all places, so I told her that I donated one of my timepieces to someone who needed them more than I did, even though I may not make it back home. She quickly realized I gave it to her and thought I wanted it back. I declined the offer, even though I really wanted to get my spaceship up and running, but oh well, she needed it more than I did. Hey, at least she was grateful enough for it that she decided to become my friend again, even if I won't help her be a time traveling crime fighter. Hey, I can't really argue with that...Glad to be friends with you again, Mustache Girl.
  • Day 15...: I ran into two more familiar faces today: the Conductor and DJ Grooves! They sure seemed happy to see me... I just hope neither of them tries to double-cross me again. I can't remember which one of them did; I knew I should've written that part into my diary that night...
  • Day 16...: Looks like there are more people coming here that I know! Are they following me? Well, either way, even if he did try to steal my soul, I'm happy to see the Snatcher back! Helps that he gave me a much better contract this time. Something about me keeping my soul and just acting like a negotiator on his behalf, and he'll protect me in return. Still, it's cool to see him again! I just hope that this doesn't mean Queen Vanessa is coming soon...
  • Day 17...: I just had to open my mouth; didn't I? Looks like Queen Vanessa is here as well. At least I don't have to go to her temple anytime soon...unless some jerks decide to steal one of my timepieces and hide it there! Ugh; I'm just getting cold thinking about it...
  • Day 18...: And my friends keep coming; the Mafia Of Cooks has arrived! Of course, I had to come clean about what I gave Mustache Girl in the end. Obviously, not a lot of people were thrilled about that, but some actually understood why I did it and realized that I still see her as a friend, even if they think she's a bad influence for me. In the end, they still seem to like me, and they sometimes even call me their second boss and act as bodyguards for me! Oh yeah, that reminds me; I should probably apologize to the Mafia Boss for the fact that he ended up in a jar...
  • Day 19...: Looks like the last of my friends ascended: the S.S. LITERALLY Can't Sink and its crew! I missed those adorable little seals~! I hope the captain hasn't figured out I was kinda, sorta...responsible for the Can't Sink, er, sinking. Whoops... I also REALLY hope the Empress doesn't ascend, too...
  • Day 21...: Are you wondering why I skipped day 20? Well, that's because I died in my sleep yesterday before I could write my entry. The Empress apparently came up and killed me in my sleep! UGH! Such a creep! She even stole my timepieces afterwards and mocked me! Thankfully, looks like the House Of Justice won't be bribed by her and are willing to help me when it comes to her. Still, I'm going to have to start sleeping with one eye open...Could she get any worse?
    • Update: THE EMPRESS STOLE MY DIARY! And she blabbed to The Walrus Captain that I was the reason the ship sunk! On the loud speaker no less! ARGH! I HATE HER SO MUCH! Well, at least I was able to make up with him by bringing up his dead mentor as his high priest and explaining why I just had to get that time piece. He even gave me back my diary; yay! Now it smells like smoke; much less yay.
  • Day 22...: I have no idea how to even describe what happened today. I'll probably just leave this diary entry blank and fill it out later, sorry future me! Maybe I know what happened in my diary at the House of Clothing Style?

    Helltaker Cast 
The Helltaker and the Demon Girlsmembers , Divine Group of Block Puzzles (Pandemonica: The Tired Demon, The Sadistic Demon | Modeus: The Lustful Demon | Cerberus: The Triple Demon | Malina: The Sour Demon, Malinka | Zdrada: The Bitch Demon | Azazel: The Curious Angel, Loremaster, the Science Demon | Justice: The Awesome Demon, Justice the Blind, The Flybreaker, The Apple Pie Demon | Lucifer: CEO of Hell, Queen of Hell, Lucy, Satan, The Maid Demon | Judgement: The High Prosecutor of Hell | Beelzebub: The Great Fly, The Sovereign of Pestilence, The Warden of Decay, The Queen Crimson, The Mistress of the Flies, The Exiled, Beel)
The gang celebrating. Front row left to right: Pandemonica, Lucifer, Justice, Zdrada, Malina, Modeus, The Helltaker, Azazel, Judgement. Back row: Cerberus
  • Ranging from Lesser Gods to Greater Gods potentially. Officially listed as Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: A demonic skull with a heart on its forehead
  • Theme Songs: Vitality and Luminescent (Everyone). Epitomize (Judgement's Theme) and Apropos (Beelzebub's theme)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good for the Helltaker. Most of them are supposedly Chaotic Evil by nature but are closer to Chaotic Neutral (With Pandemonica and Lucifer being closer to Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil). Azazel is Lawful Good (although she falls to Lawful Evil as Loremaster) and both Justice and Judgement are closer to Neutral Good (the latter when she is off-duty).
  • Portfolio: Animesque, Ragtag Bunch of Misfits, Ultimately none of the girls are romantically interested in the Helltaker But he doesn't care though Modeus might actually have a thing for him, Group of cute demonic girls, Dark Is Not Evil, Mystical White Hair, Love sweet things, Moving along the music's beat
  • Domains: Hell, Adventure, Puzzles, Love, Harems, Friendship
  • Allies: The Seven Mortal Sins, Issei Hyodo and the rest of the Occult Research Club, Pinkie Pie
  • Rivals: Supernatural!Lucifer (Lucifer), Galacta Knight (Beelzebub)
  • Enemies: YHVH (Azazel included)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Doom Slayer
  • Opposes: The Rock of Ages (Helltaker) Skeletons (Also Helltaker)
  • What would you if one day you woke up from a dream where you had a harem full of demon girls? Well, as the tale of Helltaker goes, he dressed for the ocassion and went down to hell to make that dream come true. He faced many obstacles during his ordeal (mostly rocks and skeletons) but the Helltaker was succesful in gathering his harem. But as it turns out, he wasn't prepared for how hard it was to mantain the girls, who by the way weren't really into him in the first place, but in the end he doesn't regret it at all and wants to make the most of it.
  • The Helltaker and the girls ascended shortly after having a run-in with the police, courtesy of something Cerberus did. They were all a bit confused because the House they were in suddenly warped to another place and it turns out they were selected for the title of Block Puzzle, which they found hilarious considering that's only because the Helltaker just kicked a few rocks and skeletons around. But they don't mind the Pantheon even if it looks like a worse version of Heaven (or even their hell if you ask them).
  • Most of the time they hang out together, often throwing parties in their place. One would think someone with a harem of demons would be up to no good but neither them nor the Helltaker have caused that much trouble. And they seem to be pretty chill with most other deities that aren't actively antagonistic towards them, notable considering most of the members are supposed demons.
    • And you may be wondering, how did Beelzebub get out of the void? Well Helltaker found a way to get her out, nobody really knows how but he did, don't question it. She is treated just like any other, even considering that she was banished there in the first place no one really holds a grudge towards her and she is just glad she is somewhere more interesting than the maddening void.
  • Speaking of demons, they are welcome to visit the House of Demons when they so desire, since it's the de-facto house for Hell but they prefer to stick around the Helltaker. This did pose a problem because of Azazel, the one angel among them but her presence has also made the House of Angels at least tolerate the Helltaker group because at least she tries to keep them in check.
  • For a supposed Harem Seeker, the Helltaker is a bit of an odd one even among other notorious Chick Magnets given his '90s Anti-Hero appearance and for the fact that he isn't really pursuing the girls romantically. Nevertheless, he was personally approached by Issei Hyodo because he was interested on how quickly he won over the girls of his "harem" even if they aren't really into him and quickly befriended the Helltaker. It helped that Issei is involved in his own harem with demon girls, is a fellow Harem Seeker himself and some of the respective groups shared a lot of similarities. Rias was curious to meet their version of Lucifer, given that the one of her universe died a long time ago and was replaced by her brother and most of the other members where confused when they hear there was an Azazel in the other group, which in their universe happened to be the Leader of the Fallen Angels. Considering what this Azazel's intentions are, they believe she will fall sooner or later.
    • Even after being offered to join the GUAG Relationship Enchancers, Helltaker wasn't really interested in and tried to find friends elsewhere. He apparently was said to resemble Johnny Bravo in appearance and the two actually became good friends. Johnny is a bit jealous of Helltaker's success but he reassured Johnny that at least he isn't getting involved in painful accidents on a daily basis like he does (Half of which you can thank Pandemonica for that.
  • The Seven Mortal Sins really found this group to be quite peculiar, not only because they were supposedly "servants" of a human male but also because two of them happened to share names with members of their group. That's why that Lucifer ended up meeting this Lucifer and the two became unlikely friends even if the former is very competitive about her position, she found that she could at least "share" leading positions with her counterparts. Beelzebub just found it strange her SMS counterpart was just a small child but decided to humour her by imitating her appearance, anything beats being trapped in the void at least. The group overall are friends, the other even considering joining the harem but the Helltaker knew it would only lead to more trouble and for once decided against the idea.
    • Worth mentioning that while the Helltaker group met the SMS, Azazel was elsewhere trying to clear his mind off her "experience" with the demon girls. She ended up stumbling upon the Seven Mortal Sins rival group, the Seven Heavenly Virtues and found them intriguing to say the least. Then it all became a lot more hectic once Azazel showed her new friends her temple, which happened to also be when her rivals were present meeting Azazel's, shall we say, "roommates". We leave the rest to your imagination.
  • Lucifer is not the only Lucifer found in the pantheon, in fact by this point she already met at least two of her counterparts and when she learned another one ruled a Grand Alliance, she felt understandably jealous. He was surprisingly friendly towards her, as he usually is but his female counterpart wasn't really interested in the whole Order vs. Chaos war Lucifer was caught in nor she was really interested in leading a group full of loose cannons. Ironically, the fact that she is a CEO and behaves in a lawful manner didn't really bother the other Lucifer and so they have only remained friends for now.
    • That said, neither she nor the rest of her group are fans of YHVH and with good reason as they are demons. But even Azazel is apalled at how her supposed boss disregards anyone that doesn't follow his every command. In turn, YHVH wants the Helltaker and all the rest vanquished but because they are under the protection of his sworn enemy, he wasn't able to harm them yet.
  • Being in a house full of demons, it was only a matter of time before the Doom Slayer learned of their existence and indeed, he was about to pulverize the lot of them before the Helltaker tried to stop him in his tracks. Knowing he wouldn't be able to stop him by force, he tried to convince him that he would do his best to keep the girls in check and to the sheer surprise of everyone, the Slayer backed off and let them be. His reasoning was that there are more vile demons out there so he won't waste his time with those that don't harm the innocent and focus his rage on those that do.
  • According to Beelzebub, all demons love sweet things and one of their favourite dishes just happen to be pancakes, chocolate pancakes to be exact. The Helltaker has made tutorials on how to make chocolate pancakes and often is found in the House of Food making them alongside Lucifer. Pinkie Pie found the whole group to be quite fun, she gets along the most with Justice for being the resident party girl and often likes to visit them whenever she can.
  • While Pandemonica is known as the Tired Demon, in reality that's not her true title. She requires coffee to be her true self and when she does get her drink, she becomes the Sadistic Demon. Even then she hasn't caused much trouble mostly because she tends to behave unless someone really pisses her off and tends to chat with others who love coffee, like Godot. She is also a frequent customer in Sojiro Sakura's cafe, the only place where she is unlikely to harm anyone because the coffee is just that good (though again, she is not above hurting others intentionally. It's just that she respects Sojiro enough to not mess his place).
    • Esdeath apparently likes the true side of Pandemonica, as a fellow sadist she can appreciate another one of her kind. That said, Pandemonica really doesn't care about Esdeath outside of business and believes she will eventually go to hell but until then she tolerates her as a friend.
  • All demons are lustful, but some are more open about it than others. Modeus is notoriously very aggressive with the ones she is interested with, since they tend to run away at the last moment and so she prefers to kneecap her "lovers" before engaging in sexual activities. Strangely enough, romance seems to fluster Modeus and considers it too kinky even for her. Doesn't stop her from spying on the deities from the House of Love from the sheer curiosity.
    • Apparently is a huge fan of Blue Snow and her attempts at making her world a more place for open sexuality. Ayame is happy that someone supports her cause, even it's a literal demon. Ironically both tend to be quite flustered when confronted with "kinky" stuff directly.
  • Cerberus is actually just one demon, it's just so happen that her physical form is divided in three individuals that more or less act in unison and quite prone to causing a lot of trouble. Naturally, as Hell Hounds, they hold the Greek Cerberus in high regard and treats him as an older brother figure, even if the creature founds them annoying. They also like to play around with the Hellhounds, even if they aren't actual demonic dogs they at least find eat enjoyable how they tend to rip apart the targets their master fetchs them to kill.
  • Malina is a huge fan of turn-based strategy games, as possibly the only thing that brings joy to her life (other than alcohol at least). She is also on friendly terms with most of the deities that hail from such game, even the one from Fire Emblem whose games Malina have found to be unbearable sometimes. Zdrada has said that those games actually turn her on and those claims only make Malina want to kill her or kill herself.
    • Malina and Chiaki Nanami are actually quite friendly with each other and possibly the one deity she could call a friend. Chiaki has tried to introduce her to other games but she founds them to be garbage or not really her style.
  • Zdrada loves messing with her sister, which she affectionate refers to as "Malinka". As her name would imply, yeah she is kind of a bitch, but not as unpleasant as you might think (though don't expect her to treat you nicely). She also has a bit of a masochistic streak, which actually made her an unlikely friend with Darkness, whose masochism makes her look normal by comparison. She likes to hang around her just because she amuses her.
    • She also smokes a lot, though that would be a given for someone that lives in hell. Deities have often complained that she leaves a smoke trail everywhere she goes without any concern for whoever is there. And when confronted she only wants to get punished, making people feel she does in purpose.
  • Azazel, the one angel in the group, supposedly is there to study demon behavior but considering how she specifically studies demon girls make other believes she has other motives for being there. Flonne, who has worked with demons several times and has even fallen because of it, has tried to ask Azazel about her experience with Helltaker and the demon girls and the only answer Azazel has given to her was that it was very interesting material to analize, though not even Flonne thinks Azazel has told her the truth exactly.
  • Justice is a cool and chill girl. She is also blind and yes, she has already heard the "Justice is Blind" joke plenty of times. She was also the former High Prosecutor and the one that threw Beelzebub to the void. It's unknown wheter she was already blind when she held the position but she really adores other similar deities that are blind but are total badasses anyway, with Daredevil and Toph being among her favourites.
  • For being the CEO of Hell, Lucy is a very powerful demon. Except, most of her subject rarely listen to her and the ones that do are only because she is incredibly attractive. That's why of all the arch-devils in the Pantheon, she has made her own little circle conformed of all the leaders of hell who are seen as losers. They are pretty friendly overall and they like to chat about how the manage their position from time to time, often sharing embarrassing stories too and even making fun of the others, like that one time Lucifer thought the Devil from Inkwell Isles cried because of two boys with cups for a head kicked his ass was adorable (Funny considering she tends to be on the verge of tears whenever things don't go her way.
  • Judgement is the High Prosecutor of Hell and takes her job very seriously, almost to absurd levels. She is actually quite nice off duty but that side is rarely seen when she is screaming at the top of her lungs at the souls of the damned. That attitude is what made Phonon admire Judgement for the sheer chunni behavior she exhibits and her attire only cements that. While Judgement tolerates her a little, she found this human woman to be quite an effective punisher for the ones that cross her.
    • For a demon, she holds a lot of respect for Eiki Shiki and her role as judge of her version of the underworld. Judgement hopes that she could be like her in the future and Eiki in turns believes she is a good High Prosecutor even with all that ridiculous things she does.
  • Beelzebub is a bit of a showoff concerning all the monikers she has and also likes to narrate stories about the Helltaker and his harem. Of course she happens to be part of it and her narrations tend to be a bit innacurate sometimes, especially because she tends to insert herself in those tales a lot. Concerning her banishment, she and Lucy apparently have made up and the last thing she wants is to get locked up again.
    • She also relates a lot to Galacta Knight on the sense that being locked on another dimension sucks but doesn't really understand why he is so adamant in challenging others to a fight.
  • If there is one thing the Helltaker has come to dislike in his trip to hell is Skeletons and Rocks. He tends to oppose the former but usually holds no ill will towards them. However, there was one time where the Rock of Ages rolled around his temple and blocked the door of his temple. He spent the rest of the day trying to kick it around to no avail and has since then developed a grudge towards that damn boulder. It's theorized that it was a prank planned by the Rock's partners in crime The Goose and The Goat.

    Jack Cayman 
Jack Cayman, Unholy Torturer of Mooks (Just Jack, Jack the Chaser, Chaserman Jack, Deathwatcher Jack, The Wiley Crocodile)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Skull and cross-wrenches on his back along with his weapon, Gator Tooth
  • Theme Songs: ain't that funny (go-to Bragging Theme Tune), Death & Honour, It's A Mad World, Soul, Sound the Alarm
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though will slip into True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Gator Tooth, Hell-Bent for Leather & Chained by Fashion, All Bikers Are Hells Angels, Super Strength, Bounty Hunter, Gruff cybernetic and Sociopathic Anti-Hero, One-Man Army, Inflicting Rasputinian Deaths, Former heavy smoker, Playing with Fire, Outliving One's Offspring
  • Domains: Chainsaws, Gore, Cybernetics, Mechanics, Bounty Hunting
  • Herald: Amala
  • Allies: Blacker Baron, Big Bull, Maximilian Caxton, Bayonetta, Ash Williams, Marcus Fennix, Juliet Sterling, Travis Touchdown, The Doom Slayer
  • Rivals: Rengar, Boba Fett, Gondar, Lo Wang, Agent 47
  • Spectated by: Howard and Kreese
  • Enemies: Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller, Jude the Dude, Needles Kane, Krista Sparks/Dollface (2012), Junko Enoshima, Tsumugi Shirogane
  • Opposed by: Katniss Everdeen, Jensen Ames, the good-aligned Danganronpa deities (especially Shuichi Saihara and Tenko Chabashira)
  • For as long as history's been recorded there was always bloodshed. War was destructive, and at some point people had enough and began settling disputes through contained Blood Sport. This was where DeathWatch started, and would last officially until 2001. Even still, the people's hunger for blood could not be sated and underground rounds raged on. Imagine everyone's surprise when it came back out of the blue in 2019 as Jefferson Island would be locked down from the outside world to host its returning gameshow. The condition to leave was simple, really: Last man standing wins, complete with a killer virus and antidote as extra incentive to kick things off. Enter Jack Cayman, a gruff-looking nobody who entered one day in the game and proceeded to effortlessly Paint the Town Red. Turns out he's not only a former Navy Seal and Special Ops member but also a reigning champion of the games before faking his death. Now with a new identity as a Chaser, he entered to rescue Varrigan City mayor's daughter, who was caught up in all the madness... or, so it would seem. By the time he found her she's not only unharmed but living comfortably with other aristocrats. Played for a fool by the mayor to spice up the games, he resumes work in becoming Rank 1 once more and taking down the people involved, even going rogue and resorting to murder instead of apprehending them, before riding off on his bike.
    • In an alternate universe that's just as much as a shithole as the first he's still in the Chaser business and would again be looking for someone, though it's not some (fake) Damsel in Distress. It's a man — Maximilian Caxton — a former officer in the city of Milvallen's Bureau of Public Safety. Now a crazed felon wanted for various acts of murder, his daughter pleaded to Jack to bring him home safely for she was worried the BPS would rather stick to executing him instead. Jack knows Max all too well, however: His daughter Stela was one of his victims, either personally or otherwise, and her death ate away at his head just when some semblance of optimism came back to him after finding out she existed. Struggling with the thought of what to do during the manhunt for Max, even coming dangerously close to killing him at times, he would ultimately relent on the understanding that putting down Max would just make his daughter go through what he did. Thus, he'd allow Max to live another day and get the treatment he desperately needed.
  • His claim to fame and godhood mainly refers to the events back in DeathWatch and the huge bodies of Mooks he's sliced, diced, impaled, decapitated, ripped in half, incinerated, and any other unpleasantly violent thing you could think of or randomly pull from a thesaurus. In all likelihood he could most certainly kill people with the book itself if given the chance. While this wouldn't be as present in Anarchy Reigns, Jack is still plenty capable of demonstrating such bloody feats. In fact, during the trip to the Pantheon he had to pass by the seedier parts in the Pantheon, in all likelihood somewhere in the House of Crime. There was some vagrants and vagabonds tried to get the jump on Mr. Cayman as he stopped to refuel. Now, their bodies serve as fires to keep the impoverished there warm. All other thugs and miscreants fared worse. Suffice it to say, he earned his title for a reason.
  • Many gods from his past would soon come to follow him in the Pantheon. First came Blacker Baron, who happily greeted him as soon as the pimp got in while escorted by helicopters carrying him and his seat. Jack brushed him off in annoyance but some reported there was a grin when he saw the gold toothed boxer once more. Muttering something about still owing him one. Funny how that works out: They were enemies back in Death Watch as the Baron was the Final Boss and carried with him a brutal slugfest. Same goes for Big Bull, who was a Mini-Boss and little more than a speed bump in Jack's journey in the Blood Sport. Now, he's a sworn brother to him after proving himself in Altambra. At some point he also met Bayonetta during the hunt for Max and fought alongside her. Even Jack had to admit she's one hell of a woman. Lastly, there was of course Maximillian Caxton who personally thanked him for sparing his life and allowing him to finally put his life back together.
    • Wasn't all sunshine and rainbows in reunions, however. The towering Germanic cyborg, Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller, wanted to pay the Chaser back for hacking apart both his turbine arms and using said limbs to turn him into a bloody smoothie. The gears and alloys in his body ache for a rematch and has dedicated much of his time in the Pantheon to defeating Jack. The biker only had two words for Herr Frederick: Bring It.
    • Even if Jack hasn't exactly "met" them, Howard and Kreese were really happy that he held a spot in the Pantheon having thoroughly enjoyed commentating over the carnage he created in Death Watch. In fact, out of everyone who participated in the competition he's hands down their favorite by far. Kreese still thinks Kojack will come whoop Jack's ass in the Pantheon somehow despite the Chaser putting him six feet under with his motorcycle. Like, seriously, he threw the damn thing at him and collided with the evil-Aussie face first.
    Howard: "Jack, Jack, he's a psychomaniac!"
    Kreese: Dude, what are you singing?
    Howard: I don't know, that's what's playing in the background.
  • Given the amount of shit in his line of work barely anything in the Pantheon can so much as phase him. Even as he was around in the Pantheon's early days and watched its population flourish over the years few could actually hold the honor of actually shocking him. He's faced cowboys, zombies, mutants, giants, colossi, Frakenstein's monster wannabes, cyborgs, ninjas, Cyber Ninjas, aliens, giant mecha, aliens in giant mecha, and many more. It helps that he has thrown all of them to the meat grinder. In some cases, literally. It racked up points in Death Watch. Howard and Kreese can watch that kind of stuff for hours.
  • While skilled various manners of weaponry and improvised weaponry he always did favor the chainsaw weapon mounted on his arm as his primary weapon. But two is better than one, and such is the logic behind Gator Tooth which originated as an Infinity +1 Sword but has since become a staple in the Chaser's arsenal. Already capable of slicing through just about anything its effectiveness has been doubled and combined with Jack's monstrous strength plus its ability to set people on fire Jack is not someone to be trifled with. He, for this reason, got along with Ash Williams, Marcus Fennix, and as they too share the affinity with chainsaws.
  • He's still in the Chaser business and as such makes frequent stops to the House of Profession for work. While Chasers are ostensibly bounty hunters they also double as private investigators and, if the situation calls for it, assassins. Hence why in addition to frequenting the sub-houses of Investigative Work and Hunters he also slips by the House of Killers & Assassins. Often, he competes with Boba Fett, Rengar, Gondar, Lo Wang, and Agent 47.
  • The Pantheon has no shortage of Deadly Game participants in the Pantheon and Jack himself is no different. Thing is, what separates him from many of them like Katniss Everdeen, Jensen Ames, and the various Danganronpa deities is that he's a willing participant. And he did enjoy the three belts he earned before becoming sick of it eventually and coming back much later for a fourth due to Chaser business. Now, while Jack is far from the worst when it comes to the people attracted to the thrill of its violence they can't really overlook the sheer brutality displayed at work. Shuichi Saihara and Tenko Chabashira are especially opposed to him considering their situation was actually from a twisted reality show. That, and the latter is misandristic and can't help but accuse him of being perverted among a bunch of other crimes she could think of. Jack, meanwhile, doesn't hold any actual malice towards them, at worst he considers Tenko an annoying bitch though he won't deny she's right about the perverted part. At the very least the Killing Game participants do appreciate that he does go after Junko Enoshima and Tsumugi Shirogane as well as Needles Kane and Krista Sparks/Dollface.
  • If he's on his offtime Jack is probably hanging at a bar in the Pantheon. No bar in particular, really, it changes every so often. Sometimes it's at Moe's or Tapper's and at other times it's at Va 11 Hall A manned by Jill Stingray or the Mos Eisley Cantina. Maybe's he's even accompanied by Blacker Baron, Big Bull, or Maximillain Caxton. Beware, if the former two are with him then it can get pretty loud considering their overwhelming personalities. Outside of them he has also been seen in the company of Travis Touchdown, though it probably helps that Travis is an actual father of two.
  • Often, he'll stop by the House of Technology to check up on his retrofitted cybernetics. Though often it has to do with his arm it's also worth mentioning that it goes much further than that. If Anarchy Reigns is of any indication his eyes and entire skeleton are also technologically enhanced. Might just be why he's so adept at his job and godly title, although it could just simply be chalked up to sheer badassery. Now, the check ups might be more important than one may initially realize: There have been points in which he gives in to irrational rage, all signaled by the moment Jack's eyes turns red. It's just a passing theory at the end of the day, it could be that or the result of the sheer amount of shit he's been through, but it makes you think.
  • If contracted to go after the Pantheon's more demonic forces he usually partners up with The Doom Slayer. Should come as no surprise, really, his ability to rip and tear is truly the stuff the infamy. That, and there's a good chance the marine is already going after them anyways. And already knee deep in bodies. Oh, and we mustn't forget about the chainsaws.
    Kreese: Honestly, they shouldn't even bother with "The power of Christ compels you!" BS. Just ask these guys instead.
    Howard: I sure as hell know He won't answer my prayers anyways, so...
  • Though the thought was at one point appreciated, Jack no longer accepts cigarettes or cigars as tributes, having given up smoking. The reason why is that it comes from a request from his deceased daughter. At some points where it seems like he'll fall into old habits Jack stops himself in realization. Quite the jarring change of heart considering Chaserman Jack was practically a perpetual Cigar Chomper in the days of Death Watch, but it is what it is.
  • "A mad world, huh? I'll fit right in."

Sark, God of Death Games

    The Specimens 
The Specimens, Divine Group of Special Game Over Screens (Specimen 1: Cardboard Cutout, Sam, Peter The Pumpkin | Specimen 3: Subject 5 | Specimen 4: Ringu | Specimen 5: "Mother", Bab | Specimen 6: The Merchant, Ben | Specimen 7: Wall of Flesh | Specimen 8: Deer Lord, Deer God | Specimen 9: Taker | Specimen 11: Food Demon | Specimen 12: Old Man, The Killer, The Possessed One | Specimen 13: The Siren)
Spooky and the Specimens.
From left to right: Specimens 10, 9 (True Form), 4, 12, 3, 8, 5, 2, 11, 6, 13 and 1
Specimen 7
Specimen 9 (Initial form)
  • Intermediate Deity (Specimens 4 (Endless Mode variation), 5, 7, 8, 9 and 11); Lesser Deity (Specimens 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 12 and 13) Quasideity (Specimen 1)
  • Symbol: The GL Labs Logo
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: A mix of Chaotic Evil and Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Will give chase even after their first encounter, Recurring Boss, Jump Scare, 13 Is Unlucky, Come with a series of scary sounds, Interface Screw, Based on popular horror tropes and monsters
  • Domains: Scary, Monsters, Chases, Terror, Horror, Death
  • Heralds: The Katamary Hospital Monsters, Otto Otter, Spooper, Tirsiak, Lisa
  • Allies: Spooky (Superior), White Face, The Chaos Insurgency, The Slenderman, The Gatherers, The Fazbear Gang
  • Rivals: Kayako Saeki (Specimen 4)
  • Enemies: SCP Foundation, Santa Claus, Luigi, Simon Henriksson, Erma
  • Source of interest for: Albert Wesker (Specimen 3)
  • On top of a hill lays a mysterious cryptic mansion. Anyone who dares to enter would be welcomed by Spooky, a cutesy ghost girl who wants to give you a good scare while challenging you to travel to a 1000 "dangerous" rooms. While many would just go along with her claims and find the house to be just a fancy looking scary carnival attraction, many were proven mistaken when they came accross the specimens that Spooky and her minions have contained in her mansion. 13 dangerous monsters roam in Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion, one more dangerous than the other and very effective at killing trespassers. So good in fact that each has a special method and screen to accompany it.
  • Their temple is actually connected to Spooky's, as while it is located in a different house the temple is a backdoor gateway to the Jumpscare Mansion. Entering it can lead you to any room, although the encounter with the creatures is always by numerical order (From Specimen 2 to 13). While they are supposed to be contained, they can wander off into another part of the pantheon since Spooky hardly cares about keeping an eye on them. This obviously brought the attention of the SCP Foundation who sought to contain these creatures in a proper containment zone but given that Spooky has "ownership" of them, they can do nothing but capture and send them back to their temple.
    • The Foundation later found out that Spooky made a deal with the Chaos Insurgency, implying that these were responsible for giving the Specimens a temple so Spooky could expand her influence. The CI has been far more effective in understanding the more mysterious creatures in Spooky's Mansion but she still doesn't care about the safety of the CI agents and often times they are victims for the specimens.
  • Given her disdain for Erma, Spooky tried to convince her to try going through her mansion again, this time having all 13 specimens ambush her and see what happened. She came out mostly fine since none of them bothered to attack her since they all assumed she was another specimen or at least related to Specimen 4 (Who is somewhat fond of Erma but has tried to do her thing to Erma with little success). Spooky later scolded most of them for failing to do their job but most of them don't even care what she says.
  • Before their official ascension, given that Spooky was forbidden for using them in the pantheonic version of the mansion, many of them were replaced by other deities that were recruited by Spooky to fill in. It's believed the reason that they were collectively ascended is because Spooky kept causing too many problems for the Court of Gods by attempting to steal some monsters by force.
  • Fun fact: They aren't the only monsters roaming around Spooky's home. There are actually a handful of creatures that have not been properly discovered by the GL Labs staff and thus are known as "The Unknown Specimens". Given this, they weren't allowed to properly ascend but remain as heralds. There is also the existance of Karamari Hospital, which is so deep underground that even Spooky wasn't aware of the creatures there.
    • Not all the unknown specimen were barred from entry as White Face was already a deity and still does their job of chasing after "friends" in Spooky's mansion. It was also thought by the Specimens that Otto Otter was spotted around the House of Food but it turned out to be a member of the Fazbear Gang.
  • The Specimens have a couple deities that they won't attack on sight, mostly because they were told that they can work as another threat even if they are outsiders that could easily get as lost as other visitors. The Gatherers have become "friends" with them for that very reason but most of what they do is just tear apart doors and go around in circles. The Slenderman also frequents the halls but he just doesn't bother talking with anyone and his notes rarely ever spawn to catch any unsuspecting victim.
  • Their most common victims tend to be horror protagonists and usually tormenting them on Spooky's orders. One of the most notable ones that has had a beef with every single monster was Simon Henriksson since he has met several monsters resembling the Specimens. Simon seems to have a special disdain for Specimens 4, 5, 7 and 8 the most and oddly enough he is weirdly sympathetic to Specimen's 9 backstory as a survivor of Unit 731
  • Specimen 1: Carboard Cutouts
    • This is by far the most harmless type of specimen. Unlike the other 12, Specimen 1 comes in different forms and their MO is appearing out of nowhere to Jump Scare you. Their total fatalities is 4 and rarely get someone killed unless you got a heart condition but their actual dangerous nature is that they can lull you into a false sense of security until you get attacked by an actually dangerous Specimen.
    • While most have a cutesy appearance, a couple of [[them can be actually scary (and come with an appropriate scary sound) but once again, they are fairly harmless.
    • Napstablook, a fairly shy ghost, used to fill their position. While they aren't sure if the Specimen 1 are actually alive or even sentient, they nonetheless considers them good friends. Spooky considered firing Napstablook after they proved terrible at killing people but kept them around since it helps to create the false atmosphere of being a funny scarehouse.
    • Believe it or not, they killed Santa Claus once. He is not fond of them and while he firmly opposes all the specimens, the cardboard cutouts are the one he hates the most since he is embarrassed about getting killed by them.
    • They are beloved by Koume Shirasaka since they would fit right in her temple. She tried to take a few of them back to her home but Spooky had to stop her and warned her to not do that again. Koume stills considers them friends but like mentioned before, it seems that she hasn't realized they aren't actually sentient beings.
  • Specimen 2: The Slime Ghost
    • The first actual threat of the mansion but thankfully not the deadliest. Specimen 2 is a slime-like ghost whose preferred method of killing is tearing apart his foes and assimilating their remains into his being (Assimilation is a common killing method between several specimens). He leaves several poodles of his slime to slow down his victims since he isn't fast on his own and while easy to avoid, he has proved to be a very effective killer.
    • Has been compared to SCP-106 but thankfully he is much less vile than the Old Man and his slime is nowhere near as corrosive or harmful as SCP-106's secretions. In a twisted turn of events, the Old Man is fond of the mindless creature since their similar appearance can often make unsuspecting deities that visit Spooky's Mansion think they are being chased by Specimen 2 only to be met with SCP-106, this being the very reason the Old Man started visiting the mansion more often (And why the SCP Foundation is a lot more involved in monitoring Spooky's creatures).
    • While not made of ink, a good indicator of his presence is a note written in blood. Being a slime monster, many think he is related to Bendy in some way but that has been debunked by Bendy himself, that said, Ink Bendy has been seen visiting Specimen 2 a couple times.
    • Finn and Jake were horrified after encountering Specimen 2, thinking he was related to the Lub-Glubs and instantly tried to strike him down. While they were unsuccesful in that and later tried to lure him into light which also didn't do him anything, they decide to bail and think of a way to destroy it later.
  • Specimen 3: Subject 5
    • Subject 5 is a arachnid like centipide with very infectious bites and while it is barely out of the oven, it nonetheless proved to be effective after slaughtering most of the GL Lab staff that created it. As mentioned, it was created by Spooky's team in order to have more specimens around and it's side of its temple is usually covered in holes where it can pop up and chase its prey.
    • Given it's origin, it instantly garnered the attention of Albert Wesker, who thought it was similar to the T-Virus infected spiders and thought he could make a deal with Spooky to actually aquire it. Spooky initially didn't agree with Wesker's proposal but later remembered GL Labs actually had more than one of the Centipede monsters and so she did consider at least giving him one in exchange for other monsters from Wesker's universe. However, Chris Redfield and the rest of his friends caught up with Wesker's intentions and sought to stop him and Spooky by any means.
    • Sometimes it's allowed to go to the house of Arthropods since it's been shown that it's pretty harmless to other insectoids and arachnids but whenever Subject 5 is present there, it's adviced to humanoids to not enter the house under any means (And then again, it was already dangerous to begin with). Specimen 3 seems to be most friendly with Scolipede and Mikami since their centipede-like appearance makes it believe they are similar creatures.
    • There are actually more than one Specimen 3. Usually whenever it catches a victim, it will bring it back to the lab it was found and then other two will appear and proceed to feast on their target. Investigations by the SCP Foundation only were able to find just one and Spooky isn't willing to mention where the others hide.
  • Specimen 4: Ringu the Ghost Girl
    • Specimen 4 is a 14th Century ghost that haunted a school which was moved to the mansion after being discovered, her exact background and motivations are unknown, but it's hinted that she is a grieving mother that misses her son and could not move on because of that.
    • Nicknamed Ringu by the staff, her preferred method is to eat her victims, biting them with her sharp teeth before consuming them in one go. This is understandably terrifying for some but apparently she does this to keep what she perceives as lost children safe in her stomach. Nobody knows how effective that is considering her records indicate she killed quite a lot of people doing this but nobody sure is she is just misguided or lying to herself about her true nature.
    • Naturally friends with fellow Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl Sadako Yamamura although the two are on fairly shaky terms given how different they operate but nevertheless they are friends. Alma Wade also has a soft spot for Specimen 4 given that she can understand her situation as a grieving mother but things can get a bit out of hand if Alma's son is involved since Ringu has tried to eat him once and that ended badly for her. Even after that small incident, they remain in cordial terms.
    • Not all ghosts of her type get along with her however, as demonstrated by Erma before (Ringu doesn't really hate her but Erma is annoyed at the repeated attempts at eating her). Hisako is also another Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl that doesn't like Specimen 4 given that she is a more heroic deity. And there is Kayako Saeki, who is an odd one given that she is easily one of the most unstable ghosts and thinks Specimen 4 is as bothersome as Sadako. Although they aren't outright enemies, the reason Kayako isn't that fond of Ringu is because of her tendency to eat children and feeling she might try to do the same with Toshio.
    • Sometimes she can transform in other two forms depending on her mood. One is just her looking more unhinged and becoming slightly faster and when she is really pissed off, she grows extra arms and teetch, becomes faster and can distort your field of view. This forms rarely pop up given that there is a growing effort to keep her contained in her room.
    • Given that she used to haunt a school, she is strictly forbidden to enter the House of School and Childhood and Adolescence but said bans barely concern her if she goes after hours. Certain schools are said to be haunted by her and whoever finds her is eaten on the spot and because those are usually children, she has earned the ire of many even if she has sympathetic reasons for it.
  • Specimen 5: "Mother"
    • Specimen 5 is easily one of the more cryptic ones. It resembles a humanoid mannequin with no facial features and wields a giant cleaver in one of its tubby hands. GL Labs was unable to figure out how it even kills its victims but most people that encountered it know that it uses view distortion techniques to disorient them before finishing them off with the cleaver and doing something to them. The area it's found seems to be a rundown factory mixed with cult-like rooms where sacrifices were made and Specimen 5 lies waiting there for its unsuspecting victims.
    • Believed to be the "Mother" the notes found in its area allude to and if that statement is true, then this abomination could be of human origin. The House of Religion and Faith looks down on it's satanistic methods and outside of the House of Sinners, Specimen 5 it's not welcome there.
    • Looks and behaves a lot like a creature found in Silent Hill, it even a bit chummy with Pyramid Head who also hails from there. Naturally people that come or have visited that town are oppossed to Specimen 5 given the horrors they have witnessed and a thing like this roaming in Spooky's house just plain terrifies them.
    • Han Solo also has a special disdain for Specimen 5, apparently because his carbonite self, or at least a copy of him, can be found in one of the rooms that holds Specimen 5. Spooky hasn't commented on why that statue is there.
  • Specimen 6: The Merchant
    • Specimen 6 can be described as a human-sized puppet with a sinister expression. While he remains still during visual contact, the puppet will attack his victim once they stop looking at him and once caught, they would turn them into puppets. It's believed that he used to be a Puppet Merchant with a succesful business until the villager tossed all his puppets to the river and he drowned trying to recover them. But he returned as the monstrous puppet, taking revenge by turning all the village's children into puppets.
    • The Merchant tends to be far more tricky to escape from given how he functions and worth mentioning, if you remain looking at him for far too long, he will teleport behind you. Luckily, he can be striked down by any weapon but that only makes him angrier.
    • His origins and appearance are certainly inspired by BEN's story and naturally both BEN and Specimen 6 are good friends, usually working together for their nefarious purposes. Link from his part has noted that the Merchant resembles the Happy Mask Salesman and is utterly terrified of the puppet, not to mention that Majora is interested in "befriending" the Merchant.
    • Being a Living Doll Collector, it strives to increase his collection by targetting deities that have poor eyesight. It's also another specimen that Would Hurt a Child as they tend to make the easiest puppets to make matters worse, he seems to always go for the eye first. The Merchant assumed that he and the Marionette would be good friends but considering its history of being a murdered child, the Marionette instantly lashed out at Specimen 6 but unfortunately couldn't do much damage to it.
    • Gets along with the Other Mother even if they have different methods. She thinks him and his puppets would look better with buttons in their eyes but the Merchant doesn't share that sentiment.
    • It's friendly towards SCP-173 as the two work similarly with visual contact. Neither can really harm the other and although Specimen 6 is able to move once someone has viewed him for far too long, he discovered that attacking SCP-173 is pointless and also the Sculpture already looks fine on its own. This partnership only made the SCP Foundation start to crack down on SCPs and Specimen interactions since it could prove very harmful for the pantheon denizens.
  • Specimen 7: The Wall of Flesh
    • This one is not known if it's even real as the room that it's found is called "The Treshold of Conciousness" and after it's first appearance it will not chase you anymore. It resembles a moving red wall of flesh that kills anyone on contact and it's rather strange appearance makes some believe it could be a product of nightmares.
    • Before encountering it, people are welcomed by the appearance of a strange purple cats that will give hints as to how overcome Specimen 7. Some believe both the cat and the wall are actually the same being and the conflicting nature of both seems to be deliberate on the monster.
    • Resembles Giygas in some form and this connection makes deities think the wall is a fragment of Giygas that hails from the dream world. Given the sheer insanity of the former and the nondescript nature of the latter, nobody has gotten a clear answer as to what their connection might be.
    • The influence of Specimen 7 extends to the House of Dreams and Mentalities, indicating that those houses can be entryways into Spooky's Mansion. It seems this might have been the doing of Pitch Black, who seems to have helped Spooky sneak a few doors that lead towards Specimen's 7 lair and he seems to be at least connected to it in some way.
  • Specimen 8: The Deer Lord
    • Eldritch in nature, the Deer Lord is a humanoid being wearing a dark cloak concealing the grisly fate of its victims. It can be found in a wooded area surrounded by murderous deers that feast on human flesh and harming them will only anger Specimen 8.
    • Notably one of the more sapient specimens, being able to talk with anyone although it is far from a friendly entity, preferring to just capture anyone it comes into contact with just to feed their flesh to their children. It's no surprise everyone starts running when they see the Deer Lord coming.
    Specimen 8: Why do you run child?
    • Some theorize it's a wendigo, especially after it's been seen hanging around the creature of the same in the House of Otherness. The Wendigo is surprisingly not hostile to the Deer Lord as it were one of its own and Specimen 8 is also not aggressive towards it.
    • It's also suspected that Specimen 8 is the spawn of an Eldritch Abomination, someone akin to Shub-Niggurath or Yog-Sothoth and it's just following the will of its creator. It's also rumored that said progenitor could be Bayagototh.
    • It's deer appearance as well as its dangerous "children" haven't sit well with both Bambi and Xerneas, who think Specimen 8 is an aberration of nature. Bambi is scared because Specimen 8 keeps telling to Bambi to "Join us" while Xerneas is far more concerned with the potential damage it could cause if left unchecked.
  • Specimen 9: The Taker
    • The Taker was a specimen so dangerous that Spooky ordered to be terminated, since it wanted only to TAKE TO THE DEAD TAKE TO THE DEAD TAKE TO THE DEAD. The only consistent behavior GL Labs picked up before its supposed termination is that Specimen 9 would try to trick people into a situation where it would be trapped and killed by the Taker.
    • Contrary to official records, it wasn't terminated but it remained as a constant danger in the mansion. It likes to targets people who remain still for far too long and this behavior has never been explained as to why. There is also a hidden side to the creature, his floating head is not his actual form but just an extension of his abilities, should anyone manage to reach the end of the mansion they would encounter the Taker in it's true form, a floating red humanoid.
    • Has a disdain for Mad Scientists, that is because he is survivor from the Group 731 experiments and was found in Russia shortly after. That explanation for that is such a secret that in order to view it you have to go through a series of unorthodox commands just to even stumbled upon it. The Taker, being one of the few who can totally leave the mansion at will with no reliable containment method, tends to haunt the house of Science for the reasons stated before.
    • It's obsessed with the dead, always wanting to take the dead and nail them back together. No reason as to why but there has been attempts to ban it from the Houses of Undead and Life and Death but it always returns no matter what.
    • Some say his boss fight took some cues from Ganondorf's. The King of Evil was impressed with the creature but Specimen 9 hardly cares for Ganon's opinions.
    • Easily one of the most hostile creatures in Spooky's mansion, given its sheer hatred of most life and obsession with death. The only one that can even barely relate to Specimen 9 is the infamous SCP-682, another dangerous creature that was targetted for termination but all attempts have been unsuccesful. Even if the Taker was human, SCP-682 thinks 9 is less disgusting that most humans.
  • Specimen 10: The Parasite
    • Officially, Specimen 10 was considered a failure since it was another creation of GL Labs that resulted to be docile and was kept as a pet. But after an old GL facility was investigated further, it was revealed that the true Specimen 10 was another far more dangerous creature entirely. This creature is parasitic in nature, resembling a humanoid covered in flesh-like goo and opens up to reveal a giant ribcage of teeth ready to assimilate its victim.
    • It first revealed itself after killing the old Specimen 10 and can transform depending of how far its prey is. If they are near it, it will slowly walk into them and try to gobble up them into their own body and if they run away from Specimen 10, the parasite will transform into a leech that is very fast and can catch up quickly to most human deities.
    • Specimen 10 is the first specimen that can be confirmed to be from alien origin and as a such, it instantly made enemies with several Space Marine deities and others versed in alien creatures. Most notably, Isaac Clarke and Master Chief have had encounters with the beast given it's resemblance to the Necromorphs and the Flood.
    • It's nature is very similar to the Thing. Considering how they behave, "friendship" is a unfit word to describe their connection but both seem to regard the other as non-threatening and have even worked together in certain occassions. Same can be said for the Headcrabs, who after bonding with a human the zombie can resemble a monstrous creature like Specimen 10.
    • Considering that most specimens are evil in nature, there it seems to be a more alien morality coming from Specimen 10, since some have discovered that it thinks assimilating you to its being is doing you a favour but also there have been conflicting reports of the creature about believing others to be "more than animals" making the previous statements contradictory.
  • Specimen 11: The Demon
    • Specimen 11 is a Big Red Devil whose appearance is straight out of a bible, complete with demonic chanting and corruption themes. It was found in an abandoned restaurant franchise and the history of said company is interesting given that someone made a deal with this demon in order to save it from bankrupcy. However, the addiction to the "beef" people consumed from this Fast Food chain drove them insane and made them lackeys to this demonic specimen.
    • Specimen 11 is another specimen that Spooky had actual trouble containing and can roam free to do what it wants. It seems to frequent the House of Demons by choice and is naturally opposed to the House of angels. Besides that, Fast Food chains tend to be its targets for "corruption" which earned him the emnity of the likes of Ronald McDonald and Burgerpants (Ironically the latter thinks that having a boss like Specimen 11 at least would be better than the one he has).
    • Tried to get its "beef" featured in the House of Food but it was immediately shut down after learning of its dangerous properties. The Demon then tried to consume the souls of the leaders of that house but was driven off by experienced folks since killing demons it's pretty commonplace in the pantheon.
    • Good friends with Diablo, the Prime Evil is impressed as to how many people and souls Specimen 11 collected and Diablo used to fill its position before the official ascension. Specimen 11 also visits The Inkwell Isles Devil in order to exchance tips and practices between the Fast Food business and the Gambling business.
    • It's rumored that the "beef" comes from children's flesh, explaining the creepy play tunnel and bloody chains found in its temple.
  • Specimen 12: The Victorian Mansion
    • Were you expecting the scary looking man with a sickle to be the Specimen? Unfortunately, he is just an envoy of a bigger evil, the actual mansion where he can be found. Its history suggest that the mansion was home to some gruesome murders and it gained a mind of its own, choosing a host to carry it's evil desires.
    • The man himself moves at a slow pace but after some time, he learned how to sprint to catch up to quicker victims. He also seemed to be another of the several folks that ventured into Spooky's mansion, trying to vlog his findings until his journey came to a halt at Specimen 12's location.
    • Naturally, the mansion attracts every sort of Serial Killer that you can think of but given it's nature, only the old man is found actually roaming the place. It and the man do let Jack Torrance enter since the place reminds him of the Overlook Hotel and he finds the mansion to be just as swell.
    • Spooky once thought of moving the mansion to the Dominions side of the Pantheon that could only lead to problems and it would still link to her never-ending mansion so any plea to move the mansion was unsuccessful.
    • No, the old man has no relation to the Raincoat Killer. They just look similar.
  • Specimen 13: The Siren
    • The last true specimen found in Spooky's Mansion is number 13. She is an ancient siren who is thought to be a tragic soul that died in the Deluge, the Siren lures it's victim by enthralling them with her singing before drowning them and devouring them afterwards. Before taking a liking to human flesh, she used to feast on whales, devouring them from the inside.
    • Her section is a flooded area, meaning that once she begins her chase she remains invisible to those that aren't adept swimmers. This behavior is similar to the Kaernk, although Specimen 13 is not invisible to the naked eye, and the two aren't hostile to one another, proving to be a fairly deadly duo if encountered together.
    • She can go to the aquatic sections of the pantheon, where people are warned to ignore the beautiful singing unless they want to end up devoured by her. Mermaids and merfolk alike despise Specimen 13 for her evil nature and the only one that likes her are the Dazzlings, a trio of Enthralling Sirens who took an interest on her shortly after her ascension.
    • While she looks attractive at a glance, her true appearance is far more nightmarish and has led to the death of many. This has also made her had some run-ins with Aquaman who had to fend of Specimen 13 from folks that thought she was a harmless mermaid.
    • Like mentioned before, her favourite dish outside of human flesh are whales. The ones find here are far more of a challenge to actually eat but she's up for the challenge. Vicious whales like Monstro and Moby Dick have given her quite some trouble since they tend to fight her head on and their sheer size prevent her from sneak attacking them like she tends to do with other whales.
  • "Your soul wanders an endless maze."

Lesser Gods

    Doctor Purnell 
Doctor Purnell, God of Demanding Important Inventory Items (The Doctor)
The Doctor
Doctor Purnell unmasked 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Gas Mask and a Ruger P345
  • Theme Song: Doctor Battle
  • Alignment: Seems like a Chaotic Evil person but is actually Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The most constant antagonist Simon faces, Gasmask Longcoat, Mad Doctor, Good All Along, Was the one that suggested Simon to write a book about his issues, Duel Boss
  • Domains: Psychology, Doctors, Weapons, Mentalism
  • Allies: Simon Henriksson (His patient), Frasier Crane, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Malcolm Crowe, Dollface (Black), The Doki Doki Literature Club, Adrian Monk, Isaac
  • Enemies: Book Simon, Dr. Angus Bumby, Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow,
  • Conflicting Opinion: Harley Quinn
  • Doctor Purnell is a psychiatrist that was hired to keep track of Simon Henriksson after he suffered an horrible accident that left him wheelchair-bound. His relationship with Simon was already rocky and given his deteriorating mental state and depression slowly eating him away, Purnell suggested Simon write a book to express all of his emotions and thoughts and get them out of his head. This action is what lead to the events Simon found himself in a rather twisted version of Stockholm. Visions that represented Simon's damaged psyche and his noticeable distrust on his doctor...
  • This aforementioned "adventure" lead to Purnell's ascension but not one he really expected. The thing is, Simon ended up encountering a far more sinister version of Purnell who donned a gas mask and kept getting himself involved in increasingly more deranged and evil actions, culminating in one event where he asked Simon to deliver him a specific gun. Wether he trusted the Doctor with the weapon or not would end up affecting the fate of both Simon and Purnell but thankfully Simon decided to trust this version of the doctor, who in response shot Simon in the shoulder (and would have done so anyway if he didn't bring him the gun anyway). After finding and killing this version of the doctor, Simon would discover that he was just suffering a psycosis that ended up causing the death of two policemen that knocked on his door. Purnell would be later be left in charge of Simon after he was confined within a mental hospital but was happy that at least he was making progress to better himself.
  • His methods has been criticized though not really for being unethical and having more to do with whatever spawned from Simon's book. Many think the supernatural world Simon had to traverse through is not a fictional one but a very real threat, and the constant apparitions from Book Simon have certainly not helped matters. The fact that the doctor is willing to actually enter the book and comfront the monstrosities created by Simon's psyche has actually gotten him in trouble with other psychiatrists.
  • When it comes to other that also work in the mental health department, he did make a few friends. Firstly there was Frasier Crane, who was one of the first to criticize Purnell but at the least he is glad there is another reasonable figure that can treat patients correctly, the Pantheon has a huge problem with psychiatrists and psychologists being a bit unstable themselves. Purnell was also surprised to find the father of Psychology, Sigmund Freud, be a deity on his own as well as Carl Jung, Purnell never expected such important figures to find themselves in such a strange place. Though perhaps the one who could understand his position the most was Malcolm Crowe, another psychologist though in his case, the patient he was assigned to has a special gift and, well, Malcolm was dead all along so at the least both doctors have had experiences with the supernatural.
  • Seeing Simon improve considerably after having made several friends in the same place as he was, he tried to meet most of them and figure out their problems, though for obvious reasons, he won't recommend writing a book to them. The Literature Club Simon is friends with was first, with the members having a rather unfortunate history dealing with mental health and potentially taking their own lives, especially Sayori and Yuri who suffer from depression and self-harm similar to what Simon experienced. Then there was Dollface whose life is arguably as bad but at least she had enough resolve to go forward, even if according to Purnell it's not exactly great to take your rage against others violently.
  • Unfortunately for Purnell, there seems to be a shortage of competent or even well-meaning people in Psychiatrist department as he found himself among many deranged individuals, one of which was Dr. Angus Bumby who basically embodies every trait of a bad about psychiatrists as well as more or less similar to how Simon envisioned Purnell in his book at first. Then there was Jonathan Crane, who grey curious about Purnell's patient and would love to visit the deranged city in Simon's book and thinks Purnell is a fool for trying to destroy it.
  • Some have wondered what would happen should Dr. Purnell visit Silent Hill as the village notoriously draws people with rather tumultous pasts such as James Sunderland and the creatures that come from that place are equally disturbing as the one found in Simon's Book. He is considering trying to enter just to end the evil that powers it but Purnell so far has been cautious on doing so.
    • There is one psychiatrist, well former in this case, who Purnell initially thought she was beyond saving but overtime he saw that maybe Harley Quinn had potential for good if she stayed away from the Joker as possible. The fact that a psychiatrist could go off the deep end for "love" like she did complety stumped him.
  • Another friend of Simon, this time a little kid by the name of Isaac, approached Purnell with the intention of talking about the issues and doubts that plague him. Inspired by Simon's own experience, he relayed to the doctor everything that transpired with his family and how eventually he ended up killing himself by suffocation following a nasty family dispute, feeling like it was his fault his parents were suffering. Purnell was heartbroken after hearing Isaac's story and decided to take him just like he did with Simon and try to cure him of his constant depression. That decide, venturing into his house's basement is also another potential consideration for Purnell as the monster Isaac has faced may or may not be from a similar origin as the one that plagued Simon.
  • Relationship with the police has been a bit complicated, mostly because of the incident where Simon murdered two police officers during a psychosis and he happened to be under the tutelage of Purnell. That and there was also a time where he got arrested before he could treat Simon, though reports of that are not entirely accurate. He did start working alongside another deity by recommendation of his fellow psychologist friends and this turned out to be Adrian Monk, a brilliant detective though one that suffers constantly after his wife was murdered and Purnell seeks to help him out however he can.
  • Yes, while the doctor in Simon's book is the one that has been seen killing monsters, those are skill also apply to real Purnell believe it or not, he did enter Simon's book once and even managed to destroy it. There are reports of the book version of the doctor in certain places in the Pantheon but many aren't sure if it's supposed to be the real version or the book one.

    Karl Fairburne 
Lt. Karl Fairburne, God of the Sniping Mission (Red Fox, The Desert Ghost, The Shadow, The Sniper)
Fairburne during the Berlin Offensive in 1945
During the North African campaign in 1942 
During the Italian campaign in 1943 

    The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince 
The Wolf and the Prince, Co-Gods of Escort Games, (The Wolf: The Liar Princess || The Prince: The Blind Prince)
Clockwise from the top: The Wolf, the Blind Prince, and the Wolf as the Liar Princess
  • Quasideity for the Prince, Lesser Goddess for the Wolf
  • Symbol: The Flower Bouquet the Prince gave to the Wolf
  • Theme Music: A Song Melting in the Moonlight Night
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio: The main characters of an Escort Game, No Name Given, Blind and the Beast
  • Domains: Escorting
    • The Prince: Blindness, Royalty, Kindness, Books
    • The Wolf: Transformation, Beasts, Singing
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ursula, Dag, Jafar, Maleficent, Mother Gothel, Dr. Facilier, Lord Farquaad, The Fairy Godmother, Hexxus, The Lich, Pokémon Hunter J, The Dazzlings, Medusa Gorgon, Prince Charmles, Joffrey Baratheon
  • Sympathetic to: Tommen Baratheon
  • Avoids: The House of Fire & Heat
  • Conflicting Opinion: Meruem and Komugi
  • Once upon a time, in a deep dark forest surrounding a kingdom, lived a wolf with a beautiful singing voice. The wolf would sing to the moon every night upon a cliff. Her singing would attract the attention of the kingdom's prince who would applaud her singing. Though the wolf considered eating him at first, she was touched by his applause and sang for him every night. But she grew to worry about what would happen if the prince ever saw her directly. One day, the prince climbed up the cliff to see the owner of the singing voice, and in a panic, the wolf accidentally clawed at the prince's eyes. When she grabbed him to keep him from falling, she ended up frightening the prince instead. The king and queen locked up their heir in disgust for his facial injuries, an act of cruelty that would make the wolf's guilt even worse. Wishing to make things right, the wolf lies to the prince that she's a princess from a neighboring kingdom, and to keep up the illusion, meets with the Witch of the Forest to gain the ability to change into a human princess, sacrificing her singing voice in the process. Freeing the prince from his cell, the princess would escort the prince into the forest so the Witch can heal his eyes.
    • The two would bond deeply throughout their journey in the forest, with the wolf learning more about the prince. However, her secret is revealed at the worst possible moment, causing the prince to angrily call her a liar and a monster. This horrific event ended up accidentally causing a forest fire that destroyed the witch's collection and making her go on a rampage. After saving the prince, with the latter regretting his harsh words and apologizing to her, the wolf and the prince work together to quell the witch's rage. The witch still agrees to heal prince's eyes, but to restore the damage done to the forest, the wolf will have to give up her ability to turn into a human and her memories of the prince, and she will not get her singing voice back. The wolf accepts these terms despite the prince's pleas.
    • Some time later, the wolf would go back to the cliff singing every night once again despite no longer having a beautiful singing voice. One day the prince meets her on the hilltop once again, and the wolf, who no longer recognizes the prince, prepares to eat him. However, she is completely caught off guard when the prince offers her flowers, an act of kindness that brings forth a sense of nostalgia in the wolf, allowing the two to renew their friendship.
  • One day, the duo found themselves in the Pantheon, unsure of how they got there. The gods had reviewed their case and learned of how the Wolf had guided the Blinded Prince through the forest, so they decided to give them the title for Co-Gods of Escort Games. The duo were interested in the offer and accepted.
    • Deities in the House of Magic have offered to give the Wolf her singing voice, ability to transform into a human princess, and her memories of the Prince. The Wolf accepted the offer and she remembered, from meeting the Prince to helping him regain his eyesight. Tears of Joy were wept as a result. The two have remained inseparable since.
  • The Wolf usually hangs around in the House of Beast, hunting for food just as she did in the forest. Once every full moon, she will sing to her heart's content. Since her singing voice has been restored, the song has always attracted creatures of all kinds, and even serves as a lullaby for some. The Prince will always come to listen to the song and applaud and cheer when she's finished. The Wolf enjoys his company the most.
  • The one place the duo avoid the most is the House of Fire & Heat. The Wolf fears fire above all else, being a creature of the forest, and since the two accidentally caused a forest fire once, the House brings too many bad memories.
  • The two are shown to get along greatly with Ico and Yorda, a couple they share a lot in common with. Yorda was a princess who was locked up for a horrible reason and Ico saved her in her time of need. Even when they temporarily separated, Ico still fought to free Yorda and refused to leave her. While the two were noticeably worried about the Wolf at first, the Prince assured them she was friendly and she saved him from a life of loneliness when he lost his sight, and even went out of her way to save him when he called her a monster.
  • The Prince and the Wolf have met other Fairy Tale couples with similar circumstances, such as Belle and the Beastnote , Aladdin and Jasminenote , Ariel and Ericnote , Tiana and Naveennote , and Shrek and Fionanote . They befriended each and every one of them.
    • The duo also met several villains they showed disgust towards, such as Jafarnote , Lord Farquaadnote , Maleficentnote , Hexxus, the Lich, and Hunter Jnote , and Dagnote . The ones they dislike the most are Mother Gothelnote , Dr. Facilier, the Fairy Godmother, and especially Ursulanote 
  • The duo became friends with other Nippon Ichi deities, especially Almaz and Sapphirenote , Sicilynote , Adell and Rozalilnnote , Valvatoreznote , Killianote , Usalia, and Liezrotanote 
  • The Wolf and the Prince became fast friends with Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four, since he dated a blind girl who didn't care about his appearance. The Prince admits he is a bit ashamed about he acted towards the Wolf when he found out the truth, even if the circumstances revolving around it were different.
  • The duo see a lot of themselves in Meruem and Komugi, who while not an actual couple, do become great friends. The latter is a blind person whose friendship with the former causes him to change for the better, becoming a kinder person over time. However, the duo aren't sure what to think about Meruem himself, considering how he committed far more crimes than the Wolf did before she met the Prince.
  • The Wolf is shown to be at odds with the Dazzlings, who like her had lost their singing voices. Though in this case, they lost their voices due to the source of their power being destroyed (with the exception of Adiago). The Wolf outright states they deserve it for using their voices to cause chaos and satisfy their lust for power. The Dazzlings in turn mock the Wolf for her dishonesty and how the Prince initially rejected her out of spite.
  • Sakura Matou and Anri Sonohara befriend the Prince, sympathizing with him over their abusive guardians. The Prince also finds kinship in Crona, and he's happy that they found a friend who helped them in their time of need just like how he found the Wolf.
  • The Prince has found many deities in the House of Royalty willing to be his friend, such as Sara Crewenote , Princess Cadance, King Asgorenote , Estellisenote , Caedanote , and Cinderellanote . However, the Prince is appalled by Charmles and Joffrey Baratheon, both of whom are Spoiled Brats of a prince.
    • The Prince is sympathetic towards Joffrey's brother, Tommen, for being a kind boy who only ended up being used as a Puppet King. He wishes to save him from the people using him and hopefully help him learn to be a better ruler.

Priam, God of Super-Late Characters and Bragging Rights Rewards (Paris, Radiant Hero, Battle Hobo, the Hobo)

    Psycho Mantis 



Psycho Mantis, God of Illusory Failure (Tretij Rebenok, Third Child)
  • Lesser God, was an Intermediate God as a child
  • Symbol: His gas mask
  • Theme Song: Mantis's Hymn (Twin Snakes remix, MSG4 Remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, Asexuality, Interface Screw, breaking the fourth wall, going mad from hearing unsavory thoughts, Psychic Static, wearing a gas mask
  • Domains: Fighting, Destruction, Hatred, Psychic
  • Allies: Liquid Snake, Revolver Ocelot(?), Solidus Snake, Steven Armstrong, Ermac.
  • Former Allies: Skull Face
  • Enemies: Humanity in general, the RED Team, Teddie,
  • Opposed by: Crash Bandicoot
  • Followers: The AI Colonel, Screaming Mantis (possibly unwilllingly), Homonculus, Mr. Resetti
  • Many thought they'd seen the last of Psycho Mantis after the Sorrow purged his ghost from the mortal realm, but thanks to Liquid Snake's influence (and surely one of Ocelot's plans), Psycho Mantis found himself in the Pantheon shortly after Liquid's own ascension. Tempted by the chance to kill people once more (and mess with their heads), Mantis accepted his position and is now known to work under Liquid on occasion.
  • Mantis tends to approve of Senator Armstrong's plans, not out of agreement with Armstrong's ideals, but because they would give him the chance to, in the psychic's own words, kill as many people as he can.
  • It's currently unknown if he was aware of Liquid Ocelot's true identity when his ghost was controlling Screaming Mantis.
  • Mantis has built something of a reputation for himself amongst the gamers in the Pantheon, who are wary of his trickery. He's been known to mess with their games whenever the mood strikes him. Upon discovering that most modern consoles couldn't be messed with like in the days of old, Mantis flew into a psychic rampage that required a few Atlus bosses to be sent in order to take care of him.
  • Feels oddly nostalgic about his childhood when he sees Haruka Kotoura and Satori Komeiji due to having a similar problem, but is otherwise neutral toward them. Haruka prefers to stay far away from him because of his homicidal use of his powers. Satori on the other hand doesn't mind his company.
  • Thanks to his mind reading, he's deduced that most people are constantly thinking about sex. Out of disgust, he tends to avoid the House of Love for this reason, as well as certain parts of the House of Emotion.
    • He's especially sickened by Teddie. As a creature borne from humanity's emotions, and a lascivious one at that, Mantis views Teddie as a perfect example of one of his many reasons to hate humanity.
  • RED Team gods in the Pantheon briefly mistook him for an enemy Pyro when they saw Mantis creating hallucinatory flames, and nearly blew him to bits. He now holds a special hatred for them.
  • In spite of having been killed by him, Mantis is indifferent to Solid Snake's presence in the Pantheon.
  • He is baffled by Revolver Ocelot's manipulative abilities, and has expressed astonishment that Ocelot can string so many people along at once without having an aneurysm.
  • Does not care for the Crash Bandicoot series.
  • Is rumored to have encountered Big Boss as a child. Mantis has yet to comment on this.
  • Can also be found in Mind Games.

    Zee Tee 
Zee-Tee, God of Multi-World Gameplay (Zee Too)
Click here to see… 


AiAi, God of Difficult Marble Puzzles
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A banana bunch or himself inside a ball
  • Theme Music: A few songs, but this is most commonly associated with him
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Everything's Better with Monkeys, Sphere Factor, Schizophrenic Difficulty, Nintendo Hard, nonsense language, likes bananas
  • Domains: Monkeys, Mazes, Bananas
  • Heralds: MeeMee & YanYan, Baby, GonGon, Doctor, Jam, Jet
  • Followers: The hamsters of Hamsterball
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Goku, Sun Wukong, King Kong, Amigo
  • Enemies: Frieza, Mojo Jojo, evil scientists
  • Odd Friendship: Juri Han
  • This monkey really likes bananas and more often than not, travels inside a sphere to collect them and get to the goal. The layouts are often extremely difficult, complex, and very likely to cause one to fall off, but AiAi is brave enough to navigate.
  • Before he could ascend, the Houses of Gaming and Travel, along with the Court of the Gods, challenged AiAi to navigate a series of difficult tracks to reach the goal without falling off. It took a bit of time, but he succeeded.
  • Occasionally, AiAi is seem alongside other deities helping them understand the art of navigating a complex maze inside a ball. The process has been slow, given that bouts of acrophobia and motion sickness amongst selected deities have been reported during these instances. One has to wonder how AiAi (and his heralds by extension) doesn't suffer from these problems.
  • While the ball is his preferred method of traveling, AiAi has been occasionally seen outside of it. There were a couple of instances where he was driving a car and one time, he managed to get his hands on a hoverboard.
  • On an infrequent basis, deities are sometimes asked to come up with new courses for AiAi to go through. It's not uncommon for the more trollish deities to come up with designs that appear to be near-impossible to navigate.
  • Many have caught on that whenever they play the game he's from, they're controlling the field itself, not the ball AiAi is in. Within the Pantheon, the monkey moves on his own and many are thankful for it. Considering if the entire Pantheon was titled to accomodate the monkey's movements, it'd be a nightmare for everyone, including AiAi.
  • Given that he has tangled with Dr. Bad-Boon in the past, AiAi has a particular disdain towards all of the evil scientists in the Pantheon.
  • AiAi believes that every banana he eats is a delicious banana. That said, it's not likely he'll eat a rotten banana.
    • The House of Food surmised that if AiAi likes bananas, then chances are he'll like banana muffins, banana shakes, and the like.
  • He has been friendly with most of the monkeys in the Pantheon, including King Kong surprisingly enough. Many are still wondering if AiAi can convince him to roll around inside a giant sphere.
    • The same courtesy does not extend to Mojo Jojo since AiAi feels that this monkey is a worse version of Dr. Bad-Boon in terms of evil.
  • At one point discovered an entire city inside a whale. He somehow thinks that Moby Dick has a city inside of him, though many have dismissed the possibility as ridiculous.
  • The House of Sports was surprised with the monkey's interpretations of commonplace sports such as baseball and golf. They're still trying to get used to the fact that such interpretations are likely to involve the actual player being a ball (though it makes sense considering that they're inside a sphere the entire time for such a style).
    • While AiAi's interpretation of bowling is slowly becoming popular, there's a few who can't help but wonder why the lanes need to have something unusual happen.
    • The House of Gaming also managed to set up large billiards tables to be used whenever AiAi's interpretation of billiards is going to be played. Getting the required players involved (at least ten) is a bit difficult.
  • He once helped two monkeys from feuding kingdoms get together. Despite the apparent goodness in that deed, he hasn't been talking a whole lot about it.
  • He was quite overjoyed to see not only a fellow primate ascend, but with it also being a fellow Sega deity themselves. AiAi was quick to greet Amigo and celebrate with some of his music, rolling around in some of the marble mazes and feasting on banana bread.
  • For some strange reason, Juri Han has been seldom seen relaxing at his temple.

    Bartender Bob 
Welcome to my tavern, friends. Enjoy your stay!

Bob, God of Gameplay Automation (Bartender Bob, Bazaar Bob, Aviator Bob)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Golden Coin
  • Theme Song: Bob's Tavern
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Bartender, Can change your deck's performance, Non-Action Guy, Secret Shop, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Bartending, Battle, Economy, Good Times
  • Allies: Harth Stonebrew and most of the Denizens of the Tavern (Bad guys included), The League of Explorers, Moe Szyslak, Tapper, Jill Stingray, Anna, Shizuo Heiwajima
  • Friendly Enemies: The League of E.V.I.L. (Rafaam, Dr. Boom, Hagatha the Witch, King Togwaggle)
  • Friendly Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra and The Defenders of the Ancient
  • Opposed by: The Gang
  • This friendly fellow is Bartender Bob, an unassuming Bartender whose Tavern was located in Dalaran, which happened to be sieged by the League of E.V.I.L. at the time. Given how they ended up trashing his place, he had to look for jobs elsewhere and landed a position as the man in charge of the Battlegrounds and suggesting players to recruit powerful minions from his tavern. Bob is an easy-going and all around nice dude and he was surprised that his fellow Inkeeper would even recommend for a position in the Pantheon for the Gameplay Automation title.
  • His temple and the one of fellow bartender Harth Stonebrew are linked, his focusing aforemention Battlegrounds and let's say things get potentially even more chaotic there than in the other temple. Nevertheless, Bob has always a smile in his face and is willing to warmly welcome anyone, even giving encouraging words to participants even if they are facing a tough time.
  • Similar to his coworker, Bob is really friendly to almost everyone he comes accross, even actual villains and like Harth before him, most people are willing to respect him as well. Notable world-ending threats like Galakrond and Yogg-Saron are otherwise pretty chummy with the guy even and even if he won't condone evil, he is welcoming to everyone as long as they have a good time. He is still mad at the League of E.V.I.L. for trashing his place (but he says they are good tippers)
  • His had a few odd jobs before, like hosting a Bazaar on Uldum or even being an Aviator. Besides being the face of Battlegrounds and even considering inviting all deities to his temple, he has considered exploring more job applications, including opening an actual Secret Shop following his succesful venture on Uldum. Anna was willing to teach him some tips on how to run one succesfully and the two have exchanged interesting stories while doing so.
  • It's only natural that Bob would befriend more bartenders. First one to welcome him to the business was Tapper, who fills a similar job but he actually does more bartending than Bob does by virtue of actually tending a regular bar (Tapper has no clue how Bob can manage such a hellish place and still remain with a smile to his face). Moe while being more of a cynic and criticizing Bob's carefree nature, he still respects him somehow as he is one of the few people that actually compliments Moe when he is feeling down.
    • Jill Stingray, while not really a cynic, found Bob to be him overwhelmingly optimistic for someone who handles people she herself could not and that's saying something. Otherwise the two are great friends and Bob doesn't mind working with her in his downtime but would wish he would stop trying to tell people about the time he served a drink to a Death Knight. (It froze over, right in his hand!)
  • During one of his usual sessions, a newcomer bursted through the door demanding to speak with whoever was in charge and Bob happily told the mysterious man he was the one that more or less oversees the chaos. The man in question, Shizuo Heiwajima, just happened to be a fellow bartender that Bob hadn't meet yet and the reason he came was to complain about the senseless violence that was the Battlegrounds. And while Shizuo was pretty pissed off, he never really got mad at Bob himself and they remained friends, although he usually comes to his temple because the other patrons do get on his nerves and gets into fights with them.
  • Not all bartenders are fond of Bob, the Gang notoriously aren't of him because of being a rivaling business and have tried to sabotage Bob's job numerous times, most of them failing spectacularly because they failed to account the patrons that frequent Bob's place and would care little if they harmed them in any way. Bob himself doesn't actively dislike them as much, he tries to be friendly with them but that usually never works with them.
  • Given the Dueling Works nature, it was only natural that both the Champions of Runeterra and the Defender of the Ancient would consider Bob a rival given his role in the Battlegrounds but they are not above participating in the Pantheonic version of the Battlegrounds and Bob is nice enough to welcome them here.
  • He's been briefed about the Forever War the pantheon has been stuck for a while and he personally vouched for a more friendly conclusion, even if that's mostly impossible to achieve. Surprisingly, Bob is friendly with all Grand Alliances even GUAD and GUAM. For the first one, thankfully both Deathwing and Ragnaros convinced most of the members to not destroy Bob (yet) and for the latter he let's his robotic counterpart, Bartendotron, handle the relations. He's already used to tending to weird folks after all.
  • Don't tell anyone about this, but he is always rooting for them when they are fighting in his temple. He tells that to anybody, even if they hopelessly outmatched.

    The ChuChus 
The ChuChus, Collective Deities of Escort Missions
The Chuchu Pilots (from left to right): Chubei, Chuih, Chupea, Chubach
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Themselves
  • Theme Music: ChuChu Rocket Title Screen
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Cute Critter, Excuse Plot, Puzzle Game
  • Domains: Mice, Space
  • High Priest: Peter Puppy
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, XCOM, Olimar, most benevolent mice
  • Fearful of: Garfield
  • In the far, far future in a far, far planet, there exists a colony of space mice that lived in peace until a legion of hungry space cats attacked. In order to escape to safety, the Chuchus need to find their way across an assortment of mazes and get to their rockets before the Kapukapus eat up one of those mice or find their way to the rockets. The areas where the Chuchus and Kapukapus are in are enclosed and the only way to turn is to hit a wall or run into directional tiles, something that the Kapukapus can presumably eat.
  • Nights in the Pantheon have been far from quiet and reports of some unusual objects falling from the sky have only added to the noise. For a few nights, some strange-shaped rockets have been crashing into a particular spot in the Pantheon and a lot of mice have been coming out of these rockets, prompting many to wonder who would do that or why there's even a bunch of mice there. Eventually, another rocket landed in the Pantheon, though this time, there were four different-colored mice inside and they were seen as the pilots of the Chuchus. Given that the Chuchus might be looking for a home to get away from the Kapukapus (even if some of these cats are sometimes sighted in the Pantheon following the Chuchu's initial arrival), some have decided to help set up a home for the Chuchus in the Pantheon so they can relax from certain matters.
  • While the Chuchus exist in high numbers, the aforementioned four pilots function as a sort of leader for the group in general. The pilots consist of the blue party mouse Chuih, the red female daydreamer Chupea, the yellow, chubby, and not-all-that-bright Chubei, and the green smarty Chubach. While they're the ones who mainly reside in the Chuchus' temple, the rest of their kin are in various places across the Pantheon and rockets carrying them will lead to that specific temple once the Chuchus that were in that previous location are accounted for.
  • Various tools exist in the Pantheon that provide the Chuchus an assortment of new maps that range from easy to navigate to those that are incredibly difficult to get through and require a lot of thought to succeed. It's also possible to create subtle and not-so-subtle messages laced in these maps, though the Chuchus aren't really aware of this and only see a lot of tall walls around them. Some deities will sometimes communicate to the Chuchus via a headphones and try to tell the Chuchus which way to navigate these custom maps.
  • One of the handful of instances where others are able to see Chuih and his co-pilots have been in a series of races arranged by Sonic that other Sega characters participated in. The four have access to a specialized version of their rocket for these moments and whenever necessary, they're able to summon a Kapukapu that can plow through the other races and get them further ahead. No one's sure why those Chuchus have access to a Kapukapu despite trying to avoid these creatures, though it might be one that's more docile compared to others. Billy Hatcher, who is also part of those races, is able to summon a Kapukapu of his own from an specific egg, something that the Chuchus are curious about.
  • The sight of another orange cat in the Pantheon was enough to frighten the Chuchus for a bit, despite said cat simply just sitting around bored and not all that interested in doing something. Garfield noticed some mice running from him despite the fact that he didn't do anything and decided to walk around and see what they're getting worked up over. He eventually reached the Chuchus and while the mice were visibly getting scared, he was only wondering what business they wanted with him and didn't have any plans to go after them. While he has dealt with mice before, he's mostly apathetic to them and the Chuchus are no different in that regard. That said, the Chuchus would rather keep their distance from Garfield, though he doesn't have a whole lot to say about them in spite of the whole deal concerning space.
    • It became quickly apparent that there were more cats roaming around the Pantheon that the Chuchus have become wary of. Seeing the Catbus for the first time more than shocked the Chuchus and while the Catbus meant no harm whatsoever towards the space mice, just the fact that something like the Catbus existed meant the Chuchus could be concerned about whether similar creatures like that are running about. One thing that the Chuchus definitely don't want to encounter is a potential cat-rocket hybrid that wants to eat them all up.
  • During his travels throughout the Pantheon, Olimar learned of a species of creatures that are focused on using rockets to escape and he alongside his Pikmin went on a search for the Chuchus. What he found were creatures that were about as small as he is and ultimately harmless, with the Chuchus looking at surprise at the much more advanced rocket that Olimar had with him. Olimar found that the rockets the Chuchus were in had more in common with the Pikmins' onion ships in terms of storing large number of small creatures. He decided to help them out whenever they need to escape from Kapukapus or if the Chuchus are just lost somewhere dangerous.
  • Tom and Jerry found themselves involved with the Chuchus' after one of the rockets landed near a field that Tom and Jerry were at. Tom was curious about it following it nearly crashing onto him and was surprised to see a bunch of mice run out of the rocket and somewhere else. The Chuchus then ended up in a hiding place that Jerry was at and showed him what was going on and what they're trying to get done. Jerry was willing to help out some fellow mice and figured that the Kapukapus aren't any smarter than Tom is (and likely dumber by extension). While Jerry has used his skills to help the Chuchus, Tom has made many unsuccessful attempts to thwart the Chuchus escape plans and his failures are more pronounced whenever Jerry is involved.
  • In a more general sense, various other rodents gradually learned about the Chuchus and their ordeal. For the most part, these other mice have been helpful to the Chuchus whenever they meet and the Chuchu pilots have sometimes found the time to meet up with them whenever the Chuchus aren't in severe trouble. In particular, Miss Bianca and Bernard have taken to the skies to help the Chuchus, which they've come to see as adventurous young mice, navigate whatever maze they're in and avoid the Kapukapus.
  • As the Chuchus were going around a dangerous place, they found themselves caught in a fight between the XCOM and some dangerous aliens while trying to get to some rockets. The XCOM noticed a few some lifeforms nearby, but ultimately found them harmless and after the aliens were defeated, the Chuchus reached their rocket. Given how the XCOM has had some experience in escorting certain people to their destination, the Chuchus figured that they would help get rid of more dangerous obstacles so that they can get to their rockets safely. Although the XCOM doesn't encounter the Chuchus that often, they'll help them out should said encounters happen.
  • One activity that a handful of mean deities are willing to do out of boredom is to get some malicious mechanics and design robotic lookalikes of the Chuchus that are wired to detonate the rocket ships once they enter. This has resulted in a number of the Chuchus' escapes thwarted and some heroic mechanics that the Chuchu pilots met have retaliated by making mechanical Kapukapus that would specifically target the fake Chuchus that are attempting to destroy the rockets. While the robot Kapukapus have stopped the fake Chuchus a number of times, they haven't been as successful to use against the real Kapukapus.
  • Even if the Chuchus were to get inside their rockets, getting said rockets to a safe place in the Pantheon has proven to be difficult due to various aerial threats. A few rockets were unlucky enough to get hit by those attacks, with most of them coming from villains who are looking for something to use for target practice. The Chuchu pilots have been working to modify their rockets with enhancements that would let them avoid these air strikes.

Fletcher, Goddess of Rare Drops (DD-445, DDE-445, Code Letter: NEBG, Fighting Fletcher, Callsign: RADISH)
Fletcher Kai
Click here to view her Kai Mod. 2 art 
Click here to view her Mk.II art 

The Villager, Deity of Interior Decoration (The Mayor of Smashville, Number 45)
  • Demideity
  • Symbol: A Lloid-type Gyroid
  • Theme Music: The title theme of the first Animal Crossing, of Wild World/City Folk, Plaza/Title (Animal Crossing: City Folk/Wild World)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, usually leaning towards Good
  • Portfolio: Interior Decoration, Able to Store Several Things in Their Pockets, Being the Only Human Living Among Animals, Heroic Mime, Virtual Paper Doll, Has a morbid reputation among fans
  • Domains: Profession, Community, Animal
  • Followers: Juste Belmont
  • Part-Time Lackey of: Tom Nook
  • Allies: Isabelle, K.K. Slider, Mario, Chuggaaconroy, The Human Child, Mike Haggar, The Farmer, Christopher Robin, Tim Taylor (sometimes), Inklings, Haru Okumura (and by extension the rest of the Phantom Thieves)
  • Rivals: Wii Fit Trainer
  • Enemies: Napoleon, Flowey
  • Fears: The Scorpion & The Tarantula
  • Additional Relations: Mr. Resetti
  • There exists a community where animals are the primary inhabitants and by extension, they are in charge of most of the things in that place such as owning a shop. A human being arrives at that village and he (or she) decides to settle down at that place. After getting some errands done for a tanuki shopkeeper, the Villager (real name varies, though most just accept "The Villager" as an actual name) is free to do things to their liking, such as fish, catch bugs, decorate a home (both their home and potentially others if they request it), or just hang out with the inhabitants. The villager is also capable of being the mayor of the town they live in.
  • No one can agree on who built the exteriors of the houses in the Pantheon, but it's often accepted that the Villager is the one who decided what actually gets put on the inside. Their room is often adorned with replicas of various Nintendo paraphernalia, borrowed from Mario and Luigi.
  • If they aren't designing homes or chatting it up with others, then there is a good possibility that they are smashing it up with a select few. Their involvement with the Smash tournament has caused quite a bit of people to believe that the Villager is much more scary and ruthless than they appear, but the Villager hasn't said anything about those rumors.
  • They are often seen in the House of Beast, usually trying to catch insects or fishing within the waters of that house (or any other body of water that has fish in them). Some of the more aggressive creatures of that house such as Bruce the Shark and Beedrill don't like the Villager intruding on their space and have frequently chased the human out.
    • Even outside that house (mostly whenever searching for strange creatures is the main priority at a given moment), the Villager has had the misfortune of finding other aggressive small creatures. One instance involved an encounter with two particular kinds of aggressive insects (a scorpion and a tarantula) and the Villager isn't interested in mentioning what happened during that meeting.
  • Aside from their skills in home decoration and looking for creatures, they have also made visits to the House of Costumes, mostly contributing designs for shirts that they and others could potentially wear.
  • Their pockets can hold surprisingly a lot of stuff. While this can include things meant for mundane reasons (and even then, things like dinosaur skeletons shouldn't fit in a normal person's pocket), it can get progressively ridiculous with him pocketing things such energy blasts (mainly if one were to take into account his battles from the Smash tournament). Some are convinced that the Villager stores up strong projectiles from fights for other reasons, but that may just be some crazy thought.
  • Having been used to talking with various animals and helping them with work, they had a hard time accepting the fact that there was an animal that truly despised humans. Napoleon simply saw the Villager as another obstacle in his plans and is trying to get rid of the human.
    • It didn't help that there were a number of other animals that were just plain evil and/or dangerous in general, regardless of if they interacted with humans or not. The Villager prefers to keep their distance from these animals as much as possible.
  • While they have been used to having Tom Nook as their primary shopkeeper (though they have had encounters with his business rival, Crazy Redd, who was shadier than the tanuki), the Villager managed to encounter a variety of other shopkeepers in the Pantheon. For the most part, the Villager is on good terms with many of these shopkeepers.
  • Mike Haggar has taken an interest in them due to their tenure of being the mayor of the village they live in. The Villagers' combat skills from the Smash tournament has gotten Haggar's attention and he is hoping that they'll put it to use when things get serious.
  • They get along very well with Christopher Robin, given that they are both humans who reside in a peaceful setting inhabited by animals. The Villager has found Christopher Robin's Hundred Acre Woods friends to be quite unusual, but are every bit as friendly to them as they are to Robin.
  • Even though they are used to encounters to Mr. Resetti due to various circumstances, the mole did tell them about a being that was malicious and could spell trouble with them should a potential meeting occur. The being in question was Flowey, who was more than willing to instigate harm towards The Villager and mock them whenever possible.
    • It was through this warning that The Villager met up with The Human Child, another human that was used to hanging out with eccentric inhabitants (in fact, those inhabitants are far more eccentric than what the Villager had been used to). Unsurprisingly, they get along quite well and although the Villager does have a bit of experience fending for themselves, the Human Child tends to be the one to keep Flowey in check should the flower put the Villager in harm's way whenever Villager and the Human Child are together.
  • Although it hasn't happened yet, many are wondering about the possibility of the Villager meeting up with Steve. Given Steve's experience with crafting an outside world and the Villager being very skilled in decorating the insides of buildings, many are willing to visit a potential world crafted by these two.
  • The Villager and Isabelle also get along well with Haru Okumura. Not just because they see a bit of themselves in each other, but also because Haru uses an axe like Villager, while being as nice, polite and kind as Isabelle. Of course, there’s also the fact that in Smash Ultimate, her spirit was represented by a female villager and that they both have unfortunate reputations as Memetic Psychopaths.
  • Can also be found in Crafting Materials.


    Mike Schmidt 
Mike Schmidt, God of Tactical Door Use (Michael Afton(?))
Fan-made artwork of Mike
  • Quasideity (Demigod or even Lesser God if the rumor of him being Michael Afton is true)
  • Symbol: A googly-eyed cupcake
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Extensive, creative usage of doors to deal with enemies that vastly outclass him, careful management of resources, lacking combat skills but being scarily good at surviving major threats, relying on his wits, never being seen and having a completely unknown past, working an unbelievably horrible job at a children's pizza place with animatronic characters, getting fired after working for a week, and possibly being an adrenaline junkie
  • Domains: Doors, Survival, Bravery, Playing Dead, Sucky Jobs, Suckier Equipment
  • High Priest: Mappy
  • Followers: The Hitman, Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith (despite the fact they were night guards of Freddy's before him and didn't have the luxury of door use), the Fazbear's Fright night guard (even though he did not have the luxury of door use either, though vents are close enough), the Crying Child victim of The Bite of '83, The Technician/"Eggs Benedict", Mary Schmidt (older sister?)
  • Allies: Larry Daley, Courage The Cowardly Dog, Robin, Chell, Robin
  • Enemies: The Fazbear Gang, Balloon Boy, Springtrap, GLaDOS, Flumpty Bumpty, SCP-173
  • Former Enemy: The Marionette
  • Respects: Ashi
  • Grandmaster, Robin, along with several strategy expert representatives of the houses of Knowledge and War, began emphatically arguing in favor of Mike Schmidt's ascension after witnessing him accomplish the utterly insane feat of surviving for six hours with limited power inside of a dilapidated building with four (some witnesses claimed five) killer animatronics that he had intentionally set to be absurdly aggressive. Nobody is quite sure why he would possibly do that, and Mike himself refused to elaborate on the point, but the group was in unanimous agreement that such a cunning display of strategic brilliance earned him a spot in the pantheon. Mike, for his part, welcomed the invitation, mostly because it was a great honor, but also partly because he was at that point out of a job.
  • Upon ascending, Mike was reunited with his "old friend" Freddy Fazbear, ringleader of the Animatronics that stalked and attacked him at his old job. However, due to a time paradox resulting from one of the sequels actually being a prequel, Mike Schmidt didn't ascend until after Freddy had ascended and it became readily apparent how utterly dangerous he was. Thankfully nobody was hurt, however, and Mike was greatly relieved to learn that the Bite of '87 was not reenacted among the pantheon. The unfortunate souls designated for "Freddy Watch Duty" soon began clamoring at Mike for advice and help, which he was happy to offer, and he began training people for the job. He is well aware that these people are being punished, but 1: he doesn't feel anyone deserves to be killed by Freddy and his gang, and 2: he knows it is vitally important that Freddy never escapes, and as such, he does what he can to help people out.
    • With the actual ascension of The Marionette, his job has only gotten harder, as that thing was never around during his stay at Freddy Fazbear's. It's gotten so bad that at times he's had to step in to guard the place himself again.
    • However, the ascension of Springtrap has lead to an event no one would have suspected, being the fact that Freddy, the Marionette and he will happily put aside their differences to make sure he never leaves his temple. The fact that he's directly responsible for everything bad that's happened in their world definitely helps.
  • While the spirit of the trope that Mike embodies means that he is fundamentally a god of strategy, he argued to be in the House of Technology because there is no House of Strategy, and that he is also a god of doors, which are a form of technology. Of course, everyone knew his real motivation was so he could keep a closer watch on Freddy and his crew, but not only was he technically correct, nobody really objected to his motivations.
  • Mike's backstory is a notorious mystery, and he has done very little to alleviate this. He's not fond of talking about his past or his reasons for taking what is quite possibly one of the worst jobs ever conceived, and if you ask him why on earth he set all those animatronics to level 20 in the first place, he'll cough rather pointedly and change the subject.
    • Some people wonder if he came to Freddy Fazbear's due to the SCP Foundation, either as an agent or a D-class.
  • Courage is a huge admirer of Mike's, as he sees the two's methods of dealing with monstrous threats as being extremely similar. Mike in turn is a huge fan of Courage's, and has called him "by far the bravest coward I've ever met".
  • Mike has also struck up a friendship with kindred spirit Larry Daley, who also happens to be a security guard at an establishment that gets extremely weird at night. They regularly exchange stories, and are united allies against the threat of Freddy Fazbear.
  • For a while, before being successfully banned from entering the Pantheon, a time-and-space-travelling egg named Flumpty Bumpty had been on a kidnapping spree for "participants" for his "Hide and Seek Survival Game", taking followers of various gods, including Mike's. Because of his unremarkableness, Flumpty eventually nabbed the security guard quasideity. Thanks to his experience at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, he was able to survive, and was brought back to the Pantheon in secret.
    • Eventually, Mike got kidnapped for another game of Flumpty's. Just as he managed to survive this one (and found a certain something), upon being returned to the Pantheon again, Flumpty was caught by Freddy Fazbear—whose head had been stolen by the egg for his game—and the ensuing fracas managed to alert the rest of the Gods. The Court eventually evicted Flumpty from the Pantheon, although the kidnappings haven't stopped; he's just avoided Mike and Freddy.
  • Mike became greatly surprised the day he met Ashi in that she was willing to watch Springtrap for a night. It seemed the decaying rabbit's crimes had hit a nerve. Mike had to turn her down, however, as she had newly ascended and didn't want to risk someone so new. He did gain a certain respect for her for the attempt.
    • Later on, Ashi did return with the idea of using Jack's sword to defeat it. Mike countered her by saying he didn't want to risk whatever was inside that monster getting out.
  • Was incredibly happy to discover that Springtrap's presence in the mortal world was (seemingly) destroyed once and for all, and impressed that the Marionette played a likely significant role in his destruction. However, considering the monster that Springtrap is and the fact that he still has a presence in the Pantheon, Mike and the Marionette have dropped their enmity and increased cooperation in keeping Springtrap sealed away. Neither of them intend to let the murderer inside Springtrap take his anger at being defeated out on the child gods on their watch.
  • May, or may not, be Michael Afton under an alias (and, by extension, may, or may not, be the son of William "Springtrap" Afton). If this is the case, then he has been working to undo his father's evil for MUCH longer than originally anticipated, even beyond his own death. This might make him due for a rank increase to Demigod or even Lesser God.
  • Like most characters from his series, he was not happy to hear that Springtrap is back again.

    Vincent Brooks 
Vincent Brooks, God of Climbing to Survive (Man Drinking Alone, The Man of Legends)
  • Quasideity (Demigod in his Nightmares, Greater God in the True Cheater Ending)
  • Symbol: Pillow and pink polka-dot boxer
  • Theme Song: Also Sprach Brooks
  • Alignment: True Neutral (remains so or shifts to Neutral Good in the Neutral/Freedom/Rin's Ending, shifts to Lawful Good at the Commitment Ending, and shifts to Chaotic Neutral at the Cheater Ending)
  • Portfolio: The Everyman, Wears Underwear in His Nightmare, Jaw Drops Much of His Life, Determined to Survive in his Nightmare, Choice of Commitment or Freedom or Something Else, Terrible Liar, Nice Guy, Grew a Spine, Large Ham, Helping Others With The Same Struggle As He, Happily Married (potentially)
  • Domains: Climbing, Survival, Relationship
  • Heralds: Katherine McBride, Catherine, and Qatherine/"Rin"/Ydoblluf Enirehtaq (his Love Interest options)
  • Allies: Homer Simpson, Moe, Harth Stonebrew, Ysera, NiGHTS, Thomas Mutton (kinda)
  • Enemies: Bane, Junko Enoshima, The High Sparrow
  • Cautious Around: All succubi in general, Darkrai, Lucifer
  • Opposed by: Poland
  • Vincent Brooks is a thirty-two year old in a relationship with his girlfriend, Katherine McBride, but was too indecisive in regards to marriage. When the enigmatic beauty named Catherine appeared in his life, everything is dragged into a nightmare. Literally, he is trapped in a nightmare where he must climb to the top in order to survive or else he will die in the real world.
  • Due to the nature of Multiple Endings, this Vincent is one of nine potential versions of his future, selected by an unidentified deity. In four of them, he doesn't get either the succubus Catherine or his old girlfriend Katherine McBride, two where it's by his own choice, two in where the girl he chose turns him down but at least he is now free to get his life back on track. In two, he lives in the Netherworld with Catherine, and in one of those, he took it over from her bumbling father. In two others, he makes it up to Katherine, and in one of them they shortly marry. The Vincent that came is the one where he doesn't pick either girl and pursues his dreams of space tourism, after which he was invited to the Pantheon.
    • However, things became murkier with the reveal of the Full Body story, which showed a new Love Interest (Qathe)Rin(e), and more endings, like one where he goes back in time with Catherine and they start over from there until they eventually marry (with Catherine living the human life), one where Katherine breaks up with him but is able to get a better life (as a model) and convinces Vincent to do the same, and two where he goes for the new love interest Rin instead and either he leaves to find himself and help others with his powers before he and Vincent eventually come back together or they swiftly marry in a few months and hold a space tour (with Vincent becoming a producer and Rin soaring in his pianist career).
    • This question was sort-of answered when his heralds arrived, and it proved to be a brief nightmare; the three (K/C/Q)atherines he had to choose between were all picked, resulting in a brief Cat Fight started by the succubus on the crossdressing angel/alien that Brooks and McBride had to break up. As it turns out, each of the girls came from the extra Full Body endings, which is why Katherine didn't partake in the Cat Fight; she has since moved on from Vincent in her ending. As a result of the Cat Fight however, it is now known that Rin is a boy as well as an extraterrestrial and that Catherine was the one tempting Vincent when he thought he was cheating. A representative from the Court of the Gods eventually stepped in and made arrangements.
  • After clearing things up and seeing what can be done to avoid another fight, he was approached by Issei Hyodo, who has experience with handling a harem, and he and his companions helped with finding a good compromise that even Catherine can agree to.
  • He recognized Makoto Yuki as that kid he met in Club Escapade at Paulownia Mall. When they first met, he had told him that his story will probably have nothing to do with Makoto's problems. And then he heard of the Dark Hour S.E.E.S. operated in.
  • Even though she sees potential in him, Kyu decided to respectfully back off from taking him in as a client. With what he's been through, he's probably not ready. It doesn't help that in some of his endings, he's already happily married, and it's in her rules not to go after such people, no matter the gender of the couple.
  • Due to his experience with Catherine, who is revealed to be a succubus, he doesn't like to be near others like Morrigan and Lilith Aensland. Catherine is enough, thank you very much.
  • Hideri Kanzaki, Bridget, and Astolfo do remind him of Rin's situation, all being cute crossdressing boys.
  • Princess Cadance pities him for the hell he had to endure, and plans to tear Thomas Mutton a new one for putting him and many others through such a trying ordeal, even if it's to continue population growth by weeding out adulterers.
  • Because he endured in The Great Trials in his Nightmares for a week, he doesn't like those who bring nightmares which could force him back in if they had the power. He seeks the help of some dream deities that could help him sleep well just in case these Nightmares could be recreated in the Pantheon.
    • He doesn't enjoy being in Darkrai's company, since he can cause bad dreams. This guy needs a supply of Lunar Wings. Though, Bane enjoyed making an illusion of his Nightmares when he is put to sleep by him.
    • Though Luna would help with his dreams, if she sees that he is going to start another relationship problem, especially with Rin and Catherine, she might restore the Nightmare again just to teach him a lesson.
  • He is usually seen drinking at the House of Food. He befriended Homer as his drinking buddy, and thinks Moe is alright considering how his old bartender, The Boss, essentially started his Nightmares and was his final obstacle.
  • He once played an arcade game based on Rapunzel in which is similar to his Nightmares. He told both Rapunzel and Flynn Rider that he hoped that their marriage lasts forever.
  • He meets with those experienced with tarot cards who tells him about how his trials were similar to the story of the Lovers Arcana. He was put on a crossroad where he choose either a young romantic woman who represents Catherine or an older wise woman who represents Katherine. Of course, he could take another path if he wanted to and he took it.
  • He doesn't usually speak to high school students, but he feels very uncomfortable when speaking with the Yukari Takeba and Rise Kujikawa since the two sound too much like K/Catherine, it's both confusing and disturbing. Ironically, both of these girls represent the Lovers Arcana.
    • Another he avoids is Ann Takamaki, mainly since she's reminiscent of Catherine appearance-wise (and has even dressed as her on occasion). Incidentally, just like the above two, she's also of the Lovers Arcana.
  • Despite K/Catherine being a common name, whenever ladies with that name ascend he's never sure if it's either McBride or the succubus. With the women named Catherine Kyoubashi and Katherine Anne Pryde, he realized that he was gladly mistaken.
  • Despite his complicated situation, he openly respects those that got married since they made a choice on commitment. Though he is in no position to oppose cheating, since he either was trapped in it or embraced it, he hoped that they don't suffer through the Nightmare he faced, depending on how bad they are.
    • He doesn't appreciate Makoto Itou for actively cheating on people. In fact, he was very nervous and even frightened of the love triangle the kid got himself into. Though he isn't old enough, he hoped that he doesn't have to suffer through the same thing he faced in his nightmares.
    • He doesn't know how he feels about the love goddess Aphrodite, who is known to have multiple lovers.
    • Ironically, he doesn't know how he feels about harems since it's not technically cheating when there are multiple partners holding interest in one person. Though Issei Hyodo is shown to have the most stable harem as in the future, all the girls have a child with him and are in a happy family.
      • It is worth noting that Lucifer "respects" him for that one timeline where he became the new Lord of the Underworld and got himself a harem of demonesses, spending million of maccas (currency) for his honeymoon with said demon harem to compensate for what his friend Ishtar (or rather her human guise Trisha) put him through. Vincent isn't sure what to say about this.
    • He pitied both Korra and Asami when they dated Mako as he cheated on both with each other, although he's surprised that they became a couple with each other instead.
  • Whether or not he's actually chose Rin, the fact that he's not a strict homosexual has earned him the enmity of heterosexists such as Junko Enoshima, The High Sparrow, and Poland.


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