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Whis, Divine Keeper of the Reset Button (Whys, Whiz, Wiss, Weiss, Universe 7 Angel)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: his symbol or his staff
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being super powerful and rather campy, Big Eater, resetting time, being an Eccentric Mentor, Our Angels Are Different
  • Heralds: Vados (his sister and Universe 6 counterpart)
  • Superior: Grand Zeno (present and future)
  • Allies: Beerus, Son Goku, Vegeta (his disciples), Bulma, Chronoa, Future Trunks, Ace, Nozdormu, Barry Allen/The Flash, any good chef in the pantheon
  • Enemies: None (nobody's that stupid)
  • Opposed by: Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Closely Watching: Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn, Android 21, Broly: BR
  • The mysterious and somewhat androgynous retainer of Beerus the Destroyer, Whis was first introduced to the Dragon Ball mythos at his master's side, transporting him to Earth and accompanying him to a party where it was said he would find powerful Super Saiyans and potentially a Super Saiyan God. Quickly his personality was established, as he often offered light snark here and there towards the more inane moments around him, enjoyed Bulma's food immensely, and stood and watched through his master's entire fight with the Dragon Team and Son Goku as though it was a popcorn flick. The reason for this was revealed after the fight ended: he's actually Beerus's teacher, and the only other being in their specific universe to be stronger than Beerus.
    • Shortly after Beerus ascended, Whis followed suit to make sure that Beerus was taking care of himself and not doing anything stupid — as well as to see if a suitable successor for Beerus' position can be found here. Much to the cat's annoyance, he's looking at Sailor Saturn.
  • After hearing about Haruhi-sama's abuse of the Reset Button, he has taken it upon himself to make sure to keep it in his care so that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands again, much to the relief of Yui Ikari.
  • Some foolish gods tend to underestimate him, claiming he's not as strong as people say he is. The Trollkaigers decided to test their theory by sneaking some really spicy sauce into his food. When Beerus went berserk, this happened, which shut up his detractors.
    • Of course, if that didn't convince them, his sparring session with Goku and Vegeta would have, as he is one of the very few gods to take on the two of them and win. He is also the only god to curb stomp the two simultaneously and thus rivals Asura in being the top Badass in the pantheon.
  • He's a big foodie. As a result, he'll often go to the house of Food in order to sample their cuisine, even if his pupil is fighting in the background.
  • Asura is curious to see what Whis is truly capable of, but Whis does not feel like pitting his strength against Asura's own.
  • Please do not remind him of the time he stepped in poo.
  • It's noted that he sounds a bit like a certain substitute Soul Reaper. He barely pays it any mind, though.
  • After it was revealed Whis is the fastest being from his universe, petitions started up for him to race various other speedsters. Whis declined as he really only likes to use his speed for dodging and travelling, not racing. However, he has been known to get annoyed when others who know of his agility, specifically Beerus, complain about him taking things slow.
  • The only Pantheon member who gives Whis any concern is the Anti-Monitor, and that's due to serving a dual purpose: by cleaning up his Crisis Crossover with the Reset Button, it allows a proper Cosmic Retcon and the renewal of the Pantheon. Monty is not happy about this, and the two are often in conflict.
  • Has a twin sister called Vados, who serves as an attendant in Universe 6. She is believed to be slightly stronger than Whis, something which terrifies a number of gods, who are pleading Whis not to let her in the Pantheon.
  • Whis became even scarier for most of the Pantheon as he recently revealed that he has something even better than the Evil Containment Wave. Yes, the same Evil Containment Wave that served as the Godzilla Threshold for Merged Zamasu. Whether he is talking about another sealing technique or an unknown ability is unclear, but one thing is sure: nobody wants to find out.
  • Whis has not yet managed to get his superior, The Omni-King Zeno, into the Pantheon… not for a lack of trying, mind you. Most of the Deities are just terrified of what would happen if someone so powerful ascended. Be it for good or bad, the balance of the entire Pantheon would certainly change.
    • Good news: he finally managed to get him into the Pantheon. Bad news: Zeno might not be the benevolent god most believed him to be, given that he's recently set up an inter-universal tournament where the losing teams will have their universes wiped out for no apparent reason other than he felt like it. A lot of deities are frustrated that Whis would bring someone so overwhelmingly powerful yet childishly impulsive into the Pantheon, though they didn't start to express it until after he got preoccupied with setting up the Tournament of Power and left his seat open for a long time.
    • Even worse news: he actually did it. The first universe to be fully eliminated from the Tournament of Power couldn't spend more than a second before being swiftly and immediately erased by Zeno and his future twin counterpart. Seeing Zeno as too big a threat to keep around, every Grand United Alliance in the Pantheon except for Destruction combined their greatest forces in power, science, and magic just to make the Mister Big temple inaccessible to Zeno and effectively lock him out so he couldn't return to the Pantheon.
    • Whis himself appeared to be nonplussed about any and all of this. He is one of the Angels of Zeno and retainers to a God of Destruction, after all. Given how Zeno returned to the Pantheon without a hitch following the Tournament's end, with the same temple to match, it turned out everything the Alliances had done didn't actually work at all. Fortunately the opposition to his ascension isn't as solid anymore; the Alliances of Good and Chaos each decided to back off trying to keep the Omni-King out as well, given his belief in humanity's virtue and the Secret Test of Character contained in the tournament all along. That said, many members of both alliances still don't quite trust Zeno. And no one is telling him of their attempts to get rid of him, lest they either be laughed at for absolute failure or erased for trying.
  • He and Beerus refused to act as more than informative bystanders whenever they were summoned by Bulma during the adventure against Android 21. However, Whis noticed that the Earthling Soul that linked itself to Goku and all the other Z-Fighters to draw out their sealed powers had some strange quality to it, and he sensed somehow that it wasn't satisfied with her defeat. He instructed it to go back in order to gather the truth behind the story. After allowing the revelations to play out, he saw Android 21's Heroic Sacrifice and concluded it was for the best, only to then see Sailor Chibi Moon and Ajani Goldmane hatch a plan to resurrect and ascend 21 within the Pantheon.
    • Following them further, he discovered a rumor about how the Earthling Soul was created, and went to visit one Barry Allen, the alleged contributor whose ability he directly spoke to. However, at the same time, 21 was visiting The Flash as well, to thank him for being part of the Soul which helped her so greatly. Barry denied any involvement besides observing the story as the game went on, but still gained both 21's friendship and Whis's stamp of approval as a hero of space and time. Whis would also tell 21 about the time travel as well as the fact he wasn't particularly thrilled at her presence here, a notion she actually agreed with to an extent.
  • Speaking of heroes of speed and time, Whis is on good terms with the Supreme Kai of Time and her Time Patrol, which has expanded in the Pantheon as the Pantheonic Time Police.

Greater Gods

Ace, God of Setting Timelines Almost Back To Normal (Future Warrior, Patroller, Brave Warrior, Mysterious Warrior, Time Patrol Warrior, Time Patroller, Toki Toki City Hero, "Insert Name Here")
His "canonical" appearance
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    The Dahaka 

"rehtruf on enilemit eht tpursid lliw uoY"Note 

The Dahaka, God of The Dangers Of Time Travel (The Personification of The Inevitability of Fate, The Guardian of The Timeline)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its horns that form the symbol of Infinity
  • Theme Song: I Stand Alone(Starting the chase), Escape The Dahaka(Resuming a chase), Battle The Dahaka (Confronting The Dahaka)
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Combat Tentacles, Flash Step, Implacable Man, The Unstoppable, Horned Humanoid You Can't Fight Fate, Weakness to Water
  • Domains: Time, Fate, Sand, Inevitability
  • Allies in general: Those that have accepted their fate.
  • Conflicting Opinions/Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Chronoa, Chronormu, Nozdormu, Liu Kang, Kitana, and about anyone who considers his methods too extreme.
  • Enemies in general: Those that try to defy their fate or change the past.
  • Opposes: Water deities.
  • Many try to change their fates, often to live a life without what made them want to live the changed life in the first place. When they do so under any method of time travel and change their fates, they are chased down by The Dahaka. Its goal is to set back what has been changed and it cares little for the reasons why there was a change.
  • The reason the Dahaka entered is because he sensed an anomaly in the Timelines that wasn't the fault of a single character but an entire place. The Pantheon being said place, the Dahaka wasted no time in freaking out a lot of deities around him given that his mere presence drains the colour of an area. And when he witnessed that a large number of deities have already altered their timelines in certain ways, The Dahaka felt like his workload became increasingly bigger.
  • It is immune to every kind of weapon; it chases people for as long as it needs to, leaving people little time to do anything but run; and to make matters worse, it cannot be affected by any time changing methods. The only way he will stop pursuing you if you have water powers or hide behind a body of water since he apparently is harmed by it, though this is a temporary solution since he will find a way around it. Besides, the only way to kill him is with The Water Sword.
    • Given this fact, ever since his ascension there has been a huge number of time-travelling deities that have hidden in the House of Water & Moisture to escape the Dahaka. It works as a temporary solution at least, since he will gladly resume chasing the moment they step out.
  • It appears at first to speak gibberish or some strange language. Those that try to escape through rewinding time in its presence have revealed it has in fact been speaking to them in reverse. More accurately, it is threatening them whilst they escape it.
  • Is seen as the biggest threat by time-using gods in this house. Dahaka has been chasing after them all for changing their past or trying to cheat death through time travel.
  • It's not exactly clear where Shulk is on the Dahaka's kill list, since his abilities are not exactly time travel, but he has used them to cheat fate countless times. It could just be that the Dahaka is afraid of the Monado since Shulk has used it to kill stronger gods before, like Zanza. Sure, it's not the Water Sword, but it might just do in a pinch...
  • Has a professional alliance with Dhuum. While the latter mostly targets those who have prevented or avoided deaths by means of resurrection, he cannot deal with those that use time as a way of getting around death. The latter fact is what made Dhuum and The Dahaka a terrific duo, considering the Dahaka knows exactly who has cheated death by time travelling (after all, this is one of the reasons he went after the Prince). It's not uncommon to see the two hunting their prey together, given the shared goals.
  • After confronting one of the time travellers that changed their fate, Lucina, The Dahaka was not prepared when she was aided by two more of her allies who also were people who changed their fate. He was driven off by them numerous times, so instead, he intends to try and get allies of his own before trying again.
  • Considers Eobard Thawne as the perfect example as to why he goes after anyone who changes the timeline. Thawne on his part is wary of the Dahaka since he had been chased by an entity in a different continuity in the form of the Black Flash.
    • He is even considering going after Thawne's archenemy The Flash since he did also change the timeline. The Flash perfectly knows this and eagerly awaits for when the time comes.
  • Thankfully for the Dahaka, there are certain deities that also ensure that the timelines are flowing correctly. However, he is rather controversial among them, considering he is more extreme in his approach to correcting the timeframes than others and has even gone after those who have helped correct the timeline too.
    • Chronoa is thankful that his intentions of preserving the timeframes are noble. However, she has no intention on joining forces with the Dahaka, since he leaves no room for exceptions and cares little to nothing about good or evil, and she hasn't forgotten that he tried to go after Trunks and his friends.
    • Nozdormu is more understanding than others about the Dahaka's intentions — after all, they share the same mindset — but certainly does not approve of his methods. Chronormu, on the other hand, has expressed their displeasure in working together with the Dahaka but only does it on behalf of her boss.
  • Not to be confused with Dehaka, despite the similar sounding names.
  • Supporting the idea that time travel itself is not the only method of time-alteration he seeks to correct, the Dahaka has recently targeted the Thunder God Raiden, who significantly changed the direction of his world not through time travel, but through a vision sent across time to himself. The future version sent the vision in hopes the past self would stop the Battle of Armageddon from taking place and either destroying his world or leaving it at the mercy of the battle's ultimate winner Shao Kahn; he succeeded, but in the process many of the allies he intended to save only died earlier and suffered worse in death for his efforts, while others saw their progeny brought into the Mortal Kombat between the realms. Ironically, this all caused an ancient guilt complex he already had to define him well enough to become his cause of seating in the Pantheon. The Dahaka intends to give the "Guilty Thunder God" the justice that his conscience seeks.
    • It turns out he was pointed in the direction of Raiden by none other than Kitana, co-ruler of the Netherrealm; shortly after receiving a vision showing that she would've ultimately saved the world after Armageddon and reigned benevolently over her home realm of Edenia had Raiden not intervened, she was taken with the desire to see Raiden pay for ruining her life. As the would-be Queen helps the Dahaka track down the aggressive Elder God, Liu Kang can be seen smiling in the distance... as can Arthas Menethil.
    • Through the "New Era" revelations, The Dahaka was made aware of the manipulations of Kronika being ultimately reponsible for the turns to darkness, temporal havoc, and constant falling outs between Liu Kang and Raiden (as well as Arthas' influence in preserving Netherrealm Emperor Liu Kang and Kitana from Timeline X in the Pantheon). While many would've gone easy on Raiden in light of this information, The Dahaka is an absolutist. He takes the opposite approach and has simply added Arthas and Kronika to his list of targets. With Liu Kang defeating Kronika to replace her as the Keeper of Time and bringing Kitana in as his helpmeet, The Dahaka is carefully watching them. If they use their newfound powers to manipulate anything in their favor rather than simply protect the natural flow of time, they will be next on his hitlist.
  • Like many, the Dahaka has Homura Akemi in his crosshairs for her actions in the Great Upheaval. Unlike many, it is purely because of the time-changing aspect, and far from being morally outraged at exactly what she did, he believes it was inevitable that things would fall so disastrously considering how often she was backing through time. A few good-aligned deities grudgingly admit he has a point.
  • Also has a seat in the Pantheon Caretakers in the Main House.
  • "!akahaD eht sepacse eno-oN"Note 

    Dio Brando 

Okay, who's ne-

ZA WARUDO! Toki yo Tomare! (time stops)

Dio Brando, Manipulator of the Flow of Time (DIO, Lord DIO, Shadow DIO, Heaven Ascended DIO, 3-Letter Word for "Total Dick")
Dio in Part 1 
Heaven Ascended Dio 

  • Greater God (Overdeity as Heaven Ascended DIO)
  • Symbol: A giant steamroller and his stand "The World" holding several knives in one hand and a Stone Mask with the other
  • Theme Music: Dark Rebirth, Forces To Increase, Awakening Darkness of The World or His themes from the fighting games (including the theme for his Heaven Ascended form)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Stand(s): Jonathan Joestar’s Unnamed Stand, The World, The World Over Heaven
  • Portfolio: The Casanova, Stopping Time (ZA WARUDO! TOKI YO TOMARE!), "MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA!!!!! WRYYY!!!!!", God Complex, Dog-Kicking, Controls people through charisma, Evil Brits, From Nobody to Nightmare, Jerkasses, Narcissists, extremely prideful, Satanic Archetypes, Enjoys reading in his private library and blood champagne, Even the Guys Want Him, feeds on humans, Villains beyond the point of redemption, Internet sensation, Mascot Villain, Always Says "I, Dio" When Addressing Himself
  • Domains: Time, Vampirism, Charisma, Pride, Rage, Manipulation
  • Herald: Diego Brando from Another Universe
  • Followers: Zephyr, Flash Man, Dark Dizzy, Blinx
  • High Priest: Swartz/Another Decade
  • Allies: Enrico Pucci, Vanilla Ice, Darkterror, Dracula, Joel, Nui Harime, Hisokanote , Randall Ross, Ultimecia, Sugou Nobuyuki, Jack the Ripper
  • Headbutting Villains with: Yuuki Terumi, Diavolo
  • Rivals: Masamune Dan/Kamen Rider Cronus, Esdeath
  • Enemies: Jotaro Kujo, Joseph Joestar, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Yuji Sakai, Othinus, William A. Zeppeli, Homura Akemi, Remilia Scarlet, Sakuya Izayoi, Chou Chou, Leina Vance, Ghetsis Harmonia, Ragyo Kiryuin, Aikuro Mikisugi, Mako Mankanshoku, Ira Gamagoori, Mario, Filia, Nozdormu, Touka Kirishima, Simon Belmont, Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O
  • Beloved-Brother and Worthy Opponent: Jonathan Joestar
  • Special Relationship: Giorno Giovanna
  • Evil Counterpart to: Gasper Vladi
  • One of the earlier beings in the Pantheon, Dio gained this title due to showing the dangers present when one stopped time. True, he was eventually stopped by Jotaro Kujo, but the effect of his time-stopping abilities and the extent of danger he could do with it has passed down through legends. In fact, he might babble for many many seconds despite the limit saying 'he can only stop time for 9 seconds' at most.
  • Although his domain is theoretically quite limited, Dio's ability to act when everything else is stopped makes him quite dangerous, even without his equally-skilled followers. His pupil Sakuya, however, has displayed signs of potentially exceeding his abilities, especially with her mistress backing her...
    • This idea was once brought to his attention. His reply, given in a grand display in front of all of his fanatic priests and priestesses naturally, was to remind them that due to his ascension he is no longer bound by his (borrowed) mortal body and has thus become fully synchronized with The World and could stop time indefinitely at a whim. The announcement swiftly spread throughout the Pantheon and has caused quite a few deities to revise their schemes. Rumor has it that Jonathan was seen meeting with Sakuya not long after...
    • Held Remilia Scarlet captive for a long time in order to keep Sakuya under his control as his subordinate. Eventually, Sakuya got sick of it, and got the help of the rest of the Scarlet Devil Mansion crew and Seija Kijin to save Remilia and make her a goddess to make sure it will not happen again.
    • Probably because the fact that Sakuya managed to get away with her punishment, Dio attacked her one day, thinking that he, Dio, would kill her in just a minute. Not only was he technically right and wrong on the time, but the student managed to overcome the master. And to add insult to injury, once Dio managed to recover from the battle, Kenshiro send him flying with a swift kick.
      • Following this, Joel decided to take care of Sakuya, and with the help of Doomguy, he managed to do so. Since then, Joel has gained the respect of the vampire, though his relationship with Pucci remains tense.
  • When you hear his battle cry ("ZA WARUDO!") give yourself plenty of time to run, or else you will be crushed under a giant steamroller.
  • Sakuya's mistress Remilia introduced Dio to Dracula. Being a fellow vampire, Dio quickly tolerated him and accepted one of Drac's minions Zephyr as one of his pupils.
    • Has used the fact that he sounds like Dracula to further deepen their alliance.
  • Has expressed disdain against Terumi for trying to copy his style, as well as his racism towards Dio's "kinsmen". He has recently gotten a little satisfied when he saw someone called The Quarter Guy, who used to call him to drop a steamroller on anyone the latter doesn't like, and Terumi happens to be a target. Though he does enjoy that eventually, he's sounding like Terumi's nemesis.
  • Once tried to goad Kurei to become allies with him, due to his share of what Kurei entailed: His love for his mom. However, Kurei flat out shot down his offer in disgust, telling Dio that his utter depravity made his love for his mother insignificant and unworthy of his allegiance. In a rage, Dio declared his enmity and the two of them have become enemies.
  • He's not pleased that Jotaro Kujo, one of his foes, ascended.
    • On the other hand, he's quite happy that one of his most trusted companions, Enrico Pucci, is in the Pantheon, and both are planning to recreate Made In Heaven.
    • Even happier with finding out that one of his most loyal companions Vanilla Ice has ascended.
  • Dio has discovered that, because of him no longer being bound to his (borrowed) mortal body, it had allowed Jonathan´s life energy to pass on and allow him to ascend to the Pantheon proper. Jonathan´s ascension has led Dio massive amounts of stress as Jonathan was Dio´s one true rival and losing his body not only is Dio´s biggest loss, but it ultimately puts another wrench in his plans to rid the Joestars of his destiny. Dio spends more time alone nowadays, and despite being the same charismatic and stylish Dio in front of everyone as he has always been, once in a while audible noises of stuff breaking and flesh being torn apart are heard from his mansion.
    • With that being said, Dio is actually quite cordial, if not outright pleasant, when interacting with Jonathan; he is after all the man won his impossible-to-earn respect with his sheer courage, tenacity, nobility and kindness, not to mention the only person before Pucci to love him for who he is, horrid flaws included. He makes it a point of principle to treat and challenge Jonathan with courtesy, fairness and respect and will bring violent-retribution on anyone who dares to speak ill of, disrespect or humiliate his beloved archnemesis step-brother.
    • Even though Jonathan for his part appreciates Dio's love for him, this twisted sense of honor further saddens him as it hints Dio could once have had the potential to be a hero among heroes if only he had grown up with love and kindness.
      • It has been said that Jonathan has occasionally been spotted at the House of Sports playing Rugby with Dio, who curiously does not use The World to stop time and cheat. They would clasp hands and congratulate each other's skills, affectionately stating "just like old times." Once, as it was reported by Sakuya sneaking nearby, Jonathan was said to have held Dio in a tight brotherly embrace, with the latter profusely crying for the former to forgive the desecration of his body. When asked, Dio would, of course, deny it ("Tears? I DIO am above such petty mortal weakness!! Hahahahaha!"). Nearby, father Pucci would smile knowingly, understanding the denial to be entirely false.
  • Also likes to begin most of his sentences with saying "I, Dio"
  • Dio has expressed interest in forming an alliance with Kars, as he feels that using the Red Stone Of Aja to become the Ultimate Lifeform himself could greatly increase his abilities. Such an event was also discovered to have happened in the alternate Jojo timeline described in the novel "Jorge Joestar". However, Dio has quickly abandoned this idea after discovering that Kars no longer has the Red Stone.
  • Dio is one of the Pantheon´s only vampires who does not flee at the very sight of Wario, as garlic has no effect on him. He admires Wario's determination but ultimately finds him too disgusting to even consider an alliance.
  • Despite both of them being depraved asshats, Dio absolutely despises Ragyo, and anyone who says otherwise will be personally pummeled by him. This isn't helped by the fact that he considers her to be a ripoff of him for similar reasons towards Yuuki Terumi and that there have been numerous comparisons between Ragyo and Dio. However, he does seem to prefer Nui better.
  • He nearly had a coronary when he saw this, and almost had an aneurysm when Terumi (hearing about Dio's response to that video) trolled him by showing him this.
  • Once participated in a tournament featuring other Shonen Jump characters. He was supposed to show up in the next tournament, but he wasn't present for reasons unknown.
  • Decided to forge an alliance with Hisoka after noticing how similar he was to himself. Of course, the fact that he kind of sounds like Giorno hasn't escaped him.
  • Has made it his mission not to break his leg. He hasn't been hearing the end of that as of late.
  • Once encountered Saitama and (for lack of a better word), fought him. Dio has since then reserved a good amount of his time trying to get back at the Caped Baldy.
  • Started playing Poker and drinking wine at the Bad-Guy Bar of the Pantheons with one Sugou Nobuyuki, former King-Oberon of Alfheim Online (with Darby Senior as the dealer, naturally); aside from also being a perverted blond sociopath without an ounce of decency or morality, Dio enjoys his company as he sounds exactly like him when speaking Japanese.
  • Is rather confrontational whenever he sees strangers near his temple. If he sees someone coming closer to enter, expect him to say "Oh, you're approaching me?"
  • "You were a fool to attack me. I have disowned my weakness in favor of life everlasting!"

"Soshite, Toki wa Ugokidasu" (Now, Time resumes)


Intermediate Gods

Shulk, God of Combat Clairvoyance (Heir to the Monado, Monado Boy, The Visionary)
Shulk's Future Connected appearance 

Lesser Gods

    Max Caulfield 
Maxine Vanessa "Max" Caulfield, Goddess of the Butterfly Effect (Mad Max, Super Max, Max Factor, Noir Angel)
  • Lesser Goddess with the powers of an Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A photograph or her camera.
  • Theme Song: Main Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Time, Fate, Good, Travel, Art, Photography, Hipsters
  • Portfolio: Tragic Hero, The Snark Knight, Cute Clumsy Girl, Badass Pacifist, Deadpan Snarker, Doesn't Like Guns, Gender-Blender Name, Heroic Self-Deprecation, Hipster, Innocent Blue Eyes, It Sucks to Be the Chosen One, Psychic Nosebleed, Ripple Effect-Proof Memory, Trauma Conga Line, With Great Power Comes Great Perks, being represented by a doe
  • Herald: Chloe Price, her best friend
  • High Priests: The teens of Blackwood Mountain
  • Followers: Evan Treborn, Karen
  • Allies: The Doctor , Hiro Nakamura, Max Rockatansky, Imperator Furiosa, Frank West, L. B. Jeffries, Chronormu, Ann Takamaki
  • Enemies: The Wendigo
  • Opposes: Homura Akemi, House of Tainted Love, Agatha Trunchbull
  • Respected by: Daria Morgendorffer and Jane Lane
  • On Good Terms with: Various gods from Square Enix (who helped publish her game)
  • Fresh out of servitude of the Doctor, Max has secured a place in the Pantheon. While her placement was easy, the fate of her best friend Chloe was a hotly contested debate. The Court of the Gods wasn't sure whether to let her into the Pantheon or not, reflecting Max's decision on whether to save Chloe or let her die. It was eventually agreed that Chloe can stay… but only for half of each day.
    • Debate has been raging whether Max truly has feelings for Chloe. Given her ability to try out multiple timelines, gaining concrete evidence has been particularly difficult. Neither goddess nor herald has commented on this.
    • Many followers offered the chance of being her high priest(ess). In the end, Max chose a group of teens who came into being the same year as her. As a result, Max has seen an increase of Wendigo sightings near her temple. While she has been able to fend them off, their presence has her worried. Whether one of them may be one of their roommates or not has yet to be determined.
  • The Doctor quietly congratulated the girl on her ascension. While this incarnation wasn't as cheerful over the event, he does feel remorse for her for suffering the consequences of constant time travel.
    • He has been crucial with helping her deal with an obscene about of memories from going through multiple timelines. To him, she reminds him of a less antagonistic Ashildr. Their new-found powers have changed the girls in similar ways, giving them more confidence.
  • Has turned to Hiro for guidance on how to use her powers for good. While she isn't as enthusiastic as she once was, she figured her powers could give people a hand. The Time Master was delighted to have a student under his belt.
  • It was only later on that she found out there was an actual Mad Max in the Pantheon. The artist that she was, she sought after the man to take some pictures. The God of Desert Punk reluctantly complied, not used to such celebrity. He's allowed others to call her Mad Max for now.
    • Oddly enough, she has had an easier time connecting with Furiosa. A woman not known for keeping close allies, Furiosa has nevertheless enjoyed her company. She at least sympathies with the girl for all the turmoil she went through.
  • Despite her actions and the ease she has with using her powers, she has warned her followers to be wary of their decisions as they could have dire consequences in their worlds. Those who couldn't stand Homura's latest decision has flocked to Max's temple as a result, creating tension between the two factions. Max herself is conflicted on this given her own final choice: sacrifice Chloe or sacrifice Arcadia Bay.
  • Her photography has attracted the attention of Frank West, who asked her if he could take a look at them. Max is a bit more hesitant with looking at his photos, not exactly a fan of war, but she is at least appreciative of someone who likes cameras as much as her.
  • Jeffries was impressed with her investigation skills, offering her lessons on how to be a better detective. Max decided to take a chance, knowing that her powers would help immensely in that regard. Lisa Fremont on her part wanted to improve her fashion choices, to which Max kindly rebuffed her.
  • Absolutely loathes the subhouse of Tainted Love and Agatha Trunchbull for obvious reasons: The reason being that her seemingly charming teacher Mr. Jefferson was actually a creep and a Serial Killer, luring young girls to drug them, take pictures and eventually kill them.
    • Being someone who has had the "luxury" of being lusted over by a teacher, though Kamoshida was…physically worse than Jefferson, Ann sympathizes with Max for what she's been through.
      • They've also both had the frightening experience of seeing a friend (Kate Marsh and Shiho Suzui) committing suicide by jumping off a roof during school. One difference is that Ann had no chance to stop her friend while Max did. Another is that Shiho survives (though with broken legs) while Kate may or may not depending on Max's actions. A third is that while the school faculty ultimately doesn't do much about it, Shujin's is much more tactless about it while Blackwell's at least makes a show of effort.
  • Daria may have a low esteem for those in the Pantheon, but even she can respect Max for going through all that trauma. She has proven to be a valuable ally when dealing with Alpha Bitches and others who criticize her or Chloe's looks. Jane Lane is also interested in her photography, and Max can't help but see Chloe in the artist.
  • Chronormu has visited her on more than one occasion about her use of powers. She knows Max's intentions are good, but warns her against changing the timeline of the Pantheon. The consequences on her world was bad enough, changing such events such as the Great Upheaval may have a devastating effect on the area. With that said, she is impressed with how casually Max is able to effectively change timelines for such a young girl.
  • Having faced herself in her nightmares, even though she didn't get to confront it before Chloe in that dream butted in and the nightmare changed yet again, she decided perhaps facing herself in the TV World might help her somewhat. But neither she nor the Investigation Team were prepared for what they saw; rather than one Shadow Max, there were several of them, sort of like one alternate version of the confrontation with Shadow Rise. And they all hammered into her the consequences of everything she could've ever done, like not being there for Kate to prevent her suicide, siding with Chloe instead of her stepdad David Madsen or vice-versa, leaving the Prices in deep debt by saving Chloe's father William from his death, endangering Victoria Chase by warning her about the Dark Room, allowing Warren Graham to brutally beat up Nathan Prescott, getting Frank Bowers' dog killed by luring him to the road, and so on, as well as turning back time just to get the right responses from others (which people and the Max in the nightmare read as manipulative), but the biggest ones were the ones that berated her for finally giving up on Chloe after trying so hard to save her, and the one condemning her for sacrificing an entire town just for one friend who she had to save several times with her powers. The pressure of all that led to her denying her Shadow, which then gone berserk, and unfortunately for the Persona-users, Shadow Max has similar Time Travel powers as the real Max and effortlessly dodged everything they could throw at her, except for huge area-of-effect attacks and things she can't see coming (like Wind attacks). And eventually, Shadow Max grew fatigued as the real Max would and the party was finally able to take her down. Having had enough time to live with the choices she made as well as advice from other time-travelers in the Pantheon, Max was able to accept her Shadow and get a Persona.
  • Faces a lot of flak from those who hated Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (of which there are a lot) for liking it. Max doesn't care one bit.
    • She's on good terms with various Square Enix godsnote  and many Final Fantasy gods are confused as to why she would like The Spirits Within. One god she doesn't know how to feel is that of Caius Ballard, who caused the destruction of time in order to stop his beloved Yuel from constantly being resurrected. She does admit that, under different circumstances, she'd probably end up like him if it meant saving Chloe.
  • Is now hearing the story of how Chloe met Rachel Amber and is curious to see the special powers Rachel, apparently, possesses. However, she's unable to determine whether Rachel really does have fire powers gifted by the Raven God or it's just a coincidence.
  • Has learned that a comic chronicling the adventures of her where she sacrificed Arcadia Bay is being written with many gods eagerly wondering what will happen next. This comic explores a Max who could venture alternate timelines and settled down in one timeline where Chloe and Rachel are a couple in Santa Monica.


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