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"Not for the easily offended. Otherwise, enjoy the chaos."
"Wreckless Media Radio is a comedy talk radio program that strives with every show to break down the walls of good taste, censorship, political correctness, and any other boundaries that plague today’s media."
Blurb from the show's "About" page

"Well, whatever. I should be able to say whatever I want."
Brian Berris

Wreckless Media Radio is a weekly live comedy talk-radio podcast based out of Detroit, Michigan. The three main hosts of the show are Brian Berris, Bryan Corpolongo, and "Evil" Greg Arvegian. Various other guests such as Brandon Boyer, Fred the Pissant, or Nate co-host from time to time. The hosts tackle news subjects either found by themselves or submitted to them by the listeners via the show's forums, but the discussions usually devolve into silly conversations, relating to the topic or not. One minute, the hosts could be talking about a homeless Russian man being stabbed to death in the woods by three kids, and the next minute, they could be talking about Darkwing Duck.

The show has often been described as "like listening to three of your drunk friends talking to each other". Of course, this makes more sense if your friends like talking about gruesome web videos and how religion is silly. The show can be watched live on Friday evenings on Stickam.


Their website, with the full archive of shows, can be found here.

This podcast uses the following tropes:

  • Ax-Crazy: Brian. He once tried to start a knife fight in the studio. He lit a sapling on fire to celebrate Earth Day, which set off his fire alarm. He has a set of tiers which you may find yourself on if you in any way wrong him, which will make you the subject of progressively more gruesome revenge fantasies.
  • Berserk Button: Whenever someone tries to prove the existence of God, whenever a caller won't talk, and whenever the equipment fails. Also, don't look at Brian the wrong way from the other side of a bar. You'll instantly be on Tier Three.
  • Bits of Me Keep Passing Out: Brian often has panic attacks which leads to him experiencing tunnel vision during the show. This comes off more funny than serious. Perhaps the worst examples are when he nearly passed out after smoking up the studio from burning a sapling on Earth Day.
  • British Stuffiness: An example of Truth in Television: a British theologian once called in to try and prove to the hosts that God and Jesus were real. This was the general feeling that he gave off during his call.
  • Call-Back: There are plenty of these, to past bits or characters. Notable examples are Crabbi and Psychox, Water Talk Radio, The Game, Gibberish, Brian Berris Baby Wine, Mikatarov, and "Go for the butt!"
  • Catchphrase: "Oh, my ulcers!"
  • Class Clown: There's no way the hosts weren't one of these back when they were in grade school. They've alluded to this.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: When Brian starts to get really drunk, he begins to speak like this. Some of the best material comes from this silly conversation. Other hosts eventually join in on the fun. How else are you supposed to come up with a phrase like "Baby-Hand Doorknobs"?
  • Crazy Enough to Work: A lot of Brian's plans. Most notably the McDonald's Sweet Tea heist which he actually pulled off.
  • Delayed Explosion:
    • This used to happen sometimes when Brian had trouble finding the right sound drop. Sometimes literally.
    • There was once an acting scene where Brian's character attempted counting to 150 before detonating C4.
  • Dumbass DJ: Once, during the "Red Bull Radio" bit, when the hosts talked with rushed, hyperactive voices and played sped-up sound drops.
  • Exiled to the Couch: Subverted in that they weren't sleeping there, but that was considered the scrappy seat for hosts for a while. Bryan and Greg were, at one point, "couch buddies", rebelling against Brian.
  • Funny Background Event: Greg once walked into the studio wearing a penguin costume that Brandon had brought over. It takes a while before the hosts notice.
    Brandon: Holy shit, it's a penguin!
  • Funny Foreigner: Listener from Lithuania, Diis.
  • It's the Best Song Ever!: "I'm Afraid of Americans" by David Bowie and Trent Reznor.
    Brian: If you wanna have a party, forget the chips and dip, ya got David Bowie and Trent Reznor... you don't even need... you get earbuds and you start playing this and it just sounds like a cricket until you get next to it and then you can party!
  • I Will Tear Your Arms Off: Most of Brian's threats are along these lines, sometimes even more gruesome. This one was possibly used word-for-word.
  • Karma Houdini:
    • Corpolongo once made a mess in a bar because the girl working there cut him off. He walked out afterwards with practically no problems. Being a bartender himself must have helped.
    • The guys got a person hit by a car by challenging his faith. They still haven't been caught.
    • Evil Greg allegedly is the reason a truck of Crown Royal crashed and exploded... because he was doing parkour.
  • Keet: Greg, who is very loud and obnoxious. His laughter alone is infamous.
  • Little Jimmy: Or, in this case, Little Johnny. He's got a thing or two to learn about wrestling.
    Bryan: Okay, Johnny. I got a secret. Now, I'm only tellin' you this because you got the talent, kid. You got the talent to be champ. His arms may move... his legs may move... the anus never moves, Johnny. Dominate the anus, Johnny!
  • Mystery Box: Played straight in Episode 125. Brian filled it with white lighters to scare Bryan Corpolongo.
    • After the initial mystery box, it continued to spiral towards the completely insane. The contents have included kitchen knives, broken glass and porcelain, an official legal document stating that Greg's new name is Brien Brian Bryan, and another official document stating that BBB's father has replaced his on his health insurance plan with Brian, relieveing him of around $75,000.
  • Never Accepted in His Hometown: The boys have done some pretty crazy shit in their day. They were troublemakers. The show's outro explains this perfectly.
    Outro: Greg from the show once had a thing to confess: one day he tried on his mom's wedding dress. It didn't fit because Greg was too fat; started to rip all the way in the back. But, Nancy, his mom, doesn't seem to be mad. Growing up there would have made any kid bad.
  • Parody Religion: The story of Bathery Jones. He's a black guy who lives in Los Angeles with a sweet NYC tattoo, and his nemesis is Fluttershot, a white guy from New York City with a sweet LA tattoo.
  • Rule of Three: There are usually three hosts to an episode; it's rare to see two or four.


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