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"Oh, why did women invent sleeping on the couch?"
Homer, The Simpsons

A common scenario amongst married and other live-in couples. Husband and wife are in an argument. Argument escalates. Husband/wife makes a stupid comment that really angers husband/wife. Cue the other shouting "That's it! You're sleeping on the couch tonight!"

So engrained is this trope in popular culture that even husbands or wives occupying houses or apartments clearly large enough to have space for a guest bedroom find themselves enduring an uncomfortable night crammed on the sofa in the living room.

For some strange reason, it's usually the wife who's the exiler, and the husband the exilee. But in some cases, it can be the other way around.

In extreme cases, this can happen every night with couples who have given up on their marriage but have not yet separated.

A common trope in Dom Com shows, and a case of Truth in Television. (Another possible reason for exile involves snoring. Probably more common in real life, less common on-screen.)


For withholding sex, a punishment similar in spirit, see Lysistrata Gambit (for which this trope is often the PG equivalent). Not to be confused with Sexiled, where your roommate's sexual escapades leave you temporarily homeless.

Compare to There Is Only One Bed, where two characters who aren't in a relationship have to share a room but aren't comfortable to sleep together in one bed.


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  • There's one furniture ad of a couple who start an argument entirely so one of them can sleep on the sofa.
    • Similarly, one ad for a large-screen television shows the husband nitpicking his wife all day just so she'll force him to sleep on the couch... in the same room with his nice big television.
  • The doghouse variant is spoofed in two JC Penney ads, where the Doghouse is actually a cell where men are sent to fold sheets(?) while lines like "Express your feelings" and "Stop checking out other women in restaurants" are played over a loudspeaker. The usual offense is giving the SO a thoughtless gift, and your main shot at getting out, according to the commercials, is buying them jewelry.
  • In one Serta commercial, the Counting Sheep drop by one of their old clients to congratulate the husband on his great golf game, to which the wife replies that she thought he had to work all day. Cut to the man on the couch, the sheep finally getting work, and wondering what they have on the couple next door.
  • In an GEICO ad, a wife walks into a room where her husband is sitting reading the newspaper and asks "Honey, Does This Make Me Look Fat?" The husband, absorbed in his newspaper, thoughtlessly replies "You betcha."
    Announcer: In the time it takes to pull out the sleeper sofa, you could save hundreds on car insurance. GEICO, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.


  • Eureka Seven: The first time we see Holland's room, Talho is sleeping naked in his bed... while he sleeps on his couch. She's pregnant about thirty episodes later, so clearly they worked it out at some point.
  • In the Yaoi anime and manga Kizuna, the uke Ranmaru (university student and ex Kendo champion) sometimes punishes his seme Enjouji (illegitimate son of a high-ranked Yakuza boss) by forcing him to sleep on the couch.

     Comic Book 
  • Street Fighter UDON comic adaptation: Not even Guile is spared from being sent to the couch as his wife Julia sends him to the couch for missing their wedding anniversary. The reason being? He spent the day sparring with Charlie and lost track of the time (not to mention he thought it was the day after).
    Guile: Happy anniversa...
    Julia: Couch.
    Guile: I'm sorry, I lost track of ti...
    Julia: Couch.
  • In Spider-Man/Deadpool Shiklah tells Deadpool that he's sleeping in the "nail room" after he makes out with Death.
  • Happen to Spider-Man in Spider-Man Family: Featuring Amazing Friends (an homage to cartoon) when Firestar kisses him on the cheek as a thank-you for standing up for her. This ends up costing Peter, as his wife Mary Jane makes him sleep on the couch, angry after seeing the kiss on the evening news.

     Comics Strip 
  • In Rose is Rose, Rose makes her husband Jimbo sleep in the basement when his teasing of their son Pasquale goes too far.
  • In Baby Blues, after an arc where Rhonda (Wanda's sister) broke up with someone she was dating, Darryl mentions some things and says that he'll at least have a bed to sleep with his wife in. It then cuts to an uncomfortable Darryl sleeping on the couch.
  • In FoxTrot, Roger once had this inflicted onto him when he mistook some sealant for the driveway for his wife's dinner and stated repeatedly that it was better than her usual fare.

     Fan Works 
  • Rainbow in the Dark: Looks like this will happen in the last chapter, but with Spike's basket (far too small for Brownie). It gets subverted when Rainbow Dash allows Brownie to sleep in the bed with her.
  • Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon : One of the recap comics for Usagi exiles Mamoru to the couch. This confuses him as they are neither sleeping nor even living together yet. Though in the end he decides to go along with it anyway.
    Mamoru: "I don't think she realizes I have a very comfortable couch!"
  • On Theoretical Relatives, after Robin shares his secret (that he's Jinx's cousin) with the team, Starfire is offended that he didn't do it earlier (and didn't even tell it to her). So, she goes to his room, comes back with his bedding, and states that the bed has been inexplicably destroyed. Of course, until the investigation into the causes is complete, it cannot be replaced - so, he'll be sleeping on the couch for now.
  • In This Means War, after Harry and Ginny start dating, all the Weasley brothers object. Once their measures become a bit too much for the couple, the latter recruit their girlfriends to their side and there are enough complaints about this trope to reduce the Weasley determination.
  • In The Similarrion, a "Definitive E-text" of The Silmarillion, "Ollie" [Aule] is exiled to the couch for not taking the Ents seriously.
  • In The Hufflepuff Chronicles: Elves, Badgers and Snakes, Oh My Sirius mentions that James was sentenced to the couch for an entire month after taking baby Harry up as a passenger on his broomstick.
  • In Angry Harry and the Seven, a letter mentions Harry's father having signed a betrothal contract with Daphne Greengrass's father while both of them were somewhat intoxicated. The signature indicates quite clearly what Lily Potter thought of this.
    Your loving father,
    James 'Dad' Potter
    (Still sleeping on the couch due to that marriage contract)
  • The Veiled Truth:
    Bellatrix: Just say it, my cooking skills are non-existent.
    Severus: I'm not falling for that, the last time I agreed with you I ended up on the couch.
  • In I'll die before I lose you again Loki tries to matchmake Harry and Hermione, which annoys his wife.
    Loki had done that once before while the two were taking a walk with Harry as a baby. He'd even gone up to several people and asked questions about their families and schooling. That night he slept on the couch.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfiction Black Mask, the second part of The Black Sheep Dog Series, Walburga tells Orion he should sleep in his dressing room when he finally gets home that night because she's angry with her husband for not standing up to his father for her.
  • Ice And Fire has Sayoko threaten Jeremiah with this on more than one occasion.
  • In Summer Changes Harry spends a week on the couch after buying his and Hermione's one-year-old son a broom.
  • In Tired of it Harry's wife makes him sleep on the couch when he comes home drunk after celebrating his certification as a ship captain.
  • In Dragon Age: Inquisition fanfic Walking in Circles, after Wisdom's death and Solas realizing that Evelyn is angry at him for his ruthless action, he asks if she wants him to sleep elsewhere but since Evelyn doesn't want to make the fissure between them bigger, she tells him to stay with her and they spend the rest of the night holding each other.
  • In this Steven Universe fancomic, Sapphire makes Ruby sleep on the couch after the latter makes an Incredibly Lame Pun regarding their swapped colors (don't ask). In spite of that, the grin on Ruby's face just screams "Worth It".
  • In Part of the Family Harry spends a week on the couch after comparing his godson Teddy's mood swings during a full moon to PMS.
  • In the Harry Potter fanfic This Means War, Ron gets cut off when Hermione finds out that he let his brothers know about them having sex. It actually made sense in context (they needed a virgin girl to get a unicorn, and Ron had to explain why Hermione wasn't an option), but she still wasn't happy about it. And then Hermione tells all the other girlfriends that the brothers are interfering in Ginny's relationship with Harry, and all six boys end up cut off.
    Bill: Do you know why my back hurts? Because I had to sleep on the bloody couch last night. My darling half-Veela girlfriend used two languages to express her dissatisfaction at our actions against "darling 'Arry". I don't like the couch. I suggest we let Harry date Ginny.

  • A same-sex example in The Kids Are All Right. After one partner's infidelity has been discovered, she is subsequently seen sleeping on the couch, though it's not clear whether her partner kicked her out or she took the initiative to do so.
  • In Marmaduke, after the titular dog causes a lot of mayhem in the house, his owner locks him out in the rain for the night and blames all of his (Phil's) troubles on him. His wife retorts that Marmaduke was a dog and thus doesn't know any better. After more heated words, his wife basically says "Marmaduke may have a backyard, but YOU have a sofa." Thus banishing him to the sofa for the night.
  • In Cape Fear, presented as a Gilligan Cut. After a quarrel with his wife about his infidelity, the protagonist invokes their team work. Zoom upon his wife's face — cut to him with a blanket on the couch.
  • In City Girl, after Lem is too cowardly to confront his father over slapping Kate, Lem gets exiled to the barn. In one scene he tries to talk his way into Kate's room again only to be locked out.
  • Since they're Idle Rich, David Smith, from Mr and Mrs Smith, has to go to the country club when he's kicked out.
  • In Stand Clear of the Closing Doors, this happens to Ricardo his first night home. He and Mariana have sex on the second.

  • Upheld, complete with double standard, in the Prince Roger novel We Few, by John Ringo and David Weber. Prince Roger has the rules explained to him by his fiancee:
    Nimashet: No, the rules don't work that way. Not about what we fight about, so much as how we fight about it. And this is the rule you need to keep in mind: either we work it out while we're still awake, or you go sleep on a couch.
    Roger: Why do I have to sleep on the couch? I'm the prince. For that matter, this is my room.
    Nimashet: You sleep on the couch because you're the guy. Those are the rules. It doesn't matter if this is your room or my room, this is my bed. And you can't use one of the other bedrooms. You have to sleep on a couch. With a blanket.
    Roger: (plaintively) Do I get a pillow?
    Nimashet: If you're good.
  • One of the Worst Case Scenario books deals with this: the first illustration shows the guy shivering under a thin blanket as he attempts to sleep on the unfamiliar surface. The next one has him comfortably tucked in watching a small TV and reaching for previously-stashed junk food, clearly as happy as can be. The difference in the two illustrations is about ten years.
  • Briefly discussed in Wings of Fire: Darkstalker. Foeslayer makes a joke about how a married IceWing male would be forced to sleep on an iceberg for forgetting his wife's anniversary.
  • Elcenia: In Empaths, Kilaer, having experienced several centuries worth of marriage, knows that a slammed door implies this trope when he tries to ask Tsuan why she never told him about Ilen.
  • Harmony (2016): On the way to a field trip from her special needs school, Tilly tries to jump out of a van at 55 mph. Her parents get into a short, unproductive fight about it before Alexandra storms up to the bedroom while Josh stays in the living room to sleep.
  • In The Shining, Wendy sleeps on the couch on the nights Jack stays out late to drink.

     Live-Action TV 
  • This trope was used straight in Small Wonder, when a discussion between Ted and Joan Lawson on each other's flaws goes out of hand and Ted ends up on the couch.
  • Commonly inflicted on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air by Aunt Vivian upon Uncle Phil. One time, Will came home and found Phil sleeping on a chaise in the back yard. Vivian had thought the couch was too good for him.
  • A couple of times on Bewitched, Samantha "twitched" Darrin there with her magic.
  • Parodied on The Red Green Show, where one of the recurring segments featured Red and another Lodge member offering men advice on what to do when their wives are mad at them so they wouldn't end up getting Exiled to the Couch.
  • Played with on Medium. Dad starts sleeping on the couch and the middle daughter tells her younger sister their parents are going to get divorced "because that's what happened to [her friend's] dad and then he took her to Disney World!" Actually, it was just an experiment to see if mom's habit of waking up from horrific psychic dreams in the wee hours of the morning was cutting into dad's sleep (it wasn't, surprisingly enough).
  • Daphne used this against Niles on Frasier when their lives get complicated after Maris murdered her lover.
    Niles: But honey, you can't really blame me for all of this.
    Daphne: The hell I can't. If you hadn't had lunch with her then we wouldn't have been dragged into this mess, and you wouldn't be sleeping alone on the couch tonight. But you did, and we were, so you are.
    • Later on though he calls her on it, telling her she hasn't exactly been a wonderful support during what was, for him, a very difficult time.
  • Used on Mad Men, after Betty catches Don cheating on her.
  • The X-Files: Averted for Fox Mulder, who sleeps on the couch all the time, despite having no wife or significant other to exile him. It's a Fanon running gag that he doesn't have a bedroom. It was lampshaded several times, mostly by characters impersonating Mulder.
    • In "Small Potatoes":
      Eddie Van Blundht: (as Mulder, in his apartment) Where the hell do I sleep?
    • And in "Dreamland", in which Morris Fletcher goes so far as to clear out Mulder's bedroom (filled with cardboard boxes and piles of paper), buy a bed, and put mirrors on the ceiling above it.
      Fletcher (after finding Mulder's bedroom full of junk): This guy hasn't been laid in ten years.
    • Given that nobody remembers Fletcher's purchases (it should have disappeared as other stuff caused by the time anomaly, but didn't), it comes as quite a surprise to Scully that Mulder is no longer sleeping on his couch. In "Monday":
      Scully: Mulder, when did you get a bed?
  • Played with in The Dick Van Dyke Show episode "Give Me Your Walls". Rob and Laura are annoyed by a painter who has been working on their living room for a long time. Rob swears that he will tell him to get out of their house soon, and if he doesn't, he himself vows to sleep on the couch. Laura walks right up to him and says that he had better get out. (Oddly, Rob and Laura are always seen in separate beds.)
  • Mr. Bennet spends most of Lost in Austen having exiled himself to the library, after Mrs. Bennet allows Jane to marry Mrs. Collins. This only ends after she tells off Lady Catherine at the climax of the series.
  • A humorous example/inversion on One Life to Live. After bickering with her lover, a fed-up woman grabs the sheets and angrily declares that SHE will be sleeping on the couch. Subverted a year later when the same couple was genuinely estranged. She didn't kick him out, he left the bedroom despite her pleas for him to stay, and slept in the guest bedroom.
  • Several times in Rumpole of the Bailey. Hilda exiles Rumpole on at least one occasion, and Pyllida exiles Claude on another. On one occasion, Rumpole sees this coming and exiles himself.
  • Inverted in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In Season 7 Spike expects to have to sleep on "that diabolical old torture device, the comfy chair" when Buffy wants him to stay the night, but Buffy invites him into her bed (for comfort, not for sex) showing Spike that she's forgiven him for his Attempted Rape before he became ensouled.
  • Friends: Discussed several times between Monica and Chandler but doesn't actually happen as they usually make up pretty quickly.
  • Amy Duncan does this after an argument to husband Bob in the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie. Not content with that, when Bob can't find the couch, she tells him she's sent it for cleaning, along with the one in the basement. When Bob says he'll sleep on the air mattress in the garage, she replies: "Popped it!" It takes seeing Bob sleeping on the patio furniture in the middle of a snowstorm for Amy to give in and admit she was at fault.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles:
    • Deeks had to sleep on the couch in the NCIS Los Angeles headquarters due to his own house undergoing what is implied to be a strong pest infestation, which also resulted in him failing to pick up Kensi from the airport when she returned from Hawaii. He later has to keep company with Kensi until midnight after the infestation clearing at his house was delayed, to which she agrees, if he meets certain conditions, such as him driving and him paying, and having him do her laundry for a month (later specifying that it's outerwear when realizing that he might go for the underwear as well.)
    • Callen spent some time on the same couch when he didn't feel like finding a new place. Hetty eventually makes him buy a house.
  • In Dexter, Lieutenant LaGuerta denies responsibility for an operation-gone-haywire and uses Debra as a Scapegoat. Her husband and Debra's immediate superior, Angel, is disgusted with this action and decides himself to sleep on the couch.
  • On Scrubs Carla gets mad at Turk and kicks him out of the room. An unusual example since Carla wasn't living in the apartment at the time, so she was kicking Turk out of his own room since she didn't like sleeping at home, and Turk sleeps with JD instead of on the couch.
  • Played for Drama on Downton Abbey; Cora exiles Robert from their bed after she blames him for Sybil's death.
  • Inverted on an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. After an argument, Debra willingly goes to sleep on the couch - but takes all of the bedcovers with her AND turns down the thermostat in the house.
  • Star Trek: Voyager once had Tom go to Harry's quarters after a fight with B'Elanna. Harry simply handed him a pillow and blanket before returning to bed, implying that this was a fairly common occurrence.
  • Happens on Amen when Thelma gets fed up with Reuben's neglect.
  • Presumably happens on the The Cosby Show after Elvin comes home late from dinner with an ex-girlfriend. After politely greeting the woman and her sister, Sondra goes into the bedroom, but when Elvin tries to follow her, he finds the door locked.
  • In Modern Family, Gloria's snoring is so bad that Jay not only leaves the bed, he goes to a hotel (after lying to her that he's going away on business) just so he can get some sleep. It's inverted by the end of the episode, with Gloria enjoying the comfy hotel and Jay back at home with Manny.
  • In the Australian series Secrets & Lies, the wife, Christy, acts like she's given up on the marriage and apparently has a boyfriend, but Ben is the one that's Exiled to the Couch after it's revealed that Ben's one-night stand five years ago with the neighbor across the street resulted in a child.
  • Inverted in Hardware when Anne finds out that Mike blabbed to his friends about her bondage fetish. She angrily declares that she's going to sleep on the sofa, but unfortunately, she's still mostly tied to the bed at this point.
  • In Poldark Ross is exiled & sleeps on a sort of camp bed in the other room after he cheats on his wife Demelza.
  • Stranger Things: Mike mentions to Eleven that his dad sleeps in an armchair. This and a other few remarks by Nancy imply that their parents Karen and Ted Wheeler are now in a Sexless Marriage.
  • Bones: In “The Movie in the Making”, Booth says he and Brennan have “healthy debates” and sometimes they’re so healthy he has to sleep on the couch.
  • Live Forever As You Are Now with Alan Resnick: Alan describes having a "lovers quarrel" with his wife, in which he was forced to sleep on the couch. He admitted to not minding very much, and slept there happily.
  • Better Call Saul:
    • In "Something Beautiful," Jimmy notices a valuable Hummel figurine in Mr. Neff's office and enlists a burglar, Ira, to break in and steal it. Unfortunately, on the night of the burglary, Mr. Neff has gotten kicked out of the house by his wife and is spending the night in his office because he did the tasteless decision of trying to buy her a vacuum cleaner as a gift. Poor Ira's left trapped under Mr. Neff's desk until he's able to call Jimmy to show up and provide a distraction for him to escape.
    • In "Coushatta," as part of his scam with Kim to pressure the ADA into agreeing to a lenient plea deal for Huell, Jimmy and his camera crew set up a series of drop phones in the back of the nail salon. While he's setting up, Ms. Nguyen thinks Jimmy's been kicked out by Kim, pours him a glass of alcohol and urges him to take her out to a nice restaurant to make up with her. Jimmy dejectedly replies that he thinks they might be "past that."
  • For All Mankind. Edward Baldwin gets into an argument with his wife after he mouths off to a journalist, putting his career (and life, as he might well be posed to Vietnam) in jeopardy. He ends up on the couch, but it's too short for him and he gets a sore neck, so he goes back to their bed. His wife says that's why she has a small couch.
  • In Impractical Jokers, Joe's wife Bessy threatens this when he's challenged to kiss an actress in front of her. One Bait-and-Switch later and Joe has a thumbs-down.
  • Parodied in this Saturday Night Live video, which reveals that all of the women have very good reasons to kick the men out, including that one is her ex-husband who has nowhere else to go.
  • Cheers: An odd example, where the husband exiles himself. Norm would much rather sleep on the couch than in the same bed as his wife Vera. This is only a problem when Sam needs somewhere to stay for the night. Norm's initially willing to let him stay on their couch, until he accidentally wakes Vera. Norm then boots Sam off the couch and out of the house.
  • Bob Hearts Abishola: Auntie Olu and Uncle Tunde get into an argument over who is the better man for Abishola, Bob or Chukwuemeka. Olu supports the latter, Tunde supports the former. The next shot cuts to Tunde standing outside Bob's door with a pillow and sheets. Bob is happy to accommodate him.

  • Brad Paisley's "Sleeping on the Foldout." He's exiled for claiming he had to work to get out of going with her to visit her family, then going fishing instead. And then "telling her the whole staff spent the day out on the lake."
  • In Bon Jovi's "Misunderstood", he gets exiled for coming home shit-faced drunk after spending the night drinking with his buddies, and then attempting to save face but only making things worse.


  • In the play and movie State of the Union, when Mary suspects her husband of having an affair, she pulls out a bunch of cushions, spreads a sheet and blanket over them, and remakes the double bed for her sole occupancy.
  • In Barefoot in the Park, when Corie is on the verge of divorcing Paul, she shuts herself in the bedroom and throws out a pillow, blanket and sheet so Paul can go to sleep on the sofa. He tries to... and then snow starts falling through the broken skylight on his head, leaving him with a cold the next day.
  • Hamilton: Eliza evokes this trope in the song "Burn," after Hamilton publishes the Reynolds Pamphlet with its details of his affair with Maria Reynolds, singing : "You forfeit the place in our bed/You'll sleep in your office instead."

     Video Games 
  • Inverted in GrimGrimoire where, instead of threatening to send her partner to the couch, Lillet threatens to send herself to the couch if her partner doesn't stay put. It's made all the more amusing for its open aversion of Hide Your Lesbians.
  • In Chibi-Robo!, Mr. Sanderson suffers this for spending so much money on the titular robot.
  • In Mega Man Star Force, when Luna Platz and the boys visit a ski resort in the second game, Luna forces Geo Stelar to sleep on the couch in their room after she catches him, Bud Bison and Zack Temple talking to the ski resort owner's daughter. Her exact words to him after he says that he is going to bed are "No, you are sleeping on the couch".
  • In The Sims, Sims who are not at a high relationship status will refuse to share a bed. If two Sims in a relationship have recently been in a fight, their relationship status will drop, and this is likely to happen, unless the player decides to buy an extra bed.
  • In Silvertale Kilian, the local blacksmith comments that he's been on the couch for a week due to running out of the special homemade soap which is the only thing that'll get the forge smell off of him.

  • Used at least three times in Ctrl+Alt+Del with the engaged couple Lilah and Ethan.
    • It was recently inverted in this stripWith Ethan telling Lilah to sleep on the couch.
  • This Dominic Deegan. He's still there a few days later.
  • Used here and here for Damien and Julie in Tonja Steele
  • In General Protection Fault, Ki's mother does this to her husband, mentioned here, in response to comment in previous strip, here, and here for a rather ill-advised comment on his part (during a fight between Dad and Ki over her relationship with Nick).
    Ki's mother: Àiyá! You are still sleeping on couch tonight.
  • Referenced in Cheap Thrills when Elizabeth finds her son Jeordie's pot stash. She tries to make her husband have a talk with their son about responsible drug use (given that they themselves smoke pot, but are responsible about its usage) and threatens him with the couch if he doesn't (as he objects that it would be hypocritical); this backfires, however, as Mirza notes that the couch is really comfortable, so she threatens to take the couch herself and make him grow an Afro instead. However, how serious any of these threats were is questionable, as the couple enjoys having silly not-really-fights. In the end, Mirza does speak to his son about using pot responsibly, but claims he is going to flush the stash. Of course, instead he and his wife end up smoking it.
  • Liberty does this to Uncle Sam ocassionally in Sinfest. Uncle Sam has a bad habit of being very self-centered and Liberty sees how he loses the perspectives sometimes or has very bad suggestions.
  • Charlie kicked John out of their bedroom in The Wretched Ones. Charlie became angry when John didn't believe he saw an apparition of a plague doctor and locked himself in their bedroom.
  • Cloud's father David gets sent to the couch in Sandra and Woo after he reveals to his wife that he cheated on her (and by cheated, we mean used a wallhack during an Unreal Tournament deathmatch).
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: "Couch" shows that this isn't a punishment any more unless you also take away his phone.

    Web Video 
  • Dad: In "Dad Loved Mom", one lyric states:
    Mom scares Dad when she has a bad day
    So he sleeps on the couch, he stays out-of-the-way

     Western Animation 
  • This is often The Simpsons:
    • Marge "offends" Homer, who declares "I refuse to sleep with someone who thinks I'm lazy! I'm going to go downstairs, get the blankets out of the closet, unfold the couch... Um, good night" and hops right into bed.
    • Played straight in another episode where Marge attempts to name everything women have invented, only for Homer to point out that men have invented more things, and more important things. This leads to the page quote. Taken a step further later in the episode, where Homer is sent to the couch again, and tries to take solace in the fact that at least he'll always outrank the dog. Smash Cut to Homer, now in the doghouse (literally), and wondering how he ended up there.
    • Averted in another, where Homer is disappointed in his own actions, and ascends the stairs quietly, saying "I'll understand if you want to sleep on the couch tonight." It's unknown if she did.
    • A straight example happens in "Tis the Fifteenth Season", when Homer is exiled to the couch for squandering the family's Christmas gift money on something for himself.
    • Also parodied the episode "Luca$", when Homer is outraged that Marge is secretly ashamed of her marriage to a fat idiot and says he's going to sleep on Flanders' couch, because he thinks theirs is crap.
    • In "Heartbreak Hotel", when Marge discovers that it's Homer's fault they got kicked off a reality show, he offers to sleep on the couch as punishment. Unfortunately, because they're staying in a hotel room, the couch is just inches from the bed.
  • In Drawn Together, Xandir forces Captain Hero to sleep on the couch (even though they have separate beds) as punishment for standing him up on a trip to the mall.
  • Similarly, on the Time Squad episode "Ex Marks the Spot" Larry "punishes" Tuddrussel by exiling him to the couch because he thought that Tuddrussell and his ex-wife Sheila were falling in love again.
  • A variation occurred in the episode of The Proud Family regarding BB and CC's baptism. After both Trudy and Oscar's respective families left due to disagreements, Trudy exiles him to the tent (the family was forced to sleep in a tent due to Oscar inviting his family over so he'd have backup against Trudy's family, and thus occupying all the bedrooms and possibly all of the sleeping areas, period). It gets worse in that, when Trudy sarcastically hopes that there is no rain that night, it was raining, and Oscar also ends up being a victim to a skunk attack.
  • Referenced in Animaniacs's U.S. Presidents song.
    Yakko: Tom Jefferson stayed up to write
    a declaration late at night,
    so he and his wife had a great big fight
    and she made him sleep on the couch all night
  • In Chowder, after Mung forgets their wedding anniversary, Truffles kicks him out of their room and forces him to room with the titular character.
  • Futurama has the episode "Naturama", where the characters are animals. In the salmon part, Salmon!Fry tries to jump into a nearby stream only to be picked up by Bear!Lrrr. When he gets into an argument with his wife about having two salmon for dinner, his wife yells "That's it! We're hibernating in separate caves this winter!"
  • Invoked in an episode of Hercules: The Animated Series; when Zeus and Hera get into a fight over Zeus forgetting their anniversary, Hades tries to prolong the argument by setting up the sofa for Zeus and framing Hera for it.
  • At the end of The Berenstain Bears 1980s cartoon episode "The Great Honey Pipeline", Papa Bear is forced to sleep outside in a tent after breaking his promise not to attempt to get more Wild, Wild Honey and then getting Hoist by His Own Petard courtesy of Brother, Sister, and some of their animal neighbors.
  • In one episode of Kaeloo, Olaf begs Kaeloo and her friends to help him plan a birthday party for his wife because if they don't, "I'll have to sleep in the bathtub again."
  • While not exiled, a gender inverted variant happens in Courage the Cowardly Dog where in some episodes, Muriel will sleep on the couch in the living room downstairs.
  • The Ren & Stimpy Show: In "Rubber Nipple Salesmen", one of the uses of rubber nipples Ren shows to Mr. Pipe is making imitation hickeys. An unamused Mrs. Pipe threatens to make her husband sleep outside.
    Mrs. Pipe: Do you wanna sleep in the yard?
    Mr. Pipe: You mean for a change?
  • Infinity Train: In a flashback to just before Tulip’s parents got divorced, she wakes up at night and goes to get a drink, only to find her father laying on the couch in their living room, quietly sobbing himself to sleep. It’s not Played for Laughs.

     Real Life 
  • In Orthodox Judaism, it is not kosher for a man to touch a menstruating woman — even his wife — until her period is over and she's been ritually cleansed by bathing in a mikveh. Naturally, this means one or the other can't sleep in the bed. Which one departs is supposed to be up to the couple. Most contemporary Orthodox Jewish couples simply use twin beds which they can push together when it's permissible to be intimate and pull apart when it isn't. Another common solution is to have one of them use a guest room if their house is large enough.
  • In several Country Houses owned by The National Trust, there is Beds in the Dressing Room, many people think that they were for servants of guests but in fact they were made up for if a married couple decided not to sleep in the same bed, the man took the Dressing Room and the woman had the main bed.
  • The author of Hello Kitty Hell claims repeatedly that every time he slags on Hello Kitty, his wife exiles him to the couch AND the Hello Kitty sleeping bag.
  • After the Monica Lewinsky story broke, and after Bill Clinton finally 'fessed up to his wife, Hillary moved him out of the Presidential bedroom. He also slept on the couch of their vacation home with Buddy, their dog and the only one who'd keep him company.
  • Part of a failed attempt by a delusional woman to punish her honest partner in this 'Not Always Right' story. Somewhat hilariously, it backfired for her in pretty much every way it is possible to backfire (and the fact that they didn't actually live together was only the start).
    • Performed more successfully in this 'Not Always Romantic' story (a spinoff site of Not Always Right).
  • The Filipino idiom "outside the kulambo" ("kulambo" means "mosquito net") is a variant of this. In some areas, people slept with nets draped like tents over their beds to prevent mosquito bites; wives who kick their erring husbands "outside the kulambo" would ensure he would have to sleep somewhere uncomfortable while fending off the bites of (sometimes dengue-carrying) mosquitos.
  • A man with an injured shoulder once exiled himself to an easy chair so his wife could sleep without him tossing and turning from the pain. Sleeping in a recliner resulted in him sleeping comfortably for the first time in weeks.
  • A common precaution when one member of a couple is suffering from a bad cold or other communicable infection is for their partner to sleep elsewhere. Which one gets the bed mostly depends on whether the illness makes the sufferer sleep more easily lying down flat or partially upright.
  • In one investigation of a man's disappearance, the authorities were first clued in to him and his wife not having the best relationship when they saw clear evidence at the home that one of them had been sleeping on the couch. Sure enough, it turned out he had been murdered and his wife was the culprit.
  • A slight variation, but Alistair Urquhart voluntarily slept upright in a chair so he wouldn't attack his wife in his sleep due to the nightmares he had about his time as a prisoner of war under the Japanese during the Second World War.


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