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Recap / Back To The Future The Animated Series S 2 E 9 Hill Valley Brown Out

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During Hill Valley’s preparations for Founder’s Day Celebration, Doc attempts to upgrade the town’s power plant to increase power and provide free electricity. Unfortunately it provides so much electricity, all electronics go haywire. Biff leads a mob to run the Brown family out of town. When Biff tries to fix Doc’s generator, he accidentally breaks it, ultimately requiring a power shutdown. How will the town celebrate Founder’s Day without electricity for bumper cars and rock concerts?



  • Celebrity Paradox: Back to the Future seems to exist in this universe; it appears on a theater marquee.
  • Double-Meaning Title: The title refers both to a state of decreased electrical power (a brownout) and to the townsfolk wanting to drive Doc out of Hill Valley after his latest experiment backfires.
  • Exiled to the Couch: Clara exiles Doc to Einstein’s doghouse for causing Hill Valley’s electrical problems.
  • Power Outage Plot: Part of the plot involves Hill Valley attempting to deal with electrical issues. Ultimately, Clara brings one of the founders of the town forward in time to remind everyone that the inhabitants originally celebrated without electricity, and the townsfolk actually do have fun with the old-fashioned games.

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