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Greater Gods

Auriel, Goddess of the Preservation of Hope (Archangel of Hope)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Al'maiesh, the Cord of Hope
  • Theme Song: Auriel's theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with moments of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Heart of the Angiris Council, Using cords as Weapons, Hope Bringer, In the Hood, Lady of War, Reasonable Authority Figure, Only female Angel of the Angiris council,
  • Domains: Angels, Hope, Harmony, Mediation
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Diablo, Azmodan, Gul'dan, Lord Jaraxxus, YHVH, Shinado, Kyubey, Tzeentch, Nurgle, The Joker, Big Brother, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima
  • Pities: Leoric
  • Auriel is the Archangel of Hope and the one being the world of Sanctuary that embodies all traits of Hope and Harmony. Ever since the birth and discovery of Humanity, Auriel has always been a big supporter of them and was one of the three that voted for their survival. Since then, she has dedicated herself to spread the word of Hope and combat any sign of despair.
  • Auriel was glad to know that Tyrael was already among the halls of the pantheon. What caught her off guard was how he gained his angelhood back, which he later explained that the pantheon allows him to switch between his angel and mortal forms.
  • While she herself is a huge supporter of Peace, that doesn't mean she is harmless. In fact, she is formidable fighter and she won't hesitate to strike down anyone who threatens the life of his brethen.
  • Being the Archangel of Hope, Auriel was immediately drawn towards the ranks of the GUAG and then gained a position in Kibou Go!. She is especially very close with the Dragon Aspect of Life Alexstrasza, who also believes in Hope and Harmony. She even came to the conclusion that the Angiris Council and the 5 Dragon Aspects of Azeroth were earily similar in a lot of ways.
    • Se was a little weirded out by The Guy, who claims he is also a bringer of Hope. Even then, Auriel doesn't mind how anyone decides to spreads their beliefs, so long as hope prevails.
    • Also really admires Madoka for everything that she did for the sake of everyone and as a result she has earned a special hatred towards Kyubey. Binding someone to a Soul Jar reminds her a lot of how the Prime and Lesser evils were sealed in her home and she is not happy that Madoka is bound to one.
  • She is not very happy that Tzeentch is the God of Hope in his realm. Manipulating hope for his own schemes is a huge no-no for her and bastardization for everything she represents.
  • Shinado completely despises everything that Auriel stands for. He believes that hope is a poison that only brings suffering to everyone and that she should be destroyed.
  • Of all the ascended beings of Sanctuary, she feels some pity for the Skeleton King and the fate that befell him and his brethen. Of course, that doesn't mean she is happy that Leoric now goes draining hope from whoever dares stand in his path.
    Auriel: Leoric has made a habit of draining hope from Creation. I used to take pity on his ill fate, but he is significantly increasing my workload
  • Thanks to Tyrael being a member of the House of Angels, Auriel got to meet archangel Michael himself. He has a lot of respect for him and he reminds her about her fellow archangel Malthael, although how he used to be before he became the Archangel of Death.
  • While Auriel isn't fond of demons herself, she has come to learn that demons from another realm may not be as evil as the ones she is used to deal with. Seraph Lamington definitely thinks that both angels and demons can coexist, and would like to reminds her about how humans were born in her realm. In any case, she still has hope for demonkind in general (But not so much of the ones from Sanctuary)
    • What actually made her consider that demons were still salvageable was meeting Killia, Adell and Usalia, who all are kind hearted despite being demons. Killia and Usalia are especially good when paired with her, given that their attacks are all based around hope.
  • Auriel was the second angel who found her way into the Nexus Battlefield. Thankfully Tyrael was there to teach her the in and outs, and she got to meet quite the colorful cast.
    • The mortal known as Tracer initially though that her fellow agent Mercy has entered the nexus when she saw Auriel, given that her angelic powers that allows her to revive her fallen allies. Now here in the pantheon, Auriel got around meeting Mercy herself after Tracer introduced her to her and Reinhardt. She has huge faith in the three, as they represent everything that humanity is capable of doing for good.
    • Besides the demons from sanctuary that run rampant in the nexus, she completely hates Gul'dan. She never thought there could be a single being more evil that the worst of the burning hells could offer. Obviously, Gul'dan looks forward to breaking her and her hope apart.
    • She once saved the life of Medivh in the Nexus and the Last Guardian of Tirisfal really owes her his life. He also has enlisted her help as he believes that the Burning Legion might have plans for the pantheon as well and, seeing as Gul'dan was around even before both of them were here, their arrival will be imminent.
  • "There is always hope"

    Emperor Calus 
Grow fat from strength.

Emperor Calus, God of Existentialism
  • Greater God for his robot duplicates. True rank unknown.
  • Symbol: Cabal Loyalist symbol, a goblet overflowing with wine.
  • Theme Song: The Leviathan
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pilots the Leviathan, a Planet Consuming Ship, Boisterous Bruiser, Wants to live life to the fullest, Well-Intentioned Extremist, Bling of War, Views using children as weapons is deplorable, The Dreaded, Adipose Rex, In Love with Your Carnage, Benevolent God-Emperor, Work Hard, Play Hard, Psychic Power
  • Domains: Hedonism, Existentialism, Opulence, Narcissism, Extravagance, Ruthlessness, Empires, Psionic Power
  • Followers: His Loyalists
  • Allies: Recette Lemongrass, SCP-2578-D, the Tenno, Corvo Attano, Emily Kaldwin
  • Enemies: The Vex, Oryx, The Eliksni, the Harvesters, Sundowner, Cinder Fall, Bonedrewd, the Twin Queens and the Grineer Empire, Yaldabaoth, YHVH, Prime Minister Honest, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Wild Hunt, those who sully hedonism or follow what he deems as self-destructive paths
  • Respects: The Guardians, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Determinators in general
  • Pities: Children made into weapons, the Tenno
  • Conflicting Opinion: Goro Akechi, Heinz Windermere
  • Opposed by: The House of Family, victims of castration like Osiris
  • Hedonist. Narcissist. Those two words perfectly describe Calus, Emperor of the Cabal. He rose to the title after leading a revolution overthrowing the Praetorate, the current leadership at the time, fed up with the injustice and the exploitation of his people. From there, he turn away from the old customs and transform the Cabal into a society of pleasure-seekers and festivities. He believed that as an Emperor, he would be the model of happiness and the ideal lifestyle that his people deserve. He loved his people as they loved him back, and he ruled with little trouble until he was overthrown. A gladiator, of albino skin caught Calus' eye one day and used to bet on him a lot. Time passed, and he decided his talents would be better put to use as a Primus of one of the Legions, believing that they were kindred spirits. That was until he staged a coup to turn his confidants against him, realizing too late the usurper Primus was manipulated by a former Praetorate, the Consul, which lead to his exile.
    "They would have killed me, but I was too beloved and too glorious. So they sent me away into resplendent exile upon this Grand Leviathan."
    • Calus wallowed in despair onboard the Leviathan, forced to travel seemingly forever until the ship suddenly stopped. It had stopped within nothingness, leaving Calus to bore witness to a great power. Such an experience rekindled his motivation, prompting Calus to a journey of his own leading to the acceptance that his philosophy was true and we must take back the Empire. He'd take measures to ensure that the Conspirators would die through employing other alien races and while successful for some, they were unable to off all of them. That was, until that same gladiator strangled the Consul for mocking him and he himself would be murdered by the Guardians and the Travler itself. Dominus Ghaul lies dead.
      • Earning his audience, he invited the Guardians on his ship to face him. Accepting, they would brave through the Trials and "fight" Calus within his throne room and win, the Emperor honoring his end of the bargain. Later, he would call them up again to deal with a Vex Planetary Core that had been consumed by his ship leading to it malfunctioning. Just like their other encounters they destroyed it, but were almost consumed by the now operational World Eater had not Calus saved them.
        "I won't allow yoour death to be so trivial. Not after you supplanted Ghaul in such decisive fashion. You were magnificent today. You gorge yourself on danger. You embrace death."
  • His ship was spotted in the House of Metal & Minerals, devouring whole chunks and giving the nearby denizens one hell of a scare. While the Mediators of Nature, the Nature Preservers are quick to try and defend themselves from the gargantuan ship like that incident with the Grineer, the Guardians quickly stopped them. Recognizing the strange visiting ship they attempted to communicate it and inform of it's presence in the Pantheon. Quick as it came, it set off to the Court of Gods where Calus along with his Loyalists would petition his ascension. The Court originally suggested The Hedonist, but Calus refused stating his idea of decadence carries a more positive light than many examples. He'd instead get Anti-Nihilist, something more fitting to his philosophy.
    "It's the small moments, the simple pleasures that matter. They're all I can think about now. Food and drink aren't mere sustenance. They're a reminder that I am alive."
  • It would be really shortsighted to view Calus as just a selfish hedonist. Besides actually showing some acknowledgement and empathy towards his subjects, he's still Cabal. He does what he does to forge a paradise of decadence for all, realizing everyone's time is finite and has no intention of prolonging it. But do not view his luxury as weakness, he still overthrew a government, geld the Consul so he may beget no Heir, and destroy the Sindu fleet for refusing to join him. Those who used to be close by his side are not exempt from his hit-list, not even his own daughternote . He's pretty unpopular by the House of Family as a result, but he stated that had she not also undid the work to turn the Cabal into another elitist society he would of forgiven her. Also unpopular by the House of Nature due to what he's willing to do to fuel his luxuries.
  • Although the real Calus has not been seen, the true extent of his power is unknown. There is evidence that suggests he has Psychic Powers like his Psions, only on a much grander scale. He was shown teleporting others from long distances to either help his allies or hinder his enemies through putting them into some dimension, creating a psionic projection of his head to consume his foes. That said, his duplicates are capable of forehead lasers, an Arm Cannon, and surprising durability, giving would-be assassins a difficult time.
  • It's no secret that he's infatuated by the Guardians' (or more specifically the Young Wolf's) resolve in facing whatever they come across. Doesn't matter if it's against reality warping machines or actual deities, they'll still fight until their final death. Those like them have also gotten his attention. The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, for instance, a band of outcasts out to reform their corrupt society whilst being beacons of hope. Even when nearly being erased from existence, they soon picked themselves back up to face Yaldabaoth and win. He plans on making them into his rebuilt Shadows since he wants them to join in on the merriment but refuse for a couple reasons: While Calus presents himself with good intentions, he's still very ruthless when it comes done to it (putting his daughter on his hit-list is one of many that stood out to them, especially Haru) and he's still too mysterious to be trusted, never meeting anyone in person. Calus wasn't pleased with their refusal, but nonetheless hopes they change their mind one day.
    "You, too, saved your people from enslavement and tyranny. From that fat leech undeserving of names. I hope you'll be at my side and know that it will be worth facing the end together, oh Phantom mine."
  • His time in the Pantheon has earned him some comparisons to other deities. He does not mind some, but there are those that warrant his attention. There were some comparisons to him and Jabba the Hutt, given their obese appearances. Calus laughed it off stating he's a lowly criminal with a pechant for acting mighty in the worst of times. Yes, Calus refuses servitude to a higher power, but there's a difference between that and being suicidally arrogant.
    • And regarding his position as a Planet Looter, while Calus acknowledges he's in the same light as the Harvesters, they are more closer to the Fallen/Eliksni and Oryx than they are to him. They leave not but destruction in their wake, not too far off from the Taken King and his masters. He at least has the courtesy to invite those outside his race if they prove themselves unlike them, who disregard other's lives completely.
  • Despite reasonably wanting Ghaul dead, he still was sorry for the fact he was raised to be a weapon for the Consul. Before the events of the Red Legion's invasion of the Last City, he even had plans to try and convince him to come back to his side, praising him for all of his attributes. For that reason, he has his sights on the Tenno, seeing them as worthy as the Guardians. He plans on steering away their powers of the Void for his instead, seeing the troubles it had brought them.
    • There was Akechi, who was driven to a dark road thanks to a horrible upbringing. That said, Calus doesn't plan on glossing over his actions and Akechi himself is cautious of the Cabal Emperor. Prolicide hits too close to home, whether or not he did die in Shido's Palace to aid the Phantom Thieves. His opinion on Heinz is similar, albeit a lot more hostile. He is, by all means, not has murderous as any of the races his people have fought against, but what he did surpasses the hedonist's forgiveness. The young king is paranoid of Calus' plans considering his influence on those around him. When asked, Calus stated he shouldn't be concerned what he and the Cabal would do and instead be concerned of his enemies finding out about him. Especially Oryx and his Hive.
    • Those who do equally horrid acts on children quickly get labeled as enemies. Sundowner is a war-loving, psychothic cyborg who encourages the use of Child Soldiers. Bonedrewd is an inhuman individual who butchered children and transformed them into amorphous blobs, in the name of science. The Twin Queens are sadistic witches who drive children to despair and hijack their bodies to stave off their own mortality. But one of the worst has to be Prime Minister Honest, who Calus believes sullied the name of decadence with his existence. To the Cabal Emperor, he is the epitome of what being pathetic is in his eyes, and was glad to know that demise (at least in the manga) was a product of mob justice.
      "How small a man must be to seek greatness in the shadow of others. How pitiful the man who raises up a great soul and cowers behind it."
      • Don't get him started on Honest's lackeys, whom he denounces as either as an "aimless and empty siege engine" (Esdeath), "degenerate enforcer of justice" (Seryu), or "fat, parasitic mongrels" (Wild Hunt). He plans on a much worse punishment for all of them, one that weaves around the Pantheon's rules on death.
    • A mention should go out to the Ancestor who, to borrow everyone else's words, ruined everything. Raising the dead, sending off a Hag to the forests, summoning demons in pigs, disposing of a crew and young maiden to the seas, digging up some otherworldy force, it was all a concoction for self destruction, and was appalled to hear it all stemmed from the Ancestor's hedonism and a sip from an actual Bloody Mary. Though he decided to atone for his sins through damage control, Calus is well aware of the Heart of Darkness, and his connection to it.
  • When not on his ship consuming entire chunks of land, Calus could be studying ancient ruins and societies. He can aslo be found drinking with Homer Simpson and Barney Grumble, of all people. Turns out he enjoys their company enough to be drinking buddies. His robotic visage can also be seen parading across the Pantheon, trying to reinforce his support such as buying things himself for example. Calus seems quite fond of Recette's shop out of the others which could be attributed to her attitude and the wide selection of items.
  • Calus went about his day as usual, downing himself in the Royal Wine he had freshly made where he had a dawning realization: His allies are on the short side in comparison to the many enemies he made. So he flew around trying to find any deities whose views aligned with his. The search lead to a peculiar tyrant-hating Kill Sat, who to some deities surprise did not view Calus as one. Seeing it's goals intertwined with his own, the Emperor decided to ally with SCP-2578-D, offering to help further improve its capabilities whilst try and quell its intentions. The SCP accepted, and became Calus' Shadow, the first of the Pantheon. Those corrupt in attitude should watch the skies, and read their emails.
    • He seems to open his arms out to Corvo Attano and his daughter Emily Kaldwin, enjoying the terror they cause to the vile poison aristocrats and other more dubious individuals. Some of Calus' enemies align perfectly with Corvo's, a worthy candidate for his Shadows should he continue. As for Emily, it's obvious she takes after her father with the added bonus of being someone a higher power is willing to protect. Her politics is something that's left to be desired, but Calus is willing to lend his advice here and there.
  • "I say this to you, oh champion mine, and I say it from my heart: there are those who would bargain away their souls just to live a little longer. I am not them. Life must be worth living. Life must be lovely and delicious and enviably sweet! Nothing has ever lived that will not die, so what matters is how we use our time."

Intermediate Gods

    Athrun Zala 
Athrun Zala, The Cynical God (Alex Dino, The Red Knight)
  • Theme Music: Anna ni Isshoni Datta no ni ~Athrun Zala feeling~
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Infinite Justice Gundam; Alternatively, Torii
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (may have been Lawful Neutral when he was in conflict against Kira)
  • Portfolio: Supporting Protagonist/Deuteragonist, Knight In Sour Armor, Ace Pilot, Char Clone, Reluctant Warrior, Broken Ace, You Gotta Have Blue Hair, Forehead of Doom
  • Domains: War, Cynicism, Allegiance
  • Allies: All Heroic Gundam Deities (especially Kira Yamato (his Best Friend), Lacus Clyne, Shinn Asuka (former enemy; currently patching things up with him), and Setsuna F. Seiei), Haro, Kaworu Nagisa, Martin Walker, Siegfried Schtauffen, Rick Blaine
  • Enemies: All Villainous Gundam Deities (especially Rau Le Creuset, Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, Gilbert Durandal, and Ali Al-Saachez), Millennium, SHOCKER, HYDRA, Zoran Lazarevic, Raul Menendez, Norman Osborn, Reaper
  • Additional relations: Char Aznable
  • It's not that hard to say that Athrun Zala has gone through a lot in his life, though given how much his friend Kira Yamato was involved with that, it's made things a bit complicated for Athrun. He was originally part of ZAFT, a group that's in conflict with Kira, and given what had happened during that time (which included him being so shaken over almost killing Kira in a deadly fight), he has a reason to believe war isn't something to make light of.
    • Things got a lot more complicated when he returned to ZAFT to aid Shinn Asuka and two other pilots. Considering how much the prior war affected him, it was difficult for him to get used to the ZAFT pilots, especially regarding Shinn's idealistic (and hot-headed) attitude. All told, Athrun is someone who believes in making sure bad things don't happen, but he's not particularly enthusiastic about certain things.
  • Of all the Char Clones within the Pantheon, Athrun probably has the most complicated relation with the Red Comet himself. At first, Athrun filled in The Rival archetype whilst also getting involved with Mu La Flaga (being "The Mentor" that time) and Rau Le Creuset (playing the "Big Bad / Dark Messiah"). After that, Athrun tried taking a leaf out of Mwu's book and became The Mentor for Shinn while working for Gilbert Durandal (who's basically the Big Bad, and who sounds very much like the actual Char), until he defected and started taking on The Rival mantle again, this time to Shinn. So far, he has yet to take the Dark Messiah mantle.
    • Long story short, even though Athrun doesn't look like a Char Clone (at least as far as hair color is concerned), he still kind of acts like one to an extent (including wearing Cool Shades and giving himself a weird alternate name, alongside piloting red Gundams). Even though Athrun has some reservations about him (Athrun once claimed that he heard a bit of Rau's voice coming from Char), the Red Comet himself doesn't have much issue with Athrun.
  • Even though he has been in conflict against Kira in the early parts of both wars, that hasn't stopped Athrun from being great friends with Kira and the two work great together in battle. It goes without saying that there are more than a handful of people who think there is something more than friendship going on with the two.
  • Aside from being a skilled mecha pilot, Athrun has built a few Robot Buddies, specifically Torii, a mechanical bird, and Haro (at least, the Cosmic Era Haros), a number of which follow Lacus around. Athrun was pleasantly surprised to find numerous other Haros in the Pantheon besides the ones he made (though he's a little bothered by the purple one that Nena Trinity has).
  • He seems to have found a pretty good acquaintance through Siegfried Schtauffen, another person who is determined to fight for the side of good amidst a cynical attitude. The two have also gotten involved with morally questionable actions, albeit through very different circumstances.
  • Since Athrun knows what its like to deal with the hardships of war, he's gotten along really well with the likes of Martin Walker. Both of them tend to have conversations about how they're coming along with their respective paths to being a better person.
  • Having had experience in battling against terrorist organizations and warmongers, Athrun quickly learned about such organizations and those who headed the aforementioned organizations within the Pantheon. He was rather upset when he found out that Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril joined SHOCKER to continue their terrorism and Athrun has made it a point to stop them and the organization from going any further.
    • Zoran Lazarevic and Raul Menendez have both proven to be a significant problem for Athrun. The former's hatred for pacifism has made Athrun realize that both Kira and Lacus would be at risk of an attack from him. Menendez's ability to manipulate someone into attacking their own allies has also made Athrun wary and given that it happened to him twice before, Athrun's determined to make sure him fighting against Kira doesn't happen a third time.
  • Given how much he doesn't like war, Athrun hates Ali Al-Saachez for using the "advantages" of war as a justification to cause chaos and misery for others. Athrun has made friends with Setsuna F. Seiei because of this given the latter's experience and has helped Setsuna a number of times in stopping Ali's attacks.
  • He has found a surprisingly good friend through Kaworu Nagisa, as the two of them have had experience with mecha (moreso in Athrun's case), both sound pretty similar to each other, and each have their own guy that they care about quite a bit (though Athrun probably isn't in the same level as Kaworu's as far as being really attracted to the aforementioned guy is concerned).
  • Some have remarked Athrun is something of a Chick Magnet given that in the second war, his piloting skills (both from that war and the prior one) managed to earn him the affections of a few young women. He honestly doesn't find it funny since not only wasn't he that active in pursuing girls, but the fact that much of these proposed relations with these girls didn't end well.
  • The House of Friendship once asked Athrun about the whole ordeal with him and Kira. He mentioned to them a moment where a nasty battle between him and Kira took place and how after that, he realized the problems he was facing during the war through a talk with Lacus. Although that house never quite understood why Athrun got into conflict against his friend a second time, they're still on good terms with Athrun due to him maintaining a good friendship with Kira after the wars they fought in ended.
  • In the first war, Athrun had a dad named Patrick, who was apathetic towards his son and only cared about furthering his own goals. Athrun tried to get on his father's good side, but after learning about what those goals really were, Athrun had second thoughts about it. Although Patrick is less of an abusive parent and more of a selfish one, Athrun still doesn't like a lot of parents who have treated their kids less than well and only sought to fulfill less-than-benevolent goals for themselves.
    • Of particular note, Norman Osborn has earned a fair amount of scorn from Athrun. It has not only to do with how badly Norman treated his son Harry, but Athrun somehow believes that something that Norman did (taking over an organization and making things worse) is almost somewhat like what happened with Patrick Zala being chairman of ZAFT and using that power to further his own agenda. Athrun was also told about Norman's tendency to torment couples and even though Athrun doesn't have a relationship with another girl at the moment, he knew that Kira & Lacus are bound to get targeted by Norman at some point.
  • He once made a quick stop to Rick Blaine's bar and had a talk with him about their respective adventures. Both of them managed to get along as not only did the both of them have a cynical view, but even amidst their mindsets, they were able to perform good deeds near the end of their own journeys. They even had to deal with Nazis in their adventures as well (well, fantastical equivalents of Nazis in Athrun's case).
  • Athrun may have had a significant role in both of the wars he got involved with, but he probably wasn't at the front and center of either of them. Within the mecha and war aspects of the Pantheon, Athrun is not the main lead of them (and whoever is the actual leader of both of these aspects is still debated), but he has a substantial supporting role in these fields.

    Dracula (Hotel Transylvania
Dracula, God Of Having Their Faith in Humanity Restored

    Jon Snow 
Jon Snow, God Of Cynics Who Once Were Idealists (born Aegon Targaryen, Jon Starkgaryen, The White Wolf, King In The North - formerly, now Warden of the North, the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch - formerly, Lord Snow, The Bastard Of Winterfell, King Crow, The Prince That Was Promised, The Man Who Returned From the Dead)

Lesser Gods

    Akane Tsunemori 
Akane Tsunemori, The Idealistic Goddess (Inspector Tsunemori, Lemonade Candy, Miss noitaminA, The Anti-Moe)

    Jack Morrison/Soldier: 76 
John Francis Morrison, God of Cynicism Escalation (Jack Morrison, Soldier: 76, 76, The Soldier, Dad: 76, Call of Duty Guy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His visor.
  • Theme: "Old Soldiers" (shares with Ana)
  • Alignment: Claims to be Lawful Neutral but he is more Chaotic Good than he thinks. (Formerly Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Hero, The Ace, Badass Baritone, Kicking ass even at his age, Badass Normal, Broken Hero, Cool Visor, Become a Cynical person after the fall of Overwatch, White hair after an accident, Fallen Hero, Grumpy Old Man, Able to heal himself, Thinking he is no longer a hero, Tactical Visor, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Knight In Sour Armor, Super Soldier, Good Is Not Nice, Badass Gay
  • Domains: Cynicism, Soldiers, Vigilantes, Justice
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, HYDRA, Odio, Skull Face, Vladimir Makarov
  • Conflicting Opinion: Big Boss, The House of Heroes, but especially Commander Shepard
  • The mysterious vigilante and the most wanted "criminal" of his world, Soldier: 76 is a complete mystery to anyone who ever heard of him. Rumors indicate that he may be an Ex-Overwatch agent looking for answers behind the fall of Overwatch, whose methods put him at odds with the official authorities. In truth, the man behind the mask is none other than Jack Morrison, former commander of Overwatch, who was believed dead after an accident he was caught up in a Swiss facility. Certainly that wasn't enough to take the old Morrison down and he is now on the run looking for the culprits of his downfall.
    • Although he isn't very interested in the whole pantheon bussiness, he accepted this position only to search for information about the incident of Overwatch. We recommend that you don't waste his time because, while he definitely means good, he is not very nice.
    • He is now much nicer and more patient when heard of the news that one of his oldest friend and former Overwatch second-in-command Ana Amari has ascended into the Pantheon.
  • Odio has noted that Soldier's backstory is very similar to what he used to be when he was Oersted. The two being two celebrated heroes that were victims of a betrayal of a close friend. But while Odio curses humanity, 76 merely lost his idealism but still try to fight for a good cause, even if he's cynic as hell about it. Odio is always telling him that they're Not So Different and that he will end up like him. 76's response?
    Soldier: 76: Maybe, but that "maybe" is not today. Until then, shut up.
  • He respects Kiritsugu and complete symphatizes with what he has gone through. He is one of the few people that he personally asked for assistance in his quest to unmantle the ones who took down overwatch. While Kiritsugu isn't sure if he will involve himself in the whole Overwatch bussiness, he certainly agrees with 76's cynical views of the world to consider aiding him on his crusade.
  • As the holder of The Cynic, Soldier: 76 can really understand Athrun Zala's position and they both share the same cynical view on war. Athrun also suggested making an alliance with the vigilante in order to take down the terroristic organizations that plagues the pantheon, including Reaper. While 76 has really little interest on helping him, he hasn't turned down his offer and he believes that later down the road he will join him anyway.
    Soldier: 76: Old habits die hard I guess...
  • Being a former hero from the Overwatch organization, Soldier: 76 has been described as "Captain America fused with The Punisher". Though he indeed respects both men for what their stand for, as 76 can very well identify with them.
  • Has found a friend of sort in Big Boss, of all people, who empathize what he went through, which is almsot exactly the same fate that Big Boos suffered. As such, both pledged to help each others.
    • That said, 76 still don't fully trust the other soldier, seeing as he crossed lines 76 would never do.
    • He's also quite conflicted with Commander Shepard, as while he can respect Shepard when in Renegade mode, he's a bit disillusioned on the Paragon mode, as it reminds him of his days as Jack Morrison... only succeeding against all odds instead of miserably failing in the end like him. No, he's not jealous, really.
  • Sometimes, 76 completely drops his Cynic personality and become what deities Nickname as "Dad: 76", where he becomes a father figure to the younger members of the Pantheon, bordering levels of Papa Wolf, not to mention that his 'Biotic Field' tastes like breakfast to his 'kids' ("C'mere and get stabilized!"). Don't ever think of harming his children, as he's got you in his sights.
  • People who regularly see him say that he never takes off his mask and visor. And we mean, never, not even when he is eating or drinking
  • Surprisingly enough, he gets along with Captain Price and Alex Mason given their similar pasts, especially when dealing with falling organizations and betrayal. Though a few people may jokingly remark that 76 behaves a lot like them, much to his chagrin.
  • To the surprise of no one, he has a really low opinion towards the House of Heroes, probably because he finds the idealistic heroes too naive for his taste. On their part, many have pointed that even though he still does Heroic things and they even asked him if he considers himself a hero. His response?
    Soldier: 76: Not anymore...
  • Occasionally likes to camouflage when on duty. Reports have stated that his camouflage was so effective that he was basically invisible for a time.
  • During a visit by Ana to his place, she discovered a picture of him with a man named Vincent and it was revealed that Vincent was none other than his ex-boyfriend. Beyond the reveal of where his orientation, it was revealed that Vincent was yet another aspect of tragedy, as Soldier 76's dedication fractured their relationship.
  • "We're all soldiers now"

    Lloyd Irving 
Lloyd Irving, God of Heroic Idealism

Manfred, God of Becoming More Idealistic Over Time (Manny, Jumbo, Bro-Dad, Jungle Jim, Tubby)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His tusks
  • Theme Song: Checking Out The Cave
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Tragic Hero, Leader Of The Heard, Grumpy Bear, Took a Level in Idealism And Kindness, Honorable Mammoth, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Big Guy, Lost His Wife And First Child, Straight Man, Deadpan Snarker
  • Domains: Mammoths, Tragedy, Family, Cynicism and Idealism
  • Heralds: Sid the Sloth and Diego
  • Allies: The Heroic Protectors Of Family, Toriel, Lilo and Stitch, Felonius Gru, Madame Vastra, Babar, Ganesha, Lapras, Ventuswill, King Triton, Piccolo, Bryan Mills, Marlin
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, Gaston, Hunter J, Gwangi, Sharp Tooth, Bruce, Bryan Fury, Penelope Mouse, Felix(Red vs Blue), Relius Clover
  • Opposes: Cruel and callous humans, traitors
  • Pities: Leonard Snart, Ice King and those who lose their loved ones
  • Mostly ignores: Scrat
  • A woolly mammoth, Manfred (called Manny by most) was a grumpy loner who dismissed others. He ended up protecting Sid the Sloth from two brontotheres when they planned to kill him for fun instead food, and ended up having to look after a human baby. Along with Diego, Manny slowly learned the value of companionship and friendship once more, becoming less cynical and more open to others. Now he serves as a leader his new friends and family, or as he puts it his horde.
  • The reason he was so cynical in the first place? A group of humans were on the hunt for mammoths, and ended up killing his wife and child despite his best attempts to defend them. He would later find someone he loved and bore a daughter, Peaches. For this reason he is very protective of his family, sometimes a bit too overprotective. Marlin is very sympathetic because he lost his wife and most his children in a barracuda attack, causing him to be overprotective. Triton is a father with similar experiences, though he didn't lose his offspring as well.
  • With what he's experienced, he is close to the House of Family. Those who abuse their family like Relius Clover should expect ZERO mercy from him. He gets along with Piccolo and Felonius Gru as they were gruff loners who ended up softening up with a family of their own, and Toriel sympathizes with him since she also lost her child. He's noticed similarities between his idea of a herd and Lilo and Stitch's ohana. Also while they are somewhat villainous, he pities Leonard Snart and Ice King for the loved ones they lost.
  • His family was killed by humans, though he doesn't hate them anymore. He briefly got mad at how mankind contributed to mammoth extinction thousands of years after his time, but got over it. It's a bad idea to be a hunter of rare creatures like Hunter J around him, mind you. Gaston thought that Manny would be an excellent hunt due to how rare mammoths are, which Manny was having nothing of.
  • Do not betray him and his trust. Just don't. He has a lot of contempt for the House of Betrayal, and Bryan Fury for betraying kindness. Especially Penelope Mouse of Felix for betraying friendship.
  • Claims that he isn't fat, his fur's just poofy. He weighs 11 tons, but that's to be expected from a woolly mammoth. Eric Cartman can understand not liking being called fat, but Manny just scoffs at his jerkassery and ignores him. He'd rather not think about Bender either because of the time used frozen mammoth for sausage meat.
  • Naturally prefers the cold of the House of Ice & Cold. Lived around the time of the Neanderthals (the baby he looked after was one of them) and modern humans, despite species that should be extinct at the time also being around. It's not even getting into the hidden dinosaur society underground he found, or the time they tried to stop an asteroid. As far as he's concerned, the dinosaurs went extinct because they got too cocky. He once fought revived ancient sea reptiles, leading him to dislike vicious dinosaurs and other sea creatures such as Gwangi, Sharptooth, and Bruce.
  • Met his wife Ellie when it seemed the Ice Age would end and massive flooding would occur, forcing them to find a giant raft to survive. Despite his weight he was able to swim to save her, though elephants are pretty good swimmers. He likes Lapras due to being an ice-related prehistoric creature who serves as a boat for others and saves them from drowning, along with suffering from human hands like mammoths did. He is on good terms with Babar and Ganesha for being kind pachyderms.
  • Believed that mammoths were extinct until meeting Ellie, and only later learned there was still a thriving population. Madame Vastra can sympathize as the Silurians have a habit of believing they are the last of their kind, and often coming into conflict with humans.
  • Sometimes sees a fanged squirrel wandering the Pantheon that looks familiar. Given Manny and Scrat's paths rarely intersected in the past, they still don't feel like going after each other.


    Al Bundy 
Al Bundy, God of Jaded Washouts
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: An ugly orange sofa positioned in front of a television
  • Theme Song: Love and Marriage (by Frank Sinatra)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bumbling Action Dads, Those Who Have Bad Luck By Birth, Achievements in Ignorance, Representation of Laser-Guided Karma for Jerk Jocks, Representing The Audience By Being a Failed Idiot, Hated In-Universe But Adored By The Audience, Occasional Badasses, The Ugly Guy Of A Hot Wife
  • Domain(s): Failure, Frustration, Misery, Dreams (Thwarted)
  • Herald: His wife Peggy, and their children Kelly and Bud
  • Allies: Kenny McCormick, Otacon, Dan Hibiki, Hong Meiling, Homer Simpson, The Wilkerson Family
  • Rivals: Gomez and Morticia Addams (because they're more successful than him...and his non-ascended wife Peggy)
  • Odd Friendship: Dory
  • Was initially elated to learn that he was ascending to Godhood, thinking it a long-deserved reward for a lifetime of thwarted ambition and failure. He also relished the chance to get away from his Dysfunctional Family, but in order for him to maintain his character so as to remain worthy of his position, they came to live with him as heralds.
    • Tired of being considered a loser, Al Bundy made his case to the Court of the Gods. He claimed that he couldn't be considered a loser because he once ruled high school with an iron fist and could have become greater under certain circumstances. Normally this statement would be laughed out of the court, but the Judge had another idea in mind. He stated if he could find someone within the audience who is as much of a loser as him, he could take another spot. Hours came by, but he couldn't find someone dumb enough to take the chance. That is until he found a has-been superhero desperate to return to the Pantheon. Bundy gave him an opportunity and he accepted. Thus it was official: Al Bundy would get the slightly less humiliating role of Jaded Washout.
  • Currently runs a woman's shoe store at the foot of the steps leading to the Pantheon houses. Despite there being relatively few of them that visit the Pantheon, it never fails to be routinely visited by obese females. Al suspects that the other gods in the Pantheon arrange this as a joke, but is too unmotivated to try and do anything about it. However, he does appreciate the visits of Amanda Waller. Both hate each other, but find the experience of trading barbs to be highly satisfactory.
  • Shares a wonderful friendship with Homer Simpson, God of Bumbling Dads. Although Bundy admits he hangs around partially because he feels even he can't fail as much as Homer, the two genuinely share their sob stories about their families. Homer hopes that he can help Bundy to try and become a better father, especially not that he is no longer the God of Failure.
  • Is uneasy whenever he's around Turanga Leela, whose voice reminds Al of his nagging wife Peggy.
  • Even if he's unpopular and unlucky, Al somehow made a friend out of a fish, Dory, who decided to approach him because he sounds like her octopus friend Hank.
  • Malcolm can't help but wonder if his show was a precursor for just how messed up their family is. But unlike most other sitcom rivals, the two hardly ever try to one up each other. Mostly because they don't really have anything to claim in the first place.
  • Tired of being called out of shape, he decided to go to the House of Combat to find someone who could whip him up to shape. Surprisingly, the search was a short one. The client? dan Hibiki. He made a bet with Ryo that he could train someone who could beat Yuri within a week's time. Al Bundy happened to be just the desperate man he got. It went as well as one would expect, but the two kept in touch. Both were impressed with the other's determination to come out on top, even though that hardly ever happens.
  • Among the Touhou cast, Hong Meiling is bafflingly weaker than the rest of the cast, but only because she isn't suited in the rules of play. Still, she is far better at coping with it, and has tried to help Al Bundy to do the same.
  • For anyone wanting to date his daughter Kelly... just don't. It is the one thing that can get you to lose a fist fight with the man. There is nothing that would keep him from protecting his daughter at all times.
  • Has made it his personal mission to become just as successful of a couple with Peggy as the Addams couple. Unfortunately, he can't seem to even match functional families never mind the more tightly knit ones. It doesn't help that Peggy can't seem to be satisfied no matter how hard he tries.
    • But one time she made a mistake of calling him a loser who never amounted to anything, Al's response to her unlike his usual barbs, earned him the praise and admiration of many in the Pantheon
    So you think I'm a loser? Just because I have a stinking job that I hate, a family that doesn't respect me, and a whole city that curses the day I was born? Well, that may mean loser to you, but let me tell you something. Every morning when I wake up, I know it's not going to get any better until I go back to sleep again. So I get up, have my watered-down Tang and my still-frozen Pop Tart. I get in my car with no upholstery, no gas, and six more payments. To fight traffic just for the privilege of putting cheap shoes onto the cloven hooves of people like you. I'll never play football like I thought I would. I'll never know the touch of a beautiful woman. And I'll never again know the joy of driving without a bag on my head. But I'm not a loser. Because, despite it all, me and every other guy who'll never be what he wanted to be, are still out there being what we don't want to be, forty hours a week, for life. And the fact that I haven't put a gun in my mouth, you pudding of a woman, makes me a winner!

    Emmet Brickowski 
Emmet Brickowski, God of LEGO and Seeing Everything As Awesome (The Special, Rex Dangervest)
  • Quasideity (Believing in himself and then elevating into a Master Builder shoots him up to Greater God) As Rex Dangervest, he also would be considered Greater God.
  • Symbol: A double-decker couch, or the Piece of Resistance
  • Theme Songs: "Everything is Awesome!" (Tween Dream remix); alternatively, this
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Neutral Evil as Rex Dangervest
  • Portfolio: Being an average guy and having a very normal face, not being the chosen one and wanting to be special because of it, believing that everything is awesome, fools, balancing following LEGO instructions and creating his own ideas, Adorkable Idiot Heroes, amazing at creating strategies.
  • Domains: Foolishness, Imagination, LEGO, Creativity.
  • High Priest: Traveller's Tales
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Evil-aligned gods in the Houses of Hatred and Villains and every evil god associated with the Friendship Asylum.
  • Fears: Dark Danny
  • Ascended after understanding that he could be special by believing in himself. Despite his size, he is now capable of creating pretty much anything with Lego to great effect.
    • His new role as God of LEGO means that he balances out those who follow the instructions (like he used to do) and those who build whatever they can with LEGO (which is the role of the Master Builder), sort of like balancing Order and Chaos.
  • Still is a bit embarrassed that his first creative idea was the double-decker couch ("So everybody can watch TV and be buddies!").
  • Amazed to see huge versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the Pantheon. The heroes just kindly thank him for being a good fan of theirs.
  • Has made friends with Ted due to knowing what it is to be average. Has started to teach him on how to use his own imagination to create things.
  • Spends lots of time with what he calls the "Pantheon Master Builders" (Sackboy, Steve? and Maxwell) in regards to their creation capabilities, to the point that they have made themselves the "Master Builders Four" one of the most powerful groups in the GUAG.
    • Also spends lots of time with Fred Rogers since one of Mr. Roger's big philosophies is that everyone makes the day special by being themselves.
  • When he ascended, he also carried with him a humongous supply of LEGO bricks for him to use. He's planning on using it to create a Lego-version of the Pantheon with every temple of every deity inside, along with mini-figs of each to accompany it.
  • Is a frequent guest of the Council of Cloudcuckooland, seeing as it reminds him of the Cloud Cuckoo Land run by his friend Princess Uni-Kitty. The gods there love it whenever he brings LEGO, and always challenge themselves to create new and wondrous things.
  • Not to be confused with Emmett Brown, although the LEGO Emmet is wondering if he could make his own Time-traveling DeLorean out of LEGO. Emmett Brown will be happy to help, but he first needs to make an instruction guide for it.
  • Likes hanging out with Wall-E and EVE due to Wall-E's own curiosity with building with LEGO, and the fact that Emmet's own sign of affection with Wyldstyle also involves holding hands.
  • Rumored to be the avatar for a higher power of creativity. He couldn't be reached for comment.
  • His theme song is so infectious, that it can make most members of the GUAE sing along to it. Emmet is a bit oblivious to everyone's discomfort as he can be seen singing it all day.
  • Pretty much has allies with every God who were part of a Lego Set. Ranging from the Avengers, Indiana Jones, Darth Vader, and all Marvel Gods. And these aren't counting the non-ascended gods whom have Lego Sets.
  • Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman once busted a myth of a giant Lego ball rolling down hill. Emmet decided to meet their match by doing his own replica of the myth.
  • Gets along famously with Fix-it-Felix Jr. due to their shared background in construction to the point that Felix is an honorary member of the Master Builders, being capable of improving many of the constructions.
  • Is a frequent member of the House of Friendship, and was deeply saddened upon hearing "Project: Alternate Gentaro". He's now preparing to fight back and save Gentaro from the darkness. He has recently made a plan: make a Deconstructor (from LEGO Batman 2) that can disassemble anything made of black LEGO. There's just one tiny problem: It needs kryptonite. Thus Emmet, along with members of the Master Builders Four, are planning to steal it out of the Treasure Section of the Pantheon. Unfortunately, the plot failed and made the asylum even more enraged.
    • Doesn't like to be reminded that he helped build the asylum in the first place (at that point it felt like it was the best thing to do). Princess Uni-Kitty's reactions about the asylum was to be absolutely horrified, then angry, then saddened at what happened. She's forgiven Emmet for what he created but, like her, Emmet's not forgiving the gods who were going to use the asylum to destroy the Pantheon.
  • Is impressed with Near's LEGO designs and how he tied them in with his detective work. They often exchange pointers for how to improve, so much to the point after seeing his giant "L" made of cards and city made out of dice blocks, he is considering offering him the name of a "honorary master builder".
  • Was absolutely excited to find Wyldstyle in the Pantheon and rushed to meet her. It was there that he and Princess Uni-Kitty (and Batman) threw a party in celebration for her ascension. Unfortunately, Emmet had to confess to Wyldstyle about the whole "friendship asylum" incident and how it was a really bad idea in the end. Wyldstyle has forgiven Emmet for it, but she swears to never forgive those who would use the asylum for evil purposes.
  • While he is chiefly the God of LEGO in the House of Craft, him seeing everything in the world is awesome was enough for him to make a Temple here. He built his second temple with blinding speeds using all of the LEGO bricks he could find. It took him a while, considering he needed to adjust the entrance to accommodate all the Gods who wanted to come by for a visit.
  • Made good friends with Yotsuba, considering that she always likes to say "Today is always the most enjoyable day."
  • Fred Rogers is a frequent visitor due to his belief that everyone makes the world special by being themselves. The constructs he makes with Emmet are so awe-inspiring that many who have seen what he created have cried at its beauty.
  • After his second adventure, he became very afraid of Dark Danny for being the god of Future Me Scares Me, because of how Rex Dangervest is his alternate future self like how Dark Danny is to Danny Phantom. Many of his allies have consoled him due to their different Start of Darkness making Emmet incapable of becoming the same as Dark Danny. Emmet is still scarred over the fact that Rex was born out Emmet making a mistake and being abandoned, while Dark Danny was born after Danny cheated and Slowly Slipped Into Evil. Emmet still tries to send friendship to Dark Danny regardless of his fear with no conclusive results.


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