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Dark and Troubled Past

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Everything about you tells the tale: your attitude, your costume, your tactics... they all scream of outrage... despair... vengeance. What terrible wrong was done to set you on this path?

And the book says, "We may be through with the past, but the past ain't through with us."
The Narrator, Magnolia

Something terrible happened to a character; some tragic event in their past that shaped a fundamental level of their personality. Long after the event is over, it still has a powerful influence on the character's life.

The root effects are usually:


Usually involves one or more of the following:


Expect to see the above overlap for extra Angst or Wangst.

This is a stock Backstory for a character. Much like a Mysterious Past, except more tragic and troubled. Don't expect it to be revealed all at once, or sometimes at all. It usually gets revealed in small doses through a Troubled Backstory Flashback as the story progresses; possibly in a Flashback Nightmare where a happy memory transforms into a slaughter. Often used as a Freudian Excuse for an asocial character's Jerkass tendencies or quiet stoicism. Still, it is understandable that the character wants to keep it secret because They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason, after all.

This can lead to either becoming an Anti-Hero or Hurting Hero. For villains, this is a Start of Darkness. Especially blatant cases of this trope will result in the character being seen as a Sympathetic Sue.

Female characters with a Dark and Troubled Past include the Dark Magical Girl and the Broken Bird. Male characters with a Dark and Troubled Past are instant bait for the Estrogen Brigade who have bought him leather pants. Expect all nearby female characters to become afflicted with attraction to his Troubled, but Cute appeal, and try to help him heal his heart. Not happening. Or maybe it will?

The step-up of this trope is the Dysfunction Junction, where the whole cast will have one of these and suffer from it, too (and don't expect them to get better). If the afflicted character is in a law enforcement profession, see Standard Cop Backstory. When paired with a Nice Guy or gal with a happy upbringing, you can expect...interesting results. See Deus Angst Machina.

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  • The Patient from The Black Parade is implied to have had a violent past, in which he committed many misdeeds.
  • Pink from Pink Floyd's The Wall. His father died in the war, his mother is over-protective, he was tortured by sadistic wonder that, when his marriage collapsed, he isolated himself from the rest of the world and became a fascist dictator in his own imaginary world. What's more, Pink was strongly based on Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters and his similarly-troubled life.
  • Luca Turilli uses this trope whenever he can.
    Lord Of The Winter Snow: Back again to my tragic past
    Demonheart: Shocked again she opened the gates / of her tragic past and bloody images / came back to her mind
    Dargor; Shadowlord of the Black Mountain: For his tragic past he disowned the sunlight
    Legend of Steel: Break the chains of the past forever
    Black Dragon: Had to fight the reputation of his bloody past
    Dawn of Victory: Shades of a past not so far to forget... / the rise of the demons from their bloody Hell!
    • Bloody Hell! He couldn't break the chains of this reputation.
  • The protagonist from The Rolling Stones' "Jumpin' Jack Flash", which has him born and raised in an abusive household and abandoned at some point in his childhood. It's hinted in the chorus that he's gotten over it, albeit not in one piece, given the nature of the song.
  • A lot of great musicians have had dark and troubled pasts. John Lennon had serious issues with the way his parents treated him, which he only started dealing with after he met Yoko Ono. Neil Young similarly had a chip on his shoulder about his parents breaking up (leading him to support Ronald Reagan under the guise of his 'strengthening the family' rhetoric, although he soon became disillusioned). John Cale was unable to have a conversation with his father until he was seven years old (at his mother's insistence, he was raised speaking only Welsh; his father only spoke English). Then he was molested by at least two older men in his youth, giving him issues that fed into his later substance abuse.
  • Dr. Light, as told by The Protomen. His father died in a mining accident, leading him to build robots to do the work instead and "take the death away". Unfortunately, things do not improve from here.
  • Almost the entire cast of the Evillous Chronicles. Venomania was locked in a basement and horribly bullied because of a small deformity, and then the only person who accepted him turned on him; Conchita's mother was abusive; Riliane's parents died and she was forced to ascend the throne while still a little kid; Margarita's true love completely ignored her, which sent her over the Despair Event Horizon; Lukana's family died in a fire; and Gallerian's family was killed by a Giant Octopus possibly by MA or Nemesis while Nemesis never knew her father, Gallerian, was abandoned for sometime by her mother, and later was forced to kill the man she loved by her boss. No wonder they're all so fucked up. And that's only a few of them.
  • The conjoined twins from Evelyn Evelyn had their mother die in childbirth, their father killed, and their doctor killed all within minutes of birth. They were kidnapped by a chicken farmer who raised them in a cage amongst chickens. When he died a few years later, they ran of but ended up picked up by a brothel masquerading as an orphanage. At age thirteen they were given to a circus due to being "too old" for the men. At the circus they were abused and harrassed, until they ran away a few years later.

  • It's mostly played for laughs in Sequinox, but Sid claims to have come from a town where the only thing they celebrated was surviving the winter, and it's very possible she's killed someone.

    Tabletop Games 
  • In Psionics: The Next Stage in Human Evolution the book states that there is a correlation between manifestation of psionic talent and childhood trauma, although no causal link has been established. It also specifies that most espers have pronounced emotional problems.

  • In Chess, Florence's father disappeared during the 1956 Budapest uprising.
  • The Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera was used as a circus sideshow freak until he escaped.
  • Mary in Vanities has an alcoholic mother and runaway father; she sings about her desire to get away from it all in "Fly Into the Future".
  • In Pokémon Live!, Ash's mother Delia Ketchum used to go out with the head of Team Rocket, Giovanni.
  • Siegfried in Richard Wagner's Ring Of The Nibelung: An orphan, with additional guilt-inducing bonus of knowing that his mother died giving birth to him, raised by Mime to be used to kill Fafner for his hoard and the ring. Although he doesn't know it yet, his parents Siegmund and Sieglind were siblings, and his scheming grandfather Wälse alias Wotan also wanted to use Siegfried as a pawn in a longterm project and Wotan's enemy Alberich also would like to get rid of him. Sieglind saw her mother killed and was kidnapped and forced into a loveless marriage, then had to witness her brother and lover killed (which was also due to Wotan's intervention). Small wonder that one of the leitmotifs is called the Wälsungen suffering motive (Wälsungenleidmotiv).


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