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In a work of fiction, there will be two people, most likely in a close relationship with each other, as parent and child, siblings, friends, or romantic partners. But, unfortunately, one is abusing the other partner, either emotionally, financially, physically, sexually, or a combination of some or all of these. The person may also be required to be in a certain place or institution, such as a school, that they have no choice but to be in, making them perfect captives for the abusive staff member(s) who work(s) there. Sadly, abuse is all too common in Real Life and is a very serious and terrible thing. Fortunately, there are a significant number of works that recognize this and treat it as such, but then there are those who downplay abusive behavior and even portray it as funny or even romantic.


For information on how abuse and abusers present themselves in Real Life, consult our handy Abuse page in the Useful Notes section. To look up characters who have been or are on the receiving end of abuse, consult This Index Has Had a Hard Life.

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