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Some people just don't fit in a certain order or tradition. Maybe they oppose the actions of their orders, maybe they don't fit into cultural norms, or maybe they're just a Rebel Without a Cause. For one reason or another, they choose to rebel. Enough gods felt this way that they decided to form their own home base; the Rebellion and Revolution sub-house.


The house is more like a shack or treehouse, with roommate squabbles common. Their motives for rebellion is varied, but an antipathy towards the Grand United Alliance of Law and Harbingers of Repression is common among most of them. Lucifer has a personal fondness for the sub-house, if mainly on principle.

Though a home of often self-described rebels and revolutionaries, they are still beholden to the rules set out by the Court of the Gods.

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Greater Gods

Ganthet, God of Rogue Drones
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Green Lantern Corps symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (briefly Lawful Evil when his emotions were repressed)
  • Portfolio: Rogue Drone, Cool Old Guy, One Of The Only Independent Old Guardians (And One Of The Only Two To Not Have A Face–Heel Turn), Proud Scholar Race Guy, The Spock, Humorless Aliens, Short Old Guys (10 Billion Years Old), Physical God
  • Domains: Willpower, Wisdom, Age, Justice, Hope, Independence
  • Allies: The Green Lantern Corps, Bro'dee Walker, Kyle Rayner, Iroque, The JLA, The Spectre, Daffy Duck (as the "Green Lantoon"), Sage Harpuia, Gandalf, Gowasu, Team Lightyear, Auriel, Spock, Yoda and most Jedi
  • On good terms with: Lorien
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Atros (formerly a straight-up enemy)
  • Enemies: NEKRON and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Parallax, the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, KRONA, High Councilor Kal-El, YHVH, The Auditors Of Reality, Merged Zamasu, The Dementors, Pitch Black, Malthael, Cyrus, Evolto
  • Opposes: Arael
  • Ganthet is one of the Guardians of the Universe, an eons-old race who are the self-appointed and god-like enforcers of order and law in the DC Universe. Abandoning emotion and individuality for the most part, only a few Guardians differentiate from the norm. Ganthet is one of them, coming off as much more reasonable as his kin and often butting heads with them. He was eventually kicked out, forming the Blue Lantern Corps with Sayd.
  • For a time Ganthet was the last Green Lantern after Parallax's rampage, and following his former comrades' devolution into The Evils of Free Will the only member alongside Sayd of the old Guardians still alive. He has chosen to side with the Grand United Alliance of Good rather than the Grand United Alliance of Law, seeing goodness in enforcing law as more important than law itself. That was a mistake the old Guardians made.
  • Has the authorization to replicate existing lantern rings, deputizing people for 24 hours in case of emergencies. He is scouting out people in the pantheon best fit to wield them if it happens. And with the Blue Lantern Corps he started being reduced to just Bro'dee Walker, Ganthet is looking for pantheon deities to help replenish their numbers. As a guardian of hope, Auriel was immediately welcomed into the Blue Lantern Corps and has become a close ally of Ganthet.
  • Ganthet has become interested in Team Lightyear as they're space law enforcement much like the Green Lantern Corps, and Buzz might be able to use the Green Lantern ring. Hey, if Daffy Duck was capable it shouldn't be hard for him. He has also organized an alliance between the Green Lanterns and the Jedi. Yoda became good friends with Ganthet as they're old, wise moral centers of their peacekeeping force. Ganthet has come to believe that the Force might be some representation of the Emotional Spectrum in the Star Wars universe, and Yoda feels it might be the Force expressing itself in the DC Multiverse.
  • When the Guardians of the Universe had their Face–Heel Turn, they started by emotionally lobotomizing him and making him one of them. Ganthet managed to recover, and is still mad about it. He cannot abide Cyrus wanting to purge all emotion and spirit from life at the cost of destroying the universe as he knows the sterile and hollow existence it leads to. He doesn't like Arael either because of the Mind Rape it inflicts.
  • Cannot stand the Auditors of Reality for being the Old Guardians to a greater extreme; outright detesting individuality and creativity, being so monolithic they can't even exist if they divert and don't become bureaucratic asshats except Unity and personify the worst of order. He can't stand others who represent the bad side of order, and Ganthet represents the good side of order. Though the GUAL initially seemed appealing, YHVH and Maltheal's agenda of The Evils of Free Will was repellent and reminds him of Darkseid. YHVH feels Ganthet is a traitor to the forces of Law and wishes to subdue the Green Lantern Corps as the willpower they possess is a threat to His agenda.
  • As an Oan/evolved Maltusian, Ganthet is incredibly powerful and can naturally create hard-light constructs even without a lantern ring. His kind were the ones to first discover the emotional spectrum, after all, so he has ties to the House of Emotion. Usually representing the green light of willpower, he finds Pitch Black to be a natural enemy, along with the Dementors for how they inflict despair and seek to destroy hope.
  • Gets along with Gowasu. Despite dropping the ball with Zamasu, he's a Cool Old Guy who's appointed to guard and watch over the universe, and keeps a level head while avoiding being a stuck-up prick. Ganthet sympathizes with what happened to him as his own former friend Krona defected and became one of the greatest evils the DC Multiverse has ever known.
  • Sees some of himself in Spock, being a rational and stoic individual who still has a passionate side that can put him at odds with his kind. He and Gandalf get along as they're wise old mentor figures, and is personally proud of Sage Harpuia for rising above the corrupt law of Neo Arcadia. Is on good terms with Kosh for being one of the more sympathetic Vorlons, and Lorien as he believes the younger races should choose their own path away from outside influence.

    The Iron Giant 
The Iron Giant, God of Those Who Don't Want To Be Used As Weapons
  • Greater God (jumps into Overdeity should you really piss him off)
  • Theme: "No Following"; alternatively, "I Won't Run Anymore" by Pete Townshend
  • Symbol: The giant himself adorned with a giant S on his chest.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (becomes Chaotic Good if pissed off)
  • Portfolio: Gentle Giant who becomes ABSOLUTELY PISSED OFF if you push him too far, beautiful moments of death to sacrifice himself (yet still heartwrenching), Giant Robot, able to withstand explosions, guns and missiles without a scratch on him, repairing himself by bringing his parts together, Wielding an Arm Cannon, Chest Blaster, and other types of weapons, REALLY REALLY hating guns and insisting that he isn't one (Trope Namer), idolizes Superman
  • Domains: Robots, Mechas, Peace, Heroism
  • Herald: Hogarth Hughes
  • Allies: All superhero gods in the Pantheon (particularly Clark Kent/Superman) and all gods in the GUAG, Groot, Roboking, SCP-516
  • Commonality Connection: The Incredibles and Remy (They share the same creator)
  • Enemies: Gods in the House of Military and Warfare, Hatred and Rancor, and Villainy, and villainous gods who use guns.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Good-aligned gods who use guns
  • No one knows anything about the Iron Giant except he fell into Earth one day, originally sent to destroy it. Somehow, he gained amnesia and went on to befriend a young boy named Hogarth Hughes. Through Hogarth, the giant learned about life and the idea that he could become his own being which came in handy when he offered himself up to destroy a nuclear missile that would've destroyed Hogarth's hometown, all while stating "Superman..." with a smile on his face. Thankfully, his repair system made it so that he would be easily heal and he quickly found himself in the Pantheon with Hogarth as his herald.
  • Was absolutely overjoyed to find Superman, as the Man of Steel's name was the last thing the Giant said before he sacrificed himself to a missile (to the cries of many soft-hearted gods). Superman sees the goodness in the Giant's heart and tells the giant of his tales, absolutely amazed how the Giant could embody the Man of Steel's virtues.
    • The Giant also was interested to meet Superman's parents both birth and adoptive. Jonathan and Martha Kent weren't surprised to see him (they've used to this) and Jor-El was amazed to find how his son gave inspiration. He's hoping to meet up with the rest of Superman's friends and family, many of them agreeing that he's an honorary member of the House of Kal-El for his kindness and desires to be a true hero.
  • 'Does not like guns. He hates them. Absolutely hates them. The sight of a toy gun accidentally triggers his defense mechanisms. Avoids the House of Weapons and War for this very reason and many gods know to hide their guns whenever the Iron Giant is around else having to face his entire armory of weapons. Even Trollkaiger knows that using his hatred of guns is going to bite them in the ass.
  • The Giant once learned of a dark and foreboding threat called "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and after learning what happened, he wishes to help. Not by killing him (which would be even WORSE than what's going on) but by telling Alternate!Gentaro that he can choose to be whatever he wanted. Many gods really don't want the giant to get involved like that, due to the fact that aside from a humongous giant rampaging across the Pantheon, it will just reduce many into tears cause they just know that the Giant's words won't reach Gentaro's ears. Unfortunately, those plans got derailed by an accidental shot from Mitsuzane Kureshima's Grape Lockseed hitting him, causing him to go ballistic, and by the time he calmed down, he was incinerated by the Winged Dragon of Ra. Many gods mourned his loss.
    • Because of this, both Yugi and Yami Yugi had to apologize up and down for the Egyptian God Cards going on a rampage. The Iron Giant has learned to forgive them but many gods worry what would've happened if the two really got on his bad side...
  • Gets along well with the Incredibles and Remy (the rat), because of them all sharing a similar creator. The Giant has also gotten along with various Pixar gods because of this. Wall-E and EVE dance with him, and have taught him about the magic of "Hello Dolly!" However, the last time the Giant danced to "Put on Your Sunday Clothes", he nearly destroyed half of the Pantheon from stomping around.
  • The Iron Giant once met with Groot, and was surprised at how they sound alike. The two have conversations, but not a lot of Gods know what they talk about due to the Giant's limited vocabulary and Groot only able to say "I am Groot." Fortunately, Rocket Raccoon acts as a translator.
    • Has also become acquainted with Dominic Toretto although Dominic has warned the Giant time and time again not to use his cars for artwork. Dominic also denies crying upon hearing the Iron Giant's sacrifice.
  • Was actually very surprised, yet happy to find a fellow robotic giant companion within Roboking, seeing him as another robotic titan that can be just as friendly without the threat of any weaponry on his body. While he can also be weaponized, it's usually in self-defense (like the Iron Giant usually does), or when he's possessed or hacked into. He is the second deity to be called onto the scene (besides the King of All Cosmos himself) to take care of Roboking when he gets corrupted. Not that Roboking minds, especially as he was built to come back after death.
    • SCP-516 is another peaceful robot (albeit a tank) that he's gotten along with quite well, especially upon learning that its dream is to rest in a peaceful field of flowers.
    • Many gods are wondering if he would become friends with fellow amnesiac robot Bastion. However, Bastion's hatred of guns would trigger its PTSD and since the Giant carries a humongous assortment of weapons on hand, many are sure that this will only end in tragedy.
  • Was interested in Golurk and has taught the Pokémon some of the philosophy he learned during his time on Earth. Golurk is awe-inspired by the Iron Giant's idealism and is hoping to train with him more.
  • "Superman..."


Intermediate Gods

    Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus 
Dooku, God of Ruthless Revolutions (Count Dooku, Darth Tyranus, The)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Confederacy of Independent Systems roundel
  • Theme Song: Confrontation with Count Dooku
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Edging onto Lawful Neutral thanks to Character Development and an alliance of convenience with his former enemies)
  • Portfolio: Evil Old Folks, Jedi Turned Sith, Kicking Ass in His Eighties, Evil Revolutionaries And Aristocrats, Dragon with an Agenda, All Part of Sidious' Plan, Well-Tempered and Gentlemenly, Master Swordsman, Force Lightning, Curved Hilt Lightsaber, Combat Aestheticist
  • Domains: The Force, Revolutions, Civil Wars, Fencing
  • Superior: George Lucas
  • Avatar: Christopher Lee
  • Heralds: The Confederacy of Independent Systems, specifically the non-ascended members of the Separatist Councilnote 
  • Allies: Nute Gunray, Wat Tambor, General Grievous (underlings), Eddie Brock/Venom, Revan, Vergil Sparda, Sinestro, Victor von Doom/Doctor Doom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The entirety of the Grand United Alliance of Good, especially its Jedi members, James Raynor, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Evil Counterpart to: Leia Organa/Skywalker
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, Sauron, Grand Moff Tarkin, Asajj Ventress, Melkor and the GUAE, Sauron, Thanos, Darkseid, Frieza, The Grineer, Darth Nihilus
  • Special Relationship: Qui-Gon Jinn (former apprentice)
  • Not so different to: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Employer to: Boba Fett, Sundowner, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Dr. Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus, Kiritsugu Emiya, Agent 47, The Tenno, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The Saiyan Army
  • Belonging to the ruling family of Serenno, Count Dooku would become Yoda's last true apprentice. For decades, Dooku would serve the Jedi Order faithfully, eventually training his own apprentice in the form of Qui-Gon Jinn. However, Dooku would grow frustrated with the Jedi's inaction against the injustice in the galaxy, and was disgusted with the growing corruption spreading in the Republic. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Dooku left the Jedi Order and overthrew his brother Ramil to become the ruling Count of Serenno. He initially intended to go it alone, but Dark Lord of the Sith Lord Darth Sidious invited him to become his apprentice, with the promise of destroying the unworthy Jedi Order and forcing reform in the Republic. Accepting the offer he initiated the civil war of the Clone Wars in order to achieve both their respective agendas. Dooku manipulated Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas into commissioning a clone army for the Republic and hired bounty hunter Jango Fett to be the genetic template, essentially becoming The Man Behind the Man to the element that would destroy the Jedi Order.
    • Many in the House of War were impressed at how skillful this maneuver was to the point that even Grand Master Yoda himself knew nothing of the clone army, and with Palpatine's support, the evil-aligned deities managed to get Dooku ascended, much to the Count's chagrin and pride at the same time.
  • Sauron mistook him for his dragon Saruman, since they look the same exception for hairstyles. Dooku has filled his position, hoping he can use Sauron's unfamiliarity with sci-fi technology to use and overthrow him. Melkor's keeping an eye out for this, but isn't too concerned.
  • Meeting Qui-Gon proved an awkward and unpleasant event. Qui-Gon was infuriated at him joining the Sith, not the least of which because of what a Sith did him in. Dooku admitted that he understands and that he has every right to be angry. He admits that before he became Palpatine's newest apprentice, he sought him out to enact revenge for his death. While there were other factors that lead him to join The Dark Side, Qui-Gon's death was the final straw that made him lose all faith in the Jedi, and drove him to join the Sith.
  • As a ruthless revolutionary, he is disliked by good-hearted rebels, who believe he gives them a bad name. Jim Raynor in particular detests his evil ways. Dooku just brushes off such comments, stating that he was right in the end, as the chaos and corruption made the Senate unknowingly elect a tyrant to the Senate. When dissenters retort that he knew his master was the Supreme Chancellor and could have at least tried to put a stop to his plans, he just shrugs and replies:
    Dooku: Would you defy someone who is far stronger than you? I could very well have refused his offer to become his apprentice then and there, but then it would only be a matter of time before he discarded me, with who knows what. Anyone who is not with Darth Sidious is against him. If I had to play the part of a servant to a Sith Lord to achieve my goal, then so be it.
  • It's this reason above why Dooku is considered to be Leia's Evil Counterpart. Both are rebels fighting against the galaxy's dominant power. The key difference is that Leia is opposing an evil empire and wishes to establish democracy, while Count Dooku is trying to depose the democratic (but flawed) Republic. Their antagonism isn't helped with Dooku having tried to kill her mother Padme during the Clone Wars. Leia is pragmatic however and has tried swaying Dooku to at least leave his master's side, stating that fear is hardly a reason to continue serving Palpatine, and other more like-minded allies exist. Such advice would prove futile until much later, in which Dooku's Hazy Feel Turn was caused by someone else...
  • His relationship with Palpatine is complicated. Dooku is in no way grateful that his master had a hand in his ascension, claiming that he would have been chosen by another deity regardless. Since the start, Dooku planned to eventually usurp his master (which he maintains should have happened in accordance with the Rule of Two) and get revenge for Qui-Gon's death. Palpatine in turn, only saw him as a placeholder for Vader from the second he took Dooku as an apprentice. At first, he wanted to get back at Palpatine for letting him die, but with Vader's betrayal and redemption the Count serves a purpose. While Vader joined the GUAE when he first ascended, Palpatine foresaw another betrayal and coerced Dooku into becoming a replacement apprentice when Vader opted to operate independently of his former master, apparently torturing with his signature Force lightning for weeks to get him to cooperate. Dooku bristled at the fact that the Confederacy of Independent Systems that he built was now at the control of a master who saw it as indispensable from the start. And it seemed like this downward spiral would continue descending, until a fateful meeting with Eddie Brock.
    • Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brock, a god more (in)famously known as Venom would be instrumental in finally breaking Dooku's stubborn mentality. He had been taken prisoner after a fateful battle in which Brock barely stopped the House of Heroism from being razed at the cost of his life. Dooku had his men revive him in a GUAE holdout for the usual interrogation, and a delirious Brock tried convincing Dooku to leave the GUAE. Dooku initially took him as a fool who wanted to "redeem" him. When reminded of the Jedi's capacity to forgive and that all of them were imperfect, Dooku realized that people like him were necessary to steer it back on track. Had it been a different world where the Order didn't pander to their custodians in the Republic, Dooku's philosophy could have been tempered and adopted had he been more patient. After further conversing (and some arguing) Dooku saw that he has no reason to stay loyal to Palpatine and had every reason to go against him. Dooku was later left wondering what to do, how can he both defect from the GUAE and be accepted in the GUAG? Dooku wondered what Venom meant by "They don't have to accept you, but just understand that they can't afford to reject you." Dooku left the room in an emotional rut, and a lapse in security on behalf of his droids allowed Venom to escape, which Palpatine punished Dooku just For the Evulz.
  • Dooku had a very thin sense of camaraderie, and despite Palpatine's utter contempt of him, many other Reasonable Authority Figures in the GUAE, like Grand Admiral Thrawn and Char Aznable existed to plan with, to converse with, people that understood his place yet were powerless to confront Palpatine. But there were more powerful figures in the GUAE that simply didn't care about him. One of his heralds, super tactical droid General Kalani, supported joining the GUAG, and in a rare moment of clarity, remarked favorably on an experience with the Rebels and Captain Rex. Kalani opined that Dooku's mind was still stuck in the Clone Wars, and that it would be 'strategically inadequate' in a place like the Pantheon.
    Kalani: General Grievous follows your every order. The Droid Army follows your every order as a result. I repeat again, to remain with the Grand United Alliance of Evil, of which its goal is clearly separate from yours, and with a leader you do not trust, is strategically inadequate. The Droid Army will be able to move in less than two days if ordered.
    Grievous: (joined the conversation) It would be prudent, Count Dooku, that we join an Alliance. If the GUAG is not an option, might I suggest Darkseid's Harbingers of Repression? I care not who we join, only that I get to kill.
    Dooku: Sauron dwells in Darkseid's thrall now. I do not want to work with a being that I tried using. Darkseid once remarked on how useless the Separatists were. It is unlikely that our cause will be furthered under him.
    Grievous: Your decision then, sir?
    Dooku: (after a long while) General, prepare the Council for an emergency meeting. I want Archduke Poggle there foremost. In the meantime, organize several regiments of droids to attack our holdouts near Barad-dur within the two days you mentioned, and contact General Skywalker. I want 501st soldiers to be prepared for our arrival. If possible, request help from the Grand Admiral, though I doubt he will provide anynote .
    • There were sound decisions for joining the GUAG, that was for sure. Dooku was of the opinion that its organization was in disarray and overcrowded, and that Lord Vader's involvement with the House of Defense was detrimental to its administration in general. The Droid Army would be useful in filling in said black hole. Besides, it was much easier to fall from good to evil than from evil to good, making defections from the GUAG more likely than from the other Alliances. Cosmos would for that reason embrace him with open arms. With added bonuses of having a galaxy wide droid army, valuable information to give to the GUAG Intelligence Division, large sums of money to help fund operations, as well as just having both him and Grievous join, Dooku was sure that he would be brought in. It was like Eddie said, "They don't have to accept you, but just understand that they can't afford to reject you."
  • When Dooku officially left the GUAE and joining the GUAG, everything proceeded exactly as Dooku predicted. Cosmos was very open to accept him into their alliance. Those who were less enthusiastic about it understood that what he was willing to bring to them was too valuable to reject. Something that Dooku didn't expect was for Padmé Amidala and several others to vouch for him. Needless to say, everything was a complete success. Getting word that the droid attack near Barad-dur ended in even greater success than anticipated also pleased him (and everyone else) greatly.
  • When joining the GUAG, things were less hostile and more awkward for Dooku. Most Jedi (except Qui-Gon) really didn't like him being there. They placed him under Anakin, a fellow Jedi turned Sith turned traitor to the GUAE, hence the awkwardness. In life, Dooku made many enemies, none however were more personal and heated then with Anakin Skywalker. The two fought many times throughout the Clone Wars, beginning with Dooku taking Anakin's right arm and ending with Anakin taking Dooku's head. Conversing with each other allowed them to further understand each other and learned that they aren't so different after all. Both started out as idealistic Jedi that genuinely believed in the Jedi Order, until realizing that nothing would come from trusting that they would do the right thing, as they were practically at the Republic's beck and call. They disputed Jedi regulations because they had a deep love for their family (Anakin with is his mother and Dooku with his sister). The death of Qui-Gon was a tragic and major turning point in their lives, and that Qui-Gon was like family, and finally their mutual hatred of Palpatine. The man that had completely treated them as his pawns, making everything they worked for All for Nothing. Turned the very future that they hoped they would bring, into a nightmare. The two are still far from being friends, but at the very least they aren't constantly thinking of Force-choking each other.
  • After betraying the GUAE, Dooku found himself making new allies. Eddie was the first, congratulating him on defecting and joining the ones that can truly make a change for the better. Revan showed up to congratulation him as well, also told him that he made the right decision on leaving the Jedi Order. Sinestro and Doctor Doom were some who didn't necessarily come to congratulate him, but to form a sort of partnership, being of similar mind. Doom saw he Republic as a failure and agrees with Dooku's thoughts on them. Sinestro left the Green Lanterns when he saw how insufficient they were in properly protecting the galaxy, much like the Jedi. The most interesting one is with Vergil. The two see each other as worthy opponents. Sparing so they can be further familiar with dealing with different forms of combat. Vergil with force and lightsabers, and Dooku with other forms of swordsmanship and demonic power.
  • As someone who fought against tyranny, Dooku has nothing but hatred for the likes of Thanos, Darkseid, and Frieza. However, he can respect their willingness to do tough things for the sake of whoever is under them at the time (except Frieza, whose cruelty is mostly unjustified).
  • Being a man of pragmatism Dooku sees the benefits of hiring mercenaries/assassins work for you, even if it's only temporary. So when he needs something done and he can't use his droid army, he'll occasionally hire mercenaries like Boba Fett, Sundowner, Kiritsugu Emiya and Agent 47. For anything of high priority and strong need for firepower, he'll higher others like the Tenno, Guardians of the Galaxy and the Saiyan Army. He even temporarily lend them some of his droids for support and offer a sizable bonus if they're able to accomplish the mission with even further success than intended.
  • When Dooku was given word of a galactic Clone Army arriving in Pantheon, Dooku questioned if it was the very same army he created and then went to war with. When he actually met them... well let's just say for once he and the Jedi agree. He's so disgusted with them that he's willing to pay his mercenaries double if they kill all Grineers in the vicinity.
    • Dooku also calls for Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily and Dr. Otto Octavius to help further upgrade his droid army. The three scientist greatly enjoy working for Dooku because he tends to be generous in his pay, even if some of their technological advancements will ultimately end up serving the GUAG.
  • Because he sees lightsaber duels as honorable battles, he holds scorn for those who wield more than a single Laser Blade in battle.
  • "There is a fine line between neutral and amoral. In fact, there may be no line there at all."

Nana, Goddess of Turning On One's Species (Diclonius Subject Number Seven)

Turles, God of Cultural Rebels (Tullece, Taurus)

Lesser Gods

    Arcturus Mengsk 
Arcturus Mengsk, God of Revolutions As Bad As Those They Overthrew (Mengsk, Arcturus I Mengsk, Emperor Mengsk)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Terran Dominion logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Empires, Former Dashing Rebel Commander, Revenge, Brutal Tactics For Revolutions, Running His Empire Worse Than Those He Overthrew, Unforgivable Acts, Master Planner, Backstabbing Many Groups
  • Domains: Rebels, Empires, Leadership
  • Allies: Sheev Palpatine, Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Adria
  • Former Head of: Nova Terra
  • Enemies: Sarah Kerrigan, Jim Raynor, Tassadar, Zeratul, Artanis, Lelouch Lamperouge, Azir, Tyrael, Captain America, Tychus Findlay
  • Arcturus Mengsk, the name that instills quite the fear amongst the Pantheon. Why? Up until his ascension, many thought that rebelling against Empires are all cool stuff and heroic to do. With Mengsk, that statement is put in question, because sometimes… people who rebel against a greater power might not have altruistic motives at all… they could be as greatly power hungry, just like Mengsk. In the immortal words of Jim Raynor:
    "It's funny… it seems like yesterday Arcturus was the idealistic rebel crusader. Now he's the law, and we're the criminals."
    • For this, he earns the enmity of those who rebels for a 'good cause', such as Lelouch.
  • Arcturus was thought to be dead, killed in righteous revenge by Sarah Kerrigan, whose condition of being the Queen of Blades was largely his fault. However, to the surprise of many, he reappeared in the Pantheon. Turns out, while Amon was a greater threat to that galaxy, Arcturus has become one of the most influential Big Bads amongst the Blizzard universe, enabling the two big villains of the 'verse, Diablo and Arthas Menethil to revive him, and they form a triumvirate of evil. Arcturus has since swore vengeance on both Kerrigan and Raynor.
    • Funnily, the Protoss deities like Tassadar and Zeratul just sees him like a 'small fish in a big pond', stating that influential as he may be, he's still a smaller level scale of threat compared to Amon… or even The Overmind!
  • The first thing Arcturus tried to do once he established his throne in the Pantheon would be to once again re-assert himself as the superior of his 'pet Ghost', Nova. Unfortunately for him, Nova this time around refused to do anything with him, as it turns out she's been assigned to a 'mysterious benefactor'. Not willing to give up, Arcturus tried to 'have his way' to force Nova back to his services, only for the mysterious benefactor to reveal itself and drive him back: Tyrael, who once hired her to 'play hero' on the Nexus, and she started enjoying it for real. Arcturus swore revenge on that too.
  • There are some rumors that in spite being largely a non-combatant, he'll make it to the Nexus battlefield, to fight alongside Arthas and Diablo (and reclaiming Nova back, because NO ONE that he sees still useful so far should escape from his grasp). For that, he's developing a style rumored to be taking advantage of destroyed buildings. This caught the attention of the Sand Emperor Azir, who is keeping a watchful eye on him, as it might be similar to his Sun Discs, and also for the fact that he's disgusted at Arcturus' so-called 'Empire/Dominion'.
  • With his record of rebellion that turns out worse than those he overthrew, he also earned a big ire from Steve Rogers, who sees his actions similar to the American Revolution gone bad and making people fear about 'fighting for freedom'. "The fight for freedom should be used not for personal power, or a propaganda for that!" Arcturus is unfazed.
  • For many, not just Kerrigan, the moment he became known as an unforgivable bastard is when he attempted to sacrifice his own nation for his own gain, including his much more stand-up son Valerian Mengsk.
  • Tychus is not very agreeable with him when he forced him to kill Kerrigan or else he'll shut down his major organs. Now that he is no longer under his control, Mengsk is fearful that Tychus is coming for him.
  • Mengsk is under the radar of Lucio, who suspects that the Vishkar Corporation might be an Indian branch of his old Dominion seeing that they use similar propaganda methods. While it was unconfirmed about the allegiance, Mengsk is very annoyed, that brat is like a Younger and Hipper Raynor to him, but given time, he may become some sort of Spiritual Successor of the rebel. Even moreso, Mengsk has sent invitations towards Lucio's enemy Symmetra for perhaps a cooperation, but Symmetra never replied, apparently too repulsed with Mengsk, not to mention his Dominion's building style was not to her standards. As such, Mengsk has been using his intel corps to find out who the Vishkar CEO is, if anything, they'd make a more agreeable ally.

    Jim Raynor 
James Eugene "Jim" Raynor, God of Rebel Leadership (Former Marshall of Mar Sara, Commander of the Raynor's Raiders, Rebel Commander, Renegade Commander, "Jimmy", Jim Laynor)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The insignia of the Raynor's Raiders.
  • Theme Song: Heaven's Devils and Public Enemy
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Hero but with a bad reputation, a normal terran, a heavy drinker, Only decent man in the universe, Rebellious Rebel, very snarky
  • Domains: Rebellion, Leadership, War
  • Heralds: Matt Horner (captain of the Hyperion) and the rest of Raynor's Raiders.
  • Allies: Sarah Kerrigan, Thrall, Tyrael, Zeratul, Jaina Proudmoore, Tassadar, Artanis, The Nephalems, Lelouch vi Britannia, Serious Sam, Tychus Findlay, D.Va, Lucio, Mario
  • Respect: Leman Russ, Vulkan, Sanguinius, Marneus Calgar, Gabriel Angelos.
  • Conflicted Opinion: The God Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Arthas, Diablo, Big Brother, Tyranids.
  • Rebelling might be a 'bad', unlawful act... but as James Raynor inspiringly coined, "Because some things are just worth fighting for.", if it is for a good cause, then it's worth doing it, one of the causes of his ascension (that, and trying to calm down Sarah Kerrigan in the past)
  • Is one of the more friendlier Gods as long as they're one of good men. He usually greets good visitors akin of a Big Brother Mentor with "He-hey, man!"
  • He fought alongside many of Blizzard's heroes and villains in which he called in some little helps, such as a squad of Banshees and his flagship, the Hyperion.
  • He detests the Tyranids, thinking that the Zerg weren't enough of an infestation, not helping that they are both alike.
  • When he isn't doing anything, he would be seen drinking whiskey at the House of Food.
    • He also brought in his own jukebox from the Hyperion to listen to his country tunes and for others that are in the bar.
    • And for your own health, do not break his jukebox.
  • He appears in the House of Weapons, showing off some of the weapons he found, such as an experiment weapon he found in a lab, his sniper rifle with piercing rounds, and his own personal revolver which he keeps a spare bullet for Arcturus Mengsk should he cross paths with him in the Pantheon.
  • He doesn't trust the God Emperor at all because although he has a decent goal, his method is what doesn't draw him in. At least he believes that he isn't as terrible as Mengsk who never was well intentional in the first place.
    • Despite his distrust of the Emperor, he respects the Primarches and Chapter Masters (Vulkan, Sanguinius, Leman Russ, Marenus Calgar and to a lesser extent Gabriel Angelos), quite a lot; the first on the grounds of being very restrained in combat, being absolutely dedicated to making sure innocents don't get hurt, and for his War Is Hell attitude, the third for dedication to protecting civilians (and going apeshit on anyone who targets them), and the fourth for being a Reasonable Authority Figure (a trait Ultramarines strive to be).
  • Is not particularly thrilled about his middle name. Not that he'd disparage anyone else named Eugene, like a certain panther with surname Gallardo, just that he got personal issues with his own name.
  • After Mengsk's death, Jim has been busy helping the Terrans in the Koprulu sector rebuild from Kerrigan's messy but necessary assault on Korhal to depose the dictator. Unfortunately, with Amon's imminent arrival, he's having to have his ragtag-group-turned army gear up for the war of the millennia, though he's thankful he knows he can count on Kerrigan and Artanis to have their backs.
    • Unfortunately, he did not expect that Diablo, in response of his newer animosity with him, brought back and allowed his Arch-Enemy Arcturus Mengsk to the Pantheon. His response: "Aw, c'mon, I already got my hands full already! Well, at least he won't be in that one battlefield with Red, right? Right?"
  • Raynor became friends with Lelouch vi Britannia because of their status as rebel leaders. Although Jim is concerned for the boy's amoral methods, he can at least know he has good intentions. Meanwhile, Lelouch admires Jim because his rebellion was more successful than his own and did not cause the death of the girl he loved, accidental or otherwise.
  • Raynor's adventures in the mortal plane came to an end two years after the battle with Amon. It is said that Raynor saw an image of Kerrigan in a bar of Mar Sara and set out to follow her, leaving only his badge behind. Whatever the truth behind this event is, Raynor has taken permanent residence in the Pantheon. The most common interpretation? Kerrigan just called him to team up with her in a battle in the Nexus...
  • Jim happily greet his buddy Tychus and hoped that he didn't take him shooting him too hard. Tychus respond with that we all made their choices and is gonna give Mengsk a piece of his mind now that he is no longer on his leash.
  • For some reason, his legacy lived on into a certain game named 16-Bit Hero where the protagonist is modeled after him. Raynor even had to deal with the mass Squee coming from Hana Song/D.Va who not only played his tale, but learned shooting from that one game and his avatar. Raynor quips that the kid got talent. For that, he's arranging some preparations to let her eventually enter the Nexus. This has finally come into fruition when Raynor handed the invitation letter to enter the Nexus to D.Va, in which she gratefully accepted.
    • In that preparation, Raynor also managed to befriend Lucio and becoming another Big Brother Mentor for him. He's actually impressed with Lucio's rebellion against Vishkar as it pretty much follows his spirit: "Because some things are just worth fighting for." Like the people's honest freedom. In addition, he saw Lucio's bright idealism similar with his previous assistant Matt Horner. However, he also advises that perhaps he shouldn't generalize that everyone in Vishkar is evil, as based on his experience, the only problem with the old Dominion was Arcturus Mengsk, once he was slain for that time and replaced with his son, the Dominion became a more moral group (and even Matt became the adjudant of its new leader), the same thing can happen to Vishkar. Raynor suggests that Lucio checks on who is the CEO of Vishkar and make it his target, before he commits a mistake he can never repair.
    • Oh and that jukebox, as Lucio pointed out? Costed him a lot of money, but he managed to finally get some of the finest repairmen in the Pantheon to fix it. It was worth it at least.
  • "Anytime you're ready!"

    Lelouch vi Britannia 
Lelouch vi Britannia, God of Rebellion (Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero, Lulu, Black Prince, Alan Spacer, One, 99th Emperor of Britannia, the Enemy of the World, Demon Emperor, Julius Kingsley, L.L.)


    Guy Montag 
Guy Montag, God of Rebelling Against Dystopian Superiors
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A book next to a flamethrower
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Heel Realization, Classical Anti-Hero, Montag being German for Monday
  • Domains: Literature, Rebellion
  • Herald: Clarisse McClellan
  • Allies: Wishbone, The Storyteller, The Pagemaster, Belle, Twilight Sparkle, John Preston, Katniss Everdeen
  • Enemies: Beatty, Big Brother, The Nothing
  • Disapproves of: Shogo Makishima
  • Odd Friendship with: Ayame Kajou, Tanukichi Okuma
  • Mixed Relations: V.F.D.
  • In the future, the government has imposed restrictions on what is considered acceptable for society and burning books is a regular job for firemen. Guy Montag is among those firemen and has done that job for about a decade until meeting a woman named Clarisse McClellan. Following that meeting, Montag finds a book after a botched house burning, becomes fascinated with the concept of literature, and soon finds himself opposing the group of firemen and his superior that he once worked for.
  • Montag found himself in a place far different from the world that he was used to one day, not entirely sure how he managed to get there. What Montag saw was a place that looked a bit more peaceful and at ease than his former world, but also one where the problems are on a much larger scale and a war that may never end and one that has multiple sides fighting each other. Montag was told he was in the Pantheon, a place that was unlike anything from the books he's read. Although Montag did acknowledge that the Pantheon wasn't as bad as what he was used to, it was clear that it had plenty of issues of its own that he needed to be careful of.
  • While he was expecting at the very least a group of deities that are known for knowledge and reading, he didn't expect to find an entire place in the Pantheon dedicated to housing such a thing, as well as various books to read. While he is indeed thankful that such a place exists, as Montag looked further into that place, it became clear that what he was finding was far more potent and likely dangerous than what his own world could have. Montag has made a few visits to that place from time-to-time and most of the denizens and visitors are well-intentioned, but there are a few that unnerve him a bit for different reasons.
  • The Pantheon gave Montag more than a few opportunities to find others who have a pronounced interest in books and reading. Belle and Twilight Sparkle are among the handful of bookworms that Montag managed to befriend. The eccentricities of the two girls don't really bother Montag in any way and he tends to be reminded of a Clarrise during those meetings. It came as a shock to both girls to learn about Montag's ordeal and the fact that there's a world out there that would outlaw books and anything that resembles knowledge of any kind.
    • Despite this, one bookworm and deity who knows about what a dystopian setting is like that Montag is very distrusting towards is Shogo Makishima. Given that Makishima has apparently read Montag's adventures at one point, Makishima wanted to talk to him to get some ideas into Montag. Even if Montag understands Makishima not liking dystopian leadership in any way, the way that Makshima attempted to accomplish it, combined with him willing to let others cause murder in the process disturbed Montag greatly. Makishima is disappointed that someone who fought back against a dystopia and is knowledgeable about literature wasn't willing to work with him, though he hasn't made any attempts on Montag's life so far.
  • Wishbone, being the book lover that he is and having read the story Montag was in after learning of the latter being in the Pantheon, wanted to meet up with him to discuss books and how important they are. Montag didn't really expect a dog to enjoy books that much and originally thought it was a dog that had multiple books encoded in its DNA, but it simply turned out that Wishbone really did enjoy reading regardless of miscellaneous circumstances. The two have become good friends with each other and Montag sometimes suggests different stories to Wishbone that the latter hasn't discovered yet.
  • The Storyteller was someone that Montag was curious about, having been used to meeting up with a group of exiled bibliophiles and intellectuals. Montag even thought at first that The Storyteller was part of that group given how the latter was seemingly able to memorize large numbers of stories, but was told that The Storyteller was simply an independent individual. The Storyteller was surprised to learn about Montag's ordeal and the fact that there was worlds out there that forbade anyone from enjoying meaningful stories. Montag is willing to do what he can to ensure that no harm comes to The Storyteller.
  • At first, Montag wasn't sure if The Pagemaster that he heard about from other book-lovers in the Pantheon was a real person, but was willing to meet up with him and explain a few things. When he encountered The Pagemaster, Montag was a bit surprised to learn about a book wizard and all that entails. The Pagemaster was curious to learn about Montag's story, with the latter opting to talk about it. The Pagemaster was shocked to learn about a world where reading and knowledge are forbidden and came to understand where Montag is coming from. Even if The Pagemaster is a bit eccentric, Montag is willing to accept his assistance in keeping knowledge and books around.
  • Big Brother is a major dystopian figure that managed to frighten Montag after the latter was told about him and what Big Brother has done during his reign of terror. It's one thing to simply be burning things under the orders of a tyrannical regime, but its another to create a leadership that forces its civilians to suffer immensely without any chance of a better life. Even more frightening for Montag to learn was that someone tried to fight back against Big Brother and not only failed, but was forced to accept the tyrant's rule. Montag sees Big Brother as a reminder that the future Montag used to live in could have been a lot worse.
  • Montag managed to get himself acquainted with other deities who have lived in a dystopia and decided to fight back against it. John Preston is someone whom Montag has been very friendly with due to having a similar situation as he did, mainly working for a dystopian superior, experiencing something that was outlawed in their respective worlds (in Preston's case, it was emotions), and having the will to fight back. Katniss Everdeen was another deity that earned Montag's sympathy since she had to go through a deadly game (one that was set up as a result of a failed resistance movement) before rebelling against her government.
  • One thing that Montag was surprised to find was that there were a couple of deities who had to put up with an unusually specific kind of censorship. More specifically, it was the censoring of anything that can be remotely described as sexual, even if some of what's being censored is benign. Montag found Ayame Kajou and Tanukichi Okuma while wandering around the Pantheon and after telling them about his plight in fighting against a government that advocated censorship, the two decided to tell him what they had to go through. Even if Montag was really weirded out by the pair's situation and how they fought back, it's still the thought that counts in preventing censorship and at least appreciates their efforts no matter how unorthodox they are.
  • Despite his former profession of burning books, he isn't particularly fond of the numerous pyromaniacs that are running around in the Pantheon. Given how insane they are and have no qualms with torching anything in their path (and that includes books and important pieces of information), Montag would rather keep his distance from them as much as possible. It doesn't help that unlike the firemen who at least had a reason for their work, those pyromaniacs care little about what they see.
  • Rumors about an organization known as V.F.D. managed to reach Montag, with the one fact getting to him is that they're associated with fire in some way. Montag managed to find someone who knew about the group and proceeded to provide a bit of information about it to him. Montag learned that the organization was splintered into two sub-sets: a firefighting side that wanted to preserve knowledge and a fire-starting side that sought to burn such. He saw the fire-starting side as a bit too similar to his experiences as a fireman that burned books, but was curious about the firefighting side and their willingness to preserve knowledge. The fact that Beatty is interested in the fire-starting side of V.F.D. has Montag worried quite a bit.
  • Fighting against those who have dedicated themselves to suppressing and censoring knowledge and books has been a familiar occurrence for Montag. It came as a nasty shock for him to learn about The Nothing, a destructive force that can annihilate imagination and with it, the various stories that Montag has heard about. Although the Pantheon has implemented successful measures to keep The Nothing far away, it is something that Montag is frightened of and is thankful of the ongoing efforts to prevent The Nothing from destroying everything.

    Samwell Tarly 
Samwell Tarly, God of Not Wanting to Fight Like His Father Wants (Samwell, Sam, Sam the Slayer, Black Sam, Ser Piggy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A black crow in maester chains
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Father, I Don't Want to Fight, Gets Treated Like Shit By His Father Because Of It, Threatened By His Father He'd Die By Hunting "Accident", Nice Guy, Lovable Coward (considered self a Dirty Coward), Nerds Are Virgins (initially), Band of Brothers, Fat Best Friend, Doesn't Like To Fight But Will Do So To Save His Friends, Nothing Like His Prick Of A Dad, The Smart Guy
  • Domains: Cowardice And Courage, Companionship, Compassion, Family Issues, Brotherhoods
  • Heralds: Gilly and her son Sam
  • Allies: Jon Snow (and his friends, mainly in the show), Aemon Targaryen, Samwise Gamgee, Frodo Baggins, Shoto Todoroki, J.R.R Tolkein, The Cowardly Lion, Neville Longbottom, Shinji Ikari, James Henry Trotter, Piglet, Alistair Theirin, The Grey Warden
  • Enemies: The Night King, The Child Abuse Supporters (Ozai most of all), Sauron, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Lord Djibril, Shinji Matou, Kaldr
  • Shadow Archetype: Guts (at least, that's how he sees it)
  • House Tarly is a house that believes A Real Man Is a Killer, and as such it was a massive disappointment to his father Randyll that his eldest son Samwell wasn't one. A soft and kind-hearted boy, Sam joined the Night's Watch after a threat by his dad that something fatal might happen if he doesn't leave or man up. Though he sees himself as a Dirty Coward and doesn't want to fight, he will do so when his friends are threatened. And he's a smart boy, an accomplished reader and one of the smartest rangers of the Night's Watch
  • Grew up with a buttload of physical and emotional abuse from Randyll. While his soft personality puts him at odds with Westeros's medieval values, the Trope Pantheon is much more understanding. They're also contemptuous of his father, who even outside his parenting skills is a massive Jerkass.
  • To nobody's surprise, Samwell hates the Child Abuse Supporters for promoting abusive parenting, terrible family relationships and other toxic dynamics. He hates Ozai most of all given how her forced his own agenda on his son Zuko and tried to kill him for speaking back, something Samwell has trouble finding the courage to do to his own father. Other abusive parents he loathes in Ragyo Kiryuin to taking it to a new level and being sexually abusive, much like Craster, and Relius Clover for being the horrid father. On the opposite end of the spectrum, he has earned the sympathy of the good fathers in the pantheon, due to how Randyll gave him the choice to either take the black or have an accident.
  • Because of his background, he can relate to Shinji Ikari a lot. They're both quite reluctant in fighting despite their father's assistance, but prove to have more courage in them than the Dirty Coward persona they put on themselves. That said, bad as Gendo Ikari is he is still less abusive than Randyll Tarly, and both are borderline saints to Craster. Sam is currently raising Craster's with his partner and the mother/Craster's daughter Gilly, proving to be a good parent and avoiding a cycle of abuse. Given their fathers, he can also relate to Shoto Todoroki.
  • Thought to be inspired by Samwise Gamgee, as they're the highly affable friends of the tougher protagonist(well, one of them in the case of ASIOAF). The lighthearted Samwise and Frodo were good company for Sam. Tolkein himself is fond of Sam, because of the comparisons, Sam's a Nice Guy, and Tolkein and Sam are studious lovers of the written word.
  • Sauron wasn't thrilled to hear that Samwell Tarly had ascended. While Samwell not liking such a force of evil is expected, Sauron's antipathy of Sam comes from the fact he reminds him a lot of the hobbits who bested him, and that's very much a sore spot for him. Samwell doesn't like Kaldr either, since being a powerful ice-spreading villain he's similar to the Night's King and the White Walkers Sam dealt with.
  • Earned the term "Sam the Slayer" when he was the first person in centuries to kill a White Walker, albeit out of desperation. Still, while terrified this and other occasions have shown his label as a coward isn't exactly true. His ability to overcome courage is something that the Cowardly Lion and Piglet respect, and the fact that he proves himself and grows as a character is something he and Neville Longbottom have in common.
  • By contrast he is disgusted with the malignant cowardice of Lord Djibril and Shinji Matou. Especially Matou, who's the dismissed and disrespected family member like Sam but never grew out of it. Sam was quick to chew Matou out for using his Butt-Monkey status as an excuse to abuse and be unpleasant towards the people around him, while never trying to rise above it or become a nicer person out of what happened to him.
  • As odd as it seems, Samwell believes that Guts is what he may have been like with the path not taken. When asked why, he stated that both him and Guts grew up with abusive hardened men who raised them to be hardened men. Both have trauma to deal with. But while Guts became a grizzled mercenary, Sam always stayed the sweet little boy he was. Sam's sympathies are with Guts even if he scares him, given as bad as Samwell's childhood was Guts' backstory and the Eclipse are worse.
  • Samwell also gets along with both Alistair Theirin and the Grey Warden. They're both good people, and they're both familiar to him. As an honorable Heroic Bastard who's a Hidden Backup Prince, Alistair reminds Sam a lot of Jon Snow. And the Grey Warden's organization is very similar to the Night's Watch, though retaining more honor.
  • Has worked his way up to Grand Maester. He's spending more time in the House of Knowledge with his new occupation. The House of Physicians were impressed by how he was able to perform an operation to remove Jorah Mormont's greyscale infection, and would like to teach him more medical knowledge.

    Shogo Makishima 
Shogo Makishima, God of Defying Morality (The Lunatic Prince, Bitter lit. Makishima, Hipster Makishima)
  • Demigod
  • Leitmotif: "Shogo Makishima"
  • Symbol: A book next to a straight razor
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Violent Revolutions, Evil white-haired people, being a villain who isn't entirely wrong, Sociopathy, An Intellectual fighter
  • Domains: Revolution, Books, Sociopathy
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Herald: Choe Gu-Sung
  • Allies: None. He views them all as tools.
  • People who ideals similar to his own: Lucifer, Senator Armstrong, Kane (Command & Conquer), Johan Liebert
  • People who intrigue him: GUAC Yandere Squad, Vaas Montenegro, Solf J Kimblee, Sora Takigawa/Gremlin
  • Fan of: Shakespeare
  • Worthy Opponent: Shinya Kogami
  • Enemies: YHVH, Big Brother, Napoleon, most authority figures, especially the GUAL, Sibyl System, Madoka Kaname, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Elizabeth Mably, Akane Tsunemori, Shinnosuke Tomari/Kamen Rider Drive.
  • Dislikes: The House of Technology.
  • He heard of pantheon as being consider to be the perfect society. Of course he would take this chance to destroy it. Starting with the GUAL as it disgust him as try to force their will on others.
  • He was once approached by both Melkor and Lucifer in an attempt to get him to join their factions after hearing his exploits like how nearly succeded in taking down a Totalitarian Utilitarian system. He refused Melkor as he doesn't see himself as evil for he wants to better society instead taking it over.
  • Despite his dislike for Totalitarian Utilitarian systems, he is a fan of Dystopian literature and often uses it a reference in how to deal with the GUAL. He likes having normal books and dislikes E-Books as he considers them to lack character. Because of this his reason for rising against stems from being a hipster and/or a unemployed English/Literature major that could never make it.
  • He may or not be planning to get the Yandere Quartet to defect to the GUAC as finds them to be very useful pawns as they follow their desires more than anyone in the Pantheon. Terumi is not amused by this and plans on tightening their leash a little more. However, Yukiteru's potential defection from the GUAE could change all that.
  • He has is a rather intelligent individual and he can be seen in the house of knowledge having psychological discussion with others.
  • He dislikes Big Brother and the pig Napoleon as they remind him of the the Sibyl System he tried to destroy. He plans on tearing down them as well and it's going to be ugly. As he is trying to enlist the help of Vaas as well as the Yandere Squad.
  • He had somehow gained an interest in Sora Takigawa, a fellow serial killer, as the Phantom has impressed Makishima for his crimes of killing long-haired women. The two are expecting to work together someday.

Spartacus, God of Gladiator Revolts (The Thracian, The Bringer of Rain, The Slayer of Theokoles, The Slayer of the Shadow of Death, The Rebel King, King Spartacus, Berserker of Red)
Click here  for his portrayal in Spartacus: Blood and Sand
Click here  for his Servant incarnation.


    Miguel Rivera 
Miguel Rivera, God of Denouncing Family Traditions
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: His great-great grandfather's guitar
  • Theme Song: Un Poco Loco and Proud Corazón
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Learned to play the guitar by watching old videos, Book Dumb, Calls out his family for preventing him for pursuing music, Child Prodigy, Kid Hero, Gadgeteer Genius, The Hero, Identical Grandson, Kid Hero, The odd one out of his family, The Runaway, Shared Family Quirks, A Tragedy of Impulsiveness
  • Domains: Music, Family, The Dead, Tradition, Dreams, Adventure
  • Herald: Dante (his dog)
  • Allies: Héctor, Manolo Sanchez, Maria Posada and Joaquin Mondragon Jr., La Muerte and Xibalba, Zorro, Speedy Gonzales, Amigo, Steven Universe, Greg Universe, Yusuke Kitagawa, Rey Misterio, King II, Sans and Papyrus, Jack Skellington
  • Enemies: Ernesto de la Cruz, Chakal, Evil god from Death and Postmortem and Undead and Phasmata
  • Conflicting Opinion: Seth Briars
  • Born in the Rivera family, famous for being shoemakers, Miguel grew up with dreams of being a musician but unfortunately due to a rather complicated past the Riveras have with music, he was forbidden to even listed or talk about music as his great-great grandmother Imelda had banned music and his grandmother Elena would keep that rule going. Miguel also began idolizing Ernesto de la Cruz and after having a fight with his family, he ran away thinking Ernesto was his missing great-great grandfather and went to his burial place on Dia de los Muertos, where Miguel would find out you don't steal from the dead without consequences and he was transported to the Land of the Dead where he met his deceased family members and witness first hand how the afterlife works. Considering the history of how he always defied the traditions of his family and that ultimately was the main cause of how he later was able to convince his family to warm up to music again and reuniting the whole family in the process, Miguel was handpicked by the Court of Gods to represent a particular title after a familiar face recommended him for it.
  • He was caught off guard by his ascension, thinking he accidentally fallen into the Land of the Dead again and he didn't know how. The fact that he reunited with Héctor was pretty bittersweet since he was really happy to see him again but have no clue how he came to the pantheon and Héctor later explained that the Pantheon wasn't the afterlife but another place entirely, so Miguel was in no danger of becoming a skeleton here and that seemed to relieve Miguel and he became excited to learn more about this place.
  • He tries to stay away from the House of Death and Postmortem because he doesn't want to repeat getting stuck in the afterlife and certainly doesn't want to mingle with skeletons again. That said, Miguel was visited by a few of Héctor's friends, namely Maria, Manolo and Joaquin, a trio who also went to a similar adventure as Miguel and even if they respect him for managing to unite his family, they also scolded him for being too rebellious and that he should listen to the people that care for his safety. Of the three he relates the most to Manolo, who also has dreams of becoming a musician and had that dream denied by his family too, so he encourages the young Miguel to keep playing music.
    • The trio also introduced Miguel to both La Muerte and Xibalba, who oversee the Land of the Dead in their universe and were mildly impressed that such a young boy managed to escape the afterlife and even save Héctor from his final death. That said, they too scolded Miguel but only because he stole from the dead (even if he ultimately stole from Ernesto de la Cruz, that was morally wrong anyway).
  • Miguel can often find himself performing in the House of Music, rehearsing some new songs after the newfound fame after he managed to uncover Ernesto's dirty laundry and given Héctor his well-deserved recognition. He also found himself becoming friends with Steven Universe for their shared love for music but also for being the one person in their family/group to unite the others for a common cause. Miguel often joins Steven and his father Greg to perform some songs in their spare time and Miguel has grown curious about Greg's former life as a rockstar.
    • He also ended up meeting Amigo, a fellow mexican deity whose always cheerfully dancing and performing with his Maracas. Miguel often joins him with his guitar and tries to sing along to whatever Amigo is doing at the moment.
  • A huge fan of classical hero films as he used to watch a lot of the films Ernesto de la Cruz in secret, although it became a bit of an Old Shame in hindsight. However, he came to respect Don Diego de la Vega for his crusade against the evil spaniards and while he was a bit surprised to learn he was a talking animal, Miguel is a huge fan of Speedy Gonzales which surprised almost nobody.
  • Yusuke Kitagawa from the Phantom Thieves related a lot to Miguel's story, mostly the part where they were dissapointed and deceived by someone they idolized. While Miguel has seemingly gotten over the whole ordeal and is at peace knowing his great-grandfather got the recognition he deserved, it seems Yusuke hasn't quite gotten over his master stealing his art.
  • Miguel is also a huge fan of wrestling and Lucha Libre, usually playing with her Abuelita Coco. He also caught a glimpse of El Santo while visiting Ernesto's palace and he later heard he was avaialable as the high priest of another deity. He later became a huge fan of both Rey Mysterio and King II for representing Lucha Libre and his home country.
  • Holds the distinction of being one of the few deities that has robbed from the dead, which is how he end up in the Land of the Dead in the first place. The fact that the other deity that has also robbed a grave is Seth Briars and a certified weirdo, Miguel is embarrassed that some deities compare his actions to what Seth does. The scoundrel pays little attention to Miguel but is interested in learning more about said land of the dead and if it houses secret treasures to steal.
  • One thing that creeps Miguel out is that he almost became an skeleton and so he tries his best to avoid ending up in the afterlife again by accident. He did learn some undead deities are actually good people but several others like Nekron or Nagash makes Miguel feel scared of the more evil undead deities.
    • But he is actually good friends with other skeletons besides Héctor. He often hangs out with both Sans and Papyrus and finds the siblings to be pretty funny and friendly to him even if they aren't actually human themselves apparently. He is also good friends with Jack Skellington, whose domain is somewhat related to the Land of the Dead and Miguel has expressed some interest in going to Halloween Town and meets its residents
  • Eventually his tale was learned by Chakal, a personal Arch-Enemy of Manolo, Maria and Joaquin and someone who is desperately looking for a way to gain immortality so he was curious to see if Miguel learn a couple secrets regarding the afterlife. Miguel found him far more scarier than Ernesto de la Cruz and tries his best to avoid him, often requesting Manolo and the others to protect him from Chakal.
  • Can also be found in Family Dynamics.

    Rise Rousenin 
Rise Rousenin, Goddess of Internal Reformations ("Only One Reformist", Soleil D'Ecole, Lis Branche, La Toute Souer)
In her casual wear 
In her May Festival dress 
  • Theme: Dignified
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The blue-white ribbon of the White Lily Society, as worn on her left arm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Wishing to change her school's policies through the yearly election system,Becomes very clingy and jealous towards Masaya whenever he's with Chiho, Her route's ending ending happily albeit having to make significant sacrifices and hardship to get there, Being the first girl Masaya meets in-story, and becoming his love interest in her route, Being Masaya's first ever crush and vice versa, Having forgotten her first meeting with Masaya when they were still children, Having been described numerous times by several characters as being as beautiful as a celebrity or idol singer, Having inherited both her titles from previous Vincennes students, Being the girl most advertised with Masaya in official material, Having been raised by her grandmother for most of her life, Tends to rebel against established authority figures and often slips away from the school, Having pink hair, and establishing herself as a very nice person early on
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Many deities from Organized Crime, particularly The Slavers, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Agatha Trunchbull, Lady Tremaine
  • Opposed by: Kenji Setou
  • Opposes: Severus Snape
  • Admires: Cu Chulainn, Arsene Lupin
  • Distrusts: Kazuma Kiryu, Goro Majima
  • Rise Rousenin is a Second-Year High School Student, Leader of the White Lily Society of Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, and granddaughter of the current Chairwoman Mitsuko Rousenin. Thanks to this position as well as her status as one of three Class Princess types, she has very high influence amongst her peers in school. And it's through this that she has a desire to change her school's current system. The change in question? To have Vincennes, a traditionally One-Gender School for generations, become a co-ed institution, lest it face potential bankruptcy and decline in the coming years and decades. This potential bankruptcy was no thanks to Conspicuous Consumption by the school's administration, from renovating dorms and classrooms to spending millions of yen on the highest-end furnishings for the students to use.
  • With a very niche clientele and only a handful of female students coming in each year, the school was just barely making ends meet to cover the massive debt its administration shouldered. Not wanting to see her alma mater go under, Rise, together with a grandmother, came up with an idea. Rise, with approval from her grandmother, would look for a male high school student around her age, to serve as a dry run for potential gender integration in the near-future. Two elections would then be held on whether this male student would spend the entire school year in Vincennes, and whether gender integration would be enacted and pushed through, called the Premier Judgment and the Grande Vote. There was just one problem, though. Rise had never ventured out of Vincennes by her lonesome prior to this, and had no idea on what the "ideal" male student needed for this "experiment" would look or act like. What's more, the opposition party, led by the Dean Bitterman Headmistress, abused her authority and made the Gardiane, the school's security force, hound Rise in an attempt to bring her back to the school empty-handed, under the no student was to leave school premises without proper permission.
  • Fortunately for the young lady, her luck was soon to change. By sheer circumstance, she encountered one Masaya Okonogi, a 2nd year high school dropout who had been forced to live on the streets following his own father selling him out to the Yakuza. Seeing the Damsel in Distress being "threatened" by a group of four "men", the young man leapt into action and snatched the young lady away from them. Grateful for his rescue, she treated the starving Masaya to dinner at a high-end restaurant, where both of them explained their sides to one another. Before they could finish their conversation, though, the aforementioned Yakuza threatened to hit Rise in their attempt to get Masaya to pay the money he owed thier bosses. Wasting no time, the young man shielded her, taking the full force of a punch to the face, before he beat one of the gangsters up in retaliation. This bought enough time for the police to arrive on the scene, forcing the gangsters and Rise and Masaya to flee. Not long after, Rise, once again grateful for proving himself, decided to bring him to Vincennes personally. And from there, the young man's life would soon change for the better.
  • What soon followed was a three-month test to see if Masaya was indeed worthy of staying in Vincennes. It wasn't easy, to say the least, with many individuals and factions seeing the young man as well as the White Lily Society as obstacles in theirs and the school's traditions and overall policies. Ultimately, however, the White Lily Society, and by extension Rise and Masaya, prevailed, when several of Rise's political rivals made a Heel–Face Turn and voted in favor of Masaya staying.
  • Depending on subsequent actions taken by Masaya, several scenarios involving Rise take place.
  • The Rise Rousenin that is ultimately chosen to be ascended into the Pantheon is one from one of the latter scenarios, specifically, where she herself ends up becoming Masaya's one and only Love Interest. In her scenario, a number of big revelations come out. Namely, she and Masaya had met years before the start of the events of the story. He had known her as "Lis Branche", and she had called him "Chien", and they had met at a Summer Festival. Said Summer Festival? The same one that became infamous in both Vincennes and the nearby city of Tsurugigaoka, where an Ax-Crazy arsonist, later revealed to be Rise's own mother, ended up destroying the shrine and nearly killing both the young Rise and Masaya, before the older woman was subdued. The reason for her mother doing this? Following her own graduation from Vincennes years prior, her mental state gradually declined due to the stress of parenting as well as being away from most of her friends and family, ultimately making her a delusional, catatonic, and occasionally psychotic wreck that finally snapped on the day of that Summer Festival.
    • Later in this same scenario, Rise ultimately won the Grande Vote thanks to a number of important factors. First, she managed to get the Headmistress to make a Heel Realization, by forcing the older woman to regret her own petty actions and decisions. Second, she was able to successfully get her own mother to have her own Heel Realization through an Epiphany Therapy, that nearly cost Masaya his life when Kaori stabbed Masaya in the gut. Third, thanks to Chiho snapping Rise out of a Heroic BSoD and Rise now able to be honest with her own feelings, she was able to deliver an emotional, honest, and very important campaign speech that was able to earn more than enough supporters to the White Lily Society's side and ultimately win the Grande Vote.
    • A few more things happened along the way following this. Rise, having won the Grande Vote, succeeded the now-graduated Marika as La Toute Souer, having relinquished leadership of the White Lily Society in the process. She also ended up joining her school's swimming club alongside Masaya, in order to enjoy her last year at Vincennes together with her now-boyfriend. Kaori would also end up serving six years prison time for the attempted murders she had done, having voluntarily given herself in to the authorities not long after her Heel Realization. Rise's story would end with her and Masaya standing together on a bridge, vowing to one another to be together for the rest of their lives.
  • And so, on one fateful day, this particular version of Rise Rousenin found herself in an unfamiliar place, alone. Fortunately for her, she had soon found a very familiar place after a short walk, none other than Vincennes Private Girls Academy, with its massive and luxurious front gate right in front of her. And, almost like a dream come true, emerging from that gate was none other than her boyfriend and love of her life, Masaya Okonogi. Relieved to finally see one another again, they both embrace and kiss one another.
  • Unfortunately for Rise and Masaya, this heartwarming reunion was cut short. Having heard the nearby commotion, Tamie Nogi and Konomi Yanase both went to investigate what was happening. While this normally would have had both girls heartwarmingly embracing their old friend upon seeing her, the versions of Tamie and Konomi that had ascended were versions of themselves that had also hooked up with Masaya in their respective individual routes. The end result? A series of awkward mixed-feeling interactions that resulted in a Lover Tug-of-War between Rise, Konomi, and Tamie over Masaya being their boyfriend, with Rise grabbing his right arm, Konomi his left, and Tamie grabbing both of his legs, with the poor young man's head and torso suspended in the air trying desperately to calm the three girls down. Not helping matters was that all three girls had mistaken Masaya for cheating on them, with Konomi threatening to slash him with her family's katana, Tamie threatening to blackmail him with slanderous photos of him, and Rise half-seriously threatening to stab him.
  • Eventually, he manages to successfully get the three girls, especially Rise, to stand down, after explaining to her about events that happened exclusively in each of their respective scenarios, which confuses the White Lily Society Leader. Chief among these is that, in Tamie's and Konomi's versions of events, they not only ended up with Masaya, their version of Rise had lost the Grande Vote, and gender integration was never approved. Tamie also mentions that her version of Masaya had joined her in a trip across Japan during summer vacation, while Konomi mentions that Masaya joined her naginata club during her version of events. Masaya himself then reveals that he has the memories of all these scenarios, essentially making him a Composite Character of sorts. Rise, noticing that he's not lying given that he's terrible at doing so, ultimately relents, allowing Masaya to explain to her about the location they're in right now: the Pantheon, which aside from them, is also home to numerous other characters, both from their world and many, many others, including a few supposedly fictional characters.
  • Rise eventually comes to a compromise with both Tamie and Konomi, agreeing to share Masaya with the two other girls given that they also prove to her that they love him just as much as she does. The three of them make an agreement to again share Masaya should one of their close associates ever ascend, fully expecting that a repeat of this scenario is very likely. Masaya himself is...less than pleased with this arrangement, knowing that he's got a lot of work cut out for him now that a 3rd Love Interest of his is now in his company.
  • With that out of the way, Rise becomes the Student Council President of Vincennes once more, with Masaya and Konomi aiding in her in running the rest of the student council, while Tamie continues working on and publishing issues of the school's newspaper. With no other figures of authority running the school in the Pantheon, Rise decides to continue implementing the policy of gender integration to Vincennes. In addition, she and Masaya decide to continue what they did during the epilogue of her own scenario, that is, to promote Vincennes to the wider Pantheon through the handing out of fliers in fancy dresses and tuxedos, as well as advertise the school's presence.
  • Fortunately for the pink-haired young lady, she didn't have to wait long, since a few deities had already visited the school and had made friends with Masaya's group prior. Among these include Meimi Haneoka and several students from Yamaku.
    • Amongst them, Rise ends up becoming the closest with Meimi, no thanks to having similar ideals and experiences. Rise also ends up becoming Meimi's confidant and Secret-Keeper with regards to her Saint Tail persona, being the only Vincennes student currently aware of her double life as a Phantom Thief. To this end, Rise even allows Meimi to take one of the rooms in the school's dorms for herself, even allowing and approving of the younger girl using Vincennes as a base of operations. Thanks to the school's remote location, as well as her status as a Japanese Christian, Meimi seamlessly blends in amongst the students.
    • Hisao Nakai heavily reminds Rise of none other than her own boyfriend Masaya, not helped that they not only look similar, but have also ended up in prestigious boarding schools and even attracting the interest of several girls in the process. Of Hisao's love interests, Rise ends up getting along the most with Shizune Hakamichi and Shiina Mikado, who, like her, are also part of their school's own Student Council. Unsurprisingly, both girls volunteer to help the Vincennes student out, giving both Rise and Masaya some much needed respite.
    • The only real "opposition" that Rise ends up facing is from none other than Kenji Setou, who immediately assumes that Rise's entire gender integration and reformation policies are somehow a "feminist conspiracy" that she herself has somehow concocted. Unsurpsrisingly, neither his friend Hisao nor Masaya buy any of these claims, and Rise herself gets offended at the legally blind young man's statement, having fought against an actual conspiracy within Vincennes' school administration for a year.
  • Through Meimi, Rise ends up meeting the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, whom she takes a liking to. She ends up welcoming them into Vincennes with open arms, and even providing them the use of the Maria Hall to plan their various heists in the Pantheon. It probably helps that Rise herself had fought tooth and nail against less dangeous but no less sinister conspirators, and, like the Phantom Thieves, resolved to change them for the better. Unlike the Thieves, who relied on Heel–Face Brainwashing, Rise's methods were simply to prove her enemies wrong and make them realize that they're the bad guys.
  • Remembering what Masaya had told her, Rise decides to venture out of Vincennes and into the rest of the vast Pantheon, in the hopes of finding two of her favorite characters. Fortunately for her, she does come across both of them.
    • The first is the Celtic hero Cu Chulainn, who prior to this had already come across and even sparred with fellow Vincennes student Konomi Yanase. It's through the younger girl that Rise manages to finally meet one of her heroes. What she gets, however, is a surprise, four of them in fact. Not only is Cu Chulainn the spear-wielding hero that sparred against her fellow Vincennes student, but also a young boy named Setanta, a wizard specializing in Nordic runes, and even a cold-blooded Berserker. To say she was confused by the latter two versions of the Celtic Hero would be an understatement.
    • The second is Arsene Lupin. Compared to her meeting with Cu, this one is more straightforward, with Rise telling the Phantom Thief that she's a huge fan, and has even come across a similar thief that lives in the school she's now helping administer, as well as befriend another group of thieves that have taken inspiration from the man himself.
  • As it turns out, Masaya's comments of Rise Rousenin resembling an Idol Singer are Hilarious in Hindsight, no thanks to another Rise in the Pantheon who actually is an Idol Singer, in this case Rise Kujikawa. Rousenin's overall feelings regarding this are mixed, to say the least, although she does come to like and respect Kujikawa due to her group's noble goals and actions.
  • While her old enemies in Vincennes were either no longer hostile to her or ascended, the pink-haired young lady did end up finding more than a few notable enemies in the Pantheon instead. Among these included organized criminals such as The Slavers, as well as villains like Lady Tremaine and Agatha Trunchbull. All three are very similar to the antagonists that she had faced in her own story, except, unlike them these villains had no intention of reforming themselves any time soon. To this end, she asks both Meimi and the Phantom Thieves if they could help her take care of them when they have the time.
  • Like Masaya, Rise also distrusts both Kazuma Kiryu and his "friend" Goro Majima, no thanks to having been antagonized by similar Yakuza members a few times in the past. Though, thanks to Tamie, who had already realized that the two men were actually the anti-hero type, Rise ends up having second thoughts.
"I'm such a greedy person...Once I find happiness, I never let it go. Never, ever."