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Greater Gods

    The Bhaalspawn 
The Bhaalspawn, Deity of Doom-Attraction (CHARNAME, Abdel)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: The symbol of Bhaal, a skull in a circle.
  • Alignment: Pick any alignment (though VERY rarely evil)
  • Portfolio: Bringing Chaos Wherever They Walk, Godlike Powers, From Newbie Adventurer To Godlike Being, Had To Be Sharp, Namelessness By Default, Deadpan Snarker, ADVENTURE, Hailing From A God-Forbid-You-Insult-This Origin, Romantic Encounters With Many Ladies And Gentlemen
  • Domains: Adventure, Combat, Doom
  • Allies: Minsc & Boo, Commander Shepard, Hawke, Simon Belmont
  • Enemies: Doom, Joneleth Irenicus, Amelissan the Blackhearted, Bhaal
  • Chaos will be sown wherever the Bhaalspawn makes his/her mark. S/He is not very happy about it, but considering that s/he always works to ensure the chaos and doom are averted, s/he has pretty much earned his/her rights to ascend in this position.
  • Much like several of his/her successors (such as Shepard and Hawke), the Bhaalspawn's gender, appearance and even race can be confusing to deduce. But s/he mostly took form of a human, elf or half-elf.
  • As the one pioneering Western RPG, s/he has the great respects by those who follow his/her footsteps and succeed him/her. Yes, even Shepard has the utmost respect for him/her; the Bhaalspawn is one deity that is really, really influential.
  • And what joy could be better when s/he entered the Pantheon, s/he was met with what s/he referred as "My favorite hamster-accompanied Ranger and the aforementioned hamster", Minsc & Boo. They have promised adventure of... uh... butt-kicking for goodness.
  • At first, the Bhaalspawn tried enter the Pantheon as a male warrior called 'Abdel Adrian', but upon looking at the former's adventure chronicled through this medium called "Novels", it turned out that 'Abdel Adrian' was a jerk extraordinare and Character Derailment on the Bhaalspawn's friends ran amok. The Bhaalspawn was thoroughly ashamed and while they'll still accept 'Abdel' as a simpler name for the male form, s/he absolutely refuses to acknowledge the novel's version of Abdel as himself/herself.
    • This is why the Bhaalspawn could bond with Simon Belmont, of all people, noting that his incident with 'Simone' looked very similar.
  • It's a universal fact that pissing off the Bhaalspawn is a very bad idea. Anyone who does, doesn't survive long. Even Elminster, one of the greatest heroes of their home plane Faerun, takes care not to anger him/her.
  • It has been confirmed that somewhere in the future, an untold tale of the Bhaalspawn that took place in a land called 'Dragonspear' will be unveiled. The Pantheon has been taking predictions just how much doom will be brought to that Dragonspear place and how the Bhaalspawn and his/her cadre of friends will take care of that. What is known so far was that it was to explain how their struggle with Jon Irenicus started in the first place.

Lesser Gods

     Qrow Branwen 
Qrow Branwen, God of Causing Bad Luck to Those Near Him (Dusty Old Crow, Uncle Qrow, Little Brother, A Genuine Huntsman, Uncle Birb, Qrow Birbwen, Drunkle, Crow)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A set of black gears in the shape of an eye
  • Theme Song: Bad Luck Charm
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Bringing Bad Luck Wherever He Goes, Attracting Catastrophe, Cool Honorary Uncle, Proficiency with a Massive Scythe-Gun-Sword, Kicking Ass While Permanently Sloshed, Being Named with His Sister After Birds, Turning Into a Bird, Tall, Dark, and Snarky, The Mentor.
  • Domains: Luck, Family, Scythes
  • High Priest: Jinx Malloy
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Jaune Arc, Pyrrha Nikos (before her death), Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, the Reds and Blues, with special note going to Agent Carolina and Agent Washington, Edward Elric, Arthur, Lucas, Bruce Wayne, the entire House of Alcohol, Wanda Maximoff, Ren Amamiya, Ladybug & Chat Noir, Captain Jack Sparrow, Jetstream Sam
  • Enemies: Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Roman Torchwick, Raven Branwen, Felix, Solf Kimblee, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Undecided: Locus
  • Friendly Rivals: with Han Solo
  • Special Relationships: Ruby Rose (his honorary niece), Yang Xiao Long (his biological niece).
  • Deeply Fears: The Meta
  • Opposes: Goro Akechi
  • Qrow’s first experience with the Pantheon was as a mortal, coming by to visit his nieces, Ruby and Yang. During his brief stay, he was deemed responsible for over $4,000 (roughly 40,000 of his home currency Lien) in damages from accidents in his immediate vicinity. The Council saw his radiating bad luck and decided to grant him Ascension as a Lesser Deity, under the circumstances that he pay off his debt at a later date. After accepting the council’s offer, he was moved into the House of Misfortune, under brief house arrest, where any damage he could cause was already insured.
  • Once news of his ascension spread throughout the realm, Ruby paid him an immediate visit with a gleeful bear hug. After asking her beloved uncle if he missed her while she was away, he replied with a simple “Nope.”
  • His second visitor came in the form of a peculiar man who embraced with open arms, acting like a father figure even to Qrow. The two talked for a while, with Qrow eventually learning the identity of the man before him. It was none other that Qrow's creator Monty Oum, for whom he had a great deal of respect.
  • Once he was released from house arrest, he began to embark on a journey across the realms with his niece’s allies and friends, teaching them to grow as fighters. It was on that day when he was reunited with a few of his bitter enemies from the same world. While he was shocked at first, they’ve since formed a mutual agreement of non-contact. Of course, the agreement is rendered moot if they so much as lay a finger on Ruby or Yang.
  • One day, Qrow decided to take a walk, looking for a place to refill his flask. He was eventually led to the house of Alcohol, where he met a slew of deities that could (almost) drink as hard as he did. Over time, he became good friends with other regulars of the House’s bar, occasionally challenging them to friendly drinking contests.
  • Eventually, a time came when his nieces and charges introduced Qrow to the Blood Gulch Crew. While he was unimpressed for the most part, he at least acknowledged their drive and moral compass. However, he was particularly interested in Agent Carolina due to her incredible tactic capabilities and stealth technology. The two have since developed a mutual partnership, agreeing to tackle each other’s enemies should the need arise. Qrow also took a liking to Wash given he sounds like Ozpin, while Church startled him for reminding Qrow of Taiyang Xiao Long, the father of his nieces.
  • Of course, this put Qrow right in the crosshairs of some of Carolina’s more powerful enemies such as Felix and the Meta. During this stint, Qrow had to fight tooth and nail to even survive against the Meta, and now is trying to have him thrown from the pantheon at any cost. He also met with Locus at the same time. However, due to Locus’s indeterminate morality, Qrow has not yet formed any opinion on the man.
  • Through his travels across the Pantheon, many people began to confuse him for a brilliant alchemist due to the similarity between their voices. Eventually, he was able to meet up with the source of these rumors. As it turns out, the kid was a little shorter than he expected. Upon calling this detail out, Qrow received a swift punch to the jewels. However, the two have worked through their initial misunderstanding, and now their shared voice has become a sort of in-joke between them. However, there was some confusion on Edward’s part. For a while, Edward thought Qrow was some sort of chimera due to his ability to turn into an actual crow. This was cleared up pretty quickly though. Qrow and Edward have also formed a pact, wherein they will be there for each other against any enemies.
  • On another day at the bar, Qrow began to hear rumors of another person running around using the name (C)row. After a brief investigation of the masked stranger, he stumbled upon a young but brilliant detective named Goro Akechi. He soon learned that he had the ability to change people’s hearts for the better as a masked thief, using Crow as a code name. Initially, Qrow was onboard with supporting the young gentleman until he learned the truth from another phantom thief named Ren Amamiya. After learning Akechi’s true psychotic and murderous nature, Qrow switched sides, pitting himself directly against the detective in favor of siding with Amamiya. Tensions between Qrow and Crow have been high ever since.
    • Eric Draven, on the other hand, earns Qrow's sympathy for all he's been through and having some morals.
  • Qrow was grabbing a late night drink once when a tall man with a black cowl walked in for a quick drink. Qrow introduced himself to the masked stranger. However, when asked his name, the man would only refer to himself as Batman. A few more nights like this passed, and it came up in conversation that Qrow and Batman were fighting on the same side of morality. A quick deal was struck between them and the two men became allies from that day forward.
  • After a long day of sparring with his nieces, Qrow decided to meet some of his neighbors in the house of Luck and Fortune. His first encounter was with a witch who could manipulate events around her. Their powers were actually very similar to each other, and Scarlet Witch used some of her chaos magic to momentarily cancel out Qrow’s natural bad luck. For the first time in ages, the house of Luck went a full hour without anything getting broken.
  • He then went back to his apartment in the halls of Misfortune, and was met face to face with a neighbor of his, dressed in a manner reminiscent of a knight. Qrow introduced himself to the man, who in turn Revealed himself as Arthur. The two felt a certain sympathy for one another due to their shared bad luck. As the two shook hands, the doors to both of their apartments fell off the hinges.
  • Once stumbled across a young blond boy with telekinetic prowess while trying to rally against the possible ascension of his twin sister Raven. Even though the boy never said much, Qrow was able to bond with Lucas due to their shared status as a younger, weaker twin. Through this boy, Qrow was also introduced to the greatest fighting tournament in the Pantheon’s history. After that, he had full motivation to buy the home version of the tournament and play against his nieces, so long as they were unafraid of a greater defeat.
  • He once strolled up to the house of Weapons’s gun range for some target practice with his Weapon, since he was growing a little rusty. At the target next to him was a man who seemed to get monumentally lucky with every shot he took. After a few more rounds of shooting, he walked over and introduced himself as Han Solo. A few friendly competitions and hard drinks later, the two agreed that their marksmanship was nearly equal to each other’s. To this day, they still compete from time to time to test who is better in the long run.
  • As time went on, he began to hear whispers of a pair of superheroes with abilities that could cancel out his own terrible luck. After making the journey to Paris to meet with them, he realized that they were likely no older than his nieces. As it turned out, they couldn’t help Qrow’s status as The Jinx, despite their own powers over luck. Ladybug in particular responded with an anecdote about how she shouldn’t use her skills only for personal gain. Meanwhile, Chat Noir’s abilities really only made the situation worse. However, a mutual appreciation was struck between Qrow and the pair, due to Qrow’s lifetime career of fighting the Grimm. Qrow, in turn, respected the teens for their battles protecting Paris. It didn’t hurt that Ladybug’s excitable and honorable personality reminded him of Ruby.
  • Unbeknownst to many, Qrow is also fluent in Japanese. However, due to his voice, many people confuse him with a legendary pirate or a cyborg assassin. Actually, once the three men met one another, they simply laughed off their familiarities. The three then proceeded to compare their swords to one another, judging in terms of length, width, and technique. Occasionally, the three met up at the sparring grounds to train against each other, sharpening their skills as swordsmen.
  • Qrow's dedication to his family pits him squarely against anyone who would betray their family like his sister Raven did. Because of this, he has developed an immense hatred for Ragyo Kiryuin for her treacherous treatment of her daughters. He has gone on record to state that he would not hold back if the two ever cross paths.
  • He was not happy to hear about his sister's ascension into the Pantheon.
  • “Some people are just born unlucky. My semblance isn't like most. It's not exactly something I do. It's always there, whether I like it or not. I bring misfortune. I guess you could call me a bad luck charm. Comes in real handy when I'm fighting an enemy, but it makes it a little hard on friends, or family.”


    Arthur (Fire Emblem: Fates
Arthur, God of Bad Luck Since Birth (Harold, Hapless Hero, Gaston America, Captain Nohr)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The letter H on his plate armor
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: JUSTICE, Overdeity-Tier Level Of Unluckiness, Paladin-Like Characters Without Its Class, Axe Combat, Heroic Jaws, Rated M for Manly, Successful Pastiche Character For America, Large Ham, Never Giving Up In The Face Of Disaster
  • Domains: Luck, Heroism, Combat
  • High Priest: Ashton Anchors
  • Allies: Corrin, The Nohrian Royal Siblings (especially Elise), Marth, Chrom, Ike, Sigurd & Seliph, Roy, Lyndis, Eirika & Ephraim, Robin, Lucina, Owain, Tailtiu, Steve Rogers, Varian Wrynn, Minsc & Boo, Galford D. Weiler, Kim Kaphwan, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Uther the Lightbringer, Qrow Branwen (located in the same house).
  • Enemies: Gharnef, Grima, Gaston, many evil villainous deities.
  • The day Arthur received notification from his liege Elise, he prepared an arduous journey to reach the Pantheon. Took him a few days, but it is said that his journey was so full of extreme misfortune that even other Gods shudder when describing it. But Arthur still made it anyway, with that giant smile of his like it's everyday's job, and the Pantheon noticed that for his bad luck, people around him sometimes get a chance to prosper. That cements why he's the most deserving for those Born Unlucky.
  • Arthur is a man on great principles of justice. To him, justice can mean A LOT, mostly good things, and he earnestly follows the creed without looking stupid (the only thing that makes him look stupid is the misfortune that follows, not his creed and his personality and brain). This is why he's a very popular deity on the House of Heroes or those who upheld justice. Though the one he respects the most is Steve Rogers/Captain America.
    • However, he's also aware that Prince Xander, the brother of his liege Elise, is disillusioned with the term of justice. Knowing how he became like that, Arthur never pressed the issue and kept the relations professional. Xander on the other hand has good trust on Arthur that he will protect and maybe nurture Elise well, his childish sister definitely finds escapade of justice fun and she should grow up cheerful unlike him.
    • That said, he doesn't approve of vigilantism, given that revenge can often be the sole motive for doing so, but he does approve of those who still manage to fight foe justice despite that.
  • In his early days of his settlement, he came across Princess Tailtiu of Friege, who thought that she heard her son named Arthur ascended, but it turned out otherwise. At first, their friendship felt normal, until Arthur came across Tailtiu looking sad and reminiscing her tragic last mortal days. While she cried, in the name of justice, Arthur cried harder note  that it nearly flooded her room, but it got Tailtiu to get back to her cheery self (in trying to get them out of the room) so she's thankful to have a friend like him (and was glad she named her son Arthur) and he knows that this friendship will last very long and there's no way he'll let some bastards ruin her again.
  • Even if he draws similarities appearance-wise with Gaston, Arthur isn't fond at all to him. He does not accept that a prideful, selfish man like him is worthy to be called a 'Hero'.
  • The letter on his armor and his symbol, H, stands for either his alternate name 'Harold' or his creed, 'Hero'. It serves to remind him to always act humbly and heroically.
  • He's very proud of his son Percy, but regrets that he's unable to bring him in to his house as he radiated good luck ever since birth, the antithesis of his house. The Pantheon still provides a garden for Arthur to visit his son. Also no one knew who Arthur married to bear Percy.
    • That said, and the kid did manage to earn a spot in the Pantheon…as Gladstone Gander's follower. As for Arthur's opinion on the duck is simple disappointment that he doesn't use his fortune for the greater good.
  • His axe-fighting catches the interest of Uther the Lightbringer, who saw him sometimes substitute an axe with a hammer, and thinks that Arthur can be a Paladin of the Light. Alas, Arthur proved to be inept in sorcery (no thanks to his bad luck pissing off the spirits of The Light), but the two kept in contact. However, Arthur is aware of Uther's inherent racism towards certain races (born from vengeance of being wronged) and as a token of gratitude of the offer to train as a Paladin, Arthur often asks Uther to come join him about discussing about "the subtle, yet distinct, difference between justice and vengeance. "
  • Upon the ascension of Qrow Branwen, Arthur took it upon himself to meet his new neighbor. he could relate to Qrow’s feeling of being cursed, as both men were bringers of misfortune. Once they shook hands, both of their doors immediately fell off their hinges.

Rincewind, God of Cosmic Playthings
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A pointy hat with stars and the word "WIZZARD" on it
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Modern Major General, Battle Luggage, Obfuscating Stupidity, Reason Before Honor, Great Luck, Perfectly Reasonable Cowardice, High Hopes, Zero Talent
  • Domains: Travel, Magic, Cowardice
  • Followers: Keiichi Morisato, Moroboshi Ataru, Calamity James, Howard the Duck
  • Superior: Terry Pratchett
  • Allies: Caiphas Cain, '''HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!''', Sonic the Hedgehog, Rainbow Dash, Scott Pilgrim, Sasha Blouse, Shaggy and Scooby, Gandalf
  • Enemies: Grand United Alliance of Evil
  • Fears: House of Fear
  • Complicated Relationship: Lord Djibril, Nozdormu
  • One wouldn' think that Rincewind would be any sort of threat. He barely knows any magic spells and is a chronic coward. And yet he keeps getting drawn into adventures, both in his world and in the Pantheon without a scratch. Some would say that's due to being the former God of Running, but there were more powerful forces at play. When the gods in the House of Magic examined his future, they were astonished to see his fate completely unclear. Thus they decided to give him a new title to compensate.
  • Now uncertain is his fate? Not even Death itself knows when (or if) he will die. He is fated to be Spanner in the Works for any major villain and there will be nothing he can do about it.
  • He doesn't appear to be a fast person. But put him in a dangerous situation and he will disappear before you can even blink. Sonic, Rainbow Dash and the Flash have tried up race him to test his speed, but can't seem to find the right opportunity to do so.
  • If there's one thing that doesn't scare him it's potatoes. If it were up to him, he would spend most of his time in the House of Food and eat to his heart's content with Sasha Blouise. Of course that's unlikely to happen any time soon.
  • Has a lot in common with Shaggy and Scooby, two down-on-their-luck Lovable Cowards. They first met when an anomaly sent the wizard to their world, forcing him to work with the gang to solve the latest mystery. While his magic was mostly useless, they appreciated how easily he could keep up with them in the running department. Afterwards, he invited the dog and owner to dine on some potatoes (an error on Rincewind's part. He hardly managed to eat anything).
  • Is absolutely horrified at the House of Fear and tries to avoid the area as much as possible. Which means he ends up there often.
  • Has tried his hardest to follower the works of Lord Djibril, God of Dirty Cowards. He would run away from danger if he could have the chance. But try as he might his heart is just too big to do so. It doesn't help that the man is too psychotic for his taste (he's just too scared to say that out loud).
  • As someone who had to go through incredibly difficult tasks, Scott Pilgrim feels for the man. The main difference between the two are their motivations; Scott Pilgrim complains out of laziness rather than due to fear. The two are actually compatible, with Scott taking care of the fighting and Rincewind serving as the face.
  • Few deities can take as much credit as ruining villains' plans. Melkor has grown increasingly furious at this as well as his inability to eliminate him. Rincewind would love to stay out of the way, it's just his status that gets in the way. Melkor has warned his followers against attracting the wizard and even then it's not enough.
  • Nozdormu paid a rare visit to the wizard on some advice: accept who he is and make the most of it. Even he has yet to see someone as screwed up. To him, the only way he can be happy is to take advantage of his abilities. Rincewind naturally refused and kindly set him off.
  • Blames his creator Terry Pratchett more than anyone else for his miserable luck. Though Terry claims not even he can fix things. When Terry broke out of his mortal coil, Rincewind brought some potatoes to his temple as tribute. He may harbor some resentment, but still wouldn't wish anyone to die.
  • Gandalf offered to see what he can do. Rincewind thanked him while the wizard examined any latent magical energies. One theory Gandalf stated that whoever cursed Rincewind is likely not from the Pantheon or even his own creator. While this made any chance of a cure to be bleak, Gandalf promised to investigate further into the matter.

Yukikaze, Goddess of Luck Even During The Worst Of Situations (Snowy Wind, Unsinkable Ship, Miracle Destroyer, Reaper, Shinigami, Beaver, Hamster, Tan/Dan Yang, Flagship of the Republic of China Navy, Pirate of the Taiwanese Sea)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A model of the Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born Lucky But Bringing A Lot of Misfortune, Sole Survivor, Glass Cannon, Genki Girl, Boisterous Bruiser, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Luck, Destroyers
  • Allies: Admiral/"Shiree", all of the ascended Fleet Girls in service of IJN, Justy Ueki Tylor, Nathan Drake
  • Enemies: The Abyssal Fleet (Wo-Class, Re-Class, Seaport Princess, Northern Ocean Princess, Air Defense Princess), Liberty Prime
  • Historically speaking, Yukikaze was probably one of the luckiest ships there was, surviving many battles with no or minor damage, one of the missions even including Operation Ten-Go. However, at the same time, the ships what she was with were not so lucky, like failing to escort Shinano safely. While she might be the "unsinkable ship", she has brought a lot of misfortune to those around her.
  • For whatever reason, she doesn't really talk that much about her post-war history when she was given to the Republic of China and was renamed Tan Yang. However, she doesn't really want to talk to Chinese deities due of what happened to Republic of China, and there are no Taiwanese gods out there.
    • Speaking of which, Yukikaze is sort of a Logic Bomb to Liberty Prime due of her technically being a Republic Chinese. Though in general, this just means that she has time to run away from him before he can sort the confusion out and attack her anyway.
  • Some gods believe that the reason why Yukikaze is so lucky is because she drains away all the luck from those around her. That is why no one really dares to mess with her luck because otherwise she might turn into a Walking Disaster Area.
  • Due of her noticeable front teeth, she is compared a lot to beavers or hamsters.
  • Most people believe that if she and Ryotaro Nogami would meet, there would be a paradox effect of luck between the two of them meeting.
  • Good friends with Nathan Drake, as both of them have survived even the worst of situations. However, she is not really friendly forwards Gladstone due of how jerkish her can act.
  • Not to be confused with a certain warplane.
  • As with a lot of her contemporaries, she's heavily disliked by Sgt. John Basilone, mainly due to his wartime experiences during the Battle of Guadalcanal, where the Imperial Japanese Navy was notorious for its nighttime shelling on Henderson Field and Marine positions.
  • Yukikaze will not sink!


    Anne Hanakoizumi 
Anne Hanakoizumi, Goddess of Impossibly Spectacular Bad Luck (Hanako, An Hanakoizumi)
  • Quasideity, but Anne's luck can border on Intermediate Goddess levels
  • Symbol: A four-leaf clover struck by lightning
  • Theme song: Punch☆Mind☆Happiness
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Finagle's Law, Born Unlucky, The Pollyanna, Unluckily Lucky, A-Cup Angst, Amusing Injuries, Animals Hate Her, Cloudcuckoolander, Plucky Girl, Shared Family Quirks
  • Domains: Luck, School, Happiness
  • Allies: Yuki Takeya, Pollyanna Whittier, Sakaki, Hanayo Koizumi, Donald Duck, Touma Kamijou, Earl Hickey, Cu Chulainn, Scathatch
  • Enemies: Bernkastel
  • Opposed by: All animals of the Pantheon
  • Respected by: Lambdadelta
  • Unlucky Counterpart to: Gladstone Gander
  • Ever since birth, Anne has had such bad luck that anything and gone wrong for her, usually in such an unbelievable way that defies the laws of nature.
    • How much Anne's luck affects her environment generally depends on what Anne is interacting with in her immediate area, sometimes it will be minor like falling in the same river 10 consecutive times or snapping the necks of a piles worth of metal cutlery just by holding it or something more major like opening a fissure in the ground.
    • And then there are the times Anne will do something that, by all means, should be impossible such as being the only person out of 40 to not only not break a raw egg past its expiration, but also hatch it into a healthy chick.
  • Despite her constant bad luck, Anne always has a cheery personality, because of this, Anne is good friends with other deities who share her outlook such as Yuki Takeya and Pollyanna Whittier.
  • Anne has a strange compulsion to try and pet any cat she comes across, she's yet to have any luck with this as every cat she comes across slaps Anne or scratches her. This isn't exclusive to cats either as all animals try to keep their distance from Anne.
    • Because of these many failures, Anne is friends with fellow cat-lover-who's-not-loved-by-cats Sakaki.
  • Many deities have seen Anne getting along swimmingly with Hanayo Koizumi, none are aware of why but they speculate it may be because Anne's family name is one syllable from being Hanayo's whole name.
  • While Anne and her mother, Sakura were exceptionally unlucky, aside from them nobody else had the same issues with luck as them, however upon ascending, Anne became fast friends with other deities who are also magnets of bad luck such as Donald Duck, Touma Kamijou, Earl Hickey, Cu Chulainn and Scathatch.
  • Anne has noticed that while she is exceptionally unlucky, Gladstone Gander is equally as lucky as often times, something impossible will happen in Gladstone's favour such as when a hurricane moved a house Gladstone was contracted to move, where it was supposed to go and with no damages whatsoever.
  • While Lambdadelta has no qualms with causing trouble for others because it's fun for her, however Anne is one of the few deities she has reserves about annoying due to always staying positive in the face of terrible luck.
    • Anne's never malicious to any other deities, but she's not a fan of Bernkastel due to using her magic to give people bad luck for the sake of tormenting them.
  • Many deities try to keep Anne away from the Fortress Dwarves fort as they're worried about the chaos she could unintentionally cause there as well as getting mauled by the many animals there.

     The Gang 

''The Gang Joins the Pantheon''

The Gangnote , Godly Crew of Constantly-Backfiring Plans
Left to right: Mac, Dee, Charlie, Frank & Dennis


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