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Greater Gods

CLU 2, God of The Impossibility Of Perfection (Codified Likeness Utility 2.0, Clu, Excellency)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A Yellow Identity Disk
  • Theme Song: C.L.U., Gigabyte Mantis
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Polite, charismatic, and ruthless behavior, Cannot Create New Programs, Rank Scales with Asskicking, From Nobody to Nightmare, Programming-Based Morality, Anything For A Perfect System, Yet Proving There Is No Thing, The Corrupter, Visionary Villain, The Computer Is Your Friend
  • Domains: Technology, Rectification, Order, Programs, Control, Perfection
  • Herald: The Commantis
  • Allies: YHVH, Metatron, The Incubators, Glados, Rassilon, Albert Wesker, Relius Clover, Sun Li, Penelope Mouse, Lysandre, The Architect, Embryo
  • Enemies: Kevin Flynn, Sam Flynn, Tronnote , Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Sora, Riku, Kairi, Otacon, Terra, Aqua, Ventus, Axel/Lea, Roxas, Xion, Daft Punk, Neo, Gabriel Belmont, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Jak, Daxter, Ratchet, Clank, Sam & Max, Rise Kujikawa, Homura Akemi, Sigma, Agent Smith, Teseo, the Embryon Tribe, XANA
  • Rivals: the Master Control Program, Gleeman Vox, The Borg Queen
  • Opposes: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Brock, Misty, Team Rocket
  • Believes that as he was programmed to create the perfect system, he will continue to do so by ridding it of its imperfection even if that means causing Genocide. He wishes to ensure that in the Pantheon as well even if it causes many casualties as to him, it is to be sure that any system can run at its maximum efficiency.
  • He has run into Sora and his friend Riku before as they attempted to stop him from achieving perfection and attempted to take Rinzler from him as Sora helped Tron in the past. Despite being a Disney Villain, Clu has no control over the Heartless. Not that it really matters, though, considering he's got control over the Nightmare Dream Eaters, with the Commantis being his signature one.
    • He has learned that his creator Kevin Flynn is in the Pantheon and is attempting to confront his "Father".
  • Clu is banned from the House of Technology as he has attempted to Rectify good A.I.s and robots of that house, including Tron. No one, especially Sora and Bentley, wants Tron to be reprogrammed back into Rinzler. Despite this, Clu is very determined to get back Rinzler, and is often seen trying to hack in. This was part of the reason why Tron and the Hacking Quintet formed the GUAG White Hats.
  • Many are attempting to find a way to seal Clu as it seems that damaging Clu is next to impossible, the only thing that could kill Clu is Reintegration with Kevin Flynn but that could destroy them both. However, the only two people that actually seem to terrify Clu are Sam & Max. Seeing as how they've once destroyed the internet in their world with a biological weapon, his fear isn't unfounded.
  • Teseo has been added to Clu's enemies list, though for more important reasons: he has no problem trying to trash his plans in favor of his comrades' goals for creating a paradise for people like them. And he'd get a kick out of doing so. Teseo's power over physical matter and data makes him a serious threat to boot.
  • Considers the Embryon Tribe to be abominations, due to being digital people who were given organic bodies. Clu holds a more serious disgust towards XANA, however. As a program who seeks perfection and stability, XANA's continual evolution as a chaotic virtual network is anathema to him. Along with that, XANA has an aesthetic completely different from The Grid, and who has, through various methods, destroyed other virtual systems. As such, XANA is a serious and personally offensive threat to him.
  • He has heard of Superman's alternate self and wishes to bring him to the Pantheon with the help of Funny Valentine so they can perfect the Pantheon. While they didn't actually get to do that, the operation was a success.
  • Is currently letting other evil members drop their enemies into "The Grid Games", letting them play until they have to fight either him or the Commantis, which is usually a no-win situation. Prior to 2012, Rinzler served as one of the champions… until he was defeated and freed by Sora. Unfortunately, Gleeman Vox has been getting more business with these arena battles, since at least his arena games, DreadZone, is on television. Clu is quite angry with this. Especially because his only "Exterminator" has already escaped.
  • Has decided to work along side YHVH in his Regime as to him, YHVH is the one to bring Order and Perfection to The Pantheon that to him has always been flawed and imperfect. Despite his computerized existence, Clu's not joining the Grand United Alliance of Machines as Law takes precedent over Machine Supremacy in his eyes. Mainly it's to avoid Sigma's Maverick Virus or Agent Smith from ruining his envisioned "perfect system". He does get along with the Architect however, due to trying to create a perfect system.
  • There's been recent sightings of Penelope hanging out with Clu on his Throneship, implying that they are in a relationship, despite being different species (mouse and program, respectively). Bentley was said to be mortified by this news, though he believes that she's just using Clu to rebuild her reputation after her shocking betrayal caused everyone to cut ties with her. Because of this, Clu was dubbed an "enemy of the Cooper Gang" by both Sly and Bentley.
    • Bentley was right on the money. Penelope has since ditched Clu for Vox, and is dating Reactor for his money.
  • He would not want others bringing up the last moments of The Original Clu; he still has those moments in his memory and he does not like remembering those moments. After the MCP ascended, flashbacks of the original's deresolution became quite common for Clu. Homura Akemi has even used this against him as payback for Sora's battle with Tron and later derezzing the latter out of jealousy. Just hearing "I was waiting for this moment" is enough for Clu to suffer a panic attack, but at least he doesn't have to suffer from it too much, unlike Lady Tremaine.
  • He's rather interested by Perfect Cell, though Cell disagrees with Clu's ideas of perfection. When asked by Clu what his idea of perfection was, Cell naturally pointed to himself, to which Clu scoffed "of course you'd think that". He feels that the Borg at least has a better foundation of the concept of perfection in what they're trying to achieve, just not one he agrees on.
  • Steven Universe has been trying to convince Clu at least that his dash for perfection is an impossibility, hoping that he could get him to see the light as he accomplished with White Diamond, but Clu remains dismissive and believes he's naive. The idea that he is attempting an impossible task is an idea he is incapable of accepting.
  • Unbeknownst to Clu, Clockwerk has been constantly visiting The Grid, seeing that Clu's pure hatred towards Kevin Flynn and Sora is quite tasty for him. Lady Tremaine probably is the only one to be tastier.
  • Despite their antagonism, Flynn and Clu agree that they need to keep Ash Ketchum, his Pikachu, Misty, Brock, and Team Rocket out of The Grid, out of fear of another "Seizure Episode".

Malthael, Unholy Opposer of Free Will (Archangel of Wisdom (formerly), Aspect of Death, Silent Angel, Angel of Death, Architect of the Eternal Conflict, The Guardian, The Reaper, Reaper of Souls)
  • Greater God (Bordering Overdeity when fused with the Black Soulstone)
  • Symbol: A pair of Shotels
  • Theme Song: Malthael's theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Formerly Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Initially the Leader of the Angiris Council until his eventual betrayal, Dual Wields a pair of Shotels, Evil Is Hammy, Evil Sounds Deep, Fallen Angel, In the Hood, Plans to destroy humanity, Knight Templar, Teleport Spam, Wants to end the Eternal Conflict at all costs, Consuming Souls, The Grim Reaper
  • Domains: Wisdom (Formerly), Death, Destruction, Free Will, Fallen Angels
  • Heralds: The Lesser Angels of Death and the Legion of the Dead
  • Allies: YHVH, Thanatos, Dhuum, The Fiends, Asmodeus
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Darkseid
  • Enemies:
  • Unconventional Alliance: Moon Man
  • Formerly known as the Archangel of Wisdom, Malthael was a respected figure among the angels. However, after he witnessed how a human embraced evil in such a destructive way that he resolved that humanity was an abomination that must be destroyed. Eventually becoming the aspect of death, Malthael resolved that after the defeat of the demon lords, humanity was the last enemy that had to be dealt with in order to end the Eternal Conflict.
    • And how he came to this conclusion? He believes that because humans are free to choose how they want to be, then they are more likely to choose evil over good. Not only that, he actually believes that "Freedom" is something that nobody should ever choose by themselves.
  • After hearing of his ascension, both Tyrael and Auriel were not happy that Malthael was back and ready to "destroy all traces of evil" as he calls it. Tyrael went as far as recruiting the Nephalems in hope of fighting the Fallen Angel before he does a lot of harm.
    • However, it looks like Malthael has lost possession of the black soulstone after he was defeated, meaning that the demonic evils that were sealed inside the stone were freed shortly after his death. Now that he is in the pantheon, Malthael is clearly not happy that Diablo is out doing as he pleases, and is even considering taking him down himself.
  • Initially, Darkseid thought that Malthael would be a great ally in his efforts to eliminate free will, but the Fallen Archangel doesn't hold the same ideas as he does. For once, he thinks that doing that would be better for everyone while Darkseid clearly has different objectives in mind.
  • He found far greater favor in Asmodeus, a being who made the same arguments to a fellow god after free will was given to people. Many found Asmodeus' decision to kill his friend a drastic method, but Malthael thought that he was in the right in that decision.
  • Being the Archangel of Death, Malthael is facing quite the tough competition when it comes to who gets to be the Pantheon's Grim Reaper. However, there are other more benevolent reapers, such as Lord Death, that think he has gone over the edge and needs to be stopped.
  • Is completely annoyed by how death works in the Pantheon, as it makes his job very difficult. He is not the only one with this sentiment, as both Thanatos and Dhuum share the same objectives. The three of them are planning to bring eternal death to everyone in the Pantheon, and this time, no one is escaping death for real.
  • Not seen in a very good light by the ascended angels, with most of the more benevolent angels and even some of the more Knight Templar ones think he has gone too far. Malthael is especially at odds with Michael since in the past they both weren't that different from one another
  • The alliance between angels and demons is something that he considers the most unforgivable act any angel would dare to do, as such union ended up creating humanity in Sanctuart. While he initially abstained from deciding the fate of humanity (unlike his fellow angel Imperius), he later decided to eradicate humanity by himself. He gets even more angry at Nephilim, considering them an abomination of nature that shouldn't even exist.
    • Of course, this belief had made Malthael clash with Seraph Lamington, who believes that Angels and Demons can coexist in peace and he personally knows pure-hearted demons. Malthael considers the Seraph a weak excuse of an angel.
    • He also had come into conflict with the angel Irina Shidou and the former exorcist turned demon Xenovia Quarta, who both hold an unbreakable friendship. He was almost about to execute both when Michael interfered and drove Malthael away. The Archangel of Death clearly is not going to tolerate any of these relationships any longer.
  • Not very fond of the mortal known as Reaper, who dresses as a dark figure and literally calls himself "The Angel of Death". Malthael doesn't appreciate that a mere mortal is ripping him off and he is going to teach him what real "reaping" is about.
    • Apparently, there is another mortal by the name of Hanzo Shimada who is said to sound just like him. But Malthael himself has no time for another human insect to even care.
  • One day, he was approached by the infamous Moon Man, who wanted to join Malthael's cause. Apparently, he would be happy if he is allowed to annihilate minorities as he calls.
  • He has the power to drain the soul and life essence of anyone that dare oppose him. He particularly despises Shadow Fiend and Shang Tsung, who share said power with him (With the former being a demon not helping at all).
  • Found out about the existence of The Nexus and already has plans for it after he successfully arrives. For one, he was a bit shocked to see that humans that reside there didn't have demon taint unlike before (though somehow the Nephalems made it). But he steels himself anyway because he does find a lot more demon-tainted beings there, particularly Orcs.
  • "No one can stop death".

Intermediate Gods

    Alith Anar 
Alith Anar, Elven Patron of Admirable, Yet Extreme Goals (The Shadow King, Prince of Nagarythe, Lord of Elanadris)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Banner of Nagarythe
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, though will Resort to Chaotic Neutral Actions
  • Portfolio: Master Archer, Has Genuinely Good Motives but is Absolutely Ruthless in Execution, Saw his Homeland Razed and his Family Killed by Dark Elves and Started a Warpath of Revenge out on Them, Unscrupulous Anti-Hero, Hunting Down Former Natives of his Former Home, Pay Evil unto Evil, Stealth Expert, The Moonbow of Lileath, Bow and Sword in Accord, Dark Is Not Evil, Feared by the Dark Elves, Being Covert about Protecting Ulthuan, Shrouded in Myth, Epic Bastardry
  • Domains: Elves, Rulers, Vengeance, Loss, Stealth, Fear
  • Allies: Tyrion and Teclis, Legolas, Gimli, Drizzt Do'Urden, Olberic Eisenberg, Guts, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Akame, Night Raid, Asura, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Aragorn, King Arthur Pendragon, Grøh, Scar
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Thor Odinson, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Enemies: Malekith, Morathi, Malus Darkblade, Malekith the Accursed, Mannfred von Carstein, Nagash, Melkor, Griffith, Sauron, Lolth, Walder Frey, Roose Bolton, Ramsay Bolton, The Slavers, Quan Chi
  • Respects: Cosmos
  • Respected By: House of Revenge and Retribution, Atrocitus, Agent 47, Afro Samurai
  • Opposes: The Four Chaos Gods, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sasuke Uchiha, Kratos
  • Alith Anar was once a High Elf Noble of House Anar who resided peacefully in Nagarythe, one of the most prosperous provinces in the island of Ulthuan, though he showcased immense combat talent as an archer and as a tactician, and his family took part in the Civil War when Aenarion's son, Malekith, tried to seize the Phoenix Throne for himself and corrupting many of the elves into his services, adopting the title of the Druchii, or Dark Elves. While the High Elves won the battle, the resulting events that happened within concluded with Nagarythe being split and devastated and Alith Anar having to have watched his entire family and a lot of his friends and comrades get brutally killed right in front of him. This awoke a deep, raging hatred within the High Elf, for he felt that what the Dark Elves committed was unforgivable. In the following centuries, Alith Anar found and took in as many High Elves as he could and prepared them in his crusade against the Dark Elves. And when the time came, they would unexpectedly strike, greatly demoralizing their enemies and inspiring a sense of dread and terror towards the Dark elves that they've rarely ever had. This was the legend of the Shadow King of Nagarythe; while nobody knows exactly where Alith Anar gas been to, there's no mistake that he's still active, more than ready to exact his vengeance towards the very kin that betrayed him and destroyed his home and family. And when he strikes back, he will do it as viciously and brutally as his enemies do so towards the innocent.
    • When the Second Elven War broke out in the midst of the End Times, Alith Anar chose to remain mostly neutral throughout the whole ordeal. However, when Tyrion became corrupted by his poisoned psyche that he inherited from Aenarion and taking the Widowmaker out of grief for losing his daughter and being betrayed by his brother, Teclis, Alith Anar was forced to step into the ordeal. He made an alliance with Malekith, as uneasy as it was, and engaged in battle against Tyrion and Morathi. After a long-fought battle between Tyrion and Malekith, Alith Anar shot the decisive fatal blow towards the former, allowing the latter to unite the Slices and become the Eternity King, however, Alith Anar states that he will be watching and monitoring Malekith from the shadows in case he tried to turn back from his new occupation and stated that he won't hesitate in offing Malekith if he went back to becoming malicious. He would take part in the final battle against the Forces of Chaos, though he and the rest of the non-Chaos affiliated races would lose and the world was destroyed...
  • Through the world's destruction, did Alith Anar find himself in a new one, one which felt incredibly different. So much so that Alith Anar had to travel around for a good period of time to fully integrate and familiarize himself with his new surroundings and what he stumbled across. Even then, he felt that there was a greater evil, one with a presence as strong as the Chaos Gods, was spreading its influence around. He also learned of Malekith's return and his subsequent reclaim of Naggaroth, an act with greatly displeased him, yet further invigorated his desire for vengeance. With a whole assortment of new foes to deal with and the prospect of having to find new allies, Alith Anar renewed his quest for revenge in the Pantheon. Only this time, things may become more complicated for the High Elf.
  • Alith Anar, despite being a hero, is a polarizing figure in the Pantheon, especially for the Grand United Alliance of Good. For one thing, he does have a tragic background and some would be willing to try helping him out emotionally. Some believe that he is justified in his desire for vengeance. However, while those thoughts tend to be the majority, it's his execution and approach that have made Alith Anar a debatable figure. He's turned out to be just as brutal, uncompromising, and bloodthirsty as the Dark Elves and is not shy about torturing them if it means gaining something out of it and would viciously kill them to send a warning message about his presence. It's what made him a boogeyman man for the Dark Elves and a lot of evil beings have taken note of this too. Though in-person, Alith Anar is actually a lot more reasonable and fair, compared to your standard High Elf; he will negotiate and openly work with other races, provided they are not malevolent and always seeks to do the right thing and protect others.
    • While Alith Anar was welcomed into the GUAG, some do admit to not liking the way Alith Anar prefers to do his tasks and would sometimes wish that he tones down his violent tendencies. Unfortunately, he isn't going to stop; he's seen a lot of evil acts and influences, alongside the fact that he's had to see people get senselessly murdered and their treasures belongings, and homes destroyed as well. It's what fueled him into becoming a hardened warrior and killer, to begin with, after all, and he absolutely despises Slavery, as the Dark Elves' liberal indulgence on them means they take enjoyment out of others' suffering. Though in spite of his reputation and actions, Alith Anar does pay a degree of respect towards Cosmos, who does sympathize with the High Elf and wishes for him to find happiness and company to spend time with, words that Alith Anar has appreciated.
  • Despite his allegiance to good, Alith Anar prefers to travel akin to a nomad, going from one place to another and observing each and every field that they come across. He and his fellow High Elf followers would then make up a makeshift base to make their plans and forge their weaponry in. Above all, they seek to keep their tracks covered and hidden in the shadows, striking their enemies when they least expect it. In Alith Anar's perspective, this is his way to give the GUAG the necessary advantage they need against their enemies and he doesn't really care about what a lot of their members think of him; as far as he's concerned, his enemies aren't turning back in their acts of evil and he wants to feel how their victims feel whenever they torture or kill them.
    • That said, there are a few deities who do keep in contact and have occasionally met up with Alith Anar. Unlike most of the High Elves, he's open to interacting and making connections with others outside of his own kind and he feels as if he has to make sure that, for his infamy, others can see the necessity of his actions. Some of his followers even take the time to look out for Alith Anar's new allies and friends so as to give them backup, whereas he's plotting to target some of the bigger threats and evils in the Pantheon. Once the time comes, Alith Anar will swiftly demonstrate why he's so feared and he's more than willing to suddenly show up and aid the innocent and his allies in their time of need.
  • Having come from a land where Elves and Dwarfs had an incredibly strenuous and tense relationship after they engaged in a brutal civil war against one another, Alith Anar tends to be rather wary about Dwarfs, though he personally doesn't bear them any ill will. Even so, he found it rather odd to see one particular Dwarf, Gimli, be well-accustomed to working with an Elf named Legolas. In fact, the duo often competed against one another on who could get the most kills, yet they manage a strong friendship with one another. It was endearing for Alith Anar to see such a relationship as it reminded him of Ulthuan's older times when the High Elves and Dwarfs actually had a great relationship and often helped out one another. He befriended Legolas and Gimli and would sometimes help them, though, by his admission, he's not playing along with their kill tally. He hopes that he can approach Thorgrim Grudgebearer and help him overcome the Dwarf's negative perception towards the High Elves, but given the Dwarfs' stubbornness and their tendency to be obsessed about grudges, progress has been pretty slow.
  • To his surprise, Alith Anar found out, in the Pantheon, that "Malekith" was actually the name of two different individuals, both of whom were tyrannical Dark Elf rulers. Upon learning of the one he was unfamiliar with known as The Accursed, Alith Anar quickly readied himself on the occasion that he has to battle against him. To his luck, neither the Witch-King nor the Accursed were allied with one another, simply seeing each other as rivals to compete against. The fact that the Accursed is a more deranged, maniacal Malekith than the one he was familiar with has motivated Alith Anar to seek more powerful tools and weapons to find and create if he ever were to go up against him. That, and he would come to find a mutual alliance with Thor, the Norse God of Thunder and a sworn enemy to the Accursed. While both had differing approaches, with Thor being boisterous about his combat prowess and Alith Anar preferring to be vicious and pragmatic, they are in agreement that the Accursed is a bike, deranged madman that needs to be stopped.
    • Speaking of Dark Elves, Alith Anar was not wholly familiar with the idea that they can turn out to be good. One such of that kind, Drizzt Do'Urden, was able to prove himself in his world that despite belonging to a race known for their wildly crazy and oppressive nature, he was genuinely a good-hearted man who sought to do the right thing. Alith Anar found that respectable and immediately took a liking to Drizzt, who admitted that while what Alith Anar did to his enemies was far too harsh for anyone heroic, he understood the reason and motives for why the High Elf acted like that. Through Drizzt, Alith Anar also came to learn about Lolth, the Drow Goddess of Deceit, and instantly despised her for her cruel treatment towards her subjects and treating any male Drow as reproduction factory workers, which Alith Anar saw as slavery. Through a mutual enemy, Alith Anar and Drizzt have since formed a pact to work with one another in case one of them needs help.
  • He and Guts managed to find some kind of camaraderie with one another and they saw each other as worthy allies to fight with. Part of it stems from the fact that they've had to face a great tragedy in their pasts and how they've both been consumed by vengeance against their aggressors. The fact that Guts and Alith Anar are normally nomadic travelers in a sense also helped as they feel as if they should distance themselves from others out of their safety and giving them breathing space in their own thoughts. That said, with Guts gaining more motivation and desires than just revenge, Alith Anar feels as if he deserves it, which Guts thanked him for.
    • Speaking of Guys, Alith Anar utterly despises Griffith, especially after learning of the circumstances of his betrayal towards the Band of the Hawk, which Guts was a part of. In fact, Griffith was worse than Malekith; while the Witch-King did care for his race in spite of his bloodthirsty and tyrannical nature, Griffith's malignant narcissism and obsessive desire to become a god rendered him incapable of showing strong emotional affection to anyone except himself. That Griffith was infamous for his treachery was just icing on the cake and Alith Anar knew just how damaging it can be, which made the Elf justify Guts' utter hatred and vengeance against him. So far, Griffith doesn't care about Alith Anar, seeing him as inconsequential, though the Elf sees this as his narcissism judging everyone as beneath him. He intends to, one day, make an attack on him with Guts, though he admits it will take time, given how powerful Griffith is as Femto.
  • While not a part of it, he is seen as a Patron Saint for the House of Revenge and Retribution, which makes sense as Alith Anar has not just dedicated his life to that, but also developed a frightening success record in his name that has left many trembling in fear by the mere thought of him. The High Elf admits that he's rather neutral about the matter; he does believe that he must be seen as a symbol of fear towards evil, though outside of the High Elves who willingly joined alongside him, he frowns at the prospect of others aiming to be like him. Even if he does see his own actions as justified, he doesn't want to be a role model for anyone, let alone High Elves, for what he does. As a result, his interactions in the House of Revenge and Retribution can sometimes come off as awkward.
  • Atrocitus has come to admire Alith Anar and his reputation. Due to the fact that his rage and hate is stemmed from a great tragedy that he has never really been able to grow past, Atrocitus thinks he can be more than a worthy recruit for the Red Lantern Corps. In fact, his rage-filled desires were so strong, a Red Lantern Ring sensed Alith Anar and made his way to him, which also led to Atrocitus tracking him down. Upon being told about the circumstances big the ring, Alith Anar declined to wear the ring but decided to keep it in case. Atrocitus has since stated that there may come a great evil that would force Alith Anar to wear the ring in a desperate time of need before departing. While the High Elf doesn't give it much thought, Alith Anar does acknowledge that he will be needing his given Red Lantern Ring at one point.
  • Due to his desire for revenge, he has something in common with Sasuke Uchiha, who also wanted to avenge the death of his kin by slaying his older brother, Itachi, who was responsible for the massacre of his plan. Alith Anar would normally sympathize with Sasuke, but his growing desire for vengeance wasted whatever Character Development he would have, plus the revelation of Itachi having been a Well-Intentioned Extremist himself further muddied thoughts, as Sasuke took that as consideration to massacre his former home village of Konoha. As far Alith Anar thought, he saw Sasuke as immature and petty... until he finally grew out of it and decided to protect Konoha and the world covertly, much like how Alith Anar did this with Ulthuan and his world. Since then, his opinion of Sasuke has gotten better, though the High Elf's criticism towards his has remained intact. Sasuke, for once, thinks Alith Anar's critique on him had some validity. Upon learning of the high elf's story, Sasuke managed to express some sympathy for Alith Anar, though the latter has remained quiet about it. Due to their tendencies of doing their job without the reach of their allies, they've yet to work together for the time being.
    • On another note, Masato Kusaka generated nothing more than just disdain and disappointment for the High Elf. While Masato does desire revenge against the Orphnochs for terrorizing him and killing a few of his classmates from his youth, he loses whatever sympathy he has when he doesn't even care about the fact that there are good Orphnochs, which Masato doesn't even care about and wants to kill off the entire race just to validate himself, on top of acting haughty and ungrateful if given any support. Masato thinks Alith Anar is in no position to judge him when the Elf is going around killing Dark Elves, but Alith Anar only sees arrogance and a refusal to own up to mistakes in what Masato says. That, and the High Elf thinks he's in no position to Don the suit and power of Kamen Rider Kaixa.
    • That said, Alith Anar is not without allies who have been through a hard road of vengeances, such as Scorpion and The Punisher, both of whom have had to see their families get killed and their deaths serving as the main catalyst for their vengeful nature. Even so, Scorpion and The Punisher were not without their kinder moments and were able to distinguish between good and evil and knowing when to draw the line, such as when Scorpion felt remorseful for some of his actions and The Punisher knew that he would make a terrible role model towards others. Their ability to be humble about themselves where what made Alith Anar respect them, plus the fact that their reasons for revenge, extreme as it was, was relatable to him and the three of them often get along quite well.
    • Olberic Eisenberg was another survivor of a doomed homeland, in his case, Hornburg. To make matters worse, Olberic had to witness one of his friends, Erhardt, betray him and his people and take up the role of killing Hornburg's king. Alith Anar understood the loss that Olberic had to go through, though he expressed some respect over the fact that he maintained his reputation as a respectable knight and comrade, especially after tagging along with a group of travelers. As for Olberic, while he does find some of Alith Anar's actions rather too extreme for someone fighting for a good cause, he appreciated the High Elf's hospitality in taking the effort to sympathize with him. In fact, Alith Anar has taken a step in their friendship to watch out for him and protect him from the shadows as a sign of goodwill.
  • Has an extreme hatred for the act of slavery, mainly due to how the Dark Elves are liberal in using this practice in their society, which makes cruelty a way of life for them. This feeling still remains with Alith Anar in the Pantheon, and anyone who indulges in the practice of slavery is automatically in his kill. The Slavers, with their obvious job choice, are already on the list, but their enjoyment and overall lack of conscience have assured Alith Anar that they will pay hard. And given the elf's dreaded reputation, the Slavers are taking more steps in bettering their security, though Alith Anar is having none of that.
  • Being someone who helps others and prefers to do his job covertly, Alith Anar generated the interest of Night Raid, a collective of assassins who aim to free a notable empire from its rampant and depraved corruption and its toxic actions towards its own populace. Feeling that they share a similar enemy in a tyrannical ruler and being figures of good who delve into unsavory actions like torture and murder if it means a greater good, Alith Anar saw that Night Raid can be worked with and neither of them minds each other's actions. Following their first encounter, they've become good allies with one another, with Alith Anar even giving pointers to Night Raid on how to be more stealthy and covert in performing their actions, a sign of goodwill to aid his new allies in their further battles.
  • Is a seasoned and masterful archer, with his shots either being hard-hitting or extremely precise and accurate, akin to a sniper rifle. And mixed in with millennia worth of experience and almost always thrusting himself into one battle and struggle after another, Alith Anar may be one of the best archers in the Pantheon. Even so, he gets some competition in the forms of Green Arrow and Hawkeye, who've also had their own share of experiences in fighting against fantastical enemies as Alith Anar has. While Green Arrow and Hawkeye have admitted to killing someone in their career, they admit that some of the stuff Alith Anar would do to his can be a bit much for them to think about. And while they are good guys overall, Green Arrow and Hawkeye have found working with Alith Anar problematic, if mainly due to how he insists on being as brutal to the enemy as possible, which is something they disagree on.
"By what right do you enter these lands without the permission of Alith Anar, lord of house Anar, Shadow King of Nagarythe? If you come to treat with me, hear my oath to the dead. Nothing is forgotten, nothing is forgiven!"

    The Gundam Meisters 
The Gundam Meistersmembers, Deities of Causing Conflict to End Conflict and Hypocrisy Nods (Setsuna: Soran Ibrahim, The first true Innovator, Jihad-Kun, SetLight, Braindead, ELS Setsuna | Neil: Stupid Sexy Lockon, Harlockon | Lyle: Jean 1, Lockon V2, Lockon 2.0, Lockoff, Lecherous Lyle | Allelujah: Al, Hal, Doublelujah, E-057 | Tieria: Base Sequence Pattern 0988, Vowels, Mantrap, Titera, T-chan, Zetsubou-sensei, Veda | Soma: SoMarie, E-001)
L-R: Neil Dylandy, Allelujah Haptism, Setsuna F. Seiei, Tieria Erde
Lyle Dylandy
Soma Peries
  • Intermediate Deities as a whole (Lockons are Lesser Gods individually)
  • Symbol: The Celestial Being Logo
  • Theme Music: Daybreak's Bell
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as a whole; Chaotic Good for Setsuna and Allelujah (Chaotic Neutral as Hallelujah); Lawful Good for Tieria
  • Portfolio: Ace Pilot, Good Is Not Soft, Byronic Hero, True Companions, Acknowledging They're Using the Same Methods of What They Oppose
  • Domains: War, Mecha, Methods
  • Heralds: The crew of the Ptolemaios (Sumeragi Lee Noriega, Lasse Aeon, Lichtendahl Tsery, Feldt Grace, Christina Sierra, Ian Vashti, Joyce B. Moreno, Mileina Vashti)
    • Setsuna: Marina Ismail, Saji Crossroad, Louise Halevy
    • Lyle: Anew Returner
    • Soma: Sergei Smirnov, Andrei Smirnov
  • Allies: All Ascended Heroic Gundam Pilots, Haro, 00 Cyborgs, Solid Snake, Overwatch’s members, the Autobots
  • Enemies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Graham Aker
  • Distrusts: Nena Trinity, Tanya von Degurechaff
  • Uncertain of: Martin Walker, Lucy/Nyu
  • Sympathetic towards: Seita & Setsuko
  • On speaking terms with: Angela (Tieria)
  • In the year 2307 AD, the world has been divided into three power blocs, fossil fuels have been rapidly depleted, and there’s a giant solar ring surrounding Earth and connected by space elevators. War is still a frequent occurrence within parts of Earth for countries to attain power and resources to survive. Celestial Being is a private military group who seeks to eradicate war entirely through the use of advanced mecha known as Gundams. With how much power those Gundams have at their disposal, these power blocs end up working together to try and take advantage of that strength for themselves. Even if the idea of using violence to stop war comes with plenty of problems ranging from personal problems within the group’s own members to mysterious individuals looking to lead the world in their own image, Celestial Being will use their abilities to the fullest to ensure success in their missions.
  • While Celestial Being was able to bring peace to their world even though many sacrifices had to be made, their adventures were far from over once they moved on and ended up finding a world that they had never heard of. Somewhere in the Pantheon, a meeting between corrupt individuals looking to use technology that had just been discovered as a means to create weapons of war had finished and a demonstration was prepared a few weeks later. The technology demonstrated power that proved deadly in the wrong hands, but the showcase got interrupted by some uninvited guests, namely a handful of Gundams. In spite of the demonstrators attempting to take advantage of the chaos to prove that their invention was capable of taking down powerful mecha, the Gundam pilots didn’t have much trouble taking it down, followed by one of the pilots giving out a warning to the organizers about war and that if any attempt to start it happens be it by them or others, Celestial Being will bring a stop to it. News about Celestial Being’s arrival in the Pantheon and their goals in trying to stop war in a place where nonstop war is a thing started to spread and while the group is aware of how difficult, if not near-impossible, it will be to stop war, they’re still willing to try and prevent things from getting worse if possible.
  • Besides the fact that war in the Pantheon had the potential to get more intense than what they were used to, Celestial Being discovered that some of the faces they’ve encountered in their adventures who had died back then were alive in the Pantheon. Since Lyle took over for Neil as Lockon Stratos following Neil’s death, the group was surprised to meet Neil again and in turn, Neil learned quite a bit about what happened to the group after his death and that he missed a lot after battling Ali Al-Saachez. Speaking of Ali, it didn’t take long for Celestial Being to learn that he was still alive and considering that anyone in the Pantheon can’t stay dead, the group has looked for ways to put Ali out of action for a sustained period of time to prevent him from getting access to dangerous individuals who could help him satiate his bloodlust. The group was less-than-pleased to learn about Nena Trinity given the bad impression she made on them and even if she hates Ali and is more of an independent figure when it comes to mecha pilots in the Pantheon, Celestial Being would rather not support her in any capacity. As for Graham Acker, there’s no animosity between him or any of the Gundam Meisters, but he’s more than aware of how far Setsuna has grown as Gundam pilot since their last meeting and is willing to see just what Setsuna is capable of should they encounter each other again.
  • Not only were there familiar faces in the Pantheon for Celestial Being to encounter again, but there were plenty of other mecha pilots, both those who pilot their own Gundams and those with different mechas at their disposal. While Celestial Being is capable both in terms of planning and attack power, the wider scope of the Pantheon means that their plans are going to meet challenges different from what they were used to. As it turned out, there were dedicated spots for mecha pilots like the Gundam Meisters for them to join in fighting against those that threaten the peace of the Pantheon. It was there that they got to meet various other Gundam pilots and their allies who would provide each other support in stopping their enemies from causing extensive damage throughout the Pantheon.
    • When it comes to Gundam pilots, Setsuna found a lot in common with Heero Yuy in terms of attitude and what they had gone through. Both are stoic members of a team of pilots who learned to soften up through both their teammates and a princess of a besieged nation that they come across. In turn, Setsuna saw a bit of Marina Ismail in Relena Darlian (the princess Heero crossed paths with) and Lacus Clyne (another figure that Celestial Being met with), though both princesses were much more proactive and willing to confront danger than Marina despite them sharing the same desire for pacifism. Lacus has plenty of Haros by her side whenever she isn’t busy with work and the Haros that the Dylandys have for their Gundams hang out with Lacus’ Haros whenever Celestial Being is discussing plans with other heroic Gundam pilots and those close to them.
    • Aila Jyrkiäinen was someone who had visual resemblance to Marie Parfacy and even a similar ordeal when it comes to being designed to be a cold-blooded fighter before finding someone that could soften her up and even fall in love with. The main difference was that Aila came from a world where Gundam was a TV franchise and Gunpla battles, where contestants use figurines based on the various Gundam series and modify them to their liking for battle, is a popular sport that she was a participant in. Celestial Being was surprised to hear of a world where the Gundam mech that they were accustomed to were turned into toys and part of a harmless, if competitive recreational activity enjoyed by plenty given the many battles the organization has gone through and the numerous mech involved. Despite this, they still maintain a good friendship with the Gunpla users (with Marie getting along very well with Aila for the aforementioned similarities to each other) and the organization has promised to keep the Gunpla users safe from any major wars that threaten their own peace.
  • It wouldn’t take long for Celestial Being to learn from other Gundam pilots about many of the opposing forces they’ve encountered and how most, if not all of them, are part of a larger coalition to oppose them and pull off a larger goal that could threaten the Pantheon. While Nena doesn’t have any real affiliation with major individuals in the Pantheon, Ali has taken some time to work with these villainous Gundam entities so that he can perpetrate chaos and kill adversaries while helping someone out fulfill a devious plan not unlike how things worked between him and Ribbons Almark. Some such as Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril, and Bask Om are responsible for overseeing programs that corrupt those they kidnap into becoming unstable pilots on top of using a variety of weapons outside of mecha that could wipe out entire cities and others such as Gihren Zabi seek political power that would oppress everyone that he sees as inferior (and the Zabis in general presented plenty of problems for the group, though Mineva being the only good member of the family meant that there’s no animosity between Celestial Being and her). Rau Le Creuset has been seen as a major problem for Celestial Being and Tieria in particular was very disturbed by the fact that Rau was an artificial clone who sought to destroy everything around him due to his background. While it is much more personal for Celestial Being to stop Ali due to him having access to much more dangerous entities, the group has many of the heroic Gundam pilots and related figures by their side, each with their own weapons and plans, to stop Ali and any other villains that may use mechs to cause devastation towards others.
  • With the varied mecha and technology present on both sides of the ongoing war in the Pantheon, it wouldn’t take long for Celestial Being to take notice of some of these entities for better and for worse. The team would learn of a group of mecha able to act on their own without a pilot and can disguise themselves as vehicles known as Transformers, with the Autobots and Decepticons waging war against each other. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime, was someone who has engaged in many battles and while the effects of such a long-lasting war was apparent on him, he and the rest of the Autobots remained determined in making sure the Decepticons don’t take over the world. Given Celestial Being’s stated motivation of trying end wars and the fact that they’ve end up causing conflict doing so, Optimus Prime had some initial concerns about them, but since the members of the team were battle-hardened, wanted what was best for the world, and remained loyal to each other no matter what happened, he accepted them for who they are since fighting for peace was no easy task and that the Autobots have faced resistance from others a few times despite trying to help them not unlike what happened with the organization. Celestial Being and the Autobots have remained in contact with each other and have provided each other aid for various battles against different threats in the Pantheon.
  • As a team dedicated to stopping war by any means necessary while dealing with many personal ordeals from members of the team, Celestial Being found plenty of common ground with the 00 cyborgs, who were originally designed by Black Ghost as weapons of war, but fought back to prevent wars from that organization and others from occurring. The cyborgs all had their own personal demons to confront in addition to getting accustomed to their cybernetization and have seen each other as a surrogate family not unlike how Celestial Being sees their members as such. With how often the 00 cyborgs have been fighting against warmongers, they and Celestial Being have been able to rely on each other for thwarting plans that would involve sending the Pantheon into a deeper war than it already is at the moment. The Gundam Meisters are capable enough to handle ground-based missions without their mecha if possible, but if things end up being well beyond what they can do even with their strongest mecha available, the 00 cyborgs will provide support with their varied abilities.
  • Not only were there individuals similar to Ali in the Pantheon as far as instigating war and bloodshed is concerned, but there were large organizations with plenty of resources to create more weapons and cause misery for those that get involved with them. SHOCKER, HYDRA, and Millennium were some major groups in the Pantheon that have caused war, recruited others to their cause, and ruined the lives of innocents in order to grow in power that Celestial Being saw as high-priority targets to get rid of. While others such as The Corpus and Sundowner saw war as an opportunity to make money instead of getting more power, it didn’t stop Celestial Being from taking part in stopping them, especially since there are people interested in the technology Celestial Being has to use against the team and others. The fact that Ali is someone willing to work with such warmongers to satiate his desire for violence gave the team more of a reason to stop him and other warmongers from making things worse for others.
    • One type of warmonger that Celestial Being despises greatly are those who are willing to eliminate the weak entirely as a means to put strong entities into power. It was one thing to have the strong subjugate the weak as what Ribbons Almark was trying to do, but it’s another to wage war with a Darwinist mindset and have the potential aftermath be worse than what it was before. Apocalypse was a powerful enemy who Celestial Being hates for the sheer damage he’s caused trying to instigate war to force others to become stronger and even taking him on with their strongest mecha will likely be a challenge. It was learning about Senator Armstrong that the team was going to end up in a battle of mindsets about how to bring peace in the long run, especially his goal of people wanting to make their own choice is Darwinistic in nature. Senator Armstrong is more than aware of Celestial Being’s use of mecha to try and end wars and even believes that the organization should hand over their technology to him so that he can put them to use and have his ambitions become a reality. The organization retorted that not only will they never hand over their resources to him, but that his vision will only cause more harm in the long run and that if he threatens Celestial Being, then there will be no mercy against him. Given his boisterous attitude, he isn’t too worried about getting into battle against Celestial Being and seems to believe that he’ll benefit from it in some capacity.
  • Celestial Being heard about the Overwatch organization and their efforts to bring down terrorist organization Talon, the latter of whom was responsible for many heinous crimes and having the capacity to brainwash unwitting people to their cause, as they did with Amelie Lacroix, who has become the deadly sniper Widowmaker. Following strife from the Overwatch organization, the team disbanded and after Talon became more powerful and was on the verge of destroying the organization for good, Winston was able to get Overwatch reinstated, albeit not in the same state as it was before. This brought to mind the time Celestial Being was disbanded and Setsuna had to get the group back together (with Lyle replacing Neil as the latter was killed in action) and in turn, the group met with Winston, the gorilla responsible for getting Overwatch back together. He had plenty of respect for Setsuna for getting his group of heroes back together to fight for a better tomorrow when things got dire. Given how potent mecha such as Gundam are in war, Winston knew that Talon and other related organizations would want that technology for themselves and he and the rest of Overwatch have remained in contact with Celestial Being in fending off Talon’s plans and their agents. On the subject of members of the original Overwatch, there was Ana Amari who the Lockons have taken a liking to thanks to her skills on the battlefield with her sniper rifle and having a daughter just as capable as she is even with different weapons. The fact that Ana can heal her allies by shooting them was weird to the Lockons initially, but considering that she has her own personal issues with Widowmaker, the Lockons are willing to help Ana in her fight in addition to Celestial Being aiding the currently active members of Overwatch.
  • Two witnesses to Celestial Being’s adventure that got themselves involved with the group in different ways was Saji Crossroad and Louise Halvey, with the former joining the group and working with them (Setsuna in particular) in order to find the latter, who became a mentally unstable soldier in an attempt to avenge her family that resulted in her being a pawn for Ribbons, and bring her to her senses upon reuniting with her, a goal that worked out even with plenty of obstacles along the way. As the Pantheon contained plenty of denizens who are simply regular people who are likely going to be witnesses to war, Celestial Being has done what they can to prevent innocents from getting caught in the crossfire. There were some who ended up witnessing wars of different kinds before being in the Pantheon, with Seita and Setsuko Yokokawa being a tragic example of such given that not only were they violently thrown into chaos, but they had essentially didn’t have any way to survive the horrors that would follow in their adventure. In the Pantheon, the siblings really don’t like war given what they endured and while Celestial Being has a goal of trying to stop wars, the methods used made the siblings skeptical on whether the group could actually succeed (especially with the advanced technology involved) and have even asked Setsuna, who listened to their story when he was on break from his team’s endeavors, if there was a better way to stop wars that didn’t involve violence. He replied that it will take a lot of work for war to end and that he and Celestial Being’s allies wished the two well for their survival in an unpredictable world and that there will be someone to keep them safe even in the face of uncertainty. The Yokokawas know that Celestial Being’s members aren’t bad people following their meeting with Setsuna, but a war with weapons more advanced than what they were used to is something that worries them quite a bit.
  • When it comes to soldiers that have taken part in a brutal war, Martin Walker was someone who Celestial Being are uncertain of, especially when taking into account the Gundam Meisters’ opinions of him. Walker was originally tasked with a recon mission in Dubai, but ended up losing his sanity during the chaos that he had a role in playing and realized how horrific war was in general. There was no denying just how terrible the damage was overall both in terms of what Walker caused and was inflicted to himself and neither was the fact that he has remorse over his past actions, but it’s clear that Walker still isn’t fully stable enough for the Gundam Meisters and the rest of Celestial Being to put their full trust in them. Setsuna is able to relate to Walker’s ordeal and did tell him about his own past and how he was able to overcome it with Celestial Being’s help. For the time being, he’s kept his distance from Walker following the initial meeting with him and if something happens that’ll cause Walker to snap to a worse degree than before (especially if it involves putting the Meisters’ friends at risk), then a confrontation between Walker and Setsuna will be bound to happen.
  • Solid Snake was someone who the Gundam Meisters had something in common with in different ways. As a clone to Big Boss, Snake has gone on different adventures involving stopping Metal Gear mechs and getting caught up in political intrigue that could endanger the world in addition to being raised as a soldier at a young age alongside his brother Liquid Snake (who ended up being resentful and would end up getting the animosity of the Meisters for embodying their personal issues in a negative way). When Snake learned of Celestial Being and how they wanted to achieve their goals, he was more than aware of the irony of using superweapons to stop other superweapons and bigger wars from occurring and his cynicism didn’t go unnoticed by Celestial Being. Regardless, given how much they had in common, both regarding what they’re trying to fight against and Snake having experienced the Meisters’ personal issues in his own way, Celestial Being and Snake have aided each other on their missions, with Snake mentioning that Otacon is more than eager to see those Gundams up-close.
  • Ribbons Almark ended up being a major enemy for the Gundam Meisters as he was part of a race of enhanced telepathic humans known as Innovades and Ribbons himself wanted to be the leader of such a future where enhanced humans like himself enforce their superiority over lesser “normal” humans. This particularly ended up being a personal battle for Setsuna as Ribbons was the one who inspired him to become a Gundam pilot and by the time Setsuna was one, Ribbons became unhappy with Aeolia Schenberg’s plans and wanted to conquer the world with himself as ruler. Given that both regular humans and those empowered in different ways coexist in the Pantheon, there were plenty of foes who wanted a world where humans enhanced with some sort of power rule over the alleged inferior regular humans that Celestial Being learned about. As far as those with telepathic powers are concerned, Darryl Revok was a source of concern as not only are his powers as a Scanner much more lethal than that of an Innovade like Ribbons, but he is willing to supply ephemerol to others so that Scanners can overrun humanity and Revok can rule over them. While Setsuna being an ELS/Innovator hybrid means that he’ll likely be the only one to confront Revok on-foot if a mission calls for it, fighting against others who want superhuman supremacy will require all of the Meisters’ abilities to use their Gundam effectively. Some such as Asimov and Sir Issac Ray Peram Westcott (both of whom harbor great power that they’re willing to use) are willing to take their ambitions of superhuman supremacy a step further and wipe out others that are in opposition to their own kind, something that Celestial Being was greatly alarmed by.
  • Following Ribbons’ defeat, Celestial Being and the rest of the world they lived in had to confront the ELS, extraterrestrial lifeforms with an unknowable morality that could potentially endanger everything if they couldn’t be stopped. After recovering from an unsuccessful attempt at communicating with them Setsuna was able to learn of the ELS’ background, their motivations, and not only did all hostilities with them once he reached them, but humanity was able to move forward with ELS-upgraded humans (Setsuna included) being part of life alongside regular humans and Innovades. While the Pantheon had its share of aliens both good and bad, there were entities that were much more dangerous than the ELS that a conversation with them (if it’s even possible) wouldn’t change their minds. The Phazon, capable of corrupting its surroundings, was one such entity that Celestial Being knew would be a great danger to the Pantheon and Setsuna is aware that communicating with them wasn’t an option as he could end up in an even worse state than being in a coma akin to his first attempt talking to the ELS. The Flood was arguably even worse than the Phazon as not only does The Gravemind (serving as the main voice of The Flood) believe in assimilating others to be part of The Flood, but that they are actively willing to inflict suffering on others. Fighting either of them, whether separately or together in a worst-case scenario, would require not only the best of what Celestial Being could do, but other mecha pilots with the power and strategy to go up against such threats.
    • The Network was an alien that Celestial Being took issue with in regards to what it wanted when it came to unity within the galaxy. Having been responsible for influencing technology in its world for a while, The Network thinks humanity is uncivilized and is willing to kill those that defy its goals of making others part of its community and replace them with emotionless robot versions of themselves. The Network simply believes that humanity coexisting with what is essentially a rival alien race made of silver liquid (from the perspective of The Network) isn’t the way to true galactic peace while Celestial Being sees what The Network is trying to accomplish as another instance of someone trying to subjugate others regardless of The Network’s claims of peace and unity. Even if the Gundam Meisters except the Dylandys aren’t fully ordinary humans, they still have their flaws like normal humans do (given how they tried to use violence to prevent wars from occurring and are still doing so in the Pantheon for starters) and Celestial Being believes that humanity can move towards a brighter future even with all the flaws they have.
  • Soran Ibrahim was once a child soldier that was part of a group of soldiers commanded by Ali Al-Saachez, who ended up killing his own family under a false promise offered by Ali. It felt like Soran had nothing left to live for in the war-torn battlefield until a Gundam appeared one day and laid waste to Soran’s enemies. Since then, Soran admired the Gundam and its pilot, the identity thereof not yet known to him, and the years since, wanting to make up for his murky past, renounced his former name and joined Celestial Being under a different name: Setsuna F. Seiei. He would then find himself allied with the members of the team and sought to put an end to the wars he found himself in and would strike up a friendship with Marina Ismail, the princess of the embattled country of Azadistan. Throughout much turmoil, including directly getting Celestial Being back together after they disbanded following tragedy, Setsuna would discover that the pilot of the Gundam from back then, Ribbons Almark, wanted to create a world rule by superhumans known as Innovades and twisting the words of Celestial Being’s founder, Aeolia Schenberg to his own benefit. After discovering his own role as an Innovator (an even more capable artificial human), Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being put an end to Ribbons’ plans and he would later understand the nature of the alien ELS to prevent further catastrophes from occurring.
    • Ever since he was a child, Setsuna was someone who has been involved in battles and even after changing his life for the better with the help of Celestial Being, he still remains a soldier fighting for something. There was no shortage of child soldiers in the Pantheon, be it those who were natural born fighters or those who were forcibly shaped into becoming said fighters, for Setsuna to take notice of for better and for worse. One such soldier who Setsuna found much in common with was Sousuke Sagara, who was trained to become a fighter at a very large age and akin to the troubles Setsuna went through, being a fighter brought obstacles to Sousuke’s life off the battlefield that required help from his friends to overcome. Both even have their own psychotic arch-enemy that’s willing to perpetrate war for their own amusement in the form of Ali for Setsuna and Gauron for Sousuke. The numerous similarities that Setsuna and Sousuke shared with each other helped strengthen their friendship and given how Ali and Gauron are likely to cause problems for the Pantheon whether they’re working together or by themselves, Sousuke has no issue working with Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being in stopping those villainous pilots from causing more wanton destruction.
    • One other soldier who fought at a young age, but who Setsuna didn’t have the same amicability towards compared to Sousuke was Tanya von Degurechaff, who had a cold, yet ruthless disposition as a result of her being a reincarnation of a remorseless salaryman. Despite being at a young age (and younger than anyone from Celestial Being), Tanya was able to lead a platoon of her own and use methods that were part of her past life to lead her nation to success, in spite of her attempting to do things solely for the benefit of herself. Regardless of her being volatile on the battlefield, Tanya doesn’t think highly of war for pragmatic reasons and even if Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being all have a contempt towards war, they have many issues with her regarding her reputation and the fact that if they end up having to fight her and her army, she’s very good at coming up with strategies to throw off her enemies. All things considered, Tanya feels that Celestial Being’s goal of eliminating war entirely isn’t going to accomplish much in the long run given the methods and resources involved, but such criticism isn’t going to stop Celestial Being.
    • Ender Wiggin was a child soldier that Setsuna was interested in, mainly because of what Ender had gone through in terms of encountering alien lifeforms. From a young age, Ender was a gifted individual and he ended up fighting off against The Formics, an achievement that he wasn’t happy about given all the damage and sacrifice that needed to occur for it to succeed. He has since learned of the truth behind The Formics and how those aliens are nowhere near as malevolent as they appeared to be, with their unusual morality playing a role in the fatal miscommunication towards humanity. This brought to mind the time Celestial Being encountered the ELS, alien lifeforms that seemingly posed a danger towards others until Setsuna learned that their original home was destroyed, that assimilation was the only way they could communicate with humans, and that the ELS ultimately meant no harm. Ender was surprised to learn that not only did Setsuna establish contact with lifeforms not that different from The Formics, but he became part ELS in the process. Both have gotten along with each other, with Setsuna telling Ender not to be hard on himself and that it’s possible to come back stronger from moments of weakness.
      • This particular form of alien communication got the attention of Louise Banks, who was able to communicate with aliens known as Heptapods and help others understand what those extraterrestrials wanted. She was surprised to learn that the effects of Setsuna successfully communicating with the ELS not only resulted in him being part ELS, but so were others from his world once fighting against the ELS ceased. While Louise was aware of the fact that Setsuna and his allies got involved in a war with the ELS before things got cleared up and that she was trying to prevent a war against the Heptapods from happening to begin with, the two were willing to talk to each other regarding alien communication and learned plenty of things from each other in that regard. Setsuna mentioned to Louise that communicating with the ELS will be difficult and that he’ll help her when that time comes to meet them. He’s also intrigued with the fact that those who understand the Heptapods’ language can gain memories of events that haven’t happened yet and he’s in the process of learning it via meetings with Louise and the Heptapods.
    • For all of the pain Setsuna has gone through most of his life, him murdering his family at a young age when he was still Soran Ibrahim remains a bleak point for him overall. There are plenty in the Pantheon responsible for the murder of families and while most of them weren’t justified to say the least, Setsuna at least found a few who were devastated to learn that they instigated such an event. Siegfried Schtauffen was a knight who went through a lot of pain like Setsuna did starting with murdering his own father by accident and culminating with himself seeking to atone for the actions he did when corrupted by Soul Edge and creating the villainous Nightmare inside himself that later became a separate entity. Origami Tobiichi, despite initially having a similarly cold personality as Setsuna back then (and a bit more aggressive than he was), had a more complicated and dangerous ordeal when it came to the murder of her parents in that she was responsible for such during a failed time-travel attempt and had powers that made her a significant danger to others until Shido Itsuki was able to calm her down and help her move on. Setsuna has taken to befriending the two given their shared suffering before gradual recovery at the hands of others and has gotten some advice from Origami about how to prevent Westcott’s plans from coming to fruition.
    • Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanov were two individuals that Setsuna got along with, and while they were trained for combat at a young age, this friendship had more to do with how they were molded into being heartless fighters before realizing what they’ve become. As a child, Natasha was trained to be a spy for the Soviet Union as part of the Red Room program and eventually defected from it in adulthood, becoming a hero and working with The Avengers. While Bucky’s training as a child wasn’t as dark, a near-death experience resulted in him being taken in by Soviets and turned into the assassin known as The Winter Soldier, with his time as a Soviet weapon lasting until he regained his memories and has spent much of what happened after atoning for it. As Setsuna and the rest of Celestial Being has gone after HYDRA a few times, Bucky and Natasha have helped Setsuna during his ground-based missions outside his mecha whenever he needs to find some critical information for his group to use to prevent HYDRA and other major criminal organizations from moving forward with their plans.
  • Lockon Stratos is a codename from Celestial Being given to those who pilot a Gundam with long-range capabilities, specifically through the use of sniper rifles. Neil Dylandy, who was seemingly the sole survivor of a terrorist attack that killed his family, originally took on the role of “Lockon Stratos” and served as a comparatively calm figure amidst a group who had plenty of personal issues. A confrontation with Ali, who was responsible for the murders of the Dylandys, resulted in Neil’s death and sometime later, Setsuna managed to find Lyle Dylandy, the other survivor of the initial attack that killed the others sans Neil, to take up the mantle of “Lockon Stratos”. Lyle had some personal issues of his own thanks to being the neglected middle child of his family and despite not being interested initially, he joined Celestial Being in their mission and took on the role that his brother once had. He eventually confronted Ali and while not really consumed with revenge compared to Neil, Lyle killed Ali when the latter tried to escape during Celestial Being’s final battle against the Innovades.
    • Even with the use of giant robots and the fancy weaponry included with it to get the job done, the Lockons are well aware of their sniper skills and both have taken to looking at others on the ground level to see how capable those other snipers are and what kinds of tricks they use to pull if off. While Celestial Being knew that Widowmaker would be a problem (and they don’t know whether or not the damage to her can be undone like what happened with Louise), there were other snipers that the team and the Lockons have a more amicable relationship towards. As a highly effective sniper, Karl Fairburne has received support from both Lockons in his missions, moreso from Lyle given his involvement with resistance group Katharon in fighting against corrupt regimes. Despite the Lockons’ primary use of mecha, Karl understands that those kinds of weapons are necessary against HYDRA, an organization with plenty of resources to create weapons as powerful as giant robots. Mr. Mundy was another sniper the Lockons heard about and despite having a more unscrupulous attitude than Karl, he’s aware of the fact that the two aren’t bad when it comes to ground based combat outside of using mech and both parties share a mutual respect towards each other.
      • While Karl and Mr. Mundy are more traditional snipers in terms of actions and goals, there are plenty of others who have a more unorthodox application of that weapon akin to how the Lockons use their sniper rifles via giant robots. Shino Asada was someone who is a skilled sniper in the VR games she plays and sometimes uses a bow and arrow in other VR games she traverses with Kirito and his allies. While she and her friends haven’t gone through a mecha-themed VR game yet, a mecha with snipers as a primary weapon is something she’ll stick with if that ends up happening and she’s become a regular conversation partner with the Lockons when it comes to firearms whenever she isn’t hanging out with Kirito and his friends. Margaret Moonlight and her scythe-sniper hybrid weapon was noted to be very interesting by the Lockons and while some sort of weapon that can function as both an effective long-range weapon and deadly close-range weapon similar to what Margaret has is within the realm of possibility for the Gundam Meisters and other Gundam pilots, the Lockons are content to stick with what they have at the moment. Given how Margaret performed a song belittling Travis Touchdown when he fought against her, the Lockons wouldn’t be surprised if a song critical of Celestial Being (whether it’s from Margaret or some other antagonistic singer, though she’s more of a morally dubious killer than an outright villain) ended up being released in the Pantheon.
    • Neil ended up losing his family to a terrorist attack and Lyle eventually became the only surviving Dylandy after Neil died fighting against Ali, with Neil having a vendetta against Ali over what happened back then. Among other denizens of the Pantheon that suffered from attacks that made them lose their family was Lucas, a boy from Nowhere Islands who lost his mother Hinawa to a Mecha-Drago and learned that his twin brother Claus ended up converted into a cyborg known as The Masked Man while trying to avenge her. Lucas’ journey to learn what happened to his family was harrowing and took a bigger toll on him than the Dylandy’s quest for revenge, but it was clear that Neil and Lyle knew how much pain Lucas endured when it came to being a child who had to grow up and face danger, Lyle especially since he was a twin brother who had his own set of flaws he had to overcome like what Lucas did. As for Claus, the Dylandys know he’s trying to make up for what he did back then in the Pantheon, but considering that he’s kept a low profile while trying to reconcile his past actions, a direct meeting isn’t likely going to happen anytime soon.
    • Lyle has had a problem with being neglected compared to the rest of the Dylandys including the fact that Neil was their parents preferred sibling, though Lyle has never had any real animosity towards his family despite said issues regarding him being compared to Neil. There were plenty of siblings in the Pantheon who were neglected by their families, with some instances being far worse than Lyle simply being ignored and having certain expectations placed on him. Jagi was someone who took the neglect from his family very badly, tried to force others to respect him, and attempted to ruin Kenshiro’s life, actions which Lyle was very distrubed by. Jun Hono was a mecha pilot who Lyle got along with very well since despite being neglected by Kenzo Kabuto, she developed a headstrong personality and learned to move on from personal issues that affected her. Given how bad his relationship with Anew Returner ended and the fact that Jun is a couple with Tetsuya Tsurugi, Lyle opted to keep things professional with her as mecha pilots.
  • Alleujah Haptism and Marie Parfacy were originally part of a program meant to create child soldiers and were among the handful of subjects to have escaped, though Alleujah’s trauma from the experience, especially when he had to kill a few of his fellow subjects as the violent split personality Halleujah remained even after joining Celestial Being. As for Marie, she has a colder personality of her own named Soma Peries and has since been an effective soldier for the Human Reform League. Whenever Celestial Being crosses paths with Soma, Alleujah has tried to get her to remember her past amidst the battles, but it wasn’t until the two got stranded that they were able to recollect their past memories with each other. Soma/Marie then joined Celestial Being with Alleujah and while there still issues she had to confront (mainly her substitute father figure Sergei Smirnov being killed by his estranged son Andrei), Marie has remained by Alleujah’s side, with the Soma personality coming out during battle. As for Alleujah, he was able to get his deadly Halleujah personality merged with his calmer side in order to be more of a threat on the battlefield.
    • Being soldiers who were made to become ruthless fighters and ended up escaping (with Alleujah destroying the program responsible for making who he and Soma are after the two escaped), they ended up encountering a few others in the Pantheon who had a similar ordeal in addition to the previously mentioned 00 cyborgs. Some of the Kamen Riders that Celestial Being heard about happened (with Takeshi Hongo and Kotaro Minami being such examples) to have been designed for use in war by dangerous enemies only to turn against those villains and use their abilities for heroism. In the case of Kotaro, his step-brother Nobuhiko Akizuki ended up being kidnapped by the devious cult Gorgom and became Shadow Moon, becoming a major figure for them that Kotaro had to fight against. Alleujah and Marie are both understanding of the plight of these particular Kamen Riders, especially Kotaro given how he had to fight against someone he cared about. The two, alongside the other members of Celestial Being, have taken to stopping evil organizations from turning innocents into weapons of destruction as a means to help out those specific Kamen Riders, especially where Kotaro is concerned.
    • Alleujah saw his violent split personality Halleujah as a problem before using it to his advantage in battle and he saw a similar issue in Marie while she had Soma’s cold-blooded personality before she joined Celestial Being. While the two have since been able to handle their split personalities better in battle, there were others who had such a disorder in the Pantheon that they had some uncertainty about. The mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll was responsible for creating a potion that gave birth to a psychotic split personality and while Alleujah and Marie do understand his plight (Alleujah moreso considering he got his split personality against his will), their main concern comes from the fact that he was responsible for Mr. Hyde and the fact that potions like these are prominent throughout parts of the Pantheon that can be used to spread trouble. If there is a way for Dr. Jekyll to better handle his Mr. Hyde personality via taking down people worse than he is (and there probably is), then Alleujah and Marie would be more willing to meet up with him. On a much more troubling note, there was Lucy, a psychic originally created at a research institute who harbors immense power, but gained a childlike split personality after getting injured while escaping and gained the name Nyu after being taken in by a young man named Kouta, who played a role in trying to soften her up even as various things threatened her, including an even more violent personality. This greatly unnerved not just Alleujah and Marie, but the rest of Celestial Being as it presented the possibility that world-destroying weapons can be made in the form of humans, whether artificially created or as a normal person forcibly converted into one. For the sake of Celestial Being’s safety, they’re keeping their distance from Lucy/Nyu or other sufficiently powerful individuals with a psychotic split personality even if their troubling backstories like what Lucy went through is understandable.
  • Tieria Erde is a Gundam Meister who is able to connect to Celestial Being’s supercomputer VEDA for advice and initially had an aloof disposition towards his teammates. His time with his team has helped him improve as a person, but learning about his background and past came as a shock to him, especially in the leadup to Celestial Being’s battle against Ribbons. As he would learn from Regene Regetta (who looks very similar to him), Teiria was an Innovade and the Innovades as led by Ribbons sought to rule over humanity. While Tieria was killed by Ribbons in the final battle, he was able to upload his consciousness to Veda with the help of Regene and played a role in thwarting Ribbons’ plans. His consciousness would remain with Veda following the battle and he as an AI would continue helping the team in subsequent adventures.
    • As someone who is an artificial clone, Tieria would find out about others who were clones of an existing entity or artificially created as a whole and learned to cope with it in different ways. Rei Ayanami was one such clone who also happened to be a mecha pilot, with her mecha being an EVA. As a whole, the EVA pilots and those who were involved in fending off the abominations known as Angels had plenty of psychological issues that proved to be difficult to overcome and despite Rei’s quiet demeanor, she was someone who had a bit in common with Tieria as far as learning to gain emotions and care about those who are helping them out is concerned. Shadow the Hedgehog was another artificial entity that Tieria befriended due to them being created as part of a race that wanted to subjugate others to their will (with Black Doom’s method being far more fatal) and fighting back against them with the help of allies that played a role in softening their initial cold attitude towards them and becoming close friends with said allies in the process.
    • Tieria learned of another artificial entity who wanted to be human, but while Tieria became part of the Veda AI late into Celestial Being’s adventures, Angela was someone who is designed as an AI from the start. Angela had a much more complicated desire to be human related to initially being created by Ayin as an AI based on his former love Carmen and the subsequent neglect from him since Angela wasn’t truly Carmen resulted in her plotting revenge and wanting to be human, ambitions that she eventually abandoned. It was a marked contrast from Tieria, who naturally developed human emotions while working with Celestial Being, but in the end, he was content with being part of the Veda AI. Being an AI who sometimes uses physical bodies in dire situations, Tieria had some concerns about Angela who ended up causing damage in her desire to become a real human, but was aware that she came to realize the damage she’s causing with her goals. There isn’t any bad blood between the two, though Angela was intrigued with the amount of data Veda has and Tieria has made sure that she doesn’t lapse back into her former destructive behavior.
    • Veda as a whole has been useful to Celestial Being, but it's very closely tied to Tieria given how he eventually had his conscience uploaded to it and was able to use it to his allies’ advantage. The Pantheon had other supercomputers, but not only were many of them far less benevolent than Veda, but some of those supercomputers have been the subject of interest of those looking to use it to achieve their own ambitions. Star Dream was one highly dangerous supercomputer that follows the commands of whoever its admin is, but had attempted to destroy all organic life in the past when it was working with President Haltmann. From what Veda could find of Star Dream, it was obvious to Celestial Being that a computer as powerful as Star Dream was too dangerous to keep around, especially since many devious individuals are looking to use it to fulfill their goals, but fighting against it even with the team’s strongest Gundams will be a major challenge if it gets to that point.

Meliodas, God of Obstructionist Pacifists (Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodaz, Lord Meliodas, Captain, Leader of the Ten Commandments. )
  • Theme Song: Netsujou no Spectrum, Seven Deadly Sins, Perfect Time
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Dragon's Sin Tattoo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Lawful Evil in the Ten Commandments.
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, A Father to His Men, Afraid of Their Own Strength, Attack Reflector, Rank Scales with Asskicking, Beware the Nice Ones, Broken Ace, Casting a Shadow, Chivalrous Pervert, Lethal Chef, Lovable Sex Maniac, Made of Iron, Obstructionist Pacifist, Older Than They Look, Hellblaze, Superpowered Evil Side.
  • Domain: Fighting, Weapons, Strength, Good, Demons
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ten Commandments, Mard Geer, Zeref, Gul'dan, Shinnok, Ren Gyokuen, Satan, The Beast, Fortinbras, Ghirahim, Corset
  • Conflicting Opinion On: Scanty and Kneesocks, Stocking Anarchy?, Vali Lucifer
  • Meliodas caught the initial interest of the Pantheon due to once destroying an entire kingdom single-handedly, but the pantheon lost track of him when he and his group, the Seven Deadly Sins, disappeared. He was found again after his battle with Great Holy Knight Hendrickson. Unfortunately, his greater enemies being the demon clans' elite would sooner or later arrive in the Pantheon. He would need to settle the score with his former allies eventually.
  • Meliodas's main ability, Full Counter, bounces any attack with special properties back at the user with even more power than there initially was. He also can use Counter Vanish which could have made him an enemy of several magical gods if not for his kind nature. This also tends to be an issue as his pacifism leads to everyone else from his group of friends getting into trouble.
  • Due to being a bartender, he is on good terms with some of the members of the House of Food, where he can be seen sometimes.
  • Unsurprisingly, he's made good friends with Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club on the grounds of him being a good-aligned Devil. He gets along especially fine with Issei, especially since not only he's got an oddly similar-sounding voice as his, but his dragon bloodline reminds him of his past and title. He also sympathized with Kiba for his difficult childhood, as well as Asia for reminding him a lot of Elizabeth. He wishes he could also befriend Issei's main rival, Vali Lucifer, but the catch is that he keeps mistaking his advances for fighting challenges.
  • Although he is part Demon, he is most certainly against the Demon Clan of his world, this has put him at odds with most demons. There are exceptions to this of course like Illyana who Meliodas can sympathize with as they both have pasts they want to move on from. He does not let his demonic nature control him which she admires about him.
    • Despite hating Corset for his actions he does admit Scanty and Kneesocks are two demons he does not hate. It could be their style, voice, RRRRRRURUS, or most likely demonic looks which he can appreciate. This, however, didn't stop Meliodas from becoming good friends with Garterbelt, with whom he sympathizes for his brutal past life. Panty has also been rather... Interested on getting to know Meliodas better.
  • He gets along well enough with Natsu to even visit his world once. They act like they have known each other for years. Meliodas can't help, but feel like there is something else to Natsu that's nothing like the fire of a Dragon. It reminds him of his past, but he does not know what this feeling could be or be aware of the fact they are both demons.
  • When he is frustrated, some people notice him speaking in an Irish accent and notice him offering potatoes and cocaine at his bar.
  • Lucy was rather fond of Meliodas considering him like a brother to Natsu. Then he sneaked into her temple with Natsu which lead to getting a Lucy kick in the face.
  • Naturally he's been made a personal enemy of Mard Geer Tartaros. He is disgusted one of his own kind would throw away his demonic nature to side with mankind. The following exchange happened...
    Who are you? Mardi Gras? Oh, so you're the Underworld King then. Second-in-command of Tartaros a guild of demons. You remind me of some people or rather demons I know, but I should give you a warning don't overlook mankind. Continue to act like a jackass here and I will be greeting you again, but not alone that will be for sure so keep your ass in that chair!
  • He's also come into contact with Zeref who seemed more friendly than Mard Geer. Zeref was surprised to learn Meliodas is a demon despite his personality and appearance. Meliodas was not fond of explaining his past, but Zeref was willing to listen. Still, the Sin of Wrath does not appreciate the black mage's hatred of humans not to mention the Etherious demons he created.
  • Aladdin was more than pleased to learn about Meliodas ascending into the pantheon. They tend to speak about their friends, previous battles, or the value and weight of a female's figure. Morgiana could stare in silence at their interactions together.
  • Gul'dan is one of the few gods Meliodas despises being forced to obey commands like a slave. He will admit the warlock is a good musician, but he would love nothing more than to shove his sax down his throat.
  • He's gotten along with Shirou, Eren, Flynn, and Kirito as he noticed all four of them had a similar kind of voice. Eren and Flynn, in particular, noticed they have the same voice in another language as well.
    • Rin is not exactly fond of his attempts to look up her skirt, but she does admit he has a good heart with a blush on her cheeks.
  • He heard about Merlin being in the pantheon and went to find his comrade from the Seven Deadly Sins. Instead, he finds a guy looking nothing like the Merlin he knew from his world. Despite this, he gets along with the other Merlin impressed by his magical abilities... until he saw the Boar's Sin of Gluttony wave at him with her usual smirk.

    Suguha Kirigaya/Leafa 
Suguha Kirigaya, Goddess of Wishes For Flight (Leafa, Leefa, Lyfa, Rifa, Speedaholic, Sugu, Green Swordswoman:Earth Goddess Terraria)
Leafa (ALO)
Suguha (OS)
Suguha (UW)
Suguha in real life
  • Intermediate Goddess (Demigoddess IRL)
  • Symbol: The Sylph Race Emblem
  • Theme Song: Face to You and Sky the Graffiti
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Little Sister Heroine, Getting a Lot of Jokes Over Her Cup Size, Desires of Self-Flight, Well-Versed in Mythology, Hero of Another Story, Iconic Sequel Character, National-Level Kendo Practicioner, Lightning Bruiser, Magic Knight, Ms. Fanservice, Strong and Skilled IRL but Weak, but Skilled in ALO, Tomboy with a Girly Streak, Surprise Incest, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, Tsundere
  • Domains: Family, Gaming, Combat, Fairies, Accidental Incest, Kendo
  • Allies: Kazuto Kirigaya, Asuna Yuuki (Her big brother/cousin and sister-in-law), Yui (her adoptive niece), Shino Asada/Sinon, Yuuki Konno
  • Odd Friendship With: Samuel Rodriguez, Uzu Sanageyama, Wakaba Saegusa/Vivid Green, Annabelle (former holder)
  • Complicated Relationship: Abridged Asuna and Kirito
  • Rivals: Most other sword-fighters in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: Nobuyuki Sugou, SHODAN, Kyubey, Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon), Mana Ouma, the GUAE Trollkaiger, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima
  • Ascended into the Pantheon after finding out that Kirito, the dashing Spriggan warrior she fell in love with, was her own adoptive big brother Kazuto, yet still helped him successfully win an epic war to save Asuna Yuuki, his beloved wife, and finally accepting that although he will still love her and be there for her, he will do so as a big brother.
  • After her ascension, she was reunited with the rest of her cousin's associates, with them congratulating her for making her way into the Pantheon before they start to play ALO once again with them.
    • However, the new regulations have made put her position in question as the Court felt Kissing Cousins should belong to a reciprocal relationship instead of one girl whose feelings are doomed to be one-sided. As such, in order for her to stay, another trope has to be found that she can represent. Remembering what she had said about ALO and why she loves it, Kazuto approached the reindeer Annabelle for help on this matter. As she already holds Make a Wish, she allowed for her other title to be surrendered to Suguha, enabling her to stay in the Pantheon. The Sylph/kendo nationalist was grateful for this act. And now she's got two Houses: one in Goals and one in Air-Based Travel.
    • As for why she managed to claim the trope, it's because it's one of her defining characteristics; her love of flying through the air as a Sylph. Suguha tried out ALO to experience this magical phenomena, and once she had it, she couldn't be without it.
  • Like everyone else from her world, she's given the ability to switch between her IRL and game (ALO only) forms at will. While most stay in their game avatars for most of the day (and instantly revert to their IRL forms when going to [voluntary] sleep), Leafa spends an approximately equal amount of time between forms, mainly when she's practicing kendo as she feels she might get complacent if she doesn't keep practicing as Suguha. Besides, who knows if an enemy might "mode lock" her into her IRL form?
  • Abridged Kirito and Asuna were initially willing to befriend her, only to learn that she was once in love with the main Kirito. Cue jaw drop. She's friendly, but only to an extent, since the Abridged counterparts keep mentioning it in passing despite her attempts to move past it.
  • Has started an "AA Meeting" called "I Love My Brother Anonymous", where deities can share embarrassing stories and help get over sibling romances, accidental or otherwise, that would have ended in incestuous tragedy if taken further.
    • So far, among the regular attendees are Princesses Leia and Cagalli as well as their repsective brothers Luke and Kira.
    • One member, Kirino Kousaka, is on "probation" because not only is she un-repentant about her lust for her brother, but also being a little premature to her age. Suguha feels awkward around her becuase they sound curiously alike when speaking in Japanese.
    • However, she is not amused to the likes of Mana Ouma, and Hansel and Gretel, after she became disgusted with their incestuous acts in a depraved level.
    • She still maintains this Meeting even after her House change, and after letting go of her crush on her brother.
  • Is known to have an excessive appetite, especially for sweets. Luckily for her, the physical lifestyle she indulges in keeps her from gaining weight.
  • She adores Asuna, who is the caring and affectionate big sister she always wanted, and therefore happily "gave up" Kirito to her, knowing that the two people she loves most will be happy together.
    • And it goes without saying, she LOATHES Nobuyuki Sugou, and has threatened with drawn-katana to slice him into ribbons if he EVER dares go near her beloved big-sister again. That or beat him senseless with her bokken if she feels like making room for others to take their fury on him.
  • She gets along well with Komaru Naegi due to them being Little Sister Heroines in their respective universes. It is also interesting that their older brothers (or in Suguha's case, her older cousin) were sounded alike which they think it's just an coincident of sorts.
  • For some reasons, she gets along well with Labrys, Koneko Toujou, Azusa Nakano, and Yamato, due to their voices are sounded alike when they speak in Japanese, Same thing with Aoi Asahina and Ritsu Tainaka whenever they speak in English.
    • The biggest exception of this rule is Kyubey, not only because she is annoyed when she found out that the Incubator sounds similar to her, but she's also gained an animosity towards him for his modus operandi towards the Puella Magi.
  • Has gained a friendship of sorts with Samuel Rodriguez, Wakaba Saegusa, and Uzu Sanageyama after she learned that they also happened to be practitioners of kendo just like her. From time to time, she spends her time training with them as a means to improve her skills in both real life and in-game.
    • Of course, on occasion she's also made time to spar against sword-user with different arts. Examples include Luke (with them using training lightsabers, of course) and Pearl of the Crystal Gems.
  • Kirito claims she has the "superpower" of being able to fall asleep within seconds of finding a comfortable spot. During one event with a sleepover, she literally plops down onto the bed and talks about how much fun they're going to have before literally falling asleep and disconnecting from the game (since the Amusphere automatically logs out anyone who falls asleep while playing) so fast that everyone but Kirito wonders what just happened. She logged back in right as Lisbeth was telling a ghost story, which managed to freak all of the assembled out with her utterly oblivious.
  • It seems that her opinions on both Monokuma and the Trollkaigers were shared with Kirito and Asuna, this intensifies her anger on them even more after she found out that they made a cruel joke to both of them.
  • At some point, she had thrusted herself into an unknown dimension after Kirito and Asuna got involved in a battle against Zetsumu, with her assisting them in their fights.
  • Cursed herself for not being there with Kazuto during the Ordinal Scale incident. Had she known what would've happened, she would've helped them out without hesitation (and might've resolved the plot much quicker thanks to her real world kendo skills).

    Yuu/Da'ath the Gravekeeper 
Yuu, The Envoy of Man's Recreation (Da'ath the Gravekeeper, Da'ath the Death Keeper)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A white sun shaped spreading its light
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Face, Likes to Give Metaphors Before Leaving, You Can't Fight Fate, Anthropomorphic Personification, Ancient Conspiracy, His Organization's Main Goal, Have Bushy Eyebrows
  • Domain: Philosophy, Mentalism, Life and Death, Prophecy, Conspiracy, Envoy, Evolution, Change
  • Allies: Makoto Waltz Segai, The Incubators, Ragyo Kiryuin, Keel Lorenz, Ryoma Sengoku, Mesogog, Amon, SHOCKER
  • Enemies: Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha, Gai Tsutsugami, Mana Ouma, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mai Takatsukasa, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin, The Saber Marionettes, Shinji Ikari, Rei Iyanami, Asuka Langley Soryu/Shikinami, Lelouch Vi Britannia
  • Interested in: Alex Mercer
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kaworu Nagisa
  • Opposed by: Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi
  • Known simply as Yuu, he is the envoy of Da’ath, an ancient organization that existed for centuries. He and his group attempted to bring forth the Fourth Apocalpyse, which consist of two individuals they call "Adam and Eve" which are tasked to rebuild humanity with the best genes, but their plans were thwarted when Shu destroyed the Apocalypse Virus for good. Da'ath has since then dissapeared without a trace, but Yuu has learned of the existance of the pantheon and decided to ascend on behalf of his group.
  • Neither Shu nor Inori were too happy about Yuu's ascension, as that meant that their worst enemies now had an opportunity to start the apocalypse again, but in the pantheon. However, Yuu never thought that Mana would refuse to return to her role as Eve and has noticed that the influence of the virus has faded overtime. Worse, Mana still has the powers of the Virus within her, but the intervention of the GUAG plus Mana's own disinterest in Da'ath's plans means that Yuu is going to have a lot of work to do if he wants humanity to evolve in the pantheon.
  • Yuu is also capable of extracting voids from peoples bodies, meaning that he can be dangerous to anyone 17 or younger. He can also teleport, so be careful.
  • People have said that Da'ath is similar to other ancient conspiracies like SEELE or the Geass order. Neither the EVA children nor Lelouch are very fond of the nature of Yuu.
    • The former especially have a beef with them given the similarities he has with Kaworu, who Yuu is intrigued to know about his nature as an angel. He also has allied himself with Keel Lorenz, so both SEELE and Da'ath can cooperate into a common goal.
  • Yuu has also been in contact with the Incubators due to their similar views of mankind. That also made him a target for both Madoka and Homura, especially the latter since he fears that he might try to make Madoka another potential Eve.
  • Has heard of Ragyo Kiryuin and her attempt at giving earth to the Life Fibers. Yuu finds that aspect of human evolution through the life fibers to be fascinating and has formed a partnership with Ragyo in order to fin more about the true nature of the Life Fibers. He also has considered the possible fusion of Life Fibers and the apocalypse virus, which has put both Ryuko and Satsuki on edge as to what could happen if he went with his plan.
  • Yuu's organization views Kouta and Mai as a threat, with them being the Man and Woman of the Beginning who were potential threats of interfering his Adam and Eve Plot.
  • On other attemps to find another alternative for the evolution of mankind, he stumbled upon the Xel'naga Amon. Yuu has heard about how he created both the Zerg and the Protoss with the only mean to create a perfect race out of the two. Of course, he hasn't quite allied himself with the alien given his Chaotic nature, but has considered him for a secret plan of his.
  • Another evolution idea came in the form of Mesogog. However, Yuu isn't quite sure about returning to the prehistoric times as Mesogog wants, but still considers him a valuable asset for a later time.
  • Given about his similarities with Shuichiro Keido, Yuu has approached Ryoma Sengoku in order to strike a deal with him about the potential development of an artificial Kamen Rider powered by the Apocalypse Virus. Sengoku was interested in the deal, but only if Da'ath were to take part in SHOCKER and give a sample of the Apocalypse Virus to the organization. Rumours said that both parties agreed on an alliance.
    • The only problem? The apocalypse virus only resides within Mana, and since she has no interest in being the pawn of Da'ath again, there is no secure way to getting the virus back. Sengoku has suggested kidnapping her but that would prove dangerous since she still has the power of the virus and would not doubt in using it against them should the provoke her.
  • In the hopes of trying to find an alternative to Mana, Yuu learned about an ally of her that also was the embodiment of a virus, Alex Mercer. Although he is not sure about how to approach Mercer since he is much more dangerous than Mana plus his chaotic nature would prove troublesome for Da'ath. Not to mention, he has been interested in taking the Apocalypse Virus for himself.

Lesser Gods

    Claire Bennet 
Claire Bennet, Goddess of People Who, Oddly, Don't Want Superpowers (Claire-Bear, Claire G. Petrelli, Vivian Lewis, Claire Butler, Bonnie Monaco, Alice Shaw)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A Cell
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Trying to Live a Normal Life, Female Chick Magnet, Attracting Fatal Accidents, Not Afraid of the Grim Reaper, Becoming a Really Fearsome Woman Later On, Nice Girls You Shouldn't Anger
  • Domain: Healing, Good
  • High Priestess: Daphne Powell
  • Heralds: Sandra and Lyle Bennet (her mother and little brother)
  • Allies: Noah Bennet (her stepfather), Mohinder Suresh, Hiro Nakamura, Kim Possible, Juliet Starling, Buffy Summers, Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, Ben Grimm/The Thing, Ren Fujii, Hyde Kido, Plusle and Minun
  • Enemies: Libby Chessler, Jason Voorhees, Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Opposes: Erik Lensherr/Magneto, Scott Summers/Cyclops
  • Annoyed by: Veigue Lungberg
  • Fears: Lucy
  • Odd Friendship with: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Despite not wanting superpowers and that being reason why she ascended in the first place, she doesn't seem to mind being a goddess. Was the subject of a manhunt from evil forces to use her abilities for their own gain. She has long gotten past that stage of her life
    • Her story in the mortal world ended with a massive explosion that killed hundreds of people. Although she survived the blast, she was pronounced dead after giving birth to twins. Further research revealed that one of them could siphon powers, which happened at a horrible time for her.
  • Is glad to have a number of benevolent cheerleading gods in the Pantheon, sponsoring many of the ones that has ascended:
    • Buffy has been a long time friend of Claire. Not surprising as the two girls share their grievances with their duties. Claire usually manages to get Buffy back up and face her responsibilities.
    • Along with Buffy, she tried to get either Kim Possible or Juliet Starling for the Pom-Pom Girl trope. When that failed, she and Buffy helped find titles for both characters. Juliet and Kim were highly grateful for their assistance.
    • The reason the exchange failed was due to the workings of Libby Chessler, who successfully vouched for a cheerleader more in line with her personality. She detested her from the start as her followers often took the brunt of bullying from Libby's, but that only caused Claire to hate her even more.
  • Even after Magneto made a Heel–Face Turn, Claire stands to oppose him. Why? Because she gets irritated by people who want to force people to choose sides, when many just don't have a strong enough opinion to do so. The same goes to Cyclops in his later years. She is particularly disdainful of such crises that has been affecting superheroes.
    • Of course many give her flack for being a hypocrite, pointing out that she was the one that revealed the existence of evolved humans to her world. In her defense, those were under unique circumstances.
  • There was a time where she would always here someone shouting her name in the House of Quirks. It got to the point where she stormed into the temple to give the man a piece of her mind. Veigue Lungberg perked up, thinking it was her long lost girlfriend returning. Instead, he found an angry blonde girl shouting at him for saying her name one too many times. He apologized, promising not to say her name as often.
  • While she was on her way back to her temple, she was grabbed from behind and brutally stabbed multiple times. Thankfully, her powers allowed her to heal from that ordeal rather quickly. She ignored the circumstances and moved on... only for the same thing to happen the very next day. That's when she went to the House of Knowledge to help investigate. Some sleuthing concluded that she is being stalked by Jason Voorhees. It's likely that he considers her to be a Final Girl, an archetype he vehemently hates. The best way to solve this was to get the help from Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott and their various followers. After some tips, Claire managed to turn the tables on her opponent, leading him right to a firing squad headed by Judge Dredd. Jason's body was destroyed, though it's likely he will appear once more. After thanking the girls, she offered to sleep over at their house for the night. And thus a wonderful friendship was born.
  • Stays as far away from Lucy's temple as possible, given that one of her most prominent followers hunted her down for years, hoping to steal her powers. He succeeded, though he later had a change of heart.
  • Once found herself in the middle of a fight between Deadpool and Deathstroke. Meaning, her body was skewered in half by a sword slash from Deathstroke when Deadpool got out of the way, even though it didn't even get to half her torso. She ended up growing her lower half back in about 20 minutes, at which point Deathstroke realized she was one of the targets he signed a contract on. Deadpool seemed to recognize her too and decided to defend her, and then she stepped in to help the Merc with a Mouth, so Slade decided to fall back for the time being. And then DP said this.
    Deadpool: Okay, I know we healing factor types tend to get injured, our parts cut off, and all that stuff a lot more often than the normies do, but your body is just ridiculously weak. That thing didn't go through enough of you to take you apart like that. What gives?
  • Ren Fujii sympathizes with Claire, who just wants to live a normal life without being bothered by her powers. Claire appreciates the sentiment but feels sad that Ren couldn't return to his normal life as his destiny was out of his control. Ren told her not to angst too much about it, as he has already accepted his destiny, and knows that eternal stagnation would be bad.

    Cyrus (Pokémon
Cyrus, the God Who Wanted to Restart the World (Akagi)

    King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule 
King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, God of Building a Utopia for Others (King of Hyrule, The King of Red Lions)
The King of Red Lions
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The King of Red Lions
  • Theme Song: King Hyrule Appears, Farewell King Hyrule
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The King in the form of The King of Red Lions that can talk, Mentor and Guide to Link to give the world a new future, Existed before the Great Flood, Big Good, Stayed in the Flooding of Hyrule to wash away the relic of the past for the future, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: King, Past and Future, Boat
  • Allies: Link, Zelda, Medli, Impa, Jean Luc-Picard, Moana, Maui
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Moby Dick, Cia, The Enclave, Big Brother, Kraken, Tamatoa
  • Opposed: King Harkinian, Khan Noonien Singh
  • King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule was the last king of the old Kingdom of Hyrule that witnessed Ganondorf's bloody return and the flooding by the Goddesses. When Ganondorf broke the seal and wreak havoc on the flooded world, the King assumed the form of the King of Red Lions to search for the Hero and his descendant. In the final battle, Ganondorf assembled the Triforce but before he could make his wish, King Hyrule touched the ancient relic and wished for the destruction of Hyrule and stayed behind, alongside the stone statue of Ganondorf, so that the new world can have a future.
  • While he does appears in his original form, he would assume his form as the King of Red Lions, a boat that let Link sail through the Great Sea, due to his original form being bound to Hyrule itself.
    • The King of Red Lions is often spotted during a Smash tournament in the Great Sea, providing another platform from the waves.
    • He has some weird expressions when meeting the Fleet Girls, in which these girls are supposed to be ships.
  • Though Ganondorf is his enemy and stopped him from conquering Hyrule by washing away by the Flood, he admits that he is just like him, wanting Hyrule to rise from the waves of the Great Sea and its greatness restored based on nostalgia of the old world. Even then, he admits that holding onto the memories of the past will do no good in moving onto the future, hence his wish to destroy Hyrule forever.
    • He got alone with Picard, who understood the need to let go of the past and move on. At the same time, the King opposes Khan Noonien Singh because of his quest to regain his former glory led him on a misguided vendetta against James T. Kirk, making him no better than Ganondorf.
  • He heard about another King of Hyrule in the Pantheon, in which he doesn't seems to have expected or was even amused. Like everyone else in his universe, he pretends that the King doesn't exist with insistent that he is the only true king in Hyrule. Still, he is greatly annoyed with people asking him what's for dinner or even if his ship will set sail in the morning, even though he was a ship for a time.
  • He doesn't agree with Captain Ahab's unworthwhile vengeance against the whale Moby Dick. With that said, he agreed that Moby Dick is a dangerous creature that attacks humans without warning and he has his fair share of sea monsters in the Great Sea.
  • He disapproves of the Enclave and their attempt in rebuilding the glory of America after being nuked to hell and back. As terrible as the wasteland is, their goals never helped the state of it all either. Mr. House, on the other hand, whole-heartedly agrees with the King, having personally sneer at people clinging to old world values like democracy... despite himself being a living, breathing relic of the old America. House is pretty attached to Vegas and even civilized the tribe living out to be the reflection of people from back then.
  • As a king who wants the best for his people, he does not like Big Brother and how he created a dystopia world as its ruler, while he founded a utopia for the future of his people.

Ventari, God of Fighting No Longer (Legendary Centaur)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Ventari's Tablet
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Centaur, Desiring Peace Between Humans And Centaurs, Peaceful Centaur In a World With Warlike Centaurs, Befriending a Human, Greater Importance After Death, Pacifist, Revered by the Sylvari
  • Domains: Centaurs, Peace, Good, Wisdom
  • Allies: Grenth, Chiron, Centorea, Asgore Dreemurr, Frisk, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Cosmo, Himura Kenshin, Meliodas, Mamori Tokonome, Iji Kataiser, Charles Xavier
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Baine Bloodhoof
  • Enemies: Mordremoth, Garrosh Hellscream
  • Opposes: Ares, Apocalypse, War the Horseman, Lord Tirek
  • Good Counterpart to: Flowey
  • Once a proud warrior who fought humans, centaur sage Ventari grew to abhor the violence engulfing the centaurs and humans. Escaping to the south to avoid conflicts, he met and befriended the human Ronan, and together they planted the Pale Tree and founded a sanctuary of peace for all races seeking it.
    • Though Ventari has passed on, his legacy has made an impact on the Pale Tree and the Sylvari, who now (With some exceptions) hold his views and teachings written on his tablet in high regard. So strong is Ventari's legend, that Revenants can invoke him in the form of the Legendary Centaur Stance, granting them access to purely supportive abilities.
    • When Mordremoth learned that Ventari is the reason why most of the Sylvari didn't immediately join him, the elder dragon has made sure to remember to kill Ventari when the opportunity arises.
  • Gets along with fellow centaurs Chiron and Centorea, especially the former as they're both wise centaurs who're different from their more bloodthirsty brethren. However, Ventari doesn't get along with Lord Tirek for obvious reasons.
  • Refuses to participate in the wars between the Grand United Alliances, and will seek refuge to his temple during their battles.
  • Because of his experience and beliefs, Ventari naturally opposes malevolent pro-war deities like Apocalypse, War the Horseman and Ares.
  • Gets along with Asgore Dreemurr, as they're both peaceful monsters by nature. However, Ventari did not hesitate to call him out on promising the underground denizens with false hope when he made his declaration to annihilate humanity in a moment of grief. With that said, they're still allies.
  • Quite fond of Frisk as their pacifism goes well with his ideals, and they both have experiences with Interspecies Friendship.
  • Ventari's peaceful nature did not sit well with Flowey, who tried to provoke him with a Breaking Speech. To Flowey's annoyance though, Ventari claimed that his experience trumps Flowey's and decided to just ignore the flower. However, the centaur feels uneasy about Flowey's alliance with Mordremoth.
  • Ventari reminds Malfurion Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind of Cenarius, who could also be described as a peaceful centaur. The difference is that Cenarius wouldn't hesitate to go berserk if someone threatened nature.
  • Ventari wants peace. Garrosh Hellscream wants war. To the surprise of nobody, they don't get along. At all.
  • Interestingly, Baine Bloodhood does not trust Ventari's claims of being peaceful. After all, he and the Tauren has had many problems with the centaurs of Azeroth, and he finds it hard to believe that one centaur of the warlike centaurs of Tyria would desire peace instead. Ventari actually does not blame him for being on the cautious side, though he is hopeful that Baine would eventually come to realize that he genuinely means well.
  • Naturally gets along with fellow pacifists Himura Kenshin, Meliodas, Mamori Tokonome, Iji Kataiser, and Frisk.
  • Made allies with Charles Xavier, as he too wants peace between two people (Humans and Mutants in Professor X's case).
  • "The outside world is a violent place, where the seeds of chaos are sown with innocent tears. The only peace to be found is within the self. Forging the path of serenity from the mind to the heart is more difficult than any battle fought with steel."


     Professor Venomous 

Professor Venomous, God of Preferring Desire Over Ownership (Professor Venomous, P.V., Boss, Stepfather, Daddy, Laserblast, Laser, Shadowy Figure, Professor Venomous, Laserblast, Ghoulish Dude, Plaza Creeper, Shadowy, Shadowy Venomous, S.V., Perfect Venomous)
Click to see Laserblast
Click to see Shadowy Figure
Click to see Shadowy Venomous
  • Demigod, was an Intermediate God as Laserblast. Lesser God, Bordering on Intermediate as Shadowy Figure. Intemediate God as Shadowy Venomous.
  • Symbol: The Green Cobra emblem from his Suit
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, formerly Neutral Evil. Chaotic Evil as Shadowy Figure/Shadowy Venomous. Was Neutral Good when he was Laserblast
  • Portfolio: Wanting Is Better Than Having, Fallen Hero, Purple Is Powerful, Snake Person, Face–Heel Turn, Unholy Matrimony with Lord Boxman, Luke, I Am Your Father, Abusive Parent to KO at first, Took a Level in Kindness, My God, What Have I Done?, Evil Former Friend, Formerly Fit
  • Domains: Scientists, Desire, Greed, Snakes, Poison, Fathers
  • Heralds:
  • Allies: Wile E. Coyote, Plankton, Mojo Jojo, Anakin Skywalker, Ben Solo, Lord Hater and Peepers, Henry Jekyll, Toko Fukawa, Morahthi, Megamind, Felonious Gru, The Amoeba Boys, Dr. Evil, Dr. Neo Cortex, Nina Cortex, N. Gin, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz
  • Enemies: Ultraman Belial, Ragyo Kiryuin, Hero Killer Stain, Shou Tucker, The Evil Personalities of the House of Identity Issues, Simon Keyes, Malekith, Carl Clover, Syndrome, The Seven, Tighten, Sillico
  • Disdain from: The Planeteers, Captain Planet, Harry Osborn, Riku Asakura, Zuko, Shoto Todoroki, Rey, Ryuko Matoi, Goro Akechi, Lotor, Isomer Black, Hector Rivera, Lloyd Garmadon, Sonic, Most of the Good-Aligned Cartoon Network Deities.
  • Opposed by: Garnet, Raven and Ben Tennyson, Bowser, The Powerpuff Girls, Professor Utonium, Spirit Albarn.
  • Opposes: The Child Abuse Supporters, The Evilutionists of Mad Science, Promestein, Bondrewd, Cell, The Gyaos, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor
  • Complicated Relationship: K.O (His son)
  • Professor Venomous was once known as Laserblast, the most popular member of a famous hero organization named POINT, though he enjoyed being one of the most popular and acclaimed heroes of all time, he fell into insecurity due to his powers being to absorb the power from other beings, causing him to feel inferior to his teammates and attempt to empower himself, however one of his teammates discovering his lab compromised his operations and unleashed a chain of events that led to him losing his powers, upon believing his own teammates viewed him as weak, Laserblast decided to go into hiding to recover his lost powers to no avail, but in the midst of trying got involved in the villainy business and renamed himself Professor Venomous, while unaware that one of his experiments in his attempts to get his powers back made a split-personality: Shadowy Figure, who would proceed to manipulate events to become more powerful and rule the Universe.
  • Having once been Darth Vader's high priest, Venomous was ascended once word came out of how much his desire to have power and being depressed whenever he actually got it, proved that ultimately sometimes wishing is better than having what you think you want and thus let him into the Pantheon. Once he arrived, he was met with disdain from almost all sides, with only a few handful of deities willing to be his allies or amicable towards him, surprisingly he didn't hold it against them for their disdain, knowing fully well that he has no one to blame for that but himself.
  • His relationship with K.O is... Complicated, while his son has mostly forgiven him and is willing to let him slowly back into his life, he still hasn't forgotten about the pain that Venomous put him through and how close he came to killing all of his loved ones due to Venomous' and Shadowy Figure's influence, and as such has made their reconciliation a slow process.
    • K.O's allies have less than positive opinions about Venomous themselves but are willing to let him be for K.O's sake; that said the trio of Raven, Ben Tennyson and Garnet (especially Garnet) aren't going to doubt about making sure Venomous is permanently put out of commission should he try anything funny on K.O, particularly Garnet whose future vision has led to see possible scenarios of Venomous manipulating K.O once again and thus is prepared to instantly take action should the possibility come to pass.
    • The Planeteers and Captain Planet have also disdain for Venomous as well, having teamed up with K.O in occasions and seeing the sheer emotional damage that Venomous' machinations caused him. Though his redemption has put him out of their enemies list, they still watch out for any possible transgression against K.O's goodwill.
    • Finally there's Sonic the Hedgehog, who also once teamed up with K.O to fight against Lord Boxman. He was quite angry to see how badly Venomous used and tortured his own son and knowingly allowing his eviler alter-ego to further push him down the villainy path when K.O gave him a chance. And given his own alliance with Boxman, who resembles Sonic's nemesis, it's given PV little popularity with the blue hedgehog.
    • The rest of the Good-Aligned Cartoon Network Deities have not much positive things to save about him either, given how K.O (alongside Garnet, Raven and Ben 10) once saved them from the threat of Strike, a villain who began capturing heroes from cancelled shows and destroyed CN City. Venomous has made sure to keep his distance from them all, especially Prof. Utonium and the Powerpuff Girls, who due to their relation to science are not quite happy to see Venomous' face around the Pantheon.
  • Among the deities willing to be allies are the various Mad Scientists and Evil Geniuses of the Pantheon, at least those that aren't too evil for Venomous to like. Among them stand out Ivo Robotnik, who reminds him greatly of Lord Boxman (his husband), Dr. Neo Cortex, Plankton, Wile E. Coyote, and Mojo Jojo, who all don't really mind Venomous' nastier past and are willing to ally with him even if he no longer dabbles in the villainy business. On a similar note, he made allies with both Nina Cortex and N. Gin, as the Nina reminded him a lot of Fink, his adoptive daughter and N. Gin reminded him of his husband, Lord Boxman. He isn't fond of N. Tropy, howeverm as he heard of the treacherous Time Master's actions.
  • Having been a villain once and redeeming himself made him allies with Ben Solo, Gru, Megamind and Anakin Skywalker (to whom he acted as the High Priest of in the past) who all once followed the path of evil before an event in their lives allowed them to reform and become better people. The trio all did unsavory things in their time as villains and as such are more forgiving of his worst actions in the past than most. Particularly Anakin as he also made his son suffer for selfish reasons even if he eventually redeemed himself for it.
  • The deities that are most unhappy with his actions are those who've suffered from manipulation coming from their parents or being used as mere pawns for their plans, chief among them being the following:
    • Goro Akechi, as his status as an illegitimate child and the way his father used him being rather similar to how Venomous treated K.O. As such, he has thought of murdering Venomous when he gets the chance, but is mostly held back by him trying to become a better person, as such he has decided to simply wait for any possibility of Venomous becoming a threat once more and thus elligible for him to take down.
    • Riku Asakura, who was used by his own father, Belial, in his scheme to destroy the Universe and Land of Light. He has made it clear that he won't be forgiving the professor anytime soon, but is willing to keep things civil with the former villain for the most part, if only because K.O personally requested him to. Riku still feels uneasy from hearing Venomous' backstory and manipulation of K.O, being painfully similar to Belial's backstory and manipulation of him for his own goals which left quite a mark on him, even if he was able to grow past the pain.
    • Shoto Todoroki, who had to endure abuse from his father due to the latter wanting Todoroki to live up to his legacy. He feels really bad that K.O's father treated him like crap and willingly cooperated with an entity that he knew was manipulating and using his son for selfish purposes. As such he's one of the least enthusiastic deities about PV's presence.
    • Zuko, who had to endure his father's abuse and neglect, while he is glad that Venomous' second child had a happier upbringing, he severely dislikes the way that he treated K.O, given that Fire Lord Ozai put Zuko through the wringer for the sake of defying him, which is not too dissimilar to Venomous happily and unrepetantly hurting K.O due to the latter being a hero instead of a villain, simply because PV felt like it. He is somewhat willing to leave him alone following Venomous' repentance on it, but has told PV that he will set his hair on fire should he do something that kills what little faith Zuko has with him.
  • Good fathers in the Pantheon also have varying relationships with Venomous, depending on various factors. Hector Rivera detests Venomous abandoning his son in spirit and mentally torturing the poor kid, as he is a dedicated family man, he is somewhat willing to give him less flak due to his better relationship with Fink, but nonetheless has occasionally told Venomous that K.O does not need him in his life and is rather bothered by K.O letting him back in, even if slowly. Bowser, on the other hand, is pretty much one bad day away from tearing Venomous apart, limb from limb and roasting him afterwards, as he can't quite comprehend why Venomous would torture his own son knowingly and has not given him any pass due to his treatment of Fink, unlike most. Heinz Doofenshmirtz has been willing to let Venomous become his ally, but has also made it clear that should he go back to his manipulations of K.O, then Doof will no doubt make an -inator specifically to deal with Venomous for good.
  • He's afraid that his personality of Shadowy Figure will resurface one day, especially with the among of evil deities roaming around in the Pantheon as well as all the corruptors in it. As much disdain as he gets from various Deities, many of them have reluctantly decided to protect him from possible corruptions, as while Venomous has done horrible things, Shadowy Figure is by far and away worse; so therefore the less possible a comeback of the monstrous Superpowered Evil Side is there, the better. Among the deities willing to exploit this is Ultraman Belial who is capable of utilizing his own dark energy to corrupt other living beings which could make Shadowy return, thus Venomous became quick enemies with him, not to mention their similar backstories of wanting to get power for their own purposes, a desire which PV has outgrown.
    • This situation with split-personalities earned him allies and enemies in the House Identity Issues, with his allies being the ones who suffer from being taken over by split-personalities, particularly Dr. Jekyll. While evil split personalities earn his scorn, such as Mr. Hyde and Yam Bakura, particularly the latter for his manipulations of his friends, which painfully remind him of how Shadowy subtly manipulated him into further vile acts and using his son for his plans.
  • Has occasionally received the offer of being granted back his powers from the Court of Gods, but his Character Development has made him reject those offers, as he now knows all too well the price of selfish desire and is trying hard to become a better person than he ever was, as such he has no interest in getting his original powers back, fearing that he will simply backtrack over and over again in the scenario that it happened. The Court of Gods respected his decision and have no longer given those offers to him.
  • Heavily opposes the Evilutionists of Mad Science and fellow evil scientists such as Bondrewd and Promestein, as while he once was an Evil Genius, he's abandoned that life for a long time and wants nothing to do with it anymore, as such PV is eager to help out those seeking to defeat those scientists forever, as means of continuing his atonement post-retirement. He also plans on keeping them away from any biologically important creature such as Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Mewtwo and the Gyaos, whose natures as man-made bioweapons would pose a threat to the Pantheon if they fell in the wrong hands.


    George and Lennie 
George Milton and Lennie Small, Gods of Tragic Dreams
From left to right; Lennie and George.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A small farm with a rabbit sitting in front.
  • Theme: "George and Lennie"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Guy, Little Guy, Heterosexual Life-Partners, forced to travel in search of work, Plan on owning a farm with rabbits but never comes to fruition,
  • Domains: Goals, Agriculture, Tragedy
  • Allies: The Farmer, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, Jimmy Hopkins, Dumbo, Charlie Chaplin
  • Enemies: The Killer Rabbit, The Lepus, Eustace Bagge, Gary Smith, Trollkaiger
  • Annoyed by: The Three Stooges
  • Opposed by: The entire House of Beasts and Fauna
  • Complicated relationship: the ascended Looney Tunes
  • During The Great Depression, migrant worker George Milton and his physically strong, yet mentally-impaired friend Lennie Small arrived in California to work on a farm so that they could earn enough money to set up a rabbit farm. Despite their best efforts to achieve their relatively humble dream, things don't go according to plan, to put it lightly. Both had been going from place to place due to Lennie's dim-wittedness and uncontrollable strength costing them their jobs Things quickly escalated even more-so when Lennie accidentally murdered the wife of the hot-tempered Curley, which lead to him being wanted by Curley himself. It all culminated in George having to shoot Lennie in the head so that the latter didn't have to suffer anymore, rendering the duo's efforts and dream for naught despite their friendship.
  • A train arrived in the Pantheon one day, with George stepping out and finding himself in an unusual place. It was clear that he was looking for a place to go to after what had happened back then, though some claimed to George directly that he can see Lennie again much to Milton's disbelief given that he pulled the trigger on Lennie. George was taken to a place in the Pantheon that is described as where those have died can come back to life. George had never been used to hearing anything about the supernatural, but he would understand what kind of place the Pantheon is after seeing Lennie show up in front of him, and even then it took time for George to process everything that was happening. Lennie then asked George about the rabbit farm and the latter then knew what he was trying to do before tragedy had struck. It was entirely possible for a second chance to have a peaceful life in the Pantheon and to get a rabbit farm set up, though not much has changed in terms of George taking care of Lennie.
  • While the duo were looking to see if there were other farmers interested in helping them out, a young boy referred to simply as The Farmer showed up at their place. George was surprised to see a kid like that would be able to tend to a farm successfully and do so for long periods of time. The Farmer was sympathetic to George and Lennie's plight and offered them plenty of help in having their farm set up. In turn, George and Lennie would check in on how The Farmer is doing on their end and make sure problems don't come up.
  • Eustace Bagge didn't take it well after learning that more farmers were around supposedly threatening his job and has presented himself as an obstacle for George and Lennie. All of Eustace's attempts at obstructing the pair have ended in failure, though George does get really annoyed at him. Not helping Eustace's case is him lacking the skills of a farmer (and various other things) needed to take himself seriously in front of George and Lennie. George has even compared Eustace to Curley as far as his condescending attitude is concerned, with Eustace having a greedy disposition on top of that.
  • Their efforts to have their rabbit farm established in the Pantheon would come with some obstacles and help separate from what they first attempted. It was a given that they would find a multitude of rabbits, but what they (George more-so) didn't expect from those bunnies was them having minds of their own. While looking for rabbits for their farm, Lennie ended up coming across a white bunny that some people nearby were acting scared towards, with George having concerns about it. Lennie hugged that bunny, not fully being aware of what it was trying to do to him. Lennie had a few injuries, but the Killer Rabbit was worse off and was limping away. George and Lennie were told about the Killer Rabbit, alongside a whole group of deadly rabbits known as the Lepus and were advised to have caution in making sure these particular rabbits don't end up in their potential farm.
  • The pair have had a tough time getting along with the Pantheon's ascended Looney Tunes. The reason? Most of them have met or worked with individuals similar to Lennie, with Sylvester having to put with being called "George" by his partner Bennie,note  whilst Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and later Marvin the Martian encountered an abominable snowman named Hugo, who also loved to hug and squeeze bunny rabbits and name them George. For their part, the Tunes hold no ill will towards the real George and Lennie, and have offered to help them in whatever way they can... which lead to George telling Lennie to "hang out" with them, knowing their Toon morphology would be able to handle his strength.
    • On that note, the vast majority of the lagomorphs, rodents, and just about every other animal in the Pantheon, keeps a healthy distance from Lennie, due to his tendency to accidentally kill everything he hugs due to his immense strength. They know Lennie means well, due to his love for rabbits, but they aren't taking any chances.
  • The dynamic between George and Lennie has been noted by other like-minded deities. As such, the pair have formed a friendship with the Ed and Eddy, partially because of their shared similarities. Both pairs are comprised of a big and ridiculously strong oaf with an obsessive love for a specific animal (chickens for Ed and rabbits for Lennie) and a short Jerk with a Heart of Gold (well, sometimes) who makes get rich quick schemes. Just in their case, they're all ultimately balanced out by the addition of Edd (Double D), who acts as the weak and meek brains in the roster. They also found companionship with the Bone cousins, with Fone Bone happily helping out the duo while Phoney Bone trying to get Lennie aid in his money-making plans. It didn't end well for the bone.
  • Despite all five coming from the Great Depression, George finds the Three Stooges to be absolute morons, even more so than Lennie and only because Lennie actually knows more than he lets on. However, that doesn't mean he's opposed to the knuckleheads. Lennie gets along well with the Stooges, and Moe has admitted to have gone on multiple adventures with Larry and Curly all for the sake of finding a job. For that, all five can be seen trying to help pay for the rabbit farm... as long as the Stooges don't screw things up.
    • The pair also get along with Charlie Chaplin, who's sympathetic to their cause and often tries to cheer them up whenever things don't work out.
  • The reason George became friends with Lennie is an interesting one. Turns out George had been picking on Lennie back in their school days, but later stopped after realizing the latter didn't notice he was being bullied in the first place. As such, both have no interest in the Pantheon's resident bullies. Chief among them was Gary Smith, whose sociopathic behaviour rubbed George the wrong way and immediately made him quick friends with one Jimmy Hopkins. Jimmy keeps an eye out for anyone willing to pick on Lennie behind his back, ready to kick their ass in the process.
    • This disdain for bullies was what lead George and Lennie to befriend Dumbo, as they sympathized with the flying elephant's own predicament of being bullied and picked on by his peers in the circus. They help out at Dumbo's circus from time to time, even getting free tickets to the performances, but there was one condition. Lennie must be kept from handling the small animals, especially Dumbo's own mouse friend, Timothy. That said, Lennie is allowed to hang out with the elephants, who are more than capable of dealing with his strength.
  • It should be noted that while Lennie is a Gentle Giant and not one who usually fights back, he can and will end a fight rather quickly if pushed far enough. It was how Curley's hand got crushed into a pulp in the first place. One day, the Trollkaiger decided to take some time to harass Lennie, mostly for the heck of it. When George told his large friend to fight back... well... they all ended up in the House of Health and Diseases for about two weeks afterwards.
  • "Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don’t belong no place. . . . With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. We don’t have to sit in no bar room blowin’ in our jack jus’ because we got no place else to go. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us."

    Marika Myougi 
Marika Myougi, Goddess of Quests of Forgiveness (Grande Fleur, La Toute Souer)
In her casual wear and disguise
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her hat and glasses used for disguise, or, alternatively, a bento she prepared herself
  • Theme: Unrivaled Student Council President
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Her own route doubling as a way for her to forgive herself and earn redemption for her past actions, Owning up to her actions immediately after siding with the protagonist, and continuing to do so in her route, Initially acting pleasant in public and antagonistic in private before reforming, Her route's ending ending with her love interest out of Vincennes, but them enjoying their lives together, Learning to find her purpose in life, forgive herself for her past actions, and fall in love, Conflicted between her code of honor and her loyalty to her family, Ends up being easily forgiven by her peers, Draws the line at framing someone up, Forced into faking a rape accusation at Masaya, Ultimately turning a new leaf and choosing to help the protagonists, Revealed to be quite fond of singing at Karaoke bars, Falling in love with a man she could never hope to truly influence or manipulate, Saved by Masaya and Mitsuki from a suicide attempt, Her insecurities preventing her from confessing her feelings to Masaya in most scenarios, Considered as the "Big Sister" of the entire school, Both her parents dying when she was still young leaving her grandmother to raise her, Her hooking up with Masaya initially being a secret between the two of them, Being the Vincennes Student Council President at the start of the story
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Malty S. Melromarc, Grandfather, Professor Venomous
  • Opposed by: Naofumi Iwatani, Kenji Setou
  • The Student Council President of Vincennes Private Girls' Academy, Marika Myougi is an incredibly popular figure amongst the Filles de la Vincennes (the all-female students of this prestigious school). Publicly, she is a shining beacon of good influence and hope with a mysterious aura to her. Privately, however, she is Lonely at the Top, with only one Mitsuki Mekata of the Red Rose Society as her sole confidant. What's more, she's actually a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing, having been raised and heavily influenced by her very conservative grandmother, who, among other things, Does Not Like Men, having been a Vincennes alumnus herself.
  • Thus, when one Masaya Okonogi ends up in Vincennes as part of an "experiment" to get the school to become coed, Marika, while ostensibly a neutral party with regards to the gender integration issue, is secretly sympathetic to the Red Rose Society, the conservative and anti-integration faction headed by the Headmistress and backed by Marika's own grandmother. At first, Marika followed her grandmother's words to the letter, observing and lowkey sabotaging Masaya's and the White Lily Society's attempts to gain favor amongst the student populace. As the months went by, however, and Marika observed that Masaya was nothing like what her grandmother told her, the Student Council President began to have serious doubts about both herself and her stance on the whole gender integration issue. Unfortunately for Marika, things were to take a turn From Bad to Worse, when, following the latest failed attempt to sabotage the White Lily Society's efforts, Marika's grandmother forced her to enact an Evil Plan to get the White Lily Society to fail, and get Masaya out of Vincennes for good. Ultimately, Marika, despite her now Conflicting Loyalty, was able to push through with one such plan: a False Rape Accusation concocted by both herself and her associate Mistuki.
  • And so, the plan initially went off without a hitch, with Masaya detained by the Gardiane and under close investigation to prove his guilt. However, both Mitsuki and especially Marika felt immensely guilty for framing an innocent man. It got so bad for the latter that she was Driven to Suicide, and decided to jump off the Vincennes church tower in order to atone for her actions. Fortunately for her, this suicide attempt was interruped thanks to Masaya, Rise, and Mitsuki, who were able to convince her to undo and atone for her actions without the need for suicide. What's more, when Marika almost ended up slipping to her death, she was saved by none other than Masaya, who managed to hold Marika long enough to be pulled back to safety.
  • Grateful for his rescue and seeing that he's actually a good person at heart, Marika made a Heel–Face Turn and immediately made efforts to undo the damage she had caused, namely by providing the support needed for Masaya to win the Premier Judgment that would allow him to stay in Vincennes for a full year. However, these actions also ended up with Marika losing respect for her grandmother in the process, when she revealed her true colors to not only her own granddaughter, but to her own political allies as well. Ultimately, she ended up being her own person from then on, albeit one now Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life and still trying to forgive herself.
  • In most scenarios following this, Marika would end up not acting in on her growing feelings for Masaya, relegating herself to the background and remaining a neutral party on the gender integration issue. This was no thanks to her immense guilt for her earlier actions, as well as her reluctance to reveal her true self and risk her now-shaken reputation. In one scenario, with help from Mitsuki, she began growing closer to Masaya, first by catering to every single request he had made to her (including washing his back in the bath). According to Marika, she was doing this in order to start a "blank slate", and begin anew now that she was free of her grandmother's bad influence. During the summer vacation, Masaya had also ended up finding out about Marika's Dark and Troubled Past: how her parents died when she was young, how how her grandmother raised her alone and served as her sole guardian and influence, how she was expected by both every other student in school and her grandmother to be perfection incarnate, and how her grandmother wanted her to be amongst the school's future administration and possibly the next Headmistress.
  • One thing led to another, and both teens ended up falling for one another completely, culminating in Masaya confessing to Marika in the school's rose garden during one summer night, and Marika formally apologizing to Masaya for what she had done to him months prior. Marika ended up accepting Masaya's Love Confession on one condition: that both of them maintain it as a Secret Relationship, no thanks to the amount of controversy and drama that would take place should they be found out. Masaya agreed, citing the wellbeing of the White Lily Society's standing for the rest of the school year.
  • At first, things went smoothly for the young couple. They never interacted with one another in school, and went on dates with one another where most Vincennes students wouldn't go, and Marika herself wore a disguise while out in public for good measure. While almost getting discovered during a summer festival in a nearby town by members of the White Lily Society, the couple's secret finally got compromised during the Christmas of that same year, when both of them were seen by an unnamed Vincennes student at a hotel they were spending the night in. Sure enough, thanks to Vincennes tight community, rumors about the two of them soon spread across the school. Knowing that the jig was up, and that denying the relationship any further would worsen their already declining reputations, both Masaya and Marika admitted to dating one another. Sure enough, feelings were mixed. While some actually congratulated the two, others were envious of Masaya "stealing" Marika from their grasp. Sure enough, this latter issue was what ultimately cost the White Lily Society their chances in the Grande Vote, just as both of them had feared and expected.
  • This wasn't the end of their story in Vincennes, however. Prior to the Christmas incident, thanks to their Secret Relationship, neither Masaya nor Marika could participate in the Temps de Confession, a ceremony involving an exchange of rosaries between two people who loved one another. Doing so, according to the tradition, would ensure that the couple would be together for the rest of their lives. And so, both Rise and Ritsuko, out of respect for Marika and their friendship with Masaya, with the support of other Vincennes student, decided to help their friends one last time by hosting an informal version of the event in the cathedral on Graduation Night. And so it was, with Masaya and Marika exchanging their rosaries surrounded by friends and fellow students for one last time. One more surprise was in store for them, however. As it turns out, Marika's grandmother, following the incident, had actually reconsidered her stance on both Masaya and Marika, and in fact welcomed and congratulated both of them while also apologizing for her earlier actions. In essence, Marika had finally earned the redemption she had sought after this whole time, in addition to finally finding her purpose in life: as Masaya's lifelong partner.
  • And so, Marika's story in this scenario ended with both her and Masaya out of Vincennes (her having graduated, him having been forced to leave following the White Lily Society's loss regarding gender integration), but both of them together for the forseeable future, and with the approval and blessing of her grandmother. Ultimately, like with the ascended versions of Rise Rousenin, Konomi Yanase, and Tamie Nogi, it would be this scenario's Marika Myougi that would be chosen to ascend into the Pantheon, no thanks in part to actually having successfully achieved forgiveness and redemption.
  • Not long after seeing Masaya off in the ending of her scenario route, the young lady somehow ended up right in front of the Vincennes Private Girls' Academy's front gate, now in her Vincennes winter uniform. As if expecting her (which, given past experience, likely were), Masaya Okonogi, along with Rise Rousenin, Tamie Nogi, and Konomi Yanase, emerged from the school's gate to welcome her. Not wanting a repeat of the last incident that resulted in a three-way Lover Tug of War, they carefully explain to her where she currently is, who exactly they all currently are, and what the Pantheon exactly is. While initially disappointed in Masaya at first for "cheating" on her, she soon realizes that her boyfriend and all of her peers are telling the truth, given the numerous contrasts in each version of their stories, such as Rise herself claiming to be her successor as Student Council President, while in her own scenario she was succeeded by Ritsuko, not to mention both Konomi and Tamie truthfully telling her that they ended up with Masaya and not her in theirs. Ultimately, she settles on sharing Masaya with the other three girls, knowing it would be out of character for all of them to conspire against her or even lie with malicious intent.
  • With any potential conflict between them resolved, Marika is offered by Rise to becomes the Student Council President, or "La Toute Souer", once more, to which Marika declines the offer, having already given up the position during her scenario's graduation ceremony. That said, she's more than willing to assist her kouhai in running Vincennes' student council, having been groomed by her grandmother into becoming a potential member of the Vincennes Board of Directors at one point. With that settled, Marika decides to continue living in Vincennes, with the school serving as a shared Temple between her and her old peers.
  • Through Masaya and Rise, Marika is introduced to some of the other deities from outside Vincennes, living in other parts of the Pantheon, but also taking an interest in Vincennes. Among these include Hisao Nakai and various associates of his, Meimi Haneoka, and the Phantom Thieves of the Hearts, all of whom either: visit the school often, now study and live there, or use the school as a base-of-operations. Of these deities, Marika ends up getting along the most with Shizune Hakamichi and Makoto Nijima, who were themselves a Student Council President in their respective stories. Marika herself also ends up supporting the cause of the Phantom Thieves, as she herself had been used by a similar though no less sinister conspiracy, and Marika herself had managed to have her grandmother reconsider her position and turn a new leaf. The only deity she has issues with, and for good reason, is Kenji Setou, who loathes her under his crazy assumption that she's a "feminist conspiracy ringleader". Unlike with Rise, whose reaction is anger and disgust, Marika ends up feeling guilty at this accusation, no thanks to actually having been a pawn in the aforementioned conspiracy she was forced to take part in.
  • Eventually, Marika finds out about the existence of other deities that have shared similar experiences with her's. Hoping to find advice on what to do with her "blank slate" in life, she begins making friends with several of them. Among these deities include Arnold Shortman and Yugi Muto, who, like her were also Raised by Grandparents, the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Naoto Nandaba, who also looked for their purpose in life and decided to be their true self, respectively, K.O., who like her ended up finding out her parent/guardian wasn't who they thought they were, and finally, Erik, who, like her, ended up going on a Redemption Quest to undo the damage they had done. To say that Marika was overwhelmed with the diverse lot of people in the Pantheon would be an understatement, to say the least. She ends up putting her interactions and shared experiences with her new friends to good use, helping her to develop further in a positive way.
  • Not all of her interactions are smooth, however. While having made a lot of new friends thus far, she ends up coming across deities that she finds out are even more despicable than anyone she's encountered thus far, either in her universe or in the Pantheon. The worst of these is undoubtedly Malty S. Melromarc, who, like her, had done a False Rape Accusation against her story's protagonist. Unlike Marika, who immensely regretted being forced into doing such an action to the point of contemplating suicide, Malty did this willingly, which disgusts the Vincennes student to the point she's dumbfounded by why she would do such a thing. Consequently, while a heroic figure, Naofumi Iwatani wants nothing to do with Marika, especially after finding out she did something similar to what Malty did to him. A few other deities that Marika comes to either dislike or hate entirely include Grandfather, who not only reminds her of her grandmother before the latter's Heel–Face Return, but also turns out to be much, much worse than she could ever imagine, as well as Professor Venomous, who, like her own grandmother, was a supposedly benevolent figure who turned out to be a bad person. This was bad enough, but the fact that they were villains with capabilities far beyond anything she could comprehend made it worse. Ultimately, she chooses not to fight them head-on, lacking even the basic fighting abilities of Masaya and Konomi.
"We promised before, didn't we? That you would help me search for what I would do in the future. Lately I have been thinking...and thanks to you, I believe I have found it."