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Greater Gods

Ouranos, Protogenoi of Life-Inducing Blood and Bedding One's Parent (Uranus, Caelus, Father Sky, Father of the Titans)
  • Greater God (Overdeity pre-emasculation)
  • Symbol: A bronze dome with a sky-blue interior
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Archnemesis Dad, Origin Of The Cycle Of Patricide, Embodiment Of The Sky, Eldritch Abomination (Usually), The Son And Mate Of Gaea, Light Is Not Good, The Old Gods, Spending Eternity Emasculated And Dethroned, Siring Monsters From His Blood Due To His Castration, Evil Overlord
  • Domains: Divinity, The Sky, Tyranny, Abuse, Blood, Incest, Prophecy
  • Allies: The Divine Powers, Chakravartin Ragyo Kiryuin, Heihachi Mishima
  • Headbutting Villains with: Bandos, Zanza
  • Rivals: Zeus (his grandson), Al'Akir, Rayquaza
  • Enemies: Cronus (his son), Gaea (his mother and former wife), Tartarus (his uncle/step-father), Aphrodite (his daughter), Rayquaza, YHVH, Zygarde, Geb, Beavis and Butthead
  • Opposes: Set, the House of Otherness Abominations, cyclops
  • Opposed by: All those with Abusive Parents, Osiris, most of his descendants
  • Interested in: Kratos (his great-grandson), Davros, Jedah Dohma and Skarlet
  • Respects: The Weird Sisters
  • Ouranos was one of the protogenoi, or Greek primordial gods. More abstract concepts, he was envisioned as a bronze dome that enveloped the Earth. Gaea's son and husband, he detested his children and sealed them up in Tartarus or within his wife. Infuriated, Gaea tasked the youngest of her children, Cronus, with a flint scythe to take down his father. When he was ready to sleep with Gaea, Cronus used the opportunity to castrate his father, dethroning him. But he would have the last laugh as he warned Cronus one day his children would overthrow him, just as he.
  • For eons, Ouranos spent his existence in a state less than death. His only joy came from Cronus suffering the same fate as him. All that changed when the lost primordial was discovered by the Divine Powers. They told him that they understand what it's like to be an old god, long since usurped. Ouranos was interested in regaining his ancient role as Top God of the Greek pantheon, and revenge on his consort, leading to him joining their cause. The Olympians and Titans were on edge for this.
  • In most cases castration means the end of reproduction, but this wasn't entirely the case with Ouranos. When his blood landed on the Earth, it spawned the first giants, the tree nymph Melia and most ferocious the Erinyes. The Erinyes are vengeful spirits who punish oath-breakers, which gives him somewhat of a link to the House of Vengeance. He is interested in the likes of Davros for his ability to create monsters in hopes he can use his divine blood to make some for him, and what Jedah Dohma and Skarlet could weaponize with his to serve his vengeance.
  • His severed genitals would eventually coalesce into Aphrodite. Hating his castration, he sought to try and steal her away in the vain hope of re-masculating himself. Understands Osiris being upset about his castration, however Osiris doesn't want to be associated with the tyrant sky god in any way. Dislikes Set due to how he castrated Osiris bringing back bad memories.
  • The form he takes is just convenience and originally mating with Gaea. Outside of the pantheon he rarely anthropomorphizes, being more the literal sky as the Ancient Greeks thought it. While an Eldritch Abomination, he dislikes most more obvious abominations due to considering him hideous. This is why he sealed up the Hecatonchires, embodiments of natural disasters with fifty heads and a hundred arms. He dislikes the Otherness Abominations sub-house for their perceived ugliness.
  • As mentioned, Ouranos was both the son of Gaea and her husband, whom he came to cover every night and mate with. While Greek gods don't have an incest taboo, this kind of pairing is rare. It's unclear if Ouranos has some sort of Oedipus Complex, though most agree he was the more abusive and aggressive side of the relationship. He has sworn vengeance against Gaea for helping Cronus overthrow him, and has attacked the likes of Geb and Zygarde for being a lot like Gaea. Geb notices that like his beloved Nut he is the sky incarnate, which makes him really uncomfortable seeing someone so evil embody what Nut embodies.
  • Sees some of himself in Ragyo Kiryuin, being a controlling, abusive parent. The whole incest thing is inverted in his case compared to her, but he sees her as useful for his endeavors and desire to get back at Gaea. He respects Heihachi Mishima's treatment of his family.
  • Wanted to ascend under his old title of "God of the Sky", but was informed that wasn't a trope. He will still act as he is still the god of the sky, and is ready to fight for that title. Because of this he considers Rayquaza a rival, and often fights with the Sky High Pokemon for dominance in the ozone layer. He feels his role as the embodiment of the sky should also give him precedent over the wind, leading him to butt heads with Al'Akir.
    • Sees Zeus as his biggest rival, being the current Top God of the Greek pantheon in what used to be his position. He calls him "a usurper of a usurper". Zeus considers him as bad as Cronus, just with less cannibalism.
  • Is a bit irritated that there are so many gods in the pantheon. Back in his day, pantheons were a lot more exclusive.
  • While he has sided with the Divine Powers for restoration, he has also sided with Chakravartin for revenge on Gaea. He is aware of her hatred for Gohma Vlitra and Chakravartin being that monster's master, and wants in on it for his vengeance. To help him achieve dominance once more he is working with Bandos and Zanza, but it is only temporary. He doesn't trust them due to their tendency to destroy worlds.
  • Goes by Ouranos, but Uranus fits him just as well. Or Caelus going by the Roman version. The seventh planet from the Sun is named after him. Having been out of it for the past few eons, he was incredibly displeased to learn the word "Uranus" has become a joke, which is why he prefers to go by Ouranos in the pantheon.
  • Make a crack about Uranus and he'll make you pay. Beavis and Butthead couldn't resist, and got thrown into Tartarus for their troubles. Tartarus spit them out to spite him due to Tartarus being Gaea's new mate and disliking, making them very lucky and Ouranos searching for an even worse fate for them. He hates the Protogenoi of the Abyss for being in a happy relationship with "his" Gaea.
  • The source of the Cycle of Patricide and Cronus' paranoia, making him responsible for the Oedipal conflict that has plagued the gods. He spends time in the House of Prophecy coming up with more of these kinds of prophecies, all in hopes of consuming his descendants and enemies with paranoia. He respects the Weird Sisters for how they used prophecy to manipulate Macbeth.
    • Interested in Kratos for continuing this cycle, killing Cronus and Zeus. He sees Kratos as a potential pawn, but has yet to act because he knows its best not to mess with his great-grandson. At least not like his relatives have.

Intermediate Gods

    Mana Ouma 
Mana Ouma, Goddess of Incestual Villains (Eve)
Mana Reborn 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A purple crystal flower
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Under the virus influence she can become Chaotic Evil, but she has been behaving so far)
  • Portfolio: Yandere, The Fallen Eve and the first infected of the Apocalypse Virus, Love with Siblings, Incest with Creepiness, Pretty Much Insane to Begin With, Likes to Marry Her Siblings
  • Domains: Life & Death, Emotion, Insanity, Love, Lust, Chaos, Incest
  • Allies: Gai Tsutsugami, Yuno Gasai, Alex Mercer, Hansel and Gretel, Belarus
  • Rivals: Sora Kasugano
  • Enemies: Yuu, The Incubators, Nui Harime, Ragyo Kiryuin, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, The GUAD, Albert Wesker, Kane
  • Complicated Relationships: Shu Ouma (Her younger brother), Inori Yuzuriha (Her Vessel)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Shiro Tagachi
  • Pitied by: Rika Furude
  • Mana Ouma was a little girl who lived in the peaceful islands with her parents. However, during a stroll with her mother, Mana came into contact with a meteorite made by Da’ath, which infected her and she became the Patient Zero of the Apocalypse Virus. She originally wanted her younger brother Shu to become her Adam, but was rejected by him after he got scared of her sister getting increasingly insane, which caused Mana to lash out and explode in anguish, causing the infamous event of Lost Christmas. Inori Yuzuriha is her artificial vessel made by Da’ath so they revive her in order to fulfill her role as Eve and bring forth the apocalypse and recreate the human race. Fortunately, Mana was defeated and freed from her infection along with Gai when Shu rescued Inori.
  • The apocalypse virus that she hold within her is capable of crystalizing people and the completely shattering them after a while. While she was gone, the infection only grew slowly on its victims, but if Mana really wants it to, she can instantly turn anyone into crystal within her point of view. The GUAG has been worried about the potential outbreak she may possibly cause, but fortunately Mana herself has no intention of doing that.
    • On the other hand, some people have noticed that the apocalypse virus behaves similarly to the Tiberium, which made Kane interested in the potential that Mana has. He is even considering using her to create an altered version of Tiberium.
  • Since her own ascension, Mana's primary motivations are trying not 'die' out of boredom. Her unstable personality had to be checked constantly until the court of gods was sure that she was in normal condition. While the essence of the virus still lingers within her, she is not interested in bringing the apocalypse to the pantheon, much to the dissapointment of the GUAD.
  • Some of the members where she resides get nervous at Mana due to what she represent and how dangerous she can be if provoked. Hansel & Gretel are the only ones that accept her and consider her like a surrogate elder sister.
    • Even then, she has called out other gods who do hold titles related to incest as being a bunch of hypocrites to consider her the odd one out.
  • Inori is not at all happy to see Mana again, given how Mana stole her body. But both eventually managed to work out an agreement to not bother each other and be on amicable terms. Shu on the other hand wants to stay as far away as possible for his sister, but he has noticed that Mana at least tries to behave herself now.
  • Mana has a lot in common with Yuno Gasai, right down to the hair colour, insane personality and murderous urges. However, most thought that their friendship would break after Yuno completely changed for good, but that was not the case, as Mana herself became more stable after a reevaluation by the court of gods. They are still friends, but have tried to keep their Yanderism to a minimum (although mana is a honorary member of the new Yandere group)
  • Mana has become aquaintanced with Alex Mercer due to both being living embodiments of a virus and are inhuman in nature. But their alliance is somewhat shaky, due to Mercer still being a continious threat towards the pantheon in general makes Mana think that he might absorb her. And god knows what would happen if the Mercer takes control of the Apocalypse Virus too.
  • Mana became a common target for people interested to create biological weapons because of the apocalypse virus properties. Initially, many thought that Mana was going to join them willingly but that wasn't the case.
  • Rika pities mana since she can't sympathize to being controlled by a virus (in her case, the hinamizawa syndrome) but hasn't quite tried to become friend with her. She has dealt with enough unstable people to suddenly include another one.
  • Has some sort of a minor rivalry with Sora Kasugano, but only because she was able to actually settle down and have a decent romantic relationship with her twin brother. And because she also gets along with Shu and Inori.
  • After hearing about how she crystalized half the world during the 4th apocalypse by just ballet dancing on top of a world map, she has been ridiculed to no end. That's probably why she avoids talking about that.


Lesser Gods

    Aerys II Targaryen 
King Aerys Targaryen, The Second Of His Name, God of Royal Inbreeding (The Mad King, King Scab)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The sigil of the Targaryen flag (a red, three-headed dragon on a black background), singed by flame
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Posthumous Character, Brother–Sister Incest Both Villainous And Royal, Violently Insane Kings, Pyromaniac, White-Haired Villainy, Evil Overlord Deconstructed, Despised Leaders, Envies Tywin And Lusts For His Wife, The Paranoiac, BURN THEM ALL!
  • Domains: Fire, Madness, Dragons, Incest, Cruelty, Fire
  • Herald: His second son, Viserys Targaryen
  • Allies: Caligula, Luca Blight, The Queen of Hearts, Draco Malfoy, Ragnaros the Fire Lord, Firefly, Deathwing, The Firebird, Nefarian, Albedo Piazzollo, Mana Ouma, Hansel and Gretel, Kuja, Vile, The Pyro
  • Special relationship with: Daenerys Targaryen (his daughter), Jon Snow (his grandson)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Oberyn Martell
  • Enemies: Anyone who's a member of Houses Stark, Baratheon or Lannister (Jaime Lannister most of all, for for slaying him), Gregor Clegane, Ornstein, Caim, Dovahkiim, Lesale Deathbringer, Typhus, The Plague Knight, Beedrill, Charizard, James Raynor, Barroth, Alexstrasza, Johnny Blaze, Jean Grey, Zuko
  • Opposes: The Houses of Food, Bladed Weapons, Water and Ice (especially Swampert)
  • Opposed by: Almost all of Westeros, the Ice King, The Kasugano twins and every good-aligned member of the House of Royalty
  • Aerys Targaryen, The Second of His Name, was the son and successor of King Jaehaerys IInote  and his sister Shaera. Targaryens typically wed siblings or other relatives, and as such it's often said the gods would flip a coin; either to produce a great king or induce Targaryen madness. Though initially showing promise, Aerys proved to be the latter as an utterly mad monarch who got off on burning people alive and who's cruelty would help lead to Robert's Rebellion. Now, the Mad King returns to reclaim the Iron Throne in the pantheon, as the god of Royal Inbreeding.
  • Though a product and partaker of Royal Inbreeding with his sister-wife Rhaella, Aerys would rather not have the title. He didn't want to marry his sister, but his hand's wife Joanna Lannister. He demanded that he be made on of the Fierce Protectors of Royalty...however was quickly shut up when the Court of Gods both pointed out he is in no way deserving of that title, but if he doesn't want the title he'll be stuck in the seven hells. The Mad King quickly shut himself up.
  • He is thoroughly disliked by almost every inhabitant from Westeros, god or not. However, it's the Starks, Baratheons and Lannisters who hate him the most; Ned Stark for burning his father and being part of Robert's Rebellion, Tywin Lannister for their awful "friendship" and Robert Baratheon for starting the Rebellion in the first place. Their shared hatred of the Mad King is one of the only things to invoke an Enemy Mine situation. Out of personal experience, he detests the rebel leader Jim Raynor.
  • Was horrified to learn that the man who killed him, Jaime Lannister, was in the same house as him. He almost never stays in his own house, not wanting to feel his blade against his back again. From a safe distance, however, he'll take enormous relish at mocking both him, Tywin and Robert on how Joffrey turned out.
  • Some have speculated he might be Tyrion's biological father, and/or Jaime and Cersei. After all, the Mad King did blatanly lust after Tywin's wife Joanna, and is said to have taken "certain liberties" with her; the Lannister family understandably fears he may have gone all the way and used the law of of first night on her. Tyrion would rather not think about this, and Tywin's response spoke volumes:
    Tywin Lannister: "Even I don't hate Tyrion enough to use you to de-legitimize him."
  • Was interested in learning what his surviving progeny was up to in the years after his mortal death. He was upset that his favorite son Viserys ended up being a failure of a re-claimant, but is proud of Daenerys for her work in Essos, not to mention being the first Targaryen in over a century to hatch dragon eggs. Though Dany does care for her father, she'd rather stay her distance from the Mad King.
  • Like Oberyn Martell, he's enraged at Gregor Clegane's crimes against his family. The two are working to get back at the Mountain, however the Red Viper has made it clear he thinks Aerys is despicable; he's only helping him in getting back at Gregor and Tywin, nothing more. It's rather telling that to counter the Mountain he's hired another Psycho for Hire, Vile.
  • Though Cersei desired his son Rhaegar Targaryen and Tywin wished to arrange the marriage, Aerys refused as "A king does not marry his heir to his servant's daughter." This serves to be yet another reason why the two ended up at each other's throats.
  • Being the deranged monarch he is, Aerys is unpopular with most in his House. Caligula and Luca Blight, however, get along (Caligula in particular due to partaking in incest). The three have teamed up along with The Queen of Hearts in hopes of taking over their house, forming "The Quartet of Mad Monarchs" (to be made a Quintet if Joffrey ever manages to join them).
  • Got on the bad side of the Ice King due to his association with fire and being too viciously crazy for his standards.
  • Has a complete obsession with fire, particularly wildfire; his pyrophilia would go so far as to savagely rape his wife after getting aroused at the sight of men being burned alive (most believe Daenerys was conceived in this manner). The Mad King was positively giddy at learning of the House of Fire and Electricity, where he now spends 90% of his time in. You can usually see him fanboying over Ragnaros the Burning, and is fascinated by the potential of the Firebird. The only reason why he doesn't spend the remaining 10% there is that Johnny Blaze doesn't appreciate him, inflicting the Penance Stare on him; an experience he described as "too fiery for my tastes" before curling up in the fetal position from the psychic pain.
  • The Mad King was happy to learn of the existence of the House of Dragons, though has not had any success in allying any of them. He did form a bond with the psychotic, incestuous Deathwing and Nefarian due to being a fiery dragon, while earning Alexstrasza's ire for trying to enslave her. There was also the time where he met Charizard, only to get mad that it wasn't a real dragonnote  and tried to spear Charizard.
  • To the dismay of the good-aligned pantheon members, he has hired The Pyro and Firefly as his head pyromancers. He also seeks to make Jean Grey his new queen due to her Phoenix Force, something that utterly disgusts her.
  • Opposes the House of Water and Ice, by virtue of it putting out flames. He's shown particular contempt for Swampert and Barroth as their earth powers can put out his Greek Fire. Aerys has also put a hit on dragon slayers in the pantheon.
  • Zuko hates the Mad King, as his fire obsession and madness reminds him of his own father Ozai.
  • In his universe, white hair is a sign of Targaryen blood. As such, he believes that the other white-haired gods are members of his family and has tried to make alliances with them. He got along with a bunch of fellow white-haired crazies like Albedo Piazzollo and the incestuous Mana Ouma, Hansel and Gretel. In particular, he approves of Kuja's final act of spite. The Kasugano twins despise him however, as he represents the negative aspects of both incest and white-haired people.
  • Since Lucius Malfoy looks like an older Viserys Targaryen and Draco Malfoy acts a lot like him, he treats the boy as his grandson. Draco doesn't mind, since it gives him a place to hide.
  • Despite his appearance, he was at his forties maximum at death. A lot of this comes from his paranoia; he almost never groomed himself because he feared he'd cut himself(which he's had personal experience from his Iron Throne), and almost never ate because he was worried of poisons. As such, he opposes the House of Bladed Weapons, and is seriously concerned of catching something from Typhus and the Plague Knight. He's against the House of Food because he believes they'll poison any food they'd give him.
  • Once enjoyed some delicious honey from Beedrill. When he learnt of the Poison Bee's typing, Aerys immediately suspected foul play and tried to torch the Pokemon. Beedrill promptly Mega Evolved and jabbed at the Mad King, causing him soil himself and run.
  • Though he hopes never to return to the seven hells again, Aerys admits he'd at least take comfort at his gravest enemies for the civil war they're stuck in. He's very happy that Petyr Baelish exists to flame the fans of discord, all out of a final "fuck you" to Westeros. Littlefinger hasn't commented about if this feels insulting or not, but would certainly try to off such a unpredictable chess piece as soon as possible.
  • Has yet to comment on the popular theory that Jon Snow may be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, other than hoping if it's true more civil war and chaos will come from it.

Belarus, Goddess of One-Sided Sibling Attraction (Natalia Arlovskaya)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her flag; alternatively, a broken door and knives
  • Theme Music: Her parts of "Carrot And Stick"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Brother Attraction, Yandere, Dark Action Girl, Abhorrent Admirer, Psychopathic Womanchild, Brother–Sister Incest, Cute and Psycho, Stalker with a Crush, White Hair, Black Heart, Elegant Gothic Lolita, The Unfavorite (according to herself), Strange Girl with a potty mouth, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Nightmare Fetishist, Pesimistic because of her history, Boisterous and Hot-Blooded (When pissed off, which is often)
  • Domains: Lust, Siblings, Madness, Anger, Swearing, Combat
  • Herald: Ivan Braginsky/Russia (her older brother)
  • High Priestess: Nanami Kiryuu
  • Allies: Sekai Saionji, Anna Kozuki, Mana Ouma, Sasha Blouse, Hansel and Gretel (somewhat)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Kotonoha Katsura
  • Enemies: Nui Harime, Sora Kasugano, Gluttony, Akio Ohtori
  • Opposes: Everyone else in the pantheon, whether she sees them all as rivals for her brother's affection or just happened upon her on a bad day. She is that kind of person.
  • Was a former follower of Nui Harime with her brother until she ascended into the House of Love. Her first reaction was to run out the door and break down the one into the House of Personal Appearance with her knife just to see him. Security was called, and she's currently banned from that house.
    • With that said, she only did that because of Russia. "That" meaning "following Nui and breaking the door of the House of Personal Appearance". Because Belarus thinks that Nui is too much.
  • Tends to disturb people with how similar she sounds to Hello Kitty, Index, Konoka Konoe, Stocking Anarchy, and Sakura Kinomoto.
    • Konoka is probably the most disturbed by this, as Belarus' behavior occasionally reminds her of Tsukuyomi's.
  • Belarus has once played a game about telling one's secrets with Russia. This is what happened pretty much.
  • Some have argued that she doesn't actually want to marry her brother, but is so afraid of being alone that she'll do anything she can to get people to stay with her, and if someone reached out to her, she'd actually be a much nicer person. She's refused to comment on this topic, and tends to angrily threaten people with her knife once they bring it up.
  • Once overheard Kaworu Nagisa and thought he was her brother. No one really wants to talk about what happened next, but she is now currently banned from the House of Personal Appearance permanently.
    • She also thought that she heard her brother in the House of Food. It took her just a few seconds to escape as hastily as she got in when she saw Gluttony trying to eat her.
  • It was eventually discovered that she doesn't oppose everyone because she thinks of them as rivals for Russia's love. She opposes everyone because she is perpetually ticked off at everything (when not being an Emotionless Girl). Ironically enough, it's Russia is the only one who can make her less like this.
    • Because of this, the less sane gods are making bets on how a battle between her and the God of Hair-Trigger Temper would go, since she cannot die due to being a country. The sanest gods are making sure this doesn't happen. Izaya Orihara is currently attempting to make them meet each other.
    • With that being said, it is still a stupid idea to try to do anything about her brother. She is still a yandere for him after all.
  • Can be seen cooking potatoes in the House of Food. Not because she likes them or anything, it's just that she can't afford anything else. Even then, Sasha Blouse gave her some of her potatoes and other food after hearing about this since she understands her situation.
  • Has befriended and gets along with Sekai Saionji (as much as Belarus can do that) and they can often be seen sparring with their knives.
    • In the other hand, Belarus tends to behave a little more bitchy with Kotonoha since her soft and fragile personality plus her Gag Boobs remind her of her sister Ukraine. Though she doesn't really hate her. In fact, Belarus often looks at Kotonoha's bust for some reason.
  • Tried to cut Tsukuyomi with her knives before the swordswoman counter-attacked with her Hina Blade. She did that after she finding out that Tsukuyomi is a would-be rapist.
    Belarus: Yes, I have thought about [censored]ing Russia and yes, I might have a wandering eye for Ukraine, but rape?! Really?! What the actual [censored], you c[censored]!!!
    • Similarly, she hates Akio Ohtori after her high priestess Nanami told her about the sexual abuse of his sister.
  • While she has made it a point to not get involved with the GUAE anymore, she makes a small exception for Hansel and Gretel. She finds their relationship to be cute and wishes that she could be as close with Russia. This is not to say that she doesn't find everything else about them to be extremely creepy.
  • The few people who have managed to have some semblance of a calm conversation with her have noticed that she is incredibly pessimistic. This may give some weight to the common theory that she had a Dark and Troubled Past (Then again, pretty much every country had one).
  • The fact that Miyuki Shiba succeeded in getting engaged to her brother inspires Belarus, although due to issues of international diplomacy she can't actually speak with her.

Oedipus, God of Surprise Incest (Oedipus Rex)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: the royal crest of Thebes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Famously had sex with his mother (even though he didn't know that Jocasta is his mother), Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Go Mad from the Revelation, Oblivious Adoption, Tragic Heroes, Determination To Tragic Results, Solving Riddles
  • Domain: Love, Family, Leadership
  • High Priest: Oh Dae-su
  • Allies: Suguha Kirigaya, Negi Springfield, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Hank Pym
  • Complicated Relationship with: Laharl
  • Enemies: Sigmund Freud, Ultron, Jack Horner
  • Pitied by: Shinichi Kudo
  • Was one of the oldest god in the pantheon in terms of date of ascension (he ascended in the fifth century BCE). He didn't get any prestige or respect for this, however, as, well, the man married his mother, and that kinda Squicks everyone out, (except Slaanesh). However, after a careful revaluation and an appeal from Oedipus, he was moved from his old title (a case of Never Live It Down) to his more suitable current one.
  • Nobody admits to being his follower (outside of the Appalachian foothills), but somehow he is quite popular nonetheless.
    • However, due to his temple change, now a lot of his followers are unexpected followers instead.
  • He's sick of being associated with this concept. He didn't know she was his mother nor that the guy was his dad. Of course, he seems to think that's the only thing wrong, glossing over the whole: killing a bunch of people for what was tantamount to cutting him off in traffic.
    • He argues that attempting to run someone off the road is not cutting them off in traffic.
  • One of Oedipus's former followers that he is happily get rid off is Ultron, as he actively keeps trying to kill his human father, and get his human wife to become his robot queen. Now, Oedipus can officially denounce Ultron with his new title.
    • For their share hatred of Ultron and Never Live It Down reputation, Oedipus made friends with Hank Pym.
  • Has a score to settle with Freud for daring to coin his name for a complex that he didn't even aware of. Freud avoids Oedipus because of this.
  • Shinichi Kudo felt sorry for him and his condition because the detective have met a case with such a heartbreaking cercumstance.
  • After his temple change, he met and befriended people who have experience similar circumstances like Luke, Leia, Negi and Suguha (who was the former holder of the title). All of them also feel sorry for him for his self-inflict blindness.
  • Was offered to fix his blindness but refuse on the ground that it would remind him to see the world not limit to his view and as remembrance of his family.
  • Was disgusted when he found out that Jack Horner slept with his half-sisters and didn't care about the situation when found out.



    Ephraim and Eirika 
Ephraim and Eirika, Twin God(s) of Incest Subtext (Ephraim: Restoration King | Eirika: Eirik, Erina, Restoration Queen)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Lunar and Solar Braces, and the Sacred Twins Siegmund and Sieglinde
  • Theme: The Sacred Stones
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Heroes
  • Domains: Twins, Subtext
  • Allies: Marth, Ike, Robin, Lucina, Chrom, Weiss Schnee, Fiora (Eirika)
  • Enemies: Hansel and Gretel, Mana Ouma
  • Opposes: Haruka and Sora Kasugano, Kneesocks and Scanty
  • Worthy Opponent: Chrom
  • Despite their close relationship, they are not incestuous. Unfortunately, in spite of their confusion and disgust, they have a seat in the house of Couples.
    • It doesn't stop people from believing that not only are they very close. but they're actually married. The Sacred Twins they wield being named after an actual pair of incestuous twins didn't help.
    • These rumors have become so prevalent that Ephraim personally addressed them and wondered so many people would believe this. Eirika quickly changed the subject, and the gossip has not slowed down in any way.
  • An Einjerhar of Eirika once was forced to wear a wedding dress after picking up a strange bouquet. She gave Robin the Wedding Bouquet to make any female warriors a Bride.
  • Ephraim is capable of doing anything, however, he was known for being a Leeroy Jenkins in which made him a bit unpopular by his people, in fact his people only celebrated because Orson's reign of terror was over. Not only that, his fame is why Innes had a bitter rivalry with him and Lyon had inferiority complex toward Ephraim.
    • His planning with assaulting the fortress Renvall with only few troops with intention of heading the capital of Grado after capturing it caught the eye of the man himself.
  • Eirika once mistaken Caeda for her best friend, Tana.
  • She sometimes go by the name Erina so that she could pose as a mercenary and avoid suspicion of her royal heritage. Why she still look as she normally does and doesn't try to hide herself is still questioned.
  • The Tactician's opinion on them is a bit divided. On one hand, their game is easy, which means s/he has considerably less trouble keeping his/her troops alive. On the other hand, their game is easy, and so it deprives him/her of a challenge.
  • Some criticized Eirika's naivity when she gave Renais' Sacred Stone to Lyon, possessed by the Demon King, when she trusted him in the need of the Stone to drive off the Demon King's influence, and crushes it. Though she admits that she wanted to free her friend whenever and found that when he is beyond saving, she will defeat him in order to free him.
    • Not that her brother escapes criticism as well, because of his ace status and the success of his Leeroy Jenkins strategies, some might accuse of being too perfect, in spite of Ephraim's own account that had it been him who faced Lyon, he still fell for it and believing that Lyon was in control when he knew it shouldn't happen, it took the aforementioned Tana to snap him out of Heroic BSoD.
  • The two have found that they weren't much different with some siblings. There were many pairings of Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin when it turned out that they were sisters. Same goes with Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. Though whether they have any feelings of the situation or not, they haven't figure it out yet.
  • They also found that the devil sisters, Kneesocks and Scanty, often were involved in incestuous deals. They are not pleased with it, people believing siblings to be incestuous is one thing, siblings who actually are is another.
  • At one point, Ephraim had a very epic battle with Chrom, resulting them to become best friends. Unfortunately, Eirika... didn't fare that well against Chrom's daughter Lucina.

    Haruka and Sora Kasugano 
Haruka and Sora Kasugano, Twin Sibling Deities of Twincest
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Sora's Rabbit Doll
  • Theme: Kioku
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Neutral for Sora on a bad day)
  • Portfolio: Both: Sibling Twincest, Lost their parents in a car accident, Half-Identical Twins, Porn with Plot, Feminine Unisex Names, Fanservice, Hair Antennae, having an anime that shows full sex scenes, Having their First Kiss when they were playing a childhood game, forced to leave their friends and home after said friends saw them having sex, Officially Married
  • Domains: Siblings, Incest, Orphans, Twins, Marriage, Parenthood
  • Heralds: Nao Yorihime, Akira Amatsume, Kazuha Migiwa, Motoka Nogisaka, Kozue Kuranaga, and Yahiro Ifukube (Haruka's Potential Suitors), and Ryouhei Nakazato
  • High Priests: Setsuna and Sara Mudo
  • Followers: Many other Visual Novel Characters who are in an incestuous relationship
  • Allies: Many BlazBlue Deities (Ragna the Bloodedge, Hakumen, Noel Vermillion, Lambda-11, Kagura Mutsuki, Litchi Faye-Ling, Carl and Ada Clover, Makoto Nanaya, Bang Shishigami, Rachel Alucard, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Kokonoe Mercury, Iron Tager, Taokaka), Dipper and Mabel Pines, Ichigo Kurosaki, Lelouch vi Britannia, Yu Narukami, Tharja, Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuuga, Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, both Asuka Langleys, Yui Ikari, Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Leia Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Padmé Amidala, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin, Misato Katsuragi, Shu Ouma, Inori Yuzuriha, Yubel, Sora, Some of the more sympathetic members of the House of Love and Family, All members of the GUAG Relationship Enchancers and their allies
  • Odd Friendship with: Lucy (more specifically: Nyuu and Kaede)
  • Rivals: Mana Ouma (Sora Only)
  • Enemies: Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Ren Gyokuen, Raynare, Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover, The evil members of the House of Love and Family
  • Opposes: Tsukuyomi, Belarus (Sora's Evil Counterpart), Nu-13, Embryo, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Sora Shiun'in, Sora Takigawa
  • Opposed by: Those who are Squicked at Twincest, or other Incest based relationship in general
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Makoto Itou, Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji, Tsubaki Yayoi, Jin Kisaragi, Aru Akise
  • Good Counterpart to: Hansel and Gretel
  • No Relation to: Sakura Kasugano
  • Orphaned twins Haruka and Sora Kasugano have ascended within the sanctuary of this Pantheon as the deities of this trope, Twincest, because their own home series embodies said trope to the fullest, and having actual justifications for all of this: since Sora spending a majority of her younger years in a hospital due to her frail physical condition, she can't be able to spend a normal amount of time with Haru to form a normal sibling relationship, not to mention that the other source of their incestuous relationship began when Sora and Haru once shared their First Kiss as children, and losing their parents in a car accident. They even manage to do what most sibling-based couples usually don't do that further solidifies their position on being the divine representations of this trope, they got married and about to become parents by the end of their home series
  • Since they hold a title that is a very sensitive subject, some of the deities felt really uncomfortable with the Kasuganos. Despite that, however, many gods still found it heartwarming for the twins to have and maintain a strong romantic bond despite the lost of their parents and how they try to find ways to make their relationship worked. This makes them one of the very few characters who try to portray incest in a more heartwarming and positive light.
  • Thanks to their title, they both reside in both the House of Love (The Love Other Sub-Section) AND the House of Family (The Siblings Sub-Section), where most of the good-aligned gods decide to accept their relationship without problems, though some members still feel uncomfortable about their relationship.
  • Given their title, both of them despises specific evil members of the pantheon that actually committed incest-based acts, because their malevolent attitude encourages the Squickiness of incest in general: Like Ragyo Kiryuin for using Satsuki and Ryuko as sex toys to satisfy her need for domination. Same to Ren Gyokuen, since her actions causes her son Hakuryuu Ren into become an Omnicidal Maniac. Even Hansel and Gretel too, since the Kasuganos pretty much view them as their complete anti thesis of themselves. They hope that they can find some ways to beat them down a notch.
    • Speaking of Ragyo, The twins became allies with Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, and their friends in hopes of dealing with The Kiryuin Matriarch. Though the Scissor sisters and their allies do feel a bit uncomfortable with the twins relationship, but decided to get over it since Haru & Sora's mom is nice and never molested either of them at a young age to develop a repulsion for Incest-based pairings
  • Given Sora's poor health and sickly appearance, sometimes, gods will notice that if she remains motionless for a set amount of time, she will be mistaken as a realistic doll, which is shown via this picture.
  • There are a few things that will make Haru really upset, mention that one time where he nearly rape his childhood friend Nao Yorihime over his frustrations over his sexual attraction for Sora, and/or that one time where he '''slapped''' Sora in the face hard enough to knock her to the floor while arguing about their relationship. Doing either one of them or both will result in the offending person getting a personal experience of being drowned at the same lake where the Kasugano twins once neatly drawn.
  • Both of them formed a strong friendship with the Uzumaki, Skywalker, and Ikari Families as they don't react negatively towards their married relationship, and the fact that said families did experience some kind of incest-based pairings thanks to some of their mortal followers and fanbases. Each families interact with the twins in their own ways:
    • For the Uzumaki Family: Naruto felt a strong kinship to the twins, as he knows what it's like to lose their parents in serious events at a young age. Same with Hinata over the loss of her Uncle and Cousin, as well as her own sister having her eyes stolen by one of their foes. Incidentally, The twins are aware that their are some fans that love to ship Naruto and Hinata with Kushina and Neji respectively.
    • For the Skywalker Family: Both Luke and Leia didn't feel disgusted that their incestous relationship despite how the Skywalker twins react badly with them kissing each other in front of Han Solo. They also consider the Kasuganos lucky that they at least get to spend some family time with their parents before the car accident that took their lives away, while they couldn't due to Padme died giving birth to them, and Anakin sacrificing his life in killing Palpatine
    • For Yui Ikari and her kids: Even Yui feels sympathy for the twins as she knows how her dying causes Shinji to develop mental problems as kid. Also Shinji has technically experiencing the same incest-based relationship as well since Yui adopted Asuka and Rei, making them his adopted sisters. There is also the issue in regards to Rei being Yui's clone, and sometimes Shinji and Yui get paired up as well, along with Shinji and his guardian Misato.
  • Sora is a rare example of a Yandere who is NOT evil, NOT crazy, and most certainly NOT violent. This results in her and Haru having a strong hatred towards other Yanderes, since their psychotic attempts to get their love interests disgusts them, like Tsukuyomi and Nu-13 for their crazy methods to "become one" with Setsuna Sakurazaki and Ragna the Bloodedge respectively. Even Embryo and Kusaka greatly disgusts the Kasuganos when they are willing to RAPE Ange and Mari respectively for not returning their romantic feelings to them. Not to mention that Belarus is basically what Sora would become if she keeps her crazy obsessive behavior for too long. They'll avoid any of these psychos whenever either of them are in the twins' viewing distance, The above Yanderes, however, feel a bit unhappy at how Sora rejected them over how they do anything to be with their beloved at all cost, and wanted her to join their group so that she can receive the combat training she needs to keep her relationship with her brother intact.
    • For Aru Akise, and Yubel, their interactions with them is more positive, since Yubel got brainwashed and tortured into becoming a yandere, and Aru hating the male yanderes, like Embryo and Kusaka, in the pantheon as well. Though the twins still don't think highly of Aru due to him leaving his friends to their deaths just for Yukiteru to survive.
    • The twins even got along Tharja too, since, in some cases, she ended up with someone else if Robin gets together with another girl instead doing the classical Murder-the-love-rival Yandere trait. Not to mention that Haru can relate to Tharja well in how they both cause harm to their family members in some cases, and how Tharja herself also have problems with the other yanderes and evil matriarchs too.
  • They also become friends with some of the other deities that have a strong bond with their siblings, like Ichigo Kurosaki, since he too knows what its like to lose a mother as a child and once nearly lose one of his sisters in a life-&-death situation in Hell. Same thing for Yu Narukami since will make sure that his cousin-sister remains unharmed at all cost. Even Lelouch Lamperouge too, since he too has a younger, full-blooded sister that has medical problems as well, along with how he gives out a huge amount of Incest Subtext to both Nunnally and Euphemia. Funny enough, all 3 of these guys share the same voice when speaking english
  • They got along with many of the gods that originated from BlazBlue, like the Clover siblings since they too know the strong dependents between siblings when a sister suffer some serious conditions; Bang and Litchi since they found the twins' struggle to handle their lives without parents to be difficult and do everything in their power to help them out, Taokoka whose antics put some smiles and joys for the twins, Makoto and Kagura since they admire Haru's ability to attract ladies and found Sora to be cute, Kokonoe since she too knows what it's like to lose some relatives in horrible events, Tager, Valkenhayn, and Rachel since they're impressed with how Sora manage to rescue both Haru and herself from drowning in a big lake despite her frail condition; and especially Ragna the Bloodedge himself and the alternate versions of his younger siblings, Hakumen (Jin's Future Self), and both Noel Vermillion and Lambda-11 (Saya's clones); since Haru reminds Ragna so much of himself back in his childhood, Hakumen feels happy that their sibling love, regardless of it's incestuous levels, is very deep and much better than his damaged relationship with his siblings; and how Sora reminds Noel and Lambda of their main template Saya. This healthy relationship with these deities have also cause the twins to become enemies with Terumi and Relius for what they have done with Ragna, Saya, Hakumen, Carl, and Ada in the past.
    • However, both Haruka and Sora have a tense relationship with both Jin Kisaragi AND Tsubaki Yayoi. While both Jin and Tsubaki really don't have any reason to oppose the twins, (in fact, they both respect how the twins remain strong in terms of how to handle their relationship) the interactions are tense because for Jin, Sora reminds him of both himself and his sister in his youth (in being a very needy sibling and being a sick girl respectively), and Haru reminds him of Ragna in the past; and for Tsubaki, She is jealous that Haru and Sora are in an Incestuous relationship because they turly do love each other, while her whole family only practice incest just to keep their bloodline pure. Because of this that the twins tried to avoid these two at every possible moment.
  • The Twins also have a very conflicting opinion on Makoto Itou, Kotonoha Katsura, and Sekai Saionji. Despite being aware that Makoto's behavior is thanks to his father (not to mention how Makoto's and Haruka's personaltlties gotten more perverted and less responsible in their anime incantations), along Kotonoha developing and having undesirable personality traits thanks to a certain trio of schoolgirls stuck in the Disgraces, they still felt disappointed and upset at how they behave when it comes to relationships and sex times. The twins are also aware that Sekai, along with other certain girls in the series, is secretly related to Makoto thanks to Tomaru, and decided to keep this a secret to these unstable members of an unstable love triangle.
  • The Twins also struck a good friendship with Shu Ouma and Inori Yuzuriha, which must have something to do with the fact that since Inori is the clone of Shu's biological sister Mana, He is technically in a incestuous relationship with Inori since Inori is basically Mana's positive human traits personified. Apparently, this causes Mana herself to form a rivalry with Sora over some methods of being their respective brother's love interests.
  • The Twins have also become allies will the entire GUAG Relationship Enchancers, of all people (that includes the Main members, their respective battle harems, their Fanclub, and their possible new additions); since Haru too knows what is like to attract some ladies as well. Their interactions with each member & their respective Battle Harems varied as follows:
    • The Occult Research Club: They got along pretty well with Issei and the rest of the Club members, as both him and Haru can relate over how they treat woman as people despite their perverted interest in their nude figures (though Haru has more restraint then Issei) & that Sora is also one of the very few females that Issei won't hit on due to her issues. This friendship also cause the twins to become enemies to Raynere for how she messes up Issei's romance capabilites.
    • The Ala Alba & the rest of Class 3-A: They sympathies & bond with Negi over having no parents & were impressed at handling his duties as a teacher to a private all-girls school at the age of 10. It helps that the twins also hates Tsukuyomi for her attempts at raping Setsuna, who she and Konoka reminds Haru of that one particular fantasy between his classmates Akira Amatsume & Kazuha Migiwa.
    • The Infinite Stratos Pilots: The twins got along with the Orimura Siblings over the same Family problems, & having some issues with their other sibling Madoka. They also got along with Charlotte Dunois over losing a mother, Houki over their family issues with Tabane and Mr, Rin over being possessive towards Ichika, & both Cecelia & Laura over their issues with common sense and social skills respectively (the last 3 especially for Sora).
    • The Sanzen'in Household Members: To say that the twins react with how Hayate's parents prefer being rich over raising their son & how he got so much bad luck is a big Understatement, since this action struck a nerve to them as they lost their parents in a car crash, Not to mention that Nagi also lost her parents as well and spend most of her life as a Lonely Rich Kid before meeting Hayate. This causes them to form a strong bond over parental issues.
    • The Arzenal troops & Allies: They are A-OK with Salamandinay (They're amaze at her wings and mechanical skills), Hilda (They're angry at how her mother just forget about Hilda & move on with her new daughter), & Tusk (they both feel sorry over his Foot-to-Mouth syndrome). However, they feel a very strong kinship with Ange over family complications, as Ange's siblings, Julio & Sylvia, just flat-out abandon her after her Norma status is exposed & getting their parents killed for keeping this under wraps; all because Julio is envious at how Ange gets to be the heir of the Misurugi Empire, while Sylvia blamed Ange for ridding her of both her leg usage & both of their parents' lives,despite her faking all of this just to pin blame on others! This makes personal for the Twins to make sure that these two don't ascend to the pantheon for what they did to Ange.
  • They're fully aware that there that there are other deities that share the same name as Sora, so the twins got along really well with Amata Sora, Sora Naegino, and the Sora who is the Keyblade wielder. However, the twins really hate Sora Shiun'in AND Sora Takigawa, as the duelist hates anyone who uses XYZs cards, and the phantom wants to pretty much kill every long, black-haired girl for fun.
  • To the surprise of pretty much everyone, The Kasugano Twins have formed a very strong friendship with Dipper and Mabel Pines, of all people. Normally, everyone believed that the Pine Twins will outright opposed the Kasugano Twins due to their relationship reminding them of the infamous Pinecest Shipping. However, both the twins get along very well over how one twin always found ways to have their other twins back, not to mention how The Pines can relate with the Kasuganos over some problems with other relatives ever since the Pines met Grunkle Ford, & how Bill succeed in unleashing Weirdmageddon.

    Uncle Charlie 
Charles Oakley, God of Creepy Uncles (Uncle Charlie, Merry Widow Murderer)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Two hands around a woman's neck
  • Theme Song: "The Merry Widow Waltz"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Serial Killer of rich widows, popular with people, especially his family, speaking in monotone when not hiding his true self, really weird relationship with his niece, believing the world is hell, absolute immorality
  • Domains: Murder, Incest, Subtext
  • Allies: Bluebeard, John Doe, Light Yagami, Scar
  • Enemies: L.B. Jeffries, Lisa Fremont, Marion Crane, Jill McBain, Lisbeth Salander, Agnes, Anna, Karin and Maria, Haruka and Sora Kasugano
  • Despises: The Houses of Commerce and Religion and Faith
  • Charles Oakley is a charming man beloved by his family, and he loves them back, by all appearances. He is especially close to his niece (named Charlie after him), perhaps too much so. In truth, he's a disturbed individual with a merciless view of the world, and who particularly despises widows who spend their husbands' money. He's become fixated on killing them and for that he's become a wanted criminal. To escape the authorities, he visited his sister's family who lives in a small town and knew nothing of his activities. Uncle Charlie managed to charm the whole neighborhood, but the young Charlie noticed strange behaviors in her beloved uncle and came to realize the truth about him. Despite his attempts at silencing her, it was ultimately he who met his demise.
  • He was first detected in the Pantheon when L.B. Jeffries and Lisa Fremont spied him through a window as he was in the process of strangling Marion Crane. Their investigations revealed that Oakley had ascended to the Pantheon after his death, with earnest sponsorship from none other than Bluebeard, another serial killer of women; he had noticed the similarities with his own crimes of killing the women whom he married. Oakley is grateful to him not only for offering this new chance at life, but also for feeling sympathy for his philosophy. The two have struck a deal to help each other out with their murders. He was given the trope of Creepy Uncle to reign over due to his (in)famous (and not very well hidden for the time) subtext with his niece.
  • Doesn't have much in the way of friends among his fellow Hitchcock deities. At the time of his ascension, the only other evil Hitchcock deity is Norman Bates, who isn't exactly to Oakley's tastes in terms of companionship, though Oakley is a bit of a loner anyway. He'd rather see his niece ascended out of some perverse mix of vengeful feelings and just really wanting to share this divine existence with her. When it comes to the more morally-sound Hitchcock deities, it seems Oakley takes most issue with Marion Crane for stealing money from her boss. He wants to make her pay for it (hence him strangling her before), even though Marion sincerely regrets what happened and was just too late to fix it. She can at least draw comfort from the fact that he won't work together with Norman.
  • With his penchant for targeting rich widows to satiate his rage at how they are wasting their dead husbands' money, it's no wonder that he is loathed by a number of widows in the Pantheon. Chief among them is Jill McBain who did her best to make her husband's vision into reality. It turns out that Oakley actually is capable of feeling respect for widows like Jill, as instead of coasting on whatever money her husband had amassed (presumably not much), she put in a lot of hard work and faced many dangers in order to make something of value. Because of all this, Oakley thinks she is worthy of life, but that doesn't make Jill any less disgusted with his crimes, so it goes without saying they aren't friendly.
  • Given the Pantheon might have a dearth of widows who are deserving of death, it seems he might "widen his horizons" by targeting women he deems ungrateful to their husbands. He has already found two he believes fit the criteria, which are the sisters Karin and Maria, who are aristocrats who have been well married off to wealthy husbands and yet still find reason to feel dissatisfied. Not to mention, they haven't deigned to tell said husbands about the Pantheon and keep it a secret, which is a monstrous selfishness and an attempt at using the Pantheon as an escape, according to Oakley. Karin and Maria probably have a different view of it, not that he cares. Either way, he has discovered they have a rather powerful guardian blocking him from getting his hands around their necks, which he also questions whether they deserve to have.
  • As his crimes are against women, he has gained himself a fearsome enemy in the form of the hacker Lisbeth Salander, who gave him a nasty surprise by incapacitating and abducting him. Next thing he knew, he was waking up in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere with a tight collar around his neck tied to a rope, with Lisbeth introducing herself as his worst nightmare and proceeding to give him a taste of his own medicine by dangling him from his neck. Having died before ascending, he doesn't seem all that fazed at what Lisbeth put him through, though he keeps in mind that she is very resourceful, very vicious, and will probably be a significant hindrance to his activities.
  • Although his murderous fixation is on rich widows, he feels contempt for many other facets of society, such as banks and the church. Whenever he chances to go to the House of Commerce, he likes to make half-joking comments about how everybody in the House is probably committing embezzlement or similar crimes of greed, which doesn't amuse anybody in there, be it honest deities or ones who want to keep a mask of honesty. He also angers the House of Religion and Faith by claiming that what they really do is put on a show for people's entertainment. While he may have a point to a certain extent, it all goes to show what a nihilistic misanthrope he is.
  • The oddly moralistic reasoning behind his murders has caught the attention of some other murderers who hold similar beliefs that they are fixing society through their actions. John Doe, who targets people he believes embody the seven deadly sins, identified strongly with Oakley's Motive Rant and commends him for his deeds in ridding the world of lazy widows who take advantage of others' work. Light Yagami also has friendly feelings towards Oakley, given Light's belief that he is using the Death Note to cleanse the world from scum. Oakley, unusually for him, recognizes that they share similar ideals and returns their good will, even if he personally feels John Doe's methods are rather messy and he politely turned down Light's offer to lend him the Death Note; Oakley keeps it to himself, but he gets a rush out of his usual method of strangling.
  • Oakley did not expect to identify with a lion, but that's what happened when he heard of the former king Scar's story. While he won't comment on Scar killing his brother and usurping the throne, as he doesn't think he's qualified to pass judgement on the goings-on of the animal kingom, he did strongly relate to how Scar was eventually defeated and overthrown by his nephew. Scar likewise understood Oakley's pain in being unexpectedly upended by his niece and got the other Child Abuse Supporters to align with him. They at least agree that the young Charlie failed her duty as a proper niece to stay quiet and submissive about her uncle's activities, even if they don't necessarily agree with said activities (Lady Tremaine in particular is terrified of him, but Oakley ignores her for now in a gesture of good will to Scar).
    • The more sordid aspects of the two Charlies' relationship are also intentionally glossed over by the quartet, perhaps so as to not enrage the House of Incestuous Dynamics unnecessarily. Even though it's where his temple is, Oakley himself is ill at ease here, since it's essentially publicizing his relationship with the younger Charlie to an extent he's not used to. He doesn't find much comfort in his neighbors, finding them either off-putting, difficult to talk to or hostile; an example of the latter are the twins Haruka and Sora, who are furious at his manipulations and near murder of the younger Charlie (presumably if their relationship had kept going on in a more loving manner, and Oakley weren't such a psychopath, the twins would be more like "Go for it!").