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Intermediate Gods

    Mikoto Misaka 
Mikoto Misaka, Goddess of Railguns (Railgun, Number Three, Ace of Tokiwadai, Strongest Electromaster, Electric Princess, 3rd Most Powerful Esper in Academy City, Onee-Sama/Sissy, Biribiri/Bug Zapper)
  • Intermediate Goddess, Was almost forcefully turned into an Overdeity by the continued Level Shift Experiments
  • Symbol: Her Signature Arcade Coin and Gekotora cell phone.
  • Theme Songs: "Only My Railgun" and "Level 5 Judgelight"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Multipurpose Electricity, Tsunderes, Badass Adorable, Breakout Character, Cool Big Sis, Bully Hunter, Railguns that use coins, a love for cute things, Wearing shorts underneath her skirt
  • Domains: Friendship, Lightning, Electromagnetism
  • Heralds: Her army of clones
  • Followers: The Tau Empire, Fortune
  • Allies: Touma Kamijou, Kuroko Shirai, Magneto, Hinagiku Katsura, Jimmy Hopkins, Commander Farsight, Satori Komeiji, Kasumi, Enju Aihara, Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (especially Makoto Niijima/Queen)
  • Rival: Killua
  • Odd Friendship with: Black Star, Negi Springfield
  • Enemies: Accelerator (due to what he did to her army), Orochimaru, Relius Clover, Eliza and Neil Reagan
  • The Invincible Electric Princess of Tokiwadai Girls Middle School, Mikoto Misaka has the proud claim of being a leading lady, whom in spite of having limited appearances in her own universe, has dethroned the supposed Leading Female character Index in sheer popularity and importance.
  • Though quick to anger, she is quicker to forgive and forget; which is probably why she can still remain friends with Kuroko Shirai in spite of her often less-than-appropriate romantic advances.
  • Commands a Hive Mind army of clones of herself dubbed the 'Sisters'.
  • Cannot be mind-controlled nor mind rapeed due to her unique powers. That being said, this has brought the ire of Johan Liebert and other deities who specialize in attacking and manipulating someone's mind.
  • Often hangs out in the House of Power under the pretense of being there to practice her Signature Attack Railgun, whereas in actuality she spends more time there having snappy conversations with Touma Kamijou.
  • Also seen from time to time in the House of Knowledge with Hinagiku Katsura. They've found they had quite a bit in common and bonded over complaining about clueless guys. Just in general of course, not that there were any particular guys they were thinking about...
  • Was almost forcefully made to join the Pantheon by the insidious continued experiments of the Kihara foundation, who after failing to artificially drive Accelerator into Godhood decided to use her as the replacement subject instead. While she would indeed have become powerful, it would have been at the painful cost of her life and soul. The failure of this final project is something Mikoto is eternally thankful for.
  • Similarity in powers aside, Magneto sees in Mikoto the fire and passion he once had in youth, and has asked her to join the Brotherhood of Mutants on multiple occasions. Even though Mikoto values his friendship and respects his willingness to do whatever is necessary to protect the people he loves, she has always politely declined.
  • Upon hearing of YHVH's scheme to murder Madoka, an atrocity so disturbingly similar to the sufferings that her beloved clone sisters suffered during the Level Shift Project, Mikoto has joined the Pantheonic Rebellion with Kuroko faithfully by her side.
    • Also does not like Relius Clover and Orochimaru, as she found out that they also have experimented on people not unlike what the Kihara foundation did to her and to her beloved clone sisters.
  • She sympathizes with Kasumi due to the fact that her clone are used for diabolical purposes. As a result she'll happily assist her whenever possible.

    The Pyro 
The Pyro, God(dess?) of Flamethrowers (W+M1 Pyro, That Thing/Freak, Buddy)

Xena, Goddess of Deadly Discs (The Warrior Princess, Destroyer of Nations)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: The Balanced Chakram
  • Theme Music: Warrior Princess
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolios: Action Heroine, Improvised Weaponry, Charles Atlas Superpower, Battle Cries, Redemption in Death, Hot Amazons
  • Domains: War, Redemption, Strength, Protection, Feminism
  • Allies: Gabrielle, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Buffy Summers, Conan the Barbarian, Hercules, Jackie Chan, Krillin, Tron, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Riku, Sonya and The Nephalems, F.I.S. Receptor Shirabe Tsukuyomi, Boudica, Aphrodite, Cleopatra
  • Enemies: The Greek Gods in general, any tyrant gods,
  • Opposes: Julius Caesar, Caligula
  • Rivals: Kratos
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ares
  • Annoyed by: Augustus Caesar
  • The first sign of her presence in the Pantheon was heard through a familiar battle cry as she back flipped all the way to the House of Weapons.
    • (Her ascension was the result of her Heroic Sacrifice in order to release the souls of those she killed. As a result of her selfless act, the Gods managed to give her a place in the House of Weapons.)
  • Many gods are trying to figure out how her famous chakram could make movements that make Captain America's shield look stagnant. Most chalk it up to the chakram having a mind of its own.
    • Shirabe Tsukuyomi was delighted to finally find a warrior worthy of the title she used to have.
  • Although she is best known for her chakram, she as used many other weapons, some of them not even intended as such. Jackie Chan was certainly impressed.
  • Is sympathetic to those who are seeking redemption for their sins, especially the Fallen Gods. Her own redemption took many years to complete, and she is willing to help others to achieve their own. Eventually her efforts got the Fallen section destroyed with most if not all the deities therein relocated into a temporary hold to decide if they could gain a true divine seat or be ultimately removed.
  • Became natural friends with Buffy. The Warrior Princess and the Vampire Slayer were among the most popular female protagonists in the 90s, bringing forth an age of multiple kickass females. Although their followers hope to see an official fight between them, both gods would rather put that discussion aside, though neither would back down if the time came.
  • The Greek gods were concerned upon Xena's ascension, as she is prophesied to bring down their entire pantheon. They are currently seeking out ways to end her life. Xena is not surprised in the slightest as the Olympians are as big of Jerkasses as the ones she is familiar with.
    • Xena was eventually tracked down by Wonder Woman, who felt the Greek Gods were threatened with the prophecy. Although the Warrior Princess resisted, she proved no match for Diana. However, Xena quickly pointed out that prophecies can be rewritten, as multiple gods in the Pantheon have done in the past. Convinced that Xena meant no harm, Diana relented. Although she has no chance to convince the Greek gods not to hunt her down, she does have her good graces.
    • For her part, she is trying to prevent such an occurrence to get the Greek Gods off her back. She is currently in talks with Sonya and Riku in the hopes of changing her fate.
    • Ares turned out to be the only exception, but only to confirm rumors that he may be related to her. Though it is not quite the one she is familiar with, that doesn't stop her from hating him any less. Nevertheless, the two are willing to team up if the times are dire enough.
    • The other exception was Aphrodite. While the two never met eye-to-eye all the time, she ended up being the Greek goddess she got along the most out of all of them. It came to a shock throughout the community that Aphrodite played a pivotal role in the death of the gods in Xena's world. It led to a cooling of relationships with her when she normalized relations with Xena unlike the others. Her reasoning was this was in response to helping her regain her powers.
    • Is surprised of Hercules' current state; even though she outranks him, he has a far better win rate among the gods, including herself.
    • Kratos saw Xena's ascension as the perfect opportunity to bring about the fall of the Greek Gods. Although Xena sympathizes with his mistreatment at their hands, her empathy ends there; she wants no part in bringing down their pantheon. The God of War wasn't too surprised at the rejection, but was willing to bide his time for the Warrior Princess to change her mind—until his mind was changed by becoming a father in Scandinavia.
  • If there was anyone she would lay blame to her descent to evil, it would be Julius Caesar. He promised her that they would rule the area together only to betray and crucify her. What followed was years of attempts of vengeance against the Roman ruler. It all culminated in the deaths of both parties are roughly the same time. She may have been crucified a second time, but she could at least say that she caused the Ides of March against him. Besides, it wasn't long before she came back from the dead anyways.
  • When the Egyptian ruler Cleopatra ascended, Xena paid her a visit. There was much speculation over what was discussed, but both women kept things quiet. What is known is that Cleopatra admires the warrior princess for not only saving her from an assassination attempt but also for keeping her land away from Roman hands for a time being.
  • Has far more concerned with Caligula's ascension than most deities. The reason being is that her version was a godhood leach that fed on gods to gain their divinity. The man wrecked havoc acros the world and took some guile to off himself.
  • Conan the Barbarian took and immediate liking to the Warrior Princess, only to be disappointed when he found out she was already taken be Gabrielle. Nevertheless, the two became close allies.
  • It was a heartwarming occasion for Xena when her lover Gabrielle ascended into the pantheon, capping off with a long and warm embrace. Although not responsible, the House of Love helped them celebrate their reunion. Obviously, Ares was not pleased with the development.
    • She has been recently giving advice to Korra on her relationship with Asami. Both gods see similarities between their romantic life, including stressed relations with male suitors. In the end, she even lent Korra her outfit.
  • As someone who lived through the rise of the Roman Empire, she is familiar with the various Emperors of the Pantheon:
  • No matter how much she tries to correct them, the Simpsons gods still think Lucy Lawless has ascended instead of her. Only Lisa believes her and that is only because she can't fly. Xena actively avoids those gods as a result.

Lesser Gods

    Clint Barton/Hawkeye 
Clinton Francis "Clint" Barton, God of Archery (Hawkeye, Goliath II, Ronin II, The Golden Archer, Hawkguy)
Ronin II 
  • Lesser God (Greater God possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance)
  • Symbol: His emblem
  • Theme Music: Mood Maker, Never Misses
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Archery and Facets of Personalities That Come With It, Improbable Aiming Skills, Trick Arrows, Rain of Arrows, Badass Normals, Jerks with Hearts of Gold, Deadpan Snarkers, Kicking ass with their respective female partners, Getting Killed and Brought Back to Life, Acrobatic Dodging, Ex-Villain Circus Brat
  • Domains: Heroism, Weapons, Combat, Chaos, Trickery
  • Herald: Kate Bishop/Hawkeye II
  • High Priestess: Kestrel
  • Allies: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Thor, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, Nick Fury, Gwenpool, Miles Morales, Ashe, Huang Zhong, Kung Jin, Yukari Takeba, Shino Asada/Sinon, Akira Shinmei/Aorenger of the Gorengers, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin, Riza Hawkeye, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Jason Brody, Hawkeye Pierce, Master Oogway
  • Former Ally: Seth Rollins
  • Rivals: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (friendly), Artemis, Hanzo Shimada, Crimson Viper
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ada Wong.
  • Enemies: Bullseye, Heishiro Mitsurugi, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Tony Masters/Taskmaster, Gluttony, Vaas Montenegro, Hoyt Volker, Bambi "Buck" Hughes
  • Clint earned his place for his years of fighting alongside Captain America. They think he's out of their league, he shows them why he earned his place. Due to the change of the nature of the Pantheon, he was chosen to succeed the house from the previous owner. Clint may be a little Hot-Blooded, but when time comes, he's a pretty analytic and calculating guy about what and where to shoot, thus he claims the place.
    • The previous God had reascended somewhere else but often comes to this house in order to keep them on their toes.
  • There was one archer that gave him the most trouble for his title, a green-themed superhero from the rival superhero verse named Oliver Queen. Clint accepted and after one hell of an archery competition, the Gods decided that it would be a waste to lose any one of them and suggested giving both the title. After a period of bickering, they begrudgingly accepted and tried to one-up each for many years.
    • It was a miracle that the two lasted as long, only doing so because they respected their skills with the bow and arrow. Wiz and Boomstick offered them to participate in a DEATH BATTLE! to finally determine who is the better man. When asked to comment, both replied: "Place your bets".
    • The battle concluded with Hawkeye successfully defending his title. While he was quick to gloat on his victory, he was afraid the old man would leave the Pantheon for good. Fortunately, his allies managed to find a new spot for him. Thus, it turns out there was room for two superhero archers after all. There is still the chance for a rematch, one Clint is eager to have to prove himself once more.
  • A former criminal, he used to battle Iron Man whenever Tony tried to stop his thefts. He has long since reformed to a loyal member of the Avengers. Some speculate his background is the reason he is one of the stalwart defenders of the Thou Shall Not Kill motto of most superheroes.
  • If there's any Avenger he's been well acquaintance with, it's Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk. Most of the time, it would involve insulting each other. Clint does try to make sure it doesn't come to blows as he stands little chance of beating her. The two managed to turn it into some weird way of looking out for each other. He managed to get She-Hulk out of a funk by angering her enough to toss him out a room.
  • Was proud to have taken Kate Bishop under his wing. Kate's account tells a different story. She says she only claimed the name so that she can eventually take over the mantle from Hawkeye in case he retires or gets injured. She's fine with being his herald for now.
  • Once as a mortal, Clint married a certain Barbara Morse/Mockingbird, but they've since divorced amicably. Didn't stop Clint watching over her from afar to shoot down anyone trying to harm her. With explosive arrows as a way to say "hi".
    • Actually, he has had a history of rocky relationships with women. His most well known rendezvous was with the Black Widow. She accompanied him in his crimes before he quit. It took a bit longer for her to reform, but he played a pivotal part. Their past often makes things awkward with the two, but they make a formidable team.
    • His last serious hookup was with Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman. While the two no longer meet eye to eye, he is at work to help her ascend.
  • Cannot stop people from from calling him "Hawkguy" ever since one of his neighbors popularized the phrase. He can only imagine things getting worse if the actual Hawkguy enters the Pantheon.
    • As a matter of fact, he did ascend. It didn't help. Still, the two became quick friends, with both of them loving to skirt authority.
  • Was glad that Ashe was able to find a new title to stay in the Pantheon. He sees her as an excellent archer and resourceful leader. That and she's hot in her clothes despite her environment.
  • Kung Jin may be inspired by Arrow's commitment to the poor, but he finds Clint to be more relatable. Both took up similar professions as petty thieves early in their lives. Hawkeye was more than willing to show him a few tricks in the trade.
  • He also oversee's Yukari's training with the bow and arrow. He still finds the pink color off putting.
  • He would rather forget the time Bullesye took over as Hawkeye. Those days were rough on him, Norman Osborn still has fond memories of the beatings his goonies inflcited on Hawkeye.
    • His brief tenure as Ronin only brought up challenges from Mitsurugi for a sword. That's one fight Clint has no desire of fighting and he has been avoiding the Rōnin ever since.
  • Don't ever tell him Taskmaster is as good of an archer as him. It's the fastest way to get hit with a taser arrow.
  • Has teamed up with Deadpool during Halloween to break up some mind control devices being distributed by Black Cat. While they agreed the adventure was memorable, he's a bit miffed at Deadpool calling his herald "best Hawkeye"
  • Artemis has long since voiced her opposition of his position. It doesn't help that he used to be a criminal, can be cocky at times, and, above all, is a male. There was one time that she clallenged him for the title. To her shock, the superhero managed to match her score on every target they tried. The Court of the Gods concluded a draw wasn't enough to give her the title. That hasn't stopped her from plotting his demise.
  • Had a strong showing in the Fate of Two Worlds. Among his greatest hits include calling C. Viper a Black Widow knock off and taking camera shots from Frank West while kicking his ass.
  • When Riza Hawkeye ascended, she caught his attention as the first "actual Hawkeye" he's ever heard of; that being someone who both was born with and lived up to the name Hawkeye. He first met her by doing what he typically does with Mockingbird these days; saying hello with an arrow blowing up on someone who was after her. In this case being a fat blob who turned out to be a homunculus.
  • Along with Black Widow, he was tipped off by reformed Shield contact Seth Rollins about a drug and sex trafficking ring that was getting ready to do business in the Pantheon with a major smuggling operation. The three of them, along with the cartel's enemy Jason Brody, interrupted the shipment. Then they, along with Kamen Rider Ryugen and the rest of the Shield, had to stop the cartel from taking Seth, torturing and killing him. Rollins was subsequently transferred to a house separate from the cartel's boss by the Court of the Gods, with Captain America said to have made particular haste with this move after hearing that Clint and Natasha were involved in Seth's rescue.
  • Had Clint been recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. first and the Avengers second rather than the other way around, he'd somehow have less unique resources and opportunities to take charge, leading to his abilities being less renowned and more mocked despite being arguably just as skilled.
  • Following the loss of his family, Clint once again adopted the Ronin persona as he travelled the world killing notorious criminals. However, a chance encounter with Master Oogway helped the troubled Clint regain inner peace. The two have since become very friendly, with Clint owing Oogway a debt of gratitude. In fact, they have become so close that, in one universe, Oogway's death bestowed Clint with the Soul Stone.

    Hanzo Shimada 
Hanzo Shimada, God of Modern Archers (Hanzo, The Archer, Master Assassin, Hanjo, Handsoap, Spamzo)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His bow and his tattoos.
  • Theme Song: Hanamura (Shared with his brother Genji)
  • Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Dragon and Wolf motifs, The Atoner, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, Defector from Decadence, Being ordered to kill his brother and going through with it, Improbable Aiming Skills, Ninja, Perpetual Frowner, Being able to summon a dragon from his tattoo, Wall Crawl, The former heir of a Yakuza family
  • Domains: Bows, Siblings, Honor, Redemption, Acceptance
  • Allies: Hattori Hanzo, Ragna the Bloodedge, Zuko, The Nohr Royal Siblings, Takeo Masaki, San, Samurai Jack, Jin, Alexstrazsa
  • Rivals: Widowmaker, Yukari Takeba, Green Arrow, Hawkeye, Artemis and many other archers as well.
  • Enemies: HYDRA, Ryoma Sengoku, Lock Dealer Sid
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Most people who hail from a Yakuza family.
  • Complicated Relationships: Genji Shimada (his younger brother)
  • Trademark Favorite Food: SAKE! ...And Ramen
  • Hanzo Shimada was once a man destined for greatness, being the one who would take the mantle of the Head of the Shimada clan, until the fateful day that the elders ordered him to kill his younger brother Genji, whom they believed was a thorn in their side. While Hanzo did go through with the plan, he immediately regretted killing his brother; he rejected the legacy of his father and abandoned the clan that raised him to be the perfect leader. Hanzo decided that he wasn't worthy of wielding his sword, and as such decided to pick up his bow instead. And off he went, facing off modern weapons with just his bow. They called it old fashioned; Hanzo answered with an arrow to the head even with questionable hitbox. And thus, he rose.
  • His title originally belonged to Yukari Takeba, until it was discovered that she wasn't a good fit for such a title, allowing Hanzo to take the title for himself after he proved to be a worthy adversary for Yukari. They still maintain a rivalry, even after Yukari was moved somewhere else.
  • Shortly after ascending, he stumbled upon his brother Genji being ascended as well, which put Hanzo somewhat on edge that his brother also wanders around the halls of this mysterious place. One could say that he may be in denial about Genji's current state as a cyborg, explaining why he constantly keeps dismissing him.
    • Though there are various theories regarding why Hanzo acts this way towards his younger brother. One group believe that because he values family ties over anything, he would completely disgusted at how Genji dared to finish off the remnants of the Shimada criminal activity while others believe that he can't quite grasp the reality that Genji is still alive.
    • In any case, it's heavily advised not to badmouth anyone from his family in his presence, especially Genji. Doing that would probably earn you a couple of arrows to the face.
  • He seemed to form quite a bond with Ragna the Bloodedge with how they were the big brothers of these Cyber Ninja as well as how they kept fighting their own personal demons while they are also developing their own cynicism. They just hope those two won't come at them at the same time.
    • Though Hanzo is advised not to approach Ragna when he's in a rather bad mood - not because of distaste, but because he knows it would be harmful for Hanzo.
  • As an archer, Hanzo was curious to learn about others who wield the bow as well. Of all the archers, he considers Hawkeye and Green Arrow to be Worthy Opponents, although he is a little weirded out by Hawkeye sometimes sounding like him when speaking Japanese.
  • It is said that Hanzo is a very good swordsman himself, even better than his brother Genji. While many swordsmen have expressed interest in challenging him, Hanzo has declined all challenges. He says he isn't worthy of his blade anymore.
  • Everyone who has faced Hanzo in combat is very aware of his outstanding marksmanship with the bow. However, one thing that has earned him a fearsome reputation is his special attack the "Dragonstrike". It's said that whole teams fell to the might of a spirit dragon that Hanzo is able to summon, only hearing a couple of special words before their impending demise.
    Hanzo: RYUU GA WAGA TEKI WO KURAU! Translation 
  • Being named after him, Hanzo was honored to meet the legendary Hattori Hanzo in the flesh. Some people believe that his ninjutsu fighting style is partly based of Hattori himself.
  • Even if Hanzo sometimes laments having lost his rightful position as the Heir of the Shimada Empire, he will never side with criminal organizations to bring it back to his former glory, as he believes that would taint the name of his family and the honor that he seeks. Widowmaker offered him the chance to join Talon and bring back his clan; obviously, Hanzo refused.
    Widowmaker: Talon could restore your family's empire...
  • Hanzo's quest to reaching redemption made him stumble upon another Japanese man by the name of Takeo Masaki. The two became good friends after discovering that they share the same belief about honor, although Hanzo was a little upset when he casually mentioned that his family betrayed him, which is a personal Berserk Button for Hanzo himself.
  • Another personal Berserk Button of Hanzo's is those who would dare do selfish or dishonorable acts for their own sake. He has an special hatred towards Ryoma Sengoku and Lock Dealer Sid for being underhanded archers and considers them unworthy of even considering them as such. However, both were quick to label him as an Hypocrite considering that Hanzo comes from a Criminal Empire and would have become the head of it. He says that means nothing because he would have changed most of the underhanded activities of the Shimada empire, but things got complicated. Well that's what he claims, but about his desire to change the underhanded activities, no one knows the legibility of that claim, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • The Nohrian siblings, on the other hand, welcome Hanzo as an ally as they praised his dedication to his family, even if they're evil. Hanzo welcomed the company, though he secretly thought that, if the Shimada Empire and his family were in fact proven to be masquerading evil slime monsters, he wouldn't have second thoughts to turn against them, just like the siblings did to their father Garon. But that's not how the harsh reality goes so he doesn't think of it much.
  • Sometimes, Hanzo likes to use a special wolf skin that is very important to him. Some say that this is his way to pay homage to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, even to the point that his spirit animal changes from a dragon to a wolf.
    Hanzo: OKAMI YO WAGA TEKI NO KURAE!Translation 
    • This particular costume is said to resemble that which San wears. Surprisingly enough, he tends to be friendly to her when using it.
  • Hanzo is an educated man, but sometimes, the House of Knowledge frowns upon him. Because geometry isn't as simple as making trajectories for his arrows to reflect and spread to, it's much more complicated!
  • After hearing that Genji was spotted in the Nexus, Hanzo has been training to one day reunite and show how much he has progressed in combat. His chance came when the Life-Binder Alexstrasza offered to spar with him, in which Hanzo managed to impress the dragon queen.
  • "With every death comes honor. With honor, redemption".

    Marida Cruz 
Marida Cruz, Goddess of Remotely-Operated Weapons (Ple Twelve, Purustitute)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Sleeves Logo, or alternatively the NZ-666 Kshatriya.
  • Theme Song: Mobile Suit
  • Alignment: Lawful to Neutral Evil; Neutral Good post-Heel–Face Turn.
  • Portfolio: Attack Drones, Anti-Villany, Artificial Humans, raging upon sight of a Gundam, Affably Evil Redheads, Dark and Troubled Past, Lightning Bruisers, Morality Pet to nearly the entire cast, Stoicism
  • Domains: War, Combat, Space, Mind
  • High Priestess: Fram Nara
  • Herald: Suberoa Zinnerman (her adopted father and commander)
  • Allies: Banagher Links, The GUAG Robot War Division, Other deities who were basically clones but later on developed their own emotions, Aila Jyrkiainen, Eiji Hino/Kamen Rider OOO
  • Odd Friendship With: Elizabeth Mably
  • Rivals: Haman Karn.
  • Enemies: the rest of the GUAE Mecha Cohorts, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke.
  • A lot of debate occurred in the House of Prophecy regarding the said title, as elaborated:
    • Initially, they predicted Lalah Sune to ascend to the title, being the one of the very first to utilize thought-controlled weapons. However, they feared that her ascension would cause Amuro Ray and Char Aznable to add fire to their already-intense rivalry, causing the House of War to completely collapse on itself.
    • Some even predicted one Descartes Shaman to ascend, his main unit holding the record for the most number of remote weapons thereof. Unfortunately, he got hit by The Worf Effect hard during his second sortie against the ELS, thus voiding his chance at the title.
    • Ultimately, they settled for allowing Marida's ascension to the House of Weapons since she is completely neutral in the eyes of the two aforementioned Ace Pilots, AND her MS outguns Haman's, with at the least 24 individual funnels compared to the Qubeley's 10.
  • While she's not that much on good terms with Char and Haman, she has surprisingly become a Cool Big Sis to Aila, as both can relate to having Dark and Troubled Pasts. Also, she shares the latter's hatred over Lord Djibril, but for the reason that she reminds her of the time when she was reconditioned by the Vist Foundation.
    • In relation to that, her feelings towards Rau LeCreuset stems from her time as an expendable clone during the First Neo-Zeon War, where she was sent by her former master Glemmy Toto to do battle in a losing war. She can understand and sympathize with his suffering, but she refuses to allow herself to fall into the same nihilism that consumed him.
  • Was pleased to hear of Banagher Links' ascension in the Pantheon. In return, she reminded him of his offer for some Ice Cream at the House of Food.
  • Deities who pilot Gundams (or even other units that look suspiciously like one) are quite wary of showing up to her in their respective units, due to her inherent Berserk Button. She has become a bit better in adjusting after breaking away from her second reconditioning.
  • So far, only The God of Beam Spam had been the only one able to actually out-Beam Spam her Kshatriya. She doesn't mind though.

Pascal, Goddess of Boomsticks

Sharla, Goddess of Overheating (Carna)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her rifles
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Combat Medic, Team Mom, Ether-infused bullets that can hurt, heal, and buff, Ambiguously Brown, A woman with a large rifle, Protective of her little brother Juju, will to keep living for Gadolt's sacrifice
  • Domains: Guns, Overheating, Medic
  • Herald: Juju, her younger brother.
  • Allies: Shulk, Reyn, Melia, Riki, Dunban, Fiora, Yoko Littner, Mercy, Ana Amari, Lockon Stratos
  • Enemies: Zanza, Metal Face, Widowmaker
  • Odd Friendship: The Sniper
  • Opposed: The Medic
  • Sharla's medical career in the Colony 6 Defense Force makes her a valuable medic. Her bullets are infused with ether which can heal and buff allies, however, it requires having to Cool Off for each time she uses her Arts. She must Cool Off when either commanded or automatically after filling the gauge, leaving her immobile and vulnerable though she'll regenerate HP while the gauge lowers.
  • Her arsenal for her rifle includes healing, shielding, curing debuffs, tranquilizing, increases duration of auras, build tensions, etc.
    • Mercy is interested in how she uses her weapon to heal allies as she designed a sniper rifle with an ability to heal from a far distance. It is currently on the hands of Ana Amari, in which Sharla would like to meet in the future.
    • Ana is certain intrigued by this woman, due to their similarity with their healing rifles and marksmanship. In fact, they were competing for who were to get Healing Shiv as their title for deification. Ultimately, Ana earned the trope but she'll soon joined sometime later under Overheating.
  • Both her and Reyn has been an item ever since Gadolt's passing and moving on with her life. She always admire his boneheadedness in many of his shenenigans and his time with Juju, even if it goes poorly sometimes. When asked about whether he would replace Gadolt, she would reply that he's a knucklehead when compared to Gadolt so there's a difference worth mentioning.
  • Sharla has been a major help in the House of Health and Diseases because she was a medic for the Colony 6 Defense Force. That said, she doesn't like the Medic for his manners.
  • Chuggaaconroy admits that while he likes her in character, in gameplay, she's not impressive. He explains that many of her specialities are done better with other characters. Her ether damage is later taken over by Melia and her healing abilities is done better with Riki and is much tankier than her.
  • She was once a follower of Yoko Littner because of her specialty of rifles as a form of defense. Though the two would feel sad when they begin talking about Gadolt, another one of Yoko's follower.
  • She doesn't like marksman that only kill as she was a medic who fight to protect her home and friends. As such, she doesn't want to be at a perimeter of a Cold Sniper but found herself in company of other Friendly Sniper. This makes thing odd with the Sniper who is known to be both at the same time.
  • Because of her caring of her little brother Juju, she can be viewed as a Team Mom to her party as well as other deities. As such, she is liked among other Team Moms in the Pantheon, though she doesn't like any implication of being old as Riki and Melia joked with Riki saying one mama is enough while Melia would be his big sister.

Teemo, God of Blow Guns (The Swift Scout, Shitrat, Satan)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An explosive green mushroom
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Cute creatures that can kill you at the blink of an eye, gentle people who snaps when pushed, adorable maniacs, kind guys who goes ballisitc when needed
  • Domains: Nature, Stealth
  • Allies: Pikachu, Jerry, Superman, Kennen, Riki, Gnar
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients (Radiants and Dires), though Squee, Spleen and Spoon (the Techies) are Friendly Rival.
  • Enemies: Hexxus, Veigar.
  • Despite being one of the kindest gods in the Pantheon, most knows not to get on his bad side. The last person who decided to mook him one night in the House of Food ended up looking like a hedgehog... if its spines were made of poison darts.
  • Has been hanging around with Pikachu for a while. Considering that his presence makes Teemo calmer and happier, several deities have encouraged this newfound relation.
  • When the word spread that he had joined the GUAG, the GUAE decided to increase their budget on mine sweeping and stealth detectors 7 times above the previous budget. Considering the damage that his mushrooms can cause and how well he can hide in comparision to most gods, the forces of evil considers this a necesary meassure.
    • However, even Teemo had to be careful in case Mario or Luigi picked his mushroom up by accident. It was confirmed to be far more deadly than any poisonous mushrooms they have encountered.
  • A look in his wardrobe once revealed a large collection of Superman comics along with a Yordle-sized Superman costume and a custom-made blow gun made of steel. And now a silent moment for the person who revealed this info...
  • The moment there were Defenders of the Ancients in the Pantheon, Teemo has taken increased wariness. Why? Because they look at him funny, and think he's kind of similar to a certain 'Meepo'.
    • The Defenders' paranoia increases further when they saw Teemo hanging around with Techies and infests a certain place with both mushrooms and mines after a budding friendship. We can only say this for those who does not invest Gem of True Sight or Vision Wards and came across there... BE VERY AFRAID.
  • He is unsure if Tristana could ever make it to the Pantheon. But on the rise of the Kinkou ninjas, Teemo was at least glad that there's a fellow Yordle God for him to interact with, Kennen. The addition of Lulu also surprisingly was welcomed by Teemo, if only for the fact that right now they're without their official friends (though he has stated that if Veigar ascended and tried anything funny, he'll stop him like the boyscout he is).
    • Now that Veigar HAS ascended, Teemo's been pulling double-duty to make sure the sorcerer doesn't do anything that crosses the line.
  • There seems to be a Running Gag in the Pantheon where when some expressed why they hate a certain god, the visualised explanation somehow had Teemo dying, was it by the god itself or in the background.
  • While Teemo remains chipper with some of his new friends here, someone had the gall to see what would happen if the daily Teemo abuse for laughs would continue. The result wasn't pretty at all: That someone saw Teemo transform into an unrepentant killer, fighting under the banner of 'Omega Squad', that takes joy in killing and even if he is still feared, he is without friends, killing as many as he can. When that someone returned, he was shocked as if just having a revelation of what really happens if Teemo lives up to his "Satan" nickname, and urges so that vision will never come to fruition.
  • Has befriended Riki, due to the fact they are both adorable creatures who can actually hold themselves well in combat. It helps that the non-ascended members of his own species are one of the Heropon's followers.
  • Whether it was bad luck or because he was recognized as Runeterra's shitrat, Teemo ended up being one of those champions captured and having to endure BDSM session by Akasha the Queen of Pain. Don't ask why a Yordle becomes eligible at such.
  • "Captain Teemo, on duty!"

Usopp, God of Slingshot Marksmanship (The King of Snipers, Sogeking, Mansopp, GOD Usopp)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Sogeking helmet with the Black Kabuto below.
  • Theme: His theme and the theme of his "friend" Sogeking
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Normal guy among superpowered allies, liar (of both the bad and good variety), intuitive aptitude towards all tools and machines, Gadgeteer Genius, superb sniping skills with a slingshot, unpredictable fighting, crazy preparedness, use of various strange ammunition ranging from self-made bullets to weaponized unusual plant seeds (after his Post-Timeskip), Cowardly Lions who grow out of it literally
  • Domains: Slingshots, Marksmanship, Tall Tales, Inventors
  • Allies:
  • The Council of Shadows have long prevented the inclusion of all the Straw Hat Pirates for fear their ability to derail many plots in their home universe would bring down many of their carefully-laid plans. Hence, their success in expelling Usopp from the House of Weapons as God of Slingshots and replacing him with the less dangerous (to a fault) Dennis Mitchell.
    • Batman knew it was better to have the entire crew as wild cards if the need arose. Though he also had an uncharactestic soft spot for Usopp as he shared the similar Badass Normal tendencies among super-powered allies as well as the ability to be prepared for anything (second only to him of course). He secretly persudaded Johnson to give Usopp another chance and the judge proposed a contest between Usopp and Dennis over who really deserved the title. While both were equal in the first rounds, Usopp quickly upped the ante by shooting a small jewel at the tip of a faraway spire a few miles away with the wind against him. Dennis apologized and conceded defeat, allowing Usopp to reclaim his godhood, and instead taking the position of God of Precocious Troublemakers in the House of Family. To say some Council members were dismayed and that even Xanatos himself didn't see this coming was an understament.
      • As an added bonus, Nami also ascended while the Council was momentarily stupefied.
  • His marksmanship skills have been considered equal to both Vash and Lockon Stratos, hence his title of "King of Snipers" from his homeworld. Some claim it is due to his powerful analytical eyesight which is the force behind his intuitive abilities with machinery.
    • It is seldom a good idea to have the three together as most of the time they end up engaging in a contest of one-upmanship with various impossible feats of shooting abilities. Naturally, they always end up in a dead tie.
    • The awakening of observation Haki, allowing him to snipe an opponent he couldn't even see from halfway across a country, has earned him new respect from Vash and Lockon, and also made him jump up a few threat levels in the GUAE's list, especially since that act managed to completely derail the plans of a chessmaster who'd fit right in with the Council of Shadows if they ever ascended.
  • As the one responsible for keeping both himself and Nami relevant among a crew of mostly Devil Fruit users with his inventions, he has an uncanny perception of tools and machines around him and being able to understand and make them work.
    • Despite his ability to create and understand machinery, he is lousy with repairs. If anyone comes to him asking to repair things, he usually points them towards Felix at the House of Technology.
  • Being an inventor, he sometimes heads to the House of Technology and share ideas with Phineas while encouraging his ever-growing genius. Usopp, however, tends to go on in one of his usual tall tales of his great engineering and heroic skills, embellishing details of different adventures with the Straw Hats to make himself more important. Phineas believes them. Ferb, not so much.
  • Apart from the Thousand Sunny, Usopp's temple workshop contains a lush green garden in the back where he cultivates Pop Green seeds and plants. However venturing in without his guidance is dangerous as some of the plants rank up there with Death World's own.
    • Youko Kurama was impressed how a mortal like Usopp was able to make use of a variety of seeds to his advantage and also interested in the properties of Pop Greens native to that universe. As such, Kurama decided to give Usopp a variety of seeds from plants native to Makai to further increase his abilities, though most of the plants that grew from said seeds freak Usopp out, as he prefers to use those he can cultivate safely.


Sokka, God of Boomerangs (Snoozles, Master Swoosh, Meat and Sarcasm Guy, Captain Boomerang, Wang Fire)
When older 
  • Demigod (Lesser God if he uses his Space Sword.)
  • Symbol: His Boomerang
  • Theme: "Sokka's Theme."
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: the non-bender of the group, the Idea Guy of Team Avatar, Weilds a Water Tribe boomerang, Possesses a sword forged from a meteorite, Badass Normals, Very protective of his sister and friends, Deadpan Snarker, Constantly making strategies, Badass Bookworm, Big Eater, loves to eat meat, The Chew Toy, The Comically Serious, Loves poetry and shopping, Falls in love with Suki, Blames himself for Princess Yue's death, Overshadowed by his teammates, Subtly ships Aang and Katara, Loyal and supportive towards his sister, Becames a representative for his tribe in Republic City,
  • Domains: Warfare, Strategy, Innovation, Duty, Sarcasm
  • Herald: Suki
  • High Priestess: Sango and Kirara
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Mai, Ty Lee, Lin Beifong, Varrick, Dinobot, Greed The Avaricious, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Link, Jason Todd/Red Hood, Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind, Lunatone and Solrock, Tyrande Whisperwind, Chang'e, Magnolia Arch, LOONA
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Princess Azula, Kuvira, Koh, Gerald Robotnik, Golbez, Dr. Victor Fries/Mr. Freeze, Piccolo, Necrozma
  • Born to Chief Hakoda of the Southern Water Tribe, young Sokka dreamed of being a warrior and helping his father fight the Fire Nation. While the fighting men sailed northward, he was left behind to defend his people upon his father's request. Sokka and his younger sister Katara helped provide for and protect their tribe for two years, until one fateful day when they inadvertently discovered a being not seen by human eyes for a century. An airbender named Aang. Sokka was initially suspicious of the boy, believing him to be a Fire Nation spy, but after Aang revealed himself to be the Avatar, along with saving the Water Tribe from the exiled Prince Zuko, Sokka changed his tune. He and Katara joined Aang on his journey to master the elements and eventually, bring balance to the world. But while Aang learned the other bending styles and Katara perfected her Waterbending, Sokka, as a non-bender, took on a different role. He became Team Avatar's "Idea Guy", hatching plans to either get out of tight situations or defeat their enemies. Time and time again, he put his skills to good use, helping Team Avatar achieve many victories and eventually, winning the war... all with the aid of his trusty boomerang and space sword. After the war, Sokka helped Aang maintain balance in a rapidly-changing world, taking a particular interest in how technology helped non-benders stand on equal footing with their Bending contemporaries. He would eventually become a councilman for Republic City and would help defend Aang's successor Korra before passing away at a ripe old age.
  • Sokka awoke to find himself no longer in the Southern Water Tribe, but instead in a strange land, unlike anything he'd ever seen. It wasn't the Spirit World. For one thing, it had bathrooms. For another, it was inhabited by a variety of people and creatures who certainly didn't act like spirits. That's when he was when he encountered a person he had not seen in many years; Avatar Aang himself. Sokka was admittedly confused by the situation, even more so when he discovered both he and Aang were young again. Aang explained that they were in a realm known as the Pantheon and that there were a few people who would like to meet Sokka. The Water Tribe warrior took it in stride, after all, stranger things have happened before. They went to the Pantheon's Main House, where Aang introduced Sokka to Cosmos, the Goddess of Harmony. She had heard stories of Sokka's accomplishments in his homeworld and was genuinely impressed by his expertise. In particular, she was amazed by Sokka using his boomerang and basic trigonometry to defeat the assassin known as Combustion Man at the Western Air Temple. For that, she offered him a place as a God in the Pantheon, along with a temple for him to live in. As an extra incentive, she and Aang revealed two special gifts. Sokka's space sword and trusty boomerang, once thought to be lost in the Wulong Forest. Sokka was over the moon happy and accepted the position, eager to experience the Pantheon and show off his boomerang talents.
  • It didn't take long for Sokka to reunite with his younger sister Katara, along with his old friends Toph Beifong and Zuko. It had been years since Sokka had seen them and the reunion was a heartfelt one. Together, the old Team Avatar was reunited and they were quick to catch up. It felt like old times; Sokka teasing Aang and Katara, going on daring adventures with Toph, and training with Zuko in the House of Combat. He's loyal and supportive of his sister and friends, despite butting heads with them from time to time. He's quick to defend them from mockery and ridicule from others. After all, only he can poke fun at Katara. It was through his old teammates, along with his nephew Tenzin, that Sokka was properly introduced to Avatar Korra and her friends; Mako, Bolin and Asami Sato. He was proud of Korra's accomplishments as the Avatar and is impressed by Sato Industries' machines and designs. He has a hard time trusting Asami's old business rival Varrick, who had tried to use a civil war between the Water Tribes to further his business endeavours, not to mention working for the authoritarian Kuvira to create super weapons using spirit vines. Asami and Korra reassured Sokka that Varrick has turned over a new leaf and Kuvira is atoning for her crimes appropriately. But Sokka is still wary of the two.
    • It didn't take long for Sokka to learn that Fire Lord Ozai was in the Pantheon, with his firebending restored no less. Still, Sokka couldn't help but laugh when he discovered Ozai was forced to work for Team Rainbow Rocket in order to regain his powers. He's more than ready to help Aang and Korra stop the former Fire Lord before he destroys everything they love. On top of this, Sokka learned that Princess Azula was in the Pantheon, working for a High Command led by a group of artificial humans known as Homunculi. While he's on good terms with her old friends, Mai and Ty Lee, Sokka shows great hesitation towards the fallen princess, especially after travelling with her in the past. Thankfully, Korra and Lin Beifong were able to provide Sokka with some additional allies. The Fullmetal Alchemist, Edward Elric, his younger brother Alphonse, and a rouge homunculus known as Greed. All three are well aware of what the High Command is capable of and have provided insight to what can be done to stop them. They also introduced Sokka to automail, courtesy of Winry Rockbell, and he instantly fell in love with it.
  • Sokka quickly discovered he wasn't alone in the Pantheon. One day, two young women came to his temple, both dressed in matching magenta and pink kimono and green mo-bakama. Sokka was unsure of the two, asking who they were. One of them approached and told him who she was... with a kiss on the cheek. Sokka quickly realized who she was. It was Suki, leader of the Kyoshi Warriors and his girlfriend. The two quickly embraced, overjoyed to be reunited after so long. Suki then introduced Sokka to her companion, a demon slayer from feudal Japan named Sango, who uses a giant boomerang - Hiraikotsu - in battle along with a shape-shifting Nekomata named Kirara. She and Suki had crossed paths while venturing through the Pantheon, working together to deal with a demon infestation. Sokka was in awe at this story, coupled with Sango's massive weapon, and he welcomed them both to his temple, with Suki becoming his Herald and Sango his High Priestess. Suki is frequently seen in the Pantheon, hanging out with Team Avatar and occasionally teaching a martial arts class at Elysium Academy, which Sokka will sometimes join. Sango meanwhile is less frequent; she's sometimes seen fighting demons but more often, she's taking care of her family and village. Sokka and Suki don't mind; they welcome her back whenever she stops by, even meeting her husband, the monk Miroku on one occasion.
  • Sokka's opposition towards Ozai, Azula and their Fire Nation loyalists is evident even to an outsider, but he's shown hostility towards several of Korra's enemies, some of them hailing from the Water Tribes. The first is Amon, leader of the Equalists and a powerful bloodbender capable of removing a person's bending abilities. Sokka has dealt with bloodbenders before and doesn't want a repeat of being a puppet controlled by Hama. There is Unalaq, Korra's evil uncle who fused with the dark spirit Vaatu to become a "Dark Avatar", and Zaheer of the Red Lotus, who desired a world without governments and nearly came close to killing Korra in the process. Sokka is more than ready to defend his friends from such formidable foes and should things escalate, he will always have his boomerang on hand.
  • Being the only non-bender in Team Avatar, Sokka used various kinds of weapons to defend himself. Along with his boomerang, he's used war clubs, whale-toothed spears, machetes and jaw blades; all traditional tools and weapons in the Water Tribe. As he continued his journey, Sokka became an apprentice to Master Piandao, a master swordsman from the Fire Nation. It was under his tutelage that Sokka forged his own sword using the ore of a meteor, adding another vital piece to his divers arsenal. Sokka has shown incredible skill with his sword and boomerang, even training with Goemon Ishikawa to improve his skills. He still sticks to the boomerang since it always comes back. Speaking of boomerangs, Sokka met a young man named Hope Estheim, who was a boomerang wielder who, like Sokka, lost his mother through tragic circumstances. Unlike Sokka, Hope is versed in elemental magic but both have come to respect each other's abilities.
    • Sokka began gravitating towards other non-superpowered beings in the Pantheon, due to his aforementioned status as Team Avatar's non-bender. Among them was Connie Maheswaran, the "Swashbuckling Swashbuckler" ally of Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems. Both have shared their experiences being the "muggles" of their respective teams and are seen training together to hone their swordsmanship.
  • From time to time, Sokka has been seen alone gazing fondly at the Pantheon's moons. The reason for it is a tragic one. While travelling to the Northern Water Tribe, Sokka befriended the northern Princess Yue, and soon enough a romance bloomed. But it wasn't meant to be. During the Seige of the North, the Moon Spirit, Tui, was killed by the Fire Nation. Yue, who was blessed by the Moon, sacrificed her life to save and become the new Moon Spirit. Sokka initially blamed himself for Yue's death and although he has come to terms with her passing, he doesn't like it when other gods badmouth the moon (or rather the Moon Spirit). David Zappa was one such individual. The Moon King was quick to mock Sokka's failure and proclaimed Yue was his to conquer. This set Sokka off and immediately he challenged Zappa to a fight. At first, Zappa had the upper hand... until he was confronted by another other celestial deity; Tyrande Whisperwind. She joined Sokka and repelled the Moon King, driving him away from the moon. From that moment onwards, Sokka considers Whisperwind a friend and ally and whenever he hears someone else mocking the moon spirit he will respond with:
    "The Moon Spirit is a gentle, loving lady. She rules the sky with compassion and... lunar goodness!
  • That being said, Sokka has made friends with several moon-based deities, each with their own unique powers. Among the most powerful were the Sailor Guardians, led by Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon, who also happened to be the reincarnation of the moon princess, Serenity. Sokka was surprised by this revelation. especially since he first met Usagi when they literally crashed into each other while turning a corner. She wasn't the only moon princess Sokka encountered either. On two occasions, he and Suki met the beautiful yet tragic Princess Kaguya, who had longed to live on Earth long ago, and the awe-inspiring Rosalina, caretaker of the Lumas and creator of the Comet Observatory. Both have come to respect Sokka's skill as a warrior and his honour for protecting Yue, even allowing him and Suki to come and visit the observatory to see the stars up close. Sokka accepted the offer... and couldn't stop acting like a giddy child while exploring. Even Suki was amused by it all.
    • Thanks to Kaguya and Rosalina, Sokka met Chang'e, the Chinese Goddess of the Moon, who welcomed the Water Tribe warrior into her realm and made him an honoured guest. Sokka was humbled by the experience and will stop by to visit Chang'e in her temple from time to time. Chang'e revealed that there were many other beings who originated on the moon. Chief among them was Magnolia Arch, a Ba'al Buster who choose to stay Luxendarc rather than return to the moon, Kubo, who was the son of a moon goddess, the Paladin Cecil Harvey and his brother Theodor, who had been corrupted into the warlock Golbez. Cecil and his ally Kain Highwind came to respect Sokka's determination and strong will, and Magnolia comes to Sokka whenever she needs help. Sokka meanwhile is wary of Golbez, despite him turning over a new leaf and atoning for his past sins.
  • One moonlit night, Sokka and Suki encountered a gigantic, bat-like creature with crescent-shaped wings and a vibrant violet colour. The two assumed it was a being from the Spirit World until they noticed a young girl with blond hair, dressed in white approach them. She introduced herself as Lillie and explained the bat was a Legendary Pokémon named Lunala, whom she affectionately nicknamed "Nebby." According to Alolan folklore, Lunala is known as the "beast that calls the moon" and is heralded as a protector of the region. Sokka came to respect the Pokémon and became friends with Lillie, often trading stories about their adventures with each other, with Lillie even introducing Sokka to the celestial Lunatone and Solrock. It all led to an interesting exchange regarding the moon.
    Sokka: "My first girlfriend turned into the moon."
    Lillie: "That's rough, buddy."
  • Sokka may have come from the bottom of the world but has achieved much in his lifetime. Besides aiding the Avatar, he was responsible for many technological achievements in his homeworld, such as advancing hot-air travel and inventing the first submarines. So one can imagine his amazement upon discovering the Pantheon's House of Machinery and Technology and seeing just how far other worlds are in terms of their own advancements. He struck up conversations with some of the Pantheon's best and brightest, including the reptilian hacker Bentley Turtle, who has shown interest in Sokka's own gadgets and input to help the Cooper gang with their endeavours.note  On the human side of things, Sokka ended up becoming acquainted with Tony Stark, who offered the young Water Tribe warrior ways to improve his world's technology and also provide upgrades to his armour. Sokka had only one request in return... if he could fly in one of Tony's Iron Man suits. It went about as well as one would expect and Team Avatar had a good laugh about it at Sokka's expense.
    • But his time in the House of Machinery and Technology opened Sokka's eyes to some rather nefarious masters of technology. Dr. Ivo Robotnik was one such individual, wanting to rule the world with an army of robots powered by small animals. He even kidnapped Momo to turn into a badnik, which Sokka was able to prevent from happening. Since then, he's been keeping an eye on Dr. Eggman, even getting help from Miles "Tails" Prower, who has a little bit of experience dealing with the mad doctor. Sokka doesn't trust Robotnik's grandfather Gerald Robtonik either, due to designing a planet-destroying space colony that, thanks to Eggman, blew up the moon on one occasion.
  • As a student of the legendary swordsman Piandao, Sokka continues to hone his skills in the Pantheon, often duelling with other warriors whenever he gets the chance. He's faced off against the Predacon-turned-Maximal warrior Dinobot, dueled the Red Robin, Tim Drake, faced off against Tahu, the Toa of Fire, and even met and fought some of Cecil Harvey's allies. Namely the wandering warrior Bartz Klauser and the Blitzball player Tidus. All who fought Sokka were impressed by Sokka's skills with a blade and as a strategist and offered to teach him to hone his abilities... provided they can survive his sarcasm and wit.
  • Having lived most of his life during a war that decimated his tribe and led to his mother's death, Sokka is more than willing to fight and kill whenever necessary, unlike Aang who is less willing to do so. This has led to Sokka associating with Jason Todd, a vigilante known for killing criminals in order to purge the world of crime. While Sokka isn't fully sold on the Red Hood's method of justice, he does respect his honourable side. Jason and Sokka have had to team up on several occasions to face off against Gotham City's criminal underworld. One time, Katara had been abducted by a criminal mastermind known as The Penguin, forcing Jason and Sokka to join forces with Harley Quinn and Mister Freeze to rescue her. However, Katara was able to escape and she and Sokka had to keep Todd from killing the Penguin in cold blood. Harley Quinn was cool with Katara and Sokka, sometimes coming to hang out whenever she can, but the pair haven't exactly found Mister Freeze trustworthy. Though a tragic figure worthy of pity, Freeze's violent methods rubbed the siblings the wrong way.
    • Turns out the Pantheon is home to more warmongers than just Ozai. The Sith lord, Darth Sidious, along with Imperial Admiral Tarkin, had set their sights on the Avatar World, with plans to destroy the planet with the Death Star. Sokka managed to sneak aboard, disguised as Wang Fire, and with Aang's help transported the Death Star back to the Pantheon's orbit. It was a temporary fix and the gang know they will have to figure out a permanent fix to the Imperial problem.
  • Like many in the Pantheon, Sokka's appearance will change depending on the which timeline he has come across. He is often seen as a young man during the Hundred Year War but occasionally as a middle-aged adult from Republic City. He rarely takes on a form once seen in an often-forgotten timeline, where he resembles a young, humourless, dead-serious Caucasian man. Sokka and the rest of Team Avatar don't like talking about that one timeline and will often disregard it as an insane fever dream.
  • Surprisingly, Sokka loves the finer things in life. He enjoys music, poetry, and is known to go to the Pantheon's shopping district to find the latest wears and fashions. He's found himself watching wrestling matches, which led to him meeting Bentley's partner in crime Murray Hippo, and duel monster matches, even meeting one of his favourite duelists Katsuya Jonouchi, also known as Joey Wheeler. Both appreciate Sokka's support and look forward to seeing his future ventures.
    • It turns out that one of Suki's favourite bands is a travelling group of hippy musicians whom Sokka travelled with in the past... much to his chagrin. Nevertheless, he supports her passion no matter what. On the flip side, Sokka came to love the music of LOONA, going to their concerts whenever he can. Suki goes with him to said concerts and while she doesn't mind K-Pop music, she's there to support her boyfriend no matter what.
  • Sokka is a resourceful individual who will take advantage of whatever nature provides for him... But it has backfired on several occasions. One such incident occurred while Team Avatar was stranded in the Si Wong Desert. Sokka, while searching for a water source, began drinking cactus juice, resulting in him becoming delirious and rather intoxicated. Though he was able to recover from his buzzed state, Sokka hasn't been able to live down that particular incident, especially after the Pantheon found out about it. At the very least, he's had a good chuckle about it, saying the juice was indeed the "Quenchiest."
  • "I'm just a guy with a boomerang. I didn't ask for all this flying and magic..."

    Varric Tethras 
Varric Tethras, God of Automatic Crossbows