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"Ultimate Hawkeye" is a miniseries set in the Ultimate Marvel universe. It is starred by Hawkeye, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who had already appeared in previous miniseries as a member of The Ultimates. It was written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Rafa Sandoval.

An Asian country has a plan for the mutants: release an airborne virus that will negate mutations everywhere, and use a serum to turn common people into mutants. That way, they would become the single country with mutants. Hawkeye was tasked to retrieve this serum, but things quickly grew out of controls: the new mutants refused to be mere soldiers, made a coup, and took the government for themselves. The country was renamed as New Tian, and became a mutant country, a safe haven for any mutant in the world who seeks refuge.

This page is about the miniseries. For tropes about the character, see here.



  • The Coup: "The people" made one against the SEAR, and Hawkeye could not do anything but watch.
  • Determinator: Despite the impossible odds, Hawkeye got the serum that he was instructed to get.
  • Evil Plan: The scientists of the SEAR have one. First part: create an airborne virus that erradicate mutations. Infect some people with it and send them on "vacations", so that they infect everybody in their planes, and the disease spreads. In a short time, mutations would cease to exist. Second part: use a special serum to turn people into mutants. This would allow the SEAR to have the only mutants on Earth, and the hability to select who becomes one.
  • Foreshadowing: The test subject got visions of the future and saw... what would eventually happen.
  • Genetic Engineering Is the New Nuke: This is the way for the SEAR to deal with it.
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  • Hidden in Plain Sight: Someone infected with the virus that prevents mutations wouldn't get more than just a little cogh. It was designed that way: if the reactions were more extreme, those infected would be quarantined, which would be against the plan.
  • Mr. Exposition: The story starts with a general giving a status report to Hawkeye.
  • Revisiting the Roots: This miniseries does away with the "bullseye" suit used since Ultimates 3, and restored the original look of Ultimate Hawkeye, just in time for the MCU adaptation.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: When New Tian declared its intentions to give a refuge to any mutant that seeks it, the mutants that were working for Hawkeye as SHIELD agents deserted and joined the revolution.
  • Sean Connery Is About to Shoot You: The cover of the first issue.
  • Wutai: The SEAR is not an actual country, but seems a lot like North Korea

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