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"I'm the damn ambassador of I'll fuckin' kick your assador."
The Vandals, Euro-Barge

An Ambadassador is a character whose role is that of a diplomat or negotiator. But when the peace talks fail they advance their agenda with violence. They will have skills in Aggressive Negotiations and experience with Blood on the Debate Floor. Any enemy leader or officer who thinks he can Shoot the Messenger will soon learn why this is a bad idea. This is a diplomat who does not need a diplomat's traditional immunity.

They may be someone that Minored in Ass-Kicking. A Guile Hero who outfoxes red tape is also possible. May overlap with "Ass" in Ambassador, if their ability enables them to think they can walk over the other party.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Cesare - Il Creatore che ha distrutto shows Cesare Borgia as this even when he was 16 (and acting as ambassador for his father, to help him get elected pope.
  • The Distant Finale of Digimon Adventure 02 reveals that Taichi has become a diplomat and ambassador, dealing with the negotiations and political relationship between the real world and the Digital World. His Partner Digimon Agumon is even dressing up in a nice suit for political meetings. In their youth, the two saved the two worlds more than once and if they can't reason with their opponent, they just beat the crap out of them (assuming the opponent survives at all).

    Comic Books 
  • An unnamed, Caucasian ambassador appears as a One-Scene Wonder in the Franco-Belgian comic book Benoit Brisefer. Benoit confronts the villainous Mrs. Daemonia, who tries to get away by taking the Ambassador hostage with a knife to his throat, but:
    Ambassador: Tell me, Mrs. Daemonia, do you know judo?
    Mrs. Daemonia: No, why?
    Ambassador: [casually throws her over his shoulder] Because I am a black belt. [bows to Benoit] I shall go telephone the police.
  • One Droids sequel comic has R2-D2 and C-3P0 hired to babysit the son of a genial but busy ambassador. The bored young boy gains a new sense of respect for his father when the ambassador easily defeats a notorious Space Pirate in hand-to-hand combat and says he hasn't had that much fun since his days as a Space Ranger.
  • Kingdom Come: Alan Scott is a veteran of decades of superhero fights and, at the end of the story, becomes a U.N. delegate representing the densely-populated Justice League space station, New Oa.
  • Marvel Comics character Monet St. Croix (code name M) is the daughter of an ambassador, but is also adept at ass-kicking. Being a Nigh-Invulnerable Flying Brick helps quite a bit.
  • Wonder Woman is technically an inverted example, as her Badass work as a superhero is her primary and her role as ambassador to "Man's World" secondary but (usually) still important.
    • Volume 1: Count Dendum, Saturnian ambassador to the United States following the treaty between his Emperor and the USA, is a count from an empire where this title would have had to have been earned as an adult through fighting and never fully losing.
    • Volume 2: During Greg Rucka's run Diana's position as an ambassador becomes far more prevalent and her entire schedule is structured around her ambassadorial work, which does nothing to slow down her heroics.

    Fan Works 
  • Children of the Atom features Jessica, who has all the charisma and intelligence she could possibly need. But lacks in the firearms department compared to Boone and Cass. Not to say she can't kick ass when she has to, though...
  • Ambassador Udina in No Gods, Only Guns, a Mass Effect and Borderlands Fusion Fic. In a setting where everyone needs to be a badass considering how crazy humanity is, he manages to stand out (unlike his canon version) by both having a robotic arm and an eyepatch. In his introduction to the story proper, he manages to singlehandedly disarm a badass bandit leader, uppercut him into the air, and blow him up midair with a single shot from a pistol.
  • Discworld fanfic example: Pieter van der Graaf, Ambassador to Ankh-Morpork from the Republic of Rimwards Howondaland. The intended target of an assassination attempt by agents of sworn enemy state Kwa'Zululand, he not only shrugs it off but takes command of directing his Embassy guards to find the assassins. He also stares down and says "no" to his own country's feared secret police, and on top of this maintains a mutually cordial friendship with his Zulu peernote , agreeing that two men both far away from Home should do everything they can to prevent misunderstandings between their nations exploding into all-out war. This Ambadassador appears in Why and were.
  • Honor for the Enemy: Drakkar and Megin are certainly these, being introduced as leaders of a raiding party.
  • The Scottish ambassadors in the Medieval II: Total War fic A Scotsman in Egypt are pretty much all this, being Scotsmen first and ambassadors second. Even Gordon of Edinburgh gets a moment when an audience to the Pope turns into a Reason The Doge Of Venice Sucks Speech that gets Venice and England excommunicated.
  • In Origin Story, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Power Girl crossover, Ben Grimm carries diplomatic credentials given him by France. They are ignored by the SHIELD agents sent to arrest him because they don't think the credentials are real. This is something that comes back to bite them in the ass later.
  • Forum of Thrones has Maya Iresons. Despite being the ambassador of Runestone and the Vale of Arryn, she is not a skilled diplomat. Instead, she has been chosen to undergo the mission to Raylansfair because of her skills as a fighter and a thief.
  • The King Nobody Wanted: Jon Arryn, veteran commander of at least two major wars, is given the new Small Council position as Master of the Great Seal to deal with foreign dignitaries. His ambassadorial skills are limited, though, and he is grateful to leave the job behind after his promotion, with his seemingly more proficient replacement being a Septon who may not be a fighter, but has faced danger from a variety of sources over a well-traveled career.
  • In the Pony POV Series, Cadence is one of Equestria's chief diplomats and acts as an ambassador to other countries. She's also a Physical God and a very powerful combatant when she has to be. She can also defuse situations with her words rather than fighting if needed.
  • In Equestria: Across the Multiverse, Kimono is the official ambassador of the World of Empathy. She also decided to find a way to help the Alliance in conflict while still being an Actual Pacifist (like most of her universe). This results in her creating her world's Powered Armor suit, the Bard System, which serves as a Support Party Member for the Alliance's forces, having no offense but high defense and a massive number of support abilities to power up and help teammates. She also trains with the benevolent Storm Emperor #35 in purely defensive martial arts. She's constantly on the front lines during conflicts to help her friends and protected her world from a trio of murderous psychopaths, defeating them without ever throwing a punch.
  • In the Star Wars Rebels fanfiction A Sword to Pass, Senators Elair Hayon and Alekos Kallus are this for the New Republic to negotiate with Bo-katan, with Ezra as a Jedi escort. Elair however, while still a senator, is secretly a spy trying to gather information on Imperial remnants.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Subverted in Captain America: The Winter Soldier: when Alexander Pierce has the World Security Council essentially hostage, one of them, a late-middle-aged woman, starts kicking some serious ass. It's then revealed that she is actually Black Widow in disguise.
  • Captain Blood has Lord Willoughby. He may be old and not the physical type, but anyone who can recruit a crew of pirates as William III's newest privateers in under five minutes when they learn of England's regime change is an ambassdor who is really good at his job.
  • In Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya is introduced returning from negotiations in Constantinople, while Ilya spends a few days at a later point wasting the enemy time with pointless talks until reinforcements arrive.
  • Raiden from Mortal Kombat: The Movie and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation serves as a mediator between mortals and the elder deities, eventually fighting alongside mortals.
  • Sherlock Holmes (2009): American ambassador John Standish reacts to a Serial Killer trying to take over the secret society he's part of by yanking out his pistol and attempting to shoot the man.
  • Star Wars:
    • The Jedi are extremely adept warriors, but they are first and foremost diplomats and peacekeepers. Obi-Wan Kenobi in particular is one of the most famous, being nicknamed "The Negotiator" for his diplomatic skills and being a capable combatant himself.
    • Princess (and former Imperial Senator) Leia Organa and General Luke Skywalker. They of course are taking after their mother — Padmé Amidala was in the thick of it at the Battle of Theed, the Battle of Geonosis, and several engagements of the Clone Wars.
    • Leia's adopted father, Bail Organa, also wasn't a slouch in the butt-kicking department. Given how pathetically incompetent security details seem to be in the Star Wars galaxy, it's probably one of the unwritten qualifications for being a senator.
    • Palpatine could be considered an evil version before The Reveal, being Naboo's representative on the Senate. Of course, no-one actually knew what he was capable of then except for his Sith apprentices.
  • Thirteen Days:
    • Adlai Stevenson's exchange with Valerian Zorin.
    • During his final meeting with Robert Kennedy, Soviet Ambassador Anatoly Dobrynin also shows himself to be a good man at heart who doesn't want a war anymore than his U.S. counterparts do. As he assures Bobby, "there are other good men".

  • Lone Wolf: Some of the eponymous character's adventures start out as outwardly "diplomatic missions", like the voyage to Vassagonia in Book 5, Shadow on the Sand. Of course, Lone Wolf being a real Doom Magnet, they always turn quickly to Aggressive Negotiations.

  • The Bear and the Dragon: Monsignor Franz Schepke, the deputy head of the Vatican embassy in Beijing, is described as being a spy of sorts as well as a diplomat, and nearly wrestles a gun away from a policeman who pistol-whips his supervisor during a protest over a forced abortion per China's single-child policy.
    He was a priest. He couldn't use deadly force. He couldn't attack. But he could defend.
  • Tu'i Taurau Tangaroa of Birthright (2017) is responsibile for negotiating a trade deal between his homeland and the country of Vikaasthan. He's also fast to respond when confronted with danger, and more than willing to fistfight a dragon.
  • Codex Alera:
    • Ambassador Varg is a 600-year-old, coal-black, heavily scarred, 8-foot-tall Wolfman. There is absolutely no doubt that this is one big badass. Even by Canim standards.
    • Kitai is technically the Marat Ambassador, since Tavi needed to come up with a reason she shouldn't be arrested in the second book.
  • The Gunslingers of Gilead in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series function as ambassadors as well as police, soldiers, etc. Needless to say, total badassery is a basic job requirement.
  • Alaric Morgan is one of these offscreen as Deryni Rising begins: The reason he's absent from that ill-fated hunting trip is that Wencit of Torenth has been trying to annex Cardosa, a key Gwyneddian city that guards a major pass through the Rheljan Mountains between Torenth and Gwynedd. King Brion tells his son Kelson that Wencit has already broken two treaties in his efforts to get the city, and "Morgan is keeping an eye on it." After Kelson summons Morgan back to the capital because of Brion's last order, Wencit takes advantage of his absence and the valley's uneven run-off patterns to take Cardosa before Kelson can send relief forces, and he's in residence there early in High Deryni.
  • Dirk Pitt Adventures: In Atlantis Found, the American ambassador to Argentina and an escort of Marines accompany the heroes to a showdown with the villainous Wolfe family to keep them from having their bodyguards gun down everyone in the room, or provide some backup if they decide to try to anyway.
  • Discworld:
    • Copper Samuel Vimes finds himself roped into diplomatic functions as part of his position as the Duke of Ankh. On the one hand, he despises the nobility and is terrible at being polite to them. On the other hand, when a neighboring nation had its army mustering on the border, after Vimes threatened to send his diplomatic opposite home in an ambulance, the offending army was swiftly redeployed so far from the border as to be threatening a country on the other side of it. So Lord Vetinari keeps sending Vimes on these missions partly because the Duke gets results, and partly because Vetinari finds it all amusing. Through his successes, he has by now commanded immense respect from most races (the only one more respected is Vetinari, and that's partly because he is Vimes's boss).
    • Case in point: in The Fifth Elephant, Vimes is given a diplomatic mission to Überwald. He brings along Cheery Littlebottom (an openly female dwarf) as well as Detritus (an unlicensed troll) as his "cultural attache". For reference, this is like bringing a transvestite and Mossad agent to Tehran. In the same book Vimes solves a crime that could have plunged the region into war and kills several werewolves with his bare hands.note 
    • Duchess Sybil Vimes is more traditionally diplomatic than her husband, but just as capable of caving a werewolf's head in with the iron bar she pulled out of the window she just climbed out of.
  • Jackie in First Salik War not only represents all Terran humans to galactic civilization, she's also a former soldier and psychic with some of the most powerful telekinetic abilities ever recorded in a human. In fact she introduces humanity to the rest of the sentient galaxy by way of a Rescue Introduction where she kicks serious ass.
  • Grimoire's Soul: Kesterline uses Mages whenever they have to undergo dealings with the outside world, and they're pretty skilled in a fight.
  • In Thomas Kyd's Hieronimo Part One, the prequel to his good play The Spanish Tragedy, the character Don Andrea is shown to be this trope in Portugal.
  • The Genesis Fleet: Lochan Nakamura and Freya Morgan are sent by their systems on a diplomatic mission and quickly prove their resourcefulness and ability to kill aggressors in a conflict with Space Pirates.
  • Honor Harrington:
    • In David Weber's Mission Of Honor, Honor gets to play peace ambassador to the Republic of Haven. Of course, she is also the single highest-ranking currently-serving officer in the RMN and the commander of the only fleet with the longest-possible-range Manticoran Missile Massacre (read: unstoppable superweapon). She conducts the peace talks with said fleet hanging over the Havenite homeworld.
    • The Havenites are led by Eloise Pritchart, who before the war was a revolutionary against the Legislaturalists, and her right-hand-man is Admiral Thomas Theisman, who personally removed Haven's previous dictatorial regime from power. You don't stay on top in Havenite politics for very long unless you are very hard to kill. At one point in the negotiations, Pritchart fantasizes about using Honor's badass abilities to eliminate a rather troublesome senator.
    • Manticore likes to use former officers as diplomats. All the way back in The Honor of the Queen, their ambassador to Grayson is a retired Marine, and the head of their treaty delegation, while technically wearing a business suit, is referred to by everyone — on both sides — as "Admiral".
    • However not all of Manticore's Ambadassadors are military. Dame Estelle Matsuko, who appears in the first novel, On Basilisk Station, and again in the Saganami Island Talbott Quadrant-centric sub-series, is a diminutive Badass Bureaucrat who can scare the pants off Solarians. In reflection of her badass, by the time she shows up in The Shadow of Saganami, she's Lady Dame Estelle Matsuko, Baroness Medusa.
  • In the Hell's Gate series, also by David Weber, we have a pair of Sharonan diplomats. One is a psychic cop who can tell when you are lying. The other is a only an ambassador part-time; his day-job is Imperial Marine!
  • Horatio Hornblower was this on occasion, notably when he visited the Czar's court.
  • Arya from Inheritance Cycle is ambassador to the elves, in addition to being a warrior princess.
  • Journey to Chaos: Ponix Enaz is Dnnac Ledo's ambassador. His job is diplomacy but he can also kick ass if negotiations go south. The chapter where he suits up is named after Clausewitz's "War is politics by other means" quote.
  • Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings is the Ambassador of the Valar, essentially. Not to mention that Legolas, Gimli, and Boromir are all basically ambassadors to the Council of Elrond.
  • In H. Beam Piper's A Planet for Texans (a.k.a. Lone Star Planet), Ambassador Stephen Silk seems like a fairly average diplomat (albeit an armed one) until near the end of the story when he goes Guns Akimbo on the three mooks that assassinated his predecessor.
  • In Tamora Pierce's Protector of the Small series, Kel's mother displays this by fighting off pirates after the Yamani's valuable treasures, which is what sparks actual diplomatic progress among the Yamanis. She trained her daughter well.
  • In Keith Laumer's Retief stories, Jaime Retief is a very effective, badass Guile Hero. Technically, Retief is not an actual ambassador, merely a junior member of the embassy staff, because his unorthodox methods—like actually doing something — tend to keep him from getting promoted in the hidebound Corps Diplomatique Terrestrienne.
  • Ringworld:
    • Speaker-To-Animals was on Earth as an embassy legate because by the standards of his Proud Warrior Race, the Kzinti, he was embarrassingly meek and ineffectual (which is also why he had a title instead of a name). However, a 'meek' Kzin suited for diplomacy (a concept that the Kzin hadn't even had until the humans beat it into their heads) is still a three meter tall feline engine of destruction with a hair-trigger temper. This 'docile' Kzin's first act in the novel was to scream in rage and threaten to attack Nessus, a representative of the herbivorous Pierson's Puppeteers, after the latter had deliberately insulted the Kzinti. During the expedition, he twice tried to seize control of the ship, and has to restrained by his companions from going Leeroy Jenkins on a number of occasions.
    • Nessus, the mad Puppeteer, is in some ways even more badass than Speaker-To-Animals; after all, he's the member of a species noted for their cowardice, yet he not only baited, and then stood up to, a group of four Kzinti, he personally led the Ringworld expedition despite the tremendous danger involved. His people consider him Ax-Crazy for this. While he is not formally the ambassador to the UN, the raritynote  of Puppeteers who are willing to travel from their homeworld at allnote  means any Puppeteer a human meets will have plenary diplomatic powers, as well as negotiating powers for the General Products Corporation.
  • In Star Trek novels, Worf was one of these for quite awhile, and Spock continued being one of these from his TNG era days. See the Star Trek examples in Live-Action TV below.
  • Sten is a former special forces covert operative assassin type-guy, turned ambassador. So Yeah.
  • Alec has become this to the Downworlders of New York City in the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy story "Born To Endless Night". He is the preferred go-to Shadowhunter for both Lily Chen of the vampires and Maia Roberts of the werewolves. Less combative than Jace and a lot less high-handed than Maryse, the Downworlders look to him for guidance in solving problems. But it is also understood that he will be no less decisive in dealing with problems that they let get out of control.
    Lily: I stopped Elliott in time. I knew you'd kill him, and then I knew you'd give me your disappointed look.
  • As of the last two books of the Time Scout series, Skeeter Jackson is the ambassador from the downtimers trapped on TT-86 to the uptime world. He also kicks ass during riots, fights off downtime bandits, and captures trained uptime assassins. And takes a girl on a date.
  • Vorkosigan Saga:
    • Miles Vorkosigan in several of the stories in the series, including Cetaganda and Diplomatic Immunity.
    • Ghem-Colonel Benin is a contact of Miles' in Cetagandan Security, and he twice helps stop an interstellar crisis. At the end of A Civil Campaign he represents Cetaganda on Barrayar at the wedding of The Emperor.
    • Emperor Gregor himself played the Ambadassador in The Vor Game, as did Aral.
    • Consol Vorlynkin in Cryoburn. Arsonists arrive to torch a cryo-clinic, killing everyone inside — hundreds, even thousands of people. He "confiscates" a crowbar from one of them and uses it to subdue them.
  • Warcraft Expanded Universe: Early in Shadows Rising, Zekhan the troll is made the ambassador to the Zandalar Empire to try and convince Talanji to become a greater part of the still developing Horde Council. Zekhan's assignment is preceded by saving Talanji from an assassination attempt and proceeded by fighting against an attack alongside Talanji and one of her guards. Later in the book Zekhan saves children kidnapped and under threat from Dark Rangers, nearly at the cost of his own life.
  • Starfighters of Adumar has Wedge Antilles made into an ambassador and sent to Adumar to try and convince their government to throw in with the New Republic. The Adumari hat is a near-worshipful attitude towards very good pilots, and that's why Wedge was sent — he had no training in diplomacy, but he was the best pilot of his age. In the end, even his traitorous diplomatic liaison underestimated just how good he was.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Most of the regular cast in Babylon 5 who are not station personnel (it is a diplomatic station, after all). Notably Delenn, G'Kar, Londo and their respective seconds-in-command, Kosh, the Rangers... the list goes on.
  • Ambassador Duvat in the Buck Rogers episode "Journey to Oasis". (Played by Mark Lenard, aka Sarek.)
  • Firefly: Inara often functions as the ship's ambassador. She's also fairly adept at swordfighting and archery.
  • Puck on Glee uses this phrase when he's asked to recruit a new member of the glee club, but... well, he's not as badass that day compared to his usual.
  • Van, one of Hell's Kitchen's muscular contestants, took this to the next level.
  • In Madam Secretary, the titular Secretary of State Elizabeth Mc Cord breaks President of the Philippines' nose after he makes sexual advances on her during negotiations over an arms package.
  • During the second season of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Jason, Zack, and Trini had to leave the team. Out of universe this was because their actors had left. In-universe it was because they were selected as US ambassadors to a teen Peace Conference. These are people who spent a good chunk of their non-school hours battling supernatural invaders. Often with their bare hands, so there is no doubt they became this trope. Jason would later return for a while in Power Rangers Zeo badass as ever, and would also demonstrate his diplomatic skills when convincing a gang to stop harassing the beach club Ernie was trying to open.
  • Collectively, the role of the titular team on Stargate SG-1, as they specialize in first-contact and other tricky situations. As per their different roles on the team, some members (ie, Daniel) are far more diplomatic while others are more ready to break out the big guns, but all are capable of both talking to and taking out potential allies/enemies.
    • O'Neill is rather phlegmatic, preferring to talk things out. But when someone threatens him and his planet, look out.
  • Worf becomes an Ambassador at the end of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. You don't get much more badass than Worf. Especially given that he's long since overcome his TNG-era jobbing streak.
    • Also, from what we've heard anyway, Curzon Dax would probably qualify. There has to be a reason that three of his closest friends were legendary Klingon warriors Kor, Koloth and Kang. And that said warriors allowed him to join their Blood Oath of revenge against the Albino.
    • Ambassador Spock from TOS is pretty handy in a fight, too. Just because he doesn't like fighting doesn't mean he's not good at it.
      • And his father is the formidable, nigh-legendary Sarek of Vulcan. Who, while he very much would prefer not to, is entirely capable of defending himself against aggressive diplomats. He also knew the ancient martial art of Tal-Shaya to kill with a single touch if necessary. We see a younger Sarek fight quite capably in Star Trek: Discovery and face a suicide bomber with no display of fear.
    • Ambassador Robert Fox, while definitely putting the "Ass" in Ambassador, is a cut above most of TOS' useless bureaucrats and diplomats. He confronts both Kirk and Scotty head-on, manages to get himself beamed down over the latter's objections, and once the true nature of the situation on Eminiar becomes apparent, he picks up a disruptor and joins the fight.
      Fox: I've never been a soldier, Mr. Spock. But I learn very quickly.
    • Coming from the other side, Starfleet captains and Starfleet officers in general are taught to be this in the absence of an actual diplomat, as able to negotiate an alliance with The Federation as they are to win a space battle or chart unknown territory.
    • Special mention goes to the Enterprise-C, an Ambassador-class starship with enough firepower to give four Romulan warbirds a serious fight. In fact, this helps cement peace with the Klingon Empire, as the Enterprise is destroyed while fighting to save the Klingon outpost on Narendra III, which is viewed as a Heroic Sacrifice.

    Tabletop Games 
  • The Consul from the Champions supplement Kingdom of Champions. He is an 8 foot tall, super strong blue robot who was built by an alien race to serve as their ambassador. As Britain was the greatest empire on Earth at the time when the aliens discovered Earth, he dresses and talks like a Victorian English diplomat. He is also a member of Britain's premier superhero team.
  • The Envoy Prestige Class in the second edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons is specifically a diplomat, who nevertheless enjoys all the bonuses of its base Paladin class.
  • Exalted:
    • The Eclipse Caste (and their corrupted equivalents, the Moonshadows and Fiends/Penumbras) are meant to serve as diplomats, ambassadors, and envoys, and have Charm sets aimed towards managing bureaucracies, engaging the court, and composing perfect letters. They are just as capable of learning nigh-godly fighting styles as any other Caste, and are capable of writing a Strongly Worded Letter that can kill you.
    • The role isn't limited to the above castes, as demonstrated by Fair-Spoken Rishi, the signature Orichalcum Caste Alchemical.
  • In Infinity, when the Morat were told to have a diplomatic corps, they made it a detachment of their army. Mostly, they deliver their diplomacy at high speeds, from a gun barrel.
  • The Crane and Scorpion Clans in Legend of the Five Rings . Particularly the Crane, who are all poise and diplomacy until a Kakita Dueling Academy graduate is cutting you from hip to shoulder.
  • The Pornomancer concept in Shadowrun has skills in diplomacy and negotiation so high he can convince the guards shooting you to be his bodyguards in the middle of combat.
  • Lorette Strider in the Traveller volume Interstellar Wars. She was a great explorer, and worked to build an understanding between Terrans and Vilani. Sadly, she failed; however, the Third Imperium could be considered the eventual realization of her dream.
  • Very occasionally used in Warhammer 40,000.
    • A particularly egregious example is a Space Marine being used an ambassadorial representative to a Tau world, under the basis that his physical presence would intimidate the Xenos into reconsidering their expansion. Unfortunately, the Tau have Ambadassadors of their own and recognized what the marine was doing as a stalling tactic.
    • On that note, the Tau Water Caste. In a universe with Everything Trying to Kill You, the very act of survival for a diplomat who is not a trained warrior (in contrast to the Imperium) would qualify them for this trope, but the Water Caste take it a step further. They've evolved to be highly receptive to behavioral nuances, so they can quickly talk down alien aggressors who haven't actually opened fire yet, even if they know only the most basic parts of the aliens' language.
  • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: "Ambassador" is an advanced Career that can only be entered from certain high-end Careers like Captain, High Priest, and Wizard Lord, so they're already quite powerful characters before taking the job.

    Video Games 
  • Quercus Alba of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, an ambassador who previously served his country in war, even if he's past his prime. While certainly putting the "Ass" in Ambassador, he manages to kill a man half his age in a fight while barely getting scratched when said man came at him with a knife longer than Alba's. Also, being able to fend off Edgeworth's arguments for so long and having his own Objection! clip despite not being a practitioner of law has to count for something, right?
  • The Banner Saga : Ludin and Hakon are heirs to the kingdoms of men and varl respectively, and start the game on a diplomatic mission. Once the plot gets underway, both kick ass on the front lines as two of the many playable heroes. They lead their respective races in the caravan, including in to battle.
  • In the Civilization series, the diplomat/spy is capable of all sorts of nasty things from sabotage and stealing technology, to outright bribery of enemy towns to join your empire.
  • In Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, Umagon serves as her people's ambassador to GDI, and is a sniper/commando by profession.
  • In the Dragon Age series:
    • The Grey Wardens of Dragon Age: Origins are supposed to stay politically neutral, but they are forced to get involved in both the Ferelden Civil War and the Orzammar succession crisis, as they need both countries focused on repelling the Darkspawn instead of petty in-fighting.
    • Hawke in Dragon Age II is forced to become one in Act II, being the only one in Kirkwall that the Arishok deems worthy enough to parley with. In Act III, they mention they've occasionally been called upon in their role as Champion to "rescue" visiting foreign heads of state from having to put up with Knight-Commander Meredith for too long.
    • In the post-game "Trespasser" DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dorian is sent as Tevinter's ambassador to the Exalted Council which will decide the Inquisition's fate. Cue an attempted Qunari invasion.
  • In The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, House Telvanni is a strongly feudal magocracy, and its mage-lords do not bother to gather themselves when they need to negotiate with each other (like the other Houses do). Instead, they send ambassadors called Mouths. If you join this house and advance to the rank of Master, you get yourself an Ambadassador who undertakes dangerous missions for you in addition to his usual work.
  • The diplomats in Evil Genius, while useless in combat, can use their diplomatic skills to make even the most elite of heavily armed soldiers defect, and when placed in the field can engage in everything from heists to assassinations.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy XIV, the Warrior of Light serves as an envoy between the members of the Eorzean Alliance as well as to the nations outside of it throughout the story. In addition to trying for peace whenever possible, they are also the strongest warrior Eorzea has to offer.
    • Arguably, the "Mediator" Job Class of Final Fantasy Tactics — their attacks consist of Talking the Monster to Death, and they are the only class (besides Chemists and special character Mustadio) who can wield guns. Granted, guns aren't the strongest weapons, but they're easily the most versatile, allowing the wielder to shoot anywhere in a large area around themselves.
  • Mike Haggar in Final Fight. The mayor of Metro City, when his daughter Jessica gets kidnapped by the Mad Gear gang, he doesn't submit to the gang's demands, but instead decides to take up his pro-wrestling skills once more to assist Cody and Guy in kicking the gang's ass.
  • In the Galaxy Angel II trilogy, Ranpha Franboise retires from the military to become an EDEN ambassador on Planet Magiic in NEUE. While her position is diplomatic, she personally joins Tact Mayers in coordinating the Magiic fleet against the Seldar rebels, and even gets to pilot her Emblem Frame along with the rest of her teammates during the final battle of Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira. She later rejoins the military during the events of Eigou Kaiki no Toki.
  • The protagonist of GreedFall is the "Legate" of the Bridge Alliance, which is effectively a diplomat/explorer. Their job requires them to settle disputes either with words or with force and their role as explorer means that they'll have to carve their way through Teer Fradee's various native fauna as well as hostile tribes/bandits.
  • Prior to the Continuity Reboot, League of Legends had this with Poppy, the Iron Ambassador. Originally just a normal yordle blacksmith, she made a harsh trek to deliver an important helmet to Demacia (avenging her father, who tried to make the journey but was slain by enemy spies), and upon seeing her courage, Demacia employed her as ambassador between the kingdom and the yordle civilization of Bandle City. Since the mass reboot, this dynamic was significantly changed to accomodate the new world — Poppy is on a mission to deliver a legendary hammer belonging to "the hero of Demacia", and has been wandering for so long that her modern connection to Demacian politics is virtually nonexistent. Her constantly hanging around Demacia at least makes her a yordle/Demacian ambassador in spirit, and she's still very much a badass (also, she later received an ability to throw her shield as a projectile, titled "Iron Ambassador").
  • Mass Effect:
    • All Krogan ambassadors are expected to be this, since Krogan society is based around Asskicking Leads to Leadership, so what better way to get other clans to respect you than by sending the most badass warrior you have to represent you?
    • Commander Shepard is probably the best example, in practical terms. Especially the Paragon path, which involves a lot of patient, kind-hearted diplomacy. But push him/her too far, and you'll ALL end up dead, Mecha-Cthulhu or not.
      • Especially by Mass Effect 3 where s/he's tasked with creating alliances with many species that hate each other. S/he never stops kicking ass along the way.
    • Lampshaded when Shepard asks Hackett why they've been chosen for this task, despite having no background in diplomacy or interest in politics, Hackett basically says that's why they are the perfect ambassador. Everyone knows that Shepard is a soldier first and fully prepared to fight alongside any forces they send into a warzone.
    • In Mass Effect 2, Tali's loyalty mission has Shepard serve as her Badass Lawyer when she's put on trial for treason. After hearing the charges, Shepard demands that the trial be put on hold, so that they can retake the Alarei from the Geth occupying the vessel, to ensure the safety of the Quarian fleet and find evidence that will prove Tali's innocence. After retaking the ship, the Paragon and Renegade options give Shepard the option to provide no evidence, but instead browbeat the admirals into dropping all charges against Tali instead.
    • Tali, if she survives the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 and Rannoch in Mass Effect 3, becomes an ambassador for her people, while maintaining all of her badass cred.
    • Extends explicitly into Mass Effect: Andromeda where the Pathfinder's job is to see to the safety of their crews, establish colony sites, and be the diplomatic representative of the Milky Way settlers in any negotiations with any local sentient life. Too bad the Kett haven't a whit of interest in diplomacy.
  • The unnamed main character of The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet.
  • The Hero in the Quest for Glory series fills this role once or twice:
    • In Quest for Glory III, the Fighter, Paladin and Magic User visits the Leopardmen to help negotiate the return of stolen relics that are one of the catalysts for the brewing war.
    • In Quest for Glory V he must negotiate peace with the Tritons to put an end to their attacks on shipping around Silmaria. The Fighter basically beats them into submission, the Wizard can calm the hostile Tritons and proceed past them, while the Thief can even swim stealthily to sneak in and charm Queen Hippolyta. The Paladin has two options of his own based on the powers he's earned up to this point: Either using the Peace ability, which has a similar effect to the Calm spell, or Awe to send everything hostile running from his aura of sheer badassness.
  • Sacrifice has Ambassador Buta, the rotund emissary of Pyroborea. Buta is a powerful wizard in service of Pyro, god of fire, and thus doubles as one of Pyro's generals.
  • Any of the protagonists in the Shin Megami Tensei series when engaging in negotiations with demons. As any given demon has the caring capability of a turnip, all of them require a significant gift with speech to ensure cooperation. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey's Player Character, Flynn of Shin Megami Tensei IV, Nanashi of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, and the Nahobino of Shin Megami Tensei V somewhat cheat by incorporating negotiation Apps (or in the Nahobino's case, Miracles) into their arsenal, which increase the probability of the demon being more receptive or supportive to your cause.
  • Beatrice Wankmeister in Space Quest V: The Next Mutation. Demands answers from Star Con as to who is dumping sludge on the planets she's representing, evades capture when The Corruption has taken over the Goliath and escapes, crippling their warp drive in the process. She also isn't bad at an ambush, either.
  • S'taass in Star Trek Online is a soft-spoken and highly intelligent man who represents the Klingon Empire's interests in the Deep Space 9 area with great expertise. He's also a Gorn, which means he's an eight-foot-tall bipedal lizard fully capable of tearing Jem'Hadar to pieces with his teeth and claws, as he demonstrates when a Dominion fleet attacks Deep Space 9 in "Second Wave".
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic
    • The Jedi Consular is one of these, chosen because they'd already proven their badass cred by taking down 4 masters addled by a Dark Side plague and forcing a peace deal among the squabbling noble houses of Alderaan. Their companion Zenith is also one of these, Kicked Upstairs into a "envoy" position after a Republic-friendly government is installed. He eventually challenges this and ends up as Opposition Leader of the planet's government.
    • Vector Hyllus, a companion of the Imperial Agent, was a member of the Imperial Diplomatic Service whose final assignment was an embassy to the Killik Hive Mind — to carry out his duties, he became a Joiner (joining said hive mind), which is probably what allows him to go toe-to-toe with the Jedi in close combat after he falls out with his nest and joins the Agent as a Covert Assault Agent.
    • Ambassador Asara of the Esseles Flashpoint. Her work is going to Imperial-friendly or neutral worlds and convincing them the Republic has a better deal. Of course, the Imperials would like her dead and are willing to sacrifice a civilian passenger ship and everyone aboard to do it. Asara herself can be this and "Ass" in Ambassador, as her presence endangers the whole ship and she's willing to do some ruthless things to get the ship and herself to safety like suggesting a plan that would kill off everyone in the engine room.
  • Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon: The Procyon Ambassador, Evar, was an Admiral in the Procyon Navy during the Terran-Procyon War before becoming the Procyon Ambassador.
  • The whole premise of GreedFall is that you, as De Sardet, are a "legate" of the Merchant Congregation, sent to a recently-colonized island to assisst your good-for-nothing governor cousin in managing diplomatic relations with other colonial powers, as well as with the natives (you also have a second mission, to find a cure for Malichor, but that's not your official job). The island being a pretty lawless frontier populated by highly aggressive fauna, De Sardet has no choice but to get really good at fighting to survive countless muggings, animal and monster attacks, and assassination attempts — and especially after the latter, their diplomatic skills are then needed to resolve the underlying issues without screwing up their fragile relations with whatever faction ordered the hit.

  • This essentially seems to be the function of the Imperial Overseers in Drowtales, an all female group of women who serve the Chelian Empress and visit clans on her behalf, as well as breaking out a can of whoopass when necessary.
  • Played with in EATATAU!!!. Kor'la, the Ttau "ambassador" sent with the eldar Seer can kick some serious ass... Because he's actually a Fire Caste member, trained as a warrior, and sent away by his teacher in hopes of getting rid of him. True, he's still a kid and undergraduate, but at the same time he has a real knack for overcoming such problems with the help of his Crysis suit and is instrumental in dealing with Greater Demon.
  • Prince Tramennis of Jetstone, in Erfworld. As a diplomat, his father dispatched him to a relatively useless area... and Tramennis returned with a powerful alliance and peace offerings. As a Chief Warlord, he's been able to match wits with Charlie and keep up with Parson's unconventional strategies.
  • Errant Story: Ambassador Ichiro of Tsuiraku, seen here, complete with commentary here.
  • Jenka of Girl Genius is the official head diplomat of Mechanicsburg partially because she can speak without using the usual Jäger Funetik Aksent but she is still a Jäger, one of Europa's most feared monsters who has over 200 years of combat experience and was personally feared by the Storm King himself. She also travels by bearback.
  • Annie in Gunnerkrigg Court is in training to become a medium between the Court and the Forest. One of her first outings as a medium proper has her battling a hostile crowd who refuse to acknowledge her as medium. She easily beats them back, then politely offers her services.
  • The page image belongs to League of Super Redundant Heroes, where former alien warlord Kurgh the Conqueror accidentally becomes mayor of Shitropolis after trying to conquer the Earth. He occasionally falls into old habits when dealing with less-than-diplomatic sorts.
  • Larima Torbern is renowned for her diplomatic skills in Pacificators and to top it off, she is an Elite-ranked T-Pacificator (the highest rank obtainable).
  • In Quentyn Quinn, Space Ranger Rangers have to be First Contact ambassadors as well as explorers and frontier lawmen. Of course they are intentionally given no diplomatic training because the Empire has found that smooth-talkers had a tendency to get dissected in such situations.
  • Schlock Mercenary:
    • Ex-Admiral Breya Andreyasn functions as the United Nations of Sol's ambassador to the Fleetmind. Definitely badass, both for her accomplishments prior to appointment, and for some of the things she did AS ambassador.
    • Due to a complicated series of events involving a lost era of galactic history, a resurrected species, and a fleet of warships, the Toughs end up escorting diplomats on a trip to Earth. This means that the bodyguards get diplomatic immunity, and Captain Murtaugh is genuinely terrified of what Sergeant Schlock will do with this new power. Not much, as it turns out. He mostly uses it to get out of fines when people try to arrest him for things like jumping off buildings — dangerous for a human, but harmless for him.

    Western Animation 
  • Zozo and Waldo from Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers are ostensibly "Two peaceful aliens [who] journeyed to Earth, seeking our help..." However, they can and often do accompany the Rangers on missions, and are capable brawlers. In the pilot episode alone, they singlehandedly rescue Zachary from a shipful of pirates, making a daring escape with the wounded Zach in a stolen shuttle! Zozo, in particular, is apt to pick up a blaster and is at least an honorary (if not full-blown) Galaxy Ranger in his own right.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Zuko's current calling in The Legend of Korra. He reigned as Fire Lord for some sixty-odd years while he rebuilt the Fire Nations' reputation and the rest of the world's... everything. He then retired, abdicated his title and position to his daughter, being the first Fire Lord to do so in over one hundred years. He now travels the world, acts as an unofficial Fire Nation ambassador and helps people out. He's 87. And that won't stop him from taking part in epic firebending battles from the back of his dragon mount.
    • One of the main duties of any Avatar is to act as ambassador, both between nations, and between the mortal world and the spirit world. Since being Avatar also comes hand in hand with a host of elemental powers, they're basically always this.
  • Briefly in Futurama. After a lot of brain-switching, the Professor, in Bender's body, while acting as a circus robot named Nonchalanto, ends up protecting Bender in a robot prince's body in a violent sword fight to the death on the floor of the United Nations (it Makes Sense In Context). A young boy watching proudly exclaims "When I grow up, I want to be a diplomat!"
  • Riff Tamson from Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a shark man who acts as an ambassador for the separatists. But he's cut from a different cloth than your usual Dirty Coward Smug Snake separatist commander: he's a dangerous, devious badass who fights on the front lines during the occupation of Mon Calamari and can go toe-to-toe with Jedi knights despite his lack of a lightsaber or any kind of force sensitivity.
  • In Wakfu, Joris, the ambassador of Bonta is a tiny, hooded fellow who beats up Sadida guards, holds his own against Rubilax-powered Sadlygrove, and takes on Nox's death machines.
  • In Season 3 of Young Justice (2010), Garth and Troia, former members of the Team, are ambassadors of Atlantis and Themiscyra respectively to the United Nations. During an assassination attempt on them and Secretary-General Lex Luthor, they joined both the Team and the Outsiders in the fight against their assilants.

    Real Life 
  • Often Truth in Television, ambassadors are often retired military, making them Retired Badasses. And, sometimes, they're even chief diplomats. Right, former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell?
  • Lampshaded by The Rachel Maddow Show: an over-the-shoulder graphic for a story on US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford read "Ambadassador''.
  • Military, Naval, and Air Attaches are active duty officers in their respective service branches.
  • Back in the days of monarchy, rulers were expected to oversee both military and diplomatic policy, which makes sense as the two have to work together (and one can be considered an extension of the other). In other words, they were supposed to be both an Ambadassador and a Warrior Prince.
  • No U.S. President has commanded in battle personally since James Madison in the War of 1812. When the British reached the capital, he took command of an artillery battalion for a couple of hours. Let's not forget the number of former U.S. Presidents who were former officers in the military, many of general rank.
  • Venetian diplomats could live in unusual places hosted by rulers who were prone to erratic behavior, sometimes with the foreign diplomats as a target for their wrath. Venetian diplomats were not only known for their cunning but for their coolness and their skill as Deadpan Snarkers. One example: Venetian Ambassador Giorgio Dolphin was in an audience with Pope Julius II who, in a fit of fury, declared his intent to reduce Venice to a humble fishing village. Giorgio replied that Venice would reduce him to "un curatello qualsiasi" (a humble country priest).
  • The first Japanese diplomatic missions to Europe — sent under the Tokugawa Shogunate — were composed almost entirely of Nobles and Samurai. Likewise many of the first permanent ambassadors dispatched but the post-Meiji-revolution Empire of Japan were (former) Nobles and Samurai, too. Since the end of the Sengoku period, both classes, although still carrying swords and with a strong martial bent, had been broken to bureaucratic tasks by the cautious shoguns, and the Meiji revolution would eliminate their few remaining prerogatives.
  • Hugh Elliot, the British ambassador to Denmark in the 1780s singlehandedly averted a war between Sweden and Denmark in 1788, (the former were already in a war with Russia and Austria, had the Danes joined them it would probably have been a Curb-Stomp Battle in their favour) by going to Sweden, telling King Gustavus III 'Sire give me your Crown; I will return it to you with added lustre', encouraged the Swedes and then bullied the Danes into an armistice. He was helped by the suggestion that the Prussians would intervene, backed by the British fleet, even though neither the Prime Minister nor the Foreign Secretary, Lord Carmarthen, had authorised it. Earlier in his career, he was the British ambassador to Frederick the Great's Prussia during the American Revolution, and worked hard to prevent the Prussians from entering the war on America's side. He once allegedly stole the American dispatch box and copied its contents.
  • Ken Taylor, the Canadian ambassador to Iran during the revolution there, deserves mention here. When six Americans escaped as the Iranians stormed the American embassy in Tehran, he took them in and hid them in his residence for weeks while the Canadian government and the CIA figured out a way to get them home. Taylor also scouted landing sites for Operation Eagle Claw, the failed attempt to rescue the hostages. Although Taylor may not have been an action-hero warrior, the courage it took to do what he did definitely qualifies him as an Ambadassador, and his efforts were featured in the film Argo.
  • United States diplomatic facilities are staffed by Foreign Service Officers. The cushy ambassador jobs in friendly countries like England and France go to friends of the President who have political pull. The not-so-cushy jobs in not-so-friendly countries? They go to career FSOs who have earned their position through hard work. It's been said that high-ranking FSOs are equivalent in prestige to high-ranking military officers because of the years and years of hard work involved in getting to that position.
  • Diplomats in the past were often obliged to go on difficult and dangerous journeys. Byzantine diplomats would travel hundreds of miles through untamed wilderness to contact some tribal leader. And as late as The Napoleonic Wars, several of the envoys to the Congress of Vienna were obliged to go through a war zone to their destination.
  • The Indian Political Service was a combination of this and an intelligence agency. Several of its members were obliged to represent The Raj to Afghan chieftains which is one of the nastiest diplomatic jobs anyone can come up with.
  • Raoul Wallenberg, member of the Swedish diplomatic mission to Budapest, Hungary during World War II. Although an architecture student from a wealthy family, he was also one-sixteenth Jewish and Non-Idle Rich, and set about leading the Swedish effort to help Jews escape Hungary after the German Army deposed the (already pro-Nazi) Hungarian dictatorship in 1944. Even though he had no official authority to do so, he bought up 32 buildings in the city and declared them property of the Swedish Embassy, giving the buildings and anybody within them Diplomatic Impunity. Through this process, tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews were given papers identifying them as Swedish nationals awaiting repatriation, keeping them from being shipped off to the death camps. He even persuaded local German commanders not to blow up the Budapest Ghetto near the end of the war by threatening to have them prosecuted for war crimes. Alas, he was arrested by Soviet authorities after they occupied Hungary, was accused of being a spy for the West, and disappeared in the Soviet Union; neither his final resting place nor his exact fate after being arrested have been positively determined. He has since been given numerous honors and memorials, including being named one of the Righteous Among the Nations by Israel; been named an honorary citizen in the USA, Canada, Israel and Australia; and the Congressional Gold Medal by the USA.
  • Adlai Stevenson, former governor of Illinois and two-time Democratic nominee for President (losing both times to Dwight D. Eisenhower) was derided as an egghead and nerd due to his intellectual nature and wordy responses to debate questions. However, when he was named Ambassador to the United Nations by John F. Kennedy, he suddenly found himself the administration's point man on the Cuban Missile Crisis. He responded by aggressively denouncing the Soviet plans in Cuba, even going so far as to make the Soviet Ambassador a liar in front of the entire Security Council; when the Soviet Ambassador finally answered his questions and stated that there were no missiles in Cuba, Stevenson pulled out surveillance photos showing the missile sites. He also famously pressed the Soviet Ambassador to answer immediately rather than waiting for a translation to be provided, being well aware that Ambassador Zorin spoke English.
    Valerian Zorin (in Russian): I am not in an American courtroom and I do not wish to answer a question put to me in a fashion in which a prosecutor asks questions.
    Adlai Stevenson: You are in a courtroom of world opinion right now and you can answer yes or no, ambassador. Yes or no?
  • In the Philippine backwoods women often act as tribal diplomats. On one occasion after a murder set off a feud a Grande Dame from one tribe first went to a local guerilla leader convincing him to stay out of the district for awhile as some of his personnel had local connections that would merge the feud with a Civil War causing bloody escalations. Then she arranged a Fancy Dinner at which the two tribes negotiated the compensation.
  • For a slight variation, US Army Special Forces (often known as the Green Berets), have a role somewhat similar to this; they are often referred to as the Peace Corps with guns, in that their main job is working with and training local forces rather than engaging in direct combat themselves.
    • In larger battlespaces where territory is occupied, specialized Civil Affairs units coordinate the restoration of utilities, facilities, and governance for the civilians remaining or returning to the area. This means a lot of coordination with local leadership, with or without weapons handy depending on the level of chaos around and trust between the parties. Being the transition between soldiers firing and diplomats negotiating, it's half-joked that Civil Affairs teams form the "armed wing of the Foreign Service".
  • Perhaps history's most glaring and disastrous aversion is Joachim Von Ribbentrop. His impressive incompetence as an ambassador to Britain for Germany really deserves to be looked at in depth:
    • First, he was almost universally disliked by other Nazis. Laurence Rees claims that every person who knew Ribbentrop showed a passionate searing hatred for the man and how he behaved in life. He has the dubious distinction of being "The Nazi the other Nazis hated"
    • Secondly and more to the point, he was appallingly bad at his job. The paltry time he did spend as Ambassador to Britain shows a man who couldn't stand to leave his beloved Fuhrer, and his offices back in Britain regularly sent telegrams demanding to know why he took so much leave from his post. It made any kind of day-to-day diplomacy or work impossible. On top of this, he believed that Edward the Eighth had the 'real' power in the United Kingdom and didn't seem to think much of Parliament or the British people.
    • Third is the sheer number of gaffes attributable to him in his capacity as ambassador:
      • He almost knocked King George VI off his feet by giving him a Nazi salute without warning.
      • He always ordered the best tailors in town for his suits, only to send them away after hours waiting for him, leading to said tailors spreading the word about how insufferable he was.
      • He misread and/or misled Hitler as to the state of Anglo-German relations, and believed there was a shadowy underground group of upper-class Englishmen who made the real power moves of the empire. It is worth noting that the 'New Germany' was admired covertly by the British upper classes, but Ribbentrop took this to mean they were behind Germany and their plans wholeheartedly, which they were certainly not. He was more shocked than anyone, Hitler included, when Britain declared war in September 1939.
      • His endless monologues about Hitler and his demeaning, confrontational style of negotiation in just about every meeting also made him very hard to like and alienated all his counterparts and colleagues to the point where even Hitler would later actively avoid him.
    • Practically no one had anything good to say about him after he died, including his fellow Nazis, who above all found him to be rather pathetic as a person and disastrous as an ambassador.
    • In short, Ribbentrop was possibly one of the worst ambassadors of any state in recent memory and it shows him to be one of the prime examples of how NOT to be an ambassador and how NOT to go about this trope.
  • After helping to neutralize the Parliament Hill shooter, Sergeant-At-Arms and former RCMP Chief Superintendent Kevin Vickers was appointed the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland in January 2015. In May 2016, he was at a ceremony honoring British soldiers killed in the Easter Rising when they were interrupted by a protester. Vickers grabbed the protester and dragged him away from the ceremony to hand him over to the police. While this proved controversial for obvious historical reasons, it should be noted that Vickers was a hair shy of 60 at the time, yet the protester tried to get away when he saw the Ambassador bearing down on him.
  • A college student slipped and fell into a river in Chongqing, China and began to drown. Stephen Ellison, the British Consul-General to the city, kicked off his shoes and jumped in to carry her to shore. They were pulled to safety and she recovered, while Ellison was officially thanked by the Chinese Foreign Ministry.
  • Joseph Wilson, former ambassador to Iraq (later caught up in the yellowcake affair) sheltered people who were seeking refuge from Saddam Hussein in the U.S. embassy. When Hussein threatened to invade the embassy and hang them, Wilson showed up at a press conference wearing a hangman's noose.
  • During the initial stages of the invasion of Ukraine, a meme circulated that the Japanese ambassador in Kyiv had chosen to stay and only requested his ancestral katana and a set of traditional samurai armor, stating that a samurai protects his home, no matter where he is. However, fact-checkers later showed that this claim was false.
  • Kael Weston is a former U.S. State Department officer who served for 7 years in both Iraq and Afghanistan during the wars there. His job involved being attached to combat units of the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, accompanying them on missions to act as a liaison between the U.S. military and local populations. For anyone who thinks being a diplomat is a cushy job, Mr. Weston survived numerous near-death incidents, from roadside bombs to getting shot at and narrowly dodging a suicide bombing while he was in Afghanistan. Despite having been put in life threatening situations countless times, Weston never carried a gun while on the job.