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Greater Gods

    Patrick O'Brian/Plastic Man 
Patrick 'Eel' O'Brian, The Silly Yet Dangerous God (Plastic Man, Plas)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Techucally himself, but more specifically, his yellow and black diamond pattern on a red circle.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, The Atoner, Chivalrous Pervert, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Fun Personified, Heart Is an Awesome Power, Large Ham, Lethal Joke Character, Power Perversion Potential, Really Over 3,000 Years Old, Shapeshifter Weapon
  • Powers Include: Malleable Physiology Healing Factor, Nigh-Invulnerability, Immunity Against Psychic Attacks, Immortality
  • Domains: Reformed Criminals, Fathers, Superheroes
  • Banned From: House of Costumes
  • Respected By: The Houses of Crime and Family (for sticking it to the Regime)
  • Herald: Luke O'Brian/Offspring (his son)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Liu Kang, Kitana
  • Patrick O'Brian was slated to ascend under Rubber Man, but Monkey Luffy was more suited for the position, with Luffy appointing the hero as his High Priest. Now, thanks in part to the Justice League, Patrick O'Brian has taken his rightful place among his deified comrades in the Pantheon.
    • Monkey D. Luffy and his crew held a party in Plastic Man's honor to celebrate his ascension into the Pantheon. Zoro tries to drink Plas under the table. He lost.
    • There was a second party being held by the Justice League, with Batman himself footing the bill. Goes to show that their relationship had come a long way since Plas joined the League, Batman coming to respect the reformed villain.
  • Plas wasn't a hero at first. His origins story is somewhat similar to that of Jessica Jones. But instead of being doused with chemicals following a car accident, Plas was struck with a steel drum filled with an unknown acid during a break-in at a chemical plant in the 1940s. Some of the unknown acid had seeped into a bullet wound he had suffered in the ensuing firefight, and transformed his body. His crew abandoned him and he recovered due to the aid of an unknown order of monks, their selfless actions leading Plas to go from bad to good.
  • Despite being born in the early 20th century, Plas is actually over 3,000 years old. This happened during a Justice League mission some 3,000 years into the past. Plastic Man was blown to bits during the fight and was believed to have been killed. But it was discovered that he was alive, and spent three millennia at the bottom of the ocean, still conscious. He did go mad at first, but passed the time doing poetry in his head until he was rescued in the present. So technically, Plastic Man is one of the eldest members of the Justice League.
    • Batman went on record saying that Plastic Man is quite possibly the most dangerous member of the Justice League, despite his easygoing demeanor. Batman's contingency plans should the League go rogue are known, but in regards to Plastic Man is summed up in six words: "Just hope that it doesn't happen."
    Batman: He could kill us all. For him, it'd be easy.
    • Superman's Injustice counterpart was not very happy upon hearing of Plastic Man's ascension. Granted that it's the Prime version and not his Injustice counterpart, but it doesn't matter to the former High Councilor. Regime Superman's hatred of Plastic Man came about when Injustice!Plas broke into the Regime's underwater superprison and sprung its prisoners, among them a number of imprisoned Green Lanterns and his own son, of which Regime Superman refused to release.
    • This stunt has made Plastic Man popular with both the House of Crime (for breaking into a superprison and freeing it's inhabitants) and the House of Family (for freeing his son from an unjust tyrant).
  • Plas is banned from the House of Costumes for two reasons, the main reason being that he transformed himself into Big Barda's evening dress. Barda was not amused. And there was the time when he tried to peep on Wonder Woman disguised as a lamp, with Diana voicing her disapproval with a single question: "If my body were the last thing you ever saw, would it be worth it?" It's also why he doesn't team up with either woman.
  • Once, Bane tried to show Plas the same courtesy he showed to Batman. It didn't work.
  • Reed Richards was surprised to find someone as stretchable as he was. While both he and Plas have the same abilities, the circumstances regarding as to how they got their powers. Franklin and Valeria both conduct experiments on Plas with his consent to test the limits of his powers, something that they can't do with their father.
    • Of course, Plastic Man has earned the ire of Doctor Doom, as Plas reminds him of Richards. After hearing about his 3,000 years underwater, Doom suspects that whatever weaknesses Richards has probably won't work on Plastic Man.
    • Plastic Man has grown closer to the Richards family with the reveal that he formed a similar team, The Terrifics under Mr. Terrific along with Metamorpho and Phantom Girl. Plas is also working on getting them ascended her.
  • Respects the deities who are monks, mystics and priests, as it was a monastic order that not only helped him heal from his wounds, but also credited his Heel–Face Turn. It also shows that there is much more to the man as he spends time learning meditation techniques from them. But he does feel bad for Liu Kang due to his fall from grace, as it reminds Plas of what had happened to Regime Superman. He's at least happy that Kung Lao is seeking redemption with the aid of his cousin.

    Te Fiti 
Te Fiti, Goddess of Alias Revelations (Te Kā)
Te Fiti
Te Kā
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her heart
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil as Te Kā
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Color Motifs, Genius Loci, Big Good, Mother Nature, Person of Mass Construction, Turtle Island
  • Domains: Restorations, Creation, Life, Lava
  • High Priest: Kuniteru Emoto
  • Allies: Moana, Maui, Gaea, Xerneas, The Entity, Spring Sprite, Captain Planet, Aang, Katara, The Guardian Deities, Ash Ketchum, Hestia, Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Gon Freecss
  • Odd Friendship: Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze and the Kamen Rider Club
  • Enemies: Tamatoa, Ragnaros, Master Xehanort, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas, Hexxus, The Lich, Firebird
  • Opposes: Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  • Conflicting Opinion: Viridi
  • Te Fiti is a kind and nurturing goddess responsible for the creation of life in her world. However, when Maui stole her heart, she became the vengeful lava monster Te Kā and swore to destroy the world that she helped created. It wasn't until Moana saved her that she came back to who she once was, thanking her for what she did and restoring the world back to life.
  • The former holder, Kuniteru Emoto, decided to "sacrifice" himself so that Te Fiti could ascend in his former position while he took a back seat as her high priest and his protege's herald. He considers it a peaceful retirement, accepting the Court's decision to place him as her guide to what to expect in the wackiness of the Pantheon. Should it prove necessary, he sometimes serves (in his Zodiarts form) as Te Fiti's eyes and ears, using his feathers to deliver messages to other nature deities in the Pantheon distant from the House of Characterization. Naturally, this makes her allies with Gentaro and the Kamen Rider Club as well. The more the merrier!
  • Moana and Maui heard the news that Te Fiti has ascended, rushing to her temple to see what she's been doing. The goddess is happy to see Moana and Maui again and thanked them for restoring her to life (more so on Moana). She's proud on Moana's new position and hopes that her new position will help her to give more nourishment to newly discovered islands during her slumber.
  • Her heart became such a treasure that people like Tamatoa seek to sought for it for their own purposes. She's not proud about this out of fear of becoming Te Kā again and seeking to destroy her world as well as the Pantheon. As a result, her temple's security has been increased with Moana and a reluctant Maui visiting her once in a while to protect her.
    • As a lava monster, Ragnaros has expressed interest stealing her heart as he thinks that Te Kā is the better side of her. Of course, she isn't having any of that and thinks he is way more destructive than her other self. People like Master Xehanort, Ansem, and Xemnas wanted to do the same thing due to their association with evil and think she's a valuable entity in their plans.
  • As the goddess who created the world as well as Mother Nature, she met other divine deities who are essentially Mother Nature like or at least represent nature. She likes Gaea for being a nature goddess like her and forming the Planeteers to protect their planet, even if she doesn't like some parts of her. She respects Viridi's desire to protect nature, but thinks that her hatred of humanity is too much which is why half of their conversations are rather mixed. She supports Xerneas and is intrigued by their ability to give eternal life. The latter feels bad for her situation and promises to help her whatever they can. She finds The Entity to be a kind creator whose sacrifice to keep his universe from dying is something she could admire. She quickly befriended the Spring Sprite and admires her ability to restore things back to life. The Spring Sprite feels bad for her situation and considers her to be a much nore tragic version of the Firebird and promises to help her to protect her heart.
  • She admires Captain Planet for being someone who wants to protect their own planet from all the horrible man-made activities that humans are causing and that he's still willing to save them, believing that they can change their ways. The entity returns her sentiment and is horrified of her other form, which is why he swore to protect her so that Te Te Kā wouldn't destroy life.
  • Aang and his wife Katara are a couple who wanted to protect the balance of the world. They support Te Fiti for wanting to create life in the best way possible and feel bad for her situation as Te Kā could bring the unbalance that they oppose. They wanted to help her and promise that they would protect her from her enemies who want to steal her heart.
  • Thanks to her newfound Pokemon allies, she met Ash Ketchum, an aspiring Pokemon Trainer who befriended a lot of Legendary and Mystical Pokemon who tries to help them on their problems. Being the hero he is and because her problem ultimately reminds him of the problems his Pokemon friends faced, he promises to help return her heart if it is ever stolen.
  • She respects the Guardian Deities for wanting to protect their islands from harm and being a sentient island herself doesn't put harm to it. She gets along with Tapu Bulu the most due to being the most benevolent of the four and his association with trees and vegetation.
  • The Weather Trio hates her as Te Kā for different reasons: Kyogre because she reduces sea levels by her volcanic pressure and could be a target of her's. Rayquaza because she threatens the existence of humanity as a whole. Groudon will actually tolerate her because they both expand land by volcanic activity, seeing that she opposes humanity made them enemies. They're otherwise fine with her as Te Fiti seeing that she is a completely benevolent deity.
  • As a deity who created life, she hates Hexxus and The Lich, enemies of the nature of life by causing pollution on it. She ultimately fears the latter after hearing the many deeds he committed and considers him to be worse than her other form. They are certainly amused by her situation and wanted to steal her heart to see the destruction she could cause.
  • She hates the Firebird as well after hearing that he destroyed the world through his powers and being the evil personification of destruction and that he has some similarities with her other form makes it worse. Hearing about Te Kā, the Firebird finds a kindred spirit in her other form and hopes that he could steal her heart to meet her corrupted form, which Te Fiti doesn't take lightly of course.
  • Because of her situation as Te Fiti, she is afraid of a lot of fire-based monsters. Hestia and Ghost Rider tried to convince her that this is not the case. Later on, she befriended the former, finding her different from the fire-based deities she met so far, finding her to be pleasant company she could have a conversation with. And while she doesn't like some part of Ghost Rider's vengeance, he at least only does it to the wicked and is actually a good person who doesn't want her to become the monster she doesn't want to be.
  • Opposes Poison Ivy for using her plant powers to commit terrorism, even if she acknowledges that she's doing it to protect nature from abusive humans. Hearing abou Te Fiti's situation, Poison Ivy is at least willing to team up with certain people to make sure it won't happen as she hates fire-based people.
  • Gon could sympathize with her on what it's like to become a different version of themselves after losing something (or someone in Gon's case) important to them to the point they're willing to cause chaos to fulfill their vengeance and feels much more bad for her than himself since she didn't become someone else out of free will while Gon forced himself to age up by sacrificing his entire nen to avenge Kite. She understood why he may do it but she couldn't easily forgiven after hearing that he's willing to kill an innocent girl to fulfill his vengeance. Other than that, the two get along as she could see that he regretted for what he did and loves how nice and understanding he can be.
  • Also has a seat in the House of Naming.

Intermediate Gods

    The Bittercold 
The Bittercold, Deity of Outside Context Problems (Great Crystal)
  • Intermediate Deity (can grow stronger the more negative emotions it feeds upon)
  • Symbol: Itself, a giant snowflake-like ice formation
  • Theme Music: Final Boss Bittercold First Battle, second battle, and Winds of Despair
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Ice, Villain Unlike Anything Else in the Series, Eldritch Abomination, Feeds on and is Made Out of Negative Emotions
  • Domains: Villains, Ice, Emotions
  • High Priest: The D-Reaper
  • Followers: Dark Rust, Dark Matter
  • "Allies": Gods who are gods of negative emotions, Nyarlathotep
  • Former "Servant": Kyurem
  • Enemies: Entirety of House of Beast, most human gods in the Pantheon
  • The Bittercold is more like a thing than a creature. It is a crystallised embodiment of world's negative emotions, which is trying to built up enough power to erase the entire world and create a new one to replace it. Considering what kind of world it existed in, its hard to really say that much against it.
  • Due of the massive contrast to almost every other villain from Pokémon franchise, there was an argument if Bittercold should replace Yhwach from his position. It was later decided that Bittercold would take a different position as the deity of Evil Ice.
  • The Bittercold can generate a thing known as "Wind of Despair", a wind which contains so much negative energy, it can suffocate anything around Bittercold. Normally it can only affect beasts and whatnot with humans being mainly unaffected by it, but the more negative energy it feeds upon, the more powerful it becomes. And with stuff like House of Hatred, which oozes with negative emotions, you can imagine how much of a threat it can be.
  • Has the power to make objects float, with ice being the most noticeable element it can use that power on. Its temple is a giant glacier palace which the Bittercold can lift up and move to some other place.
  • Is sort of an "ally" with Nyarlathotep, as because the Bittercold isn't anywhere near organic, Nyarlathotep cannot do anything to it. However, because the Bittercold was originally made out of negative emotions of non-humans, it can cover up Nyarlathotep's main weak spot. BE VERY AFRAID.
    • When Nyarlathotep formed "The Satanic Spirits of Pure Evil" with the two of them, Diablo, Chernabog and Griffith, Nyarlathotep made The Bittercold Co-Dragons with Griffith.

    Riku Asakura/Ultraman Geed 
Riku Asakura, God of Discovering his Origins (Ultraman Geed, Jido, Gdo, Son of Belial, Son of the Dark King, Master Riku)
Click here  to see Ultraman Geed's Primitive Form

    Samus Aran 
Samus Aran, Goddess of Startling Gender Reveals (The Hunter, the Hatchling, Metroid, Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire, The Warrior Within)
Zero Suit Samus 

    Shark (ZEXAL
Shark, God of Being What You Have Been Fighting (Ryoga Kamishiro, Reginald Kastle, The Revenger, Onion Boy, Nasch/Nash, Barian's Guardian)
Click here  to see him as "Nasch".
  • Theme Music: Ryoga's Theme
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol:
    • As Shark: Number 32: Shark Drake/Number C32: Shark Drake Weiss
    • As Nasch: Number 101: Silent Honors ARK/Number C101: Silent Honors DARK and Chaos Xyz King Of Hope Barian.
    • As Both: A smashed mirror and the Barian Emblem.
  • Alignment: Flip flops between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good (Definitely Neutral as Nasch and definitely Good now)
  • Portfolio: Water Deck Card Game Duelists, Rivals-turned-Friends, Often Brainwashed and Crazy and Corrupted by Numbers and Dueling Better outside of it, Good Jerks, Shark motifs including his Nickname, Very Protective of his Sister, Hammy in Duels (Otherwise The Stoic), Heel–Face Revolving Door, Ambiguously Human, Discovering He's what He has been Fighting the Entire Time, Dead All Along many many times, Willingly Joining the Barians, Not-So-Big Bad, Chaos Draw!, Well-Intentioned Extremist, A Father to His Men, You Can't Fight Fate
  • Domains: Sea, Abyss, Ambiguity, Corruption, Space, Chaos, Leadership, Hope
  • High Priest: Tsurugi Kamishiro/Kamen Rider Sasword
  • Allies:
  • Very Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Eliphas, Rei Shingetsu/Vector
  • Friendly Rival: Aichi Sendou
  • Conflicting Opinions on: Homura Akemi, Tron
  • Enemies: Sora Shiun'in, Vanitas, The Abyssals (Standard Carrier Wo-Class and Battleship Re-Class), Bruce, The Kraken, Tidehunter, Trolls, The Trollkaiger (Especially Yuuki Terumi), YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law (well, the evil ones), Number 96: Black Mist
  • Opposes: Lucifer and the Grand United Alliance of Chaos
  • Opposed by: Ika Musume
  • Here's a basic summary of why Shark ascended. He was not pleased by hearing this, feeling that the trope would be more like "Barian In The Mirror" for him. At least he got to meet his friend Yuma and apologize again.
  • He has bonded with the Puella Magi right after his ascension because what happened to him is similar to an extent to what happened to Sayaka Miki. He is very close to the aforementioned Sayaka because of their mutual water motifs and their reveals but he likes all of the girls. Madoka reminds him of a more sensible Yuma, Kyoko of himself too and Nagisa/Charlotte of a much more sympathetic Shingetsu/Vector.
    • He would have said that Homura is like Kaito or even like himself but given what she did... Though he's sympathetic that she had to discover she was a witch and understands there are times to do a Face–Heel Turn, he does not like the notion of betraying one's friends, especially for an entitled sense of protection. He betrayed Yuma to protect other people and he became the hope for them after all.
  • He also gets along with the Kamen Riders from a certain universe with surprising ease. He likes Kouta because he reminds him of a more sensible Yuma (actually an easy feat, the sensible part but reminding him of such an idealistic guy is not), Hideyasu since both of them are stronger while good, and Kaito has the same name of his friend and they have similar personalities and fates. He also has a connection with Mitsuzane because of that Best Bud-Turned-Villain thing and both of them have nicknames by coincidence.
    • The former was actually taken aback a little at first after finding out that he was the leader of the Barians and metaphorically became their hope since you know. Any ensuing Dueling Messiahs was cut-short by the fact Ryoga did do a Heel–Face Turn later and as such he doesn't hold it against him.
  • HATES Bruce, the Kraken and the Abyssals due to giving sea animals and Abyss water monsters a bad name even if he started using Abyss monsters as Nasch. He particularly hates Re-Class for her annoying habit of saluting (It reminds him of Shingetsu/Vector) and Wo-Class because it's hinted that she might be a revived Kisaragi, meaning that Abyssals and Barians aren't so different, something that irks him to no end.
    • He has befriended Kisaragi for this reason and is sad that she really could be Wo-Class. She in exchange presented Akagi to him to remind him that, yes, he could have fought his fate.
  • Tried to befriend Ika Musume on the grounds that she wasn't really that evil, unlike the Kraken. Too bad she doesn't like sharks.
  • Yet another Xyz User that ascends, yet another member added to Sora Shiun'in's shitlist. Shark hates him too for destroying Heartland City and the hints that his Faction might be doing something to Shun Kurosaki's sister.
    • He has become friends with that other Sora instead, and is amused to how similar he sounds to Astral and how his friend Roxas sounds like Kaito too.
  • He seems to like Narukami for being a such a good brother figure to his cousin and something else related to his other friend Yuma but he feels that he doesn't represent the trope well enough... He might or might not be trying to ascend Kaito instead and try to reword Yu's title to not have his friend's "usurp" his new friend's position in the Pantheon. Or maybe find another position for his friend.
    • And he finally got his friend Kaito to join them. His reaction to that was still very subdued.
  • Likes hanging out with Yugi after having a duel with him and being told that he is like his best friend. Ditto with Johan Anderson, who is like a bro to him, and Judai Yuki for being like a more serious Yuma. Though he's still baffled as to how Judai can draw everything he wants without Shining or Chaos Draws, and was reminded that he's just that darn lucky and that Yuma used to be his High Priest.
    • He is also friendly towards Takuma Saiou and Carly Nagisa, mostly because he has been Brainwashed and Crazy like the former and being a Barian is not that different from being a Dark Signer. In fact, he has been working with Eliphas to snap Saiou out of the brainwashing the fortune teller is in.
  • Due to being a Chaotic Barian, Lucifer once came to offer him a membership to the GUAC. Remembering Akagi's advice, he simply told him to shove it. This didn't anger the Lightbringer since he believes that everyone should have a choice and Shark was basically rail-roaded into the decision of joining the Chaos Faction last time.
  • He has mentioned that he doesn't like onions and peppers to his friends to make it sure they don't bring any of that to him. Unfortunately, the very next day, someone mixed those things into his food. Yes, it was Terumi. Shark exclaimed "VECTOOOOOOR!!!" before changing it to "TERUIII!!!" since the troll reminded of his fellow duelist. He has decided to oppose the Trolls of this Pantheon short afterwards.
  • Despite what happened, he actually dared to bring his fellow Barian Emperors (Alito, Girag, Durbe, Mizael and his sister Rio/Merag) and the rest of the Barians into the Pantheon since Don Thousand is no longer around to make them evil. He has also pondered if he should open a new BARian too.
    • He has taken notice Vector is trying to ascend and this once again defies the very few sense of authority he was supposed to have over him. Shark responded to this by shaking his fist in anger while screaming "VECTOOOOOOOR!!!"
  • Was not pleased to learn that there was a Tron in the Pantheon. Yuma has tried to tell him that it's not the same Tron and that their Tron has been trying to atone for what he did, but he doesn't listen.
  • He is something of a Walking Spoiler as you may have noticed. He has wondered if his reveal really warrants such a status, to which Yuma just told him that yes, since it happened in the middle of the second half of their show.

Lesser Gods

    The Bride 
Beatrix Michelle Kiddo, Goddess of Brides With Mysterious Pasts (*BLEEP*, Kiddo - by Bill, Mommy - by B.B., Bitch - by Vernita Green, The Bride, Black Mamba, Arlene Machiavelli, World's Most Dangerous Assassin)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Herself In A Bridal Dress, Hattori Katana In Hand
  • Theme Song: Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) by Nancy Sinatra
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl As A Former Assassin, Dark Action Girl While Working Under Bill, Trained By Pai Mei, Former Assassin, Single-Handedly Kills 88 Mooks, And Most Of Her Former Colleagues, Combat Pragmatist, Determinator, Survived A Headshot, Honor Before Reason, Katanas Are Just Better, One-Woman Army, Roaring Rampage of Revenge, Sociopathic Hero, Underwent Training from Hell From Pai Mei
  • Signature Weapon: The Hattori Hanzo Katana
  • Followers: The Faceless Men
  • Domains: Vengeance, Retired Assassins, Swords, Family, Quentin Tarantino
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Vic Vega, Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva, Talia Al Ghul, Vega, Ryuji Yamazaki
  • Opposes: Vincent Vega
  • Opposed By: Juri Han, Kim Kaphwan, Kurtis Stryker
  • Beatrix Kiddo. Codename: Black Mamba. Also known as The Bride. Former member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. In her own words, she was quoted as going "on what the movie advertisements referred to as a Roaring Rampage of Revenge" when her former allies left her for dead during her wedding rehersal. She roared. And rampaged. And she got bloody satisfaction.
  • It's because of said rampage of revenge that has earned her a spot in the Pantheon. She arrived at the House of Narrative with her now-teenaged daughter in Bill's De Tomaso Mangusta of which she had kept as a keepsake. Her temple is a replica of Bill's hacienda, also in homage to Bill. Nothing fancy, and very low-key. Her arrival was noticed by Elektra Natachios, who knows of the Bride's reputation.
  • The black mamba - of which Beatrix got her codename - is considered to be the most venomous snake on the planet. As Beatrix was considered to be the most dangerous of Bill's assassins, the nickname is most fitting.
  • "You and I have unfinished business." If you hear The Bride utter this following your full name, you run. If she yanks out your eye or you lose a limb, count your blessings. Piss her off...You Are Already Dead.
  • Almost hacked Vic Vega in two because she thought he was Budd, Bill's little brother. Not her fault that Mr. Blonde and Budd look the same.
  • As she is a former assassin, she has been scouted by various organizations from Hotel Moscow to S.H.I.E.L.D. due to her skills. Even Kano offered her membership in the Black Dragon, as he is a fan of her work, particulary the showdown at the House of Blue Leaves. Beatrix shot them all down (pun not intended), as she seeks a somewhat normal life in raising her daughter. As she will find out, nothing is as it seems inside the Pantheon.
  • Friends with Emu Hino/Tiger Orchid. While Beatrix is envious over the fact that Emu wields a Muramasa, Emu is in awe (as is her husband) over the fact that Hattori Hanzo made her sword. Of course, this led to the both of them dueling in a dramatic swordfight that was on par with the Duel on Mustafar. The match, surprisingly, ended in a draw, but both women were left in good spirits. Freeman told Beatrix that if she changes her mind, then there will be a place open for her at the 108 Dragons.
  • Beatrix is also on friendly terms with The Courier, due to the both of them being shot in the head. However, The Courier survived a double-tap, which impressed The Bride greatly.
    • Of course, that doesn't compare to fellow deity Joshua Graham, who puts them both to shame.
  • While Kazuma Kiryu is upset over the fact that Beatrix had killed O-Ren Ishii and wiped out the Crazy 88 (as he and Johnny Mo were drinking buddies in the past and he was on good terms with O-Ren), he does understand as to why Beatrix had done his fellow Yakuza in. Although he does admit to her that what Bill had done in shooting up her wedding rehersal out of pure spite was a dick move. But Beatrix did say that out of all of the Deadly Vipers, she was the closest with O-Ren, despite how their friendship had ended.
  • Spends time at the Pantheon's Genhanten restaurant speaking with Gen on many topics, even sharing past assassin stories. Gen knew Pai Mei in his youth, but did not train under him. The fact that Pai Mei taught her the 'Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique' shows just how much Pai Mei respected the Bride, especially given the fact that Pai Mei hated Americans, Caucasians, and women, of which the Bride was all three.
  • Some folks tend to give both her and Bryan Mills odd looks if they are seen together, seeing as how for some strange reason, they look an awful like Jean Valjean and Fatine.
  • Has found Poison Ivy oddly familiar for some reason, but prefers not to think about it.
  • Juri Han made the mistake of picking a fight with The Bride. Said fight ended with Beatrix plucking out Juri's eye. Thankfully, the eye in question was Juri's Feng Shui Engine.
  • She's not on pleasant terms with Kim Kaphwan, due to her past as an assassin, and despite the fact that she changed her ways for her daughter. Same goes for Kurtis Stryker.

    Meteora Österreich 
Meteora Österreich, Goddess of Those who Explain the Plot (Metchin, Linkin Park)
  • Lesser Goddess (Quasideity after staying in the real world)
  • Symbol: The Book of a Thousand Miles
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Anti-Nihilist, Badass Bookworm, Barrier Warrior, Big Eater, The Comically Serious, Hair Decorations, Icy Blue Eyes, Nice Girl, Not So Stoic, Mystical White Hair, Rei Ayanami Expy, The Smart Girl, Squishy Wizard
  • Domains: Magic, Narration, Storytelling, Reality, Exposition
  • Allies: Rei Ayanami, The Librarian, Yomiko Readman, Maechen, Yuki Takeya, Chino Kafuu, Twilight Sparkle, Shiena Kenmochi, Batman, Spock, Fi, Shido Itsuka, Haruto Tsukishiro, Emu Hojo, Hiiro Kagami, Taiga Hanaya, Kiriya Kujo, and Poppy Pipopapo
  • Enemies: The Anti-Monitor, Swim Swim, Hermaus Mora, Masamune Dan
  • Conflicting Opinions: Altair, Homura Akemi, Kuroto Dan
  • Under watch by: The House of War and some sectors of the House of Weapons
  • Meteora was originally just an NPC from a game called Avalken of Reminisce, who came into the real world thanks to Altair summoning her and other creations in order to break and destroy reality. Initially when she arrived, Meteora was having existential issues and wanted to meet her creator, but unfortunately he had died in a motorbike accident a few week prior, but she eventually recovered from the fact that she could never meet him. The reason for her ascension is that, both in her game of origin and in the real world her primary role was to explain things, which eventually landed her a position in the pantheon.
  • After the events of the Elimination Chamber Festival, Meteora was the only creation that remained in the real world since the portal back to the fictional worlds requires someone to open it and stay behind. It wasn't a big deal for her as she grew to love the real world and even was granted citizenship by the japanese goverment. She even decided to write a book about the events that transpired involving the creations coming to life.
    • That said, given the fictional nature of the pantheon, Meteora was granted her magical powers once more. But she only has access to them whenever she is in her temple.
  • The existence of the Pantheon was something that shed some light into Meteora's understanding of fiction, as it pretty much confirmed that what she considered to be "reality" was merely another fictional world and she and other creations belonged to fiction of said world, often based or referencing works from the real world. She also learned that the Pantheon wasn't limited to just Media originated in Japan but also from all around the world and even from different mediums entirely.
  • She quickly learned that Altair was also an ascended deity in the pantheon, something that initially concerned her wondering if she was feeling better after their last encounter. Both remain on good terms, even if other people have told Meteora that Altair didn't deserve to be left off so easily and deserves worse. And she doesn't necessarily disagree with those claims, as there is still a posibility that Altair could be a threat in the future.
  • Another strange fact that caught her attention is that there were other people that sounded like her, something that she already knew before hand since he learned about that back in the real world. That's why he ended up befriending Chino Kafuu and Yuki Takeya, although she has more in common with the latter. That said, she has no sympathy for Swim Swim, who could be arguably worse than Altair in some aspects.
  • Her former role back in the world she originated from was that of a librarian, and while she grew over the limitations of said role, she still does like to read books and frequents the House of Knowledge as a result. That's why she is also friends with other librarians or bookworms such as Yomiko Readman, Twilight Sparkle and Shiena Kenmochi.
  • Has an habit of stealing military grade weapons and the like to use them in combat whenever trouble arises, something that she started doing when she arrived at the real world. The more sensible members of the House of War have tried to regulate the equipment she takes so she doesn't go overboard and have tried to keep an eye on her.
    • There is another person who has shown similar behaviour and that was none other than Homura Akemi. Meteora doesn't know what to think of her, while she appreciates her dedication towards Madoka, she thinks her methods are rather extreme.
  • Very skilled in the art of analyzing and planning ahead, as she was a key player in figuring out why creations were coming to life and how to defeat Altair so she doesn't destroy the real world. This in turn made her allies with other brilliant minds like Batman and Spock, the former even asking her in formulating a plan to combat the Anti-Monitor given her involvement in Crisis Crossover.
  • Turns out that she isn't the only person who is tasked with the exposition as Maechen already had one of those aspects covered, but nonetheless both him and Meteora ended up befriending each other. There was also Fi, who while she had an unrelated role in the pantheon, is also prone to exposition.
  • Shido Itsuka once approached Meteora, as she reminding him of Nia Honjou and wondered if they personally met before. She also saw a lot of her friend Sota in Shido so that might have been the reason they became friends so fast.
    • Shido introduced Meteora to a his new friend Haruto Tsukishiro, who initially confused her for Nene Higashiyama due to her voice. Apparently, Haruto encountered Nene inside the dreamscape in the form of a storybook and thought Meteora could help him in his travels thanks to her area of expertise. Although dream exploration was uncharted territory for Meteora, she nevertheless agreed to lend her assistance.
  • Once retold the story of Re:Creators which conveniently featured a sexier Meteora defeating Altair in the first fight almost effortlessly. Of course, nobody thinks that version is accurate to begin with.
  • No, she might be named Meteora, but she has nothing to do with Linkin Park's second album. That didn't some people from jokingly calling her Linkin Park.
  • Has got along greatly with all of the Doctor Riders, very much appreciative that esteemed healers such as them are still so welcoming to getting along with creations after the events of their series. Meteora has especially been getting along with Poppy Pipopapo aka Asuna Karino due to the latter's status as a fictional character brought into the real world. Currently, Asuna has been aiding in Meteora's adjustment into the real world after she has been Brought Down to Normal.
    • That being said, she naturally is disgusted and horrified by the actions of Masamune Dan, with Meteora deeming him every wrong with a Creator.

    Roy (Fire Emblem
Roy, God of Early Appearances (The Young Lion, Our boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: The Binding Blade
  • Theme Song: Beyond Distant Skies - Roy's Departure (Default), Winning Road - Roy's Hope (Personal battles), Attack ~ Roy's Theme (Battle Theme)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Red Is Heroic, Bishōnen, A Child Shall Lead Them, Kid Hero, Chick Magnet, Playing with Fire
  • Domains: Cameos, Lord, Fire
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ike, Roy Koopa
  • Enemies: Grima, Shinobu Sensui
  • Ambiguous Relation: Lyndis
  • Before his journey in his home continent of Elibe, he first participated in the second Smash Bros. tournament, though he fought with a similar fighting style with another deity, Marth. He doesn't participate in the third, however made an unexpected return in the fourth Smash Bros. tournament with a new look. Fellow Fire Emblem deity, Robin, noted that he fought an Einherjar of the Young Lion who wore the similar armor.
    • When he began his journey, he was… rather underwhelming, to say the least. At least he has the Binding Blade with him, otherwise the debate over the weakest Lords in the franchise would escalate further. After the below, there are rumors that it's not him who wear the pants in the romance, but his girlfriend.
  • His true journey began during the war against Bern where he was entrusted with the leadership of the Lycian Alliance from Hector after his untimely passing, go along with his daughter Lilina (Roy's childhood friend), defeated King Zephiel and showed mercy to the dragon he was manipulating. Not exactly the most ground breaking, but the good Gods are always convinced of his heart of justice this way.
    • That said, he was thoroughly surprised and pleased when he saw BOTH Hector and Lilina enter the Pantheon, not just because it was a great honor, but Roy was thoroughly surprised that Hector was at his prime and frickin' powerful at that, making him wonder just what kind of cheat did Zephiel use to defeat him (Hector just said that he was past his prime and didn't have Armads). Hector was actually proud of him for leading the Lycian Alliance in his stead. And as of Lilina... nothing else needs to be said, they resume being friends, with the Pantheons thinking that they should just officialize marriage ASAP.
  • Though he is friendly with other heroes and deities from beyond the Outrealm Gate, he is slightly annoyed by Ike, who took his position as a representing fighter for the Smash Bros. tournament. Nevertheless, he manage to return and has the potential to settle it in Smash.
  • Roy got annoyed when people told him that "he" is in the game, but in fact were referring to Roy Koopa. This began to die out when he himself showed up and began having a quick match with him.
  • He once hung out with the fighters, until when he doesn't appear in the third Smash Bros. tournament and was kicked out. He does return, but nobody cared as he was overshadowed by Ryu and Robin thought he was his father, Eliwood. He was unamused of the situation, even baffled that the Duck Hunt dog got in.
    Roy: They hired a dog.
  • Not many know of his mother, nor could they gain correct identification. The mother could possibly be Ninian, Lyn, or Fiora. If it is the former, then he could be a quarter-dragon hybrid.
    • It doesn't help that Lyndis has ascended and she even acknowledge that she is not sure if he is her son or not. Roy doesn't want to talk about because it will get very confusing in the very end.
  • It is worth noting that Roy potentially have SIX brides to choose from: his childhood friend, the granddaughter of a Sacaen chieftain, a cheerful pegasus knight, a dancer, his own teacher, and a mysterious shaman. At the moment, only the childhood friend, Lilina, has ascended as well, so it looks like it is seen to be his OTP.
    • That being said, he was flabbergasted when some people say his real soul mate is Marth himself, in which Roy insist that he's sure he already got a good girlfriend or wife back home, but then these people showed pictures of a blue haired girl getting skewered while he hangs out with Roy. Needless to say, Roy really had a busy day to clean things up. Thankfully, he cleaned up just in time when said blue haired girl, Marth's actual wife Caeda, arrived in the Pantheon and came to offer friendship. Roy accepted that in a flash. (And he'd do well to make sure Lilina didn't suffer the same fate)
  • He cannot understands humans that despise other humans like Shinobu Sensui, similar to Zephiel, the King of Bern, who wants dragons to rule the world. He understands that his kind have done evil, but also sees that they are constantly trying to avert those evils.
  • Somehow managed to find Sain when looking around in the Pantheon. He actually gave him some sort of respect as he served his father, Eliwood, twenty years ago.
  • He discovered a manakete named Tiki in which he was excited to find another one since Arcadia. Even better, he found that she's a Divine Dragon and Tiki want to hear more about what Arcadia is like.
  • He's very overjoyed when he saw his father Eliwood ascend, alongside his 'mother' Ninian. When they expressed how proud they are to him, Roy just scratched his head in embarassment. Sure he protected Elibe from a massive war, but he said that it's nothing compared to preventing world destruction from the Dark Druid and his plans. He doesn't care on how others see them, they're the most badass to him.
  • "For those I must protect, I cannot lose!"

    Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion 
The Scarecrow, Tin Woodman and Cowardly Lion, Triumvirate of Having What They Were Looking For All Along (Tin Woodman: Nicollo "Nic" Chopper, Scarecrow: Fiyero Tiggelar)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A yellow brick road
  • Theme Song: We're Off To See The Wizard
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: It Was with You All Along, Reveals Everyone Knows By Now, Four-Temperament Ensemble with Dorothy, Non-Human Sidekick
  • Domains: Travel, Friendship, Flaws, Goals (all three), Scarecrows, Idiocy/Brains (The Scarecrow), Timber, Metal, Emotion/Stoicism (The Tin Man), Lions, Cowardice And Courage (The Cowardly Lion)
  • Allies: Dorothy Gale, Oscar Diggs, Ozma Tippetarius, Caesar, Ron Stoppable, Gardevoir and Gallade, Podrick Payne, Teddie, Neville Longbottom
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Garfield (The Cowardly Lion)
  • On speaking terms with: Elphaba Thropp
  • Enemies: The Wicked Witch Of The West, Koba, Baba Yaga
  • When Dorothy Gale found herself in the Land of Oz, she traveled the Yellow Brick Road to find the Wizard of Oz so she could get home. Along her trips she met and befriended the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Cowardly Lion. They also wanted to see the Wizard to gain a brain, a heart and courage. Yet, during their journey they ultimately proved to have those virtues all along.
  • Applies to all of them
    • Remain dedicated friends to Dorothy Gale, overjoying that they got to see her again in the pantheon. Clasical archetypes of proving friendship, they were interested in Gardevoir and Gallade. They also ended up getting along with Teddie. Their relationship with Elphaba Thropp is a bit more complicated given she's the Wicked Witch under Adaptational Heroism, especially for Scarecrow since there he's her boyfriend Fiyero.
    • The Wicked Witch wasn't happy to see Dorothy's friends enter the pantheon, and they have a bucket of water at the ready in case she goes after Dorothy again. They don't care for Koba due to being a psychotic primate that reminds them of her flying monkeys, or Baba Yaga for being a sinister sorceress. Their views of the Wicked Witch's good counterpart, Elphaba Thropp, were much more nuanced.
    • As each of them prove more capable than they let on, they found themselves relating to Ron Stoppable due to his status as a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass. They also can relate to Neville Longbottom, and the determination Podrick Payne has to protect his friends, while also sharing a mutual understanding of their shared sense of camaraderie.
    • Leela once dreamed up a Land of Oz parody, where Fry was the Scarecrow, Bender was the Tin Woodman and Zoidberg was the Cowardly Lion. Given their issues with intelligence and good heart, The Scarecrow got along with Fry. The others could take or leave the comparison
    • The Courier's adventure with the Think Tank mirrors their journey to see the wizard, in a sense. They needed a brain, heart, and spine (courage) because everyone besides Mobius forcibly removed them all and they got lost throughout their base. The trio don't like thinking about that comparison. They also don't know what to think of a certain video game. They did make their opinion clear of a bad Wizard of Oz video game the AVGN reviewed, where the Nerd was surprised that the Lion swore.
  • Applies to The Scarecrow
    • The Scarecrow is the former ruler of Oz, and serves as a trusted adviser to Princess Ozma. Though he's daft, he's also pretty smart. When it comes to matter of politicking, he has gotten a lot of advice from Tyrion. He also works well with Fighter's capacity for great strength despite, and sometimes because of great ignorance.
    • Dr Zomboss tried to take the Scarecrow's brain upon learning he had it all along, but came up empty since it's more a metaphorical brain than a literal organ. The Scarecrow doesn't care for him. He doesn't care for the evil scarecrows like Fiddlesticks or the get-up of Jonathan Crane either.
  • Applies to Tin Woodman
    • The Tin Woodman, usually just referred to as the Tinman for short, was an ordinary Munchkin woodchipper. Handy with an ax, he found himself getting along with Paul Bunyan. He doesn't like Mr Burns given his reckless devastation of the environment, or Hexxus for the same reason.
    • Wasn't always made of metal. He used to be Nicollo "Nic" Chopper, but was cursed by the Wicked Witch of the East to accidentally chop off body parts with the swings of his ax. While a machine of sorts, he has nothing in common with the goals of the GUAM and avoids their more sinister members. He also doesn't like Dr Trager because of his love of cutting people's fingers and other body parts off.
    • In spite of his claims he didn't have a heart, he proved to be The Heart of the group. He's iconic as characters who emote, yet think they don't. He felt some kinship towards 2B since they ultimately proved not as stoic as they let on, and Fluttershy because they have a love for animals.
  • Applies to the Cowardly Lion
    • The Cowardly Lion came looking for courage, however he keeps doing brave things. He's more of a Lovable Coward in the movie, though. Either way, he's more capable than he lets on. He can relate somewhat to Vir Gotto, due to how he grew a spine. He's less interested in Garfield, but does enjoy relaxing with him and has found lasagna to be rather tasty.
    • Aslan seems fond of the Lion, respecting his hidden courage. Being a lion, he used the reputation of a ferocious lion to bluff people into not fighting him. Simba and Mufasa regard him as a perfectly affable lion. The Cowardly Lion wasn't happy to learn of the evil things that Scar had done.
    • Gets along with Kirin Toudou and James Henry Trotter, as they have learned to overcome fear. Likes Piglet as well. By contrast, he considers Lord Djibril's cowardice and many other monstrous actions to be despicable.


Liezerota, Goddess of Spoiler Incarnate Characters (Lieze, Lieze Dark)
  • Demigoddess Overdeity as Lieze Dark
  • Symbol: A Lieze flower
  • Leitmotiff: Lieze Lullaby, Lieze Love, and Lieze Rock as Lieze Dark
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Chaotic Evil as Lieze Dark)
  • Portfolio: Walking Spoiler, Nice Girl, Little Bit Beastly (lion), Yamato Nadeshiko, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Buxom Is Better Unwitting Instigator of Doom, Taking the Bullet, Morality Pet, Love Redeems (trigger), Demonic Possession, Not Quite Dead, Post Humous Character, Demonic Possession (victim), True Final Boss (as Lieze Dark), Sibling Yin-Yang, Muggle
  • Domains: Good, Family, Home, Love
  • Allies: Killia, Seraph Lamington, Usalia, Hinata Hyuga, Sayaka Miki, Oyashiro, Mufasa, Aslan, Simba, Kharazim, Asgore Dreemurr, Sakura Matou, Baine Bloodhoof
  • Enemies: Lucifer, Satan, Xehanort, Orochimaru, Scar, Lord Jaraxxus, Guldan, Mana Ouma, Corset
  • Arrived in the pantheon when it was found out that her nature as a Walking Spoiler had real world effects such as a seemingly harmless update to the Nippon Ichi website accidentally leaking one of her game's big twists several months before its release date, or being such a spoiler intensive character that she has to have her own folder on this very site's character page for her game. Liezerota being a rare case of a Walking Spoiler who isn't either a villain or an antangonist helped seal the deal too.
  • Despite her lack of magical power, she seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to traps. Lieze is one of the few people who can effortlessly bypass Satako Houjou's pranks. Satako takes this as a challenge to do better with her traps.
    • Case in point. One time Nefarian (shape shifted as a human of course) tried to troll her in order to ruin her reputation in the House of Food in a plot involving swapping the curry she was serving one of the senior members of the house with the legendary Mystery Food X. Despite the "curry" being magically altered to look and smell like regular curry, Lieze sensed the mix up and proceeded to serve Nefarian (with a smile) the very curry that was meant to troll her. After it was all said and done, he suffered from diahrea and vomiting for a week. Oh Nefarian certainly spewed twenty fireballs alright, just not a fashion he would of liked.
  • It is said that Lieze is indirectly one of the most powerful demons in the pantheon, through influence judo. Having the inventor of Ultimate Demon Technique for a father, a former Demon Emperor who conquered or destroyed 70% of all netherworlds (wants to atone for it) as a younger brother, and Killia as a boyfriend will do that.
  • Also of note is Liezerota's uncannily high resistance to elemental energy, especially wind, which may be a side effect of her home.
  • Is quite welcome in the House of Food, for she is a very talented chef, especially when it comes to curry. Where do you think Killia and eventually Usalia learned his talent from?
  • Lieze considers Might Makes Right a sign of someone who is truly weak, calling Lucifer the demon with the weakest heart of all.
  • Due to her nightmarish experience as Lieze Dark (not being in control of her actions yet screaming for help the whole time, Liezerota is not fond of those who use Demonic Possession or Grand Theft Me.
    • One such experience was when Satan sought revenge for being killed by Killia by possessing her. In his arrogance, Satan didn't realize that Killia had access to exorcism techniques. Killia was livid, immediately unleashing Tyrant Revelio and striking Satan at least 4 times with Macrocosm before his lifeless body hit the ground.
  • After the above incident, harming Lieze in anyway officially became listed as one of the Pantheon Berserk Buttons that must never be pushed....ever.
  • Found much in common with Sayaka and Hanyuu over their shared connection to mass numbers of game changing plot twists.
    • Such commonalities have also struck a cord with Asgore, along with their shared love of flowers. Liezerota has forgiven Asgore for his questionable activities given the unpleasant circumstances that triggered them. That and how her younger brother managed to change his ways after doing MUCH worse.
  • Sounds similar to Hinata Hyuuga and shares the same sense of modesty.
  • Kharazim and to a lesser extent Iron Tager remind Lieze of her father, Goldion. Baine Bloodhoof seems to sound just like him too.
  • Can often be found taking a stroll in the House of Beasts. This is in part because said house reminds her of her home netherworld, a feral and ruggedly beautiful wilderness with strong winds.
  • The GUAD has marked Lieze for attention. They see Lieze Dark and her potential to destroy the entire universe as a power they want to obtain.
  • Sympathizes with Sakura Matou over their shared experience of being possessed by pure evil, nearly destroying everything while under that power, and having to be saved by their loved ones.
  • If you hear Lieze Rock playing while she has white hair and is surrounded by demonic centipedes, be VERY afraid, for that's the warning alongside super revealing attire that Lieze Dark has manifested. The only known way to defeat Lieze Dark involves high level exorcism techniques, such as Macrocosm.
  • Is completely disgusted with Mana Ouma. Despite the terrible things Void did in her name, he would have NEVER did the sort of things Mana desired to do to her sibling. Mana along with Corset also being evil Walking Spoilers just makes things worse.
  • Rena Ryuguu makes her nervous. While she's normally a friendly, cheerful, albeit mildly bipolar girl, at her worst (especially should Hinimizawa Syndrome start flaring up again), Rena's protectiveness towards her father reminds Lieze of Void's darker tendencies.

Liopleurodon, God of Even Bigger Threats (Liopleurodon ferox)

LOOΠΔ, Members  Goddesses of Debut Queues (이달의 소녀 note , LOONA)
LOOΠΔ + + Top row from left to right; HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, and YeoJin. Middle row from left to right; ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry. Bottom row from left to right; Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye.
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: A crescent moon
  • Theme: "Hi High", Alternatively "Butterfly". (Each girl has their own individual theme. They will be listed below.)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A K-Pop Girl Group consisting of, Twelve members divided into three sub-units, Debuted in successive order, Each member has a month and song dedicated to them, Fun with Acronyms, Animal Motifs, Color-Coded Characters, Skilled dancers, Tend to flip genres during songs,
  • Domain: Debuts, Dance, Music, Girl Groups, Surrealism,
  • High Priests: EXO
  • Allies: Utau Hoshina, The Elite Beat Agents, Amigo, Hatsune Miku, Houkage Tea Time, Tony and Maria, Hana Song/D.Va, Doctor Strange, The Hero Club note , Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, The Sub-House of Felines, Kermit the Frog, Bambi, Xerneas, Yui, Owl, The House of Aquatic Life, Batty Koda, Odette, Sgt. Byrd, Hubie and Rocko, The Penguins of Madagascar, Mothra and Mothra Leo, Chibiterasu, Moro, San, Mowgli
  • Friendly Rivals: 765 Pro, Big Time Rush,
  • Enemies: Akunin Sentai Trollkaiger, I-No, Courtney Gears, Lord Raptor, Soundwave, The Queen of Hearts, Queen Sectonia, Lord Shen, The Grand Duke of Owls, Antasma
  • Wary around: Rick and Morty
  • LOOΠΔ, a K-Pop girl group, debuted in 2016 with the introduction of HeeJin. Over the course of two years the group expanded, with eleven additional girls making their own debuts and expanding upon the universe that they existed in, known to the Higher Gods as the "Möbius Strip". Eventually the three pieces of this universe - Planet Earth, the Inbetween and Eden - came into contact with one another, resulting in the group's offical debut in 2018.
    • The group though wouldn't arrive in the Pantheon until they were selected to take part in an Ascension Tournament for the title for God/Goddess of Korean Pop Music. Despite the odds being stacked against them, the girls managed to make it to the finals, facing off against fellow K-Pop group BTS. Together, they performed their hearts out to the audience... only to finish in second place, with BTS coming out as the winners. Devastated by the loss, they were about to leave the Pantheon... when it was revealed that there was a second place prize; an additional position in the Pantheon. After some considering, the judges decided on to give them a temple based on how the girls were introduced in sequential order.
  • When they're not performing at the House of Theatre, the gang can be found in their temple, which leads to the Blockberry Creative dance studio in South Korea. There, they train to perfect their dance skills, as well as test ability to mimic the choreography of other dance groups both in and out of the Pantheon. They also hang out there on their down time... and act like complete goofs.
  • The twelve members of LOOΠΔ sometimes can't be together when the time comes to perform. When that happens, they utilize their secret weapon... the sub-units. There are three such sub-units, each one having a different roster of performers with their own unique motif.
    • LOOΠΔ 1/3, consisting of HeeJin, HyunJin, Haseul and ViVi, are human denizens of Earth... not counting ViVi, anyway. Their songs revolve around the innocent and excitement of first love, as well as the co-existence between its sweetness and heartbreaking cruelty. They spend their time studying at Elysium Academy, making friends with the Houkage Tea Time and sometimes performing their songs after class. Interestingly, Yeojin is sometimes considered the "slash" in 1/3. But the truth is she isn't considered a true member of the group, instead being considered her own solo unit. Nevertheless, she will still be there to cheer her friends on from the sidelines.
    • Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry make up the second sub-unit, ODD EYE CIRCLE. They're located in Los Angeles, using their distinctive "Odd Eyes" note  to travel between dimensions. This ability to jump dimensions has caught the eye of Doctor Strange, whose seen the potential the girls have and has offered to hone their skills. Music wise, they're darker than 1/3, focusing more on the concepts of romance, intimacy, temptation and playfulness.
    • yyxy, translated as Youth Youth by Young, is the final sub-unit, consisting of Yves, Chuu, Go Won, and Olivia Hye. The four were originally from a dimension known as Eden (similar to the Biblical garden,) but they escaped it in order to seek their true identities; Yves lead the charge out, with Chuu going willingly, Go Won dragged along and Olivia leaving on her own accord after being ditched by the others. They're also unique in that they possess "Neanthropic chromosomes", meaning they're a new type of human. Needless to say, they aren't up for the House of Science examining them. Their music revolves around the ego of the youth; being in love, hurt, broken, but still able to move forward in life, whilst learning to love oneself in order to love others.
  • The group spend a lot of time in the House of Music, where they practice alongside the other resident gods there. Amigo often adds an extra flare to their performances whilst Tony and Maria, skilled dancers in their own right, have offered the girl group to train them in broadway style dancing. But they all pale in comparison to the dancing might of the Elite Beat Agents. They came to see the skills LOOΠΔ had to offer... and so they sent out Yves, whose training ultimately impressed the agents, enough to make them become part time coaches to the young K-Pop group. The tutoring they give may seem strict but they have produced results.
    • LOOΠΔ's presence has also attracted the attention of several other idols. They quickly became friendly rivals with 765 Pro, often performing dance duels with them on the stage, and have been seen interacting with Big Time Rush, mostly to keep their High Priests - K-Pop boy group EXO - from going all out on them. At the same time, Hatsune Miku has seen the potential in the team and has coaching them into being top notch performers. They're more hesitant around Utau Hoshina, due to her shaky past.
  • On occasion, one might hear the sound of the group performing their songs in a acoustic manner. These melodies often drift on the evening wind, serving as a lullaby for deities trying to get some sleep. It's further amplified thanks to the assistance of Overwatch member Hana Song; A.K.A. D.Va. She was excited to see more people from Korea enter the Pantheon and quickly befriend the twelve, making them feel at home. She also stops by their temple to play video games, mainly with HyunJin and Olivia Hye.
  • It's no secret that the group dislikes Trollkaiger - most in the Pantheon shares the sentiment - but LOOΠΔ's disdain for them stems from the Ascension Tournament. Turns out that Trollkaiger had purposefully rigged the tournament so LOOΠΔ would make it to the finals only to lose to BTS. That, and them kidnapping YeoJin during a performance with the Muppets has put both groups in opposition of each other.
  • As it just so happens, The House of Time and Space discovered a timeline in which the first two sub-units resided in the same world and were all originally friends with each other; with YeoJin and HaSeul being siblings. For the most part, the group don't talk about this world, but occasionally they're caught gossiping about their respective love interests, speculating if they could be brought into the Pantheon.
  • Facts relating to HeeJin (Theme: ViViD)
    • A seemingly normal student, HeeJin was the first member of LOOΠΔ to be discovered, working part time as a simple hotel cleaner. Sick of the dull and repetitive routine of her job, she yearned for a life full of colour and vibrancy, living in a mansion filled with beautiful outfits and walking down the runway in all of them. Luckily for her, the arrival of ViVi, along with YeoJin's disappearance, changed everything, eventually leading to the final formation of the group.
    • Her time in the Pantheon has led to several encounters with various rabbit based deities, due in part to the rabbit being her spirit animal. Some, like Hazel, Miyamoto Usagi, and Bunnymund, respect the young lady but tend to keep their distance. Others, like Bugs Bunny, Rabbit, and Angel Bunny, are more friendly towards her, sometimes showing up during practice to hang out. They keep in mind HeeJin's allergies to fur, and often don't stick around for long periods. Nevertheless, they're still there to support her during performances.
    • The connection to rabbits and travelling into extraordinary worlds drew many parallels to Alice's own adventures into Wonderland and the Looking Glass. This inevitably led to the two young women meeting over tea. They quickly hit it off, both sharing their own unique adventures and their fair share of rabbit encounters. Alice has even invited the K-Pop star to Wonderland to share in all the sights there, but HeeJin has been hesitant; she still finds the realms' other residents even crazier than her own team. Plus, there's the fact the Queen of Hearts wants her head after several card soldiers appeared at a concert.
    • From time to time, she stops by the House of Costumes to explore and try out the latest styles from across the Multiverse. Every dress she tries on only fuels her desire to keep experimenting more, and while she waits to try on new articles of clothing, she can be found playing sudoku to pass the time.
    • It's worth noting that despite her outgoing personality, HeeJin is deathly afraid... of pigeons. And no, we are not making this up. It's actually such a debilitating fear that she stays well away from the Sub-House of Birds, despite liking most other animals. Even then, she can't visit the House of Beast for long due to her fur allergies. On a side note, she's also praying The Goodfeathers don't ascend anywhere around her..
  • Facts relating to HyunJin (Theme: Around You)
    • Timid by nature, HyunJin is best friends with HeeJin, and is something of a Shrinking Violet; often having trouble interacting with other people outside her close circle, even having trouble confessing to the one her heart desires. But that all changed one day when she received a bracelet from a cat... a bracelet made by fellow member Go Won. While in another dimension. Suffice to say, she has a lot more secrets than her demeanour gives away.
    • While all the LOOΠΔ members love to eat, HyunJin takes things to a whole different level. She loves bread. With a passion. In fact, rumour has it she loves bread so much that she would pass up high-quality sushi for a nice loaf any day of the week. As such, she often goes to the House of Food's bakeries to try out freshly made products along with anything else she can get her hands on.
    • It's no surprise she hangs out in the House of Felines on her down time, as the cat is her spirit animal. The deities within, at least the good aligned ones, will welcome HyunJin in and try to help overcome her shyness and open up to other humans. Firestar, and Tiger are the ones she speaks with the most, and through them she was introduced to the human Sakaki. The pair get along well, to the point where Sakaki asks HyunJin to take care of her Iromote kitten Maya when she's not around. HyunJin always alerts HeeJin beforehand, just in case of allergic reactions.
      • On a side note, she has been seen riding inside the Catbus on the way to school. After the first few times, she's screaming less and is actually enjoying the experience.
    • While at Elysium Academy, HyunJin has been trying to find the courage to meet and hang out her secret crush. Details are a bit sketchy but she prefers it that way, as she doesn't want trolls and tricksters ruining her chance of finding love. Her classmates have been trying to help out, particularly Shizuku Tsukishima, whose had a similar experience with romance in the past.
    • Some of the Pantheon's deities have come to question if HyunJin is all there in the head... if the dog barking wasn't the first clue. But she means well, often expressing her desire to star in an earring commercial. She's sending multiple requests to the House of Advertising to achieve that goal. No response as of yet but she's hopeful.
  • Facts relating to HaSeul (Theme: Let Me In)
    • As the leader of LOOΠΔ, HaSeul takes it upon herself to support and look after her fellow members in a motherly manner. Not even the boundaries between dimensions can truly stop her from all looking after the rest of the girls. This is more evident with both YeoJin and ViVi, the latter especially as she is still getting use to not only life in Korea but in the Pantheon as well.
    • Most often seen with YeoJin, and are often mistaken for sisters. However some have noted that the two have more of a mother/daughter relationship if anything else. Regardless, the pair are near inseparable and will put everything on the line to make sure the other is safe.
    • HaSeul's connection to birds led to her discovering the Sub-House of Birds, where she, along with fellow members KimLip, Yves and Chuu, ended up befriending most of the Deities there. In particular, the truly gigantic Anivia and Lugia. The two will sometimes give her rides through the Pantheon upon their backs, letting her soar above the clouds and feel the wind rush by. On one such flight, Peter Pan swooped in and offered to teach HaSeul how to fly on her own. She has yet to take up the offer but has been thinking about it.
    • Having studied abroad in Australia and the U.S.A., the latter under the alias of Jane, HaSeul is bilingual in Korean and English, making it easier to speak with the Pantheon's many english speaking deities. She's also shown to be trained in opera singing, a skill used whenever they're casted for theatrical productions.
    • Rumours have been circulating of a white-feathered, blonde, short-haired man resembling HaSeul wandering through the Sub-House of Ice & Cold. At first, some suspected she had been corrupted by the GUAE, until she was properly asked about it. Turns out that the strange person was actually an alternate version of HaSeul that she had pursued while in Iceland. Now with knowledge of "his" arrival, HaSeul is planning on going to the frozen Sub-House and tracking the white stranger once and for all... provided she isn't subjugated to the curse once more.
  • Facts relating to YeoJin (Theme: Kiss Later)
    • The youngest of the group, not to mention the smallest, Yeojin often has to deal with being doted on by her fellow, older members. They treat her as the "littlest sister", and so when she got lost in the forest, the rest of LOOΠΔ 1/3 came together to go find her, leading to the group's final formation. Thankfully, they reunited and eventually led the rest of the gang up to the Pantheon.
    • YeoJin's boundlessly energetic personality, as well as her troublemaker streak, quickly landed her a special place among the revived Muppet cast, starring alongside Kermit's nephew Robin in a production of The Frog Prince. That said, she made it clear that a kiss will come when she's ready, not him. Robin's fine with it, though it did cause some stress for the rest of the cast, due to her ad-libbing her song into the show.
      • Her mischievousness also paired her up with Gonzo the Great and Rizzo the Rat, whose antics on the Muppet Show often add to the zaniness of each stunt.
    • Despite her designated colour being orange, she stays clear away from Larfleeze, who sees her as another threat to his possession of the Orange Light of Greed. Luckily, YeoJin knows better than to tangle with Agent Orange and sticks close by HaSeul and the Green Lantern Corps.
    • It turned out YeoJin keeps and raises pet snails in her dorm. As a result, SpongeBob SquarePants has approached her about taking care of his pet snail Gary whenever he's not in the Pantheon. Despite the apparent issues of raising an ocean-based mollusk on land, she accepted, and is more than happy to hang out with Gary after rehearsals. He makes a great companion, despite his gluttonous appetite and refusal to be bathed.
    • Most in the Pantheon have been warned not to call YeoJin a lentil bean, even if they mean it as a joke. She still views it as a pet peeve, and only allows her friends to call her that. Trollkaiger has pushed that button way too many times. It didn't end well.
  • Facts relating to ViVi (Theme: Everyday I Love You)
    • A mysterious arrival from Hong Kong and the oldest member of the team, the pink-haired ViVi has a unique disposition to her. She was originally a normal human being, but through unknown circumstances, was later converted into an android. Striving to make friends, her sudden appearance in Korea was the spark that united the earth based girls, and while she ran away in frustration after feeling isolated from the others, it eventually led to not only LOOΠΔ's final formation, but also to her being restored to her human self. Unfortunately, she goes back and forth between human and android while in the Pantheon. She's been trying to get help to control it but she's had no luck so far.
    • She's been seen going in the Sub-House of Language to work on her Korean, bringing HaSeul along to help out. In fact out of all her fellow teammates, ViVi's the closest with HaSeul, and often asks her to help interact with the Pantheon's other gods, including some of her own allies. However more often than not, the pair are joined by HeeJin, HyunJin, and YeoJin for some good ol' fashioned roller skating.
    • It was only natural that ViVi would befriend the Pantheon's resident deer, due to that being her spirit animal. Bambi immediately gravitated to her gentleness, even inviting his woodland friends to hang out when she comes to visit, and on very special occasions, she can seen interacting and even riding the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas. Both cervids treat her with respect and are surprisingly unfazed by her android nature. After all, the Pantheon is filled with strange and wonderful creatures, and every one is unique in their own way.
      • Should be noted though ViVi stays the hell away from the Daedric Prince, Hircine, not wanting anything to do with the rather disturbing stag-headed Prince of the Hunt. It's a feeling shared with her deer friends.
    • ViVi's transformation into an android toggled and just about wiped her human memories, making it difficult to figure out what her past was like. She often brings up a "boy in white" whom she was attracted to in the skateway. However, the House of Time and Space speculate this boy was actually Yves, suggesting ViVi may have visited Eden. The implications are strong but none of the others want to go too deep into it, fearing it might break the amnesic performer.
      • But that's the least of her worries. There are those in the Pantheon who not only want to corrupt ViVi for their own gains, but also fully robotize her in the process. Soundwave has plans on turning her into a Decepticon Pretender, whilst Sigma and Ultron strive to fully assimilate the former human into a mindless drone. This led though to a friendship with the A.I. Yui, who found a kindling spirit with ViVi.
    • ViVi's battery life is not very long, and often has to recharge to keep up with her friends. Because of this, The Sub-House of Technological Experts presented her with an on-the-go charger, which can plugged into at any time.
  • Facts relating to Kim Lip (Theme: Eclipse)
    • The leader of ODD EYE CIRCLE, Kim Lip is something of a mystery. Not much is known about her past, but her arrival showcased the Mobius Strips' greater scope, with her being more keen on the more bizarre concepts. With JinSoul and Cheorry by her side - the latter being unwittingly responsible for Kim's Odd Eye activation, the trio strove to bring together the rest of the gang to complete LOOΠΔ.
    • As the owl is her spirit animal, it was only natural for Kim Lip to go out and befriend the Pantheon's resident owl deities. Unfortunately, the only ones she could find were Owl, Decidueye, and The Grand Duke of Owls. Out of the three, Kim prefers Decidueye the most, if only because she finds Owl to a Know-Nothing Know-It-All, though he means well. As for the Grand Duke? Well he did attempt to turn HaSeul and Chuu into cats and eat them, which immediately put him in Kim's bad books.
      • She attempted to meet with Athena, Greek goddess of Wisdom and whose patron animal is also an owl. Things didn't go so well, as Athena had her godly duties to attend to - as well as keeping Kratos in check. She did however present the ODD EYE CIRCLE leader a present; an egg, which later hatched into a shiny Hoothoot. Kim Lip wasn't sure what to make of it but after learning Ash Ketchum had a shiny Noctowlnote , with red wings to boot, she decided to give it a shot and raise the little bird.
    • From time to time, Kim Lip will go to the House of Time and Space to observe the many eclipses happening around the planet. While she couldn't find a deity who represents eclipses, she did end up aquatinting herself with Tyrande Whisperwind, who has shown interest in the Odd Eyes, while staying away from the likes of David Zappa, who also has his eyes set on the Odd Eyes, but for more nefarious purposes.
    • Kim Lip is absolutely paranoid when it comes to the cleanliness and organization of her personal space, so much so that many deities who pass by their temple only to be showered by socks that were left out in the open. It's so bad actually that Eren Yeager has described her as a "blonde Levi". For her part, Kim Lip has been curious to meet Levi, mainly to see if the rumors surrounding him are true... the cleanliness part, not the strongest solider alive bit.
    • It's no hidden secret that Kim Lip is a poor catch, especially with apples. But one thing is for certain. It did lead to her face being broadcast throughout the Pantheon, much to her dismay but much to the entertainment of everyone else. She's speculated it to be Trollkaiger's work but they haven't stepped forward and confessed... as of now.
  • Facts relating to JinSoul (Theme: Singing In The Rain)
    • JinSoul, the seventh girl revealed in LOOΠΔ, is a loner by nature, even more so than the rest of her team. While she possesses neither Kim Lip's leadership skills and Cheorry's unique abilities, JinSoul more than makes up for it by being "untouchably dangerous." Her Odd Eye was activated long before the latter two, despite being covered previously by a medical eyepatch, and has had several forays across the dimensions, encountering ViVi and Olivia Hye in the process. Her role in the grand scheme is still a mystery but it is wise to never underestimate her full power, even after helping in the group's final formation.
    • As her animal is a Betta fish, fitting for her independent personality, JinSoul likes to spend time by the seas surrounding the House of Aquatic Life. Here, she listens to the ebb and flow of the sea whilst watching its deities frolic in the surf. Some of these deities, like Ecco the Dolphin, Lapras, and the visiting Mermaid princess Ariel have offered to assist JinSoul with any problems she might have and even help make some friends. While thankful for the offer, she has yet to take it up, though this hasn't stopped her from coming to the shore and enjoying the sunsets.
    • Rumour has it that JinSoul committed a sin which led to her original imprisonment, before of course being freed following her Odd Eye's activation. The House of Justice has done some extensive investigation and have suggested it may have to do with "Swallowing the Sun." Ever since, they've kept a close eye on her, just in case she decides to pull of such a stunt.
    • JinSoul at one point referred to the elven archer Legolas accidentally as Jingolas, in regards to their similar hair styles. Ever since then he has not let her forget it, with his dwarf friend Gimli even referring to JinSoul by that name from time to time. Of course, it's all in good fun and admittedly, both found the nickname pretty funny.
      • Unfortunately, Trollkaiger quickly caught wind of the name, and used it as part of the Pantheon's annual Holiday pageant, as part of a "Jingle Bells" parody song. While it diffidently got plenty of laughs, JinSoul wasn't at all impressed.
    • On her down time, JinSoul will go on her own and record her journeys for others to view; a hobby she picked up from fellow member Go Won. She's recorded three such adventures so far and with the reception being positive, she hoping to make more.
  • Facts relating to Choerry (Theme: Love Cherry Motion)
    • Once a normal girl, Choerry is the youngest and arguably the most powerful ODD EYE CIRCLE member. After eating a cherry left on a chocolate cake, she gained the ability to traverse to other worlds at an even greater degree than her fellow members. In fact, that particular cherry was intentionally left there by JinSoul, who had planned beforehand in preparation for Choerry's encounter with Kim Lip. Her newfound powers ended up proving essential to gathering up the other girls, and together, ODD EYE CIRCLE did just that.
    • Choerry is on good terms with the Pantheon's many bat deities, due in part to her spirit animal being a fruit bat. Among them is Batty Koda, whose antenna often flickers to her music whenever she passes by or visits. As well, Rouge the bat has shown to at least respect the young human and her abilities. As for the Cape Crusader himself? He keeps his distance but occasionally swoops in to stop Gotham's Rogues Gallery from getting their hands on Choerry and her Odd Eye.
      • Despite this love for bats, Choerry stays clear of Antasma, who also has plans on using her Odd Eye for his own nefarious purposes.
    • Choerry is well known throughout the Pantheon for her positive outlook on life and overall cheerful personality... Almost too cheerful to some. Nevertheless, her desire to make friends in the Pantheon has led to some rather interesting encounters; such as making friends with the notorious Ghost/Fairy type Mimikyu, despite its infamous reputation and even meeting the famous Kamen Rider Gentaro Kisaragi. All three sometimes get together to watch movies and help with events in the House of Theatre. Mimikyu also likes to decorate Cheorry's journal too when it gets the chance.
    • There are few things that Choerry dislikes, and two of those things are bugs and thunder; the former being irritating and distracting when she needs to use her Odd Eye and the latter? Well, there's a good reason why she avoids the House of Electricity for a reason. When the storms roll in, she's usually the first to tuck tail and run back to her temple, hiding under the sheets till things clear up.
    • Whenever out on the town, which is very often as she loves to meet new people, Choerry prefers to be called by her real name Choi Yerim rather than her stage name. This is partly because of her dislike for the taste of cherries, and partly because it just more comfortable. Then again, it still beats the hell out of being called Charles.
  • Facts relating to Yves (Theme: new)
    • Where does one start with Yves? Well there's plenty to take in but let us start with the basics. The leader of yyxy, she and her fellow members resided in the realm known as Eden, living in a comfortable paradise while watched over and tutored by a strict master. However, all that changed when Yves found an apple and, seeking to discover her own identity, took a bite out of it. With the apple exposing her to the truth, the rebellious and somewhat curious woman convinced her companions to leave Eden and seek out their true selves, taking Chuu and Go Won along with her.
    • Yves sees herself as an Ugly Duckling of sorts; once considering herself to be ugly until she discovered the true beauty within. As such, she choose the swan to be her spirit animal, going so far as to befriend the Swan Princess Odette and trying to help others discover their own inner beauty. She also enjoys reading to the kids residing in the House of Children, sometimes teasing them in the process. It's never out of malice though, as Yves dotes over the children as a mother does...
      • ... and she does with Chuu too but that will be discussed soon enough.
    • As it turns out, Yves is the most skilled dancer in the group, having gone through extensive training in vocal and choreography. Whenever LOOΠΔ is having trouble on the dance floor, they send her out to show the competition how it's done. They usually are too much in awe to continue, at least the amateur dancers. She did however catch the attention of the Bard of Avon-Stratford, who asked Yves to try out for a interpretive dance rendition of his Soliloquies. Yves accepted and has begun work perfecting her moves.
    • The fanatical members in the House of FAITH aren't exactly big fans of Yves or her team, mainly due to the whole "eating the forbidden fruit and leaving Eden" thing. Major figures such as Seymour Guado, Leopold Goenitz, Judge Frollo and Shekinah quickly opposed yyxy, threatening to deliver "divine justice" onto them for committing the ultimate sin, but the good-aligned deities in the House, like Sailor Mars, Erica Fontaine, and even Alexander Anderson leaping to their defence, stating that the eating of their respective fruits wasn't seen as a sin, rather an awakening to their true selves. Even since, Yves keeps a watchful eye out of any religious fanatic wanting to burn her or her friends at the stake.
    • Yes it is a well known fact that Yves is incredibly charming. So charming in fact that Even the Girls Want Her. Every time she passes by the House of Romantic Orientation, she has eyes gazing out the temples and watching her every step of the way. Some, like Lissa and Maribelle, Soleil, Lexa, and even Tsukuyomi can't help but be in awe of Yves' presence. But then they quickly avert their gaze whenever Yves looks back.
      • To be fair, Yves doesn't seem to mind it all that much.
  • Facts relating to Chuu (Theme: Heart Attack)
    • Chuu was the second member of yyxy to leave Eden, following Yves out almost without question. Some may attribute this to manupulation but the truth is Chuu has an absolute crush on her leader. So much so she attempted to emulate Yves style and mannerisms while trying to win her heart and affection. Even after the gang left Eden, Chuu continues to stay by Yves' side, and is often the first person to defend her from opposition.
      • Some in the Pantheon were quick to make comparisons between her and Pepé le Pew, due to both being incredibly persistent stalkers. But that in of itself is rather inaccurate; Chuu only has eyes on Yves. Pepé on the other hand goes for Anything That Moves as long as it's black and white.
    • Due to her spirit animal being a penguin, it was only natural that Chuu befriended the Pantheon's penguins. Hubie and Rocko find her personality rather magnetic note  while the Penguins of Madagascar always treat her with the utmost respect. At the same time, Misato Katsuragi has approached Chuu about taking care of her own penguin, Pen-Pen, which the LOOΠΔ member accepted almost immediately; the pair sometimes watching movies at the crack of dawn much to the others' annoyance. True, the temple tends to smell like fish and guano after prolonged visits but as long as Chuu is having fun then everything is worth it.
    • Bubbly, optimistic, and extremely friendly - with a wide smile and prone to sporadic activities - Chuu truly has a heart of gold, and aspires to interact with any god she can meet. The aforementioned deities in the House of Romantic Orientation have stepped in to try and give her tips on how to win Yves' heart, finding kinsman-ship with another Lipstick Lesbian. She's taken their advice to heart and is trying harder to win her leader's affection.
    • As it turns out, Chuu is the creator of a hand gesture known as the "Chuu Heart", which involves chomping down on a open hand to create a heart. After seeing it performed before a live audience, usage of the Chuu heart skyrocketed across the Pantheon. The gang doesn't seem to mind at all. After all, they loved to do it as well.
    • Rumours persist of Chuu attending a dating course to improve her relationship skills. She's denied having taking any classes, but still finds the universe to be rather interesting.
  • Facts relating to Go Won (Theme: One And Only)
    • Go Won is the odd one out among yyxy, and not just because her blonde hair sticks out like a sore thumb. Unlike Yves and Chuu who happily left Eden to discover themselves, Go Won was more hesitant, faltering over leaving Olivia Hye, whom she was closer to, behind. But like the butterfly that represents her, she went through a metamorphosis; from suppressing her true self, to finally embracing and accepting it. Still, she is uncertain of both abandoning Eden and of the Pantheon she and the others entered.
    • Go Won's spirit animal is a Peleides blue morpho butterfly; the only hexapod seen among the members. As a result, she was in awe of the Pantheon's resident insect population, with her personal favourites being Mothra and Mothra Leo. Ironically, she actually dislikes bugs but has been seen visiting the House of Insects to assist Sig and Agitha in their bug catching expeditions. It's how Go Won came to oppose Queen Sectonia, Megagurius, The Radiance, Swarm, the Terraformars, and the Lord of flies himself, Beelzebub. Needless to say, she doesn't want to be anywhere near those bugs.
      • She also doesn't like it when people kick her bed to wake her up... but they still do it anyway.
    • Turns out Go Won's distinctive hair wasn't always like that. When she resided in Eden, it was actually black, along with her clothing. Only after she ate her forbidden fruit - a pineapple - did she transform into her more recognizable white and gold appearance. The House of Hair Color were a little confused over how a pineapple could achieve such a feat
    • She can sometimes be found in her home temple, playing Nintendo games alongside Chuu and any Nintendo character passing through. Mario has actually invited her and the others to participate in some good old fashioned Mario Party. Unfortunately they had to decline, as they didn't want to risk their lives playing a potentially life-threatening board game.
      • Interestingly, another love Go Won has is The Hunger Games. This came as a surprise to Katniss Everdeen, who never thought an idol would ever be interested in reading about the horrors she endured in and out of the arena. The two have met and while their initials interactions have been awkward, the Girl on Fire can't help but be amazed by Go Won's enthusiasm, and also be reminded of her own sister Primrose.
    • As mentioned with JinSoul, Go Won has gone on several adventures along side Olivia Hye, chronicling them for others to watch and enjoy. So far, they've made four such experiences, with the pair primarily visiting Iceland for... "business" purposes.
  • Facts relating to Olivia Hye (Theme: Egoist)
    • At first, many in the Pantheon assumed that Olivia Hye was one of the oldest members, due in part to her height.note  She isn't. She's the second youngest after YeoJin and the only member of yyxy to not join Yves in leaving Eden. Not brave enough to eat the Forbidden fruitnote  the first time around, Olivia eventually gave in and tried to follow them, only to get lost and become consumed by anger. She knew full well of Yves' plan and decided to destroy the "new world" out of resentment over being abandoned by Yves. Eventually though, things cleared up and Olivia is more willing to work with her old friends during shows. Still a bit wary of Yves but progress is still progress.
    • She gets along well with the Pantheon's resident wolf population, due to that being her spirit animal. She's been seen playing with Chibiterasu when Ammy isn't around and she's even interacted with Ghost, Jon Snow's pet direwolf. It also helps that she befriended humans who were Raised by Wolves, particularly Mowgli and San. The Man-Cub is more friendly to Olivia, trying to help her out with enjoying all the sights the Pantheon has to offer. San, on the other hand, has been trying to help Olivia get over her anger and abandonment issues. Or in Ashitaka's words, to see with eyes unclouded by hate. Admittedly, their frienship may have something to do with Olivia dressing up as San during a Studio Ghibli costume night.
      • San's own wolf mother Moro manages to tolerate Olivia Hye, even though the humans' prior history caused the goddess' hair to stand on end. But still, any friend of Sans' could be a friend of Moros'... provided Olivia doesn't do anything to harm her.
    • Olivia Hyes' rage tends to manifest from time to time in the form of piercing red eyes that cut through the darkness. This came about once she accepted her true self and fell from Eden in pursuit of Yves. Most in the Pantheon were quick to realize the potential danger. So it should be noted; should one encounter a young woman wandering through the shadows and see a red glow emanating from her eyes... run.
    • Olivia loves being in the dark, so much so that she enjoys going to the House of Darkness & Shadow for some time away from the group. It was there she befriended Midna, the Twilight Princess, who found the K-Pop performer rather intriguing and decided to be her guide through the House. From there, the pair formed a close bond, with Olivia sometimes going to Midna for advice or just to showcase her dance moves in between practice. Olivia also introduced her close friend Go Won to Midna, and all three team up to perform experimental shows in the House of Theatre; all of them being themed around darkness and light.
    • Even with her glowing demon eyes, even with her bottled up rage and Fallen Angel status, there are still two known weaknesses that one can exploit against Olivia Hye. The first, dandelions, which is especially true in Spring, and the second...Massages. Turns out she's incredibly ticklish, and while nobody really wants to try out the latter - being content with the former to mess around with her - the thought is still there.
      • One time, Olivia and the other members of yyxy took a Student for a Day course at Hogwarts, with Chuu trying her hand at some spells on Go Won. Suffice to say, Olivia was not impressed.
  • "Fly like a butterfly."

Navi, Goddess of Exposition Fairies (Annoying Fairy, Guardian Fairy)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: An exclamation point.
  • Theme Song: Navi's Flight
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Exposition Fairies Who Don't Know When To Keep Quiet, Tutorials
  • Domain: Knowledge, Oracle, Truth, Fairies
  • Herald: Tatl
  • Followers: Omochao, the Guild Master
  • Allies: Fi, Histoire, Reinforce Zwei, Yui, Dust, Chuggaaconroy, Dexter Grif, Tippi
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Link
  • Enemies: Ganondorf
  • Hey! LISTEN! There's an "Edit" link at the top of the page! Click on it to add more notes for this character!
    • She's very annoying!
  • Was dating the Guild Master, but the rest of the Pantheon intervened when they spent the entire date parroting phrases back and forth.
  • Link has told her several times to stop helping him. She continues to point out every person who comes within ten feet.
  • Constantly told by her new fairy friend Yui to stop using "Yo Hey Look Listen" to notify her through Facebook Messenger.
  • Found a supporter of her in Chuggaaconroy, who once stated on why Link would travel to go look for her. Shocked by his kind words, she went to him and thanked him for his kindness.
  • Navi was also surprised to have a good reception by Grif, who sometimes calls her "Huggins" because the fairy reminds the soldier of a light being he once befriended.

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