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Intermediate Gods

    Arthur Light/Doctor Light 
Arthur Light, God of Retcons Exposing Them As More Despicable (Doctor Light, Photon Felon, Lord of Luminescence)

Charmcaster, Goddess of Suddenly-Changed Characters ("Caroline", Princess, Sweetie, Beautiful, Hope, Heather)
15 Years Old
20 Years Old 
21 Years Old  (yes, really)

    Flash Thompson/Agent Anti-Venom 
Eugene "Flash" Thompson, God of Bullies Turned Buddies (Colonel Thompson, Agent Venom, Venom IV, Agent Anti-Venom, Anti-Venom II)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A stylized white spider
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Evil when Venom takes over
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Military, Superheroes, Handicaps
  • Allies: The Venom Symbiote, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Eddie Brock, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Martin Walker, Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Gwen Stacy
  • Enemies: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Wilhelm Strasse
  • Not to be confused with: Barry Allen/The Flash, Flash Gordon
  • Was ascended after Captain America and Spider-Man put in some good words and pointed out how much he's grown over his career.
  • Due to the Venom Symbiote's potential danger, and the fact that he was an outstanding soldier, Martin Walker put Flash into The AOF the minute of his ascension.
  • Flash proved his worth by singlehandedly saving Walker and Captain America from Wilhelm Strasse, who is now obsessed with obtaining the Venom Symbiote.
  • Flash has made it very clear that he refuses to ally with any members of his former Thunderbolts team, and as far as he is concerned, they are villains that need to be stopped. (even if the other Marvel heroes have better opinions on Deadpool, Punisher and Elektra)
  • Flash and Peter Parker met with each other in order to explain that Otto Octavius, not Peter, was the one that betrayed Flash.
  • Flash admires Superman, as he reminds him a lot of Peter. Unlike most, he prefers to talk to him as Clark Kent and not as Superman.
  • Once Eddie Brock ascended, as he's the true mate of the Symbiote, an arrangement had to be made with Flash: whenever one's being Venom, the other wears the Anti-Venom Symbiote.
  • When overhearing fellow deities outside the Marvel Universe or the AOF mention the name "Flash", it takes him a bit of context to figure out whether they're talking about him or Barry Allen AKA The Flash, whose heroics are much more famous than his. However, thanks to his time around Peter, he holds no animosity for the Fastest Man Alive, although they haven't met yet.
    • He also learned that certain spacefaring deities might be talking about Flash Gordon, who he also respects if only because of the Queen song.
  • Has resumed his friendship with high school classmate Gwen Stacy following her ascension. Spider-Gwen, on the other hand, he prefers to avoid given she took on the Venom mantle in the comics.
  • Also present in the House of Narrative

    Megatron (Beast Wars
Megatron (Beast Wars), God of Character Refinement (Gnashteeth, Beast Megatron, Joe, Queen, Royalty, Tin Tyrant, Noble/Savage, Grand Mal, Optimal Megatron, Megs)
Original, Transmetal, & Transmetal 2

    Starlight Glimmer 
Starlight Glimmer, Goddess of Former Main Villains (Glim Glam, Mini-Twilight, Aurora Glimmer)
her debut and pre-redemption appearance 
her Equestria Girls human form 

Lesser Gods

    Donkey Kong Jr. 
Donkey Kong Jr., God of Characters that Vanished Without Explanation (DK Jr., Donkey Jr., Junior)
Render by Nibroc-Rock on DeviantArt
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His white singlet with the initials "J"
  • Theme Songs: Donkey Kong Jr. arcade medley, NES medley, and Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. Medley
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, sometimes Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Conjoined Eyes, Cowardly Lion, The Dragon to his father, Kid Hero, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Primates, Climbing, Sons, Fathers, Rescuing, Kidnapping
  • Herald: Stanley the Bugman
  • High Priest: Chuck Cunningham
  • Followers: Tooty, Gopher, Roxanne, Launch
  • Allies: Cranky Kong (His father), Donkey Kong (Related, but it's a long story), Diddy Kong (Also Friendly Rivals), Dixie Kong, Mario, Mr. Game and Watch, Luigi, Princess Peach, Tarzan, Mowgli, George of the Jungle, Caesar, Winston, Mighty the Armadillo
  • Enemies: King K. Rool, Lord Fredrik, Baldi, Mordremoth, Mojo Jojo, Koba
  • Respects: King Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr. was introduced as Donkey Kong's son, who embarked on a mission to save his father after Mario imprisoned him, although not without a good reason for doing so. DK Jr. managed to best Mario and save his dad, later proceeding to aid him in causing mischief as his right hand man. Eventually he started going go-karting and playing tennis with Mario and his friends, until Junior went completely missing for decades, only making small cameos ever since. Not helped is the fact that his father went on to have his own adventure unrelated to Mario, and Junior's absence was even more noticeable, until one day he suddenly showed up in the Pantheon without any notice, acting as if nothing happened. Given DK Jr.'s long absence and the fact that the Court of Gods have no idea who Chuck Cunningham even is (the records they possess are borderline non-existent) the position of Vanished Characters was given to Donkey Kong Junior.
  • The first thing that needs to be addressed about Junior considering his relation to the Kongs is that he is actually the son of the original Donkey Kong, A.K.A. Cranky Kong. The version we know as Donkey Kong is stated to be Cranky's grandson, making Junior his father by default, but then there were other claims that Cranky is actually Donkey Kong's father, meaning both DK and DK Jr. are the same person. Neither theory has been actually confirmed, not helped that Junior is in the form of a toddler, complicating things even more.
  • Confusions aside, the Kongs welcome Junior as one of their own and are happy to see him again after his long absence. His father usually leaves Donkey Kong to take care of him as a little brother of sorts since he is gotten too old to bother with Junior's antics and so most of the time DK is hanging out with him. Diddy Kong and Junior didn't start on the best of terms but they eventually became inseparable, many noting that both are quite similar and there are some behind the scenes reasons why Diddy took Junior's place, but the Kong doesn't mind. He even introduced him to Dixie, who at first was confused that there was another DK but she nevertheless accepted him as a friend.
    • Unfortunately, his family reunion brought an uninvited guest. King K. Rool, another notable character from the franchise that went missing without any reason showed up with his Kremling army to kidnap all the Kongs he could. Luckily he didn't know about the existence of Junior, which gave the Kongs the edge to best the Kremlings and drive the away. After that, Junior was lauded by the Kongs for helping them defeat their sworn enemies and invited him to eat all the bananas he could, making the gorilla toddler beyond happy.
  • Contrary to what many believe, Junior did actually have another game where he was the protagonist. Donkey Kong Jr. Math was the follow up to his adventure, where he was tasked with climbing vines to answer the question his father was holding in a sign, notable for being the only Edutainment Game in the NES. That alone is what got him to meet Baldi, the quirky teacher approached Junior to see if he would be able to do the same with his notebooks but like many others, Junior ultimately was tricked into answering the unanswerable question wrong and had to escape Baldi's wrath. Good thing he knows how to climb, which allowed him to completely avoid the crazed professor and seek help elsewhere.
  • Good friends with Mr. Game and Watch, after all he was one of the few people that gave him sanctuary before Junior completely disappeared, also help that Game and Wath and Cranky like reminisce of the good old games of gaming and hold Junior as a good example of what has been lost in the new generation.
  • Believe it or not, Junior got to debut in Mario related sports game before his own father, first in Super Mario Kart and going to participate in most Tennis tournaments until he was replaced by Diddy Kong. Even though he started on the wrong foot with Mario they eventually buried the hatchet and became good friends, even befriending other of his close friends like his brother Luigi or Princess Peach.
  • Usually frequents the House of Beasts, looking for places to relax. He is good friends with the likes of Tarzan, Mowgli and George of the Jungle thanks to their ties with nature, Tarzan even being raised by a family of Gorillas before.
    • That said, one time Junior got in trouble because his tendency to climb vines and frequent jungles got him into trouble with elder dragon Mordremoth, the Kong having entered his temple by accident and managing to set the dragon off. Fortunately, he was rescued by Tarzan in a timely manner before anything bad happened and so he has stayed far away from Mordremoth ever since.
  • As the biggest primate on the Pantheon and also the one his father and most of the the other Kongs took inspiration from, Junior has nothing but respect for King Kong. He wishes that when he finally grows up he becomes as gigantic and he is.
  • Curious about other primate deities in the pantheon, Junior set out to meet them and see if they were any different from the Kongs he knew. He became friends with Caesar and Winston who are a lot more serious than him and the Kong Crew but they appreciate him as an unconventional ally and are very curious about his peculiar situation regarding his canonicity. Both have warned him to stay far away from primates like Mojo Jojo or Koba because they are nothing but trouble.
  • In a strange case of Odd Friendship Junior and Mighty the Armadillo bonded over being two characters that were forgotten as time went on. Junior hopes that, like Mighty, he gets a chance to return in the future.

    George and Karl 
George and Karl, Divine Duo of Ascended Extras (George: George the Fallen | Karl: Karl the Lost, Karl the Savior)
Karl and George in the Catacombs
George the Fallen 
Karl the Lost 
Karl and George reunited 
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Silver Hand logo and a couple of Vine Cleavers
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with shades of Neutral Good (George briefly became Chaotic Neutral with some Neutral Evil leanings while in the League of E.V.I.L.)
  • Portfolio: No Sense of Direction, Sequential Boss, Switch-Out Move, Zerg Rush, Tag Team
  • Domains: Friendship, Direction, Characterization, Morality, Paladins
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The League of E.V.I.L. (Particularly Rafaam and King Togwaggle), Galakrond, Mordremoth, the Dungeon Keeper
  • Oppose: The Hall of Prehistoric Beasts
  • George and Karl are two Silver Hand recruits whose origins are very easily missed. The two got lost in Un'Goro Crater following an expedition gone wrong and somehow wound up entering the Kobold Catacombs where they would encounter several monsters and adventurers. The two got separated and believing that his friend was dead, George fell into despair and wanted revenge so he joined the League of E.V.I.L. on a misguided attempt to avenge the death of Karl. However, Karl was very much alive and found wandering the desert of Uldum by the League of Explorers, looking for George. The two would reunite in Dalaran, this time as enemies, but Karl's determination to help his friend would make George realize the errors of his way and join the good guys once more.
  • The two got into the pantheon after, you guessed it, getting lost. Following the defeat of Rafaam and Galakrond, Karl suggested going for a drink at Bob's bar but somehow entered a different Inn and found themselves in the pantheon. By recommendation from the Innkeeper, the two were given a position of Ascended Extra given their rather innocuous origin.
  • George is ashamed of his time as an enforcer of the League of E.V.I.L. and helping revive Galakrond, which is why he wants to set things right by opposing both the League and the Ur-Dragon and have Karl alongside him. Both even ended up requesting to join the GUAG Sacred Knights in order to prove their worthiness and Artix von Krieger found them a bit of a goofball duo but nonetheless can feel that they are up to the task....provided they don't get lost again in the Pantheon.
  • George and Karl are notoriously bad at directions, Karl mostly. Many are amazed at how they managed to survive Un'goro Crater on their own and somehow end up in the Kobold Catacombs. The two decided to explore the Pantheon to get to know the place but somehow ended up choosing the worst people as guides. Given that they needed a healer and another group of adventurers willing to help them out, they first encountered the kind Celica Mercury, who was happy to help them as their White Mage but the two never realized she is even worse than Karl at following directions. Then somehow came across the Heroes of Luxendarc and one of their members, Agnes to be exact, pointed them out at where she thought was the location of the heroes (It was actually the House of Emotion) and the three somehow found a way to end up in another House entirely. The entire ordeal was a mess but the duo ended up becoming friends with Agnes and often like to hang out with her and her friends.
  • In a way, the two can be described as George and Lennie in a fantastical setting. Similar names aside, both duos are actually quite friendly to each other since they can sympathize with the ordeals they have gone through and the two being quite the big guys, are able to tolerate Lennie's hugs (plus they can heal themselves later if horribly injured).
  • Given how they got lost in the first place, they rather stay as far away as possible from jungles to avoid that whole ordeal again. By principle, they oppose the Hall of Prehistoric Beasts for being filled with dinosaurs but the one the two would rather never mess with is Mordremoth, an ancient dragon similar to Galakrond who happens to be shaped like a jungle with many dangerous things living on him. And they thought Un'goro was dangerous.
    • Thankfully the two got over the fear of jungles after venturing with Dr. Alan Grant by request of the Sacred Knights Order. The two ended up learning a lot about dinosaurs with their trip with Dr. Grant and they even managed to pick his interest about the Devilsaurs from their home universe, which they guarantee is totally not worth visiting. That didn't stop Dr. Grant from trying anyway.
  • George usually drops by the Battlegrounds to compete in some brawls and was happy to know Bob managed to establish his tavern in the Pantheon, being a perfect way to relax while showing Karl the ropes of how things work there. Bob was just happy that he managed to ditch the League of E.V.I.L. and start anew.
  • George isn't that fond of adventurers after their seemingly fatal run-in with those in catacombs and one thing he gladly enjoyed was beating adventurers up back in Dalaran. He seems to have mellowed out on the aspect but those that are very arrogant tend to get on his nerves.
  • Karl is an honorary member of the League of Explorers after they found him in Uldum and became good friends with Sin Finley after defeating Rafaam and Galakrond. It's worth noting that ever since escaping the Catacombs he adopted an habit of putting candles in his head, which make others suspect he slowly started to adopt kobold customs.
  • During one of their grand adventurers they somehow ended up lost in the Dungeon's Keeper temple. After a series of encounters with the Keeper's minions they both managed to escape and swore to take down the Keeper for forcing them to go through his dangerous temple, possibly a worse experience that Un'goro and the Catacombs combined.

    Hideyasu Jonouchi/Kamen Rider Gridon 
Hideyasu Jonouchi, God of Redemption Promotions (Kamen Rider Gridon, Armored Rider Gridon, Ornac, Kurokage Trooper)
Kamen Rider Gridon 
Lychee Arms 
  • Lesser God, Intermediate God borders on Greater status in Lychee Arms
  • Symbol: The Gridon Symbol and the Donguri Lockseed with the word bubble "NEVER GIVE UP!"
  • Theme Song: "You are the HERO" (shared with Kamen Rider Bravo)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral leaning towards Evil
  • Portfolio: Being an Advertised Extra, Redemption Promotions, Former Villains, Determinators, Bash Brothers with Ryoji Hase, Dandies, Being Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life, Wearing Glasses, The Only Male Team Leader of Team Invitto, Mighty Glaciers, Being Unskilled, but Strong, Becoming a Capable Fighter Over Time
  • Domains: Combat, Tactics, Redemption, Tragedy
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi
  • Herald: Ryoji Hase/Kamen Rider Kurokage
  • Mentor: Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo
  • Allies: All Heroic Kamen Riders especially Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim and Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen (former enemies), Nagisa Momoe, Mami Tomoe, Jeremiah Gottwald, The Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger, Alexander the Great, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro
  • Enemies: Shocker, the Trollkaiger (especially Handsome Jack), Jack Spicer, Dolores Umbridge
  • Hideyasu manage to ascend into the main Pantheon by exchanging his Patron Saint to Godhood status after a very long intense training in the Toku Base. As he enters the Pantheon, his words was "Do not... underestimate a pattisier. I've been training for this moment as I....HENSHIN!".
    • Oren Pierre Alfonzo was proud of his apprentice as he hugs him very hard which Jonouchi was a almost squashed in a funny matter. Nevertheless, they are once again able to fight side by side in the pantheon.
  • In the past, Hideyasu was originally a leader and only male member of the Beat Riders group Team Invitto during the Inves Games known for his cunning tactics while he is a big coward and an incompetent fighter at that time. Making an alliance with Ryoji Hase from Team Raid Wild after the two received their Sengoku Drivers from Lock Dealer Sid. After he betrayed the de-powered Hase, due to Hase's mistreatment on him, he decides to get stronger under the tutelage of Oren Pierre Alfonzo while at the same time, he is invited to join the Demonic Legion which he became a part of it for a while until he left the group after he finally breaks out of his cowardice and became a true redeemed Kamen Rider alongside Oren during the Helheim invasion.
  • After the invasion, Hideyasu continues to work in Oren's pastry shop and became satisfied with his life until he discovered Hase's fate through Takatora Kureshima and he temporarily became a Kurokage Trooper in honor of Hase's death.
  • Even after his ascension, he still gets along with the Demonic Legion Defectors as he also shared his experience with them.
  • He gets along with Nagisa Momoe due to the fact that they had a similar experience within their respective stories. Nagisa was touched of Hideyasu's viewpoint after they shared their respective stories.
  • At one point, Hideyasu bumps into Mami Tomoe, however, the Puella Magi quickly recognize the Armored Rider, as the two of them talks each other in Oren's pastry shop before he learned that his old friend Ryoji Hase was her High Priest. Due to this, Hideyasu and Mami become close friends while he gives her a good remark on Hase that "once Hase gets ascended into the pantheon, he will apologize to him".
  • He gets along well with Jeremiah Gottwald since both of them are former villains who later joined on the side of good and became more effective fighters in their respective stories.
  • He became friends with Alexander the Great as Jonouchi reminds him of Oren for some reason while Alexander also reminds Jonouchi of Waver Velvet mostly due to their similar traits and personalities.
  • He doesn't like most of the dirty cowardly villains, especially with Handsome Jack of the Trollkaigers and Jack Spicer since both three of them reminding him too much of his former self. Due to this, he will do anything to stop their villainy at all cost.
  • "You'll go weak...from my ultimate sweets."

    Ned Flanders 
Nedward "Ned" Flanders, Representative of Flanderization and Those That Display a Hint of Their Former Selves (Stupid Flanders, Devil Flanders, Stupid Sexy Flanders, Uncle Ned)

    Shaundi and Pierce Washington 
Shaundi and Pierce Washington, Goddess and God of Early Installment Character Design Differences (Shaundi: Fun Shaundi, Future Shaundi, Shaundi Shaundinton; Pierce: The Unknown Accomplice, Kingpin)
Shaundi in Saints Row 2 
Future Shaundi
Pierce in Saints Row 2 
  • Lesser Deities, Intermediate should they have their powers from the Steelport Simulation
  • Symbol: A Hacky Sack and a Can of Saints Flow in front of a Purple Fleur-de-lis
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Iconic Sequel Characters who Dressed Very Differently in their Introductions
  • Domains: Gangsters, Crime, Character Design
  • Allies: The 3rd Street Saints Leader
  • Rivals: The PAYDAY Crew, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton
  • Enemies: Zinyak, The Combine
  • Worthy Opponent: Jacket (Shaundi only)
  • Odd Friendship with: Santa Claus and Nicholas Saint North (Shaundi only), Kazuma Kiryu (Pierce only)
  • Marked for Assassination by: The Dark Brotherhood (Pierce only)
  • For Both:
    • After a five-year coma caused by an explosion on Alderman Richard Hughes' private yacht, The Boss awoke to find that the 3rd Street Saints had collapsed, allowing three new gangs to take over Stillwater in the resultant power vacuum left by the Saints' absence. While looking for new recruits to help the Saints reclaim Stillwater, the Boss managed to stumble across Shaundi, a drug-abusing hippie who happened to have a sordid history with the Sons of Samedi. Although the Boss heavily doubted that Shaundi could stand her ground in comparison to the rest of the gang, her hacking skills and her colossal information network consisting entirely of ex-boyfriends ultimately proved her worth to the Boss. A few years later, Shaundi abandoned her hippie outlook, becoming more focused and uptight in the process, especially in light of her friend Johnny Gat's "death." In spite of her changes in both personality and appearance, Shaundi would nonetheless remain a staunch ally of the boss and a valued lieutenant for the 3rd Street Saints.
    • Unfortunately for Shaundi and Pierce, the Boss was the not the only deity from their universe that was awaiting their arrival in the pantheon. Just as they exited one of the Janus Checkpoints into the pantheon, Shaundi and Pierce almost immediately found themselves surrounded and overwhelmed by a battalion from the Zin Empire that was led by Emperor Zinyak himself. As Zinyak calmly explained his plans to the cornered pair about how he was going to forcibly throw them back into the simulation so that Zinyak could personally torture the two for all of eternity, the Boss, decked out in Zin power armor, dropped down from the sky and proceeded to massacre the battalion, culminating in the Boss once again ripping Zinyak's head off, spinal cord included. After the savage affair was concluded, the Boss, excited to finally have some of other Saints around, promptly treated Shaundi and Pierce to a night at Freckle Bitch's while the Boss indulged to the two about their various misadventures throughout the pantheon.
    • The Zin would not be the only hostile alien empire that Shaundi and Pierce would have the misfortune of encountering during their time in the pantheon, as the two would sometimes trade blows with the forces of the Combine whenever the Boss decided to test their power armor one of the Combine's many Civil Protection officers. Dr. Wallace Breen, the Combine's puppet ruler, would also find Shaundi and the Unknown Accomplice to be quite aggravating, especially since having his army attack either of the two would incur the wrath of the Boss.
    • Since the duo were in charge of gathering information about the Saints' enemies back in their universe, it was only fitting that the Boss would assign his lieutenants to track down info about his rivals in the pantheon, with Shaundi handle the PAYDAY Crew and Pierce the Grand Theft Auto Trio. The results were decidely mixed; while Shaundi was able to acquire quite a bit of info about the PAYDAY Gang thanks to having a ex-boyfriends around in the pantheon, Pierce has had trouble with the Grand Theft Auto Trio from day one, as not only were the Trio actively evading his surveillance attempts after Lester informed them that they were being watched, but any info he does manage to find is usually credited to Shaundi. It doesn't help that Trevor Philips occasionally kidnaps Pierces so that Trevor could torture him.
    Trevor: (Whilst preparing to fling Pierce off a bridge) Little bird will never learn to fly if he isn't pushed out the nest!
  • Exclusive to Shaundi:
    • Having obsessed about gaining vengeance for Johnny's supposed death at the hands of the Syndicate, Shaundi immediately set out to align herself with deities just as preoccupied with vengeance as she was in case she needs backup taking on any future Syndicate deities:
      • One of the first revenge-obsessed deities that Shaundi found was a former hitman named John Wick, who was busy practicing his Mozambique Drill in the House of Weapons. Having heard about John Wick's reputaion and deeds, Shaundi was able to have a few cordial conversations with John after telling him about Shaundi's own vendetta with the Syndicate. Before departing to assist the Boss in their battles against Zinyak, Shaundi asked John who he was avenging back in his world, to which John replied that it was his dog. Shaundi then made a mental note to warn the Boss in advance to never even think about crossing John Wick during their time in the pantheon.
      • Shaundi also managed to strike up a rapport with Primrose Azelhart, a former nobleman's daughter who opted to travel across the land of Orsterra so that she can find and slaughter the crow-tattooed men who were responsible for her father's murder, and was pleasantly surprised when she found out that Primrose also opted to disassemble the organization the men were a part of in addition to avenging her father. While Primrose respects Shaundi's focus, she ended up being quite annoyed when Shaundi revealed that Johnny ultimately turned out to be alive in the next game, which caused Primrose to wonder as to what Shaundi was even trying to avenge in the first place.
      • Has a more complicated relationship with Jacket. Even though Shaundi was able to understand and sympathize with Jacket's vengeful rampage against Richter after the latter murdered the former's girlfriend, Jacket's association with the PAYDAY Gang has caused Shaundi trade blows with him on more than one occasion. Jacket himself has a begrudging respect for Shaundi due to her tenacity and brutality, but he can't help but find it darkly amusing that Shaundi still hasn't figured that the PAYDAY version isn't the real Jacket.
    • During a trip to the Combat Dojo, Shaundi caught a ringside seat to the Bride single-handedly mowing down an army of Yakuza during one of the Bride's training exercises. Amazed by the Bride's skills and the sheer brutality of it all, Shaundi immediately moved to befriend the Bride after she was done with her training exercise, even going so far as to request that the Bride teach Shaundi how to fight with a sword after hearing about the Bride's own Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Bill. Although the Bride was reluctant to teach Shaundi anything, she did enjoy Shaundi's company nonetheless, particularly when Shaundi revealed to the Bride about how she wanted to wipe the Syndicate off the face of the earth when she thought that they killed her friend Johnny Gat.
    • Became a target of interest for Doctor Facilier almost straight away due to her former assignment of spying on the Sons of Samedi back in her world. Doctor Facilier, anxious that the Saints might confuse him for a certain Witch Doctor from the Sons of Samedi named Mr. Sunshine and try to kill him, kidnapped Shaundi in order to prevent her from warning the Boss about him. This of course convinced the Leader of the Saints that Doctor Facilier was actually Mr. Sunshine from the Sons of Samedi, and thus needed to be killed. Although Facilier tried to dissuade the Boss from killing by holding Shaundi hostage at his temple, but the Boss was able to neutralize Facilier and free Shaundi with the help of a few conveniently placed flashbang grenades right before they chopped off the Shadow Man's head with a machete. Since the kidnapping, Shaundi has grown even more insecure about becoming a Distressed Damsel once again, ultimately resolving to kill Facilier herself the next time she sees him.
    • Sensing that another foul hippie had entered the pantheon, Eric Cartman planned to once again approach and tame Cthulhu for the sole purpose of having the Great Dreamer find and trap Shaundi in the dark dimension of R'lyeh for all of eternity. His plan never got off the ground, however, as Cartman, who accidentally came across Shaundi while the former was marching towards Cthulu's temple, tried to mace Shaundi so that he could imprison her in order to quote unquote "quarantine the hippie infestation," causing Shaundi to lightly slap Cartman, forcing Cartman to retreat to his temple in yet another crying fit.
    • In spite of Shaundi's brutal nature, the gangster has always reserved a soft spot for Christmas since it was the only time of year where she got to spend time with her whole family, and still loved the holiday long after her family eventually drifeted apart. So much so that she even went back in time herself to warn the Saints about a Bad Future where evil version of Santa known only as Clawz had conquered the earth, killed Johnny Gat, and enslaved the Saints. Her dedication and love for the holiday earned her the admiration of both versions of Saint Nicholas, who rewarded her with the Feed Dogs limited edition vinyl that her asshole of a boyfriend Veteran Child destroyed years ago. Consequentially, it has also earned her the enmity of Robot Santa Claus, resulting in Shaundi's temple getting repeatedly blown up by the Robot's TOW missiles.
  • Exclusive to Pierce:
    • In spite of Pierce's contributions to the Saints, the Boss rarely, if ever, takes the lieutenant seriously or shows him any kind of respect. Appropriately, Pierce has gotten along rather well with Dib Membrane, a "paranormal investigator" who was constantly disrespected by his peers even though he sought to save them by exposing Zim's extraterrestrial origins. This alliance between the two has also proven to be beneficial to the Saints when Pierce found out through Dib about Zim's frequent failed attempts to conquer the world, allowing Pierce to inform the Boss about Zim so that they could prevent another Zin incident. The Boss immediately followed up by crediting the information about Zim to Dib instead of Pierce and making the paranormal investigator an honorary saint, to Dib's delight and Pierce's annoyance.
    • During his time in the pantheon, Pierce giddily found out that he could occasionally become Kingpin, a badass alternate version of Pierce who successfully united the original three gangs of Stillwater under one banner, allowing them to counter a suprise attack from Legion. Though to Pierce's annoyance, he was only allowed to be Kingpin for a few hours each day. One day, however, Pierce woke up to find that he was in reality where he was not only Kingpin 24/7, but that he had everything that came with it; money, weapons, power, and, most importantly, the Boss' respect and admiration. Just as Pierce thought that he had finally attained true happiness, the simulation came to an abrupt end, leaving Pierce standing alone in a nondescript room surrounded by the Trollkaiger, revealing that they had actually captured Pierce and subjected him to a simulation where he permanently became Kingpin just to mess with him. Heartbroken that his perfect reality was nothing more than a lie conjured up by the Trollkaiger, Pierce collapsed to his knees and banged his fists against the ground in despair as the entire Trollkaiger stood there cackling at his expense.
    • Although the Boss belittles Pierce on a semi-regular basis, the Boss does consider Pierce to be a valuable member of the saints, enough so that they even offered Pierce the position of mayor Once they officially sovereigned the city of Steelport. With that in mind, the Boss decided to officially put Pierce in charge of the expansion of the Saints Empire, which lets the Boss focus on fighting the Saints' enemies on the front lines. While Pierce wholeheartedly enjoys the prestige that came with the promotion, he has found dealing with the other nation-states to be exhausting, to say nothing of how he found out that someone has contacted the Dark Brotherhood to come and assassinate him.
    • In between missions for the Saints, Pierce has been searching for a fellow avid chess player to play against now that he no longer had Oleg around to compete with anymore. He eventually found one in Antonius Block, a medieval knight most famous for challenging Death to a game of chess in exchange for his life, and offered to play a few rounds with the knight. Antonius, eager to play against a deity he could actually beat at chess, accepted Pierce's offer. Nowadays, Pierce and Antonius can be seen playing chess at various locales throughout the pantheon whilst discussing the meaning of life and other philosophical questions, only for the matches to always end without a winner due to inconvenient disruptions from the Boss and their antics. Doesn't stop Pierce from claiming that he was beating Antonius each time though.
    • During a trip to the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares in order to sort out some nightmares he's been having lately, Pierce had the poor timing to come across Zuul and Vinz completing a ritual to summon Gozer to the House of Mentalism. Taking notice of Pierce, Gozer shouted at the Saint to "choose the form of the Destructor" that Gozer will assume to destroy the House with. Unable to clear his mind in time, Pierce thought about the subject of his nightmares, causing Gozer to assume the form of Paul, a ginormous can of Saints Flow. As Pierce ran away in terror from Paul as started to wreak havoc upon the House of Mentalism, the Boss, along with the assitance of the Ghostbusters, flew a space ship into Paul's mouth and destroyed his brain, killing Paul and flooding the House with Saints Flow. Infuriated with the destruction that had been inflicted upon the House, the Overseers of Scheming subsequently moved to ban Pierce from the House until the end of time itself, much to Pierce's dismay.
    • On more than one occasion Pierce has performed a duet with the Boss in one of the pantheon's many karaoke bars. That said, during times where the Boss is unavailable due to whatever deity and/or group of deities that the Boss then-currently wants to kill, Pierce is more than happy to switch out the Boss with Kazuma Kiryu, whom Pierce found out about after walking in on Kiryu singing to the tune of Bakamitai. While Kiryu is impressed with Pierce's singing capabilities, he usually finds himself on his guard when around Pierce after hearing about how he was assigned to take down the Ronin back in his world.


    Adrian Shephard 
Adrian Shephard, He Who Has Not Made An Appearance For Years (Corporal Shephard, Corporal Dogmeat, Shepard)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His gas mask.
  • Alignement: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: A HECU marine tasked to intercept Black Mesa after the Resonance Cascade, wears a facemask all the time, wears a militarised version of the HEV suit, managed to survive against two alien invasions and assassinations, had his life intervened by the G-Man twice, has multiple weapons in his arsenal, was deemed to die by the G-Man's employers
  • Domains: Soldiers, Survival, Weapons, Mooks, Silent Protagonists
  • Member of: Hazardous Environment Combat Unit
  • (Pending) Employer: The G-Man
  • Allies: John Nada
  • Commonality Connection: HUNK
  • Uneasy Alliance with: The Men in Black, XCOM, the New Alliance of Free Stars
  • Enemies:
  • The Resonance Cascade was one of the biggest events that changed the course of history, as one interference from a Xen Crystal created a portal that brought various extraterrestrial life within the Earth. During this time, the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit or HECU, was deployed to contain the incident, from killing the alien lifeforms, to including all other witnesses. As they were winning in their first foray to the base, the second day slowly marked their loss as more powerful Xenian lifeforms popped up and they were losing control over the base, in addition to the elusive capture of one scientist by the name of Gordon Freeman. What would have been an easy culling for the marines turned into sour defeat as their forces were forced to pull out and nuke the entire place. One of these marines was Adrian Shephard, who was tasked to intercept the remaining HECU forces during the initial invasion, though the schedule was interrupted by a helicopter crash and he was separated from his squad. After encountering several Xenians, he would soon discover another alien invasion occurring in the farther sides of the research facility and with the aid of his squad, scientists and security officers scattered around the facility, managed to halt their advance, as well as survive assassinations from Black Ops teams for failing to do the mission. Eventually, a suited figure, the G-Man acquired Shephard and kept him under evaluation, or rather detention if you will.
  • With the HECU's installation in the Pantheon, Shephard finally felt like he was not alone as his forces were able to regroup. When news of the HECU's attempts to capture Gordon Freeman were at a loss reached to him, he was told to watch over his movements in the case he would be spotted for capture. Unfortunately for them, they were notified that Xenian creatures were also spotted around the Pantheon, with the Vortigaunts and Headcrabs among others. Fearing that a second Resonance Cascade might occur, the HECU were forced to mobilize to contain this threat, after which a bigger threat emerged after their defeat, putting a third party in place of their war. With the HECU sandwiched between their capture of Freeman, the Xenian culling and the Combine's emergence, Shephard continued to serve the HECU to the bitter end, though unbeknownst to the military, he was already an asset, and a pending one, to someone else, the mysterious being known as the G-Man.
  • Reasons as to why the G-Man kept Shephard alive has been kept silent, also not helped that the marine rarely speaks but according to the events that unfolded, Shephard was considered a threat for knowing too much of the incident. Originally he was planned to be killed and had the possibility to die numerous times, however his fates were averted by the G-Man three times, one in a toxic chemical room where he opened a door for him to be freed, another in his supposed extraction where the G-Man halted his advanced due to his squad's imminent demise, and finally where he captured him for evaluation as an asset. The irony is that in Shephard's diary, he wanted something different for his adventure beyond the military. If only he knew what would be in store for him the next day. In regards to his title, a main question remained: is Shephard's story in line with the universe? The only closest would be a theoretical story where he was deployed to Ravenholm which did not make the cut, much to his dismay.
  • As with most HECU marines, Adrian has a personal beef with Gordon Freeman who has been under comms for killing many marines during the incident of which he considers to be his brothers as with most military soldiers. That said, both are very mute and have shown trust within the battlefield without saying a word, same with the marine who was able to help the survivors within the facility following the military's pullout despite the orders to kill any witnesses, though this can be attributed by him not receiving the order during the helicopter crash. They will also drop their grudges should hostile Xenians and Combine soldiers intervene, the latter of which disheartened the marine seeing what would happen to Earth following the elimination of most Xen forces. At one point, there was one time where Shephard tried to intervene Gordon's trip to Xen but that created a time paradox that the G-Man was forced to change.
    • Unfortunately for him and the HECU, another military force started intervening just as they were trying to handle the other Xen aliens and Combine, the Black Ops were unraveled when Shephard was heading to the House of Slaughter without notification that they were already present. In paper, all these human factions would coordinate with each other but this has not shown to be the case, instead each would be killing each other out of removing any form of evidence for cover up. Both Freeman and Shephard have already encountered these assassins and are mostly sure that they have no mercy towards witnesses, especially after the HECU's failed attempt at stabilizing the incident.
  • Due to some changes within the Pantheon, the G-Man was told to allow his ascended assets some form of freedom, of which he was hesitant as Shephard has been in evaluation while Gordon has been his best asset until he was not. However, the majority of the votes forced him to reconsider and both have some time off past being in stasis. While Adrian was able to meet familiar faces both good and bad, the other faces of the Pantheon has him on edge, likely because all the bloodshed he was forced to commit made him anxious on who is in his side and who is not. The Men in Black were the first people he met that made him act this way as his dealings with the aforementioned Black Ops made him wary towards black operations. Much like some of the G-Man's employers, they were convinced that Shephard knew too much but considered him a thorn to remove, thanks to his survival instincts kicking in. It is after all how he survived against all odds within the Black Mesa Facility past Gordon.
    • Thanks to some of his recon, he slowly grew out of that suspicious attitude and decided to try to either befriend or ally other deities, preferably those who survived or witnessed an alien invasion firsthand. John Nada can vouch for Adrian's attempts at friendship, though he mostly hangs out with him due to his paranoia with aliens. Others have issues trying to work out with him, likely because he never takes off the mask that he has with him and never speaks, a polar opposite to the remaining HECU soldiers that are very vocal both in and out of combat.
  • At first, both him and another gask-mask deity, HUNK, were theorized to get along due to their ability to overcome against all odds and survive despite the conditions stacked against them. However, as time went on, both were slowly getting a bit hostile and heated likely due to clear differences. While Shephard cared about his teammates, HUNK could care less about the Wolfpack and worked on his own in some Umbrella black operations. They would probably be on the verge of killing each other, had there not been a few similarities holding them off though HUNK got the last laugh as Shephard has ever yet to return.
  • After he finally entered the plane, few recruiters to a shadow program were sent to his temple, with him weapons drawn. A representative of this organization revealed themselves to be XCOM, wanting to recruit as many operatives as they can due to the rising extraterrestrial threats within the Pantheon. As such, Shephard was contacted by HECU to lower his weapons as while shaky, the military has agreed to cooperate with them under the same goal with one of the issues being whether or not the HECU screw up with the whole "shoot first, then ask questions" policy. The same could also be said for the Alliance of Free Stars, as human representatives also came in Shephard's temple to explain the situation. While not obviously shown, a diary of Adrian can be seen with complete confusion and doubt as he has never met any non-hostile alien that has not tried killing him, exacerbated by the Alliance that visited him. He has made some considerations but it still leaves him questions how an alien species managed to be friendly to some, or perhaps it is just his bad luck.
    Shephard: You know, when I asked for a new adventure, I did not expect this. Many civvies sure and as well as my division but Black Ops members roaming around with other weird looking things gives me the heebie-jeebies. I mean, I had encounters with regular civvies but with those things as "allies". Now I'm just stumped. There is still that one weird guy I keep hearing about, something around the lines of "stalking" and "employers", weird government stuff apparently.
  • Even with his acceptance to Godhood, him and the HECU have been called time and time again for certain alien outbreaks that occur around the premises, often with disastrous results, though this is what happens when regular marines are pitted against much advanced foes. Shephard seems to be the exception though, either with the G-Man's interference, or due to his training, he has survived many encounters. It even attracted a few unwarranted attention from other forces, with the Khan Maykr considering him to be a nuisance, though not as threatening as the Doom Slayer, the Gravemind taunting him with possessed HECU-Flood combat forms and Zinyak offering him a place in his empire, before refusing and forced to fight against multiple Zin soldiers, though he has stated he wants him alive as per the Zin Empire modus operandi, even the Martians have agreed to put him in the watchlist after his successful termination of Race X. However, while all are either gunning him down or attempting capture, they do not realize that the G-Man is watching carefully, possibly considering him or not.
  • Adrian's confusion would not stop there as he would be confronted with similar figures but with rather... different attitudes. First was a Science Team that he recognized but were extremely trigger happy when handed with a weapon. The HECU deemed them tertiary threats but upon closer inspection, they seem to be on par when it comes to threat level with the original Gordon. Confusion reached to new heights when another Gordon Freeman was with the team, but acted differently than the other one, able to speak and is the most violent among the group. Two of the members also had dealings with the HECU, so Benrey has no qualms being with him but Bubby has decided to not comment on the matter. The Team has reportedly attempted shooting the marine down with no remorse and has spoken about their vendetta against the United States' Military, of which they lumped Adrian with thanks to his uniform. Another duo by the name of John and Henry Freeman, the self-proclaimed "relatives" to Gordon Freeman (though the two aforementioned Gordons have no comment on whether this is true) also deem him as a threat owing to again, the HECU's long history with their relative. Unlike the Science Team however, they have agreed that they will cease fire and handle other far more reaching threats if need be.
    Shephard: Note to self: Find out where the hell these "Freemans" came from. Does an alternate version of myself even exist?

    Andrew Ryan 
"I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question."

Andrew Ryan, God of Becoming One's Own Antithesis (Andrei Ryanovski, Andy, White King)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The slogan "No Gods or Kings. Only Man," or the Ryan Industries "R" logo
  • Theme Song: The Ocean on His Shoulders
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (probably used to be Chaotic Neutral), presently teeters between both alignments
  • Portfolio: Became Their Own Antithesis, Founding His Own Society In Response To His Disgust Of The other Ones, Affably Evil, Wicked Cultured, Can't Take Criticism, Control Freak, Didn't Think This Through, Emperor Scientist, Hoist by His Own Petard, Mr. Alt Disney, Never My Fault, Cutscene Boss, Suicide by Cop
  • Domain(s): Objectivism (failed), Underwater Cities.
  • Allies: None so far, save perhaps the Mysterious Backer who petitioned his ascension and wished to see Rapture flourish once more
  • Rivals: Robert Edwin House
  • Enemies: Jack Ryan (his son), Sofia Lamb (former employee), Subject Delta, Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth, the R. Luteces, Black Manta, Jack (Mass Effect), Razputin Aquato, Sheev Palpatine, Isaac Westcott, Teridax
  • Opposes: All forms of socialism, collectivism, communism, constraints by religion, and the poor, Theodore Roosevelt, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, atomic weapons, Yamato Hotsuin's, Lex Luthor
  • Opposed By: Walt Disney, Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson, the Federation Captains, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Douglas Quaid, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Arthur Maxson
  • Andrew Ryan was the creator and ruler of Rapture. Born Andrei Ryanovski in Soviet Russia, he emigrated to America at a young age, eventually becoming one the country's richest and most powerful industrialists. However, he became increasingly disillusioned with the U.S. after the enactment of FDR's social policies, which reminded him of the country he had fled. The dropping of the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the last straw since Ryan saw them as the corruption of science and industry into making a weapon that allowed "parasites" to destroy what they couldn't seize. Wishing to flee said "parasites" and fearing all out nuclear war, Ryan created Rapture so that he and what he saw as the best examples of mankind could live in peace.
    • However, despite initially following Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, he's eventually turned against everything his dream stood for. In response to Frank Fontaine's business empire, he used state power to absorb it instead, thus becoming the "Big Government" he founded Rapture to get away from. In response to Anna Culpepper writing songs critical of Ryan's regime, he ordered her death, becoming the censor artists were not supposed to fear in Rapture. By using pheromones to control his loyalists' minds, Ryan removed the self determination he once considered sacred. He opposed the mad science in Rapture, despite believing that the scientist should not be constrained by "petty" morality. Lastly, despite being an atheist, several institutions have Religious and Mythological Theme Naming.
    • That said, looked at as Metaphorically True, if one considers the very likely idea that he's taken Objectivism to its logical if excessive conclusion, he did everything for his own benefit. Add in the point of altruism being considered anathema to personal self-interest and the emphasis on "looking out for number one," it likely that Rapture wasn't meant to be a charitable refuge for the world's elite. In other words, he is—or rather was—Rapture and that all that mattered to him was himself, arguably the one thing he wasn't hypocritical about to the end. Everyone else in the city was simply invited to try their luck in his glorified playpen.
  • Some time after his being golf clubbed to death by his son Jack Ryan, Andrew found himself before the Court of the Gods after an unspecified deity petitioned for his ascension. He was initially displeased after their sales pitch, though it was less of his position and more on godhood as a whole, given that he's an atheist, but the Court pointed out that godhood in the Pantheon is less a in literal sense of that word and more of a real estate paper to own their own place in here.
  • Also, after grilling him ruthlessly of his failures (at the behest of an anonymous deity who vouched for Andrew's ascension in the first place), the Court offered to help in rebuilding Rapture (some people are actually interested in an Objectivist-following society and wish to see how it will work out, and even marvel by how socially progressive it was at the time). There will be a few caveats, though, as well as advantages. Which he was forced to accept to avoid the coup of Frank Fontaine that eventually brought the whole city to ruin, not helped by Andrew's paranoia:
    1. There will be trading to and from Rapture, so as to maintain a balanced supply and demand and decrease incentive for contraband.
    2. People are allowed to leave or enter as they please so long as they follow Rapture's creed while inside the city. It's not like his city is a secret anymore, so there's no point in enforcing Resignations Not Accepted.
    3. Any who have issues with Rapture's vision will still have to behave themselves while inside, and any who cause trouble in it will be evicted. Invaders, such as the pirate Black Manta, will be similarly fended off.
    4. To prevent the resentment that resulted in Rapture's eventual downfall, the city's (basic) food, health care, sanitation and oxygen supply are not to be exorbitantly charged (cuisines being exempt from this policy), with the last being free and supplied by outside sources. The former three are to be under control by publicly funded social programs, since they're pivotal to Rapture's stability. After all, Rapture still needs blue-collar workers to "clean the toilets" and such.
    5. Rapture will be rebuilt with better materials (for one, not using aluminum frames as it is a lot weaker than steel when it comes to handling stress, which especially applies when underwater), though aesthetics will remain under Andrew's discretion.
    6. Andrew has the right to evict and ban "parasites" from Rapture, but the Court will determine the duration of the ban and whether or not it's indefinite.
    7. No Mad Scientist in Rapture is permitted to use sapient beings as test subjects, since—ethics aside—that would invalidate Andrew's creed.
  • Andrew doesn't really spend time in his temple, which is mostly a portal gateway to the bathysphere port that takes people to Rapture, as well as a screen that serves as a means of communicating with Andrew directly from his office.
  • Being partially responsible for Elizabeth's death in his city, she and Booker naturally oppose him.
  • As for his son Jack Ryan, he has no choice but to acknowledge that he's well on his way to becoming a man and not as slave as he either took Splicers with him to the surface and launched a nuke, or fled to the surface with seven rescued Little Sisters and lived a long and fulfilling life with them. In any case, Jack wants nothing more to do with Andrew.
  • Given his life experiences, he's remaining a neutral party in regards to the Pantheonic Wars.
    • Being an atheist as well as scorning all forms of favoring the common folk and having specifically founded Rapture to escape the big governments, he's definitely not allied with the GUAG or GUAL. He also sees YHVH as everything wrong with religion worship controlling the masses.
    • Rapture would doubtless be screwed over should the GUAE or GUAD win. He will not allow tyranny or oblivion to end this dream of his.
    • Despite being the closest to his alignment and most tolerant of his vision, the fact that the GUAC also values strength and power leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth, since Rapture is mostly comprised of artists and scientists. Unless he can find someone in there capable of and willing to protect Rapture...
    • What he perceives as limited creativity from machines means he won't back the GUAM either.
  • Because of the Russian Revolution, which eventually brought the Bolsheviks into power, destroyed his family's business and got his aunt and uncle killed for opposing the communist regime, he doesn't have any favorable opinions for those who come from there, even if he was born there.
  • Considered Roosevelt and his "New Dealers" to be "spoon-feeding" Americans on the "Bolshevik Poison", and considers "parasites" those who benefit undeservedly from others. Roosevelt's social programs has the intention of restoring hope and an economic engine devastated by the unfettered excesses of men like Andrew Ryan, so that's understandable.
  • Nukes had been the tipping point for him before he decided to strike out on his own, so he loathes those who would employ such methods or use such weapons no matter their reason.
  • In hindsight, hiring Sofia Lamb to meet the demand of a psychologist in Rapture proved to be a mistake, as her personal philosophy and background ran entirely opposed to his own. The Court has provided substitutes who would prove better and would not incite a revolution.
  • Commander Shepard and the deified Federation Captains (Kirk, Picard, Janeway and Archer) oppose Rapture's ideals, the latter three due to Rapture's ideals being a perversion of those presented by the Federation. Shepherd sees Rapture as no different than Cerberus, and so does Miranda. Jack the biotic attempted to smuggle herself in once, but after last time, before Andrew's ascension and Rapture's revamp, she's been discovered and forcibly evicted.
  • When it comes to other philosophies...
    • Even if it's a philosophy unbound by tradition and morality, Yamato's meritocracy has its own constraint that Andrew can't tolerate; the need to be productive, or else be cast out.
    • Having been compared to Cerberus by Shepard and Miranda, Andrew is barely on speaking terms with the Illusive Man. While both are unconstrained by morality and work to make advancements, Andrew's distaste comes from the fact that TIM has "selfless" motivations, and while it's true that he's yet to get any actual extraterrestrials to join Rapture so far, Cerberus would oppose his city should that happen.
  • Lex Luthor, Darth Sidious, Makuta Teridax and Isaac Westcott think Andrew lacks true ambition, as the power he seeks is ultimately irrelevant in a world of gods and magic. He in return despises the latter three since Rapture won't survive under their victory, and is disappointed with the former for utilizing his advancements just for stopping Superman when he could do much more with it.
  • Robert House is his chief business rival, yet both share a mutual respect, due to the both of then coming from Rags to Riches. Ironically, one scenario regarding House's mortal demise involves The Courier braining Mr. House with a golf club, just like Andrew.
  • Is displeased with Brentalfloss's pitch of his city. This rapper, on the other hand, less so, even if he tries to imitate his voice. It can also serve as a good sales pitch for Rapture.
    • That said, being from a time long before rap was even a concept, he is utterly confused by this style of music.
    Ryan: Is this truly what the modern youth respond to...?
  • The Mob tweaked his slogan for one of their adventures when they were (at the time) opposing Lord Helix. Andrew isn't amused.
  • The Institute is interested in expanding their operations to Rapture, seeing as how their goals coincide with his own. But Andrew is put off by the Institute's M.O. of killing and replacing humans with Synths.
  • Gets some ire from the House of Nature for the time he burnt down a forest (admittedly in his own property) in response to the government trying to claim it as a park, and again when he deprived Rapture's oxygen supply just to keep Jack Ryan from reaching him by torching the gardens.
  • Because of it being essentially a pro-capitalist utopia (on the surface that is), Andrew simultaneously respects and envies the Holy City on the Water, Asterisk, for its economic prosperity and technologic achievements.
  • To Raz, Andrew sounds too much like his father, whom he had spent much of his time getting away from and eventually reconciling with.
  • After having been given an outsider's perspective of her world's events and its characters, Spinnerette has noted Andrew's Objectivism goals, and that her city's villain Dr. Universe follows the same principle. And might probably do a lot better there than Andrew would.
  • "A man chooses, a slave obeys."

    Daichi Misawa 
Daichi Misawa, God of Characters Losing Importance (Bastion Misawa, Number 2, Last Samurai, Misawy)
  • Rank: Demigod
  • Symbol: His Water Dragon card
  • Theme Song: Bastion Misawa's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Losing Importance, Taking an analytic approach to dueling, Having six decks prepared for any situations, Not being given much respect, Becoming much less impressive, Often the butt of a joke or forgotten, Disappearing without any explanation, Expositing about the world
  • Domains: Games, Mathematics, Irrelevance
  • Herald: Tania (His Girlfriend)
  • Followers: Inferno, Dana Tan, Rose Tico
  • Allies: The other good-aligned ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! characters, especially Judai Yuki, Yamcha, Kellam, The Investigation Team, All the good-aligned members of the House of Science, especially Albert Einstein and Dexter, Reed Richards, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang, Masawi Damon, Milo Thatch, Dr. Ian Malcolm
  • Enemies: All evil-aligned Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, especially The Light of Destruction, Shere Khan
  • Opposed by: Seto Kaiba
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Yuri, Sora Shiun'in, Takuma Saiou
  • Some people begin their lives in obscurity before circumstances push them to gain fame and to become heroes known by all. Daichi Misawa's story is the exact opposite of that. At first, he was a main character and one of the more promising new students of Duel Academia, a school centered around teaching the next generation of Duel Monster players. His analytical approach to dueling won him much attention during the first year to the point he entered a friendly rivalry with the school's rising star Judai Yuki and was chosen by the headmaster to protect one of the keys that would awaken the evil cards known as the Sacred Beasts
    • Then the second year happened and it all went downhill. The arrival of many talented duelists to the academy and his logical approach to dueling not fitting how strange his world was becoming meant he lost a lot of attention and relevance, to the point his friends and his former rival began to frequently forget he even existed. The frustration he felt from this treatment leads him to join the Society of Light created by the Light of Destruction... Only to be just as ignored and mocked as before. A meeting with his idol in scientific dueling Allbert Zweinstein convinced him to quit the Society and become his lab assistant, disappearing for the rest of the season.
    • The next time he was seen, he had been transported to another dimension due to a lab accident for months, which none of his friends had noticed. He helped the other Duel Academy students when they landed in the same dimension, mostly by providing Expospeak which notably helped Judai deal with his dark side, but he didn't duel even once. He didn't make one single appearance in the fourth and final season, with no explanation whatsoever. He is a man who lost all relevance he had both in and out of the universe.
    • His ascension into the Pantheon was... odd. Judai just happened to stumble upon him talking to several deities in the House of Knowledge. As it turned out, he stumbled into the Pantheon when he was doing experiments on dimensional and since nearly everyone there treated him as a background character, he was able to walk around as he wished. Wanting to do something for his friend who helped him with the Supreme King, Judai asked the Court of the Gods if Daichi could be given an official position. Seeing how his life began with great promise only to end with mediocrity, he was granted the title of those Demoted to Extra. Naturally, he got very mixed feelings about that.
  • When asked about his whereabouts during the rest of his class's last year at the Duel Academy, he answered that he chose to stay in the Dark World with his wife Tanya and people who needed his efforts to help them rebuild their world. In short, the one place he felt useful and relevant. He only sighed tiredly when he realized none of his fellow students tried to figure out where he was or even noticed he was missing.
  • While he is friends with the other Duel Academy students, he can't help but resent them constantly forgetting about him, which they continue to do in the Pantheon. The exception to this is Judai himself, who is thankful for his help in dealing with the Supreme King. Though they're not really rivals anymore, they still enjoy dueling each other from time to time.
    • Naturally, he was rather cautious about Yubel, since they were responsible for a great deal of suffering for his friends. However, he was able to see how she had changed for the better, and she is grateful for his help in making Judai accept her. So while they're not quite friends, they are now on speaking terms.
    • Of course, he was more than ecstatic to meet legendary duelists such as Yugi Muto or Katsuya Jonouchi. Most of them get along fine with the former Ra Yellow. One notable exception is Seto Kaiba, who calls him a disgrace to Duel Academy for having given up on dueling and on becoming the best. Misawa recognizes that he's got a point, which only made the insult bite harder.
    • He was horrified upon learning the existence of the Academia, an evil and militaristic version of Duel Academy. As such, he was rather ambivalent when it came to meeting Yuri and Sora Shiun'in, who had both done fairly awful things as part of said school. While he recognizes that they have somewhat changed from those wicked days, their carefree and trollish attitudes still rub him the wrong way, especially since they love to remind him of his fall from grace. He has fewer problems with Serena, since she was a professional soldier instead of a sadist like the previous two.
    • Since it had previously used his insecurities to brainwash him into one of its servants, Daichi is deeply resentful towards the Light of Destruction. The said entity acts as if it had completely forgotten about him, only angering the duelist further. Some deities suspect that this is a deliberate ploy to lure Misawa under its service again, and so has kept a close eye on the latter. For the same reason, he is also deeply uncomfortable around Takuma Satou, even if he was also brainwashed at the time.
  • After hearing about them, he grew sympathetic both to Yamcha, due to being so outclassed by his friends that he eventually became irrelevant in fights much like Daichi became irrelevant in duels, and to Kellam for also being often forgotten by his comrades. Though the three have grown to be okay with their relatively minor presence, they still like to hang out with each other to talk about their little problems.
  • Upon hearing about how he helped Judai accept the darker parts of him that was the Supreme King, the Investigation Team approached Daichi and commended him for his actions. Touched from the fact that he was recognized for once, Daichi quickly befriended the team and said that he would gladly help them if any of their investigations or dealing with Shadows would require any scientific expertise. Of them all, he gets along the best with Naoto due to their similarly cerebral approaches to life.
  • He is a fervent believer that everything in the world can be solved through mathematics, including Duel Monsters. As such, his temple's walls are frequently decorated with his numerous formulas, which he make sure to clean up regularly so he can write new ones. This fondness of mathematics eventually caught the attention of the mathematician Ian Malcom, who formed a friendship with him. It helps that the older doctor became a much more serious person in his old age.
  • As mentioned before, he had quit Duel Academy to become the apprentice of Dr. Albert Zweinstein, a worldwide-renowned German physicist. And so, naturally, upon meeting the very similar Albert Einstein, he was beyond impressed and overjoyed. Said Dr. Einstein, appreciating Misawa's brilliance despite his young age, allows him to assist the elderly scientist on his work. This admiration for Einstein led to him building a friendship with even younger Dexter and even began to teach the later Duel Monsters. Thanks to his life's work as a 'scientific duelist', he gets along famously with the good members of the House of Science.
    • Another brilliant scientist he frequently assists is Reed Richards, since the latter's works with interdimensional portals were similar to Daichi's own works with dimensional travel. The leader of the Fantastic Four is more than happy to support the development of a young brilliant mind.
  • He's got a girlfriend in Tania, a sentient tiger that can take human form. As such, he was a bit curious to meet the tigers that lived in the Pantheon. Meeting Tigger and the other living plushies of the Hundred Acre Woods puzzled the scientifically-minded teenager a bit, but they're all so sweet that he doesn't mind their company at all. Though he didn't have much to talk about with Master Tigress of the Furious Five, they still had a mostly cordial meeting despite their very different set of interests. In contrast, Shere Khan reacted the same as he always does with humans: by trying to eat poor Misawa. After running the hell away, the young man decided to do his best to avoid the evil tiger.
  • An unexpected friend he made within the Pantheon is Masaru Damon, who had also decided to remain in an alternate world known as the Digital World to stay with his partner Agumon. The two teenagers managed to bond from that shared experience, and Misawa decided to do his best to help Damon on his quest to better relationships between Digimons and humans. Though the duelist can't help but find the DATS agent being even more reckless and hotheaded than Judai was at first annoying.
    • Another person with similar experience is Milo Thatch, a scientist who had decided to stay in Atlantis with the woman he loves. Though they specialize in different sciences, the two have become fast friends and often talk together about the results of their research. Some deities couldn't help but be amused that they both shared a liking for a woman much stronger than them..
  • An alternate version of Misawa never lost his relevance in the storyline or in dueling circles, yet also had a silly crush on Asuka Tenjouin. He is unsure of how to think of it, but he did adopt several of his counterpart's tactics into his own strategy.

    Doc Hudson 
Doc Hudson, God of Characters That Died With Their Actor (The Fabulous Hudson Hornet)

  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Decal Reading "Fabulous Hudson Hornet"
  • Theme Song: Doc Racing
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guy, Trickster Mentor to Lightning McQueen Even Though He Doesn't Race Anymore, Used To Be A Successful Racer Until His Crash In 1954, Initially Cold To McQueen Due To Reminding Him Of His Past Life, Grail in the Garbage, Criticized Lighting For Being Selfish Despite Moving To Radiator Springs To Avoid His Own Problems, Later Helps Him In The Tiebreaker Race To Make Up For His Mistakes, Took a Level in Cheerfulness, Living Legend, Died By The Second Movie Because His Actor Died As Well, Posthumous Character in the Third Film
  • Domains: Mentors, Racing, Death
  • Heralds: Mater, Sally, and the other residents of Radiator Springs, Dusty (His Former Crew Chief), The Other “Legendary” Racers
  • High Priest: Mr. Hooper
  • Allies: Lightning McQueen, Carl Fredricksen, Stan Lee, Richard Petty, Mr. Miyagi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia Skywalker, Adam West
  • Enemies: Nitros Oxide, Arnie & Christine, The Racing Drones
  • Back in the early 1950s, The Fabulous Hudson Hornet was one of the greatest racers to ever live, winning three consecutive Piston Cup tournaments between '51 and '53 alone. This all changed, however, when he wrecked the following year and was not allowed to race again. Embittered by this outcome, Doc Hudson moved to Radiator Springs to act as the town's doctor and judge. This changed when a hot-headed rookie came crashing into his town (literally) and was pushed by the townsfolk to make him repair it. All he wanted was him gone, reminded him too much of his past. However, despite the two not seeing eye-to-eye, he and Lightning McQueen were able to put their differences behind them and team up for his Tiebreaker Race for the new Piston Cup. He didn't get to see Lightning win, but he saw something even better: a good sport who learned there was more to racing than just that.
  • Doc continued to act as McQueen's mentor until his sudden death near the turn of the decade. While currently unknown why he died, it coincided with the death of Paul Newman, the man who provided his voice. The following Piston Cup was temporarily renamed in remembrance of him. Though, curiously, it took awhile for him to make his way to the Pantheon. When he did arrive, it made Lightning McQueen very happy to see his old mentor again.
    • The two caught up on what was going on in the world since his passing. Doc was amused by the fact that one of those "Empty Cups" was filled with him, noting that while he wasn't sure if that was something he expected he respected the gesture anyway. Likewise, he had this to say when Lightning brought up his time in a similar predicament to where Doc was in '54:
    "Well, if there's something I learned from you kid, even if you were never able to listen again, there's still hope you could pass your tricks down to the next generation. Seems you're already doing some of that with that Cruz girl. Looks like my pupil's become a good teacher in his own right."
  • One old man that Doc was able to get along with just fine was a certain Carl Fredricksen. Upon meeting, the two elderly men swapped stories about their past. Doc his racing career, Carl his time with Ellie, both eventually ending in tragedy. The two also found it odd that both of their lives forever changed when a younger individual came into their life and schemes. Of course, Doc could never say he'd flown using a bunch of helium balloons, but Carl could never say he's a sentient car. If one wishes to hear interesting stories shared by two old men, this dynamic duo has some interesting tales.
  • Being a mentor with a troubled past, Doc found solace with fellow mentors in his boat. One such individual was Obi-Wan Kenobi. Though couldn’t emphasize with his situation of feeling he failed his own student, he does understand the fear it created and that feeling of being a failure. Likewise, he sympathizes with Mr. Miyagi's trauma in World War II and how it influenced his own studio. Miyagi also relates to Doc as he also died, as his own actor did prior to further continuity.
  • Other members of the Pantheon also relate to Doc's death situation. Adam West (Mayor of Quahog) remembers the time when he died and how it coincided when the real-life Adam West died as well. Similarly, Leia Organa's sudden demise during The Resistance's final stand against Palpatine came some time after Carrie Fisher's passing. The three also have a tenancy to swap stories about their lives. Stan Lee, a fellow Living Legend in his own right, also joined this group, sharing his own stories of how he kept getting mixed up in all these life-threatening situations.
  • When Big Bird learned there was a new Deity representing characters who died with their actors, he became curious and went to check out the situation. To his disappointment, it was not Mr. Hooper. However, this race car's demeanor did remind him of his old friend. And thus, a new friendship was born from this situation.
  • While Lightning loosened Doc to some of the younger folk, he still finds some of the more hotheaded individuals to be annoying. This is especially true of Sonic the Hedgehog. In combination with his speed and cocky attitude, the old car was once again reminded of his reckless days, as well as some of what McQueen used to be back in the day. He doesn't outright hate him, since Sonic's heart at least seems to be in the right place, which couldn't be said about Lightning when he first met him, but he does still find his demeanor to be irritating occasionally.
  • Doc Hudson has some choice words when it comes to Nitros Oxide. Above all else, he isn’t a fan of how he turned a fun sport such as racing into a life-and-death scenario, threatening to blow up the planet if someone doesn't beat him at a race. Not only that, but he doesn't even have the courtesy to play fair, and instead opts to jump the gun. A veteran racer such as Doc has seen his fair share of cheaters, not to mention the stuff Chick Hicks pulled. He's nonetheless glad when he heard the Crash Bandicoot deities took care of that situation.
    • Cheating in general is a major turn-off for Doc. It is for this reason he also has issues with both The Monstars and Bandit Keith. The former's resorting to taking legendary professional's abilities earned their spot on his dislike list. As for the latter, his impulsive cheating and inability to accept defeat are what pushed him over the edge. At the very least, he did lose despite his dishonesty.
  • Lightning McQueen warned his mentor to be careful around Arnie and Christine. He mentioned how he already tried to talk him out of his life choice to little avail, and feels that Doc, given his successful past, wouldn’t be much help to him either. Doc was also concerned when he heard that Christine intentionally ran over people in its way and how it made Arnie more aggressive as a result and is a shared enemy with Lightning as a result.
  • Doc was honored to meet another racing legend: Richard Petty. The two quickly got along well for their shared interest of racing, especially of the NASCAR variety. The two are considering an exhibition race at an undetermined time in the future. Tickets to this occasion are already selling out as racing fans the Pantheon over await this one-on-one duel between two defining figures in the world of motorized competition.
    • Other racers are free to join in competitions with him as well, including his old pupil. However, some racers are barred from joining such competitions. The Racing Drones, known for their aggressive driving and determination to finish races no matter what, have been auto banned from such competitions. The aforementioned Oxide fits this category as well for reasons already stated. For those who are allowed, nothing but praise has been given for the opportunity to race against such a legendary racer.
  • Also found in the Hall of Manners of Death

Lillie, Goddess of Clothing Reflecting Growth (Lilie (pronounced lee-lee-eh))
"Z-Powered Form" 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her duffel bag with Nebby sticking out of it
  • Theme Songs: her original theme, Lively Lillie!, Steely Lillie, Lonely Lillie, this in battle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Slightly taller than her brother, Telling Off Her Mother, Secondary Hero, Kid with the Leash, Mysterious Waif, Dark and Troubled Past, Disappeared Dad, Possesses green eyes like her family members, Specializes in Fairy-Type Pokémon, Blonde Hair Nice Girl, The Nicknamer, No Sense of Direction, Carries a lot of trainer's gear with her, Cute Bookworm, Support Party Member, Happily adopted by Professor Kukui and Burnet, Travelled to Kanto to become a Pokémon Trainer, Narrator All Along
  • Domain: Adventure, Family, Growth
  • Party Pokémon: Snowy (her Alolan Vulpix), Clefairy, Ribombee, Comfey, Magearna, Polteageist
  • Allies: Gladion (her older brother), Nebby, The Guardian Deities, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Profesor Kukui, N, Olivia, Mina, Haruka Kotoura, Asami Sato, Hibiki Tachibana, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Carl and Ada Clover, Shinji Ikari, Cinderella, Adora & Catra, Rapunzel, Maisie Farange, Zuko
  • Enemies: Team Rainbow Rocket note , Hunter J, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Gendo Ikari, Mother Gothel, Morathi, Arael, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Conflicting Opinion: Guzma
  • Pities: Princess Azula, Jecht, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Malekith
  • Complicated Relationship: The Ultra Beastsnote , Necrozma
  • At first glance, Lillie may seem like your average girl. She kept to herself, assisted Professor Kukui with his research, and showed no particular interest in Pokémon battling. But when one gets to know her more, then a fuller picture begins to unfold. Lillie is the daughter of Aether Foundation President Lusamine, who had become obsessed with the inter-dimensional creatures known as the Ultra Beasts, and desired to be with them, neglecting and even abusing her own children. After rescuing a Legendary Pokémon called Cosmog - who she later nicknamed Nebby - Lillie fled Aether Paradise, but would later end up aiding two young trainers on their Island Trial challenge. Through this, she began to change. She became more outgoing, bold, willing to take on obstacles and overcome them. This was reflected in her clothing as well, ditching the large hat and skirt (which made her look like a jellyfish) in favour of her "Z-Powered" form. Eventually, she and her friends confronted Lusamine in the Ultra Deep Sea, and with Nebby's help, defeated and freed her mother from its grasp. After the trainers became champion, Lillie gave them a heartfelt farewell, telling them she would be going to Kanto to help in her mother's recovery...
    • Lillie travelled to Cerulean City, to speak with the famous Pokémon researcher Bill, who himself merged with a Pokémon long ago. He offered his assistance but warned it would take some time and encouraged her to stay and help with his research. A week passed and while some progress was made there was still little sign of Lusamine making a full recovery. Then one day, after meeting and befriending the local gym leader, Misty, Lillie returned to the Sea Cottage to discover it empty. On Bill's table were two items. A Pokéball, containing an Alolan Vulpix, and a note explaining she had been "chosen". A gateway opened up at the back of the house, ethereal light pouring out of it. Lillie was hesitant, but she entered through regardless. What greeted her on the other side caught her completely by surprise. There, standing before her very eyes, was her mother, as well as her older brother Gladion. She had countless questions to ask... but the only thing she could say was... "Mother... I missed you." The family shared a group hug, finally reunited in the strange world known simply... as the Pantheon.
  • When first met, Lillie was seen wearing a distinctive white sundress and hat; an outfit that reflected her mother's obsession with the Ultra Beast, Nihilego. Wanting to grow as a person, be independent of her mother's toxic behaviour and make decisions for herself, Lillie cast aside these 'shackles' and donned her "Z Powered Form"; a white sailor-like shirt and a short white miniskirt with blue light blue highlights. It's the appearance Lillie is often seen wearing while in the Pantheon, and the attire she's most comfortable with.
  • Her temple leads to Aether Paradise, an artificial island situated in the middle of the Alola region, and the Aether Foundation's main HQ. It is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to Pokémon conservation and research, complete with a nature reserve and laboratories. It was Lillie's original home before running away with Nebby, but ever since her adventures, she comes back to aid Gladion in maintaining the Aether Foundation. Much work had to be done to restore the Foundation's reputation and both are busier than ever keeping a tab on any Ultra Wormholes emerging in the Pantheon. That being said, they don't want to open the Secret Labs to the public.
  • While at first, she didn't think that much about Pokémon battles, Lillie's opinion has changed after her adventures with her friends and as a result, she decided to become a Pokémon trainer herself. She made her first step toward that goal with Snowy, and in the Pantheon, she obtained several Fairy-Types, including Clefairy, Ribombee, Comfey and a unique Magearna her father had intended for her. These Pokémon primarily serve as support, but Lillie is still willing to learn and remains as confident as ever, especially with all the other Pokémon trainers residing in the Pantheon.
    • Surprisingly for a rookie trainer, Lillie always comes prepared with plenty of repels and potions that she usually gave to her dear friends back home. She still does this in the pantheon as she would give out supplies to anybody who encounters her.
  • At first, Ash Ketchum was happy to learn of Lillie's ascension, having gone to school with her back in Alola. But when the two met in the Pantheon, Lillie initially didn't recognize him. She only began remembering her time together after a few days of conversing and as a result, she also recalled another timeline where she aided two Pokédex holders on their adventures. Every now and then, Lillie and Ash will be called upon along with their classmates as Ultra Guardians, tasked with roping in Ultra Beasts, Angels and other alien beings who often wander into the Pantheon. With Altaria by her side, Lillie has got it covered.
  • Due to her complicated and problematic experiences regarding her mother and brother, Lillie happens to be a well-known topic for the House of Family. There was a time in which the Heroic Protectors of Family condemned Lusamine for her abusive and neglectful attitude towards her children, but so far, Lusamine has shown signs of becoming a better person and parent. At the same time, they also came to respect Lillie for her resolve and becoming braver as time went by. She's personally grateful for the condolences and admiration the House of Family had given her and they're always welcome to invite her for a stay.
  • The Child Abuse Supporters, in contrast to their Heroic Protectors counterparts, felt that Lillie and Gladion's abuse was "adequate enough," and have even tried to convince Lusamine to join their ranks. Thankfully, the kids have kept their mother out of the organization's reach. Lillie in particular opposes Lady Tremaine and Fire Lord Ozai due to their cruel treatment of their own children - Cinderella, Zuko and Azula respectively. Cinderella and Zuko have sympathized with the young trainer and often stop by Aether Paradise to help the Foundation in whatever way they can, but Azula did not appreciate the pity. She made sure Lillie kept well and truly away from her... with a little lightning to boot.
    • Lillie gets along well with other individuals who also had to deal with neglectful and abusive parents. Rapunzel, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown and Maisie Faranage became close to Lillie, the three often discussing their past experiences with their family - Rapunzel and Fate more so while Maisie isn't around. Lillie was saddened to learn of their relationships with their mother figures; Gothel and Precia Testarossa respectively and was happy that both were able to get out of it and start a new life. The same can be said for Adora and Catra, who were also physically and emotionally abused by Shadow Weaver. The pair assist Lillie when they can, using their skills to ward off any wayward Ultra Beasts and, on one occasion, fighting off Morathi when she came to invade.
  • On the subject of parents, her initial acknowledgement towards Darth Vader came off as Lillie seeing her mother, only a tad bit more wrathful and physically aggressive. To Vader's credit, he wasn't exactly abusive in a sense; he only realized the revelation of Luke and Leia's survival much later in his life and instead wanted to have his children join him in ruling the galaxy. It's a great and heartwarming thought... had it not been for the fact that Vader was a feared Sith Lord who was reviled by nearly everyone in the galaxy. That said, his repressed familial affection for Luke was what redeemed him. Personally, Lillie is hesitant to approach the former Dark Lord but is happy to see him at least trying to be the good man he used to be. Vader himself accept's Lillie's acknowledgement for him, but understands why she keeps a good distance from him.
    • She has come to pity both the Blitzball legend Jecht, due to his fractured relationship with his son, Tidus, and the Phoenix King Malekith, who truly loved his family despite his dark intentions. Jecht didn't appreciate the pity but he agrees that he messed up, explaining how he was never good at expressing the love he has for his son. Malekith on the other hand respected the girl's concerns... but threatened to take over her world along with all other worlds.
  • One day, a young boy was seen aimlessly wandering through Aether Paradise. Lillie and Gladion met with this third child, Shinji Ikari, and after getting to know him more offered him a place to stay in Alola and their support. Why you may ask? Because they learned of Shinji's estranged relationship with his father, NERV Commander Gendo Ikari, the Evangelion program and the war with the Angels; all of which shocked and terrified the Alolan children. Ever since learning this, Lillie and Shinji keep in touch and often get together to chat and share their own adventures.
    • The Ultra Beasts weren't the only thing to worry about. Arael, an angel NERV had fought in the past, arrived in the Pantheon and subjected Lillie to a horrible flashback, where a Nihilego attacked her and resulted in her being scared of touching Pokémon. She was saved not only by Shinji but Hibiki Tachibana of the 2nd Division Symphogears. They were able to fend off the Angel before Nebby dealt the finishing blow. Ever since that incident, Lillie has kept a close eye on the Angels, hoping that no more will arrive in the Pantheon.
  • In another timeline where Lusamine was not corrupted by Nihilego, Aether Paradise was taken over by Team Rainbow Rocket, forcing Lillie, her friends, and even Team Skull leader Guzma to storm their castle, defeat the grunts and evil leaders inside and restore the facility to its original form. At one point, she was held hostage by Team Plasma leader Ghetsis, who threatened her life before being saved by Colress. When Lillie got word of the group's reformation in the Pantheon, she wasn't happy in the slightest but was only thankful that Maxie, Archie and Cyrus are no longer part of it. That said, she has to contend with Ghetsis once more, and even a bounty hunter known simply as J, who tried to steal Lillie's Magearna on a few occasions.
    • Lillie still has a little difficulty working with Guzma due to his involvement with Lusamine's original plan. But he's making good on becoming a better person and from what fellow Alolan trainers Olivia and Mina have told her, progress is being made. For that, Lillie can respect that.
  • Asami Sato, Chief Executive Officer of Future Industries, met with Lillie and Gladion following Team Rainbow Rocket's attack, expressing interest in the Aether Foundation's technological advances and wishing to set up a business deal with them. As talks went down, Lillie learned of how Asami's own estranged relationship with her father, Hiroshi, after she learned he supported the Equalist movement. She was happy at least the Sato's were able to patch things up and soon the two became good friends. Asami will come to visit from time to time, and in return, the Aether Foundation has even provided aid to Republic City.
  • One time, Lillie and Ash were busy with their Ultra Guardian duties when they encountered two beings quite unlike any Ultra Beast they had ever seen. One was a white-clad woman with bright, rainbow-coloured hair and a sadistic look on her face. The other was a man dressed in violet clothing, a gold masquerade mask, and accompanied by a metallic magenta-coloured humanoid being. These two individuals, Ragyō Kiryūin and Relius Clover wiped the floor with the Pokémon trainers, using the Life Fibers and Detonator: Ignis to their full effect. They would have killed the children had it not been for some unexpected help. A young boy with his own battle doll and two young sword wielders; one dressed in red and black, the other in white and blue. Working together, the group was able to repel the two intruders and drive them away from Aether Paradise. The strangers introduced themselves properly afterwards. The boy was Relius' son, Carl - the battle doll his sister, Ada, while the young women revealed themselves to be Ragyō's daughters; Ryūko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryūin. They explained how Ragyō and Relius were devising a means of opening new Ultra Wormholes and unleashing the Ultra Beasts upon the worlds, offering their assistance to the Aether Foundation. Lillie accepted and welcomed them all in, with Aether's scientists working to understand the Life Fibers and aiding Carl in restoring his sister back to normal.
  • Despite Lusamine's recovery, Lillie has special arrangements in the House of Health and Diseases to treat her mother of any residual Nihilego poison left in her system. While there, she met a young man named Coco, who just so happened to have an immunity to poisons. The Heavenly King offered his help in trying to assist Lusamine, which Lillie greatly appreciates.
  • Lillie was ecstatic to learn that Nebby had found its way into the Pantheon and was quick to see it, giving the Pokémon a big hug when they reunited. She noted how it was able to change between Solgaleo, Lunala and its standard Cosmog form, and will sometimes team up with it whenever Nebby is in a pinch, especially with Necrozma roaming about the Pantheon too. She was surprised to see the Tapus in the Pantheon as well and was just as happy to learn they are well protected too.
    • Lillie's attempts to keep Nebby in her bag, and failing at it, is well known amongst the people. It's become a popular pastime to parody her trying to put Nebby in a bag, especially after it evolved into Solgaleo/Lunala.
      • Related to this, some are perplexed that she was able to carry Nebby's evolved form, Cosmoem in her bag despite it weighing over a thousand pounds. Of course, given that it floats, she's probably not doing much of the carrying, but it's still a hilarious thing to note.
  • Can also be found in Clothing Theme.
  • "Everyone's smiles shine so brightly. Those smiles led us to so many other people. And those meetings will lead us to a bright future."

    Nelson Muntz 
Nelson Mandela Muntz, God of Menace Decay

Pauline, Goddess of Characters Returning From Hiatuses (Lady, Louise, The Beautiful Girl, Paula)

    Sarah Jane Smith 
Sarah Jane Smith, Goddess of Chickification (Sarah-Jane Smith, Lavinia Smith, Marie Samuels)
Sarah Jane Smith in the Classic (top) and Modern (bottom) Series

    Vir Cotto 
Vir Cotto, God of Growing a Spine (Abrahamo Lincolni, Flounder IN SPACE!)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Centauri Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Originally a Plucky Comic Relief with Hidden Depths, Adorkable, Can't Hold His Liquor, Token Good Teammate, The Conscience, Badass Bureaucrat, ultimately The Kingslayer and The Emperor afterwards.
  • Domains: Law Good, Nobility, Leadership
  • Allies: Lorien, Susan Ivanova, John Sheridan, Jeffrey Sinclair, Amy Rose, Jiminy Cricket, Ariel
  • Enemies: Ron Swanson, The Vogons, Tywin Lannister, Head Pixie
  • Opposed by: Lord Djibril
  • Odd Friendship: Tyrion Lannister
  • Admired by: Piglet
  • If someone from 20 years ago would say that Vir Cotto would be among the most revered bureaucrats in the Pantheon, they would have been laughed out of the building. And with good reason; Cotto was introduced as a Plucky Comic Relief to the heroes. He was even compared to Flounder. Yet with time, he received one of the most prolific Character Development in the Pantheon. By the time his story ended, he has taken the throne for himself, free of any outside influence. Sure he had help from the many gods from his world residing beside him, but much of it was his doing. Not bad for a person who got the job by accident. John Sheridan felt obliged to bring him over to the Pantheon as thanks.
  • Received a hero's welcome from those of his friends that arrived before him. He was particularly happy to see Sheridan and Sinclair again after their disappearances in his world. They were glad to hear that Cotto's reign has been going smoothly. With that said, they are all wary in the event that the Shadows make their way into the Pantheon.
  • To be fair, Tyrion didn't think much of Vir Cotto. Then again, most people overlook the dwarf that has kept the Lannisters intact for most of his life. When he did meet Cotto, he was surprised at his composure as king. Tyrion offered a drink and the two fell into a deep conversation about including how he even got the job in the first place.
    • It does help that Vir Cotto handed his father the bureaucratic equivalent of the middle finger. While Tywin is the God of Effective Bureaucrats, he has a tendency of removing those who do not agree to his methods. Those who don't are forced to work with Leslie Knope, who while a good bureaucrat on her own has too many problems for her to be ranked higher. Cotto responded by allowing a large chuck of Tywin's begrudged followers to coalesce around him. Tywin saw this as an affront to his authority, and the two have been battling to win over recruits.
  • Early on, Vir Cotto has struggled to justify the actions of his morally ambiguous king Londo Mollari. He has more than often tried to steer them towards more morally tenable acts. It has certainly made him a Morality Pet in their journeys, something Amy Rose is all too familiar with. Amy has proven that such characters aren't spineless wimps, capable of slamming people with her hammer if need be. She's grateful to see another of her kind in the Pantheon.
    • One can also call him The Conscience to his group. Jiminy Cricket was initially unimpressed, as Londo hardly ever listened to him. But as time went on, the God of Consciences appreciated how Cotto handled the situation in the end.
  • While Cotto lays claim to much of their rank, most cowards secretly hope to grow out of their shell and become better people. To Piglet, this would mean a likely loss of rank. Yet he is fine with those who are able to overcome their fear.
    • That is not the case for Lord Djibril. He holds a bit of jealousy for those who leave his temple after becoming more than Dirty Cowards. He even tried to cause a diplomatic row by starting a dispute between the Emperor of Mankind and the House of Extraterrestrials. Not only did Vir Cotto managed to smooth things out between the two factions, he even traced the cause back to Lord Djibril. The head of LOGOS responded by strangling the man, but enough heroes came to his aid to scare him off.
  • Is not a fan of Ron Swanson's role of ObstructiveBureacracy, preventing more effective bureaucrats from doing their jobs. With that said, he does see some use to this when it comes to sabotaging more corrupt governments.
  • Was displeased to see that the Vogons have managed to gain a seat in the Pantheon. Not just because their poem reading is awful, but they are among the most annoying to deal with in terms of diplomacy.
  • Even worse than the last two are the pixies. He knew that H.P. was responsible for corrupting the Centauri Republic to the Shadows. The only way to rectify that was to purge the entire council, including the former king Londo. As the new ruler, he swore never to let their corruption take a hold on his kingdom. The Head Pixie responded with a shrug of indifference. To them, it was a world that they carelessly neglected. Then again, they never expected someone like Cotto would be able to great their hold.


    Pacifica Northwest 
Pacifica Elise Northwest, Goddess of Reformed Bullies
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A llama... don't ask.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (was pressured to be Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: A haughty girl of wealth until she became otherwise, Breakout Character, Has really bad parents who care little about what she actually thinks and her ancestors are no better, Forced to obey at a ring of the bell giving her insecurity issues, Redeems her family's honour by letting the common folk in, Associated with llamas, Defrosting Ice Queen, There is more to her than on the surface, Name is a pun of the Pacific Northwest region
  • Domains: Wealth, Pride, Family, Youth
  • Heralds: Preston and Priscilla Northwest (her parents)
  • High Priestess: Diamond Tiara
  • Followers: Gus Matthews, Gideon Grey, Groose, Harley Keiner
  • Allies: Dipper and Mabel Pines, Stan Pines, Naruto and Boruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hyuga, Seto Kaiba, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Zuko, Jin Kazama, Hayate Ayasaki, Uncle Howee, Jimmy Hopkins, Miles Edgeworth, Charlotte LaBouff, Stella Hoshii, Haru Okumura, Sara Crewe, Candy White, Johnny Lawrence, Flash Thompson, Shouya Ishida and Shouko Nishimiya, Carl Wheezer, Colonel Sanders, Thunder, The Mane Six, Trixie Lulamoon, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Peko Pekoyama, Helga G. Pataki
  • Enemies: Bill Cypher, .GIFfany, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Princess Morbucks, Manfred von Karma, Fire Lord Ozai and the Child Abuse Supporters, Relius Clover, Ghetsis Harmonia, John Kreese, Libby Chesler, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith
  • Pities: Azula
  • Confused by: Numbuh Two, Bart Simpson
  • Pacifica Northwest was initially what she obviously was: a snobby rich gal who uses her ancestry from the supposed founder of Gravity Falls, Nathaniel Northwest so that she can get what she wants and is the designated rival to Mabel Pines, being there against her when Mabel wanted to have fun. And she remained that way until when Dipper and Mabel dueled against her in mini-golf with the help of the Liliputtians who tried to straight up kill her until the twins changed their mind and saved her. After the disastrous duel and learning how to share when grabbing tacos, Pacifica finally admitted she had fun even if it turned out bad.
    • Later, when the ghost of a lumberjack haunts a party her parents threw for the rich people of Gravity Falls, Pacifica's rough childhood was revealed: she was once a child much like Mabel until her parents Preston and Priscilla put her under Pavlovian conditioning in order to keep her from disobeying and maintain the family image, regardless if it was built on lies. As the ghost punished everyone at the party by slowly turning them into wood, Pacifica ultimately defies her parents' conditioning and pulled the lever to the gate to let the common folk of Gravity Falls in, finally convincing the ghost that she had upheld her ancestors' promise to them as he leaves the mortal realm. When Weirdmageddon happened, Pacifica joined the Resistance against Bill Cypher and contributed in Ford Pines' plan against him; despite it not working and resulting in her capture, she is freed once Bill is defeated. After Weirdmageddon was averted, the Northwest family wealth was lost and Pacifica and her parents must live elsewhere, but even if she could only keep one pony she had finally seen the Pines twins as friends, not enemies as they left the town.
  • As they're surrounded by mostly people older than them, Dipper and Mabel decided it's time to help ascend a friend their age; sure, there's Candy and Grenda as Heralds but Dipper wants a friend that he and Mabel can hang out together and he's definitely not looking to endure another sleepover from them. The twins propose to the Court of the Gods that Pacifica had come a long way since being a bully to Mabel, as the incident in Northwest Mansion proves that she is better than her entire family and that she's in better behaviour, even downplaying her haughty act after Weirdmageddon. The Court evaluated their reasoning and decided she was worthy of her change; Pacifica Northwest is now the Goddess of Reformed Bullies. When she first arrived here through a limousine asking her and her parents to this place called "the Trope Pantheons", she had a little exchange with the twins and it's clear she's delighted to see them again.
    Pacifica: You dweebs better not be setting me up for a prank...
    Pacifica: Just kidding! Hey, you guys! Now... what is this place?
    • When told she can have those closest to her as Heralds, Pacifica was hesitant at first but ultimately decided to make her parents Preston and Priscilla as the Heralds. Due to what they have done to her and her mental health, Preston and Priscilla are forbidden to ring their bell towards her as she deserves to be herself away from their upbringing; while Priscilla slowly accepts submissively, Preston was reluctant due to habits but ultimately accepts the limitation. Nowadays, you do see the parents and child together but not always because of the upbringing. Pacifica still find them to be horrible, but they're still her parents and they will come around whether they'll like it or not.
  • As noted, she's finally friends with Dipper and Mabel even after their previous clashes before their disastrous mini golf game and Pacifica finally worked up the courage to declare them as such despite coming back to her haughty demeanour. Some deities and mortals think that she is attracted to one twin or the other and vice versa and in response while tired of pointless and even alarming discourse, the three kids have merely stated the words of their trollish creator, Alex Hirsch: "We're 12-year-olds. We shouldn't focus on romance, we should focus on pop tarts and Pokémon." As for their Grunkle Stan, he thinks it's overkill she puts on too much makeup for a young girl but she still insist that it is fitting for a rich girl like her; other than that, they're okay with each other and more so after Bill's Weirdmageddon.
    • Speak of the devil, Bill Cipher refuses to let her live down the fact that her father sell his fellow humans out for preservation... when he has nothing to offer to Bill who already achieved all he wanted to do during the incident; Pacifica refuses to let someone like Bill run free, even if her father is a scumbag and she's still powerless to stop him. Dipper and Mabel also warn her of .GIFfany's threat which Pacifica accepts, only hearing about the news of the disaster she caused at the Suck E. Cheese's and now she knows the program is behind it.
  • One of the first deities besides those she knows to welcome her is Bruce Wayne AKA Batman. Bruce Wayne sympathized with her, feeling that her abused childhood was just as bad as his orphaned one so he ended up teaching her what it actually meant to hold that kind of financial power, and all the kindness and philanthropist actions that went with it; moved, Pacifica decided to keep them to heart should she be able to inherit her family's wealth all by herself when she's older. After she told him of her family’s horrible deeds, he decided that Batman would pay them a visit. Once there he attempted to find the evidence, only to discover it had been moved. He sternly confronted Preston and Priscilla in full costume (which scares the living daylights out of them), and told them the following.
    • Safe to say, the abusive parents are now less likely to use the conditioning on Pacifica again, if not never again. Because if they do, Batman will be there to put them away for good in a jail possibly even worse than Arkham Asylum and no one, not even them would want that.
  • There are others who sympathized a lot with Pacifica as well due to similar upbringings. Seto Kaiba in a rare display of kindness felt empathetic to her as well, having gone through an awful childhood because of his adoptive father Gozaburo and he has told her that she is free to enter any of his parks without pay, making sure to let his employees of said parks know, something she's happy about and thought of inviting Dipper and Mabel to join her soon. Hearing of Batman’s plans to reveal her parent's nasty deeds, he has secretly planned ways to trick them out of their money and businesses and give them to Pacifica, just in case the Dark Knight isn’t successful. Zuko too, having an abusive father of his own and he admires that she was able to learn that her destiny was her own, and at a far younger age than he was. Being a child, she was already friends with Hayate even before they knew about each other and the experiences of Parental Neglect they share simply helped them get along even faster; she's even glad that he's able to pay of the absurdly high amount of debt he was burdened with and she wishes she has that same amount of diligence in hard work which Hayate encourages to develop more. Miles Edgeworth surprisingly also got along with Pacifica, as both of them know the life with a parent abusing them using conditioning. Jin Kazama also offered her protection of the Heroic Protectors of Family who dedicate themselves to protecting defenseless children from dire threats, and she accepts. She does wish Jin would let go of his family's woes but he somberly says he can't because of the Devil Gene he was given from birth, which still makes him tied to his family anyway that'll strip him of any chance of a normal life, which saddens Pacifica.
    Pacifica: Man, talk about a family superpower that you don't want...
    • Naruto and Hinata have taken quite a liking to her, and have invited her over many, many times to spend the day with them and their family. She’s often stated that they are the best days she’s had along the ones she spends with the twins, even when Naruto is swamped by work. Even Boruto is okay with her, as long as he doesn't get worked up by her haughty attitude. Though she hasn’t accepted any adoption requests, most of the Pantheon believes they are the likeliest candidates for a potential foster family should Preston and Priscilla became permanently unavailable.
    • Uncle Howee went off to do his usual bit, tricking her parents into a bet they couldn’t win, turning them into marionettes in the process. However, Pacifica herself came to ask him to turn them back, determined not to be as cruel as they were. Howee respected her request; though he does do puppet shows for her every now and the, giving her a bit of a childhood she never had. Being a proud father that loves his son, Bowser swore to make the Northwest family pay for what they did to Pacifica (if Batman and Kaiba fail in their own respective revenge schemes) and Bowser Jr. was suitably horrified as well, so he and Pacifica occasionally go on playdates with Jr. even letting her try out the Jr. Clown Car.
    • Of course, it's pretty obvious that she would hate other Abusive Parents who have no remorse in their actions against their children. She hates Manfred von Karma to be like her father Preston, only more worse and it doesn't help that he offered them to be their lawyer should their trial comes. She also hates Fire Lord Ozai for his abuse against Zuko, and his plans for domination is no better than Bill taking over the world through Weirdmageddon. Relius Clover and Ghetsis Harmonia too, with Ghetsis being worse over the fact that N wasn't even his own child.
    • Pacifica has felt pity for Azula for also being under the thumb of an abusive father in Ozai since even if she fulfilled what he cares about in his children, he wouldn't even want them to share his seat of power. Unfortunately, Azula is not willing to take the pity from her as she's still of the mindset that she must gain the approval of her father as that she is all she had lived for; Pacifica could only sigh at Azula's impending self-destruction as she could do nothing to change her mind.
  • Pacifica have mingled with girls from rich families (and one adopted into one) as they heard of her situation and sympathized with her experience through it. Charlotte and Haru are great friends with her, being both actual fellow nice rich girls; they often go on shopping trips together and don't worry, Pacifica hasn’t lost her sense of fashion. She's especially chummy with Haru, who sympathized with Pacifica over her complicated relationship with her parents - something that the Phantom Thief is definitely no stranger to. On one trip, Charlotte invited Sara Crewe and Candy White along, who actually hit it off with Pacifica and were glad that she turned around for the better; in turn, Pacifica gets to hear and imagine what it's like to be poor from them and takes their advice to heart now that she and her parents lost their mansion, stored riches and ponies.
    • Stella Hoshii may be a bit prideful and high-strung (particularly if it involves her robotic eye) she's still ultimately nice in the end, kind of like Pacifica minus the robotic eye. Unlike the Northwests who are snobby, greedy and unfair to the common folk, Stella is more generous as evidenced by the parties she and her family threw where she lets the staff take home any leftover food and even buys gifts for the staff's children; plus, Stella's closest friend Sei Asagiri is of a lower class than her. Stella is glad that Pacifica reformed and had make up for her family's terrible crimes and the latter in turn sees Stella as a cool adult to look up to. After all of these meetings, Pacifica had realized just how being a good person will honestly take one far.
    • Of course, where there are good reminders there are also bad reminders. The Reagan heirs, Eliza and Neil are just as snobbish as what Candy had described, and Pacifica was glad to not have befriended people like them fully. Pacifica also does not like Princess Morbucks, considering the Powerpuff wannabe's role is the exact opposite of hers: being completely pampered by her father while she is the villainous one; Morbucks think she's a whiny baby who might as well stay out of her power fantasy, which mind you can't be brushed off as childish when she has proven a threat against the Powerpuff Girls a number of times.
  • Make no mistake, even if Pacifica turns around for the better she'll still act haughty like before and will take potshots at anyone even if she's allies with them. Of course for some, they can't really do that much anymore and such is the case of Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, a yakuza heir who was involved with the Despair Incident in his world and had to face losing his bodyguard Peko Pekoyama in the Future Foundation's rehabilitation simulation that kickstarted his resolve to be cooperative with his fellow remaining classmates. Kuzuryuu was angered that her parents rarely give a crap or two about her mental health, only their reputation and image and Peko had to restrain him so that he can cool off; instead of giving in to his anger, he instead decided to protect her instead should she needs it and everybody else who befriended her were unavailable. Peko felt pretty much the same way and discounting her and her young master's brainwashing by Junko Enoshima, she couldn't imagine being conditioned into obeying by her yakuza employers but tries be there for her.
  • As she is now a Reformed Bully once she have largely stopped trampling on Mabel's fun, Pacifica found herself under Jimmy Hopkins' radar but instead of him about to beat her up for picking on Mabel, he instead pats her shoulder and commends her for changing her ways and plus, he usually doesn't directly beat up female bullies which is why he only use indirect methods; he'll make sure she's on her best behaviour from now on, not that Pacifica is under peer pressure to bully others anyway. Flash Thompson also related to her on that front, and became angered when he heard about the abuse; it's because he himself was under abuse by his own parents which led him to take it out on Peter Parker. Pacifica is only glad that being a superhero made him a better person overall, even if he's got some temper that might hinder his allies' efficiency. On a trip to a boutique, Pacifica met Helga G. Pataki, also a former bully who bullied Arnold out of not knowing how to properly express her feelings for him. As they talked, Pacifica felt sympathy for her due to her being raised by parents who hardly care for her, only her sister Olga and was a little glad she's an only child. Helga is more horrified that Pacifica was abused by her own parents, right down to Pavlovian conditioning on her psyche; the two girls decided to stick together in solidarity seeing as they also gotten kinder now that they have befriended their former victims.
    • Shouya Ishida is a also a former bully as he once bullied Shouko Nishimiya when they were in elementary, all because he didn't want to be bored. Soon after she transferred did he become a scapegoat for it, and this combined with realizing the stuff Shouko did for him did he come to seriously atone for this past of his in the present; Pacifica is glad that he did atone for his actions before it was too late and in turn, Shouya was pissed that she had gone through a hellish ordeal from her parents. Shouko also warmed up to Pacifica after they both relate to each other over their insecurities about what people think of them, and Pacifica tries her best in reassuring her that she's better than what people have said to her scathingly.
    • Johnny Lawrence was a vicious bully and karate student who undergoes a downward spiral in life after losing the All Valley Tournament to Daniel LaRusso and years later, wants to make amends. Pacifica had a lot of criticism for him since his bullying was more malicious than hers but she toned it down when she heard from him that he had a very rough upbringing, having a mother being a Gold Digger just to support her and him and having an evil sensei in John Kreese who taught him to win whatever it takes or else he'll face punishment; she realizes that she's not so different from him, right down to actively making amends in spite of still being a jerk and actively condemning lying and cheating. After agreeing that her parents suck like everybody else did, Johnny offered her lessons in his newly-reformed Cobra Kai karate school to give her some semblance of self-defense and while she would turn him down as she's usually not interested in karate, Pacifica accepts anyway as she knows that there are worse bad guys out there than Bill Cypher and the abusers she recently encountered.
    • The resident bullies of the Pantheons, such as Gary Smith, Libby Chessler and Biff Tannen are met with disapproval from Pacifica, as they are what would happen if she becomes just as worse than her parents and who she was back then. They all scoff at her, though they wouldn't mind bullying her if they feel like it. Through Johnny's warning, Pacifica stays away from John Kreese lest she gets beaten up by him or worse, being forced to learn his dirty fighting style.
  • Pacifica is associated with llamas, due to her hair somewhat resembling one as well as a bell, and she fits the symbol on Bill's wheel when she wore one of Mabel's sweatshirts, which is something that embarrassed her to no end. Yet it still got her to meet Carl Wheezer one day after a shared class in Elysium Academy. Carl is reminded of his classmate Cindy Vortex only more snobbier but seeing as she turned over a new leaf, he offered to bring her to a llama farm; feeling a little bored by the week, Pacifica accepts. She ended up having a good time, even if they don't give her much joy as riding ponies and so, she made an unlikely friend in the wheezing nerd.
    • Speaking of ponies, Pacifica have never expressed so much joy and happiness when she saw the Mane Six hanging out one day, even if it's a little strange to hear them talk like a human but hey, she witnessed weirder stuff in Gravity Falls. Once she catches her breath and stopped hugging Fluttershy tightly, both parties exchange their tales and sympathies over each other's hardships with the ponies being horrified over her conditioning. Rainbow Dash was reminded of Gilda who was really mean to her until a few conflicts made her reform and mend her relationship with RD, and Twilight was reminded of Trixie Lulamoon who was haughty and a bully to her and the others until she was eventually humbled. Curious about Trixie, Pacifica goes to meet her at one of her shows she was performing; she liked it, though she thinks Trixie can pull off her theatrics better if she practiced. After the show, they meet and Trixie became a little bit jealous that Pacifica handled her envious feelings better before it comes to a threatening level, but otherwise is speechless at her childhood. Since then, the aforementioned ponies (as well as the CMC) often take the time to play with her, as long as Pacifica isn't going to go "I'm Taking Her Home with Me!" on them.
  • She is actually skilled at mini-golf, and sometimes goes to the House of Sports to play a round or two. This gotten her mingled with Numbuh 2 and Bart Simpson who had experience in playing the game as well, albeit as beginners. Numbuh 2 goes against extreme enthusiast of miniature golf Rupert Puttkin and actually prevailed over him through sheer beginner's luck despite not having played a single game up until that point. This, combined with not taking it seriously causes Rupert to force a rematch by shrinking Numbuh 2 alongside the world's various monuments for another game, and it escalates with Rupert wanting to shrink the entire Earth and play miniature golf across the universe but is once again ultimately defeated by Numbuh 2 insisting it's just a stupid game where Rupert screws up his shot yet again. As for Bart, he was roped by his father Homer into playing mini-golf against Ned Flanders' son Todd and he gets trained by Lisa to be up to par against Todd, but come the game they're both under the crushing pressure of both of their fathers' cheering as a result of a bet and ultimately just decide to tie. Pacifica was dumbfounded at both of their experiences and Numbuh 2's even more so; she decided to take notes just in case she played against them soon. She did became worried about Bart, but he reassures her that Homer doesn't always act like that even if he has little respect for him.
  • "Now, who wants to hear more about me?"