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Intermediate Gods

Charmcaster, Goddess of Suddenly-Changed Characters ("Caroline", Princess, Sweetie, Beautiful, Hope)
20 Years Old
21 Years Old (no, really)

    Flash Thompson/Agent Venom 
Eugene "Flash" Thompson, God of Character Development (Colonel Thompson, Agent Venom, Venom IV, Anti-Venom. )
his appearance after joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Stylized White Spider.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Evil when Venom takes over.
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Military, Superheroes, Haddicapped,
  • Allies: The Venom Symbiote, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Martin Walker, Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman, Gwen Stacy
  • Enemies: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, Wilhelm Strasse, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat.
  • Not to be confused with: Barry Allen/The Flash, Flash Gordon
  • Was ascended after Captain America and Spider-Man put in some good words and pointed out how much he's grown over his career.
  • Due to the Venom Symbiote's potential danger, and the fact that he was an outstanding solider, Martin Walker put Flash into The AOF the minute of his ascension.
  • Flash proved his worth by singlehandedly saving Walker and Captain America from Wilhelm Strasse, who is now obsessed with obtaining the Venom Symbiote.
  • Flash has made it very clear that he refuses to ally with any members of his former Thunderbolts team, and as far as he is concerned, they are villains that need to be stopped.
  • Flash and Peter Parker met with each other in order to explain that Otto Octavius, not Peter, was the one that betrayed Flash.
  • Flash admires Superman, as he reminds him a lot of Peter. Unlike most, he prefers to talk to him as Clark Kent and not as Superman.
  • In the comics, he has recently lost the Symbiote. Flash fears that Eddie Brock ascends to take it back in the Pantheon as well.
  • When overhearing fellow deities outside the Marvel Universe or the AOF mention the name "Flash", it takes him a bit of context to figure out whether they're talking about him or Barry Allen AKA The Flash, whose heroics are much more famous than his. However, thanks to his time around Peter, he holds no animosity for the Fastest Man Alive, although they haven't met yet.
    • He also learned that certain spacefaring deities might be talking about Flash Gordon, who he also respects if only because of the Queen song.
  • At one point he ended up dating Felicia Hardy, but he broke up with her after learning about her criminal identity as the Black Cat.
  • Has resumed his friendship with high school classmate Gwen Stacy following her ascension. Spider-Gwen, on the other hand, he prefers to avoid given she's currently taking on the Venom mantle in the comics.

    Megatron (BW) 
Megatron (Beast Wars), God of Character Refinement (Gnashteeth, Beast Megatron, Joe, Queen, Royalty, Tin Tyrant, Noble/Savage, Grand Mal, Optimal Megatron, Megs)
Original, Transmetal, & Transmetal 2

    Starlight Glimmer 
Starlight Glimmer, Goddess of Former Main Villains (Glim Glam, Mini-Twilight, Aurora Glimmer)
her Equestria Girls human form 


Lesser Gods

    Donkey Kong Jr. 
Donkey Kong Jr., God of Characters that Vanished Without Explanation (DK Jr., Donkey Jr., Junior)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His white singlet with the initials "J"
  • Theme Song: Donkey Kong Jr. Main theme and Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. Medley
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good. Sometimes Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Conjoined Eyes, Cowardly Lion, The Dragon to his father, Kid Hero, Mighty Glacier
  • Domains: Primates, Climbing, Sons, Fathers, Rescuing, Kidnapping
  • High Priest: Chuck Cunningham
  • Herald: Stanley the Bugman
  • Allies: Cranky Kong (His father), Donkey Kong (Related, but it's a long story), Diddy Kong (Also Friendly Rivals), Dixie Kong, Mario, Mr. Game and Watch, Luigi, Princess Peach, Tarzan, Mowgli, George of the Jungle, Caesar, Winston, Mighty the Armadillo
  • Enemies: King K. Rool, Lord Fredrik, Baldi, Mordremoth, Mojo Jojo, Koba
  • Respects: King Kong
  • Donkey Kong Jr. was introduced as Donkey Kong's son, who embarked on a mission to save his father after Mario imprisoned him, although not without a good reason for doing so. DK Jr. managed to best Mario and save his dad, later proceeding to aid him in causing mischief as his right hand man. Eventually he started going go-karting and playing tennis with Mario and his friends, until Junior went completely missing for decades, only making small cameos ever since. Not helped is the fact that his father went on to have his own adventure unrelated to Mario, and Junior's absence was even more noticeable, until one day he suddenly showed up in the Pantheon without any notice, acting as if nothing happened. Given DK Jr.'s long absence and the fact that the Court of Gods have no idea who Chuck Cunningham even is (the records they possess are borderline non-existant) the position of Vanished Characters was given to Donkey Kong Junior.
  • The first thing that needs to be addressed about Junior considering his relation to the Kongs is that he is actually the son of the original Donkey Kong, A.K.A. Cranky Kong. The currently known Donkey Kong is stated to be Cranky's grandson, making Junior his father by default, but then there were other claims that Cranky is actually Donkey Kong's father, meaning both DK and DK Jr. are the same person. Neither theory has been actually confirmed, not helped that Junior is in the form of a toddler, complicating things even more.
  • Confusions aside, the Kongs welcome Junior as one of their own and are happy to see him again after his long absence. His father usually leaves Donkey Kong to take care of him as a little brother of sorts since he is gotten too old to bother with Junior's antics and so most of the time DK is hanging out with him. Diddy Kong and Junior didn't start on the best of terms but they eventually became inseparable, many noting that both are quite similar and there are some behind the scenes reasons why Diddy took Junior's place, but the Kong doesn't mind. He even introduced him to Dixie, who at first was confused that there was another DK but she nevertheless accepted him as a friend.
    • Unfortunately, his family reunion brought an uninvited guest. King K. Rool, another notable character from the franchise that went missing without any reason showed up with his Kremling army to kidnap all the Kongs he could. Luckily he didn't know about the existance of Junior, which gave the Kongs the edge to best the Kremlings and drive the away. After that, Junior was lauded by the Kongs for helping them defeat their sworn enemies and invited him to eat all the bananas he could, making the gorilla toddler beyond happy.
  • Contrary to what many believe, Junior did actually have another game where he was the protagonist. Donkey Kong Jr. Math was the follow up to his adventure, where he was tasked with climbing vines to answer the question his father was holding in a sign, notable for being the only Edutainment Game in the NES. That alone is what got him to meet Baldi, the quirky teacher approached Junior to see if he would be able to do the same with his notebooks but like many others, Junior ultimately was tricked into answering the unanswerable question wrong and had to escape Baldi's wrath. Good thing he knows how to climb, which allowed him to completely avoid the crazed professor and seek help elsewhere.
  • Good friends with Mr. Game and Watch, after all he was one of the few people that gave him sanctuary before Junior completely dissapeared, also help that Game and Wath and Cranky like reminisce of the good old games of gaming and hold Junior as a good example of what has been lost in the new generation.
  • Believe it or not, Junior got to debut in Mario related sports game before his own father, first in Super Mario Kart and going to participate in most Tennis tournaments until he was replaced by Diddy Kong. Even though he started on the wrong foot with Mario they eventually buried the hatchet and became good friends, even befriending other of his close friends like his brother Luigi or Princess Peach.
  • Usually frequents the House of Beast, looking for places to relax. He is good friends with the likes of Tarzan, Mowgli and George of the Jungle thanks to their ties with nature, Tarzan even being raised by a family of Gorillas before.
    • That said, one time Junior got in trouble because his tendency to climb vines and frequent jungles got him into trouble with elder dragon Mordremoth, the Kong having entered his house by accident and managing to set the dragon off. Fortunately he was rescued by Tarzan in a timely manner before anything bad happened and so he has stayed far away from Mordremoth ever since.
  • As the biggest primate on the Pantheon and also the one his father and most of the the other Kongs took inspiration from, Junior has nothing but respect for King Kong. He wishes that when he finally grows up he becomes as gigantic and he is.
  • Curious about other primate deities in the pantheon, Junior set out to meet them and see if they were any diffrent from the Kongs he knew. He became friends with Caesar and Winston who are a lot more serious than him and the Kong Crew but they appreciate him as an unconventional ally and are very curious about his peculiar situation regarding his canonicity. Both have warned him to stay far away from primates like Mojo Jojo or Koba because they are nothing but trouble.
  • In a strange case of Odd Friendship Junior and Mighty the Armadillo bonded over being two characters that were forgotten as time went on. Junior hopes that, like Mighty, he gets a chance to return in the future.

    Hideyasu Jonouchi/Kamen Rider Gridon 
Hideyasu Jonouchi, God of Redemption Promotions (Kamen Rider Gridon, Ornac, Kurokage Trooper)
Kamen Rider Gridon 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Gridon Symbol and the Donguri Lockseed with the word bubble "NEVER GIVE UP!".
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, formerly True Neutral leaning towards Evil
  • Portfolio: Being an Advertised Extra, Redemption Promotions, Former Villains, Determinators, Bash Brothers with Ryoji Hase, Dandies, Being Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life, Wearing Glasses, The Only Male Team Leader of Team Invitto, Mighty Glaciers, Being Unskilled, but Strong, Becoming a Capable Fighter Over Time.
  • Domains: Combat, Tactics, Redemption, Tragedy.
  • Superior: Gen Urobuchi.
  • Mentor: Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo.
  • Allies: The Toku Base (especially the Demonic Legion Defectors), Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen (former enemies), Nagisa Momoe, Mami Tomoe, Jeremiah Gottwald, The Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger, Alexander the Great, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro.
  • Enemies: The Demonic Legion, the Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Handsome Jack), Jack Spicer, Dolores Umbridge
  • Hideyasu manage to ascend into the main Pantheon by exchanging his Patron Saint to Godhood status after a very long intense training in the Toku Base. As he enters the Pantheon, his words was "Do not....underestimate a pattisier. I've been training for this moment as I....HENSHIN!".
    • Oren Pierre Alfonzo was proud of his apprentice as he hugs him very hard which Jonouchi was a almost squashed in a funny matter. Nevertheless, they are once again able to fight side by side in the pantheon.
  • In the past, Hideyasu was originally a leader and only male member of the Beat Riders group Team Invitto during the Inves Games known for his cunning tactics while he is a big coward and an incompetent fighter at that time. Making an alliance with Ryoji Hase from Team Raid Wild after the two received their Sengoku Drivers from Lock Dealer Sid. After he betrayed the de-powered Hase, due to Hase's mistreatment on him, he decides to get stronger under the tutelage of Oren Pierre Alfonzo while at the same time, he is invited to join the Demonic Legion which he became a part of it for a while until he left the group after he finally breaks out of his cowardice and became a true redeemed Kamen Rider alongside Oren during the Helheim invasion.
  • After the invasion, Hideyasu continues to work in Oren's pastry shop and became satisfied with his life until he discovered Hase's fate through Takatora Kureshima and he temporarily became a Kurokage Trooper in honor of Hase's death.
  • Even after his ascension, he still gets along with the Demonic Legion Defectors as he also shared his experience with them.
  • He gets along with Nagisa Momoe due to the fact that they had a similar experience within their respective stories. Nagisa was touched of Hideyasu's viewpoint after they shared their respective stories.
  • At one point, Hideyasu bumps into Mami Tomoe, however, the Puella Magi quickly recognize the Armored Rider, as the two of them talks each other in Oren's pastry shop before he learned that his old friend Ryoji Hase was her High Priest. Due to this, Hideyasu and Mami become close friends while he gives her a good remark on Hase that "once Hase gets ascended into the pantheon, he will apologize to him".
  • He gets along well with Jeremiah Gottwald since both of them are former villains who later joined on the side of good and became more effective fighters in their respective stories.
  • He became friends with Alexander the Great as Jonouchi reminds him of Oren for some reason while Alexander also reminds Jonouchi of Waver Velvet mostly due to their similar traits and personalities.
  • He doesn't like most of the dirty cowardly villains, especially with Basco ta Jolokia and Handsome Jack of the Trollkaigers and Jack Spicer since both three of them reminding him too much of his former self. Due to this, he will do anything to stop their villainy at all cost.

    Ned Flanders 
Nedward "Ned" Flanders, Representative of Flanderization and Those That Display a Hint of Their Former Selves

    Terry McGinnis 
Terry McGinnis, God of Former Teen Rebels (Batman, The Tomorrow Knight)
Without the Batsuit 


Admiral, Deity of Minor Characters Expanded Through Fanworks (Commander, Teikoku, Shitty Admiral, Shiree)
Admiral's default appearance on both gendernote 

    Andrew Ryan 
"I am Andrew Ryan, and I'm here to ask you a question."

Andrew Ryan, God of Becoming One's Own Antithesis (Andrei Ryanovski, Andy, White King)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The slogan "No Gods or Kings. Only Man."
  • Theme Song: The Ocean on His Shoulders
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (probably used to be Chaotic Neutral), presently teeters between both alignments
  • Portfolio: Became Their Own Antithesis, Founding His Own Society In Response To His Disgust Of The Current Ones, Affably Evil, Badass Mustache, Wicked Cultured, Can't Take Criticism, Control Freak, Didn't Think This Through, Emperor Scientist, Hoist by His Own Petard, Mr. Alt Disney, Never My Fault, Cutscene Boss, Suicide by Cop
  • Domain(s): Objectivism (failed), Underwater Cities, Hypocrisy
  • Sacred Dominion: Rapture
  • Allies: None so far, save perhaps the Mysterious Backer who petitioned his ascension and wished to see Rapture flourish once more
  • Rivals: Robert Edwin House
  • Enemies: Jack Ryan (his son), Sofia Lamb (former employee), Subject Delta, Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth, the R. Luteces, Black Manta, Jack (Mass Effect), Razputin Aquato, SHeev Palpatine, Isaac Westcott, Teridax
  • Opposes: All forms of socialism, collectivism, communism, constraints by religion, and the poor, Theodore Roosevelt, YHVH and the Grand United Alliance of Law, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, atomic weapons, Yamato Hotsuin's, Lex Luthor
  • Opposed By: Walt Disney, Commander Shepard, Miranda Lawson, the Federation Captains, Tifa Lockhart, Aerith Gainsborough, Douglas Quaid, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Arthur Maxson
  • Andrew Ryan was the creator and ruler of Rapture. Born Andrei Ryanovski in Soviet Russia, he emigrated to America at a young age, eventually becoming one the country's richest and most powerful industrialists. However, he became increasingly disillusioned with the U.S. after the enactment of FDR's social policies, which reminded him of the country he had fled. The dropping of the atomic bombs in Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the last straw since Ryan saw them as the corruption of science and industry into making a weapon that allowed "parasites" to destroy what they couldn't seize. Wishing to flee said "parasites" and fearing all out nuclear war, Ryan created Rapture so that he and what he saw as the best examples of mankind could live in peace.
    • However, despite initially following Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism, he's eventually turned against everything his dream stood for. In response to Frank Fontaine's business empire, he used state power to absorb it instead, thus becoming the "Big Government" he founded Rapture to get away from. In response to Anna Culpepper writing songs critical of Ryan's regime, he ordered her death, becoming the censor artists were not supposed to fear in Rapture. By using pheromones to control his loyalists' minds, Ryan removed the self determination he once considered sacred. He opposed the mad science in Rapture, despite believing that the scientist should not be constrained by "petty" morality. Lastly, despite being an atheist, several institutions have Religious and Mythological Theme Naming.
    • That said, from A Certain Point of View, if one considers the very likely idea that he's taken Objectivism to its logical if excessive conclusion, he did everything for his own benefit. Add in the point of altruism being considered anathema to personal self-interest and the emphasis on "looking out for number one," it likely that Rapture wasn't meant to be a charitable refuge for the world's elite. In other words, he is—or rather was—Rapture and that all that mattered to him was himself, arguably the one thing he wasn't hypocritical about to the end. Everyone else in the city was simply invited to try their luck in his glorified playpen.
  • Some time after his being golf clubbed to death by his son Jack Ryan, Andrew found himself before the Court of the Gods after an unspecified deity petitioned for his ascension. He was initially displeased after their sales pitch, though it was less of his position and more on godhood as a whole, given that he's an atheist, but the Court pointed out that godhood in the Pantheon is less a in literal sense of that word and more of a real estate paper to own their own place in here.
  • Also, after grilling him ruthlessly of his failures (at the behest of an anonymous deity who vouched for Andrew's ascension in the first place), the Court offered to help in rebuilding Rapture (some people are actually interested in an Objectivist-following society and wish to see how it will work out, and even marvel by how socially progressive it was at the time). There will be a few caveats, though, as well as advantages. Which he was forced to accept to avoid the coup of Frank Fontaine that eventually brought the whole city to ruin, not helped by Andrew's paranoia:
    1. There will be trading to and from Rapture, so as to maintain a balanced supply and demand and decrease incentive for contraband.
    2. People are allowed to leave or enter as they please so long as they follow Rapture's creed while inside the city. It's not like his city is a secret anymore, so there's no point in enforcing Resignations Not Accepted.
    3. Any who have issues with Rapture's vision will still have to behave themselves while inside, and any who cause trouble in it will be evicted. Invaders, such as the pirate Black Manta, will be similarly fended off.
    4. To prevent the resentment that resulted in Rapture's eventual downfall, the city's (basic) food, health care, sanitation and oxygen supply are not to be exorbitantly charged (cuisines being exempt from this policy), with the last being free and supplied by outside sources. The former three are to be under control by publicly funded social programs, since they're pivotal to Rapture's stability. After all, Rapture still needs blue-collar workers to "clean the toilets" and such.
    5. Rapture will be rebuilt with better materials (for one, not using aluminum frames as it is a lot weaker than steel when it comes to handling stress, which especially applies when underwater), though aesthetics will remain under Andrew's discretion.
    6. Andrew has the right to evict and ban "parasites" from Rapture, but the Court will determine the duration of the ban and whether or not it's indefinite.
    7. No Mad Scientist in Rapture is permitted to use sapient beings as test subjects, since—ethics aside—that would invalidate Andrew's creed.
  • Andrew doesn't really spend time in his temple, which is mostly a portal gateway to the bathysphere port that takes people to Rapture, as well as a screen that serves as a means of communicating with Andrew directly from his office.
  • Being partially responsible for Elizabeth's death in his city, she and Booker naturally oppose him.
  • As for his son Jack Ryan, he has no choice but to acknowledge that he's well on his way to becoming a man and not as slave as he either took Splicers with him to the surface and launched a nuke, or fled to the surface with seven rescued Little Sisters and lived a long and fulfilling life with them. In any case, Jack wants nothing more to do with Andrew.
  • Given his life experiences, he's remaining a neutral party in regards to the current Pantheonic Wars.
    • Being an atheist as well as scorning all forms of favoring the common folk and having specifically founded Rapture to escape the big governments, he's definitely not allied with the GUAG or GUAL. He also sees YHVH as everything wrong with religion worship controlling the masses.
    • Rapture would doubtless be screwed over should the GUAE or GUAD win. He will not allow tyranny or oblivion to end this dream of his.
    • Despite being the closest to his alignment and most tolerant of his vision, the fact that the GUAC also values strength and power leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth, since Rapture is mostly comprised of artists and scientists. Unless he can find someone in there capable of and willing to protect Rapture...
    • What he perceives as limited creativity from machines means he won't back the GUAM either.
  • Because of the Russian Revolution, which eventually brought the Bolsheviks into power, destroyed his family's business and got his aunt and uncle killed for opposing the communist regime, he doesn't have any favorable opinions for those who come from there, even if he was born there.
  • Considered Roosevelt and his "New Dealers" to be "spoon-feeding" Americans on the "Bolshevik Poison", and considers "parasites" those who benefit undeservedly from others. Roosevelt's social programs has the intention of restoring hope and an economic engine devastated by the unfettered excesses of men like Andrew Ryan, so that's understandable.
  • Nukes had been the tipping point for him before he decided to strike out on his own, so he loathes those who would employ such methods or use such weapons no matter their reason.
  • In hindsight, hiring Sofia Lamb to meet the demand of a psychologist in Rapture proved to be a mistake, as her personal philosophy and background ran entirely opposed to his own. The Court has provided substitutes who would prove better and would not incite a revolution.
  • Commander Shepard and the deified Federation Captains (Kirk, Picard, Janeway and Archer) oppose Rapture's ideals, the latter three due to Rapture's ideals being a perversion of those presented by the Federation. Shepherd sees Rapture as no different than Cerberus, and so does Miranda. Jack the biotic attempted to smuggle herself in once, but after last time, before Andrew's ascension and Rapture's revamp, she's been discovered and forcibly evicted.
  • When it comes to other philosophies...
    • Even if it's a philosophy unbound by tradition and morality, Yamato's meritocracy has its own constraint that Andrew can't tolerate; the need to be productive, or else be cast out.
    • Having been compared to Cerberus by Shepard and Miranda, Andrew is barely on speaking terms with the Illusive Man. While both are unconstrained by morality and work to make advancements, Andrew's distaste comes from the fact that TIM has "selfless" motivations, and while it's true that he's yet to get any actual extraterrestrials to join Rapture so far, Cerberus would oppose his city should that happen.
  • Lex Luthor, Darth Sidious, Makuta Teridax and Isaac Westcott think Andrew lacks true ambition, as the power he seeks is ultimately irrelevant in a world of gods and magic. He in return despises the latter three since Rapture won't survive under their victory, and is disappointed with the former for utilizing his advancements just for stopping Superman when he could do much more with it.
  • Robert House is his chief business rival, yet both share a mutual respect, due to the both of then coming from Rags to Riches. Ironically, one scenario regarding House's mortal demise involves The Courier braining Mr. House with a golf club, just like Andrew.
  • Is displeased with Brentalfloss's pitch of his city. This rapper, on the other hand, less so, even if he tries to imitate his voice. It can also serve as a good sales pitch for Rapture.
  • The Mob tweaked his slogan for one of their adventures when they were (at the time) opposing Lord Helix. Andrew isn't amused.
  • The Institute is interested in expanding their operations to Rapture, seeing as how their goals coincide with his own. But Andrew is put off by the Insitute's M.O. of killing and replacing humans with Synths.
  • Gets some ire from the House of Nature for the time he burnt down a forest (admittedly in his own property) in response to the government trying to claim it as a park, and again when he deprived Rapture's oxygen supply just to keep Jack Ryan from reaching him by torching the gardens.
  • Because of it being essentially a pro-capitalist utopia (on the surface that is), Andrew simultaneously respects and envies the Holy City on the Water, Asterisk, for its economic prosperity and technologic achievements.
  • To Raz, Andrew sounds too much like his father, whom he had spent much of his time getting away from and eventually reconciling with.
  • After having been given an outsider's perspective of her world's events and its characters, Spinnerette has noted Andrew's Objectivism goals, and that her city's villain Dr. Universe follows the same principle.
  • "A man chooses, a slave obeys."

    Nelson Muntz 
Nelson Mandela Muntz, God of Menace Decay

Pauline, Goddess of Characters Returning From Hiatuses (Lady)

    Tatsuya Yuuki/Meijin Kawaguchi III 

(Flamenco intensifies...)

Tatsuya Yuuki, God of Those who became Legendary in the Sequel (Meijin Kawaguchi III, The Crimson Comet, Yuuki-sempai, The REAL Gundam Jesus)
Tatsuya, prior to the start of Build Fighters (Left); Meijin, during the events of Build Fighters Try (Right)


    Vir Cotto 
Vir Gotto, God of Growing a Spine (Flounder IN SPACE!)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Centauri Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Originally a Plucky Comic Relief with Hidden Depths, Adorkable, Can't Hold His Liquor, Token Good Teammate, The Conscience, Badass Bureaucrat, ultimately The Kingslayer and The Emperor afterwards.
  • Domains: Law Good, Nobility, Leadership
  • Allies: Kosh, Lorien, Susan Ivanova, John Sheridan, Jeffrey Sinclair, Amy Rose, Jiminy Cricket, Ariel
  • Enemies: Ron Swanson, The Vogons, Tywin Lannister, Head Pixie
  • Opposed by: Lord Djibril
  • Odd Friendship: Tyrion Lannister
  • Admired by: Piglet
  • If someone from 20 years ago would say that Vir Gotto would be among the most revered bureaucrats in the Pantheon, they would have been laughed out of the building. And with good reason; Cottohe was introduced as a Plucky Comic Relief to the heroes. He was even compared to Flounder. Yet with time, he received one of the most prolific Character Development in the Pantheon. By the time his story ended, he has taken the throne for himself, free of any outside influence. Sure he had help from the many gods from his world currently residing beside him, but much of it was his doing. Not bad for a person who got the job by accident.John Sheridan felt obliged to bring him over to the Pantheon as thanks.
  • Received a hero's welcome from those of his friends that arrived before him. He was particularly happy to see Sheridan and Sinclair again after their disappearances in his world. They were glad to hear that Cotto's reign has been going smoothly. With that said, they are all wary in the event that the Shadows make their way into the Pantheon.
  • To be fair, Tyrion didn't think much of Vir Cotto. Then again, most people overlook the dwarf that has kept the Lannisters intact for most of his life. When he did meet Cotto, he was surprised at his composure as king. Tyrion offered a drink and the two fell into a deep conversation about including how he even got the job in the first place.
    • It does help that Vir Cotto handed his father the bureaucratic equivalent of the middle finger. While Tywin is the God of Effective Bureaucrats, he has a tendency of removing those who do not agree to his methods. Those who don't are forced to work with Leslie Knope, who while a good bureaucrat on her own has too many problems for her to be ranked higher. Cotto responded by allowing a large chuck of Tywin's begrudged followers to coalesce around him. Tywin saw this as an affront to his authority, and the two have been battling to win over recruits.
  • Early on, Vir Cotto has struggled to justify the actions of his morally ambiguous king Londo Mollari. He has more than often tried to steer them towards more morally tenable acts. It has certainly made him a Morality Pet in their journeys, something Amy Rose is all too familiar with. Amy has proven that such characters aren't spineless wimps, capable of slamming people with her hammer if need be. She's grateful to see another of her kind in the Pantheon.
    • One can also call him The Conscience to his group. Jiminy Cricket was initially unimpressed, as Londo hardly ever listened to him. But as time went on, the God of Consciences appreciated how Cotto handled the situation in the end.
  • While Cotto lays claim to much of their rank, most cowards secretly hope to grow out of their shell and become better people. To Piglet, this would mean a likely loss of rank. Yet he is fine with those who are able to overcome their fear.
    • That is not the case for Lord Djibril. He holds a bit of jealousy for those who leave his temple after becoming more than DIrty Cowards. He even tried to cause a diplomatic row by starting a dispute between the Emperor of Mankind and the House of Extraterrestrials. Not only did Vir Cotto managed to smooth things out between the two factions, he even traced the cause back to Lord Djibril. The head of LOGOS responded by strangling the man, but enough heroes came to his aid to scare him off.
  • Is not a fan of Ron Swanson's role of ObstructiveBureacracy, preventing more effective bureaucrats from doing their jobs. With that said, he does see some use to this when it comes to sabotaging more corrupt governments.
  • Was displeased to see that the Vogons have managed to gain a seat in the Pantheon. Not just because their poem reading is awful, but they are among the most annoying to deal with in terms of diplomacy.
  • Even worse than the last two are the pixies. He knew that H.P. was responsible for corrupting the Centauri Republic to the Shadows. The only way to rectify that was to purge the entire council, including the former king Londo. As the new ruler, he swore never to let their corruption take a hold on his kingdom. The Head Pixie responded with a shrug of indifference. To them, it was a world that they carelessly neglected. Then again, they never expected someone like Cotto would be able to great their hold.


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