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Greater Gods

Alduin, Nordic God of Words of Power (Destroyer Devour Master, The World-Eater, The Time-Eater, Firstborn of Akatosh, Harbinger of the Apocalypse, Bane of Kings)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His name in the Dovahzul alphabet
  • Theme Song: Watch the Skies
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Notable Dragon Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Resurrection Shout, Soul-Snare Mist, Dragon Storm Call
  • Portfolio: The World-Eater, Destroyer Deity, The Dreaded, Very Strange Dragons, Godly Dragons, Resurrecting Other Dragons, Devouring Souls, User of the Thu'um, Evil Overlord, The Most Powerful Dragon and Their Leader, A Malignant Aspect of Akatosh, Unable to Comprehend Mortality, Hubris, Cowardice, Fearing the Dovahkiin, Evil Sounds Deep, Black and Evil
  • Domains: Language, Prophecy, Time, Immortality, Destruction, Dragons, Tyranny
  • Followers: The Dragon Cult, Many lesser dragons of Tamriel
    • Former Followers: Paarthurnax (ascended), Odahviing
  • Allies: Maegor I Targaryen, Tiamat, Smaug, Dr. Weil, Darkseid, Vilgax, Teridax, Lord Voldemort, Ganondorf Dragmire, Apocalypse
  • Rivals: Grima, Ungoliant, Zanza, Deathwing, Lavos, Tuska, Mordremoth, Unicron, Darth Nihilus, Lord English, Zhaitan, Oryx, Hades, Nicol Bolas, Malefor
  • Enemies: The Dovahkiin, Paarthurnax, Miraak, Hermaeus Mora, Molag Bal, Peryite, Arokh and Rynn, Donkey, Bahamut, Caim and Angelus, Daenerys Targaryen, Spyro, Malygos, Acnologia, The Nameless King, Ignitus, Zatanna, Maxwell, Nozdormu, Gwyn, Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen, Dialga
  • Opposes: Death of the Endless, Melkor
  • Opposed by: Eru Ilúvatar, Guthix
  • Feared by: The Adoring Fan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nekron
  • Herald: Nahkriin (formerly Miraak)
  • While the dragons of Tamriel in general are widely feared, none inspire more terror than their leader Alduin, the World-Eater. Present in the Nordic pantheon as the God of Destruction, Alduin built the dragons’ civilization and is prophesied to reawaken after a long absence with an intent to destroy all life as he had periodically done before once the following events have occurred: when misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world; when the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped; when the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles; when the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls; when the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding.
    • However, it is also said that he will be defeated by a hero known as the Last Dragonborn, a mortal with the soul of a dragon and gifted with the ability to wield the Thu'um with unusually little effort and absorb the souls of other dragons. Yet it is possible that Alduin will be allowed to return once again at the end of time, when the world is finally ready to be consumed. This is supported by the Dovahkiin being unable to absorb Alduin's soul when he finally was slain.
  • Alduin grew in arrogance due to his status as a god among dragons. Eventually, in the primeval Merethic Era, he shirked his fated role and instead cruelly enslaved the mortal races of Tamriel and Atmora, granting power to the dragon priests who ruled as kings. A rebellion soon erupted against the tyranny of the Dragon Cult, and eventually the dragons themselves. Alduin himself was overthrown when a trio of Nordic heroes subdued him with the Dragonrend shout, before casting him forward in time to the year 4E 201 using an Elder Scroll. What few of his kin remained unslain scattered and hid themselves abroad the world of Nirn.
  • The most notable distinction of the dragons of the Mundus universe from other dragons is the fundamental connection of their souls to a magical force known as the Thu'um, which causes words spoken in their language to affect the environment around them, and so a dragon that appears to be breathing fire is in reality saying "fire" in their own tongue. So integral are the Words of Power to these dragons that each of them has a name consisting of three of these words, which can be used by other wielders of the Voice to summon them. It is thus fitting that Alduin, the leader of these dragons, would become god of the Words of Power upon his ascension.
    • While each Word of Power can be learned almost instantaneously by a dragon (or a Dragonborn, provided that they absorb a dragon's soul or "absorb the knowledge" from another), a regular mortal can learn the words and put to use their effects through rigorous training and meditation. This fact allows the Thu'um to be turned against the dragons, as a group of humans invented the Dragonrend shout which forces them to experience mortality, a concept completely alien to them, and land to leave themselves vulnerable.
  • One of the main reasons why the World-Eater is so dreaded is because not only can he kill most other beings with ease, but he can consume their souls afterwards to replenish himself, thus destroying them both physically and metaphysically.
  • There is much debate about the precise connection between Alduin and Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time and chief deity of the widely revered Nine Divines. It is thought by many outsiders of Skyrim, such as scholar and High Priest Alexandre Simon that the former is an aspect of the latter, marking the Great Dragon as both the creator and destroyer of time, and Alduin himself boasts that he is the Firstborn of Akatosh. The Nords themselves, however, generally see the World-Eater as a similar but entirely separate deity, making such arguments as that it is illogical seeing as Akatosh is seen as a benevolent being while Alduin makes himself known through destruction and tyranny.
  • One legend has it that he was responsible for the corruption of a being then known as the Leaper Demon King as punishment for hiding parts of the world from him that he was "entitled" to consume. The Leaper was cast into Oblivion and could only make infrequent returns to Mundus through great effort, but would never be truly free until he found and destroyed what he had shielded from the World-Eater. The denizens of Tamriel recognize this being today as the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. If indeed this legend is true, this means that Alduin is indirectly responsible for the Oblivion Crisis which became the catalyst for the collapse of the Tamrielic Empire.
  • As they are both feared enemies of Tamriel, there initially was worry among the gods that Alduin would form a duumvirate with Hermaeus Mora. This did not happen, however, as Alduin hates Mora almost as much as the Dragonborn and Paarthurnax for turning a portion of the Dragon Cult against him, including their leader Miraak.
  • The Adoring Fan is terrified of him, even more so than he is of other hostile creatures. It is speculated that this is because if Alduin were to eat his soul then it would permanently stop the Fan from respawning. For some reason, not many gods seem very upset about this possibility.
  • In his quest to destroy most of the Pantheon and enslave what remains of it, he has allied himself with Darkseid. He is currently wondering if he can unlock a Dragon Language translation of the Anti-Life Equation in order to control the gods.
  • Is surprisingly amiable with Voldemort, since he approves of his contempt for apparently lesser and weaker beings, his garnering of respect through fear and power, and is impressed with how he put a taboo on his own name in order to seek out insolent enemies who try to use it freely, although he still considers spells to be inferior to dragon words. Voldy is also currently safe from having his soul eaten by Alduin, as there is so little of it left inside him that it would do nothing to sate the dragon.
  • Has rivalries with many other Destroyer Deities, Planet Eaters and Omnicidal Maniacs, as he desires as much for himself to destroy as possible.
    • His fiercest antagonism is towards Deathwing- while he has uncharacteristically praised the Destroyer for the magnitude of the destruction that he has wrought, and still fondly remembers the days when they slaughtered terrified villagers and smoked pipe-weed with Smaug, Alduin asserts that if there is going to be a dragon deity who will bring forth the end, then the right belongs to himself and himself alone.
    • Finds himself competing with Oryx since both feed their everlasting hunger through ruin and carnage. The Taken King has an advantage in that, while both of them are very difficult to kill, he can only die permanently in his throne world. He is, however, hindered by the constant threat of being consumed himself should he fail to keep himself satiated.
    • Became miffed when he came across Hades munching on a bowl of souls that could have been his. The Lord of the Underworld remained undeterred.
      Hades: Now, now. I know how tasty these are, but there’s no need to be greedy. There’s plenty to go around, and even more are being formed with each grisly, senseless death. Ha, why don’t we two go for dinner sometime and order the most exotic souls painstakingly prepared by the most esteemed cooks in the Underworld? You would like that, wouldn’t you? Of course, you would! Here, have one now to appetize yourself. *gulp* Whoops! Oh pity, it would appear that I’ve already eaten the las- OOAAAARRRRGHHHH!
      • To make a long story short, the collateral damage took quite a while for the gods to clean up.
  • Naturally, he receives little approval from other magic users who wield the power of words in their spellcasting.
  • Detested by Malygos due to reminding him far too much of Deathwing and due to his presence in the House of Magic.
  • Perceiving his own kin as the supreme race and seeing other life as slaves who are obligated to pay tribute to them (or more specifically, to him), he harbours disgust for any dragon who willingly forms bonds or alliances with lesser beings.
    • Considers Arokh a disgrace for going so far as to bond his soul with his rider. He is looking forward to making a meal out of their shared soul.
    • Was utterly repulsed upon hearing of the relationship between Angelus and her rider. She and Caim do not consider Alduin particularly pleasant either, and note that he does not help with their preternatural prejudice for black dragons.
    • For the same reasons as Caim and Angelus, he has no love for Donkey. The presence of the Dronkeys baffles him almost as much as the concept of mortality.
  • Upon hearing of Alduin's rampages, Daenerys Targaryen rode out on Drogon, accompanied by Rhaegal and Viserion, to confront him in the skies of the Pantheon. While remaining cautious, after enduring a blast of fire from Alduin and remaining unburnt, she became quite confident that by telling him that she was blood of the dragon, she could bring him over to her side as she had done with Smaug. She was wrong.
    Alduin: Kos nahlot, bein jul! You would abase yourself by likening your filthy mortal body to the flesh of a dovah?! You may have braved my fire, but can you truly assert your claim? Kod hi fin Thu'um? You will have the chance to prove yourself... after your insolence has been punished.
    • Alduin then blasted Dany off of Drogon. Immediately, the three Essosi dragons attacked the World-Eater in a frenzied panic. He simply subdued them with Frost Breath and said with a chuckle, "Your false master is dead. Now you will serve me." He then noticed a shadow pass over him, and looked up to find that the sun had been eclipsed by Balerion, carrying King Aegon I. This was the last thing he saw before he was rammed by both Vhagar and Meraxes, ridden by Aegon's sister-wives. After Daenerys was caught in mid-air and deposited back onto Drogon, the four Targaryens and their six steeds proceeded to charge Alduin who, while outmatching the other dragons in his intelligence and range of abilities, could only put up only so much of a fight against so many opponents at once and was eventually forced to flee, albeit with the belief that the six exhausted dragons would make useful servants once he had devoured their masters. The Targaryens then looked around and saw that the surrounding area was in ruins. In awkward silence, they flew away in search of deities who could fix the place up again.
  • Despite being an enemy of most of the ascended Targaryens, he has respect for Maegor the Cruel. Praising the oppression of his subjects and brutal treatment of his enemies, he has gone so far as to say that Maegor is "almost worthy" of being a true dovah and has considered inducting him as a dragon priest. He would never dare, however, to allow Maegor to use him as a mount.
  • While Gwyn and his knights are generally indiscriminate about the dragons they kill, they have taken special notice of Alduin due to him being uncontrollably destructive and knowingly malicious. Even the Nameless King, who opposes Gwyn in his crusade against dragons, agrees with him that he needs to be put down.
  • Is intensely disliked by fellow temporal dragons Nozdormu and Dialga. The possibility that he is an evil aspect of Akatosh reminds them too much of their own evil selves (Murozond and Primal Dialga, respectively).
  • While they do have a commonality connection in being deities who went against their duty for selfish and egotistical reasons, he is annoyed by Melkor's claim that he created dragons (as evidenced by the fact that he was known to breed them in his own world of Arda), claiming that nobody, not even a god, could make such great beings if they were not a dragon themselves.
  • In spite of his insatiable desire for destruction and dominance, he occasionally takes some time off from being the World-Eater, but not before hiring a carefully-selected substitute. Thomas adamantly denied any association with Alduin when he was accused of being a very naughty engine.
  • Also present in the House of Quirks.

    Alien Empera 
Alien Empera, God of Difficult Healing Magic (Enpera Seijin, Alien Emperor, The Emperor, Your Majesty, Lord of Darkness, Armored Empera, Dark Space Great Emperor, Space Emperor)
  • Greater God, with Overdeity-level durability.
  • Symbol: A silhouette of him surrounded by a dark ring of fire
  • Theme Song: The Approach of Evil
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with some Lawful leanings.
  • Portfolio: Healing Magic Is the Hardest, Dark Is Evil, Complete Monster, Last of His Kind, Killed Off for Real, Villainous Legacy, The Emperor, The Man Behind the Man.
  • Domains: Darkness, Healing Magic, Durability, Emperors, Tyrants
  • Heralds:
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Darkseid, Sauron, Malekith, King Sombra
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The House of Light and Brightness
  • Thousands of years ago, a planet in the far edges of the Universe was a thriving and beautiful world where humanoid aliens had developed an advanced civilization. Unfortunately, one day their sun died out and their world followed suit. But one of them survived by embracing the darkness that covered the world, seeing the power of darkness first-hand, he gained a new form and a wide array of powers he then came to resent the light. Renaming himself Alien Empera, the newly born emperor of darkness began a crusade to extinguish all light in the Universe recruiting and forcing thousands of aliens and monsters to help in his conquest, eventually coming to clash with the Land of Light and its inhabitants, though Empera was powerful and had all but outright conquered the planet, an Ultra named Ken and his friends, Belial and Marie fought bravely against Empera and his elite forces, with Ken gaining a sacred power of Light which he used to leave wounds on the Emperor's body and forcing him to retreat to heal his injuries lest they kill him, but this wasn't the end of Empera.
    • Later on, he returned in 2006 arriving on Earth after recovering enough from his injuries to be in fighting shape again, with his minions having attacked Earth previously to herald his arrival. Fighting against the newest member of the Space Garrison, Mebius who was defending Earth at the time alongside the attack team, GUYS. Empera proved himself as Mebius' strongest opponent as the young Ultra and his allies' attacks did not even came close to hurting the Emperor and he strengthened himself by bloating out the Sun. However when Mebius' predecessors, the Ultra Brothers arrived, they helped Mebius against Empera by freeing the Sun from Empera's darkness and supporting him in spirit, allowing him to use the power of the bonds he'd made with GUYS and his friends to achieve a new form, Mebius Phoenix, with help from his superior, Zoffy, Mebius alongside GUYS was able to destroy Empera once and for all with massive light attack that obliterated the dark emperor.
  • His ascension was extremely complicated, as each and every time the Court of Gods came close, they would simply revive only parts of him. After many tries he was succesfully resurrected, though still bears the light scars on his body. Empera was quick to locate his minions and allies and soon began reorganizing his empire. He then assigned most of the major threats in the Ultras' Multiverse as his heralds, with Zogu acting as his second-in-command, as well as his lover.
    • Later, many deities discovered that his ascension was engineered by Yapool, who viewed the Pantheon's powerful reviving methods as a way to bring his master back, through subtlety and causing mayhem towards various of his enemies as well as obtaining influence Yapool was able to persuade the Court of Gods on arranging things for Empera's ascension by making them experiment to revive Empera, with him using the sheer complexity of the revival being properly done as proof of how Empera deserved his spot in the Pantheon.
  • As one of the most powerful and influential villains of Tokusatsu, he gets along varyingly with the various deities
    • Yapool was thrilled to see his master resurrected for real and in the Pantheon, after introducing him to the various places he'd been scouting out, Yapool helped him install his temple to be light-proof, covered in eternal darkness and incapable of being lit up. While preparing his forces for future fights, Empera met Belial and got in talks with him, impressed with his aberration of the Land of Light and turn to evil, Empera and Belial allied their Empires to work together to destroy the Ultra Warrios, with Empera promising Belial that he'll get permanent revenge on the Land of Light and all else he desires if he helps him in his goals of extinguishing light, which Belial accepted without issue. This also made Yapool severely frustrated as he hated Belial and was distraught that Empera had allied with him. Likewise, the Dark God Gatanozoa allied with Empera viewing his eternal darkness as a desirable end goal for the destruction of the Ultras and thriving of his dark forces.
    • From the get-go, his hatred of the Ultras and their allies exceed all else, as their light was able to defeat him several times and ended up signifying the end of his empire and forces. Now that he's ascended, he's resumed work on exterminating the Ultras where he last left off, though having grown a respect for the power of light, viewing it now as a legitimate full threat to the darkness.
    • Being the Greater-Scope Villain of most of the Ultra Series' events, Empera and The Great Leader of Shocker were also another pair of villains to instantly strike up an alliance. Even moreso with how Yapool had already allied with Shocker when he ascended, thus making the Empera Army and Shocker's forces enter in contact with one another and team up to better deal with their Toku Hero adversaries.
    • For being responsible for the extermination of various planets, Empera earned the ire of the Gokaigers, as he resembled their long-deceased nemesis, Ackdos Gill in regards to the scope and power of his forces and the countless lives he ruined directly and indirectly. Moreso when it was revealed that Empera drafted various aliens against their will into his army and sent to kill or be killed, which reminded Joe of how his old friend, Sid, was forcefully turned into a soldier for Zanyack and converted into a cyborg to ensure his loyalty and forced to die for their cause. That Empera's army laid waste to many worlds only increased this hatred due to Ahim's backstory of her homeworld's destruction at the hands of Zangyack forces.
    • Dark Specter was pleased to meet a fellow Galactic Conqueror, especially one so proactive when possible and capable of showing that Asskicking Leads to Leadership. The two chatted and became instant allies, with Empera hoping to tie his forces to Specter's own so they can have a closer cooperation with Shocker and any other Toku villains. Specter also has expressed a complete lack of care for Empera's ultimate goal, viewing a lifeless Universe as nothing to worry about in the grand scheme of governing everything.
    • King Ghidorah welcomed Empera's goals with utmost excitement, especially because the lack of light would be capable of killing off Godzilla and all his allies for good, and has shown a lack of care if he dies in the proccess so as long as his enemies are killed off. Oher evil Kaiju followed suit in allying themselves with the Emperor, if only in hopes that they find a way to survive in the event that Empera successfully purges all light in existence. Godzilla and his allies himself opposes Empera for this reason, Mothra and Battra especially supported this opposition due to Empera's goals being able to signify the end of all life on Earth and everywhere else.
  • As he seeks to exterminate all light in existence, Light-aligned deities were instantly his enemies, while darkness-aligned deities became his allies. Among the stands outs were:
    • For darkness deities, one of his first allies was Dharkon, who seeks to also plunge existance into an eternal darkness and thus found Empera to be a kindred soul in his goals. This alliance also earned Empera an enemy in the form of Galeem, who seeks to cover all that exists in an eternal light which Empera opposes as it would destroy him if it were accomplished. For similar reasons to Dharkon, Vaatu became another ally for Empera, pleased to hear of his work in spreading darkness and misery and saw his power as one capable of helping him defeat the Avatar and Raava, Raava herself also opposes Empera for his goals and his cruelty.
    • The House of Darkness and Shadow was of great interest to him, once he arrived he made allies with Chernabog and The Dark Star who all desired for everything to be covered eternally in darkness and thus viewed Empera's end goals and powers to be something very desirable. Other deities who thrive in eternal darkness and wish for it such as King Boo also allied with Empera for his end goals. Helping these alliances is the sheer apathy of Empera towards all other living beings in the pursuit of his goals.
    • As Zorc Necrophades was brought into existence by negative emotions and embodies darkness, he greatly enjoys Empera's presence in the Pantheon, especially with him commanding Yapool who is capable of spreading misery and destruction around the Pantheon in Empera's behalf. Other evil Yu-Gi-Oh! deities such as Yami Bakura, Number 96 and Don Thousand also allie with Empera for this reason as well as to obtain a powerful ally against their foes.
    • As Chaos and all of its creations and minions such as Queen Beryl seek to also plunge the world into eternal darkness and exterminate all lifeforms, they found themselves quickly allied with the Space Emperor. Other Magical Girl villains such as Joker also sought him out for this reason. His presence also alarmed the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, as Empera's powers and goals were a direct threat to them all.
    • Because the Beast seeks out darkness and despair to eternally produce Edelwood Trees to keep himself alive, he found a lot to benefit from Empera's goals to snuff all light in existence, as he'd be able to protect the "light" from his lantern and force what few survivors are left, in the scenario that Empera succeeds, to keep it lit for eternity with no way out. Similarly, Z'Skyar who will die if exposed to too much sunlight, also seeks to assist Empera in his goals, knowing that an existence without light means that his kind and minions will thrive without interference and thus he'll be able to grow stronger and conquer unopposed.
    • Because they also seeked to bloat out the sun and all light in the Universe, the Dark Matter Horde was quick to align themselves with Empera and his forces, particularly as they viewed the Emperor's strength and power as a desirable power against Kirby or those who'd oppose them.
    • As the Crystal Gems are light construct automatons, their nature made them enemies instantly with Empera, especially the likes of the Diamonds, who were once conquerors like him but ruined the planets they invaded for resources. While they've abandoned these ways for a long time now, Empera still seeks to destroy Homeworld and all their empire's remnants, as any light being is a threat (small or big) to him by virtue of existing.
  • Due to his might and power, he's made a few rivalries with the likes of Sauron, Darkseid, Thanos and Malekith, who all have enough power to match him and more. Particularly standing out was Sauron, who initially plotted to ally with Empera, but resigned once he saw his true goals of extinguish all light, which would leave existence full of dead living beings except for those who could survive the eternal darkness, which would deprive Sauron of any forces. Darkseid also sees Empera's end goals as ilogical and wasteful, and has decided to become his rival as well in order to both stop him and if possible obtain his forces in the scenario that he defeats him. Since Thanos seeks the end of all life to please death or sometimes half of it to let the survivors revere him as a hero, he opposes Empera's goals since they'll either not cause enough death or leave everything dead with a few exceptions which messes up his plans. Finally he got a one-sided rival in the form of King Sombra, who Empera views as beneath notice and thus ignores completely.
  • As they suffered being trapped for millenia under a dark mountain with no light from outside, the Undertale monsters all heavily oppose Empera, as him suceeding would put the entire universe through the same situation they've faced or worse, Frisk themself tried to understand Empera's motives to try and redeem him, but soon enough gave up when they found out that Empera cared only about conquest now. Another set of deities who came to oppose him were the My Little Pony Deities, as his goals benefitted some of their foes such as Grogar and given everything would put him killing Celestia, who represents the Sun, as a priority goal. Nightmare Moon originally intended to ally herself with the emperor, but upon finding out that he'll extinguish all light, moonlight included she began to oppose him as well, even coming to agreeing to reluctantly team up with the rest of the MLP Deities for their now common enemy.
  • Due to his command over armies of monsters and aliens, he's earned the enmity of groups such as HECU, The Imperium of Man and other Deities like Mina Loveberry who all hate monsters/aliens or those who'd oppose mankind. Especially the Imperium and its leader, The God Emperor, as he views the light as a symbol of mankind's power and Empera's desire to extinguish it enrages him.
  • Since most living beings need light to survive, there are few beings outside of Empera's allies that aren't opposing him in one way or another. The Alliances favoring Empera are the Grand United Alliance of Evil, for his general goals of conquest and destroying all heroes and the Grand United Alliance of Destruction for how destructive his last goals would be for the entirety of existence and a possible step in the destruction of everything that exists. All other alliances view him with hatred or mild apathy at best (such as the Grand United Alliance of Law and Grand United Alliance of Chaos). Since the Grand United Alliance of Good hosts the Toku Base, they've been the most proactive in opposing Empera's plans and any schemes he might carry out with his allies or forces in the foreseeable future. They're planning to use the fact that recovering is a very hard task for Empera as a way to keep him under control and down if he's beaten/killed even if harming him enough is a hard task by itself.
  • "How vexing it must be, Father of Ultra. The future of this "irreplacable planet" as you like to call it, has just ended!"
Moro, God of Wrong Context Magic (Planet Eater, Moro, Consumer of Worlds)
Full Power Moro
Weakened Moro 
  • Greater God at his weakest or when merged with Earth. Overdeity at full power or with Seven-Three absorbed.
  • Symbol: Himself eating a Planet's Life Energy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Wrong Context Magic, Absolute Immorality, Mana Drain, Planet Eater, Contrasting Sequel Antagonist, Crazy-Prepared, Combat Pragmatist, The Chessmaster, Diabolical Mastermind, To Create a Playground for Evil, Life Drinker, Omnicidal Maniac, Knight of Cerebus, Gruesome Goat, Time Abyss, Genius Bruiser, Awesomeness by Analysis
  • Domains: Magic, Aliens, Power, Sorcery, Intelligence, Planets, Energy, Evil, Planning, Sadism
  • Allies: Demon King Piccolo, Cell, Lord Tirek, Grogar, Lavos, Unicron, Kefka Palazzo, Bill Cipher
  • Rivals: Yuuki Terumi, Frieza, Majin Buu, Father, Brainiac, Tenebrae
  • Enemies: The Z-Fighters, ESPECIALLY Son Goku and Vegeta, Fat Buu, Fused Zamasu, Beerus, The Mane Six, Megan Williams, The Green Lanterns, Mogo, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, All Good-Aligned Ultramen, The Space Sheriffs, Death Phantom, The Sailor Guardians, Tuxedo Mask, Nearly all Fullmetal Alchemist deities, Light Yagami, Kirby
  • Interested in: Metal Sonic, The Philosopher’s Stone, The Truth
  • Evil Counterpart to: Galactus
  • Disappointed in: Babidi
  • Moro is a powerful wizard who threatened Universe 7 about ten million years ago. He destroyed the Iragi Star System and 320 Planets, as well as all of their inhabitants. The Grand Supreme Kai was forced to seal away Moro's magic and he was imprisoned by the Galactic Police. However, they were unable to kill him as there wasn't anyone there with the power to end his life. Remaining imprisoned for the next 10 million years, Moro eventually escaped when he gradually started regaining some of his magic when the seal on it broke.
  • It was a bright and sunny day in the Pantheon. However, things would soon take a turn for the worse. One day, citizens of the Pantheon started having their energy drained one by one and some deities went to investigate. It was then that Yuuki Terumi and Moro, now with his sanity returned by the GUAE, appeared. Terumi boasted that it was him who gave Melkor the idea to bring Moro to the Pantheon and have his sanity restored, though was admittedly disappointed that they had to revive him without his Power Copying abilities he had obtained from absorbing Seven-Three. However, the Consumer of Worlds turned on him and drained his energy, revealing that he never had any loyalty to Melkor like he and Terumi believed. This caused Terumi to absolutely lose his shit and attack Moro in a rage, but he found himself unable to overcome the Consumer of Worlds while most of his energy was drained and was quickly defeated. However, it wasn’t long before deities caught wind of a creature draining the energy of others. Vegeta and Goku both went to where the fight between Moro and the deities was taking place and upon seeing him, immediately prepared to fight. Vegeta used the Fused Spirit Fission technique to remove the energy he had stolen from some of the Pantheon’s deities and Moro, caught up in his homicidal rage towards the two, immediately attacked them and was defeated. He was imprisoned in his own temple, but this usually doesn't last as he keeps breaking out by destroying it from the inside with ki blasts. Moro has begun plotting his next move.
  • Is disturbingly interested in devouring Metal Sonic in order to absorb him and regain the Power Copying abilities he had while he had done the same to Seven-Three. However, given what happened when he copied Ultra Instinct, he is planning on being careful when it comes to the abilities he uses Power Copying to obtain once he devours Metal Sonic.
  • Is an extremely competent planner. Because of this, he can sometimes be seen in the Hall of Planning. Light Yagami, not knowing that Moro is far older than the limits of the Death Note, eventually tried to use it to kill him. It didn’t work, much to his horror. Light is currently on Moro’s shitlist for what he tried to do, yet finds the idea of being able to kill someone by simply writing their name intriguing and wants to eventually take the Death Note from him.
  • He soon sought out other villains from his home universe to obtain aid in defeating Son Goku, Vegeta and their allies. He also finds things to be very personal with Fat Buu due to the Grand Supreme Kai within him being the very reason he was imprisoned by the Galactic Patrol in the first place. The Grand Supreme Kai had to sacrifice most of his godly power to seal away his magic and stop him.
    • Zamasu (unsurprisingly) absolutely HATES Moro but knows to tread carefully when battling him as his Energy Draining could simply end any chance he has of defeating the Consumer of Worlds. Moro tried to argue that Zamasu isn't that much different, but the Mad God called his actions a Necessary Evil, much to his disappointment.
    • He is on better terms with Frieza, but they both have a massive hatred for Goku and Vegeta. Frieza and Moro's insistence on arguing over who will deal the final blow to Goku caused them to become rivals rather than allies, though they will work together on some occasions. Moro and Frieza also happen to respect each other's sadism and cruelty.
    • Found himself to be VERY disappointed in Babidi. At first, he was somewhat respectful of him as he had managed to awaken Majin Buu and even temporarily control him. However, this respect vanished when he learned of Babidi’s Stupid Evil tendencies. Angered, he blew Babidi’s temple up with a massive ki blast before snapping his neck. If his temporary respect is any indication, he and Majin Buu consider each other rivals.
    • However, there are two beings from his home universe that he can safely call allies. One is Demon King Piccolo, who aspires To Create a Playground for Evil and even scored some villainous victories just like him. It helps that Moro happens to be awfully similar to King Piccolo. The other villain from his home universe that he can call an ally is Cell. While both Moro and Cell claim themselves to be the Supreme Being and the Ultimate Being, they get along like a house on fire otherwise. However, Cell is smart enough to keep an eye on Moro whenever he is around in case the Consumer of Worlds decides to try devouring him for his regenerative abilities.
  • Used to be a follower of Grogar and has technically been in the Pantheon before his ascension because of this. He seems to like working with him and has promised to save any worlds he successfully conquers for last. However, despite his appearance and having been a follower of Grogar, he seems to be far more similar to an enemy of the Mane Six, Lord Tirek, due to their Mana Drain abilities, something that Moro has noticed and has spoken to him about. The two have become allies because of this. Learning that Moro had access to Energy Draining abilities caused The Mane Six to go into alarm almost instantly while Megan Williams is dismayed that another Gruesome Goat, one far more vile than Grogar is, has ascended and is working with him.
  • Moro has ended up becoming rivals with both Brainiac and Tenebrae. Brainiac sees his goals as a malevolent Planet Eater who wants to consume anything he desires to be an obstacle in his way of collecting all knowledge in existence and has occasionally attacked him. Moro has responded by draining the energy of his captured cities and their inhabitants before destroying them, much to Brainiac’s fury. Tenebrae, having been willing to sacrifice an entire planet, is rather pissed at Moro as he considers him competition to become both immortal and supreme as he knows that the Consumer of Worlds effectively did the same thing as him, but on a galactic level.
  • It was only a matter of time before he attacked Mogo and tried to consume him. However, the combined efforts of Mogo himself, the ascended Green Lanterns and even Atrocitus were enough to force him to retreat. Mogo is quite pissed that Moro used some of his energy to attack fellow Green Lanterns. Atrocitus loathes him as he destroyed 320 Planets, a fact that reminded him of why he became a Red Lantern in the first place. Moro has taken a frightening interest in the Orange Lantern Ring and the potential power he could wield with it, but Larfleeze doesn’t plan on giving it to him without a fight.
  • As his battle aura is made of billions, trillions, or maybe even more souls than that screaming in agony and pain, he scared most of the Pantheon shitless when he started attacking Father’s Homunculi with questions about the ritual to create a Philosopher’s Stone. He didn’t get his answers, but Moro’s plans have earned him enemies in every deity from the Fullmetal Alchemist universe, with Father considering him a rival for his kill count and potential power he could gain if he obtains access to a Philosopher’s Stone.
  • Unicron welcomed him with open arms simply to due to him being a malicious Planet Eater who has scored some victories at times. Moro decided to accept his offer for an alliance and Unicron showed him Lavos. Like Unicron, he has no intention of letting Lavos become the Time Devourer and while disappointed that its nature as a Planetary Parasite lead to its downfall as it caused the various species’ on Earth to grow and develop for a better meal as this directly resulted in Crono and his allies defeating it. However, he does recognize its power and believes it to be a good ally for now because of this. Kefka Palazzo finds him to be “utterly delightful” in his sadistic ways. Moro enjoys the company, though he watches Kefka carefully to make sure that he doesn’t find a way to steal his power.
  • Once attacked the Planet Nemesis with the intent of draining its energy and consuming it. However, Death Phantom, being the planet, didn’t take kindly to this and launched an all-out attack on the Planet Eater with most of the Black Moon Clan and his own cloaked avatar joining in to fight him off. Much like the incident on Mogo, Moro was forced to retreat once Death Phantom began utilizing his true form as the Planet Nemesis. While they won’t pull an Enemy Mine with Wiseman, the Sailor Senshi and Tuxedo Mask have been opposing Moro as his Energy Draining powers, in their opinion, happen to be very similar to Queen Metalia’s Energy Absorption. There’s also the fact that many of the monsters they have fought in the past are capable of draining energy.
  • Was this your savior, by chance? Apologies. He was dead before I could even see his face.

Intermediate Gods

Brightwing, Goddess of Depowering Transformations (Faerie Dragon, Fey Dragon, Sprite Darter)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A crown she occasionally wears.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good.
  • Portfolio: Cute little Dragon but really dangerous in battle, The Fair Folk, Murderous little Whelp, Healing Abilities in battle, Original Generation, Faerie Dragon, Sociopathic Heroine, The Ditz
  • Domains: Support, Dragons, Magic
  • Friends:
  • Mean Friends: Murky, The defenders of the ancient
  • Meanies: Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Deathwing, Nefarian, Leoric, Abathur, Kerrigan, Acnologia, Grima, Tiamat, Ornstein And Smough
  • Special "Friends": The Killer Rabbit, Liesolette Achenbach
  • Watched carefully by: Most members of the House of Magic
  • This strange creature right here is Brightwing, a Faerie Dragon who wants to make lots and lots of friends. However, behind her saccharine and friendly demeanor hides a psychopathic monster that has no qualms with slaughtering her foes and eat her fallen opponents, but nonetheless she is a good friend. Brightwing ascended one day when she was bored, warping in and out of the Emerald Dream until she took a portal that she assumed was for the nexus but ended up in the pantheon by accident. She started making friends and all was fine until, according to Brightwing, some bad people showed up and were very mean to her friends, so she decided to polymorph them into squirrels and violently eat them. While her friends were left terrified and glad at the same time, Brightwing ended up earning her title after how she displayed her polymorph a rather brutal way.
  • She frequents the house of Friendship to find friends to play with and quickly befriended Fluttershy thanks to her kindness. Although, Fluttershy is a little terrified of the "Games" Brightwing wants to play. note 
  • This isn't the first time that Brightwing came to Pantheon. One time, she came to visit Lady Ysera and stumbled upon some people prone to Cuteness Overload. Sapphire Rhodonite grabbed the creature and gave it Marshmallow Hell and Rena Ryuguu tried to "take it home" with her. After blinking away, both of them ended up briefly polymorphed into squirrels. Ysera couldn't help but chuckle for hours at such an amusing turn of events.
  • Being a Faerie Dragon (YES, she isn't the only one), Brightwing has caught the attention of many Fairy Deities in the Pantheon, particularly The three Good fairies who are still cracking their heads at the existence of such creatures but nevertheless are on good terms.
    • She did once stumbled upon altaria and Brightwing confused her for another Fairy Dragon like her. They have become friends but altaria doesn't like playing with Brightwing much... since all her games always involve biting
    • For the record, she isn't a real dragon. Just a similar species who behave like fairies and have a great apetite for anything that moves. The only draconic origin she has is that her "mother" is Ysera.
  • Many of the Defenders of the Ancient confused her for another Faerie dragon they know called Puck but her fighting style is totally different that the Dragon they know.
  • Frequently seen visiting The Rabbit of Chaernabog. Apparently, she claims that "Bunny friend" likes to "play rough", which Brightwing finds entertaining.
  • She can warp in and out of the Emerald dream at will whenever she wants. She however, advices against travelling there as it can cause you a headache. (Not even her is immune to the occurances of that place)
  • Became friends with both Anakaris and Mamizou because their powers are similar to hers. Unfortunately, they don't usually are available for brightwing "Games" which greatly upsets her.
    • She also tried to befriend Liesolette Achenbach but she keeps ignoring her and finds the Faerie Dragon super annoying
  • One of her most important abilities is the fact that she is immune to all kind of magic. This particular fact caught the attention of Kiritsugu Emiya and tried to befriend the Fey dragon. Even tough she can be very erratic at times, she can be an important Ally in the fight against mages.
    • On the other hand, Anti-Mage invited her to "play" with some of his "friends" in his world. Brightwing is excited to meet new Friends in another world.
    • With the formation of GUAE Malum Magia, Brightwing has been offered a part in a gropu called "Magus Killers". She doesn't know what all that's about but if he goes to "Play" with the "Evil wizards" then she is fine.
  • Has been seen wearing a Crown on occasions and actually behaves like she would be an actual queen when that happens. If you don't respect her Authority, you will probably be Mauled and Eaten alive by her for your insolence.
  • In her quest to meet more friends, she heard about the friendliest of all the friends from her universe, the Inkeeper from the Hearthstone Tavern. Brightwing went to meet him and as usual, the dwarf and the faerie dragon became fast friends, Brightwing even asking him to let her join the card game but Harth couldn't find a way to include brightwing. That is until Ragnaros and Sylvanas were "retired" from the official ruleset after a rather strange incident and Brightwing was invited to fill in one of their spots. Since then, Brightwing is happy that she can meet even more friends
  • "We are friends now! Hello, friend!"
  • Also making friends in the House of Power. Please don't be mean to her.

Calypso, Unholy Wish Corrupter (William Sparks, Dr. Ospylac, Billy Calypso)
His 2012 incarnation
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His grinning face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil. How bad he is tends to fluctuate depending on the form.
  • Portfolio: Varying appearances, Those who change reality, Karma Houdini (most of the time), Characterization Marches On, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Travels on a Cool Airship, Literal Genie
  • Vehicle of Choice (If he has to drive): Nuke-Mobile
  • Domains: Magic, Chaos, Evil, Wishes, Consequences, Vehicular Combat
  • High Priest: Clavicus Vile
  • Allies: Howard and Kreese, Gleeman Vox, The House of Demons
  • Enemies: Needles Kane, Dollface (2012), Rubick, The House of Justice, The House of Angels, Katniss Everdeen, All Killing Game Participants, many deities from Super Mario Bros. and Crash Bandicoot, The Genie, Jeannie, Jorgen Von Strangle
  • Sympathized by: The House of Family and Relatives
  • Opposed by: The Incubators (Difference of opinion), Dollface (Black) (edging on enemies)
  • Intrigued with: Davy Jones
  • "My name is Calypso. My previous contest destroyed much of my own world. Down below life has come to a halt as survivors struggle to stay alive. With it awash in flames and nothing left to destroy and no continuation in sight I face a dilemma: Where will my next Twisted Metal contests take place? A long line of combat drivers has already been chosen, waiting to battle to the death in hopes of becoming the victor, claiming whatever their brave hearts desire. But where will the contests be held? Oh... the Trope Pantheons will be my battleground. There will be no safe zones, no places to hide, in the next 24 hours the entire Pantheon will know my name! They will see my beautiful work of art first hand! No one will be safe! I promise you that. Welcome, to Twisted Metal."
  • Calypso is the one and only host to a series of Vehicular Combat contests. He's a man of many origins as his incarnations are various, some showing a man with a burned face while others show a balding man with a missing eye or just some snot-nosed bully. The source of his powers vary from stealing it from a demon, using a magic ring, or is pretty much the Devil himself in all but name.
  • Contrasting the many different versions, there's only one background for him that only really accounts for one incarnation of his character. He was a suicidal man as a result of accidentally killing his sister and later took up demolition derby driving in an attempt to kill himself. But at some point, he married and had a single daughter, but it didn't last on account of a stray tire hitting his wife and he ended up accidentally driving into a wall while dozing off, instantly killing both of them. Now trapped in hell, he managed to outrun a demon named Minion, and the man ended up impressing Satan enough to grant him the power to host the Twisted Metal tournament in an effort to harvest many, many souls.
    • There's some piece of information going around that there are multiple Calypsos upon overlooking parts of the origins behind the driver known as Black. Though he eloquently talks about his desire to murder the malicious, apparently this creature was sent by a "colorful" Calypso to kill his darker self in another universe. This seems to have put a bit of a spin on the various personas Calypso takes since that could mean the Pantheon would allow the existence of multiple Calypsos. So far, only one can actually be seen to the relief of many people.
  • Regardless of who he is, Calypso actually has acquainted himself with the House of Demons to further the development of his contests. He's already got Minion under his belt (most of the time), so he might as well go the extra mile. Conversely, he's very much despised by the House of Angels if his apocalyptic games weren't a good enough of a reason to do so already.
  • Calypso was here long before Needles Kane and the Dollfaces were in the Pantheon, and he actually assisted in their ascensions to further his contests by exploiting Needles and Krista's grudges and desire to pay him back for their botched wishes in the reboot, knowing they're willing to total both each other and many other people to try and get to him. The Dollface from Blackfield Asylum was not an expected addition, but he doesn't mind regardless, knowing the events behind her world fuels her distaste for Needles. At the same time, she's also very cautious of Calypso after hearing more about him having not thought of it before while participating in the contests.
    • Even if he doesn't admit it out loud, part of Calypso is pretty concerned with Needles. He has a very long history with the clown which didn't start out antagonistic at first, though things started to shift and change as time went on. There have been periods of time in which Needles not only killed him but others in which he took over as host for Twisted Metal. In one case, Needles managed to accomplish both. Sure, the Monster Clown is primarily known for him being a psychopathic brutish serial killer, but people should really 'ought to watch when he does go beyond that.
  • Rumored to possess some of the most potent magic in the Pantheon, due to his ability to easily warp reality, space and time itself in accordance with the wish granted. The only thing that keeps him from becoming a Greater God is the fact that he can only use his magic in order to grant someone's wish. To make matters worse for him, he can't exactly refuse to grant a wish either, even if it may end up screwing him over. Of course, more often than not the wishes tend to not be well thought out in wording or just the wish itself. Such is the case with Dollface (2012), who wished to be on the world's largest runway — she ended up on an airport landing strip and could not runaway in time.
    • Along with the likes of Jafar, Calypso doesn't give genies a good name even if he isn't actually one and is just a wish granter associated with them. Not that the Genie or Jeannie care, anyways. Jorgen sees Calypso as justification for his grudge against genies in general.
    • Some say he's a bit biased towards people with wishes that involve revenge, although he stated that with those kinds of wishes there isn't much for him to twist unless they themselves have a poor choice of words. To support this, he referred to the time where Sweet Tooth wished to see his daughter again to murder her (particularly for stabbing him in the eye), but because she already committed suicide he ended up dying in her coffin, cursing Calypso's name all the while. This admittedly didn't do much to convince people but he said they're free to think whatever they want.
    • The Incubators don't seem to like him much, citing the waste of energy that comes from Calypso's habit of twisting the wishes to end with the wisher's death almost instantly, rather than letting the victim "simmer". Calypso repeated he doesn't have that much control on wishes, whether or not they suffer in the short or long term. One person hungry for souls who wished that the whole world be engulfed in war and death wouldn't suffer as fast as someone who wished for the ability to fly and jumped off the ledge, not realizing Calypso gave them plane tickets instead.
      • Though, there was a time where Calypso actively screwed with the winner's wish no matter what, sometimes to the point where it's just flat out idiotic and nonsensical. He would prefer that you don't mention that. He's evil, sure, but at least he has some class to it. And Calypso's aware that's something everyone isn't at all fond of either.
      Calypso: "Let's not dwell that much on the past and move on, shall we?"
  • His Twisted Metal contests are open to many deities provided they have their own vehicle to enter with, which tend to house a plethora of weapons which only got more diverse now that's open to the floodgates of the Trope Pantheon. Just as often he'll also end up roping whatever crazies or unwilling deities of interest to participate in his contests as well. He understands there are those who will try to cheat their way through, but he isn't willing to take the case of another Cousin Eddie lying down. If all else fails, he erected a stop sign that blocks undesirables from continuing further. It reads: "No losers allowed beyond this point."
  • If there’s one real redeeming factor for Calypso it’s his love for his daughter. It’s genuine. The first time she got brought back he chose to hug her despite being rebuilt as a suicide bomber specifically meant to get close and kill him. The second time around she was brought back to fill up the roster for that Twisted Metal game... but at the same time, it was still also done to help bring her back to life through a wish. When she ended up instead wishing that the car accident that killed her family never happened she is put in a deep coma while Calypso is forced to wait for her recovery. While very much educated on his infamy, it did touch some people in the House of Family for how much of a humanizing trait it is for someone like him.
  • Due to having a similar way of doing things, he quickly made a partnership with Gleeman Vox. Hearing of another Deadly Game from Gleeman, along with a pair who commentated over such a thing and being quite fascinated with it (even being former competitors themselves) along with being quite interested in the Jerkass Genie's harem of girls, Calypso hired Howard and Kreese to spectate over some of the matches. The two took a great liking to the carnage of the wishmaker's competitions, and they even brought over some Death Watch Mooks riding motorcycles to participate. Mainly to spice up the matches and see them get maimed in all sorts of ways. They're thinking about commissioning an arena armed with all sorts of ways to increase the carnage like the various death traps in Varrigan City.
    (A Death watcher gets rammed by a large truck causing the bike they're riding on to explode)
    Howard: "Jesus!"
    Kreese: "Look at that fucker fly! He's burning up!"
    Howard: "This Krista chick should be a plastic surgeon. He looks completely different. I can't even tell that schmuck was even the same person!"
    Kreese: "Would ya really call it a gift to just go and slam some random cocksucker with a truck?"
    Howard: "Are you doubting this young woman's dreams to change lives?"
    Kreese: "If yer just gonna leave it at "changing lives", then sure. I mean she just took his away!"
    Howard: "Compensation for her efforts. An artist has got to be paid after all. And hell, it's not like her modelling career is going anywhere with that look. It's not too late for her to find her passion."
    • Their more serious contributions to Twisted Metal have been when they brought along Kojak (Jack Cayman's Evil Doppelgänger) and Martin (a grey piloting a giant Killer Robot). They quickly became popular entries within the games soon after their introductions.
  • If you honestly haven't guessed already, Calypso really isn't popular with the House of Justice for the sheer amount of damage that his Twisted Metal contests can cause and have made efforts to evacuate any area when they can. Not only that but in some incarnations he's seen as one the world's most wanted criminals and public enemy number one has had many officers and agents sent after him, but they ultimately have to participate in the contests to actually get to him. All attempts have been unsuccessful so far, leading some to think about bringing in Carl and Jamie Roberts considering their experience in the games. Even so, Calypso also has his guards and seemed to have upped their stopping power to account for the more dangerous people here. If they do get past security, he's happy to leave behind gifts. And by gifts, we mean bombs, with a note.
    Screw you! Love, Calypso.
    • People who were forced into Deadly Games have nothing good to say about him either. Katniss, along with many of the ascended Danganronpa deities who participated in a Killing Game of some kind, have made it their mission to oppose Calypso while cautious as to not get roped into Twisted Metal behind the wheels or not by their enemies. Calypso, however, is simply unconcerned with them.
    • The House of Justice seemed to have more consistent success when they started reaching out the Badass Drivers who are actually good people, particularly those who participated in their fair share of Wacky Racing. Not only have they managed to not only survive but also win his games in spite of the many roadblocks he tried to set. They haven't quite reached the man himself, though they have indirectly sent him many aneurysms over the whole thing. But it's only a matter of time until Calypso gets his just desserts. After all, he isn't quite as invincible to karma back then either.
  • During a match that took place in a battleground on a boat out in the seas and while out spectating on his blimp, some people have managed to catch a glimpse of Davy Jones' ship. He had heard of someone named Calypso who was out in the House of Water and Moisture, but after coming there himself the captain soon found out it's a case of mistaken identity. Initially, Calypso shrugged it off, though he soon got the idea that he could also rope Davy Jones into participating somehow as well, under the promise of seeing "his" Calypso again... through a wish, of course.
  • On his off times, Calypso finds himself reading books, specifically those written by Steven King as he's quite the fan. His favorite out of all the novels is Needful Things since he can relate a lot to Leland Gaunt. So much so that Calypso promised him a free wish with no strings attached. No one has followed up on this sort of information regarding what wish he did make, if Steven King did so.
  • I am Calypso, and I thank you for reading my profile.

Desiree, Goddess of Being Defeated by Her Own Wish Magic
  • Intermediate Goddess, though her rank can increase if granting a sufficient number of wishes (would be a Greater Goddess if she could control her wish magic)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of herself
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Jackass Genie, Ms. Fanservice, Ghostly Genies, Reality Warper, Wishplosion, Arabian Hotties From The Harem, Hartman Hips, Impossible Hourglass Figure, Dislikes Men, Cannot Help But Grant Wishes, Beat It by Compulsion
  • Domains: Wishes, Villainy, Spite, Attention, Power, Genies
  • Followers: Kesaran Pasaran, King Brian, Norm the Genie
  • Allies: Ember McClain, Harley Quinn, Calypso
  • On good terms with: Brynhild
  • Respects: Nicholas St North, Ceri
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jafar, Cersei Lannister
  • Rival: Jeannie
  • Enemies: Danny Phantom and his allies, Dark Danny, Hera, Timmy Turner, Jorgen Von Strangle, Aladdin, Luigi, The Ghostbusters
  • Annoyed with: Catelyn Stark
  • Pities: Those who've been forced out of a relationship
  • Fears: The Lich, Lord Tirek
  • In life, Desiree was a harem girl who won the heart of her sultan. He promised to grant all her heart's desires and even a kingdom of her own, but it was not to be as she was cast away by the sultan's jealous wife. Dying of a broken heart (and old age), she initially used her newfound ghost powers to help people. But over time she grew more cynical, and now makes sure people's wishes turn out poorly. Now she is an enemy of Danny Phantom and his friends.
  • One of the most powerful foes Danny has ever faced, Desiree can grant practically any wish. And the more wishes she grants, the more powerful she becomes. She doesn't even have the genie in a lamp restriction. However, her great power is also a weakness, because she has to grant any wish. And it's wishes that manage to defeat her.
  • Justifiably fears Lord Tirek due to his Mana Drain being able to work on even reality warpers like Discord. She always stays out of ear reach from him. She seems to be afraid of the Lich, as he managed to kill the genie Prismo despite him being magnitudes stronger than her.
  • Vindictive and bitter, she'd rather use her wishes to screw people over than help them. That's not to say she's incapable of granting good wishes, but most of the time she doesn't bother, like when she granted a little girl's wish for cotton candy by creating a tidal wave of the stuff. Calypso likes her work but thinks she could do better in screwing people over. Timmy Turner opposes her because of his experience with Norm, and she reinforces Jorgen's believes that genies are evil.
  • Is the creator of Tucker Foley's Shadow, Tucker Phantom. This entity was born from Tucker's wish for ghost powers, twisting him due to jealousy until Danny managed to separate it. It is unclear whether she plans to do something similar with some of the more insecure deities, though most wouldn't put it past her.
  • Considered rather attractive, as you'd expect from a former harem girl and Bedlah Babe. While Shantae dislikes her due to being an evil genie, they're still somewhat friendly as they're both sexy Arabian genies. She also understands where Jasmine is coming from with not wanting to be in an Arranged Marriage and the two being bedlah babes, and is cordial with Genie. Aladdin less so, who she's rightly worried about because of how he tricked Jafar.
  • Though a Jackass Genie, she doesn't like Jafar that much. Not because of his evil, but because he's a misogynistic Dirty Old Man. They'll still work together to screw people over with wishes and fight Aladdin, but it's tenuous.
  • As she was cast down by the sultan's jealous wife, she has it in for Hera. She hates how she punishes her husband's lovers and the demi-gods it produces. To a lesser extent she shows disdain towards Catelyn Stark due to her treatment of her husband'snote  bastard son Jon Snow, but since she's a lot more tolerant of her husband doesn't dislike her as much as Hera. With Cersei it's more complicated-she understands her pain in not getting with the people she cares for and being forced into an unwanted marriage, but hates her treatment of Robert's bastards.
  • Her sympathies are with those who suffered from great heartbreak for herself. She looks along with Harley Quinn and pities her for her abusive Mad Love relationship with the Joker, and can get where Brynhildr is coming from. She's proud to see Ceri keep a relationship with her superior.
  • Despite her actions, she respects Christmas like any other ghost and will call a truce on that day. She even helped Danny save Christmas along with the other ghosts. As such, she respects Nicholas St North. And while it's unclear what encounters she had with Dark Danny in his timeline, like all ghosts she hates him.

    Erazor Djinn 
Erazor Djinn, God of Imperfect Rituals (Alf Layla wa-Layla, aka "One Thousand and One Nights")
Alf Layla wa-Layla 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Alf Layla wa-Layla)
  • Symbol: The razor he wields as a weapon
  • Theme Song: It Has Come to This (normal), Seven Rings In Hand (as Alf Layla wa-Layla)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Villain of the Week, Our Genies Are Different, a Pitiless, Opportunistic and Hateable Jackass Genie, Evil Is Hammy, In Their Own Image, Incomplete Monstrous Forms Due to a Bungled Ritual, Final Boss, New Dimension, Meaningful Name, Wished to Forever Be Sealed in His Lamp Before Being Thrown into Lava, Villainous Breakdown
  • Domains: Genies, The Arabian Nights (abused), Domination, Opportunism, Rituals, Story Destruction
  • Allies: Jafar, Frieza, Dr. Weil, Calypso, Nefarian, White Face, Father Homunculus
  • Headbutting Villains with: Infinite, Desiree
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dr. Eggman, Bob
  • Enemies: Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends, every single deity from or based on Arabian Nights (especially Aladdin, Genie and Scheherazade), Dream of the Endless, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Hoopa, Jeannie, Shantae, Fat Buu, Crimson Chin, The Pagemaster, The Author, Mordecai and Rigby, Jorgen von Strangle, Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda
  • Opposes: Majin Buu
  • Opposed by: The House of Narrative
  • Fears: AM, Admiral Akianu, Lord Tirek
  • Evil Counterpart to: Merlina
  • Erazor Djinn is a malevolent genie based partly off the genie from Aladdin. Sealed for his misdeeds in days past, when he was freed his hatred had grown and made Sonic a slow sacrifice as part of his plans to use the Seven World Rings. When Shahra got in the way, he used this sacrifice instead. It ended up in him becoming an incomplete monster with only able to access some of their power, other rings ending up turning Sonic to Darkspine Sonic, who gave him the mother of all beatdowns.
  • Erazor Djinn was meant to be sealed forever in his lamp, and dead after it was thrown in lava. Upon his resurrection in the pantheon, this was no longer the case since the lamp itself was melted away. However, he is paralyzed with fear when it comes to something involving lava due to how he died. He also fears AM due to how he inflicts And I Must Scream, and Erazor was locked away in the lamp.
  • Relates to Jafar. The sorcerer has grand ambitions like himself, and was trapped in a lamp. They are also pretty malevolent sorcerers and/or genies. Together, the two work to conquer everything related to Agrabah and the Arabian Nights, before eventually turning on one another for power of course. And he's the only Arabian Nights figure that doesn't oppose him on sight, due to how he carved up the Arabian Nights to remake them in his image.
  • The House of Narrative has warned him to be on his best behavior, or better yet never visit. This is because of his ambitions to remake and rewrite stories so he may rule them. As stories are part of their domain, both Dream of the Endless and especially the Pagemaster regard him as a bane. The Protectors of the Plot Continuum regard him as a serious threat as well.
  • To expand his will beyond the world of the Arabian Nights, Erazor Djinn has been studying the House of Metafiction. He is working with Nefarian and White Face for this long game, but has gotten the opposition of heroic metafictional characters in the Crimson Chin. He has offered Bob a chance to get back at the Author, as he completely understands being trapped in a work of fiction, and Bob has agreed. However, he absolutely doesn't trust Erazor and will test his supposed immortality when all is said and done.
  • Was abused in his past, but as it's partly punishment for his misdeeds he's not to be pitied. Perhaps because of this, he found himself getting along with Dr Weil. They were both given a dire punishment, but rather than learn became more misanthropic and developed a hate for the world. As if Erazor wasn't already hated.
  • Often insults Sonic by referring to him as a rat, which Sonic is quick to point out he's a hedgehog. It's a tic he shares with Infinite. The two seek vengeance on Sonic, are absolutely egotistical, and will try to work together, but Erazor regards Infinite as unstable and would rather work from a distance. He has a much more contentious alliance with Dr Eggman in their opposition to Sonic, since King Shahyrar was the Alternate Self to Eggman.
  • As an evil genie, he sides with Calypso and Desiree. More so the former; he attempted to have a more personal relationship with Desiree, however, as he's an implied abusive boyfriend to Shahra she doesn't like that. He has sided with Father to achieve their desire for power, as Father relates to Erazor being sealed away since that was what the Truth inflicted on him post-mortem.
  • As a pink, evil genie Erazor Djinn's design may have been based partly off Majin Buu. Erazor doesn't like either of them, as the Fat Majin Buu is an idiot and the original Majin Buu is an uncontrollable Almighty Idiot who wishes to destroy everything. He'd rather reality be intact or reconstructable to make himself the supreme power.
  • His monstrous form resembles Hoopa Unbound, being a massive genie with six arms. With the use of rings, Erazor Djinn accused Hoopa of being a rip-off, though this is probably just a projection of his ego. Hoopa tried to deflate this by pointing out that its One-Winged Angel isn't some half-baked abomination.
  • Having heard of his plot to rewrite the story he was in, Mordecai and Rigby were advised by the House of Narrative to keep him away from the Realm of Darthon game to which they complied given that they had to go through it along with a killer cheating game master to get their refund. Plus, the game still blows.
  • Erazor Djinn was curious about SCP-682. It survived a story specifically written to destroy it by rewriting the story itself, even increasing the page count from 12 pages to 209. Of course, he'd didn't want to even approach it, let alone associate itself with.

Izetta, The Goddess Who Made Magic Disappear From The World (The Last Witch, The Second Coming Of the White Witch)
As "The Second Coming of the White Witch" 
  • Themes: Izetta: The Last Witch and Cross The Line
  • Intermediate Goddess with access to a Ley Line network or with the Magic Stone (Demigoddess without magic, Quasideity following the Final Battle in her universe)
  • Symbols: Her white dress, anti-tank rifle, and her half of the Magic Stone
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Permanently drained Europe's, and possibly the world's, leylines of magical energy, Immediately proving herself to be a woman of action upon awakening, Wields massive anti-tank rifles that are longer than she is tall, Saving the entirety of Eylstadt several times from certain doom, Becomes a normal girl when deprived of access to magical energy, a leyline, or the Magic Stone, The Magic Stone taking a toll on her life energy, Goes from a shy and reluctant magic user to Eylstadt's hero, Is only 15 years old, yet fights on the frontlines, Wears White once she becomes Eylstadt's Hero, Hero of her series, Willing to give her life to end the Germanian Empire's wonderweapons campaign and abuse of magic, Being the last witch of her world, Wears bright colors, and fights for the side of good, One-Woman Army, Swore undying loyalty to Finé and Eylstadt
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Lance
  • Enemy Mine: Lord Recluse
  • In the 1930s of an alternate timeline Europe, a young princess and witch would fatefully meet one another and become fast friends. It got to the point that this young princess saved the young witch from being killed by an angry mob armed with Torches and Pitchforks. This show of kindness and bravery would forever indebt the witch to Undying Loyalty to her in the event they would ever meet again. Cut to the year 1940, a small Alpine country called the Pricipality of Eylstadt was invaded by its hostile neighbor, the Germanian Empire. In a devastating series of surprise offensives, the Eylstadt military stood little chance, with many of their meager defenses overrun in a matter of hours. In the midst of this chaos, Princess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt was captured by Germanian Forces in Westria, as well as a witch named Izetta, who was being kept in a special capsule to be experimented on. During a transport flight from Westria to Neu-Berlin, both were kept together and held captive by members of the Germanian Army. Thanks to Fine's defiance against her captors, she was able to free Izetta from the capsule, and both promptly escaped the Germanians, with Izetta blowing the transport plane up with magic.
  • Within days of their escape, and seeing the increasingly hopeless situation before them, Izetta volunteered herself to become Eylstadt's savior, much like the White Witch of Eylstadt's Legend before her. Immediately, Izetta tore through entire battalions of Germanian infantry, tanks, and even aircraft. Seeing an opportunity present itself, the now-Archduchess Fine was advised by her closest associates to turn Izetta into a Propaganda Hero and Hope Bringer to Eylstadt. The Archduchess agreed, and thus ended up revealing Izetta and her powers to various journalists from different parts of the world. Sure enough, she soon became a celebrity both within Eylstadt and out, and a constant thorn for the Germanian Empire. The Kaiser of Germania in particular knew of the threat Eylstadt's new White Witch posed, and promptly dedicated a ton of resources to find a way to take her down for good. With Major Berkman's Special Unit and the Design Division of Elisabeth cooperating, the Germanian Army was able to find a radical new counter to Izetta, and more. The end result? A perfect clone of the original White Witch Sophie, as well as a number of new wonderweapons designs derived directly from magical energy.
  • Despite granting Eylstadt a few months of peace and tranquility, once the Germanians deployed their new Secret Weapon, Izetta was easily beaten by Germania's Witch, with most of Eylstadt including the capital Landsbruck falling within two hours. Only the timely Heroic Sacrifice of the remnant of Eylstadt's military prevented the Second Coming of the White Witch from being in Germanian captivity. While this denied the Germanians the satisfaction of having their number one enemy in their clutches, it was still a major strategic and propaganda victory for them. Following the fall of Eylstadt, the Germanians would then further abuse magical energy for their own agendas, by bombing the Britannian capital in a coordinated terrorbombing campaign. It ultimately culminated in the Germanians developing a Hexenium-powered nuclear missile prototype, capable of wiping out entire cities on the map. Izetta herself would finally get a chance to fight Sophie on more even terms, when Sieghart Muller of the Eylstadt royal government discovered the other half of the Magic Stone in his family's possession. Meanwhile, the Eylstadt Forces, having captured Lt. Colonel Berkman after a botched attempt in capturing the Archduchess, was forced to reveal this classified infornation to his enemies, who also revealed to them that the Empire planned on bombing Landsbruck, the capital of Eylstadt, with the prototype, as a show of force.
  • With this stark revelation, and seeing no other choice, Izetta decided to make a difficult decision: to drain the entirety of Europe's Ley Line network of magical energy using her half of the Magic Stone. In effect, she would be killing two birds with one stone. She'd be able to defeat Sophie and render all of the Germanian's new weapons of mass destruction useless. And so it was. Izetta, with the power of her Magic Stone, was able to fight Sophie on much more equal terms, lure her away from the Germanian base and delay the missile launch for enough time, and then ended up draining all of Europe's and arguably the world's magical energy, channeling all of it into space. All Germanian wonderweapons powered by Hexenium, crystallized magical energy, were rendered useless, with all existing Hexenium reserves automatically depleted as well. Sophie would also end up dying in a Disney Villain Death thanks to having no more magic to back herself up in flight, the combined strain of the Magic Stone and trying to keep Europe's magical energy from disappearing, and her own Clone Degeneration taking its toll. Izetta herself would ultimately survive this Final Battle, albeit without the use of her legs, and would live out the rest of her life peacefully and no longer under persecution from anyone.
  • In the Pantheon, meanwhile, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Lt. Mike Powell, and Lt. Karl Fairburne, have already made plans to infiltrate the Eylstadt Royal Palace, now ascended as a Pantheon Dominion alongside the rest of the Principality of Eylstadt. With the help of The Tenno, who provide enough of a diversion against Sophie and most of her forces, they manage to either slip past any remaining German patrols guarding the palace or silently kill any they can't. Eventually, the four of them split up into groups of two, with Rogers and Barnes looking for the room containing Sieghart Muller's family heirlooms, and Powell and Fairburne looking for the White Witch Shrine in a hidden section of the palace. With vials of a female magic user's blood, which in this case was donated to them by Koyuki Himekawa aka Snow White, they try to look for any sign or trace of the Magic Stone within the palace walls. The latter fail to find anything when the vial of blood refuses to react to anything, not helped by the shrine having been investigated heavily and subsequently ransacked by Berkman's men. Rogers and Barnes, on the other hand, get the reaction they were looking for, and immedaitely come across a mysterious-looking diary which, sure enough, contains the fabled half of the Magic Stone. Wasting no time, they get the hell out of dodge, especially in the wake of German reinforcements inevitably arriving to investigate. Unkbeknownst to the four Allied soldiers, Lt. Colonel Berkman had been observing their very actions. Instead of following them, he radios Sophie, telling her that the Allies are doing everything All According to Plan.
  • As it turned out, rather than waste precious time, men, and resources in finding the remaining half of the Magic Stone that possibly didn't exist in the Pantheon, Berkman decided to let the Allies and the rest of his, HYDRA's, and Sophie's enemies find the Stone for them, and confirm its presence. And indeed, with Captain America and his companions finding the Stone, Berkman had what he needed. Furthermore, with the Magic Stone now in Allied hands, it would lead the Germans to the rest of the biggest threats to Sophie. In essence, this would kill two birds with one stone, with Berkman, Sophie, and the Nazis getting their hands on the Magic Stone's full potential and power, and the Allies losing their biggest chances to defeat Sophie for good.
  • With the Magic Stone now in Allied hands and in their controlled territory, they now wondered how they could use it to get Izetta into the Pantheon, given that Sophie herself wasn't ascended by "conventional" means. Fortunately for the Allies and the magic users accompanying them, a solution is found in the form of Dr. Stephen Strange. Strange, who had seen the threat HYDRA posed with their magical energy-powered weaponry, elected to provide his close ally Captain America with the way to summon a person from an Alternate Timeline into the Pantheon through one of his spells. And so, Strange began chanting a complicated spell that required concentration, using the Magic Stone as a catalyst and to gather enough of the magical energy needed. The process, however, was complicated, and required the Sorcerer not be disturbed in the midst of it all. Unfortunately for those present, that was when Sophie and the Germans attacked their position. Rogers and Barnes, despite being heavily outmatched, opted to hold Sophie back to buy Dr. Strange a precious few minutes of time, while Powell and Fairburne fought back the German soldiers that accompanied her.
  • Despite their best efforts, Sophie does manage to partially botch Izetta's ascension by managing to get Strange to lose concentration at the worst possible time. While Izetta does make it in, she doesn't ascend with her powers initially, and ascended without the use of her legs. Worse, thanks to the mayhem going on, the still unconscious witch is captured by the Germans, with Sophie delighted at this success and chance to get revenge on her killer. The only thing the Nazis don't manage to obtain was the Magic Stone, which is still safely in the hands of Dr. Strange. Immediately recovering from the surprise attack, Captain Rogers reorganizes the ragtag unit with him, and begins organizing a way to rescue their new hope in defeating HYDRA and their new "Champion".
  • Under orders from Schmidt, Berkman and Sophie are ordered to seal Izetta in a capsule similar to the one the Germanians sealed her in, so that she can be studied extensively in a secure facility in War-Torn Berlin. While Sophie is initially frustrated at this order, Schmidt promises her that she can have her nemesis tortured to death once he's done studying her. With Berkman's convincing, Sophie ultimately agrees to this arrangement, and allows Berkman and the Special Unit to collect Izetta for transport to Berlin. Rather than transport their VIP by plane like with what the Germanians did, Berkman arranges for Izetta's capsule to be transported via a special train, HYDRA's Schnellzug EB912. The radio broadcast these orders are sent through are eventually intercepted by Allied intelligence, who then relay the info to the Allied Forces in Eylstadt.
  • Now with solid intel on Izetta's location, Captain America and company decide to intercept the HYDRA train, in spite of the huge risk that this might be yet another trap intended for them. And so it was, with Rogers, Barnes, and Powell boarding the train. Sure enough, an entire platoon of Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites were waiting onboard, guarding Izetta's capsule. And leading those troops was Rudolf von Sturmgeist, one of Schmidt's top enforcers and himself a tough nut to crack. Despite these seemingly insurmountable odds, the three of them manage to fight their way through waves of elite German troops, killing several of them in the process. Making their way into the car that contained Izetta's capsule, von Sturmgeist, alongside three Nazi Storm Elites, confronted the trio and tried to deny them access to the witch, despite being heavily outnumbered and outmatched. A stray shot from the firefight ends up damaging the capsule, causing Izetta to awaken and emerge from it, still in the process of fully regaining consciousness. Rogers, seeing an opening, pulls the Magic Stone out of his pocket, and throws it in the direction of the witch. Seeing a most-familiar object, she immediately grabs it, and with it, her powers are immediately restored to full.
  • Seeing unfamiliar soldiers in trouble, and men resembling Germanian soldiers and officers pin them down, Izetta ends up saving them by knocking out the Storm Elites and knocking von Sturmgeist aside with her newly-restored powers. With the White Witch of Eylstadt now aiding them, and seeing no other choice, Sturmgeist has the train they're on separated from the locomotive (with Sturmgeist himself fleeing on the locomotive), with the train car the Allied soldiers and Izetta are in rigged to blow as well. With little time to spare, the four of them manage to make it to the back of the train and jump off, just before the train explodes in a huge fireball.
  • With Izetta now in friendly hands, Rogers, Barnes, and Powell bring her to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who briefs her about the Pantheon, why she was summoned there, the Nazis and HYDRA bringing back her old nemesis Sophie, the situation of her beloved home of Eylstadt, and their need to stop Johann Schmidt's Evil Plan involving Hexenium-powered weaponry. Izetta ultimately agrees to help the Allies stop the Nazis' and HYDRA's operations, though she does warn them that prolonged use of the Magic Stone now in her possession would end up burning out her life force. She is then approached by Dr. Abraham Erskine, who offers her a solution to prevent this from happening: a dose of Super Serum he personally developed. However, before Izetta can agree or not, she's also approached by Dr. Stephen Strange, who offers her a much less drastic solution: a spell that can neutralize the effects of the Magic Stone on her body, as well as permanently allow her the use of her legs even without access to magical energy. Strange tells her that while the Super Soldier Serum could also help her, it woul also come at a risk of amplifying both her positive and negative traits, or as Erskine himself put it: "Good becomes great, bad becomes worse".
  • With that out of the way, Izetta is provided a new anti-tank rifle, white dress, and is given new flying bombs for her own personal use. The latter were reverse-engineered from the ones used by Sophie and the Germanian Empire using captured blueprints, and in essence, were similar to the Republic-Ford JB-2, an American reverse-engineered copy of the V-1 Flying Bomb. With these new weapons at her disposal, the Allies can now launch retaliatory attacks against various Nazi and HYDRA bases scattered throughout the occupied areas of the Pantheon. Unlike the Germans, who used their flying bombs as terror weapons and indiscriminately went after both military and civilian sites, Izetta and the Allies exclusively targeted German bases, factories, and military headquarters.
  • Sure enough, these attacks, coupled with Izetta helping destroy a huge Hexenium deposit near Fort Schmerzen, eventually draw Sophie out. Rather than be pissed at her old nemesis, however, she acknowledges respect for Eylstadt's new White Witch for having bested her in the past. However, despite this apparent Character Development, Sophie, at the end of the day, still considers her as that, an enemy that must be squashed alongside Eylstadt. Their fight in the Pantheon is an epic one, to say the least, involving Mach 1 speeds and a High-Altitude Battle all over different Dominions throughout the Nazi and Allied controlled portions of the Pantheon as well as over neutral territories. Prior to this battle, Dr. Strange warned Izetta that draining all of the Pantheon's magic was incredibly dangerous and risky, with much more fallout and consequences should it actually be done. What's more, compared to in her universe, where magical energy was much more finite, the strain the Magic Stone would have on her body when draining said magical energy would be much more severe, with the risk that the spell meant to protect her from the effects of the Magic Stone would wear off as well. Instead of trying the same trick she did back in her Europe, she ultimately decides to hold back on using the Magic Stone's full power, opting instead to create a diversion for the Allies by luring Sophie away from the German facilities now exposed to Allied air and ground attack. Sophie, realizing her mistake in following Izetta, immediately retreats, vowing to get back at her old foe the next time they meet. While Sophie does manage to prevent all of the Hexenium facilities and existing reserves from being destroyed, production of more weapons has, once again, been pushed back by a few months, buying Eylstadt and other locations in the Pantheon more time.
  • Having dealt a serious blow to HYDRA's plans by taking out even more of their Hexenium-based weaponry and reserves, Izetta and her new allies press on their attacks, destroying German and HYDRA bases, garrisons, and supply lines left and right throughout their occupied territories. With at least part of her home of Eylstadt now liberated, including the capital Landsbruck, Izetta then asks a favor from her newfound allies: to help her ascend the rightful leader of Eylstadt, Archduchess Ortfine Fredericka von Eylstadt, into the Pantheon. Her reasoning for asking so being that she not only considers the Archduchess her best friend, but also that the people of Eylstadt, who have ascended into the Pantheon alongside their nation, need a proper, competent leader who can help guide them onto the path of the future. President Franklin D. Roosevelt agrees, and promises the Second Coming of the White Witch that they'll arrange her friend's ascension soon.
  • Following her failure to protect the Hexenium from harm and being told by Schmidt to finish her missions, Sophie begins arranging for a renewed counteroffensive against Eylstadt, still vowing to destroy the accursed capital Landsbruck and wipe it off the face of the Pantheon. To this end, she begins asking her friend Tanya von Degurechaff for help in defeating Izetta. While normally unwilling to work with the Nazis, Tanya makes an exception with Sophie as well as Berkman, the latter of whom had also been blamed by Schmidt for the loss of their Hexenium reserves. Tanya ultimately agrees not only to help them fight their old adversary, but also to help them create more Hexenium reserves using her own magic skills.
  • As for Izetta, she begins exploring the Pantheon in earnest, coming across both new friends and enemies alike. Most prominently, many of them are themselves magic users like herself. Ironic, considering that her most famous moniker is "The Last Witch".
    • Sure enough, upon learning of Koyuki Himekawa, one of the deities responsible for getting her into the Pantheon, she thanks the Magical Girl for doing so, even saying that it was brave of her to stand up against Sophie and her Nazi allies despite having nothing to gain from it. Koyuki replies that she did it since she's dedicated her life to hunting down rogue magical girls, of which Sophie is one such example. In addition, Izetta approaches Dr. Stephen Strange once more, asking him to teach her more of his spells in order to combat any future attacks led by Sophie. Strange ultimately agrees, knowing that he himself won't always be around to help her in dire situations.
    • On the other hand, Izetta also finds other evil witches similar to Sophie, but acting with their own interests in mind, such as Saira and Kaira as well as the Hag. These three are, in essence, the opposite of Izetta, being older and uglier looking witches that more resemble a classic Western depiction of such. Outside of the Nazis and HYDRA, it's witches like these that Izetta ends up opposing.
  • Thanks to their mutual interest in Izetta, as well as their agreement that "HYDRA's new Champion" and the new Nazi wonderweapons would still be a major threat to both the Allied Forces, good-aligned magic users everywhere, and anyone caught in-between this Forever War, Dr. Erskine and Dr. Strange got to work on a new serum specifically intended for Izetta. This new serum would give its user, in this case Izetta herself, enhanced strength and magical powers, while also providing the Healing Factor present in previous versions of the serum, which would now restore Izetta's use of her legs permanently and even without the use of a spell. And so it was, with Izetta finally accepting and receiving Erskine's and Strange's improved Magical Serum. Aside from the aforementioned traits, it turned out the Serum also allowed her to use the Magic Stone to even greater effect, although Izetta purposefully held herself back in using the Stone's full potential due to the greater risk this entailed to the world around her. In essence, this part of Izetta's story in the Pantheon served as another miror to Sophie's own, with Sophie herself instead receiving HYDRA's version of the Super Soldier Serum, which only enhanced her physical strength and granted her a Healing Factor that undid any existing Clone Degeneration and physical strain her body and the Magic Stone took on her.
"I swore I'd protect Eylstadt. Even if doing so means I have to shorten my own life."

    Magicka Wizards 
The Wizards, Divine Quartet of Unlimited Magical Potential
  • Intermediate Gods (Greater Gods will all Magicks collected and when mastered all of the spells)
  • Symbol: Themselves, raising their swords and staffs. Alternately, a Tome of Magick.
  • Theme Song: Idle Browsing
  • Alignment: ALWAYS Chaotic, varying from Good to Neutral with strong Evil tendencies, depending on how well-mannered they are at the moment.
  • Portfolio (applies to all): Unlimited Magical Potential (but Some Dexterity Required), The Faceless, Robe and Wizard Hood, Squishy Wizards, Glass Cannons, Dual Wielding Magic Staffs with swords that can be infused with magic, "Everyone knows that Wizards can't swim", and they are also very flammable, Elemental Powers (Water, Life, Shield, Cold, Lightning, Arcane, Earth and Fire; Water can be combined with Fire or Cold to create Steam or Ice; one source allows the mix with Arcane to make Poison), Ability Mixing, No Social Skills whatsoever, Blamed for Being Railroaded, Heroic Comedic Sociopaths, Destructive Saviours, Video Game Cruelty Potential, Death Is Cheap, The Many Deaths of You, Love sausages and cheese, Managed to beat Assatur and Cthulhu himself
  • Domains: Magic, Wizards, Elements, Combinations
  • Heralds: Player wizard groups from "Dungeons and Daemons/Gargoyles" DLCs, Magicka 2, and etc., non-quartet player wizards
  • Allies: Old Man Henderson, Sheogorath
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Blorg Commonality
  • Enemies: Hastur, Cthulhu, Dagon, the Butcher, Fafnir, Jormungandr, Grimgor Ironhide, Skarsnik, Khazrak & Gorthor, High King Thorgrim, Endermen, Shelob, The Unbidden
  • Opposed by: Thor, Odin, Twilight Sparkle, Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Once upon a time, in a land known as Midgard, a horrible threat befell on a world. Years after the imprisonment of Grimnir on the World's End for his lustful ambitions (well, that's what Order of Magick says) and the exile of his disciples, the warlord Khan united tribes of orcs and goblins and invaded Midgard. Fortunately, four of the wizards, the finest pupils of Vlad (who is most definitely not a vampire), came from Castle Aldrheim to save the world. But once they defeated Khan, they learned that he was actually led by Grimnir, who still craved vengeance for his punishment. And once they came close to defeating him, they were sent by Vlad into the past, because Grimnir was empowered by Assatur, the King in Yellow, the powerful daemon who seeked to destroy the world. In parallel to their past selves' adventures, the wizard quartet had to find a way to learn Corporealize magick that required to bring Assatur into mortal plane to make him defeatable. In their quest, because of their complete lack of any kind of social skills, they had to fight many of their supposed allies, including Vlad himself, the Death, and Fafnir, the one who knew the necessary magick (and taught it to them once Future Vlad explained the situation). With their knowledge, they managed to defeat Grimnir once more, corporealize Assatur in the mortal realm, and then finally defeat him. Their efforts were congratulated, and Vlad told them they just need to use the Town Portal magick to go back home...yet they never learned this magick and had no way of learning it on their adventure, ending up being permanently stranded on the World's End.
    • However, it didn't prevent them from returning for another adventure (the question how did they manage to return was never answered, though. Maybe they did figure out how to use the Town Portal magick, after all?). Old and retired, they were enjoying a drink outside the Castle Aldrheim, until Vlad had appeared, reporting of the suspicious activities and lack of fish supplies coming from the small village of Outsmouth. On their ways, they had a lot of run-ins with the cultists of Cthulhu, the ones behind the suspicious activities, and the otherworldly abominations that came to their assistance. In the village proper, they even had to fight Dagon himself. Once they defeated him, he created a portal that sent them to the Nightmare Corpse-city of R'lyeh, awakening the Great Cthulhu. The stars were right, and now it was up to them to set them "left" by defeating the Great Old One. As they ventured, they finally faced Cthulhu, and in a particularly painful fight (in which Dagon had returned to assist him), finally managed to vanquish him. Unfortunately, they failed to escape R'lyeh and now they had to wait until the stars will be right again...and Vlad neglected to teleport them back, trapping them in the collapsing corpse-city, this time truly permanently.note 
  • How did the wizards get into the Pantheon? It's simple; once they were trapped in R'lyeh, they tried to find a way to create a Town Portal magick again, but they miscasted and accidentally sent themselves into the Pantheon. They have no idea how to return back into Midgard, especially considering that they can't remember the elemental combination they used, so they just decided to stick there. Upon thorough observation of their behavior, the Court of Gods noticed how the wizard quartet possesses potent magical abilities, being capable of creating countless amounts of various spells using 5 out of 8 different elements (10 or 11, if one includes combination elements); and that's not even getting into magicks, especially powerful spells that can be normally learned only through Tomes of Magick. Their vast magical potential managed to earn them the appropriate title of the Divine Quartet of Unlimited Magical Potential.
  • After learning of Hastur and finding him to be extremely similar to Assatur, down to sharing the same title and their names being pronounced the same (it's even implied that Assatur is Hastur as he appears in the world of Magicka), they immediately became enemies with the King in Yellow. He reciprocates their hostility. Cthulhu and Dagon are also not too pleased with seeing the group in the Pantheon, still holding a grudge against them for their past defeats. As such, the Wizards and the Eldritch Abominations can be frequently seen trying to kill each other, with both sides having varying rates of success. And thanks to Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, these battles tend to be a very recurring sight.
    • Old Man Henderson, having taken notice of their animosity with the King in Yellow, and how they defeated and resealed him once, offered the robed wizards his assistance, informing them on how he managed to permanently kill Hastur back in his own adventure. The wizards accepted, much to Hastur's frustration. In fact, Henderson and the wizards share quite a lot in common, as both are off their rooker, tend to create a lot of chaos and mayhem, and have no qualms about causing tons of collaterial damage and deaths of their allies.
  • Given that the realm they came from was loosely based on the Scandinavian mythology (complete with being called Midgard), it would be inevitable that they would eventually have a run-in with the deities that originate from there:
    • After hearing of the name "Fafnir" in the Pantheon, they initially assumed it was their old ally-of-sorts Fafnir, who has ascended, and had attempted to convince them to join them in their fight against Hastur. Of course, though Fafnir they met was a dragon who very much liked to protect his gold, and was also a transformed humanoid, but that's were the similarities ended: this Fafnir was a dwarf, not a wizard like them, and he definitely didn't care about the fate of the world, only caring about his riches. Of course, said Fafnir had also assumed they arrived to steal his gold, much like "their" Fafnir, and decided to punish them with death, and thanks to their complete lack of social skills, they were incapable of explaining themselves. Brawl ensued, and it ended with the wizard group ending the dragon's life. Of course, Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, so Fafnir came back, but the wizards most definitely don't want to do anything with the greedy dwarf/dragon.
    • Similarly to Fafnir, another familiar name they overheard was Jormungandr, which was also the name of a giant serpent, the one known as Guardian of the Tree, that they fought back in their home realm in the Fornskogur Forest. Jormungandr they encountered here was also a giant serpent, but what they didn't account for was the fact that he was not just a big snake, but a world-ending calamity. Consequently, their attempt to fight him ended in crushing defeat. Of course, the wizards refuse to back down and actively try to rematch the serpent, hoping to finally defeat him and put an end to his threat.
    • Though they didn't get to actually meet Thor and Odin back on their homeworld, they still once got to wield their respective weapons, Mjolnir and Gungnir. Neither of the gods is appreciative of their insane behavior, especially when it comes to their apathy to the collaterial damage and casualties. In fact, Thor has been really caught off-guard (and partly insulted) by how the wizards were actually capable of wielding Mjolnir despite all the amoral things they did or would be interested in doing. Should the wizards prove themselves to be too much of a menace, they will not refrain from putting their foot into their antics.
  • Their heralds are many other wizards of Midgard. Whether they travel in quartets, trios, duos, or even go solo, they tend to be a very frequent sight in the "main" quartet's temple. They also tend to wear different robes of many different colors (though some specific quartets still prefer "default" robes and "default" red-blue-green-yellow colors). Sometimes, whenever they want to rest, the "main" quartet secretly passes their divine title to another quartet similar to theirs, with very few deities noticing the difference. In fact, one specific quartet from another adventure taught the rest how to create Poison element by combining the Arcane and Water. Though that meant they are no longer capable of casting arcane water beams (arcane steam beams are still a fair game, though), their already huge magic potential had vastly increased, giving them many new spell possibilities.
    • One of the herald quartets who temporarily bore the title, the very same one that once travelled into the depths of the Castle Aldrheim, once had a run-in with the Butcher, who they found to be very similar to Wurstmacher. The Butcher's response to them was the same one he has for every mortal: to butcher them and eat their FRESH MEAT. Once they barely defeated him, the Butcher, upon coming back to life, ended up sharing the same sentiment towards every single wizard of their kind: to track them down, butcher them, and collect their FRESH MEAT. The wizards, of course, are more than ready to fight back.
  • Being the players' avatars, their characterization varies, but many things are made consistent with the playstyle encouraged by their game of origin, as well as the railroading. For once, they tend to be very destructive saviors, more often than not being apathetic to the collaterial damage and civilian casualties caught in the crossfire. They also have No Social Skills whatsoever, never explaining the situation to their supposed allies, having their intentions misinterpreted, and never declining the fights. And also, they often tend to kill each other for laughs (or to steal each others' stuff). Their Revive magick (Life + Lightning) is very easy to cast, so they don't stay dead for long, and hardly even need the Houses of Death and Postmortem and Life and Vitality to come back to life. When the whole team is in peril, mostly when all wizards but one are dead, they resort to Summon Phoenix magick (Life + Lightning + Fire), which revives all fallen wizards with full health at once and sets their enemies on fire once The Phoenix summoned lands. But that being said, they do end up needing these two houses if they end up suffering from the Total Party Kill.
    • One thing that also remains particularly consistent is the predicament of the yellow wizard. He always ends up receiving the short end of the stick, facing bad luck and being constantly abused, neglected, harmed, and even outright killed. While the wizards murdering each other For the Lulz is a commonsight, the one who suffers the most of it is always the yellow one. Due to that, he has found commonality with two other chew toys of the Pantheon: Waspinator and Kenny McCormick, who also face constant suffering and tend to die a lot (or rather, stay alive, but have his body blown to pieces in case of the former). As such, when the yellow wizard is not hanging out with the rest of the group, he is more often than not seen together with the unlucky two, with all three sharing their respective grievances (and surprisingly, they found a way to understand him even without the verbal communication).
  • Twilight Sparkle, another fellow sorcerer who can create seemingly unlimited variety of spell thanks to her hard work and talent in magic, is very unfond of the wizard quartet, due to their destructive actions, apathy to the civilian casualties, and the fact that they don't have any qualms with murdering anyone, including each other. At first, the wizards didn't care "what a horse thinks of them", until she specifically prevented them from leaving the room and gave them a scathing reprimanding — she told them that the Pantheon is not Midgard, and that, unlike in their homeworld, their amoral actions and destructive behavior will not be tolerated here, the citizens here are not apathetic to themselves being killed, and that if such behavior would continue, people of the Pantheon will take drastic measures to get rid of the group. To their credit, the wizards actually listened and now they try to minimalize the collaterial damage, with varying degrees of success.
  • Having faced armies of orcs and goblins in the past, they quickly found enemies in Grimgor Ironhide and Skarsnik. However, as they were used to goblins being generally weak and easy to burn, like the ones in their world, they were surprised to find the goblin lord to be surprisingly tough. Of course, given that they are used to fight massive armies and possess many potent and useful magicks at their disposal, they were actually capable of surviving Grimgor's WAAAAAAAAGH! for quite an impressive amount of time. In fact, it's believed they could've won if not for yellow wizard casting the Vortex magick, which, while undeniably powerful and can easily destroy an army, is incapable of telling friends or foes apart. As a result, the wizards faced a crushing embarrasing defeat once they all were sucked into and got torn apart by an uncontrollable vortex that eventually dissipated seconds after it was no longer sustained by any more victims. They eventually came back to life, thanks to Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, and as a result, they frequently attempt rematches against the Greenskin armies. Grimgor Ironhide is particularly bewildered and insulted by how "skweeshy robed humies" can be so dangerous while lacking in physical strength.
    • Similarly, having faced the race of evil Beastmen back on Midgard, they ended up being enemies to Khazrak & Gorthor. High King Thorgrim is not too fond of the wizard quartet as well ever since he's heard about how they intruded into the dwarves' sacred ground back in their homeworld, and actively started killing resident dwarves.
  • Having encountered them during the times when they fought Cthulhu's forces, the wizards ended up becoming enemies to the Endermen. They are relieved to know that Endermen here are not as dangerous as they were back on Midgard, no longer able to pick up wizards and crush them to death with their jaws. Even then, upon learning of the wizards' ascension, the Endermen continue to attack and ambush them unprovoked, without being angered by direct eye contact, much like how they did back on Midgard.
  • Became enemies with the Giant Spider known as Shelob, finding her to be disturbingly similar to Parker, another old adversary of theirs who also was a massive spider. While on the subject of spiders called Parker, they ended up having an encounter with Peter Parker, also known as the Spider-Man. The web-slinger, of course, is not too fond of the wizards, as, despite their efforts to save the world, they are a little bit too apathetic to the collaterial damage and the casualties that occur during their "savings". While the wizards do try to control their behavior (keyword: try), they unfortunately do find themselves to be at odds with Spidey, who is way too agile for them to target and always succeeds in stealing their magic staves, leaving them incapable of casting spells or magicks.
  • Due to the fact that publishers of their work were also the developers of Stellaris, the wizards inevitably ended up meeting the deities from their Pantheon. First, they met the Blorg Commonality, who immediately tried to befriend the wizards. The quartet would rather not be friends with them, but their complete lack of social skills (including the inability to voice their opinions) was interpreted by them as "acceptance". The wizards wisely decided to not object, being aware of how eager the Blorgs are in befriending others. They also found enemies in the Unbidden. Of course, given how sufficiently advanced they are when compared to the medieval/fantasy technology level of the wizards (even though they had anachronistically wielded the M60), they pose very little threat to them.
  • They managed to form a bond with Sheogorath, as the Daedric Prince of Madness finds the wizards and their antics to be extremely amusing, and his affinity for cheese had greatly resonated with the quartet's love for it. Many deities could only shudder at the thought of what would happen if Sheogorath decides to give them access to Wabbajack and how much destruction they may cause should it happen. Once Sheogorath learned of their worries, the Mad God actually bestowed Wabbajack upon the quartet, much to everyone's horror. However, as it eventually turned out, he didn't, as it was simply a generic wooden staff that was made in Wabbajack's likeness, making everyone breathe a sigh of relief...only for the staff to eventually break apart, revealing that a real Wabbajack was hidden underneath its structure (don't ask how; when Sheogorath is involved, nothing makes sense). Realizing this, the wizards immediately decided to test its properties on yellow wizard. The result? Somehow, they managed to turn yellow into an exact duplicate of Assatur, with all powers and all, who didn't waste time realizing his newfound abilities and getting the chance to get back at all abuse his teammates had inflicted on him. Much destruction was caused in the ensuing fight, and only when the green wizard had an idea to cast Cancel magick (Shield + Arcane) to revert the "second Assatur" back to the yellow wizard they were able to win, as Sheogorath couldn't help but laugh at the ensuing chaos. Fortunately, the destruction was only limited to their temple and the surrounding areas, and the wizards don't hold it against the Daedric Prince of Madness and still enjoy his company whenever they can.

    Saira and Kaira 
Saira and Kaira, Profane Goddesses of Whatevermancy (Saira: The Witch of the Lake | Kaira: The Architect)
Kaira and The Unskinned
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: The Salt Alkymancery. Individually, Saira has her staff while Kaira has her thrall, The Unskinned.
  • Theme Song: Reverence (Saira) Sacrifice (Kaira)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Power Floats, Evil Sorceresses, The dark art of Salt Alkymancy
  • Domains: The Dark Arts, Salt, Magic, Alchemy, Twins
  • Allies: The Hag, Hagatha the Witch, The Wicked Witch of the West, Ursula, Baba Yaga, Zarok, Voldemort
  • Enemies: The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, The Ashen One, The Highwayman, The Flagellant, Atsuko Kagari, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasly, Lady Amalthea, The House of Aquatic Life, Meridia
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Houses of Water and Moisture and Life and Vitality
  • Interests: Father
  • Heralds: Their salt-built creations. Prominent among them is Kaira's favorite thrall, The Unskinned.
  • Picture a world whose natural order is dictated by salt, which serves as the life essence of all living, mortal things throughout. All life is connected to the sea, from birth to death, and they all drop it upon passing away where it is reused in the cycle of life. There are those who use salt to further one's efforts, usually by transmutation, but this is a common practice across the mainlands and is for the most part tolerated. However, there are those who seek to take such a practice into more disturbing levels that goes well beyond manipulating simple equipment.
    • Saira and Kaira, respectively known by their monikers as The Witch of the Lake and The Architect, are mages and alchemists who also practice the art of Salt Alkymancy. Salt Alkymancy is the magic of using salt to bind onto materials and create thralls loyal to the practitioner, essentially bending the will of the sea and perverting the natural order of life and death for one's own whims. They certainly sound like the older bugbears told to children to keep them in line. Alas, the witches are no boogeymen and are very much real.
  • Creatures that set a new standard for the strange aren't all that uncommon in the Pantheon. That being said, the appearance of multi-armed brutes and ragged, defiling flask tossing monsters prowling the Pantheon's depths certainly set off local House authorities. They are Things of Arms and Saltlesses, respectively, and they're known to be the work of the two witch twins. The Salt Alkymancery, and by extension the unnatural salt reservoir known as Siam Lake, were once located deep within the Nameless Island. Yet they've set up shop once more somewhere between the Houses/Sub-Houses of Magic, Water and Moisture, and Life and Vitality (to the latter two's utmost disgust), their actual location difficult to determine and is rumored to be unreachable to anyone other than them or their aberrations of nature thanks to once being on said mysterious island. In the end, the sisters exist to pervert the cycle with their Salt magic once more while their creations exert their will throughout the Pantheon.
  • The Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, and Ashen One were among the first to have encountered them and their work. They all individually ran into their creations during the monsters' more violent rampages. However, the latter was the only one to have confronted one of the twins, Saira, and properly battle with her. The battle was long and grueling, but they did managed to force her on the defensive and eventually cause her to retreat.
  • Though they initially intended to seclude themselves from the rest of the Pantheon they were sought after by Hagatha the Witch, the Hag of the Weald, and Baba Yaga for a mutually beneficial alliance as they believe their unique field of expertise to be most useful in their schemes. In time, they came to ally with the Wicked Witch of the West and even Ursula despite her connection to the sea. On the other end of the spectrum many witches with even a modecrum of decency in their hearts came to oppose Saira and Kaira. Akko in particular has a lot against them for their cruelty.
    • Beyond fellow witches, there are also those who had encountered them on their respective stories. The Highwayman and Flagellant were experienced in dealing with the Hag and her creations withing the Darkest Estate's Weald and thus had nothing good to say about the Salt magic twins either. Contrast that with Sir Daniel Fortesque who was actually aided by witches in his journey and can even summon forth their aid through a special talisman. By pure coincidence the three of them managed to be present in a village that just so happened to be in danger of being overrun by Things of Arms and Saltlesses as a test run by the witches. Above, the witches took notice of such meddlers but decided they'd be trampled underfoot by their creations. The exact opposite happened with the three eventually overcoming the monsters. Rather than be enraged by this turn of events the two conceded defeat for underestimating the three and will not forget to note them down in future transactions. Their stunt on the village did catch the eye of Zarok, a great enemy of Sir Dan, however.
  • Extensive use of Salt magic can greatly change a person, and Saira is a perfect example of that thanks to her hunger for its power. Beneath her garb that fused with her body is a mess of fleshy talons that was supposed to where her legs used to be, her arm can extend as a organic bramble to rend lesser men with ease, and even her staff was corrupted and became an extension of her own body right down to having parts of her soul in it. It's earned comparisons with Voldemort, who was similarity changed by his ambitions into the dark arts as evidenced by snake-like features and corpse-like appearance. Perhaps unsurprisingly he and Saira and Kaira were able to get along which Harry and his allies saw as bad news, the connection between Voldemort and the Witch of the Lake not being lost on them.
  • They say imitation is the highest form of flattery; flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness, that is. Some of the creatures conjured in Salt magic have caused some gods and goddesses to draw some disturbing parallels. For example, the Spindlebeasts that gallop across the planes are comparable to unicorns (in a narwhal sort of way, based on horn placement). Lady Amalthea isn't endeared as you may of imagined. On a more general side of things same can be said for the Saltfin Creatures, amphibious constructs of Salt magic, the discovery of which caused the House of Aquatic Life to blacklist the two sisters. On their end, they're unconcerned with the feelings of the later House but find the unicorn to be quite the threat should she intercept them anywhere outside the Salt Akymancery.
  • Meridia, staunch opponent to all those who dabble in necromancy, condemns the two witch sisters and their practice of Salt magic. She's not wrong, that is exactly half of what the art entails in the setting and context of her world. While her Daedra and followers prove to be a nuisance to their activities, Meridia plans on truly striking a devastating blow through finding a way into their temple, though with the island's influence still around it has proven surprisingly difficult. Being powerful as she is and willing to act on her hatred, Saira and Kaira genuinely see the Daedric Prince as a threat though are genuinely curious as to what they can do with Lesser Daedra's vestiges.
  • Of the two sisters, Saira's more feared than her older sister. Though Kaira serves as the brains considering her presence deep with their lair while her younger sister guards Siam Lake the latter is absolutely brutal to battle against. Not only can her magic melt her opponents down to size but her ability to stay just out of arms reach makes it all the more frustrating. She's has a honor of being a tad infamous in the House of Gaming as a result.
  • Father and his subordinates took notice of the witch twins capabilities. While alchemy is a common practice in their world, the existence of Salt magic is intriguing to his plans within the Pantheon. As of this writing they haven't made any moves into inducting them into his Order of the Ouroboros organization, mainly due to their isolation beyond the alliances they've already made. Compared to their creations, they're seldom seen, and it was sort of a lucky draw that they even decided to entertain the idea of an alliance instead of just laying low within the Pantheon.

    Shirley the Medium 
Shirley the Medium, Goddess of Gypsy Curses
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her wagon.
  • Alignment: True Neutral with some leanings towards good
  • Portfolio: The Cassandra, Deadpan Snarker, Good Is Not Nice, Karmic Trickster, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Gypsy Curse
  • Domains: Curses, Fortunetellers, Gypsies
  • Allies: Courage the Cowardly Dog, Muriel Bagge, Maya and Pearl Fey, Nimue Inwudu, Chihaya Mifune, Moguro Fukozou
  • Enemies: Judge Claude Frollo, Gaston, Dolores Umbridge, Prime Minister Honest, Cioccolata, Junko Enoshima, Frieza, The Joker, Telence D'arby
  • Opposes: Eustace Bagge (aka, the "Stupid One"), Mr. Krabs, Ren, Vernon Dursley
  • Avoided by: Katsuki Bakugo
  • A gypsy chihuahua who also acts as a witch and fortune teller, usually providing help or selling magical items from her trailer. She tends to help Courage out with supernatural threats, or place curses on those who cross her, usually Eustace, which forces Courage to seek her out to find out how to lift them. One day, everybody (especially Courage, Muriel, and Eustace) gets a big surprise when they find Shirley herself in the Pantheon. Shirley heard of potential customers in the Pantheon, so she used magic to reach it. The Court of the Gods learned of her position and power, so they decided to enlist her as the Goddess of Gypsy Curses. Shirley makes the wagon her personal temple, offering her wares for sale and cursing anyone who offends or cons her. Her most likely target being none other than Eustace.
  • Shirley's wagon tends to move between the House of Commerce and the House of Magic, usually to sell her wares or provide advice to anyone in need of guidance regarding the supernatural. Of course, if you antagonize or swindle her, you'll be cursed by her to suffer a fitting punishment until you've learned your lesson. Eustace tends to suffer these the curses the most, such as having a rain cloud pour onto his head until he learns to give, or being cursed alongside Muriel to swindle from each other until he does an act of selflessness.
    • Besides Eustace, Shirley has other gods in the Pantheon for despicable acts, giving each of them a fitting punishment:
      • Gaston acted very rude towards her, all the while smugly believing he can get away with it because he's Gaston. After hearing of his failed attempt to murder the Beast, Shirley turns him into an far more monstrous-looking beast that will be hunted down by friend and foe alike.
      • Mr. Krabs has dealt with a gypsy once and refused to serve her Krabby Patties, so she cursed the Krusty Krab (by simply putting up a closed sign). Mr. Krabs doesn't believe in curses, however Shirley's curses leave little room to doubt when simply consist of money burning up in front of him, being forced to serve free Krabby Patties, being forced to listen to money begging to be spent, or watching customers go over only to Plankton's restaurant, with Plankton ringing the cash register on a speaker to him.
      • Ren, despite being a chihuahua like her, acts more like Eustace, so Shirley won't hesitate to curse him if he antagonizes her as well. It says something when rain clouds are probably the most merciful punishment she had to offer him.
      • Frollo, unsurprisingly considers her the prime example of why gypsies should be exterminated. Shirley considers him to be so evil that she'll banish him to hell for his attempted genocide of gypsies, his actions in burning down Paris to get to Esmeralda, and his abuse of Quasimodo.
      • Vernon Dursley hates anything supernatural, so he downright antagonizes Shirley whenever he sees her despite his previous experience with Wizards. Shirley's curses in this case, revolve around supernaturally bad luck for Vernon, which also tends to make Vernon look like a lunatic, the exact opposite of a normal person.
      • Shirley reserves special curses for the most vile. Dolores Umbridge, Prime Minister Honest, and Cioccolata all earn a trip to the Fog of Lost Souls in the Spirit World, trapping them all in their worst memories (Umbridge when she's taken away and traumatised by the centaurs, Honest when he's dismembered and mutilated to death, and Cioccolata when Girono inflicts his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him). Frieza is banished to his Ironic Hell where he is surrounded by stuffed animals and fairies in a Sugar Bowl full of optimism and hope, something he despise more than anything. The Joker gets send to a world without Batman, where crime is rampant and he's perfectly sane without an arch-nemesis to fight. Junko Enoshima is transformed into a more hopeful Ryoko Otonashi, with Junko trapped as a prisoner in her own mind and forced to watch herself lose her despair and believe in hope, her greatest fear. Telence D'arby had his soul trapped in a doll just like the victims he cheated in his games.
      • Though Bakugo would never admit it, even he doesn't want to get on Shirley's bad side after witnessing all her curses. When he acted like his usual self around her, Shirley subtly implies she could take away his Quirk if she wanted too, leaving him Quirkless just like Midoriya once. Bakugo wisely keeps his mouth shut.
  • Shirley's services include acting as a Spirit Medium (though she does warn clients that contacting the dead for personal gain will have dire consequences), reading your fortune, selling her wares, or providing advice. Courage usually comes to her for help when it comes to supernatural occurrences.
    • Because of these, Shirley gets along well with Maya and Pearl Fey, who can channel the souls of the dead, and Madame Xanadu and Chihaya Mifune, fortune tellers like her. Shirley tends to show a soft spot towards the former two to their age, and Chihaya for being used to scam people, showing the latter sympathy and also showing her pride in overcoming her fatalist attitude. Shirley and Madame Xanadu tend to talk about the future in the House of Luck and Fortune.
  • While Shirley's magic is indeed powerful, it's not limitless. According to her, her magic can't fix broken records, which is why she advises Courage to "go digital".
  • Ironically, despite condemning greed, Shirley is quite fond of getting more money by charging heavy fees for her services. Although in her case, she is shown to be poor, so it can be excused by needing to make ends meet. She also tends to charge Eustace the most, considering how he's greedy for no good reason and his actions annoy her the most.
  • One of the many visitors to her wagon was a traveling salesman by the name of Moguro Fukozou, the Laughing Salesman. After hearing from him how he heard of her actions of punishing those that don't treat her nicely, he comments on how it was nice to have another magical traveling merchant helping others who deserve it and punishing those who don't. While initially a bit concerned by how casual he was of those he messed with, her fears were quickly put to rest upon realizing he really does leave people alone that actually respect him and his rules. The meeting ended with them offering to help each other out, and Moguro giving her his business card to call him, or to just visit his temple and talk about and laugh at the misfortune of their past clients.

    Suite Pretty Cures 
Suite Pretty Cures Members , Quartet Goddesses of Magical Music (Hibiki: Cure Melody; Kanade: Cure Rhythm; Eren: Ellen, Cure Beat, Siren; Ako: Cure Muse)
The Suite Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Beat, Cure Rhythm, Cure Muse, and Cure Melody.
Crescendo Form 
  • Intermediate Goddesses (Greater Goddesses in Cresendo Form)
  • Symbol: The Suite Pretty Cure Symbol and their Fairy Tones
  • Theme Music: "La! La! La! Suite PreCure!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Eren was originally Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Music, Magic, Combat
  • Heralds: Hummy and the Fairy Tones
  • Allies: Every other Pretty Cure within the Pantheon, 2nd Division Symphogears, Madoka Kaname, the Sailor Warriors, Keroberos, Satoko Houjou, Pantheon, Chun-Li, Mai Shiranui, Väinämöinen, Tobias, Zuko, Aqua, Yurika Kirishima, Rise Kujikawa, Haruka Kotoura, Satori Komeji, Makoto Naegi, Chase/Kamen Rider Chaser, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask, Koneko Toujou, Sapphire Rhondanite, Yuzuko Nonohara, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Courtney Gears, I-No and most other evil people in the House of Music
  • Conflicting Opinions: Himeko Kurusugawa & Chikane Himemiya (Kanade and Hibiki)
  • Aside of their Precure designation, they're the magical counterpart of the Symphogears, right down to fighting 'creatures' known as Noise, both having a member named 'Hibiki'. Also, Kanade shocked Tsubasa because she had the same name as her respected, deceased partner. However, the vast difference of their personalities made her shock just last about 1 second. Ako also founded interesting that they also know a person name Shirabe. And while there's no one with the name Eren that the Symphogears know, most think it's a matter of time before that change.
  • While they're no singers, all four of them are capable of playing musical instruments well. They also guard a sacred 'item' called 'Melody of Happiness', a song that is able to bring and happiness if sang. They can at least play the instruments.
  • Before ascension, it's known that both Hibiki and Kanade bicker a lot. They still do, occasionally, but they never let it get in their way to achieve their goals, whatever it is (mostly kicking evil's ass)
  • Nearly anything Hibiki does, she's betting her woman's pride on it, giving her extra drive in what she does.
  • Kanade likes to visit the House of Food, baking sweets and showing everyone there her recipe of motivation. So far, she's receiving positive reception. Especially from Keroberos.
  • They once mistook Usagi/Serena as 'Hummy's humanoid form' due to their voice and similar naivete. Of course, that got straighted out quick, but Usagi/Serena promises to introduce them her own cat familiar one day. Kanade instantly wants to know what kind of paw the latter has.
    • Kanade finally got the chance to feel Luna's paw once she ascended. She was absolutely in bliss.
    • Later on, it seems that Usagi herself has been eyeing on Hibiki herself. She says that her friend Makoto has been sounding like Hibiki...
  • After finding out the Black Hole was in the GUAE's possession, Hibiki nearly went into a panic attack, remembering what had happened the last time they dealt with him. However, she and Kanade were quickly reassured that, as long as the GUAG and the Magical Girl Sisterhood still stood, they wouldn't have to perform such a traumatic sacrifice again.
  • It's been asked before, but no. Hibiki has no relationship with Teppei Houjou. And really, just hearing his 'exploits' can make her explode and yell that he's embarrassing her with the same surname. Until she received the help of one Satoko Houjou to kick his butt.
  • At one point, Kanade was shocked that there's this muscular Spartan-like warrior, Pantheon, walking to her house. When asked about his business in the house, she was surprised that Pantheon actually asks her to teach him how to make tasty cupcakes for his 'dream profession' as a baker. Glad that's out with, Kanade willingly taught him her recipe of determination, because reaching out for dreams is very important.
  • Both Hibiki and Kanade are bit conflicted about Himeko Kurusugawa & Chikane Himemiya, more about latter. This is because of Chikane raping Himeko so she would hate her enough to kill her so she could die in Himeko's place. It's a very touchy subject for all four.
  • Eren was once ascended as the Good Counterpart to I-No's Musical Assassin. The two still clash despite losing the title.
  • Eren was once an enemy towards Hibiki and Kanade until she made a turn for good. This makes her very close to fellow Pretty Cure Setsuna Higashi and Regina who also were bad until they became good.
    • This also makes her very sympathetic towards other deities who change to good like Mitsuzane Kureshima and Chase.
  • Eren once visit the House of Love and ran into Peko Pekoyama, who mistook her for Junko Enoshima and tried to attack her. Thankfully, that was cleared up, but it left her with a massive hatred of Monokuma.
  • Occasionally, Eren can be seen reading in the House of Knowledge, although most of the books are on how to not act like a cat.
  • Ako was once a former follower of Koneko Toujou before ascending into the Pantheon. The two are still close, and occasionally meet with each other in the House of Music.
  • Kanade knows that Ako is dating her younger brother Souta. Even the other ascended Pretty Cures are impressed with that one to the point of Squeeing. This cause Ako to blush furiously.
  • Due to some similarities between them, Ako is on good terms with Chibiusa Tsukino, and occasionally spends time with Mamoru Chiba due to both of them playing semi-similar roles in the past.
  • Black Star isn't sure why Ako thinks that he sounds kind of familiar
  • Upon hearing about the ascension about an old man called Väinämöinen and his feats of magical music, they feared that he might try to do something for them. However, he had no intention to harm them or anything like that, and even acts as a sort of mentor for them. If only they would understand him most of the time...
  • Can also be found in Musical Compositions.

Lesser Gods

    Ruby (Jewelpet
Ruby, Goddess of Spellcasting Mistakes (The Jewelpet of Courage, Wise One, Deco Stone Master)
  • Lesser Goddess usually, can be Intermediate if certain conditions are met
  • Symbol: A cherry blossom with a ruby star at its center
  • Theme Song: "Maji? Maji! Magical Jewel"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Notoriously incompetent mage, magic fails that can result in fiery explosions, lazy and poor student, Loser Protagonist, often the chosen one anyway, defeated a god once, part of a Mage Species, mischievous but good-at-heart bunny, Hot-Blooded, always happy and energetic, has dated humans, cats and lions, Series Mascot.
  • Domains: Magic, Rabbits, Errors, Courage, Luck, Rubies, Red, Light
  • Herald: Any of the other 41 Jewelpets
  • Allies: Hello Kitty, Bugs Bunny, Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Willow Rosenberg, Cosmos, the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood, especially Sakura Kinomoto, Tohru Honda, Shirou Emiya, Rin Tohsaka, Illyasviel von Einzbern, Kirin Toudou, James Henry Trotter, Guy Shishioh, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Marlin, Domon Kasshu, Usagi Miyamoto, Po, Nabi and Doki, Fluttershy, SCP-524
  • Enemies: Killer Rabbit, Tharja, Quan Chi, Zouken Matou, the Incubators
  • Mixed feelings: Sakura Matou
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The fearmongers in the House of Dread and Valor.
  • Annoyed by: Michael Bay, the Bob-Ombs, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage
  • Annoys: Rabbit (Winnie-The-Pooh)
  • Ruby is a Jewelpet, a race of beings resembling various anthropomorphised animals that is born with the gift of casting magic. They're called Jewelpets because their eyes are made of minerals, which are the source of their magic. In some myths, the Jewelpets specifically exist to be familiars to humans, but others posit that they lead completely independent existences.
    • Many myths say that Jewelpets cast their magic with the help of Jewel Pods (basically magical smartphones). Ruby has one of these, which she can, in critical circumstances, use to summon the remaining 41 Jewelpets in existence so they can all together cast an Overdeity-level spell.
  • Despite the above, Ruby is actually very bad at magic. Although she's powerful, she has a lot of problems controlling her spells and getting them to do exactly what she wants. Sometimes the results are just hilariously wrong, sometimes they create a literal explosion.
    • Most deities aren't fazed anymore when they hear a kaboom from around the area of the House of Magic. They just keep at what they're doing while remarking "As expected of Ruby."
  • There are many different myths associated with Ruby, with no apparent connection between them except that she always seems to be The Heroine or the partner of a human heroine. Seven myths in particular are well-knownnote . The Ruby in the Pantheon is an original one who simultaneously holds the memories of all the different myths she has been in.
    • One of the more consistent things about her is being the personification of courage. Naturally this puts her at odds with all the deities that represent fear, and on very good terms with those who face their fears. The God of Courage himself, Guy Shishioh, likes her style and has taken her under his wing (although he's clear on one thing: no more spells to artificially increase someone's courage, no matter how well-intentioned she may be).
  • In her universe(s) there is a force known as Dark Magic that is known for being very evil and having a will of its own, to the point where there have been attempts to outright seal it. Dwelling in it is the highest taboo, so she's not comfortable with practitioners of black magic, believing they are making use of Dark Magic. Although Ruby knows from experience that some practitioners might be misguided instead of truly evil, so she doesn't completely discard the possibility that some might repent.
  • Since she is the mascot of her franchise, she gets along well with most other mascots in the Pantheon. She was particularly glad to meet Hello Kitty as they both come from Sanrio.
    • She is also very good friends with Bugs Bunny as they are both rabbits with a taste for mischief, but also default to good during dark times. On the other hand, the Killer Rabbit gives her nightmares.
  • She thinks that Cosmos is another facet of Jewelina, the major goddess of her universe. Or maybe it's Jewelina who was a facet of Cosmos all along. She's not sure, but Cosmos gives off the same motherly feeling as Jewelina, so Ruby really likes her and often tries to get her to pet her.
  • As much as Michael Bay tells her her explosions are totally awesome, Ruby isn't glad about it at all as she'd rather her magic NOT explode, period. Also the Mythbusters keep using her as a prop in their activities; dumb as she is, she never realizes it until it's too late.
    • Oddly, her propensity for explosions seems to lower significantly whenever Marvin the Martian is around. However she has no idea why this is and actually hasn't even connected it to Marvin.
    • The Bob-Ombs once proclaimed her their queen based on the sheer size and force of her explosions, much to her dismay.
  • Willow understands her because she once really sucked at magic too.
  • Due to aiding magical girls in many of her myths, the Magical Girl Sisterhood holds her in high regard (although they always politely decline her assistance lest it literally blow up in their faces). She is particularly close to Sakura Kinomoto, probably because she looks a lot like Akari Sakura, one of her partners.
  • Really hates Incubators for making magical girls suffer and tarnishing the reputation of Mentor Mascots (which she is in some myths).
  • Greatly irritates the very orderly Rabbit with her erratic and slovenly behaviour. The two are practically perfect counterparts.
    • Usagi Miyamoto is much more tolerant of her because despite her lack of finesse it's obvious that she has a just heart eager to help people.
  • In an effort to learn to stabilize her magic, she has requested Rin Tohsaka to teach her her ways. Rin said sure, as long as she shows her Jewel Land someday; she's interested in that place because it's so rich in magic, unlike her world (and maybe she can collect some mana-storing jewels for free). Friendships with other Fate deities followed; Shirou sympathizes with Ruby because he's not so talented at magic either, and Illya thinks she's adorable, besides having an affinity for her as a Magical Girl. Sakura Matou threw her off at first given the nature of her magic and what she has done with it, but Ruby understands that Zouken is really to blame. Doesn't mean Sakura doesn't still give her the willies.
    • Trying to learn stabilizing techniques from others is kind of a hopeless endeavour at any rate, because of her lazy and easily distracted nature. The only way she can consistently perform spells to perfection is through Heroic Resolve brought on by high stakes such as her friends being in danger, or the entire world.
  • After introductions by Guy, Domon Kasshu found the bunny's hot blood very promising and wants to help her learn how to harvest it in order to use it to cast successful spells.
  • Tohru Honda was surprised to hear someone who sounds like Momiji Sohma in the Pantheon. And a rabbit at that! With Ruby having a similar personality to Momiji, she has become quite close to Tohru.
  • Has a lot to talk about with Po on account of both being unlikely and unexpected chosen ones.
  • Fluttershy often invites her to her temple to hang out. Ruby reminds her of her pet bunny Angel, though Ruby is way nicer.
  • Her heart goes out to Nabi and Doki for their terrible situation. She can't help but think of some of her relationships, especially with Mikage, a human, which was considered taboo in one myth. Incidentally she too used to have a crush on a cat called Tour, though that wasn't forbidden since they were both Jewelpets. It makes her think that she's lucky in comparison to Doki.

Tharja, The Hex Goddess (Sallya, Grim Stalker, Sunshine, Rhajat, Black Magician (?))
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Tomes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Stripperiffic, Crazy for Robin, Regardless of Gender, Brutal Honesty, Deadpan Snarker, Dark Is Evil, Tharja Has Standards, Hidden Depths, Has a Somewhat Kind Side, Ms. Fanservice Who is Reluctant, Abusive Parent or Parental Neglect
  • Domains: Costume, Magic, Appearance
  • Followers: Curse Devil
  • Heralds: Noire (her daughter), Rhajat
  • Allies: Robin, Lucina, Chrom, Juvia Lockser, Tomoko Kuroki, Tomoko Nozama, Kellam, Anna, Rubick, Tailto
  • Rival: Charmcaster, Ninethe Phantom
  • Enemies: Grima, Ragyo Kiryuin, Zeref, Sofia Lamb, Medusa Gorgon
  • Uneasy Alliance: Most good-aligned mothers
  • Conflicting Relationship: Yandere Squad
  • Odd Friendship: Rutile, Hinata Hyuga, Orihime Inoue
  • Realizing that the Pantheon lacked a person who specifies in Curses, the Court of the Gods went through the list and chose Tharja for her wide variety of curses. Though, some believe she was ascended because of other reasons.
  • Is absolutely obsessed with Robin, whether they're male or female. She couldn't help but smile madly when she found out that there were two Robins in the pantheon. She's been sleeping very well after hearing this.
    • In one alternate route, Tharja would marry Robin and give birth to both Noire and Morgan. And if she does get him, she said she'd murder him if he leaves her. Oddly, if Robin gets together with another girl, Tharja doesn't mention the classic yandere trait of murdering the love rival. Though, by that time, she might be with someone else. Still, she hasn't said anything when he hangs around Lucina.
    • With the reveal of Rhajat probably being Tharja reborn, it has shown that gender, lives, and even dimensions are a mere annoyance to being with the love of her existence.
  • Is in a very weird position when it comes to other Yanderes, especially for the former Yandere Quartet. On one hand, Tharja doesn't want to associate with YQ because they do have a body count, especially Yuno in her murdering of Yukki's classmates. However, Tharja isn't a rose as she has used her curses on her daughter which means she would be on odds with Yuno because of her own Abusive Parents. Though, Tharja has shown she does cares about her Noire with her future self sacrificing herself to save her. Because of these factors, the two won't interact if only under THE MOST EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES. Though, it's not the best since Tharja did curse the YQ. Nothing serious, just a case of running noses. The curse broke after the fall of YQ, but she still keeps her distance from Yandere Squad.
    • This same reason is also why any of the good mothers in the pantheon are reluctant to work with her because of how she treated her children. However, Tharja despises the evil matriarchs here. This is especially true with Ragyo Kiryuin in which the former would taunt that the two aren't so different since they both experimented on their daughters. This only makes Tharja hate Ragyo more as there are two major differences between the two; one being that she would never rape her own daughter and two she still loves Noire and would die to protect her, which her future self did. Tharja actually cursed the abusive mother by giving her sores all over her body.
  • While Tharja might seem like a jerk, which she can be, she does have a good heart, a well-hidden heart. Most notably, which nobody knows, was when she help cured half the pantheon who were inflicted by a new disease created by the GUAE by cursing the disease away.
  • Has struck an Odd Friendship with Hinata Hyuga. The two bonded over the fact that the two kind of have the same voice. The two also converse at the fact the two are stalkers. However, Hinata is more sympathetic on that compare to Tharja. Though, Hinata is willing to help her curve her Yandere tendencies.
    • Has also made friends with her total opposite in both power and personality in Orihime Inoue. The two are so close that Tharja actually considered offering her own outfit to wear but reconsidered after seeing her in her new attire.
  • Has also been hanging out with Rutile, the half-demon reminding Tharja a little bit of Nowi.
  • Some of the ascended Strike Witches thought they heard their friend Gertrud Barkhorn . They were disappointed when that wasn't the case.
  • Has been followed around by Tomoko Kuroki. The reason for this is because Tomoko believes she can be more like her; a Yandere who stalks boys around and would make her more popular. She also wants to learn curses to inflict on stuck up high school girls. While Tharja is ok with the socially awkward teen hanging out with her, she's totally against teaching her any curses as it's too much of a burden to teach someone.
    • She has also been seen around with Tomoko Nozama. The reasons are unknown but some believe it's because of their share creepy aura. Incidentally, if both Tomokos and Tharja were together at the same time, some deities would suddenly collapse. Something about 'too much waifu material'
  • Many were shocked when they found out Tharja hates wearing bikinis because it exposes too much skin. Many would point out that her attire pretty much does show skin already. She points out that she is still covered up and that the only way she could wear a bikini is by putting a curse on herself not to feel embarrassed.
  • The existence of a newcomer to Fire Emblem by the name of Rhajat has not escaped her attention. When told that she and Rhajat might in fact literally share the same soul her curiosity has only piqued further. The idea that Rhajat's Avatar might also be another version of her beloved Robin gives her comfort in that she will not only love Robin in one lifetime but in fact in several and that not even gender, time, lives, or dimensions will ever stand between them and that she will always find them.
  • Seems to have a bond with fellow mage Tailto, but the real reason is that Tharja felt that they have a lot in common together, including motherly instincts, though she gets called out for some abuses she did to her child, though she gets pass for ultimately being protective to the extreme. Her creepy stalker attitude creeped Tailto out, though from this friendship, Tharja has wondered if she could go back in time, go meet that Hilda, then put the worst hex ever on her... but then she backed away, saying that hex is too good to be wasted on monsters like her.
  • Has come to form a friendly rivalry with Nine the Phantom. Both are powerful spell casters, mothers, and are incredibly attractive.


    Lord Tirek 
Lord Tirek, God of Stealing Magic
Magicless Tirek
Second Form Tirek 
Third Form Tirek 
Full Power Tirek 
  • Demigod (His level of power fluctuates based on how much magic he's consumed, so he could eventually become an Overdeity if allowed to consume enough magic)
  • Symbol: A pair of horns with a fireball between them
  • Theme Song: A Better Way to Be Badnote 
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Major Villains, Magic Drain And Growing As a Result of It, Demon Centaurs and Primates, Fire Casters, Satanic Entities, No-Nonsense Nemesis, Unexpectedly Evil Villains from Cutesy Shows, Xanatos Speed Chess, Manipulative Bastard, Giant Monsters, Imprisoned Villains, Huge Ego Driven by Inferiority to His Father, Sees Friendship As a Form of Imprisonment, Adaptational Badass Compared To His Original Incarnation, Prefers to Use Force in Battle, Despotism Justifies the Means, Beyond Redemption, Much Less Serious than His Previous Counterpart, Has Some Redeeming Qualities, Villainous Friendship, Ocasionally acts kind, Suffered a Fate Worse than Death by getting Taken for Granite
  • Domains: Evil, Magic, Demons, Fire
  • Herald: Cozy Glow
  • Allies: After what he did to Discord? HA HA HA—No. Aside from Mard Geer and Moro, even Melkor stays clear of the guy.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Queen Chrysalis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: King Sombra
  • Enemies: Twilight Sparkle, the rest of the Mane Six, Megan Williams, Discord, the entire House of Magic due to what he could (and most certainly would, if given the opportunity) do to them, anyone who relies on some kind of mana to survive, Zeref, Han Jee-Han, GUAE Malum Magia, Mordremoth, Sauron, Cerberus (his warden)
  • Fears: The Lich, Kiritsugu Emiya, Darth Nihilus
  • Opposed by: Ventari
  • Interests: Chaos (Sailor Moon)
  • Prior to his incarceration to Tartarus (and his eventual first escape), Tirek was a prince in a faraway kingdom of centaurs and gargoyles. Already power-hungry and talented with magic, he had gained interest in Equestria after Sendak the Elder smuggled in a unicorn to try and drain the magic from.
    • Years later, while it's not known if he took over his homeland or overthrew his parents, he and Scorpan would invade Equestria with plans to Take Over the World afterwards. And he would've gotten away with it too, were it not for Scorpan learning friendship from Starswirl the Bearded and turning against his brother.
    • He would stay in Tartarus for centuries to come until Cerberus left his post one day, after which he snuck out and restarted his reign of terror once more. He would eventually be defeated by the Rainbow Power of the Elements of Harmony and imprisoned again.
    • That was when Melkor decided to send an envoy to offer Tirek a second chance for conquest in a place called the Trope Pantheons. The centaur eagerly took the offer. Melkor would eventually come to regret this decision.
    • As soon as he thought he had more than enough power, Tirek went on a mana-consuming rampage against everybody, and news of his existence eventually reached the other denizens of Equestria. The Mane Six were quick to mobilize and acquire the Elements of Harmony from the Treasury while every other Grand United Alliance (separately) waged war on him, keeping all their mages away. Eventually, the six managed to make their way to Tirek, and used the Rainbow Power to drain Tirek once more and return the stolen magic to their owners.
    • After he was sent to the Court of the Gods for trial, it was decided that the best way to keep him under tight security would be to ascend him for Mana Drain, his most potent power.
  • He is one of the very rare Gods who have been deemed too dangerous to even be given the permission of freely wandering around the Pantheon. He is drained of all magic and sealed inside his own cavernous temple to make sure he will remain that way. Given how powerful he can grow if only he is allowed to devour enough magic, considering that there seems to be virtually no limit to how much he can absorb, and seeing how many magically affiliated Gods exist in the Pantheon (a lot), this is probably for the best. That said, he cannot absorb magic from nonliving things. He's also capable of releasing the magic he's absorbed willingly, as Queen Chrysalis can attest to when they worked together back in the mortal realm.
  • Considering his betrayal of Discord, not even Melkor wants anything to do with him. He is fully aware that if Tirek is allowed free rein in the Pantheon, he will eventually turn on him, and could full well succeed. What he isn't mentioning is that during Tirek's betrayal, he had been pretty close to draining Melkor himself before the Dark Lord managed to escape.
    • That said, ironically, he values trust and loyalty, since Scorpan's betrayal hit him really hard, and he notably only turned on Discord right after his outrage at the fact that the draconequus had withheld information from him (about a fourth Princess, Twilight Sparkle, after draining the other three).
  • Being a very powerful unicorn, aka a very appetizing meal for Tirek, King Sombra stays as far away from his temple as possible. Tirek himself laments the fact that he never got a chance to have a taste of Sombra's dark magic, which he surmises would have tasted delicious and could have been of great help against Princess Twilight Sparkle. For a while, Sombra had been removed from the Pantheon courtesy of Chernabog which forced Tirek to find another source of power, and the Pantheon breathed a sigh of relief; Chernabog would be too strong for him to handle. After Sombra's reinstatement, he's gone back to trying to absorb his magic again, though they're willing to work together due to them sharing a common goal of wanting Twilight Sparkle crushed under hoof.
  • Despite being a cunning schemer, when loaded with magic, Tirek prefers to resolve his problems using sheer power, only resorting to manipulation when that isn't working.
  • Rumor goes that, long ago, he may have wielded a powerful magical force known as the Rainbow of Darkness, with the power to bring a neverending night and to transform victims into dragons subservient to the user. Tirek himself has so far refused to comment on that, but many villains are interested in the possibilities. What they don't know is that Tirek is just waiting for a gullible villain searching for the Rainbow of Darkness to make a deal with him and break him out of his prison. After all, he's a far more menacing villain than that previous incarnation of his.
    • Mard Geer is one of the few to express enough interest in this very same force and Tartarus in order to revive his master, E.N.D, but he's not foolish enough to allow Tirek to be free just yet. In addition, since his powers rely on "Curses", not magic, Tirek can't absorb them at all in his state, to his eternal anger. Still, it's the best hope of freedom he's gotten yet, so he endures. As for the question of Tartarus, Tirek would only reply with...
    "Only a foal dares to walk into Tartarus willingly. But... there might be something of use to you there..."
  • Is scary enough that even the likes of Bernkastel and Lambdadelta are afraid of what he could do to them. If you can frighten a member of Trollkaiger into submission, you know you're a threat.
  • Of of the few beings that actually terrifies him is The Lich. It was one day in the Pantheon when he somehow managed to escape his prison again, and went around doing what he usually does. However, not too long into his rampage, The Lich showed up. Seeing that he possessed magic, Tirek absorbed it, not knowing that he would absorb The Lich as a whole, and ended up getting a Mind Rape. Tirek resorted to begging Twilight and her friends to use their Rainbow Power, knowing it was the only way to remove him. It was sucessful, but Tirek didn't bother trying to get out for weeks after that. Many gods speculate The Lich was the one behind his jailbreak, wanting to steal his ability to absorb magic. Tirek is currently scheming to drain enough magic to be able to simply kill the Lich head-on. No one in the pantheon is sure what would be worse: the Lich, or a Tirek stronger than the Lich. None of them want to find out.
  • Despite one of its heads being afraid of him, Tirek stays far, far away from the House of Ambiguity, for that house is the domain of one of the other beings that manages to terrify him… Kiritsugu Emiya. Tirek does not want to have an encounter with the dreaded "Origin Bullet", a weapon that is the bane to his existence due to its effects being more lethal the more mana its target has. Then again, who in the House of Magic isn't afraid of that to some extent?
  • He is a walking nightmare for every deity hailing from the Underground. The reason for this is that, while most magic users are simply stripped of their magical powers upon being drained by Tirek, the monsters of Mount Ebott are made of magic. To them, being drained of magic is not only a death sentence, but an extraordinarily painful death at that, akin to being slowly eaten alive. The exception is Undyne, who claims that if Tirek just tries, she will pull a Lich on him and take control of him from within using her sheer willpower and determination. While Undyne has accomplished extraordinary things in the past, no one is sure that such a feat of strength is even possible, and no one - except Undyne herself, of course - wants to find out.
  • It is rumoured that Tirek is willing to answer any letters that arrive at his temple, mostly so he has something to do, because he is bored. That was how he met with Cozy Glow.
  • Thanks to having been strong-armed by Grogar, Chrysalis is one of the few besides Mard Geer who can safely visit Tirek without (much) risk of getting drained. They even get along to an extent, though not without occasionally sniping on one another.
  • A while ago, he was freed and started draining magic users once again. He went on a rampage and he eventually managed to become even more powerful than he was during his defeat at the hands of Twilight Sparkle. However, Batman had a plan for this (because of course he did). Batman had a few deities with non-magic teleporting powers teleport Tirek to the House of Language... where he met Darth Nihilus. Tirek, unaware of Nihilus's true nature, tried to drain the Sith Lord to see if his powers worked on Force users... which, of course, backfired spectacularily, in a manner ironically similar to Nihilus's own defeat at the hand of Meetra Surik (except that this time, Nihilus was obviously on the opposite end). Nihilus completely drained Tirek and almost completely devoured him whole, with Tirek barely escaping within an inch of his life. Since then, Tirek has done everything in his power to avoid the House of Language and Darth Nihilus. Next time, he'll be sure to take care of those annoying teleporters first so that they don’t do something like that again. Tirek also opposes Nihilus out of principle. In his eyes, Nihilus is much, MUCH worse than he is and he considers the Sith Lord to be an abomination that needs to be destroyed ASAP, due to what Nihilus is and what he plans to do to the rest of existence. Like with the Lich, plans to defeat Nihilus.
  • Is well aware that Chaos is interested in him and his ability to steal magic and Tirek finds its desire to destroy everything disgusting. He’d be lying though if he said he wasn’t interested in stealing Chaos’ magic or playing as The Man in Front of the Man to it, though given what happened to Galaxia...
  • In an attempt to absorb more magic, Tirek interfered in a delegation to find a new candidate for Token Human. However, things soon went awry for him, as this resulted in Rainbow Dash locating a girl named Megan Williams, who quickly forced Tirek to flee with her weapon, the Rainbow of Light. Megan has claimed that she has encountered a version of Tirek before, who was arguably even worse than this version, but she cannot tell if these two are connected.
  • In spite of his many evil qualities, he's shown a surprising amount of Evil Virtues, ranging from a strong sense of honesty and loyalty, legitimate care about his gram-gram whispering her name in his sleep, was willing to return Chrysalis' magic to her after "borrowing" it for no real reason other than it being right, seemed to have a sense of friendship and was theoretically able to be redeemed through it, had Chrysalis not compelled him to reject it when he was having an epiphany. Regardless, Tirek will not confess that any of those acts were out of kindness and will no doubt try to crush those who do bring them up.