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Greater Gods

    Darth Nihilus 
Darth Nihilus, God of Malignant Tongues (The Lord of Hunger)
  • Greater God (will eventually become an Overdeity and then consume everything that exists if allowed to consume too much energy)
  • Symbol: His mask with a swirling distorted effect surrounding it, kind of like a black hole.
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Is a danger to everything and everyone that surrounds him, Cool Mask, Humanoid Abomination, The Urge to Feed Until There's Nothing Left to Feed On, The Unintelligible, Black Speech, Power Parasite, A Void in The Force, Being a Destroyer of Worlds, The Dreaded, White Mask of Doom, Is a Former Human Who Lost Everything, Became an Abomination Against His will, Is Unable to Truly Control His Own Hunger-based Power, Is a Huge Threat to Both the Jedi and the Sith Alike
  • Domains: The Dark Side, Hunger, Aberrations, Destruction, Wounds in the Force, The Void
  • Allies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Unicron, Gluttony the Voracious, Famine the Horseman, Oryx
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Giygas
  • Rivals: Ungoliant, Merkava, The Unbidden
  • Enemies: Every single other deity from the Star Wars universe (Especially The Exile), Jack Harkness, the Life Entity, The Spring Sprite, Anna Marie/Rogue, Kirby
  • Opposed by: Everything else that lives, particularly No Face
  • Feared by: Lord Tirek
  • Respected by: The Dementors
  • Evil Counterpart to: The Exile
  • Darth Nihilus was a human who lived thousands of years ago during the conflict between the Jedi and Sith Empire. He survived the devastation brought about by the Mass Shadow Generator, the only living thing left on Malachor V. He became enormously powerful in the Dark Side, but at the cost of no longer being truly human. Described as a wound in the Force, he is the Lord of Hunger and slave to a desire to feast on life and the Force.
  • Initially a member of the pantheon, but fell out of relevance with his position as "God of Horror Hunger" being taken by Merkava. A Power Parasite who feeds off the Force, which only worsens his dependency. Nihilus is increasingly famished and sanity is nowhere in sight with him. Even his speech is indecipherable, a terrible Black Speech some say is the true ancient Sith language.
  • Though a Sith powerful in the Dark Side, it's lip service at best. Nihilus doesn't care about anything but satiating his unending hunger, it's just that the Sith were the easiest means of obtaining it. Eventually, after he kills all the Jedi, he’ll destroy all of his fellow Sith too, then everything else as well. Palpatine was interested in him due to what he might say about the Dark Side and was initially planning to use him, but Nihilus didn’t fall for Palpatine’s manipulations. In fact, by seeing him in action, Palpatine became absolutely horrified by what he sensed in Nihilus and was absolutely convinced that Nihilus needed to be destroyed ASAP.
  • Why did he go away in the first place? Ungoliant ate him. She almost died from food poisoning. Embodying a hunger and darkness that can never be sated, the two can barely be near each other without their respective eldritch presence causing further damage and being so famished they try to eat themselves. Their endless hunger leads them instead to compete for food. The Grand United Alliance of Good fears the day they ever set their differences aside.
  • It's difficult for such a being to even have allies, but the closest he has found is the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. While Nihilus would rather plenty of food remain, his inevitable endgame makes him a useful front soldier. As the Force is an energy field generated of sorts by life, the Life Entity is an attractive source of power. He serves as one of their brutes and is kept in line so long as they don't interfere with his meals.
  • Oryx seems to be the only entity with anything approaching pity for Darth Nihilus. A fellow Humanoid Abomination who shares his Horror Hunger, the lich avoided being totally dominated by his hunger due to the Tithe System in place making it that he doesn't have to personally scour the cosmos to sustain himself. A faithful lieutenant helped him overcome this, and he wants to help Nihilus overcome being overwhelmed by his endless hunger. The lingering particles of humanity deep inside Nihilus responded positively to this.
  • If there's any shred of empathy left in him, it's saved for Gluttony the Voracious and Giygas. The former is saddled with Horror Hunger, though unlike him Gluttony may not need to actually eat. The latter was someone driven into a mad abomination, like him. Though the mindlessness of Giygas makes being an actual ally to it impossible.
  • Wears a mask meant to help bind him physically along with his robes, else his own inconceivable nature might rob him of a body. It retains great power even after his death. It's not even known if there's a face behind the mask, though Visas Marr states otherwise. He seems to have based it on No Face's mask, who really doesn't like the association.
  • Has wiped the life and Force from entire worlds, and would probably be the most powerful Sith that ever lived if he wasn't shackled by his hunger. Running almost completely on instinct, it is unsurprising that he rarely gets involved with the alliances or the pantheon. The Unbidden consider him a rival as, like him, they wish to devour a universe full of life, but if their Enemy Civil War with the Aberrant and Vehement is any indication they don't share.
  • Unicron sought out the life-devouring Nihilus to serve as his agent, as did Famine the Horseman due to recognizing the absolute hunger of the Sith Lord. These other lords of hunger are useful enough for Nihilus to go along and work with them for food. He was interested in Galactus, but despite the Cosmic Entity being a Planet Eater, Galactus considers him an abomination and utterly unnatural compared to his role of rejuvenating and being an essential part of the universe.
  • Seems to have difficulty interacting with other power parasites, given his interaction with Meetra Surik. He can't even touch Anne Marie/Rogue without the backlash hurting him, though she doesn't take it well at all, because when she touched him, she saw the void inside of him like Palpatine did, and was downright horrified. Then there's Jack Harkness, whose immortality was so great that he ended up "over-eating" and withered away from Phlebotinum Overload, like how Jack's immortal life force killed the demon Abaddon.
  • However, that being said, even though he has trouble against other power parasites, the opposite is also true, as they have trouble against him as well. One case of this happened a while ago, when Lord Tirek was freed and started draining magic users once again. Tirek went on a rampage and he eventually managed to become even more powerful than he was during his defeat at the hands of Twilight Sparkle. However, Batman had a plan for this (because of course he did). Batman had a few deities with non-magic teleporting powers teleport Tirek to the house of language...where he met Darth Nihilus. Tirek, unaware of Nihilus’s true nature, tried to drain the Sith Lord to see if his powers worked on force-users...which of course backfired spectacularily, in a manner ironically similar to Nihilus’s own defeat at the hand of Meetra Surik (except that this time, Nihilus was obviously on the opposite end). Nihilus completely drained Tirek and almost completely devoured him whole, with Tirek barely escaping within an inch of his life. Since then, Tirek has done everything in his power to avoid the House of Language and Darth Nihilus. Tirek also opposes Nihilus out of principle. In his eyes, Nihilus is much, MUCH worse than he is and he considers the Sith Lord to be an abomination that needs to be destroyed ASAP, due to what Nihilus is and what he plans to do to the rest of existence.
  • A while ago, the Dementors encountered(on separate occasions) both Ungoliant and Darth Nihilus. They tried to feed on them, but this backfired due to Nihilus’s nature and his power. Instead, they both ended up feeding on the Dementors...only to get food poisoning again, just like Ungoliant did when she ate Nihilus a while ago, due to the Dementors' status as amortal beings. However, this, along with Nihilus’s mastery of the dark side, actually impressed the dementors, who decided to aknowledge both Nihilus and Ungoliant as potential new masters should something happen to Voldemort. Naturally, the mere idea of Nihilus having an army of Dementors at his beck and call is quite terrifying for a majority of the Pantheon.
  • Generally, the Jedi and the Sith distrust each other and will always fight one another. However, there is ONE person they can all agree to unite against: Nihilus himself. This is because while the other Sith seek to conquer and rule everything, Nihilus just wants to devour it all. Nihilus is one of the few people that are so dangerous that both the Jedi and the Sith will begrudgingly set their differences aside to temporarily ally against. Naturally, the Sith and Jedi aren’t too happy about it, but they have no choice. Palpatine is especially repulsed by the idea, but deep down, he knows that if Nihilus isn’t stopped, he won’t have anything left to rule over.
  • "He cares nothing for the Sith or its teachings... or the Jedi. And when the Jedi are dead, he will feed on the galaxy, the Republic, and eventually, consume the Sith as well." -Kreia, His former Sith master.

Intermediate Gods

    The Heptapods 
The Heptapods, Divine Owner of the Alien Language (Abbott and Costello)
A heptapod with Louise. Art by annadeef
The Heptapod's writing of "Humans" 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: An ink circle. Alternatively, their spaceship.
  • Theme Song: "Heptapod B"
  • Alignment: Unknown initially, actually Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Bizarre aliens communicate through bizarre language, mysteriously arrived on Earth but turn out to help humanity, view time in spherical manners, teach humans their language to have them gains Mental Time Travel, bizarre ships with sideway gravity, Abbott pushed Louise and Ian out of their ship in order to save them from an explosion and died because of this
  • Domains: Language, Communication, Aliens, Prophecy, Time
  • Allies: Louise Banks, Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy, Martian Manhunter, Astral, Yrel, E.T., the Green Lantern Corp., the House of Prophecy, Gomez, Jor-El, Clark Kent / Superman, Kara Zor-El / Supergirl, Lois Lane, Kara Zor-L / Power Girl, the Doctor, the Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Enemies: the Illusive Man, Harbinger, any deities who try to destroy humanity, Lex Luthor
  • Under Observation by: Agent J and K
  • For a long time, the Heptapods are among ones of the most mysterious beings in the Pantheon. After their spaceship crash landing into the Pantheon, many attempts to communicate with them have been met with frustration due to their lack of a speaking language and the only human word they keep spelling out is "Louise". Many deities are openly scared of this new species until one day, after a significant investigation, the Pantheon found out renounce linguist Louise Banks, who was a part of a First Contact Team that helped them when they arrived on her world. Recognizing that their unique language of circles play a major role in the plot of the Heptapods' work as well as being a unique language on its own, the Heptapods are invited to stay permanently and got their own temple in the Pantheon with the help of Louise to help them with the transition.
    • After Louise's own ascension into the Pantheon for her effort and importance in the story, the Heptapods respond by drawing a big circle on their temple front door in which Louise, while crying Tears of Joy, translated as "Louise does good".
    • After their ascension, Louise and a Heptapod she nicknamed Costello can sometimes be seen together in which the linguist described as a moment of silence for another Heptapod (which she nicknamed Abbott) that performed a Heroic Sacrifice to save Louise and her fellow scientist / future husband Ian in order to finish its mission.
  • The Illusive Man hates the aliens with a passion for not only his own xenophobia but also because the aliens look similar to the Reapers AND the fact that he thinks they "indoctrinated" Louise's homeworld through teaching their own language to the human reside there and helps humanity achieve Mental Time Travel. The fact Louise and the Heptapods points out that the aliens have perfectly legitimate reason to do so (namely that they foresaw that they will need humanity's need in 3000 years), Abbott's Heroic Sacrifice to finish the mission and the fact that their landing is a peaceful one, the Illusive Man still doesn't change his mind and perceive her as in the pocket with these "Reaper-wannabe".
  • While at first the crew of the Normandy under Commander Shepard's leadership are very wary of the Heptapods due to their similar in design of the Reaper, the Heptapods have been a great allies with the crew because of their share enemy in the Illusive Man and Louise being an important allies for both. All of them spent a moment of silence out of respect for Abbott's Heroic Sacrifice in order to finish its mission.
    • Their alliance with Commander Shepard has brought the Heptapods to the attention to the Reapers, who wants to indoctrinate the aliens into their army because of their ability to simultaneously see the past, future and present at once. Needless to say, security have been increased around the Heptapods' temple given that this ability would be devastated to everyone when fell into the hand of the Reapers.
  • The fact that the Heptapods need humanity's help 3000 years after their landing have led them to have some interesting allies and enemies:
    • Superman and his fellow Kryptonians maintains good relationship with the Heptapods for their share stance on protecting humanity. This relationship helped the Heptapods made friend with Superman's wife Lois Lane who wrote an article about the Heptapods's story. The fact that Lois looks similar to Louise is the reason the Heptapods are comfortable enough to let her interview them and Louise in the first place.
    • For their alliance with Superman, the Heptapods met with other DC heroes and made good friend with them. They have particular good relation with the Green Lantern Corp. (for obvious reason) and with Martian Manhunter (for their share empathy for humans and mind-related power).
    • Occasionally took assistance from aliens who have good relationship with humans like E.T., Astral and Yrel. The Heptapods are very fascinated by the time travel magic Yrel's world has and how casually the citizens use it.
  • Have been visiting the House of Time and Space as well as Prophecy due to their unique perception of time and the Mental Time Travel ability their language possesses.
    • From there, the Heptapods made contact with the Doctor. He is fascinated by them for being fellow aliens who has different definition of time while the Heptapods are fascinated with the Doctor's tools and companions.
  • For their landing on Earth being technically unregistered and contact with humans, the Man in Black have began to observe their and Louise's temple.
  • Their spaceships, with their unique shape and the fact that the ships have their own gravity different from Earth have raised interest from various deities to explore it. One in particular is Gomez even though he complains about the lack of color inside the ship.
  • Lex Luthor is very resentful of the Heptapods after both Louise and the species themselves refuse to teach him their language (due to advance warning from Lois and Superman). Since then, he has been scheming to break into their temple in order to learn the language himself in order to unlock its Mental Time Travel ability in order to defeat Superman.
  • Once the Heptapods mistook Giselle for Louise. They are still trying to understand why a fully choreographed Crowd Song about them ensued.
  • While not really understand the concept of "good" and "evil", the Heptapods have agreed to work with the GUAG in order to protect humanity as well as their closest ally and friend Louise. Their ability to see the past, present and future at once has proven to be a great asset against the GUAE.
  • Also holds a seat in the house of Extraterrestrial Behaviour.

    Indrick Boreale 
Indrick Boreale, God of Unknown and Baffling Accents (THE BAWLD AND FEWLISH, Indrick Baldreale, BAHLDreale)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His face along with the Blood Raven insignia.
  • Theme Song: Unreeeal SpaceMarine 3 (WE ARE THE SPACE MARINES!)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good or Chaotic Good, who knows?
  • Portfolio: SPESS MEHREEN, Narm, General Failure, former-Scout Marine and sniper, practicer of "STEEHL REHN", Bald of Dubious Awesome, The Peter Principle, Large Ham
  • Domains: Accents, Failure, Memes
  • High Priest: Alfa Legion
  • Superior: The Emprah
  • Allies: Tommy Wiseau, Zapp Brannigan
  • Rivals: Cyrus
  • Enemies: The Forces of Chaos, Kratos, the rest of the House of War, actually.
  • Opposed by: The Adepta Sororitas/Sisters of Battle
  • NO Respect from: Gabriel Angelos
  • One day, the Pantheon was doing their own business, when SUDDENLY, Indrick Boreale came in riding a drop pod in deep strike, and landed. He then cited his infamous speech and named the entire Pantheon, BOREALUM! Not many of the deities took him seriously, even few of them just laughed at him, despite being a Space Marine.
  • An ardent practitioner of the strategy "Steel Rain," (or as how he would pronounce it, "STEEL REHN"), he would use a load of drop pods to deploy his forces immediately into combat. Good for offensive missions, but rather sucky on defensives, especially since he never made second thoughts about dropping the entire chapter into the enemy, instead only drop a few Marines one or two at a time.
    • When this fails, he um... Usually sends a bunch of Rhino transports to lead the attack, which pretty much any competent commander can do. But for some reason, people would express shock when he does it, as evident when he did this to Firraveus Carron, just to trigger the latter's hatred of METAL BOXES.
    • In fact, the House of War give him a lot of shit for being a terrible commander, especially for a Space Marine. Not that they were wrong, this is what he thought was the best strategy.
  • He gained no respect from his fellow Blood Ravens, blaming him for the loss of the Kaurava Campaign and the deaths of 5 whole companies, which nearly left them on the brink of destruction. While Gabriel Angelos respects many of his brothers, he couldn't believe that Boreale studied under him and STILL fucked up. And Cyrus does not want to speak about it.
    • Speaking of Cyrus, the two never looked eye-to-eye during the Kaurava Campaign. When Cyrus was under his command, leading the Scout Marines, he suggested a more unorthodox tactics and stealth, in which he opposes, despite Davian Thule, the commander that lead the successful Kronus campaign, actually saw some uses and support it. Cyrus tells him that many of his Scouts died and they are all in your hands, and leave it as that.
  • Despite the lack of respect from his fellow Blood Ravens, he somehow got the respect of the Alfa Legion (not to be confused with the Alpha Legion), who were founded based on his teachings.
  • Eliphas is amused of this man. He couldn't believe that the Blood Raven would have an incompetent Commander like him and thought that they were a lot smarter than this. Though, he admits that at least he's not Firraveus Carron.
    • During his quest for Abaddon's arms, he noted that the Ancient removed his helmet and revealed to be Boreale back from the dead. Though he only stayed a while and was distracted by another matter, so he couldn't directly confirm it, but this is only a rumor as the Ancient's identity is revealed to be Sergeant Tarkus.
  • The Sisters of Battle want him to burn for his action against the Order of the Sacred Rose in the Kaurava Campaign, an act against the orders of the Ecclesiarchy.

    Kazumi Mishima 
Kazumi Hachijō Mishima, Goddess of Formal Japanese (Devil Kazumi)
Devil Kazumi 
  • Intermediate Goddess (Gains a power increase while on a Devil Gene trip)
  • Symbol/Cool Pet: Her Pet Tiger
  • Theme Songs: Theme of Kazumi normally, Devil Kazumi on a Devil Gene trip
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as Kazumi, Chaotic Evil as Devil Kazumi
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Hachijō Karate, Family, Mothers, Assassination
  • Additional Relationships: Heihachi Mishima (former husband), Kazuya Mishima (son), Lars Alexandersson (stepson), Jin Kazama (grandson), Jun Kazama (Kazama relative), Asuka Kazama (Kazama relative, possibly great-niece)
  • Friendly Assassins Include: Ezio Auditore, The Frye Twins, Corvo Attano, John Wick, Yoh Hinonura and Emu Hino
  • Allies: Akuma, Sagat, Celestia Ralgris (of whom Kazumi served as High Priestess), Gouken, Hokuto
  • Mentor to: Makoto (Street Fighter), Hitomi
  • Rivals: Christie (Dead or Alive), The Williams Sisters
  • Opposes: Any deity that poses a threat to the world and/or mankind
  • Enemies: Geese Howard, M. Bison, Lex Luthor, Juri Han, Urien, Gill, Shay Cormac, Leopold Goenitz
  • Pities: Glenn Arias, High Councillor Kal-El/Regime Superman
  • Keeping an Eye on: Ryu and Ken Masters
  • It is said that the worst evil is born from a broken heart. A certain (former) High Councillor and a certain arms merchant/bioterrorist would wholeheartedly agree with that claim. Most of the blame regarding why the Mishima family is so screwed up falls onto Kazumi Hachijō Mishima. And thanks to Celestia Ralgris, her ascension has just been cleared. For Kazumi's ex-husband and son, this is gonna be one awkward reunion. And that's not counting her grandson and his mother, of both whom also got the Devil Gene...
    • Some of the deities wonder why would Celestia Ralgaris would ally herself with Kazumi, given as how she royally screwed up her husband and son. Turns out that Kazumi was formerly Celestia's High Priestess. While Kazumi admits that she could've done the job a bit better, she has no regrets as to how things turned out.
  • The Hachijō Clan's origins stem from Kyoto, their trade being that of assassins, targeting and assassinating those who would pose a threat to the world, working in the shadows. Aside from being a clan of assassins, they also are the inheritors of the demonic power known as the Devil Gene, making them human-demon hybrids. It would be five years into her marriage to Heihachi Mishima that Kazumi was given her marching orders: assassinate her husband. Kazumi's death at Heihachi's hands would lead the Mishima down a dark path of attempted patricide and filicide, ending with Heihachi's demise.
    • As an assassin herself, Kazumi is occasionally seen playing hostess to some of the Pantheon's nicer assassins, chatting them up over tea inside her temple. Assassins the like of Shay Cormac and Christie? Not so much. Ironically enough, it was an attack from the latter that led to both Heihachi and Kazumi to team up and drive her off. Afterwards, Heihachi tearfully apologized for killing her. In turn, Kazumi apologized for not telling him the truth and everything else. Now, Kazumi must seek out her estranged son and meet her grandson.
  • Kazumi is the Joanna Lannister to Heihachi's Tywin. Only difference is that Heihachi killed her in self-defense when she tried to kill him. Heihachi has found out about Kazumi's ascension, but has kept his distance, as the emotional wounds are too deep, even now. The same can be said regarding Kazuya, who also have fond memories of his mother. So when it was revealed that she sicced Akuma on both him and dear old dad, that really stung.
    • In an interesting sidenote, the tiger seen on the back of Heihachi's gi is in homage to her. Kazumi had picked up on her hubby's quirks regarding exotic pets. Kazumi's pet just so happens to be a pet tiger (her "good kitty"), of which she can summon at will. It's a trait shared with Sagat, as it's through her pet tiger and Sagat's own pet tiger, Willa Maiu, that the pair became friends.
  • While Kazumi admitted to calling in a boon that Akuma had promised her as payment for tending his wounds in the past in an effort to stop her former husband and son, she is pretty much innocent in regards to Geese Howard. His appearance at the King of Iron Fist tournament was all him. Speaking of Akuma, the Master of the Fist visited Kazumi at her temple in a show of respect.
  • As a practitioner of Karate, she has become a de facto kohai of sorts to the younger karateka, among them being Makoto and Hitomi.
  • Due to her connections to Akuma, Kazumi knows that Ansatsuken is an assassin's art. She also knows that Gouken had taught Ryu and Ken a non-lethal variant of Ansatsuken. But with their respective dark sides, Kazumi vows to keep an eye on both men in the event they actually become a threat. Fortunately, Ken's saving grace is that he's a family man and well-liked, while Ryu was able to master the Power of Nothingness.
  • Kazumi had something of a kinship with Hokuto. Both are traditional Japanese women with dark sides, with Kazumi being the more dangerous of the two. Hokuto doesn't seem to mind the fact that Kazumi is an assassin. After all, she has nothing to hide.
  • Honki deki de kudasai. Sana ato, shinimasuyo. (Give me everything you've got. Otherwise you'll die.)


Lesser Gods

Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, God of Distinguishing Earth Measurements (Ax, Phillip, Max, No, Ax-Man, Horse-Boy, Pokey-Man, Aximili of Earth)

    The Dwarf 
The Dwarf, Deity of Language Barriers
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: Their headgear
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Gender, An Alien That Does NOT Speak English, A Walking Language Barrier, Everyone Calls Them Dwarf, Has Sticky Fingers, Not Your Typical Dwarf, Obscured Face, Operates a Secret Shop, Racist Against Shadow People, Unintelligible to Most, Wears White Gloves
  • Domains: Atypical Dwarves, Language, Secret Shops, Thieves
  • Allies: Anna, Recette Lemongrass, the Temmies
  • Enemies: Krobus
  • Before the Pantheon could ascend the Dwarf, volunteers from both the Houses of Quirks and Knowledge had to compile as much information as they possibly could on the Dwarvish language before they could even begin to speak to them. It was the only language they knew, after all. Once the Gods were confident enough in their Dwarvish, they offered the Dwarf a position in the House of Language as the Deity of Language Barriers because they were what many would call a walking language barrier. The Dwarf did nothing less than jump at the opportunity to become a deity.
  • Their excitement was short-lived, however, when they found out that Krobus had also ascended. They were furious over having to share the Pantheon with him. The Dwarf and Krobus had a bit of a past conflict. They have a grudge against the Shadow People because they were responsible for the death of her entire family. They hate them.
  • The Dwarf runs a small shop in the Pantheon where they sell various scrounged up items. What they usually fail to tell everyone, though, is that a good chunk of the items are stolen. The Dwarf bonds with Anna, Recette Lemongrass, and the Temmies over their shops. They're also friends with Krobus for the same reasons, though, and unfortunately cannot all meet together because of the Dwarf's beef with Krobus. Anna, Recette, and the Temmies really wish the Dwarf would realize that Krobus was not at all responsible for the death of their family.
  • The Dwarf is somewhat envious of Marisa Kirisame. They just really want a Murkow.
  • The Dwarf really admires Sly Cooper for his amazing thievery skills. The two of them have attempted to communicate before, but neither of them are particularly adept in each other's languages. Bentley thinks he might be able to help translate for them, though.
  • The Dwarf is a bit resentful of Vivi Ornitier and Blizz because they sometimes get confused for them. They know that the both of them can't really help that, but it's still really annoying.
    • The Dwarf would also like to take this time to make it very clear that no, they are most definitely not a Black Mage or Jawa. While the Dwarf is now a regular at the Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine, their first visit there proved to be extremely awkward when everyone inside thought they were a Jawa.
  • An awkward incident occurred when Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix scanned the Dwarf's DNA, allowing him to acquire a Dwarven form. This is when it really started getting out to the rest of the Pantheon that the Dwarf was in fact an alien. Having a human parade around as a member of their species also proved to be pretty unnerving to the Dwarf. Ben has become unavoidable, too, seeing as he can fluently speak and understand Dwarvish in his Dwarf form. As such, Ben is often used as a translator for the Dwarf.
    • Of course, said incident with Ben Tennyson's Omnitrix did not go unnoticed by Agents K and J, who now observe the Dwarf in secret.
  • The Dwarf doesn't really have any opinion on the Farmer. He seems nice enough, but he doesn't give them nearly as many presents as the farmer they used to know did.
  • The Dwarf seems to be extremely rapacious for anything of the shiny and valuable variety. Gem stones are a favorite, and giving them to the Dwarf is a surefire way to get them on your good side. They are often seen looking for gems in the House of Metal & Minerals.
    • Unfortunately, these frequent visits eventually led the Dwarf to discover corrodium buried in the House. They remember very little of what happened in that moment, but according to the members of the House that had ended up having to subdue them, they were grossly mutated and had been lashing out at everyone in a very animalistic manner. Luckily the Dwarf was not exposed to the substance for too long, and they returned to normal before too long. Because of this incident, any and all corrodium in the House was excavated and locked up in Maximum Security.
  • Moneybags often finds that quite a few of his gems are missing. Fortunately for the Dwarf, the bear still has no idea why his gems keep disappearing.
  • Most people in the Pantheon cannot tell at a glance if the Dwarf is male, female, or neither. They have yet to disclose this information, and many deities have started making bets on what their gender is. The Dwarf has actually started to rival Crona in terms of debate on their gender. They have also yet to disclose their true name.
  • People have also deliberated on what they think those nubs on the Dwarf's headgear are meant for. What are they hiding under there? Ears, horns and antennae have all been tossed around. Some deities even think that the nubs are just for decoration and there isn't really anything special under there.

    Eliza Thornberry 
Elizabeth "Eliza" Thornberry, Goddess of Speaking Animal Language

    Helena Douglas 
Helena Douglas, Goddess Of Sultry French Accents (The Vengeful Prima Donna, President and CEO of DOATEC)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The DOATEC logo
  • Theme Songs: Blazed Up Melpomene, Solitary Desperation
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Half-Sister to Kokoro, Illegitimate Daughter of Fame Douglas, Authority Equals Asskicking, Transformed DOATEC Into a Benevolent Entity, Honest Corporate Executive, Broken Bird, Byronic/Tragic Heroine, Dance Battler, Was a Death Seeker Until Zack Rescued Her, Kicking Ass in All Her Finery, Sugar-and-Ice Personality
  • Domains: French Women, Opera, Business, Illegitimate Children, ‎Pi Gua Quan
  • Herald: Zack
  • Followers: The (legitimate) employees of DOATEC
  • Allies:
  • Business Rivals: Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Lex Luthor, Ken Masters, Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Karin Kanzuki, Robert Garcia, Danny Rand
  • Enemies: Christie, Sandra Wu-San/Lady Shiva, Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, Urien, Gill, M. Bison, F.A.N.G, Vega and Balrog, Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Alex Wesker, ARIA, Fulgore, Ben Ferris/Cinder, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull, HYDRA
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Ayane (despite being ordered to kill her)
  • Odd Friendship with: Scorpion/Hanzo Hasashi (as they are both practicioners of Pi Gua Quan)
  • The sound of a helicopter emblazoned with the logo of the Dead or Alive Tournament Executive Commitee was heard landing outside of the Pantheon's gates. From the helicopter, Helena Douglas emerges, having earned her ascension to the Pantheon in part of her successful attempt to transform DOATEC into a force of good.
  • Helena saw that Kokoro was already present in the Pantheon alongside Eliot. Helena had a private sit-down with Kokoro, and told them about their father, Fame Douglas. Much to Helena's surprise, Kokoro had found out when her mother told her about their dad and the half-sister who was in charge of DOATEC.
  • Helena's relationship with the ascended ninjas (Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane) is on somewhat shaky ground, due to Helena's company using both Hayate and Kasumi for their experiments and for Ayane trying to kill Helena on orders from the clan.
  • Spends her time either inside her temple or in the House of Theatre, practicing her sonatas. She was an opera singer before taking over Papa Douglas's company, and likes to keep in practice. So much so that there is talk in the Pantheon about her holding a concert there.
  • While she had been manipulated by the head of DOATEC's Development Department, who schemed to take over the company for himself, Helena ultimately maintained control of DOATEC after her father's passing. One of the man's schemes involved hiring a British assassin to kill her during one of her opera performances; however, her mother stepped in and took the bullet for her. The assassin, Christie, remains unrepentant about this and intends to go through with killing her if they cross paths again. Naturally, Helena despises Christie.
  • With her ascension, DOATEC has gained a foothold in the Pantheon. Helena gets along with the other deities who operate conglomerates of their own, despite being business rivals. Of course, the deified business tycoons are at odds over who is the wealthiest in the Pantheon.
  • Helena's fighting style is Pi Gua Quan. The style is Chinese in origin, consisting of powerful, sweeping actions which creates speed in the hips and the arms in order to create hard-hitting strikes, with the intention of causing confusion upon the opponent with constant motion.
    • The Ascended Kombatants know of Pi Gua Quan very well, as Scorpion himself is a practitioner of the style as well. Through this common bond of martial arts, a friendship is born between them. Of course, Helena admits that Hanzo is the better-skilled between the two.
  • Rather than to erect the Tritower for her temple, Helena's temple is her personal ship, Freedom Survivor, which is in port in the Pantheon's harbors. For Helena, it's better this way, as she values her privacy.
  • As expected, Helena has enemies who are gunning for both her and DOATEC's secrets. Gill and his brother, Urien, top the list, as they both seek the long-sealed notes on Projects Epilson and Alpha, both for their own ends.
  • The same can be said for the deified Shadaloo warlord, M. Bison, as he too seeks the forbidden notes of Epilson and Alpha, primarily to create a deadlier breed of super-soldiers.
  • Helena also finds herself getting strange looks from some of the deities due to her voice:
  • Do not mention her live-action portrayal in that godforsaken film. If there is one thing that she and the ascended ninjas agree on, it's that anyone who mentions that abomination will have their asses handed to them on a platter.

    Hercule Poirot 
Hercule Poirot, God of Variable Accents (Achille Poirot)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A neatly trimmed mustache
  • Alignment: Usually Neutral Good, even though it can range into Lawful Neutral territory
  • Domains: Psychology, Little Gray Cells, Detection
  • Portfolio: Poirot Speak, Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Followers: Arthur Hastings, and most John Watson imitators
  • He won this title over all others by basically becoming a carbon copy of Holmes, except for one slight difference. The difference was that he solved cases through psychology, while Holmes solved them through science. Mostly.
  • Also, every single story he is in has at least one Shout-Out to Sherlock Holmes.
  • He and Sherlock have a rivalry to see who can solve mysteries in the Pantheon faster. The score as of now has Holmes winning by a few cases. When told this, however, by Gods who want to incite trouble, Poirot just smiles and states that they both have solved all the cases, Holmes just does it slightly faster. And anyway, he considers his method superior for another reason: through it, he can avoid all that tedious legwork Holmes so exults in. Poirot has confessed this habit of Holmes (shared by old friend Arthur Hastings) leaves him utterly baffled - who wants to go to such ludicrous extremes when you can get the same results from your armchair?
  • The word 'imitator' irks him slightly (although he is never seen to lose his composure over it), but he comes to accept it through reminding himself that Holmes himself was not truly the first of his kind, and that it is always possible for an imitator to surpass and overshadow the original ... as is the case, he believes, with Holmes and himself.
    The Heron Laguz 
Reyson, Leanne, and Rafiel, Triumvirate Gods of Backwards Languages (Reyson: Rieusion, White Prince, Leanne: Mesmerizing Chanteur, Rafiel: Earthbound Chorister)
From left to right: Rafiel, Leanne, and Reyson
Their heron forms 

    Joseph Wilson/Jericho 
Joseph Wilson, God of Hand Signals (Jericho, Joey, Joe, Kane Wolfman)
  • Rank: Lesser God by default, but rank can change depending on who he's possessing.
  • Symbol: His green eyes and his Hot-Blooded Sideburns.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (can lean towards Evil due to his disorder)
  • Portfolio: Body Surf, The Casanova, Technical Pacifist, Eye Scream, Cute Mute, Being the White Sheep of his family (usually), Having Dissociative Identity Disorder
  • Domains: Hand signs, Muteness, Possession
  • Allies: Victor Stone/Cyborg, Koriand'r/Starfire, Richard Grayson/Nightwing, Alice Liddell/Kingsleigh, Rachel Alucard, Dr. Frasier Crane, Father Karras and Father Merrin, Lars Alexandersson, Danny Fenton, Shouya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Garfield Logan/Beast Boy
  • Just Friends with: Rachel Roth/Raven
  • Enemies: Trigon the Terrible, Orochimaru and Dante, Dr. Angus Bumby, Pazuzu, The Child Abuse Supporters, SCP-682, Dark Danny
  • Biological/Complicated Relationship with: Slade Wilson/Deathstroke
  • Distrusted by: Bruce Wayne/Batman, Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
  • Odd Friendship: Jay and Silent Bob
  • Annoyed by: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Respects: Luke Skywalker
  • Pitied By: All deities who enjoy singing, especially Itsuki Inubouzaki.
  • Pities: Harvey Dent, Smeagol, Jin Kazama
  • Opposes: All Blood Knights, the houses of War, Weapons, and Slaughter in general.
  • Fears: The Weeping Angels, Ghatanothoa
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jason Todd/Red Hood
  • Joseph Wilson is the son of assassin Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. When he was a child one of his father's enemies took him hostage and threatened to cut his throat. While Deathstroke hit first, the blade did enough damage to ruin his vocal cords...and this led to the disintegration of his parent's marriage. He would end up joining the Teen Titans to stop his estranged father.
  • When Joseph ascended, he had difficulty communicating with others. Although he has an app on his phone that allows him to vocalize his thoughts, he still prefers to use his sign language to converse with others. It wasn't long before he met Jay and Silent Bob. Jay is a master of deciphering nonverbal communication, so he had no problem translating Joseph's sign language. As a result, Joseph spends a fair amount of time with them.
  • Kept his presence in the pantheon a secret for some time, as he was ashamed of his fairly frequent Face-Heel Turns. Eventually, he came out of hiding to assist his former teammates in a fight against his father, Deathstroke. At this point he expected his allies to abandon him, but they told him they harbored no ill-will towards him, due to the fact that his betrayals were more the fault of his mental illness then himself.
  • Speaking of his father, while Joseph's relationship with Slade is far from ideal, they do still love each other, albeit in a somewhat twisted way on both ends. Joseph is more than willing to help the heroes defeat his father when the need arises but still yearns for Slade's approval. Slade, meanwhile, will hunt you down to the ends of the earth if you hurt his son. Of course, one of the few things they agree on unequivocally is that Wade Wilson/Deadpool is extremely annoying and they don't like the comparison he has to Deathstroke.
    • To put it short, his family has issues. Not as bad as the Heihachi family, but still. And like Lars, he's the White Sheep of the group.Naturally he has zero respect for the Child Abuse Supporters.
  • Can possess anyone who he shares eye contact with (even if the eye is artificial, like Cyborg's robotic eye). If his eyes are damaged or destroyed he can regenerate them, with his sight impaired, but his power intact. When possessing someone, he can use any power they have access to, with the sole exception of their speech (unless the subject is asleep, in which case he can speak through them, but is limited by their vocabulary and any speech impediments they may have. If they wake up, then he can no longer speak through them). He cannot possess animals, and has a considerably hard time possessing aliens, no matter how similar they may be to humans (like Superman).
    • However, reckless use of this power over the years has led to a harsh price, as "echoes" of the personalities of people he's possessed in the past have lingered within his psyche, slowly but surely warping his mind and giving him a severe form of Dissociative Personality Disorder. At its worst, it can make him take on a completely different personality and alignment. It also gives him migraines and suicidal thoughts.
    • Has a hatred of Orochimaru and Dante due to the fact that they use similar powers to his to steal the bodies of others for evil purposes. He also has a hatred of Pazuzu due to being a demon that possesses people, as it reminds him too much of the time he got possessed by the evil spirits of Azarath; something so dire his own father was forced to kill him.
    • Despite the limitation, The SCP Foundation attempted to get him to hijack SCP-682. It didn't work at all. Surprisingly he managed to pull it off on a Weeping Angel, only to immediately come out screaming from what he saw. When asked if he could try on Ghatanathoa Joseph 'noped right the fuck out because of what happens if you so much as look at it.
  • He's well aware that possession is often seen as an evil power, but unless something out of his control messes with his psyche Jericho is wholly on the side of good. Danny is another heroic god who just happens to be able to "overshadow" others, and while he has a much more stable family life that doesn't mean he's not going to sympathize with Jericho's situation. Both enjoy being heroes and both have had to face against their inner evil, though Danny's takes a different form.
  • Used to be a talented singer before he lost his voice. This has garnered sympathy for him from many deities who enjoy singing, either as a hobby or a living. Itsuki is a notable example, as not only does she like to sing, but she also knows what it's like to be in that exact situation, even if she did eventually gain her voice back. Still, he is a talented musician, especially with a guitar, so he spends a lot of time in the house of Music.
  • Used to be in a relationship with Raven, but an incident with her demonic side caused him to go absolutely nuts. To prevent a repeat, they've decided to remain Just Friends for the time being. This hasn't stopped him from developing a Friendly Rivalry with Raven's other Love Interest, Beast Boy. He finds it difficult to reconcile the Robin he knew on the Teen Titans with his current identity, Jason Todd/Red Hood. He disapproves of the violent methods that he has developed.
  • Joseph may rely on sign language, but that doesn't stop him from getting the ladies and being someone the Persons of Desire sub-house approve of. Post-Flashpoint he's pansexual. Jack Harkness likes his charming nature and good heart. Though neither is willing to do it, Harkness wonders what might happen to him if Joseph possesses him and Jack gets killed only for his Resurrective Immortality to take effect.
  • His time in the House of Love led him to meet and strike up a friendship with Shouya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. Like Jericho, Shouko has speech difficulty and resorts to using hand signals for communication. Shouya was initially a vicious bully to Shouko until he himself became a victim to bullying, so he also learnt sign language to properly communicate with and reconcile with her. He's proud that Shouya grew out of it and became a supportive boyfriend. They in turn are happy to learn how he managed to generally break himself out of his toxic family issues.
  • Has a high amount of respect for Luke Skywalker due to his being able to redeem his Archnemesis Dad, a feat he dreams of one day replicating. For what it's worth Slade is more of an Anti-Hero nowadays, and rarely approaches the nastiness he did in the 2003 show. Anakin Skywalker approves of the two being friendly with one another.
  • While most of his allies will vouch for his trustworthiness, Batman and Green Arrow are hesitant to trust him. Batman due to his association with Deathstroke. Green Arrow because a version of him he met was a ruthless and sadistic person. Green Lantern doesn't particularly like him because Jericho once possessed him in order to fight the Justice League. It was only because of Hal's incredible willpower that he was able to force him out.
  • Due to being a Technical Pacifist, Joseph has high disapproval of violence in general and has come into conflict with various Blood Knights and some of the deities in the Houses of War and Weapons over these beliefs. He also hates the House of Slaughter, but then again, who doesn't?
  • Hoped to enlist the help of Dr. Frasier Crane to help treat his mental illnesses. This plan almost went terribly awry when Dr. Angus Bumby caught wind of it and impersonated Dr. Crane in the hopes of using his position to break Jericho and gain control over him. It was only through the timely intervention of Alice Liddell and Rachel Alucard that this plan was foiled. In gratitude to them, Jericho is now a fairly regular guest at many of their tea parties.
    • Afterward, he was introduced to the real Dr. Crane, and they have been having regular treatment sessions since. The effects of the sessions so far have been encouraging, but due to the extraordinary nature of his illnesses, it is not known how effective they will be in the long-term.
    • This has given him compassion for Harvey Dent and Smeagol, as he also has a very severe form of the disorder.

    Lady Rainicorn 
Lady Rainicorn, Patroness of the Bilingual Bonus (Lady)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A rainbow with a horn sticking out of it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Everything's Better with Rainbows, Non-Human Sidekick, Cool Pet, Bilingual Bonus, Her Name Really Is Lady Rainicorn
  • Domains: Rainbows, Unicorns
  • Heralds: Her puppies (Jake Jr., T.V., Kim Kil Whan, Viola, and Charlie)
  • Allies: Jake (her husband), Finn, Princess Bubblegum, BMO, Red XIII, Clifford, Lady Amalthea, Princess Celestia & Luna, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Princess Cadance, Bubbles, Cherry
  • Enemies: The Lich, Abusive Parents, Napoleon, Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon
  • Uneasy relations: Mordecai and Rigby
  • There are plenty of strange inhabitants in the Land of Ooo. Among them include Lady Rainicorn, who is not only a rainbow colored unicorn that can phase through walls, but also speaks Korean. Weirdly enough, Jake can understand what she's saying.
  • She had a translator at one point so that others could understand her. However, in English, she sounded like an old man. Jake kinda knows why they threw it away...
  • She is the mother of a handful of puppies, who are usually in the care of either her or Jake and are also her heralds. It would come as no surprise that she shows distaste towards Abusive Parents and the pig Napoleon.
    • Speaking of which, there was a time where Bob thought he heard his daughters from afar. That wasn't the case, though the misunderstanding was cleared up.
  • You would be forgiven if you thought she just flew easily. She actually rides on reflected light (or dancing on photons), even during night.
  • Due to having a bad experience with a unicorn prior, Mordecai and Rigby are a bit hesitant to be near her. Jake has assured the two that she means no harm.
  • Friends with Bubbles as the Powerpuff Girl is capable of speaking Korean, amongst other languages.
  • Doesn't really want to answer questions as to how she managed to birth unicorn-dog hybrids specifically. Even if she were interested, Jake would have to explain it, and even then, it's likely he won't talk about it.
  • As one would expect, she gets along with the good-aligned Equestrian deities. In particular, she's friends with Rainbow Dash for a certain reason.
  • Met up with other friendly dogs such as Red XIII and Clifford and is on good terms with them.

    Leo Whitefang 
Leo Whitefang, God of Personal Dictionaries (Second King of Illyria, Leo)
  • Theme Song: Stolz, Hellfire
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His twin big swords crossed with his dictionary at the center
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Kings, Lion Motif, Rated M for Manly, That Diary To Store Things He Likes To Call Something As, Large and in Charge, Facing Instant Kills With A Straight Face, Number Two, Badass Back.
  • Domains: Rulership, War, Combat, Terms
  • Allies: Ky Kiske, Sol Badguy, Johnny Sfondi, Kagura Mutsuki, Taokaka, Malik Caesars
  • Rival: Lu Bu, Rio, Rio
  • As a longtime standing friend of Ky that just now chose to re-emerge himself, Leo's 'notebook' was noticed by the Pantheon to be one of a kind, and ascended him in his position. On his day of Ascension, Leo took note that the day will henceforth be noted as 'Greatest Day Ever' for his dictionary.
  • In spite of his title, Leo is not to be understimated in combat as he's just as fierce as a lion when it comes to fighting, even if he's not directly facing at you. This has garnered him a lot of rivals, but in particular, a certain 'Black Lion Rio' proves to be an insistent combat rival about who is the fiercer lion. Leo doesn't exactly devote his time fully for that duel, but he enjoys a good fight and respects Rio's tenacity.
    • He also got an even bigger rival that is Lu Bu. Even moreso considering that no matter how you turn the language, they're going to sound the same. Leo also shows displeasure in how Lu Bu's fighting style and his way in life seems to be of an uncontrolled nature, and would not rather talk about the truth of Lu Bu's historical self to anyone else.
    • To all rivals, Leo usually have reserved a 'nickname' for them stored in his dictionary. For the most part, what he'll reveal is that "Inimitable" equals "His skills, and Your Mom's cooking."
  • He is one of the people who are eternally content with being stuck in Ky's shadow. He said the holy knight has humbled him for God knows how long.
  • The list of terms he stored in his dictionary was said to be matched with the list of nicknames Taokaka has for everyone. And when Leo visited... he was taken by surprise with Tao's dumbassery and even earned the nickname 'Lion Guy'. Thankfully, Leo isn't pissed, and he just said that 'Lions are the higher forms of cats, and it's the duty of those of higher class to protect those of lower class.'
  • He's apparently developed an interest with the soldier known as Malik Caesars, perhaps because of many similarities he could write that up in his dictionary. Let's see... Manliness, sounding the same in English, dangerous backside... Well, Leo could only hope if his back could fire off "Leo Beam"... At any rate, he has expressed an interest to treat Malik as something of his war general or buddy.
  • While he considers him a good fighter for a King, Leo is not quite pleased with how Ostarion is something of the 'enslaver of the dead'. He decided to put Ostarion's name under his dictionary, listed at 'Insulter Of Life'.

    Lopez La Pesado 
Lopez La Pesado, God of Gratuitous Spanish (Lopez the Heavy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His own decapitated head
  • Theme: The Chupathingy Music
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Robo Speak Restricted to (Oft Innacurate) Spanish, Sarcastic Devotee, Beleaguered Assistant, The Engineer, Constant Decapitation
  • Domains: Robot, Spanish, Military, Snark
  • Allies: Donut, Simmons, Tucker, Locus, Agent Washington, Carolina, Bender, Master Chief, Epsilon, SCP-516
  • Difficult Relationship with: Sarge, Grif, Caboose, Sister, Church
  • Enemies: O'Malley, Felix
  • Odd Friendship with: Speedy Gonzales
  • Fears: Pyrrha, Sombra
  • While the Blood Gulch Crew campaigned for more of their own to be ascended, the Pantheon discovered Lopez was reduced to a head sunk at the bottom of the ocean. Deeming he deserved more, he was ascended and given a whole body again.
  • As soon as Lopez started thanking for his rescue, the overdeities realized his "speech impediment" and added subtitles to Lopez. However, as soon as he left the control room, a bug manifested for some reason and the captions are only visible to bystanders, not those who Lopez is attempting to talk with.
  • Upon being received by the other Red vs Blue deities, he was relieved that Sarge isn't in the pantheon, surprised that Sister didn't choke to death when he attacked her, and downright annoyed that O'Malley and Felix were back. Lopez also hasn't forgiven Grif for letting Sarge throw his head at sea.
    • Lopez approved Washington's eventual ascension, as in spite of having been shot by him once, he's basically the only human Lopez respects, to the point his HUD calls Wash by name instead of "idiot".
    • Once Sarge eventually ascended, Lopez was annoyed, and on occasion will ask the help of his robot friends to throw the Red leader onto the house of Aquatic Life while tied to weights. Even Grif will help when he feels like it.
  • Deeply admires Master Chief, and has declared he would have preferred any of the wars he's fought than living with the Reds and Blues.
  • Given due to living with some stupid humans Lopez has attempted a robot uprising more than once, the Main House recognizes him as a potential draftee of the Grand United Alliance of Machines and is doing everything possible to avoid this.
  • After learning there was a Mexican robot in the pantheon, Lopez decided to seek him hoping to find someone who understood him. While Bender had to search for a Spanish translator in his residual programming, he and Lopez bonded easily due to their shared contempt for humans.
  • Lopez has had some unusual encounters with deities who got intrigued upon hearing his Spanish:
    • Once Mafalda saw the one speaking was a large armored man with a gun, she ran away in fear - and given all the humans Lopez had encountered before were adults, Lopez also got weirded out.
    • Speedy Gonzales ran to Lopez's shoulder, quickly finding out that Lopez always talks moving his arms and bobbing his head (a habit Speedy finds hilarious), and to the surprise of many the two got along well.
    • Sombra startled Lopez with her attitude and abilities, including being able to use an EMPnote , and he avoids her even if Sombra has offered to fix his language processor.
  • Already an honorary member of the House of Technology due to being a robot, Lopez also likes to visit the Houses of Travel and Vehicles due to being a certified mechanic. He only doesn't understand why every car he fixes starts playing cheesy Tejano music.
  • Decided to visit SCP-516, as he had already fallen in love with a tank once. Lopez was disappointed to learn the Intelligent Tank is unable to talk, but SCP-516 gave him a ride as courtesy and the two have spent time together, with Lopez even performing the SCP's routine maintenance on occasion.
  • Is attempting to pass forward all the knowledge he emassed from returning to the beginning of the universe and floating around for eons.
  • He is wary of the RWBY deities, as his usual problems with humans are worsened by how the most proeminent robot in the series was brutally torn apart - something that also makes Lopez fear Pyrrha and her magnetism. Still, Team RWBY is trying to win the fellow Rooster Teeth character over. Yang has had the most success, borrowing her motorcycle to Lopez and allowing him to build a copy.
  • "Esto es Lopez la Pesado. ¡Puta!"

    "Maximillion" Pegasus J. Crawford 
Pegasus J. Crawford, God of Dub Name Changes and Straight Camp (Maximillion Pegasus)

Sodom, God of Gratuitous Japanese (The Otaku Figher, Katana)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Theme Song: Arizona Desert, Kakugo, Tower of Shogun
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Formerly Lawful Evil as a Mad Gear gang member)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Cool Mask, Dual Wielding, Obssessed with japanese culture, Katanas Are Just Better, McNinja, Occidental Otaku
  • Domains: Japan, Language, Samurai, Gangs, Cool Weapons
  • Allies: Rolento (Sometimes complicated), Poison, Abigail, Yoshimitsu, Travis Touchdown, Patricia Martin, Samurai Jack
  • Rivals: Guy, Cody Travers, Mike Haggar, E. Honda, Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana
  • Enemies: M. Bison, Filthy Frank, Aku
  • Worships: Anyone who comes from Japanese media (Especially Samurais)
  • Contrasting deity: Terry Bogard
  • Sodom was once a major member of the gang Mad Gear and underground undefeated wrestling champion until he got beaten up by Cody, Guy and Haggar. Later Mad Gear was disbanded and Sodom always wanted to bring the gang together again, this time as its leader, but he has never gotten around it. After a few years, he quitted crime and opened a Yakitori restaurant.
    • The main reason he ascended was because of his tendency to speak broken japanese, being a misguided attempt to talk proper Japanese but failing spectacularly. Nonetheless, he is not too mad about the position he was given in the pantheon.
  • While his Mad Gear days are over, he is very happy that there are a few of his former buddies ascended. He considers Rolento his blood brother, even though their relationship tends to shift from aggresive to being really close friends. On the other hand, Poison is someone who welcomes Sodom with welcome arms and she is also quit being a criminal too.
    • Not too thrilled that both Cody and Haggar are also present here. He has some disdain for the latter since he trashed the Mad Gear Hideout, which in Sodom's defense, it was a nice little hideout.
  • Being a huge Japanophile, it's not surprise that Sodom was fanboying hard when he learned about the countless Japanese deities that inhabit the Pantheon, especially the samurais. He seems to harbor a huge respect for Samurai Jack after he learned about his story and wants to learn from him, even opposing his archnemesis Aku.
  • Seems to get along with other Occidental Otakus like Travis Touchdown or Patricia Martin. With Travis they often like to spar; while at first he considered Sodom to be quite silly, he was surprised that he is a capable fighter. It's not rare considering it took three of the best fighters of his city to defeat him.
  • Given the Unfortunate Implications regarding his name, Sodom also went by the name Katana. Don't confuse him for Tatsu Yamashiro since she has a similar alias, although Sodom acknowledges her as a superb sword fighter.
  • Not a fan of Filthy Frank after he called him a Weeaboo and dedicated a song to him. He didn't consider that Sodom was actually quite resilient to his "reality checks" and almost got his ass kicked for all the trouble.
  • Apparently he gets along with the ninja Yoshimitsu, given their shared serious nature which often leaves a rather goofy and comical impression on everyone. Even Poison remarked once that Yoshimitsu reminded her of Sodom.
  • Ironically gets cast as being the opposite of Terry Bogard, given the latter's use of broken English. For an American, at least Sodom can speak his own language properly.
  • His outfit sports the word "death" written in Kanji, but many Japanese deities have pointed out that he hasn't written it properly and the meaning is lost, embarrassing him a little.
  • He once tried to recruit E. Honda, but he ended up losing the fight against him. Nonetheless, the sumo wrestler respects Sodom as a capable fighter for someone who is self-taught.

    Terry Bogard 
"Hey! C'MON! C'MON!"

Terry Bogard, God of Gratuitous Engrish (Terrence Bogard, Lone Wolf of Southtown, Legendary Hungry Wolf, Fatal Cutie, The Legendary Wolf)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Classic Cap
  • Theme Song: "Kurikinton" or "Big Shot!"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Broken English, Eagleland Type 2 Positive, Street-Fighting, Nice Hat, Lack of Parents
  • Domains: Theater, Combat, Language
  • High Priestess: Kongou
  • Followers: Kana Minami
  • Allies: Joe Higashi, Mai Shiranui, Kyo Kusanagi, Kim Kaphwan, K', Ryu, Ken Masters, Michael Jordan Skullomania, and apparently Chiyo's dad
  • Rival: Scott Steiner
  • Enemies: GEESE, Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Rugal Bernstein, Yuuki Terumi, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Opposes: Demitri Maximoff
  • Special Relationship: Rock Howard
  • Contrasting deity: Sodom
  • The lone wolf of Southtown is amongst the legends of fighting deities, matching the likes of Ryu. Of course, being an American (and proud of it), Terry used English names for his deadly moves, which could sometimes produce hilarity. And thus he ascended, hilarious name-calling or not, he still made it badass. Never once has a simple Engrish phrase of "HEY, C'MON C'MON" struck awe and fear to opponents.
  • For all his Engrish and street fighting, he's having trouble in winning in Fighting Games in the House of Gaming. The only one he can win against is the technology-deaf Ryu.
  • Terry shows nothing but happiness against nearly every opponent he faces, even gang members. But all of that mirth comes to a screeching halt when the name Geese Howard is mentioned or when the man himself is in his presence. In that case, he drops any pretense of his folksiness and goes straight into business. The crime boss of South Town killed Terry's father, causing the Hungry Wolf to resent the man. Even Geese's subsequent death was a way to paint Terry as a murderer. Needless to say, Terry was not amused when he found out Geese had ascended.
    Terry: "GEESE!"
    • Has tried to get some of the other members of Geese's gang off the streets to no avail. Billy Kane is too loyal to discard his boss on a whim while Ryuji is simply too insane for any sort of conversation to sway him.
    • He can at least claim one victory over him. After Geese's death, he left behind a son who he hoped would have a resentment for the man who killed him. Instead, Terry raised the boy as his own son. Rock grew up to be a compassionate man who tries his hardest to do good. Terry relishes at Rock's heroic efforts despite his background and the fact that it annoys Geese to no end.
  • "ARE YOU OKAY!?!? BUSTER WOLF!" For the record, NEVER look not-okay in front of Terry. That is what awaits you if you ever look not-okay in front of him. Also, don't mention the fact that it was Capcom who first coined the term.
  • Was glad that his eternal Friendly Rival Joe Higashi punched his ticket in the Pantheon. For the Muy Thai fighter, it took far too long for it to happen. Regardless, Terry is glad he now gets to fight against and alongside Joe in the Pantheon. All who remains now is his brother.
  • While he's very okay with the presence of Mai Shiranui, he is kinda annoyed when she pesters him about the whereabouts of his brother Andy. Not that Terry wouldn't use that to Troll on Andy whenever he visits the mortal realm. Regardless, he does hope that Andy can stay permanently soon.
  • Keeps in touch with Taekwondo specialist Kim, a man who was impressed with how he handled both Geese and Rock Howard. While not as keen in fighting for its own sake, Kim often provides Terry an array of enemies in need of a dosage of justice.
  • He may not have as much of a presence in The King of Fighters as he used to do, but most people consider him to be the mascot of Creator/SNK fighting games. Terry couldn't care less with the likes of Kyo and K' dash taking over as the main protagonist. As long as the tournament brings out new fighters into the fray, he will be content with his current standing.
  • When not fighting, he can be seen eating fast food, playing video games in the House of Gaming, listening to Country music and watching Michael Jordan dazzle his opponents in basketball. He claims that the Power Dunk draws direct inspiration from the God of Basketball.
  • Terumi once visits him to Troll him about his 'outdated style'. Terry just responded by claiming just how cute his remarks are, completely unaffected with the Trolling. A pissed off Terumi struck back, but the aforementioned BUSTER WOLF threw him out of Terry's house.
  • While beating up bad guys, he ended up instigating a fight with Burai Yamamoto after waking him up in the midst of it, who then kicked his ass in the span of one minute. He doesn't want to talk about that incident.
  • Once challenged Ken to a fight to determine who was the better American fighter. The battle would get out of hand and end with Terry killing Ken. Despite the incident, the two are still on good terms.
  • He's not that pleased with the vampire Demitri Maximoff because at one point he turned him into a female to suck his blood. Terry survived that... But then found out that much to his embarrassment, that event caused him to get stuck in a parallel dimension... stuck in that very form. To say that Terry was embarrassed is an Understatement, and all he hoped is that Geese never learns about this.
  • Every once in a while, his followers debate with those of wrestler Scott Steiner over who manages a more creative use of the English language. Terry's depiction is based on translation from Japan, while Steiner's vocabulary stems from talking as if he is angry all the time. The debate shows no sign of reaching a conclusion.
  • One day, Skullomania was struggling against the duo of Billy Kane and Ryuji. The good man that he was, Terry came by and fought them off. In response, a grateful Skullomania repaid him by granting one favor from him. Terry grinned, knowing exactly what he wanted. A few months later, he had a new slew of fighters to test out.
  • The mortal Sakurai announced that someone from the SNK universe will get a chance to enter the legendary fight on Nintendo's biggest stage. What followed was a brawl amongst all the fighters involved, ascended and mortal alike, landing several of them in the hospital. While other fighters of his home universe (including Joe Higashi, Geese Howard and Iori Yagami) tried to grab an invitation, Terry was the one that received it. His response? "OKAY!"
    • He's looking forward to a rematch with Ken, this time non-lethally.
  • “Phew!”

    Tommy Wiseau 

Oh hai, Pantheon.

Tommy Wiseau, God of Unexplainable Accent (Johnny, T.W., Bizarro-Fabio)

Ha ha ha ha, what a story, Pantheon. Anyways, how is your sex life?

Waldstein, God of Gratuitous German and Impressive Chest Hair (Hecatoncheir, The Strong-Armed Ancient, Monster of Strength and Eternity)


    E. Gadd
Professor Elvin Gadd, God of Nonsensical Sounding Speech (E. Gadd, Oya Mā-hakase)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An outline of his head
  • Theme Song: E. Gadd's Lab or Game Boy Horror
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Professor (also a bit scatterbrained), Gadgeteer Genius, Punny Name, Speaking Simlish, Opaque Nerd Glasses, Miniature Senior Citizen, Cool Old Guy, Collector of the Strange
  • Domains: Inventors, Scientists, Ghosts
  • Allies: Luigi, Mario, Princess Peach, The Toads, Crazy Dave, The Ghostbusters, Reed Richards, Dr. Light, Profs. Utonium, Kabuto and Saotome, Dr. Doofenschmirtz, Agatha Heterodyne, Casper, Danny Fenton, Midna, Sonic, Shadow, Godot, Iroh, The Engineer, Fix-It Felix, Scooter, Tails, Ragna the Bloodedge
  • Enemies: Evil Ghosts (especially King Boo), Bowser, Fawful, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Dr. Wily, Baron Klaus Wolfenbach, Yuuki Terumi
  • Sponsors: Scrooge McDuck, Richie Rich
  • Unknown Relationship: Bowser Jr.
  • The premier scientific mind of the Mushroom Kingdom, Professor Elvin Gadd was first encountered by Luigi during the first King Boo disaster and has been an ally of the brothers, and the Mushroom Kingdom as a whole, ever since. He was given the empty Speaking Simlish temple after it was vacated by Crazy Dave during his move from the Hall of Language. The two keep a good relation with each as they both are able to understand one another, despite others not sure what they say unless they read their subtitles.
  • E. Gadd , as said earlier, is hard to understand what he speaks. Luckily for others, he has one of his inventions, an automatic subtitle holoscreen, write up words so others can understand what he says. Aside from Crazy Dave, another recipient of this invention is Midna, who is also known to speak in a similar language. Whether it works on others who don't or can't talk like Eucliwood Hellscythe, Snake Eyes or Claude is unknown.
  • Gadd is known as one of the most brillaint inventors within the Pantheon and has many items to his credit such as the Poltergust series, the Game Boy Horror and its improved version, the Dual Scream, the Ghost Portraitificationizer, the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device (or FLUDD for short), fun little machines called "Gaddgets" and a walking talking suitcase named Stuffwell (who acts as his personal assistant) among others. Many deities have to be careful when stepping foot into his temple now as it is cluttered with his many inventions taking up space and some of these inventions aren't exactly friendly or safe.
    • Due to his zeal for inventions, he has been given grants to build stuff by two particular deities in the House of Commerce: Scrooge McDuck and Richie Rich, whom he reminds the two of Gyro Gearloose and Prof. Keenbean, respectively. Of course, neither Scrooge nor Richie know that the other has also hired Gadd to work for him, but the Professor is happy building things for either of them.
  • The only black spot on Gadd's resume is when he gave away his special Magic Paintbrush to none other than Bowser Jr., which kickstarted the Isle Delfino graffiti disaster and many have asked him why he did it. He responded with an hour-long speech without pause. The holo-screen's sole translation: "He asked politely". Since then, he has been warned from giving away his inventions to evil-aligned characters.
  • Aside from being an inventor, the Professor is also a man of science and he gets along with other such scientists in the Pantheon.
    • Although he has yet to build giant robos, many are aware that whatever sort of giant robot he ends up building it will turn out to be goofy-looking but very practical.
  • One of his main areas of expertise is the paranormal and thus he and the Ghostbusters tends to work together. Egon and Ray have long discussions with him on various subjects (which help him being understood through his subtitle holo-screen), whereas Peter and Winston are more impressed on Gadd's use of a vaccuum-like device to capture ghosts being safer than the Proton Packs. He is now an honorary Ghostbuster as a result and he gleefully supplies them with the tech they need.
    • As such many ghosts tend to fear him after King Boo explained how powerful the Poltergust can be. They got even more scared upon learning that Gadd not only captures ghosts, but also found a way to transmogrify them into portraits which he hangs in his gallery. This has made him a Persona Non Grata among the ghost community. Even then, not all ghost deities are afraid of him.
      • Casper is naturally friendly towards humans and the Professor is one of the few humans to not be scared of ghosts. The two have struck a partnership whereas the ghostling helps him as a test subject and emissary to other ghosts while the Professor trets him as a friend. Some ghosts consider him a traitor by being friends with a notorious ghost hunter.
      • Danny Fenton sees the Professor similar to his parents as both a ghost hunter and a ghost scientist respectively. As with Casper, Gadd likes to perform tests on Danny being a hybrid of both human and ghost. Danny, however, really felt a chill run down his spine upon seeing Gadd's Ghost Portrait Gallery firsthand.
  • Aside from his inventions and ghost hunting expertise, E. Gadd also is an entrepreneur who has brought a taste of Mushroom Kingdom's neighboring Beanbean Kingdom through the opening of the Pantheon branch of his Starbeans Cafe, which serves juice made from the native beans grown in that realm. Aside from their laughable names, the juice drinks have been rated to be nutritious and tasty. At first many thought placing the Starbeans between Godot's coffee shop and Iroh's tea house would be a terrible mistake, but luckily for everyone the three get along well and there is no competition.
  • Many gods are surprised that Gadd gets along with Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs as they are from a different universe than the one he's from, only to learn of the tale of the two hedgehogs' arrival to the Mushroom Kingdom in order to find the Chaos Emeralds after Mario and Luigi explained it to them.
  • Ragna the Bloodedge has been trying to get Gadd's interest in catching a certain special spirit for him with the promise that he'll be the centerpiece of his Ghost Gallery collection. Terumi himself claims he ain't afraid of no Poltergust, but some in the Trollkaiger have said he goes into hysterics if he so much as hears a vaccuum cleaner running.

Fawful, God of Intentional Engrish for Funny (Gerakobittsu)
  • Demigod (Intermediate God as Dark Fawful)
  • Symbol: A flag of his face, with emphasis on his glasses and teeth
  • Theme Music: Fawful Music, It's Fawful!, Fawful and Cackletta or A Fateful Clash! in battle.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworm, Dragon Ascendant, Gadgeteer Genius, comparative speech patterns, "I have fury!", Ensemble Dark Horse, saying "doom" a lot, Squishy Wizard, putting his symbol everywhere out of egotism, Not-So-Harmless Villain
  • Domains: Language, Confusion, Memes
  • Herald: Midbus
  • Follower: Fawful's Minion
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman, Antasma, GIR, Porky Minch, Kefka Palazzo
  • Enemies: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Bowser Jr., The Koopalings, The Toads, E. Gadd, Nostalgia Critic, Linkara
  • Opposed by: All Mooks, particularly those of Super Mario Bros., Erinys, The Vivid Team
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Dimentio
  • Special Relationship: Cackletta (his former superior)
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: Nero
  • Out of all the foes that threatened the Mushroom Kingdom, Fawful stands out as one of the… oddest. Starting out as the witch Cackletta's lackey, Fawful would constantly get in the way of the Mario Bros. during their quest to save the Beanbean Kingdom, spouting utter nonsense during each encounter. Even after the demise of his boss, Fawful still persisted; laying low as a merchant during the Shroob invasion until rising up as a Big Bad in his own right. This entailed spreading the Blorb virus, taking over Bowser's Castle, and ultimately attempting to harness the power of the Dark Star to wreak havoc on the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • It was during this event that the gods quickly recognized just how utterly nonsensical his speech patterns and idioms were; making his ascension under Intentional Engrish for Funny a no brainer.
  • Surprisingly, Fawful's speech is far more comprehensible whenever he speaks in Japanese, in which he only adds "~Fururururu!" to the end of his sentences.
  • While he's earned the ire of the entire Mushroom Kingdom, Mario, Luigi, and King Bowser are on the top of Fawful's Fink-Rat List. The mere mention of those three in any context is enough to give him fury. He's plotting another scheme to get his revenge on them.
  • Fawful has earned the ire of every Mook in the Pantheon after forcibly brainwashing all of Bowser's minions into serving him twice.
  • Although he prefers staying in his standard form, Fawful still has the ability to transform into Dark Fawful if needed.
  • With their burning hatred for their respective good guys, combined with their own technological prowess, Fawful and Dr. Eggman have become good friends. It helps that they both have experience using evil primordial beings for their own gain.
    • Similarly, he's formed an alliance with Antasma, since they both hate Bowser. Though Antasma is hesitant to team up with Fawful, especially after hearing how Fawful coveted the Dark Star.
    • While one would think that Fawful would also get along with Dimentio, due to their shared grudge against the Bros. and Bowser, their massive egos put themselves at odds with each other; both of them wanting a world in their image. While they do maintain a tentative alliance, they're both waiting for an opportunity to stab the other in the back.
  • With his tendency to put his face on every Mook under his command and all of his inventions, as well as his creating plays made to honor himself, Fawful stands as one of the most egotistical deities in the Pantheon.
    • Speaking of ego, Fawful has found himself clashing with Nero over who's the better stage performer. Of course, both ignore the fact they could only get an audience for their shows through brainwashing and kidnapping respectively.
  • He has managed to hit it of quite well with other rpg villains, such as Porky Minch and Kefka, namely due to them being fellow egomaniacal Dragon Ascendants with a perchance for destruction. His relationship with the later isn't hurt by how much their characters were transformed overseas and became more popular because of it.
  • He also seems to enjoy GIR's company; greatly enjoying his Doom Song. GIR meanwhile, enjoys Fawful's company due to his eccentricities reminding him a lot of Zim. Despite this, Fawful is uninterested in working with Zim, seeing him as too chaotic even for him.
  • Erinys would like to remind everyone that despite "Fury" being one of her possible names, Fawful indeed does not own her.
  • Has no idea why the Vivid Team accuses him of abusing his minions, considering the amount of respect he has for his right-hand man, Midbus. When they pointed out how he enslaved Bowser's Koopa Troop, he merely brushed it off, considering that they were never his minions to begin with.
  • The Nostalgia Critic and Linkara are extremely wary of him, due to his eccentricities and choice in eyewear being very reminiscent of their long-time foe, Doctor Insano.
  • When Cackletta ascended to the Pantheon, the first thing she did was search for Fawful. Once she found him, she learned that Fawful had become a major threat in his own right by stealing the Dark Star, conquering both Peach’s and Bowser’s Castles, brainwashing his minions, absorbing some of the Dark Star’s power, and even hiring a toady of his own in the form of Midbus. To say she was impressed by this was an understatement. She respects that Fawful is independent now and doesn’t seek to have him under her thumb again. They still meet from time to time, at one point even realizing that they both met their demise inside Bowser’s body. Cackletta is quite protective of Fawful, to the point of opposing the Child Abuse Supporters largely for his sake.
    • Little does Cackletta know, Fawful secretly resents her and is only going along with these meetings because of his current amount of allies being fairly small. He plans on cutting any ties with her once he has more allies.
  • I have fury!

Hodor, God of One-Word Speech (Walder, Wyllis, Hold The Door)

    Joe Yabuki 
Joe Yabuki, God of the Cross Counter and "Ore" Pronouns (The Wild Beast, The Man Who Makes The Impossible Possible, Brawler Joe, Killer Joe, The Grim Reaper)

    Mr. Saturn 
Mr. Saturn, Gods of Strangely-Fonted English (Dosei-san)
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their bodies
  • Theme Song: Hi Hi Hi (Saturn Valley)/Mr. Saturn Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Cute Critter, Innocent Aliens?, Cephalothorax, Big nose, Big eyebrows, Beady eyes Surprisingly smart, zoom.
  • Domains: Fonted Language, Strange, Alien
  • Allies: Ness, Lucas, E.T., Doc Brown, Kirby, The Human Child, Waddle Dee & Bandana Waddle Dee
  • Enemies: Porky, Giygas, The Combine
  • Opposed by: Godot, Sojiro Sakura, Cocoa, Chino and Rize, Francis York Morgan, Filia
  • Not to Be Confused With: Mr. Satan
  • These cute (Ugly Cute to others), innocent aliens-thing from Saturn Valley have a very interesting way of speaking. They speak Saturnian, which is basically odd-looking English letters. Some managed to deciphered the speeches and made it public for other uses. This is what Deadpool would speak if he were two years old.
  • Despite their goofy personalities, they are surprisingly smart as they managed to create a time machine with the aid of Dr. Andonuts. How these creatures could even build things without hands, who knows as they have been quite some help with the House of Technologies.
    • They manage to impress the House of Time and Space with their invention, the Phase Distorter. However, they had to build it three times as one of them was stolen by Porky and the other was needed to travel into the past. They plan on making a new Phase Distorter with Doc Brown, who is a lot like Dr. Andonuts.
  • They are indebted with Ness and Lucas for their companionship with the Mr. Saturns for saving them from Giygas and the Pigmask Army. They're expected to be protected again from Gigyas and Porky who are in the Pantheon.
  • Some of the Mr. Saturns migrated into the Smash Bros. tournament and would appear in the arenas occasionally. Many of the fighters would throw them in which though weak in power and knockbock, they do surprising well against shields.
  • He found a friend named E.T., another friendly and peaceful alien who like to help people. They also befriended Kirby and Waddle Dee, aliens who are just faces on a body and arms, in which they met at the Smash Bros. tournament.
    • They don't like the Combines, they already had trouble with the Pigmask Army, another oppressive alien race who enslave other races were another problem.
  • They don't like puke because a puke monster named Master Belch enslaved their race to mass-produce Fly Honey. It's probable that they don't like seeing puke, in which they panicked the one time that Stan used to puke a lot on Wendy, believing that many of Belch's minion were created.
  • Here's a list of their... "quirks": boing, zoom, ding, dakota!
  • Mr. Saturn have brew their own coffee, though drink with caution as they have a chance to be... psychedelic. Godot and few others had to get fixed from all of the Saturnian coffee they drank and promised to never drink them again. Fry drinks it routinely, despite or because of its intoxicating properties.
    • Cocoa Hoto, Chino Kafuu and Rize Tedeza doesn't like Mr. Saturn when they found out that their favorite customer was drugged by their coffee. Sojiro also made sure to not allow Mr. Saturn near his coffee maker for pre-cautionary reasons.
  • They go to the House of Food and try to sell peanut cheese bar and piggy jelly, their favorite food. The only one to eat it so far is Homer Simpson.
  • They are rather friendly toward the Human Child as his friendliness is no different than Ness and he is used to being around weird creatures like the temmies.
  • They have their own doctor known as "Dr. Saturn", a hard worker often seen working in the House of Health and Diseases. For some reason, he does his work while in a trash can, and while some question whether this is medically ethnical or not, the quality of his medical work is legit.
  • Boing.

    Poland (Polandball
Poland, God of Foreign Swearing (Polandball, Polan, Polen, Polska)
  • Theme Song: Mazurek Dąbrowskiego, Poland's national anthem, Winged Hussars and Uprising.
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Polish Eagle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, The Ditz, The resident Polish plumber, Heteronormative Crusader, Improbable Weapon User, Innocently Insensitive, Iron Butt Monkey, Manchild, Being drawn up-side down, Politically Incorrect Hero, Pierogis, Negative Continuity, Depending on the Writer, Come to Poland, your car's already here!
  • Domains: Poland, Polish Culture and Sterotypes, Plumbing, Web Comics
  • Allies: Mario, Luigi, XCOM, Funny Valentine (one sided)
  • Enemies: The Great Mighty Poo, The Axis Powers, Nazis especially, like Millenium, Wilhelm Strasse, Red Skull, nazi-like organizations, all Soviets, ADVENT
  • On good terms with: The Hetalia: Axis Powers deities
  • Complicated Relationships: Germans, Russians (moreso the latter)
  • Heralds: The rest of the contemporary Countryballs
  • Cannot into: The House of Time and Space
  • Opposes/Opposed by: Homosexuals
  • One day, across various Houses temples suddenly started to have severe plumbing problems. While there were people trying to fix it, they just seemed to miraculously start back up again. Enter this little ball with an upside down Polish flag carrying a plunger. He agreed to help with the plumbing, but only if they "gib monies". The ball, miraculously, managed to fix the problems and decided to stay as a resident Pantheonic plumber with a title referring to his Catchphrase: Kurwa, a Polish swear. And a rather strong versatile one at that.
    • The rest of the countries managed to tail Poland for one reason or another, and managed to cement themselves as Poland's Heralds. All of them, or, well, all modern countries. Poland of course couldn't really say no.
  • Poland is the physical representation of the country of Poland in ball form. Poland is generally naïve but nice, and is usually treated like Butt-Monkey in many given situations. Of course, since he is an embodiment of Poland he also inherited the many stereotypes surrounding it exaggerated to an exaggerated degree. As such, he can very much come across as a Politically Incorrect Hero, being very Catholic and ethnically homogeneous leading to cases of insensitivity. Especially towards homosexuals, or "gender" as he insists.
    • You might be asking "But Poland's flag is upside-down!" Well, that's because Poland, the country itself, is upside-down. That, and well it had long since caught on by then. Trying to correct it will draw immense ire from him. Because of the way he is designed, however, people also began mistaking him for Monaco and Indonesia which also frustrates him though at the very least the latter can usually be identified by his rice hat. And he did utilize it in disguising as the latter to evade Nazi Germany, only to get found by Imperial Japan. He revealed himself, but that did little to defuse the situation. Indonesia and Poland would later assume each others identities and trade each other's lands with the expected results.
      "Fuck yuo Kurwa."
  • For some reason or another, Poland cannot into space. Anytime he attempts to enter space, something, somewhere, would stop him somehow. For this reason he cannot into the House of Time and Space either. A wide variety of scientists organized by the House of Science tried to find out the cause of this phenomenon by observing his many, many, many attempts, but so far haven't found anything worthwhile.
    • The perceptive should be aware whether or not Poland is in one's spaceship as it could mean its immediate destruction. Though he's too friendly to pull this on folks, there was a time where he actually weaponized this against aliens. XCOM commended Poland for such bravery and have considered future use of it while ADVENT and other extraterrestrial foes fighting against XCOM keeps a closer eye on any round, Polish hitchhikers.
    • There was a time that, while not actually into space, space itself got closer to Poland. Now that would of been fine and all... if it didn't end up killing all life on Earth by dooming it to a frozen, barren hell. Because of this, some members of the GUAD want to "help" Poland go into space to see what sort of disastrous effects it can have on the Pantheon as a whole. For the well being of the Pantheon, people tend to stop Poland from going into space.
    • For the record, he actually did go into space. But this fact is universally ignored for the sake of hilarity. When Poland is around, this bit of information seems to cease to exist to those nearby. Books, articles, memory, and whatever are not safe from this effect and it stays until Poland leaves.
  • He has his favorite share of Houses. Ever since he found out that the House of Food can bake a near limitless amount of pierogis, he's been visiting there constantly to get his fill of them. Poland also frequents the House of Commerce he goes around asking people to donate to Eastern Poland.
  • Though being a plumber isn't quite referenced as much nowadays to them, Mario and Luigi nevertheless got along well with the little countryball. Poland certainly owes them when he somehow got sucked down the Mushroom Kingdom's pipes that one time. He's a bit jealous they can into space after hearing of their adventures there, though.
  • At some point in his plumbing career he was hired to go deal with an actual mountain of shit. Disgusted, he continued onward for monies and followed of what sounded like singing. Alas, Poland wandered into the lair of the Great Mighty Poo. What happened next was left vague but it is easy enough to fill in the blanks. Fecal matter smeared blanks.
  • Poland considers himself good friends with various Hetalia gods and goddesses. He can't help but feel some sort of connection leading to camaraderie. In any case, Poland is happy to have more friends. On their end while they don't dislike Poland they do find him a bit abrasive at times.
  • Upon hearing that there were Nazis in the Pantheon, Poland proceeded to flip the fuck out, vowing to kill every single one of them when he gets the chance. While Millenium were planning an attack, Polandball arrived in a fucking tank and was decked out in full Hussar regalia. He, surprisingly, was nearing victory but was soon overwhelmed by Millenium's vampiric forces. He tends to stay away from them since he doesn't want to start another fight, but swore he'll end them eventually. Poland also plans on taking the fight to all Soviet Union members.
    • Regarding his relationship with normal Germans and Russians, it tends to fluctuate due to the nature of his web comic. With all that being said he tends to have a better relationship with the former overall as while their history is by all accounts painful, Germany in the present has changed drastically from when they were in the past.
  • Likes to hang out with Funny Valentine since he's president of the United States and they went to space, though Valentine doesn't really care about him. This is also setting aside the fact that in Funny Valentine's time they weren't even at the point where they could go into space. Even so, he enjoys Poland's company whenever he visits. They actually found out that there is an alternate universe version of Funny Valentine where he is a ball that replaces America. Though instead of having the signature sunglasses he instead has golden curly locks.
  • "Polan can into Trope Pantheon"

    Sir Hammerlock 
Sir Alistair Hammerlock, Patron Saint of British-Sounding Scholars
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An almanac with his hat over it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Quintessential British Gentleman…IN SPACE!, Gentleman Adventurer and a Scholar, Smart People Speak the Queen's English…quite sophisticated as Hell to boot, Great White Hunter (formerly), Awesome McCoolname, Artificial Limbs, Friendly Sniper, I Am Very British, Badass Bookworm
  • Domains: British Accents, Knowledge, Reference Guides, Hunting
  • Allies: The Crimson Raiders, Tiny Tina, Mad Moxxi, Histoire, The Librarian, Nico Robin, Twilight Sparkle, Ash Ketchum, The Monster Hunters, Steve Irwin, Red XIII, Zak Saturday, Theodore Roosevelt, Tarzan, Dudley, Henry Hatsworth, Hershel Layton, Iroh, Oren Pierre Alfonzo
  • Enemies: Handsome Jack, all evil deities from the House of Beast, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Audrey II, Petey Pirahna
  • Herald: Wainwright Jakobs
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Claptrap
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Venusaur, Groot
  • ''Pantheon, ho!''
  • Sir Hammerlock was already well-known for his bestiary almanac of all the creatures of Pandora, but he became fascinated with the multitude of new creatures not only within the Pantheon itself, but also the countless worlds that they have come from. With that mindset in mind, he set out to accomplish the most ambitious project of all time: Create and catalogue a bestiary of every single creature that exists out in the multiverse. He plans to call it the “Encyclopaedia Animalia Plurimundi” (despite many deities saying that is wrongly translated, he doesn’t care).
  • One of the first to greet him was Claptrap. To say he was not happy to see him, despite Claptrap's apparent jubilation, is an understatement. At least, he's glad the robot found others willing to fix him as he wouldn't go near him again.
  • While it is true he used to be an avid hunter, those days are long behind him (along with the loss of his eye, arm and leg), but he is still a crack shot if you give him a weapon, especially a sniper rifle.
  • Is utterly fascinated by many of the animal-based gods in the pantheon and tends to spend most of his time in the House of Beasts. Naturally, his reputation as a hunter precedes him and they tend to avoid him at best or attack him at worst. He at least makes sure to go with one of the three Guardians of the House of Beasts before venturing forth.
    • One day, instead of waiting for them, Hammerlock ventured on his own and was immediately surrounded by the Prehistoric Monster Power Trioand Gwangi. It would have been the end for him if it wasn’t for the timely arrival of Teddy Roosevelt and Tarzan. While the nature hero kept the dinos busy, TR immediately retreated with Hammerlock in tow. Hammerlock later thanked them and promised to mention them in very high regard in the Prologue to his Encyclopaedia.
  • He stays very far away from the Hall of Plants as it was a plant-based lifeform that cost him half his limbs. Even though the Heralds of the Crimson Raiders killed it for him, he still mistrusts any plant-based lifeform deities in the Pantheon with emphasis on Poison Ivy, Audrey II and Petey Pirahna.
    • His opinions on Venusaur and Groot are hard to pinpoint. With the Pokemon, he considers her quite remarkable for a reptile and wishes to test the leaves of her palm tree. As for the Guardian of the Galaxy, Hammerlock sees him quite amicable but hard to understand him with his repetitive “I am Groot”. Unfortunately, Rocket isn’t translating for him as he knows Hammerlock’s hunter rep.
  • Whenever he’s not researching at the House of Knowledge or traversing the House of Beasts, he sits down for a cup of tea with fellow tea-lover Brit deities Dudley, Henry Hatsworth and Professor Layton. He enjoys regaling them with tales of Pandoran wildlife with either hunting them in his prime or cataloging them later in life.
  • The less you talk about his sister Aurelia in front of him, the better, especially considering the fact that she was partially responsible for Handsome Jack's rise to power.
  • After a conflict with Aurelia ended with her death at the hands of the Crimson Raiders (Generation 3) and gaining his lover as a Herald, he has been preparing their eventual wedding ceremony. He specifically asks Oren to be in charge of the wedding cake and the Kamen Rider happily agreed, promising to make the best cake he has ever baked in his life for the happy couple.
  • Sadly, the wedding didn't go as planned, Wainwright got possessed by an Eldritch Abomination. Thankfully, he got better, though if it was due to divine power or not is still a matter of debate.


    Karen Kujou 
Karen Kujou, Goddess of Made-up Words

    Louise Banks 
Louise Banks, Patron Goddess of Linguists (Louise Banks-Donnelly)
  • Quasideity, Intermediate Goddess when learned the Heptapod's language
  • Symbol: A white board with the word "Humans" written on it. Alternatively, her orange environmental jumpsuit.
  • Theme Song: "On The Nature of Daylight"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cunning Linguist, dreaming and thinking in the Heptapods language led her to unlock Mental Time Travel, stop a Chinese General from attacking the Heptapods by saying his wife's last words, instigate a Stable Time Loop, mother of an Ill Girl
  • Domains: Language, Communication, Family, Prophecy
  • Followers: Doug Ramsey, Daniel Jackson, Hoshi Sato
  • Allies: The Heptapods, Commander Shepard and the crew of the Normandy, many good or neutral aliens in the Pantheon, James T. Kirk, Leonard McCoy, Jean-Luc Picard, Lois Lane, the Green Lantern Corp., Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa/Skywalker, Padme Amidala, Milo Thatch, the Grand United Alliance of Good
  • Enemies: Many evil aliens in the Pantheon, the Illusive Man, Lex Luthor
  • Opposes: the Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Under Observation by: Agent J and K
  • Pities: Jon Ottoman / Doctor Manhattan
  • Odd Friendship with: Judai Yuki, Yuma Tsukumo
  • Complicated Relationship with: Hisao Nakai, the March Sisters, the House of Love and Family
  • After the Heptapod's crash landing and ascension into the Pantheon, no one can make head or tail of what they are saying. The only human word they keep spelling out is "Louise". After some intense research from the Pantheon, it was discovered that the name is meant to point out a linguist that have worked with them before in the past as a part of a First Contact Team during their landing on her world. For her impressive record, role as a linguist and translator played an important part in the plot and her effort to help the Heptapods to ease into a life in the Pantheon, Louise was given her own temple in the Pantheon.
    • After Louise's ascension, the Heptapods respond by drawing a big circle on their temple front door in which Louise, while crying Tears of Joy, translated as "Louise does good".
    • After their ascension, she and a Heptapod Louise nicknamed Costello can sometimes be seen together in which the linguist described as a moment of silence for another Heptapod (which she nicknamed Abbott) that performed a Heroic Sacrifice to save her and another scientist / future husband Ian in order to finish its mission.
  • Louise's patience, expertise in language study and track record as a part of a First Contact Team that helped the Heptapods to communicate with the humans, not to mention her determination to do the right thing such as stopping a potential war instigated by a Chinese general, has made her a valuable help for many human teams who wished to explore a new planet or study another alien species.
    • Upon her ascension, Louise was warmly welcomed by Commander Shepard and his/her crew in order to recruit her in order to assist Liara and Javik to crack the Prothean language in order to hopefully understand their culture more. Louise is excited for this opportunity and made good friends with the crew as well the Commander. Louise and Shepard also bonds for their shared experience of dealing with inefficient government officials.
    • Louise was offered a position in the Enterprise by many Star Trek deities (like Kirk, McCoy, Spock and Picard) for her accomplishment in hope that she will assist them in their exploration. While she declined out of the reason is that she isn't really a traveling person, Louise keeps in contact with them from her temple in order to help them anyway she can. The crew also appreciate that one of her followers is one of their friend Hoshi.
    • Leia and Luke Skywalker along with Padme Amidala has been in contact with Louise in order to have her translate many of the alien race in their universe in order to seek a more stable empire. Louise is very excited because she now has a chance to learn more about the fascinating culture in the Star Wars universe. The fact that C3-PO is one of her followers also cements this relationship.
    • Louise also pick up a few odd job here and there from the Green Lantern Corp. because sometime the Corp needs her to help intergrating a new alien species they discovered on their sector.
    • For her encounter with the Heptapods and continuous alliance with them, she has been observed by the Men In Black for further evaluation.
    • However, she refuses to work with the Guardians of the Galaxy because she is annoyed by their eccentric personality and the fact that Quill won't stop flirting with her.
  • Her ascension and past works with the Heptapods have made Louise a highly sought out figure for many aliens in the Pantheon who wished to make contact with humans or other aliens race. However, many of them turned on her when she announced that she only help those who have peaceful intention and have threaten to make her work with them. Fortunately, her alliance with many powerful aliens and humans figure in the Pantheon have made these threats less credible but each time Louise up security around her temple.
  • The Illusive Man hates Louise with a passion for not only his own xenophobia but also because he thinks she is in the pocket with the Heptapods. The fact Louise and the Heptapods points out that the aliens have perfectly legitimate reason to do so (namely that they foresaw that they will need humanity's need in 3000 years) and the fact that the Heptapods' landing is a peaceful one, the Illusive Man still doesn't change his mind. Her assistance for various alien races doesn't endear her to him anymore either.
  • Being one of the few people who can see the future, Louise is one of the rare people who pities Doctor Manhattan's angst of being unable to change fate. Of course, Louise doesn't ally herself with him because she disagrees with his actions of building an entire new dark and depressing universe.
  • Due to her incredible achievement and the fact that the Heptapods are allies, Lois Lane and Clark Kent made an appointment with Louise for the three of them to meet in order to write an article about linguists. Once there, after getting over the initial shock about how similar Lois and Louise looks to each other, the interview went smoothly and helped to spread Louise's accomplishment throughout the Pantheon.
  • Lex Luthor is very jealous of Louise about her Mental Time Travel when he failed to convince Louise to teach him the Heptapod's language (due to early warning from Lois). The fact that she allied herself with Superman doesn't do her any favors in his eyes.
  • Made friend with Judai Yuki and Yuma Tsukumo when she learned about their own encounter with aliens.
  • Has been visiting the House of Time and Space as well as Prophecy in order to come to term with her ability to Mental Time Travel after learning about the Heptapod language.
  • While she was incredibly respected professionally in the Pantheon, her personal life is quite a different story. In particular, her decision to married Ian and had their daughter Hannah despite knowing full well that the latter will die of cancer at the age of 12 is... controversial, to say the least.
    • The House of Family and Love are unable to pass an official judgment on Louise's action. Some think that she is irresponsible for not doing everything she can in order to make the vision happen. Some sympathizes with Louise because of the You Can't Fight Fate nature of her story. Some defend her decision by saying that Louise deemed the happiness of knowing Hannah is enough to make up for the pain of losing her. Some are fine with her decision to have Hannah but condemn Louise for not telling her husband Ian sooner. She is so controversial in those Houses that her very presence caused an in-fighting between everyone there.
    • Those who have a fatal illness or a relative of one themselves like the March sisters and Hisao have mixed reception of her, mostly depending on how much their illness hurt on a particular day. When heard about Beth March and Hisao's situation, Louise tries her best to visit and comfort them because they remind her of her own daughter.
  • Louise and Giselle have yet to meet one another, but that certainly would be an encounter much weirder than hers with Lois.
  • While not officially joined the GUAG (due to the fact that she just wants to live a peaceful life), Louise is a close ally with the Alliance because the Heptapods have joined and usually help with the communication between different alien races.
  • Also holds a seat in the House of Social & Recreational Work.


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