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This sub-house is composed of some of the most cruel rulers in the history of fiction, with many of the Greater Gods being first-class villains. Bow before their majesty!


    The Sibyl System 

The Sibyl System, Divine Representation of Totalitarian Utilitarianism (Sibyl, Chief Joshu Kasei)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A brain in a jar next to a Dominator, Chief Kasei
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, though it sees itself as Above Good and Evil
  • Portfolio: Wetware CPU, Hive Mind, The Sociopaths, Totalitarian Utilitarianism, Constantly Observing Others
  • Domains: Crime, Psychological Profiling, Job Placement
  • Herald: Non-ascended members of the MWPSB
  • Allies: Big Brother, the Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Evil Counterpart to: The Machine
  • Enemies: Shogo Makishima, Shinya Kogami, Akane Tsunemori, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Interested in: Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Judge Dredd
  • Opposed by: A majority of the House of Justice, Motoko Kusanagi
  • Conflicted Opinion: Sauron, Darkseid
  • Potential recruits for the Sibyl System: All human deities who are The Sociopath, most notably Light Yagami, The Joker, Johan Liebert, Junko Enoshima, Voldemort, Felix, Paul and Peter
  • It was a troubling time when deities all over the Pantheon began getting shot by people claiming to be law enforcement for seemingly no reason. These authority figures turned out to be members of a group called the Ministry of Welfare's Public Safety Bureau (MWPSB), who were operating from a building that had appeared in the House of Leadership, the Pantheon's new temple for the Sibyl System. The head of the MWPSB, Chief Joshu Kasei, later made a statement on the matter, "There are many in the Pantheon who suffer from poor mental stability, or possess an inclination towards performing criminal acts. Some, with the assistance of therapy, may be capable of making the journey to recovery. Others, however, will undoubtedly be judged as beyond redemption and, like a cancerous tumor, must be removed for the sake of society's health as a whole. The Public Safety Bureau is dedicated to protecting the public, using whatever methods are required. That which needs to be done is carried out by those capable. Such is the grace bestowed upon mankind by Sibyl."
    • Batman, curious as to why a computer with seemingly no sentience or sapience would be capable of becoming a deity in the Pantheon, infiltrated the Sibyl System's temple and learned a dark secret of the system's true nature. Since then, he's become determined to bring it down, seeing the system as an enemy of free will. This is a challenge considering how reliant on Sibyl the Public Safety Bureau has become, so he's been working closely with his ally, former Inspector and Enforcer, Shinya Kogami, and current Inspector Akane Tsunemori, both of whom already know Sibyl's secret.
    • Chief Joshu Kasei arranged a meeting with Motoko Kusanagi. The exact details of this meeting have not been made public, but rumor states that their discussion involved certain applications for the technology that went into her full-prosthetic body. Whatever the truth may be, it is clear that the Major did not find the ideas presented to her appealing.
  • The Sibyl System is a network that was developed with the intention of making job placement more efficient. While it continues serve this function, its influence has increased in scope to the point where it effectively runs the whole of 22nd century Japanese society. It does this by monitoring the stress levels and other organic indicators to profile select persons and calculate their predisposition to commit crimes, which is measured as a number known as the Crime Coefficient note . A person's Crime Coefficient is a major part of their Psycho-Pass, and how high it is determines how the agents of the MWPSB, who use special guns known as "Dominators" to scan individuals, is expected to deal with the individual:
    • Under 100: No law enforcement is deemed necessary. The Dominator will remain locked, and will not fire. Unless circumstances change, it is assumed that the scanned person is innocent and cannot commit any crime.
    • 100-299: Anyone 100 or greater is judged a Latent Criminal, regardless of whether or not a crime has actually been committed. The officer holding the Dominator is expected to shoot on sight. If the Crime Coefficient is under 300, the Dominator will switch to Nonlethal Paralyzer, which will cause the person to be paralyzed and knocked out by the shot.
    • 300+: Anyone above 300 is judged to be a serious threat to society, and should be shot on sight. The Dominator will switch to Lethal Eliminator to instantly kill the targeted person.
      • Some individuals with Crime Coefficients in the 100-299 range may be permitted to work with the Public Safety Bureau as "Enforcers", people who are tasked with tracking down other Latent Criminals like themselves and operate under the command of Inspectors, members of the Public Safety Bureau who have Crime Coefficients under 100 who may shoot and knock them out if they act out of line. Although the House of Justice for the most part is against the type of society that the Sibyl System presents, there are those who see the peace and unity attained by law, discipline, and lack of democracy or choice, as well as the mental and physical health of its citizens as an ideal to strive for. Some have even attempted to join the MWPSB, but unfortunately they're not currently hiring. Despite this, Sibyl has made it clear that all Judge Dredd has to do is say the word and a spot as an Enforcer will open up for him immediately.
    • Besides having the ability to scan individuals and communicating Sibyl's judgement to the holder, the Dominators also have a separate function known as Destroy Decomposer, for use against inanimate obstacles and Latent Criminals using heavy armor. Upon being shot, the target will be completely disintegrated. Inorganic deities, including the GUAM, become justifiably tense at the idea of being shot by such a weapon.
    • CLASSIFIED! Sibyl is not managed by an advanced computer system as most believe. In reality, the system is actually run by a Hive Mind composed of human brains in glass jars. These brains come from humans who are unable to be judged by the system, and are dubbed "Criminally Asymptomatic". Once they have determined that a person is criminally asymptomatic, they attempt to recruit the individual by making use of cybernetic bodies, most notably the chief of the MWPSB, Joshu Kasei. They have continued this practice in the Pantheon, attempting to identify certain individuals as Criminally Asymptomatic, but after their attempt to recruit the one known as Shogo Makishima went horribly wrong, they are maintaining greater caution in studying these people before approaching them. Such persons include The Joker, Light Yagami, Johan Liebert, Junko Enoshima, Voldemort, Felix, as well as Paul and Peter.
  • Officers in the MWPSB serving Sibyl have noted peculiarities in the Crime Coefficients of certain deities, mainly those who suffer from severe mental illness or whose brains have been augmented through cybernetics or drug use. Perhaps the most demonstrable of these was Harvey Dent, AKA Two-Face, who has been found to rapidly change from one number to a second one uncontrollably, depending on which of his personalities is dominant i.e. below 100 when the good Harvey Dent is in control, and over 300 when "Big Bad Harv" is.
  • Has a working relationship with Big Brother, one of the few deities that Sibyl respects as close to an equal. They tend to swap technology and ideas for how to make people more dependent on them. Some have even speculated that Sibyl and Big Brother are related somehow.
  • Impressed by Sibyl's ability to accurately profile beings, Yaldabaoth recruited the Sibyl System to the GUAL (with YHVH's permission, of course), where they use their ability to immediately identify worthy applicants for recruitment, increasing the Alliance's enlistment rate by cutting out the need for extensive observation and surveillance before approaching. Sauron, who has a passion for near-perfect order that Sibyl has brought to its society, has enthusiastically discussed with Melkor about offering Sibyl a spot in the GUAE. Darkseid has extended a similar offer to work for him as a double agent in the GUAL like Big Brother, but isn't as avid about it due to already possessing the greater power of the Anti-Life Equation, which can strip individuals of their free will far more effectively than Sibyl can. Sibyl is reluctant to accept either offer, especially considering that both deities' Crime Coefficients are completely off the charts.
  • Although both the Sibyl System and The Machine have the goal of creating a peaceful, crimeless future in the Pantheon, they have opposing ideas of how such a future should be achieved and why. As a result, they have entered something of a divine chess match against each other, as both attempt to manipulate other deities to accomplish their machinations.

Greater Gods

    Big Brother 
Big Brother, God of Dystopia

Sauron, God of Dark Lords (The Dark Lord of Mordor, The Enemy, The Eye, The Lord of The Rings, Base Lord of Treachery, The Necromancer, Annatar, Lord of Gifts, Gorthaur the Cruel; true original name: Tar-Mairon the Excellent)
Sauron in battle
Click here  for the Eye of Sauron
Click here  for his lost, beautiful form

    Sheev Palpatine 
Sheev Palpatine, God of The Empire and The Dark Side (Darth Sidious, The Emperor, Speaker D, D The Superior, The Senate, Frank, Too Weak, Alright, Evil)

Sigma, The God Behind the Monsters, Councillor for the Grand United Alliance of Machines (Commander Sigma, The Sigma Virus)
The Sigma Virus 

    Tetsuo Shima 
Tetsuo Shima, God of Shadow Dictators
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His metal arm
  • Theme Song: Tetsuo
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil with Chaotic tendencies.
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy Sociopath, Abstract Apotheosis, From Nobody to Nightmare, Villain Protagonist, Person of Mass Destruction, Sanity Slippage, Superpower Meltdown
  • Domains: Evil, Psychic, Madness, Leadership
  • Allies: Darkseid, Sheev Palpatine
  • Enemies: Twilight Sparkle, Martian Manhunter, Jean Grey, Charles Xavier/Professor X, Kenshi Takahashi, The Fierce Protectors of Royalty, Carol Tea, Tyr, Freddy Fazbear and Bonnie the Rabbit, Gin
  • Respected by: Stephen
  • Once the God of Motorcycles, Tetsuo was in need of a new domain to dwell. But right when he was in the middle of rebuilding, he vanished. Many deities wondered what happened to him. No one claimed responsibility. It wasn't until years later that Tetsuo ended up in the House of Leadership. His first response?
  • Upon reentering the Pantheon, he quickly set eyes on Twilight Sparkle's temple in the House of Magic. He proved to be too much of a handle for the Equestrian deities, who had to call help from others from that house. It took a team effort to push him back to his own domain.
  • Afterwards, Charles Xavier thought he could get through to the man with his own impressive Telepathy. Safe to say that he received a massive psychic backlash for his troubles. The professor sadly explained that his psychic was far to powerful and broken to break into. With that said, he has hopes that Tetsuo can be rehabilitated. His own son has similarly unstable and was able to control himself.
    • Other good aligned telepaths have tried and failed all the same. The Martian has tried reasoning him with words to no avail. Kenshi only needed a good glimpse to see just how corrupted he was and refuses to delve further. Jean thinks she has the best shot at it, but it would require using the Phoenix Force to do so. She felt that doing so would be too risky. Having two powerful beings clash at that level could be detrimental to the entire Pantheon. Things became more urgent now that she became the new goddess of Telekinesis. She now has a target on her back.
  • Even among villains, Tetsuo has few allies to call to, but there is one that has been at his side since the beginning. Darkseid found the fate of this boy to be most amusing and was one of the few to have visited him without being thrown out. He sees Tetsuo as a boy who who has grown out of his weak form to become a powerful being. He hopes to teach Tetsuo how to make better use of his powers.
    • The same can be said with Palpatine. With his extensive knowledge of the Force, he believes he has the best chance of reaching out to the boy. Many fear the prospect of a Sith as powerful as Tetsuo laying waste to Jedi everywhere.
  • His abilities started when he collided with a psychic esper on accident. This had the unintended consequence of driving him mad. Despite this, he does have his fans. Tetsuo received gifts from Stephen, who has also found enlightenment on accident. The God of Characters Based On Celebrities encouraged Tetsuo to seek his own path, not bound by any one faction.
    • The Fierce Protectors of Royalty have taken note of this and have warned other leaders against any of Tetsuo's followers who may want to infiltrate their ranks.
  • His old title bounced around a few deities before settling down on a feline named Carol Tea. While he has little to hate about the cat, Carol was horrified with his reign over the temple. She vowed to be a better holder over the temple.
  • Though Tyr has a bit of sympathy for suffering from the same plight, he has made sure to disown him and any follower who joins him. He thinks Tetsuo's form of governing to be unlawful and must be destroyed.
  • Is deeply uncomfortable nearby Freddy and Bonnie, who remind Tetsuo of old nightmares, and uses his powers to disassemble them on sight.

Thanos, The Galactic Conqueror (Mad Titan, Great Titan, The Most Powerful Being In The Universe, Son of A'Lars, All-Father, Chins, Dione, Thanos Rex, Master, Masterlord, Overmaster, Avatar of Death, The Outcast, Genocidal Maniac, Perpendicular Grape in Need Of Chapstick and a Heart, Madman, Prophet, Survivor, Grimace, One Big Guy, Sire, Crapsack, Son Of A Bitch)

Intermediate Gods

    Haman Karn 
Haman Karn, Goddess of Glorious Leaders


Lesser Gods

    Arcturus Mengsk 
Arcturus Mengsk, God of Revolutions As Bad As Those They Overthrew (Mengsk, Arcturus I Mengsk, Emperor Mengsk)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Terran Dominion logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Empires, Former Dashing Rebel Commander, Revenge, Brutal Tactics For Revolutions, Running His Empire Worse Than Those He Overthrew, Unforgivable Acts, Master Planner, Backstabbing Many Groups
  • Domains: Rebels, Empires, Leadership
  • Allies: Sheev Palpatine, Arthas Menethil, Diablo, Adria
  • Former Head of: Nova Terra
  • Enemies: Sarah Kerrigan, Jim Raynor, Tassadar, Zertaul, Artanis, Lelouch Lamperouge, Azir, Tyrael, Captain America, Tychus Findlay
  • Arcturus Mengsk, the name that instills quite the fear amongst the Pantheon. Why? Up until his ascension, many thought that rebelling against Empires are all cool stuff and heroic to do. With Mengsk, that statement is put in question, because sometimes… people who rebel against a greater power might not have altruistic motives at all… they could be as greatly power hungry, just like Mengsk. In the immortal words of Jim Raynor:
    "It's funny… it seems like yesterday Arcturus was the idealistic rebel crusader. Now he's the law, and we're the criminals."
    • For this, he earns the enmity of those who rebels for a 'good cause', such as Lelouch.
  • Arcturus was thought to be dead, killed in righteous revenge by Sarah Kerrigan, whose condition of being the Queen of Blades was largely his fault. However, to the surprise of many, he reappeared in the Pantheon. Turns out, while Amon was a greater threat to that galaxy, Arcturus has become one of the most influential Big Bads amongst the Blizzard universe, enabling the two big villains of the 'verse, Diablo and Arthas Menethil to revive him, and they form a triumvirate of evil. Arcturus has since swore vengeance on both Kerrigan and Raynor.
    • Funnily, the Protoss deities like Tassadar and Zeratul just sees him like a 'small fish in a big pond', stating that influential as he may be, he's still a smaller level scale of threat compared to Amon… or even The Overmind!
  • The first thing Arcturus tried to do once he established his throne in the Pantheon would be to once again re-assert himself as the superior of his 'pet Ghost', Nova. Unfortunately for him, Nova this time around refused to do anything with him, as it turns out she's been assigned to a 'mysterious benefactor'. Not willing to give up, Arcturus tried to 'have his way' to force Nova back to his services, only for the mysterious benefactor to reveal itself and drive him back: Tyrael, who once hired her to 'play hero' on the Nexus, and she started enjoying it for real. Arcturus swore revenge on that too.
  • There are some rumors that in spite being largely a non-combatant, he'll make it to the Nexus battlefield, to fight alongside Arthas and Diablo (and reclaiming Nova back, because NO ONE that he sees still useful so far should escape from his grasp). For that, he's developing a style rumored to be taking advantage of destroyed buildings. This caught the attention of the Sand Emperor Azir, who is keeping a watchful eye on him, as it might be similar to his Sun Discs, and also for the fact that he's disgusted at Arcturus' so-called 'Empire/Dominion'.
  • With his record of rebellion that turns out worse than those he overthrew, he also earned a big ire from Steve Rogers, who sees his actions similar to the American Revolution gone bad and making people fear about 'fighting for freedom'. "The fight for freedom should be used not for personal power, or a propaganda for that!" Arcturus is unfazed.
  • For many, not just Kerrigan, the moment he became known as an unforgivable bastard is when he attempted to sacrifice his own nation for his own gain, including his much more stand-up son Valerian Mengsk.
  • Tychus is not very agreeable with him when he forced him to kill Kerrigan or else he'll shut down his major organs. Now that he is no longer under his control, Mengsk is fearful that Tychus is coming for him.
  • Currently Mengsk is under the radar of Lucio, who suspects that the Vishkar Corporation might be an Indian branch of his old Dominion seeing that they use similar propaganda methods. While it was unconfirmed about the allegiance, Mengsk is very annoyed, that brat is like a Younger and Hipper Raynor to him, but given time, he may become some sort of Spiritual Successor of the rebel. Even moreso, Mengsk has sent invitations towards Lucio's enemy Symmetra for perhaps a cooperation, but Symmetra never replied, apparently too repulsed with Mengsk, not to mention his Dominion's building style was not to her standards. As such, Mengsk has been using his intel corps to find out who the Vishkar CEO is, if anything, they'd make a more agreeable ally.

    The Enclave 
The Enclave, Unholy Dystopian America
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their logo on the right.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, believe themselves as Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Oppressive States of America, Remnants of Pre-War United States of America, Eagleland (Mixed Example), Vestigial Empire, Evil Wears Black, Powered Armor, Big Bad, Putting on the Reich, Anti-Villain, Looking down upon mutants and irradiated humans, A Nazi by Any Other Name, Alternate History, Soldiers still human outside their work, Knight Templar, Ultimately wanting to bring back the prosperous American lifestyle
  • Domains: America, Government Remnants, Military, Purity, Xenophobia, Extermination
  • Allies: The Illusive Man, Felix
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Any non-human entities, Chinese
  • Banned from: The House of Otherness
  • The Great War. It had devastated both America and China after their lust for resources escalated, turning both countries into irradiated hellholes. While the lucky few Americans took shelter in Vaults, a select group of important figures evacuated to the Poseidon Energy Oil Rig before the bombs fell. After bidding their time they observed the rebuilding of life outside and were horrified by what they saw: Monstrous mutants and deranged raider factions had stomped on their once great nation. This combined with their isolationist attitude culminated into the belief that they are the sole heirs of the Pre-War world and that they must do away with the existing tainted populace.
    • Through being the most technologically advanced faction in the Wasteland they could of easily accomplished such a goal, but were eventually foiled by some lone individual in spite of the overwhelming odds. Their power soon faded away in the Wastes after their defeat in the Capital Wasteland, new factions appearing to take their place both good and bad. Some rumors say there exists another Enclave base out there, simply bidding their time, but almost anything can become a rumor nowadays...
  • A while back various Eyebots were seen floating around the Pantheon spouting "the return of life before nuclear holocaust" and patriotic music. Most didn't pay them mind with some trying to trace them back to their owner or scrapping the robots for their use or out of annoyance. Months later, a fleet of vertibirds flew to the House of Leadership where numerous Enclave soldiers secured an empty area for themselves to build a new base, opening fire on anyone that got too close. They've refused contact until another fleet of vertibirds flew to the Court of Gods to discuss their placement in the Pantheon. Represented by President Dick Richardson, he solidified the Enclave's deification and declared that while they may have lost America in the mortal world, there is nothing stopping them from building a new one in the Pantheon from the ground up.
    Dick Richardson: "Humanity will rightfully rule this place. It doesn't matter how many abominations comes between us, our America isn't big enough for two top dogs."
    • President John Henry Eden also communicated his ambitions through the Eyebot Radios. While his position is questioned as that means there are two Presidents he is still left in power for his efforts in the Capital Wasteland for now. It's unknown what comes of either President after their problems in the Pantheon are resolved.
      Eden: "We meet again, My dearest America. We last left off when this traitorous 'Brotherhood of Steel' sought out to steal America's Waters for their own use. I'm sure you had heard the outcome, but the Enclave had returned! As long as the America ideals live on we will never die! America will never die!"
  • Despite the two wandering wastelanders never actually meeting the Enclave in person (the Courier met only met ex-Enclave soldiers and one descendant), the Courier and both Sole Survivors are still treated with hostility. The latter are disheartened at seeing the remnants of the government before the war be reduced to such villainy. More so since they never had seen the more nasty side of the U.S. Government, living happy lives.
  • While their soldiers were clad head to toe in Powered Armor and weilded the most advanced weaponry in the Wastes none of them compared to Frank Horrigan. The result of being exposed to FEV and further experimentation by Enclave scientists, he stands 12 feet high and even without his armor he is still superior to your run-of-the-day super mutant. Fast, strong, and tough, those who stood in the way of the Enclave die so horribly that even his comrades are disturbed by it. While he did fall, he still retains his infamy especially around mooks. So don't try and bring up the hypocrisy that he is Super Mutant working to exterminate other mutants and non-humans.
    Frank Horrigan: "Your ride's over mutie. Time to die."
    • Horrigan's active acts of cruelty ended up turning against him when he killed Doomguy's pet rabbit, marking the third death. It would of been a longer battle had not he introduced the BFG. Tough as the Secret Service Agent is, it didn't take long for him to bite the dust. He wants a rematch, but not before upgrading himself even further so he stays out of the Bane of Hell's way for now.
  • Strong enemies to Liberty Prime for contributing to their destruction on the East Coast thanks to the Brotherhood of Steel. Although they did manage to destroy him, the damage had already been done, but there are rumors of a plan to hijack the patriotic mecha to the rightful side. But that didn't compare to when they heard that Arthur Maxson ascended long before they did. Out of all the ascended deities from their world, the Enclave despises the Brotherhood of Steel the most. Their battles in the Pantheon are proof of that, quite like the conflicts back in the Capital Wasteland, only much more destructive.
  • Worth noting that despite the government's goals, a majority of their workforce are still honest people in the end, often swept up by the patriotism. Also note that there were conflict within the Enclave ranging from subverting or disobeying orders to going off and doing their own thing (like try and cure others of irradiation as opposed to killing them). Even Colonel Autumn only wanted the Water Purifer as a means to bring order to the Wasteland as opposed to genocide. Don't ask them who the President of the United States is, though, as seen here.
    Communications Officer: "The President of the United-fucking-States-of-America. Who'd you think I was talking about? Who the fu - who is - what - I should kick your fucking ass, who is this?"
  • Wasn't one of the most technologically advanced factions in the wasteland for nothing. Beyond their armaments and Horrigan, they have also used mind controlled Deathclaws and a lethal strain of of the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Although banned from the House of Otherness, they had hired Felix to abduct members from the House in an effort to kill a wider variety of targets for the FEV since it's no longer limited to mutants (Presidents Eden and Richardson insists the test subjects are doing America a service). They're interested in the space faring vessels within the Treasury, the SDF-1 in particular due due to the sheer potential of its Protoculture Matrix as a cheap source of fuel. There's other objects of interest, but they stay the hell away from the Markers.
  • They have tried to reach out to other Americans in the Pantheon, thinking they'd be more rational in their judgement than non-Americans or non-humans. Didn't really work out as well as they hoped. They first contacted Armstrong to appeal some sort of alliance, until they found about his goals to turn America becoming a Social Darwinist society is completely insane to them. Meanwhile Armstrong is repulsed by the corruption and manipulation of their workforce into following those ordered by the higher ups rather than what they beleive especially since there's a lot kept secret from them (such as President Eden actually being an AI). Captain America called them out on their horrible actions even going back to before the war such as the annexation of Canada or the atrocities at Little Yangtze.
    • Thanks to Cap revealing their attitude towards Chinese and what they did to them, many Chinese oppose the Enclave if not outright enemies. The corrupt government still blame them despite, you know, being equally responsible for their world being nuked to hell. The Nature Preservers weren't so pleased with them turning the blame, Gaea and Viridi especially.
  • Are disgusted with ADVENT's dominance over Earth, the idea of aliens taking control over man as opposed to the other way around. They've taken to engaging in combat with them, trying to reverse engineer their technology along the way mirroring XCOM, but it's a case of Evil vs. Evil. The Illusive Man took notice and decided to ally with them due to their similar goals for humanity even if the Illusive Man did get manipulated by the Reapers. They're often bombarded by SCP-2578-D due to their status as corrupt figures, even as the higher ups say is necessary to bringing back the glory days and that they agree with its actions on other targets.
  • "God bless the Enclave! God bless America!"


    Governor Ratcliffe 
Governor Ratcliffe, God of Antagonistic Governors

    Wallace Breen 
Dr. Wallace Breen, God of Quislings (Breen, Dr. Breen, the Administrator)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Union's "clamp" along with the robotic "CMB" word below it. (Shared with the Combine)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, with some Neutral Evil moments.
  • Portfolio: Speaking Calm Despite Being Evil, Breaking Speeches, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Evil Overlord, Actually A Hypocrite, Did What Was Necessary To Save The Human Race Which Led To Humanity's Enslavement And Evaded Extinction, Unknown In The First Game, Smug Snake
  • Domains: Administrations, Leadership, Collaborators
  • Followers: George Sairas, Dylan Gould, Edward Diego
  • Heralds: The Combine Overwatch
  • Allies: Frieza, Boros, Lex Luthor
  • Complications with: Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Enemies: Gordon Freeman, The Vortiguants, Chell, Cave Johnson (his competiton), GLaDOS, XCOM, Commander Farsight, Dessler, Juzo Okita, General Fletcher, Agents K and J
  • Opposes: Jim Raynor, Arcturus Mengsk, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Opposed by: The entire House of Family as a whole. Cooler (due to bringing Frieza as an ally)
  • The main collaborator who stopped the Combine from ending Humanity itself, Doctor Wallace Breen commanded the Combine Overwatch, the Combine's representative army for Earth. When the portal exploded courtesy of Freeman, his body was never found. Turns out, he was teleported to the Pantheon seconds later.
    • When Court of the Gods reviewed him, they offered him a position, but under one condition: He must have his representative army to join him in the Pantheon. That, along with Breen's respect for the Overwatch also led to the Combine's ascension.
  • As the former Corporate Leader of Black Mesa, Cave Johnson despises every single bit of him so much. Breen however doesn't think much of him, since Johnson isn't spotted in the Pantheon (despite having a seat). But then again, since Black Mesa and Aperture are competitors ever since, it kinda makes sense why such threat was needed.
    • And just like Johnson, GLaDOS detests his position. Though he is very confused with her voice since it sounds exactly like the administrator of the Combine radio.
  • From his experiences with rebellion (due to Freeman's intervention), he has placed every single rebellion master as primary targets. Jim Raynor, Arcturus Mengsk and Lelouch are currently in Breen's shitlist for fitting to his criteria of rebels. He also doesn't stand any form of resistance because for him, it "let's the human mind die slowly, without reaching out the stars", according to his speech.
    Breen: Tell me, (name), if you can: you have destroyed so much. What is it, exactly, that you have created? Can you name even one thing? I thought not.
    • Out of all those rebellions though, he has complete disdain towards Arcturus for being the proof of why he hates rebels like him. Given Mengsk's title, it kinda makes sense.
  • While they are not related, it seems that there are striking similarities with him and Ragyo, if not Distaff Counterparts for some reason. Being collaborators to save something, with Breen for Humanity and Ragyo being for herself, and even taking extreme measures to save it, or face extinction. The only problem is that unlike Ragyo, Breen actually knows what he is doing (though that might be debatable). And like most people, he even doesn't agree with her actions. She may be allies with his army, but she isn't allies with the collaborator himself.
  • Has recently made deals with Albert Wesker to give aid in controlling humanity using the T-Virus. While he has accepted the offer, Breen has to keep an eye out for him, since he's pretty clear that Wesker will take over the Combine and use them for COMPLETE. GLOBAL. SATURATION!
    • The entirety of XCOM hold immense contempt for Breen, seeing him as a reminder of ADVENT and EXALTED, two human groups working for the aliens. Breen said that he is different from those two groups because he isn't joining for their own selfish ways, but rather save humanity, but that doesn't excuse him from implementing harsh ways to save them. Let's just say that XCOM will be targeting Breen first.
    • And it looks like Breen has some company, Commander Farsight, Dessler and Okita have also placed him as his enemy, with the former targeting the Imperium of Man, and the latter two just because he has commanded hostile aliens.
  • For someone who installed the Suppresion Field just to halt human reproduction, this insulted a huge majority of the House of Family. Many deities especially from the Children subhouse are offended for his objective even with this reasons.
  • Has recently made some collaborative meetings with Frieza and Boros just to strengthen the Combine's army power. This has gotten Goku and Saitama's attention rather fast.
    • Cooler on the other hand, while recruited into Combine ranks, opposes Breen for, well bringing his brother. After all, Frieza still hates his brother.
    • Commonalities aside, he and Lex Luthor got on good terms surpirsingly. He's even more impressed that Luthor was able to make a simple deal with Zod without damaging the Earth.
  • Unfortunately, Breen's time has been cut short, especially with the recent ascension of The Vortiguants. While he is ordering to capture some for testing, it will be only a matter of time before he realizes the Vorts' true potential.


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