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Greater Gods

    Retsu Unohana 
Retsu Unohana, Goddess of Hidden Fury Beneath Kindness (Captain Unohana, The Gotei's 13's captain of the 4th division, Captain Mom, Yachiru Unohana, First Kenpachi)
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  • Theme Song: Cold Light of Day
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A blood-drenched kaiken over an unfurled white silken fan.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good on a good day. Either Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil on a bad day, when assuming the Yachiru Unohana persona.
  • Portfolio: Healing, Leader of White Magician Girls, Mama Bear, Doesn't look like it, but REALLY REALLY SCARY when mad, Ax-Crazy Superpowered Evil Sides, Battle Lust.
  • Domains: Army, Healing, Protection, Care, War.
  • Lieutenant: Isane Kotetsu
  • High Priestess: Shamal
  • Allies: Florence Nightingale, Eirin Yagokoro, Litchi Faye-Ling, Kenpachi Zaraki, Byakuya Kuchiki, Son Goku, Hakufu Sonsaku, the ToQgers (especially Mio and Akira Nijino
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover
  • It is said that merely forgetting to mention her name in briefings brings terror to the Pantheons.
  • If anyone tries to bully her followers, she will gladly stare at them, which is enough to make the bullies run away pissing on their pants. It even works on Kratos of all people.
  • Some rumors have circulated suggesting that she is somehow fond of Kenpachi Zaraki. Most of the gods also notice how she hangs around with her lieutenant all the time. These two hypotheses each have a goodly number of adherents, mostly depending on which one they believe is hotter (some believe that both at the same would be hotter than either alone).
    • This rumor once got to the hands of Aya Shameimaru and was posted into the headline of Bunbunmaru Newspaper...
  • She also would like to apologize deeply for the fans of Steve Irwin, as a stingray, somewhat similar to the form of her zanpakutou, caused his death and she couldn't save him.
  • Refuses to return to the city of heroes after an unknown, but presumably unpleasant incident.
  • At first, she was handled with the trust to find a cure for Arakune. Unfortunately, her house was raided by both Terumi and Relius Clover and her research stolen. Unohana took responsibility of that and decided to make both of them pay.
  • It was revealed that she is both the First Kenpachi and that her real name is Unohana Yachiru. An immediate warning was given to all members of the GUAE in every house: stay away from her at all costs.
    • Rumoredly perished, in her own accord, by training Zaraki Kenpachi. Fortunately for her, she lived on, thanks to Son Goku giving her a Senzu Bean before she would truly perish like Yamamoto.
  • For a while in the old days of the Pantheon, Retsu had been one of the leading deities in the House of Health & Diseases, but soon began considering retirement from that position after some time. During a lunch meeting with fellow physician Eirin Yagokoro, the idea of ascending Florence Nightingale came to mind, first suggested by the Lunarian. With some preparations, they were able to ascend Florence as the Goddess of Medicine, and the trio would form a nice friendship that would then take a bit of a hit when Eirin would depart from the Pantheon temporarily, only to return years later at the behest of Yukari Yakumo. With the triad now reunited, they all decided to have another lunch meeting together to catch up on the happenings-on between them since the day Eirin first left, resuming their friendship.

Intermediate Gods

Oversurge! Azure Striker!

Gunvolt, God of Compassionate Hitmen (real name: unknown, The Azure Striker, GV, Geeves, The World's Most Powerful Adept, The Primal Dragon)
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  • Intermediate God. Briefly a borderline Greater God with Mytyl's Anthem. (Greater God bordering on Overdeity following his unwilling fusion with Moebius.)
  • Symbol: His gun, Dart Leader, alongside a white feather.
  • Theme Song: Lightning Unleashed, Sprinting Through the Darkness, Opening Stage (Gunvolt), Vs Gunvolt, Indigo Destiny (Duet version), Azure Devil & Adjacent Blade
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good overall, with more Neutral Good leanings as of late.
  • Portfolio: Byronic Hero with some Adorkable traits, Deadpan Snarker, The Idealist, Kid Hero, Notorious rep, Powerful and Versatile Septima: the Azure Striker, Boring, but Practical, Prevasion, Heartbroken Badass, Haunted by Joule's physical death, True Final Boss in a case of Dueling Player Characters, Secret A.I. Moves, Leaving Joule to live a normal life without him
  • Domains: Terrorism (formerly), Mercenary Work, Dragon Motifs, Psychics, Electricity, Darts
  • Herald: Lumen, Quinn Sakurazaki, Kirin and the Dragon Saviors
  • High Priest: X9
  • Followers: Pasha the Peddler, Jaffar, Shelly de Killer
  • Allies: Blade, Cole MacGrath, X, Zero, Axl, Isaac, Shovel Knight, Quote and Curly Brace, Blanka, Hyde Kido, Ludwig van Beethoven, Tenri Ayukawa, Raiden
  • Rival: Copen
  • Enemies: Zonda and the Seven, The Sumeragi Swordsmen, The Corpus, Erik Lensherr/Magneto, William Stryker, Gigabolt Man-O-War, Aurum, The Brave Companions, Jack the Ripper, Senator Armstrong, Mistral, Monsoon, Sundowner
  • Sympathizes with: The Falcons, Mao, Almaz Von Almandine Adamant
  • Though the Sumeragi Group's hold on their island nation is ironclad and their security is tight, regular people and Adepts alike learn to beware the Azure Striker. Lightning won't stop at striking just twice, after all. Having forgotten his real name in the time where he was experimented on, this freelance mercenary and former terrorist in the not so distant future goes by the name Gunvolt. Though his line of work is harsh and his exterior is usually straight and serious, he's a lot more empathetic in reality. GV's sense of right from wrong are as firm as his resolve. His Establishing Character Moment is choosing to disobey Asimov and leaving QUILL to spare a young Adept girl named Joule after seeing her hooked up to a machine instead of killing her, showing the same kindness his father-figure did for him. Moments like these are only the tip of the iceberg for GV. Despite his job, he still feels remorse and is even willing to try and talk down some of his foes from fighting him. It never works, though.
  • Was initially helping out Quinn around her Big Fancy House when they noticed the scenery around her home starting to warp and change. Thinking it's the work of a Septima, he told Quinn to take cover while he geared up to deal with the situation before being met with neighboring deities who cleared things up for him and Quinn. GV got adjusted to it pretty quickly all things considered, as he's no stranger to these sorts of things. After learning Zonda and the Seven are at large, he wasted no time to intercept them with some help from other gods. Sure enough, he surprised them when he decided to bust an operation to steal technology at a Corpus base headed by the Full Metal Jacket, Gibril. The authorities had to step in and break up the fight, though not before this exchange took place.
    Gibril: "G-Gunvolt! So you're here too... well, I was hoping to run into again. I realized something about my feelings... for you!"
    Gunvolt: "Your feelings, huh?"
    Gibril: "Y-Yeah!... So, you already know about it, then?"
    Gunvolt: "You could say that."
    Gibril: "Then talking is pointless! We must have something! So let's clash once more! You'll scorch me with your voltage while I hack away in return... Let us trade intoxicating amounts of pain, Gunvolt!"
    • Though the Corpus were lucky that Eden didn't take their tech to use against them in future attacks, they didn't appreciate GV trashing it to stop the two from using it in the future. As far as GV is considered, they're not a different cloth from the Sumeragi Group. Though at least Sumeragi bothered to appear benevolent. Most Corpus don't.
  • It didn't take long for him to find allies in the Pantheon. Due to the aforementioned experience with crossovers, he's met a few deities already. GV remembers Isaac, Quote, Curly Brace, Shantae, and Shovel Knight, either fighting with or against them depending on the situation being referred to. GV decided to congratulate Shovel Knight for making it onto Smash Bros, even if it's through as an Assist Tropy, as its a big honor regardless. This also led to an awkward conversation about Shantae also being in Smash when GV asked. She is, in Spirit. Thanks to Galeem and Dharkon vaporizing her.
    Gunvolt: (Yikes.)
  • GV wields the Azure Striker Septima, the first recorded in history and one of the most powerful. It allows him to manipulation over electrons, basically granting him the ability to generate and manipulate all forms of electricity. GV can electrify things via tagging enemies with needles of his hair darts fired from his Dart Leader, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Projecting barriers with Flashfield & slow his descent, dodging by briefly turning his body into electrons aka Prevasion, calling down lightning, creating giant swords and chains, inducing Status Buffs on himself, healing through accelerating his natural regeneration, dashing at incredible speeds, jumping and dashing mid-air, and even hacking to an extent.
    • The downside to all this is that GV's basic abilities which include Flashfield, Pervasion, Air and jumping dashing run on a EP Meter (Electro Psycho Meter as he calls it) and if pressed too far is that he can overheat. Though GV is capable of instantly refilling his EP given time to compose himself if he hasn't overheated, though even then he has things to cover this. There's also his weakness to magnetism and water. This isn't to say that type advantage would be an instant win condition, however. GV has faced Adepts with control over such elements before, even a Badass Normal that could shut down his Septima. Yet he has prevailed over all of them, multiple times.
    • Heard of a Psycho Electro originating from South America and assumed they were the first Azure Striker user that Asimov talked about. GV went to the House of Fighting and Combat to check it out and found who he was looking for in Blanka, though he wasn't what GV was expecting. For one, he wasn't a Adept, but rather a Wild Man empowered by electric eels, somehow. Despite his brutish appearance, GV found him a good guy to be around.
    • No, don't ask him to use his powers to help save on your electricity bills. That's just stingy.
  • The world GV came from was wracked with conflict between regular humans and Adepts and has bore witness to both extremes. He sincerely believes that they can coexist, something that's a bit of an unpopular opinion. In the Pantheon, the tension isn't quite as severe despite the many Fantastic Racists running around with deities like Magneto and William Stryker hold beliefs that wouldn't be too out of place back home.
  • Frequents the House of Food for not only groceries but to also polish up on his cooking. GV's fairly skilled at it as it gained some level of notoriety back at QUILL, something he thinks can't be said for his other life skills. One visit had him run into Hyde Kido, who was happy to trade notes to aid each other's craft in addition to some of their exploits. GV can relate to Hyde's living arrangement with Linne, Waldstein and later Vatista given that he also let Joule live with him before Quinn showed the same kindness by letting him stay with her.
    Hyde: "So your darts are basically needles from your hair?"
    Gunvolt: "More or less, yes. With conductive metal casing."
    Hyde: "Hair darts, hair needles... kinda like splinters or something, hair splinters..."
    Gunvolt: "I'd appreciate it if you stop giving my 'Tags' such lame names."
  • Though GV has a place in the House of Crime and Transgressions he prefers living in the House of Personality due to how homier the atmosphere is, even if he does concede to the fact that he is a killer. As such he keeps his visits to the Killers and Assassins House limited especially when it comes to the likes of the ever-so-infamous Jack the Ripper. And especially with the band of mercenaries known as Brave Companions are utter monsters who's depravity are only driven by the fact that they just could. Though GV still stands by the idea that humans aren't inherently evil like what Tenjian or the rest of the Seven say they are, he thinks that they have a point when it comes to people like them.
  • Due to sharing the same creators, GV's been compared to the likes of Zero, X, and Axl. A 2D Run-and-Gun protagonist with a cold exterior but compassionate interior clad in blue who is notable for their use of a Handgun. Basically sharing traits with all three of them, with Zero being the primary inspiration. Meanwhile, his electrical powers and conflicts involving Differently Powered Individuals in his world have also earned some comparisons with Cole MacGrath. GV's gotten along with all of them, respecting their actions throughout, and is willing to give them a hand when the need arises.
    • His help came sooner than expected when he heard one of the Maverick Hunter's enemies wreaking havoc on an urban-looking area in the Pantheon. After chasing them down into the outskirts it turned out to be Gigabolt Man-o-War, who was trying to drain the power supply for himself. The ensuring battle turned out to be a Mutual Disadvantage due to both party's immunity and empowerment through electricity leading both GV and Gigabolt to use other options. This didn't last however as GV eventually got the chance to cleave through Gigabolt with Luxcalibur.
    Gunvolt: "Oversurge! Azure Striker! Send this drifting fool careening into the abyss below!"
  • Having gone through the revelation that his father figure and personal hero Asimov was actually a genocidal maniac, he can definitely understand where Mao and Almaz are coming form when it came to Aurum. He also can relate to Ludwig since he went through this with multiple people throughout his life, even managing to criticize them. And on the topic of former father figure, GV also thinks vengeance isn't anything fulfilling in the end. While there's no doubt about how justified he was in killing Asimov (especially since he shot him and Joule), it did not help make him feel better at all. In fact, it (combined with the fact she's Sharing a Body with him as a sort of Septimal ghost) contributed him going into a depressed and callous slump for a while before getting back on his feet after helping Quinn. And even then, he still had nightmares about Joule being shot.
    • He did eventually get over it after a lengthy chain of events involving Zonda's machinations end with Joule becoming a normal human with no memory of her past. Seeing as she's currently in the kind of life he wanted Joule to have ever since he met her, GV decides to leave her be.
  • There is a rumor going around that originally GV would of had turned evil and for whatever reason took control of the Sumeragi Group. In addition, GV would of used not one, not two, but a thousand Glaives to transform when fighting. Plus, he wore a mask. Being utterly confused by the whole thing, he decides to just shrug off this information. At the very least, he'll make it a point to stay away from those wanting to tempt him to evil.
    • The reality does bare some similarities. GV has indeed fought an evil masked doppelganger created. And while its not through Glaives, he did get empowered by Mytyl's Anthem as one of the True Final Bosses. With this overwhelming power he gains not only unlimited Prevasion but can also spam more complex versions of his Special Skills especially in some frustrating cases. In short, he deals damage like a highway full of runaway freight trains but without exploiting his weaknesses his Prevasion practically makes him invincible.
  • When undergoing missions in addition to the Dart Leader and its various clips for tagging objects and/or enemies he also wears special pendants, rings, and contacts to enhance his Septimal Powers. Defense, offense, Kudos & money gain, reduced cost for EP or Skills, etc. GV takes them off when not on duty though he still wears glasses due to his poor eyesight such as when he goes. Speaking of, him putting on glasses and ditching his signature duds is how he was able to hide his identity, basically Clark Kenting. Since everyone is aware of his identity as an Adept and most don't really mind it the disguise is more for times where he can relax.
  • GV became fast allies towards the cyborg Raiden. The mercenary not only shares lightning motifs but was also once a Child Soldier working for his mentor Solidus Snake before he betrayed him. Of course, Solidus was abusive on top of that, but the similarities remain. The resulting connection also has GV becoming enemies with the entirety of the Desperado LLC and Senator Armstrong for the countless atrocities they committed along with their goals of launching the world into conflict.
  • There have been sightings of him wearing the Sumeragi emblem on his back. At the moment, Gunvolt has yet to offer any explanations for this but many have taken it as a sign that he’s getting involved with something big some time in the near future. As it turns out in the intervening years since his last adventure, Gunvolt had gotten so powerful that he no longer was capable of controlling his power and became a being known as a "Primal Dragon". GV was forced to willingly hand himself over Sumeragi who proceeded to use a thousand Glaives to keep him in check. By the time he was reawakened, his powers were sealed by Kirin's Radiant Fetters and he was placed in her care as a member of the Dragon Saviors. By the end of the adventure, he ended up being possessed by a entity known as Moebius, the 'lord' of the Primal Dragons and the only known wielder of an "Octima", and lost all semblance of control from his newfound power. Thankfully, Kirin was able to seal away Moebius' powers and stabilize Gunvolt although he ended up disappearing in a ball of light to parts unknown.
    • Soon enough, GV ended up arriving back at the Pantheon feeling a bit exhausted following his adventure and ended up having an unexpected confrontation with Copen. Though the ensuing battle ended up getting Copen nearly killed after Gunvolt activated Astral Order until the newly ascended Kirin arrived in the middle of the fight to seal his powers and convinced Copen to stay his hand..
    Gunvolt: "I should've known I'd run into you again, Copen."
    Lola: "Boss, these readings are nuts! I've never seen anything like this! "
    Copen: "So this is the true power of the Azure Striker. You've unlocked it just like Asimov.."
    Gunvolt: "What do you plan to do..?"
    Copen: "I can't afford to let you move freely. No Adept should possess this much power. This is as far it goes, Gunvolt."
    Gunvolt: "No, wait! Copen, get away!"
    Gunvolt/Moebius: "OVERSURGE! AZURE STRIKER!"
  • Following Gunvolt's merge with Moebius, he has gained access the ability to bend fate and probability to his whim as well as an obsence boost in overall power and two new special moves, Vanishing World and Astral Order. Both are capable of ending the world on a scale comparable to Odio's Armaggedon spell if used to their fullest which necessitated the need to ascend Kirin and the Dragon Saviors as Gunvolt's newest Heralds in order to keep GV's power under control. Gunvolt himself has vowed to only rely on Moebius' powers if he's left with no other option.

"Don't be willing to throw your life away so easily! If you wish to be free, I'll do what I can to make that happen."

Hazama, God of Malicious Trolling (Captain Hazama, Hipster Person, Honoka, Smooth Criminal, Shadowy Serpent Fang)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God after activating the Azure Grimoire
  • Symbol: His crest
  • Theme Music: As Hazama, Gluttony Fang and Gluttony Fang II. As the merged Hazama-Terumi persona, Endless Despair and Endless Despair II
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Neutral Evil.
  • Portfolio: Former Host for Terumi, Being Separated from Terumi for Good, Being His Own Azure Grimoire, The Ouroboros, Sharp-Dressed Man, Eyes Always Shut, Snake Motifs, Troll, Soft-Spoken Sadist, The Sociopath to Tragic Degree, Feeling Pain for the First Time and Acting Upon That
  • Domains: Emotions, Snakes, Personal Appearance, Trickery
  • Allies: Relius Clover (we think), Kirei Kotomine (more like acquaintances), Tohru Adachi, Hilda, Cinder Fall, Roman Torchwick, Neo Politan
  • Enemies: Ragna the Bloodedge, Jin Kisaragi, Noel Vermillion, Rachel Alucard, Makoto Nanaya and much everyone else from BlazBlue, The Investigation Team, Hyde Kido, Team RWBY, the entire sub-house of Felines
  • Hazama's presence in the Pantheon started off weird. Originally he was just the body and façade Terumi used after he lost his original body and things were like that for the longest time. However, when people tried to kill Terumi off for real, the only way to do that was to draw Terumi out of Hazama's body and kill him after. As it turns out, the attempt to erase Terumi out of existence failed, and now Terumi and Hazama were separate beings. For a while, Hazama acted out as Terumi's secret agent. And by secret, we mean that not even the Trollkaiger knew of his existence, with Seija Kijin being the only person to know that he even existed at all.
    • Things got weirder when Terumi's newly materialized body started to fail on him, meaning that the two of them needed to fuse back together, which they did. However, at that point, Hazama had gained enough independence where he doesn't care about if Terumi was around anymore and just wanted to assimilate Terumi to get his powers. Unfortunately, Terumi saw through his deception and since he had new plans for a new body, he severed their connection for good. At which point Terumi had no use for Hazama but he let him go since he was being generous. Also at that point the whole Hazama/Terumi split was uncovered so now Hazama was left on his own merits.
  • His position comes from the fact that on his own, he really can't feel emotions. In particular, he can't feel pain, was it being inflicted on others or inflicted on him. However, when he was stabbed by Trinity to separate Terumi from him, it caused him to feel pain for the first time in his life (while also leaving a giant hole in his chest). With nothing else to act upon, he gave Hazama a new meaning to his life: To know everything he can know about pain.
    • There were some questions if he really should inherit the title of God of Trolling from Terumi, since most of his trollish moments came from Hazama persona. It was decided that Hazama would be the God of Trolling, and Terumi the God of Absolute Immorality.
  • In some sense, Hazama is way nicer than Terumi. On the other hand, it is somewhat. While he can genuinely act politely, he still likes messing with people if it interests him and due to his need to know about pain, he will dwell into masochist fits if he needs to. He also does enjoy being hated.
  • Is really allergic to cats. Just having one near him will trigger his allergies. And he really doesn't like that.
  • He still remembers one encounter Terumi had with Hikage, what has caused him to gain newly found interest in her. The main factor of interest comes due of her Frenzy mode, as it contradicts everything else about her character, and he wants to know what really makes it work and what she feels when she is in that mode.
  • He runs his own clinic on the side. He can even birth babies! Though... not like that.
  • Has found newly found appreciation to Kirei since he knows what is up with him. Of course, the difference between Hazama and Kirei is that the former has no real moral qualms about the things he might do. The fact that both of them know how manipulative the other one can be makes their relation interesting, with gods betting who can really play the other one out. He is also one of the few people who can eat Kirei's mapo tofu. As in, he appreciates the spiciness, since he can feel it.
  • One time, Ryouna asked him to "play" with her, since he was so interested in studying pain. He accepted the offer but at one point he actually got bored with it due to how much Ryouna was enjoying herself. It was a good experience on how others react to pain, sure, but it also sort of robbed any enjoyment out of it.
  • While no one can truly die in the Pantheon, he does admit that he has his sights on some immortal deities due the fact that he really wants to push them to their limits.
  • After having Crossed Fates with a number of other Gods, Hazama became more acquainted with the residence of Pantheon. Meaning he both befriended and pissed off a lot of them.
    • Being natural enemies to the residence of his homeworld, he would later become enemies with some of their allies after they were informed of his past crimes and actions. This became even more prominent when he nearly caused a ClassX5 Apocalypse with his carelessness. Although some have admitted to working well with him in fights.
    • To the Gods he didn't piss off, they're Adachi, Hilda, and Neo. Both Hazama and Adachi have a sort of Villainous Friendship. Both get along with one another and are fellow slackers and prefer to have others do the heavy lifting. Frighteningly both Hazama and Hilda work very well together, with their smug attitude and flirtatious nature worrying many deities. Finely there's Neo. Much like with Torchwick, no one knows the exact nature of their relationship, most don't want to even know. What is certain is that they can work as a team, and they're dangerous. It's from Neo that Hazama would later partner himself with both Roman and Cinder.

    Jin Kisaragi 
Jin Kisaragi, God of Jerkasses (Hero of Ikaruga, The False Hero, Hakumen, The Cold Steel, Hero of the Frozen Blade)

    Olivier Armstrong 
Olivier Mira Armstrong, The Goddess with a Hidden Heart of Gold (Major General Armstrong, Ice Queen, Northern Wall of Briggs)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Briggs Fortress
  • Theme Song: Battle Scherzo, Hum of the Streets
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grim Up North, Mean People With Benevolent Intentions, Polar Opposite Aloof Big Sister, Iron Lady, Good, But Ruthless, Motherly Commanders, Badass Normal, Icy Blue Eyes, Rule of the Strong to Better the Troops, Brigadier General, Master Swordswoman, Winter Royal Lady, The Squadette
  • Domains: The Military, The Cold, Strength, Leadership
  • Followers: Reggie Mantle, Mr Jenkins, Osgood Conklin.
  • Heralds: the Briggs Brigade.
  • Allies: Edward and Alphonse Elric, Izumi Curtis, Scar, Van Hohenheim, Maes Hughes, Greed, Lin Beifong, Jon Snow, Aemon Targaryen, Edward Newgate, Queen Elsa, Motoko Kusanagi, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, Guts, Satsuki Kiryuin, Cornelia li Britannia
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roy Mustang
  • Special relationship with: Alex Louis Armstrong (her brother)
  • Enemies: Father and his Homunculi, Führer King Bradley, Griffith, Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist), Solf J. Kimblee, Raditz, Kaldr, Bill Cipher, Alex Wesker, Ragyo Kiryuin, Dr. Wallace Breen, Grand Moff Tarkin, Charles zi Britannia, En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse, Millennium
  • Opposes: Evil or hypocritical social darwinists, Kuvira
  • On the northern border that separates Amestris from Drachma is Fort Briggs. A tough, frozen area where only the strong can survive and where Izumi Curtis went through her Training from Hell, it is commanded by Olivier Mira Armstrong, older sister to Major Alex Louis Armstrong. Most are shocked to learn that she is Major Armstrong's sister, to which the Elric brothers and Roy Mustang can empathize. She comes across as cold, severe and overall cruel, serving an ice queen contrast to his soft-hearted personality. She considers him a disgrace to the State Military and Armstrong family and seems generally embarrassed by him. Behind that, however, is a woman dedicated to the greater good and A Mother to Her Men, who ultimately cares for her brother and has come more to terms with him after their fight against Father and his homunculi.
  • Before fully ascending to the Pantheon, Olivier served for a time as the high priestess to Lin Beifong, another Iron Lady with a Hidden Heart of Gold. Beifong even helped protect Olivier to make sure she could make it in proper: part of the assignment for Raditz' attack on Republic City was to locate and kill the Major General to preempt her ascension, which thankfully failed as Lin and her police force along with Greed the Avaricious were able to hold him at bay long enough for Vegeta to arrive and turn him back before he ever saw her. When she finally got her own temple, Lin was there within minutes of her arrival to congratulate her for it. She was pleased with this, as it showed she did indeed "follow" the right person in, as it were. They still keep a good rapport with one another.
  • Another authoritative military boss lady she gets along with quite well is the young Satsuki Kiryuin. After encountering her briefly at one point, Olivier got the scoop on Satsuki's history from Mustang, who had already met Satsuki before Olivier ascended. She thinks early Satsuki was immature and believed her own hype but is glad the one standing before her now has learned the necessary lessons to be a proper leader for the world's betterment. The two often meet to enjoy tea and trade information, and whenever danger of a military nature threatens the Pantheon, they'll often be seen communicating details to coordinate defensive and counteroffensive operations.
  • Her temple and symbol is Fort Briggs, having gotten use to the deep cold there. She's aware it shares some similarities to the Wall of Westeros, leading her to become interested in the gods policing it. She deeply admires Aemon Targaryen for his dedication to the Night's Watch, always showing respect to her. She was impressed to see what Jon Snow has accomplished. Has been trying to fend off Kaldr from breaking through Fort Briggs and invading Amestris. Thankfully she has the help of Queen Elsa, and is rather comfortable in the Ice and Cold sub-house.
  • A Social Darwinist through and through, she has no tolerance for weakness or lack of willpower. Don't mistake that for being evil, however — she applied survival of the fittest because she cares about her men and wants them to be strong and self-sufficient, and applies it to herself as well. As such, it angers her to see many villainous social darwinists who selfishly sacrifice or otherwise care nothing for their men, and especially when they use the philosophy simply to justify their power lust. She has no good words for the parental cruelty the current holder, Charles zi Britannia, exhibits. Apocalypse comes off as insane to her. She also heavily disapproves of Grand Moff Tarkin's philosophy. He argues strength, but the strength of fear and by extension tyranny to keep order. While she sees fear is useful, she's pointed out one's troops and people need to respect and even love, while his fear inspires hatred and rebellion. Tarkin still can't wrap his head around this.
  • From personal experience she hates it when people betray their groups and codes for their own power. Naturally she sees Dr. Wallace Breen as contemptible, and hates that Ragyo Kiryuin betrayed humanity (not to mention admires Satuski's determination to bring Ragyo down). She opposes Alex Wesker's schemes for immortality similar to Raven's, and Bill Cipher for his illuminati shenanigans being similar to Father's. Naturally, when Father's counterpart Dante was ascended, Olivier stood against her for both of these reasons.
  • She's especially high up on the list of people who hate Griffith, and not just for the obvious reason of what he did to Casca, but for the overall act of condemning his companions to Hell for his own rise to power. He justifies the sacrifice as necessary, and believes her love for the troops holds her down, which just makes her more full of contempt for him. She fully supports Guts' ambitions to kill him and personally admires the Black Swordsman's will. Upon realizing that she actually refused to allow herself or her team to suffer any casualty or consequence to the Ishval genocide even before she learned about the homunculi and the Promised Day scheme, Guts came to respect her as someone who truly cares for those under her command, as opposed to seeing them as disposable pawns or slaves to be dominated.
  • Usually found in the House of War, as one would expect. Being both action girls and competent leaders, she gets along with Motoko Kusanagi and, to her own surprise, Charles' daughter Cornelia. She also approves of the strict training that Sergeant Hartman puts his students through because it serves a similar purpose to hers, though she thinks he could use a little more discretion about when to turn down the drilling. She's yet to encounter a Gomer Pyle situation under her command and is unlikely to for a good number of reasons. On the other side of the coin, she hates Mori Motonari for how he uses and abuses his subordinates.
  • It comes as no surprise that she despises the Milllennium Nazis. The Nazi regime in and of itself already mirrors every trait she saw through which caused her to refuse to allow Fort Briggs to be part of King Bradley's Ishvalan War of Extermination, an act which has every aforementioned evil conspirator and traitor on her shit list even more wary of her sharp perception, but the addition of the Millennium vampire project adds the supernatural conspiracy element from the Promised Day as well. In her eyes, The Major is a disgusting little man who doesn't care one wit for the troops under his command and whose thirst for war and destruction she finds nothing short of petty. She also gets irate at any comparison between herself and the Mind Rape specialist Zorin Blitz due to their shared Japanese vocal base, and is especially wary of Warrant Officer Schrodinger's teleportation powers.
    • The one member she seems to have any respect for is The Captain who works directly under the fat Major, as the dark-skinned werewolf man reminds her of both Major Miles and the Scarred Man if they had been recruited to the wrong side. If she's ever forced to infiltrate the Millennium as a captive like she was with Central, she will try to have him defect to Briggs.
  • Is also staunchly opposed to the ascension of Kuvira. Despite both being strong, commanding, ambitious ladies of war who believe in the efficient use of fear and planning ahead, Olivier never sought empire at the expense of innocent lives. Kuvira claims to have reformed, but much like the Beifongs who actually had to deal with her, Olivier does not trust the Great Uniter in the least.

    Taiga Hanaya/Kamen Rider Snipe 
Taiga Hanaya, God of Kindness Through Cruelty (Kamen Rider Snipe, The Dark Doctor, The Unlicensed Doctor, Bang Bang Shooting, Bang Bang Simulations, The Only Kamen Rider Needed, Tiger Flower, The First Ship Guy, Super High-School Level Radiologist, Super High-School Level Sniper, Kamen Rider Cronus II)
Kamen Rider Snipe 

Ventus, God of Purity (Ven, Hero of Harrenhal)

Lesser Gods

    Asuka Langley Soryu and Asuka Shikinami Langley 
Asuka Langley Soryu and Asuka Shikinami Langley, Goddesses of Tsunderes (Soryu: Second Child, ACTUAL Embodiment of Toxicity, Asuka Langley Sohryu | Shikinami: Second Girl, Captain Asuka, Asuka Langley Shikinami)
Asuka Langley Soryu
Asuka Shikinami Langley
  • Lesser Goddesses. Intermediate in Beast mode
  • Symbol: EVA-02 the Nigouki
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Soryu), Chaotic Good (Shikinami)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
    • Asuka Langley Soryu: Chaos, Mechs, Madness, Emotion, Pride, Anger, Violence
    • Asuka Shikinami Langley: War, Mechs, Leadership
  • Allies: Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Misato Katsuragi (legal guardian), Yui Ikari, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Ryoma Nagare, Yuji Sakai, Kallen Stadtfelt/Kozuki, Laura Bodewig, Rin Tohsaka, Seras Victoria, Alex Mason, Kyoko Sakura, The Vivid Team, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori
  • Rival: Kouji Kabuto
  • Enemies: Arael, Johan Liebert, Redyue, Gendo Ikari, Ragyo Kiryuin, Zorin Blitz of Millennium, Johann Schmidt/Red Skull
  • Opposes: All kinds of mind rapers regardless of alignment. Dolls (Soryu)
  • Odd Friendship: With Nanoha Takamachi, Sakaki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Gertrud Barkhorn, Kouji Kabuto, Yoko Littner, Viral
  • Distaff Counterpart to: Jin Kisaragi
  • Asuka Langley Soryu is the Second Child of NERV's ambitious Evangelion Project, chosen to be the symbiotic pilot of the giant humanoid mecha called Evangelion Unit-02. Her skills as an EVA pilot are a source of pride for her, as is her newly developed bust post-puberty. In general, she seems to be an extremely proud and headstrong person, though her short temper does not always lend well to forming relationships, especially when coupled with her own deeply-hidden insecurities. This resulted in an infamous hot-and-cold attraction with Shinji Ikari, who she would alternate between flirting with or antagonizing on a scarily regular basis, to the point she became a primary codifier for what a Tsundere is.
  • Asuka Shikinami Langley comes from the Rebuild continuity of Soryu's universe. Called the Second Girl in that version of the Evangelion Project, she is also a captain of the European Air Force. She starts off as being reasonably better-adjusted than Soryu in how she handles herself, but is still proud and strong with desires to be seen as an adult and respected for her skills. Ultimately, she comes to bear similar issues but with crucial root cause differences that define her as her own separate person from Soryu in more than just name. Unfortunately, the events of Third Impact would do quite the number on her psyche, making her more aggressive and embittered than before, similar to Soryu.
  • Asuka's first exposure to the Pantheon was when Soryu served as the High Priest to Shana, who had already ascended as the Goddess of Tsunderes. Being who she is, she didn't like the idea of serving underneath Shana, nor even of sharing her title with her, so she instantly applied to get her own temple in the Pantheon. She actually wound up sharing the Fiery Redhead domain instead with three individuals; one being Barbara Gordon, the once-disabled Batgirl/Oracle, and the other being another version of herself, who turned out to be Shikinami. Nevertheless, both Asukas' hotheaded nature, as well as the psychological issues fueling them, became too much for Barbara to deal with, so she wound up abdicating the temple.
    • The two Asukas would essentially learn to deal with each other, and to keep everyone else from being too put off by their presence, decided to work together and plan for only one of them to venture out into the larger Pantheon at any given time whenever possible. For the sake of simplicity, any actions taken by both ladies, or by one with the agreement of the other, will be referred to as the general work of Asuka, with each girl only being named individually in cases of where they clearly conflict or differ.
    • At some point, after others realized that Shana stopped being a tsundere and she ended up getting transferred to a different temple, Asuka was given the tsundere title for herself, both as a codifier and a fitting deconstruction. She spoke to Shana about the Great Tsundere Alliance and asked her for her approval, but nothing has been stated concretely. Rumors say that they are making arrangements to make it happen formally.
  • One way each Asuka can be told apart is her hair color. Soryu's hair has a bit of a crimson orange hue, while Shikinami's hairdo is typically more of a light reddish brown. Merchandise can be inconsistent, though, which makes it hard to tell sometimes.
  • Both Asukas would constantly criticize Shinji and call him an idiot... but they really have affection towards him. Asuka just doesn't know how to express her feelings properly.
  • When she found out that Rei Ayanami -or "that doll" as she called her sometimes- was also in the Pantheon she was initially unhappy, although as of late she seemed to be more accepting of her. For Soryu, one can point to the influence of another version of herself who's both nicer to Rei and more of a true childhood friend to Shinji, but for Shikinami it has to do with the fact she stopped being a Green-Eyed Monster about the two getting along.
  • Sometimes Shikinami can be seen exiting the House of Food with bandages on her fingers. When questioned about it, she tells people to mind their own business and she's not trying to make a box lunch for that 'idiot'.
  • Asuka stays far, FAR away from Johan Liebert, due to his Mind Rape ways. She's still reeling from Arael's initial attack.
  • Became close friends with Kallen Kozuki. Not only are the two Hot-Blooded redheads who pilot red mecha, but in Soryu's case, both have Mommy Issues. Shikinami has Clone Angst instead, but that just makes her more of a good shoulder when either Kallen or Soryu need it.
  • Due to Arael's assault, Soryu hates anybody who use Mind Rape in any form. This isn't limited to just evil aligned deities as she would also express hatred to even good deities who use Mind Rape before.
    • When Asuka discovered that Arael had ascended, the sound that she made was described as a mix of screaming in fear, rage and crying.
  • She calmed down a bit when her rival, Kouji Kabuto, introduced a newcomer to the Pantheon: Tetsuya Tsurugi, another orphan with her same issues. Tetsuya reassured her that everything would be okay, and if Arael tried to do anything funny, it would to eat a Rocket Punch and a Drill Pressure Punch. After that talk, Asuka was feeling a bit better.
  • Nonetheless Asuka hates "Separated at birth" jokes about her and Tetsuya, but she agrees that the Great Mazinger pilot would be a better relative than her father or step-mother.
  • After meeting Jun Hono, they decided to create The Great Tsundere Alliance. They are members of the Mecha Chapter together with Sayaka Yumi, Maria Grace Fleed and Fa Yuiry.
  • Soryu ABSOLUTELY HATES dolls due to her horrible childhood in which her crazy mother conversed with a doll thinking it was her daughter and then committing suicide with it. However, she knows better than to insult Ada, or state to Sugintou that she's junk. She also avoids Alice just in case. In contrast, Shikinami has a little doll that she converses with from time to time.
  • As a German, Asuka is naturally enemy to Red Skull, Dr. Hell and Millennium. Especially Millennium, when she found out one of its members, Zorin Blitz, had mind raping abilies. Asuka actually became friends with Seras Victoria since she went through her mind rape and then paid her back for it.
  • Asuka is extremely fond of cats. This causes her to get along surprisingly well with Sakaki, and both of them are regular visitors to the Feline Sub-House. Rumor has it this is what inspired her EVA unit's Code 777 Beast Mode. She also gets along well with Aisha Clan-Clan. When they first met, Aisha went into her were-tiger form and pounced on Asuka. . . then started licking her face! While Aisha thinks Asuka just "has a thing for cats", Asuka wonders if they might have something else in common.
  • Both Asukas did become friends with Laura Bodewig, a fellow German. The two of them noticed that their voices sounded the same. Though, Laura is the only one with a German accent when she speaks English. Also, and despite Asuka's protest, Laura picked up some habits of hers when interacting with Shinji and use it on Ichika, thinking it was the normal way to pick a wife.
  • Hates Ragyo Kiriyurin because of her treatment to her daughters reminds her of her own treatment by her father and NERV's manipulations.
  • Asuka met Rin Tohsaka through Shinji Ikari, although they were on the edge at first, they have since become friends apparently, she is taking council from her on dealing with idiots.
    • In anticipation to the possible final battle against Gendo Ikari, she asked for her aid in her training, the magus agreed and went as far as helping her determine her element in case she possed Magic Circuits, to no ones surprise, it was Fire.
    • Also spoke to her about the Great Tsundere Alliance, Rin's response could be paraphrased as "What took you so long?".
  • She was very surprised and impressed at the sheer badassery of some counterparts of hers, but she is appalled by the fact that the prize for more power was getting corrupted by cosmic horrors or dark gods.
  • Although her domain is violence, Asuka is genuinely scared of how far she could go after seeing an alternate dimension where her abuse of Shinji escalated beyond her worst nightmares.
  • Even though Asuka is the daughter of her closest friend, Yui Ikari really didn't like her relationship with her son until she found out what Asuka went through. Afterwards Yui became very sympathetic and she decided to legally adopt Asuka, givng her the much needed motherly affection and hoping to improve her self-image and mental state.
    • Yes, Asuka is now legally Shinji's sister. Their relationship has gotten more Freudian.
    • However she and Shinji distanced themselves from Yui after the events of Rebuild.
  • Became pretty close with Kaito Kumon. They both share the pain of having a broken family with one of their parents committing suicide. This is also why she befriended Kyoko Sakura. Being fellow broken birds.
  • It should be noted that Shikinami's body is chronologically that of a twenty-eight year old. This is because the LCL screwed with her body. Not only that, but it may have left her less human as she is shown to have her eyes glowing and growing fangs.
  • Whenever Asuka wears her eyepatch, some deities call her Captain Asuka as they are reminded of a pirate. Funny enough, she did dress up as Captain Harlock.
  • Asuka still knows that Shinji masturbated over her comatose body. While she is willing to forgive it, if it ever happens again....
  • Asuka has received approval of Khorne for her fighting prowess and her warrior spirit. She was not happy about it in the slightest. Somehow she was even less happy when she found out about an aspect of hers becoming a Khornate Berserker.
  • Asuka has Ryoma's respect. He praises her fighting prowess, hot-bloodness and fierceness, but he realizes the girl is very fragile and unstable deep-down, so he is mentoring her to help her to master her inward rage and grief and turn them into useful tools, and he is teaching her to wield a battleaxe properly.
  • It should be noted that Sohryu can perform a Combination Attack with Shinji Ikari, though it took them some practice to do the last step right.
  • After Arael's Mind Rape, Nanoha Takamachi approached Asuka, insisting on being her friend. As always, Asuka got angry/scared and tried to push the magical girl away, but Nanoha would not take "no" for an answer and she was so damned persistent Asuka finally relented. When Asuka realized Nanoha had noticed how hurt and fragile she really was and wanted sincerely to befriend her despite everything, she broke down in tears. They have been friends since then.
  • They would not admit it out loud, but both Asukas were happy to see their guardian Misato Katsuragi ascend.
  • Can also be found in Other Emotions.

    Barty Crouch 
Bartemius "Barty" Crouch Sr., God of Nice Guys by Adaptation

    Garrosh Hellscream 
Garrosh Hellscream, God of Escalating Douchebaggery (Son of Hellscream, Warchief of the True Horde, The Warrior, Patron Warrior, Wallet Warrior and variants of "X" Warrior, Scourgelord Garrosh)
Scourgelord Garrosh 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Emblem of his True Horde.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Savage Orcs, Real Orcs Must Be Killers, Believer Of Orc Superiority, And The Rest Are Inferior, As Well As The Belief That The Strongest Should Rule, Trying To Live Up Predecessor's Legacy, Goes From Angsty Friendly Into A Rash Jackass, Powerful Orcish Fighter, Hot-Blooded, Evil Baldness, Making Peaceful Horde Into Warmongering Horde
  • Domains: Personality, Orcs, Combat, War
  • Allies: Warboss Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka, Eric Cartman, Scyther, Harth Stonebrew.
  • Enemies: Thrall, Vol'jin, Gul'dan, Jaina Proudmoore, Varian Wrynn, Sylvanas Windrunner, Lor'themar Theron, Baine Bloodhoof, Zac, Yrel, Arthas Menethil, Sasuke Uchiha, Jin Kisaragi, Ashe, Ventari, Hector & Lilina of Ostia, Karl Franz, Minsc & Boo
  • Opposed by: Every ascended deities from Westero
  • Complicated relations: Grommash Hellscream (His father)
  • Odd Friendship: The Fortress Dwarves
  • Rivals: Grimgor Ironhide
  • Handle this engravement with care, Garrosh is known as the most controversial being in Azeroth's history. When we engrave this first and foremost, you know we really mean it.
  • It was surprising on how Garrosh came to be. When he was first spotted, he was an angsty, but overall friendly, Orc. After being told of his destiny... he started racking up actions of being a complete asshole that culminates into trying to make the world bow to him and doing a lot of atrocities. He backpedalled a bit mid-way but went to take even more asshole levels... Rumoredly, fellow 'Ork' Ghazghkull had an influence on him.
    • But eventually, his reign was brought down when Thrall assaulted him and took him down from his throne as Horde's Warchief, but even that wasn't enough to completely put down Garrosh, who went back in time and helped form the Iron Horde. Thrall still hunted him and personally took him down, seemingly for good. However, Garrosh's tale of escalating douchebaggery was legendary enough that some parties behind the back, rumored to be Ghazghkull, plotted his return and eventually ascended Garrosh in this current house. Regardless of how... controversial he can be, none can deny his excellency of getting more of a douchebag with every second.
  • Obviously, Garrosh is not pleased that many of the Horde members that took him down were amongst the Pantheon. He has sworn revenge one day, but he'll need to gather allies with similar minds.
    • Likewise, with Garrosh's rise, extra cautions are taken towards a certain house in the Magic house, as they don't want him dropping another mana bomb that would end up devastating a certain peace-loving mage. So far, Garrosh has failed to repeat the feat, because flukes don't happen twice.
    • With what few people siding with him, they tend to comfort Garrosh that his position and demise was all Thrall's fault for pushing him to a position he's not ready for. The immortal, agreed words are as such: "YOU MADE ME WARCHIEF!! YOU LEFT ME TO PICK UP YOUR PIECES!! YOU! FAILED! MEEE!!!" With which his followers, many of whom were crying Manly Tears, agrees with him. Garrosh returned the comforting by swearing that one day, they will have justice and revenge, together. But first, he tells those who cried to wipe their tears, men under him aren't supposed to cry!
  • Garrosh's relation with his father, Grommash, is... complicated. He has the fullest respect for Grom, and even if he wouldn't back down from forging his own destiny, he expected him to lambast him because Grom's buddy-buddy relationship with Thrall. surprisingly, the reaction was... decent, with Grom saying that Garrosh has grown from a sickly and weak thing into a powerful orc, worthy of the name Hellscream.
  • With his escalating jackassery, several Jerkass Gods like Sasuke Uchiha ended up having an epiphany, if he continued their jerkass ways, he could end up like Garrosh, and he's glad he backpedalled for good at one point. Jin Kisaragi, on the other hand, is extremely pissed because he dared to do that with his brother's voice with a lot of gruffness. Garrosh's opinion on Jin is likewise very much low; how DARE a pink skinned and slender God like him challenge a mighty orc like that!?
  • Garrosh always believes that a being's worth is measured with its strength and how much they can demolish things. When he actually paid a visit to Freljord, he was livid to see the peaceful reign under Ashe. Upon his return, he listed that after Thrall's Horde is taken care of, the Freljord is next.
  • There is, however, one way to have Garrosh calm down a bit and settle down for some 'peace time'. And that is a certain card game. No matter what Garrosh is doing, he is compelled to calm down and sit down for that card game and play fair. Which he usually does.
    • However, because of his fondness for taking to the field himself, he ends up having a general dislike towards slimes and oozes, because they keep breaking his weapons. This is exacerbated with the current deity for it, Zac, being such an overly friendly dude and standing up for those weaker than himself - an attitude that infuriates Garrosh even further.
    • He also has a dislike towards Valeera Sanguinar, not because she broke his weapons, but she tends to get 'dirty' and then abusing the hell out of him literally.
    • And even then, some of his jackasseries, surpressed it may be, still shows. He doesn't congratulate his opponent on being better on surrender, it's always "I choose death!". Granted, it was because he usually opened with "Victory or death!" and he chose the latter. Still... People usually savors those little moments Garrosh affords being 'friendly'. At least he does commend his opponent for well-played acts.
    • He was really pleased when he heards of the Inkeeper's ascension, as it meant that Garrosh was going to have more time to relax in the tavern now that it's located on the pantheon. People were quick to call Hart a fool for allowing someone like Garrosh to do as he pleases on his tavern, but the dwarf defends him saying that, while Garrosh is a "troubled fellow", that doesn't mean that he is incapable of having fun.
    • Though a big part of his love for the game seems to stem from the fact that he 'can send Varian to his death as many times as he wants'.
  • Azeroth was once in the verge of destruction thanks to a certain griefer only to be saved by Eric Cartman and friends. While everyone was glad that said world is saved from the griefer, they were very uneasy with Cartman's sociopathic tendencies. Garrosh, on the other hand, sees him as something of a 'kindred spirit', and kept good contacts with the kid, probably the only 'human' he'd see as something of an equal.
  • Surprisingly, there is one person that even Garrosh would not stand and put his hatred with Thrall aside, to face this person: Gul'dan. Chiefly because even Garrosh knows that Gul'dan was the reason Orcs ended up drinking demon blood and not being pureblooded Orcs like him. Of course, the problem is that when Gul'dan is dealt with, Garrosh will be back with plotting revenge on Thrall.
  • Was despised by every single deities from Westero as while they value physical strength in a leader, they all absolutely hate his style of leading as it only alienates all of the allies and built an unstable empire. He's not liked with those from House Ostia as well due to his brutal rules. Garrosh doesn't like them either because their rules reminding him of Thrall, and Hector having the same voice as him and fighting with axes pissed him off that he awaits the day that he'll show that with his Gorehowl at hand he will crush the Armads with ease.
  • For the longest time, there was a debate among mortals as for who would be the Hellscream who would be first to arrive to the Nexus. While the debate was heated, eventually Garrosh was the one that took the initiative to enter before his father, even sporting Gorehowl as his weapon. But he didn't come unprepared, he took a careful amount of time to hone his skills in the House of Fighting and Combat before he was ready to go, and seeing as his Arch-Enemy Varian Wrynn had entered as well, he decided to one up him by bringing an stronger version of his taunt to the battlefield to settle the score once and for all.
  • Live by these words: Lok'tar Ogar! VICTORY OR DEATH!!note 

    Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa 
Masato Kusaka, God of Total Jerkasses (Kamen Rider Kaixa, Kamen Rider Faiz, Kamen Rider Delta, Ghost!Kusaka, Angry Asian Murder Hornet)
Kamen Rider Kaixa 

    Sora Shiun'in 
Sora Shiun'in, God of "Adorable Kid" Façades (Sora Perse, Fusion Scum, Floating Lollipop, Snack Buddy, Fuckboy, ARC-V Kyoryu Cyan I, Pineapple, "Five Nights at Sora's")
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Song: Sora's Theme. A Duelist's Secret Feelings (When he's getting serious)
  • Symbol: His Bears note , a Fusion card and candy in the background.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral normally, Chaotic Good with Yuya and Yuzu around. Formerly Neutral Evil under Academia.
  • Portfolio: Bratty Half-Pint, The Gadfly, Playing up his cuteness to get what he wants, Badass, Nutty and Cute, Having a Taste for Sweets, Infamously revealing himself to be evil, Child Soldier of the evil Duel Academia, having no friends as a consequence, Notable scary faces, Defected from Academia later on and turning good due to friendship and kindness from Yuya and Yuzu, Frightfurs
  • Domains: Redemption, Darkness, Friendship, Horror, Trickery, War, Cuteness, Fusion, School
  • High Priestess: Ninakera "Niko" Drunei
  • Followers: Aoba Kuronuma, Murumo, Amber, Darla Dimple, Nermal
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The other good aligned Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, Eliphas, Takuma Saiou, Dartz, Czeslaw Meyer, Miharu Rokujou, Ichigo Kurosaki, Harry Potter, Rika Furude, Garnet, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa (surprisingly more on his own part than his)
  • Opposed by: Solo, Reinforce Zwei, Kurapika
  • Admires: Omnimon, Mido
  • Sora Shiun'in started out as a Child Soldier of the Fusion Dimension's Academia, trained to advocate for Fusion Summoning and its superiority and to hate Xyz Summoning with a burning passion. As he became one of the best Duelists in the school, he ended up friendless since Professor Leo Akaba did not encourage kind treatment among his coevals in order to prioritize manpower for invasions to other dimension. Sora is then dispatched to the Normal Dimension sent to survey Yuya Sakaki and Yuzu Hiiragi to potentially kidnap the latter and then later on in the Friendship Cup held by LDS Duel School, he infamously revealed his true colours to everyone involved during his duel with Shun Kurosaki and taunted him with his dimension's destruction, leaving them with a bad opinion of him in their minds. Later on, after he rescues Yuzu from her duel with Sergei, he confided to her that she and Yuya have grown on him and treated him equally despite his rascal attitude and it's why he decided to fight for them instead of blindly obeying Academia. When he fully reunited with Yuya, Yuzu and the others, not much people question his actions but nonetheless, he sticked with them until the end even during the showdown against Z-ARC.
    • Sora first ascended when he first revealed himself to be evil, designated with the title God of "Adorable Kid" Façades and he initially stuck around to spread Academia's influence and screw with others maliciously. Nowadays, he's mostly laidback and playful but his pranking habits remained, albeit more tamed and non-malicious.
  • Due to his actions and involvement in the Dimensional War, Sora faced a lot of scrutiny from the other duelists of his multiverse, especially Eliphas and by extension the duelists from Heartland City since he advocated for Academia's invasion of the Xyz Dimension which has its own Heartland City, calling it a "gallant" battle as well as his cold and cruel behaviour of being sadistic against his opponents. Despite changing for the better thanks to Yuya and Yuzu, Sora knows what he has done still has weight to them and his usual pranking nature makes it hard to sell Eliphas in that he actually did changed.
    • Speaking of Yuya & Yuzu, he reunited with them after they had an exhibitional Action Duel prior to their ascension, something Sora helps start off. They are Sora Shiun'in's true best friends and Morality Pets that keep him from going too far. When they heard about the things he did in the Pantheon while they were not present, they were understandably disappointed. Sora said that he was not in his right mind because he was still carrying out Academia's orders and his bigotry towards Xyz duelists is forcefully ingrained to his brain. They may not fully forgive him, but he is still their friend regardless and woe to anyone who dares harm or falsely accuse either of them.
    • Used to be a follower of Vector and his methods during his Academia days, though the latter doesn't mind him growing beyond that. They both bond over being somewhat mean while playful to their respective circles and being redeemed by friends that believed in them to the end (Yuma for Vector and Yuya & Yuzu for Sora) and together, they often form a naughty duo that screws with others either for fun or in the case of villains, to see them fail cathartically.
    • The protagonist duelists Yugi, Judai, Yusei and Yuma are a lot more forgiving of Sora since they are aware of Yuya and Yuzu's influence on him which guarantees that he vows to never go far again. Still, they are still put off by his playful nature though he does draw the line at pointing out painful things back then and Yuma finds him to be like Vector's little brother, despite them not being related. Sora also tells them that he is willing to teach all five techniques of summoning to anyone who asks him about it, though they kinda doubt if he will as kind to them as he does with Yuzu.
    • Asuka, Sho and Johan also had understandable reasons above to distrust him but they have Judai's word that he's doing better now. Sora himself is a little sad that the Asuka he knows is not truly here but he is interested in what this Asuka is like, Sho is a little scared of Sora but he did try to play nice around him which is often ruined by Sora screwing with him and Johan is more successful in befriending Sora for real since they both had been evil (unwittingly or otherwise) at some point during their lives. As for Yuma's friend Anna Kozuki, she did hate him quite a bit too but eventually gave up on that and is more cordial towards him; it might be because he sounds like Umimi Habara and it also does unnerve her to see Sora being so nonchalant with Vector for the same reason.
    • The other good-aligned duelists do at least appreciate that he also hates the bigger villains like Zorc Necrophades, the Light of Destruction, Z-ONE and Don Thousand. The first two scoff at him for being another smallfry against their dark ambitions, Z-ONE pities Sora's situation somewhat but obviously condemns his actions and is more angered at Professor Akaba and finally, Thousand would like Sora better if he remained loyal to Academia as it would have been easier for him to manipulate Sora to do his bidding with Black Mist completely agreeing.
    • He does pity Takuma Saiou and Dartz for their unwilling possessions by outside forces, but he's taking extra steps in case they do get possessed yet again in the future. Sora is slightly terrified of the Kill Sat SORA that Saiou planned to use and even wonders if he was named after it, but that is highly unlikely in his mind and pities Dartz losing Atlantis and its people and then turned evil without his own volition but he can't accept Dartz manipulating others in a cold manner.
  • Setsuna Higashi AKA Cure Passion relates to Sora on being redeemed through friendship and also doing villainous actions while blindly being on the bad side, and as such she's willing to defend him whenever critcism of Sora can get scathing which Sora appreciated even if he feels like he shouldn't be excused. Setsuna then warns him of The Crow, who often threatens not just the Vividred Team but also other magical girls from the Sisterhood enough to warrant an attack-on-sight policy on her; Sora accepts, even finding The Crow to be reminiscent of Shun Kurosaki and his Raidraptors but at least in his eyes, Sora can see that not only Kurosaki became better but he's also miles more benevolent than the ever-heartless Crow. Also, they sound alike and he hates that.
  • Sora somehow got into contact with some Kamen Riders, probably after a SHOCKER kaijin inexplicably attacked him while he's minding his own business. Firstly, there's the very friendly Rider Gentaro Kisaragi who Sora never had a trouble with him anyway since his desire of befriending everyone making them smile reminds him of Yuya, though he learned later on that Gentaro isn't fooled by puppy faces (he wasn't fooled when Ryusei did his own Nice Guy schtick and rather accepted the Ryusei who punched him in the face). Then there's Mitsuzane Kureshima, or Micchy who also openly betrayed his friends like Sora did to an extent but Micchy's situation clearly broke him since he greatly took his best friend Kouta Kazuraba for granted. He, along with Kouta and Mai Takatsukasa, was very proud to see that it didn't take Yuya too many hardships to bring him back, though he did cringe at Sora nearly committing the same mistake he did regarding loved ones and evil professors. Mai has been very interested in teaching Sora how to dance, though she is still dumbfounded that a dance between his bear-chimera and Yuzu's Bloom Prima defeated some Mooks. After hearing about his love for sweets, Mai also wasted no time in taking him to eat in Charmant. Sora really liked Oren's pastries too and became a welcome regular customer afterwards so long as he keeps his experiments with food out of earshot of the Rider. Sora was also surprised with how they are both silly people with a bit of an attitude that just so happen to be soldiers in some way.
    • With their precautions, Sora now hates the evil Riders as well such as Katsumi Daido, Takeshi Asakura, Ryoma Sengoku and sometimes Masato Kusaka. Daido questioned Sora's loyalty to his friends which sets Sora off since he rather not risk their lives, Asakura brings up bad memories of his past sadistic behaviour, Sengoku is reminiscent of the Doktor who had done deplorable experiments and chief of them include creating the Parasite Fusioner which controlled Yuzu and her counterparts and finally, Kusaka once saw potential on Sora after hearing about his jerkass racist ways so he tried to expand his hatred of Xyz Summoning into a hatred of non-humans but this died down with Sora's redemption and while he really don't have any hard feelings about it, Kusaka was still disappointed and meanwhil'William "Bill" Lumbergh, God of Mean Bosses'''
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Initech Logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil (in a very passive-aggressive way), Jerkass, Kick the Dog, Mean Pointy-Haired Boss at Initech, Smug Snake, "...yeah, that would be great/terrific."
  • Domains: Work, Bosses
  • Followers: Mr. Spacely, Mr. Smitty, Dr. Kelso, Marty Wolf
  • Allies: Mr. Burns, Pointy Haired Boss, Mr. Krabs, Carol/Mom
  • Enemies: Homer Simpson, Benson
  • Opposed by: Michael Scott, Hank Hill, Clark Kent/Superman
  • Annoyed by: Beavis and Butt-Head
  • William “Bill” Lumbergh is a division Vice President of the software company Initech. He serves as a micromanager who is focused on pointless paperwork such as TPS reports have been known to make people work on Saturdays and continously order Milton to move his desk to increasingly absurd locations.
  • His temple is an exact replica of the Initech building where he continues to micromanage his employees. One of his biggest allies is the Pointy Haired Boss due to both of them being micromanagers and the PHB also being a Mean Boss (at least in his earlier years). The two can be seen having conversations every now and then. He and Mr. Krabs are also on good terms.
  • Is not well-liked by Homer Simpson given that he works for a mean boss. However, he does get along well with Mr. Burns due to their ways of managing their employees.
    • Michael Scott also opposes him as the former always wants to be seen as a fun boss. Even if he annoys his employees.
    • Clark Kent also opposes him given his experiences with people like him such as Perry White and Morgan Edge.
    • Benson isn’t on good terms with him either. Sure, he may be a jerkass, but only because he had to deal with the likes of Mordecai and Rigby. As such, he refuses to be associated with him.
  • While they have the same creator in Mike Judge, he often gets annoyed with Beavis and Butt-Head’s antics. As such, he sometimes has to keep an eye on them.
    • For a similar reason, Hank Hill has an odd relation with the man as he reminded him of his boss’ screw-ups that he had to deal with, though he was still able to see said boss’ nobler side.
  • Has been known for beginning his requests with “Yeah, I'm gonna need you to” and ending them with “That'd be greaaaaaaaaat.” For some reason, they have been exploited by other gods as their way of requesting something.
  • There is a rumor that he died when the Initech building was set on fire. So far, Lumbergh neither confirmed nor denied this.
  • Also has a seat in Leadership.