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Suction Cup Man is comin' round
My sucking powers have no bounds
Suction cups all red and shit
I'm pretty hot, you must admit
Do not test my sucking power
I'll climb your tower in just an hour
You can't kill me, I'm way too cool
I'm smudging up your windows, fool!
Suction Cup Man singing his theme song

Loosely inspired by a real-life story of a man climbing the Trump Tower (and a dose of South Park satire), Suction Cup Man is a series of animations created by Mike "Piemations" Pitts and Benjamin "DoubleAAntics" Kahan.

In this series, a raunchy guy with a raspy voice called Suction Cup Man infuriates another character by climbing up their property with suction cups. Eventually, the two parties end up in a verbal scuffle, capped off by Suction Cup Man singing a brief jingle of his own as a final insult. So far, Suction Cup Man's main opponents have been a business owner nicknamed "Business Guy" (his most prominent nemesis), a parody of Kim Jong-un, and Satan himself.

At the time of writing there are four animations (plus one remaster) released, including:

On top of that, there's a theme song and an advertisement for the official Suction Cup Man Plushie.

Suction Cup Man contains examples of:

  • Ambiguously Gay: Gina, the woman who owns/works at the sex shop. Given she went on a date with Zach, it's more likely she's ambiguously bi.
  • Art Evolution: The first video was inspired by South Park (it's stated right there in the title), and it shows. Later videos develop a more distinctive style, and Mike later did a version of the first episode in the then-current art style.
  • Artifact Title: Temporarily in Episode 4 when SCM uses the name Penis Man when he alternates to dildos for his climbing gear.
  • Ask a Stupid Question...: When Business Guy asks him how he entered the office during the merch plug after episode 3:
    SCM: I used the front door, how do you think, dumbass? *reveals suction cups*
  • Blunt "Yes": The President's answer to Suction Cup Man asking if North Korea would be stupid enough to attack the US.
  • The Cameo: Gina from Piemation's Mike & Zach series makes an appearance in the fourth episode, as the cashier of a sex shop. She even has half of her hair shaved from the Stubble Trouble episode; evidently, after being initially upset by it, she decided to rock it and adopt a goth look to go with it.
  • Car Cushion: Business Guy falls onto a police car in the remake of the first video.
  • Celebrity Impersonator: SCM's voice is a surefire pastiche of Gilbert Gottfried's.
  • Character Catchphrase: The title character's "I'm Suction Cup Man!" and "Look at me go!".
  • Chromosome Casting: Before Gina showed up in episode 4, most of the work was populated by men.
  • Crazy-Prepared:
    • The businessman had his company make an anti-suction cup window cleaner just to prevent Suction Cup Man from being able to climb up the tower.
    • SCM has a parachute in case he falls and an extra guitar in his backpack. He also has a downright preposterous quantity of spare suction cups at home just in case he loses any or leaves some in Hell, and during his brief stint as Penis Man he made a point of buying an entire room full of suction-cup dildos.
  • Death by Cameo: DoubleAAntics voices the guy that ends up getting sent to hell during SCM's and Satan's banter.
  • Death is Cheap: It sure is when you're able to climb back to the hell portal you came from with suction cups.
  • Disney Death: In Episode 2, it seems Suction Cup Man died in his attempt to disarm North Korea's missile, with a Dead Hat Shot of one of his suction cups left on the crashed missile. Turns out he was just parachuting back down with a curse-laden song ready for North Korea's leader.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness:
    • The first episode's art style is a carbon copy of South Park's (which was intentional, but dropped from Episode 2 onwards), and the Man himself was Nigh-Invulnerable, to the point that taking a sniper bullet and then plummeting to the ground from a large height didn't faze him in the slightest. Episodes 2 and 3 have him use a parachute and die in a highway accident - though it didn't stick.
    • Thanks to the first episode getting a remaster that puts its artstyle in line with later episodes, episode 2 now sticks out as the odd one out due to its artstyle being a half-step between the South Park-style of the original and the modern style the series uses.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Suction Cup Man's name isn't given, so everyone just calls him Suction Cup Man.
  • Exact Words: In the fourth episode, Suction Cup Man is legally forbidden from using or owning any climbing grade suction cups. After his attempts at finding a replacement tool don't pan out, SCM hits upon the solution: he was forbidden from using climbing grade suction cups, so he scales the Business Guy's tower with dildos. Upon being threatened with being forbidden from using or owning any kind of suction cup, he points out that that would be impossible, because suction cups are everywhere... including the human mouth.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: In the fourth episode, when we're shown the interior of SCM's home, a picture can be seen on the back wall showing SCM from the very first episode (Not the remastered version, the original one).
  • Giving Up on Logic: SCM's antics prove too much for the North Korean leader, causing him to terminate North Korea's nuclear program out of sheer exasperation. His words on the matter in the Spinning Paper?
    "fuck, I don't know"
  • Gone Horribly Right: The Wizard from the plushie ad casts a spell on SCM to make him "soft with a heart of cotton." This ends up turning him into an actual plush toy.
  • Heroic BSoD: SCM ends up suffering from one of these after being unable to find a proper alternative to his signature suction cups, and even seemed to be Driven to Suicide when he bought a rope from a sex shop, tying it into a noose. It's only after Gina gave him a "Eureka!" Moment that he gets out of it, finding a true alternative to climb Business Guy's tower.
  • His Name Really Is "Barkeep": Sort of. As the fourth episode reveals, Business Guy's real name is...Guy Business.
  • Improbable Aiming Skills: In the first episode, SCM is shot down with a sniper rifle. In the remaster, it's a handgun.
  • Japanese Ranguage: The North Korean leader in "2" can't pronounce Ls in most words.
  • Jerkass: The titular Suction Cup Man tends to enjoy smudging up peoples windows with his suction cups, inconveniencing people and generally annoying them.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The "I haven't seen you since last fall" line delivered to Business Guy at the end of episode 2 refers to - on top of the obvious pun - the first episode being released in October the previous year.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: The Wizard in the plushie ad briefly appears to be as ineffectual as every other guy antagonized by the protagonist, but then effortlessly immobilizes SCM and casts a spell turning him into a plushie.
  • Loophole Abuse: In the fourth episode, SCM is banned from owning or using climbing-grade suction cups. Since the ban only applies to climbing-grade suction cups, however, SCM instead procures dildos and climbs Business Guy's building with those instead.
  • Magical Incantation: The Wizard in the plushie ad recites one when SCM tries to enter his tower, though it ends up backfiring.
    The Wizard: Violent dumbass heart so rotten, become soft with a heart of cotton. A twisted soul who yelled and swore, cause a ruckus nevermore!
  • Mythology Gag: The court case from the fourth episode is designated as '10-4-16', which is the release date of the original Suction Cup Man short.
  • Nice Girl: Gina is quite possibly the only unambiguously good person in the entire series.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain: When SCM first lands in Hell, he is genuinely terrified and exclaims in terror when Satan begins to discuss what he's in for. However, Satan then starts getting on his case for using "God talk" in said exclamations, which causes SCM to snap back to normal which in turns leads him to figure out how to escape.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: The POTUS and the North Korean leader are slimmer versions of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.
  • Not Quite Dead: In "The Suck for America", after the missile crashes into the ground and North Korea Boy sees Suction Cup Man's suction cups still attached but no sight of SCM's body, he briefly thinks he's dead before SCM glides down from a parachute.
  • No, You: Once per Episode someone responds to the protagonist's "fuck you" with something along the lines of "no, fuck you!".
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business:
    • Upon arriving in Hell in "One Hell of a Climb", the normally eccentric SCM is visibly terrified...right up until Satan gets on his case for his use of "God talk", which causes SCM to snap back to his usual self.
    • After being banned from owning climbing grade suction cups in "Business or Pleasure", SCM spirals into a depression with the implied intent of killing himself. At this point, his voice even drops from his usual perpetual shouting into an almost whisper-like tone.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Suction Cup Man's reaction to the nuclear missile being launched (with him on it) in "The Suck for America". It lasts for as long as he needs to climb up it and disarm it.
    • In "One Hell of a Climb", he actually seems startled at the idea that Business Guy is planning on using a water gun full of piss on him, shielding himself in alarm.
      Suction Cup Man: Lemme guess, heh, you filled it with piss! (Cue a brief Beat as Business Guy is silent, as Suction Cup Man quickly prepares a suction cup as a shield) Wait, you did fill it with piss!?
    • Also in "One Hell of a Climb", he reacts like this when he ends up in Hell, and also returns to his usual cocky self relatively quickly. There's also a split-second moment when Satan destroys his guitar, but then he just whips another one and keeps going.
  • Painful Adhesive Removal: In the fourth episode, "Business or Pleasure", after being banned from using suction cups, he tries climbing Business Guy's tower through other methods, one being applying glue to his hands. The end result is him being forced to apply bandages to his hands after (very painfully) losing the skin from his hands.
  • Pun-Based Title: The third episode, "One Hell of a Climb."
  • Refuge in Audacity: The title character lives and breathes it. Climbing up a North Korean nuclear missile? Taunting the North Korean leader that discovers him? Playing an acoustic guitar while taunting while attached to said nuclear missile with naught but suction cups at his feet? Suction Cup Man did that and more.
  • Rhymes on a Dime: The wizard in the plushie ad.
  • Ripped from the Headlines: The titular character is based on a real guy who was caught climbing Trump Tower with suction cups in 2016. To a lesser extent, "The Suck for America" alludes to the tensions between United States and North Korea.
  • Ruder and Cruder: While the first three entries merely featured a lot of cursing and profane language, the fourth actually depicts sex toys, albeit censored in the YouTube release of the video.
  • Rule of Three: The deez nuts gag from episode 4:
    Judge: Sir, I am prepared hold you in contempt of court!
    SCM: Are you prepared to hold deez NUTS?!
    Judge: you even have an opening statement?
    SCM: Do you even have deez nuts?
    Business Guy: You cannot deny that you trespass on my tower almost every day!
    SCM: You cannot deny deez nuts!
  • Running Gag:
    • "Hey I wrote you a song!"
    • "Fuck you." "Fuck you!"
    • "You can't kill Suction Cup Man!"
  • Satan: Suction Cup Man encounters him in Episode 3, after dying in a highway accident. He promptly freaks out... which lasts for about ten seconds before returning back to the usual Trash Talk.
  • Serial Escalation: The first episode starts simply, with SCM just climbing up a guy's tower to annoy him. The second has him be recruited to stop North Korea from bombing the United States. The third has him die and go to Hell.
  • Shared Universe: With Mike & Zach, as Gina shows up in episode 4 working at a sex shop.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Suction Cup Man. As he states in his theme song:
    Suction Cup Man: My favorite words are the vulgar ones!
  • Spinning Paper: Used to announce DPRK giving up on their nuclear program after the protagonist's sabotage.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Gina's appearance in Mike and Zach has her completely silent. Her appearance in "Business or Pleasure" has her fully voiced.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome:
    • Business Guy whips out toilet plungers to go confront SCM, despite the latter telling him that he's going to kill himself if he attempts it; Business Guy jumps out the window, misses the side of the building, and falls onto the ground (in the remastered version, he gets one of the plungers on the building, but loses his grip on it and falls onto a cop car).
    • SCM argues with Business Guy after the latter got him off his building by spraying an anti-suction chemical at SCM. All while he's gliding away on a parachute and not paying attention where he's going, leading to him landing in a highway and getting ran over.
    • In Episode 4, SCM tries to defend his case without a lawyer and actively antagonizes the judge, not taking the trial remotely seriously. The trial itself doesn't even last two minutes before the judge rules in Business Guy's favor and outright bans him from using climbing-grade suction cups for good measure.
      • After being banned from using climbing grade suction cups, SCM (or just "Man", now) attempts to use alternate climbing devices to climb Business Guy's building. He tries using a grappling hook, but there isn't anything for it to grab on to, taping up his hands, only for the tape's adhesive to fail and smudge up the window he was trying to climb up, putting super glue on his hands, which works, but leaves him stuck to the window and forced to yank himself off the window, ripping off the flesh on his hands. Finally, he tries ice axes, which just break the window.
  • Tempting Fate: Suction Cup Man in episode 3.
    Suction Cup Man: Fuck the highway! You can't kill Suction Cup Man! Look at me-- (is immediately struck by two different cars, sandwiched between them, and set on fire.)
  • Toy Transmutation: The Suction Cup Man plushie advertisement starts out with an animation of Suction Cup Man getting turned into a plushie by a wizard. At the end, when Suction Cup Man is back to normal and still demanding the wizard's suction cups, he is turned into a toy again.
  • Triumphant Reprise: After recovering from his Heroic BSoD, Suction Cup Man manages to make a return to Business Guy's building. This return is heralded with an orchestral version of his theme song... Which swells as it shows him using dildos to climb his building.
  • Trrrilling Rrrs: The last line of the spell the Wizard casts when he's done with SCM's shit:
    ...cause a rrrrrrruckus nevermore!
  • Variations on a Theme Song: Episode 2 has one of these based around SCM's climb up the North Korean Leader's missile. (This was notably done 6 months before the official theme song and lyrics were made)
    Do not test his sucking power
    He'll climb your missile in just an hour
    You can't kill him he's way too cool
    He's stopping North Korea, fool!
  • Villain Protagonist: Our "hero's" only motive for climbing walls is doing it to antagonize the occupants and because he finds it funny. He finds it hilarious that Guy Business nearly fell to his death trying to stop him, uses his "one free climb" just to antagonize the man even further, sees no problem with stealing, vandalizing, or breaking and entering, and when he dies he goes straight to Hell (and escapes). The only good thing he's ever done is stopped North Korea from bombing the USA, and he only did that as a Boxed Crook to get a free climb... and even then he was stoked by the notion of starting World War III by doing it.
  • You Have No Idea Who You're Dealing With: The North Korean leader tries to intimidate Suction Cup Man with one of those. It doesn't work.
  • Wall Crawl: Suction Cup Man's default state.
  • Wall Run: When escaping Hell in "One Hell of a Climb" SCM just runs up the face of a cliff, while using his free hands to play acoustic guitar.
  • With Catlike Tread: In the plushie ad, SCM declares he needs to be stealthy... five seconds before breaking a window and attracting the occupant of the building he tried to rob.

Suction Cup Maaaaan! (One more time, baby! Oh, lord!)
His name is Suction Cup Maaaaan! (I'm like a superhero, but fucking pointless!)
Fuck you, he's Suction Cup Maaaaa... (Just try to get me off your tower!)