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    God (God, the Devil and Bob
God, Divine Deity of Flawed Creators (Arthur from Ypsilanti)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His mortal form in sunglasses
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Easily Forgiven, flawed but good creator, doesn't like tampering with free will, hanging out together with the Devil, pops in and out of his prophet's personal space
  • Domains: Narrative, Personality
  • Herald: Bob Alman
  • Allies: Mostly everyone, but especially Catwoman, Cosmos, Aslan, every newborn babies in the Pantheon
  • Friendly Enemy: The House of Demon (yes, really)
  • Enemies: While he is too nice to really hate anyone, he really doesn't like his Evil Counterpart YHVH
  • Opposed by: Every French deity
  • Opposed: Every single deities that plan to destroy the world especially The Lich, anyone who performed a Face–Heel Turn, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Greek Pantheon
  • Good Counterpart to: YHVH
  • Complicated Relationship with: Lucifer, Satan, Sam and Dean Winchester, Ned Flanders
  • Because he is the God in his universe, the House of Faith once sent an agent to ask him why is there evil in his world when he was supposed to be all-knowing heavily equipped with listening device. Their hearing process was interrupted by a train running and said agent was disappeared thanks to the effect of the Status Quo.
    • However, investigation with his previous prophet and representation of humanity Bob has them suspected that his word to Bob (without evil being good is meaningless) might or might not answer the question.
  • As soon as heard that God is now in the Pantheon, Archangel Michael immediately pledge his eternal service under him. Now the two of them are working hard to ensure that there will always be goodness in the world so it doesn't have to be destroyed. The two of them also working hard to lead those who had done a Face–Heel Turn - which he considered to symbolically choosing Satan over him, to lead them back to the path of righteousness.
    • Another one that is gladly to plead fighting in his namesake is Alexander Anderson, who would gladly decimate the entire House of Devil if he ever asked. Of course, being who he is, God never took up the offer.
  • Was very surprised when seeing Catwoman in the Pantheon as he once dated one of her mortal avatar Julie Newmar. They agreed to avoid each other as Selina is with Bruce now.
  • Was annoyed that every deities that want to destroy the world constantly want him to join in. He usually calmly responds with "I'm not that kind of God." and leave.
    • However, he was not very liked by any deities came from French as they don't like how he once wants to eliminate their country out of the hypothetical new universe he created.
  • He can sometime be seen in the House of Insanity in order to offer words of comfort to everyone reside and hopes they can try and get better.
  • He was especially well-liked in the House of Friendship because of how friendly he is. He welcome their affection as they are the kind of people he can be relaxed about as the House of Angels always reduced to a teary mess whenever he enter it (except for Archangel Michael due to how frequent the two interact) causing him to sometimes feels lonely. He compensates their kindness by sometimes make a double rainbow so that anyone who doesn't follow his religion doesn't feel left out.
  • Surprising everyone, he is very uncomfortable around any teenage deities and more comfortable around children who can see him. This is because of the fact that in his world God and The Devil struck that get human until they're 12, then the Devil gets human until they're 20.
  • Is currently has a rocky relationship with every single versions of Lucifer in the Pantheon. While they understand that he isn't the deity that oppress them, they still find it hard to get along with him due to their own alternative versions of God are much more evil and unreasonable. He still doesn't give up and reply that if he can mend his relationship with his version of Lucifer then he would try his best to atleast on speaking term with the other versions.
    • However, he once sit down with one version of Lucifer and share their dislike for his Evil Counterpart YHVH.
    • Similarly, Sam and Dean Winchester is uneasy around him due to their own bad experience with their own God.
  • He and Moses once had a long conversation with each other because now they are able to see each other again and Moses is reduced to a gibbering mess for now he can see God for the first time in the physical realm.
    • Ramses II is scared out of his mind when seeing God in close proximity given all the things he did to God's "chosen people" the Jews during his time as a mortal. God, being who he is, doesn't hold it against the Pharaoh but chastise to never do that again.
  • Heard that one of his version portrayed by Morgan Freeman once gave a mortal his power for 24 hours. While he appreciate that version's intention, God disappoints everyone by announcing that he won't practice something like that after learning the mess that it can cause.
  • He once met with Aslan and the two got along very well considering the lion is an Expy of him.
  • Because of his title, he has interact with various Pantheon from many cultures and came to his own opinion for them.
    • While he is a great allies for the Norse and Egyptian Pantheon because while they're definitely flawed, all of them all tried to better themselves and protect the world they're living in but he absolutely despises the Greek Pantheon for how frequent the deities screw over the world they didn't even created. Although he does acknowledge that not all Greek deities are Jerkass and made friends with the nicer ones like Athena, some good versions of Hades etc.
    • Doesn't like the Spaghetti Monster for its nonsensical understanding of gravity and is the protectors of pirates.
  • Denied answer when asked if he is truly the person that talks to Jeanne d'Arc by saying that he doesn't usually concerns himself with fighting and is more of a rehabilitating guy.
  • Because of his absolute friendliness to everyone, the House of Demons can't find it in their heart to really hates him except for those that hates everyone.
    • However, do NOT mistakes friendliness for being a pushover. Any devils that create messes that took a long time for him to clean up will be severely punished by exposing them to all of his holy power of goodness.
  • Through gossips from the House of Demons, three deities who are all devout Catholic are all in awe when seeing God in person and turned out he was much friendlier than they imagined: Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou. For his part, God is touched by their devotion, especially considering the fact that the first two are demons and praying to holy powers caused them physical pain. He decided to dedicate his next double rainbow to their name.
  • Doesn't particularly like Ned Flanders because he was too preachy and lacks respect for non-Christians, which God is trying to be inclusive. However, the two of them agree that YHVH is not a good example of the all-powerful.

Greater Gods

Angron, God of the Fatal Flaw (Primarch of The World Eaters, Daemon Primarch of Khorne, The Red Angel, The Broken One)

Find what you were looking for among the dead?

Kreia, The Survivor Who Grew Understanding Through Suffering (Darth Traya, The Lord of Betrayal, Lady of Betrayal, Dark Lady of the Sith)
Click here  to see Darth Traya
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: 3 purple lightsabers surrounding her by the Force
  • Theme Song: Kreia, Darth Traya and The Final Battle for her true identity
  • Alignment: Extremely varied. Due to her connections to both Jedi and Sith, sits variably in True Neutral
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Mysterious Figures, Neutral Sides, Machiavellism, The Force, Extremism
  • Herald: Darth Sion (Sith apprentice)
  • Allies: None, although she considers The Exile to be her only companion, others do not faze her in the slightest. Possibly Aldia
  • Additional Relationships with: Revan, The G-Man, the House of Knowledge
  • Rumored Member of: the Council of Shadows
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: The entirety of all Grand United Alliances and their leaders, Fate in general especially the House of Prophecy
  • Opposed by: The Illuminati
  • In a galaxy far far away, one of the most unknown entities to ever manifest is the Force. A mysterious piece of the galaxy, only used by the all-loving Jedi and the ever-hateful Sith, changes tides by the wielder's ability to control it in their grasp. Yet within the hidden depths of the galaxy, some have wondered its true purpose, studying it for ages, and some succumbing to its temptations. One in particular has seen it as a malevolent god's answer of deception to anyone willing to possess its unknowable strength and has spend years observing it's effects. Such study would be heretical and thus the person continued the studies through unknown means, even sacrificing their identity and shrouding themselves in mystery. Perhaps this was the case of this enigmatic teacher, the old lady Kreia, who knew much of the force in its deepest roots. One may ask if whether she abides to the side of the Jedi but soon enough one can see that she is in truth Darth Traya, an extremist who believed that the Force was an anomaly and wanted to destroy it, alongside the Sith Triumvirate, a formation she formed herself until she was kicked out for her extreme ideals, prompting her to plot against the entire galaxy in both her perfect ideas and scornful revenge.
    • The Pantheon was once at its infancy and some Force masters were sent to teach the deities the way of the Force, where she would act as a counter-balance to the good and evil sides. However, as time moved on, her influence waned and thus her presence vanished. No one could have understood where she had disappeared into and as time passed, so too did her teachings. It wasn't till one day when the Exile's senses, then the rest of the Force users felt the same sensation of an inexplicable feeling, one that was beyond the Sith's cruelty and the Jedi's heroism. Revan made a hunch that one mysterious figure would arrive and no one believe him, except for Yoda, who also felt the same feeling. And by their guesses, one woman was found in front of the Exile, replying with a message:
    ???:"I am Kreia, and I am your rescuer — as you are mine."
  • Her presence sparked numerous debates once again on the House of Knowledge with some attempting to identify her true motives, name and all other feats as she has been a mysterious figure for so long that no one really knows who she is or what her motives are. Only The Exile remembers her presence but others are completely dumbfounded, with only few such as Yoda, Revan and Obi-Wan having flashbacks of a mysterious lady akin to her appearance. There is no denying that the rest of the Jedi and Sith were at full alert when Kreia's presence was revealed once more.
  • History between her and the Exile varies. For one, while Kreia is a Jedi Master, albeit a shoddy one at that, it is true she opposes the Sith, she just has dark teachings that many would lump her into the same category as a Sith member. The Exile has contacted her many times and she considers him to be her actual student that she cares about. She has assured that said statement about being a Sith is entirely false which is partly true if you slowly see the cracks of her true identity...
    • Those who venture further into her ideals and truth reveals that she is not truly Jedi, but a former Sith going by the moniker of Darth Traya, who formed the Sith Triumvirate, a loose formation of Revan's empire that nearly wiped the Jedi Order. Their accomplished feats link not only to her, but to her former fellow Sith members, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Sion, the three being the pillars of the Triumvirate. But as the Lord of Betrayal, she would seen leave the Triumvirate, not on her accord but on the duo for her ideals. That being the destruction of the Force, her true endgame. The two vehemently opposed her that they kicked her out and as a mark for her revenge, has been plotting not only on the Force, but on both Jedi and Sith.
  • Information on Kreia is completely sparse. Almost no amount of documents or even clues are there to support her character, making her one of the most mysterious deities, perhaps even rivaling the Council of Shadows. Combined with her ability to cloak herself through the Force and manipulate her alignment, makes it ridiculously hard to pinpoint who she really is and can only be thought off through theories. The House of Knowledge has thought that the closest identity of her being that she is Arren Kae, a soldier from the Mandalorian Wars, and even then her mannerisms, choices and her hidden past completely invalidate any chance of the two being the same.
  • One of the few deities who actively spoke out against the Alignment chart, so much that she is basically an anomaly outside the spectrum. When the Court of the Gods tried to reinstate her, the one problem they faced was her alignment. Where would she be? Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral, maybe a guess on one of the three evil alignments? Not a single shred of evidence supported either side and so decided in full that her final choice was True Neutral, a side that befittingly fits her mindset.
    • If you thought the sides of good and evil are the ones she has opposed, think again. She has her hatred cemented against fate in general as she is not one person who would rather follow a path they are not content with and believes people should have the choice to follow any path without any restrictions. The status quo of the Pantheon did not help, as not only did the alignment become a huge manifestation on the plane, so did the concept of fate woven into almost every deity whether small or huge-scale. She wishes that someday, she may have the opportunity to get rid of it but for now, she will have to wait.
  • Opinions based on both sides of the war has her on the edge, believing both sides to be either extremely naive or too temperamental for their own good, and believes that balance is the key, something that neither sides have ever accomplished throughout their years. For a time, she also considered this to be the case for good and evil and why the ideals for the heroes to be utilitarian made them inhuman (and weak for those who show mercy) and the villains to be extremely selfish. For this, she barely spectates the main events of the Pantheon, possibly plotting a new scheme to benefit her, with one obvious person as to who she can rely.
  • For a teacher who knows the way of the Force more than anyone, even rivaling Obi-Wan Kenobi, she has a rather negative perception on the Force, as her experience with using it and her observations of its effects towards other individuals have made it clear for her that it is dangerous, even though she is highly dependent on it. This dependency of it also lead to her true goals, to get rid of the Force in a showcase that the galaxy does not need the Force in order to live, a goal that even the Sith have considered to be extreme.
    • When asked her utter hatred for the entity that powered their universe, she has bespoken how such entity maligned with every single fabric of their universe, how both sides would constantly wage war all because of the Force's influence. This is especially true with numerous fallen Jedi becoming the source of all wars following the return of the Jedi and beyond. Realizing that trying to balance the Force's spectrums was the equivalent of choosing both contradictory statements, her last option is to destroy it completely, as balancing it was, on her mindset, useless.
    • Her past may reveal some connection to Revan being that she is one of his former masters, and her extreme loyalty towards him as a Sith member, which is weird for a Jedi teacher to vocally support Revan as a Sith until you see that her being Darth Traya may have influenced Revan to become a part of the Empire. When she did meet up with her former apprentice, she spoke about how his changes were disappointing on her end, as Revan's intentions are to balance both light and dark in harmony, she intends on destroying the Force in its entirety.
  • Kreia's presence was signed by a large roar on the House of Quirks, revealing that one of the members has not forgotten her entirely. When Darth Nihilus arrived, he only expressed pure rage and began attempting to consume her connection to the Force, like the last time he did when he usurped her from the Sith Triumvirate, only to be stopped by the Exile's behest. The arrival of her apprentice, Darth Sion, has proved that history may be repeated on her end much like her eventual fate.
  • As if presence of the Jedi and Sith has her on the Pantheon brought her more anger than before, a trio that represented the Force soon saw what she was capable of and her response against them was with pure hatred. Hearing one of the possible outcomes of her journey, they fear her because of her presence as an antithesis, and how she successfully destroyed the Force, showing everyone that the galaxy is better off without the Force in existence.
  • Mystery is perhaps one of the alluring factors as to why Kreia is unique. Majority of her life is rife with theories as to what her true identity is, alongside her motivations and intentions, something that the Exile pretty much knows amongst the rest of the Pantheon's inhabitants. She is not alone though when it comes to mystery and few others who revel and dabble in such have staunchly gone against her, believing her to be a thorn to their side. The Illuminati was among those who tried to decipher her origins but for every attempt they have tried, Kreia seems to be on the top, anticipating their move. When they tried to strike down the Exile however, things got personal and the Illuminati soon found one of their members with their life sucked out, as if they had seen a ghost pull their literal life out of their bodies. To this day, they are one of the few who have been slowly tracking down her every move.
    • Suddenly, she felt a presence, one that does not obey the Force, nor on her learnings. This entity, the G-Man sought her as his employers and even himself grew interested on her powers, with her ability to cloak and mastery of the Force being one of the few feats that has caught his interest. She has no thought nor any idea as to the entity's intentions. The reason for her calling him an entity? She has sensed his being and is far more than the regular human, perhaps more than such.
  • The Tenno has opposed her every being, a mysterious person that already has similarities with The Man in the Wall, an unidentifiable being that, much like her has connections to the power they wield, the eponymous void. The difference is that said Man in the Wall is the Void personified and has no intention to destroy its own being, rather to demonstrate the Void's potential, where as she has no plans to spare the Force she spent years being powered by.
    • The Guardians soon after felt Kreia's presence seep into them, and saw each Guardian to be no better than the Tenno, a disgusting merge between human form and technology with some spots of fate sprinkled in considering what they represent. If anything, the Guardians are glad she is not intervening and also has a beef towards the enemies the Guardians are forced to fight. At worst, she might have the willpower and Force strength to destroy what remains of their civilization.
  • Outside of the Alignment chart, she has personal beefs with the state of the Pantheon, a plane that has become infested with both the side of good and evil, with no areas to fit a grey morality, as if the bias between both sides weren't more obvious. She blames this on all Grand United Alliances, from Cosmos' naive ideas for the good of all, to Melkor's selfish plans. It reminded her of how both Jedi and Sith operated on her universe and it doesn't help that the world of Chaos and Law have also intervened, making her statement for a balanced place, to be near useless.
    • She blames this on the Leaders themselves, proclaiming each to hold their own hypocrisy. She believes Cosmos is too soft and sees her as a non-Leader icon, hence why she hates her ideal to not kill even at the worst times. Melkor reminds her too much of Palpatine and the Sith and outright called them worse, nevermind the fact that the Sith did join him later on. Lucifer for her is the worst case scenario of freedom, no exercise nor restraint on each members that they may as well destroy the world before anyone else could while YHVH is basically too constrained on the belief that Law is the path to everything, and the rest of the Grand Alliances disgust her, Machines is all about technology, Destruction as what you would expect from the name and Nature is not so different from the other two but only focused on the environment. To her, they are all too extreme and never cover the middle ground, which is the very thing that she has vehemently hated. Afterall, what is the intrinsic part of being human if balance is never achieved?
  • Finally after trudging through numerous deities with lack of care, she once found someone who she can relate. The Scholar of the First Sin introduced himself and saw that she follows what he believed in, a way to get out of a cycle of two sides. For him, getting out of the cycle of humanity was a victory, which disgusted her, but upon inspection of the conditions he had to suffer through, she believed what he did was the right thing to do. Their opposition to all Grand United Alliances may have cemented some amicability with each other.
  • A mortal was able to slowly crack Kreia's code and philosophy and was able to publish an examination of her ideals, picking it apart one by one. To see that a mortal managed to find her true intentions has for one... brought a smile into her face.
  • "There is no truth in the Force. But there is truth in you, Exile. And that is why I chose you."

Kumbhakarna, The Sleeping Giant (Kumbha)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His helmet and elephant-tusk spiked hammer
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Heavy Sleeper, Noble Demon, Punch-Clock Villain, Waking Him Up Prematurely At Your Own Risk, Cool Helmet, Reluctant Warrior
  • Domains: Sleep, Warriors, Honor
  • Allies: Garfield, Snorlax, Jigglypuff, Yukari Yakumo, Mako Reizei, Sans, Wreck-It Ralph, Symmetra
  • Enemies: Eren Yeager
  • One-Sided Animosity: Aang, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Chen Stormstout, Uesugi Kenshin
  • Rivals: The Colossi, All Kaiju, King Kong
  • Feared by: The Greedy
  • The House of Personality was undergoing a massive renovation with splitting up the House into different Halls rather than grouping the deities by type. They soon set their sights on an unusually-large hill to be destroyed to make space for construction. When Ralph threw the first punch to start wrecking it down, the mountain merely wobbled to his surprise. That was when the large hill suddenly shook as it somehow began to rise out of the ground. As the soil, trees and other flora began to fall away, the "hill" revealed itself to be none other than the sleeping giant, Kumbhakarna. When asked how long he's been sleeping within the Pantheon, he groggirly replied how long it has been around. With a massive thunderous yawn, he picked himself up and went in search of food. The gods all then agreed, he was the ultimate Heavy Sleeper.
    • Proving his capacity for sleep, he was given Garfield's old temple of Heavy Sleeper while the cat himself would go to a new home in the Hall of Mammals at the Fat Cat temple. The orange feline merely shrugged as he picked up his box bed and Pooky and went off to get more lasagna at the House of Food before heading to his new digs.
  • As many of the participants in the Battleground of the Gods can attest, Kumbhakarna may be a demon, but he's not a complete bad guy. When asked why he aligned himself with Ravana, the Demon King of Hindu Mythology, Kumbhakarna drowsily replied that Ravana is his brother and he is devoted to both honoring his warrior vows and his family ...even if his family is the Demon King.
  • Aside from Jigglypuff, Kumbhakarna has a good mutual friendship with Snorlax and his partner, Mako Reizei. It helps that both he and she are in the same Hall and all three of them are napping buddies.
    • Yukari Yakumo is another good napping buddy, as they both enjoy sleeping and are both extremely dangerous if they are awakened.
    • Sans tends to visit him on the days he lounges about awake. Like Toriel, Kumbha enjoys his bad puns and his company. Of course, he also can feel his great power and would like to one day gauge his strength as a warrior. In fact, he said that the skeleton's bad puns were sansational. This got a good laugh out of him, much to Papyrus's annoyance.
  • Being a Reluctant Warrior at best and a Punch-Clock Villain at worst (since he honors his vow to stand with his brother Ravana), he gets along with Ralph. Kumbha is astounded at how Ralph's arms are strong even for a human and forgave him for punching his belly when he first awoke in the Pantheon.
  • The Pantheon has decided on a way to capitalize on Kumbhakarna's constant and powerful snores by hooking up a windmill near his head. When he now blows on the propellers with his snoring, it functions as a wind turbine to generate energy. The surplus energy is placed in giant batteries to be used for emergencies.
  • Kumbhakarna is not asleep all the time and on the times he's up, the first thing he does is locate some food to eat. Being a giant, the House of Food has to prepare a lot for him to eat for his breakfast.
    • At times when he has a sweet tooth and wishes to have dessert, he immediately heads for the nearest large resource of candy in the House of Food: The Taffy Pit. At first, the Greedy fought him as only he himself was allowed to eat his own junk food. However, he learned to his fright that Kumbhakarna opened his mouth and gobbled up all his taffy and sweet attacks and wanted more. The Greedy has no choice but hide deep within the Taffy Pit whenever Kumbhakarna shows up to snack on him. It's better to lose some of his mass than all of it to the giant's appetite.
  • Kumbhakarna's strength was put to the test the day he was challenged by Eren Yeager, who saw his being giant akin to being a Titan. Not only did Eren challenge him in his Titan Form, but he kicked him awake which brought down the pure unbridled wrath of the rakshasa down on him. Their fight shook the entire pantheon, ending with Kumbhakarna decking Eren with his Epic Uppercut that destroyed the entire House of Personality once he landed. He was about to deal the finishing blow by raising his spiked staff and driving it down on the unconscious Titan Eren, when a huge loudspeaker Lullaby from Jigglypuff was immediately set up and sent the rakshasa down to sleep again. Since then on, Eren is forbidden to ever step foot in the Hall of Flaws.
    • Even after seeing how he dispatched Eren, Annie, Reiner and Bertolt are no friends to Kumbhakarna, as he considers them just as bad as Eren and warns them to never get on his bad side.
  • Being a giant, he naturally gets along with other enormous deities. A group in particular is the Colossi. While some are slightly smaller or the same size as he, there are others who are even taller than he and he enjoys sparring with them to prove his worth.
    • With not many challengers his size, he tends to fight with all Kaiju gods for sparring practice. Of all of them, he considers Godzilla and King Ghidorah as worthy opponents.
  • One of Kumbha's most shameful exploits is his affinity towards eating monks who challenge him. The rakshasa merely mutters that he does that due to both being awakened prematurely and to prove his strength. Nevertheless, he is despised by all monks in the Pantheon.
  • When at one point Kumbhakarna woke up, he swore he just saw fellow deity Kali dancing like it's going to cast destruction on him. But once his groggy state passed, he realized it's not Kali, but a certain Symmetra who was just cosplaying her and honoring her. Kumbhakarna actually bonded with her pretty quick due to his jovial nature and sharing how much they're often seen as an evil villain due to their association with what they call a family (Ravana and Vishkar) even if they're naturally decent people. That and Kumbha admires how much Symmetra is into his myth overall.

    Shin (Dragon Ball
Shin, The Inept Deity (Supreme Kai/Kaioshin of Universe 7, Kibito Kai, former East Supreme Kai, World King God)
Click here to see Kibito Kai 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A golden fruit with "7" on it
  • Theme Song: Mysterious Stranger, Endurance
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Underestimating Badassery, God Is Inept But Very Good, Biggest Kai in Universe 7, Over Five Million Years Old But Not Immortal, Overshadowed by Awesome, Alien Non-Interference Clause, Life Tied to Beerus, Thrust in His Role Too Early, Nice Guy, Ascended Extra, Disguised Himself with His Real Name
  • Domains: Creation, Youthnote  and Inexperience, Fusion, Divinity
  • Heralds: Kibito (attendant, disciple and temporary fusee), Old Kai (colleague and acting Grand Supreme Kai)
  • Superior(s): Present and Future Zeno
  • Allies: Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, both Trunks, Androids 17 and 18, God from Ypsilanti, Izaya/Highfather, Ra, The Spring Sprite, Aichi Sendou, Kittan Bachika, The Life Entity
  • On good terms with: The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Whis, inexperienced gods like himself
  • Former Enemy: Fat Buu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lord Beerus (God of Destruction counterpart and life link)
  • Enemies: Majin Buu, Babidi, Merged Zamasu, Dabura, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, YHVH, The Divine Powers, the other Shin
  • Opposes: Frieza, Dr. Gero/Android 20, Kratos
  • Shin used to be the East Supreme Kai of Universe 7, a relatively young and peaceful Kai. However Majin Buu's awakening by Bibidi resulted in the destruction of thousands of worlds, Shin being the only Supreme Kai that survived. For five million years he has governed the universe as the sole Supreme Kai, approaching the Earth's protectors to try and stop Majin Buu's awakening. However he would prove surprised by the Z-Fighters being a lot stronger than he'd think, and realize how unprepared he was.
  • With Universe 7 as the second-worst universe, he gets the reputation of an incompetent deity. While that's true in a number of respects, more nicer gods give him slack as the job was thrust upon him early and he remains Incompletely Trained. He's quick to remind Beerus that he's just as responsible for his mishandling, possibly even more guilty since he's been around much longer. They do not get along, but because one would die without the other they're forced to coexist.
  • Him and God get along as the two are flawed but fundamentally good deities, though feels he could learn more from him than the other way around. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is sympathetic towards him because he can understand divine incompetence, having made mistakes like causing the Great Flood due to messing up making pasta. Shin finds him hard to take seriously but fun to be around and good bartender whenever he needs a drink.
  • Has been trying to learn from the more experienced gods, in hopes of one day living up to the standards of the Supreme Kais governing universes with a higher average mortal level than 7. As such he looks to Highfather and Ra. With the former he is said to be everything a leader should in stark contrast to Darkseid, though he has grabbed the Jerkass Ball once in a while. With the latter it's because Ra's a competent Top God and defender against monstrous forces like Apophis.
  • Completely livid with Zamasu in all his incarnations, infuriated he went against everything the Supreme Kais stand for and has gone so far as to call him worse than Frieza. Zamasu despises Shin because of how inactive he was, allowing the likes of Frieza to stay alive and permitting the sin of time travel in his universe. Trying to become a better god he agrees he should be more active, but that an inept god is infinitely more preferable to someone as monstrous as Zamasu.
  • His contempt towards Zamasu is also expressed towards YHVH due to their similarities. The Great Will claims He would never devolve into such omnicide, but Shin pointed out He's very much like the disgraced Kaioshin-both are dominated by ego, both cannot stand any rival in power and both have caused untold destruction to reshape existence in their ideal image, all while believing they cannot be at fault. The comparison utterly enraged YHVH, and Shin would've suffered a Fate Worse than Death at His hands had Beerus not come to his rescue.
  • Because of Zamasu's mass slaughter of the gods he opposes Kratos, though admits he had better reasons and is at least trying to better himself. He opposes the Divine Powers as well since he sees their methods of extreme and overbearing, the kind of behavior that a god should not have.
  • Serves as the God of Creation for Universe 7, though Old Kai being released from the Z-Sword changes this dynamic. As Universe 7 only has 28 planets with mortal life that he knows about, he has a lot of creative work to do. He has sought out the Life Entity to better get a grasp at creation, and the Spring Sprite for mending. Naturally he opposes the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, as their unfettered desire to destroy everything is against all he stands for.
  • Due to his failures at trying to stop Majin Buu and being somewhat of a Failure Hero himself, he is sympathetic towards Aichi Sendou. Kittan sympathizes with him for being thrust into a job he wasn't prepared to, as he's tried to fill the role of Kamina and has failed at that.
  • He and Beerus have been organizing fighters for the Tournament of Power, showing the Zen'o so frustrated by mishandled universes they plan to erase them with said tournament deciding who should be spared. Shin realize he really should've dealt with Frieza for bringing down the mortal level, who's ironically their tenth team member. Universe 9 proves even more mishandled than Universe 7. Though with it and everyone sans its angel being erased from existence, he's now at the bottom of the barrel. Both him and Beerus are horrified at the annihilation of entire universes.
    • Was utterly relieved not only that Universe 7 won the Tournament in the end, but also that the champion Android 17 wished to restore the other erased universes. Especially when Zen'o's Grand Minister revealed that were it not for this, the Omni-King would've erased everything.
  • Had heard that someone else with his name existed in the Pantheon, particularly in the House of Villainy. When he finally met this other Shin he immediately detested him, sensing something evil about the blonde giant. This sentiment was confirmed as both founded and mutual when the blonde derisively wrote him off as a pacifistic weakling.
  • Can also be found in the House of Faith.

Intermediate Gods

    Biscuit Krueger 
Biscuit Krueger, Goddess of Issues With Excess Muscle (Bisky, Bisc, Biscuit-chama)
Click here to see her true form 

    Shinji Kido/Kamen Rider Ryuki 
Shinji Kido, The Wide-Eyed Idealistic God (Kamen Rider Ryuki, Shocker Rider Ryuki)
Shinji Kido as he appears during the events of Kamen Rider Zi-O.
Kamen Rider Ryuki 
Ryuki Survive 

Lesser Gods

    AA-12 and Vector 
AA-12 and Vector, Goddesses of Perpetual Gloominess (AA-12: Lind [her real name], Candy Cannon | Vector: Vivi, Tactical Doll Vector)
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their namesake firearms. AA-12's is beside lollipops her beanie and shields while Vector's is surrounded by fire.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, The Eeyore, Stone Wall (in different ways)
  • Domains: Androids, Firearms (specifics below), the United States
    • AA-12: Automatic Shotguns, Insomnia, Candy
    • Vector: Submachine Guns, Fire
  • Allies: G36, S.A.T.8, Contender and Thunder, AUG, Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38, TAC-50, Chihiro Fujisaki, Iris.EXE, 9S, 2B, Hikari, Eeyore, John "Soap" MacTavish, John Price, Team Metal, Private James Ramirez, Jill Stingray
  • Enemies: Teseo, The Enclave, The Grineer, Null Sector, Ash, Kano, Father Elijah, General Shepherd, Vladimir Makarov, Dingodile, Garfield Lynns/Firefly, The Tank
  • Complicated Relationship (mainly mistrust): Isomer Black
  • Avoids: The Pyro, Cinder, SCP-457 (Vector only)
  • Heralds: MP7 and PP-90
  • A PMC like Griffon and Kryuger has amassed quite the number of Tactical Dolls. Quirky as some... okay, no, quirky as a many of them most are quite friendly or approachable at the very least. A tsundere or two here, a lazy bum or two there. Alas, AA-12 and Vector are not among that group of dolls for the two of them project their own downcast auras in their own little ways. Hard to work with personally, definitely, but not so much professionally. You'll find they're quite good at what they do in the company. Better hope you can roll for them and make the investment too.
  • For well over a few months word abounds over a string of incidents relating to the various mechanical deities disappearing before returning just as quickly with no recollection and continuing about their life as though nothing had happened since their departure. Of course, the GUAG White Hats were quick to investigate but found that the disappearances had immediately slowed to a halt. A couple of months later the cases started up again with this time the ascended T-Dolls being singled out, implying that perhaps an old enemy of theirs had joined the fray. Yet something felt about that observation, and this lead to the likes of 9S and later Chihiro Fujisaki and Iris.EXE taking it upon themselves to look into the matter on their own. Their investigation led them to a remote storage unit in the House of Travel with the missing Dolls, all unconscious, including two Dolls they've never seen or heard of before.
    • It turns out that all of the T-Dolls have their Neural Clouds shoved within a part of cyberspace running combat simulations endlessly and that in order to escape they have to collect them from within it one by one. 9S was initially hesitant about leaving behind Chihiro though Iris assured she'd stay behind with Chihiro to help him out from the outside while also looking over the Ultimate Programmer. With everything in order 9S set off the retrieve the Doll's Neural Clouds with the first encounters being with the two unknown Dolls. First impressions... did not go well with the two clearly on edge and threatening to attack him if they made another move, suspecting him to be their captor. In the end 9S ended up winning over their trust after the captor in question came on who the android recognized to be Teseo who then revealed he orchestrated the earlier disappearances to plumb some combat data while the current operations was because he had nothing else important to do at the moment.
      • Arrogant as he was, Teseo mocked the dolls for being quite troublesome to shove into the cyber world and for their low-specs before sending some Sangvis Ferri and Paradeus simulated soldiers on their way. Realizing the dire situation at hand the two dolls, AA-12 and Vector, were forced to place their trust on this stranger to get out in one piece. It was a trust well placed as with his help and their knowledge on SF they soon gathered the other dolls while outside Iris made contact with the authorities over Teseo bringing in the unascended into the Pantheon. Realizing this, the Adept Hacker backed out but not before trying to terminate the simulation altogether. Thankfully, everyone made it out on time and though their Neural Clouds were damaged they were still alive and well. As recompense for getting involved in ordeals involving the Pantheon they were awarded godhood. Despite the skepticism in accepting such a thing with AA-12 being unsure about bunking with another doll in an unfamiliar place the two were coaxed into taking up the title.
  • While both of their attitudes are off-putting neither of the two are ingrates and have given their thanks where it is needed. Through 9S they were able to get in contact with his partner 2B who helped the two ease in the Pantheon starting out. In turn, Vector and AA-12 have assisted the two YoRHa androids on some missions here and there like the rest of their fellow T-Dolls. For the record, Vector prefers working with 2B while AA-12 is more at home with 9S. AA-12 could do without 2B glaring at her, however. Especially on the rare occasions when she gives him a lollipop. He's just easier to talk to, even if they do bicker, jeez.
    AA-12: Oi 9S, could you, like, get 2B to stop looking at me that way? The glare she gives me is even more sourer than the candies MP7 chomps on when she's having a bad day. I'd tell her to quit it but formal stuff makes me sick. Plus, heh, given my atrocious track record with this sort of thing...
  • As a general rule they don't usually go out to make friends, for different reasons (see below). Yet the Pantheon works in mysterious ways and they managed to get people running into them anyways. First was Eeyore, who previously held their title before joining the rest of the Hundred-Acre Woods gang. Yes, this is literally a "misery loves company" sort of thing. Next was Hikari, who was formally depressed due to all the hell she went through growing up but through some help managed to overcome it and get back to pursuing her dream as a movie director. While many of their conversations with her revolve around movies and little else they surprisingly get pretty lengthy, especially with Vector's knowledge on non-mainstream stuff. Zombie films and otherwise dark and mysterious movies are her thing.
    Hikari: This weekend there was this one film that has made rounds in the House of Love and Affection.
    AA-12: More than likely it was probably another trashy romance one. The kind that gets people to scope it late at night while your roommate is still sleeping because of all the fanfare it got the other day. Not that I wouldn't know.
    Hikari: I mean, I wasn't insinuating you were...
    AA-12: ... Oh. Uh, can someone get a shovel to bury me with?
    Vector: I've no intention of or writing your obituary. We still need to work tomorrow.
    AA-12: Right, right...
    Kotone Shiomi: Aha, these are some interesting friends you made, Hikari.
  • Having seen their fair share of conflict against antagonistic militaries and machines alike stemming from encounters with KCCO and Sangvis Ferri alike such enmity has extended to other gods who fit the bill. Quite frankly, the Enclave and the Grineer Empire fit the former while Null Sector and Ash fit the latter nicely. For taking up arms against them and helping some of their enemies the animosity is shared.
  • Once, the two alongside a couple other T-Dolls were tasked in dealing with a small operation involving the Black Dragons' arms dealing. Before they were able to do anything, however, a mysterious gas was released killing many of the criminals while rays of light picked off the rest. Narrowly dodging the same they tried pursuing this new assailant out into the plains and their new opponent wasted no time picking off their Dummy links. Ultimately, though, this enemy would soon escape after they got hit with a pulse grenade. After recovering, Vector managed to find out that their mystery attacker was an ambitious madman going by the name of Father Elijah who sought to recover technology whenever he can. A massive misanthrope and control freak, believing people to be too stupid to know what they're dealing with in tech, his ultimate goal is wiping out as many people as he could and enslave the rest under a "quiet world".
  • Being the girls that anthropomorphize the guns they carry it was only a matter of time in which the two have met those who are familiar with their weapons. John "Soap" MacTavish, John Price, Team Metal, and Private James Ramirez have at least access to one of their weapons and have no problem with them being around or working together. Of course, with things as they are the two dolls naturally became enemies with General Shepherd and Vladimir Makarov. Neither of the two have any problem with that, though, considering what Griffin has went through and all that.
  • By the request of their fellow T-Dolls the two have occasionally dropped by to the bar of Valhalla where Jill Stingray works at. They haven't formally met her in the Alternate Universe where G&K stopped by Glitch City and dropped by the establishment, nor have they really met the T-Doll versions of her or her friends after being uploaded from the Digimind of a absolutely shitfaced doll who created an entirely new universe in it either. They're frequent patrons, especially AA-12 with how late she often stays up.
    Vector: Drinking this Mercuryblast made me remember the time where I tried spicy food. Buffalo wings, extra crispy, with jalapeño poppers. I'd thought the sensation would be enjoyable having the pre-installed data on the experience. I was even a little excited.
    Jill: Guessing you didn't.
    Vector: Just my luck.
    AA-12: Sheesh.
  • The two dolls have also lodged in the House of Optimism and Pessimism. Take a guess at which half they lean towards.
  • AA-12 only:
    • Possessing not only an irritable mood and an even sorer one when things don't quite go her way, AA-12 is not easy to get along with. She's all too aware of her poor social skills (ex. she tried to shoot someone upon being asked to swim) and places a great amount of importance in the late night talk radio she listens to for relationship advice, as the bags under her eyes have quite clearly indicated. Hard to miss them. More than likely it also feeds into said mood and poor sociability and perhaps even her addiction to sugar considering how easily she gets sick without it. Granted, she also gets sick from something as simple as a greeting or dressing up to be prim and proper but again, poor social skills. If one didn't know any better you would think AA-12 is some sort of hikikomori though this doll is quick to prove she's no good-for-nothing slacker. While an official interview may state she's relatively new to Griffin fact she may in fact have a longer history with Griffin and Kryuger than one might think at first glance.
    • Physical violence is just not her thing. To her, it's quite uncivilized and primitive and the use of it is indicative of one's character. Guns are exempt from this, however. In fact, they're much of the opposite in her eyes. And the shotgun she wields is the quite the universal communicator. For that reason much of the House of Weapons disappoints her as they greatly outnumber those in the House of Firearms. Expect her to get into petty arguments with those who think differently about such weapons, such as Obi-Wan Kenobi.
    AA-12: I don't understand what's so civilized and elegant about a laser blade that's seen its fair share of impalement, bisection, and decapitation. Whether something is clumsy or random is likely the fault of that specific weapon or wielder themselves.
    • By looks alone you can tell she sees a lot of herself in Tomoko Kuroki and finds solidarity in that. It seems quite lost to AA-12 that by comparison Tomoko has matured a quite a lot after her first year in high school, becoming aware of her shortcomings of resentment and selfishness, and that by the third year she has earned quite the number of friends. Hell, she's quite the Clueless Chick-Magnet somehow. Mind you, she's not totally changed: She's still quite the cynic and perv, for example, but her friends look past that. Maybe spending some time with her will give AA-12 a bit of an epiphany of her own? Who knows.
    • Typically makes routine visits to the House of Food to get her fix for sweets, primarily lollipops but AA-12's not too picky. Any flavor will do also, so long as they aren't too weird. One trip to the edibles abode led to her running into Lemres and Stocking Anarchy. Then L Lawliet. And Kokonoe Mercury... and the Blood Team's Gretel too... Long story short in a small amount of time AA-12 managed to insert herself into this particular cavalcade just by having a taste for sugar. Didn't exactly know how she managed to accomplish such a thing but she'll take what she can get. Kokonoe and Gretel are interesting, though. They're like what she's heard about those eggheads up in IOP, but stranger somehow.
      • Her periodic craving for sugar to keep her going has lead some people to compare it to a drug addiction. In other words, some gods and goddesses has taken it upon themselves to label her as some sort of crackhead. She doesn't really like these comparisons as you may have guessed. It's a pretty quick way to push her buttons.
      • While we're still on the topic of sweets don't bring up the fact that there are some sentient candy entities like Princess Bubblegum walking around. Thinking about that makes her head-spin more than it sometimes does just by being awake. Or with sugar withdrawal. As a doll who doesn't subscribe to any God or faith she's already rationalized the existence of the Pantheon by just comparing it to some fancy real estate.
    • One day AA-12 was scrambling to get to a meeting with her allies after not only underestimating the time spent window shopping but also cutting through the traffic of people and vehicles. Through some miracle she managed to get to a subway with an empty seat open offered by a strange man named Dr. Zalost. Noticing how troubled she looked he offered her a cup of happy plums for her travels. AA-12 was thinking about politely refusing (or polite as she can manage) though while stocked up on sugar she didn't have much in the way of actual food this morning. And he didn't seem like that shady of a guy, even if the baby rat in hands is a bit freaky but also cute in a way. So, yeah, in the end she caved in and gave the plums a try. By the time AA-12 arrived to the meeting her fellow dolls have noted she's... way more chipper and awake than she usually was. In some cases it was almost off-putting, but it was welcome all the same. Since that day AA-12 has been seen with the now reformed doctor a bit more.
    • She has a name other than AA-12, a callsign/codename she goes by in Griffin: It's Lind. Yeah, Lind. Who knew, right? It's not something she has brought up all that well and considering her character it may be more comfortable for her to be referred to as AA-12 for the time being.
    • “It’s so idiotic to use physical violence like a primitive being. An advanced doll like myself should obviously solve problems in an advanced way.”
  • Vector only:
    • Radiating a pessimistic aura, one that can be felt in just about everything she says, Vector is also not that easy to get along with. Apparently, she's been this way ever since she was rolled out of the factory and into the brave new world. She is just a weapon as far as she is concerned, as the codename referring to the weapon she was Etched after quite clearly indicates. It's hard to grasp her heart though Vector's mindset is not totally unreasonable. She's cold, not heartless, and not only is Vector capable of shedding tears but will be a lot warmer to those who are more vulnerable emotionally. And ultimately Vector does cherish the friends she has, even if she doesn't quite wear her emotions like a sleeve unlike some dolls and humans.
    • She has a nickname, you know: It's Vivi. It was originally coined by her persistent and more cheerful comrade in arms, PP-90. At one point in the stress of things she snapped at her to stop calling her that among other issues but after one near-death experience involving a maniac with a scythe and make-up later they were both on good terms again. Vector even lets PP-90 call her Vivi though by that point it probably her just relenting. Still, progress to her heart was made.
    • If the anthology is anything to go off of apparently Vector is into video games judging by the time when she was the base's adjutant and ended up getting hooked on a gaming console she found laying around. The console in question belonged to RFB and Vector ended up getting roped into playing with her to avoid any weird rumors getting out. Both the AI and original Chiaki Nanamis caught wind of this and brought it up to her when she came by to drop something off from Chihiro but quickly assured her they didn't mean to dig up her secrets, the AI counterpart just accidentally picked up some information when Chihiro and 9S were reparing her Digimind. They won't dare blackmail her into playing with them but she's free do so of her own volition when she has the time. At first Vector didn't really consider taking their offer though only after the House of Gaming Styles got a bit dangerous from the Goat, the Goose, and the Rock of Ages' shenanigans did Vector come around eventually, even if in this case it was unwilling and to pass the time.
      • Her relationship with the Chiakis was what helped Vector get herself acquainted with the likes of Peko Pekoyama and Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, two the of the original Chiaki's classmates back at Hope's Peak Academy. With their enemies from back home having been ascended in addition to other dangers that lurk in the Pantheon Vector has seen her fair share of use a bodyguard for the two of them. She wonders if her help is even needed that much considering how capable of a swordswoman Peko is but Vector chooses not to complain. If it's a mission she'll do it without any dissidence. In reality, Fuyuhiko has been hiring her to try and get at this "tool" mentality she (something she shares with Peko), fully knowing he'd make more progress by hiring her as opposed to just spending time normally where she'd just decline. Progress has been predictably slow, however.
    • She's a SMG grenadier type T-Doll with her bread and butter being incendiary grenades. As a result she's often thought to be a pyromaniac behind that deadpan demeanor, an image she is not particularly fond of as it inevitably leads her to being lumped with the likes of not only Team Fortress' Pyro but also the criminal known as Firefly aka Garfield Lynns and the literal burning men consisting of Cinder and SCP-457 in addition to other pyromaniacs seeking her out. The fact that she tends to be assigned to jobs in which the use of fire is recommend (ie. zombies and similar entities such as the Lost, the Tank and other Special Infected) hasn't really helped her case. Neither does the "trance" she enters upon taking some enhancement pills.
      • At one point, Vector and a few other gods unwittingly managed to get in the crossfire of Firefly and Dingodile's burning sprees. While the group tried to keep their heads down and avoid them as much as possible before escaping the escalating damage done to the area has just not made that possible. Thus, to save the rest and the place itself from further destruction she ended up being forced to draw their attention and in the scuffle against them Vector managed to get at Dingodile's fuel tanks. She underwent some serious burns but she did ultimately escape and doesn't look forward to meeting the two of them ever again.
    • If there was a silver lining to the above incident it would probably be Vector soon meeting Blaze the Cat. Commanding control over fire she thankfully was not another maniac and was by contrast quite the stoic figure, one who nevertheless was unambiguously heroic. You could say the two share some similar demeanor, although Blaze is warmer by way of comparison.
    • "My origins, my prototype... are all meaningless. After all, I’m just a tool that follows orders.”

    Goofy Goof 
Goofy Goof, The Clumsy God (Super Goof, Captain of the Royal Guard, Dippy Dawg, George Geef, Aegis, Stellar-Powered Walking Disaster)

    Karen Kohiruimaki/LLENN 
Karen Kohiruimaki, Goddess of Issues With Excess Height (LLENN, LLEN, Kohi, Pink Devil, Chibi-chan, Loli Kirito)
Left: Karen, her IRL appearance, Right: LLENN, her GGO avatar
  • Karen's surprised how approachable she is even in her IRL form, given Japan's social expectations that a girl "should" be short to be considered beautiful. That's because in any other series/genre/country, she has a wonderful figure with supermodel-material beauty, which coupled with her sweet and kind personality, makes her just as cute as her online avatar. She has no interest in the fashion industry, though, which shows in her choice of clothes.
  • LLENN isn't above using her size to her advantage, even once hiding in a suitcase to get the jump on an enemy squadron. Given how many other deities of her size (and smaller) are here, this isn't new for the GUAG's enemies.
  • Her pink outfit might look cutesy and ridiculous, but it's ideal in desert biomes (the color's called desert pink for a reason), and pink smoke can also help camouflage her.
  • Even if it was only once on-screen, LLENN's lean-back to avoid a bullet has garnered Neo's attention and respect.
  • Like everyone else, she has disdain for Sugou and his infamous crimes.
  • Her achievements as LLENN has also drawn the attention of other speedy shooters such as Tracer and the Scout. While she and the latter only remain as rivals due to his mercenary work and flirtatious attitude (though never when she's as LLENN since she looks like a kid and he's friendly with them despite who he is), she became much friendlier with the former, who has taken a shine to her abilities.
  • Having had to deal with a friend who had such issues, LLENN doesn't like Combat Sadomasochists and Blood Knights, especially those who get a thrill in being so close to death. It may be cheap here, but it's still not without consequences.
  • When it comes to her P90 P-chan, she gets into a rampage when it gets destroyed, often right after using it as an emergency shield, and sometimes she can swear it speaks to her (though most chalk it up to self-motivation purposes).
  • Given Pitohui used one in Squad Jam 2 to wipe out an enemy team, LLENN is wary of Darth Maul, who also wields a red double-ended Laser Bladenote . This animosity also extends to all Sith (though she's not too sure about Darth Vader).
  • Sometimes gets unwanted attention from vampires and other unsavory creatures given in Squad Jam 2, she finished off Pito by biting into her neck.
  • Had an interesting encounter with Gertrude when they incidentally had to work together to get rid of an immediate threat to their lives. Like her, she has an 'unpowered' adult form and a 'powered' child form, though Gertrude is well into adulthood while Karen is just entering 20. Karen pities her for going through several years trapped in Fairyland, and arguably had a worse time there than the victims of Sword Art Online; the VRMMO's dangers were simple mechanics made more dangerous by death being made real, whereas Fairyland had a lot of obnoxious folks who've done everything they can to be unhelpful to Gertrude.
  • She also has a temple under Body Images.

    Rana Linchen 
Rana Linchen, Goddess of the Skilled, but Naive (Lana Linchen)
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess in Nova Form and with the Plasma Stigmata Enhancement activated. Greater Goddess with the Transcendence activated)
  • Symbol: The West Genetics Symbol and the Shinen (her Volt Weapon)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: New Transfer Student, Prefers Hand to Hand Combat, Characterization Marches On, Genki Girls, "Enga!", Clingy Jealous Girl, Skilled Fighters with Naive Outlooks
  • Domains: Combat, Romance, Fanservice, School, Tragedy
  • Heralds: Kazuya Aoi (her unofficial Limiter, shared with Satellizer), Luna Linchen (her older sister).
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Yuuki Terumi), Monokuma and his Mastermind, SHOCKER
  • Being a former follower of Erza Srarlet who ascended in her own right, Rana Linchen is a kind and naive Pandora from Tibet who transfers to West Genetics as a second-year student, she believes that Kazuya Aoi is the "soul mate" she is looking for, after her first meeting with him and due to her Stigmata resonates in his presence. Because of this, she develops a friendly rivalry with Satellizer el Bridget in a competition for Kazuya's affections.
  • Upon entering the main pantheon she was tricked by Monokuma since the creepy teddy bear exploits her naive mentality after Rana hears from him that "Ryusei Sakuta, a.k.a. the black and blue warrior named "Meteor", is a villain of sorts" before she fights him in a duel before both of them were ambushed by the Trollkaigers after both of them got exhausted in their match, luckily Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze and Satellizer el Bridget arrives in time to save them as Gentaro explain that Ryusei is not a bad guy as she realized she was being tricked after all before she teams up with Satellizer and the Kamen Riders to defeat the Trollkaigers with their respective attacks before the group curses them for their loses while retreating. After this she apologize to Ryusei for what she initially heard of him which Ryussei accepts her apology as he handshakes her as a sign of forming their friendship. Because of this, Ryusei and Rana became friends ever since.
  • She also had a sympathy towards Mitsuzane Kureshima after what she heard of him denouncing his evil ways due to his actions during the Helheim Invasion. Now since Micchy became a redeemed person, he forms a friendship with Rana as she encourage him to act as a better person while she will train him to become a better fighter to increase his fighting experience.
  • She also has a big interest on building model kits, especially the ones from the Gundam series. As such, she became close friends with Sei Iori, Reiji, Aila Jyrkiäinen, and Team TRY Fighters since they have the same hobby as her. On top of that, she might build her own Gunpla and also wants to play Gunpla Battle with them.
  • Once mistook Issei for Kazuya due to his voice. Issei was also surprised by Rana due to her similarities to his beloved Rias. She get's along quite well with him despite him being a pervert. She's also friendly with Rias for similar reasons.
  • She has somewhat found a kinship in the form of Akane Tsunemori, Chiaki Nanami, Charlotte Dunois, and Plutia as they both get along due to how they sound similar to each other.
  • She became close allies with Daidouji as both of them wearing sarashi as part of their clothing as well as both were close ranged fighters that uses hand to hand combat. Rana had once mistook her for Arnett McMillan upon their first meeting since Daijouji's voice reminds Rana too much of Arnett.
  • Her fighting instincts and her abilities has somehow managed to impress and befriended Jotaro Kujo as both tend to train each other while she eagerly wants to learn more of his Rapid-Fire punches to improve her skills.
  • Aside from her previous encounter with the Trollkaiger and Monokuma, she also develops her disgusts towards them, especially with Terumi for being an utter despicably figure who's just doing evil deeds. Also gains an ire towards Monokuma and Junko Enoshima after what she heard of them for being the mastermind of the "School Life of Mutual Killings" incident at Hope's Peak Academy.
  • Also gaining an enemy in the form of Ryoma Sengoku after what she heard of him being a mad scientist who will do anything to obtain the Forbidden Fruit even he betrays his allies. Because of this, she will use her own strength to stop Ryoma from obtaining it.

    Teru Mikami 
Teru Mikami, God of Suffering From Compulsion (X-Kira, the Fourth Kira)
  • Lesser God (though he doesn't call himself that)
  • Symbol: Gelus' Death Note
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Black-and-White Insanity, Dark Messiah Worshipper, Extreme Sense Of Justice (even more than Light), Bully Hunter, Beat It by Compulsion, Childish Psychopaths, Soft-Spoken Sadist, Straight Edge Evil, Enslaved By Habit, Intelligence Equals Isolation, Pure Is Not Good
  • Domains: Judgement, Insanity, Death, Worshipping, Delusion, Deleting
  • Those he considers good: Light Yagami (personal god), Fred Rogers, The Judge, Abadar, Rorschach, Kenzo Tenma (one-sided on his part), Satan (Shin Megami Tensei), High Councillor Kal-El, John Doe
  • Those he's divided on: Fused Zamasu, Misa Amane, YHVH
  • Those he considers evil: Any enemy of Kira, especially Near. Also, the entirety of the Houses of Crime and Transgressions and Villainy for obvious reasons, plus Manfred Von Karma, The Quintessons, Seto Kaiba and Mr Burns. And anyone or anything he considers "lazy" like Ameno-Sagiri and its cohorts. Doesn't like Moe Syzlack, Soda Popinski, Bacchus, Barney Gumble, Captain Haddock and Cana Alberona either, SCP-993 or those who hurt children.
  • Those he cannot comprehend: The entire House of Ambiguity, Philemon
  • Pities: Sirius Black
  • Teru Mikami serves as a criminal prosecutor in Japan's legal system, coming off as a fair judge. Behind this, however, is a deeply irrational man with a childish sense of justice, and a compulsive disorder that would lead to his downfall. Becoming attracted to Kira's ideal of justice, he would become an unwavering ally to the bitter end. And unfortunately for him, he'd play key in his master's downfall.
  • Is utterly dedicated to Light Yagami, seeing him as his personal god. Upon ascending he immediately screeched that the other gods were "false" and that Kira should be head of the pantheon. Kira himself told him to knock it off, calm down and accept the rating system lest they get into hot water. Mikami will try and "delete" anyone who refers to him as a god. He was utterly enraged to learn that Near had ascended, given he used him to bring Light's downfall, and may have used the Death Note on him.
  • Completely forbidden from entering the House of Crime and Transgressions, due to his desire to "delete" every single member there. He doesn't seem to fathom the concept of good-aligned members dwelling there. Also banned from the House of Villainy because he wants to destroy that house. Usually lurking around the House of Heroism, though they won't let him in for obvious reasons.
  • There are a couple gods that he's genuinely divided on, and it comes down to how similar they are to his master. Zamasu in all his incarnations, like himself, is an even more extreme incarnation. Despite his hatred to all mortals, Merged Zamasu does consider him the best a lowly ningen can be and is interested in making him an acolyte. Teru Mikami believes that YHVH and His desire for an ordered, egalitarian world to be righteous, but disagrees with a number of His more evil actions.
  • Morality to him is more black and white than a zebra in a silent film, to the point of making Light Yagami's own moral dichotomy seem reasonable. Anyone he meets is labelled "good" or "evil". As such he cannot fathom the concept of moral ambiguity, which caused a Freak Out upon trying to figure out how the House of Ambiguity works. Almost lost what little sanity he had learning about Philemon. The embodiment of human goodness being flawed in any way was too much for him to handle.
  • Unlike Light, he's willing to kill people for even more minor offenses. Mainly, being lazy. He considers one of the most important things authority and people in general must do is contribute and be diligent; he 'hates'' those who spread laziness and sloth. As such he considers Ameno-Saigri and those who serve it to be his personal devil. He doesn't like those who help support alcohol either, given his views on drink.
  • Compassionate towards kids and invested in their livelihood. This ties into his sense of justice however, as he hopes to make children model citizens. He was absolutely repulsed to learn to Bobble the Clown, disgusted to learn he was perverted children into becoming psychopaths. Immediately screamed at the SCP Foundation to destroy SCP-993 utterly, but it hasn't worked out so far. On the flip side, he has nothing but respect for Mister Rogers due to inspiring children to be better, and watches Mr Roger's Neighborhood religiously.
  • Gets along somewhat with those who share his extreme vision of justice, though often butts heads as different extremists are known to do. It's unclear who has a less grey vision of morality; him or Rorschach. Rorschach thinks he's a lunatic despite the similarities, and sharing their own deep-seated mommy issues. He supports the better world High Councillor Kal-El hopes to create.
  • While insane and working for Kira, Teru Mikami is completely genuine in his role as criminal prosecutor; he is no Amoral Attorney. He despises all corrupt forces in the legal system, and all those who use what they have to get away with their crimes. He is on his best behavior in the House of Justice. Interested in SMT Satan due to being the ultimate judge, unbiased in determining right from wrong. It has yet to occur to him that Kira is not exempt.
  • Good-aligned members stand their distance from him because of his extremism, however if he sees them as righteous this won't stop him from seeing him as good. He admires Kenzo Tenma deeply, and his utter determination towards goodness. In addition he is sympathetic to Sirius Black due to being screwed over by the legal system.

Tira, Goddess of Psychopathic Child Adults (Dark Wings That Plot in Secret, Bird of Death, Eiserne Drossel.)
  • Theme Song: Wings of Despair, Mischievous Whispers.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Eiserne Drossel, her weapon of choice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Split Personality, Rings of Death, Dance Battler, Dark Action Girl, former Psycho Supporter until she took matters to her own hands, Affably Evil, Badass Normal, Blood Knight, Circus of Fear, Kiss of Death, From Nobody to Nightmare, Giggling Villain, Professional Killer, Underboobs
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Madness, Weapons, Murder
  • Allies: Dr. Harleen Quinzel/Harley Quinn, Bellatrix Lestrange, Jinx, Professor Ludwig Von Tökkentäkker
  • Rivals: Ezio Auditore, Katarina du Couteau
  • Enemies: Sophitia Alexandra, Siegfried Schtauffen, Xena, Lea, Elena, Sonya Blade
  • Former Ally: Nightmare
  • Observed by: Melkor, Lucifer
  • Formerly the Psycho Supporter of the Azure Knight, Tira became disgusted with his most recent plan to corrupt the world. Not willing to work from within, she sought another path, grooming an infested woman to become a killing machine. While her plan ultimately failed, it put her in great favor among her peers. Enough villains agreed to give her a spot in the Pantheon.
    • One of be biggest objections of this decision came from Nightmare of all people. What he thought was loyalty turned into what he claimed to be a backstabbing moment. He has yet to forgive her for this slight.
    • Sophitia is usually a nice, spirited mother, even to most of her enemies. All of that pretense goes away when it comes to Tira. The ring bearer took one of her children and forced her to protect Soul Edge at all cost. Now with that leverage gone, she intends to finish things, preferably with her short sword stabbing through Tira's heart.
  • The fact that Soul Edge's forces have fractured won't make Siegfried let his guard down. He remains committed to taking down both groups.
  • Her defection from Nightmare made her entry into the GUAE all the more difficult for Mordor. To make matters worse, Lucifer has made headway to get into her good graces( it helps that she despises YHVH almost as much as Cosmos). Not to mention her Split Personality can affect her state of mind on a whim. For now, Tira has decided to pay lip service to both groups.
  • Her origins are as mysterious as that of the Joker. She doesn't even remember what country she was from. Speculation of her backstory has run amok as a result. The earliest she can remember was her time as an assassin in the Birds of Passage. It comes as a bit of irony that Ezio has indeed met her in the latest story. He wasn't impressed with her talents and as miffed with her complete disregard of the Creed.
  • Used to be one of Harley Quinn's most important followers. Even if Tira no longer feels love for Nightmare, she is still friends with the clown. She is worried that Harley may abandon her more evil tendencies.
  • She is more comfortable with Bellatrix, seeing her as an inspiration even after Tira's defection. The mad witch hopes to amend relations with the two so they can form a stronger group together. Tira is probably one of her favorite muggles in the Pantheon.
  • Has recruited Jinx in her antics against the GUAG... for as long as she can get her attention. Tira knows that she can be as much of a victim of her terrorism as a benefactor of it.
  • She made a beeline to Lea's temple to seize the title Rings of Death from him. She got quickly rebuked not only by him but also Xena (she represents (Deadly Disc thrown version of weaponized discs). Tira has resorted to psychological combat, constantly referring to him as Axel. The two probably would have liked each other at an earlier time.
  • She then tried her luck against Elena, a well-known Dance Battler. There too did she get double-teamed, this time with Elena's good friend Dudley.
  • She always makes time to attend Professor Ludwig's daily forms of entertainment... mainly involving torturing unsuspecting tourists. Tira even managed to earn a spot as part of his attraction.
  • Once challenged Sonya to a Kiss of Death clallenge, thinking her poisoned lips can do in the policewoman. Sonya showed that her version was slightly different... leaving her opponent charred and limping out of her temple.
  • As Dark Action Girls go, she has had a successful career, upstaging the Big Bad in favor of her new champion. While others may bemoan this new development, Katarina has applauded her new sense of independence.
  • "It's gonna be fun to watch you grovel!"

    Yuma Tsukumo 
Yuma Tsukumo, God of Naivety (Chowder Head, Miracle Boy, Dark Horse, ZEXAL, Yumad)
Zexal I Mode 
Zexal II Mode 
Zexal III Mode 


    Chihiro Fujisaki 
Chihiro Fujisaki, God of Issues With Muscle Deficiency (Super High-School Level Programmer, Ultimate Programmer, Super Duper High School Totally-A-Chick)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The face of Alter Ego
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Shorter Means Smarter, Teen Genius, Disguised in Drag, Prone to Tears, Nice Guy, Chapter 2's Victim, Accidentally triggering Mondo to kill him, His true gender was discovered after his murder, Found crucified, Leaving behind Alter Ego
  • Domains: Weakness Complexes, Programming, Will
  • Herald: Taichi Fujisaki (his father) and Alter Ego (his creation)
  • Allies: Makoto Naegi, Aoi Asahina, Toko Fukawa, Sayaka Maizono, Komaru Naegi, Byakuya Togami, Chiaki Nanami (Human), Yugi Muto, Yami Yugi, Sakura Oogami, Bridget, Astolfo, Noel Vermillion, Zarya, Alex Louis Armstrong, Pippi Longstocking, Naoto Shirogane, Futaba Sakura, Shou Marufuji, Yuya Sakaki, Emu Kojo, Jimmy Hopkins, Makoto Yuki, Kotone Shiomi
  • Special Relations: Chiaki Nanami (AI), Usami/Monomi (his creations)
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Tsumugi Shirogane, SHOCKER, Dollface (2012), Howard and Kreese, Calypso, Sombra, Father Elijah, The Meta, Orgalorg
  • Conflicting Opinion: Celestia Ludenberg
  • Avoids: Eddie Low, Amane Nishiki
  • From a young age Chihiro Fujisaki was bullied for his weakness compared to other boys which as a result contributed to his Muscle Angst and very timid personality. That, in turn, lead to his decision to crossdress as a girl to hide from the standards, although it did anything but help such deep rooted issues. Since he wasn't in the best of conditions to go outside, he spent his time in front of a screen. Turns out, he was really good at programming, much like his father, and was scouted to attend Hope's Peak Academy. Then he was thrust into a life-or-death situation, the Second Killing Game, which would be the end of him.
    • Regarding the circumstances behind his demise when the secret of his true gender was put at risk he resolved that, while not strong right now, he would at least train to become strong so that he would face his problem head on. It was admirable, but this, unfortunately, would him being killed in the heat of the moment. Chihiro did leave behind Alter Ego, who did help the remaining Ultimates defeat Junko Enoshima and escape. That, in turn, led to them joining up with the Future Foundation where after some much hardship such as the Final Killing Game, hope triumphs over despair.
  • He's glad to be given the opportunity to meet his friends again after consulting with the Court of Gods, although he was quite nervous facing them as he had heard that his trial his true gender is no longer a secret anymore. But ultimately he steeled himself to not run away from his problems anymore. A heartfelt reunion occurred when they told him they accepted him for who he was, not to mention the impact he had after his passing. Usami and both Chiakis were also present in the reunion having helped organize it in the first place, after all Usami and the AI Chiaki are his creations and can also be seen as his family. The AI version of Chiaki owed a lot to Chihiro as the Neo World Program combined with Class 77-B's desires to see the real one again made her what she is today.
    • Komaru recognized Chihiro as Taichi Fujisaki's "daughter" from a photo from his diary. She noticed that the resemblance was pretty uncanny, right down to personalities and their roles of being murdered but ultimately helping out in the long-run despite dying early on. Remembering Taichi's final words, she decided to play a role in allowing him to become his son's Herald.
    • He was still pretty hesitant on confronting Byakuya, however. For the time that he lived in the game, Byakuya was still a Jerkass who didn't value other lives besides his own, so you can understand why he doesn't want to meet him even not even going over the "desecrating his body to make the case more interesting thing". Now imagine the reaction Chihiro had when he found out for himself how kinder Byakuya was.
    • When it comes down to Celestia Ludenberg, he isn't quite sure what to think of her. On one hand, he can understand why anyone would want to get the hell out of the Killing Game, and she surprisingly doesn't hold a grudge to the survivors that beat her. On the other hand, she's still pretty cold-blooded and manipulative and really didn't appreciate her using Alter Ego to pit people against each other like what she did with Taka and Hifumi. Celestia, in turn, doesn't really think much of Chihiro: He broke the rules they established and he paid the price for it. She can't seem to comprehend that he did so in order to change and move past the lies that they made for themselves.
  • By all accounts, he's a Nice Guy. If you want to know how nice he is, he can't kill a mosquito because he pities it being hungry and it could have a familynote . Like, no, really. Of course, even he has limits. Back in the Killing Game, he was quick to call out Byakuya on his views on the situation at hand and he isn't afraid to call out anyone else who trivializes peoples deaths like Howard and Kreese, two former Killseekers of DeathWatch now announcers and Calypso, the host of Twisted Metal. After quickly catching up with the events following his death, he really despises Junko Enoshima for many, many, many reasons. Ending the world and betraying them in the name of despair is just the tip of the iceberg, and he'll oppose any plans she comes up with in the Pantheon, and the same goes for Tsumugi Shirogane and their allies they made within the Pantheon.
    • Notable allies to Junko's cause are SHOCKER and Krista Sparks/Dollface, who is supplied with Monokuma units thanks to her involvement with them. Though things seem more heated between him and the Twisted Metal contestant, considering that Krista and Maizono aren't all that different from each other, something that Junko used to egg on the Ultimate Pop Sensation which Chihiro along with the rest of her friends assured her that they're still very different people in the end.
  • Being a former Hopes Peak student, his talent when it came to technology is genuine. Not only is Chihiro capable of creating AI Programs, one of which is capable of displaying emotions like an actual human, he also contributed to the creation of the Neo World Program in spite of such a young age. As a result, he frequents the House of Technology and gets along with other tech-savvy deities like Futaba Sakura for example, likely because he tends to be more comfortable when it comes to his expertise. He also assists in Phineas and Ferb's fun projects whenever he can, awed by how much of a Gadgeteer Geniuses they are at such an age. He can't help but think he sounds a bit like Phineas though. On the other hand he hates the fact that Sombra and Father Elijah use their technological talents for evil, and don't get him started on how the former uses people's secrets to get her way and how the latter's goal of killing off almost everyone is eerily similar to Junko's goals. Chihiro fears the Meta for his collection of any Artificial Intelligences he comes across, and dreads to think of such a fate befalling his creations. AI Fragment Sigma, on the other hand, is planning to kidnap Chihiro and force him to create more programs for the Meta to consume.
  • Being a crossdresser, it didn't take that long for Chihiro to meet others who have done the same in the Pantheon. He had the pleasure of meeting Astolfo and got to admire the endless amount of energy and optimism he had, and relates with Forrest and Bridget's journey to become stronger despite the latter wanting to keep up dressing up as a girl. He also had the chance to meet with Naoto Shirogane as well, and they both sympathize with the problem of gender roles being pressured on themnote . Of course, he wants nothing to do with Eddie Low, who just might be one of the most depraved person he ever had the displeasure of hearing about considering his interests include crossdressing among every other sick interest under the sun, very disturbed past or not. On that note, Chihiro also avoids Amane Nishiki like the plague due to wanting more young boys like him for his dance troupe.
    • He still puts up a convincing guise despite having revealed his gender to a bunch of people already. Shou Marufuji was certainly fooled before they became friends, Chihiro finding his Vehicroid Deck pretty cool. It was through him that the Ultimate Programmer got to meet with Yugi Moto and Yami Yugi where they often play various games together.
  • While he did muster up the courage to face his friends again, he still has trouble when it comes to his own physical strength. Which is why he can be seen alongside Zarya and Alex Armstrong after they both had offered to help him work out while also giving a pep talk. Pippi Longstocking joined in at some point, which surprised the Ultimate Programmer considering she's strong without muscles, although she told him to feel bad about that fact. Chihiro still also has that meek demeanor alongside the lack of confidence, though this time around he isn't alone when it came to. Noel Vermillion most certainly can relate to that and have befriended each other as a result.
  • One day while walking through the Pantheon after hanging out with the friends he made in the House of Body Images he spotted a penguin. Thinking nothing of it besides the fact that it's pretty cute and not at all harmless, Chihiro tried approaching it. He was quickly pulled away and informed that it was no ordinary penguin, but rather Orgalorg, an Eldritch Abomination sealed in the body of a penguin. A couple days afterward he had a bit of trust issues with anything outwardly cute, though given he's under the same metaphorical roof of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, it's understandable.
  • If you haven't guessed already, he's no fan of any bullies in the Pantheon, they pretty much caused his problems that persisted for the rest of his life even as he now resides here. Hearing the trouble he gave to the McFlys he is no friend to Biff Tannen, or rather any version of him for that matter. Considering his mutual distaste for bullies, Jimmy Hopkins befriended Chihiro although he thinks Jimmy gets very extreme when it comes to his methods at times. He doesn't have a problem with Yuya Sakaki's and Emu Hojo's help after they declared to protect his smile after getting to know him and his past. Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi joined in after mistaking him for another Chihiro they knew.
  • "If I don't do something, nothing's ever going to change."
  • Has an additional temple in the sub-house of Body Images.

    Hachiman Hikigaya 
Hachiman Hikigaya, God of Ineffectual Loners (Hikki, 8man, Batman )


    Buddy Hobbs 
Buddy Hobbs, God of Childish Adults
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A green hat next to the silhouette of Santa's sleigh
  • Theme Song: Main Title, A Stroll with Buddy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Is an Adult, yet Has the Mindset and Attitude of an Overexcited Child, Was Accidentally Kidnapped by Santa Claus and was Raised with Care by Him and the Christmas Elves, Endearing and Polite yet Tends to Accidentally say the Worst of Things or Make Situations Worse, Made of Iron, Gets Distracted by Anything Flashy or Looks Unusual, Acts as a Cool Figure to his Stepbrother, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Sweet Tooth, Still Believes in Santa, Has Saved Christmas Once
  • Domains: Christmas, Family, Reunion, Mentality, Optimism, Childishness
  • Heralds: Jovie (his love interest and wife), Susie (his daughter), Walter Hobbs (his father), Emily Hobbs (his stepmother), Michael Hobbs (his younger stepbrother), the Christmas Elf Populace in the North Pole
  • Allies: Nicholas Saint North, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Deer, Jack Skellington, Angela Sheehan, Della and Jim Young, Gin, Hana, Miyuki, Eve Santaclaus, Hijiri Mochizuki, Jack Frost, Toothiana, Bunnymund, George Bailey, Hallie Parker, Annie James, Gon Freeces, Kevin McCallister, Monkey D. Luffy, Kino, Billy Batson/Shazam
  • Odd Friendship: Fat Majin Buu
  • On Good Terms With: The Ghosts of Christmas
  • Annoys: Ebenezer Scrooge, The Grinch
  • Opposes: Robot Santa Claus, SCP-4666, Pitch Black
  • Special Relationship: Santa Claus (his adopted father)
  • On one particular Christmas Day in New York City, Santa Claus happened to drop by an orphanage to deliver a series of presents per his tradition. When he departed and managed to reach his home in the North Pole, he was shocked to discover that an infant had somehow ended up becoming a stowaway during his tenure in the city. Faced with the choice of either returning him or keeping him as an adopted child of his, Santa decided to opt for the latter. Thus, was Buddy Hobbs inducted into the life of being a Christmas Elf, working, playing, and living with the elves in setting up Christmas whilst also being looked after by Santa and another adoptive father in another elf. However, while diligent and friendly, Buddy realized he wasn't really adept in the workplace in which he operated, the reason being was that he was a human. Upon learning this, alongside the fact that his real father, Walter Hobbs, was in New York City, and also on Santa's "Naughty List", Buddy decided to embark on a trip to NYC to meet his biological father for the first time. During all this, Buddy realized that because of his upbringing, his mentality and understanding towards society were not on par with others' expectations, leading to him becoming accidentally inappropriate and annoying, which became evident when his first meeting with his father was awkward, as were their later encounters. Along the way, however, Buddy found people who were accepting of who he was, namely Hobb's wife, Emily, their son, and Buddy's stepbrother, Michael, and becoming smitten with a girl named Jovie when Buddy decided to work in a seasonal job in a Gimbel's department store. However, after aggravating his father one too many times and feeling despondent, Santa's annual Christmas tradition goes awry when his sleigh's engines fall apart and he crashes in NYC due to a lack of Christmas faith and spirit. With a choice of motivational words and encouragement, Santa and Buddy worked together, even bringing alongside Michael, Jovie, and a reformed Walter, to rejuvenate the Christmas spirit and get as many people involved in expressing their desires and faith whilst fending off the Central Park Rangers. Their attempts proved successful and Santa delivered his usual Christmas tradition, with Buddy being accepted into his biological family, marrying Jovie, having a daughter together named Susie, and living together in the North Pole.
  • Buddy ascended into the Pantheon via an odd technicality. Given that Santa Claus was not just a figure there, but also one of the Pantheon's most beloved and well-known figures, he knew that he had a hard job and an equally hard reputation to manage and keep in check of, and he was aware of the burdens that he had to endure in trying to make people happy during the Christmas holidays. As the Pantheon grew ever-larger in its population, Santa felt the need to think of a fellow partner or figure that he could call upon either for support, be it in his work of delivering gifts and/or in providing moral support and encouragement. Reflecting on the many versions of himself, Buddy was one of the few that came into his mind, and Santa quickly felt obligated to inform him about the Pantheon, which he did so directly. The news about a new world really enticed Buddy to quickly pack up, invite his friends and family and make a trip to the Pantheon, excited about the idea of meeting with lots of people to entertain and deliver gifts to. While Buddy was welcomed warmly, Santa, being a paternal figure to Buddy, warned him about various dangers in the Pantheon and advised him to be careful at all times, not wanting to risk an adopted son being harmed. Buddy considered his words seriously and took them to heart, though he did insist that above all, he wants an enjoyable, memorable time in the Pantheon, something which Santa was always going to support and seek to accomplish.
  • Buddy is an excitable man. Perhaps a little too excitable for some people, but regardless, many in the Pantheon have since been learning to cope with him, and a few have tried to do their best in getting along as well, in spite of Buddy being annoying at some points. To his credit, he is a very good-hearted man who wants to make others happy and hang out with anyone he can find. After all, it is said that in the North Pole, treat every day like it's Christmas, and he is doing the best he could to live up to that reputation. As a result, he's seen as a big mascot of sorts in the House of Celebration, which makes sense as he did work with Santa and his family to raise up people's spirits regarding Christmas, in addition to Santa being, well, Buddy's second father. While more than eager to deliver presents on the winter holidays, he's also steadily learning to be more mature and level-headed like an adult of course, though it does require a level of patience and commitment, which he's getting at.
  • Animals are a very soft spot for Buddy in general and he always tries to make an effort to befriend and hang out with them whenever he gets the chance, hence he frequently visits the House of Beasts and Fauna, hoping that he could find a new friend to get along with. While some of the animals there have proven to be amicable enough and have even given Buddy a few good rides and cuddles, some wound up being too terrifying for Buddy to even consider trying to reach out to and bolted off as quickly as he could. He does affirm that he doesn't have any ill thoughts on them, though he gets despondent over the fact that he couldn't befriend them and that some were too mean to the point where they tried to harm him (and his friends) on the first chance they got. That said, Santa states that Buddy should use his encounters as a learning experience so that he can figure out whom he can meet and hang out with and who to stay away from, and the Pantheon has turned out to be providing a hard, yet strict experience which he's coping with.
    • Speaking of animals, one of Buddy's first known friends in the Pantheon was none other than Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, which made sense as both of them had a close relationship to Santa Claus to some degree. They actually first met in the House of Celebration, but tend to interact more often in the House of Beasts and Fauna instead where the two converse about how they belonged to a social group where they weren't able to properly blend and integrate into. That said, Buddy is aware that he had it easier than Rudolph did as he at least was seen as a fellow friend by the Christmas Elves whereas Rudolph was shunned and neglected by his reindeer herd simply for his nose's unorthodox coloring, and hearing that did upset Buddy for a while, thinking that regardless of how he looks, no animal deserves to be treated that way. Thankfully, the fact that the two of them became friends thanks to their shared stories and their desire to help others in a time of need has made their stories into a heartwarming one rather than one for others to sulk on. Additionally, Buddy entertains the idea of riding with Rudolph on a snowy day, which he's done on some occasions.
  • While his Christmas story is a wildly memorable one, it's still a moderately recent one and hence, not yet a classic, though there are some who would call it one regardless and many would consider that it would become one pretty soon. Even so, Buddy is content with his experiences and is open to the idea of meeting with other figures who have had a notable tale regarding their Christmas days. To his delight, there were many that he came to learn about, with some being simplistic, yet heartwarming and others which were wild and adventurous. As a result, Buddy was quite quick in wanting to learn about as many of those tales as possible and his results usually turn out to be quite positive. For one, he was very much entertained by the story of Kevin McCallister, who was once left home alone during Christmas Time and had to defend his home against a pair of bandits with complex improvised traps. The two quickly got along, though Buddy would often insist on how Kevin builds his booby traps, something which the boy isn't really going to disclose with him. For now, they simply enjoy hanging out with one another as well as attending winter-themed attractions in the Pantheon, with both playing their own sorts of tricks and mayhem, of course.
  • Alongside an excitable nature also comes a kiddish craving for sweets, and he makes sure to start off his days by applying the sweetest breakfast possible, much to the amusement of everyone else. On a more bizarre note, this is how he ended up meeting and getting along with Majin Buunote , of all people, when one day, they simply trekked to the House of Food where Buddy was out to visit and buy himself whatever sugary treats he could find whereas Buu wanted to enroll himself in a buffet match, which just so happened to have caught the attention of Buddy. He was surprised to see just how adamant Buu was in his taste for sweets, though thankfully before he could get the chance of doing a competitive match, Mr. Hercule Satan stepped in to tell him about Buu. This ended up helping, for Buddy approached Buu and tried to appeal to him by telling him he's Hercule's friend, which helped considering the Martial Arts Champion's presence during that time. On a good note, Buu has been open to sharing his treats with Buddy and the two generally like to play and hang out with each other, with Buddy also promising Buu of getting a massive buffet of sweets for Christmas, that is if Santa is willing to accept such an offer.
  • While an enjoyably, if annoying presence, some have admitted that they sometimes think Buddy should really just dial down his excitability for once, with the most prime examples being Ebenezer Scrooge and The Grinch. Buddy came to learn about their past tribulations and their negative attitude towards Christmas, though rather than pitying them, he decided to simply try, in his own words, "lighten up their dreary minds". And ever since then, Ebenezer and The Grinch have come to see Buddy as an especially irritating presence ever since, considering his tenacity and persistence have led to him arriving in very unexpected moments and sometimes even ruining their moments of quietness. That said, they don't hate Buddy and can see why he would try to help them, not to mention being an (adopted) son of Santa. They're glad they don't hate Christmas right now as they think Buddy would have made them hate the winter holiday even more. Finally, while Ebenezer and The Grinch think Buddy is annoying, they are willing to help him out in regards to helping people in expressing their faiths and celebrating Christmas once December rolls.
  • One such deity that caught Buddy's attention was a girl named Angela Sheehan. Given her own strong faith in Christmas, alongside learning of Buddy's reputation, she was open to the idea of visiting him and trying to see just why Santa would have high hopes for him, being his adopted son notwithstanding. Given that he himself has a daughter, Buddy was very quick in talking, playing, and hanging out with the girl and even visiting Angela's domain so that he could also accommodate and befriend the rest of her family. True to their Christmas spirits, it worked out well, though Angela's mother and her older brother, Pat, came to see him as a bit annoying due to his childish nature. Even so, they knew that Buddy had a good heart above it all and that's what really mattered, considering that he was more than willing to help Angela out on her troubles in case she ever was into one. They also got to connect with one another on a more personal note as they once had to deal with a missing paternal figure and that they tried to make an effort in reuniting with them.
  • Upon hearing the tale of George Bailey, Buddy initially felt sad over the fact that he had a very miserable and challenging start as George initially felt as if he was unwanted and nearly everything tended to go against him. However, it turns out that George actually had a magnetic, yet optimistic presence and influence on the town of Bedford Falls, managing to succeed in getting the place to raise their spirits just in time for Christmas, in spite of the hardships that everyone, but especially George, were going through around that time. The latter part of the story made Buddy tear up because of how heartwarming George's story was around that point and saw that they went through a similar circumstance over being a misfit of sorts and not having much luck during the winter holiday, only to turn it around by the end. With some help from Santa, Buddy and George quickly became friends as they bonded with how surprisingly similar they were and asserted that they'll do whatever it takes to keep people happy during Christmas time. That, and Buddy and George very much like to allow each others' families to visit one another as a sign of goodwill.
  • Buddy's tale is just as much a perseverance of the hope and spirit of Christmas as it is also as the tale of a man who wants to find his father, whom he never really knew about and reconnect with. And while it was a bumpy ride, he was able to succeed in doing so. In the Pantheon, he was happy to see that there were a few who had also gone through a similar experience like he did and Buddy thought that this could help with him getting to bond and understand each other. With that logic in mind, one of the deities he befriended was Hallie Parker and Annie James, twins who only met each other in teenhood and, upon first meeting, took to meet their mother and father respectively for the first time and plan an elaborate attempt to get them to reunite and remarry through a series of trickery and deception. Buddy was quite invested in Hallie and Annie's story, seeing it as funny and endearing, almost feeling as if he had wished he had a twin too. He was happy to learn that the twins were successful in getting their parents to reunite, as were Hallie and Annie when it came to them learning about Buddy and Walter's relationship. Since then, the three of them would sometimes hang out and play with one another, with Buddy hoping to learn some methods of trickery from the twin girls.
    • Speaking of those who went on a journey to find a paternal figure whom they haven't met for a long time, Buddy surprisingly got well-acquainted with Gon Freecss, a hunter who took the job as a means to go out on an adventure to search for his father, Ging, and prove his worth as a successor. Things didn't go exactly as planned, as while Gon made a lot of good friends and generally enjoyed his trip, his actual reunion with Ging didn't really go so well, as the latter had become too negligent and deadbeat to pay enough attention to his son. Buddy found this dynamic quite similar to his own interactions with his father, Walter, and took that as a way to approach and empathize with Gon other the matter. Gon accepted the gesture and, for once, didn't actually see Buddy's nature as annoying so much as it was more endearing to him. In spite of bonding over familial matters, Buddy and Gon actually spend more time playing and hanging out with one another, almost as if it feels like an Odd Friendship towards those who don't really know what they've been through, and as a further sign of their friendship, Gon has since taken up more of an interest towards Christmas.
  • While his childish nature and overexcitable behavior towards nearly everyone he meets is consistent, much to the annoyance (or endearment, depends on who you ask) of whoever meets him, the rare moment when Buddy becomes dead serious and genuinely fearful is whenever SCP-4666 becomes a topic of conversation, be it either as a passing mention or a general discussion, let alone the chance of meeting the Yule Man. At first, Buddy was open to the idea of meeting with SCP-4666, until Santa, in a sudden act of concern and urgency, decided to tell him just what exactly the Yule Man is capable of as well as the actions that he committed under the guise of bringing everyone together for Christmas. The description of his actions was enough to scare Buddy for days, though Santa has since affirmed that he will do everything in his power to make sure the Yule Man doesn't threaten anybody during Christmas time. Ever since then and with what he has been told about him, SCP-4666 has remained not just one of the few deities that Buddy actively avoids, but also the one being in the Pantheon that he actually despises, a sentiment that is shared by pretty much everyone.
    • Speaking of which, he also had a chance encounter with Robot Santa Claus. While Buddy easily recognized that he wasn't the same Santa as the one he was familiar with, he still tried to make an effort in befriending him. Unfortunately, all of Buddy's kiddish antics were registered by Robot Santa Claus to be the acts of someone who would be under Santa's "Naughty List" and promptly tried to shoot Buddy within sight, which terrified him into fleeing. Despite the hostile encounter, Buddy felt that maybe he wasn't really right in the head and that he needed help in getting better. For once, Buddy was right in that Robot Santa Claus had his A.I. damaged, which resulted in his twisted perspective of what counts as "nice" and "naughty" regarding Christmas. He genuinely wishes he could help the robot out, though the real Santa Claus wouldn't allow it, much to Buddy's sadness. It's actually less to do with Santa thinking Buddy is being reckless and more to do with his fatherly instincts kicking and wanting to make sure his surrogate son isn't harmed and, if anything, he supports Buddy for wanting to help Robot Santa Claus. On the brighter side, if there's one thing they can have a mutual agreement on, it's their opposition towards SCP-4666.
  • Aside from Christmas, Buddy usually gets along with those who have a strong association with winter and other sorts of celebratory holidays so long as they emphasize joy and happiness. This led him to Jack Frost, the Spirit of Winter, and his friends, Bunnymund and Toothiana, who also represented Easter and the most wonderful of memories respectively and all of them saw Buddy as a well-meaning and optimistic man who represented the best of joy and high hopes thanks to his experience of reconciling with his father as well as encouraging others to hold on to their faith in Christmas. Buddy was simply happy to find more friends, though he also found Jack, Bunnymund, and Toothiana to be quite fascinating thanks to their magical abilities and their own way to inspire others, which greatly helped when Buddy quickly learned to appreciate Easter more as well as hold on to his best memories overtime.
"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear."

    Heinz Windermere 
Heinz Nehrich Windermere the Second, the Indecisive God
  • Quasideity (Greater God using the Song of the Wind)
  • Symbol: The Windemerean flag
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (some might say Lawful Stupid)
  • Portfolio: Anti-Villain, Unwitting Pawn, Admiring his Brother Keith, Ambiguously Evil, Indecision, Making the Worst Decision at the Worst Time, Lifespan-Consuming Power, Source of the Var Syndrome, Moral Myopia, Not Actually Ruling His People
  • Portfolio: Singing, Leadership, Youth, Patriotism, Indecision
  • Heralds: Gramia Nehrich Windermere/Gramia VI (his father), Keith Aero Windermere (his older brother), the Aerial Knights (his elite Variable Fighter unit)
  • Allies: Leonard McCoy, Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Pitied by: Luke Skywalker
  • Enemies: Mirage Farina Jenius, Leia Organa/Skywalker, Night Raid
  • Fears: Martin Walker
  • Opposes/Opposed by: Freyja Wion, good-aligned gods in the House of Military and Warfare, Fuuka Akitsuki
  • Heinz became famous (some might say infamous) by serving as Windermere's Wind Singer during their war of independence against the United Nations of Earth. He was just a small, innocent boy who just wanted to do right by his people, even if he didn't knew the real circumstances of the war. Unfortunately, his chancellor Roid manipulated him into spreading Var across the Brisingr cluster, telling him that the only way for their people to be safe was to unite the galaxy under Windermerean rule, by force if necessary. Although Heinz didn't entirely agree with that, he couldn't do anything about it, as he was more useful as the Wind Singer than as a ruling figure. Many hoped that when Heinz asserted his authority, he would end the war by peaceful means.
    • Unfortunately, it was not meant to be. When his Aerial Knights captured Mikumo Guynemer, the Star Singer from Windermerean legend, Heinz forced to her to brainwash an entire NUNS and force them to use their own dimensional weapons on themselves, thus setting a new precedent of destruction in the Macross universe.
  • His ascension was one of the most controversial in the Pantheon's history, spreading debates about the morality and necessity of his actions. The Houses of War, Philosophy and Family had trouble deciding whether a very weak and incompetent leader who is willing to allow his army to conquer and enslave civilians while defenders justified that he’s just a kid who lacks an understanding of the outside world and is a victim of manipulative schemers such as Roid. A consensus couldn't be reached, so the Court of the Gods dictated that Heinz would remain under protective custody until further notice.
  • Upon hearing news of his ascension, Freyja Wion have been trying to contact him, hoping to end hostilities once and for all. Heinz has been deliberately avoiding them, saying there is too much bad blood between them. Mirage Farina Jenius is an entirely different story. To her, the circumstances that forced him into war are irrelevant. He is an enemy to Earth and humanity, and her duty requires him to stop him.
  • Because of his reduced lifespan and fragile health, he remains in his temple at all times. His temple contains some of the most advanced medical instruments in the Pantheon. A group of the Pantheon's best doctors led by Leonard McCoy keep a close watch on him. McCoy has grown surprisingly fond of the boy and defended him from some of his harshest critics, saying that Heinz shouldn't have never been in that position in the first place. Heinz, for his part, thanks the doctor for his kindness and considers him a true friend, despite being Terran.
    • The House of Health and Diseases has been researching ways to counteract the Var syndrome that don't require Freyja's singing. So far, results have proven inconclusive and Heinz wants to keep it that way, as a cure to the Var syndrome would be detrimental to the Windermerean war effort. Needless to say, this has decreased his popularity in the Pantheon.
  • Leia Organa-Skywalker was outraged that a massacre comparable to the destruction of Alderaan was ordered by a boy. Although she lost her family in that tragedy, she never gave into revenge and made it clear she will stop Heinz from causing further harm in the Pantheon. Her brother Luke is more sympathetic and claims his father was manipulated just as Heinz was and there was no one who could lead him down the right path.
  • Because he doesn't actually know how to lead an army, he formed an alliance with Lelouch vi Britannia, thinking he would be useful in his goal to unite the Pantheon under the Windermerean banner. Lelouch, however, doesn't share Heinz's misguided idealism and has already made it clear to Heinz what kind of man he would be dealing with. Heinz tried to break off his alliance, saying that Lelouch was not a man of honor. Lelouch's response was this:
    "You came to me because you knew I would do the things you wouldn't be capable of doing. You believed that using me would soothe your guilty conscience and help you sleep at night. You thought wrong. The things you have done will haunt you forever. The war you perpetuated will be your burden. The sins of your family are now yours to bear, little king. The moment you accepted that crown was the moment you stopped being a child and lost your innocence forever. You thought you could win this war by honorable means? Hmph. How laughable. Victory has never belonged to the righteous nor the honorable, but to those ruthless and desperate enough to take it. You should know that by now. And if your conscience is bothering you, then perhaps you could soothe it with the knowledge that you got what you wanted: freedom for your people and vengeance on the government that screwed you over. Of course, it came at the cost of the deaths of millions in both sides, the use of Miss Guynemer as a weapon, and your own self-respect. I don't know about you, little king, but for me, that's the cost of war and the burden of leadership."
    • Lelouch's words affected Heinz so badly he hyperventilated and collapsed to the ground. McCoy and his medical team rushed to help him while Lelouch took his leave with a satisfied smirk. He still made it clear their alliance still stood, though.
  • Martin Walker hates Heinz, due to the fact that his actions reminded him so much of his own mistakes in Dubai. When he first heard about Heinz's past, Walker actually had a nervous breakdown, leading him to infiltrate Heinz's temple. Once inside, Walker cornered Heinz and aimed a gun at his head, but fortunately several security officers were passing by and heard Walker yelling something at Heinz, and proceeded to take him into custody. After this incident, Heinz refused to talk about what Walker said to him. The only thing anyone was able to get out of him was this exchange:
    Heinz: I never meant for any of this to happen.
  • Night Raid, having already heard of what Heinz did, were reminded of the Emperor in their world and have put him in their hitlist. Although they understand the circumstances he was forced into, they cannot ignore the lives he has destroyed using the Song of the Wind. For them, what he did Mikumo was the point of no return, especially because at that point, his war was not of independence, but of galactic conquest. With heavy hearts, they will kill him if that's what it takes for Windermere to stand down.
  • Used to be friends with Fuuka Akitsuki, who thought of him as a little brother. They practiced singing together and she came to visit him whenever he felt sick. Fuuka was horrified that Heinz used had his singing to hurt people and spread a disease on a galactic scale. The end of their friendship was one of the most heartbreaking tales in the Pantheon.
    Heinz: "I cannot take back the things I've done. The deaths I've caused will be on my conscience. But I do know you still mean a lot to me, Fuuka. I don't want to lose you. I ask you to find it within your heart the strength to forgive me. Can you do that for me?"
    Fuuka: "I can't. Even if I did, you are no longer the Heinz I knew. You're a totally different person to me now. Things have changed... forever..."
    • Fuuka and Heinz haven't spoken to each other ever since.

    Kayla Day 
Kayla Day, Goddess of Phoneaholic Teenagers
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Smartphone with a message saying "Gucci!"
  • Theme Songs: Being Yourself, How to Be Confident
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Socially Awkward Teenager who primarily Communicates with Digital Devices, particularly phones, Socially Awkward Hero, Apologises a Lot, Is Undergoing the End of her Middle-School Years, Usually Seen Wearing Headphones, Burning her Shoebox and her Hopes and Dreams as a Sign of Moving On
  • Domains: Adolescence, Middle/High School, Social Interaction, Anxiety, Growth
  • Heralds: Mark Day (her father), Olivia, Gabe
  • Allies: The High School Girls of the Civilian Antarctica Expedition Team (Notably Yuzuki Shiraishi), Daniel LaRusso, Sabrina Spellman, Steven Universe, Finn and Jake, Rick and Morty, Shouko Nishimiya, Yukiteru Amano, Touya Mochizuki, The Master of Chaldea, Kosmo Voba
  • Respects: Eikichi Onizuka, Shouya Ishida
  • Opposes: Libby Chessler, Biff Tannen, Gary Smith, John Kreese
  • Mixed Opinion on: Johnny Lawrence
  • Wary Of: Yuno Gasai, Reisuke Houjou
  • Middle School is an awkward time for one's life. Mainly because this is the point where children are starting to grow into adults, which in itself, leads to them wanting to learn more about life and trying to make decisions without their parents. Many times, it's not exactly a wise choice. Kayla Day is no exception; a girl who was finishing up her eighth grade and her last year in Middle School, she decided to go out and make friends as much as she could. Problem is, she's too reclusive and shy to really see anyone eye-to-eye, finds difficulty in communicating with her father Mark and spends most of her time browsing through her phone and listening to music as a coping mechanism. She also makes self-helping videos on YouTube, despite knowing of the fact that she struggles with social communication in her own everyday life.
  • Her appearance in the Pantheon is rather standard; after her graduation, Kayla was to be sent to a high school Little did she know what that her placement was to be in the House of School, where she would be enrolled and taught in. While she's still shy and reclusive, she's currently trying to make an effort in being as extroverted as she could.
  • Kayla is noted to be shy and reclusive whenever she is seen in the House of School. She expresses that she talks a lot if she gets herself in a conversation. These moments though tend to be rare, but she tries to be extroverted nonetheless. This was something that Eikichi Onizuka noticed rather quickly upon meeting her and has tried to get Kayla to be open about herself. It's already tough, given that Kayla is usually with a phone in her hand, wearing headphones listening to music and looking down on the floor. She does however like Onizuka for trying to be there for her.
  • Among the more introverted residents in the Pantheon, Kayla came across a quartet of girls who travelled to Antarctica, which she thought was really cool. She took the time to browse through their experience on their Antarctica trip, which they recorded with images in a social media app and was touched by their dedication, especially that of Shirase Kobuchizawa who planned the trip to see if she could reunite with her mother. While she was saddened to realize that Shirase's mother was Dead All Along, she still congratulated their trip and respected what they went through. As a result, Kayla is thinking about planning a trip to Antarctica; the problem is she doesn't know who she can take along with in the trip.
    • Of the four girls, Kayla tends to associate herself most with Yuzuki Shiraishi. It's mainly to do with the fact that both are socially introverted and have difficulty in talking to people in general, though in Yuzuki's case, she had the extra burden of being a well-known actress and that people would want to only hang out with her for attention. Kayla did not like that notion and understood why Yuzuki would be socially distant.
  • She's a fan of Adventure Time and Rick and Morty and was excited when she finally got to meet Finn, Jake, Rick and Morty eye-to-eye. So excited to the extent that she wanted to go on an adventure with them. Finn and Jake respected her gesture but told her that it might not be safe for her, and Morty had a similar feeling that having Kayla join alongside their dimension-hopping shenanigans would highly endanger her, despite the fact that Rick is more than welcome to invite her. Although disappointed, Kayla saw what they meant and didn't ask further, though she did state that she would like to meet them often.
  • Being someone who saw herself as an outcast during middle school, Kayla got along pretty well with Daniel LaRusso, who could understand her plight on how difficult it must have been to hardly have any friends. That said, Daniel does feel annoyed about Kayla's dependency on her smartphone, given that his own son Anthony is also obsessed with digital devices and thinks about what he could do to maker her less dependant about it. He is, however, willing to give Kayla karate lessons whenever she feels like it.
    • She initially found approaching Johnny Lawrence hard, given that he was a bully in his high school years. That said, she was surprised to see that Johnny was trying to make amends with his actions and strive to make Cobra Kai better than what it was in the past. While Kayla is respectful of Johnny's actions and even thinks of his dojo as cool, the fact that Cobra Kai's teaching mentality turns students into bullies themselves hasn't changed the fact that she's hesitant to meet with Johnny.
      • Knowing about Daniel and Johnny, Kayla came to dislike John Kreese a lot due to him being an abrasive adult bully. This got even worse when she realized how mentally abusive he was and how he mentored bullied kids into becoming bullies themselves, and how this affected Johnny for years to come. She does everything she could to avoid Kreese's presence, likely knowing of how she couldn't handle herself against any of the Cobra Kai students.
  • Her obsession with technology, especially her phone, has been seen with concern by the benevolent members of the House of Technology. Oh sure, much of what Kayla looks at on the internet is generally harmless (excluding puberty-based topics and even then, most teens are prone to doing that), but they want to make sure she gets to be more socially active and healthy. They did express some relief when she was beginning to show more signs of being an extrovert after a pep-talk with her dad.
  • Sometimes Kayla would be minding her own business like looking at clothes in a retail store in the House of Costumes or hanging out with friends in a restaurant in the House of Food, only to realize her father Mark is also there at a faraway distance. She finds this annoying and embarrassing and often has to reprimand her father about it. That said, Mark does deeply care about his daughter and wants the best out of her, regardless if their interactions are awkward.
  • She learned about an instance where a special mobile phone was made to predict the future. Initially, Kayla was excited... until she realized that said phones were used to initiate a supernatural Battle Royale where 11 individuals must fight and kill one another to become a God. Not the kind of person who would want to participate in such a folly, Kayla quickly lost interest.
    • She did, however, become quick friends with Yukiteru Amano, the winner of the competition. Mainly because he doesn't have any hard feelings against those he won against and partly because he was like Kayla in the sense that he was socially awkward and shy, so he could relate to her in a sense alongside the fact that both got to stand up for themselves later on in their lives. Kayla is, however, nervous to approach Yuno Gasai due to her violent and feared reputation. Not helping matters is the fact that Yuno is one of the leading representatives of the House of Madness and Insanity.
    • On the topic of special phones, there's also Touya Mochizuki, whom she easily got along with as his phone was instead something that housed his magical power. She wonders if one day, she would be able to receive a similar phone and start downloading magical skills for herself. Or at the very least, it's a good amount of imagination. Kayla is allowed to hang out with Touya's harem, though she finds it weird that he's married to all of them.
    • Kayla also finds herself in good company with those who were mobile game characters like the Master of Chaldea, Kosmo and Nova. She appreciates the Master's dedication in maintaining Chaldea and it's members though she understood it would be best if she stayed away from all the ruckus the Servants could cause. She personally finds Kosmo and Nova's relationship with one another cute and tries to see if she can join along with them in basic interaction.
  • Kayla takes active distancing towards most bullies such as Biff Tannen and Gary Smith, both of whom never learn their lessons from antagonizing someone and would gladly do it again for their own benefit. The aforementioned Kreese is another one of those bullies, though he's a lot more psychological in Kayla's case. The only bully that Kayla can properly confront is Shouya Ishida, and that's mainly because he seemed forgiveness for what he did to Shouko Nishimiya, who's arguably even more socially awkward and introverted than Kayla is. Kayla actually instantly forgave Shouya for what he did and made fast accomplices with Shouko. She tries to compensate for interacting with her by using text messages from her phone, though she doesn't mind learning sign language if Shouko prefers that.

    Mikan Tsumiki 
Mikan Tsumiki, Goddess of Extreme Doormats (Super High-School Level Health Committee Member, Ultimate Nurse, Pig Barf, Super Duper High School Hot Mess)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A set of loose bandage around a syringe.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (When in despair, Chaotic Evil.)
  • Portfolio: Exaggerated Clumsiness, Tons Of Apologies, Getting Herself Stomped By Others, Extremely Prone to Tears, Extreme Timidity, Pretty Doctors, Love-Driven Murders, Examination Of The Dead, possible Yandere, The Woobie
  • Domains: Emotion, Servitude, Nursery
  • Allies: Hajime Hinata, Makoto Naegi (but only when she's not being the Ultimate Despair self), Litchi Faye-Ling (near Undying Loyalty levels), Karen Minazuki, Oichi, Chiaki Nanami, Ibuki Mioda, Rem
  • Enemies: Monokuma (only when she's not being the Ultimate Despair self), Nagito Komaeda (only when she's being the Ultimate Despair self)... and pick any bullies. Any bullies.
  • Conflicting Opinion: Monomi/Usami
  • Mikan was formerly a member of Junko Enoshima's Ultimate Despair, until she was put in rehabilitation by Makoto Naegi in a simulation program. Unfortunately, due to the hijacking of Monokuma, Mikan reverted from her doormat-y self into her old Ax-Crazy Yandere ways that even she stayed comatosed once everything was over. Naegi instead enlisted the help of someone very similar and he thought best suited for the job of 'rehabilitating' her for good: fellow hot doctor and her former superior, Litchi Faye-Ling. Unlike Nagito's case, this 'rehabilitation' was a success and not only Naegi can approach her with much more ease, Mikan has instead developed a slavishly devoted relationship with Litchi, extremely loyal to her much like how she was to Enoshima when she's being Ultimate Despair, enabling her to ascend.
    • Even so, her doormat-ish way is something that still needs a lot of work, even Litchi has to remind her to take more confidence in herself, especially when tending to sick people, and to stop apologizing (or offering to subject herself in humiliation) in every possible time, though she can't stop when Mikan stumbled for being clumsy. Old habits die hard indeed.
  • Mikan quickly becomes a shining example to the Pantheon that bullying is bad, immediately increasing the Pantheon's dislike towards bullies in general. In her own way, she is also working on supporting that thing.
  • While she's mostly lucid now, she could still slip up with Dull Eyes of Unhappiness until Litchi comes in to snap her back. In those moments, she's noted to be capable of shutting Nagito's hope-craze stuffs, something people who are unsettled with him agreed with.
  • When she's in a more lucid stance, she is usually called upon to check on dead bodies if there was some detective works required.
  • Possibly due to her relationship with Litchi, Mikan became friends with Karen Minazuki, who's also training to be a doctor and admires her nurse skills, and in exchange, Mikan also admires Karen's confidence in spite of her old loneliness.
  • Rem has recently started to pay her visits as well, seeing her as someone similar to Misa, a human Rem watched over who suffered from a terrible past which led to her consenting to a abusive relationship with a person they think loves them. While scared of Rem, she does appreciate her help, and slowly developed a trust to her.

    Tomoko Kuroki 
Tomoko Kuroki, The Goddess Without Social Skills (Mokocchi, Spaghetti-tan, Kuro)