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Greater Gods

    The Dark Judges 
Judge Death, Judge Fear, Judge Fire and Judge Mortis, Gods of Punishing All Crime With Death (The Dark Judges)
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: Belt buckle shaped like a human skull with extended fangs, a Shrunken Head, a flame-spewing trident, stylized sheep skull
  • Theme Song: Darkness Descends
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (They think they are Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Judgment, Death, Fear, Fire, Decay
  • Allies: The Joker, Nekron, The White, Majin Buu, Broly, The Lich
  • Enemies: Judge Dredd, Batman, Life itself
  • Four Judges from an alternate dimension that killed everyone from their world. The reason being that Judge Death and his cohorts believed that since only The Living commit crimes then all Life as a crime thus the only true punishment for that was Death. With this belief they are trying to kill every living thing in Dredd's world as well as anything alive in The Pantheon.
  • These four have long since become undead spirits and cannot be permanently killed only contained, each Dark Judge inhabits a corpse and that corpse will shape to their liking before they start "judging" others.
  • Judge Death is the leader and often able to phase through people and crush their organs, he is seen often working with the darker gods of death to help him punish the living.
  • He and his group insist on working with Nekron, all willing to except Black Lantern Rings to end all life everywhere.
  • Judge Fear is second in command and he opens his helmet's faceplate and frightens the accused to death with whatever lies within, whilst reciting his catch phrase, "Gaze into the face of Fear!"
    • Though that failed against Dredd causing him to punch him through the face.
  • Fear is attempting to work with Sinestro and bring him to their cause, he would also gladly except a Sinestro Corp ring to further enhance his killings.
  • Judge Fire Wields a flaming trident in order to start massive fires. He is attempting to spread his fire further along with Starjun.
  • Judge Mortis is attempting with his cold touch to rapidly age people to death. He is attempting to bring in Barragan to work with them on their plans.
  • They are attempting to recruit The Joker into The Dark Judges as they have done with the past, Death is impressed with The Joker's body count and wants him to become Dark Judge Joker again.
  • Together they have killed 60 million citizens and are waiting to spread into the Pantheon to do so much more.
  • They are willing to work with any like minded members to start to upgrade their body count to any living members of the Pantheon. The Lich has especially taken an interest in the four; very much agreeing with their philosophy of life being a crime. He speculates that they are fellow Scholars of GOLB.
    "The Crime Isss Life, The Sssentence Isss Death!"

Intermediate Gods

    Head Pixie 
Head Pixie, God of Corrupt Bureaucracy (H.P)

Lesser Gods

    Kurtis Stryker 
Kurtis Stryker, God of Police Brutality (Stryker)

    Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin 
Nikolai Dmitri Bulygin, God of Warped Justice
  • Lesser God (Regularly), Intermediate God (Upgraded)
  • Symbol: The Tesla Blitz
  • Theme Song: Venom (Regularly), Find You (When Upgraded)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Both his arms and later his legs, the largest and most muscular member of Strike One, To him, breaking the letter of the law is what warrants punishment, With his Tesla Blitz
  • Domains: Electricity, Justice, Law, Order, Strength, Violence, Truth
  • Allies: Funny Valentine, Sakazuki, YHVH
  • Rivals: Steven Armstrong
  • Enemies: Jack Cayman, Maximilian Caxton, Raiden, Homura Akemi
  • Appeared in the Pantheon dropping down with his BPS Drones, he was disgusted to see the amount of chaos the pantheon was in and decided that he would create the type of Order needed to keep so much chaos under control.
    "Look at all these lawless people Anarchy Reigns!, it is sad day to see champions of law and order forget duty and lower themselves to such criminal activity! Very Sad!"
  • He usually appears as a cyborg with his arms replaced by a pair of cybernetic arms powered by the current that flows from the reactor on his back, the tremendous voltage generated allows Nikolai to unleash devastating electrical blows, it is known as the Tesla Blitz. When he needs to truly fight against powerful foes he decides to switch out his current cybernetic parts for The Super Tesla Blitz, a upgraded version that allows him to create large Positron blades, powerful lasers, the ability to fly, and generate a powerful barrier around himself.
  • He is often seen in the house of knowledge reading many books to pass the time, though if other gods decide to attack him there they are in for a shocking surprise.
  • Has decided to give Homura some "advice", all the love that she is craving is nothing but hateful incision and that she should find the truth or The Truth WILL find her.
  • He often gets tired of hearing about the dark worlds some other gods come from as he is seen stating. "The hardship we endure is just a part of living"
  • He is also seen trying to make sure that to attack the house of Crime and claims that he will make sure they all die legally, and the pain they feel as he defeats them is true Justice.
  • Strives to punish criminal activity no matter how good the intention may be as to him the Pantheon was turned into a such a lawless state due to the fact that too many good gods given too much freedom to that crime breaking gods and has taken action to punish these supposed "Justified" Gods in the pantheon thus attempting to kill any god that is neutral or chaotic.
  • When push comes to shove he will reveal that his idea of Justice is basically using his position of power to make the rules and punishes "criminals" simply because he believes that law and order exists to control people.
  • Has decided to work with The Great Will as he believes that he is one of the few beings that can bring absolute justice more then any other being in the pantheon.

    Scott Shelby 
Scott Shelby, God of Detectives who Turn Out To Be The Culprit (Scott Sheppard, Scottie, The Origami Killer)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His raincoat. Alternatively, the origami figures.
  • Theme Song: Scott Shelby Theme
  • Alignment: May seem Neutral Good at first, but he is actually Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Badass Longcoat, Dirty Cop, Hardboiled Detective, Actually Nice, Private Detective, Big Bad, Killer Cop, Serial Killer, Would Hurt a Child, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Investigation, Cover Up, Murder, Family, Trials, Children
  • Allies: Tohru Adachi, Jack the Ripper, Goro Akechi, The Jigsaw Killer
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, The Investigation Team, House of Family, Manny Pardo
  • Respects: Bryan Mills, Asura, Gabriel Belmont
  • Opposed by: Most investigators in the Pantheon as well as the House of Justice
  • Scott Shelby was a private investigator who was hired by the families who were victim of the notorious Origami Killer, a Serial Killer who would kidnap children and drown them till they were found, leaving Origami figures before as clues. Truth is, Scott was never hired by said families and never was after the Origami Killer, but he was actually the Origami Killer all along, looking to get rid of all evidence that would link him to the crimes.
  • While he is a child murderer, there is a group of people that actually sympathize with him. As it turns out, when he was a child he witnessed the death of his twin brother and how his abusive drunk father never bothered to save him. That would be the motivating factor in turning Scott into the Serial Killer he ended up becoming, looking for a father who would do everything to save his son.
    • That said, while many feel sorry for the loss of his twin brother John, not many defend the countless lives he took just to find someone who would fit his very particular description of a good father. It's implied many of his victims' parents either perished trying to rescue their children or never understood the meaning of the Origami figures-
  • How Scott's story concluded is up to debate, but the most common assumption is that he finally managed to find the father that would sacrifice everything for his son in the form of Ethan Mars. He would have gotten away if it weren't for the intervention of journalist Madison Paige and FBI agent Norman Jayden, the latter stepping in and engaging him, resulting in his death.
  • Hates the deities that form the so called Child Abuse Supporters, as you can very well know that those kind of people are what lead him to become the Origami Killer. Some were quick to call him an Hypocrite for trying to pretend he was morally better than those even if he ultimately broke a lot of families because of his desire to see a father that would fit his insane criteria.
  • Among deities who belong to the Police forces, Scott is seen as a disgrace by virtue of being a Serial Killer but making it worse by pretending to be a private investigator. Some are more lenient because Scott has shown that he can be actually nice to the people that are supposedly his victims (To the point that he would look like he is just sabotaging himself).
    • He is also an ex-marine, explaining why he is so proficient in the art of CQC combat and why he is such a good shot. That said, ex-marines like Frank Castle or Leroy Gibbs think he is the worst of the worst and they don't want to be associated with him.
  • On the other side, he seems to be on good terms with detectives Tohru Adachi and Goro Akechi, more so with the latter since he also had a rocky relationship with his father (Not helping Akechi's status as an illegitimate child) and that ended up both shaping them in becoming killers. Shelby gettin along with Akechi actually made Adachi quite upset at the fact that Scott doesn't have the same kind of mindset as he does and that caused some form of vitriol between the two, mostly since Scott's motivation are hardly motivated by childish reasons like Adachi as supposed to his more revenge-driven reasons for becoming the Origami Killer. The fact that the two Persona-users are at odds with one another doesn't help, either.
  • Being a Killer Cop, Manny Pardo has tried to capture and murder Scott so he would gain good PR in the eyes of the pantheon denizens, even if that would be no different for what he usually does. Not to mention there are some people who think that Scott, an actual child murderer, is not as depraved as he is, a statement that seriously damaged his ego.
  • Scott and Jigsaw get along a lot, both having similar MO by kidnapping their victims and making them go through a series of traps although circumstances are different for each of the killers' victims. Scott also seems to respect Jack the Ripper in some way, particularly the version where he is revealed to be commissioner James Gordon.
  • Any father that is very protective of their children has earned the respect of Scott. People like Bryan Mills, Asura and Gabriel Belmont are among the ones he holds in high regard, but they are ashamed of what Scott is and every last of them have sworn to punish Scott for his actions, not to mention what would happen if he would target their children.
  • He suffers from asthma, but he is actually quite competent as a fighter believe or not. He ocassionally gets himself treated in the House of Health and Diseases even if his reputation is at all time low.
  • The Pantheon is well aware of what he does, so his crime sprees as the Origami Killer have not continued in the pantheon, most probably because he was satisfied with Ethan Mars and his death put the final nail in the Origami Killer. The one punishment he received from the pantheon authorities is him being unable to see his brother John, which actually broke Scott to the point of secluding himself in his temple for a while. Nowadays he tries to stick to being an actual private eye, but had little success since people aren't willing to forget who he is.
  • Can also be found in the House of Crime.

    Sirius Black 
Sirius Black, The God Who Was Screwed Over By The Legal System (Padfoot, Snuffles, Stubby Boardman)


    Manny Pardo 
Manny Pardo, God of Murderous Cops (The Cop, The Detective, The Miami Mutilator)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His magnum and badge. Alternatively, the Phantom's Head.
  • Theme Song: Guided Meditation
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral on the surface, really a mix between Chaotic Neutral & Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Hard Boiled Detective, Badass Normal, Emphasis on gunplay in his levels, Cowboy Cop revealed to be Killer Cop, Glory Hound, Serial Killer, Attention Whore, Villain Protagonist, Name Ripped from the Headlines, Wild Card, "I was born with thick skin", Pride, The Paranoiac, Died via nuke
  • Domains: Detectives, Investigation, Attention, Sociopathy, Murder
  • Allies: None. He's that paranoid and untrustworthy.
  • Rivals: Other Serial Killers and Gunslingers
  • Enemies: The Son, Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, Chie Satonaka, Makoto Niijima, Goro Akechi, Big Band, CJ, Big Smoke, Leon and Mathilda
  • Envies: Jacket
  • Distrusted by: The House of Crime and Justice (the former especially)
  • Avoids: Living dummies, Deities associated with nuclear weaponry
  • In the Pantheon there's always something going on. From the Pantheonic Wars to the general drama between its denizens, there's a lot to cover. Overshadowed by the absurd escapades are a spree of Mook killings which progressively get more gruesome, often with messages in bloody writing from the killer themselves talking about how a third party had forced them. One comment by a jaded if a bit arrogant detective noted the killings are "a hopeless cry for attention in a place that's weird as it can get". It wasn't until a victim was found completely eviscerated in a closed cell within the House of Justice that the authorities decided to take action. Members from the House of Slaughter claim responsibility which convinced some, but investigations continued. More followed soon after, one mutilation in the House of Food and another in the House of Travel, both within rooms that aren't broken into. The traits of the killer are as follows: Someone who craves attention and who is capable of tricking people into letting them in.
    • Looking over the facts, Kyoko Kirigiri connected it to the arrogant detective from before, who was suspiciously very interested in the mutilations. When looking over his history, this same detective was also notable for incompetency and misconduct along with gunning down gangsters occasionally. After bringing it up, authorities decided to try and track down this detective who was in the House of Crime, appearing to have been trying to hide. A shootout between the detective and the authorities would of followed soon after had not the Court of Gods intervened and decided to ascend the detective, for his actions a serial killer cop in here and back in '90s Miami. Manny Pardo aka the Miami Mutilator has ascended to the Pantheon.
      • Pardo revealed that he came to the Pantheon not long after the events that took place in Miami, which ended with his death via nuking after barricading his own home in fear of being found out by the police. After that, he simply blended in with the Pantheon's police force and laid low until now. The killings were done for attention, but while his crimes went unnoticed in Miami he got his wish within the Pantheon through deification.
  • Pardo's in a bit of a weird spot due to his deification: As a Killer Cop, he has a place within the House of Justice and the House of Crime. Much of the former's denizens really don't like him, considering him a disgrace to the badge but aren't willing to act unless he actually starts trouble. The latter doesn't consider him trustworthy either, since they know he's perfectly willing to off them if it means more fame and doesn't seem to be that type of corrupt officer. That said, Pardo sticks with gunning down criminals out of some paranoia of the more powerful deities here, as much as he doesn't show it.
    • Robocop and Commissioner Gordon have worked alongside him on occasion, though both men have little good to say about him. At the very least, that reputation of incompetency can disappear if given the chance, like storming into a hideout. But of course, Judge Dredd really doesn't like him. The fact that Pardo, of all people, has a place here really didn't sit well for the Judge.
    "Not my fault you take so long to do your jobs. The Pantheon's just like Miami at the end of the day, so you have to act fast."
    • Kirigiri, Chie, and Naoto outright voice their enmity towards the Detective with the latter being reminded of Adachi's actions (Adachi himself doesn't pay the Mutilator any mind, though). Pardo isn't exactly fond of the Former Ultimate Detective either considering he ruined his plots prior to ascension and considers Chie and Naoto a nuisance.
    "I'm not your receptionist. If you have a problem, take it to the Protectors of Justice or the Court of Gods. It saves us both the trouble. Now get out of my face."
    • That said, he watches his tongue around Makoto Niijima and Goro Akechi since both are perfectly capable of dealing with him through the Metaverse whether it's a Change of Heart or a Mental Shutdown. He just needs to divert the heat off of him somehow. Shouldn't be too hard, there's a lot of opportunities in this place. All he has to do is let them meet with some vile deity out here and watch from there.
    • Considering Big Band almost got wasted by corrupt cops, he has nothing good to say about him either, though Manny clarified that at least he's more likely to gun down criminals than work with them. There was some indication he wanted to do something about the return of The Mafiya had the Son not get high off his own product and destroy his gang and then himself. He'd sooner drop dead than be some thug's confidant.
    • As someone who's all to familiar with corrupt cops given his experience with C.R.A.S.H., CJ has no sympathies for Pardo, and will not hesitate to cap him should he get the chance. The Detective just sees him as another punk, and ignores him should he stay out of his way.
  • Why commit those murders for attention? Well, besides that it stems of envy from the Masked Killings or being cohered into doing so by "them", there really isn't a shown motive as to why. For context, Richard, an entity that's shown to be very analytical of any situation he's presented with, doesn't know why he did what he did. Manny has no intention of revealing anything. If it keeps a spotlight on him, he is under no obligation to put this mystery to bed.
    • And speaking of "them", he avoids the Nestene Consciousness like the plague as well as any other dummy in the Pantheon. Doesn't matter who they are, he stays away. Similarly, he avoids those associated with nuclear weaponry, or things similar to that. Though he's not necessarily a target that could warrant such wrath.
  • Has a dim view on those who'd crave attention at all costs as Tony found out the hard way, being gunned down despite surrendering. Pretty rich coming from a guy who desperately wanted for his case to be newsworthy, which everyone brings up a lot, and it doesn't help he sometimes badgers the members of the House of Investigative Work to write about him. But don't expect him to admit to those flaws anytime soon. He's not on good terms with Big Smoke because of this, having fell to his own ambitions back in San Andreas.
    "It's no surprise that's what happens to thugs like you. You never learn..."
    • Regarding those individuals imitating him and his Attention Whore tendencies, though, he pays them no mind. Not even their insistence that he's still out to "catch" the Miami Mutilator. Some even go as far to say that all of the events back in his world went something like this. Aside from that reminder of him being nuked, he took it pretty well.
  • Have instantly got on bad terms with Leon and Mathilda, whose whole story owes to a corrupt cop who killed her family. Given Leon is an outlaw, Manny would personally enjoy gunning him and Mathilda down, both for the glory of taking down such a powerful assassin and his little apprentice and to avenge Stansfield, who'd be one of his followers.
  • "Been a stressful day. You wouldn't believe what they have me doing..."

    Miko Miyazaki 
Miko Miyazaki, Goddess of Lawful Stupidity (Paladin of the Sapphire Guard)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Crossed katanas over a Sapphire Guard cape
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid
  • Portfolio: Lawful Stupidity, Knights Templar, Single-Minded Devotion, Upholding The Letter Of The Law At All Costs, Heavily Divided Opinions, Well Done Death Scenes, Millstones
  • Domains: Law, Inquisition, Falling
  • Allies: Inspector Javert, Gilligan
  • Friendly Rivals With: LEEROY JENKINS!!!
  • Opposed by: People with common sense.
  • Former paladin, struck down by the light of justice during an attempt to implicate Phoenix Wright for murder. She managed to escape banning and now works as a bailiff. Currently on probation - again - for attacking other quasideities.
  • Recently (on a divine scale) received a serious verbal reprimanding from a man she honored and respected as a mortal. Jury is still out on whether it will change anything.
  • As in life, she is frequently sent on long missions, in foreign Houses, that keep her away for long periods of time.
  • Recently, she has a feud with Leeroy Jenkins, of all people. They clash eventually due to being from opposing spectrums.
  • Has been the subject of multiple attempts by the GUAG Psychological division to cure her Black and White Insanity. They have reported some success, but say progress will take time.
  • Given her personality, she has a surprisingly non-antagonistic relationship with Virgil, though it's largely because they only ever deal with each other professionally and her seeing him as a non-plot relevant NPC with no history of mattress tag abuse.
  • On the other hand she has developed an antagonistic relationship with Omar Little, demigod of Karmic Thieves. While most lawful deities are inclined to look the other way about Omar's robberies because he only steals from criminals and has a strict code against hurting innocents, the idea of a lawbreaker getting away with such misdeeds and avoiding any at all punishment inflamed Miko, as it brought back bad memories of her conflicts with the Order of the Stick and Lord Shojo when she was a mortal. As a result Miko has become truly dedicated to pursuing Omar. While the wily thief has managed to stay a step or two ahead of her, there has been much speculation that she may be stubborn enough to track him down, and about what would happen should the two finally clash.

    Rosco P. Coltrane 
Rosco Purvis Coltrane, God of Car Chases and Corrupt Cops


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