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Greater Gods

    The Richards Family/Fantastic Four 
The Richards Family, Divine Badass Familymembers  (The Fantastic Four, Five, etc, Future Foundation | Reed: Mr. Fantastic | Valeria: Brainstorm | Franklin: Powerhouse | Susan: the Invisible Woman | Johnny: the Human Torch | Ben: The Thing, the Ever-Lovin' Blue-eyed Thing)
  • Greater Deities as a teamnote 
  • Symbol: A circle with a 4 inside it.
  • Theme Song: Fantastic Four Intro
  • Alignment: Varies from each individual, but definitely Good
  • Portfolio (All): Artifact Title, Elite Four (sometimes), Friends with Uatu, Super Family Team, Dysfunction Junction
  • Domains: Family, Heroes, Science, Powers
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: The Elite Four
  • Enemies: All ascended Marvel villains but especially Kang the Conqueror, Green Goblin, Ultron, Ragyo Kiryuin, Relius Clover, Heihachi Mishima, Unicron, Syndrome, Shinnok, High Councilor Kal-El, Shao Kahn, Lord Brevon
  • Complicated Relationship: Galactus, Victor von Doom
  • A very unique family that not only includes The Richards and their two kids, but also Sue's younger brother Johnny and Reed's best friend Ben. They also have super powers and have gone through many dangerous adventures.
  • Reed, Sue, and Johnny all ascended own their own to become part of the Pantheon. However, once they realized they could bring Ben, Franklin and Valeria in with them by giving up their individual titles and uniting under the banner of the family, they were all too happy to oblige. Reed and Sue celebrated their kids' recognition as full deities, while Johnny welcomed Ben by dunking a bucket of water over him, provoking a chase around the House of Family.
  • Don't ever, EVER mention a certain movie around them. Really, don't. It's pretty much a Berserk Button for them.
  • Because the Fantastic Four are a family, they will fight like one. As in, they will argue with each other. Despite what others might think, this actually makes them much stronger as a team. Though, there are limits and the team have broken up on occasion.
  • Made fast friends the Parr Family. Both groups noted how very similar they are to each other.
  • While the FF are enemies of Doctor Doom, there have been times when they have work together for one reason or another.
    • Valeria however isn't antagonistic towards Doom. In fact, she calls him uncle and once ran away from home to live with Doom.
    • He has become more ally than enemy in recent years since briefly joining the Future Foundation. Became more pronounced when Reed healed Victor's face and Doom pulled a Heel–Face Turn Heel-Face Turn.
  • Reed, along with Tony Stark, believes that Science Will Explain This. There are no such things as gods, after all, only Sufficiently Advanced Aliens. And he is one of them. Well, okay, maybe that one guy who brought Ben Grimm back from the dead who looked like Jack Kirby counts, but that's it.
  • While Reed does care for his family, he does have his moments of being too absorbed in his work. Though, there are times when he actually feels guilty over the accident that gave them their powers.
  • Reed has been hanging around with other versions of The Smart Guy of in the pantheon. In particular The Doctor. He is fascinated by the Time Lord's technology of making things bigger then they seem.
  • The pantheon are divided on whether Pantheon Reed Richards is useless or awesome.
  • Johnny is well know to be a Casanova back in his home world. So it wouldn't be that surprising to see him hit on some of the females in the pantheon. He once actually hit on both Korra and Asami, not realizing the two were together. Though, both parties were cool and Johnny is friends with Korra.
  • When Johnny and Captain America are in the same room, the two look at each other weirdly since they look similar.
  • Johnny Storm should not to be confused with Johnny Cage. Human Torch himself also happily joins in with the camp of "I refuse to let Johnny Cage play as me" despite acknowledging his heroic spirit.
  • Johnny is confused with why some deities think he is black.
  • Susan Storm was often considered the weakest member of the Four since her only power was turning invisible. However, after developing her powers to include making invisible force fields to support her team and fight, she is now considered the strongest and most dangerous member. Especially when she gets mad.
    • Susan once even encased the entire Baxter Buildingnote  in her force field.
  • Sue is very protective of her family, especially over her two children. It's because of this she made friends with other protective mothers/wives in the pantheon like Kushina, Nanoha, and Sophitia.
  • Don't bring up the time Susan dressed inappropriately. While it was during the time she was possessed by Malice, it wasn't a good moment for her.
    • Also, don't ever call her a "slutty secretary". It'll most likely end with you knocked out.
  • How Ben feels about his condition varies; most of the time he is pretty much okay with his rocky exterior. Other times he becomes depressed over it. Either way, he is happy that he doesn't get that many stares from the Pantheon.
  • Ben is often seen as The Heart of the greater Marvel heroes community. He actually made friends with Dick Grayson who is also considered The Heart in the DC heroes community.
    • Ben also made friends with Claire Bennet, another hero who also wants to be normal again.
  • Ben has to remind some people that his Catchphrase, "Its Clobbering Time", did not come from his older brother beating him up.
  • It should be noted that Franklin has the potential to be one of the strongest beings in existence thanks to his reality warping powers. Perhaps even stronger than the likes of Madoka, Sailor Moon, or even Cosmos herself. Sadly, it's because of his hidden powers that he tends to get targeted by the likes of Lord Brevon, Shinnok and Regime Superman who wish to use his hidden powers for their own ends. Good thing his parent aren't going to let that happen anytime soon.
  • Valeria's very existence is a bit complicated. In short, she was actually the miscarried child of Reed and Susan who was saved by Franklin when he used his reality powers to transport her to an alternate universe. In that reality, she was raised by an alternate Susan Storm who married to a heroic Doctor Doom. After some hijinx, a now grown up Valeria was reverted back to a fetus and into Sue's stomach. And with help from Doom, was safety born again.
  • Franklin and Valeria have hung out with some of the other younger deities in the pantheon. Though, some would admit Franklin is easier to be friends with then Valeria, if only because of her attitude.
  • Currently, the area is only occupied by Johnny and Ben with the Richards' whereabouts currently unknown (though since some have pointed out they were last seen rebuilding the Multiverse after the Secret Wars, they are presumably still at it.) Though the other reason is due to their superiors not wanting to do much with the team until repossessing the movie rights. Ben is currently with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Johnny has assured followers and fans they will return and that the Baxter Building is currently in the hands of Spider-Man, in the hands of family.

Intermediate Gods

    Vinsmoke Family 
The Vinsmoke Family, Quintet Deities of Family Theme Naming ("Garuda" Vinsmoke Judge, "Poison Pink" Vinsmoke Reiju, "Sparking Red" Vinsmoke Ichiji, "Electric Blue" Vinsmoke Niji, "Winch Green" Vinsmoke Yonji". Not included: "Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji)
Clockwise from center: Judge, Ichiji, Yonji, Niji, Reiju

Lesser Gods

Edmund E. Blackadder, God of Identical Ancestors and Descendants
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A black adder
  • Theme Song: One for each of his incarnations: Blackadder 1 + 2 Theme Song Blackadder 3 + 4 Theme Song.
  • Alignment: Changes depending on which relative we're talking about, but generally hovers around Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Identical Grandson, Deadpan Snarker, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, Manipulative Bastard, Surrounded by Idiots
  • Domains: Pain, Spite, Avarice
  • Followers: The Keonig Brothers
  • Herald: Baldrick
  • Allies: Mr. Bean, Obelix, Worf
  • Enemies: Henry VIII
  • Opposes: Richard III
  • Opposed by: Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare, Robin Hood
  • Annoys: The Doctor
  • Amused by: Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Unclear Opinion by: Captain Haddock, Xena, Gabrielle
  • Many deities in the Pantheon can say that they look similar to their ancestors, taking parts from their parents and grand parents. For a few, they may look almost identical. For Edmund Blackadder, his ancestors are exactly alike. To the point that his avatar can play the same person over the centuries with no problem at all. No one can explain how such a character can look exactly the same or why they are all have the name, but it is an aspect Blackadder is proud of. Even if not everyone approves of his antics.
    • What makes things even more confusing is the fact that one may get a different version of Blackadder whenever one goes to his temple. No one knows how it works or whether he is one of multiple people or a single person. Regardless, the Blackaddern lineage has been a fountain of information of the past.
    • As always, his sidekick Baldrick is never that far from his side. Baldrick also comes from a long lineage of people throughout history and all of them were by Blackadder's side. Baldrick is often the one with the cunning plan. While Blackadder is usually skeptical of them, they are always more successful. Of course Blackadder doesn't always benefit from them. In fact, a few of Baldrick's success has come at Blackadder's expense. Still, Blackadder decided to keep him around.
  • There are some who believe that Blackadder is related to Mr. Bean. Whether that is true or not doesn't seem to matter to the two as they are happy to stick around with each other to say the least.
  • Queen Elizabeth the First isn't particularly fond of seeing Lord Edmund Blackadder make a return to the Pantheon. She still holds the lord responsible for being depicted as a spoiled, stingy woman on her rule. She claims that a lot of those traits were rubbed onto her by her half-sister Mary Queen of Scots. Not to mention that his actions led to her death in end.
  • Shakespeare had been acquainted with the man long before the two had ascended... and it wasn't a pleasant meeting. Lord Blackadder of 1999 fame is one of many people around the world who tire of having to go through Elizabethan English every time he read a play by him. After stating his characters wore stupid tights, he promptly gave the poet a beating. It did come with a silver lining: for just a small moment of time, people thought he had invented the ballpoint pen. While Blackadder did remedy this by going back in time, he placed a restraining order on the lord.
  • When it comes to examples of the British making fun of themselves, Napoleon Bonaparte has plenty of options to go with. Among these was when the modern Blackadder clumsily handed him the Battle of Waterloo and with it all of Europe. It didn't last, but Napoleon appreciates that he will have at least that moment of time to savor.
  • Claims that one of his earliest ancestors was the one who built Stonehenge. When asked by said ancestor, the druid replied that his boss wanted to make a playground. Even he thought that the design was ludicrous.
  • Captain Haddock had always wondered why Sir Francis Haddock looked almost exactly like him, down to his proficiency for swearing. Blackadder was there to explain all the details for him. Even then, Haddock remains confused as to which member of the Haddock family he talks to. It matters a lot to him, as his interactions with them range from bellowing laughter to vicious fisticuffs.
  • On the other hand, Obelix hasn't thought much about why every member of his family is big-boned with red hair. He is one of the few Frenchmen with an amiable relationship with Blackadder.
  • Worf takes great pride in his lineage of the House of Martok. So it was a pleasant surprise to him that his grandfather looked just like him. Blackadder provided a picture of the man as a way of gratitude. He also hoped that Worf would provide a bit of muscle in case anyone would try to kill him.
  • Xena and Gabrielle hold a special spot in the Blackadder clergy. It is due to an episode with two of their descendants in WW2 Europe. The episode is said to have helped usher in a new genre of Fanfic set in the modern era by versions of the same character. Many of the faithful can attribute their existence to such works. Xena has shrugged off the praise, but Gabrielle is more muted; her daughter is a reminder that not all identical children end up being people you're proud of.
  • At the end of the day, the last known member of the Blackadder family got as much of a happy ending as he could have ever achieve... yet that earned him a visit from The Doctor. Using time travel for their own selfish benefit left a bitter taste on the Time Lord's mouth and he threatened to undo everything. There was a lot of back-and-forth between the two, but in the end the two agreed to let things be. Some speculated it may have been due to the team giving The Doctor a funny spoof during the down time.

    Dr. Light 
Thomas A. Light, Divine Patriarch of Robo-Families (Doctor Light, Doctor Right, Dr. Xavier Wright)

    The Parr/Incredible Family 
The Parr Family, Divine Super Family (The Incredibles; Mr. Incredible, Justice Reforged [Bob], Elastigirl [Helen], A Forcefield for Justice [Violet]) (Names: Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, Jack-Jack Parr)

    Shelby Family 
"By order of the Peaky fuckin' Blinders..."

The Shelbys note , The Divine Criminal Family
Thomas Shelby
Left-to-Right, Top-to-Bottom: Arthur Shebly Jr. Polly Gray, Ada Thorne nee Shelby, Michael Gray, and John Shelby
  • Lesser Gods Collectively, Demigods Individually
  • Symbol: The Motto "By Order of the Peaky Blinders"
  • Theme Song: Red Right Hand by Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds
  • Alignment: Between Lawful Neutral and True Neutral with lots of Lawful Evil undertones, especially Tommy. Members individually go all over the Neutral Spectrum
  • Portfolio: Families In Criminal Businesses, Dysfunctional Big, Screwed-Up Family, Will Always Stand Up For and Protect Each Other in Spite of their Mutual Grievances, Siblings in Crime, Villainous Lineage, Pretty Reckless about their Riches, Struggle with Infighting and Placing Unintentional Bad Luck with Anyone Associated with Them, Brothers Struggle to Cope with PTSD and Wartime Trauma Courtesy of The Great War
  • Domains: Crime, Family, Control, Leadership, Authority
  • Heralds: The Peaky Blinders and the Extended Members of the Family (e.g. Lizzie Stark, Finn Shelby, Esme Shelby-Lee, Charlie Strong, Jeremiah "Jimmy" Jesus, and more...), Alfie Solomons, Aberama Gold, Freddie Thorne, Jessie Eden
  • Allies/Business Partnerships: The TOPPAT Clan, Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vito and Michael Corleone, Lex Luthor
  • Enemies: The Child Abuse Supporters, The Salamanca Family, Diavolo, Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima, Frank Underwood, Todd Alquist
  • Opposes: The Houyhnhnms, Walter White, Gustavo Fring, Hank Schrader, Domestic Abusers
  • Opposed By: Shoto Todoroki, Most of the House of Law and Justice
  • Commonality Connection: Qrow Branwen, Milo Murphy (general), John Rambo, Niko Bellic, Ted Striker (Tommy, Arthur, and John), Sakura Matou, Ellen, Tess Durbeyfield, Helena Bertinelli/Huntress (Polly and Michael)
  • Respects: Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli, Hall of Ungulates
  • Conflicting Opinion: The PAYDAY Gang, The Wilkerson Family, Lightning McQueen, Duc Hudson, Richard Petty
  • Pities: Jesse Pinkman
  • Pitied By: Tohru Honda
  • The Shelbys were a wealthy and influential family in the early 20th century, based in Birmingham, England, and were of Irish Traveller descent. The family was best known for founding the Shelby Limited Company, which focused on advertising and selling exported goods and antique beverages. The company proved successful, raking in large sums of money for the family as well as developing strong interests from other workers and companies and holding good relations with its employees. More famously though, the Shelbys were the governing force of the Peaky Blinders, a gang organization with humble beginnings that soon grew and escalated into the biggest criminal gang in the United Kingdom and one of the largest, most influential in the world. As a testament to their reputation, the Peaky Blinders have a hand in such working fields and industries as distillery, automotive manufacturing factories, and racetracks, just to name a few. At its peak, the organization was run by Thomas Shelby, a man defined by his no-nonsense attitude to approaching things and maintaining an authoritative and dignified approach to settling his matters. Tommy's ruthless pragmatism and sharp wits allowed him to become the leading figure of his family and the gang and company they owned, and his stern yet personable approach led to many alliances and victories, all the way to entering politics and establishing a working partnership with Winston Churchill. Despite the many losses and victories he's endured as well as the trauma of having fought in World War I, Tommy ensures the Peaky Blinders and the Shelby Family would thrive for years to come and go down as one of the most influential, feared, and powerful gangsters in the world.
  • Of course, many losses were made in the family, with John and Polly having been killed by an ambush from enemies on two separate occasions and creating an irreparable dent for the Shelbys. Michael lost his trust in Tommy upon hearing of his mother's death and became an enemy, prompting Tommy to shoot his cousin dead in their last confrontation That's not to mention other comrades and relatives that they've lost, Tommy himself having to see his first wife Grace being shot whilst trying to save him and his daughter with his second wife, Ruby, dying from tuberculosis years later. Although the family was last seen having a bittersweet dinner, Tommy himself disappeared after supposedly contracting tuberculoma, though he later discovered that his diagnosis was faked and destroyed much of his possessions. Although his fate was left ambiguous, the Pantheon was quick in recognizing the Shelbys' tale and bought into the Pantheon. The family was perplexed, to say the least, and more confusion arose when Polly, Michael, and John turned up alive and well. All things considered, their reunion was a rocky, dysfunctional one, with only Ada and Polly being able to keep their composure and only barely at that. Arthur wonders whether being in the Pantheon is something of a divine joke to him. Tommy's arrival has quelled the drama somewhat, but it's clear that tensions remain, especially between Tommy and Michael, with only Polly being the mediator that keeps the two from killing each other. The Pantheon was to be a tough time for them.
  • The Shelbys are a controversial family. They are criminals and, of course, they have ties to the House of Crime and Transgressions, but this hasn't stopped them from trying out legitimate business practices and schemes as well as Tommy having been a Labour Party MP, having met and worked with Winston Churchill in furthering his political and domestic power over the United Kingdom. This makes Tommy one of the most powerful criminals in the Pantheon if judged by authority and influence. His charm is magnetic and impressionable and his calm, eloquent tone and affability have won him much in the way of loyalty, but he's also a very ruthless man on a bad day who is willing to kill if need be. Arthur and John serve as muscles of the family and are good in combat... and getting drunk with alcohol, with Arthur even having dabbled into drug abuse, something that Tommy takes umbrage on and attempts to curb this problem for his brother's safety. Ada, the sole sister, tends to be the only one who wants to be free from the negative influence and stereotype her brothers have made with their occupation and tries to distance herself from the family as much as she could, to little success. Polly, the matriarch of the family despite being their aunt, is about the only one who could properly mentor and guide Tommy and kept their business afloat when the brothers were out fighting WWI. Polly's son, Michael, was a late addition, having been taken away from her alongside his sister, who died during childhood and being hidden away until he was 18. With that information, Michael has a hard time fitting in with his family but does prove his worth by being competent and quick learning though he would grow a sense of entitlement that would clash against Tommy later down the line. As of now, Polly and Michael have splintered off from the Shelbys, leaving just Tommy, Arthur, Ada, and John as the main representatives of the Pantheon. Many in the divine realms were kept in the dark about how dysfunctional the family is, with most of the attention going to Tommy due to his exploits as the main man of the family as well as his endeavors in both the criminal and political game.
  • With their occupation, the Shelbys were more than well aware that they were going to be dealing with a number of crime families in the Pantheon, the question was how this was going to play out for them. One of the first was the DiMeo, which was a collection of Italian-American mobs led by Tony Soprano. Tommy was a bit apprehensive about them, especially considering his own experience in dealing with Italians, but Tony was willing to play the "good man" role to the Peaky Blinders for now, not intent on making enemies and troubling matters for himself. The two have different ways of dealing with criminal activities and Tommy was not keen on Tony's subordinates, especially seeing Paulie and Christopher as loose cannons to which Tony conceded. They did share a few mutual things, mainly their love for their direct relatives and an appreciation for horses, with Tony being surprised at how Tommy had a hand in organizing race courses for horses in England back in the 1920s. For now, their relationship is entirely professional and Tommy has made it clear he has no ill intent on Carmela, Meadow, and AJ, even if they can be annoying at times and Tony respects Tommy enough to consider doing trade business with him, though also being careful about selling drugs, given how Arthur can develop an addiction to them due to his troubling self-esteem.
  • With their occupation, the Shelbys would catch the attention of such crime lords like Wilson Fisk and Oswald Cobblepot. These two would provide the Shelbys with their introduction to the realm of superheroes and supervillains. Tommy and Arthur were a bit surprised to see their next generation take an interest in characters like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man, noting the irony of how someone whom the family kids would appreciate would potentially be an opponent for the adults due to being gangsters. Kingpin and the Penguin were eager to hire Tommy for some alcohol shipments mainly because they saw Tommy as a great leader and soldier and that having someone who fought in WWI would provide a useful asset in their control regarding criminality. Tommy would only accept their offer if it means having his family given protection and money. His association with Penguin would lead Tommy to Gotham City, which he felt was even more stinky and grungy than the darkest parts of Birmingham. Strangely enough, his few visits to Gotham made him one of the more popular foreign gangsters due to his affability, leadership, and flexibility in getting his tasks done without angering law enforcement too much and keeping as much distance as he could from the Batfamily.
    • The Shelbys would learn about the feud between Gustavo Fring and the Salamancas, with Walter White joining in as a third party. There was some humor in that Kingpin and Penguin have hired all three sides and have asserted enough influence to at least make sure they don't end up fighting each other too many times and extend their casualties to countless innocents alongside themselves. Of the three, the Salamancas took the most interest, with Lalo taking it upon himself to meet with Tommy to talk about business plans and collaborations regarding alcohol and drug trading. Tommy refused, claiming that he has little interest in using drugs for his business and would rather keep his operations as legal as possible. He also figured that the Salamancas have a level of bloodlust that wouldn't mesh well with Tommy's thinking if they had to work together. He also found the three-way feud to be a waste, seeing Gus as being too vengeful and caustic to properly get along with, seeing through his friendly demeanor as the "Chicken Man" and Walt as a petty, bratty manchild who mainly wants to be cool and has made his opposition against them very clear. There is a personal reason in that Arthur would likely abuse meth upon gaining ownership of a collection of them, though Tommy hides his brotherly affection well enough that only very few are able to learn of it.
  • Suffice to say, the fact that some of their core members, particularly Polly and Ada, are more pessimistic about the brothers' criminal endeavors adds to the family's dysfunctional nature. As a result, they're frequently associated with the Hall of Family Dysfunctions, though given their circumstances, Tommy and Arthur are a bit hesitant about starting therapy, especially as the former makes it clear the reason he is workaholic is because having too much free time means fewer distractions for his PTSD wartime recollection to resurface and impede his mental health. Ada has made it clear that she would want a more independent life for herself and her children and is willing to start up her own business with some help but finds it conflicting that her brothers are always looking out for her out of Ada's safety. Despite their fearsome reputation, every member has a soft spot for children as well as a degree of respect for marriage and anyone in a stable, loving one. In fact, the brothers have a not-so-fearsome reputation for finding out Domestic Abusers and beating the snot out of them, so their reputation in the House of Family and Relatives is surprisingly tame for a crime family. They may be vicious and pretty brutal towards their enemies, but they have a code of honor and their presence there has helped in maintaining some sort of control over crime in that House. It should be noted that there's a fifth Shelby brother, Finn, but his reluctance to fight and kill and not being assertive and authoritative enough led to him getting exiled by Tommy's long-lost son, Duke, hence why he's not among the family to have ascended with them, though he's in the Pantheon as a distant herald of sorts.
    • The Heroic Protectors of Family aren't exactly optimistic about the Shelbys for obvious reasons, though their relationship is purely business at the moment, albeit an incredibly tense one. Tommy has taken it upon himself to ask them to look after the younger members of his family at times at the compensation of some regular residents of the House getting paid via charity donations. Although his stance was a stern one, he was genuine about his bargain, and the Heroic Protectors took the deal. They do have their grievances, particularly when Tommy killed a family group in retaliation for Ruby's death via a cursed sapphire that once belonged to his first wife, Grace and are wary of having to deal with him, given Tommy's willingness to kill anyone that dares to cross him. The Child Abuse Supporters once attempted to coax Tommy into a deal and alliance with the promise of more riches and resources, only to fall flat when their name made Tommy recoil and even point a gun at Lady Tremaine for even thinking about an alliance. He's dealt with an abusive father, which especially affected Arthur, and he's having none of it regarding abusive guardians, telling Tremaine and her supporters to take their beatings and stick it on themselves. Dreaded gangster and devious manipulator he may be, Tommy and Arthur despise familial abusers and are clear that not only are they welcome in their business, but anyone in their pay and employment who shows signs of said abusiveness would either get them fired or beaten under the order of the Peaky Blinders.
  • The Shelbys are not one for pity, but there have been a few times where this would play a feeling for a few figures in the Pantheon. On the subject of Walt, the Shelbys were interested in Jesse Pinkman, though Tommy quickly figured that he wouldn't make for a good subordinate due to his rebellious, loud-mouthed attitude. He was right, but Tommy still conceded that regardless, Jesse is a very capable worker and a good man, but any attempts to have a working relationship fell moot as Jesse has taken steps to distance himself from a criminal life, seeing as this, and Walt's manipulations, destroyed his past life and relationships. Tommy compared Jesse to Arthur, noting how similar they were, and sympathized with him on that front and understands why he would want nothing to do with the Shelbys. On the other hand, the Shelby Family dysfunctionality bought to mind Tohru Honda, who had to deal with and help out with the baggage of the Sohma Family as well as struggling with her own turbulence of being parentless and living in a tent, all whilst keeping up an optimistic outlook on life. As much as she would like to help them, Tohru feels intimidated by the idea of trying to help a crime family, especially one as big and influential as the Shelbys, and figures that the people in the family aren't bad, just mentally and emotionally damaged. Surprisingly, Arthur, of all people, appreciates Tohru's support and care as her open acts of kindness like giving out toys and food for the family kids and telling Arthur that he's not as bad as he or anybody else thinks. Still, she keeps some distance regarding a drunk Arthur, but it's clear that the Shelbys, Polly and Michael included are open and affable towards Tohru and generally are on speaking terms, even if she admits to being a bit scared about Tommy and being careful about pitying Polly.
  • The three older Shelby brothers fought during the Great War and predictably, they all came back with the psychological drama that plagues their minds for as long as they could. Many noted that Tommy used to be a much nicer and idealistic man before he enlisted in World War I and that the war shaped him into becoming the cold, stern, and often brutal pragmatist that he's become. Arthur cracked some jokes regarding how not much times haven't changed upon learning of World War II, The Cold War, and The Vietnam War, among others. They expressed some interest in those like John Rambo and Niko Bellic, two former soldiers whose experience in fighting in wars led to them developing PTSD and a sense of alienation for what they've participated in. They don't want anything to do with the Shelbys due to their ties to crime, but on a fortunate note, they are sympathetic towards Rambo and Bellic and would not antagonize them out of respect. Ted Striker's trauma of flying was ironic due to his occupation as a pilot, but the Shelbys still expressed their respect for keeping up with his job in spite of the baggage that came with his turmoil. Even when the brothers have some thrill-seeking regarding fights, they don't dare to be reminded of the House of Military and Warfare, though Tommy would only really visit it if it means getting weapons suppliance to further his organization's firepower in desperate situations.
  • Surprisingly, despite the reputation and infamy of their occupation, they're on good terms with the Hall of Ungulates. The Shelbys, especially Tommy, are openly fond of horses and find time to take care of them and even take part in hosting horseback riding contests, particularly Epsom Downs, which they did on Derby Day 1922. While there was a recorded instance where Tommy killed a horse, this was because the horse in question was gravely wounded and dying painfully, so Tommy opted to end its life as quickly as he could, clearly showing umbrage to his action. While Johnny Joestar would rather not get involved in the criminal life, Tommy and Arthur are generally rather complimentary of his reputation as a participant in Steel Ball Run and would like to see the young man participate in a race hosted by the Shelbys, albeit one where he doesn't have to use his Stand. The family also very much appreciated Black Beauty and they personally treated the horse very well in their first encounter, with Tommy even placing a bet that Black Beauty would win in a race and appreciating its regal, yet affable demeanor. The Mane Six were complicated as Arthur was perplexed at the idea of talking magical ponies, even describing their story as "friendship, and more fucking friendship to down someone". The ponies, especially Fluttershy, were intimidated by Tommy's cold, icy stare when they first encountered each other, but otherwise don't hate each other, especially as the sextet would have been someone Tommy's late daughter, Ruby, would have very much enjoyed being friends with and they take pity in Tommy losing his child, though they would never bring this matter up near him. The Houyhnhnms were the one sort of horses that the Shelbys came to actually hate, though that's because of their own misanthropic view towards humanity and then labeling the family as a reason for why humans are inherently bad, with Arthur calling them "high rise, pompous wankers for horses", and Tommy would just not want anything to do with them as being enemies with them would amount to nothing for him and his family.
  • Being a politician only furthers Tommy reputation as a skilled and magnetic manipulator and strategist to the point where he's been in contact with Winston Churchill before his time as prime minister, an opportunity that bolstered his influence and popularity. Tommy is a shrewd, conniving politician, willing to skirt the lines of corruption, bribery, and extortion if it means dealing with his enemies in the long game and developing his resources for the future. While most are unaware of the true depths of depravity Frank Underwood had strewn during his time as a president of the United States, Tommy is one of the few to know of such and was rather very quick in learning about this. Frank admits to respecting Tommy's cold and stern expressions mingling with his ferocious thinking, deceptive ploys, and willingness to shed blood, but otherwise, the two don't get along as Tommy was disgusted by Frank's career as president and felt like he was a threat to his political power. Lex Luthor was more complicated; while mainly a businessman with criminal ties, he was US president at one point and is very open about making ends meet with anybody so long as they benefitted him in some way. Like Frank, Lex was praiseworthy of Tommy's more unscrupulous qualities and was a man whose extreme popularity and appeal in the Pantheon greatly blanketed his true nature as a supervillain. Tommy and Lex have a business partnership involving gun trading and alcohol distribution, though Lex sees Tommy as a useful man to further his influence in the divine realms. Tommy is aware of Lex's true nature but is willing to play along with the billionaire villain so that he could find other means to provide for his family and gang whilst keeping suspicions at the LexCorp CEO from time to time. Though the less said about the Shelby kids being a bit fascinated with Superman, the better. Given how he had to deal with Oswald Moseley and the British Union of Fascists, Tommy's not fond of Nazis either, though that's mainly because he thinks racial superiority doesn't work well with his business practices and the idea of Nazism becoming powerful would go against everything Tommy and his family had built up.
  • Much like anyone from the old times, the Shelbys were surprised to see how London and, by extension, the United Kingdom had changed over the years. It took some time to get used to new everyday things like televisions, computers, phones, and more advanced cars. Regardless, the family was quick to adapt with Tommy figuring that he couldn't possibly consign himself exclusively to Victorian London where crimes were too rampant and the criminal underbelly there too violent and disarrayed to properly do business or seek alliances with. While the new sorts of technology seemed impressive and immersive, it didn't take long for Tommy to realize that dealing with them would be a detriment; there were more chances for visual evidence, and police and rival gangs would want to use said tech to put a stop to the Shelbys and the Peaky Blinders however way they want, forcing him to learn and adapt, which he did rather quickly for a man of his time. Outside of updated technology, the UK has been a lot cleaner with a boom in immigrants and much of it sporting various landmarks and attractions. For one, Arthur and John enjoy taking the family kids to the London Eye as well as any fun fairs they could find.
  • Just as much as abusers, the Shelbys are not nice towards rapists either, which is especially apparent when Polly and Michael themselves became victims of sexual abuse, especially the latter when he was a child. Needless to say, they got their revenge on those who violated them, including a corrupt police officer from Belfast for Polly and a priest from the Economic League for Michael. Said people were already bitter enemies with the Shelbys as they were an obstacle against their ambitions and were willing to destroy and kill anyone who stood in the way of their goals. While neither is willing to discuss their experiences for obvious reasons, Polly will lash out at whoever tries to pity her, even if it's for other grievances. There are victims like Helena Bertinelli, who was descended from a mafia family herself and while she's not in alignment with crime, she can relate to Polly's struggles, and there are those like Ellen and Sakura Matou who share their sentiment and Sakura herself being able to lash out at her aggressor at one point, albeit at the cost of losing her sanity as Dark Sakura for some time. Polly knows that there are victims of sexual abuse like she was, but that hardly matters; she would rather talk about her plans, goals, and her son than anything else, though she does admit to feeling pity for Tess Durbeyfield and the two are on speaking terms, even if they would never talk about their story of defilement. On a general note, the Shelbys were annoyed at how there were a number of rapists in one of the Houses they have their Domain set in, though there were just as many who were opposed to it, like them. Rapists are one of those types of people who are strictly forbidden to work for the Peaky Blinders and their members are not hesitant about killing them should they ever find out about one.
  • The family is infamous for being a magnet for bad luck, which Tommy is aware of and despises this fact. Simply put, nearly anyone who gets involved with Tommy or the Peaky Blinders will either die or have their lives ruined. The fact that his daughter caught tuberculosis due to a curse from a sapphire that Grace had and her death, later on, doesn't help matters either. This has caused the family to be quite angsty when it comes to starting relationships of any kind other than for business reasons, which is carried over in the Pantheon. Their circumstances with bad luck are similar to that of Qrown Branwen and Milo Murphy's, although the Shelbys have less luck in confronting their grievances and suffer more from it, plus they are not ones to take pity, even if Qrow and Milo feel a bit sympathetic for them despite their occupation as heroes. Tommy's luck with love is also a faltering one, having lost his first love to illness shortly after he came back embittered from WWI, seeing his first wife take a bullet for him, and cheating on his second wife Lizzie to alleviate his own stress and past grievances. He's been seen in the Hall of Romantic Loss where he calmly orders a cup of tea to reminisce about his past, though he'll sometimes bring Arthur, Ada, or some of his most trusted followers along to have proper conversations that don't involve getting drunk. Despite being a criminal leader, Tommy respects the staff and gives them a decent tip for their services. Still, his infamy assures that his presence commands a sense of fear and wariness towards any other visitors, and it's best not to bring about the subject of his first lover and his first wife.
  • Although they are one of the most successful gangsters of the 20th Century, the Shelbys do admit that balancing out their legitimate businesses and the Peaky Blinders has been a mammoth task they've struggled to deal with, and much of its success could be attributed to Tommy. The Shelbys have a hand in gin distribution, which made them a recurring supplier for the Hall of Alcohol and manufacturing motors. Their high business rate has allowed the company to be given recognition in the Houses of Commerce and Jobs and Profession where they've steadily become a bit more financially larger thanks to the increased standards of money rate. Although the Shelbys and their companies are larger and richer than ever, Tommy still intends on playing things safe; the Pantheon is an unfamiliar and unpredictable world after all and he's careful about what alliances and connections he's going to need. He's leading a gang organization after all and that makes things more complicated. Tommy also has to contend with how some see gangsters like him as being really cool and he'd rather not get tangled with wannabes, but so far, he's done pretty well in keeping his business and gang afloat and while there are some who oppose him due to his occupation and mental ferocity, the Peaky Blinders are going strong and his family is doing well despite their losses, and that's enough to keep him satisfied for now.
  • They also have a place in the Hall of Organized Crime.
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