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Pantheon / Other Relatives

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Greater Gods

    The Richards Family/Fantastic Four 
The Richards Family, Divine Badass Familymembers  (The Fantastic Four, Five, etc, Future Foundation | Reed: Mr. Fantastic | Valeria: Brainstorm | Franklin: Powerhouse | Susan: The Invisible Woman | Johnny: The Human Torch | Ben: The Thing)

Intermediate Gods

    Vinsmoke Family 
The Vinsmoke Family, Quintet Deities of Family Theme Naming ("Garuda" Vinsmoke Judge, "Poison Pink" Vinsmoke Reiju, "Sparking Red" Vinsmoke Ichiji, "Electric Blue" Vinsmoke Niji, "Winch Green" Vinsmoke Yonji". Not included: "Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji)
Clockwise from center: Judge, Ichiji, Yonji, Niji, Reiju


Lesser Gods

Edmund E. Blackadder, God of Identical Ancestors and Descendants
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A black adder
  • Theme Song: One for each of his incarnations: Blackadder 1 + 2 Theme Song Blackadder 3 + 4 Theme Song.
  • Alignment: Changes depending on which relative we're talking about, but generally hovers around Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Identical Grandson, The Mean Brit, Deadpan Snarker, Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist, Manipulative Bastard, Surrounded by Idiots
  • Domains: Pain, Spite, Avarice
  • Followers: The Keonig Brothers
  • Herald: Baldrick
  • Allies: Mr. Bean, Obelix, Worf
  • Opposed by: Queen Elizabeth I, William Shakespeare
  • Annoys: The Doctor
  • Amused by: Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Unclear Opinion by: Captain Haddock, Xena, Gabrielle
  • Many deities in the Pantheon can say that they look similar to their ancestors, taking parts from their parents and grand parents. For a few, they may look almost identical. For Edmund Blackadder, his ancestors are exactly alike. To the point that his avatar can play the same person over the centuries with no problem at all. No one can explain how such a character can look exactly the same or why they are all have the name, but it is an aspect Blackadder is proud of. Even if not everyone approves of his antics.
    • What makes things even more confusing is the fact that one may get a different version of Blackadder whenever one goes to his temple. No one knows how it works or whether he is one of multiple people or a single person. Regardless, the Blackaddern lineage has been a fountain of information of the past.
    • As always, his sidekick Baldrick is never that far from his side. Baldrick also comes from a long lineage of people throughout history and all of them were by Blackadder's side. Baldrick is often the one with the cunning plan. While Blackadder is usually skeptical of them, they are always more successful. Of course Blackadder doesn't always benefit from them. In fact, a few of Baldrick's success has come at Blackadder's expense. Still, Blackadder decided to keep him around.
  • There are some who believe that Blackadder is related to Mr. Bean. Whether that is true or not doesn't seem to matter to the two as they are happy to stick around with each other to say the least.
  • Queen Elizabeth the First isn't particularly fond of seeing Lord Edmund Blackadder make a return to the Pantheon. She still holds the lord responsible for being depicted as a spoiled, stingy woman on her rule. She claims that a lot of those traits were rubbed onto her by her half-sister Mary Queen of Scots. Not to mention that his actions led to her death in end.
  • Shakespeare had been acquainted with the man long before the two had ascended... and it wasn't a pleasant meeting. Lord Blackadder of 1999 fame is one of many people around the world who tire of having to go through Elizabethan English every time he read a play by him. After stating his characters wore stupid tights, he promptly gave the poet a beating. It did come with a silver lining: for just a small moment of time, people thought he had invented the ballpoint pen. While Blackadder did remedy this by going back in time, he placed a restraining order on the lord.
  • When it comes to examples of the British making fun of themselves, Napoleon Bonaparte has plenty of options to go with. Among these was when the modern Blackadder clumsily handed him the Battle of Waterloo and with it all of Europe. It didn't last, but Napoleon appreciates that he will have at least that moment of time to savor.
  • Claims that one of his earliest ancestors was the one who built Stonehenge. When asked by said ancestor, the druid replied that his boss wanted to make a playground. Even he thought that the design was ludicrous.
  • Captain Haddock had always wondered why Sir Francis Haddock looked almost exactly like him, down to his proficiency for swearing. Blackadder was there to explain all the details for him. Even then, Haddock remains confused as to which member of the Haddock family he talks to. It matters a lot to him, as his interactions with them range from bellowing laughter to vicious fisticuffs.
  • On the other hand, Obelix hasn't thought much about why every member of his family is big-boned with red hair. He is one of the few Frenchmen with an amiable relationship with Blackadder.
  • Worf takes great pride in his lineage of the House of Martok. So it was a pleasant surprise to him that his grandfather looked just like him. Blackadder provided a picture of the man as a way of gratitude. He also hoped that Worf would provide a bit of muscle in case anyone would try to kill him.
  • Xena and Gabrielle hold a special spot in the Blackadder clergy. It is due to an episode with two of their descendants in WW2 Europe. The episode is said to have helped usher in a new genre of Fanfic set in the modern era by versions of the same character. Many of the faithful can attribute their existence to such works. Xena has shrugged off the praise, but Gabrielle is more muted; her daughter is a reminder that not all identical children end up being people you're proud of.
  • At the end of the day, the last known member of the Blackadder family got as much of a happy ending as he could have ever achieve... yet that earned him a visit from The Doctor. Using time travel for their own selfish benefit left a bitter taste on the Time Lord's mouth and he threatened to undo everything. There was a lot of back-and-forth between the two, but in the end the two agreed to let things be. Some speculated it may have been due to the team giving The Doctor a funny spoof during the down time.

    Dr. Light 
Thomas A. Light, Divine Patriarch of Robo-Families (Doctor Light, Doctor Right, Dr. Xavier Wright)

    The Parr/Incredible Family 
The Parr Family, Divine Super Family (The Incredibles; Mr. Incredible, Justice Reforged [Bob], Elastigirl [Helen]) (Names: Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, Jack-Jack Parr)



    Carter Pewterschmidt 
Carter Pewterschmidt, God of Obnoxious In-Laws


    Penny (The Big Bang Theory) 
Penny, Goddess of Nerd Nannies ("slugger" (by her dad), Queen Penelope, Patsy, P-Dawg, Bestie, Penny Hofstadter)