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Greater Gods

    The Richards Family/Fantastic Four 
The Richards Family, Divine Badass Familynote  (The Fantastic Four, Five, etc, Future Foundation[Team] Mr. Fantastic [Reed], Invisible Woman [Susan], Human Torch [Johnny], The Thing [Ben])

Intermediate Gods

Medea, Goddess of Parents That Killed Their Own Children

    Vinsmoke Family 
The Vinsmoke Family, Quintet Deities of Family Theme Naming ("Garuda" Vinsmoke Judge, "Poison Pink" Vinsmoke Reiju, "Sparking Red" Vinsmoke Ichiji, "Electric Blue" Vinsmoke Niji, "Winch Green" Vinsmoke Yonji". Not included: "Black Leg" Vinsmoke Sanji)
The Vinsmoke FamilyCharacters 


Lesser Gods

    Dr. Light 
Thomas Light, Divine Patriarch of Robo-Families (Doctor Light, Doctor Right, Dr Xavier Wright)

    Lars Alexandersson 
Lars Alexandersson, God of White Sheep
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Tekken Force Emblem
  • Theme Song: VREDE
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: White Sheep, Rebel Leaders, Action Heroes, Wearing Red Most of the Time, Mishima Hair, Bishōnen, Swift Silence, Badass Capes, Being Heihachi's Illegitimate Son, Being a Half-Swedish, Half-Japanese, Averting Fate
  • Domains: Family, Combat, Rebellion, Leadership
  • Followers: Jinpachi Mishima (His Grandfather)
  • Allies:
  • On good terms with: Sasuke Uchiha
  • Mixed Relationship: Nina Williams (sometimes friend, sometimes enemy)
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima (his half-brother), Heihachi Mishima (his father), Bryan Fury, Charles zi Britannia,Relius Clovis, Manfred von Karma, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Respected by: Jun Kazama
  • Conflicted by: Asuka Kazama, Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro
  • The leader of a rebellious Tekken Force, Lars's goal is to put an end to the war of the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation. While finding Alisa in a lab, he was caught in an explosion that got him amnesia. Along the way, he met his old friend, Tougou and while recovering his memories, he remembered that he is Heihachi's illegitimate son. After finding out that Alisa is his enemy and fleeing, Raven offered help in his quest to destroy Jin. It is through their journey that they found out about Jin's true intentions. After that, he and Raven took Alisa to Lee Chaolan to revive her. After forbidding his farewell to Raven, he eventually found Jin to the dessert and brought him to the Violet Lab Systems. It wasn't until they were attacked by the Tekken Force and Nina Williams that he and the others are forced to flee, which was Lee's plan to decrease the chances of his army of pursuing them and Jin. It wasn't until seeing that Kazuya killing Heihachi that he and the others realized that Jin should kill Kazuya once and for all as he is the only one to do so.
  • While she is more or less opposed to Alisa, she is much more conflicred about Lars. This was because she knew that he is the leader of a rebellious Tekken Force that wanted to end the wae between the Mishima Zaibatsu and the G Corporation. Hearing that he wanted to help and protect Jin causes her to bother her opinion about him. As Lars doesn't want to cause more problems between themselves, he decided that staying away from her is the best option
  • Like with Alisa, while Jun doesn't plan on meeting Lars, she respects him for not only wanting to keep his half-nephew Jin safe, but for also being one of the only known Mishimas out there alive that truly isn't a big-screw up person. It also helps that they are said to be similar in personality. She hopes that he will be safe in his joueney with his current companions and if they ever met, she wanted to thank him for being a Mishima that actually gives Jin a chance.
  • At one point, he travelled to the Narutoverse with a costume designed by Naruto's superior, Masashi Kishimoto. He respects Naruto for being a determined, kindhearted hero for stopping countless wars from happening, because while he learned about Jin's true intentions and at least wanted to make up from them, Kazuya still hasn't stop his horrible actions from happening and at least caused world destruction. He congratulated him for marrying Hinata, becoming the Hokage, and having two children, although he thinks he needs better parenting skills, but he nontheless still gets along with him. He doesn't respect Sasuke from betraying Naruto and his friends and how he wanted to destroyed Konoha a long time ago, although he is happy to see he is now on the side of good and at least makes an effort of becoming a good father of Sarada after disappearing from her life all these years, unlike his biological father, Heihachi, who simply doesn't give a shit about him.
  • Travelled alongside with Alisa in the quest to retrieve Pandora's Box. During their journey, while Alisa was running out of batteries, they encounter Sakura Kasugano and Blanka, who was charged with electricty at that time, with Lars believing that he could repower Alisa, although this results in a battle. When they encounter the Pandora Box, Alisa detaches her head to explode it, which is successful.
  • He and James Raynor have respect each other because they are both rebellious leaders to fight corrupted companies (or in the case of Lars, two corrupted companies). He empathizes with him losing loved ones as he technically losed Tougou at the war (even if Tougou actually got revived at the one). Although he feels conflicted about Lars wanting to keep Jin out of safety, he is still friends with him because he is at least a good person who wanted to stop his half-brother from probably committing world destruction and gives him advice at the incoming 8th King of Iron Fist Tournament in case if it will ever happen.
    • While strolling around the Pantheon, he met Lelouch, who is a leader of the Black Knights, a rebellious Japanese team who wanted to go against the Britannian Empire to take back their country. He thinks some of their situations are similar, such as the fact they are rebellious leaders, that both of them got amnesia, and they have horrible fathers (which also got Lars to become enemies with Charles zi Britannia), while Lars also sees some of Jin in Lelouch, as they became horrible people in the eyes of the public, but in reality, they did it for the greater good, even if they end up killing themselves for it. He also got Lelouch's support probably because of those same reasons.
  • Considering what kind of fathers Heihachi and Kazuya are, he hates those that are similar to them. This is the case with Ghetsis, Relius and Manfred. He hates the latter for lying and manipulating to his adoptive son for believing that human have no sympathy for Pokemon, but he himself doesn't want to free Pokemon and wanted to have them all by himself. Relius for seeing humans as nothing more than guinea and for experimenting his own daughter and wife. And Manfred for teaching and manipulating his daughter and adoptive son that perfection is everything and lying to the latter when it is revealed that he is the murderer of his biological father.
  • Knowing how it was like to have horrible parents, he was gained sympathy by Ryuko Matoi and Satsuki Kiryuin. He is horrified to learn what happened to the latter when she is with her mother and also to Ryuko later on and hated Satsuki's mother's plans for enslaving the human race. He understood Ryuko's thrist for vengeance for having her father killed. He is glad to see that they got along like true sisters. Ryuko and Satsuki are also impressed with him betraying the Mishima Zaibatsu and becoming a rebellious leader of a rebellious Tekken Force to stop a war, even if he may started to get along with Jin, they understood Lars's decisions, knowing what it was like to become friends with an enemy who has hidden intentions and wanted to see that he and his companions will beat Kazuya.
  • Suprisingly, he is friends with Noctis. One time, he asked for Noctis for help as he couldn't find a way to defeat his enemies. Eventually after that, they started fishing at the Jungle Outpost. Seeing thag Noctis has ascended, the two shared a hug and promised for an another fishing trip as he the latter wanted him to introduce to his other friends from his world.
    • As of right now, the only friend of Noctis that got ascended is Ignis. He is impressed with his cooking skills and is able to do it while being blind. Ignis gained much more respect from Noctis when it is revealed that in an alternate timeline, he knew about Noctis's fate as a sacrifice to save from Eos and was able to avert his death by sacrificing everything just to save his friend. He wanted to eat more of his food considering he started getting hungry after a certain dream.

    Larten Crepsley 
Larten Crepsley, Patron Saint of Vampires That Love Their Assistant(s) (Mr. Crepsley, Master Crepsley, Quicksilver, Vur Horston)
Manga Adaption 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A mouth full of webs.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Red Cape, Badass Teacher, Break Out Character, Dual Wielding, Good Scar, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Killed Off for Real, Knife Nut, Noodle Incident, Offered A Crown, Parental Substitute, Perpetual Frowner, Platonic Declaration of Love, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Senseless Sacrifice, The Only One Allowed to Defeat You, Together in Death, Withholding the Cure, Vampiric Transfusion, Can Control Spiders, Poisonous Person, Largely Illiterate
  • Domains: Vampires, spiders, showmanship, freak shows, familial love
  • Herald: Seba Nile
  • Followers: Seba Nile, Darren Shan, Graf von Krolock, Darla, Lestat, Eric, Barnabas Collins, Andrew Bennet, Saya
  • Allies: Adrian Fahrenheight Tepes/Alucard, Arachne, Muffet, Rachnera, Mercury, Hecate, Yukiko Amagi, Zubat, Zinogre, Grey Wolf Sif, Jake the Dog, Queen Elsa, Conan, Xena, Red Sonja, James Howlett/Wolverine, Aragorn, Sora, William Shakespeare, Oscar Diggs, Kaito Kuroba, Zatanna Zatara, Albus Dumbledore
  • Enemies: Dracula, Ungoliant, Pennywise, Tom Riddle/Voldemort
  • Feared By: Ungoliant, Pennywise
  • Weirded Out By: Dracula
  • Observed By: House of Justice
  • Respects: Marceline, Harry Potter
  • Pities: Harry Potter
  • Opposed by: Many cats and dogs in the House of Beasts
  • Opposes: Arcueid Brunestud, Nazis in general
  • Originally found wandering in the House of Vampires he quickly ascended to the god of Vampires that love their vampire son; or in his universe assistant, after the Main House discovered his history with his own assistant, the young Darren Shan.
    • For those that don't know a vampire's assistant is literally just that, a humannote  who assists a vampire in life. Said humans; and half-vampaneze, do this so that they can ultimately one day become a vampire themselves. During their time as a assistant the human will eventually be turned into a half-vampirenote ; a process that's done by having vampire blood pumped into them through their fingernailsnote , so long as the assistant still wishes to become a vampire. As a half-vampire they usually continue to serve as an assistant up until they become a full vampirenote  normally.
  • Vampires are not suppose to blood human children; though exceptions are made depending on the circumstances, this is because of how protective people have become of their children in the recent century.
    • Unfortunately this is something Larten is guilty of doing this, having blooded his first and only assistant Darren Shan. This fact nearly ended up costing Larten his life when he returned to Vampire Mountain alerting the Vampire Generals and Princes to what he's done. In the end they only spared him was when his assistant inadvertently gave the Vampire Princes' the idea of giving Darren a challengenote  for Larten's life, something Larten was unhappy about, but allowed his assistant too decide.
      • Despite the case of him turning a child into a half-vampire was ultimately dropped with his life being sparednote  many in the House of Justice believe that he got off too lightly and should receive a actual punishment. Thankfully though Nemesis was able to tell and reveal that he was under the influence of a more powerful being note , thus resolving the issue. The House of Justice though still keeps him under observation though, just in case.
  • Also, has a temple in the House of Vampires.
  • Never bring up his movie counterpart.
  • Fully supports Alucard's crusade to free the other vampires following Dracula and has even offered his assistance.
  • Is a little weirded out seeing Dracula in the pantheon, considering that he actually met Bram Stoker and may have helped inspire the creation of the character after Abraham interviewed him and the old Vampire Prince Paris.
  • Sometimes uses the name of his close cousin and adopted brother Vur Horston as a way to honor him after he was murdered.
    • The murder of Vur is also the very event that ultimately led him into becoming a vampire.
  • Doesn't like Arcueid Brunestud, sure she's friendly but the fact that she fed Shiki Tohno another vampire just to be nice disturbs him greatly.
    • It should be noted though that he has no problem with someone let alone humans eating a vampire; just ask The Guardians Of The Blood. The problem came from how it was done.
  • Because he used to work in a freak show with his preforming spider Madame Octa before his death and ascension he can sometimes be seen working with gods related to showmanship like William Shakespeare, Oscar Diggs, Zatanna Zatara and Kaito Kuroba
  • Befriended Arachne, Muffet and Rachnera with stories of his preforming spider Madame Octa. They were; however, disappointed to find out that he no longer has her in his possession since his assistant Darren released her in Vampire Mountain. They were disturbed though to find out that he get Madame Octa to preform by controlling her.
    • Though its unknown if his ability to control spiders will work on sentient ones, it still gained him a surprising amount of fear from Ungoliant and oddly enough Pennywise for some reason.
  • Is hardly ever seen in his temple preferring to travel like the rest of his clan. Naturally he ended up befriending Mercury, Hecate and Yukiko Amagi because of this.
  • Like all vampires from his universe his blood is toxic, must eat normal food; along with human blood to survivenote , are forbidden to use projectile and explosive weaponry. They can also survive in sun light at least for several hours with little discomfort. Wolves, bats and rats also seem to naturally like them while catsnote  and dogs seem to inherently hate them.
  • Befriended Queen Elsa when she heard that he discovered an ice palace. He's since corrected her, for though is was certainly palace like it was actually a frozen tomb for the legendary Vampire General Perta Vin-Grahl. It did however have plenty of ice and crystal sculptures.
  • Being a member of a proud warrior race Larten naturally befriended several other great and honorable warriors such as Conan, Xena, Red Sonja, James Howlett/Wolverine, Aragorn and surprisingly Sora.
  • Nazis once tried to make a alliance with the vampires of his universe, it ended Nazis trying to capture vampires.
  • Fully agrees with Albus Dumbledore when it comes to his belief of doing things for the greater good.
    • Upon meeting Dumbledore he learned of Harry Potter, who earned his respect and pity for Larten was also part of a rather grim prophecy. He also learned of Voldemort and quickly became his enemy both for his actions and due to his similarities with Nazis.
  • Not even a minute when he arrived in the House of Vampires was he unexpectedly barreled over by an orange pegasus filly on her scooter and then watched as the filly (and her close friends) leapt toward the temple next to his, belonging to a pair of vampire wrestlers. Curiosity came to him as he saw the Crusaders take part in an epic LARP battle with those vampires before it ended with the group laughing. He then introduced himself to the group, and the ponies introduced themselves as The Cutie Mark Crusaders who asked if Mr. Crepsley has met their good friends Mr. Gangrel and Miss Luna. Talks were made, stories were traded and Crepsley has now decided to entertain the ponies (or at least, teach them how to be good entertainers) which has made the ponies absolutely happy. When word got out to their older sisters, they could only groan at how the Crusaders have made friends with another vampire.
    • However, when it came to actually performing in a nightmareish circus, the Crusaders got cold feet. He soon realized that it was related to the last time the three were in a similar circus, it ended with a huge misunderstanding that caused the three to kill all of the circus performers in rage, particularly Apple Bloom blowing a hole in the Ringmaster's forehead (who had Gangrel's face, long story) before she broke down in butchering him. He's doing his best to ensure that the nightmares they had are gone (which has made the Equestrian Gods more trustworthy of him now).

    The Parr/Incredible Family 
The Parr Family, Divine Super Family (The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible [Bob], Elastigirl [Helen]) (Names: Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Violet Parr, Dash Parr, Jack-Jack Parr)


    Kinzo Ushiromiya 
Kinzo Ushiromiya, God of Succession Crisis (Goldsmith)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The one-winged eagle
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Interesting Romantic Life, Pater Familicide, Conspicuous Consumption, Creating Weird Wills, Parental Incest, Abusive Parents.
  • Domains: Chance, Wealth, Legacy, Ambition, Evil, Depravity
  • Allies: Deathwing, Scanty and Kneesocks, Slaanesh, Lady Tremaine, Ghestis, Sophia Lamb, Relius Clover, Scar.
  • Enemies: Beatrice the Golden Witch, Sophitia, Batman, Jason Todd, Sakura Matou, Bryan Mills, Asura, Kiritsugu Emiya, Alexstraza, Ysera, Yu
  • Earned his title upon the discovery that he is the root cause of the strife amongst the Ushiromiya clan, such as the chain of hate, Eva's dickish tendencies, and Beatrice III's tragic self loathing.
  • Doesn't actually interact much with the rest of the Gods, as he spends most of his time shut up in his room, practicing black magic and ranting about someone he calls "Beatrice".
  • The words OH DESIRE seem to have a weird effect on those who hear it, creating a strange compulsion to plant images of Kinzo's face upon random pictures. The effect is much more powerful when the song associated with it plays. Trolls of various alignments have used this to great comedic effect. As such, it's one of the legendary Seven Mysteries of the Pantheon.
  • Then came the dark reveals of his true nature, which became a game changer in those interactions.
    • When he found out about it, Batman gathered the Bat Family (Nightwing, Tim Drake) and went to town on Kinzo, topping it off with an Arkham Knight style interrogation involving the treads of the Bat Tank. Jason Todd got involved afterwards and pummeled him with a crow bar.
    • Deathwing, Slaanesh, Griffith, and the Scanty sisters were pleased with Kinzo's depravity and became quick allies.
    • Being loving fathers, Bryan Mills and Kiritsugu Emiya decided to Pay Evil unto Evil for the way he abused his children. Needless to say, the combination of CIA style interrogations and a "lap shot" from Calico did not bode well.


    Penny (The Big Bang Theory) 
Penny, Goddess of Nerd Nannies ("slugger" (by her dad), Queen Penelope, Patsy, P-Dawg, Bestie, Penny Hofstadter)


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