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Compared to the other three Sub-Houses of the House of Weapons, this is dedicated to Deities who are skilled in other types of weapons and weapon-related tropes. This Sub-House also has the most bizarre appearance as it is littered with countless scratches, holes, scorch marks, and everything in between.

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Greater Gods

    Black Bolt 
Blackagar Boltagon, God of Voice Weapons (Black Bolt, The King of the Inhumans, The Inhuman King, Midnight King, The Cruel, The Merciless, Blagbult, Celestial Avatar, Celestial Messiah, Celestial Redeemer, Wishbone, Mister Quiet Man, Great White, Our Silent Friend, The Silent One, The One Who Does Not Speak, The Quiet Guy, Keeper of the Terrigen Mists, Guy With a Fork in his Head)

Intermediate Gods

Akame, Goddess of Poisoned Weapons (The Red-Eyed Killer, Akame of the Demon Sword)
  • Intermediate Goddess (borderline Greater Goddess when her trump card is activated)
  • Theme Song: Kinpaku, Le chant de Roma
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly True Neutral as an Imperial assassin)
  • Symbol: Her Teigu, Murasame
  • Portfolio: The Perfect Assassin, Tormented Siblings, Hiding her Emotions, Red-Eyed Killers, Big Eater, Wears Red and Black but is a Good Guy, Poisonous Instant Death Katanas, False Love Interests, "I Will Bury You"
  • Domains: War, Rebellion, Murder, Chaos
  • Herald: Kurome (her sister).
  • Allies: Night Raid, Monkey D. Luffy, Ken Kaneki, Ryuko Matoi''', Satsuki Kiryuin, Pannacota Fugo, Ezio Auditore, Samuel Rodrigues, Valeera Sanguinar, Oberyn Martell, Velvet Crowe, Touka Kirishima, Raven Branwen.
  • Enemies: Prime Minister Honest, Esdeath, Seryu Ubiquitous, Steven Armstrong, Darkseid, Gregor Clegane, Ryoma Sengoku, Tenjuro Banno, Molag Bal
  • Rivals: Erza Scarlet
  • Opposes: Many evil emperors in the Pantheon
  • Akame ascended with the rest of her teammates soon after Esdeath's arrival to the Pantheon. With their biggest enemy gaining a Rank Up and the ascension of another Jaeger, the members of Night Raid decided to let one of their members split and find a new house to reside in, in order to prevent the two Jaegers from spreading their influence across the Pantheon. Akame was the one who was chosen to leave the original temple, as she was the one who killed Esdeath and therefore stood the best chance in an encounter with her.
  • Has been hired by the higher-ups of the GUAG to "incapacitate" some of Melkor's top lackeys. She's proven to be an effective thorn in the GUAE's side, thanks to her assassin skills and One-Hit Kill weapon.
  • When she's not busy killing evil shmucks, Akame can be found eating lots of meat, usually with Luffy. They like to exchange stories about their adventures; Luffy was sorry to hear about all of her friends who died, but was also happy that most of them were able to come with her to the Pantheon.
    • Yukihira Souma was the first cook of the house she ran into, and he was more than happy to take the challenge. But Nakiri Erina wouldn't have any of that, saying that she wouldn't allow a "mere commoner cook" have the right. Akame then decreed that they both cook for her, stating that the loser would have to be the victor's servant for life. These clear motivates them both and they wasted no time making their dishes. Akame's reactions to the meals were as expected but when it came time to decide a victor, she said that she would have to take a rain check on it and bolted.
  • Kaneki was surprised to hear Akame speak, thinking that Touka had somehow made it into the Pantheon. He was happy to hear that she wasn't some monstrous killer out to get him, and the two have become friends ever since.
  • Respects Satsuki for going through hell for the sake of her sister, in spite of all the morally gray things she did, just like Akame herself. Of course, a meeting with Satsuki meant a meeting with Ryuko. While a lot of people were hoping to see a fight between the two red-and-black sword wielders, they struck up a friendship almost immediately.
  • Went to the House of Health and Diseases to see if they had a cure for the side effects of her trump card. After finding nothing, she decided not to use it unless she really needed to.
  • Some Gods like to ship her and Tatsumi together. Akame respects his and Mine's relationship too much to make a move on him. There are also those who ship her and Leone together, to whom Akame doesn't have much objection towards.
  • Jetstream Sam wanted to tried out Akame's Teigu, since it reminds him of his own sword, Murasama. Akame agreed, but only because his nanosuit means he won't be affected by the blade's poison. Akame soon learned of his story, pitying him for once being a hero who fought warmongers.
    • Afterwards, she confronted his boss, attempting to poison him. Thanks to his nanomachines, Armstrong was unfazed and came out victorious. Interested in her skill, he challenged Akame to fight him again. Akame's response?
      "I knew people who tried to turn the world into ruins. I've stopped them. I knew someone who tried to continue the war for their own sadistic benefit. I killed her. You're exactly like her. I'll come back, and when I do, I will bury you'."
  • Is good friends with Oberyn Martell, who was able to embarrass an evil kingdom with his dying actions. Oberyn is currently researching the origins of Murasame, and Akame is allowed to wield his weapons.
    • Sometime after the formation of their alliance, Oberyn told Akame of Gregor Clegane, and asked if she could deal with him. Naturally jumping on the chance to take care of warmongers, she went to the House of War to confront him. After breaking his armor, Akame slashed Clegane and managed to incapacitate him. Clegane has vowed to get his revenge on her, and Esdeath, a frequent visitor of his house, is more than happy to help him.
  • Erza doesn't approve of her occupation, but otherwise has no reason to oppose her. The two of them can be seen having swordfights with normal weapons sometimes.
  • Has an intense dislike for emperors like Palpatine and Frieza. She's aware of their overwhelming power, but is currently working to infiltrate their temples and slice them with Murasame.
  • Also in the House of Toxicity.
  • If you can't find a reason to fight, then you shouldn't be fighting.

    Cinder Fall 
Cinder Fall, Goddess of Dust-Molded Weapons (The Fall Maiden, Cinder Lols, Cinder Mall, Cinder Bawls, Cinder Autumn, Leader of Team CRME)
Click here to see her post-timeskip appearance (SPOILERS) 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Theme Song: Do You Believe In Destiny?, Awake, All Things Must Die (Shared with Raven), and Cinder___? (When She's Busy "Plotting").
  • Symbol: Her decal, a pair of high-heeled shoes, and her confident smirk in front of a burning background.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, and later Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Crime, Terrorism, Greed, Villainy, Revenge
  • Herald: Her subordinates, Emerald Sustrai and Mercury Black
  • Portfolio: Plot-Driving Villain, Total Lack Of Morality, Badass Female Villain, Desire For Power, Grimm Tamer, Previously Used Midnight In Combat, Eyepatch of Power, Stolen Flying Ability, Creates Glass-Molded Weapons, Cruel Amber Eyes That Glow, Still Powerful Even With One Good Eye, Dress Made Of Dust, The Fall Maiden, Enjoys Causing Pain To Others, Increasingly Cruel And Vindictive
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies: Lady Tremaine, Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist), Azula, Xehanort's Incarnations, Twin Queens, Nui Harime, Sundowner
  • Rival: Esdeath
  • Enemies:
  • Enemy Mine: Neopolitan.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Roman Torchwick, Adam Taurus, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Opposed by: Selina Kyle/Catwoman, The Blood Gulch Crew (Carolina, Washington and Tex in particular), Locus, Super Sonico
  • Roman had been working with many valuable allies in the Pantheon while remaining in fear of someone who had remained in the shadows for quite a long time. After a certain amount of failures on his part, she decided that enough was enough and decided to ascend herself to the horror of much of the Pantheon to continue along "her" plans. She would ensure victory for hate incarnate when it falls.
    Cinder: "You'll know what you need when you need to know."
  • Regarding her weapons, she can generate glass-like weapons using dust infused into her clothing, such as making projectiles from molten sand, and her signature bow and twin swords.
  • While Roman once had a relationship with this woman, he knows that he can't risk remaining under her thumb for much longer considering how his life came to an end in the pit of a Grimm Griffon. He did contact Sundowner about Cinder offering a special form of payment for causing a new war in the Pantheon.
  • Team RWBY and Team JNPR naturally were furious over her arrival, since she caused all of them a lot of trouble with her actions and horrible deeds. Ruby and Jaune especially wanted to kill her because of the death of their friend Pyrrha at her hands. Cinder knew she was likely one of the more despised new gods in the Pantheon, and she enjoyed having such a reputation. For now both Team RWBY and JNPR stay away from Cinder...
    • Ruby is the only deity in the Pantheon whom she both fears and hates the most. Due to the fact her silver eyes severely damaged her body to the point she needed a Grimm limb to replace her old one, and lost her left eye.. Due to the nature of Ruby's power, she knows that she must tread lightly around the huntress, but that doesn't meant she won't try and get her revenge...
    • Pyrrha vowed to one day engage in combat with the Fall Maiden in the hopes of avenging her demise, along with removing her from the Pantheon before she can cause any more misery to others.
    • Jaune vowed to make her pay for all of the crimes, murders, and horrible deeds she has done for the sake of her master. Cinder in turn...doesn't even remember this Dork Knight of Beacon Academy, which severely pissed him off knowing that she doesn't realize how important Pyrrha was to him before her mortal demise.
  • Regarding said superior, Cinder went into a brief period of shock when she mistook Cortana for her when she heard the AI speaking. And of course, hearing of the existence of such an evil and powerful person like Salem immediately made Master Chief want to stay as far from Cinder as possible.
  • As a high-ranking general and leader of the Jaegers, the notorious Esdeath was interested in learning more about the Fall Maiden. Not only did she find Cinder's choice in outfits rather appealing, she was also looking for a good opponent to challenge her with opposite elements. Cinder meanwhile knows better than to pick a fight with someone beyond her capabilities.
  • The fair, noble princess was disgusted by someone as cruel as the personal student and disciple of a "Wicked Godmother", wondering what exactly would drive her into becoming this way. She also was horrified by how similar they were in certain ways and shoes they wear.
  • In order to help further along her schemes, a strained truce was formed between Cinder and Felicia in order for them both to get what they want. The Black Cat would loot something of importance from the Pantheon, and Cinder thought she was meant to "squash a bug" in return, however this got under Felicia's skin. While she claimed that Spider was only for her she truly didn't want him dead, especially at the hands of this woman.
    • In contrast Selina was quick to find Cinder an immoral bitch who likely was just trying to corrupt Felicia who was trying to get back in the grey side of being a common thief. Selina also hates how she treats her subordinate Emerald, finding that relationship to be one-sided manipulation on the Fall Maiden's behalf.
  • Azula is very impressed by the flames Cinder wields in battle, and hopes to learn how to improve her own fire-bending skills from this schemer.
  • The Blood Gulch Crew naturally fears her, but Simmons says Cinder sounds like one of his troops back in Chorus. The standouts are Washington, Carolina and Tex, who also have Cinder's contempt for reminding her of Ozpin, Pyrrha and Glynda Goodwitch. From the same series, Locus is also not fond of Cinder, having enough experience with ambitious and bloodthirsty people.
  • Cinder's voice is shared with Super Sonico, who was less than pleased about it, though Cinder is still unsure if she should care this pink haired girl.
  • Is hated by Emperor Claus for being like most of his enemies who are simply aimless and empty. He also feels that with her supposed "fall" in Remnant, she is weak compared to those he sees as true beings of power.
  • Holds Xehanort in high regard for his intellect, desire for power that she can understand, but most of all, his ability to wield darkness that reminds her of the Grimm from her old world. Naturally, this puts her at odds with Sora and his allies, especially since he almost met the same fate as Pyrrha.
    • It is not known if Cinder can use her Grimm arm to steal powers outside of maidens, as she expressed desire to wield a Keyblade.
    • There is an ongoing rumor that she's ended up becoming a Seeker of Darkness. However, many have stated that it wouldn't be surprisng if she was part Xehanort already.
  • Striking a deal with the the Grinner Twin Queens, she promised that they each can have the body of one RWBY and JNPR member should they help her deal with them in the future.
  • At one point she was confronted by one of the members of the Investigation Team, who wanted to learn the kind of crimes she did in the mortal plain, but she felt confused when she heard him speak with a voice reminding her of Mercury Black, one of her disciples.
    • Speaking about her followers, she quickly got along with Ragyo's personal Grand Couturier who reminded Cinder about Roman's ice-cream named comrade Neo.
  • Despises Ragna the Bloodedge due to the many similarities he has with Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long and Qrow Branwen. When confronting him however, the dark aura from his Azure Grimore was so intense that it rivaled that of even her master and Ruby's Silver Eyes, that she got out of there as fast as she could. Ragna just finds her annoying, and somewhat irritated due to the similarities that she has with Terumi, Nine and himself.
  • Has a chalkboard filled with many details about her "Evil Plans" and constantly tries to keep people from reading it, lest they be ruined! And in her off-time she dedicates to a lot of evil activities, be it kicking dogs, stealing candy, spreading spam and trolling online, and doing something with hitchhikers.
  • She's recently joined a state of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Adam Taurus, due to their mutual hatred of team RWBY. However, it's made clear that he's working for her since she traded him lien and weapons in exchange for his life.
  • She has recently heard word of another of her enemies gaining power in the Pantheon. This time around, it was Qrow Branwen, the Huntsman protecting her hated nemesis Ruby Rose. She also bears resentment towards his twin sister after what she did to her. In her eyes, Qrow is yet another obstacle in her path to conquest.
  • Due to her current inability to ascend, Salem herself has Cinder stand-in for her as a 'representative' in the Pantheon which allows the master of the Grimm a foothold into the Pantheon while remaining untouched in the mortal plane. Cinder herself doesn't mind it as long as it means she gets what she wants.
  • I want to be strong. I want to be feared. I want to be powerful.

    Kai (Kung Fu Panda
Kai, God of Crystal Weapons (The Collector, General Kai, Supreme Warlord of all China, The Jade Slayer, Master of Pain, Beast of Vengeance, Maker of Widows, Tian Sha)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His swords
  • Theme Music: The Arrival of Kai
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ancient Evil, Sickly Green Glow, It's All About Me, Evil Is Hammy, Mighty Glacier, Meaningful Name, Classic Villain, Impossibly Cool Weapon
  • Domains: Conquest, Notoriety
  • Allies: Lord Voldemort, Syndrome
  • Enemies: Po, Master Oogway, The Furious Five, Iron Fist, Ryu, Ken Masters, Gouken, Wario, The Defiers of Fate
  • Foil to: The Nameless King
  • Rival: Rise Shredder
  • Back when Master Oogway was still alive, he was a comrade to a ruthless yak known as Kai. An ambush resulted in Kai taking an injured Oogway to a village of pandas and when the tortoise discovered chi during his time there, Kai wanted it for himself, prompting Oogway to banish him to The Spirit Realm. Years later and defeating some martial artists there (Tai Lung apparently being one of them), Kai defeated Oogway and escaped that realm, taking the chi of various kung fu masters and wanting Oogwayís reputation destroyed, as the yak is furious that no one knows of his fearsome reputation. With his jade swords and ďJombiesĒ (the kung fu masters that Kai drained the chi of and now serve him), Kai continued his rampage, only to get forced back into The Spirit Realm by Po, who would then defeat him and save all the kung fu masters that Kai drained the chi out of, Oogway included.
  • A martial arts training session at one of the Pantheonic dojos was interrupted when a couple of jade warriors showed up and tried to kill all the students that were there at the time. A voice was being heard through the jombies introducing himself as Kai, though no one present had any idea who he was, prompting him to break into the dojo in anger to prove that he really is as dangerous as he was in the past. Kai was able to overpower the students and drain their chi and was coming close to doing the same to the headmaster before Po showed up. Po, having been aware that no one (friend and foe alike) truly stays dead in the Pantheon, engaged Kai in combat, freeing the captured martial artists that Kai had in possession before defeating him once more. Kai didnít take his (second) loss against Po well and vowed to regain his reputation as a dangerous conqueror, especially if it included finally destroying Oogway and his legacy for good.
  • With how large the Pantheon is and how much faster information spreads, Kai believed that his actions would make him at least more notable among certain members even if records of his actions with Oogway in the past were forgotten in his world. It didnít take long for him to learn the hard way that his actions are still relatively obscure within history across different worlds and that there are others who have made a much bigger name for themselves and have gained significant notoriety as a result. All this did was motivate Kai more to take further action and ensure that others wonít forget what he did past and present.
  • Danny Rand was alarmed at Kai and his ability to drain the chi of others, particularly since he himself would be a target and Kai would have access to a large amount of chi and a strong jombie if Rand fell to him. The fact that Kai is more than willing to lay waste to the reputation of Oogway, someone who wanted to use the power of chi for good, was enough for Rand to consider Kai a threat that needs to be stopped. Kai found Randís past legacy, especially regarding chi and martial arts, to be too similar to Oogwayís in terms of using it for good and is more than willing to drain Randís chi to make a point that Kai is not to be taken lightly and will be a name that will be remembered for a long time.
  • While Kai cares very little about others and is mainly focused on keeping his reputation alive, he was able to be friends with Voldemort. Much like Kai and his desire to be a feared conqueror, Voldemort sought to be a fearsome wizard and did whatever was possible to achieve it. While Kai ended up being forgotten by history because of Oogway and no one understood who he was, Voldemort no longer became a threat after he was defeated and his broken soul became permanently stuck in Limbo. Kai saw Voldemort as someone who was worthy of being a fearsome threat among others and Voldemort was interested in Kaiís ability to drain the chi out of others. Whether or not Kai will become a Death Eater is an uncertain and frightening possibility, but otherwise he and Voldemort get along well with each other and have relied on each other to rebuild their reputations in the Pantheon.
  • Another villain that cared more about his reputation than anything else who Kai befriended was Syndrome. The supervillain was shunned by someone who they admired back then, akin to how Kai was banished by former comrade Oogway over a selfish desire for power (though Mr. Incredible never had much of an interest in taking in Buddy Pine back then compared to how Kai and Oogway worked back then). In a general sense, both want nothing more than to build up their reputation by destroying anyone in their way, especially against the ones who drove them away back then. Kai hasnít really given much thought on using potential weapons that Syndrome suggested he use, but he has at least suggested to the supervillain a chi-powered robot based on what Syndrome has designed thus far.
  • Some martial artists who Kai has become interested in were those involved in the World Warrior tournaments. Their skills in combat meant that if Kai were to take their chi, then heíd have some great additions to his collection of jade martial arts masters. The likes of Ryu and Ken Masters were enticing to him (though the two have nothing positive to say about Kai), but it was Gouken who Kai took special interest in. Being the teacher of the aforementioned Ryu and Ken, Gouken was someone who Kai believed had a lot of power, which also meant a strong reputation. Someone who was willing to disrupt the field of martial arts for himself and steal from others was something that Gouken could not stand by and fights between the two have occurred, with Ryu and Ken stepping in at times whenever Kai is dangerously close to absorbing Goukenís chi.
  • Not only does Kai drain the chi out of his victims, he essentially turns them into stone and by extension, they become part of his collection of jombies for him to use. His ability to use that in addition to immobilizing anyone that gets in his way got him the attention of deities that are known for turning others into statues such as Medusa. Although Medusa turns her victims into stones and nothing else, the idea of having her petrified victims become potential servants for her to use in battle was a curious prospect for her, but decided against it after giving it some thought. Kai thought the idea of simply turning someone into stone was too cheap since it meant that fights are one-sided and that anyone who wants their fearsome reputation to be known should give their opponents a deadly battle rather than ending things swiftly.
    • There are plenty of victims that were turned into stone or crystal in the past that have plenty of hatred towards Kai over what he can do. The Defiers of Fate, who went on a mission to prevent themselves from being crystallized, harbor special contempt towards him, especially since if Kai were to turn one of their members into a jade statue for him to use later, they would end up having to fight them later on. Kai doesnít care much about the group in general, mainly since he sees them as potential targets for his growing collection of jade statues.
  • Besides chi absorption and using his jombies to attack, Kai uses a pair of swords attached to a chain to attack his opponents from afar. The fact that the Pantheon had deities whose primary weapons are similar to what Kai uses didnít escape him and he wanted to see just how capable those particular weapon-users are against him. Many have noted that Kaiís swords are similar to what Kratos uses and at first, Kai wanted to try and fight him, but considering that he lost to Po and that Kratos would be a very dangerous foe even without chi, Kai has decided to wait until heís become strong enough to take him on.
  • Kaiís anger at having his own history forgotten was only slightly mitigated after learning that there was another deity whose past was deliberately forgotten by others, with that someone being The Nameless King. In the latterís case, his name was erased from history by his father Gwyn over siding with dragons and rebelling against him. Kai was taken aback at the fact that The Nameless King wasnít actively trying to rebuild his reputation despite his capabilities, up to and including trying to get back at the man who took away his history. Even if The Nameless King can understand Kaiís frustrations about being erased from history, he believes that Kai thinking too much about his glory days and trying to force it to happen again in the present wonít end well.
  • On its own, jade is regarded to be a very valuable crystal and something that many of the greedier deities such as Wario in the Pantheon have tried to get their hands on for the sake of being richer. In a very blatant disregard for the life of others, those greedy entities were interested in those battle trophies Kai has on his belt of numerous kung fu masters, but in Kaiís opinion, any attempt to sell jade that belongs to him, be it those statues or his swords, is seen as nothing more than an attempt to cheapen his legacy (not that those greedy treasure seekers care about him or his reputation). He has fought anyone that has tried to take any of his jade-based items for themselves and has a few times turned those treasure hunters into jade trophies, though the aforementioned Wario has given Kai some trouble in these instances.

    Kazuya Oki/Kamen Rider Super-1 
Kazuya Oki, God of Versatile Gloves (Kamen Rider Super-1, Super Rider)
Kamen Rider Super- 1 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A stylized red "V"
  • Theme Song: "Kamen Rider Super-1"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cyborg, Practitioner of Sekishin-Shourinken, Scarf of Asskicking, Tricked-Out Gloves/Power Fist, Master of Disguise
  • Domains: Cyborgs, Martial Arts, Gloves
  • Heralds: Genjirō Tani, Master Genkai, Benkei, Professor Henry
  • Apprentices: Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze, Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor
  • Allies: All ascended Toku heroes (especially the heroic Kamen Riders), Yozakura, Benkei, Domon Kasshu, Weiss Winterprison
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Lysandre, Charles zi Britannia, Monokuma and his Mastermind, Kazuya Mishima
  • Kazuya Oki was a scientist in International Space Development Program, who willingly took part of a project to turn a man into a cyborg for the intention of creating an astronaut able to survive the harshness of space without a bulky space suit. Unfortunately the lab was attacked by the evil organization Dogma after the experiment was complete, leaving Kazuya the only survivor. After the incident, he went to Japan to practise Sekishin-Shourinken in order to transform on his own will, eventually giving birth to the hero known as Kamen Rider Super-1.
  • Super-1 is equipped with the Five Hands, five sets of gloves what have different functions based on the pair he is using.
    • Super Hands: Super-1's default silver gloves what give his fist striking power up to 300 tons.
    • Power Hands: Red gloves what allows Super-1 to lift, push and pull objects up to 50 tons.
    • Elek Hands: Blue gloves what allows Super-1 to shoot 10,000 volts of electricity from his hands.
    • Thermal Hands: Green gloves what allows Super-1 to either shoot fire of freezing gel out of his hands.
    • Radar Hands: Golden gloves what come with drones what can scan a 10 kilometer radius what is shown on a screen on the gloves. The drones themselves also double as missiles.
  • The trope of Tricked-Out Gloves originally belonged to Yozakura, but after some arrangement, she gave up that trope to Kazuya. Yozakura seems to be inspired by Kazuya, thinking that maybe she would be able to modify her gauntlets to have more versatile options.
  • When he heard that there was a god named Benkei in the Pantheon, he thought he was one of his past two mentors. At last, it was the historical Benkei. That being said, he doesn't mind this Benkei at all. This Benkei does say that even though Kazuya is a martial artist, he is surprisingly good with a sword if given one.
  • As he was originally meant to be an astronaut before becoming a hero, he is a mentor figure for Gentaro and Ryusei who are his successors in the space/martial-artist Kamen Rider tradition. For the former, he's helping Gentaro create new combinations with his Astroswitches and for the latter he trains Ryusei in learning the Sekishin-Shourinken style.
  • He has a particular dislike forwards anyone who practices Social Darwinism, as the Dogma Kingdom's plans revolve around that idea. He also has a particular dislike for those who would bring wanton destruction, like Jin Dogma. And the less that is said about the fall from grace on the part of his own mortal avatar, Shunsuke Takasugi, the better.
  • He wasn't happy to hear that there is another martial artist called Kazuya in the Pantheon. The dislike is mutual from Mishima.
    • However he was happy that he became allies with another Kazuya, named Ryuuzaki, who also deals with stopping an alien invasion just like how Oki's attempt to stop the Dogma's invasion on Earth.
  • And then he hard of yet another Kazuya by the surname of Minegishi, though he's caution around him as it's not really known what he ultimately stood for.
  • He also happens to be friends with Domon Kasshu as both were trained in a unique form of martial arts. No wonder that the two became interested in their respective martial arts as they might apply these skills in their training.
  • He seems to have a hidden talent of being able to disguise him really well if situation requires.
  • Like many Toku heroes before, he absolutely loathes Monokuma and its mastermind Junko Enoshima for their reputation of pitting 15 students in their murderous "School Life of Mutual Killings" in Hope's Peak Academy by forcing them to kill each other just for the sake of despair. Upon hearing this, he joins with other Toku heroes in an effort to stop their plans in the pantheon.
  • He was not pleased that SHOCKER has finally made their move into the pantheon, due to the fact that the remnants of his sworn enemies had joined in their cause for World Domination. Because of this, he joined with fellow Toku heroes in an attempt to stop them.

    Squall Leonhart 
Squall Leonhart, God of Improbably Slick Weaponry and Gunblades (Leon, SeeD Commander, The Lion, Rinoa's Knight, the Relentless Revolver, Solitary Lion)
  • Intermediate God
  • Theme Music: Don't Be Afraid in combat, Blue Fields elsewhere
  • Symbol: The Griever emblem
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with Neutral leanings
  • Weapon of Choice: His Gunblade, the Lionheart
  • Portfolio: Angst, Lion Motifs, Handsome but damaged youths, Stoic-ness, Leather Clothing, Impossibly Cool Weapons, Vibroweapons, Revolver Preferences, BFGs, Kind-Hearted Jerks
  • Domains: Gunblades, Angst, Lions, War, Courage
  • Heralds: Zell Dincht, Selphie Tilmitt, Quistis Trepe and Irvine Kinneas (his friends/party members), Ellone (his surrogate older sister), Laguna Loire (his father)
  • Allies: Rinoa Heartilly, Most good Final Fantasy deities, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Kazuma Kenzaki, Noctis Lucis Caelum.
  • Enemies: Ultimecia, and by extension, the other Warriors of Chaos, Hela, Ardyn Izunia.
  • Followers: Ikkaku Madarame
  • His title comes with a dubious legacy, as while he codified the Gunblade, in its original incarnation the "Impossible" part of Impossibly Cool Weapon irked some fans, who thought the idea of a sword with a gun for a handle was ridiculous. Later refinements of the design into dual gun-and-sword combinations have redeemed both it and him. He's also proven that the original design works perfectly well as-is in his subsequent appearances.
  • For some reason, many of the more energetic and cheerful members of the pantheon seemed drawn to hang out with him. Squall tries to get them to go away, but they don't listen, and while he doesn't admit it, he's gotten used to their company.
  • Ascended by pioneering the style of combining the Cool Sword and the Cool Gun into one weapon. Bonus points for using a revolver.
  • Has a love-hate relationship with his fellow god and father, Laguna Loire. While he sighs and belittles him, you can catch him smiling if you look close enough.
  • The fact that he sounds so much like Yuuki Terumi is something that greatly disgusts Squall.
  • Many followers have invented a rivalry between him and the God of Swordsmanship but both parties remain fairly passive on the subject.
  • Is known for telling those who annoy him to just go talk to a wall. Whenever this happens, Squall is capable of conjuring a wall for the annoyer to speak with as he leaves. However, this will not work on Excalibur.
  • Many in the Pantheon couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Squall smile. The reason? Because of Rinoa finally ascending to the pantheon.
    • After ascending, Rinoa has been doing her best in making Squall socialize more and also helping mending his relationship with his father, Laguna.
  • Denies any connection or relationship with Annie Leonhart, despite the common last name, all while claiming that he's had enough with newfound lost relatives.

Lesser Gods

    Ana Amari 
Ana Amari, Goddess of Healing Weaponry (Veteran Sniper, Captain Amari, Janina Kowalska, Shrike, Horus, The Alchemist, Grandma)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The eye of Horus and her biotic rifle
  • Theme Songs: "Old Soldiers" when she appears with Jack Morrison, "Legacy" otherwise
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Was more Lawful Good back in her younger days)
  • Portfolio: Action Mom, Alliterative Name, Badass Longcoat, Blue Is Heroic, Friendly Sniper, Cool Old Lady, Deadpan Snarker, Combat Medic, Lost her eye to Widowmaker, Eyepatch of Power, Faking the Dead, Knight in Sour Armor, Mama Bear, Parents as People, Shell-Shocked Veteran
  • Domains: Snipers, Healing, Support, Heroes.
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Kardel Sharpeye, Nova Terra
  • Enemies: Reaper, Widowmaker, Sniper Wolf, Haman Karn
  • Ana Amari was one of the founding members of Overwatch and also one of the most loved ones. Through all her career, Ana was known as one of the best snipers in the world, having succeeded in a number of important missions. Until one day she was presumed dead after a mission when Widowmaker shot her in the eye. But that wasn't the case, Ana instead went to hiding, since the stress of killing so many people had gotten to her and she preferred to leave all her friends and moments behind. And now, she is ready to return to the battlefield once more, but this time she is going to protect the one she loves the most.
  • Her biotic rifle was once intended by Mercy to only heal, but thanks to a reverse engineering by Torbjörn, Ana's rifle now is able to both harm enemies and heal her allies. Mercy is not happy that Ana has modified her weapon, but nonetheless is happy that she is now here.
  • Shortly after ascending, Ana was welcomed with open arms by every one of her old friends from back in Overwatch times. However, her happiness was short lived when Reaper decide to show up. Both Ana and him have quite a history that they really don't want to talk about.
  • There has been an ongoing speculation about who could possibly be Fareeha's father. Ana herself hasn't said anything on the matter, but other sources might point that this person is very important.
  • At 60 years old, Ana's is one of the oldest snipers among the ranks of the pantheon and is quite respected by the more younger generations. Her aim isn't as good as how it used to be back in her prime, but she is still is a very good shot and has caught quite a lot people off guard.
    • That said, the presence of Widowmaker doesn't amuse her at all, given how she is responsible for shooting out Ana's eye out and eventually forcing her into hiding. It's clear that Widowmaker likes to remind of Ana's fall of grace, but Ana simply doesn't take her attacks all that seriously.
    Widowmaker: You were once a legend, but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
  • Thanks to her egyptian heritage, Ana got to personally meet the ancient gods of the egyptian pantheon. Most deities, especially Ra and Osiris, welcomed her assuming she was a follower of Horus, given the tatoo she has under her left eye being the Eye of Horus.
  • Seems to get along a lot with Iroh, due to former military leaders who are also very capable fighters for their age. And Ana loves to drink tea, so she also a frequent visitor of his tea shop.
  • Has noticed that there are a couple of deities that happen to sound like her in certain cases. For example, one of thoses is Integra Hellsing, another white-haired, dark-skinned woman with an eyepatch who belongs to an organization that fights for the world's safety.
  • There were tales of an alchemist that once joined a group of heroes in order to defend the castle from the invasion of Dr. Junkenstein's minions. Ana can't quite recall those event, but she stated that she has no idea how alchemy works.
  • Being a mother, Ana is quite known for being protective of the younger members of the pantheon, especially those from the house of Childhood and Adolescence. That would explain why he doesn't want her daughter Fareeha to join Overwatch, even though she is already an adult.
  • Ana has been summoned into the Nexus. She has befriended other Blizzard deities there and still showed her combat prowess even at her age.
  • "Never stop fighting for what you believe in."
  • Can also be found in the House of Health and Diseases...even though she herself has no medical license

    Anna Kozuki 
Anna Kozuki, Goddess of Siege Trains (Anna Kaboom, Fem!Jaden)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max and Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora, next to her cannon, D-Gazer and a bouquet
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Good leanings depending on her mood.
  • Portfolio: Railway Deck Duelist, Fierce Tempers, Played for Laughs Woman Scorned (Due to a Mistake), Hot-Headed and Energetic Ore-Using Tomboy, Younger Than They Look, Really Strong Cute Bruisers with a Really Big Cannon, Focusing on Damage With Zero Defenses, Heroic Sacrifices, Popularity Inversely Proportional to Her Actual Screentime
  • Domains: Trains, Love, Popularity
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Makoto Itou
  • Enemies: Sora Shiun'in, Raynare
  • Ascended after she proved that she was a One-Girl Siege Engines with her Railway Deck, which includes all sorts of locomotives, trains, railcars, trolleys, etc., all combined with cannons.
  • First thing she did after ascending was, of course, to try to greet Yuma... And then almost instantly tried to blowing him up again with her Flying Blaster because she thought that he had forgotten about her, especially after she heard that he and Kotori became a couple.
    • She got the wrong person... Again. Turns out that the "Yuma" she attacked was no one other than Raynare, who obviously wasn't the person she was looking for. She doesn't seem to care unlike the last time this happened after hearing what kind of person she was, and it digusts her that a woman who tried to kill someone who loved her for no good reason at all could have a name that's homophone to her friend.
  • Can often be found wandering through the several Houses or in the House of Gaming looking for challenges against her Railway Deck. Many in the latter House told that while she's skilled at the game, her dueling style is... Iffy at best due to fact she has no way of backing up the offensive with some defenses. She never listens to them. Not it would matter considering that her dueling style is very similar to her personality anyways.
    • She can be also be seen hovering with her Flying Blaster through the House of Travel... And crashing due to not paying attention. She met Subaru Nakajima this way, who was amused to meet someone who travels in their own weapon just like her sister Wendi, with a similar personality to boot.
  • She seems to get along a little with Mami Tomoe, since it impressed her how she could turn her flintlocks into a freakin' towering railway cannon built onto two separate trains. Mami in the other hand, while she is mostly nice to her... She would prefer it if she wasn't so temperamental. Though she did admit that it wasn't that different from hanging out with Sayaka and Kyoko. Mami has been trying to see if she can get her to "duel" with her Flying Blaster someday.
    • She gets along a little better with Yoko, who understands her kind of personality a lot more, though she would prefer it if she used the cannon more frequently at people who actually deserve it and not just because they annoyed her.
    • The fact that this trio of gun-using girls are quite stacked is not lost in anyone. There was once a person who asked Anna if she was going to join the Poly Racks as their Tagalong Kid. She responded by punching the smuck away.
  • There are times she misses the rest of her friends... So she often hangs out with Aki and Carly to compensate since there aren't too many duelists her age or gender.. But she, along with Aki, can be seen sighing for some reason...
  • Bonded with Sekai Saionji and Kotonoha Katsura over the fact their love interests are idiots and they don't have any reserves when it comes to the... "Punishment". Though the reasons why they lose their temper at them are different. She doesn't seem to care about the rest of the Yandere Quartet one way or the other. And yet she ended up joining the Yandere Squad.
    • It's for this reason she doesn't like too much Makoto Itou, though she seems to like that the high school student protects the weak from bullies. So she often helps him with that but it's not above in trying to blow him up if he does something against Kotonoha or Sekai.
  • Why they call her a Female Jaden... Well, she does look like him. In fact, there are people who believe she is actually a daughter of his with Asuka/Alexis or Aki. She is not. She really is not but she and the real Jaden seem to get along just fine.
  • Her appearance on the Pantheon made Lelouch give a Double Take. His reaction to her can pretty much be resumed as "So not only there's a girl that looks like my friend Kallen, now there is a girl that is named like her too?!"
    • By the way, she is not related with that other Kozuki. Ironically, they are both in the same House which gave them the chance to met each other.
  • You see her and Sora Shiun'in on the same place? Well, if you are a Demigod or a Quasideity, Run for cover. Very strong girl prone to anger with a cannon + Really athletic psychotic boy that can knock out adults + Hatred For Xyz: Horrible mix! These two simply can't stand each others' guts and are pretty destructive too.

    Ash Williams 

"Name's Ash. Housewares."

Ashley J. "Ash" Williams, God of Bringing Modern Weaponry to the Past (The Chosen One, Strange One, Good Ash, The Guy with the Gun, The King, Captain Supermarket, El Jefe, Bruce, An alone wolf)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Boomstick and Chainsaw in a crossed manner.
  • Theme Music: Ash's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with strong leanings to Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Byronic Anti Heroic Action Survivor, BOOMSTICKS!!! (in other words, shotguns), Chainsaws, Clever Quips, From A Coward to Committing Feats of Badassery And Being More Dickish, Grooviness, Losing His Right Hand But Later Gets Replacements, Jaded Heroes, Improvised Inventions
  • Domains: Courage, Mechanus, Wrath
  • Followers: Genya Shinazugawa
  • Heralds: Mia Allen, Pablo Bolivar, Kelly Maxwell and Brandy Barr-Williams
  • Superior and Avatar: Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell
  • Allies: All good-aligned Mortal Kombat deities, Indiana Jones, Dr. Olivia Moore, Futaba Sakura, Pascal, Brock Samson, Guy Shishioh, Guts, Winry Rockbell, Arthur and Artoria Pendragon, Josuke Higashikata, Piglet, Horace Slughorn, Crono, Sabrina Spellman, Fin Shepard, Laurie Strode
  • Enemies: Nekron, Nagash the Undying and the rest of the GUAD, Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Liu Kang, Kitana, Handsome Jack, Negan, The two Baals, the Baker family, Eveline, Albert & Alex Wesker, Alexia Ashford, Goro Akechi, Marcello, The Dahaka, Lavos, Lord Djibril, Muruta Azrael, Shinobu Sensui, Lysandre, Evan McMillan, the Shadow Queen
  • Commonality Connection with: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
  • Respects: Sam
  • Pitied by: Rory Williams-Pond
  • Opposes: Claptrap, Xena
  • Friendly Rivals: Recette Lemongrass, Apu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Mordred
  • On Good Terms With: Most gods from Marvel Comics, Boomstick
  • Ashley J. Williams was just a guy who was hanging out with his friends and sister at a cabin in the woods playing a tape that recites the Necronomicon... okay, not the smartest move for them, which is why they all died from that, leaving Ash as the Sole Survivor. Since then, he dedicated the remainder of his life hunting down Deadites that now plague his hometown. Though his adventure to the medieval times is more infamous in everyone's eyes, earning Ash the trope of This Is My Boomstick because he shown his shotgun (which he calls his 'boomstick') to the villagers, winning them over and codifying it for future stories.
    • A Deadite invasion landed in the Trope Pantheons one day and there were too many to handle for the heroic defenders at the time. At the time, Ash was unascended but he nonetheless helped them fend the Deadites off until their numbers shrink. The Court of the Gods commend him for that and grant him the aforementioned title so that he can keep fighting off future Deadite invasions.
  • His boomstick... let him show you it. Just don't try to shake his hand.
  • Got pissed when he found out that Nekron and Nagash were leaders of the Pantheon's undead and their organization, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction which seeks to eradicate all of life. They laughed at his accusations of them being responsible behind Deadite attacks both pantheonic and mortal though they have no problem calling them over.
    • However, one undead actually befriended Ash and it's Dr. Olivia Moore who assures him that where she's from, her zombies are nothing like Deadites. Ash is very grateful for her help considering her ability to gain memories from eating brains (which Ash does find weird), though his reactions to said ability's side effects of adopting personalities depends on the brain's owner.
  • Is one of the few gods who has faced off against both Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees at the same time. Now that the two found out Ash is here, they decided to put off their rivalry and find a way to get rid of him for eternity.
  • Because he has triumphed over Freddy and Jason, the good aligned deities from the Mortal Kombat series are grateful for his presence and Ash himself is amazed that they save their world a number of times. It won't be long before he decided to enter their universe in the mortal realm.
    • They also warned him of the threats posed by Shinnok and Quan Chi, who rule over the undead of their world. Ash obviously doesn't like them one bit and swears to put buckshots on their faces when the time comes.
    • He was also disappointed to hear that Liu Kang and Kitana have turned their back on Earthrealm and fully embraced their new evil side. Ash ended up recalling bad memories of Evil Ash and not wanting a repeat, readies himself for their advances.
  • Artix von Krieger is a big fan of his and the two are currently in a battle to see who can maul the most undead. The war is still ongoing, but given that Artix's powers are from destroying Undead and being empowered by their souls and the sheer scope of his power from being the Champion of Darkness has shown that he probably surpasses Ash in sheer strength. Ash also is a little unnerved that a great paladin like Artix is afraid of the color pink.
  • Has respect for Sam and quickly defended him from Claptrap's insults during a game of poker in the Inventory. Despite having newfound sympathies for Claptrap who despite working for Handsome Jack gets treated badly regardless to the point of losing his fellow units, Ash still doesn't fully accept his behaviour. Speaking of Jack, Ash now hates him for the same reasons as everyone else after hearing from not just Claptrap but other deities expressing their displeasure towards the CEO of Hyperion.
    • Also learned that he is somehow a distant relative of one former bounty hunter that goes by the name of Brock Samson, who is a follower of Guy Shishioh, shares his name with his dad and sometimes plays poker with them as well. Ash is glad that Brock finally ascends and together they slay numerous undead mooks... whether anyone will like it or not. Guy Shishioh himself commends Ash for being brave against the odds of horrors trying to kill him and destroy his hometown.
  • Also has run amok against zombie versions of the Marvel gods, who actually hold no grudge on Ash given that zombie will be a hassle to deal with in the main universe.
    • On top of that and hunting Deadites, he got along with other zombie slayers like Tallahassee, Lee Everett, Clementine, Rick Grimes, the survivors of the Green Flu, Chris & Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy. All Zombie Apocalypse survivors need to stick together after all. He even hunt zombies every once in a while in Raccoon City as a recreational activity.
    • Being an ally of said survivors also entitles him to the same enemies. Ash can't forgive Negan for what he did to Rick and his fellow survivors, he finds the Bakers to be absolutely twisted and avoids going into their house if necessary, Eveline herself is another story and the Weskers' respective plans of dominating the world and finding immortality are no different than the demons from Ash's universe. Alexia Ashford gets a special mention; the thought of using offspring as a weapon just disgust Ash greatly.
      Ash: Man... you are One Bad Mother.
    • He is alarmed that there are two other Baals in the Pantheons. They may not be the same Baal from his world, but Ash will be ready to stop them especially if one of them has unlimited power. And since he has experience in deafeating Kandar the Destroyer, Ash joins Crono and his gang to defeat Lavos and his attempts of destroying the Pantheons. It helps that both Crono and Ash are involved in Time Travel.
    • At first, he was wary of Sabrina Spellman and her mistake of starting a zombie apocalypse, despite knowing that she means well and didn't mean it. But then, he found out that she is legitimately remorseful for that action and is looking for atonement. Not wanting be as heartless as the next person, Ash lends her an ear even relating to his own mistakes of unleashing the Deadites throughout his life.
  • Despite being Madden Into Misanthropy, Ash would never want omnicide on humanity; he's just very jaded from his time killing Deadites. This leads him into hating Sensui and Lysandre for wanting to kill all humans, making them just as bad as the Evil Dead.
  • Boomstick visited him to check out Ash's... boomstick once when on the search for weapons. Ash doesn't mind Boomstick, hell he even requested to be on DEATH BATTLE! soon.
    • Speaking of boomsticks, there happens to be a goddess of Boomsticks; Pascal. They meet up and Ash is amazed that a staff that shoots magical blasts of energy can exist, cementing their alliance. Pascal is a bit irked that he still consider it a shotgun, though.
  • He has also crossed paths with Guts and has noted their similarities; they both lost their hands (though in Ash's case, he has a chainsaw replacing his hand while Guts has a cannon replacing his arm) and fight supernatural entities. He also wonders if his gigantic sword is Compensating for Something.
    • Speaking of his adventure in the Middle Ages, he reunited with Arthur Pendragon, who happened to have memories of said adventure and was previously called 'Lord Arthur'. Arthur can't help but feel delighted with Ash's ascension and likewise, Ash is surprised that Arthur now can hold on his own, arguably even more powerful than Ash. Artoria is also introduced to Ash; she does not approve of his current behaviour and previous mistakes but that has not stop her from being impressed at his feats of defeating threats stronger than him.
    • Ever since losing his hand which ended up getting an evil mind of its own, he has been using replacement hands over the years aside of his chainsaw; a medieval mechanical one, a wooden one, a robotic one built out of a Nintendo Power Glove and a natural-looking bionic hand. He does visit Winry Rockbell every once in a while for maintenance, who is more than happy to do so since she often maintain Ed's arm back then.
    • In one doomed timeline, Ash drank a potion that makes him use The Slow Path back to his present day... but he slept for too long, rendering his journey useless. Despite not experiencing it he still has nightmares over it, earning the sympathy of Rory Williams-Pond who feels bad about Ash since he himself also took the slow path but it ended on a good note for him. The Dahaka fully oppose Ash since he intervened in the past for too long, though in Ash's defense it wasn't his idea; he was just thrown into the past.
  • Has heard of a girl who has something to do with the Necronomicon, which leads him to said girl named Futaba Sakura who told him that no, the Necronomicon is not in her possession; just a Persona that shares its name. Ash still hangs out with her anyways since she reminds him of his little sister, Cheryl. Futaba's dad, Sojiro is a little weirded out by Ash's presence but nonetheless treats him like another regular customer.
  • Ash loves his job at S-Mart and has been working there as its most well-known employee before losing it and ended up getting a terrible job at a Value Stop. Nonetheless, he managed to get an S-Mart outlet for a non-slaying day job. From this he gained Friendly Rivals in Recette Lemongrass and Apu; the three maintain a competition to see who gets more profits than the others.
  • He once married and knocked up a woman named Candy Barr, who then sired Brandy. After their reunion, Ash tries to make up for her lost time by taking care of her while fighting the Evil Dead and still does so as she becomes one of his Heralds. To understand the plight of illegitimate children, Ash hangs out with Josuke Higashikata, who gave him the right perspective of a bastard growing up. Of course, this makes Ash opposes the evil illegimate children Goro Akechi and Marcello, who take their upbringings very badly. Artoria's kid, Mordred while usually pleasant, her twisted love for her 'father' is where Ash draws his line.
    Ash: At least Brandy's not like this...
  • Before he mans himself up, he was a coward back then and lapse back into one every time he gets discouraged. Because of this, he hates Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril for reminding him of what a pathetic man he used to be. He admired and later befriended Horace Slughorn and Piglet for being brave at least once despite their perpetual unconfidence.
  • Despite Xena meaning no harm to him nor anyone else, Ash can't help but be reminded of Ruby Knowby, who is the true author of the Necronomicon.
  • Recently, a Deadite sharknado has landed in the House of Weapons. Amidst the blades, bludgeons, bullets, blasters, and bombs, Ash came in chainsaw running, boomstick blazing and snarks aplenty. This incident led him to bump into Fin Shepard, who had experience in fighting sharknadoes. Seeing the two snark it up while blowing and hacking Deadite sharks is quite a sight and the two became good friends after that.
  • Has been seen with Spider-Man on a few occasions. Rumors abound as to why, but a few believe it's the machinations of a certain mortal...
    • He's also keeping an eye of a potential successor in the form of Mia Allen...
    • And gotten along with Darkman, given both share a creator, and Peyton even finished his movie disguising himself as Ash.
  • "Hail to the King, baby!"
  • Also found in Time Placement.

    Big Bull 

Big Bull, God of Rocket Powered Weapons (Big Bull Crocker, Bull, The King of Altambra)
  • Theme Song: Over in a Flash
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: [死角] "Blind Spot"
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Jet Hammer, Puns, Bull Motifs, Glowing Mechanical Eyes, Transforming Cyborg, "I WAS BORN HORNY", Mini-Boss turned actual Boss and Playable Character, Ambiguously Gay
  • Domains: Weaponry, Propulsion, Machinery, Gangs, Bulls
  • Followers: The Bull Gang, Ido, Khamsin
  • Honorary Bull Gang Members: Jack Cayman, Blacker Baron, Baine Bloodhoof, Elite Tauren Chieftain, Miltank, Gene, Bayonetta, Aigis
  • Spectated by: Howard and Kreese
  • Rivals: Reinhardt, Nora Valkyrie, Smough, King Dedede
  • Enemies: Nikolai Bulygin, Herr Frederick von Twirlenkiller, Null Sector
  • An easy way to make one's weapon much more deadly is to simply have it be rocket propelled, with the intent of the added force turning whatever got in the way into paste and/or mist. In the Pantheon lies a god whose title involved with Rocket Powered Weapons. Little of which is man, most machine, but very much all bovine, it's Big Bull. The giant cyborg gave his reasoning for the position when he slammed down on one unlucky god with his Jet Hammer. After nearby deities helped un-nail the poor sod, Big Bull received his title and temple. It would of been great if he managed to get into the House of Beasts instead, but is willing to make due with this ranch here instead. After all, he did manage to be in the same House as Jack Cayman, and he's sure to be protect his sworn brother.
  • Back when Death Watch was hosted in Varrigan City, Big Bull Crocker served as a Mini-Boss Jack encountered multiple during his "mission" to save the Mayor's daughter, the last of which ended in his permanent death where Jack finally acquired Big Bull's double chainsaws. In an alternate but similar universe (Identical Stranger, Legacy Character or something, we don't know) Big Bull at some point suffered a injury critical enough for him to turn to using a mechanical body. He would then go on to declare himself as King of Altambra, leading a gang very much fond of his personality oozing testosterone and hamminess. This Big Bull here met Jack Cayman as he was passing by during his business and came to respect him after their battle. Apparently, this level of respect would be enough for him to aid Jack when he was attacked by BPS Drones and later Cthulhu (unrelated to the abomination) and Zero (no relation to any other Zeroes either).
  • In the grand scheme of things he played a minor role during the chase on Maximillian Caxton and hasn't met much of the other cast, but he has settled to change that. While he chose to leave the man himself alone, he and Blacker Baron easily hit it off, and their ventures often prove to be loud and violent whether its with each other or anyone else who just happened to tick them off, like Nikolai, who denounced Big Bull as another lawless bug meant to be stomped out. Big Bull offered to stomp him and his BPS Drones out first, apparently still sore over being turned into a reading light for him. Him and Bayonetta hit it off as well having also somehow met her during the whole ordeal. Still harboring a vendetta against Jack Cayman for turning him into a German smoothie, Twirlenkiller also crossed violent paths with Big Bull, an the former was actually caught off guard when he realized how dangerous Big Bull became after only being a Mini-Boss. Howard and Kreese have also decided to commentate on Big Bull's actions throughout the Pantheon.
    Kreese: "You know it's pretty dope seein' "Big Bull" Crocker gorin' people as a big ass robot now."
    Howard: "No kidding. Dude's done a hell of a lot more lifting since Varrigan City. And with that cyborg parts comes the ability to be a bit more sociabull."
    Kreese: "You're gonna have a real fuckin' wild time with all these bull puns, aren't ya?"
    Howard: "If he's having fun, so am I!"
    Kreese: "Jesus Christ..."
    • Of course, with the great possibilities that lie within the Pantheon, Big Bull and his gang sought out any deity related to bulls or cows. Though he only found one actual deity that is a bull, he did manage to befriend Baine Bloodhoof, sort of. Baine is lot more lenient towards a peaceful resolution than Big Bull, who would prefer to stampede those who wrong others, though by all means the Tauren is no pushover. Baine does have to give Big Bull props for forming some form of order in a place where anarchy reigns, and the only people who are capable of doing so don't do much if at all. While on the topic of Tauren, Big Bull got a chance to meet the Elite Tauren Chieftain and not only can he respect his strength but he and his gang got really hooked on his music too.
      • It was through the ETC that he heard of the Milk Cow Pokemon. While some of his gang members were quick to dismiss her, they were quick to take it back when Miltank demonstrated her surprising toughness. Anyone who can apply such power on ghosts, who can't even be touched at all by her typing, is alright in Big Bull's book.
  • While he's very much known for his Jet Hammer, he's not completely reliant on it. When not used, it functions as a Jet Pack for him to quickly move in spite of his heavy build. Believe it or not, Big Bull is well versed in the martial art Baijiquan, a style of kung-fu, and his robotification doesn't seem to have hampered that one bit. For enemies that manage to be bigger than him he also has hidden drills to skewer and puncture through whatever hunk of flesh or metal gets caught in his grip, and while he's long past his days as a Mini-Boss, his time in the Pantheon also allows him to whip out a gargantuan double chainsaw or his original giant drill from when he was in Death Watch out of nowhere. If that's not enough, he can transform in a giant bull head to, for lack of a better term, bullrush people into next week. He mainly uses it in sports like Deathball but has also found use for it outside of it in the Pantheon. This caught the attention of Gene as while his methods are different, he still respects the feats Big Bull displays rushing down his foes.
    Howard: "Now that's what I call a convertibull!"
    Kreese: "And that's what I call fuckin' stupid commentary!"
    Howard: "Oh come on, that one was pretty good."
    Kreese: "None of them were 'pretty good'. That just might be the shittiest one yet."
  • Big Bull has got major competition when it comes to the hammer department (or really any two-handed blunt weapon) and while he admits they're all pretty impressive, he isn't letting them get the better of him and his Jet Hammer that easy. He's willing to lock horns and leave as many indents to prove his point. Nora Valkyie, Smough, and Reinhardt are people he commonly competes with.
    • Perhaps the biggest rival he earned would be Dreamland's own self-proclaimed but certainly obese ruler: King Dedede. They're impressed with each other's jet powered powered weaponry, and there have been talks about a cagematch between the two. Just when the rumors had started to simmer down low and behold there was an actual announcement for such a match between the two Kings. To those who managed to catch a ticket agree it was certainly grueling for both fights but eventually King Dedede prevailed and blasted the King of Altambra through the cage. After picking himself back up he laughed it off but also aches for a rematch.
    Kreese: "Since when were missiles legal in these sorts of matches?"
    Howard: "Since now. What, you think after a drawn out fight like that you think one of them's just gonna keel over?"
    Kreese: "No, but cheers for that."
    • Sometimes he also competes with Labrys (who wields an axe, but same principle), but it's way more friendlier given that she used to be a follower of his before she decided to become a goddess herself, with Big Bull helping by vouching for the Anti-Shadow weapon. One time he and his gang decided to drop by and help out Labrys and her sister Aigis when an extremist group of robots known as Null Sector decided to attack the later. As he puts it:
    Big Bull: "Now hold on just one second. Herd versus herd is much more fair on my ranch! And it sure as hell ain't big enough for two to graze around here, so guess who's gonna take you and your bullshit outa here! Ahahahaha!"
    Kreese: (groaning) "Care to add anything else?"
    Howard: "I don't have anything left, actually. I just wanna see them fight."
    (Big Bull charges head first into the crowd with his Jet Pack)
    Howard: "Wow, they sure should've mooved out of the way... Alright, I'm done."
    • One large brawl later, with many complaints on noise and property damage on Big Bull's part, more Liberion Arcadia members eventually decided to kick out the remaining Null Sector Omnics out of the place. Obviously the Omnic extremists aren't all too happy about the King of Altambra barging in while they were dealing with so-called traitors to their kind. The two robot sisters, however, were thankful for his assistance even if Aigis was a bit confused at his sudden appearance.
  • "On my ranch, you play by my rules, or I put you out to pasture! Permanently!"

    Brighid and Aegaeon 
Brighid and Aegaeon, Co-Gods of Ancestral Weapons (Crown Jewels of Mor Ardain | Brighid: Emperor Hugo's chief of staff, Kagutsuchi | Aegaeon: Hugo's loyal retainer, Wadatsumi)
Brighid on the top, Aegaeon on the bottom

    Brigitte Lindholm 
Brigitte Lindholm, Goddess of Shield Bashing (Brig, Bridget, Brigit, Bridgette, Baguette)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Ironclad Symbol, as well as her Rocket Flail.
  • Theme Song: Brigitte Main Menu Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra, Big Eater, Brainy Brunette, Combat Medic, Epic Flail, Kindhearted Cat Lover, Knight in Shining Armor, The Paladin, The Squire, Wrench Wench
  • Domains: Shields, Armor, Companions, Heroism, Healing
  • Heralds: Her Mother Ingrid (Shared with Torbjörn)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Ascended Talon Agents
  • The youngest daughter of the Lindholm family, Brigitte was born into a world of heroes and undoubtably so grew to worship them. Her father Torbjörn was a mechanic and she intended to follow of his footsteps but hearing the tales of her godfather Reinhardt about his adventures, she decided to become his squire and learn from him, while also keeping him safe from his own tendency to never stop fighting. Brigitte clearly takes much after these two and so decided to tackle the battlefield with her engineering knowledge as well as her combat experience she took from Reinhardt, all the while donning a suit of armor she herself built.
  • There was a debate between Reinhardt and Torbjörn as to who would have Brigitte as their herald. That ended when Brigitte herself became a deity, which worried the two but quickly went to congratulate her for her ascension. One could argue that, however you interpret Reinhardt and Torbjörn's interactions, it would look like Brigitte has two dads.
  • She was welcomed by almost all the ascended member of Overwatch besides her father and godfather. She begrudginly followed Reinhardt into the new Overwatch after he answered Winston's recall in order to protect him and so she may become a true member of Overwatch in the future, who knows. In terms of relations to other members:
    • Angela is like an older sister to her since she has been a friend of the Lindholms for a long time, even spending a few christmas with them. Of course, Mercy has always opposed Brigitte joining Reinhardt in battle but she, like the old man, is very tenacious and wouldn't listen anyway so whenever both are on the field, Mercy is very protective of Brigitte.
    • Fareeha is like another big sister figure to Brigitte, both being daughters of Overwatch founding members who took a lot of inspiration from their parents and wanted to be heroes like them. That friendship has extended to the battlefield, where Pharah has requested Brigitte to check her armor sometime, she prefers her over her father since the latter is prone to make unnecessary additions that could ruin the suit.
  • Like her father, Brigitte is a mechanic and she often is the one that repairs and mantains Reinhardt's armor in operating condition since he is prone to getting it messed up. Her mechanical interest also made her visit the House of Technology, where she has seen creations that are beyond the world she comes from. Notably, she wasn't the only female mechanic present as she got to meet Winry Rockbell who shared the same interest as Brigitte and the two became good friends.
  • Trying to perfect her shielding she tried seeking advice from the best shielders the pantheon has to offer, other than Reinhardt of course. She heard legends about Captain America and Link and how their shields were crucials in the stories they were featured in, but she doesn't quite use her shield as a throwable object and finds Link's shield a bit too old-fashioned and mundane, but this comments were made all in good fun. However, Brigitte found Shield Knight to be the best to help her out with some new shield techniques and helps that she is another fighter like her and Shield Knight has heard good things about Brigitte from Reinhardt, so she was willing to train her.
  • She loves cats, having had many cats growing up in the Lindholm household. That's usually why she can sometimes be seen visiting the House of Felines petting almost any feline deity she comes accross.
  • While her fighting style is mostly inspired by her mentor Reinhardt, she closely resembles a Crusader (Not the ones from Reinhardt's order, those are closer to Knights). That was one of the prime reason why the Nephalem Johanna approached her and tried to take her on as her apprentice. Unfortunately Brigitte already was under tutelage of someone else but both Brigitte and Johanna like to spar to see how much the former has improved and if she can measure to Johanna's power.
  • While she usually plays a support role, she is very offensive oriented, more so than her master Reinhardt. Solaire saw potential in Brigitte for another potential recruit and has found out that she makes a perfect partner for his Jolly Co-Operation.
  • Some people have trouble pronouncing her name correctly, even when writing it. She has tried her best to make others pronounce it as "Breh-GEET-uh" but not many have been able to quite grasp it yet. Some other jokers instead prefer to call her Baguette instead.
  • Has been offered a spot alongside Reinhardt in the GUAG Sacred Knights, but she is hesitant to join. It all depends on Reinhardt joining, who she might follow considering that Reinhardt wouldn't go far without her.
  • "I will prove myself!"

    Evan MacMillan 
Evan MacMillan, God of Bear Traps (The Trapper)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The wooden mask he wears or the Dead by Daylight logo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Bear Traps, Wears a Grinning Wooden Mask, Wields an Improvised Cleaver, The Dreaded, Implacable Man
  • Domains: Traps, Killers, Blades, Masks
  • Allies: Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Freddy Krueger
  • Rivals: The Butcher, Jason Vorhees
  • Enemies: Laurie Strode, The Green Flu Survivors (especially Bill), Ash Williams
  • Evan MacMillan was the son of Archie MacMillan, the head of the MacMillan Estate mining facility. He idolized his father and followed on his footsteps, doing even rather amoral things as his father's sanity started to decrease. One day his father asked him to trap hundred workers into the mines and trapped them in there, which he did. After which the fate of the MacMillan family is a mystery, with Evan gone and his father found dead. Now he is almost inhuman killer known as The Trapper.
  • The Trapper, as a killer, is almost a lumbering giant, wielding a large cleaver made by hand and trying to track his next victim while blowing through most obstacles. However, in order to help himself to his victim, he is known to place around bear traps to catch any careless victim in place. He tends to scatter them around to any given area he might be in.
    • Just a note, but don't bother trying to trap him in a bear trap. Junkrat thought it would be funny to trap him in one of his Steel Traps, but he broke out of one without any problem. His legs are too strong to be hindered by them too much.
  • The Trapper actually serves a greater being called The Entity, an evil god who wish to torture any unfortunate souls who might come to its grasps while setting any victims to an eternal game of cat and mouse with its chosen killers. While The Entity's presence in the Pantheon is minuscular enough where it can't trap anyone in a "Groundhog Day" Loop, it is still capable to appearing if The Trapper gives it any offerings to torture the victim's soul before they are freed. However, this behaviour does hurt The Trapper bit, as he is compelled not to kill no one on the spot, instead carrying his victim to be hanged to any meathooks to be offered to his deity. That is, unless he doesn't make any particular offering before his hunt, then he can slice and dice his victim to pieces.
  • Gets annoyed by The Butcher, as he seems to mistake his sacrifices on meathooks as "fresh meat", which just ruins everything.
  • Not actually interested on capturing any bears with his traps unless they end up becoming his chosen victim. Of course that doesn't mean bears particularly like him.
  • With his connection to the Pantheon, The Entity was able to make a surprising to move and pull Laurie Strode to have an extended role in its game, alongside Michael Myers. She wasn't happy to be chased around by a entire group of psychos.
    • Apparently The Entity enjoyed the whole thing so much, it decided to pull Bill into one of it's games as well. Yes, not even the actual death has rest when The Entity is involved.
    • And after that, he decided to get Leatherface to join the fray. The gods are getting more and more wary about The Entity's influence as the time goes on.
  • His temple has a basement where he tries to hang most of his victims. Whenever or not it is a sex dungeon is unknown.
  • May or may not enjoy playing metal music when hunting down victims.

    Mana Takamiya 
Mana Takamiya, Goddess of Female-Powered Weaponry (Adeptus 2)
Click here for her Combat Realizer Unit 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess using CR units)
  • Theme Song: "Little Mai Drops"
  • Symbol: Her crossed CR swords
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Powered Armor that Can Only be Used by Girls, Little Sister Heroine, Super-Soldier, Physically Similar to Shido, Separated From Shido, Reduced Lifespan
  • Domain: Protection, Weapons, Military
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Rival: Kotori Itsuka
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Yoruka Kirihime
  • Enemies: Isaac Westcott, Emperor Palpatine, Voldemort, Ardyn Izunia, Gregor Clegane, Apollyon
  • After a short but respectable tenure as Leia Organa's High Priestess, Mana was finally cleared for ascension when Shido and Kotori Itsuka found a good position for her. Upon ascending, she quickly greeted her brother with a big hug, much to Kotori's annoyance. Still, Mana knew Kotori had pulled some strings to get her to ascend and they respectfully shook hands.
    • Making her way to Leia's temple, Mana thanked her for having her as a High Priestess and promised to do whatever she could to help her now that she has a good place in the Pantheon. Leia, seeing much of herself in Mana, has graciously accepted her assistance and they remain good friends.
  • Of all the Spirits in Shido's harem, she gets along the best with Origami Tobiichi, being previous comrades-in-arms in the Anti-Spirit Team. Although she is still creeped out by how well Origami knows Shido, their combined battle prowess remains as good as ever. Origami also introduced to her wingmate Mirage Farina Jenius, and a friendship quickly bloomed between them.
  • Some have noticed the vocal similarities she shares with Emi Yusa and Suzune Horikita. She has become steadfast allies with them; more so with Emi, as Suzune is too focused on her studies and academic advancement. Mana hopes her interactions with Shido will help her lighten up a little. At least, Suzune feels a bit jealous of Mana's closeness with her brother.
  • As a wielder of female-exclusive weaponry, she is cordial enough towards the Infinite Stratos wielders, but sometimes notes that they should focus more on training and learning instead of fawning over Ichika. Even Chifuyu's behavior frustrates her. On the other hand, Tabane Shinonono has expressed interest Mana's CR unit and asked Mana to lend it to her. Not wanting to alienate a potential ally, Mana has agreed to give her non-classified info about the CR.
  • Her relationship with Lux Arcadia and Celestia Ralgris is much smoother. Seeing much of Shido in Lux, Mana has agreed to help Celestia in protecting Lux should the need arise. Lux, in turn, has grown fond of Mana, seeing her as a more motivated version of his sister Airi.
    • That said, she doesn't look forward to working alongside Yoruka Kirihime, as she brings back memories of Kurumi Tokisaki, right down to the outfits and seductive behavior. Only Lux and Shido's reassurance keeps Mana from turning her swords against Yoruka.
  • Any deities who remind her of Isaac Westcott will be her enemies, which include Voldemort for his magical elitism, Ardyn Izunia for his delusions of godhood, Oryx for his genocidal conquests and Emperor Palpatine for his overall tyranny. She isn't really fond of Apollyon and Gregor Clegane either for being as brutal as Jessica Bayley and Ellen Mira Mathers. The Corpus have also earned an enemy in Mana because of how much they remind her of the DEM.
  • To be able to use her Combat Realizer armors, Mana underwent extensive genetic treatments that severely reduced her lifespan. The Pantheon's medical experts estimate she has 10 years to live at most. They are currently trying to find way to reverse the more negative effects of her genetic modifications and stabilize her lifespan. Nevertheless, Mana will face any challenges the same way she always has: with dignity and conviction.
    • Thanks to her genetic enhancements and military discipline, she has found kinship with the Guardians and the Tenno and they have all promised to help each other whatever happens.
  • Can also be found in Power Levels and Appearance.

Nami, Goddess of Weather Weaponry (Cat Burglar, Weather Witch, Namizou, Onami)

    Nathan "RAD" Spencer 
Nathan Spencer, God of Grappling Hooks (RAD #1, Bionic Commando, Major, Captain)
  • Lesser God
  • Theme Music: Area 1 (Rugged Veteran, Bionic... Arm!, Suzuki's Heroes)
  • Symbol: His bionic arm, his shades
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grappling Hooks, Cybernetics, Building Swinging, One Man Armies
  • Domains: War, Technology, Air
  • Followers: Any character with a grappling gun or swinging implement who is not a god on this pantheon
  • Allies: Simon Belmont, Link, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, James Bond, Samus Aran, Rico Rodriguez
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, M. Bison
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • A member of the Federal States of America's armed forces, Nathan Spencer had his left arm blown up while on deployment, forcing him off the battlefield... until the military's intelligence division, the Tactical Arms and Security Committee, needed a guinea pig for a bionic arm experiment. He became the first test subject for this experiment, and was given the code name "RAD #1" ("RAD" standing for "Research And Development"), which would stick as his nickname for years. While the limb was attached to him in its prototype phase, Spencer was deployed early as a Captain to go and rescue Joseph "Super Joe" Gibson, the first T.A.S.C. operative and the original Commando, who'd been captured by an enemy. The mission was a success, and he became known as the first Bionic Commando, with RAD and Super Joe training a new special ops force of Bionic Commandos that would become the greatest fighting force in his world.
  • When brought into the Pantheon, he was one of many who competed for the Grappling-Hook Pistol position. Or, really, who would've competed for the position, except he was able to use his grappling hook to slap every other challenger's grappling gun out of their hand. After telling them to "swing now" after that, every challenger either angrily protested, shrugged and admitted defeat or hung his/her head in shame, before walking away. They are acknowledged as his followers.
  • At one point, tensions between bionic-enhanced and normal humans would escalate to the point of violence, resulting in a purge of bionics which included Spencer being arrested and de-armed as a scapegoat. However, he was given his arm back along with the opportunity to clear his name and rescue his missing wife when a terrorist organization attacked with a WMD. Unfortunately... the leader of said terrorist organization was Super Joe himself, and Joe implied that his wife was used as a bonding component to make his arm resonate with him. Spencer, of course, stopped the organization and killed Joe personally. This is why Joe is not found in his temple as a Herald, as well as a large part of the reason he despises Albert Wesker (who pulled off a similar malevolent infiltration) and M. Bison (who employs many such traitors inside the military).
  • His followers have a slight rivalry with Mario's followers over the superiority of swinging over jumping. This is because where most combatants would typically jump to avoid enemies or switch platforms, Spencer makes use of his grappling hook to swing his way around instead. Spider-Man is glad to have another ally he can relate to on the merits of swinging versus jumping. Batman, a fellow grappling hook user, finds the technology behind his arm impressive, though he thinks it could do without the gun. In fact, most of the allies Spencer has gravitated towards in the Pantheon make use of similar grappling tools and/or technological enhancements.
  • Doesn't like it when people bring up the dreadlocks... or the moustache. Or speculate on what a Pantheon-tearing OMG WMD event it would be if Spencer's Bionic Arm ever clashed with Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch. Deadpool did this once and got a reaction from Spencer telling him to can it, to which he's persisted in trolling RAD ever since. Eventually, Spencer got irritated enough to swing for Deadpool's head, but the Merc with a Mouth quickly reacted with his own imitation of the Falcon Punch. While it didn't tear up the Pantheon, this did catch immediate notice of nearby spectators, especially as the start of a fight. Spencer promised to make Wade finally shut his mouth, while Deadpool's retort saw him accuse Nathan of defecating on the lawn outside his temple and swear this was his chance for real payback. Nobody knows what prompted the accusation or if there's any truth to it. Since it's Deadpool, there probably isn't. Not that it matters, since Spencer used his grappling hook to swat Deadpool's katanas out of his hands and then knocked him on his ass with the Bionic Arm before walking away. When asked about it later, Spencer not only called BS, he expressed surprise that Deadpool hasn't defecated on his lawn yet.

    Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana 
Tatsu Yamashiro, Goddess of Weapon-Based Nicknames (Katana)

    Zenia Valov 
Zenia Valov, Goddess of Pile Bunkers (Lost child who plays in the flames of war, Zeni, Red Eyes Lady, The Golden War Spear, Elfriede Achenbach, Elfie)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: Edinorog, her gauntlet
  • Theme Music: Operation
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Pile Bunkers On a Gauntlet, The Stoic With a Warmer Side, Friend to All Children, Badass Longcoat, An Ice Person thanks to a Penguin Spirit, Aloof Big Sister
  • Domains: Weapons, Ice, Russians, Penguins Sisterhood
  • Followers: Riesbyfe Stridberg, Miruca Crotze, Chuck Preston
  • Allies: Lieselotte Achenbach, Heart Aino (sort of), Bullet, Lamia Loveless, Fiona Mayfield, Carl & Ada Clover, Hibiki Tachibana, Charlotte Dunois, Eko, Clarice di Lanza, Yozakura, most child deities in general, Eli Ayase, Scharlachrot
  • High Priest: Douglas Williamsburg
  • Where Pile Bunker might be a common weapon amongst mechas and powered armours (take Kyosuke Nanbu and his Alt Eisen Riese for example), it doesn't mean a normal human cannot wield one. Take Zenia Valov for example, a Russian woman with amnesia who has a pile bunker built into a gauntlet and nothing else mechanical about her. Though she isn't really a regular human, as she is one of two remaining Valkyries of second generation, who were humans artificially infused with celestial energy by the Drexler Institute.
  • Even though she might be really stoic and doesn't shown too much emotions, she is friendly forwards children.
    • Of the child deities, one what she has a special spot for is Carl. Mainly because her younger sister was in similar situation as he is, though with the exception that her older sister (who is Zenia) wasn't actually turned into a doll.
    • Speaking of children, Subject Delta seems to threat her like she was a Little Sister. She wonders why.
    • She also manages to bond with similarly stoic and punctual goddesses such as Lamia Loveless, mainly because of sounding similar. In particular, Lamia was the one who made the comparison that Zenia looked like what happens if Alt Eisen Riese gets a human form.
  • Can be seen sometimes on House of Food, baking cookies.
  • Gets along with Bullet to some extend, mainly because she sees a lot of her in Bullet.
  • Sometimes she challenges Shigure Kosaka into duels. She says that she reminds her of Millennium Guardian.
  • Once tried to bring a Prinny with her, thinking that it was a penguin doll. The end result wasn't so desirable.
  • She is one of few deities who actually figured out that Scharlachrot isn't acting like she should be, due the fact that she joined Celestial Union after snapping out of her brainwashing. While it took a long time for her to do anything to it, she alongside Clarice and Elsa were able to snap Scharlachrot out of her brainwashing. She then suggested that no one should bring up those events up ever again, just to be sure.


    Franz Vahlen 
Generalfeldmarschall Franz Vahlen, God of Awesome, but Impractical Designs
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A journal containing his future plans, and the design plans for the P.1000 Ratte
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The man behind a very costly, impractical, and time-consuming weapons project, His ambitions including eventually becoming Fuhrer of Germany himself, Having had several of his subordinateds punished, executed, or deprived of breaks for a number of petty reasons, The main antagonist of his story, and the man behind the wonder weapons project, One of the highest ranking Afrika Korps Generals, who also happens to be very insane, A main villain who never fights the protagonist personally, Having his own agendas independent of both Rommel and Hitler, Never fought as a boss, Considers the Desert Ghost someone worthy of his respect
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Admires: The Zabis, Anavel Gato
  • Interested in: Maho Nishizumi, The Anglerfish Team
  • Opposes: Darjeeling
  • Generalfeldmarschall Franz Vahlen was a veteran of World War I, having been an advocate of the Deadly Gas used in the trenches. Thanks to this, he was infamous amongst Allied intelligence during the Interwar Period, and cosequently, was easy to track down compared to most of his peers. In mid-1942, following the fall of Tobruk, Allied intelligence was able to find out that he had recently been assigned to the North African Theater of War in an unknown command. Seeing him as a threat, they assigned then-SOE agent Lt. Karl Fairburne, who had managed to survive the Tobruk Siege, to gather intel on his plans, bases of operations, etc.
  • What Karl found at locations such as at Gaberoun, Siwa, and from Allied informants like Brauer, revealed two words: "Project Seuche", or "Project Plague" when translated into English. It was ultimately revealed that this was the construction and eventual mass production of a Super Heavy Tank called the Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte, an upscaled version of the already formidable Tiger I heavy tank. While formidable, with virtually impenetrable armor and equally impressive firepower for its time, it was also very costly and time consuming to produce. Production of the first prototype was, in fact, behind schedule, with Vahlen desperately trying to finish it in time to see combat against the Allies in Tunisia.
  • What's more, it was also revealed that, through mass production of the Ratte, Vahlen was intending to eventually overthrow Rommel and eventually Hitler once victory in North Africa is assured. And, in order to keep the Ratte a secret, Vahlen had also ordered the execution of Allied POWs who knew too much about the project. What's more, he's also been ordering the execution of several of his own men as well. These actions of his were so heinous, in fact, that several German and Italian officers had gotten so sick of Vahlen that they were planning on reporting him and his actions to Berlin. All of these factors caused the increasingly paranoid German General to begin having a drawn-out Villainous Breakdown, while also becoming increasingly desperate to push the incomplete Ratte prototype out, even forcing his men to work around the clock and cut corners in producing the components.
  • Ultimately, Vahlen's ambitions of conquest and power were for naught. Following Karl's discovery at Kasserine Pass, Vahlen's last line of supply at Pont du Fahs Airfield was destroyed and captured, and the Ratte Factory housing the prototype and production facilities was blown to the ground. Vahlen himself would end up executed by Lt. Karl Fairburne himself, no thanks to Vahlen being partially responsible for his friend Brauer's untimely death, and for claiming Karl of being an Ax-Crazy Blood Knight like Vahlen himself.
  • Vahlen somehow ended up in the Pantheon not long after his execution by the Desert Ghost, having somehow found himself alive and well in the ruins of the Ratte Factory. Not wasting any time, he tries to look for a working radio in the ruined facility, which he manages to find. Eventually, he manages to succeed in contacting Berlin, who promptly send an expedition to meet up with the General. The men tasked with greeting Vahlen are none other than Dr. Rene Belloq and Gestapo Agent Arnold Ernst Toht, who have previously been assigned to another part of North Africa. Upon meeting the Afrika Korps General, Vahlen gives the two men the location of the Ratte Factory, as well as some of the Ratte's blueprints and a map of the facility to prove his claims as genuine.
  • With help from the expedition, Vahlen is able to recover both the original Ratte prototype, the factory's surviving components and machinery, and even several more blueprints that survived the factory's destruction. Upon further analysis of the wreck, Vahlen concludes that attempting to restore it to working order would be futile, and instead orders that the tank's weapons, factory components and machinery, and surviving blueprints be sent back to Berlin, with the responsibility of the wrecked Ratte prototype handed over to Belloq as a prize. The French archaeologist ultimately settles with having the Ratte prototype wreck sent to The Great Treasury, with Belloq himself credited as the discoverer, partly to prove himself better than Dr. Jones, and partly to keep Vahlen's ascension a secret from Germany's enemies.
  • Upon arrival in Berlin, Vahlen begins briefing his fellow Nazis regarding his role during the North African campaign and about Project Seuche. Johann Schmidt, head of HYDRA, is impressed with Vahlen's story, even sympathizing with the Afrika Korps General's opinions on Hitler. Thanks to this, he allows Vahlen to build a second Ratte prototype, complete with help from both HYDRA's scientists and Wilhelm Strasse. He even gives the General the Reich's occupied territories in North Africa, making Vahlen the military governor of the region. Having liked Schmidt's own negative opinions of the Third Reich and Hitler, he ends up swearing allegiance to HYDRA as well, although unlike his peers, he decides to stay within the Heer command structure, rather than become an SS General. He is then officially inaugurated as the God of Awesome, but Impractical Designs.
  • It's through this meeting in Berlin that Vahlen finally meets General Heinz Bohm, another enemy of Lt. Karl Fairburne, in person. During 1943, Vahlen's own son, Lt. Ernst Vahlen, was one of Bohm's own men. Through their mutual hatred of The Desert Ghost/The Shadow, they begin coordinating with one another with regards to running their forces in the Mediterranean Region, with Vahlen commanding Heer units and Bohm command various Luftwaffe units and squadrons. It's also through Bohm that Vahlen is introduced to several of Germany's Italian Allies, in this case The Four Libertines. Unsurprisingly, Vahlen takes a liking to the four men, given his track record of war crimes committed, as well as the fact that he's worked alongside Italian Forces during the North African campaign himself. Both he and Bohm make plans to capture Fairburne, and then have him tortured by the Libertines as revenge for killing both of them and foiling their plans in the past.
  • Aside from Lt. Karl Fairburne, a few other veterans of the North African campaign end up becoming the General's enemies, such as Sgt. John Davis, Tank Commander David Welsh, and Lt. Mike Powell, especially after they learn of Vahlen's poor treatment of Allied POWs, something that doesn't sit well with Davis and Powell. A few other enemies he ends up making in the Pantheon include Indiana Jones and B.J. Blaskowicz, no thanks to Vahlen himself already having made close friends with both of their arch-enemies. This growing list of enemies forces Vahlen to always be accompanied by a platoon of Valkyrie Jager soldiers, who are essentially better-trained and better equipped versions of the same Fallschirmjager that had been under his command in North Africa.
  • Outside of his time period, Vahlen ends up becoming interested regarding the One Year War that had taken place in an alternate Earth, specifically, the various prototypes constructed by the Principality of Zeon. Much like his own Ratte, many of these Zeon Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors were highly advanced and state of the art for their time, but were also too expensive to mass produce. To no one's surprise, he ends up admiring both the Zabi Family (sans Mineva) and Anavel Gato, particularly Dozle Zabi's Big Zam and Gato's Neue Zeil. He eventually plans on making contact with them, in the hopes that he can acquire Zeon technology and merge it with what's available in HYDRA's and Nazi Germany's own arsenals.
  • Thanks to his obsession with advanced German tank designs, Vahlen becomes interested in the martial art of Sensha-Do, or Tankery. After finding out about the presence of deities practicing this martial art, he ends up spectating various matches between the different teams, ultimately settling with a favorite: none other than Maho Nishizumi, who commands a Tiger I tank not unlike the ones he had commanded in North Africa. In addition, he also takes a piqued interest in the Oarai Girls' Academy Anglerfish Team, noting them to be extremely skilled in tank-on-tank combat. On the other hand, he dislikes Darjeeling, mainly due to the fact that her school and team prefer British tanks similar to the ones his own troops faced in North Africa. One thing's for sure, though. All of the Tankery practitioners find it weird that a high-ranking Nazi General is observing them so intricately during their matches. This also helps to show the girls who exactly the various Allied deities who had accidentally "disrupted" their matches previously are fighting against.
"We are the same you and I. We are both soldiers, workers of war. We love our work."

    Gold Third 
Gold ThirdMembers , Goddesses of Golden Weaponry (B-Sha: Presto Mask, Premium Hero Charge C-Sha: One of the Golden Pair, Stylish Hunter Glutton K-Sha: Yandere Mercenary, High School Student Soldier S-Sha: Uninterested Monster, Judgement Punishment Providence E-Sha, Yes/No)
Clockwise from top left: C-Sha, S-Sha, B-Sha, K-Sha

    Operation Kraken 
Operation Kraken, Unholy Legion of Secret Weapons
Operation Kraken logo
Units and Personnel involved in Operation Kraken 
Obersturmbannfuhrer Fabian Richter 
The wonderweapons used in the Operation 
  • Demigods
  • Theme: Rubble and Ruin
  • Symbol: A Nazi Swastika surrounded by a black octopus
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil as whole. Moller himself is Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Nazis, Secret Weapons, War
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Rivals: Kane, Kuvira
  • By 1944, Nazi Germany, having lost several decisive campaigns in North Africa, Italy, and the Eastern Front, were being driven into a corner. With France and Western Europe being the most likely target for the next Allied attack, the Axis were desperate for anything that could turn the tide of the war back in their favor. The same was true on the other side of the globe, with the Empire of Japan being slowly squeezed out of the South and Central Pacific by the Allies, with their own fleet suffering heavy and irreplaceable losses.
    • Enter Obbergruppenfuhrer Abelard Moller, an officer in the SS with tons of connections in both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Using these connections, plus a ton of Germany's remaining resources, scientific research, and brand-new wonderweapons, Moller came up with an Evil Plan for just this situation...Operation Kraken. The plan called for the Kriegsmarine, Schutzstaffel, and Imperial Japanese Navy to utilize their various Secret Weapons together to launch a Sneak Attack on the mainland United States.
    • The Secret Weapons in question that would be utilized by Kraken would include: stealth-plated Type VII U-boats, special launchers for the V2 rocket that would allow the rockets to be launched offshore from a submarine, modified V2 rockets that had a longer range, and finally, stealth-plated I-400 class submarines. The last one is of particular note, as these were the Imperial Japanese Navy's largest and heaviest submarines ever built, and Moller was able to procure three of these behemoths for the operation.
    • In addition to these wonderweapons, various German troops from different branches would also be involved, namely those from the Kriegsmarine and Waffen-SS. In the former's case, they were mainly various officers and sailors, mostly U-boat commanders and crewmen, while in the latter's case the soldiers and officers hailed from the Ausland SD, the SS Intelligence Agency. Compared to their Kriegsmarine counterparts, these men were far better trained and equipped with better weaponry, the reason for this being that these same men would be deployed as English-speaking spies. These latter troops were also equal to their German Fallschirmjager counterparts.
  • Unfortunately for Moller and his associates, the French Resistance, OSS, and SOE learned of the Operation just before it was to push through. Lt. Karl Fairburne, with help from French Resistance operatives and the US Army Rangers, managed to eliminate several of the officers involved, stole the intelligence on where their bases were, where and when they were going to strike, and raided the facilities used to produce and test the equipment for the operation. Worse still, the Allied Invasion of France on June 6, 1944 happened at around the same time, forcing Moller and his group to hasten preparations despite their supply lines getting cut off.
  • Ultimately, despite coming close to launching their attack, Operation Kraken was cut short, when Lt. Karl Fairburne, the US Army Rangers, and the French Resistance managed to capture their main base of operations, the French port of St. Nazaire and destroy all of the stealth-plated submarines that were to be used in the operation. Moller's Japanese allies were also killed, including their highest-ranking officer, Shinji Yoshikawa. Moller himself, in an attempt to prevent himself from either getting sacked or executed for his failures, attempted to leave France, only for Karl and the French Resistance to finally assassinate him. And thus, Operation Kraken was finally put down for good. Worse still, many of the Secret Weapon blueprints that Moller and his Japanese allies had carried were now in Allied hands, courtesy of Lt. Fairburne.
  • While a complete failure militarily and strategically, this was not the end of Abelard Moller nor his ambitious Evil Plan...In the Pantheon, Moller's advanced weapons projects garnered the interest of Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, one of the Nazis' highest ranking Generals currently in the Pantheon. He also happened to be responsible for helping Johann Schmidt expand and rearm the German Armed Forces into a force capable of conquering the Pantheon. Upon finding the details of Operation Kraken, particularly the advanced technology used and its rather ambitious goals, Deathshead decided that they were worth ascending to bolster their forces. Rather than ascend Moller solo, however, Strasse saw fit to ascend the entire Operation into the Pantheon, complete with their wonderweapons, production facilities, and major bases of operation.
  • And so, Moller and his entire entourage were brought into the Pantheon as they had looked in early 1944, complete with all of their bases and production facilities located in Northern France. Unsurprisingly, Moller was still angry at Vogel for abandoning him just as the Operation had been thwarted, while Yoshikawa in turn was angry at Moller for letting their brand-new advanced submarines get destroyed easily. Ultimately, they were able to settle their differences after they were briefed by their new allies in the Pantheon, specifically Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and Johann Schmidt. Both the German and Japanese officers told their newly-ascended allies that they would be allowed to push through with repeating Operation Kraken in the Pantheon, now with the full backing of both the Imperial Japanese and German militaries as well as the Waffen-SS. In essence, this means that all of their projects would not only be rebuilt or ascended alongside them completely, but would also be expanded and upgraded with the help of other deities affiliated with the Germans or Japanese.
  • Upon Moller and his entourage receiving the title of Unholy Legion of Secret Weapons, they soon got to work reestablishing their Operation. With their bases and facilities ascended alongside them, both the Kriegsmarine and Waffen-SS members of the Operation soon begin cooperating with the German Luftwaffe's Nemesis Squadron, Lt. Col. Arnold Berkman, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, and Baron Rudolf von Sturmgeist. Thanks to Berkman's notes on Hexenium and Deathshead's advanced tech and weapon blueprints, the V2 rockets used by the Kraken group are upgraded to have longer range, and a far more powerful payload equivalent to that of an atomic bomb. Sophie, the White Witch, who had helped Berkman harness this crystallized magical energy, plans on using these improved V2 rockets to hit the Principality of Eylstadt with these rockets, in order to eliminate its capital Landsbruck off the map. In addition, the stealth-plated Type VII U-boats were upgraded further, receiving the latest of Deathshead's 1946-era technology, allowing them to attack Allied shipping in addition to their original goal of transporting German troops and spies undetected. As for the Japanese I-400 class submarines, they were also upgraded by Strasse, with them receiving practically the same treatment as their German counterparts.
  • Aside from continuing with their Evil Plan to attack the rest of the Allied-controlled sectors of the Pantheon with the now-upgraded V2 rockets, stealth-plated submarines, and English-speaking German spies, the Operation Kraken members have also been assisting their other Nazi German and Imperial Japanese allies in carrying out other operations.
    • Both the Stealth-plated U-boats and I-400 submarines have been utilized by the Nemesis Squadron to ship several of Deathshead's blueprints and advanced weapons components to several of the IJN's bases of operation, just as Nemesis had done in their own world beforehand. The German and Japanese submarines themselves have also been used by the Axis to attack Allied merchant shipping and warships, severely damaging or sinking several ships in the process.
    • One lesser-known operation that Kraken has been assisting are serving as transports for Dr. Rene Belloq and his Nazi assistant Arnold Ernst Toht. While the Nazis in the Pantheon are mainly focused on creating advanced scientific breakthroughs and weaponry, a small number of Nazis such as the Milleneum organization and the LDO are more focused on exploiting the supernatural. As such, the retrieval of various artifacts has been approved by both groups, with Toht and Belloq receiving a generous amount of "donations" from them for this task. The Kraken bases , particularly Beaumont St. Denis and the U-boat pens at St. Nazaire, have been used to store a number of artifacts, with the former being used for the occasional ritual.
    • Moller himself, having helped govern Northern France prior to the Normandy landings, has once again helped the Nazis retain their strongholds in the Pantheon, by taking out suspected Allied collaborators and helping strengthen defenses near Omaha Beach. With proper Heer Infanterie support now available to him, Moller has them set up a defense in-depth around the beach, with them regularly shelling any Allied units attempting to reinforce and resupply through there. This ends up slowing down Allied advances, as the latter are forced to get most of their supplies through the beach.
  • Unsurprisingly, this amount of increased Nazi German and Imperial Japanese activity has attracted the attention of Allied leadership, particularly that of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. With the Japanese successfully receiving more shipments of advanced German weapons, and the Kraken fleet having the potential to wreak havoc on several Allied cities at the same time, stopping them has become a major priority. So much so, that in addition to elements of the US Army being tasked to stop them, several US Navy and USMC components have also been called up to destroy any and all Kraken U-boats and Japanese submarines on sight.
    • Among the latter include the PBY Catalina Black Cat Mantaray 5-4, Lt. Cdr. Dick Best and Sgt. Thomas Conlin's squad with their SBD Dauntless dive bombers. They're also backed up by the Battlehawks, the Good Counterpart and Arch-Enemy of the Nemesis Squadron, in carrying out this order to sink all Kraken submarines on sight. In the case of the latter, they assist their USN and USMC allies by providing them with valuable fighter escort and additional firepower, namely with various USAAF and USN types such as the F4F Wildcat, P-38 Lightning, and P-51 Mustang.
    • Thanks to Lt. Karl Fairburne's previous work in taking down the Operation back in June 1944 of his world, not to mention managing to capture most if not all of the vital intel linked to it, the Allies have a much better idea of what they're facing. Fairburne himself has been tasked by President Roosevelt to take down Moller and his cohorts once again when given the opportunity, as well as help direct and lead a number of US Rangers, specifically Lt. Mike Powell, Dog Company, and Charlie Company, all from the 2nd Ranger Battalion, in a second on raid on St. Nazaire.
  • With his predecessors General Franz Vahlen and General Heinz Bohm also ascended in the Pantheon and continuing work on their own wonderweapons projects, Abelard Moller has decided to team up with his fellow Nazi officers in both helping their new fellow Axis allies conquer the Pantheon, and to take down Lt. Karl Fairburne once and for all. Moller himself, in addition to being a target of Fairburne, has also become targeted by various other deities both Allied and non-aligned. Among them include the Basterds, a group of OSS agents with a penchant for hunting Nazis who succeeded in assassinating their universe's version of Hitler, and Captain William J. Blazkowicz, a famed Nazi Hunter, Army Captain, and Resistance leader known for having assassinated numerous Nazis including his Arch-Enemy Wilhelm "Deathsead" Strasse. Unsurprisingly, despite his improved and increased security within the Pantheon, Moller ultimately remains as much of a Nervous Wreck as he was back in his home universe, with him constantly being worried about his plan failing once more, or being killed or thwarted by Fairburne and his new allies.
    • With his involvement in the defense of Occupied France against Allied Forces, Moller has also earned the ire of various American and British units that were involved in the fighting there, namely those from the 101st Airborne Division and British 7th Armored Division as well as the aforementioned members of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. In fact, Moller's chateau has been repeatedly raided by the likes of Staff Sergeant Joe Hartsock and Sgt. Franklin Paddock in an attempt to help stop the Operation, with the former having had prior experience in raiding similar chateaus for intel. These efforts prove unsuccessful, however, as Moller makes it a point to move out of the chateau after Fairburne had raided the compound twice, the second time resulting in his assassination and death.
"Our hour of triumph is at hand . Like the mythical beast of legend, the Kraken shall rise from the ocean, and rain destruction upon the heads of our despised enemies - in America! Their great cities - Boston, New York, Washington - will fall before the might of the Kraken. The action we take today, will be remembered for all time. We will turn the tide of war back in our favor and grant the Reich total victory over all who dare stand against us!"

    Valkyrie Jäger 
Valkyrie Jäger, The Better-Armed Enemies of the Pantheon (Valkyrie Squad)
Karl Fairburne: "This is Obbergruppenfuhrer Heinz Böhm, authorization code Iron Scorpion! I need Valkyrie Squad here now! Now, damn it - now!"
Valkyrie Officer: "Understood, Herr Böhm!"
  • Sure enough, the enemy unit he had been suspecting of being ascended had arrived, black uniforms and all. However, what he didn't count on was them upgrading their entire arsenal. Their transports were now the HYDRA Armored Personnel Carrier, the armored cars accompanying them were now either the AAV Armored Car or the HYDRA Mini Tank, and all of their firearms have been upgraded to types such as the Sturmgewehr 60, Handgun 1960, and Automatic Shotgun, replacing older weapons such as the Mkb 42 (H), Mauser M712, and M30 Luftwaffe Drilling. Despite this, the OSS agent manages to kill several of the elite German troops with his Improbable Aiming Skills once more, destroying their armored vehicles in the process. The survivors, caught completely by surprise, Take Cover! and fire in the direction Fairburne's shots had come from. Using this as a distraction, the Lieutenant slips away, but not before grabbing one of their Neunfaust launchers from one of the dead soldiers.
  • Despite this initial setback, the Valkyries still prove to be formidable adversaries to most other Allied and Soviet units. In several other skirmishes between Allied forces and German troops, the Valkyries manage to repel an attack by US paratroopers Cpl. Boyd Travers and Sgt. Jack Barnes on an important German munitions plant.
  • While now being used against Allied troops as they were originally intended, they are still used on occasion as Praetorian Guard units as well as counter-insurgents.
    • When not going after Allied saboteurs, commandos, or paratroops, the Valkyries are often seen accompanying important Nazi officials such as Rudolf von Sturmgeist, Arnim Zola, and Heinz Böhm as their bodyguards, as well as watching over their wonder-weapons projects. And because they are part of the German Luftwaffe, they are also tasked with guarding important German airbases.
    • Their counter-insurgency operations, on the other hand, attract the attention of deities such as Squad 7 and Lelouch Britannia, who are known for their underground resistance slash militia movements in the Pantheon. The former in particular, having battled the Red Skull's forces before, soon realize that the enemies they are now dealing with are far more competent and deadly than the Waffen-SS soldiers they've come up against before, and unlike the Nazi Storm Elites, are far more mobile and carry a larger variety of weapons.
  • One new role that the Valkyries have been given is the assassination of high-profile Allied officials. Among the targets being given to them by Johann Schmidt include Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dr. Abraham Erskine, in order to cripple the Allied leadership and to prevent any more Super Soldiers like Captain America from being made.
  • Aside from Lt. Karl Fairburne, many Allied deities such as the aforementioned Travers, the Basterds and even BJ Blaskowicz often loot them and their ammunition storage facilities, due to the weapons they're using being obsolete compared to the ones being used by the Valkyries.
  • Because of their reputation as brutal enforcers of a military dictatorship, many actual Valkyries such as Freya, Brynhild and Lenneth are utterly disgusted by their use of the name. When they encounter members of the unit in person, they make it a point to slaughter several soldiers in order to Make an Example of Them.
  • They are, interestingly, far from the only German unit to have an arguably better arsenal of weaponry than their Allied counterparts. During the North African Campaign, there was an elite Heer unit called the Schutzvollstrecker, who, like the Valkyries, had developed a revolutionary new rocket launcher, and were also part of a top-secret German operation to turn the tide of war into Germany's favor. Like them, however, the unit was wiped out by Lt. Karl Fairburne, their plans failed, and their new weapons were never produced in sufficient numbers.

    Zhang Xingcai 
Zhang Xingcai, Goddess of Superior Shield Functionality
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her Sword and Shield
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Badass Family, Grapple Move, Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me, Fork Fencing, Cool Sword, Ramming Always Works, Composite Character, Daddy's Girl, Knight in Shining Armor, Lady of War, Raven Hair, Ivory Skin, The Stoic, The Ugly Guy's Hot Daughter, Shield Bash
  • Domains: War, Defense, Family, Royalty
  • Herald: Zhang Bao (her brother)
  • Allies: Zhang Fei (her father), Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Guan Yinping, Huang Zhong, Jaune Arc, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Takatora Kureshima/Kamen Rider Zangetsu, Sanada Nobuyuki & Inahime, Shield Knight, Kaede Honjou/Maple
  • Rivals: Lu Lingqi
  • Enemies: Cao Cao, Dian Wei, Lu Bu, Demon Oda Nobunaga, Xiahou Dun
  • Almost immediately after her father ascended, she appeared in the Pantheon, reasoning that if she hadn't heard from him in the past hour, the odds were that he had probably drank himself silly and destroyed something. As it turned out, she was spot on and she ended up dragging him out of the House of Food, completely hammered and having wrecked most everything breakable in the place. She dragged him back to his seat in the House of Combat and was deified directly afterwards, for the express reason of keeping him in line. Like most things, she approaches this dutifully.
  • She often ends up sparring with her friend Guan Yinping since her normal sparring partner, Yinping's brother Ping, has not ascended. Yinping's strength makes her a great opponent, but Xingcai has been trying to teach her some discipline to better control it.
    • She also fights Lu Lingqi at times, although on less friendly terms. Lingqi's parents make a more cordial relationship difficult, but both respect the other's strength and skill and recognize that battling each other improves their own. That, and their fathers tend to be a relate-able pain to deal with as the two facepalm from those said fathers in the distance.
  • While initially surprised that Honda Tadakatsu was a bit more, er, metallic than she remembered, she nevertheless has discovered that he is still just as strong and honorable as he used to be, and is more than willing to pay him the utmost respect for this. However, perhaps the whole "father switching" idea she had with his daughter Inahime could take a pass this time.
  • Still faithfully serves the Shu banner, no matter what plane. Should the war between the Three Kingdoms restart, she is more than willing to venture out onto the battlefield once again.
  • Has been helping the somewhat hopeless Jaune Arc increase his proficiency with his sword and shield skills. Despite said hopelessness, his dedication and perseverance always inspires her and she refuses to give up her attempts to help him, as she is used to dealing with people who seem not to amount to much. When asked, she merely states that Jaune reminds her of two people that she knows,note  and, like them, she just can't leave him alone.
    • With that, she has met and also sparred against his primary trainer, Pyrrha Nikos, and the two became friends very quickly.
  • She became close friends with Takatora Kureshima due to the Kamen Rider having the same preference of weaponry as her own.
  • She's quite glad that her friend across the realms, Inahime, has ascended... but she's more surprised that she brought a husband, because Xingcai didn't recall meeting him during the struggle against Orochi. Then again, she forgot to bring her friend Yinping as well...
  • Has been annoyed at how people pronounce the "c" in her name, but since that said struggle against Orochi they've been getting it right as "Shee-ng-tsai" instead of "Shee-ng-kai".
  • She was at one point captured by some mysterious men along with Guan Yinping, where these men attempted to Break Them by Talking, in Xingcai's case... the fact that historically, her father was very much a big scum who abducted and raped her mother, thereby making her the daughter of a whore and a bastard. She nearly fell into a Heroic BSoD, but thankfully before the capture, she has met and shared stories with a certain Himura Kenshin. She proceeded to give them a harsh Shut Up, Hannibal! stating that regardless of how she was conceived, she believed in her father's shame about it and how he has been trying to make up for that, and very proud of his actions in trying to be a good father for her. When these men resort to show that 'historical accuracy' tells all, she condemns these men to just getting blinded with some bad things and then resorting to Never Live It Down on someone they don't like without exploring other possibilities. Just in time for Yinping showing off her strength to break them free, and then they proceeded to confront their fathers... and assured them that they can't be mad at them for their flaws. Though Xingcai suspects that there's also a nebulous movement in trying to bring down their family.
  • Was proud to see her former High Priestess, Shield Knight, properly ascend into the pantheon. She has begun to spend some free time training with her in the art of how to use your shield for both offensive and defensive purposes.
  • Has recently facepalmed when she realized she has to deal with three crazy drunkards, one from each of the three kingdoms, her own father, Sun Quan, and Cao Zhi. Anything must be done to prevent those three from drinking the night away out of chaos.