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Most of the Fan Nicknames for RWBY were supplied by the wiki as placeholder names, and ended up sticking.

As always, beware of spoilers

  • Prior to their name reveals, the fans once referred to characters by their colors: Red, White, etc. The fandom began using name colors from other languages as well.
  • Junior's weapon has been dubbed the "Batzooka", saying he must have stolen it from Batman.
    • In the same video, we have "DJ Deadb3ar."
  • While not a fan-derived nickname, Jaune will forever be referred to as Vomit Boy by some.
    • His performance against the Nuckelavee Grimm at the end of Volume 4 has gotten him upgraded to Vomit Man in the eyes of many.
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    • Jaune is often affectionately referred to as "noodle" by a large portion of the fandom. After the aforementioned fight with the Nuckelavee some have taken to calling him "pasta with beef."
  • Similarly to Jaune getting called a noodle, Neptune gets called a "pool noodle" by a good portion of the fanbase.
  • Before their names were revealed, Pyrrha was Amber, Nora was Umbra, and Ren was Nero. Their team name would have been JAUN. When their names were revealed, ANVL became a short-lived placeholder: Arc, Nikos, Valkyrie and Lie. It was quickly replaced with JNPR (Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, Ren) once Monty tweeted that it wasn't ANVL.
  • Continuing with weapons, Pyrrha's (Milo) was called the Magnospear (derived from the word "magnetosphere") and Xiflelin (portmanteau of xiphos, rifle, and javelin), Jaune's Sword and Shielth (Crocea Mors), Ren's Jade Dragons (Stormflower), and Nora's was Amethyst Thunder (Magnhild). Due to apparent significance of Jaune's weapon, it was often also called Excalibur.
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  • Roman Torchwick's weapon (Melodic Cudgel) was called Candy Cane.
  • Sun's weapons were nicknamed Gunchaku.
  • Some of the techniques also get nicknames, such as Weiss's Air Step and Adam's OHK against the Spider Droid being called Seeing Red or Moonslice, the latter of which is based on a tweet from Monty with notes about what seems to be the Black Trailer. As of volume 6, Moonslice is actually the canon name of Adam's semblance.
  • Speaking of the Spider Droid, it and the Knight are still unofficial names, though the former has since been declared canon.
  • The Boarbatusk captured by Professor Port for a demonstration in The Badge and the Burden was being called Edgar after a cow that Port's voice actor Ryan Haywood captured during Roosterteeth's Minecraft videos.
  • The two members of Team CRDL seen during the Initiation (Russel and Cardin) were referred to as Mohawk Guy and Armor Guy respectively.
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  • The witch that aids Roman in the first episode; fans liked calling her Wicked Witch or Crimson. Her name would later be canonically given as Cinder Fall.
  • The droids in the Black trailer are AK-130 models. Due to the similarity in name to real-life AC-130 gunships - which are called "Spookies" - these droids are called such as well.
  • The Grimm creatures' names: Beobears (Ursa), Basilisks (King Taijitu), and Scorpius/Scorpi (Death Stalker).
  • Cardin's mace weapon, the Executioner, is called Almace, or by others Douche Whisk.
  • Team POGO: Professor Port; Ozpin; Glynda Goodwitch; and Professor Oobleck
  • Team QROW: Speculating the team up of Qrow, Summer Rose, Ozpin, and Glynda Goodwitch... an alternative choice would be Roman in place of Summer.
  • Team Sloth seems to be a popular one on Deviantart and Tumblr.
  • Team Double-Date Night for JNPR due to how smoothly the two pairs ship.
    • After the volume 3 finale, this seems to have changed to Team Third Wheel after Pyrrha's death. It can still be the former if one takes into account Lancaster, made up of Ruby and Jaune.
  • Professor Port is sometimes called Professor Armstrong.
    • Amusingly enough, Word of God has said that Armstrong strongly influenced the character design.
  • Glynda Goodwitch has earned the nickname Professor Goodbitch by the fandom, mostly due to being a Stern Teacher and, for some fans, the way she treated Jaune.
  • Pyrrha is sometimes called P-Money.
  • Emerald is called Cleo or Cleopatra because of her vaguely Egyptian-looking outfit. Fittingly, Mercury is called Marcus (or alternatively August). Possibly alluded to in the show itself, as Mercury's father was named Marcus.
    • Emerald's weapons, Thief's Respite, are called "Falcons" (portmanteau of falx + guns).
    • Emerald and Mercury together are often referred to as "Scythe Girl and Kick Friend," after a Reddit post by a fan who had just watched their fight with Coco and Yatsuhashi, didn't know the characters' names, and just called them "a black girl with gun scythes and her kicking friend."
  • Penny's Floating Array is nicknamed Puppeteer.
  • The dinosaur who keeps popping up in Monty's pictures is called RWBYsaurus.
    • Team RWBY has been referred to as Team DNSR due to its association with said reptile.
  • Velvet's team was nicknamed Coffee and Cream or team JAVA due to their silhouette colors, before being confirmed by Monty as CFVY - "Coffee".
    • Coco was associated with Lucca and has also been called Mocha...
    • Yatsuhashi earned the more generic title of The Heavy. He's also known as The Mountain.
  • Sun's team (Team SSSN- Sun, Scarlet, Sage, Neptune) is Team KPOP, which turned out Hilarious in Hindsight when Monty revealed that one member's design was literally based off a member of Big Bang.
    • They are also frequently called Team Hot 'N Useless.
  • Mercury's shotgun-greaves have gained the nickname Shoot-Boots in some circles of the fandom. Others have taken to calling them Talaria, after the sandals that the Roman God Mercury was said to wear. Also, Quicksilver. As of the guidebook, Talaria has become official.
  • Penny is suggested as being the daughter of Gepeddo. Vol. 7 reveals his actual name to be Pietro Polendina.
  • Japanese fans have taken to calling Yang "Yang-nee" (Big Sis Yang) affectionately. They also refer to Cinder as BBA (which is Internet slang for the Japanese colloquial word "babaa", meaning "old lady", which can be a rude way to address someone depending on the relationship).
  • The grouping of Cinder, Roman, Emerald, and Mercury has acquired a number of unofficial Team acronyms: CREM (cream or creme), CRME (crime or chrome), MERC (mercenary or mercury). For what it's worth, Rooster Teeth seems to use CRME.
    • With the addition of Neo to the "team" as well as the reveal of Emerald's surname (Sustrai), a new acronym vastly more appropriate to the team (or at least its leader) has emerged: CRMSN (crimson).
    • For the Vytal Festival incarnation of the team, not including Roman, you get CEMN/CMEN/CNME (cinnamon), or CMSN (crimson).
  • Speculation for Sun's team members included Antares (for Scarlet) and Rex (for Neptune).
  • Neptune's weapon, the Tri-Hard, is called the Trigundao.
    • Neptune Vasili-whatever is a popular way to describe him among those who don't like him (or at least oppose a ship he's in), after Miles Luna's (Jaune's VA) in-character rant during a Livestream.
  • With the reveal Taiyang Xiao Long, Summer Rose, Raven and Qrow Branwen were a team, the names TRQS (Taiyang-led turquoise) and QRTS (Qrow-led quartz) and STRQ (Summer-led stark) got thrown around by the fandom prior to the reveal of the last one being the canonical name. Additionally, RSTQ (rustic) could have been used for a Raven-lead team. This makes Team STRQ the only team in the series thus far to have had every member potentially leading it, without violating Monty's colour-naming rule.
  • Certain circles began using Raven to refer to both the Transient Princessnote  as well as Yang's missing mother (the two had been strongly associated). This was eventually confirmed in canon.
  • Banesaw for the chainsaw-wielding White Fang Lieutenant.
  • Dimension Samurai and Lady Grimm, and Vermillion for Raven's appearance in No Brakes.
  • The ship name approved by Nebula Violette for NDGO members Dew and Nebula: Storm Riders.
  • Team BRNZ is sometimes referred to as Team Gopnik because the team's simple, sorta-cheap-looking clothing - especially May's beanie and Adidas-looking shorts - make them look like, well, Russian gopniks.
  • Qrow has been dubbed Drunkle because he's permanently sloshed (and is Yang and Ruby's uncle).
    • Genderbent versions of him, such as heartless-aquarius' cosplay,note  are accordingly known as Inebriaunt.
  • Adam's frequently named Vergil, due to both of them being iaijutsu practitioners and being power hungry.
  • When Achievement Hunter (specifically Michael and Lindsay Jones, Ryan Haywood, and Jeremy Dooley) did a Let's Play of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, the four tried to figure out a perfect Team name for themselves. The fandom rallied and created Team MJLR, pronounced "Mjölnir".
  • The as-yet-unnamed secret inner circle of "protectors of the world" that Ozpin is the apparent leader of has been termed the Ozluminati.
  • During an interview with Ruby and Yang for RTXAU (Yes, as the characters), they used the screen names RlyRlyKoolKid and Fireballin17, respectively. Jaune showed up partway through as I<3YellowSnow, which might as well be the new Jaune/Weiss ship name.
  • The scene in the episode Battle of Beacon where Roman uses Cinder's virus to take over the Atlesian Knights and have them turn on the Huntsmen was almost immediately nicknamed Order 66.
  • The Dragon Grimm is called Kevin, possibly as a reference to Seregios, Shagaru Magala and Gogmazios being nicknamed Steve, Stephenson, and George, respectively.
    • Additionally, some fans have started calling it Grimmwing, given its resemblance to the Black Dragon Deathwing.
    • Grimm Alduin.
  • After the events of Heroes and Monsters, quite a few fans have decided to nickname Volume 3 The Empire Strikes Back.
  • People have taken to calling Ironwood Daddy. Iron-daddy is quite popular, and even the animators call him Robo-Daddy, as confirmed in the Volume 3 Finale Livestream. The why and what for should be obvious, but a hint is probably his casual take-down of an absolutely huge Grimm.
    • His volume 7 appearance had been called Iron-Grandpa due to the magnificent beard he now sports.
    • Since his weapon incorporates both a slidenote  and a cylindernote , some fans have referred to it as The Legendary Gun-Gun.
    • And speaking of robotic limbs, "Devastating Attacks" hasnote  become a popular euphemism for the potential...misuses of Yang's new arm.
  • Velvet's weapon, Anesidora, has been nicknamed Unlimited Blade Works, or Unlimited Velvet/Bunny Works.
  • Following The End of the Beginning, the unofficial team of Ruby, Nora, Jaune and Ren has been given the nickname RNJR (ranger). Alternate names include RAVR (raver), RRNJ (orange), RRJN (argent), JNRR (junior) and JRRN (journey).
    • In an interview with AfterBuzz TV, Miles and Kerry admit they have no plans for an official name but for simplicity's sake have gone with RNJR.
    • Speaking of ABTV, one of the hosts had long dubbed Team SSSN as Team Hot and Useless given that while they are attractive, they haven't been essential to the plot events.
  • The RWBY production team is, obviously, called the CRWBY.
    • In a livestream prior to Volume 7, the newly- expanded writing team gadd been called Team KORL (Coral).
  • Arslan of team ABRN has quickly been deemed Team Mom for the many ditzy characters of Haven, which, let's be honest, is most of them. Fan art frequently depicts her and Sage commiserating.
  • After the release of Volume 4 and the reveal of Salem's inner circle, Dr. Arthur Watts, Tyrian Callows, Cinder Fall, and Hazel Rainart, the FNDM has given them the name Team WTCH (Witch). The Japanese fandom calls them the Four Heavenly Kings (四天王).
    • Some fans decided to nickname Hazel as Jontron, Tyrian as Kimblee, and Doctor Watts as Pringles guy or Vinny. Watts had also been called Geoff due to his resemblance to RT's own Geoff Ramsey.
  • Compost King for the then-unnamed Oscar, after both the board game JNPR were playing in RWBY Chibi and the fact that his mixer has the initials "CK" inside a crown on them.
    • Another popular nickname for him is Farmboi.
    • Oscoz and Ozcar quickly became popular after the reveal that Oscar now has Ozpin's voice and memories riding around in his head.
    • Thanks to Volume 5, many refer to him as Little Cute Boy Ozpin, mirroring what Nora called him. Also, due to his diminutive height compared to even Ruby, many have taken to calling him Smolboi.
  • Sugar Rush for the team attack used by Ruby and Nora to finish off the geist in the first episode of Volume 4.
  • Before his name was revealed, fans and RT alike could be heard referring to Jacques as Papa Schnee, and also as Colonel Sanders after his brief appearance at the end of Season 3.
  • Shenron for the Grimm Sea Feilong fought by Blake and Sun in Of Runaways and Stowaways.
  • Ghira is Grumpy Cat.
  • After Kali Belladonna was revealed in Volume 4, a new team was quickly "formed" with all the protagonists moms grouped together (The deceased Summer Rose (Ruby), the absent Raven Brawnen (Yang), the revealed Kali Belladonna (Blake), and the unseen Mom of Weiss Schnee): Team MILF.
    • Alternatively "SKRR/SSKR (Soccer) Moms," using their actual initials. Adding Willow Schnee (first appearance in Vol. 7) to the mix changes the name to SWKR Moms, but keeps the joke.
  • Shitley for Whitley Schnee due to his reputation within the fandom, which became significantly more popular after he taunts Weiss over her disinheritance in "Punished".
  • Shitty Neptune and Dollar Store Neptune for Henry Marigold (the snobby blue-haired boy that Weiss interacts with at the party) due to his resemblance to a knock-off version of Neptune.
  • Hanzo for Lie Ren's father given his resemblance to the Overwatch character of the same name. The fact he was an archer contributed.
  • Mr. Floppyhands or Nuckles for the Nuckelavee Grimm that shows up in Chapter 10.
    • It's also popularly referred to as The Grimm Reaper, a clever portmanteau of "Grimm" and "Grim Reaper", and on a more serious note was shown to bring death wherever it went. The title 'Grimm Reaper' would eventually be used in canon as Maria Calavera's epithet when she was still a huntress.
    • As of the finale, the FNDM has taken to calling it Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Grimm, due to its incredibly spastic movements and waving its arms around as an attack.
  • Reddit has named the pilot from Atlas who takes Weiss across to Mistral "Pilot Boi".
  • The bandit that Yang punches in the first episode of Volume 5 is named Shay D. Mann, but he is commonly nicknamed Rubber Man (for how he bounces around the room when he gets punched) or Toothy (after losing his tooth). On Reddit, he's also known as Fucko McToothless.
  • Yuma, the assassin sent after the The Belladonna family is commonly referred to as Batman due to his batlike wings.
  • Sister Trifa is often referred to as Spider-Girl due to her status as a spider faunus and her ability to fire webs from spinnerets in her palms.
  • Thanks to actions she took in volume 5, Kali Belladonna is being referred to as Fight Mom, or Catwoman (as in, Catwoman beat [[Batman)
  • Although the first name of Weiss' mother hasn't been revealed yet, some data mining lead the FNDM to generally adopt the name Willow Schnee for her. This is eventually revealed to be her actual name.
  • Thanks to commentary on the Volume 5 DVD, the Lancers have adopted the name Spooky Bees.
  • As soon as the Volume 6 trailer revealed a mysterious elderly woman wearing some cybernetic goggles, fans took to calling her Maz Katara after the two characters she reminded them of (the episode 1 credits reveal her name to be "Maria Calavera").
  • The Two Brothers (The God of Light and the God of Darkness) are often called The Brothers Grimm.
  • Ozma's blue shirt and glasses wearing host was named Bryan from Starbucks after the "RWBY Character Status Chart" called him such.
  • The Leviathan has been commonly given the name Lenny, in a similarly-mundane manner to Kevin. Others have dubbed it Bobo or Bubbles due to its face being reminiscent of a dolphin. A livestream prior to Volume 7 reveals that the art team calls it Levi.
  • Yang's sunglasses in her Volume 7 design have been referred to as the Kamina shades.
  • From the Ace-Ops, Vine Zeki has been referred to by fans as Stretch Armstrong due to his Semblance granting him the ability to stretch his limbs via Aural projections, similar to the 70s toy.
  • Also from the Ace-Ops, Marrow Amin has been referred to as either Good Boy or Goodest of Boys due to his nature as a dog Faunus, as well as his overall popularity. Japanese fans tend to call him either Puppy (Wanko) due to his Faunus nature or Big Bro Marrow (Marrow-niichan) in reference to him complaining about having to "babysit" the younger Hunters and Huntresses.
  • Chapter 9 introduced a new Grimm type called the Teryx. Thanks to a tweet by Miles, many fans have stated calling it Terry or Pterry
  • Harriet is often nicknamed Rockhopper (Iwatobi) by Japanese fans due to her resemblance to a rockhopper penguin (it's her Unusual Eyebrows).
  • Keeping in the Running Gag within the FNDM of giving the most monstrous Grimm the most mundane names, the gargantuan whale mount at the head of Salem's fleet at the end of Volume 7 has been dubbed Richard by many prior to its official name of Monstra.
  • Following the release of So This is Basically... RWBY, A number of fans have taken to calling Salem Mommy Salami.
  • Following Qrow and Robyn's arrest at the end of Volume 7, a number of fans began to refer to the pair as Jailbirds due to their bird-themed names, the fact that they were arrested together and the likelihood that they would also end up being cellmates in Volume 8 (which did end up being the case). Fans have also chosen to use this as the ship name for the pair.

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