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Drinking Game / RWBY

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Here is a drinking game for RWBY. Warning: only do this if following a few of these rules at any given time. Your liver will thank you.

  • Whenever a character or ability is revealed against the Moon or similar, drink.
  • Take a sip whenever Ruby uses her Super Speed Semblance.
  • Take a drink for every Mook Yang wrecks in the yellow trailer.
  • Take a shot every time a weapon changes form.
  • Every time you hear Weiss's signature "HEY!"
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  • Speaking of Weiss, take a shot every time some variation or leitmotif of "Mirror, Mirror" plays.
  • Every time a character destroys or attacks a tree in the Emerald Forest, take a shot.
  • Any time Jaune's Aura or Semblance is alluded to or foreshadowed, take a shot.
  • Any time Ren collapses, take a shot.
  • Whenever a new Grimm shows up, take two shots.
    • Take a sip when an existing type appears with a revamped design.
  • Take a sip whenever Dr. Oobleck or Professor Ozpin drink their beverages.
  • Anytime Cardin is a dick to Jaune, take a drink.
    • Two if all of Team CRDL get in on it.
      • Three if all of team CRDL is picking on Velvet.
  • Anytime Penny says some variation of "Combat Ready," sip.
    • Two if it's not Penny (and therefore makes you sad)
  • Take a shot whenever someone gets KO'ed during the Volume 2 Food Fight.
  • Take a sip whenever you recognize a Rooster Teeth inside reference.
  • Take a nice and respectful sip every time Roman is openly racist.
  • Anytime Yang makes a bad joke, take a drink.
    • Two if it's not Yang.
  • Take a long, hard drink whenever something reminds you of Monty Oum.
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  • Whenever Qrow drinks, drink with him.
  • Drink every time Mercury smirks.
  • Every time Adam attacks someone, drink.
  • Drink whenever Emerald is shown using her Semblance to cause havoc.
  • Take a long hard drink when a beloved character dies.
  • Drink for as long as Tyrian is laughing.
  • When Jaune drops the map, take a shot.
  • Take a shot every time you suspect Whitley is up to no good.
    • Down your bottle when he reveals that he actually is up to no good.
  • Every time the Nuckelavee screams, take a sip.
  • Whenever Weiss uses her summon magic, take a sip.
  • Take a shot whenever a character gets slapped in volume 4.
    • Two if it's Sun.
  • Take a shot whenever Nora freaks out, or when someone goes out of their way to freak Nora out.
  • Take a shot every time a new Faunus is revealed.
  • Take a shot every time Hazel screams "OZPIN!"
    • Take a shot whenever Hazel lets out a roar.
  • Take a shot whenever Yang removes her arm, or is seen without it.
  • Finish your drink when an Aura is visibly shattered.
  • Take a shot whenever it's hinted that Raven is the real Spring Maiden
  • Take a shot whenever Cinder smirks.
    • Take two whenever she grins instead.
  • Take a sip every time Lionheart appears on the stairs.
  • Take a shot whenever Crescent Rose fires.
  • Take a shot whenever someone's weapon is broken.
    • Take two shots if the weapon was named.
  • Take a shot whenever Weiss's mother's alcoholism is mentioned or implied. Drink whenever Willow drinks during her first physical appearance in Volume 7.
  • Take a shot every time they say trust in Volume 7. Two if it's said in a song.
  • Take a shot every time Watts hacks something.
  • Take a shot whenever the heroes stay at a house.
  • Take a drink whenever Ruby makes a motivational speech.
  • Take a shot whenever any character lies and/or keeps a secret.
    • Take two shots whenever any character is caught lying/keeping secrets.
    • Take three shots whenever any character owns up to lying/keeping secrets.