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"Then let's put it to a vote! What should we ask first? Oh! Can we ask for more questions? CAN WE ASK FOR MORE QUESTIONS?!"
It's Rooster Teeth, man. Of course RWBY will have lots of hilarious moments.

RWBY Chibi funny moments can be found here, a page for RWBY: Amity Arena, and a page for RWBY: After the Fall.

List the examples in a chronological order, if possible.

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    Trailers / Character Shorts 
The trailers have been more awesome than funny, but there are still some moments:

  • A dark bit of humor in the "Red" trailer: the moment when Ruby starts literally scything through all the Beowolves, there's a brief shot of the sky showing nothing but flying rose petals and severed arms.
  • In the last trailer, Yellow, Yang introduces herself to Junior as "Sir". And grabbing him by the balls while doing it. Naturally, when the reaction videos get to this part, most of the reactions were Share the Male Pain.
  • When Yang offers to "kiss and make up", he falls for it, slowly leaning in to take her offered kiss... and then, quick as a flash, she sucker-punches him hard enough to send him flying about 30 feet, leaving him slumped against the wall with circling hearts until a loose bottle falls and clonks him on the head. Also, the very end, after Yang has punched Junior out of his bar, right in front of Ruby on the street.
    Ruby: Yang? Is that you?
    Yang: Oh... Hey, sis!
    Ruby: Whaddya doing here?!
    Yang: ...It's a long story.
  • A bit of dark humor in the Adam Taurus short for Volume 6. As we see Adam's past up until the point where he's leader of the White Fang, he's ready to attack Haven and declares that "It's time I got what I deserved..." Immediately after, we're treated watching Adam staggering away from that fight, looking as dazed as Qrow on a booze binge. Given all of the horrible things he's done throughout the series, combined with the humiliation he suffered during the Haven attack, it's safe to say that he got exactly what he deserved.


Beacon Arc

    Volume 1 

Ruby Rose

  • Ruby gets held up in a Dust Shop, but doesn't realize it at first because she's listening to the opening song at full blast through headphones.
    Mook: I said, "Put your hands up in the air," now!
    Ruby: Are you...robbing me?
    Mook: Yes!
    Ruby: Ohhhh.... [smiles]
    • Whereupon she punches him all the way across the shop. The second mook runs up and points a gun at her. Camera immediately cuts outside... and Ruby and said mook smash through the window, Ruby kung-fu kicking him in the head.
    • Roman's incredulous reaction to Ruby doing that to his mook and then pulling out Crescent Rose.
      Roman: [stares in disbelief] Okay... [glances at remaining mooks] Get her.
      • The way he says the line is less of an order, and more reminding the mooks to stop gawking and get to their job.
    • There's something utterly hilarious about the way Roman barely reacts when one of the Mobsters gets punched across the room. He just nods for another one to go deal with whatever the problem is. It's an everyday occurrence on Remnant, apparently. It isn't until Crescent Rose actually comes out that he actually seems vaguely perturbed.
  • After watching one of his Mooks get Curb Stomped:
  • When Ruby meets Glynda and realizes her hero is a huntress, her response:
    Ruby: Can I have your autograph?
  • The Smash Cut to Glynda lecturing her afterwards is also fairly amusing.
    Glynda: If it were up to me, I would send you home... with a pat on the back...
    Ruby: [Looks happy]
    Glynda: ...and a slap on the wrist. [Slaps her crop right next to Ruby's hands]
    Ruby: [EEEP! noise]
    • And
      Ruby: They started it!
  • Ruby eats cookies in the funniest way possible. The eating animation is minimal to the point that the cookies just disappear when they are near her mouth. It's played for laughs.
    • Also the way she eats the cookies is funny and adorable. She tentatively eats one, then more boldly eats another, then scarfs down the entire plate.
  • Ruby telling Ozpin that she was taught to use Crescent Rose by her uncle, doing so by saying with cookies in her mouth "Oh, that's my uncle" in what sounds like an Asian-sounding accent ('justified' by her mouthful of cookies) similar to the "Oh, that's my uncle!" gag in the Rooster Teeth Podcast.
  • Ruby's describing her fighting style with Kung-fu noises, which combined with her Motor Mouth mode is simply adorable.
  • Glynda's reaction when she and Ozpin glance at each other and she suddenly realizes he's already decided to accept Ruby into the academy. It's such a "you're a sap" reaction. His smiling and looking at her meant he wants her approval; he's still giving her veto power. Her closing her eyes and looking away meant that she still didn't think it was a good idea, but that she would trust his judgment.
  • The way Ruby explains her desire to just be normal is worth a laugh:
    Ruby: I don't want to be the bee's knees, I don't want to be any kind of knees! I just want to be a normal girl with normal knees.
  • The new students listen to a hologram recording of Glynda:
    Yang: Who's that?
    Glynda: My name is Glynda Goodwitch.
    Yang: Oh.
  • On the ship to the Beacon school, Ruby and Yang deal with a vomiting boy by the name of Jaune.
    Ruby: Yang, gross! You've got puke on your shoe!
    Yang: Gross, gross, gross, gross, gross!
    Ruby: Get away from me, get away from me, get away from me, get away from me!
  • On the DVD, one of the special features was this episode playing with the storyboards displayed in the corner. During the fight sequences, the 'storyboard' simply said "Monty Action!!!"

The Shining Beacon, Part I

  • How did the episode start? Vomit Boy... vomiting.
  • The fact that all unnamed extras just look like black silhouettes, even when the main characters are touching them.
  • Ruby Rose. Super-Deformed, floating and being a Fan Girl about weapons.
    • As well as Yang's vague 'Uhh...' look, then pulling Ruby back into the frame when she starts drifting.
    • And right afterwards when Yang asks if she's not happy with her own weapon, Ruby responds by cuddling with Crescent Rose.
  • Ruby says she doesn't need friends because she has Yang, except Yang's friends arrive right then and she quickly tells Ruby they are going to hang out. They run away, leaving Ruby in the dust, as well as so dizzy she falls over onto Weiss's luggage.
    Ruby: [dizzily mumbles] I don't know what I'm doing... [plop]
    Weiss: What are you doing!?
    • Then, in response to Weiss's over-dramatic 'dust is precious' rant (which threw up a lot of Dust into the air around them), she has an explosive Dust-powered fire sneeze. Weiss is not amused.
  • Ruby and Jaune calling each other by their embarrassing nicknames in the courtyard: Vomit Boy and Crater Face. Let's see if both sticks on.
  • Ruby demonstrates Crescent Rose to Jaune:
    Jaune: Whoa! Is that a scythe?
    Ruby: It's also a customizable high impact sniper rifle.
    Jaune: A...what?
    Ruby: [cocks weapon] It's also a gun.
    Jaune: Oh.
  • Jaune shows off his shield's ability to fold up and make carrying it convenient... until Ruby points out that it would still weigh the same. He sheepishly admits that it does.
    • Before that we have Jaune vs his collapsible shield. Winner: the shield.
  • Ruby reveals that she designed her own weapon. Consider that fact that she's a 15 year old girl and suddenly this explains a lot.
    • The way it's explained makes it sound like generally, all students of combat academies design their own weapons at some point. This DOES explain a lot.
  • The episode ends with both Ruby and Jaune getting lost and with nobody to turn to for directions. (Note that at the beginning there were still random passerbys in the background but they eventually disappeared.)

The Shining Beacon, Part II

  • When Ruby abandons Jaune to sit with her sister, he's not pleased.
    Jaune: Great, where I am supposed to find another nice, quirky girl to talk to? [camera pans away to reveal Pyrrha standing behind Jaune, looking at him]
    • What really sells this is his "Oh COME ON!" tone of voice.
  • Weiss's Right Behind Me reappearance as Ruby is relating their previous encounter.
    Ruby: I tripped over some crabby girl's luggage and then she yelled at me and then I sneezed and then I exploded and then she yelled again and then I felt really, really bad and I just wanted her to stop yelling at me.
    Weiss: YOU!
    Ruby: [leaps into Yang's arms] OH GOD, IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN!
    Weiss: You're lucky we weren't blown off the side of the cliff!
    Yang: Oh my God, you really exploded...
  • Weiss handing Ruby a pamphlet titled "Dust for Dummies and Other Inadequate Individuals" and talking about it so fast that Ruby can't understand her.
    Weiss: The Schnee Dust Company is not responsible for [getting faster and higher pitched with each word] any injuries or damages sustained while operating a Schnee Dust Company product. [gets even faster and higher pitched with each word] Although not mandatory, the Schnee family highly encourages their customers to read and familiarize themselves with this easy-to-follow guide to Dust application and practice in the field.
    • The pamphlet itself for its faux politically correct yet still condescending title of "Dust for Dummies (picture) and other Inadequate Individuals."
  • In a way, some of Weiss's lines are said with such blunt seriousness that it's hilarious:
    Weiss: [still holding the 'Dust for Dummies' pamphlet] You really wanna start making things up to me?
    Ruby: Absolutely...?
    Weiss: Read this and don't ever speak to me again.
  • After Weiss and Ruby meet up again, Yang encourages them to start over. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    Ruby: Hello, Weiss! I'm Ruby! Wanna hang out? We could go shopping for school supplies!
    Weiss: [mockingly] Yeah! And we can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys, like Tall, Blond, and... Scraggly over there! [points at Jaune]
    Ruby: Oh, wow, really!?
    Weiss: [Death Glare] [pause] No.
    • Afterwards, Jaune tries to hit on Weiss and fails miserably.
      Jaune: You know, I'm a natural blond.
      Weiss: [facepalms]
  • Ruby points out that their father probably wouldn't approve of them sleeping in the same room with a bunch of boys. Yang looks the boys over and says she approves and purrs (though maybe not of Jaune's...).
    Yang: [leaps onto floor matress] It's like a big slumber party!
    Ruby: I don't think Dad would approve of all the boys though.
    Yang: I know I do! [purrs and watches the boys in the room until she spots Jaune]
    Jaune: [humming to himself until he spots Yang] Hmmm!
    Yang: Errgh...
    • Jaune's footy pajamas. With matching bunny slippers.
  • Ruby's response to Yang's playful sibling teasing? Throwing a pillow at her face. Twice. Even better, the second one is a corgi pillow.
  • Yang dragging Ruby over to Blake with a ":D" expression and going "Helloooo~!"
  • Ruby almost introducing herself to Blake as Crater Face before she catches herself.
    Yang: What are you doing?
    Ruby: I don't know, help me!
    • Blake's "okay" afterwards has a hint of barely restrained amusement to it.
  • Blake attempts to get Ruby and Yang to leave her be, only for it to fly over their heads.
    Yang: Nice night don't you think?
    Blake: Yes, it's lovely. Almost as lovely as this book.
    Ruby and Yang: [awkward silence]
    Blake: Which I will continue to read.
    Ruby and Yang: [more awkward silence]
    Blake: As soon as you leave.
  • Ruby and Yang arguing and getting into a Big Ball of Violence. With cat noises.
    • And Blake is completely unfazed by this fight two feet away from her.
  • Weiss barging into the middle of Yang and Ruby's tussle.
    Weiss: What in the world is going on over here?! Don't you realize some of us are trying to sleep?! [notices Ruby]
    Weiss and Yang: OH, NOT YOU AGAIN!
    • Weiss seems to be convinced Ruby's some kind of deviant.
      Yang: What's your problem with my sister? She's only trying to be nice!
      Weiss: She's a hazard to my health!
    • Then Blake, who's been interrupted a lot trying to read her book, sees where this is going and puts her book down. Then she takes her lit candelabra, and blows it out (which also blows out the episode itself.)

The First Step, Part I

  • Nora waking Ren up, and him going through his morning routine without even the slightest reaction. As she talks her (And his) head off, Nora zips from one part of the camera view to another, while Ren remains in the same place, even talking (and inhaling) a pancake.
    Nora: Waaake up, lazy butt! It's morning! It's morning, it's morning, it's morning! I can't believe we've been at Beacon for a full 24 hours! Not that I thought we'd get kicked out, or anything, you're the perfect student, and I'm, well, I'm me! But it's just crazy, you know? We've been friends for soooo long! What are the odds that we'd still be together? Well, not, together-together. Not that I'm saying you're not handsome, you are handsome, but that'd just be weird. Right? Right. What was I thinking? But still, I hope we end up on the same team together. Ooh! We should come up with some sort of plan, to make sure we end up on the same team together! What if we bribe the headmaster? No, that won't work, he has the school. I know! We'll have some sort of signal. Like a distress signal, or secret signal so we can find each other in the forest. Can you imitate a sloth?
    Ren: Nora?
    Nora: Yes, Ren?
    Ren: I don't think sloths make a lot of noise.
    Nora: That's why it's perfect! No one will suspect we're working together!
    Ren: C'mon, Nora. Let's go.
    Nora: But not, together-together-
  • Ruby cuddling Crescent Rose again, and referring to it as her 'sweetheart'.
  • Yang again encourages Ruby to make friends. Ruby is not convinced.
    Ruby: I don't need friends to help me grow up! I. Drink. Milk.
  • Jaune can't find his assigned locker.
    • Made even funnier when you realize that he's wearing his weapon.
  • Weiss' Inner Monologue as she plots to pair up with Pyrrha, complete with Dramatic Thunder for a background. Helped tremendously by her devious grin; the kind that makes you laugh and go 'Oh dear god' at the same time.
    Weiss (thinking): This will be perfect. The smartest girl in class, combined with the strongest girl in class! Together, we will be unstoppable! I can see it now; we'll be popular, we'll be celebrities, we'll get perfect grades! Nothing could come between us now!"
  • Everything about Jaune hitting on Weiss and Pyrrha. Especially the fact that he fails to recognize Pyrrha.
    Weiss: [referring to Pyrrha] Jaune, do you have any idea who you are talking to?
    Jaune: Not in the slightest, Snow Angel.
    Weiss: This is Pyrrha.
    Pyrrha: Hello again!
    Weiss: Pyrrha graduated top of her class at Sanctum!
    Jaune: Never heard of it.
    Weiss: She's won the Mistral Region Tournaments four years in a row! A new record!
    Jaune: The what?
    • Pyrrha is a temporary cereal mascot.
      Weiss: [waving her arms rapidly in anger] She's on the front of every Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes box!
      Jaune: [gasps] That's you!? But they only do that for star athletes and cartoon characters!
      Pyrrha: [with cereal box background] Yeah, it was pretty cool... sadly, the cereal isn't very good for you.
    • The way Weiss says it out loud while waving her arms up and down is simply hilarious. That and the cereal box background falling to pieces afterwards.
    • The arm motions might be construed as a Stealth Visual Pun, given how Jaune referred to her as "Snow Angel."
    • The conclusion with him being pinned to a wall by the latter's spear.
      Jaune: My dad said all women look for is confidence! Where did I go wrong...?
      Yang: "Snow Angel" probably wasn't the best start.
  • Ruby adorable whimpering at the explanation of team assignment, with a low-key Big "WHAT?!" upon learning that the first person you make eye contact with is your permanent, curriculum-long partner. It helps that her world looks like it shattered, literally.
    • Before this Ozpin warns the students to choose their partners wisely since they will be with them for the rest of their life at school, before basically telling them they have no real control over who their partner is. Later it's revealed they have no control over who their teammates are either, since its based off pairs that grab the same chess piece, something nobody was told about.
  • Ozpin warns the students to watch themselves and fight all out in the forest or else they will die. While Jaune gets terrified, the others are completely unaffected, Nora even shooting Ren a ":D" face.
  • Beacon's opening test involves launching students off a cliff, trusting them to figure out how to land, and assessing their performance once they make it back to you through a deadly forest.
    Ozpin: Any questions?
    Jaune: Yeah, um... sir?
    Ozpin: Good. Now, take your positions.
    [all students save Jaune do so]
    Jaune: Uhhhh, sir? I got a... um... a question... [Weiss is launched] So this... "landing strategy" thing... uh, what is it? You're, like, dropping us off or something?
    Ozpin: No. You will be falling.
    [another student is launched]
    Jaune: Oh... I... see... s-so, like, did you h-hand out parachutes for us...?
    [Nora cheers as she is launched]
    Ozpin: No. You will be using your own Landing Strategy.
    Jaune: Uh-huh... that...
    [Ruby and Yang are launched]
    Jaune: So... what exactly is a landing strate— [launched]gyyyyyy?!!!
    [Ozpin turns to watch the students coast through the sky sipping his coffee and smiling]
    • Yang putting on a pair of aviators before being catapulted.
    • Just before Ruby is catapulted away she looks at Jaune and smirks as if she knows he's about to be cut off mid-sentence.
    • All the students glide gracefully after being catapulted, except Jaune, who flops helplessly through the air.

The First Step, Part II

  • "Birdy, NO!"
  • Lie Ren coming to smooth stop, casually dusting off his sleeves like it's normal to be flung into a forest.
    • It's actually Fridge Brilliance: He isn't just dusting off his sleeves, that's where his weapon goes when he's not using it
  • Yang's little "nailed it" after sticking her landing, plus the noises she makes as she's rustling through the trees off-screen.
  • Jaune is again shown flopping helplessly through the air. Pyrrha saves him by spearing his hood to a tree, and he's unable to free himself.
    Pyrrha: [lands on a tree branch, spots Jaune, throws her spear in his direction, and watches both sail off into the trees]
    Jaune: [in the distance] Thank you!
    Pyrrha: I'm sorry!
  • The commentary reveals what Blake was doing, and why they didn't show it on screen: She simply landed on her feet. You know, Because she's a cat.
  • The cute chibi animations of Ruby musing about her potential partner, particularly the bit with Jaune being attacked by wolves with little "rawr" sounds.
    • Even funnier if you recognize the art-style as the one used in the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures videos.
    • And if you pay attention to her face when she's listing people she knows she smiles for Yang, frowns slightly for Jaune and a neutral face for Blake. Then runs into Weiss.
  • Weiss and Ruby make eye contact with each other first, only for Weiss to walk away and try to find someone else. She sees Jaune hanging from a tree and immediately goes back to Ruby.
    Ruby: Wait! Where are you going!? ...we're supposed to be teammates...
    [Weiss makes her way through the brush and stumbles onto Jaune pinned to a tree and struggling with Pyrrha's spear]
    Jaune: C'mon...stupid...[grunts as he pulls until he spots Weiss]
    [Jaune chuckles nervously and waves]
    Weiss: ...
    [Weiss immediately walks back to Ruby]
    Weiss: By no means does this make us friends.
    [drags Ruby away by her hood]
    Ruby: YOU CAME BACK!!!
    • Ruby's enthusiastic arm motion loop in the following shot.
    • And before that, Weiss stumbling through the forest undergrowth is worth a snicker; it's clearly the first time she's been required to do so.
  • Weiss assumes Ruby will slow her down, and gets completely blindsided:
    Weiss: I swear, if I get a bad grade because of your— [Ruby appears beside her in a burst of wind with pawing hand motions and open-mouthed Cat Smile] —What the!?
    Ruby: I'm not slow, see? You don't have to worry about me!
    Weiss: [still trying to process this] When did—?
    Ruby: Weiss, just because I don't exactly know how to deal with people doesn't mean I don't know how to deal with monsters! [Puts an arm around Weiss] You're about to see a whole different side of me today, Weiss! And after it's all over, you're gonna be like, [gestures grandly] "Wow! That Ruby girl is really, really cool!" [Weiss rolls her eyes to imply 'as if'] "And I wanna be her friend!"

The Emerald Forest, Part I

The Emerald Forest, Part II

  • Jaune, trying to justify traveling through the cave on account of having lit a torch, asks Pyrrha to humor him for five more feet... immediately before tripping into a puddle that douses the torch. By the Lights of Their Eyes ensues.
    • Their dialogue immediately afterwards is pretty funny, too.
      Pyrrha: Do you feel that?
      Jaune: Soul-crushing regret?
  • Yang and Blake manage to find the ruined temple, and when it's time to choose one of the chess piece themed relics:
    Yang: Hmm... [grabs a gold knight piece] How about a cute little pony?
    Blake: [eye roll and amused smile] Sure.
  • Jaune finds a "relic"! Turns out, it's not a relic. It's the stinger of a giant scorpion (see below).
  • Yang and Blake mistaking Jaune's screams for a girl's. Ouch.
  • Jaune explaining to Pyrrha, while screaming and wailing, being flung around on the stinger tail of a gigantic scorpion like a rag doll, that "this is not the relic!"

Players and Pieces

  • The first three minutes in its entirety.
    • Ruby and Weiss's Noodle Incident predicament with the Nevermore.
      Weiss: Ruby! I told you this was a terrible idea!
      Ruby: We're fine! Stop worrying!
      Weiss: I am so far beyond worrying!
      Ruby: a good way?
      Weiss: In a bad way! In a very bad way!
      Ruby: Well, why don't we just jump?
      Weiss: What are you, insane?
      [cut to Ruby's panel, where she's absent]
      Weiss: Oh, you insufferable little red — [brat]!
    • Ruby is falling towards Blake and Yang, only to have Jaune crash into her in mid-air. In slow motion. After crashing, the circling wolves in the style of Ruby's imaginings from Episode 5. Bonus points for the wolves and the stars being shaken off at different times.
      Blake: [to Yang] Did your sister just fall from the sky?
    • Nora riding in on an Ursa, killing it, and then getting sad that's "it's broken."
    • The fact that despite knowing Nora since childhood, Ren STILL can't keep up with her at times... such as her 'outline' disappearance.
    • Nora getting the chess piece:
      Nora: [ogling a chess rook] Ooooh! [takes it, breaking into mental song] I'm Queen of the Castle, I'm Queen of the Castle—
      Ren: [from off-screen] NORA!
      [Nora slips out of her Imagine Spot, looking sheepish]
      Nora [salutes] Coming, Ren!
      [Rook slides off her head (where it has been since mid-song) into her hand]
    • Even better, Nora's little song invades the soundtrack for the episode.
    • When RWBY and JNPR are starting to reunite at the temple, there's one long bit of characters calling out to each other.
      Pyrrha: Jaune!
      Jaune: Pyrrha!
      [Ruby jumps out of the tree]
      Jaune: Ruby!
      [Ruby lands by Yang and Blake]
      Yang: Ruby? [seeing her for the first time safely since the landing]
      Ruby: Yang! [goes to hug her]
      Nora: [jumping in the middle of them cheerfully] NORA!
    • Blake Narrating the Obvious to the events happening around them early on. Then Yang explodes over this, specifically so it doesn't happen again within the next two seconds... then there is a clock timer for two seconds, after which Ruby notices something and says her name, making her slump.
    • Ruby, Blake and Ren casually discussing Weiss hanging from a flying Nevermore's talon.
      Weiss: [still hanging] How could you leave me?!
      Ruby: I said, 'Jump.'
      Blake: She's gonna fall.
      Ruby: She'll be fine.
      Ren: She's falling.
    • Jaune does something heroic for the first time by jumping up and catching Weiss when she was falling out of the sky. Then he realizes he Didn't Think This Through and crashes, with Weiss landing on him, complete with her casually checking her nails.note 
      Weiss: My hero.
      Jaune: My back!
    • Pyrrha and the Deathstalker running by in the background is inexplicably amusing. The distant rumbling that can be heard might have something to do with it. She stops running and joins the others via faceplant.
      Yang: Great, the gang's all here! Now we can die together!
  • Nora absolutely enjoying every moment of the episode, be it finding a chess piece or fighting a deadly battle. She's even randomly smiling and dance-fidgeting through the majority of the quiet moments.
  • After having her little heart to heart with Weiss and finally getting just a little approval, Ruby sighs contentedly and calls back to the first episode. The sheer relief in her voice just makes the line:
    Ruby: Ahh... Normal knees...
    • Before that, Weiss's voice when she says; "And if you stop showing off, I'll be...nicer." There's just this undertone of, "Oh, I do not want to be doing this."
  • Nora's Cheshire Cat Grin as she strikes her side of the broken bridge with her hammer in an Improvised Catapult to fling Jaune to the other side.
    • Also, her mid-air giggle of joy while flying to deliver the coup de grâce to the Deathstalker. She is definitely a badass.
  • After Team JNPR defeats the Deathstalker, Lie Ren stumbles into the scene and faceplants unceremoniously into the ground. Extra points if you pay attention to the music lyrics, and even more points when you remember this is the character voiced by the series creator, who was a known workaholic who didn't sleep nearly as often as he should.
    • For those of you who don't know the lyrics, the first line goes...
      I couldn't take it, couldn't stand another minute. [cue Ren falling over]
    • Also accompanied by Pyrrha maintaining a Three-Point Landing stance for several seconds straight, in the same shot.
  • Weiss preparing to launch Ruby.
    Ruby: Think you can make the shot?
    Weiss: Hmph. [smiles] Can I?
    [Beat, a flicker of worry passes over Ruby's face]
    Ruby: Can y--
    Weiss: Of course I can!
  • Yang's rather subdued response to the epic takedown of the Nevermore: "Well... that was a thing."
  • Pyrrha gives Jaune a friendly punch to the shoulder and knocks him down. Which is quickly followed by her surprised expression, then sheepish grin at Ozpin.
    • Speaking of Ozpin, when he congratulates Jaune on becoming the team leader, he sounds like he's holding back a laugh.
  • Ozpin's "This is going to be an interesting year" comment. His tone indicates he's just realized these kids are going to be exhausting to keep track of.
  • Roman's map having notations of 'Cops' and 'Dumb Cops'.

The Badge and the Burden, Part I

  • Ruby blowing her whistle in Weiss's ear. Twice.
    • And the dialogue in-between:
      Ruby: [blows her whistle in Weiss's ear, making her fall] Good Morning, Team RWBY!
      Weiss: What in the world is wrong with you!?
      Ruby: Now that you're awake, we can officially get started on our first order of business!
      Weiss: [getting up] Excuse me?
      Yang: [cheerfully] Decorating!
      Weiss: What!?
      Blake: We still have to unpack.
      [luggage falls out of suitcase]
      Blake: ...And clean.
      [Ruby blows her whistle in Weiss's ear, making her fall, again]
  • If you look closely at the pile of stuff in Yang's arms, you see that she still has the "Dust for Dummies and Other Inadequate Individuals" pamphlet that Weiss handed Ruby in Episode 3, implying that she still hasn't read it.
  • Ruby, Blake and Yang shouting "BANZAI" together.
    • The weird grins on Yang and Blake's faces cinch it.
  • Yang tapes a copy of the AH Crew Boy Band poster in the room.
  • Blake putting away her books, finding a "Ninjas of Love" copy. She becomes embarrassed and tries to hide it.
  • Ruby grinning after cutting her curtains with her scythe.
  • The girls abruptly discover there isn't enough room for both their stuff and four single beds.
    Weiss: This isn't going to work.
    Blake: It is a bit cramped.
    • The girls have a vote on bunk-beds:
      Blake: [thumbs-up] [ding!]
      Yang: [throws up double horns] [ding!]
      Weiss: [clenches her fists, keeps them to her sides, and sticks out her tongue] [buzz]
    • How they make bunk-beds—one is supporting the other by a stack of books under each leg, the other is tied to the ceiling with rope and has a blanket as a privacy curtain, of sorts. As the next episode affirms, it's Ruby's bed.
    • For a split second you can see Ruby and Yang reach their hands out as they run, incredibly eager to get to work. Sisters indeed.
    • The power tool sounds as they do so, despite the simplistic final assembly lacking any elements that would need such tools.
  • Ruby says class isn't until 9:00 AM, then Weiss points out it is 8:55 AM. Everybody freaks out and rushes to class.
    • Team JNPR pulls out of their room to look... and fall into a pile when they realize what's going on.
    • Glynda and Ozpin's cameo; they watch Teams RWBY and JNPR hurrying not to be late, completely unconcerned. Glynda merely checks her watch, and Ozpin sips his coffee, both without saying a word.
    • Adding to the amusement is the Fridge Logic that they did all the organization in their room before 9:00 AM that morning. This included leisurely shelving of books, repairing the curtain, and relocating their beds no less than twice. Just how early did they get started?
  • How Professor Port starts his lecture.
    Professor Port: Monsters, DEEEE-MONS, prowlers of the night. Yes, the creatures of Grimm has many names, but I merely refer to them as "Prey." Ha-HA! Haha!
    The entire class: [Chirping Crickets]
  • The Actor Allusion as Ryan Haywood, known for trapping animals in Minecraft Let's Plays, being a professor of hunting is funny in of itself.
    • He also makes a wink and tongue click toward Yang. She's rather put off.
  • The random student who yells enthusiastically to Professor Port, only to slink back when everyone stares at him. Extra funny if you recognize the 'Eyyeea!' as another in-reference. The noise was often said by a member of a podcast Kerry is on.
  • And whenever he trails off on a tangent, he literally starts saying "Blah, Blah, Blah..."
  • Ruby drawing a childish doodle of the professor with stink lines. The little fart noise she makes sells it.
  • Weiss getting more and more aggravated by Ruby's immaturity (this includes balancing her stationaries with one hand, dozing off, and picking her nose) as class drags on.
    • Even better, in the background, Professor Port is describing how a true huntsman must be honorable, dependable, and wise, all while Ruby fails to demonstrate this!

The Badge and the Burden, Part II

  • Professor Port pronounces Weiss' last name "Sha-nee".
  • Weiss insists she should have been the leader. Port bluntly replies "That's preposterous!"
    Port: I see before me a girl who is used to getting exactly what she wants.
    Weiss: That is not even remotely true!
    [Beat with quick Fascinating Eyebrow from Port]
    Weiss: Well... it's not entirely true.
    • Just before this dialogue, there already is another similar moment.
      Port: With all due respect, your exceptional skill on the battlefield is matched only by your poor attitude.
      Weiss: HOW DARE YOU?!
      Port: My point exactly.
  • Ruby takes five sugars in her coffee. Five. This is funny by just how outrageously typical it is of her. And don't forget the cream.
  • Blake waving the pennant with "RWBY" written on it.
  • Just after Weiss and Ruby have a heartwarming moment, then this happens:
    Weiss: ...Ruby, I think you have what it takes to be a good leader. Just know that I am going to be the best teammate you will ever have. Good luck studying. [goes to leave but stops to point at Ruby's paper] That's wrong by the way!
    • And that she always wanted bunk beds ever since she was a kid.
  • Weiss's weirdly aggressive statement that she'll be "The best teammate you will ever have." It's funny because, in hindsight, Weiss is still her old competitive self, she's just not trying to lead any more.

Jaunedice, Part I

  • While it was an example of Cardin's bullying, his getting Jaune stuck in the doorframe by causing his shield to unfold at the right moment...
  • The various ways Cardin torments Jaune. The above example, along with Cardin shoving Jaune into his rocket propelled locker, and sending it to who knows where.
    Jaune: I didn't land far from the school.
  • Nora telling a rather embellished story about fighting dozens of (two) Ursae (they were Beowolves) in the middle of the night (it was day), with Ren deadpanly correcting said embellishments. Then he reveals that the whole thing is a recurring dream she's had for a while, it never actually happened.
    Nora: There we the middle of the night...
    Ren: It was day.
    Nora: We were surrounded by Ursae.
    Ren: They were Beowolves.
    Nora: [shoots to her feet] DOZENS OF THEM!
    Ren: Two of 'em.
    Nora: But they were no match. And in the end Ren and I took them down and made a boatload of lien selling ursae skin rugs!
    Ren: [sighs] She's been having this recurring dream for nearly a month now...
    • The camera pans over everyone during the story. Pyrrha and Ruby are too concerned for the obviously downtrodden Jaune to care, neither Blake or Weiss are paying attention with Blake reading and Weiss working her nails with an emery board, and then there's Yang who's not only listening but appears to be completely engrossed in the story. Perhaps the funniest reaction of them all is Ren who looks completely bored and like he's had to correct the story for the millionth time.
    • Possibly the strangest thing about this exchange is that Ren is having to correct Nora on her DREAMS, something he couldn't have first hand information of. Nora's such a ditz she can't even keep her stories straight, and Ren is so used to having to rein her in that he does it even when there's nothing to gain from doing so. It's such a clear demonstration of their relationship, and a somewhat worrying example of the extent of Nora's Genki Girl personality. Again, she needs someone to correct her dreams.
  • Immediately after Pyrrha assures Jaune that he can ask for help against Cardin's bullying, Nora contributes with a dead-serious(ly)-cheerful "Ooo! We'll break his legs!", complete with Cheshire Cat Grin.
  • Look at the plates everyone has at lunch. Weiss has an apple, Ruby's plate is full of cookies, and Jaune looks to have mashed potatoes and what the commentary describes as Beowolf-shaped chicken nuggets.

Jaunedice, Part II

  • Professor Oobleck, good lord. Man must constantly be in Bullet Time.
    • Made even better by the fact that at one point, when he shifts between two places while in frame, you can see his legs don't even move while he bounces around the room.
  • Oobleck asks Jaune what advantage the faunus had during the war. He doesn't know and stalls, while Pyrrha mimes the answer. Jaune answers "binoculars". The correct answer was that faunus can see in the dark.
  • Pyrrha's comment after yet another bullying incident from Cardin.
    Pyrrha: You know, I really will break his legs.
  • Pyrrha takes Jaune up to the rooftop to talk and he completely misreads it.
    Jaune: [peering over the edge] Pyrrha, I know I'm going through a hard time right now, but I'm not THAT depressed. I could always be a farmer... or something.
    • Her mini-freak-out in response to what he thinks is going on completes it.
      Pyrrha: [looks down, confused; looks up; looks down; looks up again; with dawning comprehension and a frown looks down again... snaps up] NO!! [quickly pulls him away from the edge]
Forever Fall, Part I

Forever Fall, Part II

  • After all the crap Cardin and the rest of Team CRDL have pulled on Jaune and everyone else, seeing their collective look of horror and watching their tough guy act fall apart when a single Ursa shows up is not only very funny, but very satisfying.
  • Pyrrha explaining she has the 'semblance' of polarity.
    Ruby: Woah, you can control poles.
    Weiss: No you dunce, it means she has control over magnetism.
    Ruby: Magnets are cool too.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that magnetism does involve poles - magnetic poles. So Ruby's actually right.
  • Ren made pancakes, but there is no syrup. "You can thank Nora for that."
    • The way Pyrrha announced it. It's as if she is breaking into a song.
  • Pyrrha, when Jaune asks for help in training, gets a rather heartwarming smile, which turns slightly mischievous before she turns back and shoves him to the ground.
    Pyrrha: Your stance is all wrong. You need to be wider and lower to the ground.

The Stray

  • Weiss says it is her duty to greet the arrivals from the other kingdoms, but Blake bursts her bubble by explaining that she really wants to scope out the competition.
  • A policeman tells Sun to get down from the pole, and Sun responds by throwing a banana peel in his face.
    • The fact that the police aren't simply voiced by Burnie and Joel, but that they are modeled after them can earn a few chuckles.
  • Weiss: "Quick, we have to observe him!"
  • The rest of RWBY trying to silently tell Ruby not to acknowledge friendship status with Penny.
    • And then falling when she says yes anyway.
  • Blake elbowing Yang when the latter started asking if Penny had hit her head instead of introducing herself like the rest of them.
  • Weiss is again completely confused that a person she just dismissed as incompetent suddenly reappears in front of her out of nowhere.
  • Weiss defends her choice of battle attire to Blake.
  • Penny's entire first scene (and pretty much all her scenes from that point forward):
    Weiss: [crashes into Penny, and sees Sun escape] No! He got away!
    Yang: [pointing at Penny pinned beneath her] Uh...Weiss?
    Weiss: [looks down at Penny, who grins a little creepily, and jumps up] Ahhh!
    Penny: [without moving except to wave] Sal-u-tations!
    Ruby: Um...hello.
    Yang: Are you...okay?
    Penny: [still not moving] I'm wonderful! Thank you for asking!
    [the four exchange perplexed/worried looks]
    Yang: Do you...wanna get up?
    Penny: [considers] ...Yes! [jumps to her feet. RWBY takes a step back] My name is Penny! It's a pleasure to meet you!
    Ruby: Hi Penny! I'm Ruby.
    Weiss: I'm Weiss.
    Blake: Blake.
    Yang: [looking concerned] Are you sure you didn't hit your head?
    Blake: [hits her on the arm]
    Yang: Oh, I'm Yang.
    Penny: It's a pleasure to meet you!
    Weiss: You already said that.
    Penny: [blinks and smiles] ...So I did!
    [the four turn to leave]
    Weiss: Well...sorry for running into you!
    Ruby: Take care, friend!
    [as they leave, the camera cuts to Penny, whose eyes go wide as she stares blankly at the ground]
    Yang: She was...weird.
    Weiss: Now, where did that Faunus riff-raff run off to?
    [Penny is suddenly standing directly in front of them, apparently looking at Yang]
    Penny: [shocked] What did you call me?
    [Weiss horrifiedly looks from Penny to where she was previously standing and back, not comprehending how she got from one to the other so quickly and without being seen]
    Yang: Oh, I'm really sorry! I definitely didn't think you heard me!
    Penny: No, not you! [advances on Ruby] You!
    Ruby: Me?! I - I - I don't know, I, what I, um, uh -
    Penny: [awed] You called me friend! Am I really your friend?
    Ruby: Uuuuum... [looks to her friends, standing behind Penny and desperately shaking their heads] ...Yeah, sure! Why not?
    [other three get Blank White Eyes and fall over from shock]
    Penny: [a grin spreads across her face; she throws her arms up and laughs joyously] Sen-sational! We can paint our nails, and try on clothes, and talk about cute boys!
    Ruby: [to Weiss, groaning] Is this what it was like when you met me...?
    Weiss: No. She seems far more coordinated.
  • At the very end of the episode, Sun and Blake are at a cafe. There's just something randomly funny about Sun holding a teacup with his tail.
  • When Weiss asked Penny about "that filthy faunus on the boat" she pulls out a terrible drawing out of nowhere to identify him. Not only is it hilariously useless for identifying Sun, the fact she's just randomly carrying a scribble of the guy they just saw a couple of minutes ago takes the absurdity to another level.
  • When Weiss and Blake start arguing, Yang and Ruby stand by awkwardly, and Yang says, "Uh, I think we should probably go." Penny pops over Ruby's shoulder and asks, "Where are we going?" with a cheerful smile; Yang glances at her with a frown, and Ruby just closes her eyes with an exhausted look.

Black and White

  • Sun Wukong describing the White Fang as a bunch of holier-than-thou creeps and his Spit Take when Blake says she was once a member.
  • Penny startles RWY yet again.
    • It's Ruby's almost exasperated tone that sells it.
      Ruby: Aaah! Penny, where did you come from?!
  • Penny reveals she was able to tell that Blake was a Faunus at first glance because of her cat ears, and the others get embarrassed that they didn't notice.
    Yang: What cat ears? She wears a... bow...
    [silence and dawning realization amongst the trio as a tumbleweed bounces by]
    Ruby: [whispering] She does like tuna a lot...
  • The tumbleweed. Twice. Made more hilarious by the fact that they're in the middle of a very urbanized city.
  • Penny misunderstanding Ruby.
    Ruby: Well, y'see, Blake might not be who we thought she was.
    Penny: [gasps] Is she a man?
    Ruby: No, no, Penny, she's... [sighs with annoyance]
  • Sun and Blake's banter.
    Sun: I stole you some food!
    Blake: Do you always break the law without a second thought?
    Sun: Hey, weren't you in a cult or something?
    Blake: [Death Glare]
    Sun: ...okay, too soon.
  • Roman saying, "What the-!? Oh for fu-"
    • What really sells it is the tone. He doesn't raise his voice or get angry. He just sounds vaguely annoyed, like it's nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Sun throwing a banana peel in Roman's face.
  • Roman's Evil Laugh after he shoots Ruby. It just sounds so corny, you can't help but join in.
  • Sun's reaction to Penny's Big Damn Heroes moment which involves taking down everyone, mook army and slipjets. "Whoa!" [runs to get out of the way] (It's the delivery that sells it; he's not shocked or scared; just surprised; and getting out of the way is the logical thing to do.)
  • Roman: "These kids just keep getting weirder." It's the way he says it, it sounds more like annoyance than actual surprise.
  • Roman's blink-and-you'll-miss-it expression after Sun drops a banana on his hat, and right before Sun double-face-stomps him from several stories up.

    Volume 2 

Best Day Ever

  • The relationship between Mercury and Emerald is that of Vitriolic Best Buds.
    Mercury: I knew you were lost.
    Emerald: Mercury, I will seriously pay you to shut up. [waves a wallet in Mercury's face]
    Mercury: That's not your money.
    Emerald: But it could be yours for five minutes of silence!
    Mercury: Mmmmmmmmmm, no deal.
    Emerald: [growls] Fine. [takes the money and storms off]
    Mercury: Whatever. You want me. [laughs]
  • A moment of surprisingly snarky Ruby:
    Ruby: [clears throat] Sisters! Friends! ...Weiss...
    Weiss: HEY!
  • Nora feeding Yang from across the cafeteria.
  • Some very brief but gold reactions, like Ruby smiling at Weiss' "Hey!", or Blake recoiling wide-eyed at the binder (which is a couple inches thick and still barely holding in everything) being plonked down.
  • The binder Ruby presents is labelled "Vytal Festival Activities: Property of Weiss Schnee" — which is crossed out and relabelled as "BEST DAY EVER ACTIVITIES!"
    Weiss: ...Did you steal my binder?
    Ruby: I am not a crook.
    • Even funnier is that she performs the Nixon exit pose while saying the line.
    • This line is preceded by Ruby talking about what she did "four score and seven minutes ago, [she] had a dream."
  • And then:
    Ruby: I'm talking about kicking off the semester with a bang!
    Yang: I always kick my semesters off with a Yang! [all three friends start silently shaking their heads as the music slows] Hey? Guys? Am I right?
    [lightly gets hit by an apple thrown off-screen from Nora who boos the joke, after having eaten her three other peltings. Then Nora's fifth one splatters against Weiss's face...]
    • For some bizarre reason, there's a watermelon in the background. Yang's lucky that wasn't thrown!
  • Weiss getting a Pie in the Face, and JNPR's reaction - Nora quickly points to Ren in true 'He did it!' fashion; Ren is facepalming before she does this; Pyrrha has her hand over her mouth; and Jaune has his hand over his right ear, pretty much matching Pyrrha's expression of "Oh no, this isn't gonna end well." note 
    • Before Weiss begins to get all speechy (resulting in the pie), you can hear Nora yell "I got it." Also note Yang's shaking her head to get Nora to stop.
  • While outside listening to Sun and Neptune's conversation, we see food begin to splatter against the windows just before the Food Fight really starts, and the two men are oblivious to this. Then Jaune is launched against the window face-first, comically sliding off it. It happens right after Sun remarks "The people here are the coolest!"
    • Sun saying he thinks he has a shot with Blake and begging Neptune to be cool and not do anything to blow her secret.
      Sun: You're gonna be cool, right?
      Neptune: Dude. [pans up his body, ending with a Twinkle Smile]
      Sun: Good point.
  • The most epic Food Fight ever.
    • Sun and Neptune head into the cafeteria just in time for all the other students to flee the impending showdown between RWBY and JNPR (when they were walking past the windows outside a moment ago, there was clearly a lot of collateral damage happening, including Jaune getting briefly pasted to the wall). And then the camera pans across the room and...
      Nora: [atop a towering wall of tables] Ahahahahahahaha! I'm queen of the castle, I'm queen of the castle!
      Ruby: [pointing a quivering finger] Justice will be swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUUUS!
      Weiss, Blake, and Yang: YEAH!!!
    • Ruby yells this while crushing a milk carton. A milk carton with the brand name "Udder Satisfaction".
    • And the purple soda brand is "People Like Grapes"...
    • They start the fight off with Ominous Latin Chanting. Yes, Latin Chanting for a food fight.
    • Watching even generally no-nonsense characters like Pyrrha, Ren, and Blake take a god-tier food fight completely seriously. While wielding baguettes and leeks, and an entire length of sausage, respectively.
    • In the DVD commentaries, Miles jokes that Ren's defeat was decided when he stopped Yang's intial kick to his face which stretched her legs long enough to give him a panty shot.
    • Blink and you'll miss it, but Ren somehow manages to lodge a pair of leeks into the floor like they were metal swords. And at the same time, breaking baguettes like they've fragile pieces of wood, soda cans exploding like grenades, and a ton of other impossible food durability.
    • Yang getting LAUNCHED THROUGH THE CEILING by Nora, wielding an entire watermelon on a stick as a hammer.
    • Weiss finding a swordfish. A literal, entire swordfish. And then using it against JNPR with a look of utmost seriousness.
    • The fact that all the girls (and Ren) end up with food versions of their weapons. Weiss' swordfish... sword, Yang's turkey gauntlets, Nora's Watermelon on a pole mallet and drink can grenades, Ren dual-wields two leeks, Blake and Pyrra's baguettes, and Blake's link sausage shroud. The only ones who don't are Ruby and Jaune. In Ruby's case because how are you going to make a scythe out of food and Jaune because he gets taken out too quickly.
      • How did Jaune get taken out, you ask? Double Turkey Rocket Punch.
    • Weiss using a bottle of ketchup of all things as a weapon, and it actually working.
    • This is followed by Ren slipping on the ketchup path and crashing into a stack of tables with bowling pins sound effects.
    • The last teaser trailer for Vol. 2 had an intense Pietà Plagiarism scene with Ruby cradling a fallen Weiss as the room crumbles around her. Turns out, they were just hamming it up.
      Ruby: Weiss, Weiss! Don't leave me! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    • When they enter the dining hall right as everyone other than Teams RWBY and JNPR are fleeing, Neptune has a look of confusion, while Sun has a look of "This is going to be AWESOME!
    • And after it's all over, Sun pretty much voices how all the fans are feeling at this point.
      • Then he looks over at Neptune, who's covered in purple-colored soda, clearly not amused.
    • Glynda Goodwitch snarling when she walks in on the food fight is oddly funny.
      YouTube commenter: I love how when Glynda enters, the look on her face SCREAMS "I am in no way paid enough to deal with this shit."
    • Glynda effortlessly cleans up most of the mess seconds afterward, then, with barely-contained irritation that borders on anger, somehow manages to make it sound as if things like this are a regular occurrence:
      Glynda: not - [adjusts glasses] - play with your food.
    • And the punchline: Nora raises her hand and belches, everyone jumps at her audacity, and finally Yang reenters the cafeteria by crashing into a table.
  • Torchwick's conversation with Mercury and Emerald when they show up goes from sarcastic cheer to total deadpan to very irritated. It's obvious that he does not like them one bit.
    Torchwick: Oh, look, she sent the kids again! [throws his arms around their shoulders and pulls them in] This is turning out just like the divorce...!
    Emerald: [shudders in disgust] Spare us the thought of you procreating...
    Torchwick: That was a joke. And this... [holds up Emerald's note] ...just might tell me where you two have been all day.
    Emerald: What?! [checks her pockets] Ah!
    Torchwick: I'm a professional, sweetheart. Pay attention, maybe you'll learn something. [looks at note] Why do you have this address?
    Emerald: Wouldn't you like to know?
    Torchwick: Yeah, I would! Now, where have you been all day?
    Mercury: Cleaning up your problems! One of them at least.
    Torchwick: I had that under control.
    Mercury: Two packed bags and a ticket out of Vale said otherwise.
    Torchwick: Listen, you little punk! If it were up to me I would take you and your little street rat friend here and I would —
    Cinder: Do what...Roman...? [appears on the catwalk above them]
    Torchwick: [laughs nervously] I'd...uh...not kill them...?
  • A bit of Black Humor mixed with a Shout-Out between Mercury and Emerald.
    Emerald: Mercury and I decided to take it upon ourselves to kill the rat.
    Mercury: I think he was some sort of cat actually.
    Emerald: [grinning] What, like a puma?
    Mercury: Yeah, there ya go.
  • Roman's mime actions in the background while Cinder is lecturing Emerald and Mercury are simply pure gold. Made even better by the fact that it wasn’t even scripted.
  • Roman's response as to his whereabouts is utter gold.
    Cinder: Why wasn't this job done sooner?
    Roman: Uhhh... [gestures to the dust containers on his right] Eh? [gestures to the ones on his left] Eh?! [gestures to the ones behind him] EEEEHHHHH?!
  • After Cinder is done putting Torchwick in his place he angrily goes to light a cigar but is unable to find his lighter. Then he looks up and sees Emerald lighting it.
    Emerald: [sticks out her tongue] Nyehhhhhh!
    • Extra bit of hilarity: The only point in the entire conversation when Emerald and Roman were close enough for her to pick his pocket was when Roman was picking hers. They both pickpocketed each other at the same time during the "divorce" comment: Roman to get the slip of paper with the address and Emerald... because she could.
  • The amount of airtime Yang gets from being hit upwards by a Melon Mallet is astounding. One YouTube commentator worked out that the amount of time she spent airborne meant she would have hit about 7.2 hours at apogee!

Welcome To Beacon

  • The entire library scene.
    • Weiss is three turns from winning the Risk meets Yu-Gi-Oh! style board game team RWBY is playing together, despite her lack of knowledge on how the game works. ("I have... absolutely no idea what's going on.") Still, Yang helps by explaining the situation, even how to gain an advantage over her, but ending with "Just note I will not forget this declaration of war" before sliding out of frame.
      Weiss: [unsure] And that means...?
      Ruby: [in tears] You're three turns away from conquering Remnant!
      Weiss: [eyes widen, than she stands up, dramatic thunder and music being played in the background] "Ahahaha! Yes! Fear the almighty power of my forces! Cower as they pillage your homes and weep as they take your children from your very arms -!
      Yang: Trap card.
      Weiss: [goes back to normal] Huh?
      Yang: [rearranging the board quickly with a smile] Your armies have been destroyed.
      Weiss: [sits down, cries] I hate this game of emotions we play!
      Ruby: [hugs her] Stay strong, Weiss! We'll make it through this together!
      Weiss: [hugging her back, still crying] Shut up! Don't touch me!
    • While the board game is going on as literal background noise, we slowly pan across team JNPR.
      • Nora is fast asleep, snoring loudly with a cartoon bubble moving with her breath, right on Ren's open book - he barely notices, turning a page right over her head, and popping the bubble. And Nora's sleep ramblings? "Mmm, we all have pancakes..." If you pay attention, you'll notice that Nora using the book as a pillow is forcing poor Ren to read it backwards.
      • Jaune is reading a comic, before Pyrrha coughs a bit and replaces it with a book (he's a little dejected), before she has a little grin at being able to enjoy the comic herself. It was an X-Ray and Vav comic, at that!
    • Jaune tries to invite himself to team RWBY's game:
      Jaune: Hey, can I play?
      Ruby: Sorry Jaune, we've already got four people.
      Weiss: Besides, this game requires a certain level of tactical cunning that I seriously doubt you possess.
      Yang: Uh, you attacked your own naval fleet two turns ago.
    • Pyrrha leans pretty heavily on the fourth wall when Jaune tries to convince Weiss to let him play her hand for a turn and she shoots him down.
      Jaune: Bring it on, Ice Queen! I'll have you know I've been told I'm a natural born leader!
      Weiss: By who? Your mother?
      Jaune: And Pyrrha!
      Pyrrha: [looks up directly at the camera and waves] Hello again!
    • Ren thanking Neptune for noticing he's the only one really trying to study:
      Neptune: Aren't libraries supposed to be for reading?
      Ren: [in the background, loudly] Thank you!
      Nora: [jerked awake] Pancakes!
      Sun: [to Neptune] Shut up, don't be a nerd.
      • And Neptune's response...
        Neptune: Gagaga! Intellectual, okay? Thank you.
      • When Neptune flirts with Weiss and calls her "Snow Angel", she accepts the gesture neutrally. In the background, Jaune complains, "Are you kidding me!?", since that same line earned him a snarl when he tried it back in "The First Step Part 1".
    • Blake's Death Glare when it's revealed that everyone on both teams know she's secretly a fau - ...un-loving girl whom they all respect and admire very much. This is probably more because Jaune can't keep his mouth shut as Monty is on record saying that Blake gave the others the okay to tell JNPR in the first place.
    • Pyrrha predicting what Jaune's going to say in enough time to race out of her chair, over to team RWBY's table, and cover his mouth with her hand. She looks up as he's saying "I mean –" and is out of her chair before he can say "you told us all - ". That's an uncanny level of foresight!
    • In the close up of Blake glaring at Jaune she looks like a humanoid Grumpy Cat.
    • Weiss gets another My Friends... and Zoidberg moment when Sun calls RBY by their names, and her with "Ice Queen". Her reaction also sells it:
      Weiss: Why does everyone keep calling me that?
    • Then at the very end of the scene, after Blake has suddenly left, leaving those present confused:
      Nora: [shrugging] Women.
      [everyone just stares at her]
  • Glynda ain't got time for Ironwood. When Ironwood greets her by flirting, she gives an exaggerated, obviously fake and sarcastic, fangirl response, before stalking out of the room in disgust. Ironwood ruefully tells Ozpin she hasn't changed a bit and Ozpin very quickly changes the subject.
  • Weiss acting like a Large Ham. All the way up to dramatically posing while balancing on top of a chair. Then she puts it down with a grin on her face, scoots back to where she was, then shoots a glance in the direction of a stunned Ruby and Yang as if to say "Yeah, you're not imagining things, I really did just do that!"
    • She seemed just as surprised as the rest of the team for half a second there.
  • Ruby calls a vote to decide it's time to take the fight to Torchwick and the White Fang after Blake makes an impassioned speech about how they can't just sit around.
    Yang: Yes! [points at Blake] I love it when you're feisty! [Blake smiles]
    Weiss: Well, I suppose it could be fun.
    Ruby: None of you said "aye"...
    Blake: Alright then! We're in this together.
    Ruby: Let's hatch a plan!
    Yang: Yeah!
    Ruby: [gasps] I left my board game in the library!
    Weiss: [shaking her head] We're doomed.
    • Ruby's facial expressions while calling the vote are also chuckle worthy.

A Minor Hiccup

  • Jaune tries yet again to hit on Weiss - this time she didn't even listen.
    • In point of fact she did listen, she just already knew the answer.
      Jaune: So Weiss, you know I was thinking after this maybe we could go get a bite to eat. And, uh, I've got two tickets to that new Spruce Willis movie if you want to make the trip to Vale, I hear it's awesome. And then maybe after that maybe we could study together, after all you're smart and I'm uh, well, you know. [bells rings and Port's lecture ends] Weiss, did you hear me?
      Weiss: No, no, no, yes.
      [Jaune groans and slams his head on the desk. Yang walks by and pats his head comfortingly]
      Yang: One day.
  • The bell rings for class to end in the middle of Professor Port's story, and he complains that he was sure he timed it better.
    • The fact that Professor Port's lecture still consists of "Blah, Blah, Blah...." deserves some laughs too.
  • Sun reveals himself in Team RWBY's window:
    Yang: How did you get up there?!
    Sun: Ah, it's easy, I do it all the time!
    Weiss: You do what?!
    Sun: I climb trees all the time!
    [Weiss continues to glare at him]
    • Funny Note: Monty's commentary in the DVD explains that Sun genuinely doesn't get what Weiss was implying.
  • Sun nonchalantly comments he came with Neptune and points at the window. Team RWBY peeks outside and finds Neptune on the ledge right next to them. His first answer is a cool "Sup", followed by him asking if he can come in as it's really high up and he's scared.
    • And then Ruby has to push Neptune towards Yang because he is apparently completely stiff out of fright from standing outside the window.
  • Weiss appreciatively looks Neptune over and asks if she can team with him. Ruby drags her away despite her protests - and it's even funnier because they're practically acting like each other during that moment!
  • Ruby mocks Weiss's exposition of the Cross-Continental Transmit system:
    "Ooh, look at me! My name is Weiss! I know facts! I'm rich!" [makes a weird noise somewhere between a snicker, a snort, and a cough]
  • The boxes that Ruby knocks over while chasing Penny are labeled "Breakable Things"
  • The owner of From Dust Till Dawn, once again, gets his stuff broken.
  • Ruby is still a fan of weapons and armory, going into a fangirl like trance during Ironwood's public presentation showing off some new protector bots.
    • The bots pose like bodybuilders.
    • Ironwood's notion of retaining "a human touch" on the battlefield: gigantic Titanfall-style mecha!

Painting the Town...

  • "I can see why your father would want to protect such a delicate flower." Said by Ruby while Penny has her in a Bear Hug.
  • Penny throwing Ruby in a dumpster to hide her.
  • After watching Penny and the soldiers talk, Ruby is suddenly distracted by a high pitch squeak in the dumpster with her. Later, when answering Blake's call, the dumpster is boarded up.
  • Neptune's frozen face when he gets off Yang's motorcycle.
  • Yang left quite the impression with her previous visit to Junior. Then she promptly blows her way in, literally, cockily saying 'Guess who's back!' with a big grin... only to be greeted by dozens of guns.
    Neptune: So could you define "friend" for me?
    • And during this, the background music is literally skipping in-and-out of its normal track, as if the needle's stuck - Yang slowly reacts to this with an annoyed glance. Cut to the bear-headed DJ who's cowering at his booth (with an actual record-player), popping up slowly to take the needle off, then sliding back down just as slowly.
  • Neptune continues to flirt with anything in a skirt. The Twins are not impressed.
    Melanie and Miltia: [In sync as they walk away] Hmph. Whatever.
  • When Torchwick is revealed at the White Fang rally, a faunus woman with antlers demands to know why a human is there.
    Torchwick: Glad you asked, deerie.
    • The credits even list her as "Deerie".
  • During Torchwick's speech, one of the members in the audience spends the entire time waving at the stage.
  • Junior "assumes" Roman wasn't happy with his rented henchmen and had them killed. He then declares (loudly and deliberately) he can completely relate to that, to the annoyance of the handful of his men that are still around.
  • Neptune tries to provide input for Yang's interrogation:
    Junior: I haven't talked to him! I haven't even seen him since the night you first came in here. He paid up front, I lent him my men, and none of them ever. Came. Back.
    Neptune: [Rushing to Yang's side] So where did they go?
    Junior: What kind of stupid question is that? They never came back!
  • Sun freaking out over the giant mech.
    Sun: That Torchwick guy's in it! But not didn't eat him. He's, like, controlling it, or something!
  • Weiss rolling her eyes when Blake calls for backup, with a panicking Sun in tow. You can practically tell she's thinking; 'I knew this day would end in violence.'
    Blake: Everyone! If you can hear me, we need backu-
    Sun: Heeeeeeeelp!
  • Yang asking for the pair's location...only for them to zoom by in the background seconds later. Bonus points for Neptune's deadpan "Uhh, I think that was them".
  • You know those shipping names that are for each pair of girls? They're canon in the form of code names for the girls' combo fighting moves!
  • Even Torchwick is calling Weiss "Ice Queen" and addressing her in a My Enemies... and Zoidberg manner (Weiss's annoyed 'Hey!' exclamation included).
  • Yang is not impressed with the quality of Weiss's pun, despite the perfect timing.
    • If you listen carefully, you can hear Ruby crack up at it.
  • Sun and Neptune eating noodles at the end instead of fighting. "I'm sure they're fine."
    • They don't even bother to collapse and store their weapons- they just leave them lying on the stools next to them, like, "Oh hey, a noodle stand. Let's just take a break. I'm sure the girls won't mind."
    • Made even better because the noodle shop is called "A Simple Wok"
      • Not only that, but the noodle shop owner is the "From Dust Till Dawn" shop owner. One can only imagine that the he has to work an extra job in order to make up for all the stuff that gets broken or stolen whenever Ruby is around.
  • Aside from the Grimm mask, what else does Sun do to disguise himself? He buttons up his shirt.


  • Team CRDL is destroyed and Cardin himself has just taken one hell of an attack.
    Cardin: Lucky shot... [passes out]
    • Even better is that at least one of Cardin's teammates was taken out by Cardin himself, not even caring about his team anymore.
  • When Mercury is fighting Pyrrha, Ruby turns to Emerald and says "Your friend is pretty good!" Emerald gives an awkward smile that clearly says "Please don't call him my friend."
  • Jaune trying to serenade Weiss into going to the dance with him. With a guitar, and singing. That is all.
    Jaune: Aw, come on. Open the door. I promise not to sing.
    [Weiss relents and opens the door]
    Jaune:I liiiied!
    • As Jaune tries to convince her to open the door, Weiss has the biggest "Why me?" face she can muster.
    • Possibly the funniest part of the entire scene is Jaune pausing towards the end of the song, clearly trying to remember/work out what day the dance is actually on.
    • Then after that, while Weiss and Yang are discussing exactly how her behavior is why she's called "Ice Queen", Ruby (who's been standing in a Scooby Stack fashion minus the wall), suddenly realizes the way she's standing and promptly falls over. As a sorta-background event, for bonus points.

Burning the Candle

  • Weiss asks Ruby which tablecloth to use, but she can't tell them apart.
  • Yang casually carrying a speaker stack that is taller than her and that makes a table (and Ruby sitting at it) jump an inch or so when she puts it down.
  • When asked by Yang what he'll be wearing for the school dance, Sun gestures to his own outfit and says "Uh, this," to which Neptune replies...
  • Sun referring to Blake's bad mood as being "Blake-y."
  • Jaune talks to Ren about how he thinks they're best friends, and that he's really gotten to know him, despite the fact that he doesn't talk much, among others things. Ren's answer - currently in the middle of wearing nothing but a towel - is simply: "...and I you."
    • The bottle he was carrying when Jaune grabbed his attention? Samurai Shampoo.
    • Then he discreetly tries to reach for his clothes while Jaune is still talking after this.
    • Then:
      Jaune: So how did you and Nora... you know...?
      Ren: [freezes, thoroughly surprised] Uhhh... uhh... umm—
      Nora: [gives off a sheepish string of ahems, headphones down] Uh... we're not actually "together"... together.
      Jaune: Nora, I said headphones on!
      Nora: OH! [quickly does so at the same time]
      • She's also wearing the Boop Shirt from the Rooster Teeth store.
  • Ruby wants to have a serious talk about how Weiss can fight in heels, because she has no clue how to even walk in them.
    Ruby: Stupid lady stilts.
    • Sun has a similar comment outside:
      Sun: [struggling with his tie] Stupid... dumb... neck trap.
    • It's even funnier when you remember that their respective voice actors are married.
  • Yang's idea of getting Blake to actually get close enough to talk? Shining a little laser pointer near her, relying on her 'instinctive nature' - and while she doesn't get mesmerized by it like the usual, this does irritates Blake to no end, and she has to follow it just to get it to stop.
    • If you look closer, you can see that Blake is trying to stomp on the light.
    • And when Blake reaches the one holding the light, Yang greets her with the same cheery "Helloooooooo~!" that she greeted her with when she met her for the first time.
    • Presumably, Blake is too stressed out, disoriented and tired from her research and lack of sleep to realize how ridiculous she looks and what stereotypes she's conforming to. The fact she follows the laser pointer is basically already in itself the proof of Yang's point about her needing a rest.
  • Yang and Weiss' brief fight over the dance's decor.
    Yang: Weiss! I thought we agreed, no doilies!
    Weiss: If I don't get doilies, you don't get fog machines.
  • Ozpin knows Ruby loves fighting, so he tries to get her interested in dancing by comparing it to fighting. Ruby doesn't look convinced.

Dance Dance Infiltration

  • Ironwood's hapless pursuit of Glynda continues when he asks her to dance with him. She rolls her eyes in disgust, but agrees as soon as she sees Ozpin nod his permission to her. The last view of them them together is Ironwood physically tugging her off-screen to catch her up to his pace. Shortly afterwards, Mercury cattily says Ironwood is leaving the party early because he's had too much fun and, while Ozpin is seeing him off, there's no sign of Glynda.
  • Ready to angrily confront Neptune, Jaune tells Ruby to hold. his. punch (which she does). Three seconds later, she takes a sip from it.
  • Jaune demands to know why Neptune would turn down an invitation to the dance from Weiss. It turns out Neptune can't dance.
    Neptune: Thanks. You're a really cool guy Jaune.
    Jaune: [sighs] Alright, don't lie to my face. [brofist]
  • When Ruby congratulates Yang on organizing the dance, Yang cheerfully grabs Ruby in a headlock, ignorant as usual to Ruby flailing for breath.
  • Jaune learns that Pyrrha didn't come with a dance partner and keeps his word by wearing a dress (complete with his casual sneakers) - even Pyrrha can't help laughing, even as she says he didn't have to do that.
    • Then immediately after they start dancing:
      Nora: Ren! [starts gesturing dramatically] This! Is! Happening!
      Ren: [getting an idea] Wait...what's happening? [looks directly at the camera]
      [Nora drags Ren into the dance, which turns into a choreographed Team JNPR dance number, complete with dress-wearing Jaune]
    • When Jaune first shows up (and not yet on screen), Ruby and Yang are chatting:
      Ruby: Well, I am sure we can handle whatever is thrown at us. [Hears laughter below and looks down] ...Except for that.
  • Penny dancing, including a shot of her in the background doing 'the robot' with one of her guards/escorts.
    • Right when Penny is first trying to dance, one of guards starts casually tapping his foot to the music before the other guard looks at him, at which point he immediately returns to a stoic Reverse Arm-Fold.
  • Right before Cinder gets on the elevator, One guard asks another what the wi-fi password is. note  She adds it to her scroll when she gets off.
    Cinder: That's handy.
  • The two when Cinder joins them in the elevator look out at the assorted unconscious (or worse) guards, then at Cinder between them. The doors close and all you hear is muffled beating noises.
  • When we return to the party, it is a slow song, and everyone is doing the waltz, except Neptune, who's dancing like a fool, by himself. He really can't dance!
  • The return of the rocket-propelled lockers, now with an actual practical use: fairly-quick access to their weapons when they're not carrying them around.
  • If you look really, really closely during the wide shots of the ballroom, you can see Daft Punk are the DJs.

Field Trip

  • How does the episode start? Ozpin facepalming at the constant arguing between Goodwitch and Ironwood, giving the "Here we go again..." look.
  • Later on, Ironwood suggests sending to as many troops as he can to the enemy's reported hideout. Glynda's response is funny enough... but Ozpin's is even funnier. He may cut her off, but he then promptly agrees with her!
    Goodwitch: Why must your answer to everything be a triumphant display of military bravado? You treat every situation like it's a contest of measuring di-
    Ozpin: Glynda!
    Goodwitch: Well he does.
    Ozpin: [To Ironwood] She's right.
    • Its completely and totally accidental, but incredibly appropriate, that at this exact moment we can see that Ozpin's chair looks... like... well, y'know.
  • Ruby is obviously nervous about being questioned by Ozpin, Goodwitch, and Ironwood. Ruby goes into Suspiciously Specific Denial about not having pushed all of the elevator buttons.
    Ruby: Someone accidentally hit all the buttons on the elevator on the way up here. It wasn't me.
  • When asked whether she is alright. Here's Ruby's answer, totally ignoring the mood in the office.
    Ruby: I'd feel better if my bad guy catching record wasn't oh-for-three.
    [camera pans at Ozpin, Goodwitch and Ironwood staring at her, completely deadpan]
    Ruby: [hand behind head] OK. So that's the tone we're going for. I got it.
  • When Ruby changes her story to say that she overheard 'the woman' say something after first saying that the woman was silent (to cover up how she really got the information), Glynda starts to call out her changing the story, only for Ozpin to cut her off. The look Glynda gives Ozpin just radiates "just want are you up to this time?"
  • Ozpin advises Ruby to keep revelations about her attacking Cinder Fall a secret. When she gets back to her dorm, Weiss, Yang, and Blake immediately crowd around Ruby asking her what happened, proving that they're aware of what happened at the dance.
  • Taiyang, Ruby and Yang's father, sent his daughters a gift through the mail. It's their Precious Puppy, named Zwei.
    • Upon hearing that she has mail, Ruby uses her Semblance to Flash Step onto Yang's back and start flailing at the gift, complete with noodle arms. And Yang barely reacts to her sister's antics.
    • When Zwei first comes out of the tube, he initially conforms to its shape: he literally drops to the floor as a little cylindrical shape, and then expands to normal size with an audible pop. It's exactly as ridiculous as it sounds, and also implies that only the dog food was in any sort of Hammer Space; Zwei just had to fit in the tube for some reason. And then come the reactions. As the girls look on, Ruby and Yang look like they're about to burst with delight, Weiss looks confused, and Blake looks scared out of her wits.
      [The girls lean in slowly]
      Zwei: Bark! Bark!
      Ruby and Yang: [delighted] AHHH!
      Weiss: [jumps back, surprised] AHHH!
      Blake: [leaps into the air, scared] AHHH!!!
      You can even see Blake's hair stand on ends like a frightened cat would!
      Here is a reaction shot for the above.
    • The notion that the puppy can fit in a mail tube (with a lot of dog food cans) is hilarious as well. And it was implied that this is not the first time it happened but we don't know whether it's the father or the dog's fault. As Blake and Weiss put it best...
      Blake: He sent a dog?
      Weiss: IN THE MAIL!?
      Yang: Oh, he does stuff like this all the time.
      Blake: [now hiding atop Ruby's bed] Your father or your dog?
    • Weiss is overcome with Cuteness Proximity, perfectly happy to become best friends with Zwei.
      Weiss: Are you telling me that this mangy...
      [pans to Zwei]
      Weiss: ...drooling...
      [zooms in Zwei]
      Weiss: ...mutt—
      [Weiss smiles and her eyes go wide]
      Weiss: —is going to wiv with us fowever? Oh, yes he is, yes he is! Oh isn't he adowable? Arf! Arf!
      Blake: [still on Ruby's bed] Please keep it away from my belongings.
    • When asked what should they do about Zwei as the girls are going away for at least one week, Yang pulls out a note from her father in the tube, and reads it. All the while Zwei was barking at Blake at the bottom of the bunk beds, like a dog barks at a cat up in a tree. Even funnier when he does, Blake suddenly gets down on all fours and starts moving like most cats would when trying to figure out how to get down without getting any closer. When she gets an opening, she leaps to a nearby table to escape.
    • Take a close look at Blake, too. Her hair starts raising like a cat being threatened.
    • Zwei seemingly has his "dog sense" tingling when Yang reaches to the end of the note, dashes beside Yang as she buries Zwei in dog food cans. What caused him to run over to Yang? She said "food".
    • When Weiss asks what is Zwei going to do about the cans? A can opener drops out with the perfect timing. The way Yang says "That settles it" implies that Zwei can use it on his own.
  • The cut from Ruby looking at Zwei to her being the only girl wearing a heavy backpack is worth a chuckle. Any savvy viewer will know exactly what Ruby has done.
  • Team RWBY signs up for to go to south region to investigate. After being denied access due to being first year students, Ruby suggests that they mail themselves over to the southeast region. Ozpin, who was right behind them, affirms that is an option, and lets them know their sneaking around where they shouldn't be did not go unnoticed. Then he starts listing events that Team RWBY was present at, but have yet to be explained how or why they were involved - he mildly says he might never know those answers.
  • Team RWBY's Mass "Oh, Crap!" moment when they realize that the Hunter they'd be collaborating with to investigate is Professor Oobleck. This comes directly after Ruby said they would be with a (implied) cool Huntsman, for bonus points. The looks of utter horror on Yang and Ruby's faces, Blake's bent-forward 'Seriously?' expression, and Weiss' Blank White Eyes, just sells it.
    Oobleck: Why hello girls! Who's ready to fight for their lives?
  • The lineup of the different Kingdoms' students in their formal attire. Vale, in their coats, vests, and ties. Mistral, in conservative dark close-fitting uniforms. Atlas, in white and gray military dress. And Vacuo, who... put on actual shirts.

Search and Destroy

  • A humorous example of Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!, in which Ruby tells the girls of RWBY that they'll be off to save the world... with Dr. Oobleck, admitting that when it's said out loud it's actually worse.
  • Nora gives her reaction to Team RWBY leaving on a dangerous mission without them (Team JNPR), saying she's hurt, sad, and also a little hungry. Well, actually, that last one isn't RWBY's fault, but it IS Ren's (who turns away in a near-Tsundere fashion, arms crossed).
  • Neptune mentions that their team is getting junior detective badges. Jaune is utterly awed by this revelation.
  • Ruby has some word trouble.
    Oobleck: I assure you, as a Huntsman, I have had my share of tussles.
    Ruby: Like the mushroom?
    Blake: Those are truffles.
    Ruby: Like the sprout?
    Yang: Those are brussels.
  • Oobleck's metaphor for the importance of history.
    Oobleck: History is the backbone of our very society. And the liver. Probably the kidneys if I were willing to wager.
  • After RWBY and Oobleck arrive on site, the girls drop down from the airship, weapons out and ready. Then Oobleck lands and calmly takes a sip from a thermos flask.
  • When he is telling the girls to 'do exactly what I say', he gestures to himself with his thermos, leaving a wet spot on his chest.
  • Ruby's reaction to being called out for not listening to Oobleck.
    Oobleck: From this point forward, you have to do exactly as I say. Do you understand?
    Team RWBY: [nod]
    Oobleck: Ruby, I thought I told you to leave all your bags back at school.
    Ruby: But you didn't tell us to listen to you yet. So I didn't.
    Oobleck: ...she's not wrong.
    • As a Freeze-Frame Bonus, when Oobleck gestures to himself with his thermos, he stains his shirt with coffee.
  • Zwei popping out of Ruby's bag, followed by Oobleck's reaction: "We're here to investigate an abandoned urban jungle teaming with death and hostility, and you brought a dog? GENIUS!"
    • Followed shortly by Ruby proudly saying that she's a genius with a big grin... to Weiss and Yang having a mutual facepalm. Blake also looks just as exasperated, but barely avoids facepalming because she's more interested in knowing what the plan is.
    • Zwei popping out in full view of everyone. Ruby's response?
      Ruby: [whispering] Get back in the bag.
      Zwei: (bark that sounds like a cheerful "no")
  • Lets face it, much of Oobleck's dialog, such as when he advises against simply attacking a lone Beowulf, saying they should wait for the pack.
    Blake: How long should we wait?
    Oobleck: It's uncertain. Hours...days...weeks. Why lone Grimm have been known to stay isolated from the pack for months and there's the whole pack.
    Weiss: What?
    Oobleck: And now they've seen us.
    Weiss: WHAT?!
    Oobleck: [right in Weiss's ear] AND NOW THEY'VE SEEN US!
  • In her off time during the mission, Ruby is playing with Zwei using Crescent Rose... and a turkey stuck on the handle. As soon as she notices Dr. Oobleck, she hurriedly puts away Crescent Rose, while the turkey mysteriously disappears.
  • When Oobleck tosses the camping gear offscreen in the direction of the girls, you can hear one of them (sounds like Yang) "oouff"ing from the impact.
  • When they spot Goliaths, the elephant Grimm in the distance, Ruby is genuinely in awe of their beauty and majesty. She expresses her thought in a manner most appropriate for her.
    Ruby: [Cocks her weapon] Let's kill it.

Mountain Glenn

  • This small moment during an otherwise solemn nighttime scene.
    Yang: ...Blake, are you awake?
    Blake: ...Yeah.
    [they exchange a few lines of dialogue, Yang lapses back into quiet contemplation]
    Yang: ...Weiss, are you awake?
    Weiss: Of course I'm awake! [Yang flinches] You two are talking!
  • Zwei, near the beginning, runs off while Ruby is trying to sleep. She is worried, and follows him.... only to see he went out to go to the bathroom... against one of the few surviving lampposts around.
    Ruby: Zwei, this is a wasteland. You literally could have done that anywhere.
  • Ruby 'sneaking' while following the White Fang patrol. And using Zwei to peek around the corner for her, telling him to bark once if the answer to her question is yes.
    • It's even funnier because it's the classic fast-motion movement seen in many cartoons, but with Ruby's Semblance, is actually perfectly justified this time around!
  • If you look closely, one of the White Fang members is wearing glasses on the outside of his mask.
  • Torchwick takes one look at a (captured) Ruby and immediately does an Oh, Crap!.
    Perry: Boss, we found something!
    Torchwick: Is it good or bad Perry, because let me tell you, I have had a day.
    Perry:'s a little girl?
    [Torchwick looks]
    Torchwick: That would be bad.
  • When Oobleck realizes that Ruby fell into the underground city that he forgot about.
    Oobleck: We're not just looking for an underground crime network, we're looking for an UNDERGROUND CRIME NETWORK!
    • Slightly before this, while he's zipping around explaining the story to each of the assembled group in turn, he Flash Steps to talking to Zwei.
  • You know that thermos that Dr. Oobleck carries around? It transforms into his weapon.

No Brakes

  • The name of the episode itself is extremely funny if you know the context. It comes from an Achievement Hunter Let's Play in which Ray declares "The Fuck Train has no brakes!"
    • Its original even less family friendly version uses "Rape" instead of "Fuck", a figurative way to describe a competitive online game's winning streak.
  • Though the situation is rather dire, this exchange is nonetheless hilarious.
    Roman: You know what, Perry? I really did need this!
    Perry: [thumbs up]
    • Roman taunts Ruby that she's much easier to handle without her "oversized gardening tool."
  • How does Ruby escape Roman and the White Fang? She forces Roman's hat over his eyes and legs it. This is then followed by Torchwick's utterly annoyed delivery of "Somebody kill her!"
  • Poor Weiss gets reminded by Oobleck again for having called him professor, not "Doctor".
  • Torchwick is annoyed that the White Fang is useless for keeping the team off the train.
    Roman: Man, animals, every one of them. [turns to boar-tusked White Fang train operator] Uuh, except're great.
  • When Team RWBY and Oobleck find a bomb on the train, we get this exchange.
    Weiss: What's that?
    Oobleck: [kneels down to take a look] That, my dear... appears to be a bomb.
  • Yang giving a White Fang member a wink before pummeling him into a train car.
  • One of the White Fang members that Blake knocks off of the train emits a Wilhelm scream. It's especially out-of-left-field since it's layered over an already existing and much more fitting scream.
  • Upon entering the train's interior, Yang gives the following pun. Doubly so because it appears that in this case, it was an accident.
    Yang: I guess this is what we trained for.
  • Roman's response to having Blake in the room is to flirt with her.
    Roman: Hello, Kitty Cat, you miss me? We really need to stop meeting like this. People are gonna talk.
  • Oobleck realizing that the train is leading Grimm to the city:
    Oobleck: We're going to stop. This. Train!
    Ruby: ...I know. I said that earlier.
    Oobleck: [sad face]
  • The tension in the air as Yang and Neo walk up to each other is somewhat ruined by the fact that Neo is a good head smaller than her opponent. Becomes even funnier on second viewing because she absolutely wipes the floor with Yang.
  • FREAKING. FIREBALL. ZWEI. From his first appearance, the fandom was jokingly wondering "What if the dog was a bullet?" Clearly the creators were listening.
    • This bears a bit of elaboration: Doctor Oobleck uses his thermos-bazooka as a club to hammer a very enthusiastic Zwei like a baseball to take out a particularly powerful bad guy. It comes out of absolutely nowhere and Zwei is just clearly so happy to be a projectile.
  • Roman's taunting Blake, trying to use her past history to dig under her skin. Then Weiss is hurled into the room by the White Fang Lieutenant. Roman starts to ask her "So, what's it going to be, Blake-" and she just kicks him in the face. Also, this is the first time in the series where Roman's hat has actually been knocked off his head.


  • Jaune still wears footy pajamas.
    • Better yet, his Scroll's ringtone is Russel's Ursa Rap.
    • Just before his Scroll rings, he seems to have similar dreams to Nora.
      Jaune (in his sleep): Zzzzz... uhh... mrr, waffles...
  • Coco flirting with Fox during the fight, and hanging an industrial sized lampshade on Velvet's bag.
    Coco: Hey, come on, you just spent all the semester building that up. Don't waste it here.
    • Coco delivering one heck of a Groin Attack to a large Beowulf. She even lets it feel the pain before finishing it off with her purse. As well as her Pre Ass Kicking One Liner to the same one.
      Coco: You just destroyed my favourite clothing store. [spits to the side] Prepare to Die.
    • At no point during all of this does Coco move faster than a strut.
  • Sun and Neptune's big entrance being utterly overshadowed by the arrival of the Atlas military - Sun even drops his badge in his staring.
    • The fact that the two are still cockily giving each other fistbumps after the battle, despite apparently doing nothing onscreen, with their entire apparent fight being completely overshadowed by everybody else.
  • Jaune gets annoyed when the rest of his team charges at the Grimm at Super Speed, leaving him in the dust. That, or Pyrrha stole his 'Let's go!' leader line.
    • Jaune's look for an opponent turns up another big Ursa, then his conversation with it as he psyches himself up.
      Jaune: Okay, who's first? [big Ursa lands behind him, him slowly turning around, backing up weakly] O-ookay, so y-you're first, huh? ''(nervous laughter) Okay, no that's, that's fine.
  • Everyone gets their moment. RWBY gets their quasi-last stand, only to be backed up by team JNPR. Beatdown ensues, Sun and Neptune get their half a minute, ATLAS shows up, even Emerald and Mercury get in on the action. And before anyone gets a chance to jump in, another hole appears in the ground, and out pops Zwei, right as Caffeine starts playing, triggering Oobleck's return.
  • Roman is arrested, and he tells the soldiers dragging him away, "Watch the hat!"
  • Team RWBY has had a looooong day. Weiss groans that they had better get extra credit for everything, Yang tiredly cheers for the team, and after some discussion, they finally agree on what to do next.
    Ruby: So then.... time for bed?
    Weiss: Oh please...
    Blake: Absolutely.
    Yang: I'm gonna sleep forever!

    Volume 3 


  • While Volume 3's opening is quite foreboding, there is a rather humorous scene. Group shots of RWBY, SSSN, JNPR, and CRME (sans Roman) appear. While Jaune, Pyrrha and Ren have serious expressions on their faces, Nora is smiling brightly at the camera (and it's not a "ready for action" smile, it looks more like a "Ren made pancakes!" smile).
  • The trailer for Season 3 has some good hilarious highlights including:
    • Blake drooling as she sees a pile of fish.
    • Yang shoves Ruby away to steal her scroll.

Round One

  • During Ruby's talk at her mother's grave she lampshades that having the same name as her team has caused more than a little confusion.
  • Oobleck reminding Port that it's 'Doctor', made funnier that Port is a fellow teacher, and they are on the air at the time.
  • Reese falling on her rear during the fight and the audience's reaction to it. Even Blake seems concerned.
  • This exchange:
    Ruby: [saves Yang, who's struggling to regain her footing on an ice floor, from Nadir's attack] Got your back!
    Bolin: [appears behind Ruby, twirling his staff] Who's got yours? [gets kicked through Weiss's glyph]
    Ruby: My BFF!
    Weiss: [rolls her eyes] No.
    Ruby: [to herself] Yes.
  • Oobleck's comment when Reese is eliminated from the battle:
    Oobleck: Oh, she really should've worn a helmet!
  • Nadir pouts and whimpers like a sad puppy when Ruby traps him in ice.
  • Arslan's rolling-her-eyes expression when she sees that she has to save Bolin and Nadir (trapped in the giant ice ball Weiss created) - it just screams 'Why do I have to do everything?'
  • Blake's incredibly loud Growling Gut followed by this:
    Weiss: Geez. If only there was somewhere on campus to get food around here. [camera zoom away to reveal multiple food stands] Oh. Wait.
    Ruby: [puts her hand on Weiss' shoulder] It's ok, Weiss. I forget about the fairgrounds too.
    Weiss: I was being facetious?
    Ruby: [throws her hands at the air] Well if you were hungry then why didn't you say so?
  • Emerald tells Team RWBY that her teammates are a bit socially awkward. As if on cue, we see Mercury sniffing a leather boot that's for sale at a nearby booth. note 
    • When Emerald and Mercury walk away, the worker of the booth looks at Mercury from afar with a raised eyebrow, then, he proceeds to grab the same boot and smell it.
    • The moment Team RWBY isn't watching, Emerald immediately drops her friendly facade.
      Mercury: So how are the new 'friends'?
      Emerald: I hate them.
    • Their assignment was to find out which of Team RWBY would participate in the double round (two members of the team participating in a 2v2 match), which the team voted to be Weiss and Yang. When Mercury asks Emerald if she found out, she responds "The heiress and the bimbo."
  • Emerald summing up her dislike for Team RWBY in one question.
    Emerald: [pretending to strangle someone] I just—How can they be so happy, all the time!?
  • When Yang inquires into how Emerald's team did in the first round, we get a clip of said team fighting, followed by the reveal that Neo is disguising herself as the fourth member of their team. And after Neo sadistically stomps on her opponent's face, it cuts back to Emerald in the present, who just says, "Really well."
  • The faces Ruby makes when Weiss corrects her about the "doubles round" decision.
    Ruby: Well, as the leader of this team, I thought long and hard about this decision-
    Weiss: [leans into frame] We put it to a vote. [leans out-of-frame]
    Ruby: [glances around awkwardly] Uh, yes, uh, but I decided to put it to a vote.
  • As the rest of Team RWBY order noodles, Blake just nods at the shopkeeper and he immediately leaves, a frying sound is heard and comes back with a huge bowl of fish, which a starry-eyed Blake begins to drool over as her heart is audibly beating the whole time.
    • Amusingly, if you take a close look, you can see noodles underneath the fish. So, the shopkeeper's idea of a "noodles with fish" dish is literally noodles with a pile of fish on top.
  • When Weiss' credit card is declined, Blake tries to stealthily slide the bowl of fish toward herself with a steadily growing nervous grin. Sadly for her, the shopkeeper notices and Blake whimpers an adorable Little "No" as she collapses in despair when her food is taken away.
    • And how does the shopkeeper informs Weiss that her card was declined? By throwing it, ninja star style, so that it is embedded in the counter.
  • When Pyrrha offers to pay for them afterwards, Yang jokingly insists that she shouldn't bother and Blake immediately leans toward Yang insisting that she does thus putting herself in Weiss' space; Weiss leans away, looking perturbed.
    Yang: You don't have to do that!
    Blake: (clearly desperate) But she could!
  • After the noodles, we see everyone's expressions. Blake is in a meditative peace. Weiss clearly ate more than she should've. Ruby is happily rubbing her tummy. Yang looks like she could easily go for more. Jaune is obviously in pain. Pyrrha is sheepishly pushing her bowl away. Nora is being Nora, patting her belly (and letting out an echoing belch shortly after). And Ren looks like he's using a tooth pick.
    • When Nora releases a loud and satisfactory burp, Ruby can be seen trying to contain her laugh.
    • Many viewers have joked that Nora has "consumed" her bowl as well; judging from the two bowls stacked next to Ren, what appears to have happened is that Ren has prevented it from happening.
  • Jaune is feeling pretty nauseous after a too-large meal and Nora is... well, Nora:
    Jaune: [splays himself over the counter] [nauseous] If I barf, I'm blaming you.
    Nora: Ooh! [grins evilly] Aim at the enemy!
    Ren: Nora, that's disgusting. But if you do feel the urge...
    Jaune: [gives a weak thumbs-up] Got it.
    Pyrrha: [nonchalantly] Well, we should be off.
  • Nora sums up the advantages that Team JNPR has in their upcoming fight:
    Ruby: So, you think you guys are ready?
    Nora: Of course! [gestures to each of her teammates] We've got a world-renowned fighter on our team, one's basically a ninja, I can bench FIVE of me... Jaune... We've trained all year, our weapons are AWESOME. Glynda barely yells at us anymore, and uh... Jaune!
    Ren: [to Jaune] Are you going to take that?
    Jaune: [face on the table and still feeling nauseous] She's not wrong...
    Nora: I'm kidding. He knows I'm kidding.
  • Nora lists off what could happen if they end up losing, and is practically channeling Pinkimena Diane Pie as she gradually loses color and becomes comically depressed, leading to a Headdesk. Meanwhile, the bright, happy background music speeds up and gets darker as Nora loses her color.
    Nora: Don't be so nervous! The worst that can happen is that we lose, then it's just a few more years of walking around school with everyone knowing we're failures, our friends will slowly abandon us to preserve their social status, we won't be able to show our faces in class, no one will sit with us in the cafeteria, Ren and I have no parents, we have no home left to go to, we'll be officially renamed Team Lose-iper! [broken, mad laugh that somehow manages to also sound funny then cries]
    Ren: [deadpan] So, yeah, we're feeling pretty good.
  • Cinder, of all people gets one, when watching the JNPR match, grabbing a popcorn kernel and popping it with heat from her fingers. All while maintaining her usual seductive and manipulative voice.

New Challengers

  • Nolan's terrified expressions when he realizes that he just powered up Nora and she's about to hit him back. Note that he learns this from Ooblecks and Port's announcers screen after he's already been shocking her for a few seconds.
  • When Jaune directs Nora to scale the mountain, she responds with an enthusiastic salute, before zooming sideways out of the frame. When we cut to a wide shot, Nora can clearly be seen continuing to slide sideways toward the mountain without moving her legs at all.
  • Jaune orders Ren to play decoy for the sniper.
    Ren: [flinches as a bullet barely misses him] Sure... Why not?
  • Jaune calls out his groups team attacks using their ship names like Ruby did in Volume 2! It just gets them confused and leads to a long conversation.
    • Jaune calls out "Flower Power", explaining that Ren brings the flower and Nora brings the power. Ren doesn't get the association with him and flowers, forgetting completely that it's his own symbol. On the other hand, Nora explains to him that he's mistaking "flower" with "baking flour". Ren is understandably more confused.
    • After Jaune explains to Pyrrha why their team attack is called Arkos, she's clearly trying not to laugh.
      Jaune: What? You don't like it?
      Pyrrha: No! No. It's... Good?
      Nora: Ooh, I sense hesitation!
    • The fact that the music cuts out abruptly when the whole 'team meeting' starts.
    • Team BRNZ are not amused about being ignored by Team JNPR.
      Brawnz: HEY! [JNPR nonchalantly turns to them] What do you think you're doing?
      Jaune: Trying to have a team meeting here. Thank you very little.
      Nora: Yeah! Team ears only!
      Brawnz: We're in the middle of a fight!
      Jaune: And we're in the middle of a conversation!! What don't you get about that!?
      Pyrrha: Um, Jaune?
      Jaune: [suppresses anger] Yes Pyrrha?
      Pyrrha: I think he means that we're all in the middle of a fight.
      Jaune: [seemingly only then remembering that they're in the middle of tournament match with a huge audience wanting them to continue the fight as well] Ugh [sigh] Nora... just hit 'em with the hammer.
      Nora: [delighted, then grinning] Got it.
    • Jaune's amazingly frustrated and angry expressions while he's yelling at BRNZ to shut up and let them finish their team meeting.
    • And BRNZ's reaction to hearing him give Nora the order.
      Port: And Team JNPR wins by knockout! Literally! ...can someone go make sure they're okay?
  • Qrow's first appearance in the show itself? Hilariously drunk, and apparently itching for a fight with Winter.
    • Where is Qrow getting sloshed at? The Crow Bar.
  • When team SSSN comes out, three girls and one guy hold up pictures of their faces with hearts around them. Well, except for one girl who has the heart around a picture of just Sun's abs instead.
    • Even better when you recognize Scarlet, the picture of whom the guy is holding up, is voiced by fan favorite Gavin Free, who's previously stated that he had a 'secret' admirer in a male TV chef.
  • Neptune reminding Team NDGO to try and keep their hands above the waist. Dew and Octavia roll their eyes disgustedly, Nebula laughs it off, and Gwen just looks away.
  • Neptune is afraid of water. Let that sink in for a minute. This is revealed right after he tells Scarlet to "be cool". Not one second after the fight starts, he immediately dashes to the opposing side's summit, with the pretence of gaining the high ground on a position the enemy would never expect. Dew comments that he's not wrong.
    • Apparently Sun had mentioned this to Blake beforehand, for as soon as she saw the biome, she facepalms and explains how This Is Gonna Suck. As the stage is being set up, Sun pokes Neptune, who is rigid as a board.
    • Speaking of said flirting, NDGO technically didn't go against Neptune's instructions to keep "hands above the waist" when Dew eliminated Scarlet by Aura down. How? By redirecting a couple of coco-nuts (thrown at first by Sun), into Scarlet's nuts. Cue a suitably pained expression from Scarlet and the sound of the elimination buzzer. note 
      Sun: Aw, nuts.
  • The shocked expression on Octavia's face when Sun's foot hits her in it.
  • Scarlet hangs Gwen Darcy upside down by her ankles. As she tries to keep her skirt from falling down, the huge number of throwing knives contained in it, drop out and rain down on Scarlet. Even Gwen doesn't seem to have expected it.
  • Neptune's pretty much comedic relief for this episode. Sold by his unconvincingly trying to come up with an excuse to not have to go near the water, and his final approach to the round-ending attack: instead of a nice, dramatic move like Yang's flying punch or Nora's one-shot hammer blow, he tip-toes to the water, with the usual stock sound effect associated, and sticks his electrified trident into the water.
  • Professor Port's and Professor Oobleck's conversation after Team SSSN's victory:
    Port: You know what I call that victory?
    Oobleck: Shocking?
    Port: No, well earned. What you said is stupid.
    • Oobleck's dejected face after that denial.
  • Neptune and Sun's victory dance in the center of the arena.
    Yang: Looks like the dorks made it to the next round.
    Blake: [Watching them dance, and blushing when Sun winks and makes finger pistols at her] Emphasis on dork.
    • It has been previously established that Neptune is quite insecure about his dancing, to the point where he turned Weiss down as a prom date in the previous volume. Here he is, dancing without a hint of shame in front of four kingdoms worth of an audience, after a hilariously cowardly performance.
  • After Qrow leaves, the bartender picks up his glass, knocking over another glass as he does so.
    Bartender: Aw... Gee, darn it.

It's Brawl In the Family

  • Weiss's punchy response to Ruby's lack of courtesy.
  • All of Ruby's attempts to be polite in front of Winter by using complicated words. It's particularly hilarious how hard it becomes for her to make a full sentence.
    • She even tries to do a curtsy but ends up losing her balance and almost falling instead, Human Hummingbird style.
  • Winter smacking Weiss. Even funnier is what she says afterward: "Silence, you boob!" Remind you of anyone?
    • Weiss then lifts her hand from her head, revealing the Cranial Eruption Winter gave her. Ruby giggles and pokes it back in.
      Ruby: [poking Weiss's bump] Heh, boob.
  • While on their way to Team RWBY's dorm, Weiss explains to Winter beforehand that the bunk beds only look unstable. And then Winter just asks "bunk beds?" in a nervous tone that implies either she hopes her sister is joking, or the concept is foreign to her.
  • Qrow and Weiss:
    • Qrow attempts to bait Winter by calling her "Ice Queen." Unfortunately, Weiss is the one who normally gets baited by that and reacts accordingly.
    • When Weiss confronts Qrow, he grabs her face, shushes her, and says "Not you", before shoving her aside. When he does that, Weiss pulls out her trademark indignant "Hey!".
  • Qrow and Winter engaging in pre-battle Snark-to-Snark Combat.
    Qrow: Saw that gaudy ship of yours. Guess you're here too.
    Winter: I'm standing right before you.
    Qrow: [squints] ... So it would seem.
    Winter: You realize you just destroyed Atlas military property.
    Qrow: [sarcastically] Oh! Oh, I'm sorry. See, I mistook this for some sort of... sentient garbage.
    Winter: I don't have time for your immature games, Qrow.
    Weiss: Wait, you two know each other?
    Qrow: Geez. You Atlas specialists think you're so special, don't you?
    Winter: It's in the title.
  • Qrow, being sloshed to high heaven, begins the battle by trying to piss Winter off. When she draws her blades and takes a fencing stance, he casually dodges her attack and copies her stance... with a gigantic BFS, making a mockery of a fencing pose while tapping her weapons by lightly waving his.
    • Smart fans have pointed out that Qrow is the one holding his weapon in a proper fencing stance—that isn't to say Winter's doing it wrong. She's using a straight-legged stance used by fencers that basically conveys "I am not remotely threatened right now." She's using very deliberate body language.
  • At one point, Winter gets a pretty good hit on Qrow. If you pause it on the right moment, it would result in this face.
    • And then there's his Oh, Crap! face when she stands on his blade.
    • Winter and Qrow's expressions were golden. The fight starts with Qrow doing some smug grins and seemingly enjoying the fight, but as Winter keeps pace, she starts flashing smug smiles of her own, and Qrow starts seeming annoyed. Her face when she traps him in the Nevermore circle, followed by his when he breaks out of it, just tells you he wasn't betting on dealing with this.
  • Weiss is not exactly amused that Qrow (who, as far as she knew, was just some crazy guy) was picking a fight with Winter. Ruby wonders what all the commotion is and when Weiss informs her, Ruby begins to become exasperated... until she notices the man in question is her good ol' Uncle, at which point she immediately begins loudly cheering him on, much to Weiss' dismay.
    Ruby: What's going on?
    Weiss: Some crazy guy just started attacking my sister!
    Ruby: Oh no! Who would do such a thAAAAT IS MY UNCLE!!
    Weiss: What?!
    Weiss: [trying to recover] Uh, teach him respect, Winter!
    • Ruby's facial expressions in the conversation above are glorious.
  • Before noticing Qrow, Mercury walks by his and Winter's fast-paced fight as if it was a normal occurrence.
  • Winter chastising Weiss about missing strikes in the tournament. Against Qrow, people are giving her flak for missing strikes herself.
    • On that subject, some of the mockery Qrow gets off during the dodging is pretty hilarious. At one point he seems to have an expression of mock horror. Then he more or less bows right before drawing his blade.
  • At the end of Winter and Qrow's fight, Qrow notices Ironwood behind Winter. He then gleefully ends the fight solely to get her in trouble with her boss.
  • When Ozpin breaks up the fight, he mentions that the spectators should be watching the tournament matches, as they have better seating... and popcorn. It's the smirk that sells it.
  • Ruby and Weiss' conversation after the battle
    Weiss: And suddenly your recklessness makes sense.
    Ruby: [smug] You're just mad 'cause he whupped butt.
    Weiss: That was a draw, at best!
  • Qrow in the elevator being cheeky to Ironwood and Winter — with his eyebrows.
  • Ironwood is less than pleased that Qrow broke Atlas property and wrecked Beacon's courtyard. Unfazed, Qrow unleashes the kind of god-tier comeback Winston Churchill would be proud of.
    Ironwood: If you were one of my men, I'd have you shot.
    Qrow: If I was one of your men, I'd shoot myself.
  • Glynda informs Winter (and the audience) that Qrow is almost always drunk. Cue everyone looking up at Qrow, who is currently knocking back the contents of a hip flask.
    • His wide-eyed expression, which could be either "What?!" or "Oops?" just sells it. Then he just shrugs.
    • Ozpin's exasperated expression at the sight is priceless. And right after that he continues to facepalm at the situation.
  • Mercury's description of Qrow.
    Mercury: Bad hair, used a scythe, and smelled like my dad after a long day... It was him.
    • Doubly hilarious when you realize Mercury has a very similar hairstyle to Qrow.

Lessons Learned

  • This exchange before the fight begins:
    Coco: Hey, love the outfit, kid.
    Emerald: I'll try not to get blood on it.
    Yatsuhashi: I can't promise you'll leave without a scratch.
    Emerald: [smugly] I won't be the one bleeding.
    Coco: Oh, I like her!
  • Then Emerald breaks Coco's sunglasses, and the fashion-conscious girl has a swift change of heart.
    Coco: I take it back: I don't like her.
  • When Coco pulls out her gattling gun, a whole stand of fans wearing similar shades and berets to her Squee. Seconds later, after she starts mowing down the ring, another stand of fans duck for cover when her shots bounce off the forcefield right in front of them.
  • The fact that Mercury fires off his homing missiles by Breakdancing
  • Yatsuhashi's dorky "Huh?" when he realizes too late he's face first on a geyser.
  • Ruby's facial expressions when she lost the game... then Yang takes over by shoving her away, sending her into a backwards tumble and her scroll into the air, which Yang casually catches.
    • Yang's own pouty expression when she loses deserves note because of how uncharacteristic it is of her. She looks like a little girl.
  • Qrow's way of telling his story of his latest mission.
    Qrow: [While telling a story] And that's when it happened...
    Yang: What happened?
    Qrow: I was the mere sight...of the innkeeper's skirt length!
    Yang: [Throws corgi pillow at Qrow] You. Are. The. Worst!
    • What makes it funnier is that, considering Ruby and Qrow just laugh it off, he said that to either mess with Yang, distract her from the video game or both.
    • When you think about it, the skirt story proves that Roy Mustang has rubbed off on Edward Elric.
  • Later he also comments on the sexiness of team STRQ but says he can't go into detail until Ruby and Yang are older.
  • While Qrow is commenting on RWBY's train activities, we get this nugget from Ruby:
    Qrow: ...I heard Vale suffered a Grimm attack after you almost managed to stop a train. But they don't give out medals for 'almost'.
    Ruby: They do, and they're called Silver!
  • Yang and Ruby teasing Qrow about his age, his response is to beat them at their video game and tell them not to call him old.
  • Winter proves to be the queen of sarcasm when not even Weiss catches up on her.
    Weiss: I went to pay for lunch the other day, but the card didn't work!
    Winter: How embarrassing.
    Weiss: I know!
    Winter: [shakes her head in disappointment]
    Weiss: Well, it was!
  • In a hilarious reference to real life, Winter says that if Weiss is pissy about losing her credit on her card, she could just take a job at Atlas and be a receptionist, alluding to Kara Eberle.
  • Just as Qrow starts leaving the girl's dorm room, you can see Zwei in the background, sleeping soundly on a bed. It's a cute image... until you realize he's sleeping on Blake's bed.

Never Miss A Beat

  • Penny almost casually curb stomping CRDL, and seeming wanting to keep dragging it out until her partner indicates that they need to finish it up.
    • After the winner is declared, Russel starts to say something only to have a random piece of debris come down on his head.
  • And when Ruby finally reunites with Penny...
    Penny: Ruby!
    [tackles Ruby to the ground]
    Ruby: [weakly] Whyyyyyyyyyyy?!
    • This exchange between the two, talking about Penny's partner, Ciel Soleil:
      Ruby: So, is she your friend, or...?
      Penny: In a way. She's like Blake, but if Blake was ordered to spend time with you.
      Ruby: Oh, so, Weiss.
      Penny: Precisely.
    • Ruby's way of inquiring if Penny's partner knows what Penny really is, complete with her making robot gestures. After she's done, she holds the pose for a moment, her arm swinging making rusty hinge noises.
    • And Penny recalling an incident where a magnet got stuck to her head, and she wore a huge wide-brimmed bonnet to hide it from her partner.
  • We're introduced to Yang and Weiss' opponents, who are two of the most colorful and unorthodox Hunters in the series: A Jazz musician-esque fellow with what looks like a jazz horn gun named Flynt Coal, and a cat faunus girl named Neon Katt, dressed up as a roller derby girl... who leaves rainbows in her wake. It's the complete opposite of what Weiss was expecting of a team from Atlas.
    Yang: You're from Atlas. What can we expect?
    Weiss: Well, seeing as their kingdom, academy, and armed forces are all merged as one, I think we can expect strict, militant fighters with advanced technology, and carefully rehearsed strategy.
    Flynt and Neon show up
    Weiss: Or... whatever the heck they are.
  • Nobody expected a mundane fight after that, but Flynt's opening shot, blowing both Weiss and Yang away with a loud screeching note on said Jazz horn gun, is quite possibly the craziest attack of the series.
  • Neon trash-talking Yang. All of it is hilarious and it all really gets under Yang's skin:
    • Her comments on Yang's figure:
      Neon: You should try roller-blading sometime! It's super-fun! It'd probably take you a while though, since you're so... top heavy.
      Yang: [looks down at herself] Excuse me?!
      Ruby: Oh, here we go.
    • What's extra funny about that is that the way she rolls her eyes and says it implies this has happened before.
    • Even more comments on Yang's figure:
      Yang: GET BACK HERE!
      Neon: I wasn't trying to say you should go on a diet, I was saying you really need to go on a diet!
      Yang: THAT'S IT!
      Neon: You're fat!
  • When Yang gets angry over Weiss getting taken out, Port mentions that she's getting angry and that "You wouldn't like her when she's ...upset."
  • Neon rather amusingly manages to set up her own defeat at Yang's hands when the rainbow-spewing rollerblades she's zipping around on get caught on a rock. Her reaction is priceless as she sails through the air, tumbles down a rocky slope, is sent flying yet again by a geyser, and finally goes out in a firey-rainbow explosion when Yang shoots her.
  • When Yang charges at Flynt late in the fight, he fires his weapon at her, resulting in her drifting backwards through the air in her usual "dive forwards" pose for a few confused seconds, before she starts shooting to launch herself forwards again
    • She takes out Flynt by crushing the barrel of his weapon, causing it to suddenly backfire in his face.
  • A meta one, but if Atlas names teams the same way Beacon does, this means team FNKI (Funky) was named by none other than the straight-laced General James Ironwood.


  • In an otherwise serious and dark-toned episode, we do get Qrow's irritation to the limitations of the Maiden power selection process note 
    Pyrrha: So, how does a Maiden's power get transferred?
    Qrow: Through a series of stupid and convoluted rules.
    Glynda: [irritated] Qrow...
    Qrow: Hey, don't get mad because I'm right!
  • Qrow's one of the few things keeping the episode from being feelsville.
    Pyrrha: [having been congratulated on advancing to the finals] I would never have made it this far without my teammates.
    Qrow: Personally I think it's the other way around.

    Pyrrha: Won't her power transfer on to the next host?
    Qrow: Look who's been listening! [to Ozpin] She is smart.

    Ironwood: We believe we've found a way to capture it.
    Qrow: Capture it, and cram it into something else...or in your case... [gestures to Pyrrha]

  • There's also Pyrrha's bewilderment at getting all this plot dumped on her:
    Glynda: I'm sure you must have questions.
    Pyrrha: Maybe one or two...
    • Speaking of Glynda, she tries to assure Pyrrha that they're totally not some kind of evil conspiracy. Then they take the elevator to the secret underground lair. No wonder our girl was nervous.
  • Ruby wishing Yang good luck by saying "Break a leg". Yang took the advice a little too literally.
  • It's subtle moment, but Mercury initially keeps his usual smug smile as he turns to face a not-quite defeated Yang. Then Yang charges at him.

The Beginning of the End

  • One moment that lightens an otherwise dark and serious episode — Mercury in the flying ambulance, Emerald by his side, completely fine, as if his leg wasn't broken at all.
    Mercury: [mock-pleading] Oh doc, tell me! Will I ever walk again!? [Emerald hits his arm] Ow! What's your deal?
    Emerald: [groaning] A headache... one mind I can handle, but two is a stretch...
  • There's just something inherently funny about tiny, 4'9'' (in heels) Neo driving the very large ambulance.
  • In one of the black segments, we briefly hear how Cinder and Torchwick met. And what does he have to say?
    Roman: Well, hellooooo gorgeous!
  • During a dark scene, Cinder tells Mercury and Emerald that the plan requires perfect precision, and that there could be not a single foot out of place. Not one minute later, Emerald literally puts a foot out of place and things fall apart.


  • Nora once again proving she channels Pinkie Pie by going into hyper mode to encourage Pyrrha to work out. Pyrrha's reaction is priceless.
    • As well as Nora instantly having changed clothes on the spot, going from her normal gear to something gym-themed in the space of a transition, fitting to her words.
  • Ren's "Please Do Nothing To The Cook" apron, a reference to the popular "Kiss the Cook" saying on aprons.
  • Ren offering Pyrrha a health drink, which audibly gurgles when he presents it to her. He offers Nora a taste, and she promptly turns green and throws up into a trash bin.
    Nora: What is wrong with you!?
    Ren: [unfazed] Me? You're the one who wasted perfectly good juice.
    Nora: We're supposed to help Pyrrha, not poison her!
    Ren: There was absolutely nothing wrong with that.
    Nora: If it looks the same coming up as it does going down, then there's something wrong.
    • Halfway through this talk, Jaune is a little worried that this isn't helping Pyrrha, but part of his expression seems to be exasperated by these two.
  • While Yang is moping about after she disqualified her team, Qrow shows up with a fresh load of his usual snark.
    Qrow: And here I thought your dark-haired friend was the emo one.
  • Nora cheering for Pyrrha in her usual exuberant manner, and trying to get Ren to cheer.
    Ren: [barely pumping his fists] Yay.
  • We learn that Velvet is into photography, as she's out on a shoot with Sun strutting around. Velvet proudly shows Ruby one of her photos and... well, it's blatantly terrible. It's arguably even funnier if you accept the possibility that she's taking photos of his chest deliberately... and failing.
    Ruby: [after several moments, gives off an awkward, insincere grin] Well, it's uh... better.
    • Then we see her put the camera into her box! Y'know? The same box that has been the mystery of the FNDM, the one that was Too Awesome to Use in the last volume from a Grimm invasion? Yeah, she puts the camera into that box.
    • Ruby seems to be coming to a revelation point after Velvet tells Ruby how Coco encountered a similar situation like Yang against Emerald and Mercury, but before she seems to make anything, she's startled with a large flash of light that jumps her. Cue Velvet having taken her camera again and had taken a photo of Ruby.
      Velvet: Whoops, sorry.


  • The title.
  • We finally get our first look at Roman since the end of Volume 2. He's getting busted out of the prison ship by Neo, who went out of her way to retrieve his hat, and is walking down the hall in an Atlas uniform and carrying her umbrella on her shoulder. What does Roman have to say about this?
    Roman: Well, it's about time.
  • Ruby has just discovered that Mercury isn't injured and he's not answering her questions, so she moves to go around him. He just sidesteps to stay in her way.
  • As an overhead announcement advises audience members to seek shelter in a calm and orderly manner following the siren signalling an oncoming Grimm attack, we see people instead screaming and panicking as they storm off the colosseum in an attempt to get to safety.
  • Pay attention to the crowd during the shot that happens right as the Grimm threat alert siren begins to sound. One of Junior's henchmen is in the seats, complete with popcorn.
  • Ironwood desperately tries to convince the audience that there is no need to panic, after Cinder's Breaking Speech and the announcement of a Grimm invasion. Cue a giant Nevermore landing on top of and pecking at the colosseum's force-field 'ceiling'.

Battle of Beacon

  • Roman is like a kid in a candy store with all the fun he's having using an Atlesian warship to wreak havoc. He even dances up to the controls.
    Roman: Hmmm, let's see, what does... this button do? [distant explosion]... oh, FUN!
  • And then again thirty seconds later....
    Roman: How about, this one? [puts a hand to his ear to listen for a blast]
    [in the holding bay, a squad of Knights look at each other as an alarm blares, before being dropped out of the sky]
    Roman: [still listening] Hmm... alright, nothing.
  • Two Funny Background Events: There's a moment when the students are all fighting the Grimm and you can see Neon just skating around in the background with a Boarbatusk chasing after her, and later on, when the awakening Grimm dragon makes everything shake, Sage and Scarlet can be seen on an Ursa's back. Not even fighting, just hanging onto it as it walks.
  • Ruby manages to rally and encourage the other students to fight finishing with an epic pose, then we hear a click, Velvet decided to take a picture.
  • A meta example: Fans have been anxious to see Ozpin fight since day one. In this episode, he grabs his cane and walks to the elevator, giving it a swing as he does, as though preparing to enter the battle... Then the ground shakes as the Grimm Dragon awakens. The next we see Ozpin, he's staring out the window. The writers certainly know how to tease us.
  • Ironwood tells the students that a... vagabond has taken one of his ships. He seems more annoyed than actually worried.
    • The timing of him casually shooting a Creep in the middle of his speech. He calmly stops and raises his gun, and then the thing jumps up right on cue.

Heroes and Monsters

  • The episode starts with Neo casually snapping a picture of Ruby with her scroll and sending it to Roman with the caption "Guess who?"
    • Roman's exasperation at seeing said picture.
  • During the battle against the Paladins, everyone is using their own distinctive weapons and styles. Most of it is utterly awesome in its purest form, but when Neon and Reese skate past Flynt, there is a brief moment of him firing his Jazz Horn at an opponent, complete with a familiar loud screeching note. It sounds so out of place in the middle of the battle, that it's practically impossible not to crack a smile at it.
  • Velvet's reaction to Coco telling her to use the box.
    • After Weiss saves Velvet, she immediately smiles and takes a picture of the heiress, most likely planning to add her summoning to the box, or maybe just for the heck of it.
  • Sun's reaction to yet another Paladin showing up.
    • When the episode returns to Sun and others, the Paladin is about to charge at them... only to short circuit mid-charge and fall over, stopping right in front of them.
      Sun: Huh. That went better than I expected.
  • The abrupt way Roman's little speech about how he'll keep surviving ended.
    • And before that, the way Ruby uses her brain to get out of being held at knifepoint by Neo, by taking advantage of the extreme winds and opening Neo's parasol, sending the diminutive minion Mary Poppins-ing her way to the ground.
  • When Yang meets up with Weiss, she tells her to go and look for Ruby. Weiss is so tired out from the last fight all she muster is a thumbs up.
  • Ironwood states that he needs to get back to his airship... Just before it drops out of the sky and crashes a few streets away. Qrow's line takes the cake.
    Qrow: Well, it won't be much of a walk.

End of the Beginning

  • Ozpin juggling Cinder. Seriously, he does and it's hilarious.
  • The fact that Jaune has Glynda's number. Recall that Nora said in Round One that Team JNPR is very prominent to Glynda's scolding maybe up to the point where the strict professor actually gave JNPR her number to save her some troubles.
  • It's easy to miss, but just before Pyrrha comes bursting into Ozpin's office, the elevator's chime sounds.
  • When the dragon busts down the tower, Pyrrha promptly uses the pieces to start beating up Cinder. It's both awesome and deserved, and hilarious seeing her get smacked around. Had it been against most other opponents, it wouldn't really be funny, but since it's the smug Cinder, it comes across as hilarious.
  • There's a point in Pyrrha and Cinder's fight where it almost looks like they're hugging. It's so bizarre that you almost have to laugh. What's funnier is their faces. Cinder's unfazed by the entire thing while Pyrrha is giving her absolute best to kick Cinder's ass.
  • While most of the episode is equal parts awesome and feels, the scene where Cinder sees Ruby go berserk and unleash the power from her silver eyes has her shift to a hilarious "what the fuck this was not part of the plan" expression of total shock.
    Cinder: ...WHAT!?
  • Qrow explaining that Ruby is "special" and not "Daddy's special angel" special.
  • Qrow saying the word pipsqueak is funny if you know how his voice actor's most well-known role would react to it.

Anima Arc

    Volume 4 

The Next Step

  • When Cinder calls Emerald and Mercury over, Emerald bumps Mercury out of the way and glares at him so she can stand next to Cinder.
  • When Salem tells Tyrian that his new target is Ruby, he's initially giddy with sadistic anticipation. When Salem adds to bring Ruby to her, Tyrian deflates and briefly pouts like a child.
  • Ren and Nora arguing whether to call themselves Team RNJR or Team JNRR. Complete with mid-air letters showing the team name they prefer.
    Nora: How can I be more clear?! One. Two. Three! That's more than one.
    Ren: But we're helping Ruby with her objective, so wouldn't that make her the leader?
    • Even better, Jaune soon tells them that they need to focus...only for him a moment later to comment that JNRR sounds cooler.
  • The fight against the Geist.
    • Ruby bursts out of the forest in a cloud of rose petals, fires several rounds at the Geist while in midair... then falls into a tree and hits several large branches on her way down like Winnie the Pooh.
      Ruby: BAD *crash* LANDING *crash* STRATEGY!!! (lands)
    • At one point, the Geist creates a shockwave, blowing everyone backward and airborne. Ruby, Nora, and Ren land elegantly without much effort. Meanwhile, Jaune lands hard, bounces back about three times as far as his teammates, and slams crotch first into a boulder. Some things never change.
      Jaune: You'll be fine without a weapon. You're the strategist.
    • Jaune eloquently summarizes the Geist's possession powers:
      Jaune: "His arm is a tree. HIS ARM IS A TREE!"
    • Ruby tells it "Big Mistake!" after it creates its tree-arm, and she hits it with an incendiary Dust round. This only results it in having a flaming tree-arm.
    • After they establish that their weapons don't seem to hurt the Geist, Jaune puzzles out what its weakness actually is, but doesn't convey the change in strategy very well...
      Jaune: Guys, I've got it! We need to hit it harder.
      Ren: Is... that it?
    • The end of the fight.
      Jaune: Another victory for Team JNRR! (Beat) Alright, you know, okay. Ren, I think you're on to something. It... (sigh) It's just not sounding great anymore.
  • Ruby discovering that Jaune's hoodie has a cartoon bunny face on it, which had always been obscured by his armor. She's dying of rapidly-escalating laughter throughout the following conversation, where at one point her head instantly grows in size to fill the background. Jaune's pouty lower lip sells it.
    Ruby: It's-got-a-cute-little-bunny-rabbit!!! *Laughs*
    Jaune: *Defensively* It's Pumpkin Pete! Y'know!? From the cereal!?
    Ruby: *Laughs harder; mockingly* What did you do!? Send in a box top for a prize!?
    Jaune: Yeah! Fifty!
    Ruby: *Laughs hysterically for about ten seconds straight, falling over with a sigh by the end*
    Ren: Well... I suppose we don't have to grow out of everything.
    Ruby: *Snickers and starts laughing again, legs kicking up*


  • When asking about Jaune's family, he reminds Ruby that he has seven older sisters, to which she starts giggling.
    Nora: You know, that actually explains a lot.
    Jaune: ....Wait, what do you mean?
  • Whenever his family went camping, Jaune would get his own tent because otherwise, his sisters would keep braiding his hair.
    Jaune: Yeah, they just kept doing pigtails but, personally I think I'm more of warrior's wolf-tail kind of guy. [brushes hair with hand]
    Ruby: That's just a ponytail.
    Jaune: [looking forward indignantly] I stand by what I said.
  • Klein. After establishing him as a formal butler, his sudden personality shifts were quite surprising. And then there's what he actually says about Jacques in the middle of it. Even Weiss can't help but giggle at it.

Of Runaways And Stowaways

  • Sun's return is pretty humorous altogether. In fact, he's pretty much the entire source of comic relief throughout this episode.
    • The fact that everything else in the series has taken an impressive animation bump, but the definition of Sun's abs have been diminished.
  • After defeating the Grimm Drake, Sun wants Blake to give him a hi-five. He instead gets a slap to the face, in slo-mo.
  • When Sun gets thrown onto an island, Blake launches herself to catch him mid-air. When they both land, she has him in a Bridal Carry. Humorous by itself because of their size difference, but Sun's reaction to the whole thing:
    Sun: My hero! (Blake drops him, telling him to "shut up and fight". Sun's response? To lay like one of your French Ladies.) Yes Ma'am!
    • And when their positions are reversed later on in the fight?
      Sun: This is the part where you say it. (Blake grunts in annoyance, and the Drake attacks the rock formation they're standing on, causing it to collapse) Okay, maybe later!
    • The various feminine poses Sun takes throughout the chapter.
  • The crew of the ship are fighting a massive battle against a Grimm larger than their ship that breathes lightning. And throughout the whole battle, the Captain and his First Mate are grinning like loons as they blast at the sea-dragon.
  • As Sun reveals himself, he jumps at the Grimm Drake by using Blake as a stepping stone. Setting up the final hit, Sun uses his clones to toss Blake into position. Rather than be thrown by the last real Sun, Blake returns the favor and leaps off his head instead.
  • The reason (okay, the other reason) Sun followed Blake? He thought she was going on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against the White Fang, and felt he should join. Blake's reaction to this was just hilarious.
    Blake: ...What?!
    • With expressive ears to boot.
  • When he finds out this isn't the case, he elects to stay anyway... because he's already on the boat.
  • When Blake asks where the rest of SSSN are, Sun points out that there is no way he'd ever convince Neptune, with his fear of water, to go out on the ocean.
  • A subtle reference from Sun Wukong:
    Sun: It'll be a regular journey to the East! Yeah, I like the sound of that!


  • The episode begins with Oscar staring quizzically into a mirror, as if sensing something wrong. Just as he's about to look away...
    Ozpin: *Nowhere to be seen* Hello! I'm Professor Ozp—
    Oscar: *Screams and falls into a hay pile*
  • Port and Oobleck bantering with Taiyang and reminiscing about a Noodle Incident from their student days is quite amusing to begin with. But then the second they notice Yang has walked in, both professors jump up and awkwardly try to become serious again.
    • The story in question involves Tai tricking Qrow into wearing a skirt. Qrow had never worn a uniform before and Tai told him it was a kilt. What makes it even better is that it's implied Qrow took it in stride and used the opportunity to Show Some Leg (which the girls apparently enjoyed).
    • Port accentuates the story by planting his leg on the kitchen table. He's so short he has to really stretch. Unsurprisingly, this puts him off balance, and he falls flat on his back.
  • Tai and Yang seemingly get into a bitter argument, culminating in Tai taking a shot at Yang's missing arm. There is a horrified, tense silence... and then they both start laughing. Also a heartwarming moment. It's really sold by Port and Oobleck's expressions in the background, and even more so by Oobleck's drink slipping out of his hand and onto the table.
  • Before the aforementioned insult, Yang has this brilliant observation about parents in general:
    Taiyang: Adult or not, you've still got a long way to go before you're ready for the real world.
    Yang: Oh my gosh, does every father figure have the same three condescending phrases?
    Taiyang: Yeah! But we only use them when we mean it!
    Yang: Is that so!?
    Taiyang: As a matter of fact it is so!! If you honestly think you're ready to go out there on your own!? Ha! Well, I guess you lost some brain cells along with that arm!
    • Even funnier, Yang reacts just as a teenager would when not called an adult, kind of proving Taiyang's point.
    • Immediately after the tense silence is broken by Yang and Tai's laughing Oobleck cuts in.
      Oobleck: *Leans in, speaking quietly* Are we finally talking about the Goliath in the room?
      *Tai and Yang trade looks and laugh even harder*
  • While Yang's talk about her is most definitely a Tearjerker, her talking about loss to her father is kind of funny in a dark sense considering the man she's talking to has lost both lovers and his kids nearly twice with both of them being far worse for wear after the second time with Ruby abandoning him with nothing but a note left behind and Qrow, his brother in law and close friend, doing the same.
  • Cool Old Guy Professor Port attempts to console Yang by claiming that even he has known fear. Yang is unimpressed, so Oobleck lets her in on the secret: Port is afraid of Mice. Yep, Mice. Yang is laughing so hard at this that her face goes red for a moment, showing she can barely breathe. His little rant about them after the reveal cranks up the fun and then Oobleck goes in for the snark.
    Port: They bring nothing but disease and famine! And don't even get me started on their tails! So hairless! Simply unnatural!
    Oobleck: Port, I assure you, you're safe. There's no mice here right now.
  • Ruby can't pronounce Higanbana's name, even after hearing the others say it.
    Ruby: Hee-gan-bayn-a
    Ruby: To Higanban- ban-a!
  • Look closely when RNJR checks into the inn. Ruby has to double-check her count of how many are in the group.
  • Qrow's way with the random ladies, with the waitress who delivered him a drink from "the lady upstairs with the red eyes" still quite eager to flirt, and he's perfectly fine with that.
  • There's something funny about the fact that Raven purposefully orders bottom-shelf for Qrow. What makes it funnier is the above flirting is done through an upgrade to top-shelf.
    • Then during Raven's exit, the waitress arrives just in time to see this, and drops her tray in terror. Qrow's sympathetic to her reaction, and attempts to defuse it:
      Qrow: (holding up his glass) Make this one a double.


  • Sun's gobsmacked reaction to seeing the Big Fancy House Blake's parents live in.
    • When Blake points out which house is hers, she has to cover her mouth to hide a small, embarrassed smile at first.
  • Sun making a lousy first impression on Blake's parents is something we all saw coming, but that doesn't make it any less humorous. He immediately puts his foot in his mouth by saying Blake's "Got some great moves" in regards to her fighting ability. Unfortunately, Ghira takes that to mean something else.
    Ghira: And what exactly do you mean by that, Mr. Wukong?
    Sun: Well, you see sir, it's just that, you know, she's such a good fighter and all, and as a fellow fighter, I have a lot of respect for her. And her fighting. But also for her. But because of her fighting, not her looks.
    Kali: (To Blake) Why is he here again?
    Blake: He just kind of... followed me home.
    Kali: (intrigued) I see...
    Sun: I-I mean, not to say she's not good-looking. She is - very - or, slightly? She's definitely above average... Beat I mean, uh, (Uses his tail to pour himself another cup of tea) this tea is really good. (Loudly slurps his cup)
    Kali: ...I like him.
    Blake: Mom!
    • And then, after the pair from the White Fang leave...
      Sun: Okay, those guys were creepy, right?
      Ghira: I really don't like you.
  • Meta: This episode, which gives insight on the Faunus and their situation with the humans, was released for YouTube viewers on Human Rights Day 2016.
  • Meta: In the 'crew commentary' for the episode, one of the animators points out how Ghira has a pair of 'chains' that cross his chest, right across his rather dense chest hair. After a brief discussion of the horror of getting chest hairs yanked out with nearly every movement, they unanimously declared that the 'chains' were 'gold rope' instead.

Tipping Point

  • Jaune and Ren are the fun killers of the group.
    Ruby: What's on the agenda today?
    Jaune: Walking!
    Nora: With a side oooooof?
    Ren: Walking.
  • Ruby's adorably naive assumption that the track to Mistral - which leads them across an entire continent - would take three weeks at most. Jaune is positively appalled at how far off the mark she is.
    Ruby: Haven is a lot farther away than I thought.
    Ren: Ruby? How long did you think this journey was going to take?
    Ruby: I don't know! I grew up in a small area, I've never been this far away from home!
    Jaune: Right long?
    Ruby: Maybe like uh...two weeks?
    Jaune: WHAT?!
    Ruby: Okay fine, three or something!
  • Tyrian's expressions alternate between horrifying and hilarious.
  • Tyrian's reaction when Ruby fires a shot that flies past him and hits Nora. He looks torn between annoyance at someone stealing his kill and amusement at the irony. Then Nora stands back up, wreathed in lightning. The way Tyrian's expression freezes for an awkwardly long period of time as this is happening just sells the moment.
  • When Tyrian reveals his status as a Faunus by blocking a charged attack from Nora, it looks as though he's looking at the audience when he says "Surprise!"
  • Tyrian referring to the White Fang and Torchwick as "plastic soldiers and pawns".
  • The fact that the bitchy woman at the party is actually credited as "Trophy Wife."


  • Ozpin's particular way to console Oscar.
    Ozpin: I can assure you, you're perfectly sane.
    Oscar: I'm talking with a voice in my head.
    Ozpin: I didn't said you were normal. I said you were sane.
  • Oscar's aunt gets one snuck in before Ozpin:
    Oscar: (Jesting over being told diner is whatever she made) I never agreed to these terms!
    Aunt: It's in the Living Under My Roof Contract. Read the fine print and wash up.
  • Tyrian's overly dramatic response to Qrow's appearance confuses Qrow. Ruby's explanation?
    Ruby: I don't know, this guy's weird.
  • Tyrian giggling and blocking Ruby's sniper rounds with his tail, treating the whole thing like a silly game, is quite amusing.
  • Qrow loses his sword briefly, and then after a moment, shrugs and starts beating Tyrian with his fists. And then instead of running for his weapon, he just casually strolls over to it while daring Tyrian to try and stop him. Primarily an awesome moment, but Qrow's sheer indifference to being disarmed makes it hilarious.
    • Tyrian is actually so shocked that Qrow would have the guts to attack him barehanded that he just stands there and takes several punches to the face before he snaps out of it. Qrow however has his weapon back by that point.
    • Qrow's expression when he first loses his sword. He's not even angry, he pouts!
  • During the rooftop battle Qrow tricks Tyrian into jumping on a weak beam which snaps under the impact, making a rapid attack turn very suddenly into an unexpected plummet.
  • Ruby cuts off Tyrian's tail. It's a bit funny on its own, but there's a Genius Bonus in there as well. A scorpion's tail is connected to its anus. Ruby literally ripped him a new one!
    • Even funnier is what happens after: Tyrian says "bitch". This is the first time anyone has gone further than "damn", and it just feels so out of place that it becomes funny to hear. One commenter on Rooster Teeth's website describes the feeling:
      Commenter: Tyrian swore! I'm telling Salem! You can't do that on this show. Murder and dismemberment are fine, but swearing? Have some decency!
  • The sheer fact that, in the middle of the fourth Volume, the main character's reaction to hearing the Big Bad's name is a completely baffled "Who?!"

A Much Needed Talk

  • Kali putting the tray in Blake's hands to force her to have a talk with Ghira. She also mentions how Sun keeps running his mouth while Blake barely speaks, and that she's interested in learning more about the adventures of Team RWBY.
  • Even once Blake manages to muster up the courage to approach her father, her sheepish, socially awkward interactions with him are hilarious.
  • A particularly awkward moment in Ghira and Blake's conversation:
    Ghira: So ... Is it warm in Vale?
    Blake: Huh?
    Ghira: It just...seems like your outfit doesn't cover very much.
    Blake: (looks down and crosses her arms) It covers plenty.
  • Most of the conversation between Ghira and Blake is a mix of very heartwarming and very sad, but before Blake can tell her father why she left her friends in Vale behind, Sun ruins the moment by accidentally breaking through a door while he was clearly eavesdropping.
    Blake: Sun!?!
    Sun: Whoa! This isn't the bathroom! I- I'll just be going! Sorry to interrupt this tender family moment! (sheepishly laughs)
    • Ghira's once again voices his dislike of Sun.
      Ghira: I really don't like you.
  • When Sun tries to show Blake a picture of a suspicious White Fang member on his Scroll, Blake takes the Scroll and throws it away, much to Sun's disbelief. It's hard to say whether Sun is more pissed that Blake isn't listening or that she just wrecked his property.
  • Sun's reaction to encountering a masked White Fang scout.
    Sun: A freaking ninja?!?
    Blake: A spy.
    Sun: But why would ... (sees Blake pursuing the intruder) Hey wait!
    Kali: What's happened?
    Sun: (somewhat panicked) The White Fang is evil! I totally called it! And I'm bringing your daughter back! (Sun jumps after Blake)
  • The end of the episode features some Black Comedy with Qrow's reaction to coughing up purple blood. His casual attitude really sells it.

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

  • Though the situation is serious, Ren mentions that it's hard to tell where they're going without a map. You know, the one the gang has been forgetting and throwing away at every chance for the entire season.
  • Taiyang comparing Yang's semblance to a temper tantrum, joking about remembering her first haircut as proof.
    • He tells her that some problems shouldn't be fought, but stepped around instead... while pointing at Zwei, who's sitting in his way.
  • Weiss using a black glyph (the one that pulls objects) to slam the door in Whitley's face. And this comes after she established that Whitley is jealous of her and Winter for having the Schnee Semblance. She basically just rubbed salt into the wound while simultaneously getting him to shut up. Classic.
  • Although it's a dire situation, seeing Ilia's skin and hair change into absurd color schemes like green skin and blue hair kind of takes the grimness out of the situation. A little.


  • The Percussive Maintenance that Hazel uses to get Oscar a ticket to Mistral qualifies.
    • Earlier, there's Oscar's response when the machine doesn't give him a ticket:
      Oscar: (in an sarcastic, irritated tone of voice) I'm assuming whatever weird magic this is doesn't come with an infinite supply of money?
      Ozpin: (while chuckling) I'm afraid you'll have to solve this one on your own.
  • During the flashback, a young Ren sets out to buy his returning father a present. He tries at the weapon stall, asking what he can buy with his current lien. The shop keep offers him "something his size", a toy wooden sword or hammer. An annoyed Ren then tries to buy sake for his father. The salesman gives him a look and silently shakes his head. There's something amusing about a 5-6 year old Ren asking "Sake please!" While holding out a lien card with both hands.
    • Where did he get that card? His mother gave it to him, after he asked if he could put a water lily in the garden. In the typical little kid sort of way, he jokingly suggests that's what his father wants too. An Ren's reply is both heartwarming and, given Ren's later personality, hilariously ironic:
      "Why did you have to inherit my sass?"
  • Although the episode as a whole is pretty serious, there's one light-hearted moment: when Nora and Ren are investigating a windy cave, Nora asks if it leads to the peak of the mountain. As Ren's saying there's only one way to find out, the cave blows a paper directly into Ren's face, making Nora giggle. Then we see the insignia of Shion on there.

Taking Control

  • Weiss and Klein's reactions to Whitley calling Klein is rather funny, especially their expressions.
  • Weiss using her semblance to lock Ironwood and Jacques in his office is meant to be a serious moment, but it's hard not to laugh at their confusion when Ironwood can't open the door. And for added irony, this was right after he talked about nobody getting into or out of Atlas.
    • The fact that all we hear of them after this is a distant crash and Jacques shouting for Klein, with more funny reactions on the part of Weiss and Klein.
  • The fact that Kali and Ghira both eavesdrop and burst in exactly like Sun did in "A Much Needed Talk" and even with the same excuse. The expression that adorned Blake's face was priceless, as was Ghira's reaction to Kali's attempt at explaining herself.
  • Blake's actual Cat Smile during her conversation with Sun. Crosses over with Heartwarming Moments.

No Safe Haven

  • There's something comical about how the Nuckelavee attacks by throwing its arms around like sticky hands you'd get from a dentist's office. And then there's when it does a Spin Attack...
  • When Nora ends up getting pinned to the wall above Ren, he looks up... and inadvertantly catches an eyeful.
    Nora: Stop looking! (covers herself, looks away, but then smirks)
    Ren: Gah! (hurriedly looks away, covering his eyes)
  • The fact that Jaune's sword transforms into... a bigger sword. After the jokes about Ironwood having a "gun-gun", Jaune actually has a sword-sword.
  • Yang saying that Ruby is in big trouble when she finds her.
  • The fact that the end credits song, about Yang, is titled "Armed and Ready."
    • Ruby repeating Yang's this is what we 'trained' for comment. The scene cuts to Oscar sitting on a train.
    • Given that this is Yang's song, the quote in the line "It was you who began it, now you're saying "goddammit!" bring to mind the usual response of her voice actor's famous schtick.
  • After just barely getting to help in time, Qrow's first scene poison-free is in a bar. Looks like some habits take more than a brush with death to break.
  • Related to the one above, Ozpin's first concern when encountering Qrow is getting Oscar to reclaim his cane. Oscar sounds very annoyed when he exclaims that he's getting to that part. Just how badly did Ozpin want his cane back?
    • Qrow's confused reaction to the aforementioned dialogue sells it.
    • Also from this scene, hearing Vic Mignogna - voice of Edward Elric - calling Oscar - voiced by Aaron Dismuke, the original voice of Alphonse Elric - "pipsqueak" is definitely worth a few chuckles.
      • Made even funner with Oscar's Japanese VA turning out to be none other than Rie Kugimiya, the original original voice actress. The only thing they could've done to just send the world population's sides into orbit would have been to get Romi Park to do Qrow.

    Volume 5 


  • During the opening credits, Nora hangs from the ceiling and points at the camera. Cut to Qrow giving an irritated glare before sighing.

Welcome To Haven

  • Ruby ribbing her uncle on his nearly dying.
  • As Kali points out, Ghira and Sun finally found common ground! They both hate the Albain twins! Doesn't mean Ghira is starting to like Sun though, but it's a start.
  • While walking within Haven, Qrow gets suspicious at the lack of people within the academy, and he rushes to Lionheart's office with RNJR at his heels. As they draw weapons, Qrow prepares to kick the door down ... only for Lionheart to open the door, scream in RNJR's faces (who scream back at him), and faint on the floor. Qrow, now struggling for balance, falls on his backside himself a second before Lionheart faints.
  • The late-night arrival of Oscar, who's guiding a thoroughly sloshed Qrow to a tense Ren, Jaune and Nora, certainly qualifies for sheer awkwardness - especially when Ruby walks in angrily.
    Ruby: WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE?! Can't a girl read her comics in peace?!
    • Ruby's somewhat annoyed reaction to the completely wasted Qrow on the sofa, implying that this isn't the first time she had to deal with her uncle in this state.
      Ruby: *Sighs* Qrow, did you get drunk again?
      Qrow: Maaaybeeee~
    • It gets better. After the above, Ruby takes notice of their new guest and asks who he is. Qrow's bit at the end sells it.
      Ruby: Who are you?
      Qrow: *Laughs to himself*
      Oscar: name is Oscar Pine...
      Qrow: Wait for it...!
      Oscar: ....but you probably know me as...Professor Ozpin.
      Qrow: Ha...! Haha! I did it! *Passes out, faceplanting on the floor*
    • It should be noted that during this entire scene, Qrow's Leitmotif is playing...and sliding all over the place, missing a few notes, and adding in others. That's right, Qrow's so drunk his theme song's drunk too.
    • A little hard to miss, but Qrow actually 'boops' Oscar on the nose before crashing on the lounge.
  • Yang punching a lecherous thug in the face for touching her hair is amusing. That same thug bouncing across the room off the walls, floors, and ceiling like a tennis ball before flying out the door? Hilarious.
    • At which point the bartender cheerfully gives Yang her drink for free because the drunk guy had been annoying him.
    • According to the credits, the thug's name is "Shady Man". Like "Deerie" and "Trophy Wife" from Volumes 2 and 4! Also, when he offers to take Yang to Raven, he flashes an evil grin...that's missing a tooth.
  • Oscar getting Ozpin's cane from Qrow is hilarious, if only because of how big it is compared to him. In the Volume 5 introduction, he ends up wielding it like it's a greatsword because it's so big!
  • The unnamed guard standing watch outside of Ghira's house is a canine faunus. Which means that said guard is a literal guard dog.

Dread In The Air

  • While Salem and Lionheart talking via Seer Grimm is scary, Watts interrupts the whole thing (shoving himself in front to boot) to remark on the whole effect, having seen it before, apparently. He sounds just so casual.
  • In Volume 4, a fan joke cropped up that Ruby was taking limbs off each of the major villains (first Cinder's eye, then Tyrian's tail). This becomes darkly humorous when Salem tells Watts that he'll need to make Tyrian a new tail. His confused surprise when he realizes Ruby is significantly more dangerous than he expected makes the whole thing amusing.
  • When Weiss asks the pilot to confirm that he's carrying dust:

Unforeseen Circumstances

  • Sun showing his support for Ghira. It's so hilariously, awkwardly heartwarming you can't help but love it.
  • The whole scene with Ozpin/Oscar and team RNJR is full of these, starting with this exchange:
    Nora: This is perfect! We were stuck at a dead end, but now we can just take lil' cute boy Ozpin to Lionheart, and have him set things straight!
    Ozpin: Please don't call me that.
    • After Oz and Qrow plan to hide the former's reincarnation from Lionheart, the latter then plans to recruit a group of Huntsmen who aren't on Mistral Council's books, saying it as he places his foot on a coffee table - which breaks due to his Semblance.
      Nora: Good luck with that.
    • Ozpin calls Ruby out for her over-reliance on Crescent Rose. Ruby makes a "here we go again" face, but doesn't even try and deny it.
    • Ozpin then jumps onto the chair to illustrate that he'll be the one teaching RNJR how to fight better before giving control back to Oscar, who is unprepared and promptly falls backwards.
      • While funny on its own, this could also be a reference to the time Aaron Dismuke, who voices Oscar, tipped over in a chair in a recording booth and got stuck.
    • While Ozpin is on the chair and informing RNJR of their Training from Hell, Jaune and Ren are in shock, Ruby is geeking out, and Nora seems to be thinking "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!". Also, Ozpin announces that Oscar will go through the same to help him adapt to Ozpin's muscle memory. Oscar clearly wasn't informed of this until now.
      Oscar: Wait, what?
  • Weiss's tiny Knight summon is equal parts awesome, adorable, and hilarious. It's a tiny, shin-tall Knight hefting its sword like it's about to wreck someone's kneecaps!

Lighting the Fire

  • After her one-sided confrontation with the bandits, Yang casually mentions to the guy who'd tried to grope her at the fuel station that she's Raven's daughter.
    Shady Guy: Who are you!? ...It doesn't even matter. When Raven finds out what you did you're dead!
    Yang: *Sighs* Possibly, but I doubt it. I'm her daughter after all.
    Shady Guy: ...I'm dead. *Faints*
    • When the Shady Guy runs off to "make sure the coast is clear," Yang gives him this incredibly bored look and starts taking off her sunglasses and extra equipment so she'll be ready for the fight that's coming. She knows what scene she's in, and knows this guy's going to try to ambush her. In a way, it's rather hilarious how clever the Shady Guy believes he is, when his intents couldn't have been more transparent to Yang.
    • The fact that Shady Guy's weapon is literally just a revolver with a knife taped to it. Technically it's a RWBY-style weapon....
    • One of the bandits is a pugilist, and she goes straight at Yang. This ends as well for her as you think it would.
    • The sheer number of bruises and injuries visible on the bandits escorting Yang into the camp.
    • Given the typical comparisons for Yang with going Super Saiyan, note that one of the bandits she beat up bears a strong resemblance to Caulifla.
  • During training when Oscar lands a solid punch in Ruby's face he panics and she angrily decks him back. After Ozpin points out Oscar's mistake he decides it's his turn. Ruby's face when she realizes she's about to be in a fist fight with Ozpin is priceless.
    Ozpin: Not bad, Ms. Rose. But Oscar doesn't have the years of training that you do. Or I do. *Engages his aura, Jaune and Nora's faces fall*
    Ruby: *Eyes widen* Oh...ha...uh, well, maybe we should, uh, take a break...? *Oz rushes her*
  • Nora's summation of how she discovered her Semblance:
    Nora: Got struck by lightning. Didn't die. Crazy Thursday ...
  • Yang clobbers a bandit, knocking a tent over and revealing Weiss in her cage. After they get over the shock of seeing the other, Weiss notes that subtlety is obviously out of the window, and proceeds to enlarge her summoned Arma Gigas to shatter her cage with ease.
  • After this, Weiss and Yang compare notes and realize something.
    Yang: What is that?
    Weiss: Don't worry about it, what are you doing here?
    Yang: Well, that's my mom and she can take us to Ruby.
    (Weiss looks at Raven, who groans)
    Weiss: (Incredulous) Your mom kidnapped me?!
    Yang: (To Raven, outraged) You kidnapped her!?
    • Granted, Yang doesn't know about the plane crash, so she's probably imagining Weiss getting abducted from her house.

Necessary Sacrifice

  • Blake and Sun trying to get signatures of support for the Faunus to help protect Haven is pure Cringe Comedy when Sun is onscreen, due to his inability to get anyone to sign up. The one big, tough-looking Faunus man he almost convinces gets berated by his mother and dragged back into the house.
    • Another time, he's hanging from a tree by his tail. After his pitch is denied, the tree shakes, and Sun realizes that someone is chopping it down.
  • Later on, when Blake describes Sun as being the embodiment of earnesty, he responds by doing a trick with his tail and coconut drink. The sight of his clowning induces a smile and a laugh from Blake, and a number of the viewers.
  • Ruby, after a long and heartfelt conversation with Oscar about why she keeps on fighting, then tells Oscar that now they really need to get to dinner because Nora will eat everything otherwise. And it's apparently happened a few times before.
  • After the Albain brothers watch Adam's rage-filled rant about the Belladonnas (including orders to take Blake alive after slaughtering her family), they pause and one of them sums it up with, "He seems ... unwell."

Known By Its Song

  • The bartender's reaction to Qrow's questions, forcing our unlucky bird to bid a hasty retreat and Verbal Backspace.
  • During the montage of Qrow's failed search for huntsmen, at one point he groans and leans backward in a very exaggerated manner. At another point he just falls to his knees and shakes his hands into that air, as if saying "You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me!".
  • Weiss clearly has had enough of Raven and Abusive Parents in general.
    Raven: (taking a sip from her cup) You know, it's better when it's hot.
    Weiss: You know, you're really obnoxious.
  • Nora loudly eating the carrot slices she's cutting for a dinner.
  • Ren trying to warn Ruby that she's going to burn what she's cooking, which she blows off... only for it to burn anyways, with a cartoonish poof and puff of black smoke.
    • Keen viewers may notice that she burned her food when Qrow walked in.

Rest and Resolutions

  • The whole dinner scene counts. As they tank up on ramen, Weiss, Yang, and Team RNJR discuss their adventures and rib one another about various incidents. This includes Jaune engaging in a bit of Self-Deprecating Humor about forgetting the map, Weiss spooking Nora off her chair with her summoned Boarbatusk, and Nora challenging Yang to an arm wrestle - which ends with Yang pulling a Rocket Punch, causing Nora to barrel into the wall behind her ... with the arm still attached to her hand. Cue a hilarious freak-out from the resident Boisterous Bruiser, while Weiss and Ruby look thoroughly squicked out.
    • Just before Yang detaches, Weiss is watching the whole affair with some dismay.
      Ruby: C'mon, sis! You can't lose to a girl in a skirt!
      Weiss: You wear a skirt, Ruby.
      Ruby: (while jostling Weiss, who looks annoyed) Weiss, you're not cheering loud enough!
  • After the dinner is over, Jaune is worried that he ate so much that he's gonna puke, causing Yang to bring up his old "Vomit Boy" moniker again. This leads to Weiss' "Ice Queen" nickname being brought up again. The difference between them being Jaune goes straight into deadpan sarcasm at his while Weiss can't help but crack a smile when it's her turn.
    Weiss: *smiling* I so did not miss you people.
    Nora: *gasps* Oh my gosh, she really does like it! What went and warmed your heart while you were gone?
    Weiss: *still smiling* Hey! You make it sound like I used to be terrible!
    Yang: Nah. Just a lot to deal with at once!
    Weiss: Hmph!
    Yang: *playfully sticks her tongue at her* Hmph!
  • Realization hits Weiss like a sack of bricks when Ren points out how much they've changed. Ruby and Yang's own reactions aren't much more dignified.
    Ren: Think back to when we were all at Beacon. Would you ever say that you did anything foolish or embarrassing? Or did you think you were perfect?
    Weiss: *plants her face in her hands* Oh gosh.
    Yang: I may have been a little too gung-ho from time to time...
    Ruby: Heh. You? I tried to 1v1 a Nevermore on the second day of school...
  • Qrow complaining about how much noise they're making.
    Qrow: How can six kids possibly make so much noise eating dinner!?
  • Ozpin explains that he granted Qrow and Raven the power of animorphism. Whereas Yang and Weiss have the benefit of having witnessed with their own eyes Raven demonstrating the power, Team RNJR do not. It's thus understandable that they have a very skeptical response to this.
    Ruby: Uncle?
    Ren: You turned them... into birds.
    Nora: Alright, now you're just messing with us.
    Jaune: (bitterly) What else is new.
  • Yang's response? A full on calling out for Ozpin giving them the unlimited power to change back and forth into birds.
  • Ozpin explains to the group about how he's the Wizard that blessed the Maidens with their powers. It then shows a full shot of everyone in the room, with no one reacting to this particular fact.
  • Oscar again gets back control during an awkward pose, this time with his hand on Yang's shoulder.
  • Nora realizing that the siblings Raven and Qrow are both named after birds. Ren has the same look on his face as the audience.
  • The Shady Man's reaction to Cinder's group and Watts showing up.
  • Thanks to the credits, the Shady Man now has an official name. It's... Shay D. Mann.

Alone Together

  • Weiss made coffee for herself, Yang and Ruby, putting what she described as "a blasphemous amount of cream and sugar" in the latter's. When Ruby cracks a joke about her being nice, she mock-threatens to pour it on her head.
  • Ilia was apparently the lucky one out of the White Fang assassins. You actually feel bad for the half-dozen or so goons who tried to solo Ghira Belladonna.

A Perfect Storm

  • Mercury tries to intimidate Raven. It doesn't work.
    Mercury: We're the guys you should be afraid of.
    Raven: I doubt anyone should be afraid of you.
  • Raven's reaction to Cinder presenting herself, Watts and her disciples.
    Raven: Two children you've tricked into following you, a disgraced Atlesian scientist, and a Fall Maiden with a surname so appropriate, she probably picked it herself. Something tells me you've got more than a slight case of egomania. Is that about right?
    Watts: Technically, I was also a doctor, but I must say the rest was spot on.
  • Cinder, Watts, Mercury, and Emerald's surprised facial reactions when Raven almost immediately asks for them to kill Qrow. You can tell that despite being Salem's lackies and clearly being villains, they were clearly shocked by how fast and how coldly Raven stated that she wanted her own brother dead.
  • When Blake and Sun arrive to help Ghira, Blake wants to stay behind to take down the Albains. Ghira, however, insists that she find Kali. When Blake tries to protest...
    Ghira: You keep assuring me that your friend isn't a complete waste of space. Let's see him prove it.
    Sun: We got this, Blake! I've wanted to sock these creeps since the day we met.
    Ghira: You'll have to get in line.
    • Right before they resume the fight:
      Sun: I won't let you down, sir!
      Ghira: Shut up.
      Sun: You got it!
      • Overlaps with Awesome; earlier in the same scene, a White Fang mook armed with a halberd tries to rush Ghira. Ghira grabs the mook by her weapon and flings her away, knocking over Fennec in the process.

True Colors

  • Ozpin answering Ruby's question on whether his cane is a Relic before she even asks gives a good chuckle for all involved.
    Ruby: Uh, I did have one more question. . .
    Ozpin: No, my cane is not a relic.
    Ruby: I have no more questions!
    • Kind of funny in a meta way considering how many people in the FNDM thought Ozpin's cane was the relic.
  • Kali picking up a tray to defend herself against the attackers when her ammo runs out. When one of the surviving guards gives her a look, she asks her if she's got a better idea.
  • Sun gets back at Ilia for stabbing him... by pinching her.
    Ilia: OW!

The More The Merrier

  • Leo gets a little worried about Qrow not only bringing more people, but also weapons, to which Qrow just deadpan remarks: "We're huntsmen." And of course, Leo's donned his own weapon already.
  • After Jaune calls out Cinder for all the crimes she committed, in a darkly humorous moment, Cinder just blankly stares at Jaune and asks: "... Who are you again?"

Vault of the Spring Maiden

  • Deciding he was done with Lionheart, Oscar smacks him over the head with Ozpin's cane, causing him to tumble down the stairs and knock into Hazel. Hazel doesn't fall, and looks more baffled than anything that a grown man bounced off him.
  • Whilst the episode itself lacked humour in terms of dialogue, there's quite a Stealth Pun with Hazel infusing his arms with lightning Dust. He literally becomes a Lightning Bruiser.
    • Speaking of Hazel in this episode, Qrow's "WTF?" reaction when Hazel starts ripping his own jacket off in preparation for battle deserves a mention .


  • Mercury successfully disarming Ruby and then trying to gloat about it, only for Ruby to cut him off by headbutting him in the face. The sheer indignity on his face as he holds his nose is hilarious.
  • Upon waking from a mortal injury, Weiss is told what she suffered and she needs to stay with her saviour while their allies take care of their foes. Her reaction of a groggy "That's ... annoying." sounds like someone still high on meds after an operation.
    • Plus, it sounds like she'll Never Live It Down, losing her fight with Vernal so decisively and then having to be saved by Jaune. She can't even bring herself to thank him, just a sort-of "well, keep up what you're doing".
  • Hazel's dark attempt to electrocute Nora while screaming at Ozpin about "how many other children will have to die for him" sees serious Mood Whiplash when Nora, unwittingly powered up by Hazel, suddenly lets out a hilarious, deepened roar before sending him flying.
  • Adam's reaction to seeing Nora plow Hazel through a wall. Judging from how he and the other White Fang members are just standing there watching it happen, it's apparent that they stopped whatever they were doing just to see what the hell just happened.
  • When Adam finds himself surrounded by the Menagerie army and the Mistral police, he turns to Hazel for help. The latter dismisses Adam and the White Fang straight away; his nonchalant stoicism is what sells it.
  • Adam then attempts to blow everyone up then and there, but it fails due to Ilia dismantling the bombs. It's enough that even Adam's other remaining troops call him for trying to kill everyone.
    • The cherry on top is the confused way Adam presses the trigger multiple times after the first push.
  • The reunion between Adam and Blake is as tense as one would expect, and at the peak of his madness Adam rushes at Blake, intent on cleaving her in half. Blake Shadows out of the way, dodging to the side, and we get a moment of glorious slow motion as she raises her arms and Adam looks over in dawning horrified realization. Seconds later, Blake has thumped him on the back and planted his stupid face into the ground. Even Adam's subordinates seem taken aback at how undignified it was.
  • Mercury tries to stop Yang by grabbing her robotic arm. Her eyes briefly flash red ... and then she just detaches it, letting Merc ungracefully just stumble.
  • The title of the episode is foreshadowing in the most hilarious way possible. At the end, Cinder falls - both literally and figuratively.
    • In a delicious piece of Black Comedy, look at her expression of blank shock when she falls.
    • Earlier in the fight, Cinder summons a giant fire sword. Raven responds with a giant ice blade, that then extends a bit to be bigger than Cinder's. And the pose as Cinder summons her sword makes it look like she's Compensating for Something. Or summoning a Schwartz.

Haven's Fate

  • A subtle Visual Pun occurs when the Knowledge Relic is seen for the first time - it's revealed to be a lantern. In other words, it's enlightening.
  • Mercury's exasperated reaction to Lionheart fleeing the battle. The face that he makes right after when Hazel lets out a roar is just as priceless.
  • When Kali showed up with the fleet of Mistral's military airship, viewers were quick to comment that, after five seasons, someone finally just called the cops on Cinder.
  • Salem has a minor moment. After brutally murdering Lionheart via the Seer Grimm, it cuts to an incredibly bored-looking Salem, who's only comment is an equally unenthusiastic "Coward".
  • Sun getting Blake to head towards her friends by grabbing her with his tail, eliciting a bit of a yelp.

    Volume 6 


  • The opening sequence features Jaune's shield expanding suddenly, knocking Oscar's comic out of his hands and into a sleeping Qrow's face. Jaune looks characteristically sheepish as the latter wakes up, irked at what happened.

Argus Limited

  • Nora has clearly had it with all the chaos that seems to follow them.
    Nora: Why is it always something?!
  • Ren comically dreams of hitting the beach at Argus - complete with an imaginary beachball in his hands that pops when the fantasy ends.
  • The faces Ruby and Yang make at the incompetent huntsmen while Qrow chews them out in the train station are priceless.
  • Even Oscar doesn't hesitate to voice his (rather low) opinion on said huntsmen.
    Ozpin: I do hope those weren't Beacon graduates.
    Oscar: You know, sometimes the burden of saving the world feels overwhelming. But then people like that come along and make me grateful that it's our job and not theirs.
    (Everyone agrees soundly)
  • Sun arrives to see Blake off;
    Sun: What? You didn't think I was going to miss your big send off, did you?
    Neptune: (Pops out from behind Sun) He definitely overslept and absolutely almost missed this.
    (Sun growls and shushes Neptune)
  • Neptune starts hitting on Ilia. We can all tell how that's gonna turn out.
    Blake: Wrong tree.
    Sun: He'll figure it out.
  • After we discover that Sun's taking his team to Shade to continue their studies, he talks about the wastelands to a visibly uncomfortable Neptune. Clearly, our resident Casanova Wannabe isn't fond of the desert.
  • As everyone questions if things are OK, the mysterious goggle-wearing elder, Maria Calavera, suddenly appears saying "Still alive! That was a close one, huh!"


  • In a flashback, Weiss learns that the next destination is Atlas;
    Weiss: ...You've got to be joking.
    Nora: Well, bright side: we finally get to leave this house.
  • When Blake points out that they have the (ex, as Weiss corrects) Schnee Dust Company Heiress with them to grease the wheels to get them into Atlas, Yang makes a quip about reward money.
  • When the Relic of Knowledge gets discussed, Nora immediately asks if it can grant more questions and gets extremely dejected when Ren tells her that it's not wishes that the Relic grants. Nora's antics even cause Qrow to spit out a mouthful of coffee, as shown in the picture above.
    • Of course, what does Oscar tell Team RWBY after they get stranded? That there actually is a genie within the Relic.
    • When the genie, named Jinn, materialises before the heroes, their collective expressions of unbridled shock qualify. Qrow, the ladies' man, actually looks away when he realizes that she's naked.
    • Maria, on the other hand, seems to be staring, despite being blind without her special goggles, which she had mentioned are in need of repair.
    • Not just Maria, but all of Team RWBY seem to spend at least a few minutes staring awestruck at the giant blue naked woman.
  • Yang refers to Maria as defenceless. The latter takes some umbrage with this.
    Maria: My name is Maria Calavera! And I am not defenseless; I'm just a little hard of hearing. And blind without my eyes, which are in desperate need of repair.
    Maria taps her goggles, which promptly close on her before reopening into slits.
    Maria: Okay, I'm beginning to see your point.
  • Weiss trying to walk in the snow, while wearing heels.
  • A dark example, but Cinder's casual explanation to "Little Miss Malachite" of where the Lien that she snatched from some bystander and is using to buy information on Ruby and company's whereabouts qualifies:
    • Doubles as Awesome. "Little Miss" clearly doesn't view Cinder as a threat, and is insulted when the latter doesn't strike what she thinks is a proper tone with her:
      Cinder: You're "Little Miss Malachite"?
      "Little Miss": I'm "Little Miss" gonna skin you alive if you ever take that tone with me again.
  • "Little Miss's" reaction to one of her henchpeople saying that they already know where the heroes are after Cinder leaves.
  • Maria's presence in the entire scene is just funny. You have an old lady who just wanted to go from point A to point B and she ends up having to sit through one group's quarrel, which involves possession and giant naked blue ladies.

The Lost Fable

  • Qrow waving his hand in front of Ozma's face, obviously wondering if he can see him.
  • While it doubles as a Tear Jerker, the idea that everything that could go wrong happened because Ozma died from an illness is quite baffling.
  • Although a serious scene due to the God of Darkness nearly getting into a fight with the God of Light over his interference regarding Salem's petition about reviving Ozma, it is funny to see both siblings killing and then resurrecting Ozma consecutively, reforming and disintegrating him in Salem's arms over and over again like a yo-yo. It almost makes them look like children having a spat instead of omnipotent gods.
    • Let's not forget the irony that the God of Darkness, associated with famine and all kinds of destruction, brought someone back to life, which would normally be associated with his brother, and vice versa - all because he appreciated having his first worshipper in a while.
    • The fact that Salem's Plan B for bringing Ozma back was effectively the god equivalent of asking your other parent after the first one said no.
  • After wiping out humanity and chastising Salem one more time following his brother's departure, the God of Darkness leaves the planet in a pillar of energy which hits and breaks part of the moon instead of aiming for the empty space.
  • After a resurrected Ozma finds Salem, we see her rundown house become repaired over time. The idea of Salem - who has been presented up to this point as being regal and dignified, when not being monstrous - doing home repair can be surprisingly humorous.
  • The sight of Salem being a doting mother to four daughters; it needs to be seen to be believed.
    • Just the mere notion of Salem and Ozma reproducing four magically-gifted offspring despite the former having been contaminated with Grimm essence and spending countless eons alone as an immortal and the latter being a reincarnating wizard is a sight to behold.
    • And of course, it's not the first time the RWBY community has toyed with this idea.
    • The idea that Ozma and Salem's confrontation can be likened to a divorce is this to some. Makes the line "Flirting was a whole lot less destructive in my day" from RWBY Chibi all the more ironic, isn't it?
      • To be fair, the actual flirting between Ozma and Salem went off without a hitch. Their "divorce", on the other hand, makes Chibi Qrow and Winter's tussle look like child's play by comparison.
  • Despite being a magic item that has no function or desire other than answering three questions once a century, Jinn, the avatar of the Relic of Knowledge, seems to have a personality of her own...and a not-so-subtle dislike of Ozpin. When Ruby asks Jinn, "What is Ozpin hiding?", Jinn launches into a whole episode devoted to Ozpin's backstory, dirty secrets, and shame, complete with illusory images and sound effects.
    • Compare this to what happened when one of Ozpin's past lives asked Jinn (revealed as a sort of freebie in the aforementioned flashback), "How do I destroy Salem?" and Jinn answered with just two words: "You can't." And ended the conversation right there.
  • Here's a surprising meta: this episode, which has Salem and Oz's love story, which includes having their four daughters, is the sixty-ninth episode of the series. And the real kicker? It wasn't planned! Once they figured it out, Miles and Kerry admitted this on Twitter months after the episode aired.

So That's How It Is

  • Even though it's Played for Drama, the expression Oscar makes when Qrow punches him in the face is hilarious.
  • The sight of Maria brow-beating everyone around her - especially Yang - into moving on and finding shelter gets in. It's a fine example of Screw Politeness, I'm a Senior!, particularly her throwing Yang's "defenceless old lady" insult back in her face after Yang's continued sass towards Maria.
  • Tyrian is at first ecstatic when he sees that Cinder's plan at Haven failed, and he takes great joy in taunting Emerald over how Cinder won't be able to protect her from Salem's wrath. He's laughing gleefully as Emerald, Mercury and Hazel walk away, but his subsequent reaction to Salem's rage indicates that no one told him he'd have to actually be in the room during the debriefing.
    • It gets better: Salem got so upset that she flipped the table over. Tyrian ended up on the floor because he was sitting on the wrong side.
  • While the meeting between Salem and her lieutenants is rather tense, Watts's confusion as to how Salem could possibly know if Cinder is alive or not might be this to some. Give his previous displays of animosity towards Cinder, this could be interpreted less as him being genuinely baffled as it could well be that he was glad that Cinder was possibly dead and was upset at Salem for dashing his hopes. There's also his nervous backspacing when Tyrian accuses him of questioning Salem, knowing full well not to piss her off.

The Coming Storm

  • After their battle starts damaging the bar, Malachite tells the battling Cinder and Neo to take it outside. Cue Smash Cut to Cinder getting thrown through a window.
  • Just the way that Malachite treats the whole fight as a show for her amusement.
    • Her aside to the female bodyguard to "maybe put away the good glasses". Even better is that during their fight Neo begins throwing bowls at Cinder that break first when they hit her and when Neo hits one that Cinder tries to use as a shield. Should have listened...
  • Neo is as much as a Troll towards Cinder as she was towards Yang during their fight, from casually dodging out of the way of Cinder's swipes with little effort, to smiling as Cinder picks her up and tosses her off the bar, to doing a mock curtsy when she lands.
  • After Cinder manages to defuse Neo, she suggests that they talk about how they are going to kill Ruby. Cue Neo reminding Cinder that she's a mute by pointing to her mouth with an irked expression.
    Cinder: ... Right.
  • When they first enter the farmhouse, Team RWBY, Qrow, and Oscar are all on the defensive, weapons at the ready, only for Maria to yell that they should close the door because it's already cold enough in there.
  • While everyone else is getting ready for the night, Maria's self-appointed task is finding a good bedtime story.
  • Whilst searching for vehicles in the abandoned farm, Blake notices an ancient tractor.
    Blake: Something tells me that's not street legal.
  • Ruby squees out over finding canned food in the wine storage area. Weiss is ... rather unenthused about it.
    • Better yet, Ruby's description on how to eat canned food.
      Ruby: Oh trust me, you put enough salt on anything, and it will taste juuuuuust fine.
      • As a Freeze-Frame Bonus, if you look closely, the can she is hold is shrimp flavored beans.
  • A case of Black Comedy: Ruby and Weiss find a bar filled with alcohol in the farm house. Ruby suggests not telling the others, fearing Qrow may not respond well. The two move on into the next room to find...more alcohol. And then spot a trapdoor most likely leading down to a cellar containing yet more alcohol. Ruby quips that at least they won't have any trouble starting a fire.

Alone In The Woods

  • When Ruby tells the group that Qrow told them all to get some sleep, Maria mutters about how she isn't going to let a kid tell her what to do and moves to a chair by a lamp to read. The next morning reveals that she's fallen asleep there.
    • What's also funny is how she refused to go to bed because Ruby says so on the grounds that she's a kid, while mimicking her in a similar manner to that of.. well, a kid.
  • Qrow and Ruby going to all the effort of pushing the trailer up to Bumblebee, only for Qrow's infamous bad luck to pop a tyre. Qrow even goes off to sulk like a little kid.
  • Even knowing the context, there's something a bit funny about how Blake and Oscar are grumbling about not having breakfast.
  • In a subtle moment, once Ruby unleashes a full-powered blast from her eyes, one of the Apathy Grimm tries to protect its vision with the use of its hand - as if not wanting to be flash-banged again.
  • A bittersweet one: after Team RWBY and Maria escape the waterways, they discover that they're back in the wine cellar and bar from the previous episode... which Qrow did end up finding.
    • This exchange:
      Qrow: (Sloshed) Hey, get off me! What're you doin?
      Maria: We're leaving, you idiot!
    • Whilst a tense moment, there's something inherently funny about how quickly Qrow sobers up once he sees the Apathy Grimm catching fire while Weiss and Ruby drag him away.
    • Also, just the image of Weiss of all people throwing bottles of wine. No doubt this is extremely cathartic for her given her family's history with alcohol.
      Weiss: (Turns back to Ruby) Now we can leave!
    • Another Brick Joke: Turns out Ruby was right about how easy starting a fire would be.

The Grimm Reaper

  • While discussing her plans with Neo, Cinder casually twirls a glass dagger that she made with her Fall Maiden powers.
    • If one looks closely, it's actually a different kind of knife whenever the camera switches to her. Talk about dramatic.
  • Cinder's been forbidden from killing Ruby directly, so she decides to engage in a bit of Loophole Abuse by getting Neo to do it while earning her way back into Salem's good graces. Why did Cinder get kicked out of Salem's good graces again? By making pointless additions to Salem's plans in the name of personal revenge! There's no way this could go wrong.
  • Considering the similarities between Tyrian and Tock, it makes you wonder if Salem went out of her way to recruit another bloodthirsty faunus with yellow eyes and a name that starts with a "T" after losing the last one.
  • After Maria finishes her story, all of the heroes are shocked. They never realised that their companion was a famed killing machine in her prime. Qrow even admitted that he based Harbinger off of her weapon, and wanted to be just like her. Maria has this to say in response.
    Maria: Well, I'm nothing but a disappointment. So you're well on your way.
  • When Ruby gets called by Jaune, we see that he's listed in her phone as Vomit Boy.
  • Nora's the first to discover the other heroes when they arrive in Argus, with hilarious results.
    Nora: Cute boy OZ!!
    Oscar: Huh? (gets a Nora-spear-tackle to the ground)
    • Nora's panting is heard for a second or two before she skids into the frame. It's not that hard to imagine her just running all the way from Saph's house in excitement instead of taking a trolley.
  • In a Call-Back to Volume 4, we see a family picture of the Arc clan within Saphron Arc's house with a young Jaune in pigtails and looking quite annoyed while holding a sign saying "HELP".
  • Jaune and Saphron's brief bickering is just so familiar to anybody with siblings. Especially when Jaune points out that he's not a baby, Adrian is. Adrian takes offense to that.
    • Especially the cheek pinching. Dear god the cheek pinching.
    • Jaune childishly flailing his arms (while still wearing his armored gauntlets) whenever his sister embarrasses him, kind of disproving his statement that he's not a baby. Made even funnier by their size difference.
    Jaune: (Flailing wildly) I am not a baby! (Points at Adrian) That is a baby. (Pouts)
  • Every moment involving Jaune's nephew Adrian counts, but especially Weiss and Yang all going bonkers over him. Take it from two Huntresses who also happen to be older sisters.
  • Terra questions the legality of RWBY/JNR being out in the field, as they are still technically students. Qrow says to think of it as "an extended training mission." And to trust him, as he was a professor. And that he graduated from the same academy they attended. And they were better than his team was at that age. (Naturally, he adds that they're not as good as him specifically. Funnily enough, they're partially true if mainly questionable.)
    Ruby: Shut up there's food!
    • Maria continues to express her disapproval of Qrow, shaking her head as he keeps vomiting up rationalizations.
  • Just like with cookies, Ruby chomps down on the sandwiches she's eating in a way that makes them seem to almost disappear into her mouth faster than should be humanly possible.
    • As soon as the sandwiches arrive, Ruby does a little Happy Dance as she gleefully chows down on a few. When Qrow starts eating, he joins in.
  • While the explanation itself is kind of sad, the way Terra's work problems are explained is actually pretty funny.
    Saphron: (baby-talking to Adrian) Guess what's on the fritz and who's getting falsely blaaaaamed?
    Terra: (leaning in with a harsh whisper and a declarative finger) ME!
  • The end of the episode is chuckle-worthy, as Team RWBY goes to Argus' military base only to have the gates literally slammed in their faces. The music makes it funnier, as does Jaune's claim that Team JNR's previous attempt didn't go so well either.

Dead End

  • How the two guardsmen act, especially how they do tend everything in unison.
    • It does begin to wear thin after a while, as Yang points out:
      Yang: Do you guys seriously have to do that?
    • In a way, they are reminiscent of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
  • It turns out that Maria and the top Atlesian officer posted to Argus are enemies. Why, you ask?
    Maria: I come through here once every ten years to get my eyes checked up in Atlas. You bring in outside cashews on one flight and suddenly you're placed on the additional screening list for life!
    Qrow: You gotta be kidding me ...
    Maria: Now now, let's not give up hope yet ... maybe she's dead!
    • When Maria first mentions that she knows the CO, the group hopes that things will work out okay ... until she corrects them on the two of them being friends, and it's not until Yang suggests "enemies" that she feels their relationship is properly described.
    • It's possible to miss it, but throughout Maria's cashews rant, her eyelid is twitching in frustration. Which is impressive, considering her eyes are robotic.
    • And look closely at Oscar. While he seems interested in Maria's words, when she gets to the cashews, he has this deadpan 'really?' look on his face.
  • Later on, once the CO in question arrives, this exchange happens:
    Caroline: Witch.
    Maria: She-devil.
    Caroline: Hmm ... I see you've chosen larger contraband to smuggle this time.
    Maria: Oh Cordo, you know they say time changes people, but I see you've still got that stick right up -
    Ruby: HELLO! Miss-uh-Cordovin!
    • Cordovin's over-the-top nationalism, and the way the "Nubucks" echo her. And Maria's insinuation that Cordovin had been stationed in Argus because it was far from Atlas proper.
    • As Caroline is blathering on about the process to Ruby, she notices JNR a ways behind the group, about 10 yards or so away.
      Caroline: (to JNR) What are you doing back here? I thought I told you to leave!?
      Nora: (as she's restrained by Jaune and Ren) And I told you we wouldn't rest until you let us through!
      Ren: Nice to see you again as well! (waves)
    • And then, after Cordovin shuts the gates on our heroes, Nora has this to say:
      Nora: Oh, yeah!? Well, your base looks... like a big, dumb, boot!
      Jaune: (Sarcastic) Way to tell her, Nora.
  • Maria's budding mentorship of Ruby has these in abundance, including this gem:
    Ruby: So, how do I laser-beam monsters with my eyeballs?
    Ruby gets whacked on the head with Maria's staff.
    Maria: First, you stop thinking like that!
  • In a bit of a meta joke, one of the big complaints about Volume 5 was how the group was stuck in a house. After all the jabs about being confined to a house and finally getting to get out and move... the group ends up stuck in a house again, and in RWBY's case, twice.


  • Terra snarking at what the neighbors will think about the teens gathered around a drunk man passed out on their front steps. Saphron gives her a discreet elbow to the ribs.
  • It turns out that Oscar didn't abscond from the team after all. He was buying combat clothing, and had zero clue that the others took his absence the wrong way.
    • Blake's reaction is pretty funny considering her tendencies to run.
    • The frames when the group jumps to hug Oscar. Everyone is stretched out, a few of them are T-Posing, and Nora gains extra legs.
      • What makes it even better, is that Weiss, Blake and Ren do it too.
    • Weiss in particular acts like an worried mother, clutching her hands while telling Oscar she was "worried sick". You almost expect her to ground him.
      • Nora, on the other hand, asks him "What are you wearing?" with a very... interested grin.
    • Oscar's expression when he realises he's going to get tackled again gets in.
  • While having their heartwarming moment that Oscar returns, the smoke detector goes off, and he begins to freak out over the casserole he just made.
  • Jaune sheepishly suggests that the heroes steal an Atlesian aircraft. No-one was particularly impressed by that idea... except for Adrian, who just laughs as if he thinks his uncle is joking.
    • And Nora, who's visibly grinning in the background.
    • Everyone's reaction to Jaune's plan is pretty funny, but Yang's is a close third to the above. As Jaune explains his plan, Yang sports a grin that grows increasingly wider until Jaune reaches the end of his explanation, at which point her grin just deflates and she just looks incredibly perturbed, as though she didn't expect "Vomit Boy" to be so devious.
      • Blake's reaction is pretty funny as well. You can see that while Jaune is telling his plan, she has a slight smile on her face. After Jaune finishes explaining his plan, her reaction shifts to a somewhat surprised gasp of disbelief, with her expression screaming "I'm sorry, WHAT did he say?". Even better when not only Blake, but Nora and Maria shifts their attention to a laughing Adrian, as even the latter looks at him in disbelief.
    • Adrian laughing comes after a brief moment of tension, making the entire sequence all the more hilarious.
  • Ruby's speech about how they didn't need an adult to save them becomes hilarious when you realize she's saying this in front of Qrow (who saved her from Tyrian) and Maria (who taught her how to use Silver Eyes). On top of this, she also says how they didn't need an adult to tell them what to do when she's following what Ozpin, an adult, told her to do.

Stealing From The Elderly

  • The name of the episode. Most RWBY episode names are dramatic or meaningful, but it's like CRWBY skipped the middleman of people joking about the plot of the episode and did it themselves.
  • In their plan to steal an Atlas craft, Saphron taught her son Adrian to cry and make a fuss on command. The baby's scream has the same range as the Nuckelavee and he's apparently a Large Ham when fake crying. The Nubuck guards fall over themselves to console him, too.
  • Blake tells Terra that this isn't the first time she's disabled Atlas security. Considering Terra is in charge of said security features around Argus, she's less than amused.
  • When Blake is saying she'll disable the radar tower alone, she starts to point out that stealth isn't Yang's forte ... only to then notice Yang's unamused look and immediately begins some Adorkable Verbal Backspacing.
  • Weiss takes out the guards piloting the Atlesian airship, then tosses them out with a parachute, stuck together by a glyph. Then the glyph fades, causing the Nubuck not wearing the parachute to scramble for his comrade's leg in mid-air.
  • Absolutely everything Maria does or says:
    • She starts off the episode stowed away in Weiss' luggage. She doesn't take kindly to the Nubucks calling it "Heavy".
    • Weiss voices her concerns over Maria being their pilot. Maria eventually resorts to just outright shushing her, at which point Weiss just buckles her seatbelt while looking concerned.
    • After the Argus Tower hails them due to the radar not being disabled, Maria says she can throw them off since she's familiar with Atlas' military jargon. It backfires spectacularly.
      Maria: Argus Base, this is Mantle-51; feel free to gaff off. Thought we were going to scrub due to F.O.D., but we're back up and green across the board. Over.
      Tower: Mantle-51, return to base immediately or you will be treated as hostile. Over.
      Tower: Jargon was fine, but our pilots aren't elderly women.
      (cue Weiss's hands dropping down with her face showing an expression that says, "How could I have forgotten that?!", while Maria's face goes "Oh yeah! They don't...")
      Maria: Oh! Well, they got me there. Woo, my mind really is going! Why would you kids let me fly this thing?
      • Just the fact that they kept the comms on for that part of the conversation, even after the cover was blown.
    • With their cover blown, Maria decides to troll Cordovin by loudly crunching on cashews over the radio.
      Maria: You hear that Cordo? That's the sound of me not caring! [maniacal laughter]
      • The fact that Maria has the cashews at all. She didn't know their plan would get messed up, giving her the opportunity to troll Cordovin with them. Which means she deliberately smuggled the cashews onto the ship as she was being smuggled onto it, purely for the satisfaction of the personal victory over Cordovin it would give her in her head. She may have even gone out to the store to buy the cashews before the plan was executed, specifically so she could smuggle them onto the ship of Cordovin's fleet that they were stealing. It's an impressively hilarious level of pettiness, and the fact that she actually got the chance to rub it in Cordovin's face was just icing on the cake.
  • Weiss' increasingly fed up and exasperated expressions as she flies with Maria are a hilarious delight to behold.
  • Cordovin decides to take matters with their own hands... by riding an Humongous Mecha. And being more overtly dramatic than usual.
    Weiss: Are you OK?
    Maria: I am. But she clearly lost her mind!
  • Towards the very end of the episode, during the otherwise tense skirmish between Blake and Adam on top of the radar tower, the former at one point throws both herself and Adam over the edge to escape from his chokehold. You expect them both to land safely on the forest floor below, perhaps in a Three-Point Landing, right? Nope. Instead they both repeatedly hit tree branches on their way down before falling flat on their faces.

The Lady In The Shoe

  • Every line Nora gets is just a bundle of laughs.
    You're talking about us, aren't you.
    And you said it wasn't beach season!
  • Maria's been tasked with keeping the ship out of harm's way:
    Maria: They can take away my driver's license, but I won't let them take this ship!
    Ren (unamused): Very reassuring..
  • Ruby assumes that the shield generator will be in the back of the mecha due to her experience from playing video games, which the others are skeptical at. Guess where Ren and Qrow find it?
  • During the fight with Cordovin, Ruby ends up hanging from her mecha looking into Cordovin's cockpit, and gives her a silly "Hi there!" handwave.
  • After Ruby falls from Cordovin's mech, Weiss catches her using her summoned Lancer. Then this exchange happens, with Ruby flashing a big, goofy smile at Weiss that leaves Weiss understandably exasperated. It comes across as a "just another crazy day" kind of moment.
    Weiss: What if I hadn't caught you?
    Ruby: I knew you would!
    • Followed by Ruby's expression of pure relief when Weiss looks away, which seems to imply she didn't know Weiss was really going to catch her.
  • During an otherwise emotionally tense and dramatic fight, Adam rips Blake's coat right off her back. For most of the episode she's making great declarations about Adam being delusional and how she and Yang protect each other. But at this moment? Her only response is: "Jerk!"
  • It's a bit of Black Comedy, but the sight of Adam having the SDC logo branded on his face is a bit of a pun given his last name, Taurus. Essentially, he's been branded like cattle.
  • Yang joining the fight? Badass. Entering by jumping off of her motorcycle so it crashes into Adam? Absolutely hilarious.
  • Yang's reaction to learning how Adam's Semblance (like hers, but he absorbs energy through his sword before releasing it) works?
    Yang: He gets to dish out damage without having to feel it? That's just cheap.

Seeing Red

  • The elderly enemies going all-in on the radio:
    Maria: Hey Cordo! I've got one missile left, and I know exactly where I'm gonna stick it!
    Cordovin: One missile, you say? That's a shame, Maria, BECAUSE I HAVE PLENTY!
    Oscar: ARE YOU TWO CRAZY?!
  • After Cordovin refuses to see reason and let the group go to Atlas unmolested, Ruby adopts the most jaded You Have GOT to Be Kidding Me! expression before she enacts her plan to take down the mech. She's this close to outright rolling her eyes in exasperation.
  • Nora's reaction to Ruby jumping down the barrel of the mechs cannon succinctly sums up everyone's thoughts on the idea:
    Nora: She's NUTS!
  • Maria expressing regret that she missed seeing Cordovin's mech get disabled.
  • Adam's reaction to getting impaled? "Oh."

Our Way

  • When Cinder sees the airship Neo obtained, she says that it should get them to Solitas, but says that afterwards, Neo should try using her Semblance to materialize herself some snowboots, referencing the fact that Atlas is cold and Neo's new outfit shows a lot of skin (not that Cinder's own outfit isn't a bit skimpier than her last one), prompting an eye roll from Neo.
    • The fact that Neo managed to snag herself a ship with no fuss unlike the heroes is pretty funny.
  • The way the Leviathan doesn't seem to spot the shields and walks straight into the outer one, almost like someone walking into a door because they failed to open it.
  • Ruby's plan to get close to the Leviathan involves flying in on Weiss' Lancer while the rest of the team - namely Nora - bombards it from the helicopter.
    Nora: Eyes on us, ugly!
    (Nora and Yang fire their respective weapons at the Leviathan)
    Blake: Is it working?
    Leviathan starts to turn and swipe at them.
    Maria: Unfortunately, yes!
    • The expression on Weiss' face just before Ruby explains the plan. You can tell that "I need to abuse your powers in order to endanger my own life" is becoming far too common a request for her.
  • When Ruby is trying to concentrate on using her Silver Eyes, Yang distracts her, so she takes off her earpiece with an annoyed expression.
  • Jinn is understandably unamused when Ruby summons her just to buy herself a few more seconds to use her Silver Eyes power, instead of to ask a question. Still, she lets Ruby get away with it, as it was clever for her to use.
  • Most of the memories that flash through Ruby's mind as she summons her silver eyes are heartwarming. A few are on the more humorous side:
    • Blake jumping onto the bunk beds to get away from Zwei.
    • Jaune throwing up after getting off the flight to Beacon.
    • Team JNPR passed out after overeating during the Vytal Festival.
    • Blake going starry-eyed over a bowl of tuna.
    • Jaune with a dress in the Beacon dance.
  • The irony of Cordovin saving Ruby after she declared just a few episodes ago that they didn't need an adult to save them.
    • Cordo's entrance in itself is funny. Things seem bad again, and then "I'll take it from here!", followed by the mecha with just one arm and an adequately hammy intro ("After all, I was sworn to protect the people!").
  • While his moms are stunned in silence after seeing Ruby mostly petrify the Leviathan, with Cordovin's mech then destroying it fully, Adrian giggles and throws his arms up.
  • Ruby going sheepish after everyone praises her after the battle shows she'll always be a goofball at heart.
    • This line from Ren:
      Ren : You petrified a Leviathan, after diving down the barrel of a CANNON!
  • Maria commenting on the view of Atlas followed by her eyes malfunctioning again, much to her annoyance.
  • While most of the scene is solemn and disturbing, Salem furthering her Wicked Witch of the West comparisons by created Beringels with wings is a bit funny, as is her petting one soothingly when it seems strained from the effort of growing said wings.

Solitas Arc

    Volume 7 
The Greatest Kingdom

  • After being repeatedly ordered to return to the normal flight path by personnel on the other end of the ship's radio, Maria gets annoyed and shuts it off.
  • Yang is being followed by a small mechanical camera. She gets annoyed when it lets off a flash in her face, and kicks it hard, putting it in the road. At first, it seems like she is going to be found by the authorities... but then the drone is immediately hit by a passing truck, demolishing it.
  • Pietro's introduction:
    Maria: Hello, old friend!
    Pietro: [hits head on desk] Oh! Yes, yes.... [Beat] ....Have we met?
    Ren: Well this is off to a fantastic start.
  • Dr. Polendina says that he invented a pair of shoes that make you dance and he offers to let the team try them on. Nora's reaction to it is predictably hilarious.
    Nora: YES!!!
  • It's revealed that Pietro is the one who built Yang's new arm. Upon recognizing it, he sounds incredulous that Yang would paint over his creation.
  • When Blake draws Gambol Shroud and realizes the blade is still broken, she sheepishly reverts it to its pistol mode. It's small, but chuckle-worthy.
  • Penny's reaction to seeing her old friends has to be seen to be believed. To say nothing of how she greeted Ruby, who starts off happy to see Penny and then quickly develop an Oh, Crap! expression as Penny prepares her introduction to complete panic when Penny rockets toward her.
  • Pietro has a sign in his clinic: Days Since Last Nonsense: 0. (Pietro also clearly overestimated the available space on the blackboard; the word "Nonsense" curves down halfway in order to fit.)
  • After Dr. Pietro Polendina explains how Penny got rebuilt and upgraded, Penny then says this.
    Penny: [grinning] We have so many things to catch up about! I cannot wait!
    The alarms of a different section of Mantle fire off.
    Penny: [still grinning] It seems we will have to wait.
  • Seeing Penny again is touching for our cast... except for one person. Maria is very vocal about that.
    Nora: I can't tell if I completely understand everything that's going on, or have like, a million questions!
    Pietro: And thankfully, I have about a thousand answers! But let's get out of this weather, first.
    Maria: I have absolutely no idea who that child was. Is she important somehow?

A New Approach

  • In the prison ship, almost the entire cast looked tired and resigned to their fate, except Nora, who was trying to chew her way through the cuffs.
  • When asked for what reason that Forest got caught, he went on a rant that he did something big like speaking out against the exploitation of Mantle and Ironwood is trying to silence him, only for the pilot to reveal that Forest just threw a brick at their ship.
    • Look closely at the pilots. When Forest starts going on about Robyn Hill, they shake their heads dismissively and close the window connecting the back and front of the ship. Of course, this leads Forest to begin shouting about how Robyn's going to "Put an end to Ironwood's tyranny", jumping up and down so his voice can get through the closing pane.
  • The first person the cast meet after dropping off at Atlas Academy is Penny (Alongside Winter and Ironwood), who is oblivious to what happened to the cast after she flew off in the previous chapter.
  • Winter Schnee, a Cool Big Sis while still trying to maintain her prim, proper military lady persona.
    Winter: [to the soldiers] You have 10 seconds to take those off before I start hurting you.
  • When Ironwood tried to explain to the team that the military had to prepare for the worst as they assumed that the transport ship the team used was stolen. Ruby tried to argue back before admitting to stealing the ship. You could see Ironwood gave a small silent chuckle to that answer, and was impressed.
  • After agreeing to help, Ironwood suggested the first thing the team does is to "get their weapon up to Atlas' standards", while offhandedly showing the footage of Blake sheepishly reverts Gambol Shroud to a pistol. with Blake giving the same expression when seeing that.
  • The team's second meeting with the Ace Ops.
    • It started with Ruby being a Butt-Monkey. First, she was wiggled (Midair) during her handshake with Elm. Second, to snap her out of her dizziness, Weiss decided to send her into a spin with a tap on the shoulder for no particular reason.
    • Marrow trying to pretend he is annoyed.
      Marrow: Questions are for the weak! But, we're all on the same team now. Not that I am happy about it. *Notices that everyone is watching his tail wagging like a happy dog.*
    • A snicker is heard from Harriet after Marrow grabs his tail to stop it.
  • As heartwarming it is, Ironwood's sudden hug towards Qrow has the experienced Huntsman at a loss of words or action.
  • Penny guiding everyone through Atlas Academy, with the team clearly wanting nothing but go to bed and rest. It started with a normal walk and as the frames went by you could see that everyone is just slouching by the third frame to keep up.
    • Doubled so by Yang and Nora, the Boisterous Bruiser and Genki Girl, were down to hunching and perhaps, in Nora's case, even sleepwalking. And then Nora finally plops to the ground.
  • When they finally get Penny to show them to their rooms, she gushes about how Atlas, being so well-funded, means each team has their own room. In other words, exactly like Beacon.
  • While the scene is mostly serious, Watts demonstrating his control over Mantle's security infrastructure by stopping cars and activating bollards for cars to crash into while crossing the street - all at the push of a button and while maintaining a brisk stroll, uncaring of the inconvenience he caused to the drivers - is funny in a jerkish way.

Ace Operatives

  • When leaping from the drop ships, Elm admits she loves this part before throwing herself out backwards. Vine just casually steps off as if going down the stairs. Nora does a cannonball shouting "Wheee!" as she goes.
  • Blake catches Yang looking at her new hair, and Yang is hilariously flustered while she tries to play it cool. Notably, she tries to do the whole "looking at your nails" trick...with her prosthetic arm that doesn't have them.
    • Meanwhile Marrow is just watching and shaking his head.
  • Nora decides to try flirting with Ren by complimenting his outfit, which he doesn't notice, leaving Nora put out. Cue Jaune coming up behind and cheerfully saying "I like your outfit too!".
  • Nora shoving Ren down the ice slide when he hesitates.
  • When Vine says that igniting the Dust could ruin the launch site, Marrow can be seen in the background angrily jumping around as he calls him out for it.

Pomp and Circumstance

  • Ruby and Jaune completely geeking out over how cool the Ace Ops are, with Nora soon sliding into frame doing the exact same. Their expressions must be seen to be believed.
  • Nora trying to be friends with Elm, with predictable results.
    Nora: Hi! Do you need a new best friend? Our pair name can be...THUNDER THIGHS!!
    [dramatic lightning]
  • The rest of Team RWBY wants nothing more than to go to bed even when Ruby tries to rouse them to go do something fun in Atlas:
    Ruby: What do you guys want to do when we get back to Atlas? Sightseeing? (gasp) Oh, what should we visit first?
    Blake: [yawns]) How about our beds?
    Ruby: Oh, come on, guys! This is a great time to go exploring! We haven’t done that in so long!
    Weiss: Ruby, we just explored a whole continent on foot before flying to this one.
    Ruby: Well, yeah, but... it was only the boring parts.
    Yang: [arms crossed] We almost died.
    [Ruby scoffs and waves her hands at Yang with an awkward chuckle, and Yang walks away. Ruby then frowns and sighs sadly]
  • The fact that Winter essentially hid in an armored van to avoid talking to her father.
    Weiss: Oh, now you show up, Winter. You just missed father.
    Winter: I wouldn't say I missed him.
  • Penny crashing down out of nowhere to announce the surprise to Team RWBY and JNPR, causing our heroes to literally fly back. Blake can also be seen leaping away with her back arched and her limbs stiff, much like a frightened cat. Immediately after, Jaune and Nora can be seen laughing in the background.
    • Also in the background, you can see Ironwood with a wide-eyed, shocked expression as a result of Penny's surprise entrance, that can only be described as questioning what he just witnessed.
  • For a General of an entire military, and a Headmaster for a Huntsman academy, Ironwood is apparently not good with speeches, as shown when he grantings Team RWBY and JNPR their Huntsman licenses:
    Ironwood: That's... just about all the pomp I have in me. If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to running this operation... um... well then... enjoy the cake.
    *Ironwood and Winter walk offscreen*
    Penny: Your speech outros are improving, sir!
  • Ruby geeking out over the various missions available to the Teams now that they are official Huntsmen.
    Ruby: [Gasps] Oh my gosh is that a mission board? It's an app now?! Can we ride a megoliath? Stop an underground crime ring? Do I get to go- [wraps herself in her hood and cloak and adopts an accent] -undercover?
    [Ruby grabs Penny and shakes her eagerly]
    Penny: Maaaybeee...
  • When Marrow asks for volunteers for an important Huntsman mission, everyone present eagerly raises their hand. Then Marrow reveals that the mission is escorting children to pre-primary school at which point everybody but Jaune quickly put their hands down and he gets saddled with the job.
    • Then Elm (shoving Marrow aside) offers a job tracking a Sabyr loose in Mantle, which gets everyone else excited.
      Jaune: Wha— But— Why didn’t I get a choice for that one?!?
  • Marrow evidently does not remember Jaune's name, incorrectly guessing "Juan", "Jwan", and "Jim".
  • Watts briefly pausing in the middle of his sinister monologue to note how much Whitley resembles Jacques, to which he adds "creepily so."


  • When Jaune comes to the first meeting when they're all official Huntsmen, he brings along a fresh cup of coffee. Marrow literally begs like a dog for it, complete with big eyes and tail-wagging.
  • Jaune, Ren, Nora and Oscar are training with Team FNKI and we see Neon is still Neon. Who's ire has she wrought this time? Nora's. After trying and failing to pummel Neon repeatedly, Nora resorts to riding Magnhild like a magic broom to catch up with her.
    Neon: C'mon, Lightning Bolt, aren't you supposed to be fast?
    [Nora charges after her, swinging wildly; Neon zooms by Ren fighting Ivori, promptly freezing his weapons]
    Neon: Wow! Your boyfriend's actually holding his own! Where's all that energy when he's around you?
  • After their session, FNKI invites JNPR to lunch, and Nora comments that she could eat a sandwich "The size of Kobalt." Said sandwich suddenly drops down over Kobalt for comparison, and when it vanishes, Kobalt is holding the toothpick with a piece of lettuce on his head.
    • Shortly beforehand, after being hit with Nora's finishing blow, Neon cheerfully pops up with a black eye. It doesn't bother her at all, even before her Aura heals it in two seconds.
  • Way back in a pre-volume Panel, Miles stated that one of his favorite V7 scenes could be summed up with three words: REAL. THIRSTY. MOMS. Well... turns out one of Jaune's duties in Atlas is escorting a group of preschool/kindergarten-age children on their way to school, and he turns out to be very popular with their mothers. A pack of them fangirl while one shoves a(nother) home-cooked casserole into his arms. Nora sums it up well:
    Nora: It's totally the haircut.
  • While clearing out Grimm in a Dust mine along with Blake and Yang, Marrow innocently asks why they don't branch out, thinking their styles don't match up. This leads to them effortlessly take down an approaching Beowolf along with some other Grimm, then give Marrow a look that screams "you were saying?", causing him to backtrack.
    Marrow: Really, really good stuff! Yeah, keep it up!
    • This could also be seen as Marrow being Innocently Insensitive, considering Blake and Yang made amends in the prior season.
  • During a long supply run, Qrow and Clover are playing cards to pass the time. Considering their respective semblances, the result is predictable, but Qrow refuses to admit defeat.
    Clover: I... win again. Maybe we should call it quits?
    Qrow: [while performing a Facepalm] Shut up and deal.

A Night Off

  • Weiss manages to win a duel with Winter ... by summoning a tiny Arma Gigas to trip Winter up while Weiss took care of Winter's favoured Beowolf summon.
  • Nora and Jaune training together to improve the latter's Aura recharge time. After withstanding a number of electrically charged balls to his shield, Oscar's Scroll shows him almost immediately back at 100%. The three share a thumbs-up... then Nora knocks her leader to the ground with a pat on the back that had just a little too much power, knocking his Aura gauge right back into the yellow.
    • As a bonus, Jaune's hand is still in the thumbs-up position when he's sprawled on the floor.
  • * The scene with Yang trying to teach Blake to dance, and Blake isn't doing so well, Yang laughing at her.
  • Weiss' ''ultra'' unamused expression while watching Yang and Blake try to dance, when Jaune and Oscar poke their heads in;
    Jaune: Hey, Oscar and I are gonna hit the movies if anyone wants-
    Weiss: (Still unamused) Yup!
    Jaune: Oh, okay.
    • Even funnier when you remember the last time Jaune offered to take Weiss to the movies.
  • Ren and Nora quickly get into an argument on Yang and Blake's relationship, on whether they are just friends or more. It becomes transparently obvious that they are just projecting. What makes it better is Ruby's deadpan expression as she sinks away from the two and rises at Penny's side.
    Penny: I believe I may be confused. Who are we talking about?
    Ruby: I'm not.. really sure.
    Marrow: (Over comms) Penny, where are you?
    (Penny goes to leave, but Ruby grabs onto her)
    Ruby: Please don't leave me!
  • When Ruby offers to bro-fist with Penny, Penny gets an Adorkable expression before trying it. However, instead of lightly tapping her fist against Ruby's, Penny takes aim, and then punches Ruby's knuckles, creating a red, swelling hand and a tear of pain from our Little Red Fighting Hood. See it here.
  • While the scene in which it occurs is gravely serious, there's something amusing about how Watts, despite being somewhat stiff and formal, takes enough enjoyment out of his hacking skills that he gesticulates like a conductor while manipulating the scrolls in front him to alter the election votes and frame Penny for murder.
  • The running gag of the Happy Huntresses trying to get Robyn's sound system working in the background of shots. In the early morning news broadcast, May is in the back onstage, testing the microphone and shaking her head to someone off camera. By the time the polls close that evening, Fiona is in the background of several shots, still struggling to get the mic to work.
    • This finally results in an ear-melting feedback screech, which she handles with her usual good humor.
    Fiona: Well....that worked!

Worst Case Scenario

  • While discussing the situation with the doctored footage of the massacre, Maria gripes, "Hacking. Technology. Why can't people do what they used to do and fight to the death? A lot simpler, if you ask me."
  • Robyn is able to tell if the person is lying by holding their hand as they speak, which she demonstrates on Blake. Yang's thoughts on the scene? "Handy Semblance."
  • While overall a serious episode, Yang cuts Robyn off just before the latter can finish saying "Bullshit."

Cordially Invited

  • When they all arrive at the Schnee mansion, Ironwood asks Winter if they should smile for the cameras. Winter has this to say in response, much to Ironwood's amusement.
    Winter: Sir, with all due respect, you’d have to pay me.
  • Whitley gets some good lines when greeting the heroes at the door;
    Weiss: Where's Klein?
    Whitley: Why, what an interesting way of saying, 'Hello, dear brother, how are you tonight?'

    Whitley: General, how large do you think our dining room table is?
    Ironwood: I happen to know it's enormous.
  • The Ace-Ops and Team RWBY have different objectives;
    Harriet: Right, well, don’t wander off, don’t break anything, and be ready in case the General calls on you.
    (Ace-Ops leave)
    Vine: Hors d’oeuvres?
    Elm: [intensely] Let's eat 'em out of house and home.
    Yang: Counterpoint, how about we do wander off, consider breaking things, and then all that other stuff.
  • During the gala, Weiss is trying to get past Whitley, but he won't let her leave the foyer. Nora, Jaune, and Ren then manage to have Nora get knocked over by Ren while holding a tray stacked high with food, which balloons upwards. We get an amazing shot of Whitley's face falling as he spots the oncoming barrage, before one of the other guests walks in front and cops it. She promptly breaks down into hysterics and throws her glass of wine backward - and straight into Whitley's face. He can only sullenly excuse himself and trudge off as Weiss struggles to hold her laughter.
  • Watts has spent the whole volume so far deactivating cameras left and right to avoid getting detected. It's therefore the height of irony that his meeting with Jacques was filmed by a camera Willow had managed to hide in the study.

As Above, So Below

  • Jacques' entire reaction to Weiss playing the secret recording of his meeting with Watts is hilarious yet cathartic at the same time. His explanation for everything?
    • Doubles as Hypocritical Humor considering his willingness to dismiss the footage of Penny murdering civilians as anything but doctored.
    • Weiss shuts off the video by herself, without being told to by Ironwood or any of the council members. It's as if she's saying, "That's enough. We don't need to see any more of this."
    • His pathetic whining as two Atlas soldiers (one clearly enjoying themself) escort him to a transport in handcuffs is just as dignified:
    Jacques: I'll be reporting this rough treatment!
  • Weiss using her newly acquired Huntress license to arrest her father, only to feebly turn around and ask Ironwood if she's even allowed to do that.
    • The juxtaposition between her self-assuredly brandishing her Huntress license and meekly asking Ironwood if she's actually licensed to make arrests, it's not hard to think that Weiss has been waiting to do this for a long time.
  • After Watts is revealed to have hacked into Atlas' "secure" network, Ironwood begins mulling over possible options they have to stop and catch him. Robyn gets his attention in the most casual way possible.
    Robyn: So Let Me Get This Straight... (Cut to Robyn) Yup, still here, everyone!
  • Speaking of, Robyn's fit of rage is followed by a long awkward Beat and then the conversation goes on as though that didn't happen.
  • Ruby and Oscar inadvertently talking over each other and stumbling over each other's words as they try to discuss their plans to tell Ironwood the truth. They end up wishing each other luck in unison as they part ways, much to their mutual embarrassment.
    • Marrow's unamused reaction to the whole scene is just icing on the cake.
      Marrow: Ugh, kids...
  • On that note, there's something oddly amusing about the way the characters spend the entire volume questioning whether they should tell Ironwood, how it's framed in way that makes the viewer feel like the reveal of the truth will be this huge moment, and it then it happens, offscreen, with Ironwoods reaction boiling down to "well that sucks, but let's focus on this for now" and then making a weary slipping joke with Oscar.
  • When Harriet is forced to employ evasive maneuvers to shake off a Teryx that's latched onto the airship, Jaune can be seen valiantly trying to keep himself from losing his lunch. Guess his "Vomit Boy" tendencies haven't completely gone away.
  • Clover gets one right after - he orders the teams to start bailing out of the flaming airship. He punches open the door, and the Teryx screeches, prepared to eat him. Clover does absolutely nothing, but his semblance causes a sheered engine to smash into the Grimm's face and knock it off the ship.

Out in the Open

  • Jaune acting like a drill sergeant and ordering people to move in a single line (So Ren can more easily cloak them with his Semblance) is an Awesome moment, but what makes it funny is that two of the kids he escorted to school are there, and they salute him before moving on with ultra-serious expressions.
    Vine: Where did you learn to do that?
    Jaune: Uh, morning school route?
  • There's something about the incredulous tone in Tyrian's line in this exchange.
    Watts: You need to keep their attention on Mantle for as long as possible.
    Tyrian: You want more chaos than a Grimm invasion?
  • Throughout the series, when Ruby announces that she has a plan, it cuts to her doing it. In this episode...
    Ruby: I think I have a plan.
    (Penny smiles. Beat. She cocks her head in confusion)
    Penny: What is it?
  • Ironwood telling Watts in total seriousness that he's a pain in the ass. The matter-of-fact delivery of the line just makes it even more amusing.


  • Some of Watts' facial expressions can provoke a laugh; when Ironwood hits him twice in the stomach, if you pause at the right moment, you can see him go bug-eyed. And when Ironwood decides to change tactics and circle around, Watts having lost sight of him briefly looks around confused, even over the edge of the platform he's standing on. His face looks like he's thinking, "Okayyy, where did he go now? Is he dead?"
    • Meta example: this isn't the first time a character voiced by Christopher Sabat got his face dragged across a solid surface. Looks like Watts now shares another quality with Major Armstrong (besides big mustaches).
  • Throughout the battle with Robyn, Qrow, and Clover, Tyrian has deflected Robyn's crossbow bolts in increasingly casual ways to show he doesn't see her as a threat. The latest stunt he pulls is to catch the bolt with his teeth, only this time Robyn's tricked him with a fire dust bolt, which explodes in his mouth breaking his Aura. Tyrian is left in a daze, staggering on his feet and giggling as he teeters on consciousness. The whole trick feels like a Looney Tunes moment only lacking an Ash Face.
  • While heartbreaking and serious, there's something amusing about the fact that Salem's response to Ruby declaring that they will stop her is essentially "Your Mom."

With Friends Like These

  • Ironwood has just ordered RWBY, JNPR, and Qrow arrested. Clover is trying to convince Qrow to come quietly while Qrow and Robyn are outraged at Ironwood seemingly losing his mind. Tyrian is just enjoying himself.
    Tyrian: [giggles] A free ride and a show.
  • And while tensions just keep boiling, he starts getting bored.
    Tyrian: It's taking a very long time for this show to get to the good part!
    Qrow: Shut. Up.
  • During the scuffle, Tyrian gets his bonds free. While Robyn, Clover, and Qrow are distracted, the airship suddenly lurches. Qrow looks back to see Tyrian killed the pilots... and is crouched on the controls wearing a pilot's hat.
  • While the fight between Team RWBY and the Ace Ops is equal parts sad and awesome, there are a few humorous elements.
    • Marrow narrowly twisting his body to avoid icicles Weiss pushes him into leads to him loudly sighing in relief.
    • When Yang and Blake knock out Elm in midair, she flops onto the ground with her legs over her head.
    • How does Harriet get beaten? With her hands tied behind her back, she screams loudly, zooms straight at Ruby... and crashes headfirst into the wall of ice Weiss had just formed. As her Aura flickers out, she stumbles a bit before keeling over.
  • Just as Oscar punches Neo, you can see her (still disguised as Oscar, no less) visibly tensing up before the blow hits. She also seems a bit annoyed that a farmboy managed to get a hit on her.
  • After the brutal fight with the Ace Ops, Maria and Pietro wander in to find team RWBY in a completely destroyed room, surrounded by unconscious bodies, some of which they are trying to discreetly move. There's a long moment where everyone just stares at everyone else.
    Maria: This is the part where they ask us to help.

The Enemy Of Trust

  • While a tense episode overall, there's some irony in how the heroes evade their arrests - by jacking an airship with Maria at the helm, like they did last volume to get in to Atlas in the first place.
  • During the Team JNPR vs Neo fight Neo gets another Troll moment when Ren uses Storm Flower's cables to launch himself at her. Neo reacts by holding her hand to her mouth in a mock-gasp, before easily dodging Ren by sinking into a split and snagging one of his cables, sending him crashing into a wall.
    • Right before that, she flips a charging Nora with her parasol over her head, even adding a cheeky wink when Nora hits the ground.

    Volume 8 

  • As Neo and Cinder pilot a Manta towards Salem's gigantic Grimm fleet, Cinder takes to clawing at the pilot's seat while sitting in the back in a manner similar to that of a kid on a long car trip.
  • Cinder is back for all of two minutes before Tyrian immediately begins roasting Cinder for her failure at Haven Academy three volumes ago. In particular, his musings on Emerald's devotion towards Cinder have him note that she's "so devoted to someone so incompetent", showing faux-pity towards Emerald while also insulting Cinder without even talking to her.
  • Weiss on the group's role in the current crisis:
    Weiss: We're never going to sleep again, I just know it.


  • After defending Qrow from Jacques' accusation, Robyn makes her opinion of the latter known.
    "I am not gonna stand around and be lectured by some snake with a mustache who helped [Watts] tear us all apart!"
  • Yang is awed by what she found in Pietro's pharmacy: Atlas hoverbikes, which she proceeds to ride with Oscar, Ren, and Jaune. Considering her biker personality, along with the loss of her own motorbike two volumes ago, it's not a surprise that she would jump at this golden opportunity.
    Yang: Alright, the others are definitely missing out.
    • When Oscar takes the backseat with Yang, her driving clearly shows that he's not much of a motorbike person. When she decides to drive on the walls and do a flip, Oscar panics, and during this stunt, the tips of Yang's long hair end up in Oscar's mouth!
    • Jaune, who is in awe over Yang's stunt, almost trips his hoverbike on a small box.
  • In order to sneak into the Atlas military base, Weiss has the idea of riding one of the pneumatic tubes that carry Dust into Atlas. While describing how to do it, Weiss is sitting in the tube space - which means she gets sucked up when Nora eagerly hits the "Launch" button.
    Weiss: If you lie back in the tube and press "Launch"- (screaming as she gets sent up the tube)
    (Nora stares..then gasps and giggles excitedly while everyone looks up in shock)
    • It's also a hilarious Call-Back to Ruby saying "We'll mail ourselves there!" back in V2.
    • Even better, if you pause at just the right moment you can see that Weiss realized what Nora has done right before she's sucked up.
    • Furthermore, the tubes are owned and operated by one of the SDC's subsidiary companies and not the military, as Weiss proudly notes. Blake, of all people, takes the opportunity to rib her teammate over this.
      Blake: Are there any buildings in Atlas that your family doesn't own?
      Weiss: (unamusedly) That ... isn't relevant at the moment.


  • After Nora's little stunt last episode, an unamused Weiss painfully holds Nora by the ear, making sure the latter knows exactly how she felt about it.
    Nora: Ow, ow! Come on! That was a once in a lifetime experience! (Weiss lets go) Ow...
    Blake: (Disheveled) Good, because I never want to do that again...
  • May asks Penny where to go next, and Penny, accompanied by a series of expressive and varied gestures, gives a long list of directions that leaves almost everyone looking at her in stunned and lost silence.
    (May, Blake, Weiss and Nora blink confusedly)
    • Doubles as a moment of Awesome, but Ruby actually was able to follow Penny's directions, and just looks at May with a smirk while everyone else looks confused.
  • As Ruby's team is stuck in the elevator, two Atlas soldiers enter after them. Once the team narrowly escapes, Nora presses all the elevator buttons.
  • When Penny begins explaining how Ruby's Semblance works, even Ruby is confused.
    Penny: Ruby is capable of traveling at an extreme velocity from one point to another by breaking herself down to her molecular components, thus negating her mass, and then reassembling them at the destination, theoretically making it possible to transport all of us in the same way, as mass no longer matters.
    Ruby: I— uhh... what?
    Blake: (smirking) Did Penny just figure that out before you did?
    Ruby: Blake, she knew you were a Faunus before I did!
  • To sneak through a crowded room, Nora uses May's semblance to trip one guy walking with a mug of hot coffee. Said mug says "#1 DAD", but the A has a U scrawled over it, and the coffee lands on another guy's lap as well, sending him running and screaming "WHY?!" in pain.
    • One worker proceeds to berate "Bill", and among his rants, "-You put a salmon in the microwave-!"
    • While the Central Command people are distracted, Ruby uses her Semblance on Nora, Penny, Weiss, and Blake, and ends at the stairwell with Ruby and Penny striking a pose from Sailor Moon.
    • Blake's reaction to being carried on Ruby's Semblance for the first time?
      Blake: (Disheveled; legs shaking) Another thing, I don't want to do... ever again.
  • As they wait for Pietro (via remote-controlling Penny) to finish up, Blake can be seen in the background spinning around listlessly in a chair.


  • After Robyn recounts the story in which Joanna lost her first fight, the camera cuts first to Qrow - who's still brooding over what happened to Clover - and Jacques - who's being accosted by a fly in his cell. Robyn snarks about how Ironwood should have provided better cell-block entertainment, which earns a chuckle and a smile from Qrow.
  • During an otherwise serious chase scene, the race to catch the Hound has a few moments;
    • When Yang and Jaune high-five, Jaune almost loses his balance.
    • After the Centinels destroy his hoverbike, Jaune finds himself awkwardly using the Grimm as stepping stones while being thrown through the air by his momentum.
    • A bit of Black Comedy: Ren uses the Grappling-Hook Pistol function of Stormflower to lasso the Hound's foot and climb his way up in an attempt to rescue Oscar, only to get slammed into the canyon walls repeatedly. Then comes this exchange between Ren and Jaune over comms:
      Jaune: Hold on, Ren!
      Ren: (currently holding on for dear life) I don't have much of a chooooice!


  • As awesome as it was to see, it was also hilarious to watch Maria effortlessly take on Neo. And the Cool Old Lady is having just as much fun as we are.
  • For a split second as the broadcast starts up, we can see Ruby puffing her cheeks and trying to keep her nerves under control while in front of the camera, as Blake tells her in the background to go ahead.
    • Also during the start of the broadcast, we get a shot of the Central Command room from two episodes ago as the broadcast queues up. The camera then cuts to Bill, who drops his "World's Best 'Dud'" mug in Stunned Silence. Evidently, he still hasn't learned his lesson.
  • During the broadcast, Ruby tells the world that Professor Theodore of Vacuo and Glynda Goodwitch of Vale will be able to answer any questions. Cue the Old Man Shopkeeper turning towards a stunned Glynda in his shop. Someone's going to have a looong few days of work ahead of her.


  • When the Hound is sniffing at her, Neo just has this super-awkward expression, like she wants to push the beast away, but at the same time doesn't want to actually touch it.


  • While the episode itself is mostly serious, it includes a moment of sheer Dramatic Irony when Tyrian, of all people, calls Mercury (and Emerald, indirectly) "out of your mind" for not seeing that Salem wishes to destroy Remnant instead of ruling it.


  • After helping carrying Penny inside, Whitley realizes he got some of her Alien Blood on him and reacts the same way he did when Team JNR's antics got him covered in wine.
  • Blake has a squicked-out reaction to the Cenitaur that's similar to Yang's reaction to the Centinals last volume:
    Blake: Why did it get more disgusting?!
  • In hindsight, the reason The Hound was killed, and Penny was unable to fly away toward the Vault (this time), is because these separate villain plans - Watt's hacking, and the Hound's orders - ended up conflicting with each other at the worst possible moment.
  • There is something darkly hilarious about the Schnees, a family whose company has earned a lot of scorn from the Faunus, were the ones to kill the Hound, whose true form was a Faunus.


  • After getting inside Monstra, Yang quickly lampshades that while the plan sounded good on paper (especially compared to staying under arrest), it's far less appealing in practice.
    Yang: How are we supposed to find Oscar? It's like finding a needle in a... giant whale. Why did we think this was a good idea?
  • When they do find Oscar, the first thing Jaune does is pull him into a tight hug. While heartwarming, it's also a little funny to see Oscar wince in pain. After the beating he got from Hazel, the last thing he needed was more pressure.


  • The first thing we see after the enormous explosion? Neo skipping away from the scene.
  • In the wake of Oscar's devastating blast inside Monstra, Winter and the Ace Ops try to recover just outside. When Winter asks if anyone's injured, the consensus is "No"... however, Elm repeatedly palms her head and loudly asks "What!?", because her ears are ringing.


  • During Ren's apology to Nora, Jaune quickly realizes he's become a third wheel and sheepishly excuses himself from the room, complete with cartoonish animation.
  • Emerald going full blown Tsundere with her speech to the heroes. Her awkwardly admitting that a lot of their defeats was her fault, then getting all huffy when Oscar picks up on her change of heart.
    • Her rallying speech to the heroes is kind of awesome, but she caps it off by stating that it would really suck if they decide to give up right after she's decided to switch sides. When everyone pauses to note that she's just admitted she's officially joining the heroes, Emerald gets awkwardly defensive.


  • Ambrosius, the spirit within the Staff of Creation, is described by Oz as a "Character". That's pretty much an understatement.
    • When Team RWBY summons him a second time, his reaction is, "Ahh! Free to create annnd oh, it's you again."
  • The heartwarming scene of a newly-human Penny learning just how warm hugs are is underscored by her proclaiming "More!" and going on a hugging spree with the rest of Team RWBY. Her getting to Yang is particularly amusing: not only does she demonstrate that she's strong enough to lift Yang off the ground, but she is very conspiculously burying her face in Yang's chest, Yang looking somewhere between bemused and very uncomfortable.


  • The people in one area hiding from the portal in a very cartoony way. One guy decides to test it by throwing a rock. At that point, Jaune comes out and the rock hits him.
    • Earlier, Jaune is forced to test the portal system when no one else will. The audience is treated to a Repeat Cut of Jaune being flung through the portal stream before entering the Void Between the Worlds falling flat on his face. He them slowly gets up while visibly struggling not to lose his lunch.
  • As Watts begins to play his part in Cinder's plan, he grabs a discarded apple from a terminal next to his, casually wipes the blood off of it that clearly came from one of the dead workers, and eats it while using the terminal to cause all manner of technological mayhem. Just the casualness of it all is pretty amusing.

The Final Word

  • When the pair finally reunite, Salem asks Cinder what she did to dispel the portal network to Vacuo. Cinder simply replies that she "merely added more fires" to Atlas, while showing Dr. Watts desperately trying to break out of the burning command office. Additionally, Cinder used the Staff for a rather mundane task, creating the mental image of an annoyed Ambrosius, who once commented that making a floating city out of Atlas was pedestrian.


    Other videos/Music 

  • RWBY Chibi now has its own page here.
  • Qrow narrates the World of Remnant clips for Volume 4 instead of Salem. In true Qrow fashion, he is deeply sarcastic and takes audible swigs from his flask.
    • In World of Remnant: Faunus, Qrow is somewhat squicked in places, particularly when he recounts how he'd once saw a Lizard faunus re-grow his tail.
      Qrow: No amount of drinking could ever make you forget that pretty picture...
    • He stammers for a second when trying to find a delicate way to convey that Humans and Faunus are perfectly capable of having sex and bearing children together. This also occurs when he notes two (different animal) Faunus could potentially clean up their son's shedded snake skin, including an audible shudder.
    • When talking about the Schnee Dust Company, he makes no attempts to hide his contempt for the company, especially for its current head. When Jacques is on the screen, 'stink lines', a 'devil tail', and a 'yuck face' are drawn on him.
  • Team RWBY's appearance in the animated recap.
    Ruby: On the podcast this week, Gavin reveals that he's living with a ghost! Is it the ghost of your gaming ability? I've seen the recent Let's Plays.
    • The girls' reactions to being hit on by animated Burnie and Gus.
      Ruby: Eww, gross, boys! Gross, gross, gross!
      Blake: (Silently draws Gambol Shroud)
      Weiss: Not in a million, trillion years!
      Yang: Um, hello, My Eyes Are Up Here? Stop staring at my gauntlets.
  • The full version of "Dream Come True" is yet another song dedicated to the Arkos ship. However, around the 1:35 mark, Casey Lee starts singing about how "you" (or rather Jaune, given the song's context) should forget about 'the little chick in white' since 'she don't care about you and is so uptight'. Cue Weiss' signature "Hey!" interrupting the song.
    • And the entire song is basically Pyrrha singing "Notice Me, Senpai!" (Or more accurately, given their respective skill levels, "Notice me, Kohai!")
  • Also from the Volume 2 soundtrack, the song 'Boop', despite being an upbeat, cheery song about declaring one's love for a very close friend, includes lines like 'Crush our enemies/Bring them to their knees'. Though considering the song is very obviously being sung by Nora, it's probably not all that surprising.
  • Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures: Racial Super Texas - guess who drops in at 0:20?
  • With regards to the soundtrack, "EP 8 Score - Players and Pieces" gets a few chuckles for including Nora's "Queen of the Castle" ditty. Besides being funny on its own, it almost feels like a pseudo-Big-Lipped Alligator Moment in the middle of the track, not helped by it being sandwiched between two more intense segments.
  • The full version of Volume 5's opening, "The Triumph", includes this epic line that is also awesome.
    "Yeah I'm a girl, but I'm also a gun!"
  • The full version of "Big Metal Shoe" featured on the Vol. 6 soundtrack opens with the traditional Jack-in-the-box tune, which can be hilariously misleading for those who were expecting the song to go ham right out of the gate. For added hilarity, the moment the music switches to hard rock and all hell breaks loose is the same point where the Jack-in-the-box usually opens. Nice symbolism there, Jeff.

    Meta/behind the scenes 

  • More of a meta thing, but Monty decided to see just how expressive he could make Ruby be.
  • The velociraptor (Generally referred to as RWBYsaurus) that keeps showing up in all of Monty's random drawings of the team. Here he is in a hat, being ridden by Ruby and Weiss.
  • Miles answers the question of what would happen in a theoretical fight between Ozpin and Washington in the crew's live chat.
    Miles: Well, I think they'd start fighting, then they'd realize how much they have in common, then they'd watch that episode of Breaking Bad where Shannon McCormick makes an appearance and be like "That was a good episode".
  • Jaune's got the moves like Monty. No really, he does.
    • Hilariously, this gets used in "Dance Dance Infiltration", and it's even funnier... with a hint of awesome for the context.
  • The director commentary for Volume 1 was recorded at about 3am just before the DVD was sent to be 'printed', and they are punch drunk.
    Ren Valkyrie and Lie...
    I accidentally shipped them in my brain!
    • At another point, when Ruby and Weiss make eye contact in the forest, one of them starts singing "I Will Always Love You". Other 'White Rose' jokes were also made at various points.
    • All the different things they theorized Professor Port was doing outside after class. Reminiscing previous hunts, planning future hunts, farting...
    • In the voice actress track, Barbara joked about wanting a sound effect for every time Yang hugged somebody into her rather impressive rack.
    • Due to working on Red vs Blue, Miles had not actually seen the final two episodes, so listening to the commentary track gives a live reaction track. His reaction when Penny cuts the Bullheads in half is priceless.
      • Also of note is his reaction to Penny's Curb-Stomp Battle against the White Fang mooks. It sounds like he's about to have an orgasm.
    • Also in the voice actress track, when Sun winks at Blake, Lindsay is jokingly telling Arryn to stay away from their boyfriend.
    • Also on the DVD, we have Russel's rap.
    • Another point in the ladies commentary, while Yang is fighting the Ursa and talking about how Blake is just off screen, watching Yang.
      Barbara: She's like damn girl, she's hot. Just kidding. A lot listening are probably happy I said that.
  • This tweet by Monty.
  • Remember those shirtless guys changing into their pajamas? Their file names are Hot PJ Studs.
  • These official RWBY Valentines pics by Pat Rodriguez can be either this or Heartwarming Moments. Sometimes both.
  • During the first Production Diary for Vol. 2, a view of the writing process is shown. It apparently consists of "Yeah-no-yeah" said a lot, pacing on the conference room table, and watching the latest Godzilla trailer.
  • In the first minute of the second Production Diary, the writer shows a sketch of Team RWBY, Blake has a cat head with a little 'meow' over her head.
  • Sun's team are all based on different Kpop stars.
    • In the same vein, the name for Velvet's team? CFVY - pronounced 'Coffee'.
  • According to a Reddit thread, Coco Adel's name was first revealed in a conversation at RTX that went along the lines of this:
    Monty: [To someone cosplaying as Coco] That's a really good Coco cosplay!
    Cosplayer: Oh, her name's Coco?
    Monty: Stunned silence
  • RTX 2014 had Team RWBY dressed as themselves. As a bonus, after being introduced to the panel, it's said "they're legally required to wear this all the time now. It's part of their contract."
  • At the musical panel of RTX 2014, right before "This Will Be the Day", Jeff Williams pre-emptively fulfills any requests for "Freebird". The surprised look by Casey (dressed as Ruby...) is a plus.
  • During the RTX 2016 music panel, the Williams family's initial reaction to the Red Trailer:
    Jeff: [Monty's] just like 'Here's this video'. And it's like: 'Why is she killing these dogs? What is... this is a show about a psycho fucking kid slicing up dogs, what the fuck?!' I'm like "I don't know if I wanna work in this, man. It's like, nasty."
    Casey: I was in that really dark place, like a goth phase. So I was like "Yes! Ooooh!"
    Jeff: And I'm like: "Noooo! Save the dogs!"
    • Later, Jeff recalls "'Monty, who is in the grave?', he went 'I don't know. We just thought it would be cool if she visited a grave' And I'm like 'Are you fucking with me? What if it's her mom?' And he is like 'I'm... that's cool! Well, that's her mom! Sure, why not?'" Some comments highlight "So Jeff Williams essentially killed Ruby's mom."
    • "'Red like roses fill my dreams'. With what? Cranberry sauce? Kool-Aid? Bloody Marys? But then I went 'With blood, cause that's way more epic!' Though cranberry sauce might be tastier."
  • During a livestream following the first World of Remnant segment, Arryn (Blake's VA) was laying on the floor in the foreground of the RT set, and Kara (Weiss's VA) was going to jokingly act as if she was going to step on her, but tripped up and fell over her (and lightly bumping her head on the table).
    Miles: Monochrome! Checkmate! Black and White together at least!
    Kerry: Weiss Down!
    • A few minutes later, all four of the RWBY VA's were sitting on the couch, and Miles noted that they were 'in order'. The girls joked that they almost do it instinctually, and when they are out of order, they feel weird.
  • Monty Oum has uploaded a video to his Facebook page of the team JNPR dance scene, but with the character models replaced. Including one version with Grimm dancing, despite their models not being suited for the movements. This results in the models rotating without moving their limbs (except the Ursa and Beowolf, who are sufficiently humanoid to do the moves).
    • Monty later tweeted that he was expecting the fans to flood YouTube with alternate Team JNPR dance scenes. The fans' response? "Challenge accepted!"
    • Here is one featuring 77 Songs.
  • Kerry and Miles have a serious problem.
  • During the RTX 2015 RWBY Panel, someone asked the voice actors what would they say or do to their characters if they were to meet them. Miles' (Jaune's voice actor) response made all the Arkos shippers squee!
    Miles: SHE'S INTO YOU! WHY DON'T YOU SEE IT?! [mimes slapping and shaking Jaune] WAKE UP!
    Audience: [goes nuts]
    Kerry: You've been thinking about that one.
  • And now we give you HELLAh kOHPTOR MOOVz
  • During the Extra Life stream, Miles does Jaune going into a profanity-laden rant on Neptune and Weiss.
  • In RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, one of the quality settings is called "potato".
  • Achievement Hunter's Let's Play of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, starring Michael, Lindsay, Ryan and Jeremy:
    • Despite Michael being the one playing Yang Xiao Long, it's Jeremy making the poor puns. Turns into a Brick Joke when one of his puns comes close to the name of the first stage.
    • Lindsay's first action upon playing the game? Getting Ruby to mow the lawn.
    • When Professor Port starts talking, everyone tells Ryan to shut up and Ryan's confused as to why he's talking to himself. Lindsay is hit with this briefly as well.
    • They try to give themselves a team name. Best they can come up with is JMRL (pronounced like Gemerl. At the very least, the YouTube community rally around MJLR (pronounced Mjolnir)
    • When Michael boasts that he's the party host for the game, he asks Lindsay if they remember the time when Yang ganked leadership of Team RWBY. Their response? "Yeah, it was called Volume 2."
    • The gang bursts out laughing when Port tells them to have their weapons ready and their mustaches waxed.
    • While protecting a control center, Ruby ends up falling to the Grimm. Cue cries of "NOT CANON!" and Ryan declaring himself leader of the new Team Blake.
    • Near the end of the stage, Michael switches controllers and is able to get the most out of Yang. Ryan's confused as to how Michael is able to go that far without specials.
    • During the second stage, they end up meeting the Boarbatusk. Lindsay asks Jeremy (whose playing Weiss) if he wants to confront it himself. Jeremy thankfully declines.
    • They start teasing about Jeremy's size, claiming that he should be on RWBY and be an entire team, LILJ. Lindsay suggests that they'd come together like some sort of Megazord. Michael suggests that they'd just turn into one normal person.
    • Michael's "Yang voice", which sounds like Barbara with a cold, and Jeremy's "Weiss voice", which sounds like he got his nuts in a vice when he yells (and complete gibberish when speaking normally), and his "Oobleck voice", which they find very convincing. Or hilarious.
    • After loudly yelling "YOU BITCH!" after Jeremy steals crate XP from her, Lindsay expresses a desire to have Ruby say that to Weiss.
      That's how I want to voice Ruby when Weiss talks to her: "YOU BITCH!"
    • The third stage quickly descends into a box hunting contest, trying to find all the boxes with XP in them.
    • Near the end, Ruby falls again and Lindsay tries to get the other guys to revive them. When the guys claim they can't figure out what's going on, Lindsay's forced to use their Ruby voice to get them over there.
    • After briefly getting fed up with Joel's voice acting during the bomb mission:
      Michael: (imitating Joel) "The cart need fuel to go drive, vroom vroom, it not move fast enough!"
    • Someone went and replaced some of Weiss' dialogue from the show with Jeremy's version.
  • Achievement Hunter dubs over RWBY. And of course Lindsay is still Ruby, only speaking with a butch voice.
  • At RTXAU, Ryan, Michael, Lindsay, and Barbara did another Let's Play of RWBY: Grimm Eclipse. Ryan manages to get the audience to yell out "CRATE!" whenever he comes across one. Eventually:
    Audience Member: Ryan, you're doing crate!
    Ryan: Thanks!
    Lindsay: I like that, nice. Do you want Barbara's job?
    Barbara: Yeah, you wanna come up here and replace me?
  • Lindsay and Barbara again briefly played Grimm Eclipse... with Kara and Arryn along.
  • As already stated on the Awesome page, at RTX Australia 2016 there was a Q&A session with Ruby and Yang using motion capture. The entire event is a goldmine, but in particular, Yang's awkward answer regarding the canonicity of the Death Battle with Tifa.
    • When Ruby and Yang were asked how they were going to make Mercury pay for the scandal, Yang happily said, "I'm gonna break his other leg!"
    • When Ruby and Yang were asked if there were any stories of how they discovered their semblances, Ruby gives a somewhat in-depth answer about Qrow helping her. Yang's answer? "I stubbed my toe once."
    • When Yang is asked if she's ever going to button up her shirt, she answered somewhat threateningly with "I will find you...and I will kill you." Makes more sense when you realize the question was being asked by a girl dressed as Neo.
    • The way Yang is smiling makes it look like she's really drunk or really high.
    • Jaune briefly shows up to call Ruby. She immediately tells him to call back and go away.
      • And what was the username? I<3YellowSnow.
    • One question asks about healthcare at Beacon, to which Ruby replies that while it's not as good as Australian healthcare, it's still pretty good. A member of the audience yells out "That's not saying much!"
  • According to the Livestream done for Season 3 in anticipation for the finale, there's a file somewhere of a dead Penny's right hand flipping off the camera. Additionally, a Blooper Reel shown at the Volume 3 Tugg eventnote  showed that this wasn't them joking. During the reels it showed Penny's dismembered hand slowly turning palm-up and slowly pulling the fingers down. It was blurred out, but still.
    • There was a note given after episode 10 by Kerry about Ironwood's fight with the alpha wolf Grimm: "I'm so wet right now."
    • Later, during Ironwood's dramatic reveal, Miles asked about many people were aroused by it. All of the women raised their hands... as did a number of the men.
    • Miles reminding viewers that Kerry also directs the episodes, so it's "a joint effort" in being heartless, so be sure to thank (and fight) him, too!
  • The RWBY Crew Reacts To Murderofbirds Reacting To "PVP". Crosses into Heartwarming with Murder's emotional reaction to being personally sent the video by Rooster Teeth, but also features a moment where the crew cheers when they make a grown man cry.
  • In the cast commentary for "End of the Beginning", the cast dub the shirt Yang's wearing during her depression the "sad mustard" shirt.
  • In wanting to offer a discount for Father's Day, Rooster Teeth began using ads advertising the discount with the obvious RWBY hook. The kicker? They used the obvious Father of the Year material: Mr. Schnee.
  • RTX 2016 featured an exclusive blooper reel featuring a plethora of animation errors (such as Ozpin's mug floating away or enlarging) and the crew screwing around with the models (such as Shopkeeper Salem).
    • As bonus, the context behind the Gray Kattock gag is that Gray did the motion-capture for Neon. The image of a grown-ass man pulling off the flirty-girly poses is too funny to not laugh at.
  • Kerry's anecdote of RWBY's origins.
    Kerry: [Monty] came in late, but just 'cause he was there overnight, and he was still kinda half-awake, and he just walked up to me and he said: "Red... white... black... yellow." And I said: "Yes Monty, those are four colors."
  • The week after Heroes and Monsters aired, Rooster Teeth announced the 2016 valentines. The first one? Yang, with the caption "I want to hold your hand."
    • Also note that she's positioned on the card to hide her right arm.
  • The CRWBY's reactions to this question at RTX 2017. Fans were quick to point out the cast's reactions (Lindsay: laughs; Kara: unimpressed; Arryn: horrified; Barb: ecstatic) are character appropriate.
    • In contrast to Arryn, the look of pure sinful glee on Barb's face as soon as she hears the question.
      Barbara: (to Miles and Kerry; in can-this-please-be-canon tone) Does it?!
    • Gray then tried to keep it PG by saying "Well, how else will she know about her phone calls?". Barbara derails his efforts quick-smart.
      Barbara: I'd like to imagine, instead of a vibration, the hand just spins.
    • After Miles then tries to claim that said spinning is for Yang's attacks, Barbara happily proceeds to throw a massive vat of kerosene onto an already massive bonfire.
      Arryn: This is supposed to be a PG panel!
      Barbara: Well, hopefully those people don't know what we're talking about!
      Lindsay: I mean, Inspector Gadget had vibrating arms, so...
      Barbara: Yeah, and she's gonna inspect her gadgets!
      Arryn's jaw hits the floor, Barbara mimes a slam dunk, and Miles facedesks while Lindsay cracks up laughing.
      Kerry: Next question! Moving on!
      Arryn soon mouths "What the f—-?"
    • Afterwards, Gray winds up saying this to the man who asked that question in the first place.
      Gray: If I still had one of those Pyrrha dolls, I would throw it at you.
    • And funnier yet, the RWBY fanartist Rooster Teeth have employed for their new "gen:Lock" show decided to visualise this idea.
  • Warner Bros. Japan asked Burnie Burns to include a Hot Springs Episode in the future of all things. To say he shot that one down immediately would be an understatement.
  • At a con RWBY panel featuring Arryn, Jen, and Elizabeth Maxwellnote , somebody asked the ladies what they thought a sloth really sounded like. Jen started making sounds she thought sounded like it should, but Arryn had an intrigued look, and pulled out her phone. A moment later, she found a video of a baby sloth, and played it into the microphone. At which point, Jen shifted her imitations to the actual sounds, sounds cute and hilarious.
  • In a cross with Heartwarming, Shannon McCormick's discovery of RWBY Chibi: Jen Brown, who was devastated following the season 3 finale three weeks prior, revealed she was recording for Pyrrha, to his shock.
  • As of Cyber Monday 2017, the name of a certain memetic Pyrrha plush in the RT store is now "The Great One".
  • Qrow asks Winter about her kind of man. Between the really specific description and Vic burping, it's hard not to laugh.
  • The animation panel at Anime Expo 2018 had this question regarding shipping. According to Miles, Kerry came up with a ship so disgustingnote  that he refused to advocate it, but the name of the shipnote  was incredibly punny. Kerry's response proved to be the icing on the cake.
    Kerry: I mean, Raven could be there too, I guess.
  • RTX 2018 had a reading of season 3's opening scene with the actors doing other roles (here's with actual episode footage). It's as funny as it gets.
  • RTX 2018 had an interesting question asked: What would happen if any character from ''RWBY'' had the Infinity Gauntlet? It...goes about as well as you would expect.
    Lindsay (in Ruby's voice): Well, uh, let's just say that half of my teammates would be gone in the snap of a finger.
    Barbara (in Yang's voice): Ruby, I don't feel so good! (mix of groans and applause from the crowd)
    Arryn: I've-I've not seen any of them...
    Gray: New show, Team RW, coming to you this fall!
    • If you thought Team RWBY with the gauntlet was bad, Miles thinks Team JNPR, or rather Jaune, would screw it up even worse.
      Miles (in Jaune's voice): Let's play rock-paper-scissors! Oh, I lost! Darn it! *snaps finger* NO!!!
      Gray: I'm never gonna think of that Pyrrha shot the same way now.
      Miles: *angrily after the crowd groans* OH DON'T ACT LIKE YOU DIDN'T ALREADY SEE THE MEMES!!
    • Strangely, the whole cast agrees that Yang would think that she can do much more damage with her Ember Celica than with the Infinity Gauntlet.
      Miles: I feel like Yang would look at the gauntlet and go, "eh, mine's better!"
    • If one watches closely, you can see Barb's jaw drop when Arryn mentions she hasn't seen any of the MCU movies.
  • The RWBY Rewind recap of ep 4 of volume 6 has Shannon acting out a weird dream Ozpin had.
  • Melissa Sternenberg, the voice of Maria, introducing herself to Tock's VA and offering cashews to Cordovin's one.
  • Arryn Zech watching V6E12, one of the most Adorkable things ever.
  • After it was revealed that Neo would be part of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, a couple days later, it turned out she would be voiced by Casey Lee Williams for her battle efforts. Yes. The woman who does most of the singing on the show voices the mute character.
    • On Twitter, Kerry phrased it as 'voicing' Neo.
  • An animation-themed episode of RT's improv show On the Spot unexpectedly featured a prompt in which Lindsay and Michael had to play Ruby and Sun. In the sketch, Ruby has stolen Sun's weapon as a prank and he has come to Team RWBY's dorm room to beg her to give it back. Michael gets very meta with it, commenting on how little Team SSSN have appeared in the series. Also according to Michael in the sketch, Gavin Free has completely forgotten that he was a RWBY cast member, presumably because, as Michael-as-Sun points out, Scarlet only ever had one line. (actually two, but you can hardly blame him for forgetting)
  • Appearing on the Geek Jam Surgery, Casey Lee Williams takes the time to reveal that when Jeff took 6-year-old her to a Dream Theater concert, there was an ad for a Drake Bell concert. Yes, that Drake Bell. Cue Casey begging him to take her, and both of them becoming Drake Bell stans (after horrible opening acts).
  • The 2020 RWBY panel livestream cut out right before the volume eight trailer started... and it cut back to Salem saying she has questions. The ironic timing is hilariously reflective of the fandom reactions to the event.
  • The sound designer for Volume 6, Chriss Kokkinos, revealed on Twitter the source of the sound effects of the river Adam falls into after being fatally stabbed: a constantly-flushing toilet in the men's room. Many fans agreed that being flushed down the toilet was exactly what Adam deserved.

     Print Media 
  • The first manga anthology book plays up Ruby's immaturity. One of the stories has Ruby deciding to dye her hair red, sending Yang into a Troubled Fetal Position, thinking her dear little sister's entered a rebellious phase. Ruby explains that it's because she's the only one whose hair color didn't match their designated color, complaining that the team should be called "BWBY".
    • Which is even more hilarious when you consider what the presumable pronunciation of "BWBY" must be...
    • One story is a revamp of Ruby meeting Cinder's team in Volume 2 Episode 2. Ruby assumes Cinder is a chaperone, much to Cinder's ire. Ruby then concludes that Cinder is a remedial student.
    • Another story follows up on the Volume 2 finale, with Team RWBY being honored at an awards ceremony. Ruby doesn't feel comfortable at the party due to the crowds, while Ozpin, on the other hand, enjoys them because they are key to help boost morale... and for another reason:
      Ozpin: Plus there's an open bar. This is great.
      Ruby: I'm still underage...
  • In the Weiss anthology manga volume, one story plays up Weiss' A-Cup Angst by jealously calling Yang "Ms. Smokin' Bod".
    • Another story has Weiss attempt to make chocolate cookies. The result is so stale that Team RWBY is able to use them as weapons against Torchwick and the White Fang!
  • In RWBY: Before the Dawn, Neptune decides that going undercover at an illegal cage fight requires wearing a false mustache. Yatsuhashi points out that not only is Neptune too young to grow a mustache, but it's a different color from his hair.
  • In RWBY: Roman Holiday, Torchwick goes into a tattoo palor. He shows his arm with his Spiders gang mark and asks for it to be removed. When the tattoo artist pulls out a bone saw, Torchwick amends his request to mean the tattoo, much to her disappointment.