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Character Pages for the RWBY franchise, based on the original creation by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth.

Some works share the use of the canon setting's character sheets, while others have their own separate pages (see Other Media below).

If the work links back to this page, rather than it's own, it'll be using the canon setting character pages.

Canon Setting
"It's been hard, on all of us, and I'm not just talking about the monsters we fought out here." note 

Expect unmarked spoilers on these pages for all RWBY works that are set before the end of Volume 8.note 

These are the character pages for the works that take place in the RWBY setting rather than having their own separate character pages.

These works will usually have been confirmed by the creators as being consistent with the original show as far as is feasible.

Discretion when troping those works is advised as they may still have certain contradictions with the main show that shouldn't be troped here.



  • Sanus (Eastern)note 
  • Sanus (Western)note 
  • Animanote 
  • Solitasnote 


  • Salem's Factionnote 
  • White Fangnote 

Beyond Remnant

  • The Ever Afternote 

World of Remnant

  • Remnant Mythosnote 
  • Grimm Bestiarynote 

Other Media

Franchise works that are either based in their own setting, or are designed to either deviate from, or lie adjacent to, the canon setting. Their independent character pages are listed below.

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

Direct-to-Video Films

Web Animation

Alternative Title(s): RWBY Grimm Eclipse, RWBY Monsters And Enemies, RWBY Beacon Academy, RWBY Vytal Festival Tournament, RWBY Amity Arena, RWBY 2015, RWBY Before The Dawn, RWBY After The Fall, RWBY Fairy Tales Of Remnant, RWBY Roman Holiday