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I don't know what path we will be shown,
but I know that when I'm with you, I'm at home.
Ruby was right. We're here to make the world better. Even if the show is known for having a lot of horrid and cruel moments, there are always nicer, kinder things to look forward to.

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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to these pages. Proceed at your own risk.

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Beacon Arc

    Volume 1 
Ruby Rose
  • The transition from the scene of Ruby, Ozpin, and Glynda is Yang moving in front of the camera to hug Ruby. She's so happy that they don't have to split up.
    Yang: "Oh, I can't believe my baby sister is going to Beacon with me! This is the best day EVER!
    Ruby: *unable to breathe* Please stop...
    Yang: But I'm so proud of you!
  • In a strange way, Ruby admitting that she doesn't like skipping two years to go to her dream academy, because she doesn't want to be seen as special. It shows that she's quite responsible despite her usual bluster.
    • Also, immediately after Ruby admits that she doesn't want to be seen as special, Yang puts an arm around her shoulder and says, "But you ARE special." Awww, Yang!
    • Made even better by the fact that she doesn't say it in her usual enthusiastic tone, but rather, in a calm, sincere voice, showing that she isn't just trying to boost Ruby's confidence, she just considers it a fact.
  • The voices of Torchwick's goons in the first scene were a pair of Make a Wish beneficiaries. A kind gesture from people who played some bad guys.
  • The Japanese dub begins with this.

The Shining Beacon, Parts I and II

  • Jaune's interactions with Ruby in general are very awkward yet very sweet.
  • Blake starting to warm up to Ruby when Ruby says she also likes books. Ruby then talks about how she was inspired to become a warrior after Yang read to her stories of heroes.
    Blake: That's...very ambitious for a child. Unfortunately, the real world isn't the same as a fairy tale.
    Ruby: (smiles) Well... that's why we're here. To make it better.
  • The credits theme, Gold, is all about Yang being a good sister to Ruby.

The First Step, Parts I and II

  • Pyrrha's genuine friendliness towards Jaune, even when he ignores her to hit on Weiss and just as readily moves to hit on her, is kind of nice.
  • Yang trades some friendly banter with Jaune after Weiss and Pyrrha leave, and Ruby helps him up and walks him out to the deployment area. It's all quite nice to watch, and the two social misfits certainly have some great chemistry.
  • Pyrrha quickly looks around upon landing and sees Jaune flailing through the air, and her first instinct is to save him, by way of impaling her spear through his clothes from at least a hundred feet away. Keep in mind that it pretty much leaves her with a plain shield in the middle of a forest infested with creatures of Grimm.
  • Ruby, mulling over who she knows at Beacon, considers Yang, Jaune, and Blake as partners... before running into eye contact with the one other person she knows: Weiss. Despite their rocky relationship prior, neither party does the Big "NO!", and they accept each other as partners with minimal fuss (beyond Weiss briefly checking to see if another candidate is nearby). Ruby even smiles shortly after eye contact and is happy when Weiss returns to her.
    • The fact that Ruby immediately brings up Jaune when thinking about getting another partner apart from her sister. All because he's nice and funny. If only because he doesn't look strong enough, Ruby would be completely comfortable with the idea of spending the next four years with Jaune as her partner.
  • When Pyrrha arrives to where Jaune is still pinned, she teasingly asks him if he still has room on his team. After some feigned offence on Jaune's part, the two look and smile at each other.
  • Despite her efforts to get Ruby to make new friends and saying it might be better for her to partner up with someone else, Yang's first instinct is still to look for Ruby.
  • It's subtle, but throughout Nora's rambling and waking him up, Ren was revealed to not be annoyed, but instead listening intently, not even trying to tune out Nora.

The Emerald Forest, Parts I and II

  • Despite their relationship still being rocky (before and afterward), when a flaming tree nearly falls on Ruby, Weiss' first instinct is for both of them to cut their losses and run. She could have easily left her there but chose not to.
  • Pyrrha's prayer-like unlocking of Jaune's Aura.
    • Most of Pyrrha and Jaune's interactions in general. Jaune not knowing things about the RWBY universe, and Pyrrha going out of her way to explain things to him. Other people would have probably been annoyed at his ignorance, but not Pyrrha.
    • In a way, the aura unlocking could be seen as a sort of marriage, with their souls binding together.
    • This scene becomes even more heartwarming when taking into account events that happen in Volume 5. Neither of them realizes it at the time, but when Pyrrha shares her Aura with Jaune she's also teaching him how to use his Semblance, as it kicks in when he shares his Aura with others.
  • "Boop."
    • Ren smiles for the first time after Nora "boops" him. Not just any smile, mind you; it's the adorable "what am I gonna do with you" smile.
    • Listen to Nora's tone; it's the softest she's ever sounded. Not surprising, considering exactly what she's really saying to Ren.

Players And Pieces

  • Once again, Ruby is in trouble, and Weiss' first instinct is to save her. And this time, it wasn't something that endangered herself at all.
  • The only time Nora loses her cool in this episode is when the Deathstalker slams Ren into a wall. Process that for a moment. Being in the middle of a death forest doesn't stress her. Being besieged on both sides by what could qualify as living mobile fortresses doesn't stress her. Ren possibly getting hurt? Yeah, Prepare to Die immediately.
  • What Ruby whispers to herself after Weiss buries the hatchet with her. Not to mention the burying of the hatchet itself.
    Weiss: You're fine. [walks off]
    Ruby: ...Normal knees...
  • Yang rushing to try and save Ruby from the Deathstalker, and as soon as she's had her moment with Weiss, the first thing she does is run up and hug her little sister.
  • Yang's smiling, wordless So Proud of You moment as the teams are leaving the temple.
    Blake: What is it?
    [Beat of watching Ruby leading the way]
    Yang: Nothing.
    • Plus, Blake's smile after the above exchange suggests that she could tell what Yang was thinking.
  • For one of the final parts of Team RWBY's plan to beat the Nevermore, Weiss has to cast a dozen Glyphs in an instant to propel Ruby up the cliff. A moment after Ruby lands on the cliff wall, the camera pans back to Yang, Blake and Weiss. Blink and you might miss it, but Weiss falls to one knee in exhaustion after pumping out so many spells so quickly. Consider this for a moment: not only does Weiss trust Ruby enough to exhaust herself for Ruby's plan, but Ruby reciprocates it by leaving her safety in Weiss' hands, since, if the spell had failed, Ruby would no doubt have gotten killed either by falling or being exposed to a direct attack from the Nevermore.
  • In Episode 7, Professor Ozpin had seemed only vaguely aware of Glynda's comments about Jaune not being ready for Beacon until the team announcements at the end of Episode 8. He singles out Jaune alone for personal praise with a very "I'm proud of you" tone. In other words, he's basically announced to the entire academy that Jaune has proven he has every right to be at Beacon.
  • Pyrrha's brilliant grin the moment Jaune is announced to be the leader of team JNPR.
  • Jaune's surprise at being named team leader by Ozpin. He was clearly not expecting it, as he was looking at Pyrrha moments before Ozpin said his name, expecting her to receive the honor.
  • Yang's reaction to Ruby getting put in charge was rather sweet. It really shows how supportive she is of her little sis.

The Badge and The Burden, Parts I and II

  • Blake, who prior to this has been mostly cold and standoffish, is now gleefully engaging in Ruby's and Yang's morning antics.
    • There's also the fact that Weiss deigned herself to participate in decorating the room at all.
  • Professor Port gives Weiss a combination of a mild lecture and a pep talk when she complains about not being the leader of Team RWBY, rounding it out by encouraging her to focus on being the best person she can be, instead of worrying about being the best leader.
    • Not to mention his unshakable faith in Professor Ozpin's judgment.
  • Professor Ozpin's pep talk to Ruby is also pretty heartwarming, as she was feeling rather down after being chewed out by Weiss earlier. He told her off about her assumption of leadership, warning her that she may have been given it, but she still has to earn it, but he does so in a gentle way that gives her confidence to take his advice instead of knocking her spirit even further.
  • Weiss making up with Ruby at the end of the episode after getting over the fact that she wasn't made team leader and having taken Professor Port's advice to heart (and seeing that Ruby's trying to take her role a bit more seriously by studying - taking Ozpin's advice even though Weiss doesn't know that).
    [Weiss nudges Ruby to wake her with a soft "Ahem!"]
    Ruby: Weiss! I-I-I was studying, and then I fell asleep—I'm sorry!
    Weiss: [covers Ruby's mouth and spots her mug] How do you take your coffee?
    Ruby: I-I don—
    Weiss: [irritably] Answer the question!
    Ruby: Cream and five sugars!
    Weiss: [sighs] Don't move. [drops down to her bunk and comes back with coffee] Here.
    Ruby: Um...thanks, Weiss...
    Weiss: ...Ruby, I think you have what it takes to be a good leader. Just know that I am going to be the best teammate you will ever have. Good luck studying. [goes to leave but stops to point at Ruby's paper] That's wrong, by the way!
    Weiss: ...Hey, Ruby?
    Ruby: Uh-huh?
    Weiss: ...I always wanted bunk beds as a kid. [exits]

Jaunedice, Parts I and II

  • Glynda's expression as she finishes her lecture on Jaune. She obviously doesn't think of him as a competent fighter, but that only makes her even more concerned about his well-being.
  • Ruby and Pyrrha sharing the same concern for Jaune because of how Cardin treats him. They try to get him to admit he's being bullied so he can ask for help. It just shows how much they care about Jaune.
    • Nora can also be seen with a sad expression on her face during the discussion, something very rare, and offers to help, if "We'll break his legs!" can be called help.
  • Pyrrha telling Jaune that she "really will break [Cardin's] legs", after watching Jaune just take his crap again.
  • The simple fact that Pyrrha was more than willing to help Jaune train, even after what he revealed.

Forever Fall, Parts I and II

  • So, Cardin is Blackmailing Jaune. What makes Jaune decide enough is enough? Being forced to be their lackey? He can live with that. An inspirational speech from Ruby? It's effective, but nope. Tasked to get a large amount of Rapier Wasps in the middle of the night? Nope (though admittedly he doesn't get stung for his trouble). An attempt to get revenge on Pyrrha? Oh yes.
  • Pyrrha throughout the episode. While she does act cold, and the looks she gives are heartbreaking, all of it points to just how much she cares for Jaune.
  • Ruby's little chat with him in the hall, with her expressing to him the same confidence in Ozpin's decision as Professor Port had about Ruby's. Plus, passing on some of the gists of what Ozpin had said to her that day.
    • And quite frankly, the way she kept saying, "Nope!" was adorable.
      Jaune: ...I'm a failure.
      Ruby: (cheerfully) Nope!
      Jaune: "Nope"?
      Ruby: Nope! You're a leader now, Jaune. You're not allowed to be a failure.
      Jaune: But what if I'm a failure at being a leader?
      Ruby: Hmmm... (Beat) Nope!
      Jaune: know, you're not the easiest person to talk to about this kind of stuff.
      Ruby: Nope!
  • Do what you want to Jaune himself, but here's some friendly advice: you don't mess with his team or his friends. Ever. That is a terrible idea.
  • First, the obvious: Pyrrha manipulating Jaune's shield to protect him from the Ursa's right paw. But also the conversation with Ruby and Weiss afterward. It's clear that we don't really need to know why Pyrrha's very supportive of Jaune; all we need to know is that she'll always be there for him, even when Jaune himself doesn't know it.
    Ruby: We have to tell them what happened!
    Pyrrha: Or... We could just keep it our little secret.
  • Jaune acknowledging he had been a jerk for the last few days (weeks?) and apologizing to Pyrrha. And Pyrrha accepting without reservation.
    Pyrrha: Jaune, it's okay. Your team really misses their leader, you know.
  • The smile on Pyrrha's face when Jaune finally asks for her help in training his combat skills.

The Stray

  • In spite of all the drama, seeing Weiss and Ruby low-five (which one would hardly expect from Weiss) was pretty cute, and shows their friendship really does exist.
    • Even more potent is that Weiss is the one who initiates the low-five.
  • Ruby can't help but say yes to Penny's request for friendship despite the wishes of her teammates. Penny's exuberance is adorable, if uncanny.
    • This also shows the Character Development Ruby has undergone over the course of the season. Accepting a friendship request even at the discouragement of one's existing friends is quite a difference from the girl in Episode 2 who didn't feel the need to socialize when her sister was around.
  • The fact that Weiss even went out with Ruby and Yang to look for Blake. How she feels about Blake is unknown, but she's willing to put those feelings aside and help her friends.

Black and White

  • Weiss declaring she doesn't care that Blake was once a member of the White Fang and insists that she talk to her teammates the next time something serious happens.
    • Also when she proceeds to talk to Sun, you can hear her nearly call him by the names she used in the last episode, but she stops herself just before she does so. It could be for Blake's sake.
  • Penny decides to wipe the floor with a few dozen White Fang goons because they hurt Ruby, thus rewarding Ruby for agreeing to be her friend earlier.
    • Also, Ruby telling her to stay back where it's safe.
  • Blake as a child protesting alongside White Fang. She's so adorable...if you can ignore the context, at least.
  • Ruby trying to "diffuse" any possible situation with Blake and Weiss at the end.
    • The cute part is that Ruby doesn't quite understand the actual problem. "Weiss; it's not what you think; she doesn't actually wear a bow; she's got these kitty ears, and they're actually kinda cute!"
  • Aside from Weiss choosing to look past Blake's past and consider her a teammate, there's just something poignant in the way she restrains herself from disparaging Sun in front of Blake. Considering how liberal she's been with insulting the Faunus an episode earlier, she's clearly not the girl she was 12 hours earlier.
  • Sun hanging around with Blake—a near-total stranger—for two days, because he thought she needed the company. And she did.

    Volume 2 
Best Day Ever
  • Emerald and Mercury may be a new pair of antagonists for this volume, but their Vitriolic Best Buds routine can be quite endearing. One might wonder how either would react to the other being in any genuine peril.
    Mercury: [in a sarcastically pleading fashion] Oh Emerald, master thief! Please don't take my money! I barely have enough to get by!
  • Blake looks over her notes, which contains a pencil drawing of Adam from the back, with his rose symbol just below that. She doesn't say anything, but it's clear that despite deserting him in the Black trailer, she's still a little worried about him.
    • On a secondary note, on the facing page is the old White Fang symbol and Adam's drawing has a training sword and no Grimm mask. These were before their violent turns, showing how she prefers to think of them, rather than what they are now.
  • Let's take a brief moment to bask in Weiss' character evolution so far. When Blake makes a move to isolate herself, Weiss stands up and encourages them all to do something together. She was doing two things here which warm the heart. First, after Ruby explained her intentions in detail about spending their last day of free time together Weiss is the first to support her efforts. While she might not be advocating for the specific scheme Ruby has in mind, she is taking the initiative to accomplish Ruby's endgame of spending time together. This is in major contrast to how she started in Volume 1, where she treated Ruby as either a hindrance or as a rival through most of the episodes. Second, she is specifically attempting to wrangle Blake back into the group and not allow her to isolate herself. While this gesture is not as obvious as it becomes in episode two, Weiss is clearly trying to reach out to the girl. It's particularly poignant considering all the things she said about Blake's species and former organization at the end of Volume 1.
    • Then she promptly gets pied in the face, which was fairly adorable in its own right. Doubly so if we take Nora's sudden cry of "I got it!" to mean that her solution to what to do today was in fact the ensuing food fight. And while we cut away from her full reaction, anger didn't seem to be part of it at all.
  • Gotta love the bromance going on between Sun and Neptune in the episode.
  • Sun is ecstatic over the opportunity of introducing Neptune to Team RWBY, speaks of them in idolizing tones, and makes a point of emphasizing Blake's desire for secrecy of her heritage in earnest. He's got a big smile on his face when he sees what the two teams are doing.
    Sun: I love these guys.
  • The mere fact that everyone is willing to engage in this wholesale silliness is pretty heartwarming by itself. Yes, this would come naturally for Nora, Ruby, and Yang, but this seems like the kind of situation that Blake, Ren, Weiss, (and to a lesser extent) Jaune and Pyrrha would just as well like to avoid. That everyone jumps right into it without a second thought speaks to how much the teams have loosened up and become more tightly knit.
    • When Ruby is hamming it up with the "fallen comrade" scene, Weiss doesn't react. She's playing along as the "fallen comrade" in question. In other words, she's indulging her silly teammate.
  • During the food fight, you really get to see how good the teamwork in RWBY has gotten. They trade off on fighting and block blows for each other throughout the fight. This enables them to stand on equal footing with Nora and Pyrrha.
  • The epic food fight between RWBY and JNPR has ended, Glynda has cleaned up and finished chewing them all out. How does everyone react? Nora belches loudly, Yang falls through the roof, and after a brief pause? Both teams, still a complete mess, bust up laughing. Then Ozpin shows up just in time to cool Glynda's head—they are still kids, after all.

Welcome To Beacon

  • According to Jaune, Weiss was nice enough to tell him and his team about Blake's "status".
  • When Weiss' advantage in their card game crumbles she falls back down into her chair in waterfall tears. Then Ruby, still in tears herself over her own move being ruined, tries comforting her.
    Yang: Trap card.
    Weiss: Huh?
    Yang: [rearranges the board] Your armies have been destroyed!
    Weiss: [slumps into her chair crying] I hate this game of emotions we play!
    Ruby: *[leaps into Weiss lap and hugs her still in tears herself] Stay strong, Weiss! We'll make it through this together!
    Weiss: [still emotional, hugs Ruby back and pulls her close] Shut up! Don't touch me!
    • Notice especially that Weiss says not to touch her—and THEN goes in for a bigger hug. Her heart seems to know better than her head. Or hold more sway than her head.
  • The flashback in which Ozpin tries his damnedest to get Blake to open up. It's very clear he cares about his students and is saddened by the prejudice that the Faunus fall under.
    Ozpin: I admire your drive, and I am proud to run a school that accepts individuals from all walks of life. Rich, poor, human... [beat, takes a sip of coffee] ...Faunus...
    [Blake looks away.]
    Ozpin: [with a hint of sadness] Why do you wear that bow, Blake? Why hide who you are?
    • Even when he becomes a bit more down-to-business during that conversation while asking if Blake still has connections with the White Fang, it's not because he's judging her—he is protecting his world and his students. Only when he begins to mention a possible threat does his expression and tone turn hard, and when that passes, he goes back to a worried and sad expression, asking Blake to please speak to him if anything is bothering her, not just if she has any more information about the incident. He makes it clear that he does care about his students, ALL his students, very much.
  • How much Ozpin believes in protecting his students, and very subtly, that he believes they can take care of themselves as well - all expressed in one sentence.
    Ironwood: But ask yourself this: Do you seriously believe your children can win a war? (slowly turns to leave)
    Ozpin: [when Ironwood leaves] ...I hope they never have to.
  • Weiss noticing Blake's depression, and calling her out on it, getting her to open up to them, just as Blake promised at the end of Volume 1. The way she dramatically poses on a chair just to ask Blake what is wrong is adorable and funny. Looks like Ruby's rubbing off on her.
    • Following this, Blake does indeed tell them what's wrong; what's bothering her. They listen. Weiss tries to tell them to wait until they're ready, but when she's outvoted (again) she decides to lend her support as well.

A Minor Hiccup

  • Sun's response to Ruby's attempts to discourage him from helping them investigate the The White Fang.
    Ruby: Sorry Sun. We don't wanna get friends involved if we don't have to.
    Sun: That's dumb, you should always get friends involved.
  • After Jaune fails to flirt with Weiss and everyone leaves, Yang ruffles his hair and tries to reassure him on the way past.
  • Despite how scared Penny obviously is, she's adamant that her father loves her and is genuinely worried about her well-being.
    • Ruby herself expresses an understanding and appreciation in regards to her own father.
  • There's something about the delivery of Ruby's "...oh" at the end that seems to carry an understanding, almost comforting tone, instead of something more shocked or along the lines of "...huh. Interesting."
  • Ruby and Penny's interactions are very sweet. When they meet to discuss what happened after the night at the docks, Ruby appears by Penny's side with a hand on her shoulder, just smiling. From then on, the entire thing almost feels like a date.

Painting The Town

  • Ruby takes Penny's Robotic Reveal very kindly and assures her that she has a heart and soul.
    Ruby: You think just because you have nuts and bolts instead of squishy guts makes you any less real than me?
    Penny: (surprised and confused) I don't... Um... You're...taking this extraordinarily well.
  • Weiss sending Blake a glyph to attack on, even though it means Weiss herself falls.
  • Penny's conversation with the soldiers while Ruby was hiding was particularly telling; they really were worried for Penny. Ruby's smile suggests this wasn't lost on her, either.
  • While we'll probably never know just how much of it was genuine and how much was just him playing to the crowd, Roman Torchwick seemed to be pretty respectful towards the White Fang members, claiming that he finds their distrust of humans to be completely understandable given how the Faunus are treated.


  • The episode opens with Pyrrha kicking the ever-living crap out of Team CRDL. Yes, it's awesome seeing her beating them all on her own, but if you remember how much they bullied Jaune back in Volume 1, along with the hints that she loves Jaune and the brutal way she finishes off Cardin, it's pretty likely that she asked to face them at least partly because she was still mad and wanted payback. It's just too bad she didn't get to live up to her threat to break Cardin's legs.
  • Team RWBY has taken up the task of planning the dance in hopes of trying to cheer Blake up who is not doing so well thanks to the worry born from previous episodes. So far it seems to be for naught, as Blake angrily declared the dance to be "a colossal waste of time".
  • While training Jaune gets this confident little smile on his face when he manages to surprise Pyrrha. Immediately after she gets that same mischievous smirk from Volume 1 right before she knocked him on his butt and does it again. This time she can't help but laugh after she knocks him on his butt during training but it has a charming mix of amused friend and proud teacher.
    Pyrrha: *Laughing* Well done! Your swordplay has improved immensely!
    Jaune: Couldn't have done it without you.
  • While it mostly shows how oblivious Jaune is to Pyrrha's feelings, it is also rather heartwarming at how ridiculous he finds the thought that Pyrrha isn't popular among the guys.
    Jaune: Please, if you can't get a date, I'll wear a dress. Ha!

Burning the Candle

  • Seeing that Jaune's feelings for Weiss are genuine and how he only has eyes for her to the point of obliviousness for other women. It was nice to know that he really does admire her and can look past her Rich Bitch attitude to see her good points.
    • Despite knowing each other for a few months and the fact that he barely ever speaks, Jaune already trusts Ren enough to divulge such personal feelings. He considers Ren to be like the brother he never had. Ren even admits that he feels the same about Jaune.
  • Pyrrha's I Want My Beloved to Be Happy moment, where she encourages Jaune to speak from his heart about how he feels about Weiss. Nora dejectedly tells Pyrrha to practice what she preaches.
    • Even more so when you realize Nora's not just telling Pyrrha that... she knows that she should take that advice as well, given the song "Boop."
  • Yang's backstory while sad has its heartwarming moments, namely when she's talking about her family. Specifically, Summer Rose went missing while on a mission, and Yang's own birth mother left as well for reasons unknown. Yang, determined to find out more about her mother, took Ruby in a wagon and searched through a dark, dirty, and dangerous forest. When she got to an abandoned house, Yang was about to fall off her feet from exhaustion... and was greeted by a pack of Beowolves. The only reason she and Ruby survived was because Qrow was nearby. This also implies the person she was looking for in the Yellow trailer was her mother - and instead of being weak and tired, that was when Yang is strong and powerful. She's definitely grown since that incident.
    • Blake's reaction was very telling. For most of this episode and the one before it, Blake has been moody, morose, and cold. While Yang was speaking (very softly, at that), Blake's fatigued and stern glower slowly drops. By the end of Yang's monologue, Blake's looking down at the floor, clearly upset, offers her sympathy and even admits that she understands now why Yang's trying to get her out of this funk. Even in her absolute worst state, Blake still manages to be The Empath.
  • Yang is pleading with Blake to calm the hell down regarding her obsession with White Fang and Torchwick. Blake vehemently believes that capturing Torchwick is more important. It gets to the point where Yang ends up shoving Blake to the table in frustration. When Blake, peeved, gets back up, Yang simply... hugs her.
  • Blake greets Sun with, "I knew you'd look better with a tie on" before he gets a look at her and is left without words for a moment until he asks her if they're actually going together. The smile on his face when she says yes is really cute.
  • A minor one, but Weiss is seen talking with a stranger and smiling, which shows how she has been defrosting.
    • Also minor but no less sweet, is Yang's reaction to seeing Ruby in her dressed-up outfit. The level of proud sisterly squee in "Ooooh, you look so beautiful!" is certainly touching.
  • The fact that Yang had no idea that Summer wasn't her real mother until after she went missing definitely counts. The woman clearly loved Yang as if she were her own.
  • Ruby and Ozpin's chat during the dance was very interesting. They discuss how fighting is like dancing, how one cannot spend all their time on the battlefield, and how amazing it is when friends can spend time together. Ozpin is speaking to Ruby in a tone of equality, and it's very interesting how easily the two can converse.

Dance Dance Infiltration

  • Ruby and Jaune's friendship is still going strong.
    Jaune: So I see you're hiding behind the punch bowl as well.
    Ruby: Yeeeuuup.
    Jaune: [holds up his glass in mock seriousness] To the socially awkward.
    [Ruby giggles, and they clink their glasses]
  • Jaune took a joking remark that he made to Pyrrha, and held himself to it.
    • And Jaune setting his own anger/jealousy aside, in the end, talking to Neptune.
  • After learning that Pyrrha didn't bring a date, and settling things, there's only one thing left for Jaune to do; arrive wearing a freaking dress. Despite everyone laughing, even Pyrrha (though good-naturedly, and after a valiant attempt not to), he's not embarrassed in the slightest as he asks if she wants to dance—which she's thrilled to. Even more heartwarming is to hear Pyrrha go from depressed to completely giddy schoolgirl as Jaune takes the lead, pulls her to him, and then leads her onto the dance floor.
    Pyrrha: [Turns to see what everyone is laughing at] ...Jaune...? [Smirk starts to creep across her face]
    Jaune: [In a dress with no trace of embarrassment] A promise is a promise.
    [beat, Pyrrha tries not to laugh, smile growing bigger by the second]
    Pyrrha: [Bursts out laughing] Jaune! You didn't have to!
    Jaune: Hey, an Arc never goes back on his word. Now, do you want to stand there and laugh at me... [Offers his hand]...Or do you want to dance?
    Pyrrha: I...would love to dance! [Jaune suddenly pulls her to him] Oh! [He leads her to the dance floor]
    • The look on Jaune's face as he's revealed wearing the dress. He's putting himself through enormous ridicule and mockery, in front of the entire school, no less, all so he can make Pyrrha smile. The fella may be Oblivious to Love, but he clearly cares for Pyrrha in his very own way.
  • Really, every single thing Jaune does from the moment he starts talking to Ruby counts. He gave up on trying to ask Weiss out to not get between her and Neptune, and his immediate and clear reaction to learning Neptune turned her down is anger on her behalf. Then when he actually meets Neptune and calls him out on 'leading the girls on', you should hear the admiration he has for Weiss and his absolute lack of understanding of how anyone could turn her down.
    • And his earnestness gets through to Neptune to the point that he confesses his fears. The entire conversation that ensues is equal parts Heartwarming and Funny. And then after Neptune says that Weiss is 'all Jaune's' after his fuckup, Jaune considers this for several moments and then instructs him to just go talk to her and quotes Pyrrha's earlier instructions - which makes two for two of this pair putting their friends' love lives before their own and giving good advice, which is a separate Heartwarming all in itself.
  • Thanks to Jaune's advice, Neptune approaches Weiss again after things went a little sour and puts a good word in about Jaune to boot:
    Weiss: So what made you change your mind?
    Neptune: Huh?
    Weiss: You said you were embarrassed at first. What made you come talk to me?
    Neptune: You're looking at him. [scene briefly shifts to the dress-wearing Jaune still dancing with Pyrrha] You've got some good friends looking out for you.
    • And if you watch Weiss' face carefully, you'll notice her smile going a bit crooked as Neptune says this. Point that Jaune's intentions were actually good all along has been taken.
    • And Neptune went from being absolutely unable to confess he can't dance to apparently going and explaining the whole thing to Weiss. The guy who tries so hard to be cool admits he turned Weiss down because he was embarrassed.
  • Pyrrha's friendship with her team and RWBY gains a new light after we learn about her past. She knows perfectly what love and friendship are but lost these two after becoming a champion. This whole time she has been searching and hoping to find these again and we even see her attempting this with Weiss, only to be placed on a pedestal once again. Cut to her meeting Jaune. From this point forward, her dream come true.
  • Penny's guards don't treat her like a "thing." The one in red was dancing with her by the end.
  • The only two people who don't seem to be having fun are Ozpin and Glynda, who are standing together on the sidelines, in a silent but comfortable sort of way, watching everyone else having fun. Unlike the other teachers, they're not even drinking. Ironwood interrupts them to ask Glynda, who was coldly dismissive of him a few episodes ago, to dance. She rolls her eyes and looks at Ozpin who gives her a subtle nod of permission, resulting in her instantly accepting Ironwood's request as she actually smiles.
  • For some reason, Ren's expression when asking "Wait, what is happening?" looks like he knows what's happening, but is teasing Nora. Ahh, playful banter.
  • Blake laughing along with Neptune and Sun, and generally enjoying herself at the dance, after having spent the past two episodes in a prolonged emotional and physical breakdown.

Field Trip

  • Ruby is feeling ashamed about letting Cinder Fall escape from her at the dance. Ironwood reassures her that what she did was honorable and brave.note 
  • Weiss, Blake, and Yang, aware of what happened during the ball, crowd around a downtrodden Ruby once she's back from Ozpin's office. While Weiss notes that Ruby's decision was rather risky, Blake, who'd recently been running herself ragged trying to investigate what was going on, defends Ruby's actions while Yang reassures Ruby that things will be alright.
    • Many fans feared Blake would go back to running herself ragged after hearing the news of what happened while she was having fun, but thankfully, this isn't the case at all.
  • Ozpin, realizing that Team RWBY would go to the southeast region, rules or no rules, bends the rules for them. The girls appear to be genuinely grateful for his lenience.
  • Ruby and Yang discovering that their father mailed them the family dog Zwei in a tube. It's undoubtedly bizarre, but the way they act makes it obvious that the two of them enjoy their father's antics.
    • Such antics also serve as proof that their father has somewhat managed to recover from the loss of his wife.
    • Then there's the pure joy and giddiness Ruby displays at seeing Zwei again: a huge smile upon seeing him, jumping for joy, and baby talking to him in the background while Yang explains Zwei (or Taiyang) to the others.
  • Weiss almost immediately takes a liking to Zwei.
  • The reason why so many characters are named after colors? As a reminder of the great war, where art, culture, and freedom of expression were all oppressed. People named their children after colors to show that no matter what, what they fought for will live on forever.
  • It's a small moment, but Velvet was never worried about failing their mission, which ran a week late, simply because she had Yatsuhashi looking out for her.
    • It was also good to see the show of concern from the main cast and their interaction with her versus how she had to deal with team CRDL's bullying alone.

Search and Destroy

  • Just when you think Ruby's gonna get chewed out for doing two things wrong, Doctor Oobleck immediately approves of Zwei joining them on the mission, gushing over their excellent performance in hunting and such things.
  • Doctor Oobleck's entire speech on why he became a Huntsman, especially his conviction on how to best serve mankind. It made him shoot up in a lot of fans' favorites list.
    Oobleck: Look around and tell me what you see.
    Ruby: Lots of old buildings, uh... empty streets...
    Oobleck: I see lives that could've been saved. As a Huntsman, it is my job to protect the people, and although I am capable of doing it with traditional weaponry, I believe I can make a much larger impact if I do it with my mind. As a teacher, I'm able to take knowledge, the most powerful weapon of them all, and place it in the hands of every student that passes through my classroom. I look at this wasteland, and I see lives that could have been saved, but I also see an opportunity; an opportunity to study these ruins and learn from this tragedy, and therefore become stronger. I am a Huntsman, Ruby, because there is nothing else in this world I would rather be.
  • Oobleck's interaction with the team is very endearing. He was introduced as a somewhat impatient Motor Mouth constantly zipping around, and upon seeing that he would be their guide, Team RWBY obviously didn't think much of him, particularly his combat abilities. Oobleck is then shown to be a very considerate and thoughtful person- he concedes to Ruby's logic, praises her ingenuity in bringing a dog to a tracking mission, converses with the girls respectfully, listens to and carefully thinks over their words, encourages them to think deeper about their opinions and motivations, and conducts his lessons in a slower and more mellow pace than previously seen in the classroom.
  • While the rest of her team is struggling to figure out their true motivation for becoming huntresses, Ruby almost reflexively takes the first watch. As she watches out over the city, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are clearly struggling to get to sleep. Ruby, stroking Zwei as she does, says, "Don't worry. Things will be better, tomorrow." There's a reason why Oobleck didn't have to ask Ruby why she chose to fight.

Mountain Glenn

  • Glynda comforting Ironwood when he expresses his fears that Ozpin is leaving him out of the loop despite his years of service.
  • Team RWBY, sans Ruby, discusses their reasons for why they wanted to be Huntresses and to make a difference in the world. However, just like in the last episode, they think the answers they gave before weren't satisfying enough, and begin to understand that being one is/takes a lot more than they expected...but it's still a worthwhile job. In the corner, the (apparently) asleep Oobleck overhears them—and has a tiny little smile.
  • Weiss reveals the reason she left Atlas: she's fully aware of the morally-dubious turn that her family's company has taken, and she hopes to put things right—something a regular job wouldn't do for anyone.

No Brakes

  • Yang catching Ruby and spinning her around in their reunion hug.
  • When the team needs backup, Ruby immediately decides to call for Jaune.
  • Weiss has no hesitation in handing Blake a clip full of Dust right before they go into battle, as well as attacking the White Fang's lieutenant and trusting Blake to finish the job up ahead. Given their differences at the end of the last volume, they've come a long way.
    • Even better, the Dust clip provides elemental effects to Blake's Semblance, allowing her to use them for something else than running away. Not only did Weiss hear Blake's concerns about the matter, but she listened and deliberately provided something to alleviate those concerns. Moreso when you realize that Weiss may have sourced said Dust from her own rapier, sacrificing her own combat abilities to help her teammate.
  • When Blake is offered the choice between taking her revenge out on Torchwick, who was taunting her this whole time, or helping Weiss, she quickly goes to her friend's aid (though she does knock out Torchwick with a kick, just for good measure).
  • Doctor Oobleck's bond with Zwei, and vice versa, as well as their Fastball Special attack.


  • When Jaune gets a missed call from Ruby, his team isn't entirely worried about it, but he figures out something is wrong and tells them they are investigating. He even assures Ren that they can go to the village he wanted to visit in the future. What a true friend.
  • When Pyrrha sees Jaune about to square off against an Ursa, she is genuinely frightened for his safety (the last time he faced one, it would have killed him if she hadn't intervened). When he proceeds to hack it to pieces in no time flat, she gives him a satisfied smile, clearly pleased that his training has gone so well.
  • When Fox's punch made a big Ursa explode and sends spikes flying everywhere, Yatsuhashi stands in front of Velvet, shielding her from the spikes.

    Volume 3 
Round One
  • Ruby pays a visit to Summer's grave to give her a summary of her adventures in the previous Volumes.
    • It ends with a flock of birds flying into the setting sun, recreating Monty's rather unique signature. The subtitles even add, "Rest in peace, Monty Oum."
  • According to Emerald, Team RWBY is always happy around each other and friendly to everyone they meet. Yes, that includes the normally stuck-up, temperamental Weiss and the antisocial, brooding Blake. Seeing Team RWBY so comfortable with one another is such a far cry from the tensions that nearly tore the group apart in Volume 1.
  • Pyrrha offers to pay for Team RWBY's meal after Weiss' credit card gets declined.
  • Minor example amidst the otherwise hilarious scene of Blake vainly trying to save her bowl of fish. The moment it gets nabbed by the shopkeeper, Weiss' look towards the dejected Blake indicates she feels bad the latter may not be getting her fish just because her card got declined.
  • Learning that Nora and Ren have nowhere to go (apart from Beacon) because they're orphans gives a new light to their relationships with each other, and the others of Team JNPR + Team RWBY: as far as they're concerned, they're the only family they have. It also makes Jaune's remark that Ren is like the brother he never had and Ren's admission that he feels the same way is a lot more heartwarming in hindsight.
  • Nora's Color Failure during her rant isn't just a one-off gag - it's actually clever foreshadowing. Later on, we finally get to see Ren's semblance: the ability to mask negative emotion, which also turns whoever it touches gray. Nora lost her color when she got worked up because Ren was trying to calm her down.
  • Ren tells Jaune to stand up for himself against a rather hurtful comment about his fighting skills even if it came from Nora, his own partner, and Jaune's teammate (not to mention, Jaune technically is Nora's leader). It's a notable step in their friendship considering he didn't really bother to say anything to Jaune when he was being bullied in the past.
    • Jaune doesn't get mad at Nora and, instead, accepts that she's "not wrong" about him, which also hints that he has gained some confidence without letting it go to his head.
  • Ruby makes a comment about "girl pockets" when Emerald gives her wallet back. A small friendly poke about Monty stating in a tweet that he intentionally designed each character with pockets so that cosplayers could carry around their valuables at conventions.

New Challengers

  • When Nora first uses her semblance in the match against BRNZ, Port says that she's one of his favorite students.
  • Ruby and Weiss cheering for Jaune and Neptune respectively.
  • Pyrrha's about to laugh at the team attack name but as soon as Jaune thinks she might not like it, she stops and tries to convince him otherwise.
  • When Jaune is arguing with BRNZ, Pyrrha calls for him and he takes a moment to suppress his anger before speaking to her. It's a small thing, but considering that he previously raised his voice against her in Volume 1, the fact that he made such an effort just to not accidentally do so again says a lot about much he has grown to care for her.
  • Weiss complementing Jaune's increase in skill during JNPR's fight. Especially because she's the only one of his friends who didn't have faith in his ability.
    • A small one from Yang after Weiss' statement: "Yeah, but he's got nothing on Pyrrha!" complete with a smirk.
  • Blake blushes when Sun gives her a smile after SSSN's victory and empathizes on his dork nature.
  • Weiss's reaction to seeing her sister arrive via airplane. Points to her voice actress, Kara, for being able to convey so many feelings in just two simple words.

It's Brawl in the Family

  • Weiss's entire behavior around her older sister Winter.
  • Despite Winter initially scolding Weiss for her performance in the tournament, she doesn't question her about anything else related such as her grades or her ranking, and instead, puts the topic aside and shows to be more interested in Weiss's health, daily life, and even her friendships. Lastly, she decides to use what little free time she has left to be with her younger sister.
  • Weiss points out Ruby when Winter asks her if she's made any new friends. The little interaction they have right after just makes it clearer.
    • While it's as crisp and stiff as every other sentence out of Winter's mouth, and prefaced with her comment about finding Ruby underwhelming, Winter thanks Ruby for being friends with her sister.
    • A smaller moment before her thanks, when Ruby tries (and fails) to be proper, Winter gets a small smile on her face for a brief second. It's clear she appreciated the effort.
  • When Qrow pushes Weiss aside to confront Winter, we see Winter narrow her eyes in anger that someone would treat her sister like that.
  • Ruby first seems concerned when Weiss tells her that someone is attacking Winter, but as soon as she sees that it's her uncle, she starts jumping up and down with excitement and loudly cheering him on.
  • Penny waving at Ruby and Weiss before she leaves. It brings a smile to both of their faces.
  • Ruby's reunion with her uncle Qrow and his reaction toward his niece's enthusiasm. It's very evident that Ruby absolutely adores her uncle. And sloshed or not, Qrow adores her right back.
    • He even repeats her favorite phrase "nope!" right back to her when she asks if he missed her, probably a sort of childhood game between them or one of Ruby's quirks growing up.
    • The entire interaction, from Ruby hurtling out of nowhere and latching onto Qrow's arm, her exuberant "Hi!" and excitedly asking if he missed her to their little fist bump as Qrow leaves is so tooth-rottenly adorable you'll need to schedule an appointment with your dentist.
    Ruby: UNCLE QROW!!! (Jumps and latches onto his arm) Hi! (Qrow raises his arm, bringing her up to eye level) Aahh, it's so good to see you! Did ya miss me? Did ya miss me?!
    Qrow: (smirks) Nope! (Tussles her hair)
    Ozpin: Qrow. A word, please.
    Qrow: (whispering to Ruby) I think I'm in trouble.
    Ruby: You did kinda tear up our courtyard.
    Qrow: (smiles) Yeah. (winks) I did. (fist bumps Ruby) Catch ya later, kid.
    • Qrow's adoration towards Ruby is even more heartwarming when you realize that, technically, Qrow isn't her actual uncle. Qrow is the twin brother of Raven (Yang's mother), but has no relation to Summer (Ruby's mother). However, Qrow treats Ruby as a niece as much as he does Yang.
  • Even though it looks like Winter started the fight, Ironwood doesn't jump to conclusions nor scolds Winter. And when they meet with Qrow at Ozpin's office, he defends Winter and puts the blame on Qrow for provoking her.
  • It's small, but despite their two family members duking it out in the courtyard and each siding with their respective relative, Weiss and Ruby don't seem to have let the Winter v. Qrow fight come between them and go back to joking about it after it's over.

Lessons Learned

  • Velvet's shocked response to Coco's defeat shows how much she cares about her teammate. And then to top it off Fox wordlessly leans across and puts a hand on her shoulder reassuringly. CFVY is clearly a very close-knit team, and this just demonstrates it again.
  • Qrow, Yang, and Ruby are all playing a video game together in Team RWBY's dorm. It's just a nice family moment.
  • The sheer pride in Qrow's voice as he talks about Team STRQ. He even carries a photo of them around from their student days and waxes nostalgically about many crazy adventures they used to go on. He even called them the "coolest team that ever has ever graduated Beacon."
    • When Yang locks onto her mother in the photo, Qrow immediately puts it away and changes the subject. The man cares for his nieces and he knows them well enough to avoid that subject.
  • Qrow giving advice to Ruby and Yang about their future as huntresses, and he brings out this one inspiring quote from a certain someone.
    "You two, you're going to go far. But only if you keep learning. If you never stop moving forward."
    • Switches over to Tear Jerker if you have the Youtube captions turned on:
      *Excuse your transcriber as she goes and cries in a corner*
  • Winter and Weiss having tea together, where Winter compliments her sister's progress made on her own, tutors her in her glyphs, gives her a hug, and then encourages her to live her own life outside their father's influence.
    • As Winter leaves, we get an uplifting reprise of "Mirror Mirror".
      Some believe in fairy stories, and the ghosts that they can't see.
      I know that I could do so much, if I could just believe in me.
      Mirror Mirror, I'll tell you something. I think I might change it all.
    • A really minor detail, but still endearing: right as Winter and Weiss turn to go their separate ways, Winter looks over her shoulder at Weiss one last time. While only a small gesture, it really cements how much Winter cares about Weiss's well-being.
    • Similarly minor, but last episode, while under the watch of Atlas military escorts, Winter says her mission + how long she was staying were classified. In private with Weiss this episode, she told her sister the details of both parts, without reserve and despite military training that classified means classified no matter what.

Never Miss A Beat

  • Penny seeing Ruby and immediately makes a beeline for her and gives her a flying hug.
  • Penny likes having Ruby for a friend so much that she wants to transfer to Beacon.
  • At the start of the fight, when Flynt was talking to Weiss, Yang tried to leap to Weiss' defense before Neon cut her off.
  • Flynt and Neon are at first extremely rude to Weiss and Yang. While Neon is just agitating Yang to be The Gadfly, Flynt has a more personal reason for disliking Weiss: Flynt's father owned a Dust shop that was put out of business by the Schnee Dust Company. After Weiss sacrifices herself to save Yang from him by shoving him into a flaming vent:
    Flynt: That was a gutsy move, Schnee... I dig it.
    • Even better is that this is a Call-Back to Mountain Glenn where Weiss explains that she wants to become a Huntress so her family name will be remembered fondly instead of reviled for her father's actions, which is exactly what happens here.
    • Weiss simply offers a heartfelt apology for what her father had done, without any of the indigence or defensiveness that the Weiss from previous volumes would've shown.
  • After Neon spent the entire match ruthlessly taunting and mocking Yang and setting herself up to be an Alpha Bitch bully opponent, it's actually kind of sweet that she drops that act the minute the match is over, enthusiastically congratulates her opponents, and expresses a genuine interest in getting to know them outside the arena. Turns out the baiting is just that—good old-fashioned trash talk that was never malicious.
    "That was... that was...amazing! Oh my gosh, you guys were super-crazy-awesome! We should definitely party together sometime."
  • After winning the fight Yang goes right to Weiss to see if she was OK after she took a hit for her and is soon joined by Ruby and Blake, who congratulate the two.
    • Yang gently teases Weiss about her form at the end of the match, a Call-Back to the beginning when Weiss instructed Yang to watch her form.


  • Pyrrha still humbly declares that she only made it to the singles round thanks to her teammates.
    • When Qrow insinuates that the opposite is true, Pyrrha actually becomes angry, and in her own subtle way, asks Qrow just who the hell he is to her.
  • The story of the Four Seasons. The Maidens chose to help the Old Man out of the goodness of their hearts for no other reason than it was a kind thing to do. In return, he blessed them with power. Power great enough that its still exists to this day.
    • Pyrrha mentioning fondly that her mother loved that fairy tale in particular.
  • Despite being thrown into the deep end with shattering revelations about the world's history, Pyrrha unhesitatingly agrees to become the new Fall Maiden in order to safeguard humanity. Crosses with Tear Jerker, as it's very obvious throughout the whole scene that Pyrrha is very upset and scared by everything that's going on right now and doesn't want to be the Fall maiden, to have yet another spotlight on her, but will go through with it because she's Pyrrha and she holds everyone else's needs above her own.
    • Ozpin making sure Pyrrha understands exactly what he's asking her to do, that this is way outside the norm even for such a bizarre situation, and that this can have very real, permanent consequences for her. He knows she's found friends and happiness in her life recently, and wants her to understand that he's asking her to potentially give it all up. It's been said before, but Ozpin really does care about his students.
  • RWBY happily cheering Yang on in the finals round, even if it does end badly.
  • When Yang wins her fight against Mercury, the rest of her team congratulate her with cries of joy - Blake even leaps to her feet to applaud her. Too bad it doesn't last though.
  • A small one: Even though it's all an act that they planned out way beforehand, Emerald's concern for Mercury, and her hand on his cheek as she looks at him like she's genuinely worried, is surprisingly sweet.

Beginning of the End

  • Emerald's affection for Cinder suddenly makes sense when we learn that, before Cinder recruited her, she used to make a living out of robbery on the streets.
    Cinder: Follow me, and you'll never be hungry again.
    Emerald: Thank you...
  • The main villains interacting inside the ambulance is a bit funny and heartwarming sight. Especially after seeing how they came to be.
    Cinder: Well, you all performed marvelously. Driver included.
    Neo: (smiles at Cinder)
  • The moment when Amber, the Autumn Maiden, sees a crying child by the side of the road. She gets off her horse and comfortingly offers the little girl an apple. True, the scenario was an illusion, but the kindness was real. Too bad that kind of act utterly blew up in poor Amber's face moments later.


  • Ironwood's sad expression when he informs Team RWBY that they're disqualified. He and the staff at Beacon are seemingly on Yang's side and believe the incident to be nothing more than an unfortunate accident. However, there's nothing they can do to help her since it doesn't change the fact that millions of people had just watched her kneecap an "innocent" person on live TV. Either way, despite his harsh tone and having to raise his voice at one point, Ironwood seems to legitimately regret having to disqualify them.
  • Ruby and Weiss immediately believe Yang's pleas of innocence. Blake needs a bit more convincing, but it's understandable given what happened with Adam; even then, it doesn't take much for her to come around. What's most telling is that Weiss, the one who you'd expect to be laying into Yang for her actions, is the first one to defend her, even getting mad at Blake, which just goes to show how far she's come.
    • More than just supporting Yang, Weiss' entire tone for that scene implies she is downright pissed at how her friend is being treated:
      Weiss: You're hotheaded, but not ruthless.
    • After seeing Yang driven to tears, Blake instantly regrets insinuating that her partner is lying. She explains that her past experiences are why she can't really trust Yang after this, before admitting "But you're not him," and choosing to trust Yang after the latter honestly says that she saw Mercury attack her first. It's nice to see Blake slowly grow out of her trust issues here.
    • When Yang asks if the others believe her and Blake doesn't reply immediately, Weiss shoots Ruby a shocked expression as if to say "You're seeing this, right?!" before giving Blake an utterly appalled look, which goes to show how much Weiss has bonded with the team.
      Blake: I want to believe you...
      Ruby: Huh?
      Weiss: What's THAT supposed to mean?! [...]How can you say something like that?! Yang would NEVER lie to us!
    • After leaving Yang to have some privacy, it's kind of nice to see Weiss and Blake go off to have coffee/tea together, cementing the fact that, in spite of their earlier issues, the two of them really are friends.
    • Team JNPR also express their concern for Yang. In turn, Ruby wishes Pyrrha luck in the tournament. Just shows how much the two teams care for one another.
  • Team JNPR doing everything they can to help Pyrrha prepare for the tournament. Even if it doesn't last, seeing her laugh at Ren and Nora's antics was quite refreshing, given the heavy load that had just been dumped on her.
  • After questioning what made her shoot Mercury, and telling her that Raven won't come to her aid again if she needs it, Qrow tries to lift Yang's spirits and offers her a hand in helping her track Raven down if she ever wishes to do so.
    • It's heartwarming in another way as well. Qrow KNOWS Yang considers finding her mother one of her major goals in life. While Raven does contact Qrow, he affirms that she only does so when it suits her and it's implied to be sporadic. He never told Yang about this before because he's afraid that Yang will be crushed when she finds out what Raven is actually like.
    • The moment where Qrow affectionately calls Yang "Firecracker". It sounds like the kind of nickname her uncle's had for her for years.
    • Despite their obviously disagreeing world views, her choices, and sparse contact, Qrow initially speaks fondly of Raven. It's clear that despite their differences he still dearly loves her sister.
  • Jaune and Pyrrha share quite a touching moment where Jaune's presence alone comforts Pyrrha immensely. Jaune putting his hand on top of hers probably helped too, and the fact that he wasn't even nervous; he was just that focused on trying to help her.
    • Easy to miss that Jaune never even bothered to ask Pyrrha what's wrong. He doesn't press her about it and, instead, he settles with letting Pyrrha know that she has his full support. Whether she decides to share her concerns with him or not, it's her choice, and Jaune is considerate enough to accept that.
    • The maple leaves deserve mention. The first one that landed in front of Pyrrha caused her to become distressed as it was a reminder of what's coming to her. Then Jaune comes in to comfort her and another maple leaf lands right next to the other one reassuringly.
  • Velvet's appearance in the episode is just a nice moment between her and Ruby, where she expresses concern for Yang, disgust at how people are treating her and offering Ruby a small consolation that Coco also underwent 'battlefield hallucinations', unintentionally giving Ruby a thread to spot. It's nice to know that Velvet, an older student, supports her first-year friends even though she must have few chances to interact with them regularly. Her moments with her photography are cute too.


  • Nora and Ren enthusiastically cheer for Pyrrha, while Jaune looks worried for her.
  • Weiss and Blake actually went to the cafe together.
  • It's oddly adorable to see that Neo brought Roman his hat, even if she didn't need to.
  • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, Port's reaction to Penny's death seems very genuine, less out of shock at her nature, and more at the fact that a student just died.
  • This is a testament to how much Ozpin cares about the people: Despite Cinder staining Gen. Ironwood's actions regarding bringing his army to Vale. What does he do first when James calls? He doesn't immediately accuse him or lock him out; instead, he basically tells the general to do what he promised to do and use his army to do it.

Battle of Beacon

  • Blake assuring a worried Yang that Ruby can fend for herself. Shows how much she's come to trust her teammates and her leader, despite having been shown to have major trust issues in previous chapters.
  • Weiss expresses sadness at Penny's death. In "The Stray", Weiss (along with Blake and Yang) were creeped out by Penny upon meeting her.
  • Jaune, Nora, and Ren are still in the stadium despite the chaos, with Jaune shouting at Pyrrha to move, finally just jumping down to rush to the platform.
    • Immediately after this, Nora yells after Jaune, with a similar tone to the one she used in "New Challengers" (after Ren was briefly knocked down); she's truly worried for her teammate.
  • When the Nevermore is bearing down on Pyrrha, it's suddenly attacked by Ruby... using one of Penny's swords.
    Ruby: Leave her alone!!
  • Pyrrha apologizes to Ruby, and Ruby assures her that Penny's death wasn't her fault, followed by Jaune bringing her weapons and adding:
    Jaune: We have to make sure they don't take anyone else.
    • Jaune and Ruby give Pyrrha exactly what she's been needing for a very good while: Forgiveness. Jaune for her shoving him into a pillar, and Ruby for what happened to Penny, and it's exactly what Pyrrha needed to get back in the fight.
  • Right as Ruby, JNPR, SSSN, ABRN, CFVY, Flynt, and Neon are about to fight the Grimm in the stadium, Port and Oobleck step in and tell them to leave.
    Oobleck: Ms. Rose. This day will surely go down in Remnant's history. I'll prefer it, if my students could live to tell about it.
  • Team ABRN and half of Team FNKI jumping to Ruby's aid just as quickly as Teams JNPR, CFVY, and SSSN do is a really touching moment.
    • Not only that - look at it even more deeply. There's a very high chance that by staying to fight for Beacon, they could either die or never see their homes (Mistral to ABRN, Atlas to FNKI) for a long, long time. But when given the explicit choice to either go home or fight for a place they don't even live in, they don't hesitate to take the latter option.
  • When the arena heroes reach the dock, and get a chance to talk to Ironwood, the general quietly says that nobody would fault them if they flee. Despite the desperate need, Ironwood recognizes that they are still students, children, and he won't force them.
    • And, even after being offered an exit, they still move to join the main battle at the campus.
  • Blake and Weiss, who spend the last portion of Volume 1 butting heads, fighting off Grimm together. Weiss, who contested Ruby's leadership in Volume 1, lets Blake take the lead in fighting off the White Fang at the docks. Blake pushes Weiss out of the way of an Atlesian robot's line of fire. When the two of them split up to deal with multiple threats, Weiss tells her to be safe.
  • As Team SSSN and JNPR are lining up for battle, we get a little scene of Jaune and Pyrrha exchanging this adorable little look between them. Despite being stuck fighting a nearly hopeless battle, they're just happy to be at each other's side again.
    • Not only that, but Pyrrha is copying Jaune's dramatic pose. D'aww.

Heroes and Monsters

  • Roman giving a very concerned - yes, even fearful - shout for Neo when Ruby activates her parasol, sending her flying off the ship. This is followed by an uncharacteristic display of blind rage. It's the first time in three seasons that he's shown an emotion other than smug superiority and subtle annoyance, which really drives the point home that Neo is not just any henchman.
  • Velvet's sheer excitement at finally getting to use her weapon is adorable.
    • In the ensuing sequence where Velvet reveals that her ability is Power Copying, there's a bit where she activates Penny's weapon and it almost feels like a tribute to Penny.
    • Coco's complete faith in Velvet's ability to kick ass on her own, up to and including indicating to the others to hold fire on the Paladin to give her shy, underestimated teammate her chance.
  • Ren and Nora's brief scene shows how important they are to each other. Nora shoves Ren out of the way of a Paladin to take the hit for him but Ren's too shocked at the sight of her being hurt to dodge the Paladin's second strike.
  • Qrow's Stab the Scorpion scene to save Ironwood, given how tense things have been between them and how the former seemed to hate the latter's guts.
    • Points to the latter, given how they could have easily shot Qrow out of the air, but instead turned their weapon around and took a defensive stance as if to minimize any pain or suffering should the two come to blows.
    • Extra points must be given to Qrow, who could have easily shot at the beast or called for Ironwood to turn around, but instead charges it himself. Jerk with a Heart of Gold, indeed.
    • Also the fact afterwards Qrow seems genuinely insulted Ironwood would believe Qrow blamed him for the turn of events.
      Ironwood: (terrified) Qrow! This isn't my doing!
      Qrow: You idiot. I know you didn't do this.
  • Ozpin refuses to activate the machine until Pyrrha gives her explicit verbal consent.
  • Weiss throwing herself in front of the Paladin to protect Velvet. She wasn't expecting to manage a summons to save her, she was simply trying to protect her friend.
    • It also shows how far Weiss has come as a character. Way back in Volume 1 she held so much contempt for the Faunus that it wouldn't have surprised anyone if she did nothing.
    • Let's not forget how much trouble she was having with her summons up until this point. Where no amount of practice seemed to have helped, it was the simple desire to protect her friend that succeeded.
  • Coco's shout after Velvet when the Paladin finally gets in a lucky blow right when the poor girl is between hard-light weapons, and the snarl she gives as she fires up the minigun again to pull its attention back to her. Just before the Atlesian control network goes dark, there's a brief shot of the final Paladin charging the group which has arranged itself around Velvet, tucking her behind Coco in the centre of the defenders.
  • Ruby's Shut Up, Hannibal! to Roman is a testament to her beliefs that she mentioned way back in Volume 1, that she and the rest of the Huntsmen and Huntresses are there to make the world better.
    Ruby: I don't care what you say! We will stop them and I will stop you! BET ON THAT!
  • During her fight, Velvet utilizes the various weapons that her friends have used. What is the final weapon she brings out? Penny's swords.
    • Also, take note of how the scene and the music both take special care to put emphasis on the part where she channels Penny. Between that and Ruby using one of her swords to fight the Nevermore, you can tell that Penny will not be forgotten by her friends or the show creators any time soon.
  • When Pyrrha is in the Aura transfer pod, all she does while Cinder kills Amber, and absorbs all of the Fall Maiden's power, is desperately bang on the door. But when Cinder attacks Jaune? She pushes the door away with her Semblance and charges at Cinder.
  • Ozpin stays behind to hold back Cinder, who has now absorbed all of Amber's powers, while Jaune and Pyrrha escape.
  • The intense action in the ending. As Yang searches for Blake, she turns right as Adam plunges his sword into Blake's stomach, triggering her anger and sending her lunging at Adam, yelling at him to get away from Blake. The scenario ends with both Yang and Blake seriously wounded but escaping successfully together by tricking Adam with a semblance clone of Blake's. There's also the subtle implication that throwing herself in front of Yang has allowed Blake's semblance to become more advanced like an actual illusion than a copy she leaves behind, as there's no indication that it's even an illusion before Adam attacks it (Blake normally leaving these illusions behind whilst she's still visible).

The End of the Beginning

  • The strong friendship of our main characters is further emphasized given the grave situation:
    • Weiss attempting to shield Ruby from the sight of her injured teammates.
    • Blake reaching out to hold Yang's hand while tearfully apologizing to her.
    • In spite of their wounds, Ren and Nora refuse to abandon their teammates. If only were they able to stand on their own, they would still be at Beacon searching for Jaune and Pyrrha.
    • Sun might come off as bad for wanting to leave Jaune and Pyrrha behind but he makes clear that he doesn't want anyone else to be put in danger. Not after they all barely made it out alive.
    • Weiss showing nothing but concern for Jaune. He constantly asks her to find and save Pyrrha and each time she responds by asking about his safety instead to the point Jaune screams at the top of his lungs to forget about him and focus only on saving Pyrrha.
  • This exchange, cementing how far Weiss has gone from being the Jerkass of the group to a true companion:
    Ruby: I'll find them. I'll find them, and I'll bring them back.
    Weiss: No. We will find them.
  • After 3 volumes of relationship development, Jaune and Pyrrha finally kiss. Even if it ended up as a Last Kiss, that moment was a long time coming.
    • Pyrrha even engages in Foot Popping as Jaune starts to kiss her back.
  • Cinder talking with the Dragon winds up becoming a twisted version of this as she coos the dragon.
    Cinder: This is your home now.
  • In the midst of the chaos of Ruby watching Pyrrha die and awakening her latent powers, the screen goes white, and then...
    Qrow: It's alright, I got ya, kiddo... I got ya!
  • Taiyang: He's been sleeping on a chair next to Ruby waiting for her to wake up, trying his best to reassure her about Yang's state even when though he's equally depressed about it, almost cries because his daughters were brought back home alive, gets angry at Qrow for separating him from Ruby, and finally says goodbye to her with a peck on her head. On top of that, we later see him bringing breakfast to her bed.
    Taiyang: I'm just glad to have my girls back at home.
  • Ruby makes the decision to go to Haven. Her team isn't going with her (Weiss was taken back to Atlas, Blake ran away, and Yang is too emotionally drained to care), but she isn't going alone. The remaining members of Team JNPR are following her there, and from the looks of it, Qrow will be keeping a watchful eye on them.
    • Incidentally, the conversation makes it clear that Jaune doesn't blame Ruby for not saving Pyrrha.
  • The group stops by Summer's grave so Ruby can say goodbye.
  • The end of the credits, where it scrolls over the Rooster Teeth logo, followed by Monty Oum 1981-2015, followed by his signature and "We love you, Monty", to the finishing lyrics of "Cold".
    But your star's still in the sky
    So I won't say goodbye
    I don't have to say goodbye

World of Remnant: The Four Maidens

  • The fairy tale as a whole is the touching story of how four sisters befriended a bitter and lonely old wizard, convincing him to finally step outside his home.
  • The ending of the tale, where the wizard bestows all his powers upon the kind maidens who became his friends and they all promise to come together and meet him each and every year.

Anima Arc

    Volume 4 
The Next Step
  • Salem gets one when she reassures Cinder that despite all the injuries she has taken from Ruby and what the other members of the inner circle say, she is still important to their goals and should feel proud of what she accomplished. Salem then goes on to say that Cinder is being kept near her so that she can make a full recovery.
    • Hazel, despite putting Cinder down her failure, doesn't mock or insult her like the others. He even seems surprised that a novice Huntsman-in-training like Ruby was able to cripple Cinder, and in the same sentence acknowledges her as one of them. It's a subtle, early indication of him having a warmer personality than the other villains. He also refers to her as 'one of ours' which is small, but nice all the same.
  • The scene where Ruby makes fun of Jaune's Pumpkin Pete Hoodie is mostly just really, really funny, but it also serves to show us that, despite everything bad that happened in Volume Three, our heroes can still laugh.
    Ren: Well... I suppose we don't have to grow out of everything.
    • Remember who was on the box of Pumpkin Pete's breakfast cereal? It was Pyrrha, who wanted to befriend Jaune precisely because he only recognized her as the girl on the box. It's a sweet call back to more lighthearted times.
  • When Jaune picks up a reforged Crocea Mors from the blacksmith, he compliments Jaune on the metal he gave him to reforge it. Where he got it from? Pyrrha. That's certainly one way to honor the fallen. The new design of the shield has Pyrrha's circlet on it.
    • It gets even more beautiful when you remember that Jaune's equipment is an heirloom set. Every Arc that wields Crocea Mors, forevermore, will be carrying Pyrrha with them. He made her a part of his family in the end.
  • Nora catching Ren when the geist knocked them all back was pretty sweet.


  • Klein cheering up Weiss by going into his other personalities after her conversation with her father. Their relationship in general shows that even with all the things Weiss went through in the Schnee household, she at least always had someone who truly cared about her aside from Winter.
    • Although everything else he says is a tearjerker, Whitley does at least seem to care for Weiss, and she seems to care for him too.
    • Whitley going out of his way to make sure Weiss knows what she's walking into is shockingly nice, given how much he seems to take after Papa Schnee. Weiss seems happily surprised, and sounds very touched when she tells him 'thank you'.
    • Even though Whitley doesn't like Winter, he really does seem to admire her.
    • All three of these are now horribly subverted, but it was nice while it lasted.
  • Before he departs from Mr. Schnee's office, Ironwood pauses and tells Weiss that Atlas Academy will have a position ready and waiting for her, following up by assuring her that classes will resume soon.
    • This is especially nice, considering Weiss initially turned down Atlas in favour of Beacon, but Ironwood doesn't even bring it up.
  • Weiss defends Ironwood during her father's rant about the General. Considering Jacques' implied treatment of his kids, this shows a lot of backbone and loyalty on her part. She really did grow a lot at Beacon, and the lessons are sticking. She's not going to let him badmouth one of the people who helped her fight for her home.
  • During the walking to Xione Village, Jaune talks about some happy family memories, especially about his seven sisters.
  • The video of Pyrrha, even though it is a Tear Jerker scene, shows how much Pyrrha cared for Jaune, encouraging him to continue and praised him for his determination to improve his fighting skills.
    Pyrrha: I'll always be here for you Jaune.
    • And Jaune is sticking to it. Several months after her death, Jaune is still using the training video that Pyrrha left him, to better his skills. It's what she would have wanted him to do.
      • An interesting parallel between Jaune and the character of The Director from another RT production can be noted in this scene. Both of them spend time watching and re-watching a video of their lost loved one. However, while the Director holes himself up in his facility and stagnates wondering about how to undo the misfortune of the past, Jaune moves forward, motivated to make himself the best he can be by Pyrrha's memory.
    • At the end of the video, Pyrrha quite obviously struggles to tell Jaune how she feels about him, finally settling on "I'm very happy to be part of your life." It's sad, but also touching that someone as exceptional as Pyrrha has the same difficulties everyone else deals with. And Jaune's aggressive training is at least partly out of his anger at having lost her, but he's fighting to channel that into something constructive.
  • Jacques, while he twists it to his own ends, at the very least cares enough about Weiss for him to acknowledge that she defended Beacon. He doesn't show it, but it's clear that he's proud of her for doing that. And he doesn't confirm or deny that he's telling Weiss to sing, just that he thinks it could make a lot of people happy. Not himself. Just a lot of people.

Of Runaways And Stowaways

  • The captain of Blake's passenger ship tries to engage her in conversation because traveling alone by ship can be lonely and he wants her to feel comfortable.
  • Taiyang shows up with a package for Yang — a "state of the art Atlas tech" arm to replace the limb she lost fighting Adam Taurus. He then reveals that he expected to have to pull some strings and call in favors for it, only for General Ironwood to have put one of his top scientists on the arm's development before Taiyang even spoke to him. All for Yang's sake. Yang herself isn't exactly ecstatic, but it's a sweet gesture.
    Taiyang: He wanted me to tell you that you fought admirably. You should be proud of yourself.
    • Ironwood's gesture becomes especially poignant when one considers that Ironwood was the one who had to disqualify Yang and Team RWBY during the Vytal Festival. It shows that the regret he showed back then was heartfelt, especially considering the context behind said disqualification.
    • There's another layer when you take into account that Ironwood himself has replacement limbs. He knows how it feels to lose a limb, he's been through the same depression and trauma, and he's doing what he can to help her through it.
    • The sheer amount of glee and happiness in Taiyang's voice when announcing he had something for Yang. It really emphasizes his Good Parents qualities.
  • If you look closely when Taiyang walks in and says he has something for Yang, you can actually see her smiling a bit. Even this deep in her depression, the fire is still burning.
  • Sun worrying and trying to support Blake, even though she left the people she cared about out of fear they may be targeted by the White Fang. Sun decides to be with her and not leave her alone despite her reticence, even going so far as offer his help against the White Fang. While Blake isn't actually going to confront them he decides to stick around anyway to keep her company.
  • Sun catching Blake from her long drop after clipping the Grimm's wing. Blake fully intended to take the full brunt of the impact when she landed but in comes Sun, who catches her effortlessly. Blake may not have wanted him to travel with him but the young woman has somebody she can trust completely nearby while she goes back home.
  • After Sun states his belief that Blake would be going to stop the White Fang alone, we see the cat Faunus smile for the first time ever since the fall of Beacon. It's almost immediately followed by Blake reprimanding Sun for saying that, but that huge smile is incredibly adorable.


  • The entire scene in the kitchen with Port and Oobleck:
    • Yang walks in on Port and Oobleck bantering with Taiyang about a Noodle Incident involving Qrow and a "kilt" from their huntsmen days. It's just a nice, cheerful moment. Depression be damned, even Yang can't help but giggle at them.
      • The joking way Taiyang calls Qrow a jerk, which is the same way Yang calls him. Considering what kind of relationship Rooster teeth loves to show, maybe the final two members of Team STRQ get along after all.
    • Yang gets into an argument with Taiyang, and he makes a rather harsh joke about Yang's arm. This utterly shocks Port and Oobleck into horrified silence and Yang... actually laughs at it. Yes, you read that right: Yang. Laughed. If there was any worry of this girl not recovering, this ends it.
    • Taiyang dismissing Yang as not being ready to face the real world, Yang bemoaned 'does every father figure just have the same three condescending phrases?' It's subdued, but it shows that even though they're only Uncle and Niece, Yang considers Qrow to be just as much a father figure to her as Taiyang is.
    • Dr. Oobleck tells Yang that a lot of people want to see her get back to normal... which also doubles as Leaning on the Fourth Wall, because we sure do.
    • Professor Port consoles Yang by telling her that fear is, like any emotion, temporary. Topping it off, Oobleck reveals Port's worst fear: Mice.
    • Port refers to Yang by her name rather than as "Ms. Xiao Long", showing that he acknowledges the amount of shit she has been through and is willing to treat her like an adult or equal.
    • Taiyang invokes Yang's Meaningful Name and says he'll be behind her all the way, supporting her desire to go back out into the world.
      Tai: You're Yang Xiao Long. My sunny little dragon. So whenever you're ready to stop moping and get back out there? I'll be there for you.
      • The speech also serves the purpose of telling Yang that her arm is never coming back, but she shouldn't let that stop her. Given the way he seems to hold back tears, it seems to have been a hard thing for Taiyang to say, considering he almost lost Yang when Adam tried to kill her, but he said it anyway.
    • When they are departing, Oobleck and Port ask Taiyang about Ruby and are audibly concerned about her well-being. The two may be goofballs, but this interaction reinforces that the two really do care a good deal about their students.
  • The fact that for months, Qrow has been tailing RNJR to keep them safe and make sure their journey goes smoothly.
  • A bit backhanded, but the first thing Raven does to catch Qrow's attention is to get him a drink.
    • Also the barmaid that served it flirts with him a little, leaving him with a cute grin before he talks to his sister.
    • Qrow demonstrates loyalty to his niece by calling Raven out on her abandonment. Similarly are his reasons for leaving his old tribe. Overall it demonstrates the "heart of gold" aspect of Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • A small one for Raven, as from what Qrow says, it seems that she does indeed keep an eye on her daughter, and knows that she had lost her arm. So, although not as much as it should be, it shows that Raven (to some minuscule degree) does care enough for Yang to at least watch her despite not getting directly involved in most of her life.
  • The episode caps off with a great one: Yang puts on the robotic arm at the end of the episode! She's done it!
    • The reason she mustered the strength to do it? She didn't want to hold her father back from going to search for his other daughter. Depressed as she may be, she'd still do anything for her family.


  • Despite Menagerie being a less-than-stellar place to live, and Faunus generally still being discriminated against, they've managed to come together and create a place where, as Blake says, "everyone can feel safe".
  • Blake is hesitating to knock on her parent's door stating she hasn't seen them in a long time and is implicitly worried about how they'd receive her, Sun subtly encourages her to knock anyway.
  • The first thing Kali does is throw her arms around Blake, then when her father Ghira comes to investigate who's at the door, the first thing he does is smile happily. Blake was clearly expecting a completely different reaction, but both her parents are thrilled to receive her and stated they'd been worried about her since Vale fell.
  • Ghira says that he wasn't concerned about Blake during the battle at Beacon, believing she would be fine. Kali shoots this down by saying he was pacing endlessly in worry for her.

Tipping Point

  • The businessman voicing his concerns about Atlesian society and the Schnee Dust Company (right next to Jacques Schnee no less) show that, despite what the majority may lead you to believe, there are people within the Atlas high society that are aware of their shortcomings.
  • Ironwood vouching for Weiss's outburst during the concert after-party, after the bitchy woman celebrating the fall of Vale causes Weiss to snap and accidentally summon a Boarbatusk that would've smashed her if not for Ironwood.
    Woman: "What are you waiting for? She's insane, she should be locked up!"
    Ironwood: "She's the only one making sense around here."
    • Doubly so when you remember the last time Ironwood dealt with false accusations (though to be fair, that one was illusion-assisted). Ironwood doesn't doubt Weiss's innocence for a second here.
  • When Tyrian makes it clear he wishes to kidnap Ruby, Nora is quick to stand in front of her friend. Jaune and Ren then make it clear they don't plan on letting Tyrian harm Ruby either. While they are ultimately treated to a Curb-Stomp Battle, Team RNJR does a decent job attempting to fight Tyrian with teamwork between trying to protect each other and Ruby shooting Nora with electricity to supercharge her. While Ruby, Nora, Jaune, and Ren have been friends beforehand, this episode further solidifies how they are True Companions.
  • Qrow's Big Damn Heroes moment and Ruby's reaction strongly contrasts the relationship Weiss has with her father. Qrow charges through the ruins, then a building to block Tyrian's blow with ease. Qrow's own subtle relief at getting there in time is palpable, and Ruby looks happy to the point of tears at her Uncle's appearance. He greets her with a soft assured smirk in return and softly tells her 'Hey'.
  • After the concert ends, Weiss looks up towards her family to see her younger brother Whitley giving her a standing ovation, being the only person in the theater to do so. Later at the concert after-party when Weiss lashes out at the party-goers over their arrogance about the Fall of Beacon, Whitley can be seen smiling at her proudly behind his father's back.
    • Of course, we now know he was smiling for a very different reason: he was counting on her making a scene so that their father would disinherit her and make him the only heir to the Schnee Dust Company.

World of Remnant: Schnee Dust Company

  • It turns out that Nicholas Schnee, the founder of the Schnee Dust Company, was motivated to save his homeland of Mantle and later Atlas from falling into ruin to resource shortfall, and even went so far as to travel with his men to fight beside them while they went on Dust expeditions. He's a far cry from Jacques, who only married into the family, and we can clearly see where Weiss drew her dreams and ambitions from.
    • You can tell by the sound in his voice that Qrow truly respected Nicholas Schnee for what he had accomplished and the methods he used.


  • Qrow immediately tells Tyrian that he doesn't know who he is, but he needs to leave his niece alone.
    • The small conversation between Qrow and Ruby, using mostly facial expressions, also counts. Qrow didn't even need words to ask Ruby what was going on.
    • Along with the look on Qrow's face as he answers Ruby's questions about what Tyrian was talking about, to a bare minimum.
    • Even when Qrow tells Team RNJR to stand back, knowing that Tyrian is dangerous, Ruby still steps into the battle since she's not willing to watch her uncle get hurt. This backfires somewhat as Qrow is cut by Tyrian's tail thanks to him taking the time to save Ruby from falling debris.
  • Despite being disinherited by her father and mocked by her brother, Weiss makes it clear she is not going to give up. She is determined to do what is right.
  • After Tyrian gets driven off, Jaune's only concern is that there are people after Ruby. She may not have her big sister with her, but Ruby has a devoted big brother in the meantime.

A Much Needed Talk

  • Kali giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek.
  • In response to Kali saying that a father is never too busy for his daughter, Blake smiles a bit and says not all her friends would agree with that. It's nice that despite the circumstances and being separated from them by continents, she can think of her friends and smile. And for Weiss in particular, it's another marker of how far they've come since the days of Volume 1 when the reveal of Weiss' relationship with her father was part of her big fight with Blake.
  • Blake's conversation with her father, set to a remix of "All Our Days" from Volume Two, certainly qualifies. Although it starts humorous as Blake sheepishly interacts with her father, it turns emotional quickly when Blake breaks down crying and apologizes for going against her parents' wishes, even stating that she's not worth their affection, and her father forgives her. It's a very tender scene until Sun ruins it by collapsing into the room and breaking down the door.
    • And throughout the interaction, Ghira repeatedly reassures Blake. While she tearfully berates herself, apologizing profusely for past actions, he patiently tells her that everything's fine, outright stating that he never held anything against her to begin with and proving once and for all that she has always been his baby girl whom he loves unconditionally, in stark contrast to Jacques Schnee. In fact, he spends the entire conversation more concerned about his daughter's safety and well-being than anything else.
    • When Ghira commends Blake's courage for leaving the White Fang and facing her inner demons, Blake claims that she didn't do it alone. Throughout various points in the series, we've seen Ruby, Weiss, and Yang repeatedly reach out to Blake when she was at her lowest, while Blake initially didn't trust them to accept her, and refused to let them help her, and even doubted Yang's innocence. Being the distant lone wolf that she is, Blake acknowledging how much her teammates have helped and supported her is very heartwarming.
  • Even though it's less obvious in this episode, the entire season has shown Sun to have genuine, protective love for Blake. Although she's slapped him around for his bad timing, thrown away his scroll, and generally acted coldly towards him, he still runs to protect her when she is foolish enough to chase a White Fang scout. And even though her parents aren't much better at tolerating him, Sun still has enough care and presence of mind to warn Kali about the Fang's activities and promise to return Blake safely.
  • Jaune accuses Qrow of using Ruby as living bait for Salem's group. It shows that his anger is not misplaced, he's legitimately pissed at the man for putting another friend in danger. While there are many things Jaune doesn't know, what he does know is that Ruby could've gotten hurt and that's what he cares about.
  • A Heartwarming in Hindsight moment. Despite Qrow's reservations about his semblance and the long-term danger it poses to his friends and family, he still managed to be enough of a presence in Ruby's life to train her how to wield her Scythe.
    • After Qrow reveals his semblance to RNJR, a frustrated Jaune lambasts him for it, which causes Ruby to glare at his direction. This shows that even when she's disappointed in him, Ruby won't take any jabs at her uncle lying down.

Two Steps Forward, Two Steps Back

  • The entire scene with Taiyang and Yang is heartwarming mixed with a few moments or awesome and tearjerker:
    • There's something nice about the fact that Yang and Taiyang are sparring with each other: One is doing it to help his daughter improve while said daughter is doing it so her father can go looking for her sister. Also, Zwei is watching on, happy as can be.
    • Yang being so comfortable with her new arm. It's just so good to see her recover.
    • Taiyang deconstructing Yang's over-reliance on her Semblance and the harsh way he talks about the faults in her fighting is heartwarming as it's just a father trying to help their child grow. And Yang happily takes his advice and kicks his ass with it.
    • Taiyang finally talks about Raven with Yang and while it seems he has a bit of a Broken Pedestal about her (and for good reason), he has a lot of admiration for his ex-lover and has that same amount in their daughter, shown as he gives yet another morale boosting talk mixed in with some fatherly advice. There's a reason why he's best dad.
      • Also, Zwei demonstrates the ability to follow conversations around him throughout the scene. When Yang bitterly apologises for reminding her father of her mother, Zwei even shoots a look of sympathy towards her.
    • Yang trips her father up and catches him before he falls. Then, as he recovers, he gives a look that just screams So Proud of You. And Yang knows it.
  • Weiss has not let being disinherited by her father stop her as she can be seen training to perform the technique Winter was trying to teach her in the previous volume.
    • Weiss asks her brother if he is jealous of her and Winter can be seen has her trying to understand why her brother hates her so much. Rather than only being angry at him, Weiss is at least trying to make one more effort to understand him.
    • Seeing Weiss succeed in the summoning is heartwarming to see how far Weiss has come in her abilities. Not to mention, Weiss destroying the window both symbolically and literally shows that Weiss is ready to break free from her father once and for all. It shows that the lyrics of 'break free' in the opening theme focusing on Weiss was foreshadowing this moment.
    • Weiss' loyal servant Klein breaks into her room when out of concern for her well-being. When Weiss asks Klein for help, he immediately nods his head. This indicates that his loyalty is to Weiss and not her father. This could further cement that he was probably her Parental Substitute for her abusive father.
  • After their argument in the last episode, seeing Blake worried about Sun after he was injured by Ilia was reassuring to a lot of viewers that she is not becoming like Adam after all.
    • The fact that despite all the crap that Sun has gone through, he was still willing to do everything he could to help Blake when she needed him.
  • While Qrow's poisoned condition is utterly heartbreaking, in his stupor you can make out him telling Taiyang "she" isn't coming back (most likely Raven but possibly Summer.) Confirmation that the last two members of Team STRQ do care about each other.
  • Jaune and Ren's hug when they are about to go their separate ways really shows how close the two have become over the series. They truly are the brothers neither had. Becomes especially so when one remembers how Ren used to react to people suddenly touching him.
  • When Ren is on the verge of breaking down upon discussing Kuroyuri, Nora doesn't hesitate to put her hand on Ren's back and suggests she and Ren move in the direction away from the village. Nora really understands Ren and the pain he is feeling.
  • Despite how angry he was the night before, Jaune is willing to put any reservations he has of Qrow aside to help save the dying man's life.


  • Hazel giving Oscar a hand with some Percussive Maintenance to the ticket machine at a train station.
    • Ozpin's voice, instead of being enthusiastic and somewhat insistent as he was previously, is gentle as he apologizes to Oscar for turning his life upside down.
  • Seeing Ren as an innocent child who loved his parents was heartwarming to see even if we know they are Doomed by Canon.
  • Heavily mixed with Tear Jerker, but both of Ren's parents' last words to him were said in an attempt to comfort him.
    An Ren: It's okay, darling. Everything's okay.
    Li Ren: Your mother and I love you.
  • With this episode in mind, look at Ren's symbol. Now take a look at Kuroyuri's. They're essentially a 1:1 match. Ren's honoring his village's memory.
  • While Ren was initially too afraid to help Child Nora when they first encountered each other, he took his father's words to heart. Despite the danger of the situation, when Ren sees Nora trying to hide from the Grimm, he runs to her and tries to help.
    • Seeing child Nora and child Ren hug each other as Ren uses his semblance to hide their presence was a heartwarming sight despite the horrible circumstances.
    • Ren giving Nora a toy hammer both explains why Nora would choose it to be her weapon of choice along with why she eventually developed deeper feelings for her childhood friend.
      • Listen closely to the Background Music during that bit-it's a soft violin version of "Boop".
    • This also puts their friendship into a new light. While Nora did state previously that they had no home, we see that Ren and Nora really have been together since they were children. Over that time, Nora went from being the scared, miserable child to the happy, lovable Nora of the present day.
  • Ruby and Jaune's heart-to-heart. Ruby apologizes for 'dragging' them into this, but Jaune makes it clear they wanted to go with her. Jaune gives Ruby an uplifting speech about how despite Ruby witnessing Pyrrha's death along with losing Penny, Team RWBY, and to a certain extent Yang, she keeps pressing forward, and that gave them the courage to keep pressing forward. Seeing Jaune put his hand on Ruby's shoulder cements it.
    Jaune: You didn't drag us along. You gave us the courage to follow you.
    • The way Jaune turns "we lost Pyrrha" around to "you lost her too" is a very important moment and can hit very close to home for people who have lost loved ones before. Because he finally acknowledges that yes, he lost Pyrrha but other people lost her too and wallowing in his grief alone won't change it. Only when people share their grief can they overcome it.
      • The above moment serves as another distinguishing parallel between Jaune and The Director. Both are grieving for someone they lost but while The Director wrapped himself in his grief to the point of cutting out anyone else close to him, Jaune remembers and acknowledges that he's not the only one hurting from his loss and that others have been hurt even worse than he has.
  • Present Nora and Ren's interaction had a heartwarming moment as well with Nora telling Ren she's okay with him by her side which causes him to smile.
    Ren: We never get the easy path, do we?
    Nora: Easy's no fun anyway ... Are you okay?
    Ren: (nods) Hmmm ... And you?
    Nora: ...I've got you here don't I? (Before Ren can respond) Come on. There's more than one way up the mountain.
  • While the episode ends on a very dark note, seeing Nora holding Ren's hand in the last shot was rather heartwarming.

Taking Control

  • On the bad guy side, despite Salem making it very clear she was disappointed in Tyrian for not capturing Ruby, she doesn't dispose of him like most villains would for failure.
    • Though judging by Tyrian's reaction and how he seems to worship Salem, letting him live knowing he's disappointed her could be a Fate Worse than Death for him
  • Yang spray painting her trademark yellow colors on her prosthetic arm. The happy look on her face as she does show cements it.
    • The garage scene was filled with this. Seeing Yang getting ready to head out on her bike again after not using it for sometime was rather heartwarming to see. Her father coming and saying that he will not stop Yang from leaving. The only thing he wants to know is whether she plans on heading out to find her mother or catch up to Ruby.
  • Weiss saying goodbye to Klein, essentially calling him her family.
    • When Weiss meets Klein in the library, she drops her belongings and hugs him. She was clearly worried that something happened to him when they were separated.
    • While it is sad that Weiss was forced to sneak out of her own home, it was heartwarming to see Klein help her escape. Now Weiss is finally free from her father, and she is off to meet her sister.
  • The conversation that Blake and Sun have qualifies, especially when Sun displays his maturity in sticking up for his and Blake's friends, and Blake admitting that she loves and misses her teammates. The smile Blake gives Sun also gets in, though for a slightly different reason. After the turbulence they'd experienced, it was incredibly relieving to see the pair of Faunus reconcile with each other. Blake even gets in a Meaningful Echo of "My hero!"
    • When Blake finds out from her parents that Adam is going to completely take over the White Fang, Blake makes it clear she intends to take it back. After an entire season of running away, Blake is returning to the fray.
  • As Ren and Nora run through Kuroyuri, Ren mutters "Not again, not again", followed by his relieved expression when he sees Jaune and Ruby are unharmed. It cements that he does consider them to be his and Nora's new family.
  • The episode shows all four members of Team RWBY planning to head to Mistral, which makes a reunion between them possible.

No Safe Haven

  • Despite Jaune's apprehension about Qrow, Jaune quickly moves to grab him and gets him to safety with the help of Ren's Semblance.
    • As Jaune is going back to the fight, Qrow reaches out and grabs his arm, then gives him a look that seems to be either an acknowledgment of the gesture, despite their previous animosity, or telling him "if I don't make it, take care of Ruby".
  • Jaune's sword and shield have a new mode, the shield becoming part of the sword's blade, making it a bigger, heavier two-handed weapon. The shield that now bears golden highlights from Pyrrha's circlet. Pyrrha is still with Jaune, still guiding and protecting him. Remember back in Volume 1, when Ruby offhandedly commented that a Huntsman's weapon is a part of himself? Pyrrha's part of that weapon now, and thus part of Jaune, forever.
  • The first thing Ruby does as soon as the fight with the Nuckelavee is over is to check on Qrow. She then proceeds to stay by his side throughout the entire trip to Mistral and watches over him as he recovers. She even gives him an Affectionate Gesture to the Head like he did in Volume three. It just goes to show how much Ruby cares for her uncle.
    • Even better, when Ruby runs to check on Qrow after the fight, the first thing he does is look up at her and comment "Sounds quiet. Good job, kiddo." and flashes a proud smile at her. The fact that he is okay and proud of her leaves Ruby visibly ecstatic.
    • In the same scene, Qrow is curled up in bed, sleeping in the most adorable position.
    • While she watches over a recovering Qrow, Ruby sits down to write a letter to Yang; telling her the lessons Ruby's learned about the real world, about how badly loss affects people. She caps it off by reaffirming her faith in being a Huntress that she can help others and the world move forward for the better.
  • While on the airship to Mistral, Ren reaches out to hold Nora's hand, and she lays her head down on his shoulder. All set to another (this time piano) remix of "Boop".
    • Pretty much every interaction between Nora and Ren qualifies here. There's the part where Nora throws herself bodily to intercept an attack meant for Ren, risking her life in the process. There's the part where she talks him out of his rage and he realizes just how much it meant to her that he was there for her when they were children and that now in his hour of need she is more than ready to return the favor. There's the part where Nora hugs Ren after the battle is over. And of course them holding hands at the end. It gives a lot of hope for shippers, but to be honest that doesn't even matter at this point; the two of them share a bond even deeper than romantic love, they share a bond of friendship and trust that not even that nightmare given form can ever break.
    • And it even seems to be a Call-Back to Jaune and Pyrrha's moment together in "Destiny". The girl who fears her love will never be reciprocated is reassured by a gentle touch to the hand from the boy she's been waiting to love her back.
  • As Jaune stares at his weapons Ren and Nora wordlessly enter the room. Ren leaves his knife next to Jaune's weapon, Nora cuddles up to him, and Ren sits down on the bed as the three silently think back on their loved ones together.
    • The symbolism of this moment. Jaune's sword and shield, the weapons Pyrrha taught him to use, the shield now bearing golden highlights from Pyrrha's circlet, making her a part of Jaune and his family forver. The knife that Ren's father gave him, the symbol of his father's love and courage, and the weapon he used to finally avenge his family and village. Ren deliberately props the knife up next to Jaune's shield, and the three contemplate these physical manifestations of the people they've lost... and the lessons they taught that these three will carry forward with them. No one's ever really gone.
  • Ruby revealing that Yang knew that she was heading to Haven, and that she warned her against leaving. It's good to see that the two sisters still talked and shared secrets, after it seemed like there was a rift between them at the end of Volume Three.
  • It's subtle, but the smile that Blake shoots Sun confirms that their relationship is alive and healthy.
  • Yang choosing to go after Ruby instead of Raven shows just how much she values her little sister.
    Yang: Smiles and sighs* You are in so much trouble when I find you.
    • Just seeing Yang like this back in action is great. This time last volume, she was broken, crippled and depressed. Now, while she may not have healed all the way, she's got her indomitable fire back, and is on a mission.
  • A minor one. During Ruby's letter montage, the scene where Yang arrives in Mistral by ship shows that she arrived by the same ship that has taken Blake and Sun to Menagerie, showing its captain and his first mate in high spirits, still alive and kicking.
  • Crossing over with Tear Jerker, during the letter montage, we briefly see Taiyang looking at a picture of his old team. Regardless of how far apart they have grown, he still obviously misses them. As he puts down the STRQ picture, the camera moves to Zwei sitting next to the couch, wagging his tail and barking at Tai, who smiles back. Good to know he isn't completely alone. We then see him look up and start looking at another picture: One of Team RWBY, together and happy, with the words: "New Friends!" written on it, implying it is from all the way back in Volume 1.
  • The Stinger. Qrow is sitting in a bar, where he is approached by Oscar. The following exchange is unexpectedly sweet:
    Oscar: Umm, I'm supposed to tell you-"I want my cane back"?
    Qrow: Huh. (stands and tosses it over) It's good to see you again, Oz.
    • This little conversation is even better because it gives Oscar what he's wanted for most of the Volume: proof that he isn't insane.

    Volume 5 
Yang Character Short
  • The entire segment shows how much of a protective Cool Big Sis mentor Yang was towards Ruby before she left for Beacon; throughout the short, Yang is trying to train Ruby to improve her skills in hand-to-hand combat. Not once does she go too far, and she's always offering advice and sincere encouragement to her little sister. Of particular mention, however, is when Yang saves Ruby from an Ursa, throwing herself in front of Ruby and getting chomped in the midsection, sustaining heavy injuries for her troubles.


Welcome to Haven

  • Ruby ribs her uncle good naturally about nearly dying on the way to Haven, with Nora doing the same to Ren.
  • While traversing through the city of Mistral, a Faunus is seen interacting with a human, with no signs of hostility between the two or with anyone else in the area. It's strongly touching knowing there are locations where Faunus are able to freely mingle with humans, free of racism and prejudice.
    • In the same scene, we get a shot of a pair of men, one handing the other a potted plant that's grown in the shape of a heart.
  • We learn from Blake that Ilia took the fall for the defection of the Albains, and Ilia herself pleads sorrowfully with Blake to leave Menagerie before things come to a head. This sheds a new light on Ilia's situation and how far she'll go to protect those she cares about.
  • It's a minor thing, but in Lionheart's discussion of the events of Volume 3 and Penny's death in the arena, he specifically calls her a "poor girl." Ruby, James, and her bodyguards weren't the only people who saw Penny for what she really was.
  • A brief moment occurs between Ruby and Lionheart. The former expresses happiness at meeting the latter, which the latter reciprocates.
  • When Oscar arrives at Team RNJR's place and asks whether Ruby is there, Ren and Nora are immediately on their feet, tensed to fight, with Nora darkly demanding to know why he wants her. They've clearly had enough of strangers showing up looking for Ruby, and it's nice to see that they care as much about Ruby as anyone else.
  • It doubles as funny but seeing Qrow arrive back to the house drunk and ecstatic about finding Oscar, Ozpin's successor.

Dread in the Air

  • Even though she's out of frying pan and into the fire, the expression of mischievous glee on Weiss' face when she fights the Grimm truly shows just how happy is she to break out of her gilded cage and be in her element again.
  • Sienna Khan's barely-subdued rage towards Adam Taurus over his role in the Battle of Beacon qualifies. Even though she's the one who got the Fang into committing terrorist actions, she only did it to command respect for her species. Cowing humanity into servitude and attacking the Huntsman Academies were never on her agenda, and it goes to show that even the corrupter of the White Fang had moral scruples.

Unexpected Complications

  • Kali and Blake showing their support of Ghira with affectionate head bumps to the arms.
  • Ghira attempting to convince the other Faunus to help defend Mistral, with Sun showing his support for Ghira before he spoke to his people - much to the latter's surprise.
  • Nora gushing over how cute Ozpin/Oscar is.
  • Ozpin/Oscar admits despite the circumstances, he's glad to see his students again and is proud of how much they've grown.
  • Qrow was a bit surly after the meeting with Lionheart, but he's kind to Oscar, reminding the other teens that Oscar's situation is "very overwhelming for everyone" when he can see that Oscar is getting uncomfortable with being indirectly called "weird". When Oscar gives control of his body to Ozpin, Qrow quietly gets up while Ozpin expresses and explains his guilt over what happened at Beacon, coming back with a mug of coffee for him.
  • Ruby making small talk with Oscar to calm down his nerves. The kid is naturally nervous about being surrounded by Huntsmen who were suspicious of him just a few moments ago but Ruby instantly erases that with a smile and a joke that make him feel comfortable around them.
  • Weiss summoning her tiny knight. She gets a soft little smile as she looks at it in her hands, then as it hefts its sword, her face blossoms with joy and hope. Even in the middle of an enemy camp, with no one but herself, she doesn't have to be alone anymore.
    • All of Weiss' summoning gains another layer when you listen to the "Mirror Mirror" songs and the lyrics about how divided she is internally — the separation of her mind and heart, looking at the mirror and seeing a stranger — and then look at her summons and realize, as manifestations of her semblance, these are extensions of her own soul that are defending her and keeping her company.

Lighting The Fire

  • The budding friendship between Oscar and team RNJR qualifies.
    • Oscar apologizing to Ruby when he lands a punch to her face and Ruby showing the same concern for him when she returns the favor a bit too hard.
    • When Jaune's mood drops at the mention of his lack of a Semblance, Ruby immediately reassures him by bringing Oscar closer to him and mentioning that the two are in the same situation but their friends believe they will find their Semblance eventually.
      Ruby: (to Oscar) Jaune's like you. He hasn't found his Semblance yet but we all know he will. And you will too. We all just have to try and help each other get stronger.
      Oscar: (smiling) Cool.
  • Raven is revealed to have a Semblance that enables teleportation to someone she chooses to bond with - and she's done this with Qrow, Tai... and Yang. Too bad she hasn't used it more.
  • Yang and Weiss have been reunited, and freed by Raven, who plans to brief them on Remnant's secrets before teleporting them to Qrow's location. The last shot of the scene is of Weiss leaping at Yang for a hug to a reprise of the chorus from "Home". It's impossible to not smile at the scene.
    Weiss: I missed you so much.
    Yang: ...I missed you too.
    • Weiss almost tearfully admitting how much she missed the team. She's been forced to be stoic and polite ever since the fall of Beacon, with Jacques only caring about her obvious trauma if he can exploit it to control her, but that's over now and she can be as emotional as she needs to be. Welcome home, Weiss.
    • This specific analysis of Yang's reaction to Weiss's hug just ups the Heartwarming in spades. Remember that at this point, Weiss and Yang haven't seen each other since the Fall of Beacon, and both went through a lot since then, with Yang recovering from her PTSD and Weiss dealing with her family. Yang wasn't even expecting to see Weiss at Raven's camp, yet didn't hesitate in defending her friend in a possible fight. And the hug? This was a moment they both needed. One-half of Team RWBY is back together again.
  • Ever since Volume 2, it has been well known that Yang had been looking for her mother to find out why she abandoned her child and husband. Now, they finally meet and what is Yang asking her mother to do? To create a direct portal to Qrow and as an extension, Ruby. That's right folks, Yang has sought out her mother not to finally receive some answers (Raven was even willing to answer her questions), but to reunite with her little sister.
  • Although Yang completely rebuffs her offer, Raven offers to let Yang into the tribe and to answer any questions she may have. Raven's expression when Yang coldly shoots her down suggests that she not only expected, but wanted her daughter to join the tribe, even asking her to reconsider hunting down Ruby, to consider that she might belong with her mother. When Yang refuses to budge and Weiss frees herself, Raven instead orders them into her tent so she can fill them in on the situation and help get them to Qrow using her semblance. What's most telling, and challenges the long-standing if controversial fan theory that Raven cares nothing about Yang is that when she mentions Ozpin, her tone and expression shift, suggesting concern in a way that truly befits her Knight in Sour Armor persona, and she actually looks hurt when Yang turns down Raven's somewhat hamfisted attempts to begin mending their relationship.

Necessary Sacrifices

  • Blake's conversation with Sun is full of this, starting with how she describes her friends as embodying different traits (purity for Ruby, defiance for Weiss, and strength for Yang). When Sun enquires what he stood for, Blake responds thusly:
    Blake: Jury's still out on that one. But I'm leaning towards "earnest".
    • Later in the conversation, Blake finally admits to Sun that his steadfast loyalty and persistent kindness helped her out of a hole, and she plans to do the same for Ilia as well.
    • The way Sun perks up when she says that. Before he had been pretty down about the other Faunus' reluctance to help, but Blake admitting that he had actually done good put the spring back in the monkey boy's step. Bonus points for his antics throughout the conversation actually being able to pry a smile and a laugh out of Blake for once, showing that she truly is in a better state of mind than last volume, relaxing and remembering to cherish her friends again.
    • Before all of that, Sun asking Blake about Adam, showing he clearly knows that there was something between them before he met her. You can tell he's trying to not push the details any more than he has to, and it shows how much he cares for her.
  • Ruby's speech to Oscar is a Tear Jerker, but this is how it ends.
    Ruby: This isn't gonna be easy, but the fact that you're even trying says a lot about you. You're braver than you think.
    • This is followed by Oscar remarking to Ozpin that Ruby must have been one of the best Huntresses at Beacon. Ozpin gives a gentle chuckle before explaining that in some ways she was, and in others she wasn't, but she also had something very important - a spark that can inspire others even when things are at their darkest.
  • Ilia obviously cares enough about Blake to be conflicted about her orders. Time will tell what path she's going to choose.

Known By Its Song

  • Qrow paying the tab of the first Huntsman he was looking for. Even the bartender, who was steaming mad before, cools off when he realizes what must have happened.
  • Raven, despite not contacting her daughter, used her raven form to keep an eye on her throughout her life.
  • Yang has been having tremors in her left arm on and off since she came back; being lingering remnants of her PTSD, she usually handles said tremors by grabbing her left arm until it stills. When she's arguing with Raven, the tremors start up again ... and Weiss takes her arm instead.
  • Raven makes it clear to Yang that, by leaving her to join Qrow and Ruby, she's closing the door on any chance of reconciliation. Yang doesn't even hesitate. She's wanted answers all of her life, and now that they're right in front of her, she's willing to throw them away to reunite with her uncle and half-sister. Her love for them is that strong.
  • The last scene, in all its glory, is this in Excelsis. Qrow is ruminating grumpily on how his recruitment drive went belly-up due to the Mistral Council recruiting all his targets. Suddenly, Raven's portal appears behind him and is surprised as he hears a distinctive motor roaring towards him. Inside the safe house, team RNJR are cooking dinner when Qrow enters and calls Ruby to the lounge. She stops silent, drops the tea set when she sees Yang and Weiss and becomes completely distraught apologizing to Yang for leaving. Yang's response is a cooldown hug. Ruby calls out to Weiss, who looks up to see Ruby and Yang have broken their hug to give her a spot. The three teammates tearfully hug each other with Oscar, Qrow, and the rest of team RNJR looking on. And all the while, an instrumental arrangement of "Gold" plays through the scene. Three down, one to go.
    • Bonus points for Yang telling Ruby she loves her (the last thing we heard Ruby say to her sister at the end of Volume 3). Weiss initially holds back so as not to interrupt the sisterly reunion, but Ruby and Yang both gesture for her to join in anyway.
    • Weiss being invited to join the hug is extra poignant given the circumstances of the previous Volume. Weiss was effectively disowned by her biological family (with the exception of Winter), especially after fleeing the family estate. The half-sisters going out of their way to include Weiss in their first sisterly moment after months apart suggests that, after all, they've been through, they consider Weiss to be part of their family— a sister in every way but name.
  • Bit of Fridge Heartwarming here, but Qrow was feeling very depressed that he was at least hoping one or two hunters or huntresses would be willing to fight for their cause, but only to find out that all of them are either dead, missing, or engaged by the Council. Suddenly, two huntresses do show up; his niece, who's finally on her feet ... and Winter's sister, who managed to escape from her horrible father. Two of Ruby's well-trusted teammates have returned to the fold, and his face goes from worried to hopeful when he realizes this.
    • After being separated for nearly two Volumes, Team RWBY and the surviving members of Team JNPR are one person short of being fully reunited for the first time since the Fall of Beacon. As soon as they meet up with Blake, the gang will finally be back together.

Rest and Resolutions

  • The reunion dinner, end of story. It's a welcome relief to see three-quarters of our protagonists catching up, enjoying themselves, and reminiscing (and playfully ribbing each other) about how they used to be back at Beacon and how much they've grown since they parted ways.
  • You have to have a heart of stone not to find it endearing that Ruby is going weapon nut over Yang's cybernetic arm, while Yang just smiles a bit as if knowing her sister would have been excited. Plus everyone else showing her support as she's still getting used to it.

Alone Together

  • Ruby and Yang engaging in some sisterly antics, and Weiss showing up with coffee.
  • Weiss's heart-to-heart with Yang about Blake and loneliness in general, which crosses over with Awesome and Tearjerker. At the end of it, Ruby gingerly pokes her head around the door and finds that all is well with her partner and her sister.
  • During the same conversation, Weiss flat out stating that Ruby, Blake and Yang are family to her.
  • Ilia seems honestly regretful on some level for betraying Blake, though it doesn't stop her from doing so.
  • Downplayed given the level of Tear Jerker and Nightmare Fuel involved, but Blake trusting Sun enough to follow her when she goes to confront Ilia. Sure enough, this happens after Sun rescues Blake.
    Blake: Thanks for the backup.
    Sun: Thanks for the invitation!
  • Ghira is fighting for his life, severely outnumbered, and the first thing he thinks of is to tell his guards to go back up his wife. Then when the Albain twins threaten his family, he rips off his robe and prepares to beat wholesale ass for his family.

A Perfect Storm

  • They may be scoundrels, but Raven still cares about Vernal and her tribe, and won't let Salem just walk over them.
  • When Blake and Sun arrive to help Ghira, Blake wants to stay behind to take down the Albains. Ghira, however, insists that she find Kali. When Blake tries to protest...
    Ghira: You keep assuring me that your friend isn't a complete waste of space. Let's see him prove it.
    Sun: We got this, Blake! I've wanted to sock these creeps since the day we met.
    Ghira: You'll have to get in line.

True Colors

  • Ghira nearly sacrificing himself to protect Ilia, despite the fact that she was still their 'enemy' at that time.
    • This is likely the moment which, after so much back and forth, triggered Ilia's Heel–Face Turn
  • After the White Fang's failed attack on the Belladonnas, the population of Menagerie decide to fully commit to protect Haven Academy and make a stand against Adam - a far cry from their complete reluctance to get involved just a few episodes prior.
    • Ilia, having been swayed by Blake's words, is the first to commit to Blake's crusade against Adam. Blake puts an appreciative hand on her shoulder after she does so, prompting an adorable smile from Ilia. Even when Ilia is almost arrested for her involvement in the assassination attempt, Blake intervenes and forgives her for losing her way. Ghira's reaction to it gets in as well.
    • The second to commit to Blake's cause? Mata, the Faunus who seemed interested in joining in "Necessary Sacrifices".
    • In a minor moment, Blake answers Kali's question about transport by mentioning a ship captain who owes them a favor. It's good to see a minor character get remembered fondly by major players.
    • Nearly two seasons after she ran away from the rest of her team to protect them from Adam, Blake is en route to meet up with them, and she's bringing a small army with her. Not only is the gang almost back together, but protecting Haven from the impending attack now feels like a much less hopeless endeavor.
    • This creates a nice mirror to the fall of Beacon in volume 3. The Faunus in the White Fang under Adam played an instrumental role in Beacon's fall, whereas the Faunus in the White Fang under Ghira are poised to play an integral role in Haven's defense. They're motivated, inspired, and after the training session Ghira's got planned for the volunteers, they'll be ready.
  • Ghira seems honestly sad about Fennec's death, even after Fennec tried to kill him.
  • And Ghira stating the lesson that Blake learned at a younger age than himself. "There is strength in forgiveness."
  • Sun easily forgives Ilia for stabbing him, but not before playfully pinching her to get even.

The More The Merrier

  • Ruby offering Raven a chance to work together against Salem. It fails, but she tried.
    • Raven's retort? "You sound just like your mother." Ruby never even really knew Summer Rose, but part of her... the best part, it seems... lives on in her daughter.
  • Emerald outright stating that she doesn't even care about Salem, but that she has Undying Loyalty for Cinder. She is really willing to walk through hell for her master no matter how many lines Cinder may have crossed or will cross. Now that takes real dedication.
  • While it is obscured by everything else in the episode, Hazel gets one for offering Ren and Nora a chance to run. This combined with his insistence that Sienna Khan did not have to die makes him the least malevolent member of Salem's faction.
    • This could also be Fridge Brilliance in a way, too: Hazel's twin sister was a student who wanted to become a Huntress when she died, and this is likely why he offered to let Ren and Nora walk away unscathed-because they remind him of his sister on some level.
  • While it's rather sad to see Jaune is perfectly fine accepting his own death, he's okay with it as long as "the ones that matter" are fine. This cuts to a shot of Nora and Ren fighting Hazel, then of Yang fighting Mercury.

Vault of the Spring Maiden

  • Jaune and Ren run over to a downed Weiss, and Jaune pleads with her to stay with him. Thanks to his Semblance kicking in under the stress, she does.
    • The fact it was Weiss' injury that unlocked Jaune's Semblance. Not his hatred for Cinder or his sorrow for Pyrrha's death despite how traumatic those experiences were for the guy. Instead, his desire to protect his friends was the key to unlocking his true potential.
    • When Weiss was impaled, rather than continue to attack Cinder in blind fury, Jaune was more concerned for Weiss and immediately ran to her side. No matter how much pain and sorrow he experiences, Jaune will always prioritize the well-being of his friends above all else.
  • A blend of this and Tear Jerker, but Hazel's motives for siding against Ozpin are revealed; his sister was a student at Beacon who died during a training mission, and he's never stopped blaming Ozpin for it.
  • Also mixed with a Tear Jerker, but when Cinder mortally wounds Vernal, you can hear the pure, seething rage in Raven's voice. She wasn't lying when she said that the bandit clan were her family.


  • When Nora asks Jaune if he's worried about his Aura running out for using his Semblance on Weiss, he responds that he will be fine because Pyrrha once said that he has a lot of it and he trusts her words to this day.
  • Jaune's response to Weiss' snarky comment after she starts to regain her strength. Clearly, she's not affected by her near-death experience and is still as strong as ever.
    Jaune: Good to have you back, Weiss.
  • When Ren gets electrocuted and knocked down, an enraged Nora jumps in and manages to best Hazel.
  • Blake giving Adam and his followers one last chance to back down. Considering what he's done to her and tried to do, that's a lot more than most would have given him.
    • When she comes in with the bulk of the Faunus from Menagerie, some of the White Fang look around stunned. One even calls out "Mata?" and Mata answers, asking them to basically stop this madness. A great number of the White Fang surrender on the spot, rather than be forced to fight fellow Faunus, and likely family members, to the death.
  • Ilia cementing her Heel–Face Turn by dismantling the Mistral explosives.
  • Four words: Team RWBY is reunited. Soured, if only slightly, by the fact that there is no time for words as their enemies are still standing.
  • In a somber moment, Raven thanks a dead Vernal for her sacrifice and loyalty, after the pair of them managed to defeat Cinder. Raven even takes a moment to shut Vernal's eyes.

Haven's Fate

  • In the stand-off with the remaining members of the White Fang, one of Adam's men draws his gun and is about to fire on the group of Faunus confronting him before Ilia takes him down with her whip. A woman in the group sincerely thanks Ilia for saving them and she beams with pride. It's far cry from the earlier turmoil she showed as a member of the White Fang and shows Ilia no longer has any reason to doubt that she's doing the right thing.
  • A small moment, but when Yang turns the Knowledge Relic over to Qrow, he asks what happened and then specifically after Raven. Despite verbally disowning her only a few chapters ago, on some level he still cares for his sister's fate.
    • Yang also decides to keep Raven being the Spring Maiden to herself, merely telling Qrow that she found Vernal dead, the vault open, and Raven and Cinder gone. As disappointed as she is in Raven, she still wants to give her the chance to escape Salem.
  • In a small moment, we see Emerald's genuine grief upon realising that her mentor is very likely dead. And then her Semblance goes into overdrive ...
    • Going on that, Mercury's insistence that they have to go. It's the first indication we've gotten that Mercury genuinely cares about his companions.
    • On that matter, after Emerald's semblance mishap causes her to lose consciousness, it's Hazel who carries her body during their escape.
  • Ghira suggesting that the White Fang will have a Redeeming Replacement in the future.
  • Team RWBY have a group hug after the fighting's done, finally having the emotional reunion they sorely needed.
    • The build-up to this scene, with Sun using his tail to propel Blake forward, and Weiss being the first one to extend her arm for the group hug.
    • Also note that it is a similar type of emotional hug to the one that Yang and Weiss had in "Lighting The Fire" and Ruby, Yang, and Weiss had in "Known By Its Song." It is clear that despite all the issues they have had to deal with since the Fall of Beacon and despite having been separated from each other for a significant amount of time, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are family in all but name.
  • When Oscar collapses from exhaustion after the fight, Qrow gently catches him and lays him down.
  • The stinger shows Taiyang watering his flowers when a black feather lands behind him. No prizes for guessing who just showed up. Sadly, however, he doesn't appear happy. At all.
    • It becomes a little heartwarming when you realize that despite Taiyang seemingly having issues with Raven, he still tried giving Yang a positive view of her before she went and destroyed it. That said, given the Breaking Speech Yang gave her in Haven's vault, it's entirely likely Raven's there to try and make up with him.

    Volume 6 
Argus Limited
  • We discover that Ghira was given most of the credit for foiling the White Fang's attack on Haven, along with his militia. Over the span of two weeks, racial attitudes in Mistral have changed significantly, as Ilia notes in disbelief.
    • Qrow mentions in his letter to Ironwood that the official word on Lionheart's death was that he was killed trying to protect the school. It's a kind gesture that wasn't necessary considering what he did, but it sounds like Qrow wanted to keep his former comrade's memory from being tarnished.
  • The way the kids all start smiling brightly when Qrow shows up to scare off Dee and Dudley and then basically rally behind him to glare and or make fun of them as he talks smack. He's really become part of the group, which is nice to see for the guy who followed after Team RNJR for weeks as to not endanger them with his Semblance. Tensions between him and Jaune seem to be gone completely as well.
  • The way that no one seems to be making any sort of deal about Ilia's orientation, besides a joke or two at Neptune's expense when he tries to hit on her.
  • Ilia, Neptune, and Sun all come to the train station to send Blake off on her journey, Ilia and Blake sharing a hug and Blake parting from Sun amicably, with a kiss on the cheek.
    • As Sun and Neptune are leaving, Neptune comments that it feels like Sun is "letting the girl go" and Sun's response is that it was "never about that": His goal wasn't to try to convince her to start a relationship with him, but to support her and help her if she needed it.
  • When Weiss bitterly points out that she has to go back to Atlas despite all she did to get away from it, Ruby reassures her that, this time, she's going back with her friends.
    Ruby: I know you're worried Weiss, but trust us; Team RWBY won't leave your side for a second! I promise.
  • Blake offering to assist Yang with her luggage shows her commitment to mending fences with her friends.
    • And for that matter, Yang not snubbing her or taking advantage of it. She tells Blake she doesn't need to go out of her way, but that it'll be a while before things are back to the way they are.
    • Qrow's snarky comment on how touching the moment is doesn't have any negative effects on the mood, the girls all just smile at him softly, genuinely happy to see him.
  • Before the group splits up, Jaune has Ruby promise that they'll all meet up in Argus.
  • The new opening has Nora with her arms around Ren. Awwww...
  • In the next shot, Ruby is chasing Weiss in a game of tag on board the train. She can finally be a kid again!


  • The woman who sees Cinder immediately goes to try and help her. Unfortunately, it gets her killed.
  • Ruby's team jumping to her defense the moment Qrow opens his mouth.
    • Though it's also a bit sad on his side for obvious reasons, Qrow in turn encourages Ruby to do what she thinks would be the right answer and doesn't try to defend himself or Ozpin.

The Lost Fable

  • Salem and Ozma's departure from the castle that had long imprisoned Salem.
    They escaped the wretched fortress, and yet, something bound them together. Ozma had been ready to give his life for justice countless times but now found a woman worth saving it for. And Salem, to her surprise, found her freedom not in the outside world that she had yearned for, but in the eyes of the man that had saved her.
    Salem: "So where should we go now?"
    Ozma: "Wherever you'd like."
  • Salem and Ozma's love for one another was so strong, that Salem pleaded with both of the Gods to help restore him to life. The Light God even pitied her loss, and the Dark God not only comforted her but also made the offer to fulfill her request to bring Ozma back to life - simply because Salem was so desperate at the time - balance of life and death be damned.
  • Just the sheer lengths Salem is willing to go to be reunited with Ozma counts as this, even though her attempts ultimately lead to mankind's extinction and she eventually grows to loathe him.
  • After the Light God reveals Salem's deception to him, the Dark God apologises for his actions and amends his mistakes instantly. Despite their differences, the two brothers were fully inclined to honour their agreements and weren't pleased with being played for fools.
  • While the implications are also horrifying if mankind doesn't live up to their expectations, the fact that the Light God, despite having no reason to return to their experiment, chose to bring back Ozma and give him at least the chance to save Remnant shows that, in spite of everything that's happened, the Gods still believe that's at least a possibility for humanity to be saved.
    • Speaking of the God of Light, there is a moment that shows in spite of his Jerkass God nature, he does retain a level of affection for the humans he helped create, no matter how slight; when his brother prepared to wipe out every human except Salem, the God of Light turned away, unable to watch, likely in regret that he was allowing his brother to wipe them out or even disappointment and shame in himself that he felt it had come to this.
  • The reason why Ozpin's reincarnation cycle works the way it does? Because that way, he'll never truly be alone.
  • Later on, after Salem was turned to a Grimm and Ozma got reincarnated and found her again, they set aside their differences and ruled over a kingdom together for numerous years. They even had four daughters together.
    Djinn: Call it Magic, or call it something stronger. But in that moment, the two knew exactly who it was that stood before them.
    Ozma: "What do we do now?"
    Salem: "Whatever we like."
    • Despite being imbued with the desire to destroy thanks to the Grimm essence, Salem still manages to happily care for her family, suppressing her urge long enough for their sake.
    • Salem's smile at her daughter showing she can use magic isn't a smile of "I finally have another pawn to use"; it's the smile of a mother who truly loves her children and is proud of them.
    • You would be forgiven if you forgot who Salem would become in the future when she sees the love of her life standing before her once again or showing the love and sheer joy of her daughter displaying the ability to use magic. It is not humanity's greatest foe we see, but rather a loving and caring woman and mother that we're looking at. It makes what happens later all the more tragic.
  • The incarnation/host of Ozpin that built the cane smiling at his family as they sit down to dinner, and his rush to defend them from the Grimm.
  • When Jinn reveals to one of Ozpin's past incarnations that Salem can't be destroyed, he falls to his knees. Ruby and Weiss can be seen looking at him in concern and sympathy.
  • A case of Fridge Brilliance doubling as a Tear Jerker can be seen when Jinn relates about Ozma's other reincarnations - one of his past lives was a drunkard. Ozpin never chastised Qrow for this trait in Volume 3, because as a former depressed alcoholic, he perfectly understands what Qrow's been going through the entire time.
  • In summation, everything Ozpin does and has done becomes this. The man has been through hell: he died young from sickness, was resurrected and killed twice by the gods, was threatened with the annihilation of his planet by the God of Light, and found out that his beloved was immortal and corrupted by the God of Darkness, was a warlord for a while, realized that his wife wanted to commit genocide, probably witnessed the death of his children, and is now trapped reincarnating with his immortal ex-wife who now despises him. He doesn't believe that he can defeat Salem and probably doesn't believe that the Gods will judge man favorably. So, in such an utterly horrific and impossible situation, what does Ozma do? He grits his teeth and sets about protecting mankind from Salem for all eternity because he genuinely believes that mankind deserves to live on Remnant, damn the Gods, and damn Salem.

So That's How It Is

  • Despite Qrow punching him in the face, Ozpin expresses no anger toward him and tries to reassure him that he is doing good in his life.
  • It's a quick one, but Maria helps Oscar up.
  • Ruby's the only one of the heroes who tries to comfort Oscar after Qrow punches him while the others scrounge for supplies to get on their way. In a more subtle moment, when she asks Ozpin what his plan to defeat Salem is, she refers to him as "Professor", indicating that he is still someone that she respects.
  • The villains get a few when they return to Salem's castle. When Tyrian threatens Emerald upon arrival, and is just generally super creepy towards her in general, Mercury is the first to stand up for her, without hesitation.
    • Later on, Hazel decides to take the blame for their loss in Mistral. He nearly gets killed for it before Emerald is forced to reveal Cinder's part in blowing their plans sky-high.
      • Hazel protecting Emerald in general, treating her like the sister he lost.
    • Despite her palpable anger, Salem reveals to the other lieutenants that Cinder's alive (to Emerald's great relief), and won't be killed for her failure. However, she is to work alone until Salem deems her to have atoned for her mistakes.

The Coming Storm

  • Neo makes her grand return by trying to kill Cinder due to holding her responsible for her Roman's death, showing that Neo truly did care about her partner if she was willing to challenge a Maiden in a fight to the death if it meant avenging him. In an overlap with Tear Jerker, she even has her deceased friend's hat, and the lyrics of the music during her fight with Cinder shows that she genuinely saw Roman as her Only Friend.
  • In a way, Cinder holding back against Neo, only utilizing her Maiden powers as a defensive measure and sticking to hand-to-hand combat for the most part, constantly trying to talk Neo down rather than breaking out her full strength. While this may just be Cinder trying to recruit an ally, she shows some small amount of understanding, even humanity when it comes to what Neo's gone through and the loss she's endured.
    • Cinder may even see Neo as a friend.
  • Blake draping a blanket on Weiss, who was still rattled from discovering the corpses in the farmhouse.
  • Blake finally has a heart-to-heart with Yang about Adam and assures her that she won't ever leave if he comes for more. Unfortunately, Yang is seemingly offended by Blake's vow of protection, which only further sours her mood.
  • Ruby keeping Weiss company after Blake and Yang leave, offering to find some food to help her feel better when she notices how distraught she appears.
  • In a small way, Maria's offering to read Oscar a story. She's likely noticed how out of place the boy is after all that's gone on that day and is trying to make him feel comfortable.

Alone In The Woods

  • Ruby consoles and hugs Qrow after he got too drunk to wake up the others in time to leave, and assures him that he and Yang can always talk to her about their worries.
  • While it's slightly underscored by the terror of the Apathy, the entire episode has the cast treat Oscar nicely. Even Qrow, in his drunken stupor, didn't do more than irritably tell Oscar to fix the tire. Shows that even with all the stress they've been put through, the others don't consider Oscar just a body for Ozpin, and treat him like he's one of their own now.
  • When Blake is hit by the scream of the Apathy, hard enough to give up and lay down and die, Ruby refuses to give up on her and heads TOWARDS the horde despite being under a similar effect. As the effect of her silver eyes briefly stuns them, her first instinct isn't to question what just happened but to keep going, grab Blake, and make for the exit.
  • Maria reveals that this is largely how Ruby's silver eyes work: Thinking of the people she loves allows Ruby to unleash a wave of energy that destroys all the Apathy in their immediate vicinity.

The Grimm Reaper

  • As it turns out, Maria was a legendary Huntress known as the Grimm Reaper. Qrow turns out to have based his weapon off of hers because he wanted to be just like her.
    • Maria acknowledges Yang's strength to continue fighting despite a major loss, something even a Living Legend couldn't do.
    • Ruby is quick to offer Maria a way to be useful—train her with her own silver eyes. It's clear that she, and really everyone else, don't think of her as a failure just yet.
  • The relief in everyone's faces as they climb the hill and catch their first sight of Argus. After an episode filled with so much pain and terror, the smiles on their faces, especially Qrow's, are so heartwarming to see.
  • Team RWBY, Qrow, and Oscar finally reunite with Jaune, Ren and Nora. Jaune even mentions that he's been checking to get a signal from Ruby ever since they arrived in Argus. Ren even hugs Yang, while Blake gives a half-hug to Jaune. Jaune finally gets to hug Ruby after it didn't happen in Volume 4.
    • Special note on Ruby and Jaune, their hug is much more pronounced than the others and Jaune is even seen struggling to hold back his emotions upon his reunion with Ruby, complete with tearing up. This moment just does mountains to emphasize how close these two are.
    • Jaune gets to share a hug with Blake before Ruby, a small one, but still a hug.
    • In a moment that's also a Funny Moment, what's the first thing Nora does when seeing the group after being separated for nearly two days? Tackle Oscar, who she again refers to as "Cute Boy Oz", in a bone-crushing hug.
  • Where have JNR been staying in Argus? With Jaune's older sister, Saphron, her wife, Terra Cotta, and their son Adrian.
    • Jaune and Saphron's interactions are adorable, clearly establishing their closeness as siblings.
    • Yang and Weiss, both older sisters themselves, take the time to play with the infant Adrian and decree him incredibly cute. And they are correct in their decrees.
    • Terra talks about how happy they are to house Huntsman and Huntresses, who do a lot to keep people like them safe.
  • Terra is obviously annoyed at how the issues at her work is interfering with her spending time with her family, but Saphron is understanding and knows that it isn't her fault, even giving her a nod when she gets a work call and has to leave the room.
  • Somehow Ruby and Qrow sitting next to each other on the couch and wiggling happily as they eat sandwiches are, while utterly adorable, heartwarming. Despite everything, they both still have that childish spark in them, fully in sync.

Dead End

  • Weiss sticks up for Blake once Caroline mocks Blake as a woman of "questionable character". Bear in mind that Weiss was once racist when Faunus were concerned.
  • After being shut out of the base again, for a moment Weiss seems to blame herself for not being of more use. Ruby is quick to reassure her that she meant what she told her before; that they wouldn't leave her side for a second, and that keeping her with them is more important.
  • When Jaune slams Oscar into a wall and starts raging at him, Weiss and Yang — who so far had been the most vocal critics and skeptics over Ozpin's morally questionable actions since practically the day they rejoined the group — stand up for the pipsqueak. To his credit, Jaune quickly relents after Ruby shouts at him.
  • After the arguing is over, Ruby steps outside onto a garden terrace, where she finds Maria who had come out earlier to avoid the yelling, and Ruby starts to receive knowledge from Maria about the silver eyes.
    • This is the first time we see Maria and Ruby bond to some degree. This is especially tender as Ruby has lost her mother at a young age; Maria is probably the first person Ruby has come to see as a (grand)motherly Parental Substitute.
      • As they're talking about how Ruby has used her power an instrumental of Red Like Roses PT. 1 is playing, making the scene even more touching.
  • Maria dearly loved her father, who she inherited her eyes from, and speaks warmly of him to Ruby.
  • The fact that the God of Light apparently gave the Silver Eyes power to mankind as a countermeasure against the Grimm.
  • Despite the shocking situation, every last one of the seven heroes is visibly concerned for Oscar's safety when he goes missing.
    • Even Jaune, who physically manhandled Oscar earlier, appears particularly regretful.
    • Fridge Brilliance occurs when you realize that the only way Weiss, Blake, and Yang could have detected Oscar's absence was if they went to check on him and couldn't find him anywhere in the house. It shows that, despite the last couple of episodes not showing it, they do care about Oscar to some degree.


  • Even after they argued and sparred moments earlier, Mercury and Emerald instantly jump to each other's defense once Tyrian shows up.
    • There's also Mercury's Brutal Honesty earlier - he claims that Emerald is still in denial over her feelings for Cinder and that Cinder never really cared for either of them like she thinks. If Emerald accepted his words, she would at least stop lying to herself and get rid of the doubt in her mind.
  • Jaune has a heart-to-heart about Pyrrha in front of a statue of her erected in Argus, with a woman that seems to be related to Pyrrha somehow.
    • The tenderly way the woman speaks about Pyrrha which shows she loved her dearly. Jaune answers to her claims with one of his own; Pyrrha was truly a huntress even if she never graduated which sends the woman to tears.
    • When Ren and Nora show up at the statue too, they assure Jaune that they love him, and they don't see him as a failure like he's done before. This scene really shows how tight-knit team JNPR really are.
    • After Nora and Ren show their concern for Jaune he reflects on the words of the woman he was speaking to and the events surrounding Pyrrha's death, believing that she went to fight Cinder knowing that she would more than likely lose both the battle and her life, but did so anyway as she also knew she was the only one who was able to. Knowing that logic can be applied to their situation with Salem the three of them agree that's how it should be. And just like that, their commitment to defeating her is back.
    Jaune: I think she knew she wasn't going to win... that she might not come out alive, but she also knew she was the only one that could try.
    Ren: So she did.
    Nora: Maybe we should too.
    • There's also a leaf that seemingly leads Jaune to the statue, and it seems to follow him, Nora, and Ren away from it. This becomes heartwarming when you remember that Pyrrha has been represented by fall leaves before and somehow one of these found Jaune in the middle of winter. It's as though Pyrrha is watching over them from the afterlife.
    • The plaque commemorating Pyrrha's statue also deserves a mention: "Pyrrha Nikos: One of the many students who fought valiantly at the fall of Beacon." It doesn't mention her fame or her status as a record tournament champion, it simply denotes her as a student, one of many who fought and died during the battle. Considering how much it weighed on Pyrrha to be put on a pedestal above everyone else, this more humble description would be a great comfort to her.
  • Despite how badly Ozpin's lies reflected on him, Oscar didn't abandon the group. He simply walked out to purchase combat clothing and reaffirm his commitment to the quest. Once the others see him, they all express concern over his whereabouts, and Jaune apologizes for what he did last episode. Oscar quickly forgives him, too, and reveals he even cooked a casserole for them all.
  • When they reunite with Oscar, Maria is shown to be holding little Adrian. Even though the group has only been with them for probably a day or two, Terra and Saphron already trust them enough to hold their infant child. Adrian himself seems perfectly content in Maria's arms; she could easily be mistaken as his grandmother.
  • Ruby reaffirms her desire to push forward by standing up to Qrow and telling him to hear Jaune's idea out.

Stealing From The Elderly

  • Ruby chastises Qrow for thinking that he alone bears responsibility for dragging his nieces and their friends into things when the plan starts going south.
  • Though she's still a pompous jingoist bigot, Cordovin's hopes that Weiss follows in Winter's footsteps shows that she at least respects her.
    • In the same scene, there's the Nubuck guards' attempts to calm down Adrian when he cries to create a distraction. Doubles as Funny Moments
  • Blake and Yang's brief scene together shows them taking steps to understand each other's long-standing issues a little better. Blake promises to hurry back and Yang lets her go with a smile.

The Lady In The Shoe

  • The entire time that they're fighting Cordovin, the group looks out for each other. There's such a total and instant devotion—Ruby sniping out a missile to protect Maria and Weiss, Weiss catching her when she falls (then picking Ren and Qrow up later), Jaune using his aura to protect Nora from a massive hit... it's perhaps summed up best when Weiss demands what Ruby would have done if she hadn't caught her, and Ruby replying simply she knew Weiss would.
    • In a subtle moment, Nora demanding "GET BACK HERE WITH MY MAN!" continues to solidify Renora after Volume 4's finale all but confirmed it.
  • Maria cheering on Ruby as she lands a direct hit on Cordovin's mech.
  • Blake holding Yang's hand when her trembling starts up again and making her Declaration of Protection again, saying this time that they're protecting each other.

Seeing Red

  • After Nora carries Jaune back to his feet, Ren is overjoyed to see that his teammates are okay.
    Oscar: [...] I think I finally found a weakness!
    Nora: Well, we're all ears.
    Ren: *runs up* Guys!
  • When Yang sees Adam send what's left of Gambol Shroud back at Blake, she immediately grabs it.
  • After the pair of them kill Adam, Blake collapses into tears - only for Yang to hug her and assure her that she knows Blake's going to keep her vow to remain with her and their friends. She holds her and has her let it all out.
    Blake: *pauses, then collapses on the ground crying as Yang runs up to hug her* I'm not going to break my promise. I swear.
    Yang: *looks at Blake* I know you won't.
    • That last line carries more weight than one might think. Yang is comforting in voicing her assurance that Blake won't break her promise, a far cry from her feeling betrayed back at the end of Volume 3. And it makes sense why she'd finally be forgiving of Blake and feeling assured she won't leave them again: She's finally met the person Adam Taurus for real, not just simply from second-hand stories about him. In Heroes and Monsters, the only moment of interaction she and Adam had was her charging at him and getting her arm cut off by him. But now that she knows the kind of person he is, and the insane lengths he would go to, she now can understand, maybe even sympathize, why Blake ran away and what she was running from in the first place.

Our Way

  • Terra looking for Saphron and Adrian, and not leaving their side for the rest of the battle.
  • Blake blames herself for the situation, given Adam prevented her from disabling the region's radar systems. Both Yang and Ruby make it clear it's not her fault, with Yang holding her close the entire time.
  • The happy memories Ruby focuses on to try and use her Silver Eyes, although her first attempt fails due to remembering, among a few other moments, Pyrrha and Penny's deaths. The final one, and the one that sticks, however, is a vision of Summer, standing on the hilltop where her grave is and turning to smile at Ruby.
  • Though she disliked being summoned without getting asked a question, Jinn sees that Ruby is trying to gather her thoughts and blast the Leviathan, and called her only for more time. For this selfless act, Jinn gives Ruby some advice for free.
  • Cordovin snaps out of her Villainous Breakdown, cuts off the wrecked cannon, and helps kill the Leviathan with a drill hidden in the left arm of the mech while Ruby encases it in stone. What's especially sweet is her declaration that she was sworn "to protect the people!" It shows that, despite her faults, she truly is dedicated to her job.
    • After that, Cordovin gratefully allows the heroes passage to Atlas, no strings attached.
  • The citizens of Argus cheering at the Leviathan's defeat, with Adrian, in particular, being absolutely adorable.
  • Qrow and Maria give each other well-earned compliments and start to get along once they journey to Atlas.
    • Qrow looks like he's gonna go for another drink off his hip flask...then thinks twice of it and puts it away. Ruby is overjoyed and hugs him.
    • And while that happens, everyone gives Ruby a massive thanks for her quick thinking.
    • Oscar, meanwhile, reveals that Ozpin spoke to him when he and Maria were about to crash, telling him that he'd be okay. Despite the horrible situation that led to Ozpin locking himself away, he still made sure that Oscar would be alright when he was truly in danger.
  • In the stinger, Hazel tries to comfort a visibly spooked Mercury and Emerald when they realise that Salem's both breeding winged Beringel Grimm and keeping the three within her castle.
    • Also, there's Salem comforting the newly-born Beringel Grimm, which is clearly exhausted and in pain from having just sprouted wings, with an almost motherly smile and strokes to its head that clearly calm it down. It's brief, but it shows that in spite of her maliciousness, there's still a glimmer of humanity underneath it all.

Solitas Arc

    Volume 7 
The Greatest Kingdom
  • Weiss using her semblance to dump a racist jerk who was insulting Blake's Faunus heritage in a nearby dumpster, despite the fact that they need to lay low to get where they're going.
    Weiss: It was worth it.
  • As the group approaches Pietro's pharmacy a girl comes walking out giggling and waving goodbye to the doc, who warmly tells her not to do any heavy lifting. As she walks down the street she admires her arm. This shows that Pietro is a very friendly person.
    • Furthermore, the girl is a Faunus, indicating that Pietro's kindness extends to those in need regardless of race. The fact this scene occurs after a racist jerk insulted Blake for being a Faunus.
    • Also worth noting: Pietro is an important scientist, yet he still makes time to volunteer in a clinic to help the less fortunate in Mantle.
  • When Maria meets up with Dr. Pietro Polendina for servicing her eyes, he recognises the prosthetic arm he'd built for Yang, and then reveals that his daughter spoke all the time about team RWBY. Which eventually leads to ...
  • Ruby's reunion with Penny. Both the girls are overjoyed to see one another again, to put it mildly, and no doubt the fanbase felt the same way.
    • The brief seconds of the two's irises widening is enough to melt one's heart.
    • We should stress this: We all know Penny is a robot. For all we know when we first see her touch down, this could be just a different model with a similar appearance, like another Terminator or something. We could end up with a Gundam 00-like situation, with Ruby having to deal with somebody different wearing the face of her slain friend. But once she lets out that "Sal-u-TATIONS" and glomps Ruby at full speed, we know that this is our Penny Poledina, rebuilt, restored, and better than ever.

A New Approach

  • As soon as Winter spots her sister and their friends in manacles, she coolly says this to the guards.
    Winter: You have ten seconds to take those off before I start hurting you.
  • Weiss calming Winter down by giving her a Cooldown Hug, and Winter returning it.
    • Winter’s reason for needing the hug is because she’s mad about them stealing the ship. But not because it’s illegal, but because they could’ve been shot down.
  • Ironwood immediately brightens when he learns that Oscar is Ozpin's newest incarnation. Sure, Oz has locked himself away and Ruby's group isn't on good terms with him, but it's still nice to see James happy with the prospect of meeting his old friend again.
  • Clover Ebi and Elm Ederne both sincerely apologise for arresting the heroes in the first episode.
  • As Qrow is leaving, Ironwood gives him an earnest hug, showing he sincerely meant it was good to see him. The way he does it, he seems to just be glad to see anyone who he considers his friends.

Ace Operatives

  • Yang is pretty taken with Blake's new hairstyle. When Blake asks her opinion of it, Yang is left tripping over her words over how good she thinks Blake looks.
  • Nora gives Ren a compliment on his new outfit, only for Ren to say they should focus on their mission. Jaune also compliments Nora's new look. She's not receptive, but at least Jaune was trying to be nice.
  • The Ace Ops are very quick to welcome RWBY and JNR into their fold during the mission together. After Ruby catches the last piece of volatile dust before it could detonate, everyone is seen cheering together with Elm carrying Ruby on her shoulder in triumph.
  • When Clover barely dodges a falling beam, Qrow naturally assumes it's his bad luck aura. But then Clover reveals the beam actually opened a path to their target and reveals his own semblance is good luck, which Qrow seems quite taken by.
  • The moment between Harriet and Ruby, after Ruby catches the dust before Harriet can, Harriet tells Ruby there may be more going on than she thinks. Yang responds with "Wait until she sees what she can do with her eyes." earning a chuckle from Blake.
  • It flashes by quickly, but when Blake is showing off the refurbished Gambol Shroud, where it was broken has been fixed with a piece of jagged gold. A broken thing, fixed by something golden? Are we talking about Blake (and how she saw herself) and Yang or her weapon? The act itself could be a reference to the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where items are repaired with gold in a way that makes it obvious that something was broken but is now fixed, and better for it.

Pomp and Circumstance

  • After being reaffirmed by Harriet and Elm that their team's dynamic is purely professional, Ruby energetically begins inquiring with Yang, Blake, and Weiss about plans to hang out afterwards. Everyone is understandably tired, but Ruby shows that she truly values the friendship she has with her team and doesn't want their relationship to become stagnant.
  • When Jacques tries to manipulate Weiss, implying it's her fault for her mother taking another downward spiral, her team wastes no time in coming to stand by her side in a show of support.
    Jacques: So these are the little friends you threw everything away for?
    Weiss: Not friends... Family.
  • At long last, all seven heroes are given the Hunter licenses they've long deserved, with Penny literally bouncing with glee.
    • Winter putting a hand on Penny's shoulder to moderate her bouncing all while with a less stern expression. This small gesture shows just how much Winter cares about Penny.
    • Winter and Penny's friendship as a whole qualifies as this: their personalities are near opposites yet as shown throughout the volume they genuinely care about each other.
  • The simple fact that Ironwood got the group a cake and time to celebrate their appointment as official Huntsmen. With all of his focus on preparing to tell the world about Salem and the inevitable fallout, he could have just given the teams their licenses and had them hop to it. Instead, he gave them what they needed to make it a more special occasion. He's actually put out that he can't do anything to make it more special.
  • Yang pranks Penny by detaching her robot arm during a handshake, showing just how comfortable she now is with it.
  • Nora joining Yang and Penny laughing together after the arm prank, it's really wholesome to see that Ruby isn't the only one who sees Penny as a friend anymore.
  • Yang taking several selfies with Blake with both smiling is an adorable scene.
  • Ruby and Qrow's discussion about Summer, when Ruby asked her uncle what her mother would have done with the truth about Salem. Qrow reassures her that Summer would have pressed on just like her, saying that Summer was "the best of us" and that she could also be a "bit of a brat", but he liked that about her (and by extension, Ruby). This shows that Qrow had a very close sibling-like relationship with Summer and that he has great respect and admiration for his former leader and teammate. Qrow also reassures Ruby, saying that she's doing the right thing by not telling the truth to everyone right off the bat - only after they've proven themselves - but is still choosing to share it with people she trusts.


  • The first day the kids are official Huntsmen and Huntresses, Jaune gives up his cup of coffee with only an eye-roll as a complaint during a meeting when Marrow begs for it (which is both adorable and funny). The next time, he's brought two and gives Marrow the second he sees him. The two clinking cups shows that a friendship is in the works.
  • During a long supply run, Qrow and Clover are playing cards in the back, and during reshuffling Clover says that Qrow's niece Ruby is one-of-a-kind, prompting Qrow to say that all of Team RWBY/JNPR are. Clover then goes on to say that they're lucky to have Qrow to look up to (plus that Qrow's had more of an effect on them than he realizes), and at the same time, that Clover and his team are lucky to have a younger generation that can help make the world a better place, and sincerely hopes that they'll do just that.
  • Ruby gushes about her first day as an official huntress, with Penny hanging on her every word while everyone else goes about getting ready for another day.

A Night Off

  • Oscar feels a bit let-down while helping the others increase their training with their Semblances, seeing as he hasn't even unlocked his yet. Ruby encourages him by joking that when he does have it, they'll all be jealous of him.
    • Later on, Jaune pops in with Oscar to offer the chance to watch a movie with them, which Weiss takes up. Aside from it being a nice Call-Back from when she rejected him back in Volume 2, Oscar being invited at all shows there really isn't any hard feelings between the two boys.
    • When Weiss agrees to join the two of them, there's a cute Reaction Shot of Oscar brightening up and exchanging an excited look with Jaune.
  • We get a sweet moment with Yang trying to teach Blake dancing, the latter of whom is failing hilariously. This is because the two are going to a dance club with team FNKI. It's just great to see that after the ordeal with Adam, for once, the two are finally deciding to have fun together.
    • Really, the fact that Blake even chose to do this. If this was Volume 1-2 Blake, she would most likely go to the political rally, befitting of her more reserved mindset. But now, she's forgoing that in favour of enjoying herself for once, with the woman who showed her that there was more to life outside of the White Fang, and is someone she swore to never break her promise with.
  • Nora and Ren start getting into an argument about what they should be doing, with Ren wanting to focus on training and Nora wanting to enjoy their night off. It pushes on into them arguing over Blake and Yang's building relationship, with the subtext that they're arguing about their own relationship. After a long period of silence, Nora asks why Ren won't just talk to her, and he tells her that he's never been good with talking.
    Nora: Then screw talking! (grabs Ren and gives him a Big Damn Kiss)
    • The way they both just melt into the kiss. While Ren is initially surprised by the sudden gesture, he very quickly loses himself in it, gently wrapping his arms around Nora. Clearly, he's wanted this just as much as Nora has.
  • Fiona, the sheep Faunus in the Happy Huntresses, makes a short introductory speech at the election watch party. She is, outside the context of active Huntress work in the field, utterly adorable. Watching her bounce with excitement is cute enough, of course; but she gets choked up and has to pause to wipe away happy tears when she talks about how deeply Robyn cares for Mantle, and how hard she's fought for them all.
    • Robyn, for her part, is visibly stunned by that level of emotion when the camera cuts back to her. Her gentle shock highlights how much it means to have made that kind of impact.
    • They proceed share a brief moment onstage—it's only a few seconds of held gaze and a hand resting on Fiona's shoulder as she hands off the microphone, but Robyn's expression is so soft and tender that it speaks volumes.
  • The sheer level of protectiveness and support shown by the Happy Huntresses. Their loyalty to Robyn is clearly absolute; in addition to acting as her bodyguards and event security and trying very hard to drive off Ironwood's personal security team (keeping in mind that right now Ironwood is a serious political enemy), they're constantly offering her reassurance and emotional support.
    • Robyn returns the protectiveness, as well. She's sickened and angry and suspicious in the immediate aftermath of the attack; but it's not until she sees Fiona down that her expression changes to abject fury. The moment it's safe to do so, she physically throws Ruby away from her injured huntress' side to take her place.

Worst Case Scenario

  • The robot hand in the first scene gently patting Penny on the shoulder. Short, but sweet.
  • Later on, Pietro tells Ruby, Weiss, and Maria how Penny came to be. From the proud tone of his voice, you can tell he truly considers her not just his invention, but her girl.
    Pietro: When the general first challenged us to find the next breakthrough in defense technology, most of my colleagues pursued more obvious choices. I was one of the few who believed in looking inward for inspiration.
    Ruby: You wanted a protector with a soul.
    Pietro: I did. And when General Ironwood first saw her, he did too. Much to my surprise, the Penny Project was chosen over all the other proposals.
    • Maria has apparently been lending the crippled scientist for a good while now. And when he tears up, she places a hand on her shoulder.
  • Down in Atlas' Vault, Ironwood and Oscar discuss the Staff and its power, plans for Amity Tower, and what the next courses of action would be. All the while, James actually opens up and confides to Oscar both a wish that he'd be able to talk with Ozpin concerning the mess outside and more of his musings about how to stop Salem. It seems he's grown comfortable enough to talk to the boy as he would to his old friend.
    • Oscar for his part doesn't yell or tell James what he can't or shouldn't do, but he encourages him to keep his humanity and expand the circle of trust to others. Ironwood actually seems to consider his ideas, or at least, doesn't shoot them down like he did with Nora earlier.
    Ironwood: Now, you are starting to sound like him.

Cordially Invited

  • For those who were worried that Nora's calling out of Ironwood, and Ren's statement to Ironwood's order that they'll do what they can essentially put them on opposite sides last episode, that's not really the case here. They may have opposing opinions about that situation, but when the time comes to set up a plan to humiliate Whitley and get him out of Weiss's way, there is no hesitation, awkward looks, or anything else in this one. They simply go about the plan like they normally would.
    • Ren smiling and resting a hand on Nora's shoulder after the prank on Whitley. It's a small moment, but sweet nonetheless.
  • Winter and Penny's talk has some moments:
    • When Winter tells Penny she couldn't understand how she feels, Winter is quick to explain that the reason is that Penny hasn't gone through what she has. After Penny being referred to as "Ironwood's robot" in the previous episode and Ironwood himself saying that Penny is "under [his] control", it's nice to see someone who views Penny as more than Just a Machine.
    • Penny assuring Winter that there is nothing wrong with speaking from her heart even if Winter doesn't fully understand Penny's intent.
  • Despite her descent into alcoholism and despite her more or less admitting to being as deeply flawed as Jacques when it comes to parenting, enough of Willow Schnee's maternal nature remains that, for Whitley's safety, she gives Weiss the footage of Dr. Watts and Jacques meeting in the study and pleads with her to get Whitley as far away from the both of them as possible. Her interactions with Weiss, while tense, only makes this even clearer.
  • A small one, but James' smile after Winter says "You'd have to pay me" about smiling for the cameras is really sweet.

As Above, So Below

  • After years of physical, emotional, and financial abuse, Weiss finally gets to hold her father accountable for his crimes. Her proudly declaring him under arrest is a mixture of heartwarming and awesome.
  • While funny and a little adorable on both sides, Ruby and Oscar's Speak in Unison moment shows they both want to tell Ironwood the truth they kept from him. Ruby even wants to do it herself since it was her idea, and Oscar gladly takes it off her hands because she has to help in Mantle.
    • After hearing about Jinn's vision, Ironwood is clearly shaken, but he doesn't attack or accuse Oscar, after a moment of composing himself, he resolves to protect his kingdom. Oscar then tells him Oz would be proud of him right now before the they leave for their respective duties. Ironwood even jokingly asks Oscar for no more surprises, something the boy gladly agrees with.
  • When the teams are riding on the airship on the way to Mantle, Nora notices Ren's distress at the situation and gently holds his hand to comfort him. He completes the grasp as a soft violin rendition of "Let's Get Real" plays in the background.
    • When the Teryx latches onto the airship, forcing Harriet to make some erratic maneuvers to shake it off, Ren can be seen holding Nora close to him to keep her safe.
  • A couple of small but sweet moments with the Ace Ops in the airship:
    • Elm telling Harriet "Don't stay too long" and Harriet, with a small but playful smile, responding "Thanks for the tip!".
    • Elm and Clover clasping hands before Elm jumps out of the airship.
    • Harriet telling Ruby "Try to keep up, kid." and Ruby's giggle in response.

Out in the Open

  • When Ironwood broadcasts his message to the people of Mantle alongside Robyn, his Rousing Speech incites cheering and renewed hope in the crowds, actually slowing the Grimm due to the positive energy.
    Ruby: (Smiling) He's doing it!
  • The people of Mantle cheering on Penny. Finally, the adorable robot girl is again perceived as a protector rather than a threat.


  • Qrow, Clover, and Robyn's flawless cooperation against Tyrian after Robyn's initial distrust of Ironwood's subordinates and allies.
  • When Ruby breaks down in tears Yang's first action is to rush to comfort her sister. Despite being clearly devastated too by what Salem said about Summer, Yang's concern for her sister is still stronger than her grief.
    • Blake and Weiss are themselves very concerned upon seeing Ruby breaking down, causing Blake to kneel down to help comfort her too.

With Friends Like These

  • Unlike their colleagues, Marrow and to a lesser extent, Vine avoid using lethal attacks and try reasoning with their opponents. Marrow, in particular, shows great reluctance throughout the ordeal and mainly fights defensively against Weiss.
  • Weiss standing up for Atlas. Despite all the pain and tension, she's had to deal with her whole life, she still trusts her friends and wants to protect Atlas- not just the city, but the whole kingdom.
    Weiss: This is my home. And I'm not giving it up without a fight.
  • Right after awakening from the crash-landing, the first thing Qrow does is check on Robyn to see if she's alive. He breathes a sigh of relief after checking her pulse, whereas he could've blamed her for instigating the fight on the ship.
  • Team JNR is visibly worried about how they found Oscar's room trashed, Nora loudly shouting his name and running to who she thinks is Oscar, but turns out to be Neo in disguise. When the real Oscar shows up and takes back the lamp, they immediately get into protective stances between him and Neo.
  • While tragic and something that could've been avoided, Clover in his dying moments doesn't hold any grudge against Qrow. He even wishes his friend luck despite knowing Qrow will definitely continue to oppose Ironwood's plans.

The Enemy of Trust

  • Penny catching Winter, who was falling to her death. When Winter is surprised by this, saying that her own life doesn't matter, Penny simply responds that she disagrees.
    • Winter showing concern for Penny during their fight with Cinder, Winter may not care about her own life, but she definitely cares about Penny's.
  • Penny and Fria's interactions. Unlike Cinder or even Winter, Penny has no ambition of getting Fria's Maiden powers and just tries to help and comfort Fria as she's about to pass away of old age. Seeing Penny's kind and compassionate personality is what causes Fria to choose her as the new Winter Maiden.
    • Just as heartwarming, the fact that Penny can become a Maiden shows that mechanical or not, she's just as much a person as everyone else.
    • After how the previous Fall and Spring Maidens were murdered for their powers, and after Ironwood had attempted to manipulate the transfer of the Winter Maiden's powers, it's nice to see Fria go peacefully and pass her power to the one who comforted her as she died. Likely just the way Maiden powers were intended to be passed.
    • Even after Fria passes the power to her and dies, Penny, obviously hoping that she'd have survived despite everything, checks on her as soon as Cinder flees. When Penny says that she's gone, Winter corrects her, saying that Fria is a part of Penny now.
  • Oscar faces James one last time in Atlas' Vault - not to fight him, but to talk him down from his current path. Too bad James is just too far gone at this point.
    • Right before he sees Oscar, James, having turned his back to the elevator and thinking it must be Winter as the new Winter Maiden, apologizes for forcing her into this position and thanks her for her sacrifice. From his expression, you can tell the general's words are genuine.
    • Ozpin finally returns to give Oscar the memories he needs to activate his cane. What's especially noteworthy is that, unlike when Hazel attacked him, he doesn't take control of Oscar except for a brief moment. Instead, he guides Oscar into grabbing the cane and using its full powers by himself.
      Oscar: That power, these memories... You're back, aren't you? You saved me.
      Ozpin: Actually, you saved us.
    • Ozpin's return is heartwarming from another angle: currently, he has no real allies with Ruby and the others (even Qrow) having ostracized him, Oscar has never really been happy with their arrangement, so he could just as easily let Oscar fall to his death and reincarnate into someone else. Instead, Oz chooses to help Oscar and does so without forcing control over him, perhaps hoping he can mend some bridges. He may have made a good number of mistakes, but Ozpin definitely cares about his allies.
  • Despite being in the grimmest situation we've ever seen him in, we see that Qrow still has Robyn with him who has enough compassion to offer him her support, a hand on his shoulder from what we see. In addition, Qrow keeps Clover's badge after his horrendous fate.
  • Weiss as always remains concerned for her sister after the near-fatal battle, however, while Winter refuses to go with them and abandon her post, she offers Weiss a head-start in her escape from Atlas, knowing that she is a fugitive now. Reading into it, she wants Weiss to forget about her and carve out her own path, with the monologue that plays soon after helping that impression. The look on Winter's face seals it after Weiss tells her she must carve out her own path.
  • Penny is out of her comfort zone of Atlas and now possesses the powers that were destined for Winter with her instead. While she clearly feels very uncomfortable at first, Ruby and Weiss both make her feel she is wanted with them. Pietro has a smile on his face too seeing his "daughter" being treated like one of them.
  • In a strange way, the fact that Ren can't bring himself to hurt Neo when she looks like Nora is sort of heartwarming. Even though it's upsetting to see him shaken so badly after that moment, it also speaks volumes to how much he cares about her.
  • To mark the five-year anniversary of Monty's death, similarly to The End of the Beginning, following the credits of this episode is another tribute to Monty, identical to the one in the prior episode, except this one states "We still love you, Monty".

    Volume 8 
  • Qrow is sitting miserably in a cell when Robyn offers him a hand and pulls him to his feet. The two then give each other a small smile. It's implied neither blames the other for their current predicament.
  • Ruby and Yang exchange nods before leading the others into battle against Grimm. The sisters may be apart, but they still stand together.
    • Even if they are divided from each other, Ren and Nora both still have their friends close by.


  • Emerald immediately brightens upon seeing Cinder and rushes towards her. Too bad Cinder doesn't return the affection.
  • A badger Faunus wordlessly gives Oscar a bowl of gruel while he's waiting for the others to pick him up.
  • Oscar regrets how every decision he had to make was the wrong one and looks defeated. Ruby looks at him sadly before saying how everyone did what they thought was best and informing him that she's glad he's alright before smiling at him and gently placing her hand on his shoulder. He blushes at this and raises his gaze to look at her.
  • When Oscar tenses up for another of Nora's overenthusiastic embraces, she just walks up and gives him a gentle hug. They're both exhausted, but still happy to see each other.
  • It's still tragic, but at least the Ace Ops looking down at Clover's pale body clearly show they cared for and respected their fallen leader.
  • Despite his behaviour in later episodes, Ironwood telling Winter "I don't know what I'd do without you." is incredibly sweet.


  • Robyn defends Qrow when Jacques accuses him of being a murderer, checking on him as he's sitting despondently.
  • Blake's comment to Weiss about the latter's family owning every building in Atlas being a lighthearted jab instead of a backhanded one shows how far the two have come in their friendship.
  • Ruby reassuring an overwhelmed Penny that she is not responsible for the suffering of Mantle and Atlas and that even as the new Winter Maiden, she's still herself, even holding her hands in a Call-Back to the moment Ruby learned she was a robot. Penny sounds like she's on the verge of crying as she thanks her, and they hug.
  • Oscar recognizes Fiona's uncle as the one who offered him a bowl of gruel when he was stuck down in the slums. He amicably waves at him and Fiona's uncle waves back in acknowledgment.
  • No sooner is Oscar captured do Yang, Jaune, and Ren immediately go after the Hound to save him. Even though the former two likely still have little respect for Ozpin, they still care deeply for Oscar.


  • Robyn doing her best to help Qrow when they're in the cells. She tells him stories about the Huntresses and jokes to get him to smile, and empathizes with him when he tells her about people he's lost due to his Semblance, explaining how her own pushes people away from her. For his part, Qrow opens up to her about his struggles, and it seems that hearing about Robyn's own difficulties has given him a new perspective on his Semblance.
    • When Harriet accuses Qrow of killing Clover and threatens to take Clover's pin away from him, Robyn challenges and insults her to draw her away from him. If you look closely, you can see that Qrow actually smiles a bit.
  • Quite a few moments between Jaune and Yang. Their interactions until now have been pretty limited, but they are shown to have developed a friendship that's quite sweet, such as their high five during the chase with the Hound.
    • When Ren snaps at Jaune and reminds him of cheating his way into Beacon, Yang is visibly horrified on Jaune's behalf.
    • She later consoles Jaune and acknowledges the effort he's made to get to where he is now.
    • Speaking of Ren, while Jaune is clearly hurt by what he says, he later tries to have a heart-to-heart with Ren (though the latter simply ignores him and walks outside) and insists to Yang that Ren is simply under a lot of stress at the moment. He also mentions that he knows what it's like to push people away, as he initially did to Pyrrha late in V1.


  • During Ruby's message to Remnant, Marrow is seen smiling during it and is frowning when Harriet turns it off. They may be on different sides but unlike the rest of them, he isn't holding a grudge and is glad that she and the rest were able to succeed in their plans.
    • Especially notable because he's doing this during the part when Ruby reveals Ironwood's actions to the rest of Remnant. He truly doesn't see her or the rest as enemies.


  • Though Cinder's Dark and Troubled Past ended in tragedy, she did have a genuine friend in Rhodes. Seeing the terrible life she was living, the Hunstman talked Cinder out of trying to kill her abusers. Instead, he became her secret teacher so that she could train to join a Hunstmen Academy when she was seventeen. As a legal adult, Cinder's abusive Madame couldn't stop her, she would be free. For seven years they continued to work in secret. Even on the night of the tragedy, Rhodes had come to the hotel just before midnight. He was there to rescue Cinder from the hotel the second he was legally permitted to.
    • Even when she killed him, Rhodes just seemed to give her a sad smile and pat her on the head like he used to.
  • Ozpin repeatedly asks a severely beaten Oscar to let him take over and receive the punishment Hazel intends for him. Notable in that he doesn't simply wrest control from the boy like their previous encounter with him, but simply asks for permission. And Oz really only appears to Hazel once Oscar agrees.
    • Oscar also notes that Hazel is holding a little back in his beatings.


  • Seeing as Hazel obviously doesn't trust Ozpin's explanation of what Salem's really after, Oscar asks to let him try. Oz is reluctant, but the boy says to trust him; sure enough, Oscar returns. Looks like the two souls are beginning to form some teamwork.
  • Before he's dragged off to Vacuo by Tyrian, Mercury receives a gentle look from Emerald and actually returns it, showing there is indeed camaraderie between the thief and the assassin.
    • Even before that, consider the fact that the first thing Emerald does after hearing the truth about Salem's scheme is to tell Mercury what's going on. While he doesn't believe her until Tyrian tells him otherwise, and even then he still has to go along with Tyrian to Vacuo, Emerald was genuinely trying to make sure that Mercury's decision to fight for Salem wasn't a misinformed one.
  • When Harriet expresses her belief that losing a member of the team means replacing them and moving on, Ren snaps back at her how no one is replaceable. It really does ring true to the ideas of Undying Loyalty and True Companions.
    • Bear in mind that losing Pyrrha broke Team JNPR, and it wasn't until Oscar joined that they came close to having their team whole again. Yet despite Oscar practically being a member of their team in all but name at this point, he hasn't taken her place among them, and never will. Adding himself to their team will just make it whole again.
    • Remember that if Oscar dies, his soul will reincarnate in another form. Despite his worries about just being another one of Ozma's countless lives, his friends care about him, not the eternal soul he was cursed with.
    • To make it even more heartwarming, Ren is voiced by Neath Oum, brother of Monty who used to voice Ren. You can see it as Neath himself saying that no one will ever take Monty's place in the world.
  • While May is clearly frustrated by RWB's insistence that they Take a Third Option in trying to save the entire kingdom, rather than choosing between Atlas and Mantle and believes doing so is impossible, she also makes it clear she won't personally begrudge them for choosing to help Atlas if it comes down to it, even being willing to drop them off on the front lines.
  • When someone comes knocking on the door to Schnee Manor everyone draws their weapons. Then Weiss opens the door and gives a joyus gasp because... Klein has returned. No matter how bad things are right now, Weiss is just so grateful and happy to see the closest thing to a real father she ever had return. Even in the darkest times, it's possible for light to shine at its strongest.
    • Weiss tries to tearfully apologize for his firing, yet Klein gently assures his "snowflake" that it wasn't her fault before his angry side takes over and lays the blame squarely on Jacques. He even shows a bit of good humor about the mess when Whitley tries giving him directions to Weiss' room, joking about not being gone that long and giving the boy a pat on the shoulder as he passes.
    • When Weiss asks how Klein knew to show up, it winds up being that Whitley called him. When Weiss finds out he seems bashful about the whole thing and says Nora needed a doctor, and that he didn't do it for her. Weiss' response will make your heart melt.
    • For calling Klein out of nothing more than simple decency, Weiss gives Whitley a warm and loving hug. While he's uncertain at first, he does return it with a small smile on his face. That is likely the absolute happiest he's been in a very long time. And it's because he's finally been given unconditional love by his family.
  • When an explosion is heard outside, Weiss holds Whitley closer out of concern.


  • While waiting for the generator to start, Blake takes the time to dissuade Ruby's feelings of hopelessness. You can tell by Ruby's touched expression and words of thanks that she needed that pep-talk.
    • While trying to cheer Ruby up Blake reminds Ruby about their first discussion together and tells her how Ruby has been a source of inspiration and courage to her, telling her that she has always looked up to her and still does. This also shows how much of a positive impact Ruby had on her teammates and friends with her has inspired them and helped them find back their courage and hope, even without realizing it.
  • Willow spends most of the episode hiding from The Hound, while remotely guiding Weiss and her friends to fight it. However, upon realizing The Hound has gone after Whitley, she tosses aside her fear and drunkenness and goes out to stop it, because she is not letting it hurt her boy.
  • When Penny falls under Watts' control due to his hacking, she is stopped when Nora gently grabs her hand and gives her the same words of comfort and wisdom that Blake gave to her, with her telling Penny that it's only a part of her that is going out of control which actually gives Penny the strength to break free of Watts' control. While the moment is short-lived as Penny falls to Watts' hacking moments after, it's really touching to see how Nora who's still plagued by her own insecurities is still willing to help her friends with their own problems. It also shows how close she and Penny have grown despite their limited screentime together, and how Penny is still there despite her hacking.


  • Hazel finally comes around after realizing Ozpin was telling the truth about the lamp and Salem, and resolving to sneak him and Emerald away from her because it's "what Gretchen would have done". When Salem catches up to them, Jaune, Ren, and Yang, he fights her despite knowing it's futile in order to buy them time, repeating the sentiment to Salem.
  • While Jaune goes to scout ahead, Ren and Yang both admit that they're scared and comfort each other. And then Ren reveals that, while he was reading everyone's emotions, he realized that Jaune isn't scared at all. Jaune has faith that they will succeed; he doesn't doubt it for a second. After everything that's happened to them, Jaune is still The Heart.
  • After being heavily hinted at throughout the series, Yang affirms to Salem's face that Summer Rose is her mom, regardless of blood. And subtly, when she mentions how "every person I've lost is because of you", Yang is also alluding to Raven (despite their strained relationship), who left because she was afraid that Salem couldn't be stopped.
  • Oscar finally reuniting with his team. Jaune's first reaction is to immediately drop his weapons and pull Oscar into a bear hug. While Oscar initially winces in pain, he quickly gives in to the hug, clearly overjoyed to see his friends again.
  • A minor moment, but when Salem grabs Emerald after discovering the group, Yang immediately charges at Salem, striking her enough times to make her lose her grip on Emerald. Even though she'd expressed her suspicions of Emerald minutes before, Yang was instantly willing to put herself in danger to save another person.
    • Another subtle moment, when the team is fleeing from the whale, Jaune stands guard by the ramp while the others escape, and when Emerald hesitates, likely thinking she's going to be abandoned again, he stays where he is until she's out of harm's way. Even though she'd only just defected moments ago, Jaune is already treating Emerald like she's part of the team.


  • Oscar's back to being the sweet little Nice Guy among the group:
    • While acknowledging that she's responsible for a lot of their grief, he asks the others to give Emerald a shot while she's traveling with them.
    • He also explains how he generated that explosion that saved them all for the time being and that Ozpin has been helping him this entire time. Oscar, the one who's the most apprehensive of Oz's return, implores the others to give their old teacher a chance. After all, he trusted Oscar to use the cane's power.
      • A touched Ozpin thanks him telepathically in return, prompting a smile from Oscar. The two have definitely come a long way.
  • Blake's relief and delight when she finally contacts Yang.
  • The two teams are reunited after all the grief and struggle of the past few days. Yang is greeted by a hug from Ruby so fierce that it spins them around, goes on to give a friendly hug to Weiss, then sees Blake, standing back slightly, unsure of what to do... Yang steps forward and touches her cheek, the two staring smiles before touching their heads together, simply savouring the moment.
    • For an added bonus, Ruby and Weiss just watch them, letting them have their moment.


  • When Fiona breaks down in tears after Ironwood's ultimatum, May and Joanna are quick to hug and comfort her. This shows again how close the Happy Huntresses are with each other, always being caring and supportive of each other.
  • The Racist Grandma who once scoffed at the idea of going to the crater because it was where Faunus are living, is seen with one of her arms wrapped around her grandson and his Faunus friend while holding Fiona's uncle's hand with the other. Despite her earlier racism, it shows that Yang's speech and the current crisis caused her to reevaluate her views and change for the better.
  • Ren and Nora's discussion. After Nora starts mocking herself for being useless and ditzy, Ren interrupts her to tell her that it isn't true and that she's much more than that, reminding her how she supports everyone around her and helps everyone without a worry, admitting that it's why he loves her.
    • After Nora said that while she loves him, she needs to find herself first before they can enter into a romantic relationship. Ren understandably agrees before tapping her nose with a familiar "Boop" to which Nora gives a giggle. The two then do a Headbutt of Love.
    • Jaune leaving the two alone to talk is also heartwarming (and funny), but not just for the obvious reason: back in "Destiny", when he went to talk to Pyrrha, he saw Nora quickly pull Ren away to leave them alone... and now, he gets to return the favor to Nora.
  • Qrow's all too eager to kill Ironwood for everything he's done and plans to do, but Robyn talks him down. She understands that he's someone who's been hurt far too often in his life but still strives to do the right thing, even telling him he's a better Huntsman than Clover in that regard. After giving himself grief over how the previous volume ended, Qrow is definitely touched by these words.
    • Robyn's also proven to be Hot-Blooded, especially when Mantle's at risk, so some might expect her to be all for assassinating Ironwood. But instead, she's talking Qrow down from his frustration and imploring him to try a better way.
  • Ruby and Yang's conversation. Upon seeing Ruby in such a desperate and depressive state Yang immediately follows her sister to comfort her. And while she's devastated to hear about the Hound's true nature and what it could mean for their mom, Yang is quick to pull herself together because even at such a low point after discovering what may have happened to her mother, Yang's Big Sister Instinct is stronger than her grief.
    • When Ruby deprecates herself for having been so naïve and having seemingly done nothing to help Atlas and Mantle, Yang is quick to point out that her optimism isn't a weakness and that it's essential in life. While she doesn't always agree with Ruby it's clear that Yang values her optimism and heroic ideals very much and doesn't want Ruby to lose them.
    • Yang saying that while Summer took a risk and that things didn't go the way she planned she still views her as her hero, and loves her all the same, the whole while hugging Ruby. After hearing that, Ruby finally accepts Yang's affection and lean into the hug. This once again shows how much of a Good Stepmother Summer was to her and how much Yang loves her.
  • When Penny wakes up and succumbs to the virus once again, all the heroes immediately go to help her and stop her from going to the vault. Even Emerald helps keep her grounded, cementing her Heel–Face Turn. It's even more poignant when you remember that Emerald was the one who engineered Penny's death in Volume 3 and now she ends up helping to save her life.
  • It's by appealing to Penny's soul and by boosting it with Jaune's Semblance that Penny is able to regain control, reminding again that beneath her robotic body, she's a very real person. Ruby is quick to comfort her about that and to hug her.
    • All the other kids are clearly happy after seeing Penny getting back control of herself and after Ruby's speech, with Weiss even wiping a tear from her eye. It's particularly moving to see that everyone in team RWBY and JNR sees Penny as a person and has come to see her as a close friend.
  • Right after that Ruby and Penny are joined with the others who make a team huddle, with Yang hugging Ruby who returns the hug back this time.
  • After Ruby the second person to hug Penny is none other than Nora, with Penny joyfully returning her hug. After that Nora continues holding Penny's hand alongside Ruby, and is the one to support Penny when the virus starts to return. It's very wholesome to see how close the two have become during their journey in Atlas and how protective Nora is of Penny.
  • Emerald's awkward You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to the heroes, with her reminding them of how stubborn and resilient they are and how she'd hate it if they gave up the moment she switched sides. Oscar and Yang are quick to tease her about her Heel–Face Turn, with Ruby, Weiss, and Blake laughing afterward. It hints that while they may not trust her yet, even Yang may begin to see Emerald as a member of the group.
    • Emerald's speed and flustered reaction after Yang teased her indicates that while she may not be sure of what to do now or of her position, she may too have started to warm up to the group.
    • Oscar keeps defending Emerald and helping her get back up. Emerald warmly smiles in the latter case, with it being clear that she's genuinely touched by Oscar's kindness toward her and have sincerely began to see him as a friend.
    • It's all the more poignant when you remember that Emerald's entire loyalty to Cinder comes from the belief that Cinder had taken her in. But where Cinder saw her as a tool, Oscar's just being himself. And he'll definitely return her loyalty with proper kindness.
  • Ozpin reconciling with the members of team RWBY and JNR after two volumes of distrust, tensions and hostility, with him admitting his wrongs and that he shouldn't have locked himself away. For their part, the kids tell him they now understand why Ozpin was reluctant to share the truth after they repeated the same mistakes with Ironwood. They gracefully accept his apology and agree to put their faith in him again.



  • When Cinder asks what the heroes are planning, Jinn looks like the thought of betraying them genuinely hurts her. Whether it's because Jinn is kind or because she cares about them, it's both touching and heartbreaking.
  • Despite the outcome going straight to Tear Jerker, Yang's first instinct in seeing Neo about to attack Ruby from behind is to push her sister out of the way. Yang will always look out for Ruby.

The Final Word

  • While it's also a massive Tear Jerker moment, the soft, serene smile on Vine's face as he decides to sacrifice his own life so his friends can get away unscathed, coupled with a gentle "I can, if it means saving all of my friends." is beautiful in its own way. As is the death scene itself.
  • Though it follows an absolute Tear Jerker moment, Penny gives Winter her maiden powers as she dies, telling her that she valued their friendship to the very end.
  • When Winter sees Jaune at risk of being unable to outrun the disintegrating pathways, she immediately turns around to try and help him. It's only because her momentum takes her through the one-way portal she's unable to.

    Volume 9 
A Place of Particular Concern
  • Yang is initially distraught that Ruby ended up in the other world, as the whole reason she took Neo's attack was to protect her and prevent something like this from happening. Given that she thought she was dead, it's clear that what was keeping her going was the thought that her sister would be able to carry on without her. Meanwhile, Ruby's reply that she would have come after her anyway shows the audience just how much Ruby is willing to do for her sister, no matter what the situation.
  • The moment Blake realizes Yang is still alive, she tackle hugs her to the ground. Yang is clearly relieved as well that Blake is alright, and if you listen carefully, you can hear Blake purring.
  • Ruby helps Little by pulling out a cheese plant when she notices the mouse struggling. Despite going through understandable turmoil, Ruby still feels the need to help.
  • Little's village immediately apologizes to Blake and Weiss for capturing them when Little vouches for them. They may have issues with cats, but they have no problem acknowledging and rectifying any mistakes they make; and Blake, who is the first to become comfortable with the idea of being in a fairy tale, accepts the apology with no hint of rancour, showing what an understanding person she is.

Altercation at the Auspicious Auction

  • As Weiss is recapping the lead up to the present, Ruby gives a cute smile in response to Little happily exclaiming "Friends!".
  • After explaining the rarity of hugs during the auction, Little turns to Ruby and hugs a strand of her hair.

The Parfait Predicament

  • The Rusted Knight turns out to be a temporally-displaced Jaune. What did he name his jackalope steed? Juniper. Even after who-knows-how-many years in Ever After, he never forgot his team.

Confessions Within Cumulonimbus Clouds

  • After so long alone, Jaune questions whether Team RWBY is actually there or not. In response, they all embrace him, and he starts crying from relief. Even Little jumps onto his head.
  • Yang and Blake are stuck on opposite sides of broken bridges, in the middle of a storm. They discover that the bridges are repairing themselves when they tell each other things they never shared with each other, starting with small but heartfelt compliments, and slowly turning their exchanges into a full-blown Love Confession. Ultimately, while a tender and sweet song begins to play in the background, they both realize that the one thing they haven't said to each other yet is the key to end their predicament. Yang is a little hesitant, not quite ready to say out loud what she feels deep down, but Blake nudges her in the right direction with a comforting smile and a few words. As they finally confess their love for each other, with Yang saying it first and Blake immediately answering "I love you too", they are instantly reunited and share their first kiss. Meanwhile, the scenery around them changes, the storm dissipating and leaving in its place a warm atmosphere with a beautiful landscape filled with a sea of clouds colored after Yang and Blake's associated colors (yellow and rose/purple), with white lilies blooming at their feet.
    • When they are transported out of the storm and reunited with the others, they are still kissing one another. They don't even notice they've been tranported until Little makes a shocked gasp. And while Blake shyly pulls away, Yang continues to look and smile at her. All the while they are still holding onto each other.
  • Weiss smiling when she sees Blake and Yang holding hands by the fireplace.

The Perils Of Paper Houses

  • RWBY having all of their sleeping mats close together. Special mention goes to Yang and Blake, who are now an Official Couple, pushing their respective mats even close together. And given Yang's outsretched arm, it's implied that Blake was resting on her arm before turning to her side.
  • When introducing Team RWBY to the Paper Pleasers, Jaune refers to one of them as "Ren". When pressed on whether he's named everybody after his team, Jaune says no... he's names them after everyone. A close look at Jaune's daily agenda shows that others are named for Neptune, Oscar (particularly sweet considering his troubled relationships with each of them), and Pyrrha.
    • If one pays attention to the list of tasks that Jaune hands to team RWBY it can be seen that Jaune didn't distribute the names of his loved ones at random:
      • Ruby is the red one that he trusts to help him with at least one task.
      • Ren has to be saved from a koi pond.
      • Nora apparently likes to climb a pebble tower during storms.
      • Pyrrha is the one that he helps daily with her homework (much in the same way she trained with him back in Beacon)
    • While it is revealed later in the chapter that all of the disasters that Jaune stops every day are actually the Paper Pleasers trying to ascend after having fulfilled their purpose. None of them seem to resent him for it in the slightest or for getting their whole society wrong, they seem just content with trying their best every day and are perfectly happy to have Jaune around. They never fail to call him their Hero and understand that his heart is in the right place, even if his mind might not be.
  • It's brief, but while Yang and Blake are fighting Jabberwalkers together, they are smiling at one points towards each other. You can see a slowed-down version of the moment here.
  • When Ruby turns lashing out at Blake, Yang protectively steps in front of the latter while giving her sister an admonishing look.
  • While Ruby finally hitting her Rage Breaking Point and going off on her team is a Tear Jerker, when she runs off with Petal Burst, her team looks concerned and worried rather than angry.

A Tale Involving a Tree

  • Upon returning to the ruined village of the Paper Pleasers, we are greeted by the reborn Genial Gems. Despite Jaune's fears, they truly did Ascend. They are still as kind and helpful as before, now with bodies that can never be harmed by fires or floods.
  • When Jaune breaks down from guilt over what he did to the Paper Pleasers, Weiss reassures him that he doesn't have to let his mistakes define him, and embraces him when he starts crying. Blake and Yang join in too, and the mutual epiphany and acceptance is what finally lets the Tree come to them.
    Weiss: I think you're asking too much of yourself. We've been telling ourselves that failing means we're no good. But I can guarantee that even the best Huntsmen in history, they've all lost. (turns to Jaune and smiles) But they were still incredibly brave. And good.
    Jaune: (in tears) Weiss...
    (Weiss smiles and pulls him into a hug)
    • When the Group Hug breaks up, and the four start to be taken to the Tree, Yang continues holding onto Blake's shoulder. Jaune and Weiss' hold on each other lingers as well— Jaune on the small of her back, and Weiss on his arm.
  • Yang sees the wooden statue of Ruby and starts frantically trying to free her, only for Jaune to pull her back. Yang is scared that Ruby won't come back as herself, and Blake gently holds her face, wipes her tears away and convinces her to let go. They all agree that whoever Ruby comes back as, they'll welcome and love her.
  • While the context is very somber, it's notable that the Blacksmith is extremely kind and patient with Ruby as she's facing her complicated feelings towards her current mental state. She doesn't try to push her to heal before she's ready (like the Herbalist), to push her into a mental breakdown (like Neo and the Curious Cat) or to make her feel like she needs to put on a brave face like she's done for so long; she just lets Ruby know that she is the only one who can decide what she wants to be, no one else. For a being that has been framed in a rather sinister light at first, she ends up being one of the kinder and less judgmental characters in the Ever After besides Little.
  • The first and final scene in the episode? The narrator reading the story of Alyx to Ruby and Yang, as the credits make one amendment... the Female Voice is revealed to be Summer Rose herself.

Of Solitude And Self

  • From the brief farewell that Summer and Tai share, it’s clear the couple absolutely adore each other.
    • Raven doesn't hold any animosity toward Summer for taking her spot and, instead, is grateful that her family is being looked after by someone better than her.
  • Jaune's vision of Alyx forgiving him for not saving her, and encouraging him to move on and be someone new.
  • Ruby finally accepting herself as enough, with the encouragement of the Blacksmith and her mother's last words to her.
    Summer: I love you. Just the way you are.
    Ruby: (stands in front of Crescent Rose) This one. What happens... if I choose me?
    Blacksmith: (kneels down and puts her hand on Ruby's shoulder) Then maybe... that girl is enough.
  • After all of the emotional trauma and self-doubt she suffered from throughout the past few volumes, and especially after her emotional breakdown a few episodes prior, Ruby's triumphant return to form is as beautiful as it is epic. Doubly so when, in the middle of the ensuing battle, we see her give what may very well be her first genuine smile throughout the entire volume.
  • Watch the way Ruby moves during the fight with the cat. She's copying the movements of Qrow from his fight with Clover. Its such a small thing, but it shows just how much of an influence the grumpy old bird has had on her, almost as if he's helping her in spirit.
  • Team RWBY and Jaune embracing Ruby after the fight. After a whole volume of pushing her team away in a failed attempt to be perfect, she finally accepts their love.
  • Little is reborn in a new bigger form, with a cape and gloves modeled after Ruby's. They’ve decided to be the Ever After's new protector and guide, and names themself Somewhat. Jaune gives them Juniper as a mount, saying that she "means everything to me", and Ruby reassures them that they will be a great protector, and Somewhat remembers enough of her to call her "Huntress".
    Somewhat: You do feel... familiar, like a happy dream I can't remember.
  • Even after everything she did, and everything she almost cost the team, RWBYJ still try to take Neo home with them. If she didn’t decide to stay in the Ever After and ascend, then she might have become an ally.
    • Neo's farewell is also sweet. She gives a graceful bow as thanks for Jaune and RWBY saving her, before hopping into the tree with a gentle smile on her face, ready for what lies ahead, at peace.
  • The illusion of Roman's last words, as Neo finally lets him go is both this and a Tearjerker. Thank you, Billy Kametz.
    Torchwick: To have what they have... What a thing, huh? So ... that's it, then?
    (Neo turns to face the illusion, with a sad look in her eyes as she gently caresses his face one last time, having finally let go of her grief. Torchwick smiles.)
    Torchwick: (tenderly) ... Yeah. I know. I'm not real...
    (The illusion shatters. Torchwick is gone.)
  • Alyx's decision to go back for Jaune wasn't for naught. When they're in the in between realm, the Blacksmith gives him Alyx's knife and her wish to heal what she had taken, which restores him to his former age.
  • After their failures in Atlas, the heroes, especially Ruby, have been tormented all volume with the fear that they've done more harm than good and that they'll ruin the Ever After the same way. The Blacksmith takes the time to reassure them that they've done great good in the Ever After, using Somewhat as an example of how even the small kindnesses they do lead to greater results than they know.
  • What is the tree’s solution when the Brother Gods became too much trouble for the Ever After? Simply an invitation to a land all their own, and a way back whenever they’re ready. Truly a gentle and kind way of resolving things.
  • Despite knowing the full backstory and history of the Brother Gods, the blacksmith has a forgiving take on them, subscribing to God Is Flawed and acknowledging that they were ambitious, curious, and created wonders in their time.
  • The source of the first conflict between the Brother Gods. One thought the Jabberwalker needed to die to protect the Ever After, and the other believed that despite the flaws they gave it, it still deserved to live. Neither are wrong, and it’s a classic case of Good Versus Good.
  • With the revelation that the blacksmith created the brother gods, it gives the impression that the core of the entire RWBY universe is love, acceptance, and becoming your greatest self. The highest authority in existence, and she just wants to help people be themselves.
  • In the very last scene, the first thing Team RWBY and Jaune see when coming back to Remnant is what looks like all the militaries of the four kingdoms rallied around Vacuo, suggesting that the warning Ruby insisted on sending to the world wasn’t for nothing.
    • It is notable that this volume is the first for the series to have an unanimously happy ending. The previous volumes either lean on having a Bittersweet Ending due to the The Stinger in pre or post-credits scenes where the villains were planning their next move, or a Darkest Hour ending which left in a massive Cliffhanger.
    • The simple fact that the final shot of all the remaining kingdoms banding together in Vacuo proves once and for all that Ironwood was wrong. Part of what fueled his descent into villany and madness was that he believed that no one else would come to Atlas' aid, that the fight was already lost, and that the best he could do was keep the Staff out of Salem's reach even if it meant leaving all of Remnant to die. Instead, Ruby's message has united all of Remnant in one final stand.


  • From Volume 1's soundtrack:
    • "Gold": A bubbly song that's about being a protective, comforting, and generally positive influence on someone's life.
      • And according to Jeff Williams, it's about Yang's relationship with Ruby. Contrasting it with Yang's other character song "I Burn". Both songs use imagery of fire and the sun, but the differences are clear: Yang's fire scorches her enemies, but only brings light and warmth to Ruby.
    • "I May Fall": It's a song about the Darkest Hour and the protagonists Heroic Resolve to not die, that with their friends they can not, will not fall.
    • "Wings": The ending credits song for the sixteenth episode, and a heartfelt anthem about enduring hardship, surpassing pain, and finding strength in those who care about you.
  • From Volume Two's soundtrack:
    • "Shine": The song from the JNPR dance in V2E7. The official Arkos theme song. It's basically Pyrrha singing about how Jaune saved her from loneliness and how much she loves him. Shipping feels!
    • Although the purpose of "All Our Days" is still unknown, the meaning behind it is very clear. It's presumably another song about how much Yang adores and cares for Ruby, and how she'd never abandon her.
    • "Boop": A song about Nora wishing that she and Ren were "Together-Together". Also, when she says Boop, she's really trying to say "I love you".
  • From Volume Three's soundtrack:
    • The reprise of "Mirror, Mirror" gives the original somber and lonely song much more hopeful and positive lyrics, suggesting that Weiss's time spent with Winter and her experiences at Beacon away from her family are changing her for the better and helping her grow more confident as a person.
    Some believe in fairy stories
    And the ghosts that they can't see
    I know that I could do so much
    If I could just believe in me
    Mirror, Mirror
    I'll tell you something
    I think I can change it all
    • On a more depressing note, "Cold", the second song played in the credits of the last episode of Volume Three. It's heavily implied to be from Jaune's perspective about Pyrrha (and a tribute to Monty from Rooster Teeth). It's about how someone has inspired them to become a hero when up until that point, they felt as if they'd never accomplished anything great, and how dearly they miss that person.
    • The song, "Not Fall in Love With You," which is likely Sun singing about how he feels about Blake. It plays over their ship tease moment in New Challengers, and when you actually listen to it, it's very moving.
  • From Volume Four's soundtrack:
    • The latest intro, 'Let's Just Live,' is about soldiering on in times of change and hardship, and never giving up hope that someday it will get better, no matter how much it hurts at the present.
    Inside we're torn apart
    But time will mend our hearts
    Move onward, not there yet, so let's just live!
    • The full version of the song has a slow bridge, which ends with this stanza.
      And the story takes an unexpected turn, a friend is suddenly gone.
      We can cry our lives away, but if they were here they'd say, "Go forward, you must keep moving on."
    • The whole scene with Ren and Nora in the finale counts. Not only do we hear a reprise of "Boop" when Ren holds onto Nora's hand, but we then hear what sounds like Ren's response, confirmed by Casey to be called "Home". Ren affirming his love for Nora really is heart-melting to hear, and Casey really outdid herself in terms of emotive delivery.
    I don't know where we should go,
    Feeling farther from our goal.
    I don't know what path we will be shown,
    But I know that when I'm with you I'm at home;
    Yes I know that when I'm with you I'm at home.
    • 'Armed and Ready,' the end credits song, is guaranteed to get a heartfelt grin when you pay attention to the lyrics. Yang is back, stronger and smarter than before.
    • 'Like Morning Follows Night' is a song featured when Blake and Sun fight the sea dragon Grimm. The lyrics talk about how he won't let her go alone into danger, and will follow her forever, no matter what. It's fairy tale levels of sweet.
    Go where you need to/ know I won't leave you/ I'll follow you/ like morning follows night.
    You can run 'til your pain's through/ one thing I won't do/ is let you go alone to face the fight.
    • 'Bmblb' is a love song very strongly hinted to be sung by Yang to Blake, given that it's got the same name as their ship, and it is adorable
    We sit for a while, as I drink in your smile/It feels like a dream that's come true/My head starts to buzz and my heart's filled with love over you.
    • 'This Life Is Mine' is mostly pure awesome, being Weiss' condemnation of her abusive father and what he tried to turn her into, but there's also an element of gratitude in it for the people that helped her realize what love was and rediscover her self-worth.
  • From Volume 5's soundtrack:
    • For the most part, "Ignite" is Awesome Music, but one line in particular reminds you what Yang's biggest focus in life is:
      Messin' with my family
      Means that soon you're history
    • "Smile", a song from the perspectives of Ilia's parents. It starts with a soft, sweet delivery from Jeff and Casey... until Mood Whiplash kicks in, but it's still very sweet.
      Child our daughter
      Sit while we talk awhile
      You've done no misdeed
      Still they'll put your life on trial

      Born like your family
      Far from any state of grace
      You're as perfect as the wind and sky
      But they'll treat like you're out of place


      And as you grow
      You'll gain from their knowledge but your heart will know
      When the time is right to end the lie
      You'll know what to do
      When the charade is through

      Show them how you smile
      It's only for a while
      Take what you need
      Leave them to bleed
      Let them know bitter
      While your revenge is sweet
    • 'All That Matters' is far more heartbreaking than it is heartwarming, as it appears to be about Yang assessing her connection to Blake in an extremely negative way. Throughout the song she seems to have reached the conclusion that Blake simply doesn't care about her that much, and will more than likely break her heart again sooner or later. However, despite all of that, she appears to be unwilling to let Blake go, that she cares about her so much, she'll risk being disappointed again. There's also a belated heartwarming moment when one considers that it's been made obvious to the audience that Blake does care about Yang, and is very much committed to sticking around from now on. Yang may not realise it yet, but their relationship is about to improve.
    • 'This Time (From Shadows Pt. Two)' is a rousing call to arms for Menagerie delivered by Blake and Ghira. The chorus ends with Blake vowing to stop running and start fighting with her friends and countrymen.
      And now, I'll stand with you shoulder to shoulder,
      Out of the ashes a new flame ignites, rise up from shadows and into the light,
      We'll stand undivided, our futures aligned,
      A new brotherhood, this time.
    • As dark as the lyrics can seem at first, "All Things Must Die" has some comforting elements to it as well. The basic message of the song is that everything is mortal and will die, so when death comes you should face it without fear, and accept your last breaths without remorse. As much as it is an anthem of Raven's victory over her opponents, it's also a comforting gesture in its own way, from her nihilistic perspective.
  • From Volume 6's soundtrack:
    • "Indomitable" is awesome, heartwarming and heartbreaking all in one, as it details Monty's pure delight in his show, told from the perspective of the people around him as Remnant evolved from a simple stain to the world we know and love. Then it gets to his death, and how even if he's gone, his work is still evolving, a shining example of his philosophy. Casey really sells the tragedy of his sudden passing, and the resolve of those he left behind to continue on to make his dream the best it can be.
  • From Volume 8's soundtrack: "Friend" is essentially Penny's message to Ruby thanking her for everything.
  • Soundtrack-related: Casey reacting to MurderOfBirds's first listen to the Volume 5 soundtrack. It's really uplifting, specially for her adorable giggle and constant appreciation/shock at having fans.

    Other Media 
  • After the Fall reveals that Velvet still keeps some pictures, even if they could be useful. She pauses at pictures Weiss, taken right after she protected Velvet, and Ruby from while she and Weiss were searching for Jaune and Pyrrha. Later she feels some sadness at having to use a picture from Team BRNZ, give their MIA status.
  • CFVY taking their being replaced as the hot new team at Beacon by RWBY with grace, and even taking on a bigger sibling relationship with them.
  • In Chapter 2 of DC Comics' series, Qrow ends up reassuring Ruby and Yang after an incognito Raven mocks Summer in Ruby's face.
  • At the end of Before The Dawn, Sun makes up with the rest of Team SSSN, and apologizing for basically ditching them to chase after Blake. To their credit, the rest of SSSN don't press the issue.