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Fridge for RWBY.

Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

Fridge Sadness

  • Notice how, in "The Lost Fable", whilst Ozma eventually came clean to Salem about the secret he'd been hiding from her (the nature and purpose of his resurrection), there's nothing throughout the Origins Episode to suggest that Salem ever came clean to Ozma about the secret she'd been hiding (that she was directly responsible for provoking the Gods into eradicating the rest of the original human race). It's entirely possible that across all his lives, Ozpin didn't know Salem's secret (not for certain at least) until Jinn showed it to him and Team RWBY during this episode's present-day setting. Think about that: during this episode, as if re-viewing the worst mistakes and losses of his long life in one sitting wasn't bad enough, Ozpin has also just watched conclusive and excruciatingly-detailed proof that the woman he loved is responsible for ending the world as he originally knew it and breaking the current world for millennia, and that all of this started because he died. Is it any wonder he was in the state that he was at the start of the next episode and reacted so badly to Qrow's rejection?! This also makes one feel even more that Qrow and Team RWBY were much harsher on Ozpin than he deserved in that moment.
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  • According to Word of God, Ironwood's Semblance, Mettle, gives him the conviction to make whatever sacrifices he needs to achieve his goals. Semblances almost always stop working when the owner's Aura breaks, so after Winter defeated him, he saw Salem holding the item he'd sacrificed scores of innocent lives to protect without his Semblance. My God, What Have I Done? probably doesn't even begin to describe what he felt in that moment.