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We all like to have fun here, so we've set up this place for any creative types who want an opportunity to express their love for RWBY. This is a place where you can be as original as you want, designed for sharing our ideas with each other. Please remember to respect each other's ideas. Since people are creative in different ways, we've separated the ideas into a few folders. If you think of something you want to do, feel free to add new folders to express your creativity.


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     Original Characters 
This is where people can share ideas for original characters they may have. Please remember to follow this format:

Firstname lastname by Username

  • Kingdom association:
  • Color scheme:
  • Species: Human/ X Faunus
  • Semblance: describe here
  • Weapon: Name, description
  • Description: write a brief paragraph describing their appearance and personality, as well as their motives and background.

Jericho by Bomberman121890

  • Kingdom Association: an enemy to all kingdoms
  • Color scheme: black.
  • Species: Unknown
  • Semblance: Obliteration. He can destroy anything or anyone with only a thought.
  • Weapon: Ragnarok. A giant longsword made of pure Dust, used to spread darkness and chaos wherever it may fall.
  • Description: Jericho is the Brother of Darkness incarnate. After all four relics were collected, he was summoned to wipe out humanity once and for all. He had a massive grudge against his brother's creation ever since they won the war on his darkness. With the defeat of his prized creation Salem, he would stop at nothing to get his revenge on his brother's creations.

Lunaria Tides

  • Kingdom association: Atlas
  • Color scheme: Silver and blue
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Tidal Control. Allows manipulation of aura, can disable, power, or control any aura. Limited to one soul.
  • Weapon: Aqua Synchro. A helmet that allows her to sense and manipulate water molecules.
  • Description: A retired Huntress, working as a mercenary. Likes playing the political game, knowing what buttons to push. Master manipulator. Cares mostly of money. An anomaly, with tools that control the elements without dust.

Romulus Arc (aka Jaune's great-great grandfather's brother.) by p020901

  • Kingdom association: Anti-Individualist Leader.
  • Color scheme: grey and white (and a shade of red)
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Unknown, as most reports of him had been casted out of history. The only description left is that he was 'a extremely charismatic leader, who esstially put a mind-control spell on half the world.'
  • Weapon: Unknown.
  • Description:
  • A descendant of the Arc family, who was born with a rare trait that made many thought him to be the devil's descendant (albino).
  • He spent years trying to find a way to protect humanity from Grimm, for good. Conclusion: Must remove the thing that pulls Grimm toward humans. Emotions.
  • Being an extremely charismatic man, and at that point of time, humanity was being pushed back hard by the Grimm, thus many got desperate and hung onto his ideals like their lifelines.
  • Many others opposed this. Soon, conflict arose between the two, as many of his Collectivists ttied to forcefully concert others to their side. Thus the Great War started.

Carolus Arc (aka Jaune's great-great Grandfather.) by p020901

  • Kingdom association:the Anti- Individualist, than the Individualist.
  • Color scheme: Yellow and Blue
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance:
  • Weapon: Crocea Mors.
  • Description: The brother of Romulus Arc, who originally sided with his brother, after seeing enough of the conversion camps by the Collectivists, defected to the Individualist in hope of redemption. Fought tooth and nail agaisnt his brother in the War, he slowly rose in rank within the Individualists until he was promoted to Field Marshall. His victory over the majority of the Collectivist force at Carmaen pass sealed the fate of the Collectivist side.

Lupa Canis by Duder963

  • Kingdom association: Not allegiant towards any. Currently in Vale as part of attending Beacon
  • Color scheme: Black, White, Gold, and Brown
  • Species: Wolf Faunus
  • Semblance: Can channel Aura into his muscles and brain, boosting reflexes and perception, giving the illusion of slowing down time for himself, and speeding up rapidly for others. Extremely strenuous, though, limiting use.
  • Weapon: Runed Vipers, a pair of revolvers with a different dust crystal in each chamber. Passes a laser through the dust crystal, imbuing it with the type of dust. Pushing the hammer forward extends blades for close quarters. Both revolvers can combine into a longsword/rifle, allowing for mixing of dust types.
  • Description: A wolf faunus, feared by humans and faunus alike for their savage ways, Lupa was born in a small village on Sanus, near Vacuo. After the village was raided by the Schnee Dust Company when he was 12, Lupa was forced to wander alone, growing a hatred towards humanity. He fell into the White Fang, where they taught him the basic skills for civilization. After seeing humans helping their faunus friends during a terror attack he took part in, he ran from the White Fang. After wandering once again for a year, he was caught while stealing from the White Fang's Mountain Glenn base, destroying the main building in the process. After fending off the Grimm, he was found and arrested by the Vale police, where Ozpin took him into Beacon.

Steven Veridian by Riddle78

  • Kingdom Association: Vale.
  • Colour Scheme: Veridian,black,nickel.
  • Species: Human.
  • Semblance: Unknown.
  • Weapon: Sunder and Silent Night, described in the Weapon Ideas folder.
  • Description: Fair skin and dark haired, Steven Veridian looks rather unremarkable for a man of Vale. His brown hair, while thick, is kept short, and his eyes match his hair. The man dresses smartly, defaulting to matching black dress shoes, trousers, and a waistcoat, with a veridian button-down shirt beneath the waistcoat, with the look accessorised only with a pistol harness, the holster of Silent Night resting just under his right armpit, while Sunder, in a compact cleaver-like form, hangs from his belt. Steven's memory is distressingly spotty, as he holds precious little knowledge of Remnant as a whole; He claims his oldest concrete memory is waking up in one of Vale's many parks, two weeks before Beacon began its latest scholastic year. Despite his, quite frankly, awful skills in melee, his aptitude with technology, strategy, tactics, and discipline have made him a valuable agent of Beacon, despite being a first year student.

Grisma Espritfou by Stand Semblence

  • Kingdom association: Salem's group
  • Color scheme: Purple,Steel grey
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Insanity, she can temporarily drive herself insane, giving her a boost to her speed, strength, and pain tolerance, though she is consumed by bloodlust and will attack anyone.
  • Weapon: Bolzenschlag, Twin shock gloves that allow for ranged bolts, and constant charges.
  • Description: Grisma is an orphan who was picked up by the rather insane Tyrian after her semblence came out in reaction to being hit, the gang that the person came from ended up splattered on the walls because her semblence is insanity, it drives her temporarly insane, but gives her immense strength, speed, and pain tolerance. Her main weapon is a pair of shock gloves that can let loose long bursts of electricity, or short range constants. She is quick to embrace her emotions, and quick to act before thinking, causing her to be a much bigger threat to the big bad, though it helps with Tyrian's fighting style as they both are in your face style attackers. She lives to serve, and may have a crush on a certain blondie.

Sky Warden by Bomberman121890

  • Kingdom Association: Mandala Village, Outside Vale
  • Color Scheme: Shades of Blue
  • Species: Cat Faunus (ears)
  • Semblance: None
  • Weapon: None
  • Description: Sky was the younger sister of Verse Warden. (see Team VOLN Below) When she was seven, her family was hunted down for a bounty. She and her brother came home to see that their mother had been hunted down. As they tried to run, they were chased by ruthless hunters. A mile down the road, Sky lost her footing and tripped over a loose stone. She tried to run, but couldn't escape the hunters. Since they had no qualms about killing children, Sky died in front of her brother. Her spirit still lives on, occasionally providing guidance for her brother's quest to become a Huntsman.

Mars Singh by Bomberman121890

  • Kingdom Association: no allegiance to any one kingdom, fights to protect innocent people.
  • Color Scheme: Red and brown
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Phase. For a short period of time, he can become intangible. Doing so greatly depletes his aura, but he becomes untouchable during the short timeframe where he is able to use it.
  • Weapon: Day's End, a modular double-bladed axe that can be rearranged into three different formations.
  • Description: Mars was a dedicated Huntsman. While he is not allied to any specific kingdom, he wanders around to protect the innocent wherever he may be. He ended up taking a prodigy under his wing. He took in an orphan named Orion and gave him a home. He spent his time teaching the boy how to defend himself. Upon Mars's death, his apprentice took up his weapon, fighting in Mars's name.

Nero deSable —Brony Squall

  • Kingdom Association: Formerly Vale, now unknown
  • Color Scheme: Black with Blood-red Acccents
  • Species: Kitsune Faunus (Three tails)
  • Semblance: Augmentation of the concept of "weapon". When active, he can channel his Aura into any object he considers to be a weapon, from a simple lamppost to any of his own weapons. Doing so greatly reduces his defensive Aura level, but augments the item to the point that it can deal significant damage, as well as fling energy projectiles. Affected items are surrounded in a black and red energy.
  • Weapon: Four King's Regalia- Three blades and a paired Knuckleduster that are able to link together in a variety of ways. The first blade, War, is a long, single-edged sword resembling a straight katana with a rapier hilt, worn in a metal scabbard across his back. War's blade is capable of extending along a set of wires, turning it into a whip-blade. The second and third blades, Death and Pestilence, are a pair of medium-length, curved swords worn in scabbards attached to the outside of his thighs. Both blades are sharpened along both edges, and fit small, high-impact pistols running a short distance along the convex edge. The knuckledusters, Famine, are a pair of elegant, crescent-moon shaped piece of wrought metal, each embedded with a burning red crystal at their centers. It can be infused with Dust and linked to the other weapons to imbue them with the element. In their combined form, War, Death, and Pestilence link together, with War in it's scabbard forming a haft, while Death links, concave side down, to the crossguard, and Pestilence to the base of the pommel, forming a sort of Ge dagger-axe.
  • Description: Kuroi has always been a bit of a mystery to most, remaining quiet at most times, hiding behind the carved wolves on his armor. Instead, his former partner was the voice of the two, and the reason apparent for his coming to Beacon to train as a huntsman. However, during the Grimm attack on Beacon, his partner abandoned him, leaving him for dead as she escaped with another student. The attack cost him his left eye and left arm, the latter torn off and devoured by a Grimm. After his recovery, he slipped into a dark, cold fury, and has vowed to exterminate all Grimm. Using his Semblance to replace his missing arm, he now travels aimlessly, hunting and slaying Grimm wherever he finds them...

Clyffe Tower by Shadic The Hedgehog

  • Kingdom association: Mistral
  • Color scheme: Gray and brown
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Electricity generation and channelling. Almost the opposite of Nora's Semblance, Clyffe instead produces electricity at a very low amperage, comparable to static electricity, though it can be charged up. In addition, he can absorb electricity and fire it back out, possibly even stronger.
  • Weapon: Coil Cannon; A club/cannon that can take the electricity produced by his Semblance and compound it, letting it reach amps powerful enough to kill, though he normally has it fire bolts that merely knock a person unconscious. While it cannon form, he generally mounts it on his shoulder.
  • Description: Warden Clyffe Tower is a relatively short man, with short, styled brown hair and a small moustache. He commonly wears a slate grey three piece suit, the shoulders of which are reinforced to hold the mounts for his Coil Cannon. He is generally a soft-spoken and kindly man, and is generally looked up to by his subordinates and even a few of the less monstrous prisoners. In his spare time, he invents and tinkers, claiming his great-uncle Nicholas is his inspiration. However, aside from his weapon, none of his inventions properly make it out of the prototype stage, due to a lack of connections with people who can pass them on.

Uisce Dushlan

  • Kingdom Association: Vale
  • Color Scheme: Blue and gray
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Can heal all wounds. However, this will temporarily drain his aura. The worse the wound, the more it drains. Minor cuts and bruises drain his aura an inconsequential amount, while a broken limb or other major injury will drain his aura almost completely.
  • Weapon: Caladbolg; a spear that can transform into a rifle with multiple dust chambers inside. He uses this dust to either cast almost-spells, or in the case of Grimm or those who commit grievous crimes or are actively trying to kill him, hurt them from the inside by activating the dust within their bloodstream.
  • Description: Uisce Dushlan is a student hunter, a tall young man with dark blue hair, pale skin, and brown eyes. He's very thin, and has very soft facial features. He wears black pants, combat boots, and a blue and gray coat. He's kind, caring, and humble, with a voice that flows like a river. He does have a few problems, though. He blames himself for almost anything that goes wrong around him, and feels guilty for it. He's also fairly sensitive, and while this can be a good thing, it's not entirely the best when combined with the problem above. He works with a team of other student hunters to train and get better at wielding his weapon, the Caladbolg.

Nickel "Nick" Polendina by Miss Desperado

  • Kingdom association: Atlas
  • Color scheme: Grayscale
  • Species: Android, prototype to Penny
  • Semblance: None, Aura installation failed.
  • Weapon: Uninstalled, transferred to Penny. Without Aura, he couldn't wield the swords as intended.
  • Description: (intentionally left blank for fanfic-fuel purposes)

Asch Grau by Allexan

  • Kingdom association: formerly Atlas, but escaped when militarization started and graduated in Beacon.
  • Color scheme: gray-white hair, gray-black sword, mix of three colors in clothes.
  • Species: Human.
  • Semblance: pretends to display Prehensile Hair, which he uses as a third arm in form of a waist-long braid, actually Mind over Matter - can move and use each part of his own body regardless of its actual state, including broken limbs and spinal injuries. At highest levels it minimally extends to the Aura-conducting weapons he's keeping skin contact with.
  • Weapon: Whip Sword as main, small blade on the tip of the braid as additional. Hollow center ends with protrusion on the last segment, from which small Dust rounds are propelled with inertia at long reach hits, but it has to be contracted back to load next round from the hilt, also accuracy and reach are not great by themselves, somewhat compensated only by length of whip-mode.
  • Description: Cold, clever and calculating, he spotted something fishy going on, and was approached by Ozpin roughly at times of STRQ main adventures. After graduation he became one of Ozpin's agents, though, not on the Qrow's clearance level. For some time worked in pair with Qrow as a field agent, until, due Qrow's misfortune aura, he was heavily mutilated, which cost him almost all mobility and crippled his voice. Thanks to his Semblance he is still functional, but has to constantly monitor his Aura level and thus became very cautious in his operations and prefers ambushes and One Hit Kills to actual fights. Currently low-key, but news about Beacon fall scattered all his schemes to the wind, forcing in more open game.

Marina Callandra by Miss Desperado

  • Kingdom association: Huntress student in Beacon, leader of Team CRRE (pronounced "cherry")
  • Color scheme: Silver with various shades of blue, with the exception of her red weapon.
  • Species: Dolphin Faunus (lungs affected)
  • Semblance: War Cry - she can unleash a destructive scream. The more damage her screams do, the more they deplete her Aura. Unfortunately, she can't control the damage and it doesn't discriminate between ally, architecture and adversary - all are damaged. For much less cost to her Aura, she can throw her voice and enhance her echolocation. She's reluctant to use the destructive scream and prefers to use the latter functions.
  • Weapon: Dragon Maw - a megaphone that focuses her screams into a cone of damage instead of a sphere of damage. Doubles as a flamethrower. Dust dispensers ring the edges of the business end of the weapon - usually Fire Dust is loaded in, but different Dust could be substituted in a pinch, with untested results.
  • Description: Marina Callandra doesn't dare use destructive screaming when there's an ally or Innocent Bystander within earshot. Instead, Marina prefers exercising the other part of her Semblance that throws her voice or enhances her echolocation. Throwing her voice is useful for confusing enemies, and enhanced echolocation helps reconnaisance. Her fighting style favors short-range combat and is slightly more effective against robots and Grimm creatures rather than against human and Faunus enemies.
    • Appearance: Marina Callandra's silver hair is straight, slippery, and difficult to make elaborate styles out of, but it will stay put in a simple braid. Her eyes are a generic shade of light blue. She makes her own clothes out of fabric usually used for swimsuits, tailoring them to fit snugly and lightly compress her figure into something more streamlined than curvy. This enables her to move between land and water without the embarrassment of being a Walking Swimsuit Scene, the delay of changing clothes, or the risk of Gone Swimming, Clothes Stolen. Her shirt and tights match her hair color, and her shorts, jacket and water shoes are blue, the exact shade of blue varies depending on which ones she has on.
    • Personality: Marina Callandra is a Genki Girl who enjoys swimming, and can hold her breath for long periods of time. She feels lucky that her Faunus trait isn't visually obvious on land, so she can pass for human. Marina does everything she can to avoid using her Semblance's destructive screaming when allies or innocent bystanders are within earshot, reasoning that if she can't stop her scream from damaging her surroundings, she can't stop her scream from sapping her allies' Auras, or worse, deafening or killing anyone who has no Aura or has depleted Aura.
    • Backstory: Marina Callandra, along with the rest of her team, grew up in a small coastal village outside the kingdoms, called Faretheewell. The village's primary means of feeding itself involved fishing, and Marina was too valued for her ability to swim and locate schools of fish to be bullied for being a Faunus. One day while she was pacing the shoreline and worrying about pirates, a bunch of Grimm from the sea showed up. Naturally, Marina screamed like the little girl that she was, and that's when her Aura unlocked and her Semblance manifested. Nearby rocks and trees and all but one of the Grimm were shattered by her voice. The one deafened Grimm that survived fled past her into the village, where it was ambushed and killed by an angry mob that had been alerted by the unnaturally loud scream. Shortly after the incident, Marina built a primitive Dustless prototype to what would later become her Dragon Maw. Once her village was destroyed by Grimm, bandits and more Grimm, she moved into the big city to enroll in Beacon, where she witnessed a lot more bias against Faunus people.
    • Motives: Marina blames herself for not being able to fight well enough to drive off the waves of enemies that destroyed Faretheewell. She enrolled in Beacon to learn more combat techniques she can use before her last resort.

Lilac Rook by Miss Desperado

  • Kingdom association: Huntress student in Beacon, part of Team CRRE (pronounced "cherry")
  • Color scheme: Black and purple
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Territoriality - the more familiar an environment is to her, the faster her Aura energy builds up. The more she cares about a familiar environment, the more she can use ESP (she calls this specific aspect of her Semblance "geo-speak") to sense intruders and identify them as friend or foe. She feels the place she considers home as an extension of her body. She can always sense what's going on in the location nearest and dearest to her heart, regardless of how far away she is from it. But as a consequence, if a location dear to her heart is wrecked by a disaster or otherwise drastically changed, it weakens her powers and connection until she adjusts to the changes or adopts a new location. Fortunately, listening to Marina echolocate accelerates Lilac's acclimation to new environments.
  • Weapon: Mangler Shell - parasol/harpoon launcher/spiked shield hybrid, black except for the Dust-runed cloth (described further in the weapons folder).
  • Description: Lilac Rook's fighting style relies more heavily than other peoples' on using the surrounding terrain/architecture to her advantage. She is prone to clumsiness, disorientation, insomnia and anxiety in unfamiliar environments. Fortunately, listening to Marina echolocate accelerates Lilac's acclimation to new environments. Her fighting style favors short-range and melee combat and is more effective against human and Faunus enemies rather than against robots and Grimm creatures.
    • Appearance: Lilac Rook's eyes are pale lilac. Her fluffy black hair reaches the bottom of her shoulderblades, unless she's curled it into Regal Ringlets for a formal occasion. She keeps her hair out of her face with a lacy lavender headband. She has a lacy lavender Giant Waist Ribbon that she reserves for formal events. Her usual Minidress of Power and Zipperiffic over-the-knee boots are made of black plates of armor with dark purple fabric in between. Her Opera Gloves are similarly armored with lavender fabric. To defy panty shots and Zettai Ryouiki (which would otherwise be Grade B), she has opaque lavender tights. Between her attire and her Mangler Shell, her fashion choice is a combination of Punk, Gothic and Casual Lolita.
    • Personality: Every night, she cries herself to sleep, mourning the destruction of Faretheewell and dreading the hypothetical loss of her current home. She considers herself a coward for harboring such dread. She's very fussy about the shades of purple that she wears - she'll only wear purples that have more blue than red. She'll scoff at purples that have more red than blue or equally balanced blue and red, openly mocking the equally balanced shades as pink pretending to be purple and the redder shades as merely pink. This tends to exasperate and/or offend tailors. When she's cornered a known murderer or a Grimm creature for a Curb-Stomp Battle, she sings an Ironic Nursery Tune with Punctuated Pounding.
    • Backstory: Lilac Rook grew up in Faretheewell with the rest of Team CRRE. Her Aura unlocked and her Semblance manifested very early on in her childhood, enabling her to sound an early alarm on bandits and Grimm, so she could compensate for her ineptness at fishing. She designed her Mangler Shell to demoralize bandits by using a brutal and sadistic fighting style, following Dandelion's suggestion and reasoning. Lilac suffered a Heroic BSoD bad enough to where she nearly got eaten by Grimm several times during the destruction of Faretheewell - Opal Rachnid had to knock Lilac unconscious with a scavenged sedative to stop the Grimm from noticing them. Lilac's harpoon didn't get the tracking torpedo modifier until after she moved into the big city.
    • Motives: She became a Huntress because she reasons that if Grimm creatures break into her home, she would prefer to know how to defend it herself rather than helplessly rely on Huntsmen and Huntresses who will probably underestimate how important her home is to her Semblance and psychiatric health.

Opal Rachnid by Miss Desperado

  • Kingdom association: Huntress student in Beacon, part of Team CRRE (pronounced "cherry")
  • Color scheme: Chiaroscuro; specifically black hair and skin with white eyes and clothes.
  • Species: Spider Faunus (spinnerets on her hips)note 
  • Semblance: Weaver - can animate and levitate her own spider silk.
  • Weapon: Loom of Doom - a utility belt that dispenses daggers, Dust, mines and other weapons to weave into her silk, and provides an anchor point for the silk to take the strain off the spinnerets if she swings from her own rope.
  • Description: Opal Rachnid is the smallest and scrawniest of the team, and can't eat solid foods. When it comes to using her silk in combat, she's unimaginative. Because she's aware of this flaw, she hates fighting in direct confrontations. Her fighting style centers on setting snares with her spider silk, favors long-range combat, and is equally effective against robots, Grimm, Faunus and humans.
    • Appearance: Opal Rachnid is highly visible thanks to her rare black skin and even rarer all-white eyes (like Fox Alistair). Her armspan is a few inches longer than her height.
    • Personality: Barely capable of chewing, she eats like a spider, albeit with artificial assistance - she's gotten good at making smoothies, soups, stews and ice cream for herself. She sometimes cooks for the rest of her team if she suspects that they'll be fighting too soon after eating to digest a solid meal. She prefers obtaining entire carcasses instead of already-butchered meat so that she can use her specialized kitchen equipment to grind up the bones and internal organs for extra nutrients. Keeping her spinnerets functioning requires her to be a Big Eater, and she frequently craves protein and nutrient-rich food. Her misshapen jaw has slightly hindered her speech; she slurs her consonants unless she slows down and enunciates. She has tried Lie Ren's health drink and liked it. When it comes to using her silk in combat, she's unimaginative. Because she's aware of this flaw, she hates fighting in direct confrontations and prefers setting snares with her silk.
    • Backstory: When it comes to bigotry, Faunus usually get the short end of the stick, especially any Faunus based on reptiles, insects or spiders. Fortunately, she was spared from bigotry in Faretheewell, because the village valued the fishnets she wove too much to bully her. Unfortunately, the culture shock hit her hard (in a lot of cases, literally) when her home was destroyed and she moved to the big city. It didn't take long for her to get sick and tired of her appearance creeping humans out and inspiring them to "stomp the spider." Repeated breaking and mishealing of her jaw has left her barely capable of chewing, ironically making her even more like a spider. Her Aura unlocked too late to get her jaw back to normal, and it took her a long time to figure out her Semblance.
    • Motives: Disgruntled over humans beating her up, she considered joining the White Fang and even attended one meeting, where Adam Taurus's speech riled up the Faunus people for smashing shop windows the next day. Opal got caught up in the excitement, but on her way home to rest, she got hit hard with Fridge Horror, realizing how easily Adam could egg her into becoming the monster that humans saw her as. Instead, Opal enrolled at Beacon in hopes of one day hearing humans admit, "Boy, I'm glad such a scary lady is on our side."

Dandelion Euxanth by Miss Desperado

  • Kingdom association: Huntress student in Beacon, Part of Team CRRE (pronounced "cherry")
  • Color scheme: Dark yellow, specifically hexadecimal code E3A857 (called euxanth)
  • Species: Lion Faunus (fangs)
  • Semblance: Transfer - she can't heal her own wounds without transferring them to someone or something else. She almost always displaces her wounds into enemies, but at the end of a battle when there are no more enemies and she's still wounded, she can also use inanimate objects (usually rocks) in a pinch.
  • Weapon: Sabertooth Grapple - offense-oriented helmet, gauntlets and boots (described further in the weapons folder).
  • Description: Dandelion Euxanth is the tank of the team. Many professors have criticized Dandelion's fighting style as being unnecessarily sloppy or unprofessionally sadomasochistic, even when they understand exactly how her Semblance works. They're frequently warning her to dodge instead of wasting her Aura with too many deliberate injury gambits. They don't want her to lose a limb like Yang Xiao Long or worse. But it's not easy for Dandelion to shake off old habits that discouraged belligerent bar customers in Faretheewell.
    • Appearance: Dandelion Euxanth is the biggest and brawniest of the team, standing six feet and two inches tall, with an armspan exactly six feet wide, and weighing two hundred pounds of mostly muscle. She wears her fluffy blond hair in a short bob, making it look like a lion's mane. She wears short shorts and a shirt that shows off her abs, as well as the spiked over-the-knee boots that are part of her weaponry. When she wants to party, she switches her shorts for a Dangerously Short Skirt that combines with her boots for Grade B Zettai Ryouiki.
    • Personality: Dandelion put together her iconic outfit partly because she's a Shameless Fanservice Girl and mostly for goading enemies to strike her exposed flesh and fall for her Deliberate Injury Gambit. She got the idea that if Grimm show up after a bandit raid, then Grimm wouldn't show up if bandits were too scared to raid, so getting rid of bandits is more important than getting rid of Grimm. She didn't consult a logician to see if her reasoning was faulty before sharing it with Lilac Rook. It's not easy for Dandelion to shake off old habits that discouraged belligerent bar customers in Faretheewell, and she's not too concerned about depleting her Aura because her Semblance uses just as much energy as anyone else's Aura uses to heal their own wounds.
    • Backstory: Dandelion grew up in Faretheewell, and like Lilac, wasn't very good at fishing. Instead, Dandelion helped defend the village against bandits and Grimm. When she got older and discovered her Semblance, she worked as a bouncer in Faretheewell's tavern.
    • Motives: Dandelion is afflicted with Chronic Hero Syndrome and enjoys being In Harm's Way. She reasons that becoming a Huntress means that she's filling a demand, taking the place of some unknown hypothetical person who would be more reluctant to fill the position.

Shay Sapphire by Sanokal

  • Kingdom association: Beacon.
  • Color scheme: Blue, black as a secondary colour.
  • Species: Human.
  • Semblance: Telekinesis. Shay has the ability to move objects with his mind, and manipulates this ability in order to enhance his apparent strength, agility, and durability beyond normal enhanced levels. He can also apply it at a particular level, but the fine level of control and power to do so mean that this takes more time. Heavier and more durable materials require more effort for Shay to affect.
  • Weapon: Puruhaori, a blue-bladed longsword as long as Shay is tall. He can channel his Aura into the blade at a far greater extent and control than normal, resulting in a white and blue energy surrounding the blade.
  • Description: The sheer size and demeanor of Shay Sapphire gives off the air of an unfriendly and cold individual. In truth, he is much more complicated, but fine with his apparent nature. A lone wolf for years, Shay has left behind his team in order to keep them away from his self-destructive quest of revenge, and his experiences have caused his Aura to develop.
    • Appearance: Shay is tall, over two meters in height, and wears predominantly black clothing under his long blue coat. His eyes are grey-blue, and his messy brown hair is longer at the front and comes close to falling into his eyes. He carries Puruhaori in a sheath at his waist rather than his back, with the back slit open at the tip in order to allow him to draw it from the hip. When he unleashes his Aura, his eyes turn silver, though he does not have the powers of the Silver-Eyed Warriors, and his hair turns white.
    • Personality: Shay is the embodiment of contradiction, capable of surprising stealth despite his size, and of fiery anger one second and calm observation the next, a tendency that unnerves people. For the most part he remains quiet, but ready to cut in with a snarky remark and willing to enjoy a good joke. Though poor at conversation, he is more talkative once he gets started. Shay holds fierce grudges, even against those who have not harmed him if he feels the deeds were vile enough, and is condemning of stupidity and generalization. Shay enjoys a challenge, and both out of pragmatism and sportsmanship tends to fight without his Semblance despite its utility. However, if he feels that he needs to, he will attempt to end a fight as quickly as possible. Shay tends to berate and insult himself, well aware of his temper and failings.
    • Motives: The White Fang have come full circle in their quest to eradicate humanity; now there is a human willing to eradicate them. Shay is on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge after the White Fang put his teammate into a coma during their education, and finished his education before disappearing into the wild. Though willing to pardon repenters, Shay will usually thrash them within an inch of their lives first.
    • Background: Shay was educated at Beacon Academy, but his happy time was brought to a crashing halt when his teammate was attacked and injured by the White Fang. With his teammate in a coma, Shay vowed to avenge her and those the White Fang had wronged, and after completing his education he explained his purpose to his teammates in the hopes that they could find the better path, before departing Vale into the wilderness, ready to take on any evil he could find.

Augustus Silvermane by WolfOfBlades

  • Kingdom association: None (He's a traveler)
  • Color Scheme: Silver, and Black.
  • Species: Human(?)
  • Semblance: Unknown
  • Weapon: The Howling Shadow (Find it in Weapon Ideas)
  • Description: A tall and bulky man, with long silver hair that has wild look.
He has intricate markings of silver symbols on his body which portrays him as a savage warrior. He wears a pair of silver intricately decorated gauntlets on his arms and his sword is sheathed horizontally behind his waist. He wears baggy white pants with remnants of armor and a torn white sash attached to them, on rare occasions he sometimes wears a black poncho that covers his entire body. He is a stoic, cold and calculating man that surprisingly has a bloodthirsty streak. He secretly enjoys battle and yearns to die in one hell of a battle. He is also surprisingly a bit of a hedonist only enjoying some of the basic pleasures of life (namely food, beverages from non-alcoholic to alcoholic kind and etc.)

Ain Griscom Ashburn by WolfOfBlades

  • Kingdom association: None (Bounty Hunter)
  • Color scheme: Red, White and Blue
  • Species: Human
  • Semblance: Unknown
  • Weapon: Just his fists. (also weighted gloves which he calls "The Star-Spangled Fists of Justice")
  • Description: Ain is a famed bounty hunter who fights with an unorthodox street fighting style. He has ash-grey hair, wears an all leather outfit that is decorated with elements similar to the American flag, He also wears a pair of weighted Fingerless Gloves with metal studs on each knuckle. Not only is his fighting style unorthodox but his combat style in general, as said above his style fighting style is incredibly unrefined, pragmatic and brutal but very effective. Another thing about him is that he also has very low aura, and doesn't seem to have a semblance. But he makes it up with incredible strength that can even knock out the toughest grim, and being incredibly tough enough to tank hits and soldiering on.

Miles Brennus by Clockwork_Heart

  • Kingdom association: None known.
  • Colour Scheme: Grey of varying shades.
  • Species: Human(?).
  • Semblance: Unknown.
  • Weapon: Unknown/Varies from tale to tale. However, is most commonly depicted as carrying an elaborately crafted staff in one hand and a book in the other.
  • Description: Brennus is perhaps one of the most enigmatic figures in Remnant's history. Almost nothing (at least, nothing solid) is known about his weapon of choice, Semblance, or birthplace - the only thing that is known for certain is that he was born before the Great War, hence his atypical name. Few have ever met him, leading many to doubt he ever existed, though apocryphal tales claim he appears to people who have some form of importance in shaping the future and the world alike.

  • Azure Rosewell by Kagemoto
    • Kingdom association: Vale
    • Color scheme: Azure and Scarlet
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Force Eater, with the semblance Azure is able to redirect or nullify forces that he (or his weapon) comes into contact with. Momentum is an example of a force that he can affect, Reaction force is another example. The limitation is that he can only redirect one force at a time and that he can only affect as much force as he can dish out (basically he can nullify/redirect as much as his maximum damage output he can cause)
    • Weapon: Force Marshal, A cutlass/rifle weapon hybrid with the the gun affixed to the swords, there is a guard on the handle/grip that allows for protection of the fingers. The blade is serrated on the 'curve' of the blade and is as thick as the gun. The gun can be reloaded from the side and it's body is very tough which allows it to survive melee impacts when the blade is being used.
    • Description: Azure has dark blue hair and light grey eyes, he wears a short sleeve jacket and red long sleeved shirt with black cargo pants and black boots. Azure is a quiet youth who spends time reading fictional stories and watching fictional shows, he likes music and eating. He is apathetic and hard to get to know but is extremely loyal once said loyalty is gained. Azure is a hunter to support his family and sends most of his cash home instead on spending them on himself

  • Robert Alder by Roll_Fizzlebeef
    • Kingdom association: Vale
    • Color Scheme: Gray Power Armor with Gold lining and a Royal Blue Visor on his helmet
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Iron Guard, the protection of his heavy armor is further enhanced, being able to shrug off heavy blows from even alpha variants of Grimm and act as a sort of tank for his comrades.
    • Weapon: Simply called, "Mulcher", it is but a simple Auto-cannon. Lacking the flash of the hunter and huntress weapons, it makes up for it in the sheer volume of firepower it can dish out, reducing anything caught in its line-of-fire into something like a pool with small chunks floating in it.
    • Description: A young man, around his early twenties with black hair and blue eyes, wearing standard the standard Atlas military uniform. Being a part of Atlas's military, he is a soldier, calm under fire, willing to sacrifice his life for the better of others and making sure everything and everyone makes it out in one piece. Clad in a suit of Power Armor, he is one of the most intimidating sights for someone to see, the shiny gray plates proudly worn on his muscular body. Nothing much is known of his background as he's just your average soldier. His first and last mission was during the Battle of Beacon, Alder was sent to recover Headmaster Ozpin, only to encounter Cinder Falls, imbued with the power of the Fall Maiden. Although he made a valiant stand against her, withstanding blow after blow due to use of Iron Guard and trying to track her with Mulcher. In the end, her agility and her powers overwhelmed the heavy trooper and he was killed after being sliced in two by Cinder.

  • Vantar Koganusân note by Clockwork_Heart
    • Kingdom Association: None - formerly Atlas.
    • Colour Scheme: Black, threaded with burning orange-red.
    • Species: Unknown - thought to be Faunus.
    • Semblance: Dynakinesis - grants him the power to redirect, store, and control energy of all forms. Absorbing energy causes his durability to increase, though he can sacrifice this durability by transmitting energy as a means of attack. However, he is bound by the laws of physics - he cannot generate energy, only manipulate existing energy. Additionally, the use of his semblance requires him to concentrate greatly, forcing him to move slowly.
    • Weapon: Prefers use of Semblance for battle, but has been known to use his natural traits in battle.
    • Description: More monster than anything else, Vantar's appearance is almost entirely dominated by his (presumed) Faunus characteristics. His body resembles some mutilated hybrid of a bear and a human, with leathery black skin covering his muscle-bound body. Both hands closely resemble mangled masses of rock - claws extend from the mangled growths in place of fingers, and his bulky arms bristle with similar spines and miniature crags of rock-like bone. His head bears a single red eye, the other sealed by a mass of scar tissue, and horns jut from his skull almost randomly. Usually wears a hooded black greatcoat, veined with orange-red lines down its length.
    • Personality: Vantar displays extreme contempt and often outright hatred toward humans, in part due to him being ostracised and frequently attacked over his monstrous appearance. He is extremely aggressive, requiring very little provocation to goad him into unleashing lethal force, and often goes out of his way to spite an enemy, even when this will see him injured or otherwise disadvantaged. He is borderline addicted to the rush of adrenaline he gains from battle, which often drives him to fight without concern for his own safety. Prefers to operate alone, even under extremely dangerous conditions - whether this is out of paranoia or what remains of his humanity remains questionable. Extremely disdainful toward authority - loyal solely to himself and his goals, he cares nothing for rules or laws that stand in his way.
    • Motives: In a word: Revenge. Vantar wants humanity to pay for the abuse and ostracization he suffered in his early years, with a particular desire to see the SDC destroyed for their actions against his kind. At the same time, he wants the White Fang destroyed, viewing them as no more than a second SDC in the making - no better than the monsters they seek to destroy.
    • Background: Vantar was born to unknown parents in a Schnee Dust Company-owned quarry, forced to labour down in the mines as soon as he could swing a pickaxe. His Faunus traits had reached their current state by a young age - the only thing that saved his life when a mine support gave way, burying him, his parents, and dozens of other Faunus workers under tonnes of rock. Half-mad with pain and deranged by the loss of his parents, Vantar managed to dig his way out into a more stable area before breaching the ground outside the mine. His freedom was not to be enjoyed for long, however. Upon reaching a nearby town, he was attacked by the population, believing him to be some new form of Grimm. Though he escaped alive, he bore scars upon mind and body alike forevermore. From there, his life consisted of fleeing from town to town, scavenging from waste and stealing what he needed to survive. He soon made his first kills - an SDC mercenary team, sent to return him to the mines. Driven berserk by the memories they recalled, Vantar butchered the entire team at the cost of severe wounds. Subsequently found by a group of White Fang, he was inducted into the group and taught that only by aiding them could he avoid death at human hands - accompanied by sob stories from the Faunus members of the White Fang, it stoked the fire of his anger into a furnace-hot firestorm of hate toward humanity. Yet when he saw their actions firsthand, he turned against them, viewing them as no better than the humans they sought vengeance against. Hunted by both sides, he managed to slip away to Menagerie - within the uninhabitable deserts, Vantar managed to unlock both his Aura and Semblance through intense training, fragmentary knowledge, and several near-death experiences. Vantar subsequently moved to Shade Academy with the intent of gaining further understanding of his newfound powers - for the moment, he remains there.

     Original teams 
This space is for those that go a bit beyond the creation of one character. Anyone who has multiple character ideas is encouraged to group them into a full four-person team. When designing a team, please remember these guidelines:

Team XMPL (pronounced Example) by Username

  • Character 1
    • Species: Human/ X Faunus
    • Semblance
    • Weapon: name and description
    • Description: write a brief paragraph about the character.
  • Character 2 (repeat)
  • Character 3 (repeat)
  • Character 4 (repeat)

Team VOLN (Violin) by Bomberman121890

  • Verse Warden
    • Swan Faunus (wings)
    • Semblance: Poetic Instinct. He can channel energy through his quill, summoning objects into being by writing them by name.
    • Weapon: Falchion Lyric, a broadsword that doubles as a shotgun. It can use a variety of different types dust for different effects.
    • Ashamed of his faunus heritage, Verse vowed to forever hide his wings. After watching his sister die, he set out from Mandala Village to attend the elite Beacon Academy. He realized that he could summon anything into being, just by writing them by name with his quill pen. He soon net Orion, who would be one of the only people he would ever trust with his secret. Unfortunately, his secret couldn't last forever. In a tournament match, he was badly injured by a finishing blow that broke one of his wings, revealing them to the audience. After several months of hospitalization and healing, he had finally been able to rejoin his team in the fight against the Grimm. Now, Verse is not ashamed of his wings, and is in fact proud of them. Since he was injured on a live broadcast, he has gained some notoriety as a spokesperson for the Faunus. Despite this newfound fame, Verse has decided to focus on fighting to defend Remnant as a huntsman.
  • Orion Brean
    • Human
    • Semblance: Hellfire. Orion has been naturally drawn to fire as a boy. He soon learned that he can create and control his own fire.
    • Weapon: Day's End, an extended double-bladed axe that doubles as a minigun. It can be rearranged to dual wield hatchets.
    • Orion was born into nothing between the kingdoms. He didn't have a good father, so he ran away. While he was on his own, he ran into a Huntsman named Mars who became a father figure to him. After his death, Orion picked up Mars's weapon to fight in his name. Having to fight for his life every day has toughened him to the point where he was invited to attend Beacon Academy. There, he met Verse, who would quickly become one of his only friends while others teased him for his lack of formal combat training. His life would change forever when Team VOLN was attacked by Ursae. During the battle, Orion managed to save Noir's life, and they had a moment to look into each other's eyes. Now they share a love too powerful for words.
  • Lyla Marko
    • Human
    • Semblance: Sympathy. She can tap into other people's emotions and gain an understanding of them. This helps her to bind with her friends and find weaknesses in her enemies.
    • Weapon: Stellar Wind, a staff that doubles as a wind glider, using recoil from its Air Dust vents to boost its flight capability. The end of the staff acts as a simple pistol.
    • After watching her brother killed by the Grimm at an early age, Lyla swore to avenge his death by becoming a huntress. She would spend the next four years training at Signal before finally being accepted into Beacon. Once she was at Beacon, Lyla quickly formed bonds with her new teammates thanks to her Semblance. Now, any time a member of Team VOLN needs emotional support, she will gladly be there.
  • Noir
    • Human
    • Semblance: Shadowcast. His shadow can attack of it its own will, affecting the real world, but if Noir gets too angry, he can lose control of it. When he loses control, it will go on a rampage, slaughtering anything that moves.
    • Weapon: Night Sun and Blood Moon. Night Sun is a black mask he wears on his face that he can remove and use as a holster for his trusted whip. Blood Moon is a pistol that that he carries everywhere.
    • Nobody knows where he came from, or even what is name is. Everyone he's ever knew has taken to calling him Noir, as he has said he prefers it. It seems that not even he knows or cares about his true name or heritage. His only mission in life is to remove the threat of the Grimm. However, unbeknownst to him, he is fighting am even greater war against his inner demons. And sometimes, when he's under a lot of stress, they might just take over.

Team CRNS (Chronos) by Bomberman121890

  • Cherie Marcus
    • Species: Beetle Faunus (antennae)
    • Semblance: Float On. By utilizing a partial control of gravity, Cherie can levitate herself at will. The full extent of her Semblance is unknown.
    • Weapon: Výkon Pěst. A pair of boxing gloves that when opened, fire a blast of propellant Dust at Cherie's enemies.
    • Description: Cherie was the only survivor after a group of bandits ransacked her home in Xione Village. After escaping, she ran to the nearest town and was able to catch a flight to Menagerie. While there, she was able to live with a kind old man who had dedicated his life to giving homes to lost children. She grew up there with Razz, Nyanza, and Sage. As they grew old enough, they all moved to Mistral to study at Haven Academy. At first, Cherie wasn't the best fighter, but she quickly redeemed herself during a Geist attack, proving herself worthy to lead Team CRNS.
  • Razz Starr
    • Species: Porcupine Faunus (quills)
    • Semblance: Shatter. She can find and exploit weak points in anything she fights, effectively making every strike lethal.
    • Weapon: Vesania. A collapsible Bo staff that doubles as a Dust rocket launcher. However, due to its extreme power, the rocket launcher can only be used once per battle.
    • Description: Razz was born in Midoriama Village, outside of Mistral. Her village had a very unorthodox law system and were extremely racist against the Faunus. If a Faunus was discovered, a bounty would be placed on their head and hunters sent out to kill them. The one that did was then awarded a prize, typically 150 lien. After seeing her mother slaughtered, Razz ran away, and find herself lost. But knowing where to run, she remembered hearing about Menagerie, where Faunus could be free. After being forced to work as a child prostitute to raise money for boat fare, she traveled to Menagerie, where she was taken in by the Hart Home for Wandering Faunus. It was there that she would meet her future teammates and friends.
  • Nyanza Hart
    • Species: dog faunus (tail)
    • Semblance: Fortify. For a brief period of time, Nyanza can become completely indestructible, but it will only last for a few seconds before she starts to get worn out. After about ten seconds, she will collapse, her aura being completely depleted.
    • Weapon: Nomos. A straight sword with a blade on the left side. It can be swung so hard that it creates a blade of wind that will slice through anything.
    • Description: Nyanza was one of two daughters born to Olivia and Garrett Hart. Being raised by her parents helped her to develop an appreciation for all people. After a while, her parents began to take in Faunus that had been orphaned or left homeless. Unlike her sister, Nyanza mostly kept out of the business, seeing that none of the children were her age. All of this quickly changed when she met the newest addition to the home, Cherie. The pair quickly became good friends. They eventually decided to study at Haven together. Their training was interrupted early on by a Geist attack which left her badly injured. She was able to survive, but she lost a leg in the battle. Now, she is resting, waiting to return to her team.
  • Sage Hart
    • Species: Dog Faunus (ears)
    • Semblance: Hyperfocus. She can overload her senses to slow down her perception of time, enabling her to move faster than the eye can track.
    • Weapon: Terram. A straight sword with a blade on the right side. It can use Earth dust to cause a ground-shaking shockwave.
    • Description: Sage was born the younger of a set of twins into a household that cared greatly for orphaned Faunus. She grew up with a few of the children, eventually agreeing to go study at Haven together. Her idealism helped her to progress quickly through Haven's ranks. After her first month, she was at the top of the ranking. She formed such powerful bonds with the rest of her team that they can only be described as a family. The future of these girls is looking bright, for now.

Team JCKL (Jackal) by Brony753

  • Name: Jacob Cobalt
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Zenith - his physical attributes (strength, speed, senses, etc.) are raised to their maximum. It allows him to lift and move/throw objects as large as an Ursa Major, keep up with (not outrun) speedsters like Ruby, and even withstand a grenade explosion at ground zero.
    • Weapon(s): Hi and Yoru (Japanese for Day and Night) - a pair of Dust-infused Katanas (one silvery-white and the other gunmetal grey) that can cut through almost anything and can even use various kinds of Dust for elemental attacks.
    • Description: From the moment he could walk, Jacob's father began to train him to become a Huntsman. Due to living outside the kingdoms, his father couldn't afford to send him to any of the academies. After receiving his weapons at the age of 8, he began to accompany his father on missions until the age of 10, when his father met his untimely demise at the claws of a Death Stalker. After living as a vagabond Huntsman for two years, Jacob met the people that would become his teammates and his closest friends. Now a closely-knit unit, these four have only one goal in their lives: to defeat the Grimm and the White Fang, and return Remnant to a new time of peace.
  • Name: Candice Noir
    • Species: Bat Faunus (sports a pair of bat ears)
    • Semblance: Echo - can create sonic waves for either echolocation or for attacks.
    • Weapon(s): Night's Kiss - a pair of handguns that transform into daggers.
    • Description - After losing her father and sister to a bandit raid at the age of 9, Candice took up her father's weapons and signed up with a band of mercenaries in order to receive training with them. During her training, she mastered several martial arts and learned maximum efficiency with her weapons. However, on her first mission three years later, she was horrified when she learned that the mercs were willing to kill innocent people in order to defeat a horde of Grimm. Unable to bear the thought of innocent people dying when they could be saved, Candice turned on the mercs, forcing them to retreat and leaving her to fight the Grimm on her own. After defeating them and helping the civilians escape, Candice followed them to the next village. There she met Jacob Cobalt, the boy who would change her life forever.
  • Name: Kevin Lobo
    • Species: Wolf Faunus (sports a wolf tail)
    • Semblance: Huff and Puff - able to summon gale-force winds by breathing hard enough.
    • Weapon(s): Alpha Shot - a sniper rifle that turns into a spear.
    • Description: Having grown up in an unstable household, Kevin enrolled in Signal Combat School to get away from his family. However, he ended up being shunned because of his Faunus heritage. Due to this, he ended up forming a cynical personality and a pessimistic outlook on life. After getting into a fight with another student to stop him from picking on another Faunus and injuring him in the process, Kevin left the school and decided to travel outside the kingdoms. During his travels, he ended up meeting two people, a human and a Faunus, and decided to join them, feeling that he had finally found the one thing he had always wanted: a friend.
  • Name: Oliver Leatherback
    • Species: Crocodile Faunus (sports a crocodile tail)
    • Semblance: Rage - whenever he feels any emotion that increases his heartbeat (anger, excitement, terror, etc.), Oliver's body produces adrenaline at an alarming rate, which he then channels into his muscles and nerves. This increases his strength, speed, senses, and endurance; but at a cost. If his body produces too much adrenaline, Oliver can slip into an animalistic fury and is very difficult to calm down. He has trained to control this, but the risk is still ever-present.
    • Weapon(s): Earthshaker and Iron Fortress - a buster sword that transforms into a rocket launcher and an impenetrable expanding shield.
    • Description: Having been born in Vacuo, Oliver had it easy compared to most other Faunus. His mother, being a talented metalworker, helped him build his weapons before he enrolled in combat school. During his second year, however, tragedy struck. When his class was taken out to the deserts of Vacuo for a survival simulation, they were attacked by the creatures of Grimm. Oliver was the only one to survive, but he was left to wander the desert alone. Taking as many resources as he could carry, the young Faunus tried to make his way back to the school, but accidentally stumbled into a pack of Beowolves. Heat stroke and dehydration had taken their toll at this point, and Oliver was unable to properly defend himself. As the Grimm closed in to finish him off, Oliver began to hear voices before losing consciousness. When he woke up several hours later, he saw three other shadows standing over him. After trying to stand up, he noticed there were two other Faunus and a human. Realizing that these three saved his life, Oliver thanks them for helping him, then the human brought out a map and offered to take him back to Vacuo. After gratefully accepting the offer, the three kids escorted Oliver back home, where he told his mother that he was going to be traveling with the three young Hunters who helped him. Little did the four of them know it, but their lives were beginning to change forever.

Team JEVL(Jewel) - by eambah2905

  • Name: Jasper (Jazz) Umnyama
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Fortuna - probability distortion that makes Jazz extremely lucky, her enemies? Not so much.
    • Weapon(s): Oṣumare and Koju - A dust-powered, flèched extendable whip that can be condensed and used as a spear/staff, and a scarf like material that can be used for camouflage and/or as a shield.
    • Description: Born to well-to-do parents, Jazz Umnyama grew up in Atlas. Between her semblance which meant she had a habit of getting what she wanted and excelling in most areas of her life, and her affluent lifestyle Jazz took a lot of things for granted when she was a child. However one day she and her family got caught in the cross-fire between the Schnee Dust Company and the White Fang. She was able to use her semblance to protect her family and herself but not before her father was crippled, and she received a nasty burn on her back. Since then she's dedicated herself to stopping neutral, if not innocent parties from getting caught up in conflict. In her opinion, the best way to do that was to become a huntress. Jazz is incredibly playful and gave each of her team members their nicknames.
  • Name: Ember (Embie) Spinelli
    • Species: Fox Faunus
    • Semblance: Banshee - Ember can produce sound waves that range in power from being able to knock people out and being able to shatter concrete.
    • Weapon: Cornucopia - a giant horn that she uses as a club in melee fights, but can also store and redirect attacks as well as amplifying and directing her semblance.
    • Description: Ember the daughter of a Faunus family that moved to Atlas from Vacuo because of the promise of jobs for the Faunus by the Schnee Dust Company. What she and her family experienced upon arriving there was much less than they had hoped for. Ember joined Atlas Academy for two main reasons: first she believed that as a huntress she would be able to better support her family than as a worker in the SDC mines, and second she believed it would give her a better platform to promote Faunus rights. For the most part, her team has supported her quite vocally with the exception of her partner Lapis who is more reserved on the matter.
  • Name: Violane Violet (Vivi)
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: The Tower - Vivi is plagued by bad luck that ranges from mundane to the absurd. She is never hurt directly, as her bad luck tends to cancel itself out, however those around her are rarely so lucky.
    • Weapon: Eventaille - Two bladed fans connected by a chain. The fans can be brought together, either for defense as a shield or into a sort of spiked discus which can be thrown much further.
    • Description: Vivi is the other Atlas born student in the group. She grew up in a very wealthy family, but was raised in almost total isolation due to her semblance. As a result of this treatment she is predominantly self-taught, but was still good enough to be accepted into the Atlas combat school. Her parents allowed her to go, in the hopes that she would learn to completely quash her Semblance, however she met her team leader and best friend Jazz Umnyama whose Semblance is basically the complete opposite of hers. Vivi was encouraged by Jazz not to try and smother her power, but instead unleash it all on Jazz who was certain that her own good luck would always overcome Vivi's bad. In this manner, Vivi learned to direct and control her semblance.
  • Name: Lapis Lazul (Lala)
    • Species: Peacock Faunus (but don't tell anyone)
    • Semblance: Waterform - Lapis can control water as well as cause it to spontaneously change between its three states (i.e. ice, water and steam)
    • Weapon: Acertijo - A puzzle type weapon that has multiple configurations including, but not limited to: dual kusarigama, a crossbow, a glaive and a giant pair of scissors.
    • Description: Lapis is the Faunus daughter of a human man and a now-deceased Faunus woman who lived together in Mistral. However her Faunus traits, the peacock crest and a few feathers in her hair, are comparatively easy to hide. Having experienced persecution as a Faunus, before she died, Lapis' mother begged her husband to hide the fact that she was a Faunus. Lapis obeyed, but secretly wished to embrace the Faunus side of her identity. Until she had no choice. There was a White Fang attack in Mistral and Lapis was exposed as a Faunus. Despite having literally nothing to do with the White Fang, she was looked down upon, tormented and ultimately tortured for her perceived affiliation with the White Fang. Her father moved with her to Atlas and Lapis, having seen the depths humans could sink to, once again tried to hide as a human. Through good luck or bad, her secret was quickly discovered by her team, who all support her even though Ember a fellow Faunus does sometimes get irritated. Lapis decided to go to the Academy because she believed, that if she was seen as a huntress above all else, she might be able to live freely as a Faunus.

Team SLDR(soldier) by Bomberman121890

  • Slate Darwin
    • Snake Faunus (venomous fangs)
    • Semblance: Vanish. Slate can manipulate his skin to blend in with his environment, effectively becoming invisible.
    • Weapon: Raasi. Bo staff that, with a flick of the wrist, can extend into a full chain whip. When combined together, the staff doubles as a long range sniper rifle.
    • Slate was born homeless within the kingdom of Vacuo. He had to hide his emotions as a child, for whenever he smiled, his fangs would show. People were worried that he was affiliated with the White Fang, and thoughts resounded in the back of the back of everyone's mind. He proved them wrong when his fighting skills earned him a spot in Shade Academy. Now, he fights to defend everyone who ever turned their back on him.
  • Leroy Brass
    • Human
    • Semblance: Stonewall. He can create impenetrable barriers, protecting himself and his team from harm.
    • Weapon: Hiekka Kuumuus. A gun that, instead of dust ammunition, fires a large, deadly, sawblade.
    • Leroy was born into a rich family in western Vacuo. To this day, the Brass family is the only company able to keep up with the Schnee Dust Company in terms of competition. Raised by his father, Leroy inherited his father's appreciation for all people. The Brass Company believed that nobody is better than anyone else, and worked to find the peaceful White Fang before they turned violent. As such, Leroy has spent his life fighting for the faunus, even standing against police at a White Fang March. He eventually was accepted into Shade Academy for his skill as a warrior, where he quickly met Slate.
  • Francis "Duke" Harrison
    • Elk Faunus (antlers)
    • Semblance: Dark Blossom. Flowers bloom from the ground around him, releasing a large amount of pollen that confuses and disorients Duke's opponents.
    • Weapon: násilný. This large lance allows Duke to attack his enemies' weakness through a single point. It can focus ice dust through the barrel into a beam with pinpoint accuracy.
    • Francis was born to a small unassuming family in Menagerie. He never had any friends until he enrolled in Shade Academy. While he was there, he quickly bonded with his teammates. After watching a fellow student be killed in the fall of Beacon, he started to take his training much more seriously. Now, he often clashes with his team when he feels they're spending too much time messing around.
  • Rosanna Porter
    • Dog faunus (ears)
    • Semblance: Illumination. She can cast a bright blinding light that has the strange property of burning Grimm to a crisp.
    • Weapon: Cantus and Sanctum. Rosanna wields am impenetrable shield and a cutlass with a gemstone forged into it. The gemstone is a pure dust crystal that lets the sword be engulfed flames.
    • Rosanna was born in the back alleys of Mistral, immediately being abandoned by her parents. Let out to die, she was picked up and raised by a traveling group of bandits and mercenaries. Raised as one of their own, Rosanna had no qualms about ending innocent lives. Upon hearing of the ensuing war between her clan and the White Fang, she ran away, only to save herself. She applied to Shade Academy in Vacuo, hoping to better her fighting skills so she could set off as a mercenary for money. Let's hope that Shade can teach her some morals.

Team TPAZ (Topaz) by Bomberman121890

  • Tanner Jackson
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: none/ unknown
    • Weapon: Jubilee. A sniper rifle that can fire a round of Fire Dust over 400 meters with precision accuracy. It can fold up to double as a hooked sword that uses recoil to increase its speed while being swung.
    • Description: Tanner was an unassuming owner of a small Dust Shop in Vacuo. He supplied his village with the arnaments they needed to defend themselves from the Grimm. Eventually, his shop was bought out by the SDC, with representative Weiss Schnee coming personally to sign the contract. From this day, Tanner held a resentment of the Schnee. Not knowing what to do with his life, he enrolled in Shade Academy as a Huntsman. He trained hard, but for unknown reasons was not able to unlock his Semblance. Being a pacifist at heart, he chose to only fight the Grimm, but his team signed him up for the 41st Vytal Tournament. Being pulled along, he learned he really enjoyed fighting against worthy opponents. He was chosen to represent his team in the singles rounds, where his first matchup was against none other than Weiss Schnee. After losing to her in a close match, the two gained a close friendship. He is now waiting for the next Vytal Tournament for a reason to fight against her again.
  • Princeton Jacobs
    • Species: Ram Faunus (Horns)
    • Semblance: Denial. He can create a shield of light around anything he pleases, be it himself or his teammates.
    • Weapon: Vibrato. A dagger that utilizes the force of motion to vibrate its blade at high speeds. It can expand into a rifle capable of creating a concussive sonic blast.
    • Description: Princeton was the son of a wealthy adventurist in Vacuo. Due to the high crime rate in his town, Princeton lived a very sheltered lifestyle and never had any friends. His father spent his time teaching Princeton to fight, and enrolled him in Shade when he was old enough. After unlocking his Semblance, Princeton acts as defense for his team. While he was at Shade, he was mocked constantly for his ram horns, to the point where he didn't trust his own teammate. He only proved his worth to himself when he was finally able to win a combat match. After that, people finally began to respect him as a person.
  • Amaranth Grant
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Marionette. She can tap into another person's aura and physically manipulate them for a limited period of time. She can only do this to one person at a time, and only for about twenty seconds, otherwise her aura would be completely drained.
    • Weapon: Venom Hornet and Buzzshock . She carries around five throwing daggers that she uses to pin and paralyze her enemies, whereupon she can easily take them out with one whack from her electric mace.
    • Description: Amaranth was a great fighter from the get-go, but she lacked one important skill. She never acknowledges that she is on a team, preferring to only work alone. She is generally rude to any other student who gets in her way, and her teammates are nowhere near immune to this. Whenever she gets the chance, Amaranth will throw in the fact that she will not be sticking around with a team after they complete their training. Her all-around selfishness was mostly caused by her mother, who taught her to take everything seriously and look down on those who waste time. Anyone who isn't following Amaranth's orders is only getting in her way.
  • Zakh Grayson
    • Species: Coyote Faunus (ears)
    • Semblance: Tempest. When pushed to the limit, Zakh can control powerful winds and a deluge of rain. Using his environment to his advantage, under the right conditions he can create a devastating lightning storm.
    • Weapon: Helheim. His twin sabres can siphon the light from the area around them and store it as energy. When infused with ice dust, it uses the light to freeze Zakh's enemies with a solid beam of ice, leaving only darkness in its wake.
    • Zakh was cast aside and abandoned from the day he was born. As a child born by rape, his village decided to run him away. He ended up lost in the jungle, having to fight to survive. After two years, Zakh began to despise everything that lives. After forming an alliance with a group of criminals, he began to use his abilities to turn a profit. After awhile, he had a change of heart and decided to enroll in Shade to atone for his mistakes. While there, he met up with the rest of Team TPAZ. Thanks to their efforts, he's working hard to make up for his past.

Team CADI (Candy) by Bomberman121890

  • Celeste Martin
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Catapult. By utilizing her aura, Celeste can leap twenty feet in the air and control her momentum while in midair.
    • Weapon: Grand Fury, a bow that can fire arrows tipped with any sort of Dust. It can also be rearranged and thrown as a boomerang.
    • Celeste was born a warrior. She was the daughter of the chief of a nomadic tribe who could survive in the jungles of Vale. Being a tribesman, Celeste needed to fight from a young age to even survive. On her 14th birthday, she inherited the Grand Fury from her father, as is tradition. She learned about the combat schools in the kingdoms and decided to better herself there so she could protect her people later. Now, she is training alongside some of the best fighters in the world at Beacon Academy.
  • Apel Yost
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Steel. She can wrap her arms and chest in a strong metal armor that adapts to her movements, effectively gaining a layer of metal skin.
    • Weapon: Aurora Flame. A long telescoping spear with a sharp blade at the end. It has a barrel running down the length of the weapon, allowing Apel to fire freely with the push of a button.
    • Apel was a gifted dancer from Mistral. As a child, she was invited to perform for a very large crowd for a charity concert. She gained fame for her dancing, but wasn't satisfied with the life she was living. Her life would change forever when an Ursa attacked during her latest show. It pinned her to a corner and would have killed her if not for the last-minute arrival of a Huntsman. From that moment, Apel looked up to the huntsmen and aspired to be one. She applied to Haven Academy, but was rejected for her lack of combat training. Determined to be a huntress, she applied again at Beacon, and this time got in to fight alongside Team CADI.
  • Diamond Grapp
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: High Pressure. Since she is constantly under pressure to be the best warrior she can be, Diamonds has developed an ability to increase her body's density, and therefore increase pressure on whatever she's standing on.
    • Weapon: Squall Surge, a small handheld cannon that, with the pull of a trigger, fires a devastating round of Dust. It comes with a bayonet attachment that transforms the weapon into a deadly shiv.
    • Diamond was the daughter of an esteemed Huntsman by the name of Victor Orrelios. As he retired, he settled down and raised a family. As the daughter of a huntsman, Diamond was enrolled in Signal the moment she was of age. There, she learned to hone her natural skill as a warrior and craft her own weapon. Diamond was never the brightest student, so she kept her weapon simple but powerful. After training at Signal, she was personally invited to Beacon by headmaster Ozpin. Her initiation at Beacon didn't go so well, though. While she got separated from her partner India, Diamond was ambushed by a King Taijitu. It was able to pin her down and gouge out her right eye. Thankfully, India heard her screams and was able to save her life just in time. Now, Diamond fights with Team CADI, determined to kill every last Grimm to get revenge.
  • India Sidana
    • Species: Tiger Faunus (claws and striped patterns on her face)
    • Semblance: Feral. She tosses her inhibitions aside and gives in to her primal instincts. This gives her a dramatic boost in strength and speed at the cost of losing control.
    • Weapon: Johar and Jindal. Twin hatchets that uses different kinds of dust to enhance the blades. While Johar uses Fire dust to heat its blade, Jindal uses Lightning dust to supercharge its blade. When the two are clashed together, they create a massive blast of energy that travels straight into India's foes.
    • India was born with a strange genetic anomaly. Although both her parents were human, India had her stripes from the moment she was born. She was cast aside by her parents and family and was forced to wonder the streets of Vale alone. As time went by, India had to resort to stealing to survive. After a while, she realized that she couldn't keep being a thief. She began to sell herself out, doing anything so she could eat that night. Most customers only wanted odd jobs and household chores, but a few decided otherwise. She shamefully sold herself to them as a child prostitute just so she could eat. After a while, she began to get used to her lifestyle, but she was wanted throughout the city. She soon enrolled in Beacon so she could start anew. During initiation, she was partnered up with Diamond, but quickly lost her in the woods. She wondered around and began to hear her scream for help. After running back to save Diamond, the two became great friends. Becoming a huntress had given her the one thing India could never steal. She had a purpose in life.

Team GRAY by Shadic The Hedgehog

  • Grey Veyon
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Healing. He can knit the wounds of anyone within three meters, though the amount of healing decreases with distance, barely being able to knit a paper cut at maximum range, but being able to reattach limbs (if they're well preserved or freshly cut) while touching the target. He can also overclock his semblance to fully heal everyone in a six meter radius before falling unconscious for the next twelve hours.
    • Weapon: Hibiscus Rod. A mini-rocket launcher disguised as a wooden quarterstaff. Incredibly sturdy.
    • Description: Shaved head, silver goatee. Grey eyes. White hoodie, grey pants. Tall and slight of build. Grey Veyon is a gentle man, so his choice to become a Hunter surprises many. Indeed, when fighting Grimms he tends to hang back, letting his team take on the creatures in favour of using his Semblance. However, this does not mean that he is incapable of fighting. His fighting style could safely be categorized as “staff aikido,” where he uses weapon and his opponent's momentum to safely turn their attacks against themselves.
  • Roan Gaelach
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Dust Augmentation. Roan is capable of augmenting the power of Dust's effects, whether it be empowering the reaction or damping it. This power cannot completely de-power Dust. For example, making Fire Dust only as potent as a candle flame. At full power, however, Dust becomes ridiculously dangerous.
    • Weapon: Triple Duster. A custom weapon created by Roan, which uses special bullets full of Dust. It has the shape of a regular gun, save for the fact that it has three barrels and chambers for up to nine bullets at once. By manipulating a dial on the side of Triple Duster, he can fire one, two, or all three bullets in the firing chambers, creating bigger or combined effects. He can use his Semblance to magnify the power of three bullets to the level of a tactical warhead, but doing so destroys the Triple Duster, requiring a rebuild (he's currently on his fourth version)
    • Description: Short reddish hair. Blue eyes. Red robe over grey clothes. Average height and build. Roan Gaelach is a prodigy of a Dust scientist who once worked alongside his father for the Schnee Dust Company, but left after one too many attacks on their laboratory by White Fang. They repelled all attackers without injury, thanks in part to his unique inventions. He is somewhat rash, though his actions will have thought and planning behind them. He fights best at long range and utilizes certain Dust mixtures to escape from foes that close in on him.
  • Aurum Bracchium
    • Species: Human (Prefers to think of himself as a Wolf Faunus)
    • Semblance: Animus Shroud. Similarly to one of the Schnee family abilities, Aurum can summon the power of his defeated foes. Rather than summoning them separately like the Schnee, he summons them over his body. Initially, he could only summon parts of them, but eventually he managed to basically become a golden copy of whatever he's copying. The greatest form of his power allows him to mix and match the parts he summons to make one idealized shroud-form.
    • Weapon: Grimm Reaver. A tricked-out, two-handed battleaxe. Each of its two blades can fire a bullet to either deal extra damage or speed its swing as it bites into an enemy. As an additional utility, it can fire the spike between its blades as a grappling hook, allowing the wielder to reach far places. As one last surprise, it holds a similar mini-rocket launcher as Grey's Hibiscus Rod in the bottom.
    • Description: Golden-brown hair in a ponytail and a full beard. Hazel eyes. Golden armour over tan clothes, with a wolf pelt cloak. Average height with heavy muscles. Aurum Bracchium was raised by Faunus his whole life, and considers himself one as well, even though he's a full-blooded human (his adoptive family told him so, having found him near the bodies of his birth parents). He wears his wolf-skin cloak in an attempt to reconcile his beliefs and his blood. And although he thinks of himself as a Faunus, he dislikes White Fang due to the negative light they cast on the Faunus people. He fights up close and personal with every foe, barely thinking of his own defense as he attacks in a pseudo-fury. His most devastating attack slices through hordes of Grim, but leaves him unable to lift his weapon for hours afterwards.
  • Yin Dàlǎohǔ (pronounced "Dah-lau")
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Blackfire. Yin can utilize of some sort of dark energy that explode on contact with a surface in a manner similar to a crushed Fire Dust Crystal, but black in colour.
    • Weapon: Death Lotus. A sword and shield combo. The sword can fire bullets from its tip, and the shield has a compartment of Fire Dust that can be utilized through a nozzle on the front in the form of a flamethrower. For storage the weapon and his armour merge into the shield, which he carries on his back..
    • Description: Messy short black hair. Red eyes. Wears heavy, spiked, black armour, including a helmet, when on a mission, but his casual wear is a black longcoat over a red shirt and black pants. Short and slight. Yin is so quiet and reclusive, many people believe him mute. In truth, however, he speaks only when absolutely necessary. Why this is is unknown to many, but he is fiercely protective of his allies, taking every blow to them as a personal failure. This is reflected in his Aura's strength, where it gets stronger when he fights alongside others as opposed to when he fights alone. He fights with a shield and sword in close quarters combat, but isn't averse to long range combat when necessary. His dedication and silence both stem from a traumatic event, where he and his friend, Whyt Veyon, were attacked by Grimm; she died and his Semblance and Aura both activated. In addition, this traumatic event caused Yin's Aura to turn against him: when he uses his Blackfire it causes burns inside his body, and if he shrouds himself completely in it he gets a power boost that could eventually kill him.

Team BLUD (Blood) by Krowe 9025

  • Basil Delaney
    • Species: Wolf Faunus (wolf ears)
    • Semblance: Pack Formation. By using his Aura he can create clones of himself that can be infused with dust or elements of the environment around him.
    • Weapon: Keule Shillelagh, a combination shotgun and walking stick that can use dust cartridges for various effects on the ammunition.
    • Description: Born to a large family in Atlas Basil has known hardship for most of his life. Being a family of Faunus he has always known want thanks to the vast discrimination against his kind mainly because of the lack of employment for his parents. The Schnee Dust Company seemed to be a shining beacon for all those who were looking for a job. Needless to say that working for Jacques Schnee was no picnic. Especially not after the war with the White Fang broke out. While his family didn't hold any loyalty to the White Fang Basil found himself feeling invested in the movement because of the promise of equal rights. This all changed when his parents were caught in the crossfire between the two forces. While his older siblings decided to split their time between combat training and working in the mines Basil dedicated himself to training in combat so that next time he saw another conflict he wouldn't loose more family. His prowess eventually caught the eye of Atlas Academy officials who invited him to attend. Despite his misgivings about what could happen his desire for respect beat out his cynicism that he'd never be accepted. It was during this time he met Leslie Greystokes who was having trouble fitting in as well due to her less than scrupulous actions. Together they have watched each other's back whether it's from the creatures of Grimm or those who would look to persecute them. Through her he has come out of his shell while still keeping his cynical nature which has rubbed off slightlyon his team, so much so that they all decided to copy his style of dress and use a reversed color theme of the Atlesian military commander and specialist uniforms as a team uniform of choice. He has come to see them as family and will fight like hell to keep them safe. He's promised himself that he'll do anything for them and in return they have promised to help him gain respect as well as gain a revenge on those who have broken his family.
  • Leslie Greystokes
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Kinetic Burst and Absorption. Using her Aura she can release a blast of kinetic energy to either attack or defend herself. It is also possible that she can absorb kinetic energy from various sources to either restore her own supply or to redirect it at a different target or direction.
    • Weapon: Hoffnung and Verzweiflung, a set of revolvers that can fire various types of dust filled ammunition as well as combine to form either a saber for melee or a rifle for long range fighting.
    • Description: No easy way around it but Leslie is a top level thief & assassin. It runs in the family which should come as no surprise if you know anything about Mistral. As Qrow put it "Need something that's hard to find? Got someone that's hard to kill? They can help...provided you've got the Lien to pay for it." Well that's the family business, steal what the customer wants & kill who the customer wants. Not really a healthy environment for a kid but you grow up fast in this life & Leslie is no exception by any means. Being well versed in both theft & assassination not only made her a skilled criminal but an expert in espionage. That was a talent that saved her numerous times until the fateful day that she received an assignment that would put her on a much different path. It took her a while to get over the shear audacity of the assignment; kill Atlas Military Specialist Winter Schnee. Not an easy feat to accomplish but the Lien was just too good to pass up & being an assassin isn't exactly a cheap profession. So she took the job hoping to not only get paid but cement her status as a top tier assassin. Getting past the regular soldiers wasn't that difficult. Usually she would take her targets at a distance but this time she decided to really test her skills. It didn't go that well. However instead of calling for her execution Winter was impressed with Leslie's audacity & after some talking with Ironwood extended an invitation to Atlas Academy. Leslie's a criminal but not an idiot & decided to take the offer. Needless to say that her initiation didn't go so well especially when the other students found out about her past. It came to a head when during the initiation when a group of them ambushed her. Thankfully she wouldn't have to face them alone as a fellow student Basil Delaney jumped to her defense & together they held off the students as well as the Grimm that were drawn to the fight. After that day she has stuck by him out of gratitude & respect. She also noted that she's drawn to him because he has stayed beside her through hard times when others would have abandoned her. Now she truly has a partner...who may end up becoming family.
  • Umay Bluestone
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Pulse, using her Aura she can send out a burst of sound for either reconnaissance, offensive or defensive purposes.
    • Weapon: Sweet Thorn, a set of tonfas that house small submachine guns in one end while there are blades in the other end for close quarters combat. Various types of dust can be used for different effects on the ammunition or blades.
    • Description: Life has always come somewhat easy for Umay, however it still hasn't always been a completely leisurely life. While she may be called a "princess" because of her being part of the Atlesian upper class she originally was from the kingdom of Vale. Her father was an aspiring scientist working for the Schnee Dust Company while her mother was a Huntress who were introduced by a mutual friend. Well eventually her father's work caught the attention of Jacques Schnee and he was ordered to report to the main branch of the company in Atlas. While his wife wasn't happy about this she agreed to go with him. However they wouldn't be going alone because they had become the proud parents to a baby girl. So Umay made the trip with her parents to Atlas where they lived in relative comfort due to their occupations. Unfortunately life as a Huntress isn't known to be safe work. Her mother was killed while on a mission to help defend the former capital Mantel and the Faunus living there from an attack from the creatures of Grimm. It took a toll on both Umay and her father. Eventually though he did get remarried to a former Huntress who quickly accepted Umay. Umay had a little trouble adjusting but she eventually did accept her new stepmother as well as her half siblings when they came along. Over the years Umay became increasingly interested in her mother's legacy to the point that she decided she would rather take up the same profession instead of staying a socialite. Both her parents tried numerous times to dissuade her. The hardest they tried was when her stepmother gave her a taste of what a real Huntress could do. Umay couldn't move fora week. She still remained determined and after finally being able to get past all the obstacles set in her way, along with the emergence of her Semblance, her parents finally relented. Those she was on her way to Atlas Academy. Her first few days were anything but pleasant. From countless people trying to buddy up as a way to increase their social standing to everyone mocking her lack of experience. Just like with the setbacks from her parents she kept pressing on. Eventually she caught the eye of a student who could appreciate her will to succeed. Her admiration for Dakota Oliver came to a head when during the initiation he partnered up with her and taught her what he knew as well as find out where her strengths lie. In return she helped him by taking a stand against those who discriminated against his Faunus heritage. While she may not be fully able to admit her attraction yet her new friends Basil Delaney and his partner Leslie Greystokes are helping with her to build up her confidence. They know of her dream to live up to her late mother's legacy and will help her not only succeed but carve out her own.
  • Dakota Oliver
    • Species: Baboon Faunus (baboon tail)
    • Semblance: Fury. When he gets angry enough he can use his Aura to make his senses, reflexes and other natural abilities become sharper.
    • Weapon: Berserker Talons, clawed gauntlets where the claws can be infused with dust then fired or flung at a target as explosives as well as used in close quarters combat.
    • Description: Struggling to survive has been nothing new to Dakota, it's kind of a blatant reality when you're from Vacuo where survival is the name of the game. Growing up in the desert was hard mostly because of having to move so much and for a young kid it's not exactly the most social environment. But it's the life he knew until his parents, along with the rest of their companions, found a dust supply. Naturally this was seen as a godsend because now they would have a real means of making a living and provide a future for their families. While everyone from old to young kids pitched in to make sure that everyone had a chance for a better life. While it wasn't much of a shop as much a trading post it served it's purpose for supplying dust to passers-by and it's founders for protection. Unfortunately being the only dust supplying area for miles around does attract unwanted attention. Between the bandit raids, would be thieves and Grimm attacks all the kids grew up fast. During this time Dakota found he had a knack for combat. His actions and the fact that he was living at a dust shop also attracted the attention of the White Fang. Well while they didn't get him to join the cause they did attract some family and friends to join them. This caused a good number of problems over the small dust business they had going...until thanks to the presence of the White Fang the Schnee Dust Company gained interest in making sure their enemy didn't have the chance to control a location with so much dust. So nature took it's course and that little outpost was conquered by Jacques Schnee's ambitious icy grip. The owners either had joined the White Fang, were pressed into service of the Schnee Dust Company or escaped the chaos back into the harsh environment of Vacuo like Dakota. However despite his attempts to hide word of his abilities in the skirmishes got back to Atlas where the academy officials took an interest in him. While he had some distrust in the idea when Ironwood himself extended the invitation with the promise of being treated as an equal Dakota took what he had & left for his new home. While here his talents for survival came in handy during training and caught the eye of an Atlesian "princess" who was struggling but for all her failed attempts Dakota could see that Umay Bluestone had the will to survive & become a great huntress. Partnering with her was a help especially when she stepped up to defend him against his many detractors which formed a great deal of trust and admiration for her, something not handed out so easily by one who has had those close to him commit betrayal or be ripped away. Together they caught the attention of Basil Delaney and his partner Leslie Greystokes. With Leslie he shares the desire to survive & doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. Basil is one of the few who can calm Dakota's manic & off-putting comical nature while Dakota returns the favor by helping Basil come out of his shell & provides him with a confidant on personal issues as well as a loyal friend who will follow orders with the greatest trust.

Team EBNY (Ebony) by Bomberman121890

  • Eminence Masters
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Shriek. She can emit a high-pitched scream that can shatter glass and deafen enemies.
    • Weapon: Granda Banto, a powerful recurve bow that Eminence carries everywhere. She carries several arrows, tipped with various types of Dust in crystal form. Each arrow uses the dust tip to create various effects when fired.
    • Description: Eminence was the daughter of a wealthy socialite in the kingdom of Atlas. She would often accompany her mother to charity social events. While she was there, Eminence, began to realize that the wealthy never knew nor cared about the problems of other people. This realization inspired her to become a huntress to help others. She soon enrolled in Atlas Academy, with the full support of her mother. She was appointed as the leader of team EBNY. While there were tensions in the beginning due to her wealth, the team eventually grew close together.
  • Berdea Munoz
    • Species: Rabbit Faunus (ears)
    • Semblance: Vitality. He can sense the vital signs of others. He can hear their heartbeats and scan for any internal bleeding or broken bones. He uses this, in accordance with his first aid knowledge, to act as his team's medic.
    • Weapon: Tximista Langileak. It is a humble staff, the tip of which is imbued with lightning Dust. This allows the end to arc electricity and act like a stun baton. It can also be overloaded to fire a bolt of electricity up to fifty feet away.
    • Description: Berdea was a military brat, stationed on the South Border base of Atlas. His father was a soldier who taught him the value of doing what's right. While he was living on the base, Berdea recieved some basic first aid and medical training. Inspired by his father, Berdea enrolled in Atlas Academy to study to be a huntsman. He hoped to make the rank of Atlas Military Specialist. During his time at Atlas Academy, he was placed on Team EBNY, where he now acts as the team's medic.
  • Naranja Gonzales
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Mental. Using his Semblance focuses his aura to his brain. While in this state, Naranja gains genius-level intelligence and strategic skills. He can hold this state for about thirty seconds until his Aura starts to drain.
    • Weapon: Cuchilla Desnuda, a simple pair of gloves with a retractable spike at the palm of the hands. The spike forces the power of his attacks to a single point. Unlike most weapons on Remnant, the glove do not serve a second purpose and are strictly for melee.
    • Description: Naranja spent his whole life studying martial arts, hoping to one day be enrolled in Atlas Academy. Due to his training, Naranja is against the use of large complicated weapons and instead chooses a simpler approach. While he's not incredibly bright, he can have moments of unbelievable intelligence. He works together with team EBNY as their main strategist.
  • Yale Peters
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Reflect. He can take any energy projectile and bounce it away. He doesn't have any control over where it goes, but he has learned to utilize the angles of his arms and chest to achieve a nearly straight reflection that returns the projectile to sender.
    • Weapon: Evening Snow, a pistol that is specifically designed to utilize Ice dust. Ice shards appear instantly on whatever it shoots.
    • Description: All his life, Yale never really fit in with other kids his age. He couldn't understand why everyone he knew would constantly tease him. As he grew up, he began to learn why he never got along with other people. They weren't as accepting of him as his parents were. Because his village was very strict at the time, he was discouraged from being openly gay. The torment got bad enough that one day, he ran away to Atlas. It was there that he started to train as a huntsman, so he could prove wrong all the naysayers. He was partnered with a few others to form team EBNY, and they have come together as proud Atlas students.

Team BLAQ (Black) by Bomberman121890

  • Baki Dangote
    • Species: Deer Faunus (antlers)
    • Semblance: Drain. He can sap the energy from someone else's aura, depleting them and restoring his own. Once his opponent's aura is depleted, he goes in for the kill.
    • Weapon: Pagpapatakbo, a massive Zweihander that Baki keeps razor-sharp. It is capable of slicing through anything or anyone that gets in its way. In times of great need, it opens up to reveal a single-shot rocket launcher that fires a round of explosive dust that can level anything within 100 feet.
    • Description: Baki, after learning the myth of the four relics, became obsessed with power. He used his incredible intelligence in league with his charisma to form the Jericho Initiates, headed by Team BLAQ. Their mission was to find the relics and bring them together, creating an unstoppable force that would end humanity. He found the relic of Wisdom and kept it for himself, further enhancing his ability to manipulate people.
  • Licorice Nieminen
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Hypnnos. She can hijack someone's mind, making them do whatever she demands. She has used this to send countless victims to their death, making it look like a suicide.
    • Weapon: Järjettömyys. Licorice wields a deadly whip that uses energy dust to enhance itself. This coats the whip in a high-powered plasma that can burn through absolutely anything.
    • Description: Licorice, from an early age, was diagnosed as criminally insane. She went on a rampage in an early age, murdering 23 people in cold blood. This caught the attention of Baki, who recruited her to the Jericho Initiates. She quickly made her way to the rank of General, and was given the relic of Creation. Using this, she can create false realities in people's minds, making it easier to control. During her time on Team BLAQ, she was killed by a traitor who took her relic for himself.
  • Anai Suena
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Bloodfire. Whenever she makes someone else bleed or starts bleeding herself, her physical strength is amplified tenfold. When she is in this state, there is nothing she enjoys more than making someone else feel pain.
    • Weapon: Sadistic Touch, a small serrated knife that Anai carries everywhere. She'll often use it to cut her own arm and draw blood, activating her semblance. The knife was specifically designed to cause the most pain possible.
    • Description: Anai started out as an honorable student in Haven Academy, but she soon learned that it was fun to watch helpless people squirm. She then started taking her team hostage and torturing them one by one until they were all dead at her feet. She was expelled from Haven and imprisoned, but she was able to escape and moved on to help found the Jericho Initiates. She was given the relic of Choice, and she was able to choose for herself that causing people pain was hilarious. She didn't last very long in the organization, as two months later, she was murdered by a new recruit, who stole the relic of choice.
  • Qara Rasulov
    • Species: Snake Faunus (slit pupils)
    • Semblace: Vapor. He can focus his aura to completely annihilate one thing that he touches, but after doing so, he must rest for a week before using it again.
    • Weapon: Razrusheniye, a massive, but simplistic, pistol, capable of blowing a hole through two inches of solid steel. Although, he usually prefers to blow holes in people.
    • Description: Qara was trained in Vale as a warrior, but discovered a dark secret about himself when his Semblance was unlocked. He could obliterate anything with just a touch. This made him a great ally to the Jericho Initiates. They sought him out as the final member of Team BLAQ. To reflect his Semblance, he was given the relic of Destruction, further enhancing his powers of annihilation. Once he learned what the relics were for, he wanted to take the power for himself. So he's been slowly killing the other members to gain omnipotence. Currently, he and Baki are in a game of cat and mouse, with all four relics on the line. To the victor will go omnipotence.

Team RAJE (Rage) by Bomberman121890

  • Reiji Shiro
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Stone. Reiji can encase any part of his body in stone, but the use requires an obscene amount of aura. Because of this, the most he likes to do is enclose his fist.
    • Weapon: Serpent Strike, a humble pistol with a dark side. It can transform into a powerful ranged top spinner (think like a Beyblade), with the top lined with dust spikes. When launched, the top can tear through almost anything, wearing it down with constant, grinding strikes.
    • Description: Reiji was born in raised in Mistral by a humble farmer. His skill in combat earned him a place in the Mistral Regional Tournament when he was fifteen. After seamlessly winning that tournament, he was gladly accepted into Haven Academy. While mostly a loner, he has learned to work with a team in combat. While they haven't been put to the test yet, his team is preparing for the 41st Vytal Tournament.
  • Martin "Ace" Shamrock
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Precision. Ace's aiming skills are beyond the level of impossibility. When he activates his Semblance, he can hit a fly from 100 yards away.
    • Weapon: Service Line, a variable multipurpose weapon that is suited for Ace's combat style. Service Line is a simple weapon without a transformation, but depending on how it's held, it can do multiple things. While on one end it is a tennis racket that can deliver a blunt whack, the other end is a rifle that can fire a bolt of fire dust over a half mile away
    • Ace has been on the run his whole life. As a child, he was not well kept, and got in a lot of trouble with the law. While he ran away, he ran into a huntsman who helped him to the right track. He is now fighting proudly as a student at Haven Academy. His team works as a well-oiled machine, with him acting as sniper support. They are training vigorously to enter in the next Vytal Festival Tournament. Even though they are only first-year students, Team RAJE is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Jason Ghost
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Thermochromatic. In times of extreme heat, Jason gains the ability to change his skin tone. He usually uses this to blend in with his environment.
    • Weapon: Angelic Blaze, a crossbow that can unfold into a curved blade. When thrown, the blades are shaped such that it creates a vortex of wind that draws in opponents. As a crossbow, it fires powerful bolts of electric dust that can stun enemies.
    • Description: Jason was raised in the harshest deserts of Vacuo. He spent his time as a rancher and farmer, growing fond of animals. He began to see how even animals possessed a soul and Aura. He vowed to protect anything with a soul and signed up to study at Shade Academy. He was rejected due to his lack of experience, but was happily accepted into Haven. He started to train harder than ever. He was soon assigned to Team RAJE. Though they get in his way at times, he is proud to be working alongside them.
  • Evan Rust
    • Species: Deer Faunus (antlers)
    • Semblance: Primal Charge. Evan gives into his more animal instincts, charging headfirst at enemies with the speed of a whitetail deer. He uses his antlers to pin and possibly impale anyone in his way.
    • Weapon: Grace, a special multi-bladed knife in the design of the historic Hunga Munga blade. It has several different curved blades and is versatile for close-range combat. It can be thrown as a spinning blade that will embed itself in anything.
    • Evan was raised exclusively by his father as his mother died in childbirth. Despite this, his father has taught him everything he knows. There is no greater bond on Remnant than the love between Evan and his father. Eventually, he was enrolled in Mistral's legendary Shade Academy, where Evan would spend the next four years training as a huntsman.

Team GGRO (pronounced Aggro) by StandSemblance

  • Gemini Deux
    • Species: Bat Faunus, comes through with teeth.
    • Semblance: Spirit Guardian: She can project her aura into a humanized form with defining features as an energy construct, allowing her to essentially have a Stand.
    • Weapon: Epee de Tonnarre: A large single edged greatsword with rivets in the handle. The blade is made of silver plated, dust infused steel, specifically made with energy dust to better incorporate into the gun form of the sword, a large rail cannon that fires projectiles that explode on contact. The railgun is formed when the blade splits and hangs from a rivet before the hilt goes to about halfway up the blade and the lower half of the blade splits to propel the projectiles.
    • Description: Gemini grew up in the dust mines of the Schnee Dust Company, being forced to work when she was able, the tan skinned little girl was sprung during a White Fang attack, she went with the White Fang and lived most of her teenage years there until the hostile take over by Cinder, the faunus quickly became impressed and followed the woman, curious, she eventually made herself known, and asked if she could go with, and Cinder obliged.

  • Grisma Espritfou
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Insanity, she can temporarily drive herself insane, giving her a boost to her speed, strength, and pain tolerance, though she is consumed by bloodlust and will attack anyone.
    • Weapon: Bolzenschlag, Twin shock gloves that allow for ranged bolts, and constant charges.
    • Description: Grisma is an orphan who was picked up by the rather insane Tyrian after her semblence came out in reaction to being hit, the gang that the person came from ended up splattered on the walls because her semblence is insanity, it drives her temporarly insane, but gives her immense strength, speed, and pain tolerance. Her main weapon is a pair of shock gloves that can let loose long bursts of electricity, or short range constants. She is quick to embrace her emotions, and quick to act before thinking, causing her to be a much bigger threat to the big bad, though it helps with Tyrian's fighting style as they both are in your face style attackers. She lives to serve, and has a crush on a certain blondie.

  • Revenant
    • Species: Grimm
    • Semblance: Anti-Aura, can temporarily disable a person's aura for up to 3 minutes at a time, however, it needs direct contact to activate.
    • Weapon: Reign Ghost: A Large War axe with a jagged blade, has no alt mode.
    • Description: An experiment by Dr. Watts to create more humanoid Grimm created Rev, his name comes from the project name: Project Revenant, he started out merely being a bruiser Grimm that had no emotion or consciousness that developed quickly, showing self awareness, he was given a name based on what he was. He has a strong connection to animals, and enjoys the company of faunus more than humans.

  • Oliver Trelos
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Not discovered.
    • Weapon: Aura cuffs, they solidify his aura into energy constructs that exerts his aura to use efficiently.
    • Description: A bit of a mad scientist that was obsessed with Aura and humanity, it led him to be called insane and left him without a job, however, Dr. Watts saw promise in the young scientist, and he became a bit of a courier of sorts, to his ire, through his jobs, he became a friend to Roman Torchwick, to the point of seeing him as a father figure, and developing a crush on Neopolitan. He became quite furious after hearing of Neo's loss and Torchwick's demise at Ruby Rose's hands and has a vendetta against her. Tends to leave his hats as a calling card.

Team CRRE, pronounced Cherry,Trivia  by Miss Desperado

  • Marina Callandra
    • Species: Dolphin Faunus (lungs affected)
    • Semblance: War Cry - she can unleash a destructive scream. The more damage her screams do, the more they use up her Aura. Unfortunately, she can't control the damage and it doesn't discriminate between ally, architecture and adversary - all are damaged. For much less cost to her Aura, she can throw her voice or enhance her echolocation.
    • Weapon: Dragon Maw - a megaphone that focuses her screams into a cone of damage instead of a sphere of damage. Doubles as a flamethrower. Dust dispensers ring the edges of the business end of the weapon - usually Fire Dust is loaded in, but different Dust could be substituted in a pinch, with untested results.
    • Description: Marina Callandra doesn't dare use destructive screaming when there's an ally or innocent within earshot. Instead, Marina prefers exercising the other part of her Semblance that throws her voice or enhances her echolocation. Throwing her voice is useful for confusing enemies, and enhanced echolocation helps reconnaisance. Her fighting style favors short-range combat and is more effective against robots and Grimm creatures rather than against human and Faunus enemies.

  • Lilac Rook
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Territoriality - the more familiar an environment is to her, the faster her Aura energy builds up. The more she cares about a familiar environment, the more she can use ESP (she calls it "geo-speak") to sense intruders and identify them as friend or foe. She feels the place she considers home as an extension of her body. She can always sense what's going on in the location nearest and dearest to her heart, regardless of how far away she is from it. But as a consequence, if a location dear to her heart is wrecked by a disaster or otherwise drastically changed, it weakens her powers and connection until she adjusts to the changes.
    • Weapon: Mangler Shell - parasol/harpoon gun/spiked shield hybrid, black except for the Dust-runed cloth (described further in the weapons folder).
    • Description: Lilac Rook's fighting style relies more heavily than other peoples' on using the surrounding terrain to her advantage. She is prone to clumsiness, disorientation, insomnia and anxiety in unfamiliar environments. Fortunately, listening to Marina echolocate accelerates her acclimation to new environments. Her fighting style favors short-range and melee combat and is more effective against human and Faunus enemies rather than against robots and Grimm creatures.

  • Opal Rachnid
    • Species: Spider Faunus (spinnerets on her hips)Note 
    • Semblance: Weaver - can animate and levitate her own spider silk.
    • Weapon: Loom of Doom - a utility belt that dispenses daggers, Dust, mines, and other weapons to weave into her silk, and provides an anchor point for the silk to take the strain off the spinnerets if she swings from her own rope.
    • Description: Opal Rachnid is the smallest and scrawniest of the team, and can't eat solid foods. She prepares soup for herself and sometimes cooks for the rest of her team if she suspects that they'll be fighting too soon after eating to digest a solid meal. When it comes to using her silk in combat, she's unimaginative. Because she's aware of this flaw, she hates fighting in direct confrontations. Her fighting style centers on setting snares with her spider silk favors long-range combat and is equally effective against robots, Grimm, Faunus, and humans.

  • Dandelion Euxanth
    • Species: Lion Faunus (fangs)
    • Semblance: Transfer - she can't heal her own wounds without transferring them to someone or something else. She almost always displaces her wounds into enemies, but at the end of a battle when there are no more enemies and she's still wounded, she can also use inanimate objects (usually rocks) in a pinch.
    • Weapon: Sabertooth Grapple (described further in the weapons folder)
    • Description: Dandelion Euxanth is the tank of the team. Many professors have criticized Dandelion's fighting style as being unnecessarily sloppy or unprofessionally sadomasochistic, even when they understand exactly how her Semblance works. They're frequently warning her to dodge instead of wasting her Aura with too many deliberate injury gambits. They don't want her to lose a limb like Yang Xiao Long or worse. But it's not easy for Dandelion to shake off old habits that discouraged belligerent bar customers in Faretheewell.

Team EMNS (Eminence),by Riddle78

  • Ebon Lobo. (Colour scheme; Black with white.)
    • Species: Black wolf Faunus; Tail.
    • Semblance: Shadow Drive. Ebon is able to teleport fifteen metres in any direction,though is arrival is delayed by about two seconds. When he departs,a decoy is left behind. The decoy is frozen in space,unmoving,unaffected by any force that could conceivably be applied,and wholly lacks substance; It's like a hologram,but without a projector.
    • Weapon: Stark. Stark is described in the Weapon Ideas folder.
    • Description: Ebon was born and raised in Vacuo,along with his twin brother,Sable. Unfortunately,Ebon was born with an extremely rare genetic autoimmune disorder that causes his body to age three times faster than normal; Despite being twenty years old,his body is sixty. As a result,he trained himself in Aura and Dust use,as well as tactics and strategy. He is,without question,the most technically skilled fighter on Team EMNS,and by far the most academically knowledgeable. He wears a black duster with a red turnover,and matching red trousers. He wears black jackboots with steel cuffs and toes,as well as a white button down tunic beneath the duster,and he wears white,elbow-length gloves. While his scalp is devoid of hair,he wears a once-black beard upon his chin,and only his chin; It's kept straight,and about an inch and a half long. A scabbard rests on his hip,in order to transport Stark. His eyes are a stunning amber. His skin is a kaleidoscope of colours,due to liberal use of Dust tattoos. In combat,he keeps his distance,utilizing the Dust he keeps on his person,in his clothes,and on his flesh. If brought into melee,his individual strikes are,understandably,weak,but,thanks to his Aura,he swings incredibly quickly,often using his Semblance to reposition,with each strike punctuated with Dust use.

  • Midna Zant. (Colour scheme; Black with teal.)
    • Species: Bull Faunus; Horns.
    • Semblance: Disjunction. If Midna is allowed to grab hold of someone,she is able to use her Semblance to temporarily turn off all Aura functions of the victim. Their Aura isn't directly harmed; It is instead wholly suppressed for about fifteen seconds. Due to the dangers presented by her Semblance,Midna is not allowed to use it during tournaments or sparring matches without direct authorization from those in charge.
    • Weapon: Horn of the Abyss,and Wake of Gods,described in the Weapon Ideas folder.
    • Description: Born in Vacuo,Midna was raised by White Fang-sympathetic parents. She eventually joined the Hunter's Academy system,and was swiftly disowned. Regardless,she pursued her education and training with aplomb,eventually finding the weapon that stuck; The lance. Unfortunately,cavalry was dead,in the modern battlefield,so she instead devised a system that would turn her into a one-woman cavalry charge. The result was the Wake of Gods,and the Horn of the Abyss. Equipped thusly,she rapidly became a go-to rapid responder in the deserts of the Kingdom,usually followed closely by Ebon. Impish in nature,despite her staggering stature,Midna enjoys a good joke or prank,and is constantly looking for ways to get a chuckle. In combat,Midna wears full plate armour,including a helmet which accommodates her horns; While Aura is excellent protection,Midna enjoys the extra layer of protection that armour provides,and it simply looks amazing,especially when combined with her lance. Outside of combat,she wears her breast and backplates (Minus the plackart),boots,and greaves,as well as a pair of black trousers,black sleeveless tunic,and a single teal sleeve,on her right arm. In combat,Midna uses the Wake of Gods to speed around the battlefield,performing cavalry charges with the Horn of the Abyss,preferring to deliver singular,decisive blows to her enemies.

  • Nero Magnus. (Colour scheme; Black with violet)
    • Species: Bat Faunus; Ears.
    • Semblance: Hall of Malevolence. Nero's Semblance is incredibly powerful,but not directly. Nero is able to bend and warp space in an area to his whim. Within this warped space,gravity is aligned to the floor,wherever it might be. Any single space can be warped multiple times in smaller areas,resulting in a visual effect quite similar to a Hall of Mirrors at a carnival.
    • Weapon: Rex Regna,described in the Weapon Ideas folder.
    • Description: Nero was born and raised in Vacuo. However,in this harsh land,where you earn your place in society with the ability to take it,Nero was born with what could possibly be the cruellest twin handicaps; Extremely severe ocular albinism,and cataracts. As a direct result,Nero is wholly blind. Unable to see,his parents doted on him,trying to raise him so he can operate in the world he could never behold. Eventually,using his already-sensitive bat ears,Nero further sharpened his sense of hearing,and began to use echolocation to assist in navigation,as well as a white cane. Eventually,he decided to become a Hunter,despite the protests of his family. While his marksmanship is,understandably,poor,in close quarters,he was almost omniscient. This allowed him into the system,where he demonstrated his skill time and again,to Hell with his disability. However,during a field assignment,a close call with a Deathstalker popped one of his eyeballs. As a direct result, Team EMNS produced a specialized helmet for him to wear; Connecting straight to his brain via the now-vacant right eye socket,the featureless helmet uses directional sonar to assist in navigation and target identification. While it took several months,Nero acclimated to this new system. Nero wears black trousers and matching black jackboots with steel cuffs and toes,as well as a violet shirt,though it is covered by a black double-breasted jacket. He wears violet elbow-length gloves,as well as a long violet scarf. His helmet has a violet base,back,and top,while the rest of it is black,giving the impression of a bottomless hood. In combat,Nero tends to move slowly when he isn't actively attacking in melee; From a distance,he uses his guns to exclusion; Which one depends on engagement range. In melee,he strikes swiftly,randomly throwing in gunshots as strokes allow,often transforming his weapon mid-combo,in order to exploit reach differences.

  • Sable Lobo. (Colour scheme; Black with red.)
    • Species: Black wolf Faunus; Ears.
    • Semblance: Shadowmeld. Sable's Semblance allows him to do two distinct things; First is to allow him to instantaneously teleport to any point occupied by a shadow he can see,including his own. Second is to allow him to "melt" into any surface covered by a shadow he is currently occupying,besides his own shadow,or someone's body. In such a state,he is literally unassailable,though he,in turn,cannot fight in such a state. He can resume his normal form at will while within a shadow,but if he leaves the shadow,he will be forced back into his normal form.
    • Weapon: Cauterize,described in the Weapon Ideas folder.
    • Description: Sable is Ebon's "younger" brother,if you count ninety seconds to be an age difference; They do not. Unlike Ebon,Sable was born free of defects,and he thanks his lucky stars for that every day. Alongside his brother,he joined the Hunter's Academy system as soon as he could,and trained himself in the field that he knew his brother would never be able to excel in; Athleticism. Sable is incredibly strong and fast as a result,as well as durable,though the rest of his combat skills are only average as a result. Sable wears a rather disquieting bodysuit at all times; It resembles a man's muscular system,coloured black,except at the sternum,which is a vivid red,which fades into black with distance. However,there is a reason for its appearance; It's a precisely made suit of padding and shock absorbers,allowing the man to tank blunt impacts almost ad infinitum. He accessorizes this macabre suit with a tattered-looking black leather "kilt",with a red turnover. He also wears a domed helmet,with a removable dome; It's armoured all the way around,and lacks a visor. However,the outside surface is festooned with microcameras,with the inside surface lined with screens. Unpainted steel marks where the dome connects to the helmet's base and back,though the rest is matte black. In combat,Sable moves quickly,invading his enemy's space to put them on the defensive,striking from unexpected angles with the assistance of his Semblance.

Team SLBR (Silver), by Strigidae Fan

  • Solange Aurum (Color scheme: Gold and white.)
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: The power to ensnare people and control them via her singing voice.
    • Weapon: Weaving Croon. It's a flail weapon that can turn into a microphone and Tommy Gun.
    • Description: Solange Aurum is a unique case in her family. The daughter of two anglers, Solange spent most of her time near or in the ocean. She had a keen interest in music and singing, eventually deciding to attend a music school. However, her Semblance manifested and she was forced to attend Beacon Academy. After getting her Semblance under control and building her weapon, she and her Teammates, all of the with music or sound-based Semblances, decided to form a band. One thing led to another, and they ended up becoming Pop Stars as well as skilled Huntresses.

  • Lakeyshea Patina (Color scheme: Copper and green.)
    • Species: Human
    • Weapon: A pair of pistol-claws.
    • Semblance: The ability to strengthen or weaken others through song. (Think KOTOR Battle meditation, except with music.)
    • Description: Lakeysha is the most direct of team SLBR. She's blunt, a bit rude, and will beat you up if you hurt her friends. She's the mechanical mind of the team, being a genius engineer and can repair basically anything.
    • She was born in Atlas. While waiting for her parents to finish their shifts, she trained her ass off to be a Huntress and built her claws. She became friends with Solange when they met in the Emerald Forest.
    • While Lakeyshea never had any interest in music as a kid, she decided that it couldn't hurt to join Solange's band. To everyone's surprise, she was pretty damn good at playing the Theremin. So she joined in to create the "techno" sound for their band. After her Semblance unlocked, she decided "screw it" and formally learned how to sing.

  • Beyonce Argentum (Color scheme: Silver and black.)
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Generating high-frequency sound waves that can destroy almost anything.
    • Weapon: An Axe/Grenade Launcher that doubles as a guitar.
    • Description: Beyonce Argentum is the most feminine and girly member of the team, being into fashion and needlework and a lot of typically feminine things. She's also the one who is most likely to kick your ass and beat you into submission if you hurt her bandmates. (She's also a HUGE fan of horror movies and has no problem with bugs.) Of everyone on the team, Beyonce Argentum is a musician through and through. Both of her parents were artists, as were her grandparents. She wanted to be a musician from day one. When she had to attend Beacon, she jumped at the chance, because yes, she wanted to be an Artist, but she also wanted to help people. So she got assigned to SLBR, formed a band with them, and the rest is history.

  • Rebecca Diamant (Color scheme: white with accents of other colors.)
    • Species: Mourning Dove Faunus. (She has feathers covering the top half of her upper arms.)
    • Weapon: Crossbow/Sniper Rifle that becomes a pair of sickles.
    • Semblance: can influence the emotions of anyone who listens to her singing.
    • Description: Rebecca Diamant was born after the fall of Salem and the collapse of the White Fang. As she was an Avian Faunus, which is EXTREMELY rare, Rebecca was always stared at and gawked at. She liked the attention, but over time she just wanted people to look at her for her other traits than her feathers. So she joined Beacon to become a Huntress. She became part of a team with the other three members of SLBR, and together they formed a band.
    • Despite being a super popstar, Rebecca is down-to-earth and practical. She prefers long-range fighting because that's what she's good at. She wears sleeveless shirts with gloves because wearing things over her feathers is uncomfortable. She's polite. She's efficient. And she has a plan to kill every Grimm she meets.

    • Team SLBR is inspired by the Sirens of Greek Mythology. Each member draws their first name from a Pop singer to highlight their musical theme.

Team RWYN (Rowan)

  • Reshiro Unovis (Color scheme: white with touches of orange.)
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: He can detect when someone is lying and deceiving him, and can also create and control fire. These two halves of his semblance intertwine: his fire gets hotter for every injustice committed or every lie that is told.
    • Weapon: A Trident that converts into a Flamethrower. It has no name.
    • Description: Reshiro Unovis is the prince of a Kingdom that was lost to history. Immediately after the castle exploded, he grabbed his weapon, dressed in the attire of non-royals, and wen out into the world, searching for his family and looking for a way to restore his Kingdom. Unbeknownst to him, he's going to meet some very interesting people who, for better or for worse, will help change his world. (Personality-wise, Reshiro is a kind and heroic individual. He's very fair and doesn't judge people based on their outward traits: all that matters to him is the strength of their character. However, he hates it when people blindly follow others and don't think about things. He's also a bit impulsive and tends to not think things through, especially if he's looking for his family. He's also traumatized due to the destruction of his home. Reshiro is also an awful liar.) Physically, Reshiro has blue eyes and fiery orange hair and is of average height. At the start of his quest, he's sixteen.
      • MYTHOLOGICAL INFLUENCES: The concept of of Yang; specifically, the parts relating to heat and fire. Also draws a bit of inspiration from Sir Galahad from Arthurian Mythology: he's loyal to those he loves and is a very pure soul.

  • Wilhelmina Muspel (color scheme: mostly Dark Red, with yellow touches here and there.)
    • Species: Human
    • Weapon: A shield that turns into a submachine gun.
    • Semblance: Terrakinesis and Lava manipulation.
    • Description: The daughter of a Blacksmith, Wilhelmina ran into Reshiro when the latter was dumpster diving for food. She took pity on him and taught him how to live in the wilderness. After he came clean, she decided to accompany him on his quest. Personality-wise, Wilhelmina is a cheerful Brawn Hilda who smiles at everything and loves to fight. However, like Reshiro, she's no stranger to loss: she lost her mother to a robbery gone wrong, and her father was crippled by sickness, leaving her in charge of the Forge. She acts cheerful all the time to hide her grief over her mother and dying father. (Physically, Wilhelmina is the tallest of the team, with dark skin, red hair, and chocolate yes. She's also ripped as heck.) She's fifteen when she joins Reshiro.
      • MYTHOLOGICAL INFLUENCES: Surtur. Also, to a much lesser extent, the valkyries.

  • Yardena Ka Wai (Color scheme: Ocean blue, with green accents.)
    • Species: Human
    • Weapon: Fishbone hook-sword that becomes an assault rifle.
    • Semblance: Shapeshifting.
    • Description: Yardena Ka Wai was born on an Island very far away from the main kingdoms, where she, along with the others in her community, were taught to fight both aquatic Grimm and invading armies. However, Yardena got curious about her father and decided to one day venture off the island to find out who he was. Reshiro and Wilhelmina saved her from getting killed by a land-based Grimm, so she tagged along out of gratitude. (She's cocky and convinced that she's Oum's gift to mankind, but is ultimately a decent person. She also suffers from abandonment issues due to her father abandoning her and her mother for the mainland.) Yardena looks very Polynesian (or at least the Remnant equivalent of it), and is incredibly well-built. She's seventeen when she joins the team.

  • Natalia Fioletovy/Ariadne
    • Species: Formerly human
    • Weapon: Poisoned daggers that turn into pistols.
    • Semblance: Formerly the ability to copy other semblances: now the ability to control bugs.
    • Description: Natalia Fioletovy used to be a budding scientist with a promising future ahead of her. Then the Dust explosion happened, and she was forever changed. The explosion fused her DNA with that of a poisonous Spider, turning her into a hybrid. Her hybridization messed her up and ensued that she would never be welcome anywhere, be it human or Faunus. (Faunus only have one trait from their animal. She has way more than that.) She joined with Reshiro because, in the five years since her transformation, he was the first person to treat her like a person. (Physically, Natalia looks like a human-shaped spider: she has the overall body shape of a human, but she also has two pairs of spider legs on her back, the weird semi-leg things next to her human mouth, and compound eyes. She's also the oldest member of the team at twenty-three: she was eighteen when she was transformed and joined Reshiro five years later.)
      • MYTHOLOGICAL INFLUENCES: Ariadne and Anansi.

    • Everyone in RWYN has issues. That's kind of the point. They're an unconventional team with no formal training who come together.

Team KLIR (Clear)

  • Kurovos (Color scheme: black, with blue accents)
    • Species: Human (mostly)
    • Weapon: a pair of Katanas held reverse grip: can be used as either a railgun or as a giant taser.
    • Semblance: He can sense a person's ideals and drives, and also has electricity manipulation. The stronger the ideal, the more powerful and more uncontrollable his electricity is.
    • Description: Kurovos has no idea who he is or where he's from. He woke up in a ruined castle holding a pair of swords that he feels are his. So he goes on a quest to find out who he was. (Spoiler alert: his real name is Kurivi Unovis, and he's the twin brother of RWYN's Reshiro.) He's a bit cowardly and get scared of everything, but is very much capable of pushing ahead despite his fears to help those he loves. He also doesn't judge based on appearances, only on what kind of person they are. Kurovos has blue hair and red eyes and is fairly tall at six-foot-four. As of the start of his quest, he's sixteen.
    • MYTHOLOGICAL INFLUENCES: The Japanese god Raijin. Also draws inspiration from the idea of the Black Knight.

  • Lelani Brine (Color scheme: turquoise with touches of sky blue and teal here and there)
    • Species: Human
    • Weapon: Trident that splits apart into a pair of shotguns.
    • Semblance: Power to comunicate with ocean life. Also has very slight water manipulation abilities.
    • Description: A native of the islands, Lelani came from a rival island to Team RWYN's Yardena. Lelani was sent to see what she was doing and bumped into Kurivi on the way there. She feels awful for Kurovos and decides to join him in his quest and help him She also wants to know about this strange world, this amazing land with so much technology and all these wonderful people. (She's also sixteen.)
    • INSPIRATION: Ariel, from The Little Mermaid.

  • Illiyana Verdant (Color scheme: green and brown.)
    • Species: Elk Faunus (No antlers, but has elk ears.)
    • Weapon: Urumi, with slots for Dust along the handle.
    • Semblance: Controls plants and talks to forest life.
    • Description: Illiyana is the guardian of the White Forest. She was abandoned by her parents as a child for unknown reasons and grew up in the forest. She's very much like the Fair Folk of old: she is concerned with protecting her forest and does not care for humans. She only teams up with Kurivi because she's concerned he'll cause a lot of collateral and accidentally burn down everything he touches. (Also, she senses something dark in his Aura, which leads to her coming with him in order to monitor this strange darkness.) She has dull brown hair, elk ears, and green eyes. Not even she knows her own age.
    • INSPRATION: The Fair Folk of old.

  • Raleigh Iridius (Color scheme: Pink and periwinkle)
    • Species: Human
    • Weapon: Broadsword that becomes a Rocket Launcher.
    • Semblance: He can mystically shackle things and hold them in place for a very long period of time.
    • Description: Raleigh Iridius is a kooky First-Year who, while traveling to Beacon from Atlas, was pushed out of the airship by a bully and got swept up with this band of weirdos. Fortunately, he's a good mechanic, so he can at least do something to help these crazy people who helped him. (Ironic, since he's just as kooky as the rest of them; he's just in denial about it.) He has orange hair and blue tattoos near his eyes and has the beginnings of an epic mustache. He's fourteen.

Team RGNK (Ragnarok), by TheUslurper

  • Royce Kobalt
    • Species: Half Human/Half Wolf Faunus (eyes and teeth)
    • Semblance: Primal Fear — Upon activation, Royce can create a spherical zone around himself with a radius of around 40 meters. Any living thing within that zone will begin to experience feelings of dread, panic, paranoia, hallucinations, and in some cases, full paralysis.
    • Weapon(s): Tooth & Nail — Twin handguns that use a special dust-based heatsink magazine system that allows for theoretically infinite ammo, but at the risk of overheating the guns if fired too many times without pause. Royce also carries a foldable combat machete for close-quarter battle.
    • Background: Royce was born in an Atlas-influenced diplomatic colony located on the northern tip of the Kingdom of Vacuo, and grew up there with his parents (a human father and wolf-Faunus mother) and younger brother Fenrir. Royce’s early childhood was fairly uneventful until the White Fang led a raid on the colony when he was 10 years old. The details of the attack, including the White Fang’s motive for targeting the colony, are unclear, but two things are certain. First, Royce was the only survivor of the attack, and second, Royce’s brother Fenrir vanished in the aftermath, which Royce refuses to talk about. This event left Royce with a deep-seated hatred for the White Fang and anyone who associates with them, and it is believed that he joined the Atlas Academy specifically so he could learn how to properly wipe the organization out of existence.
    • Personality: Royce is extremely driven, focused, and pragmatic, and keeps most people at an arm’s length. While he is an effective leader, he tends to evaluate his allies based on how useful they are to him in any given situation, with the exception of his teammates in RGNK, although he probably wouldn’t admit it. Towards those he sees as enemies however, Royce is extremely cold, callous, and downright ruthless. As a former instructor of his once noted, “Kobalt is cold, efficient and unscrupulous when dealing with allies and enemies alike. In essence, he’s everything Atlas wants in a Huntsman”.

  • Gabriel Volkov
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Molecular Inference — Gabriel can “see” the molecular structure and composition of any physical object that he touches.
    • Weapon: Omni Gauntlet — Not exactly a weapon per se, more like a wearable blacksmith’s forge. Gabriel can use the gauntlet to break down natural physical objects into their base elemental components, and then use those elements to construct synthetic objects to support his teammates, such as mobile cover or smoke grenades. Gabriel often carries a pouch with special elementary spheres in case he needs a special crafting component.
    • Background: Gabriel was born an only child into one of the most renowned military families in Atlas, and one could argue that his entire life has been a struggle to live up to those lofty expectations. Both his father and grandfather were famous generals in the Atlas military, but Gabriel never seemed to care about military service, often choosing instead to devote himself to his studies (particularly chemistry and mechanical engineering), which he admittedly excelled at. When he confronted his father about his dream of becoming an engineer rather than joining the military, his furious father gave Gabriel an ultimatum: either join Atlas Academy and become a Huntsman or be disowned. Gabriel gave in to his father’s demands and enrolled in AA, where he was assigned to Team RGNK. Gabriel soon became fascinated with Huntsmen weapons technology, and has since become the team’s resident tech-specialist. Since then, Gabriel has personally designed or upgraded every weapon that his teammates currently use in the field.
    • Personality: Gabriel is a brilliant but shy and somewhat timid young man that has always been more comfortable around machinery than people. Even though he’s spent 3 years on one of the most effective combat teams in Atlas, Gabriel still doesn’t consider himself a fighter, opting instead to fill a more supportive roll during combat situations. He considers his teammates to be his friends, although he is still at times intimidated by Royce and Nero. He also harbors a fairly obvious crush towards Khara, but is too timid to act on it.

  • Nero Bragga
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Stone Skin — Nero’s skin reflexively hardens upon taking any kind of impact, at the cost of a bit of aura per square inch of skin affected. This ability is passively always on, and will deactivate completely should Nero’s aura be depleted.
    • Weapon: Knucklebusters — A pair of brass knuckle-like gauntlets with small, dust-based directional anti-personnel mines embedded in the knuckles/lower phalanges that explode when Nero lands a punch.
    • Background: One could say that life was difficult for Nero ever since the moment he was born. His mother, a poor factory worker in Atlas’s dust-mining district, died hours after giving birth to him and father had already abandoned the family long before then. Nero spent the first part of his childhood in an orphanage, but soon found himself living on his own on the streets of Atlas. Still, Nero showed a remarkable tenacity at a young age, and this combined with his willing to take risks eventually attracted the attention of the most prominent street gang in the mining district, The 13D Syndicate, who swiftly recruited Nero into their ranks. Nero considered his new gang to be his family, and it was during this time that he began to build a fearsome reputation as once of Atlas’ most vicious street fighters, a feat made easier by the emergence of his semblance. All was going well for Nero until an internal conflict began to split the Syndicate into two factions, which eventually came to a head in a violent brawl between the two groups. When the police arrived, they found Nero standing over the body of one of his former friends, whom he’d apparently beaten to death. Nero surrendered without resistance and was brought to an Atlesian jail where a recruiter for the Atlas Academy offered Nero a choice: either go to prison for murder or serve Atlas by becoming a Huntsmen at AA. Nero chose the latter, and was drafted into RGNK alongside Royce his first year there.
    • Personality: Nero’s primary personality trait is his almost limitless amounts of confidence, which to those who don’t know or like him, comes off as pure arrogance. This, combined with the chip that Nero has carried on his shoulder since childhood, has made him a brash, stubborn individual who doesn’t respect authority in the slightest. He is extremely proud of his fighting ability and is always eager to pick fights with people he believes to be strong, including his teammates (and especially Royce). Initially, Nero had issues with Royce being selected as team leader over him, while Royce believed that Nero’s arrogance would become a liability in the field, and the two often butted heads over tactical decisions. Since then, Nero has developed a begrudging respect for his teammates and even considers Gabriel to be almost like a little brother to him.

  • Khara Falke
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Hawkeye — Khara can see at great distances with perfect visual acuity, and can detect even slight movements from up to 2 miles away.
    • Weapon: Mk. 4 “Nail Driver” Sniper Rifle — A custom sniper rifle designed by Gabriel capable of switching between conventional ballistic ammunition and dust-based elemental ammo. Can also be collapsed into a more manageable PDW form for close range firing.
    • Background: Like Gabriel, Khara also hails from a prominent military family that has produced some of the finest Huntsmen and Huntswomen that Atlas had ever seen, with Khara’s mother, father, and grandmother all among its ranks. Throughout her life, Khara strove to continue her family’s legacy, with the intent of becoming a Specialist, the most elite Huntsmen in the Atlesian military. Her parents, however, disagreed with her goals, believing Specialists to be nothing more than dogs of the military rather than true Huntsmen. Although saddened by their reaction, Khara still enrolled herself into Atlas Academy and joined Team RGNK. Khara is a potent sniper and often aides her teammates by providing cover fire and picking off targets before they become major threats.
    • Personality: Khara is remarkably observant and patient for her age (as befitting of a sniper), and stays calm and collected at all times. Because of this, Khara is correctly regarded as the de facto second-in-command of Team RGNK, and is one of the few people who’s opinion Royce genuinely respects. Khara is naturally kind and sympathetic to those in need of assistance, but won’t hesitate to kill if she believes it will save a life. Despite her parent’s disapproval, Khara still aims to become a Specialist and counts Winter Schnee as someone she holds in high regard.

Team WLDF (Wildfire), by Mr Bishop

  • Willow Wilde
    • Species: Bear Faunus (Claws)
    • Semblance: Berserk. Willow can significantly increase her strength and speed. However, it rapidly depletes her Aura, leaving her vulnerable after about twenty seconds.
    • Weapon: Chaotic Bliss and Orderly Sorrow, twin curved machetes that can join at their hilts to form a doublesword. Separately, they can also change into long-barreled revolvers.
    • Description: Willow was born into a wealthy Atlesian family, but her mother harbors a secret: Willow was the result of an affair between her and a Faunus who worked in a nearby Dust mine. Not only did Willow inherit the man’s aggressive and wild temperament, she also possesses a pair of bear claws, although they are usually mistaken for long fingernails. Willow’s mother, realizing that Atlas would not be a good fit for someone like her (in terms of personality AND species), decided to send her to Vale to become a huntress in order to prevent her husband from discovering her infidelity, as well as hoping that Beacon could “straighten her out a bit”. Willow is a fierce fighter, but tends to sacrifice all pretenses of defense for a purely offensive combat style. During her time at Beacon, she was partnered with Leaf Rickson, and after graduating, travels with him across Remnant.

  • Leaf Rickson
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Marker. Leaf can place a single mark that only he can see on anyone or anything. He has a vague sense of where it is at all times.
    • Weapon: Rode Akse, a greataxe that can collapse into a large, round shield, which can also be used effectively in combat. It was passed down to Leaf by his father, Erin.
    • Description: Leaf is the son of a minor legend: a huntsman known as Crimson Erin, who was known across Sanus for protecting travel routes between Vale and Vacuo. One day, Erin disappeared, leaving behind only his wife, son, and weapon. Leaf decided to attend Beacon and become a huntsman, not only to protect people as his father did, but to fulfill his own dream: traveling the world. After graduating, he and his team leader, Willow Wilde, began traveling Remnant, helping others whenever they can. Leaf himself is a calm and caring person, and tends to adopt a defensive style in combat. Because of these traits, he is often considered complementary to Willow’s abrasive personality.

  • Dairine Spark
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Warmth. Dairine can generate heat from her body. At its peak, she can start fires with a touch of her finger.
    • Weapon: Matchstick, a spear with a tip that can be enhanced with dust for a variety of effects. It can also spray powdered dust in the manner of a flamethrower.
    • Description: In her early years, Dairine lived in a small village several miles north of Vale, and lived a peaceful life as the daughter of a hunter. However, during one particularly strong winter, her village suffered a Grimm attack, and she was the only survivor. Only ten years old at the time, she survived the snowstorms through the discovery of her semblance, and was able to scrounge up enough food and water to survive, thanks to her father’s teachings. Miraculously, she reached Vale, and was adopted and raised by another family. However, it didn’t take Dairine long to decide what she wanted to do with her life: become a huntress. She wanted to be the person she needed when her village fell, and help as many people as she could. She enrolled at Signal, and, eventually, enrolled at Beacon, where she became a part of Team WLDF, and, after graduation, travels together with her teammates Willow and Leaf. Personality-wise, Dairine is quite shy, and can barely stand crowded places. She much prefers the great outdoors, where she can show her extensive knowledge of the wild.

  • Fig Newman
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Gravity Manipulation. Fig is able to strengthen or weaken gravity in a selected range. The larger the range or the greater the manipulation, the more energy it takes to sustain.
    • Weapon: Harsh Mistress, a sword that can change into one of three forms for easier use within altered gravity: a normal longsword, a lighter rapier, and a heavier, thicker, club-like zweihander.
    • Description: Fig is the son of a well-to-do family in Vale, and for much of his early life, he lived in comfort, not having to worry about much. Because his parents were usually busy working, Fig was often looked after by his neighbor, a retired huntsman. He often told Fig stories of his youth, of his days fighting Grimm and protecting Vale. He was the person Fig was closest to after his own parents, and eventually, Fig was inspired to become a huntsman as well. Although his parents tried to discourage him from this, Fig was dead set on it. Against their wishes, he enrolled at Signal, and became strong enough to enroll at Beacon, where he became part of Team WLDF. After graduation, he was the sole member to remain in Vale, as he preferred the comfort of familiarity, as well as the knowledge that he was protecting his home. After the Fall of Beacon, he decided to dedicate his time to helping his former professors drive out the Grimm and restore Beacon to its former glory. Fig himself is quite tall and quiet, a combination that makes him seem intimidating, although he is usually friendly. However, he does get stressed very quickly and easily, which usually leads to him lashing out with his semblance.

Team STAR (pronounced Star) by iPhoenix26

  • Storm Fall
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Electrokinesis
    • Weapon: Zeus-3 ft long staff with a 2 ft long blade shaped like a lightning bolt on each end. Zeus can be split down the middle and wielded and dual short swords. The blades can bend over and turn it into a double ended scythe. Can also be used as a lightning rod(s).
    • Description: The younger sister of Cinder Fall who was raised by Salem after Cinder was recruited. Salem was actually a decent parent who “taught” Storm about how her worldview was the right one. She learned to fight as well as her sister and became even more powerful than her. She’s been going on deep undercover operations for Salem under the name “Silver”. Storm was the final person recruited by Cinder to take down Amber. Once that was done she enrolled at Beacon Academy and became team leader, with no one knowing who she really was. She used her position to gather information on Beacon and its teachers. She revealed her true colors at the fall of Beacon, which crushed her teammates, and has worked as Cinder’s second-in-command ever since. That said, she does seem to harbor at least a shred of sympathy for her former team.
  • Talia Triton
    • Species: Wolf Faunus (ears)
    • Semblance: Hydrokinesis-control over water
    • Weapon: Riptide-double sided serrated katana with collapsible blades. It splits down the middle and the swords can change into revolvers.
    • Description: After her parents (both faunus) were killed by racist humans she was taken in by the Belladonna family and raised alongside Blake. She also worked with the White Fang until Sienna Khan took over, at which point she left with Blake’s parents. Still unsettled by the injustice and inequality she saw Talia decided to become a huntress, and went to Beacon with her adoptive sister. After the fall of Beacon she followed Blake back to Menagerie with Sun. After reuniting with her team at Haven, she lead them against Storm. She and Amethyst have a will-they-won’t-they thing going on.
  • Amethyst Star
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Sound control-can shoot blasts of sound (more powerful through her weapon), has super hearing, and can modify any sound (for example: making a clap sound like a dog bark).
    • Weapon: Shredder-a guitar that turns into an axe. Broken and later upgraded with rocket launcher and hover-board forms.
    • Description: The legacy of 2 badass parents that went to school with team STRQ and a sister who graduated a year early to become Beacon’s youngest teacher has not weighed down on Amethyst at all. Her happy-go-lucky attitude combined with the creative way she uses her weapon and semblance made her the team’s glue. When her guitar/axe was smashed and her back was broken during the fall of Beacon, her father in Atlas had her brought back so she could heal. Without her, what remained of team STVR fell apart. Amethyst became more cynical, and, even with a spine implant that helps her to walk and a rebuilt and upgraded weapon she doubts herself, and the fact that her former leader/crush turned out to be evil certainly didn’t help. Amethyst has (sorta) moved on and she and Talia have a will-they-won’t-they thing going on.
  • Rene Solaris
    • Species: Human
    • Semblance: Foresight-He will occasionally have prophetic dreams about big upcoming events. Despite the heavy symbolism he can interpret them fairly easily. However, given how often prophecies are self-fulfilling, he only ever divulges information if he believes it to be absolutely necessary. He can also see smaller things right before they happen which comes in really handy in a fight.
    • Weapon: Mutatio-appears to simply be a flashlight but can actually turn into any weapon Rene can imagine as long as it’s not too big and it usually can’t have any other magical properties. He mostly uses it as a whip, sword, hammer, and sniper rifle.
    • Description: Growing up in a small village in Vacuo, Rene’s prediction of a Grimm attack made the people panic and his prediction came to pass because he told people about it. After his village was wiped out and most of the people were killed he moved to Vale and enrolled at Beacon to atone for his past. Being a part of this team has caused him to lighten up a bit, although he still plays the role of the silent stoic straight-man among his team. Storm’s betrayal undid most of his lightening up until his team came back together.

Team SLVR (pronounced Silver, and yes there already is one) by ErikModi

     Weapon ideas 
Here, you can design your own signature weapon that you would use as a Huntsman/ Huntress. Be as creative as you like, but remember to sign your creations.

Weapon Name by Username

  • Description of functions and properties, what kind of Dust is used.

Hiljaisuus by Bomberman121890

  • This giant bladed fuuma shuriken has four vents that act as guns, shooting out various types of dust when thrown, causing it to spin faster and produce a level of bullet hell.

Reiterpallasch by Riddle78

  • Outwardly resembling a zweihander-flamberge,this sword's undulating blade is capable of separating into a segmented whip with doubled reach,and flesh-flaying capacity. Furthermore,the guard includes a gun with the muzzle pointed towards the point of the weapon. The gun features a six round internal magazine and may be fed with rifle cartridges from a stripper clip.

Rippling Walls by Riddle78

  • A pair of enormous tower shields,one held in either hand. Constructed of creosote-treated,laminated hardwoods,plated in inch-thick steel,the shields are designed to survive nearly any punishment directed at them. The inside edges,that is,the two edges nearest to eachother when in use,are shaped to resemble fitting gear teeth,to assist in crushing and grinding enemies,whilst the bottom edges are sharpened. The Rippling Walls may also be employed as stationary barricades,deploying anchors to do so.

Épée de Tonnerre by StandSemblence

  • A large single edged greatsword with rivets in the handle. The blade is made of silver plated, dust infused steel, specifically made with energy dust to better incorporate into the gun form of the sword, a large rail cannon that fires projectiles that explode on contact. The railgun is formed when the blade splits and hangs from a rivet before the hilt goes to about halfway up the blade and the lower half of the blade splits to propel the projectiles.

Horn of the Abyss by Riddle78

  • A singular competition lance,on the surface. The lance's forward conical structure contains a singular crystal of propellant Dust protected with steel,vented out the bottom of the haft,which itself is,obviously,a tube. Additionally,the Horn of the Abyss features four prongs,where the cone meets the haft,which can extend outward in order to catch weapons or to serve other, more esoteric, purposes.

Ebony and Ivory by ScarletWolf

  • Twin kama with three buttons and hollow hilts with no bottoms. Button one returns the weapon to the kama mode after being changed. Button two flips up the blades to form twin machetes. Pressing button three flips the blade down and pops out a trigger to turn them into semi-automatic hand guns or release it's ammo if already in gun mode. They can combine in machete mode to become a double sided naginata. For ammo, it uses refillable dust cannisters that slide into the bottom and lock into place.

Slate Gavel by Riddle78

  • A polehammer,with extensive changes to the venerable weapon design. The Slate Gavel has a single striking surface,which itself is a vented pressure plate,mounted to a magazine of highly efficient explosives. The rear of the hammerhead is host to a pair of jet engines,enabling the user to swing with far more speed,and force,than what a person would otherwise be able to achieve with the weapon. When applied creatively,the engines can even enable long-distance leaps. The weapon's haft is actually a firearm best described as the misbegotten offspring of a sniper rifle and machine gun,featuring pinpoint accuracy across extreme ranges with a fully automatic action. It also packs an ace for special occasions; It can fire a beacon dart,which all subsequent bullets will attempt to track and strike.

Pop Shove-It by Riddle78

  • The Pop Shove-It,at its most basic,is a pair of knife hilts,not even bladed. However,it is designed to work with a number of specially designed blades,almost all of them packed with Dust,and colour coded for ease of identification. The blades can be fired from the hilts with ease,marking them as primarily ranged weapons,though it does have several blades designed for melee combat,as well.

Sunder by Riddle78

  • The Sunder is a fusion of battleaxe and machine gun. The large,single blade is largely triangular in shape,with a single point on the front of the blade,with a long beard extending downward. Its transformed state is that of a bulky machine gun,complete with a large box of belted ammunition. When the situation is dire,the weapon can also deploy two micro-rocket pods with six tubes each,prompting a swift hail of explosions to help even the battlefield.

Gladiator by Riddle78

  • The Gladiator outwardly resembles a pair of large metal gauntlets. However,they contain a complex system that enables the weapon to engage one of four distinct weapon systems. Each gauntlet can independently deploy either a caestus for bludgeoning,a katar for cutting,claws for piercing,and a Dust-fuelled laser for engaging distant targets. The laser,while particularly powerful,tends to be a one-off,due to how much Dust it consumes,and is best left as an ace in the hole for emergencies.

Amphisbaena by Riddle78

  • The Amphisbaena is a weapon designed with versatility in mind. Using bleeding-edge Dust technologies,the Amphisbaena resembles a pair of high-tech handguns. With a thumb-operated radial menu at the rear of each gun,they can be independently configured to different firing modes,from a rapid-fire pulse,a constant beam,or a flak blast. Furthermore,with the flick of a finger switch,the weapons can transform; One into a Dust-powered energy sword,the other into an energy shield,powered by Dust.

Silent Night by Riddle78

  • The Silent Night is a revolver, which, oddly for weapons of Remnant, doesn't transform. Equipped with a five round cylinder, the weapon is capable of loading both magnum cartridges and shotgun shells,enabling excellent versatility. The nickel-plated weapon sports a twelve inch barrel,ensuring accuracy at range, with glow sights and a tactical laser to further assist in aiming the weapon at short and medium ranges,as well as a recoil compensator to allow the wielder to put multiple rounds downrange with accuracy and confidence. The final feature of this weapon is its bayonet,a large and heavy thing,to give the user a much-needed leg-up in a melee. The weapon is reloaded via a reloading gate and ejector rod,one bullet at a time.

Cerberus by WolfOfBlades

  • A Tri-Barreled break-action shotgun based on a actual real-life shotgun named: The Chiappa Triple Threat Tri-Barrel Shotgun.
  • It's filled to the brim with ornate silver engravings that look very similar to Wolves at the end of each barrel is an angry-looking wolf that will clearly tell anyone or anything at the business end of the barrel, that they made a grave mistake fighting it's owner.
  • It has easily changeable choke tubes when the owner wants to adapt to different situations.
  • It's sights are a bit strange due to the aforementioned wolf heads, but they're still reliable.
  • It has a single mechanized trigger, considering that three triggers would be too much, and the mechanized trigger helps with the ability to dry-fire.
  • It has a nice semi-pistol grip on the gun in order to make carrying it a little bit more comfortable. It has an extractor to make reloading it much better and faster.
  • The three barrels also add to the weight, but not in an uncomfortable way, the three barrels make it's recoil somewhat manageable.
  • Now here's the good part, it also has the capability to fire all barrels at once. It can also use a variety of Dust Shells, mixed with it's ability to fire all barrels at once, and you pretty much have a weapon that will definitely hurt even the largest & toughest of Grimm.

Ego by Riddle78

  • Ego is a simply designed weapon, being a simple morning star which can disengage its spiked head on a cable as a flail in order to afford a little extra reach,and that little extra leverage,which can make all the difference in the world in a melee. While it lacks any firearm function,marking it as something of a black sheep on Remnant,its haft is longer than average,but not by much.

Edge and Crimson by Blimbleton

  • A pair of hand-axes. The design is somewhat unwieldy, yet elegant, with carvings along the handles and the edges of the serrated blades. Rather than turning into guns, the axes have engines in the middle run by a dust crystal battery. A ripcord is on the backside of the axes and can be either pulled separately or together to rev the engines and allowing the edges to spin (tl;dr, they're chainsaw axes).

The Trench-gun by Acertainderpycatfish

  • The trench-gun is built on a very simple idea: What happens if a weapon smith takes a pump action 12 gauge shotgun- then give it a folding shovel blade below the barrel? They get a combination of two of the most lethal weapons of trench warfare. The stock has a bar-like section so it can actually be used as a shovel/impromptu bludgeon more effectively. Additionally, if the recoil shown by most weapons on Remnant is considered folding down the shovel blade below the barrel and standing on it should allow for the shotgun equivalent of a Rocket Jump. A shortened frame and short haft leading to the shovel handle allow for more effective use as a bludgeon, though the small size limits the ammo capacity to five in the tube and one in the chamber. The shovel blade is serrated on one side similar to most entrenching tools while the other side can be sharpened and used as an axe.

Mangler Shell by Miss Desperado

  • Wielded by Lilac Rook
  • This weapon is a thick, heavy mishmash of harpoon gun and spiked shield, black except for the Dust-runed cloth. The spiked spokes of the shield connect with hinges at the muzzle of the harpoon gun and can fold and unfold along the barrel like a parasol. When the shield is folded, the weapon can be used as a club or an oversized grapple gun. When the shield is unfolded, the harpoon can snag enemies and yank them into the shield, bashing them against the spikes. The shield's radiusnote  is roughly as long as the blade on Ruby's scythe, and the shield can perform a similar steadying support when unfolded while firing the harpoon.
  • The spokes are not the thin rods found on ordinary parasols, they're built like thick strips of tank armor. Each spoke has a small window with crosshairs near the hinges and (for redundancy in case the cloth is shredded) a Dust receptacle that imbues the spikes with extra effects to trigger at will.
  • The original cloth of the parasol had Dust runes woven into it. That cloth accumulated enough damage to eventually be replaced with new Dust-rune cloth woven from Opal Rachnid's spider silk, which is a bit more damage-resistant and a lot easier to repair or replace than the original cloth.
  • The harpoon has two unorthodox bulges along its shaft. The bulge close to its pointy end holds Dust for extra damage when the harpoon digs into an enemy. The bulge close to its retrieval cable holds computers and engines cannibalized from a tracking missile so that the harpoon can make small course corrections. The course correction is not enough to substitute for proper aiming in the first place.
  • At the handle of the weapon are three triggers. One fires the harpoon, one sends a signal to activate the Dust in the spikes, and one sends a signal to activate the Dust in the harpoon.
  • Tl;dr: It's a large, heavy Parasol of Pain with a fancy harpoon.
  • Trivia 

Sabertooth Grapple by Miss Desperado

  • Composed of a helmet, gauntlets and armored boots, wielded by Dandelion Euxanth.
  • The helmet has quite a few moving pieces. Its base piece is a cranium-fitting dome with a transparent faceplate (covering her eyes and nose) and mesh circles over her ears (so she can still hear). It has two attatchments for the second piece directly underneath the ear-mesh circles and more attachments along the border of the faceplate that reaches her upper jaw. The second piece of the helmet (the one with the weapon mounts) is shaped like an animalistic snout - it has a stabilizing upper part that attaches to the main part of the helmet via the connection points described above and a hinged lower part that moves with her lower jaw. The weapons are two six-inch-long knives that, in their default position, rest hanging down like the teeth of a sabertooth tiger. Unlike the sabertooth tiger, the knives are mobile and spring-loaded - they can rotate ninety degrees to point forward, and then snap back into their default position, cutting through a hunk of enemy flesh.
  • The gauntlets have wrist-mounted grapple guns for closing the distance on an enemy. The knuckles are spiked, and sharp retractable hooks are positioned along the fingers and palms to reinforce her grip on an enemy or shred the enemy's flesh trying. Her over-the-knee armored boots have spikes at the toes to enhance her kicks and spikes at her knees for when she's too close to kick and needs to use a knee strike instead.
  • This armor deliberately leaves large areas of Dandelion's flesh exposed so that she can still use her Semblance - transferring her wounds to her enemies.

The Howling Shadow by WolfOfBlades

  • Wielded by Augustus Silvermane
  • A nodachi or Ōdachi (essentially an oversized katana)
  • Made of an unknown dark metal that makes it almost indestructible and incredibly sharp enough to cut through almost everything.
  • As said before the blade is completely dark with a serrated part of it on it's spine near the the silver tsuba and handle.
  • While it doesn't have any alternate gun modes or anything, but it does make it up with one thing...
  • It can extend up to 380,000 kilometers which is approximately 236121.05305018692 Miles long ala Sun Wukong's staff.

Stormfront by Riddle78

Léitíng xíjí (Thunder Strike) By Wolf Of Blades

  • a Nunchaku that seems to be made out of gold.
  • Instead of a normal chain linking the Nunchaku together, instead of a chain of electricity that thankfully cannot hurt the user, and links the nunchaku together. The electricity can be turned off, separating the Chucks.
  • When separated the Chucks are also Extendable Batons, making them good as both a Nunchaku and dual Batons.
  • As it's name implies it is also electric, with each end of the Nunchaku can be electrified like a taser, said ends also happens to be the tips of each Extendable Baton.
  • If spun around enough times, it can shoot out thunder bolts.

Sunspot,by Riddle78

  • Exclusively a ranged weapon,Sunspot packs deceptive power in its compact frame; A sidearm,superficially resembling a revolver,Sunspot is a microwave laser. Much like the Stormfront before it,a fuse adequate enough to enable continuous fire would have been too bulky to include in the weapon,so it instead uses the best fuse it can; As a result,the circuit needs to be reset between every shot,via the hammer. Thankfully,it's designed as a double-action,so manual cocking isn't necessary. Featuring only iron sights for aiming,the Sunspot is typically a medium and short range weapon,especially if the user elects to fan the hammer to maximize rate of fire. The power cell,placed where a revolver's cylinder would be,is good for six shots. It is possible to attach a much more powerful fuse to the outside of the weapon; Doing so circumvents the usual power restrictions per burst,allowing the user to dump the entire power cell into either a single sustained beam,a single ultrapowerful pulse,or a short-ranged wave. Sunspot automatically deploys a longer barrel when it detects the installation of an external fuse,allowing any beams or pulses fired to be much more finely focused,thus improving their potency further.

Spirit Veil,by Riddle78

  • Not a weapon in the strictest sense,as it's not meant to kill,the Spirit Veil is a high-tech defence system,based on large scale shielding technology seen in combat arenas across Remnant. Worn as a harness,with a backpacked power supply,the Spirit Veil is host to a pair of robotic arms,as well as an array of sensors. The system can be programmed to identify certain threats,based on distance and speed,which the arms will then move to intercept. At the end of either arm is a shield projector; The shield produced is planar in shape,and large enough to protect the user from attack in a single direction. However,the user would be unable to retaliate in any direction that is currently being defended by such a shield. Obviously,the system is also reliant upon a power supply,and will shut down when it runs out of juice.

Wake of Gods,by Riddle78

  • While not a weapon,the Wake of Gods is still able to kill, either by exploding,cooking someone with the exhaust,or simply running somebody over enough. The Wake of Gods is a mobility system,designed to provide incredible speed in a straight line,accomplishing this with twin backpacked vectored thrusters and a pair of gravity skis. Handling similarly to ice skates,the Wake of Gods can operate on any surface and enables the user to reach highway speeds,even if they're fully armoured. Thanks to the volatile fuel used by the thrusters, the backpack unit is at risk of exploding, quite spectacularly, if it's ever breached. The exhaust is extremely hot and energetic, as well, putting any in their vector at extreme risk. However, due to the system's design, it cannot grant flight of any sort, and as it lacks wings or sails, cannot even enable gliding. At best, the operator can generate individual bursts of extreme thrust, in order to facilitate jumping or lateral movement.

Stark,by Riddle78

  • Stark is an impressively versatile weapon; In its default, and made-for-transport, mode, it resembles a broad falcata, with a forward bowing blade, and a single sharpened edge. A single crystal of gravity Dust decorates the hilt, while every single groove and relief of the weapon including the fullers, is filled with a kaleidoscope of all different kinds of Dust. For when a target needs to be punished from a little further away, Stark can transform into a bladed, segmented whip. Finally, if a target must be engaged from a distance, Stark can undergo a radical transformation, and turn into a Dust-fuelled cannon, with a bore wide enough to fit a human head. The nature of the cannon's projectile is dependent upon the Dust that is fed into it. For when haste is key, one final function exists for Stark; It can transform into a fully operable hoverbike, though it lacks any sort of seat, or body panelling; It is literally just handlebars, connective struts, and the crystal of gravity Dust that serves as fuel and propulsion.

Cauterize,by Riddle78

  • Cauterize is a relatively simple weapon. Outwardly, it looks like a falcata, with its distinctive forward-bowing blade, single edge, and pronounced thrusting point. However, as its name implies, it carries a payload of fire Dust, specifically, in its fullers and guard. Using the Dust in the fullers, the wielder can wreathe the blade in flames, and by using the Dust in the guard, the wielder can use the weapon's built-in flamer, to bring the power of fire to the battlefield. Unlike most other weapons, it cannot transform in any capacity; The flamer simply travels through the spine of the blade, coming out at the curve.

Rex Regna,by Riddle78

  • Rex Regna is a twin pair of katars, with built-in submachine guns, pointed towards the point of the blades. The guns and blades may be used simultaneously, without any transformation involved, enabling the wielder to seamlessly switch between gunplay and melee on a whim. With long, broad blades and wicked points, and twin fifty round magazines that can be dumped within three seconds, as a pair of katars, the Rex Regna is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Rex Regna has another trick up its sleeve, however; The two halves can be joined together, prompting the blade to narrow and lengthen considerably, while also lengthening the firearm's barrel. Reducing the rate of fire, the weapon is now a machine gun/langschwert hybrid, providing both a longer shooting range and longer melee reach, while still providing fluid transition betwixt gunplay and swordplay.

Caelus Fog by ScarletWolf

  • Caelus Fog is a jet propelled sledgehammer. It's not just pure power though, it's able to use a multitude of tanks to create different effects. Air dust provide the fastest movement and best amount of striking force, gravity can be used to send the user or others flying, lightning dust gives the user ability to electrocute his foes, the user can use ice dust to create sheets of ice wherever Caelus Fog impacts, using burn dust the user can create a stream of flame from the jet, and by loading steam dust the user can produce a cloud cover to obscure the vision of foes.

Final Destiny by Jinnail

  • Final Destiny is a set of pens...often nickname that broken pieces of Satan minoin. It can write like a normal pen but it contains a double dust chamber. One chamber is a mini size six chamber cylinder which gave it a property of dust it is load with. Another contains superfluid dust solution which allows the pen to accelerate up from zero to Mach 8 in an instant by main propulsion chamber in its head and 8 on its side. Combine with a retractable superheated cross-shape blade in its butt this set of murders weapon is deadly when combined with a telepathic base semblance. Its design to go through anything and so fast that it could bring down anyone (even if that person is at Cinder level) by piercing them or shredding their weapon before they can react. It can theoretically bring down at least a control airship by aiming at it engine given that its body is nearly night indestructible alloy. Two of the pens are design to explode via. keyword trigger explosive. This measure is used against anything that stops the pen. It can also turn on the superheat option to act a skill a non lethal taser (keyword: shock) And portable enough to be used as a a kitchen knife. the only limit to this weapon is the user imagination range and control. Thier major weakness is that the user is completely open to never if position badly and contorting object traveling at hypersonic speed with out preplanning is not going to end well.

Prism Floret by ScarletWolf

  • Prism Floret is a whip with several retractable blades. This whip can retract to take the form of a baton with the blades retracted or a double bladed sword with the blades released. This gives her a variety of different ways to fight, but can be made even more versatile with the ability to put dust canisters into the hilt, making the weapon glow the color of said dust and giving it special abilities including becoming electrified, catching on fire, creating ice wherever it hits, and releasing blades of water, air, or lava.

Gift of Mortis by Clockwork_Heart

  • A titanic sword roughly two meters in length and around twenty centimetres in width, with the ornate hilt emblazoned with an image of a human skull, with two skeletal "wings" of metal fanning out to either side. During battle, the blade will draw upon a rare form of dust (seemingly produced by the blade itself - it has not been found in any place but the blade itself.) that allows the user to drain the life-force of any it strikes, empowering the blade and healing any wounds its wielder has taken. The wounds it creates are extremely difficult to heal, due to the blade passing it's rare form of dust into the wounds of the victim. The dust forces the wounds to remain open, and retaliates to active attempts to remove the dust or heal the wound by forcing the wound open wider, or triggering multiple nerve endings to send pain signals to the brain. However, this effect only seems to occur in proximity to the blade - afflicted persons have noted that the effects of the dust diminish with range. At a distance of around 15-20 meters from the blade, the dust is rendered inert, and can be safely removed from the wound. The blade was forged by an unknown maker (said in some legends to be death itself, hence the name), and has been passed down from wielder to wielder - the most common method of acquisition for this mighty blade is to strike down the current wielder, and to take the blade from the slain wielder. This blade's whereabouts are currently unknown.

Blazin’ Haley by Witherbrine 98

  • Blazin’ Haley is a large metal ball with the diameter of an exercise ball strapped to the end of a 20-foot long chain. The ball itself is enhanced with dust to improve its endurance, as the ball is covered with explosive spikes. A mechanism on the chain allows the user to shoot any of the spikes as if they were missiles, or use them all to detonate at once on impact. This massive weapon has two uses: the first being swinging the massive ball as a means of both intimidation and damage, and using the chain to grapple onto opponents and Grimm. Each missile is about the size of a tennis ball, and Dust can be loaded into each individual missile to mix up the effects based on the Dust used. What it has in range and power, it lacks in practicality. The weapon is difficult to lift up let alone swing on a long chain, and reloading takes too much time to be safe.

Caedes' Claw by Clockwork_Heart

  • This weapon resembles a large gauntlet, magnified in size and bulk. Five blades extend from the fingertips of the gauntlet, with both the gauntlet and the blades being comprised of an unknown alloy. These blades, should the user will it, can become energised - this energy field greatly enhances the weapon's already formidable cutting power, allowing the user to cut through almost anything. A small flamethrower is installed within the gauntlet's palm; this flamethrower seemingly generates its own fuel, in the form of an unidentifiable flammable compound that is almost impossible to extinguish - water only serves as more fuel. The Claw is supposedly paired with the weapon known as 'Gift of Mortis'.

Inferno & Sunfury by Clockwork_Heart

  • A pair of ranged weapons, infamous for their devastating power. Both were crafted by a brilliant inventor during the Great War, for the purpose of destroying the increasingly powerful Grimm that attacked her home settlement. Eventually this inventor would die, allegedly struck down by an assassin sent to kill her for refusing to choose a side in the War. However, her workshop was found empty of its expected mechanical wonders - the creations scattered across Remnant, hidden from the eyes of others. These two weapons were eventually re-discovered by an Atlesian Huntsman, and are currently in transit back to research labs in an effort to reverse-engineer these devices. Both weapons fully enclose the arms of the wielder.
    • Inferno resembles a large, bulky cannon, narrowing down to a long barrel. The cannon utilises a crystallised form of Dust that, through the weapon's unique technology, can be consumed to fire a massive beam of white-blue energy toward its target. This beam has tremendous destructive power, being capable of obliterating even the most heavily armoured Grimm with a single shot and annihilating tanks from the heat of the beam. However, Inferno suffers from extremely severe recoil due to the nature of the Dust - a weakness only exacerbated by the need to allow the weapon to "Cool off" between firings; failing to do so risks damage to Inferno itself, and may even cause the weapon to backfire, inflicting horrific burns on the wielder.
    • Sunfury is a far more unusual weapon in appearance when compared to Inferno - it resembles a long cylinder, of roughly equal length to its sister weapon, ending in a flaring cone-like shape that ends in a flat circle. Bright blue-white light shines out from a rectangular section that runs the weapon's length, which seems to function as the containment chamber for the Dust that powers this device. Sunfury can fire massive blasts of an unknown form of super-heated matter at targets, inflicting massive burns and usually outright vaporising the target. Similar to Inferno, Sunfury requires time to cool off between blasts. Notably, both weapons are rumoured to have a third sibling that pairs with them both; a weapon designed to preserve these two device's strengths while downplaying their weaknesses.
Vendetta by Supergifford
  • 2 Japanese short swords that can be combined at the handles and extend to form a double bladed staff and by twisting handle can also turn into a bow. Dust chambers for sword/ staff are at middle of hilt and dust arrows. One sheath would be on back and other sheath would be at waist.

Blazefire Shroud by ErikModi

  • A gunblade (Blazefire) and shield (Shroud) combination. Blazefire collapses for storage into a block about a foot long, two inches wide by four inches high. Shroud collapses into a carrying case/sheath for Blazefire, which can be attached on either hip or the small of the back. Blazefire expands a bit to enter gun mode, where it performs as a semi-auto carbine, able to be loaded with any standard small-caliber Dust rounds. It can expand out to a full-sized one-handed longsword as well. Shroud has a notch on the top meant to fit Blazefire’s carbine mode, allowing the shield to be kept in a defensive posture while bracing the gun to fire at targets.

     Grimm Species Ideas 
Muscaria by Witherbrine 98
  • The Muscaria are an unconventional and rare type of Grimm: they are small mushroom-like creatures that have a unique means of attack, similar to the Apathy. Instead of brute force or draining will, the Muscaria release spores that infect the brains of humans and Faunus and send them into a flying frenzy. The spores are dangerous, especially if the host is a Huntsman. The spore-induced fury the Muscaria inflict not only threatens other humans and Faunus, but it also attracts other Grimm. This Grimm is inspired by the fly amanita, also known as berserker mushrooms, which were taken by Norse warriors before battle.

Ifrit by Author Of The Universe

  • The Ifrit is a rare Grimm typically found in Vacuo. It is a giant, a few feet shorter than a Goliath. It has no legs and instead moves around by walking on its two hands, each of them huge and muscular. The most dangerous aspect of the Ifrit, however, is its ability to generate fire and heat in general. Over time, its body will increase in temperature, causing its skin to take on a bright red tone instead of the usual pitch black of the Grimm. After a while, it is even able to breathe fire and throw fireballs. This power comes at a price: the hotter it is, the more pain it is in. It will constantly seek out any form of water, which is effective in cooling it off. In Vacuo, where desert wasteland rules the landscape, these water sources are typically small oases. Unfortunately, more often than not nomadic villages will already be occupying the oasis. It is often said that one can tell when an Ifrit has passed through a place by a trail of crushed abodes and smoldering corpses.

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