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This page is for tropers who want to share which characters they casted in Miitopia in the various roles.

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    Ian Mario Fan 
  • Protagonist: Ian (Myself) the Kind Warrior/Cleric/Mage
  • Greenhorne teammates: Sid (Real life friend) the Kind Pop-star, Yuri (From Doki Doki Literature Club!]]) the kind mage, Natsuki (From Doki Doki Literature Club!) the stubborn chef.
  • Neksdor teammates: Sayori (From Doki Doki Literature Club!) the air-headed thief, Monika (From Doki Doki Literature Club!)the kind warrior, Tyler (Real-life brother) the kind warrior.
  • Realm of the fey teammates: Baldi (From Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning) The energetic warrior, MC (From Doki Doki Literature Club!) the laid-back cleric, Riley (Real-life brother) The energetic cat.
  • Great Sage: Gruh Gruh (OC)
  • Greenhorne Royal Court: (I had it randomized right at this point, so some of these characters, I don't know where they're from.) King: Meatball (Unknown where he's from) Princess: Zelda (From The Legend of Zelda)
Noble's son: Kenny (From South Park) Prince of another land: Fawful (From the Mario & Luigi series)
  • Castle guard: Toon Link, PewDiePie Iwata, Stan Lee
  • Genie of the lamp: Peter (From Family Guy)
  • The 3 Fab Fairies: Navi (Eldest) (From The Legend of Zelda) Adopted (Middle) (OC) Salesman (Youngest) (From The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask)
  • Dark Lord: DarthTrump (Donald Trump)
  • Dark Curse: Villager (From Minecraft)

    Phantom Dusclops 92 
  • Main hero: Trisha the Cautious Warrior (later Imp and Tank).
  • Original team members: Yukiji the Kind Cleric, Whirl the Energetic Mage and Sirius the Cool Thief.
  • Second group of team members: Luna the Cool Pop Star, Lisa the Laid-back Scientist and Uncle Grandpa the Airheaded Chef.
  • Third group of team members: Snape the Stubborn Mage, Connie the Kind Warrior and Vanellope the Energetic Princess.
  • Post-game additions: Cat Noir the Cool Cat, Lucy the Laid-back Vampire and Zelda the Cautious Elf.
  • Dark Lord: Boyakki
  • Great Sage: Nagato
  • King of Greenhorne: Unicron
  • Princess of Greenhorne: Lola
  • Besmirched Noble's Son: Rockefeller
  • Prince from a Nearby Land: Dan
  • Genie: Joe Dalton
  • Fab Fairies: Kurolindanote , Diana and Blackmoon Kirarin
  • Dark Curse: ME!

The notable roles in my first Miitopia playthrough include...

  • Main Hero: Leo the Laidback Wizard-turned-Scientist-turned-Imp-turned-back-into-Scientist-turned-Vampire
  • First Group/Demo Team: Skippy the Energetic Chef-turned-Cat, Jae the Kind Pop Star-turned Warrior , and Shadow Skippy the Cool Warrior-turned-Thief.
  • Second Group: Strange Klug the Airheaded Wizard, Hovernyan the Cool Cat, and Phantom Bomber the Cautious Scientist.
  • Third Group: Blue Bomber the Laidback Scientist-turned-Cleric, Toon Link the Energetic Warrior, and Nurse Joy the Kind Cleric.
  • Dark Lord/Ex-Dark Lord: Him
  • Great Sage/Darker/Darkest Lord: Jackie Chan
  • King of Greenhorne: Jack Black
  • Princess: Misty
  • Besmirched Noble's Son: Markiplier
  • Prince From a Nearby Land: Kaneki Ken
  • Genie: Kazaam
  • Roaming Gourmet: Shaggy
  • Fab Fairies: Zelda the Eldest, Lillie the Middle, and Frisk the Youngest.
  • Worried Explorer: Genji
  • Quiz Master: Thor.
  • Dark Curse: I just tried to make a human version of him.

My second playthrough is mainly an OC-fest.

My favorite Miscellaneous Roles (in both playthroughs) include...

    Byakuren Hijiri 
Another playthrough, with many well-known and obscure characters to go along with it.


    Metalman J Wily 
  • Main Hero: Meezer the Stubborn Mage/Cat/Imp/Cat again.
  • First Party: My girlfriend Tori (Warrior), one of my besties Erin (Chef), and one of my besties Zephyr (Thief)
  • Second Party: My bestie Phoenix (Scientist), their Transformers fancharacter Peripheral (Pop Star), and Pharma (Cleric).
  • Third Party: Rodimus (Princess), Drift (Flower), Ratchet (Tank).
  • Dark Lord: Megatron.
  • Great Sage/ Darker/Darkest Lord: Tarn
  • King of Greenhorne: King Harkinian
  • Princess: Princess Zelda
  • Besmirched Noble's Son: Link
  • Prince From A Nearby Land: Starscream
  • Roaming Gourmet: Pac-Man
  • Fab Fairies: Mia, Maya, and Pearl Fey from Ace Attorney.
  • Nintendo Fangirl: Buttercup
  • Quiz Master: Garnet
  • Postgame Party Members include Shangela as a Pop Star, Bendelacreme/Dela as a Princess, Cyclonus and Tailgate as a Vampire and Pop Star respectively, etc.

    Kool Koopa Girl 
  • Main Hero: Kana the Cool Warrior/Imp/Princess/Warrior again.
  • First Party: Caeldori the Kind Chef, Ophelia the Energetic Mage, and Nina the Stubborn Thief.
  • Second Party: Sakura the Cautious Cat, Shigure the Laid-back Pop Star, and Midori the Kind Scientist.
  • Third Party: Mitama the Airheaded Cleric, Selkie the Laid-back Flower, and Takumi the Stubborn Tank (later Elf).
  • Dark Lord: Lyon.
  • Great Sage: Corrin.

Second Playthrough

  • Main Hero: Me, the Stubborn Cleric/Imp/Princess/Cleric again.
  • First Party: Asuna the Cool Warrior, Celica the Kind Mage, and a Thief whose name I can't remember
  • Second Party: Maya the Kind Chef, Kaban the Cautious Scientist, and Felicia the Energetic Cat
  • Third Party: Persephone the Cautious Flower, [[Video Game/Splatoon Marie]] the Laid-back Pop Star, Miho the Kind Tank

The following is when I first started the game on release in 2017. After this, I will note some changes I made after picking up the game.

Post-game Party Member additions:

  • Dio Brando (Stubborn Vampirenote )
  • Pyra (Kind Chef note ).

Changes Made (2018)

  • Dark Lord: Kyubey
  • Nintendo Fan: Popukonote 
  • Quiz Master: Zeke

    I Am The Table 

The notable examples on my first playthrough (2017) are:

  • Main hero: me, the Warrior (then Imp and then Cat) (if I don't write a name or a personality, it's because I don't remember it).
  • First Party: John Cena, the Cool Mage, The Rock, the Cleric and Seth Rollins, the Laid-back Thief.
  • Second party: Stone Cold, the Stubborn Chef, Wario, the Pop Star and Popeye, the Kind Scientist.
  • Third party: Lonk, the Tank, Boo, the Imp (then Vampire) and Samus, the Airheaded Princess.
  • Dark Lord: Vince Russo.
  • Great Sage: Jim Cornette.
  • Greenhorne Royalty (and Nekksdor):

The notable examples on my second playthrough (2017-still going) are:


While most of my party consisted of me and my friends, the rest of the cast got a bit more varied.

    Brash Buster 
  • Party Members (main game)
  • Party Members (postgame)
    • Self-Made:
      • Plant Man (Cautious Flower): "The flowers are blooming!"
      • Flandre (Airheaded Vampire): "And then there were none!"
      • Ridley (Stubborn Imp): "Time for you to disappear!"
      • Shy Guy (Cautious Cleric): "Once bitten, twice shy..."
      • Pooh Bear (Kind Chef): "Time for something sweet!"
      • Panotty (Stubborn Elf)note : "Let me play you a song!"
    • Recruited via Spotpass:
      • Jack Skellington (Cleric)
      • Batman (Cat)
      • Emeraldnote  (Cautious Thief)
  • Major Non-Playable Characters
  • Recurring Non-Playable Characters (via Spotpass):

This list was mostly OCs of mine, with the exception of a few. Any roles not listed were taken by stock characters since my playthrough didn't have Internet connection until the final part.

    Akkun K 
  • Player Characters
    • Main Hero: Myself (Mage->Fighter->Thief->Vampire, cycling between classes at my own whim)
    • First Party
      • YOHIO note  (Male Pop Star)
      • Pike Trickfoot (Cleric)
      • Soma Yukihira (Chef)
    • Second Party
    • Third Party
      • Poison Ivy (Flower)
      • D.Va (Tank)note 
      • Grace Le Bleu note  (Princess)
    • Post-Game Additions
      • Vincent Bane (Vampire)
      • Citrine (Female Pop Star)note 
      • Jester (Imp)
      • Garfield (Cat)
      • Musume Ronshaku (Tank)
      • Betty (Thief)
  • Main Supporting Characters
  • Recurring NPCs
    • Roving Photographer: Bowser Jr.
    • Quizmaster: Steve Harvey note 
    • Prodigious Postman: Nikki
    • Roaming Gourmet: The guy on the Pringles can. note 
    • Nintendo Fan: Baby Peach
    • Worried Explorer: Ash Ketchum
    • Scholarly Pioneer: Ms. Frizzle
  • Other NPCs

    Wheatenlyric 950 
First PlaythroughSecond Playthrough

    CJH 48 
I'm only gonna do the player characters and major supporting characters


Despite the username, all 10 Heroes used hailed from the Haruhi Suzumiya Series instead for my first game.


  • Main protagonist: Calvin, Airheaded Scientist (formerly Thief in Greenhorne and Cat in Neksdor). War cry: "Calvin the Bold is ready!"
  • Greenhorne Arc team:
    • Raven Queen, Kind Mage. War cry: "I'll write my own story!"
    • Steven Universe, Kind Flower (originally Warrior, until the kidnapping). War cry: "Poweeeeeeeeeeeeers!"note 
    • Arusu, Energetic Cleric. War cry: "Let's make people happy!"
  • Neksdor Arc team:
  • Realm of the Fey Arc team:
    • Patsynote , Laid-back Tank. War cry: "The last one closes the door!"
    • Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove, Stubborn Warrior. War cry: "Don't call me Dally!"
    • Mami Tomoe, Cool Princess. War cry: "Tiro Finale!" (again, what else?)
  • Great Sage: Scary Godmother
  • Greenhorne's Dubious Mayor: myself.
  • Greenhorne's Princess: Nikki.
  • Roving Photographer: Junichi Masuda.
  • Quiz Master: Maccio Capatonda (italian comedian).
  • Prodigious Postman: Saitama. Yes, I can be a bastard if I want...
  • Roaming Gourmet: Obelix.
  • Nintendo Fan: DEISI. The 100% original one.
  • Neksdor's Rambling Old Man: King Harkinian
  • Genie: Grande
  • Galados Island's Archaeologist: Lara Croft
  • Elven Retreat's Mischievous Witch: Faybelle Thorn
  • Everyone else: Original Characters

  • PCs:
    • Main Hero: Myself the Laid-back Mage/Chef/Tank/Mage
    • Greenhorne Team: Matt (friend) the Energetic Pop Star, Katie (sister) the Energetic Thief, Chris (brother-in-law) the Kind Cleric
    • Neksdor Team: Juan (friend) the Cool Cat/Elf, Leanne (friend) the Stubborn Scientist, Sarah (friend) the Cautious Imp
    • Realm of the Fey Team: David (friend) the Airheaded Flower, Barnes (friend) the Cool Warrior/Vampire, Alison (brother-in-law's cousin) the Kind Princess
    • Post-game Team: Jacob (cousin) the Laid-back Warrior, EB (friend) the Kind Chef, Molly (sister's friend) the Cool Cat, Anuja (sister's friend) the Energetic Tank
  • Greenhorne Town:
  • Greenhorne Castle:
  • Neksdor Kingdom:
  • Realm of the Fey:
  • Wandering NPCs:
  • Traveler's Hub Guide: Popeye
  • The Dark Lord: Donald Trump
  • The Great Sage: El Reverso (a Mii I created with an upside-down face)
  • The Dark Curse: Chara

  • PCs
    • Protagonist: Me, the Stubborn Warrior (Male Pop Star in Neksdor and Tank in the Realm of the Fey.) (post-game I'm working on maxing out the level of all the Jobs for the protagonist so I can get the medal for maxing out the level of every Job on a single Mii). War cry: "Take that, fiend!"
  • Teammates in Greenhorne:
  • Teammates in Neksdor:
    • Brock, the Laid-Back Chef. War cry: "I rock!"
    • Felicia, the Energetic Cat. War cry: "Catgirl power!!!"
    • Kyle Fenton, the Kind Scientist. War cry: "Feel the power of science!"
  • Teammates in the Realm of the Fey:
    • Flowey, the Stubborn Flower. War cry: "It's kill or be killed!"
    • Panty, the Stubborn Imp. War cry: "Don't mess with an angel!"
    • Zelda, the Cautious Princess. War cry: "For the Kingdom of Hyrule!"
  • Post-game additions:
  • Greenhorne:
    • Carefree Guide: Goomba
    • Cheery Granny: Ballora
    • Cheeky Child: Rabbid
    • Worried Mother: Lily (I have no idea where she's from. Might be an OC).
    • Lovey-Dovey Couple: Beedle and Cute thief (OC)
    • Sarky Bloke: Mario
    • Dubious Mayor Satoru Iwata
  • Greenhorne Castle:
  • Neksdor Kingdom:
  • Realm of the Fey
    • Fab Fairies: Viridi, Shyren, and Midna
    • Injured Elf: Ganondorf
    • Fab Fairies Fans: Ra's Al-Ghul, Lesser Dog, and Pikachu
    • Scaredy Cat: Leafy (I don't know where she originates from)
    • Green Eyed Lady: Granny (a stereotypical grandmother-type character, I don't know if she's from anything. At least, I know it's not the horror game monster.)
    • Lazy Bones: Sleepy
    • Mischievous Witch: Lucy (yet again, I don't know where she's from.)
  • Wandering NPCs:
    • Nintendo Fan: Chiaki Nanami
    • Roaming Gourmet: Illuminati (a Mii with a single eye in the middle of it's face.)
    • Quizmaster: Sonic.exe
    • Prodigious Postman: Peter Griffin
    • Roving Photographer: Miles "Tails" Prower
    • Worried Explorer: StreetPass-chosen Litten at first, then changed to Incineroar when I found out that he's the older brother of the Scholarly Pioneer.
    • Scholarly Explorer: At first it was StreetPass-chosen Rose Quartz, but I changed it to Torracat when I found out that she's the Worried Explorer's younger sister.
  • Traveler's Hub Guide: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  • The Dark Lord: Lucifer
  • The Great Sage: Gandalf
  • The Dark Curse: Noob
    Mecchan Otaku 
Since my entire game was an OC-fest, I'm going to only do my party members and major characters.
    Red Parappa 
I know there's already a page for my fanfic Damn It Azamir: The Movie, but I wanted to put my main cast here as well! Keep in mind that my in-game party included real friends of mine, so I didn't put them in the fanfic.
  • Player characters
    • Main Hero: Susumu Monokuro - Personality: Airheaded - Class: Mage -> Scientist -> Pop Star(stayed a Pop Star for the rest of the game)
    • Greenhorne Team
      • Mecchan Otaku(friend) - Personality: Energetic - Class: Warrior
      • Yardi - Personality: Stubborn - Class: Thief
      • Vinny - Personality: Laid-Back - Class: Chef
    • Neksdor Team
      • Faline Mckitten(friend) - Personality: Cool - Class: Cat
      • Samuel - Personality: Cautious - Class: Cleric
      • Priff - Personality: Laid-Back - Class: Imp
    • Realm Of The Fey Team
      • Konade - Personality: Kind Class: Flower
      • Bowyetta - Personality: Kind - Class: Princess
      • Raya - Personality: Energetic - Class: Tank
    • Post-Game
      • Claire - Personality: Kind - Class: Elf
      • Neal - Personality: Energetic - Class: Cat
      • Toshiro - Personality: Cool - Class: Vampire
      • Junpei - Personality: Airheaded - Class: Scientist
      • Sachio Monokuro - Personality: Airheaded - Class: Mage
  • Supporting characters
    • Dark Lord: Azamir
    • Great Sage: Martcha
    • Royal Court
      • King of Greenhorne: Keith Tinyface
      • Princess: Louie Breyer
      • Besmirched Noble's Son: Todd Tomlins
      • Prince from a Nearby Land: Don Saff
    • Genie of the Lamp: Jeremy
    • Fab Fairies
      • Youngest: Sharidan Sharishari(aka Shari-Chan)
      • Middle: Karina Sharishari(aka Kari-Chan)
      • Eldest: Garuru Sharishari(aka Gari-Chan)
    • Dark Curse: Reina

    j OSE Fdelaville  

    Phantom Of The Elements 

  • Protagonist: Rin Kagamine fighting as a Pop Star, Imp, and Tank.

Greenhorne Team: Pammles as a warrior (Then switched out for PMel as a vampire), Ayano Aishi as a mage, and Ren Amamiya as a thief and then vampire.

Neksdor Team: Mario Quirido as a scientist, Mel as a cat, and Pammy Star as a chef. All 3 are Original Generation characters.

Realm of The Fey: S as a cleric, Len Kagamine as a scientist, Reese Meyemi as a mage.

Greenhorne Villagers (Or what I like to call the Persona 4 gang)

Castle Dwellers

Royal Court


Realm of the Fey


  • Roving Photographer: [[Music/Vocaloid Gumi Megpoid]]
  • Prodigious Postman: Lemres
  • Roaming Gourmet: Rei
  • Dark Lord: [[Theatre/Hamilton Hamilton]]
In the Villa, you also have the Investigation Team and Monika.

    The Almighty King Prawn 
  • Protagonist: King Bob (OC created for Tomodachi Life, no relation to Recess) the Cautious Thief/Scientist/Tank/Thief again
  • Original Allies:
    • Sam (my cat) the Laid-Back Cleric
    • Mickeyface (OC with face that looks like Mickey Mouse) the Cool Mage
    • Yee the Airheaded Warrior
  • Neksdor Allies:
  • Realm of the Fey Allies:
    • Donald Duck the Stubborn Imp
    • Grumpy Cat the Stubborn Princess
    • Crow the Cool Flower
  • King: Wario
  • Princess: Bubbles
  • Noble's Son: Toad
  • Prince from Another Land: Donald Trump
  • Genie: Kazaam (no, Reuknighted, I didn't rip you off)
  • Fab Fairies: Freako (OC), Ugly Betty, and Daria
  • Great Sage: Bigley (old Miiverse meme turned OC from my Tomodachi Life)
  • Dark Lord: my brother Zak
  • Dark Curse: Splaat

    Red Army Grif 

    Hime the Spuddy 
Note: This is planning for a final run! I'm trying to play around with runs that theme to stories I'm making.
  • Protagonist: Frick Frackers (A parody interpretation of Frisk from Undertale). Laidback Cleric -> Male Popstar -> Princess, final class undecided.


  • Hennard "Henner" Zutenstein (A parody interpretation of Henry from Bendy and the Ink Machine); Energetic Mage.
  • Mammon "Greed" Avaritia (a friend's character from their cartoon "The Seven Sinisters."); Energetic Thief.
  • Sayaka Miki; Stubborn Warrior.
  • Monika; Cool Scientist.
  • Sal; Catious Female Pop Star. I know this is out of character, but I usually liked portraying him as a crybaby because I happened to dislike him.
  • Jotaro Kujo. Haven't decided which class is perfect for him, but his persanolity is Cool.
  • Flooey the Talking Plant (A parody intepretation of Flowey from Undertale); Airheaded Flower.
  • Susanoo no Mikoto (an intepretation of Shinto mythology's Susanoo); Stubborn Warrior.
  • Mikoto; Kind Cleric.

Major Characters:

  • Dark Lord: Chair Dreemar (A parody interpretation of Chara Dreemur from Undertale)
  • King: Hairy Mc Furry (A rewrite of Jacob Black from Twilight.)
  • Princess: Skadi Hnoss (an OC)
  • Bersmirched Noble's Son: Nagito Komaeda. Based on a joke where in an old Tomodachi Life run he married Skadi.
  • Prince of a Nearby Land: Porky Minch
  • Genie of the Lamp: Kyubey
  • Fab Fairies: Kuduku, Kuduku, and Kuduku (joke character. His mii's wide-eyed expression is just hilarious to me.)
  • Great Sage/Darker Lord: Amaterasu no Mikoto. Based on a dumb idea that since the Darker Lord becomes a sun, and she's a sun goddess, it would work.
  • Dark Curse: Haven't decided yet!


I will update as I progress through my play-through.


Major Characters:

And, my favorites of the minor characters, just for the heck of it

    Invader TAK 
Only counting the characters I selected/changed. Also for party members, I tried giving them personalities that fit the original person/character.

     Tropemaster 849 

(Will be updated as I finish my replay)

All roles followed by "*" were randomized.
    Commander Peepidot 

     Queen Saeryen 

I followed two cardinal rules when selecting my characters:
  • Playable characters are my choice, but must be as close to their source lookalike as possible.
  • All NPCs must be randomly generated. The sole exception is the Great Sage, which was my choice.

Lack-of notes on party members usually mean they're based on friends and OCs. However, when it's on NPCs, it's either Exactly What It Says on the Tin or me suffering from Popcultural Osmosis Failure.



    Wonder 08 

This is based on my fourth playthrough of the game (Will fill out completely once I finish the main story)


This is based on my first ever playthrough! Note if the name links to a trope, it's my OC, but if it links to someone else, it's their OC. If they don't have a link it's either because they don't need one or are an IRL friend.

  • Main Protagonist: Sunny (yours truly)the Stubborn Mage/Cleric/Cat/Elf
  • Greenhorne Gang:
    • Goggles the Airheaded Thief
    • Aruto the Kind Warrior
    • Callie the Energetic (Female) Pop Star
  • Neksdor Gang:note 
  • Realm of the Fey Gang:
    • Frisk the Kind Flower
    • Pearl the Cool Princess
    • Jin the Energetic Tank/Vampire
  • General Major N.P.C.s:
  • Major Greenhorne N.P.C.s:
  • Major Neksdor N.P.C.s:
  • Major Realm of the Fey N.P.C.s:note 
  • Minor Greenhorne N.P.C.s
  • Minor Neksdor N.P.C.s
  • Minor Realm of the Fey N.P.C.s:note 
    • Injured Elf: Chara
    • Fab Fairies Fans: Ri (Purple Soul), Ed (Blue Soul) and Skye (Cyan Soul)
    • Scaredy Cat: Alphys
    • Green-Eyed Lady: Mettaton
    • Lazy Bones: Sans
    • Mischievous Witch: Flowey
  • Misc. Minor N.P.C.s

    Raining 13 

Based on my third playthrough.

    Storygirl 000 
  • Main Hero: Laura the Energetic Chef/Imp/Princess. War cry: "Hell yeah!"
  • Team One:
    • Joker the Cool Thief. War cry: "The show’s over!"
    • Marinette the Kind Cleric. War cry: "Spots on!"
    • Danny Sexbang the Laid-Back Pop Star. War cry: "Holy fuck!!"
  • Team Two:
    • Max the Stubborn Warrior. War cry: "Well, that was easy."
    • Nathan the Cautious Mage. War cry: "I'm all charged up!"
    • Adrien the Cool Cat. War cry: "Claws out!"
  • Team Three:
    • Abby the Cool Scientist. War cry: "Let's do this!"
    • Hop the Energetic Mage. War cry: "Super effective!"
    • Ben the Stubborn Warrior. War cry: "It's hero time!"
  • Greenhorne Town:
  • Greenhorne Castle:
  • Neksdor Kingdom:
  • Realm of the Fey:
  • Wandering NPCs:
  • The Dark Lord: Jareth
  • The Great Sage: Leon
  • The Dark Curse: Wallflower Blush



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