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Seeing as this is a Spiritual Successor to Tomodachi Life, which already is a game well-suited for hilarity, this game has loads of funny moments just from the start!

  • If you activate Spotpass, the game will automatically fill in some of the NPC roles. This can lead to some very out of character moments for certain characters, such as Hank Hill and Yuno Gasai together as the lovey-dovey couple.
  • After getting your second party member, there is a conversation regarding the inns. The second Mii says this.
    Second Mii: Praise be to the deity of well-placed inns!
    • The British localisation uses a slightly different wording, which only serves to lampshade it even further:
    Second Mii: Praise be to the deity of conveniently-placed inns!
    • It gets better when you realize there are dozens of inns EVERYWHERE. These include, but are not limited to, active volcanoes, lotus ponds, underground caverns, ancient Eygptian-esque temples, and the Dark Lord's very own castle (yes, they managed to fit multiple inns inside a castle).
    • Even better- Late in the main game, there are inns inside the Darker Lord's own Skyscraper, and in SPACE. Yes, Inns are well-placed even in SPACE.
  • The game's Mad Libs Dialogue between encounters can lead to moments like "Something smells good!" right after "Did someone just toot?"
  • Sometimes a Mii can randomly change their hairstyle and hair color, leading the second Mii to say they look like a whole new person.
    • Not only that, but the game doesn't distinguish between male and female hairdos, potentially producing moments like Triple H dying his hair red and tying them up in Girlish Pigtails.
      • It's even possible for a Mii's new 'hairstyle' to consist of a completely shaven head.
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  • Two Miis can randomly do sit-ups, running on a treadmill, or push-ups at super speed to bulk up, gaining affection as a result.
    The Miis: We are so in-sync!
    Narration: Their bond is as strong as their muscles!.
  • In the French localization, the Dark Lord is named "Avatar du Mal", basically meaning Avatar of Evil, but "mal" in French can mean "evil", "hurt" or even simply "bad". At some point in the game, the Dark Lord goes from possessing the Innocent Bystander whose face he was using to possessing the Great Sage, who is a much more powerful host, and he renames himself "Avatar du Pire" or Avatar of Worse. His name literally goes From Bad to Worse.
  • One of the Princess' class Fans is made of pizza. There's another fan that is a wooden protractor.
    • They also have a fan made out of money.
  • One of the Flasks from the Scientist class is a ketchup bottle.
    • And another is a baby bottle.
  • One of the Thief's weapons is just a fish.
  • One of the Tank's shells is a teddy bear.
  • One of the Vampire's bats is a flying fish.
  • The 'Macho' clothing line gives the mii faux muscles and abs, as well as visible veins on the clothes themselves.
  • The Bee clothing line.
  • Some of the descriptions of different characters around Miitopia.
    • The Sassy Child: A sassy child who's oblivious to those around him. Typical brat.
    • Scaredy-Cat: Afraid of outsiders and turns them all away. Hence the Elven "Retreat".
  • Similar to Tomodachi Life, the descriptions that come with the available foods are amazing.
    • Devil's Food Cake: In no way good for you. But it's so delicious, do you really care?
    • Dynastic Soup ★★: Carefully remove the tame cobra before enjoying the soup.
    • Baby Food: What do you mean, grown-ups eat this stuff? It's for babies!
    • Baby Food ★★: Don't judge me—it's delicious and comes with a cute bowl and spoon.
    • Choc Rock: Hard as a rock, but apparently that's part of the experience.
    • Mushroom Sauté: Delicious mushrooms for the fun guy (or girl) in your life!
    • Mushroom Sauté ★: After a plateful, you won't have mush room for more!
    • Mushroom Sauté ★★: The morel of this story is the bigger, the better!
    • Spider Roll: Just close your eyes and pretend it's crab instead of spider.
    • Bitingly Bitter Tea: "Fancy a cup of tea? Of course you do. Sit down and drink up."
    • Doggy Doughnut ★★: Warm and gentle, just like a dog. Smells a lot better, though.
    • Frog Juice: Don't worry, no frogs were harmed in the making of this juice.
    • Forest Nuts ★★: Mixed nuts. Sounds like my last family reunion. Right? Right?!
    • Hell Dog: Ever seen a three-headed hell dog fight itself for a hot dog? I have.
    • Hieroglyph Toast: These hieroglyphs translate to "Wrote hieroglyphs on bread."
    • Tomato Spaghetti: Spaghetti. Tomato sauce. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    • Pixel Grub ★: Roast griffin-that special, 8-bit taste from your childhood.
  • There's an enemy called a 'Twerkey.' It's a turkey with a butt twice as big as its head. It also uses its rump to attack, tackling the player with it as well as farting on you. How... pleasant.
    • All enemies have any combination of eyes, noses or mouths stolen and put on them. The Twerkey has a mouth. On its butt. As one Miiverse post once said "I don't think the owner of that mouth is going to want it back".
    • The fart attack is a taunt that makes the targeted Mii angry. The caption says "Angry at Twerkey A"... but then your other Miis might also get angry at the same time, with "Angry because... angry". That can happen to all three at once, and Hilarity Ensues.
  • An enemy called a "Running Nose" in Peculia is a giant nose with legs, and they're always running.
    • And when it turns upside down, it looks like something very similar to a certain male body part.
  • When treading through the maps and not have the B button pressed down. Some of the specific classes have some funny walking patterns.
    • The thief crouches and walks stealthily, despite being in a wide open area.
    • The flower looks up while having their arms spread out, as if trying to photosynthesize.
    • The cat, of course, walks on all fours.
    • The tank moves... like a tank.
    • The vampire doesn't walk, but instead floats.
    • The chef has a bit of a pompous stride.
    • The pop star walks rather prissily, as if trying to be fancy or elegant.
    • Occasionally, one or two Miis will start skipping ahead of the group with music notes blooming out.
  • Sometimes, you'll get class specific interactions where one character asks something about the other. Highlights include...
    • A scientist being asked if their profession is expensive since their work tends to be on the explosive side, prompting the scientist to mention that they get grants from the kingdom.
      Asking Mii: So that's where our taxes go.
    • A princess will talk about the good things in their life before wheezing and admitting that the corset is a bit of a downer.
      Other Mii: Being a princess must be hard.
    • A thief may get asked if they really steal things and, horrified, deny it.
    • A mage can be asked if they can fly on a broomstick and they will grumpily ask if they have to explain physics again.
    • A vampire can be asked if they really drink blood. The vampire just tells the other Mii that they shouldn't worry, their blood is too garlic-y.
    • A chef can be asked by the other Mii if they can look at their frying pan. They allow this to happen, but are told to wash it afterwards, as they need to be kept clean.
      Asking Mii (thinking): Then why are you always bashing monsters with it?
  • The class interactions do not stop there, sometimes there are specific interactions between 2 Miis that share the same class as one another, some highlights include:
  • When a Mii is full, they make a literal '3' face while rubbing their bellies.
  • The Roaming Gourmet can be seen in each area praising a local delicacy in food critic terms before sharing his new discovery with the party. In the cloud region of Nimbus, he is praising a microwaved TV dinner.
  • The Fab Fairies' magic apparently requires them to perform a long choreographed pop star dance. The second time they do it your party even joins in!
  • Have plenty of grub? No idea what stat(s) on which Mii to invest on? Looking for a quick laugh? Tap the "Random" button and enjoy watching your Miis' reactions!
  • Sometimes you can receive random events that veer towards the silly side.
    • One Mii begins staring at another very intensely:
      Mii: What's wrong? Is there something on my face?
      Other Mii: There's a bug on your clothes.
      Mii: Eek! *Runs away offscreen then suddenly runs back onscreen knocking the other Mii on their butts in a panic with the other Mii looking stunned before taking some damage*
    • Sometimes as you're walking around:
      Random Mii: (Starts hiccuping)
      Other Mii: Boo!
      Hiccuping Mii: *jumps a mile then lands so hard it does damage causing the other Mii to jump around in a panic!*
    • One of your Miis falls down a random hole leaving the other Miis no choice but to move on without them, but not before casually telling the fallen Mii to meet up with them at the Inn as they walk away. As long as you have at least three Miis active at the time, the second one who avoids the fall will ask "Did you fall in a hole?" despite just seeing it happen.
    • Sometimes your Mii will take a nap to recover HP. As with Tomodachi Life, these can get weird, such as them dreaming that their other party members are "normal sized" while they stay tiny in the Realm of the Fey.
    • In the desert they can sometimes mistake a cactus for a place to sit. This usually deals some damage, but sometimes they get impromptu cactus acupuncture and heal instead.
      • It is possible to trigger this event in New Lumos... where the place is Always Night and always raining heavily. The game still treats the tired Mii as if they're still dizzy from the heat.
    • The lights will randomly dim out, leaving the player to choose which side the Mii should go to. After the choice is made, the lights return to normal with a surprise. Sometimes they will bump into another Mii, find out that the party members are all choreographically dancing, trip over a snack item, or have the Miis throw a birthday party for them, obtaining some cake in the process. Sometimes two of the other Miis are...Having a moment.
      • In the case of the dance party, the mii will get annoyed with the other three. This can lead to them deciding it's the last straw with all three of their teammates, it's as hilarious as it is annoying!
    • One particularly weird one involves a Mii hopping around while another is trying to sleep. Then the two abruptly perform a synchronized dance (or the sleeping Mii dances while the other trips and falls), look at each other, and burst out laughing.
    • A variant of the "tense mood" event has a possibility of showing a Big Red Button prompt at the bottom screen. Tapping it will continue the event as usual (albeit having a chance of forgiveness that can boost friendship, otherwise it may cause quarrels). Here's the funny part: If you choose to not tap it and instead wait for a few seconds, the two Miis will instead walk away like nothing happened.
    • One of the options that can happen during a tense moment is that a third Mii will come along and ask the other two to stop fighting. Normally, they will apologize and make amends... but sometimes they will both tell the third Mii to not interfere. And apparently that is enough to make them forget their differences.
    • In the digging event, it can take up to four tries to find something. Laid-Back and Cool Miis give up after one attempt, to the annoyance of their party. While other Miis, especially Stubborn ones, dig a second time or more, you can see the rest of the party losing interest and falling asleep, only to wake up with surprised eyes when the digger finally finds something. Sometimes what you eventually find is less than ten gold.
    • Airheaded and Energetic Miis will drink random bottles lying around without prompting unless they smell funny (which happens randomly). This can cause certain Miis to drink disgusting elixirs, sand, and even poison with no player input.
  • When two Miis' friendship level becomes level 10 or higher they will start dancing when they learn a new assist skill. At level 30 or higher, they will start "floating together"-style with heart eyes.
  • Normally, Miis merely smile after winning a battle. However, conditions such as being happy (being the receiving end of the Praise assist), being angry (quarrel/fight relationship effects), or being afflicted by one of the Standard Status Effects will result in a different expression instead. So, you can have at least one Mii with a grumpy expression while performing their Victory Pose with their still-smiling allies, for example. Another amusing example is the one resulted from Hyper Sprinkles, which cause you to be greeted with a Slasher Smile (even funnier if the entire party is Hyped) during your party's Victory Pose!
  • Speaking of Hype Sprinkles (and the Imp's Charm skill), just the whole idea of using them! Miis affected by this Sprinkle will behave as if they have the "berserk" status effect in other RPGs (boosts Attack, but restricts them into using regular attacks), which is represented in this game by having them acting as if they have a massive sugar rush (complete with Slasher Smile, Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises). Hyped Miis have almost all of their in-battle dialogue replaced with laughing/giggling or other expressions of extreme excitement. Also, the same expression is carried over even during assists, resulting in something like, say, a Mii asking another, damaged Mii if they're okay while wearing their Slasher Smile. Even better if the interaction involves multiple Hyped Miis.
  • One of the quests you can get for Ghontu Wastes is to take down an Abominable Snowman. Upon finding it, the hero mii continuously messes up pronouncing "abominable" before getting annoyed and starting the fight. The game then calls it a Yeti, as if the game itself is also fed up with saying "abominable".
  • Warriors, of all people, learn a revive skill at a high enough level. It consists of a giant slap to the downed ally's head, and it's just about as effective as you'd think it would be. Even when it does work, it revives with 10 HP. By that time, your party's health will usually be over a hundred, so it's probably the worst revive skill in the game.
  • The Imp's Butt Jab ability. They go behind another Mii and jab him/her in the rump with the pitchfork. The Mii looks around bewildered before yelling "You!" and attacking a random enemy.
    • If the Imp gets to use the ability again on the same Mii against the same enemy, the Mii will yell "You again!" instead.
    • And if the Mii is a class that attacks all enemies with the standard attack (Pop Star, Thief, Flower, Vampire) they will instead yell "You guys!" before attacking all enemies.
    • Some high level spears are so huge that it makes it look like the Imp is impaling the other Mii... with no change in their reaction from the gentle prod.
  • The mere existence of a Flower job class, meaning a Mii dressed up in a flower costume is running around and saving the world alongside mages and warriors. Even though Cat is an oddball job, the Flower manages to be even stranger.
  • The Tank's Human Cannonball skill, which loads a Mii onto their barrel, with the Mii shaking their head in fear, before launching them towards an enemy. Of course, the launched Mii disapproves of that act.
    Cannonball Mii: Why would you DO that?
    • This is doubly funny if the Mii being fired is currently suffering the Laughter status effect.
  • When riding Dominic the dragon, the main Mii and another sit above his head, another is held in his arms... and the last one is left helplessly clinging onto his tail with a shocked expression.
  • When you meet with the Prince From a Nearby Land in Neksdor, he cries about being tossed aside by the princess, the party sees him, and then just ignore him as they walk away.
    • Even funnier is that he stays in this area for the rest of the game. Which means he's still in the desert, crying over not being married to the princess.
  • In a sidequest to unlock the Vampire class, you are asked by a Vampire to rid their house of ghosts. The reason this undead cannot do it themselves is that they are literally afraid of ghosts. It gets bonus points if you have Spotpass on and the vampire happens to be a character who isn't normally afraid of ghosts or is a ghost themselves in canon, like Jack Skellington or Casper.
  • The Shady Merchant Family in Neksdor Town. The father pretends to be sick while the daughter tries to sell you an MP candy for 500G. After rescuing their faces, she'll knock down the price... to 498G.
    • Your Mii will look completely shocked when you accept the offer and the daughter says "We got 'em!"
    • You can also choose not to buy from them, and the daughter will burst into tears as their scam failed. If it was a discount, the dad and daughter will simply say, "What a shame..."
  • Stubborn Miis occasionally refuse to be healed saying that they don't need it. If their speed is only slightly lower than the healer's, they can do this immediately before eating an HP banana. And if they're a healer as well, it can be even funnier if they reject healing and then perform the exact same move on themselves.
    • Made funnier that the healer can get mad at said stubborn Mii and trigger a one-sided quarrel but will still heal said Mii anyway, though begrudgingly.
  • Your heroes' preferences in foods don't necessarily line up with the foods' descriptions. For instance, Space Food ★★ is described as "This will go down in history for making space nutrition bearable," but that doesn't mean any of your party members will actually like it.
  • If a hero is sick and one of their teammates wants to see them in the inn, their relationship meter will fill up by three-fifths of a heart. If that's enough to fill it to the top and increase their relationship by one level, the sick person will instantly spring up from his or her bed feeling better, causing the other to flail in surprise with wide eyes.
  • The Thief's skill, Sneak Attack, causes them to Flash Step away before ambushing an enemy the next turn. However, if an ally lends them a hand, they will casually and inexplicably Flash Step behind the same enemy. Including a Tank.
    • If the thief does this while everyone else is knocked out or not in the party, the enemy's turn is deliberately skipped over with them saying they're not paying attention. This even includes the hamburgers when they have a Mii in their mouth.
  • When a Mii goes to apologize for a one-sided quarrel, they will always say "I'm sorry for being so mean", even if the action that caused the quarrel was a Kind Mii being too nice and trying to let go a still-hostile monster. Or, in the case of one Mii becoming jealous of the other by spying on them, apologize even though the other Mii started the quarrel on their own, presumably for a reason unknown to the apologizing Mii.
  • One of the possible effects of a quarrel is having the two fighting Miis getting into a fight in the middle of... well, a fight. Which translates both of them getting into a Big Ball of Violence which ends up with one of the enemies caught in the mess. All three get damaged, but the enemy gets the worst part of it all. And specially funny is when you end up defeating the enemy this way.
  • Some of the Traveler Hub's sidequests can be simple as the Youngest Fab Fairy wanting to search for a dessert or a Mii worried about a missing friend. But some can go a far as a Mii wanting to try to tell monsters to stop being mean to people or wanting to take a vacation in places like a volcano or even outer space.
  • If their weapon is stolen, Miis get ready to strike as if they still had it and then run up and punch their target. It's not easily noticeable...except for the elf, who normally readies their weapon with both hands.
  • The Chef's Monster Dinner, if it succeeds. The main source of this skill's hilarity is its animation: The target monster instantly dies on an inexplicably-appearing large frying pan, leaving its associated grub behind (the battle text says something on the lines of "<Monster> has been served.", while the damage pop-up is replaced with "Begone!" like Righteous Anger and Demonic Whisper). Using it to instantly serve common monsters like Goblins and Jellies is funny enough, but imagine using it on something unlikely to be cooked like Robots and Retroputers or theoretically plausible but still threatening-looking like the snake-based Orochis. As a bonus, one of the post-game enemies is the Replica Dark Lord. If you encounter it as a regular enemy, Monster Dinner can work, which means you can cook a freakin' Dark Lord!
  • There is an enemy in the game that is literally just a piece of floating bread. It honestly makes sense for the area this monster appears in. Another variant of this is a floating ham sandwich.
  • The protagonist Mii's reaction to the Final Boss assuming their most powerful form:
  • The Youngest Fab Fairy complains about how all she ever gets to eat is salad and she never gets anything sweet. She demands the party help her find some dessert, which she then eats. Because the Youngest Fab Fairy is a recurring quest host, she does this on average once every three days, making the intro look like Blatant Lies.
  • One of the random events is one of the Miis telling another one that they smell nice, to which the second Mii responds that it's because they're using a new organic shampoo. They then both have a little chat about it, even though neither of them know what "organic" means.
  • One random stage event has one Mii stare silently at another, causing them to ask if there's something on their face. You have two options of how to respond:
    • Answering "..." has the first Mii state that they're just thinking about how cute the second Mii is, which the second Mii will either be flattered or put off by.
    • Answering "Yes" has the first Mii state that they see either a bug or a loose thread on the second Mii's clothes. If the latter, they'll step up and pluck the thread loose, leading to a increase in bond between the two. If the former, however, the second Mii screams in terror and begins running around wildly, eventually crashing through the first Mii and dealing damage.
  • The following exchange, which comes up while exploring Greenhorne's early stages.
    First Mii: What great weather for adventuring!
    Second Mii: Great weather for adventuring, indeed!
    First Mii: Yeah! What should we do?
    Second Mii: Let's go home!
  • After the Dark Lord kidnaps your entire party for the third time:
    Protagonist Mii: IT KEEPS HAPPENING.
  • The Switch port has extra cutscenes where your Miis talk about their adventure at the dining table. In the cutscene that happens after you manage to save the other 9 party members, they suggest bailing on the mission because the Dark Lord is scary.
  • The Outing cutscenes can be humorous too. There are even some that involve cameos of other team members:
    • The Park Outing has a chance of having a team member, being selected at random, witnessing the two Miis that were involved in the Outing on the boat.
    • The Ranch Outing has a chance of your horse appearing out of nowhere to eat the snacks one of the two Miis brought along.
  • One possible outcome in the boating outing is that one of the Miis is trying to tell the other something but doesn't know how to. After insisting, they tell "Your backside's on fire." Immediately, the other Mii's butt will light on fire and they'll start dancing around trying to put it out. This still manges to increase their friendship.
  • One version of the Stargazing outing results in one of the Miis getting abducted by aliens. Similarly, one version of the Ranch outing results in the sheep being abducted by aliens while both Miis are asleep.
  • The cafe outing has several that are quite funny:
    • One where both Miis forgot their money, and one where they both forget to order anything at all. In both cases, the owner will look quite angry with them.
    • One where one of the Miis tries to order everything on the menu at once. What makes this one really funny is the owner's reaction. They get a distressed expression that they wear for the rest of the event, but then also join in dancing for joy with the other Miis, as if to convey mixed emotions between the expected labor and the expected profit.
  • In the cinema outing:
    • There is a chance that the Mii on your right will not pay any attention to the film at all, either by staying asleep through the entire movie or only focusing on eating the popcorn. In the latter, the Mii to your left will still have the tub totally full by the end.
    • One of your (absent) party members has a chance to have been cast in the film. One of the Miis hypes their role up as something important... only for them to be a bit character with an obscure description. The disappointment on the other Mii's face is palpable.
    • They can see a horror movie which causes both to scream in terror. This prompts a reminder to be quiet in the theater. It's even funnier in the American localization, where it is phrased as "please silence your cell phones and yourselves".
  • In the fishing event:
    • A Mii can tally their haul, starting with a number of fish of various types, then ending with 10 empty cans, which prompts the other Mii to get mad at litterers.
    • One Mii gets a huge bite that requires assistance immediately after their friend goes to the bathroom. If they're lucky, they'll catch them before they actually go in. If they're unlucky...
  • In the karaoke event:
    • One Mii can accompany the other with a tambourine, only to get way too into it and overshadow the singer, who then advises them to stay in their lane.
    • They can both be absolutely atrocious singers, who first make fun of each other for it, and then "harmonize".
  • In the library event:
    • One Mii is absolutely clueless about horse terminology, while the other schools them... Until they get to horseshoes (American) or hooves (European), which neither of them knows the name of.
    • One has a Mii read everything in the library and grow old in the process. Unlike the long movie with a similar aging gag, this is not shown to be a dream, but is still instantly undone and never brought up again.
  • In the Citrus Cave, there is an event where a Mii notices something on the ground that is "obviously orange juice" while another begs them to reconsider drinking it. If they drink it, they temporarily turn into a monster (or completely disappear) and then are disappointed when they turn back to normal. Since unlike the bottle event, there is no restriction based on personality, this is especially hilarious if the Mii who does this is Cautious or the one warning them against it is Airheaded.
  • Three events exist talking about inn ground rules that each follow The Triple based structure:
    • One starts with two regular rules, and then ends with either "we shouldn't paint the room" or "we shouldn't blow up the room" depending on localization.
    • One involves Serial Escalation to the point where one pledges to keep the entire world clean, which the other Mii is not on board with.
    • One starts with something normal and then gradually becomes horrifying, which makes the other Mii not want to stay at that inn anymore.
  • In an event where a Mii gives the horse a choice between an apple and a carrot, there are three endings. The one where the horse chooses the carrot isn't terribly interesting, but if they choose the apple, the Mii will be mildly disappointed they got stuck with the carrot. The horse also has a chance of eating both at once, disappointing the Mii even more for not being able to share at all.
  • Riding the horse through a stage is fun enough, since it causes the Miis on the ground to have to run. One Mii on the horse may say "Approaching warp speed!" when the B button is held to speed it up further, and a blink-and-you-miss-it moment happens when the battle transition occurs: the horse rears back, throwing the Mii(s) on its back to the ground with wide eyes.


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