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Nightmare Fuel / Miitopia

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  • While the premise may come across as silly at first, it can be incredibly chilling to see the Big Bad steal the faces right off of Miis.
    Dark Lord: Listen up, you faceless freaks! Get used to a life of wordless terror, because that's what you're stuck with!
  • The faceless Miis can be considered a case of Fridge Horror and Uncanny Valley, as just imagine having your face taken off, used as a resource for ruthless monsters! ...Not only that, but the faceless Miis can't talk at all. Seeing these faceless Miis can just feel off.
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  • That's not even getting into the areas that have been affected by the Dark Lord. The sky gets dark and has an unnerving wave effect in it while off kilter music that sounds like moaning plays giving a disturbed feeling.
  • If a Mii gets eaten, its turn will (obviously) be skipped as it yells for help. One such line is "I'm melting..." They really aren't, but it's still a gruesome comment.
    • However, this becomes Nightmare Retardant when you realize that only one particular personality speaks this line: Cool. Considering their show-offy nature, the Cool Mii is just trying to be dramatic.
    • On a related note, Cautious allies of a Mii that's been Swallowed Whole will understandably freak out that their teammate is gonna get digested.
  • The Demon Spider enemy class definitely lives up to their name, looking freaky and moving in an unnerving way. The boss version,"Arachno-Middle Fab Fairy" is even worse; it can coat your party in tiny spiders! Arachnophobes, enjoy!
  • Using Hyper sprinkles causes your Mii(s) to sport Slasher Smiles as the music suddenly speeds up. You also can't control your protagonist if they're affected, and their attacks are accompanied by eerie giggling.
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  • Traversing the Otherworld can easily be unnerving, as it is littered with stolen, detached Mii facial features floating in the air, ready to be given to monsters. The soundtrack that plays in the background isn't any better, and the title theme when residing in the area gets heavily distorted.
  • After the Final Boss fight, the Great Sage will tell you the origin of the Dark Curse. During the part where the Dark Curse's former human self is removing his face in the backstory, the music that accompanies the scene is so eeriely dissonant that listening to it without the cutscene played out is worse. Have fun listening to this at night. (music title may contain spoilers!)


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