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Headscratchers / Miitopia

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  • After you save the two elder Fab Fairy Sisters, they elect to remove the seal on the door to the east so that you can go after the Dark Lord. It turns out the Dark Lord was waiting for this opportunity and proceeds to overrun the fairy village and steal faces at will, and the eldest sister blames herself for falling into a trap. Just one question. If that barrier truly was keeping the Dark Lord out, how were the two sisters kidnapped and rendered faceless at all? The three of them had put up the barrier together, and faceless people can't do things in general, so the barrier must have been put up before their abduction. So that means... his monsters attacked the village when they weren't able to do so? Also, since you didn't have to get past any barriers to get to the village from the west, and the Dark Lord had clearly been visiting the kingdoms you came from, how did the door keep him out at all?
    • Presumably, the door keeps the Dark Lord out of the village itself, rather than simply anything past the door. It's possible that the monsters got to them when they weren't in the Retreat too, as they have infested literally the rest of the forest. It wouldn't be surprising if they went out to try to get rid of the monsters and simply got overwhelmed.
  • This regards a confusing trigger regarding the Worried Explorer missions, as there has been times where there has been Very Rare/Delicious/Rich Snurps on the map where at other points they are just normal Rare/Tasty/Gold Snurps depending on the team I have, does anyone have any clue of how this trigger on this mission is treated by any chance?
    • From what someone has seen, having a full party of level 50 Miis is the only way to encounter the more powerful Snurps... which can be frustrating if you want to use the Very Rare Snurp's incredibly high EXP reward to boost your lower-leveled Miis.
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  • Why would the Great Sage throw themselves between the hero and the Dark Curse? No matter how powerful the protagonist Mii is at that point, it would stand to reason that the Great Sage is more powerful. Letting them be possessed and then using their immense power to drive out the curse would seem better and more logical than giving the curse a source of even greater power.


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