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Fridge Horror

  • According to the Great Sage, the Dark Curse, after somehow removing his face, was unable to cling to existence. Remember all those people whose faces you saved? Let's just say they got very, very lucky...
    • However, the Dark Curse was removing OTHER people's faces, and they were fine. Removing his OWN face, on the other hand... yeah. So, perhaps it's a case of "removing-your-own-face-is-lethal"?
      • It's more so implied that the Dark Curse lost his physical body because he was without a face for so long. All the other Miis were probably able to get their faces back soon enough to keep their physical bodies. Had they been faceless for long enough, they too might have died.

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  • When a Kind Mii successfully spares a monster, they run away. Which means there's someone out there who's not getting their face back.
  • Might also clash with Fridge Funny, but some monsters contain only a mouth, a nose, or even just one eye. Meaning that there's a Mii who's only missing a part of their face.
  • The Dark Sun is made up of plenty of Mii face parts, and while all the other bosses in New Lumos release their stolen faces as normal when they die, he instead explodes quite spectacularly. The counter for your number of rescued Miis doesn't even go up, meaning those faces got destroyed outright.
    • Actually, in the ending, there's a scene where a bunch of faces float down around Miitopia, without increasing the counter, so this is probably wrong.


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