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For a Mii game that's mainly focused on Rule of Funny, there are many moments of happiness in this quirky game.

  • When two Miis get into an argument, there's a chance that they'll apologize to the Mii they angered. When they do, a soft piano song plays and if the Mii accepts the apology, they'll cry tears of joy.
  • When a Mii is sick, there's a chance someone would wish to head to their room to check up on them. And if their friendship meter fills up to a new level, said sick Mii will be cured instantly. One dialogue option is especially heartwarming: the sick Mii responds to a question of how they are feeling with "Much better. All thanks to you."
  • When the hero's first set of partners are taken away from you, they wake up in a dark and dreary place. They instantly put their faith in the hero, saying that they know they will rescue them. After the second set of partners are taken from the hero, they meet up with the first partners and say "You're friends with Hero! You're friends of ours!" and they acknowledge that the hero must be working so hard. They then say that in order to help the hero, they must work hard to escape themselves. True Companions at their finest!
    • It makes it even more touching when you finally reunite with your old party members in Karkaton (at least once you save them from being monsters).
    • In general, the friendships that form between the party members throughout the storyline are pretty touching. Especially if the Miis all correspond to people/characters that the player likes to see together.
  • The stolen-face Sword and Shield boss inside the pyramid will occasionally assist each other in battle, with the Sword joining the Shield's attack, or the Shield taking a hit for the Sword. The owners of those faces were a father and daughter, so in some way, it can be interpreted as the father protecting his child, and the daughter helping her parent. Their original bodies' reaction to getting their faces back is pretty nice too.
    • The revamped Golem-King boss in the Sky Scraper will also do this for the monster with his daughter's face.
    • The Imps that accompany the Dark Lord in his battle will do the same with each other.
  • In the credits sequence of this game, the Besmirched Noble's Son and the Princess of Greenhorne are both officially married, and are quite happy about it. D'aw, they really do love each other.
  • The "Save him" ending. In addition to the good guys' usual flavors of Earn Your Happy Ending, the Dark Curse is turned into the Reborn and allowed to be The Atoner under the Great Sage's tutelage — as demonstrated by the Reborn's literal Pet the Dog moment in the credits.
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  • As the plot progresses, the protagonist Mii grows fonder of the Great Sage, revering them as a mentor. They take it pretty hard when the Sage is turned into the Darker Lord, though that in turn drives the hero to save them more than anything else they've had to do thus far.
  • The Lovey-Dovey couple in Greenhorne Village, since the game allows you to manually assign Miis to an NPC's role. It's a perfect opportunity to put in your OTP and see them interact in a lovey-dovey way.
    • However, reading the character description of the couple renders them a bit less heartwarming. Apparently the Lovey-Dovey Man doesn't actually love the Lovey-Dovey Woman but enjoys her company. Meanwhile, it's implied that, while the Lovey-Dovey Woman does indeed love the Lovey-Dovey Man, she might move on from him
  • One of the possible sidequests at the Traveler's Hub has a Mii being worried about their kidnapped friend and asks you to help them rescue them. After defeating the boss that the friend's face is plastered on, the two will share a heartfelt reunion and thank you for helping them.
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  • Kind Miis in general lend themselves to this. Fridge Horror about the spared monsters aside, they will take damage and share their snacks even with total strangers, which means they'll make fast friends with any new recruits they fight alongside. They also explain in a random event that they only spare the monsters that are weak and (they believe) don't want to hurt their friends.
  • The friendship skills in general are this, to name a few:
    • The Concern skill has a Mii come to another Mii to check up on them after a monster attacks them.
    • The Praise skill consists of one Mii complimenting another. The second Mii will be so touched they will be "in a good mood and full of energy", a status effect that temporarily boosts the invisible stats with no downside. Some of the comments themselves are really sweet too, particularly the Kind and Cautious versions ("You're so cool" and "That was wonderful" respectively).
    • The Get Well Soon skill has a Mii check up on another Mii resting in the safety spot, and it recovers more of their HP and MP.
    • The Avenge skill has a Mii automatically attacking a monster after another Mii has fallen in combat. And depending on the personality, the Mii can either go into an Unstoppable Rage (cool, energetic, stubborn) or have Ocular Gushers (kind, cautious, Airheaded), which doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    • The Sacrifice skill, it's learned at level 10, indicating that two Miis have grown close enough to be willing to die for each other. Double (or triple) the points if you get more than one Mii shielding someone.
  • The game's credits end with all ten of your Miis taking a picture together, like one big happy family.
  • Randomly, the lights will go off in a stage. If the Mii goes the correct way, the lights come back and the other three begin a surprise birthday party for the fourth Mii. In the middle of the level.
  • During side quests with orator Miis, one possible mid-stage skit features the guest party member giving a loud speech about how friendly the party leader Mii is, for their tendency to take on any and all requests from other Miis. It's a nice thought, even if it embarrasses the other Mii.
  • Occasionally, whenever Miis stop to camp out for the night, there's a chance they'll do some stargazing and spot a shooting star flying over them, prompting them to make wishes as a mini game initiates. It's quite adorable to see them make a wish together and hope they come true, even the music is mystical and relaxing.
  • When checking on the Miis at the Inn, there's a chance the left Mii will sing, and if lucky, the right Mii will join in. When the latter happens, there’s a chance they’ll sing in perfect harmony, which will cause their relationship level to go up twice as much. Bonus points that the song they're singing is the Princess's Leitmotif, which is quite romantic in tune.


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