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Heartwarming / Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

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  • Upon completing the first level, you're treated to a big wide-angle shot of the city set to a gorgeous remix of the credits theme. It's as if the game itself is trying to tell you "welcome back".
  • Some of the pictures around the main Runner safe house count. Faith has a picture of Nomad next to her bed, with words scribbled underneath saying "The Brother I Never Had". Aww...
    • Icarus has a lot more pictures next to his bed, one of him and Noah out on the rooftops saying "Back In The Day", another of him and Birdman saying "Beerman", one with his and Faith's(?) legs overlooking the city apparently a POV shot as they were sitting on a rooftop somewhere, saying "Two Peas In A Pod", and yet another notable example is one of him, Noah, Faith and some others apparently trying to take a picture while they're attempting (and failing) to do one of those cheesy everyone jumps celebratory Freeze Frames you used to see in movies, titled "We Tried". He really bonded with everyone and probably had more time to collect pictures than Faith, since she just got out of prison. The fact that Faith is in some of those pictures probably means he came to accept her and maybe even view her as a friend despite his initial hostility.
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  • Icarus and Faith briefly embracing after Noah's death, especially her accepting it without hesitation after all their sniping at one another.
  • Noah welcoming Faith back at the start of the game, especially since he apparently kicked her out before for working for Dogen. It probably felt nice to have that forgiveness.
  • Isabel Kruger/Caitlyn Connors stopping Gabriel from shooting Faith. Despite the lashing out earlier, it's evident that she still cares for her sister deep down.
  • Listening to Gabriel Kruger being an absolute Doting Parent torwards Isabel in the recordings. It's kind of a contrast to his usual stern demeanor.

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