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  • Knocking the KrugerSec guards around and into eachother can give the player the impression of them being really uncoordinated Three Stoogesesque goons. It can make it hard to take even the Elite Mooks like the Sentinels and Shock Protectors seriously when you're constantly watching them trip over themselves. Even better is the fact that you can instantly incapacitate a guardian by knocking them into a wall, which makes it look more like they just gave up on fighting and decided not to get back up since most human beings could probably survive getting knocked into a wall without being incapacitated.
    • There's something sadistically hilarious about kicking them off ledges into the abyss as well.
  • Noah, exasperated, interrupting Faith and Icarus's snark battles.
  • Kuma clamping down on Icarus's hand really hard while the latter is asleep. Icarus is... not pleased.
    Plastic: Don't encourage him!
    Icarus: I was sleeping!
    • And a little while later:
      Icarus: Careful, Faith! Damn, I hate watching this.
      Plastic: Want me to turn off the feed?
      Icarus: No, of course not!
      Plastic: Make up your mind!
  • In Concord Plaza, there's a place where you can watch some construction workers working behind a glass wall... thing is, their tools are invisible. They make the motion, and you hear the sound of something being hammered without the actual hammer being there. It's possible they're not working at all and are putting on some sort of strange stree- er, roof performance?
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  • In the final stage, after reaching the top of the tower, Faith turns a corner... and is greeted by a huge cavalcade of KrugerSec, apparently having a briefing or meeting of some sort. She can only react with a surprised "Oh.", before the player presumably high tails it out of there.
  • "I believe a show of good faith is in order. Pardon the pun."
  • The Dead-drop Delivery System's messages are a gold-mine:
    • "Does this thing have its own voice, or is it just recording mine? Oh okay."
    • "This machine is clunky. Please make the delivery. Lives depend on it."
    • "Delivery complete. We were kidding about the lives depending on it part, but thank you."
    • "This message will only play if you fail. Did you fail? Lives were depending on you. No payment."
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  • When Faith put on her beatLink for the first time, it shows a stereotypical cluttered HUD, filled with auto-map, health counter and various message windows. Fridge horror in that this is what an employ sees all the time.

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